Mar 12 07:21

9/11 truthers find home in New Hampshire

9/11 is on the ballot this spring in 12 towns in New Hampshire. People throughout the region are encouraging their neighbors to "vote for answers." They want the federal government to launch a new inquiry into what happened on that day now nearly 9 years ago.
Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Live free or die!"

Mar 11 14:38

ABC interviews FBI 911 Whistleblower Coleen Rowley

ABC interviews FBI 911 Whistleblower Coleen Rowley

Chris Bury of ABC News interviews Coleen Rowley at the Treason in America Conference in Valley Forge, PA., 03/06/10.

Mar 11 14:35

For some, the search for what happened on 9/11 isn't over

Jesse Ventura's new book American Conspiracies questions the government's position on 9/11. He wrote about the same topic on The Huffington Post, but his article was banned. Read it here

Mar 11 09:40

CIA Ordered Visas For 15 of The 19 9/11 Hijackers in Jeddah

Mar 11 05:13

Dr. David Ray Griffin on 911: "We're Really in the Level of Proof Now - not conjecture"

Corporate media mouthpieces would do well to heed Abraham Lincoln's words of wisdom should they expect to survive our crisis in America:
" You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time."

Mar 10 22:15

Shaped Charges and the World Trade Center Collapses

Mar 10 22:13

All 9/11 Airports Serviced by One Israeli Owned Company

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Link fixed

Mar 10 22:12

FEMA was in New York the Night Before 9/11

In this interview, Kenney states that FEMA was deployed to New York on Monday night, September 10th, to be ready to go into action on Tuesday morning, September 11th.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Link fixed

Mar 10 18:03

Let Me Know When You See Fire!

Listen to the final moments of the daring rescue efforts of the New York City Fire Department operating in the South Tower of the World Trade Center moments before it suddenly exploded into oblivion. This is the biggest conflict of evidence of all: Either there were emergency teams operating in the building or there was a tremendous raging inferno. The two are mutually exclusive possibilities.

Mar 10 14:31

Japanese Have Washington Post Running Scared over 9/11

Mar 10 12:09


Webmaster's Commentary: 

After the failure of "Nightline" to demonize the 9-11 truth movement, the online shills working for Cass Sunstein are on overtime!

Mar 10 11:40

Jesse Ventura claims gov’t involved in 9/11 Former Minnesota governor says Bush administration tied to attacks

Mar 10 11:35

The 9/11 hijackers are alive

Mar 10 09:08

Cynthia McKinney supports call for a new 9/11 investigation.

Speaking at meeting in the House of Commons and later in a packed public meeting called by Reinvestigate 911, Cynthia McKinney endorsed the call for a genuinely independent investigation into the 9/11 attacks. The issue has become live again since President Obama cited
9/11 as the reason for escalating the war in Afghanistan and extending it into Pakistan, she said.

Tony Blair cited 9/11 as the event that made the subsequent wars possible when he supported calls for military action against Iran at his Chilcot appearance in February.

Mar 10 08:02

Huffington Post Kills Jesse Ventura’s Piece On 9/11

As I noted in an item yesterday, Jesse Ventura has a new book out, co-authored with Dick Russell, called American Conspiracies, which includes an excellent chapter on election fraud and its connection to the likely murder of Mike Connell.

Well, this morning, Jesse had a front-page piece on 9/11 up at HuffPost: a front-page piece that quickly slipped off that front page–and then completely disappeared.

Mar 10 07:45

Thermite and the WTC Collapses

"Out on the rubble it's still, I believe, 1,100 degrees. The guys boots just melt within a few hours."

Mar 10 05:33

German Intelligence Experts: 9-11 is Hollywood Deception

European intelligence experts dismiss the Bush "war on terrorism" as deception and reveal the Realpolitik behind the bombing of Afghanistan.

BERLIN - In Germany, where war plans for Afghanistan were already being discussed in July 2001 and where several of the "Arab hijackers" lived and studied, intelligence experts say the terror attacks of Sept. 11 could not have been carried out without the support of a state secret service.

Mar 09 20:02

Senator offers Guantanamo Bay deal if 9/11 trials move to military tribunals

A Republican senator is offering the White House a deal on terrorism trials.

Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (S.C.) said that if President Obama agrees to try alleged Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed and four accused henchmen in military tribunals, he will press fellow Republicans to vote to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Mar 09 19:57

Jesse Ventura claims gov’t involved in 9/11

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) started its investigation on August 21, 2002. When their 10,000-page-long report came out three years later, the spokesman said there was no evidence to suggest a controlled demolition. But Steven E. Jones also says that molten metal found underground weeks later is proof that jet fuel couldn’t have been all that was responsible. I visited the site about three weeks after 9/11, with Governor Pataki and my wife, Terry. It didn’t mean anything to me at the time, but they had to suspend digging that day because they were running into heat pockets of huge temperatures. These fires kept burning for more than three months, the longest-burning structure blaze ever. And this was all due to jet fuel?

