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It ain't gonna be so easy.

Reading this morning everyone's impressions about the next shoe we wake up every morning now to watch drop; Rogers is saying it's devaluation of the dollar; others that the cost of the bailout will be $8.5 trillion and counting; some are roiled that the festering rat hole AIG is getting another $40 billion; and common instinct is almost universally reacting against socialism at any level and sounding the alarm about socialism's horrid ineffeciencies and even worse its literally starving inequalities; Nader is re-stating that Obama will choose Wall Street over Main Street by noting which side of the bread the butter is currently on for our feeble perception; many gasp at the growing awareness of the rampant poisoning of Americans by capitalist enterprises bent on profit regardless the consequences and because the government has simply lost its capacity to perform even rudimentary policing of an increasingly desperate economic ethic that seems inherited from our cannibalist anscestors...

It is not going to be easy. That's the thought you have to keep in your head to survive and to keep on the even keel that will be required just to keep your bow above water where you would like it to be in such rough seas.

Two articles point to distant yet approach shoals.

Mystery of China's missing tycoon is a terrifying BBC look at a reactionary, Stalinist-like China still evolving today.

China's richest man, Huang Guangyu, disappeared just about a week ago into the hands of a regime that cannot abandon Stalinist tactics simply because China is such a powder keg of dissention historically bordering on extremely violent revolution.

And again from the BBC Workers face 'painful' wage cuts is a worldwide look at just how desperate capitalism makes the job prospects of the overwhelming majority of humanity.

Probably 95% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and that is not a good bargaining position when bartering over wages or to be looking for a job.

In the rest of the world 98% live hand to mouth, and this is why war will always break out in the rest of the world as the pressure cooker of economic collapse destroys everyone's increasingly meager sense of well being and creates an ever greater appetite for devouring, murdering and warring with scapegoats.

There is a small light on the horizon too.

Obama has apparently found a place for Paul Volcker in his unimpressive, if exlosive, Cabinet.

It's a small place for an ancient mariner of turbulent economic seas, but this is likely all Mr Volcker was up for given age ever marching. Achilles died from a wound to his heel.

Douglas MacArthur once quipped, Old soldiers don't die they just fade away.

I'm worried either could happen to Mr Volcker. For if the fed doesn't start raising interest rates soon, all bets are off.

Obama could become the American Stalin out of sheer and utter necessity.

My poetic sense of history prompts me here to wonder how much his little girls will suffer should their Daddy become the necessary American Stalin during these imposing times.

Life is good. But it is surely better to carry the weight of some few small truths as a philosopher, than to be the bearer of such awful tidings as a politician.