both hillary and trump have the blessings of the rothschilds | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

both hillary and trump have the blessings of the rothschilds

the rothschilds were no doubt the creator of the directive to kill 15 million tribal americans... they killed a hundred million white russian christians.. they are the creators of all wars... and they profit from both sides of all wars that they create.

they control our history.. with their library system
they control all of the major news ntworks.
they control our medical system. and poison us with their medicine.
they control all of our nukes.. with their tenticle.. israel.
they threatend to nuke our cities.. if our representatives..didn't pass the homeland security act.

the rothschilds own israel.. netanyahoo answers to them.

the revolutionary war was fought against these same bastards.. the english and european banking system.

they, with the help of treasonous senators in 1871.. turned our constitution.. our nation.. into a corporation.. without the public learning about what this means..

they... with "our public representatives", have created a quadrillion dollar national debt..guaranteeing they will foreclose on all the assets owned by the u.s.a.

hillary and trump both have the rothie's blessings?

screw them.