Mar 09 17:04

2010 Vancouver Olympics: The Movie

Mar 09 13:29

How Did the WTC Fires Burn for Months?

Underground fires raged for months. O'Toole remembers in February [2002] seeing a crane lift a steel beam vertically from deep within the catacombs of Ground Zero. "It was dripping from the molten steel," he said.

Mar 09 13:18

The "Truss Theory": A Fantasy Concocted to Conceal a Demolition

If the building was truly held together by weak bolts then the single bolt connections should have "popped and fell apart" when Flight 11 smashed into the inner core of WTC 1, not 1½ hours after the event.

Mar 09 09:31

9-11 - The Secret Service at Booker Elementary: The Dog That Did Not Bark

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Relinked in reply to ABC TV's Nightline piece on the truth movement. Please share around your social networking sites.

Mar 09 09:31

9/11: All In One Chunk

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Relinked in reply to ABC TV's Nightline piece on the truth movement. Please share around your social networking sites.

Mar 09 09:30


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Relinked in reply to ABC TV's Nightline piece on the truth movement. Please share around your social networking sites.

Mar 09 09:21

9/11 truthers attend Treason in America

Mar 09 09:20

The Washington Post on ‘lunatic’ 9/11 ‘conspiracy theorists’

An editorial in the Washington Post yesterday slammed Japanese member of parliament Yukihisa Fujita because he “seems to think that America’s rendering of the events of Sept. 11, 2001, is a gigantic hoax.” His “ideas” about the terrorist attacks “are too bizarre, half-baked and intellectually bogus to merit serious discussion.”

Fujita, the editorial added, is a member of “the lunatic fringe” who “have spawned a thriving subculture of conspiracy theorists at home and abroad”, and “his views, rooted as they are in profound distrust of the United States, seem to reflect a strain of anti-American thought”. The piece closes by suggesting that the “fact-averse” Fujita should be removed from office.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am starting to get the feeling that the US Government has hit the panic button on the 9-11 cover-up!

Mar 09 06:55

Video Evidence of an Explosion at the Base of WTC 1

This video shows two perspectives of the collapse. The inset video shows the camera shake at roughly six seconds. Five seconds later the main video shows smoke appearing at the building's base.

Mar 08 22:54

ABC Vs. Loose Change

At the Treason in America Conference on 3/6/2010, ABC News decided to drop by and "cover" the event.

Mar 08 22:22

ABC Nightline - Inside a 9/11 'Truther' Convention

Mar 08 14:21

The 9/11 Reichstag Fire

"This (9/11) was all planned. This was a government-ordered operation. Bush personally signed the order. He personally authorized the attacks. He is guilty of treason and mass murder." -- Stanley Hilton

Mar 08 14:18

A leading Japanese politician espouses a 9/11 fantasy

Mr. Fujita's ideas about the attack on the World Trade Center, which he shared with us in a recent interview, are too bizarre, half-baked and intellectually bogus to merit serious discussion. He questions whether it was really the work of terrorists; suggests that shadowy forces with advance knowledge of the plot played the stock market to profit from it; peddles the fantastic idea that eight of the 19 hijackers are alive and well; and hints that controlled demolition rather than fire or debris may be a more likely explanation for at least the collapse of the building at 7 World Trade Center, which was adjacent to the twin towers.

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

Mar 08 12:43

Prof. Kevin Howley Notes "Changing Journalistic Attitudes" Toward 9/11 Questions

The column concludes, "Changing journalistic attitudes toward the 9/11 Truth movement is a welcome and long overdue development. We also owe a debt of gratitude to international news workers who have shifted the terms of the debate away from conspiracy theory to a legitimate scientific debate worthy of public scrutiny." Howley maintains that "news media are the lifeblood of social movements. In the absence of thorough, substantive and accurate reporting of social movements, taboo subjects and uncomfortable truths remain out of sight and out of mind."

Mar 08 10:46

Japanese Have Washington Post Running Scared over 9/11

The giveaway as to how frantic The Post is over this matter is that they are editorializing before reporting. That Fujita, who as a graduate of Keio University is about as plugged in to Japan’s ruling “old boy” network as it is possible to be, has abandoned the 9/11 sinking ship was not previously even mentioned in The Post or anywhere else in the mainstream U.S. press, to my knowledge.

