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WRH Thought for the day

I just noted today's WRH Thought For The Day.

In order for an act to be a crime, libertarians say, someone must be harmed [and?] there must be a victim. Anything that's peaceful, voluntary, and honest should be tolerated regardless of whether we agree with it. Part of the price of our own freedom is allowing others to be free. - Scott Banister, www.libertarian.org

I do not know Scott Banister the woeful grammarian.

But this little aphorist whirligig is typical Libertarian tripe that fails at even the most rudimentary of logical levels.

The logical leap into fantasy occurs between the assertion there must be a victim just as it is taken to logically infer Anything that's peaceful, voluntary, and honest should be tolerated regardless of whether we agree with it.

Let's look at this conception of intellectual deduction.

So we are to then be forced to give up our tendency to be intolerant of that with which you do not agree?


Libertarianism isn't so liberating after all then is it?

But let us see how logical it is then.

Can the victim be the perpetrator?

Some Libertarians advocate legalizing prostitution. Are the victims the perpetrators as they pass around venereal disease?

Can the victims be those coming in the future into whom that same lineage of venereal disease might then be passed along again?

If the victims can be those coming in the future, then being intolerant of that with which we don't agree seems a logical stepping stone to protecting those potential victims in the future from these criminals.

But this is not what the Thought For The Day infers.

What is inferred for us apparently is that the victim cannot be the perpetrator, nor anyone in the future.

The victim required seems to be like habeas corpus, bring the victim before us for our inspection.

Aphoristic syllogisms generally do not even make for good philosophy.

And here, we are observing an aphoristic syllogism intended to reinforce an ideology.

Ideologies are never philosophy.

Ideologies do not pass muster in the logical category.

Like religion, there is no rigorous and close inspection for truth in an ideology.

Ideology is but a slow motion mob with a rope, plenty of trees and just looking for someone to hang.

Ideologies have an agenda, which is to prove an assumption.

Such assumptions arise from the Übermensch, the superman that dwells within us all. The Übermensch lives in Utopia, where his assumptions deserve a logical pass.

Everywhere else, philosophy rules the domain of truth.