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Products in Israel

Over the weekend I visited some friends at their lake place for some swimming, kayaking and relaxation. We'd taken some snacks and other food, amongst which were a couple of cans of Pringles® Potato Crisps. At one point I was looking at the can and noticed that there were what seemed to be Hebrew characters printed on the back. I wondered what they were, so I visited their website which had no information about it so I sent them an email asking what the characters meant. Are they actually Hebrew or Arabic? (I'm kinda ignorant of such things). Do they market in Israel or the UAE?

While awaiting an email response, I did a Yahoo! search and found that they do indeed market in Israel and that, because they market globally, the characters indicate that Pringles® are kosher for those who purchase the product in Israel. I'm confused by this as the characters on the Original Flavor are very different from the characters on the Sour Cream Flavor. Since I do not read Hebrew, I've no real idea what the characters are actually saying.

Since I was invited to be a part of a survey on the site, I took the opportunity to post the following in their comments box:

I thought the 'design you own label' thing was fun. I would, however, urge Pringles and Proctor and Gamble to cease trading in Israel in protest of their criminal activity in Gaza and towards Palestine and Palestinians in general. Please review your policy on supporting criminal activity by Israel by continuing to market and trade there.

I'd urge others to send similar messages not only to Pringles®/Proctor & Gamble but to other companies and products that they encounter who are supporting organizations they are opposed to. Stand up. Be heard.