Mar 08 10:44

Bush Caught Lying About September 11th

Mar 08 10:43

Proof that 9/11 Truthers Are Dangerous

Below is a list of people who question what our Government has said about 9/11.

The list proves - once and for all - that people who question 9/11 are dangerous.

Email this list to everyone you know, to prove to them that 9/11 truthers are all dangerous nut cases.

Mar 08 09:28

Who Told Giuliani the WTC was Going to Collapse on 9/11? (updated)

“I went down to the scene and we set up headquarters at 75 Barkley Street, which was right there with the Police Commissioner, the Fire Commissioner, the Head of Emergency Management, and we were operating out of there when we were told that the World Trade Center was going to collapse. " -- Giuliani

Mar 08 09:22

Geraldo Rivera Give 9/11 Truth The Finger

Mar 07 16:57

Attack on 911 Truth repelled: Alex Jones Destroys the Faux News Duo

Why do the talking heads continue to call those calling for 911 Truth "conspiracy theorists" - when their only "crime" has been an examination of evidence the U.S. Government has done backflips to pretend doesn't exist?

Mar 07 08:47

Lawful Treason?

Lawful Treason?
November 24, 2009 by Jeff Gates

Winning wars in the Information Age largely depends on winning the battle for public opinion. Thus the opinion-shaping role of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) when it attacked a high profile California professor for his criticism of Israeli policy in Palestine.
That ADL intimidation campaign successfully chilled debate on campuses nationwide during several time-critical months while a new president, promising the hope of change, reassessed U.S.-Israeli relations. His only change—endorsing more Israeli settlements on Palestinian land—quashed any hope of peace.

Mar 07 08:20

A Guide to the 9/11 Whistleblowers

Courageous insiders, gagged, hounded and ignored

Mar 07 08:16

Candidate denies link to 9/11 conspiracy theorists

Although as of yesterday he was listed online as a member of a group that questions the validity of government and mainstream media accounts of the 9/11 attacks, state Rep. candidate Jonathan Loya says he is not a conspiracy theorist and joined the group because of his libertarian ideologies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another waffle-head who will sell himself (and you) to the official view of the world.

Drop this loser now.

Mar 06 19:00

Ahmadinejad: Sept. 11 attacks a 'big lie'

Iran's hard-line President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Saturday called the official version of the Sept. 11 attacks a "big lie" used by the U.S. as an excuse for the war on terror, state media reported.

Mar 06 09:53

9/11 Radio Transmissions of WTC 2 Firefighters

This wma file is an extract from the The Complete Firefighters Tape and it contains the final transmissions made by firefighters located in the aircraft impact area of WTC 2 (floors 77 and 78). Floor 78 was officially being ravaged by an 800ºC inferno at this time.

The transmissions document that only isolated pockets of fire were reported by the firefighters, so where was the all-consuming inferno?

Mar 06 09:18

Iran's Ahmadinejad Calls Sept 11 "Big Fabrication"

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Saturday called the September 11 attacks on the United States a "big fabrication" that was used to justify the U.S. war on terrorism, the official IRNA news agency reported.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nobody not on a government pay check believes the official story on 9-11.

Mar 06 07:46

Smear campaign against 9/11 truthers?

Last night a California man opened fire outside the Pentagon in Washington DC. Today he has been linked to the 9/11 truth group that rejects the official explanation of 9/11.

Mar 05 17:19

I Want the Truth!

Nearly 3000 people died.
343 firefighters.

We owe it to them -- and to ourselves-- to determine who was responsible for this arson/mass murder and bring them to justice.

Mar 05 14:59

NYFD Emergency Radio Communications on 9-11-01 "Where is the Burning Inferno"

Listen to the final moments of the daring rescue efforts of the New York City Fire Department operating in the South Tower of the World Trade Center moments before it suddenly exploded into oblivion. This is the biggest conflict of evidence of all: Either there were emergency teams operating in the building or there was a tremendous raging inferno. The two are mutually exclusive possibilities.

Mar 05 14:58

A FireFighter for 911 Truth

Finally, a Seattle FireFighter Eric Lawyer, for truth group for Fire Fighters to stand up and join. No longer silent, while the pieces of their fellow NY Fire Dept. firefighters lay buried in the landfill without dignity or proper burial.
Thanks to the Architects for Truth. The Science is finally proving that 911 was in fact an inside job,
not made up by Conspiracy "nuts", but here Eric Lawyer states flatly that the Book for Forensic preservation of evidence from a crime scene was blatantly ignored. True. But no one better than a FireFighter familiar with the "book" to say so. Willie Rodriquez was erased from the fraudulent Federally tainted so called 911 investigation, Prof. Jones thermate evidence ignored, Key witnesses were scene being thrown out for trying to testify.

