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Hillary's Brain Problem - My Estimation

Hillary facilitated, with her husband, the massive cocaine importation operation in Mena, Arkansas. There's little doubt, in my mind, that she partook, heavily.
The problem with cocaine usage is that the cocaine molecule fits into dopamine receptors, in the VTA (Ventral Tegmental Area) and in other parts of the brain. The VTA is where heroin causes a massive release of dopamine, thus the euphoric rush.
While cocaine is in the receptor, the dopamine hangs around, waiting to get in, and eventually breaks down into some very nasty free radicals. These destroy the cells that make dopamine.
Under a microscope, forensically-sampled brain slices show little black spots, ironically called "Negri bodies", which are burned-out areas of dopamine production.
You need dopamine for a wide variety of nervous system and other bodily functions.
If I recall correctly, it was in the film, New Jack City (1991), that an example of a cocaine addict whose body had been decimated by lack of dopamine-producing cells had been presented. He appeared emaciated, and his twitches, eye movements, confusion, slurred words, etc. betrayed his addiction / damage. It is not a minor point that dopamine is intimately involved in blood pressure regulation.
When you add traumatic brain injury (her fall and blood clot) and age to the mix, I think the only reasonable diagnosis, lacking the specifics in the actual medical records, is a deprecated term - Chronic Organic Brain Syndrome. A constellation of symptoms, in this case, including seizures, disinhibition (bizarre behavior, including lashing out), difficulty standing and walking, etc.
A benzodiazepine (Valium) injector pen would be advised for someone with such a condition, as would a medical handler, nearby 24 / 7.
By the way, the prolonged / inappropriate laughing is a symptom of Hebephrenia, also called Disorganized Schizophrenia.