a few questions for you donald.. | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

a few questions for you donald..

what happened on 9/11...donald..do you hear me?

it took thousands of high paid government workers.. would you instigate treason charges against them?... or did you know too?

donald.. would you ask for the 9/11 suspects to take lie detector tests?, and if they failed.. would you waterboard them?.

donald.. until we clean out these traitors.. those who knew it was coming.. we have hundreds in the house and senate that are subject to blackmail.. (you saw how they all bowed to netentahoo)..

it isn't only the congress and senate.. it is the air traffic controllers.. the joint chief of staff and his people must have known.. thousands of government workers all working for a foreign ideological enemy..and blackmail to the detriment of the U.S.citizen/taxpayer.

donald ... if the people in the television biz knew.. would CBS, ABC,and NBC.. loose their broadcasting licenses? if they knew.. and didn't tell us.. the America public


what about israel's (really the bank of england's) nuclear blackmailing the U.S. senate and congress into passing "the homeland security act" ?

what punishment have you in mind for the representatives who voted to make corporations "legal persons", according to campaign law?

donald.. it is not the illegals..it is the un American policies that made the laws..

would you work to throw the bums out of the house and senate.. who voted for this new world order kind of crap?...

only government people get to write stuff in all caps.. i am a non government nobody.. so I use capital letters sparingly.