Mar 05 09:21

A Guide to the 9/11 Whistleblowers

So what if there are 9/11 whistleblowers? What if these whistleblowers come from every level of government and private industry, individuals who have even had their cases vindicated by internal government reports? As you are about to see, there are numerous such whistleblowers and each one is a thorn in the side of those who want to pretend that the 9/11 Commission represents the sum total of knowledge on the 9/11 attacks.

Mar 05 08:06

9/11 Probe: Americans vote for answers

A new movement to re-investigate the 9/11 attacks, is gaining pace in the U.S. With major public support, 12 towns are set to decide whether to ask the federal government for a new independent probe. RT's Marina Portnaya spoke to some of the activists, to find out why they want the case re-visited.

Mar 05 07:44

Pentagon shooter driven by hatred, conspiracy theories

A bitter Californian consumed by hatred towards the U.S. government and conspiracy theories about the 9/11 terrorism attacks and other perceived government coverups opened fire on Pentagon police Thursday night, wounding two before officers cut him down in a fusillade of gunfire.

John Patrick Bedell hated the government and the American military and was convinced the government, not terrorists, destroyed the World Trade Center twin towers in New York and faked the attack on the Pentagon in Washington.

Pentagon police chief Richard Keevill said Bedell walked up to police officers at the entrance to the Metro subway station at the headquarters of America’s military and opened fire.

Mar 05 05:53

Twelve New England Towns Demand New 9/11 Investigation

Russia Today reports that a new movement to reinvestigate the 9/11 attacks is gaining pace in the US. With major public support, 12 towns are set to decide whether to ask the federal government for a new independent probe.Twelve towns are making a new 9/11 inquiry a ballot box issue this spring. Voters heading to the polls will vote on a non-binding resolution that supporters hope eventually sparks momentum and legislative power nationwide.

Hundreds of citizens are expressing a desire to find out the real truth and are attending meetings where local experts, such as physicist John Wyndam, present alternative 9/11 theories, specifically surrounding the collapse of World Trade Center Seven and the Twin Towers.

Mar 04 23:18

9/11 In 7 Minutes

Mar 04 20:46

Highly-Credible People Question 9/11

The co-chairs of the 9/11 Commission (Thomas Keane and Lee Hamilton) said that the CIA (and likely the White House) "obstructed our investigation".

Mar 04 20:08

Debra Medina, The Neocon Establishment and 9/11 Truth

....... She was one of us. And the polls showed it. She went from 4% to 25% in a matter of weeks by appealing to the common sense of the conservative base in Texas. It seemed she was on track to go into March 2nd with strong enough support to at least garner enough votes to force a run-off election with Rick Perry. This would have given her more time and momentum to grow her support as her message of freedom, small government and a return to prosperity could have taken her to the Republican nomination. So what went so wrong? How did this wild card only end up with 19% of the vote when all was said and done. Two words: Glenn Beck.

Mar 04 10:23

Mossad helped buy off 9/11 litigants

Feinberg's actions were crucial to removing more than 98 percent of the families from the litigation process. Kenneth Feinberg and Alvin Hellerstein have waged a war of attrition against the 9-11 relatives. Of the thousands of families that could have used the courts to find justice and legal discovery for what happened on 9-11, Feinberg was successful in removing 98 percent. Of the 96 families that chose to go to court, all but one or two cases have settled out of court after enduring years of obstruction in the court of Alvin K. Hellerstein. Thanks to Feinberg and Hellerstein there may never be a trial for a single victim of 9-11.

Mar 04 07:55

Twelve New England towns demand 9/11 reinvestigation

A new movement to reinvestigate the 9/11 attacks is gaining pace in the US. With major public support, 12 towns are set to decide whether to ask the federal government for a new independent probe.

Mar 04 07:18

The Murderous Mossad and 9-11

The Mossad has been at it again: The recent assassination of a Hamas military leader in Dubai looks conclusively like the Israelis' handiwork. No doubt, they hoped for a little more anonymity in the aftermath--they likely didn't expect the Dubai authorities to be quite so technologically competent...Either we are complicit or we are not--there's no ethical halfway zone in the matter of targeted assassinations.
- Melik Kaylan, "Mossad Madness", Forbes, February 26, 2010

Mar 04 03:02

State Crimes Against Democracy

New research in the journal American Behavioral Scientist (Sage publications, February 2010) addresses the concept of “State Crimes Against Democracy” (SCAD). Professor Lance deHaven-Smith from Florida State University writes that SCADs involve highlevel government officials, often in combination with private interests, that engage in covert activities for political advantages and power.

Mar 03 20:56

FLASHBACK: Experts Urging Broader Inquiry in Towers' Fall

"This is almost the dream team of engineers in the country working on this, and our hands are tied," said one team member who asked not to be identified. Members have been threatened with dismissal for speaking to the press.

...But during a recovery effort that received worldwide praise, the city made one decision that has been endlessly second-guessed. To deal with nearly 300,000 tons of crumpled steel, the city quickly decided to ship it to scrap recyclers.

Mar 03 18:49

Feb 2010 Issue of the American Behavioral Scientist Devoted to State Crimes Against Democracy: The Case of September 11, 2001

Each issue offers comprehensive analysis of a single topic.

The six papers in the February 2010 issue are devoted to the recent concept of "State Crimes Against Democracy (SCAD's)," with emphasis on 9/11 and on how human behavior has failed to recognize its reality.

What are SCAD's?

"SCADs differ from earlier forms of political corruption in that they frequently involve political, military, and/or economic elites at the very highest levels of the social and political order," explains one essay.

Mar 03 12:25

The Murderous Mossad and 9-11

Thanks to http://kennysideshow.blogspot.com/ for this link.


The Mossad has been at it again: The recent assassination of a Hamas military leader in Dubai looks conclusively like the Israelis' handiwork. No doubt, they hoped for a little more anonymity in the aftermath--they likely didn't expect the Dubai authorities to be quite so technologically competent...Either we are complicit or we are not--there's no ethical halfway zone in the matter of targeted assassinations.
- Melik Kaylan, "Mossad Madness", Forbes, February 26, 2010

Mar 03 07:05

9/11 truth movement keeps moving along

The 9/11 truth movement, comprised of various professional and grassroots organizations such as Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth, We are Change, Patriots Question 9/11 and victims families like the Jersey Girls have made one thing clear in recent months: they are not going to fall into the memory hole of history.

Mar 03 07:00

Architects for 9/11 inquiry: Fire couldn't demolish WTC in 11 seconds

The question isn't who or why anymore so undefinedmuch as how. How could 200 thousand tonnes of steel have dropped to the ground in under 11 seconds because of a fire? Over a thousand engineers and architects say it simlpy couldn't, not the way it happened on September 11, and now they want a new investigation. Tim King has been following this issue in quite some time.

Mar 02 22:04

FireFighter Eric Lawyer Slams NIST And The 9/11 "Investigation"


WTC 1 & 2 exploded and turned most of the mass into dust. No crime scene investigation ....

Videos included

Mar 02 10:20

“The Jersey Girls” support AE911Truth efforts!

Mar 01 13:10

Mr. Larry "Pull It" Silverstein...Did You Commit Insurance Fraud On 9/11?

It is indeed unfortunate that we can no longer trust our law enforcement, Department of Justice, Courts or elected officials to protect America or bring about justice for these murders. But now that we have connected the dots, it is time for those who were wronged financially whether insurance companies or others to correct those wrongs . Sue the bastards. Imagine what we could learn during discovery.

Mar 01 10:02


Feb 28 11:05

Mysterious Deaths of 911 Witnesses

Feb 28 02:42

Time For The Rothschild Gang To Pay Damages

Pay up!

Feb 27 17:46

The 'Jersey Girls' Support Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

We must applaud Mr. Richard Gage and his colleagues, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, for their tenacity in seeking to answer lingering questions concerning the total destruction of the World Trade Center complex, in particular buildings 1, 2 and 7.

As with any scientific report, conclusions must be able to be replicated and verified by subsequent public peer reviews. Mr. Gage and his colleagues have attempted to do just that with NIST's Final Report of the Collapse of the WTC. There seem to be discrepancies and omissions in NIST's conclusions, which Mr. Gage and his colleagues have brought to light.

Feb 27 14:50

Mysterious Deaths of 911 Witnesses

Feb 27 06:56

Core of Corruption: In The Shadows - Official Trailer

Core of Corruption is a documentary film series which details a comprehensive investigation into clandestine intelligence operations and conspiracies. The project is surfacing exclusive whistleblowers, insiders and critical evidence for the very first time. Over 2,000 hours of credible network news clips have been surfaced for this ground breaking event, most of which have never been seen since they aired and have never been available on the internet.

Feb 27 06:54

The New American Century

While Massimo Mazzuccos first political documentary, GLOBAL DECEIT (2006), focused on the long list of inconsistencies in the official version of the 9/11 attacks, THE NEW AMERICAN CENTURY explores the historical, philosophical and economic background that suggests a matrix for such events that is much closer to home than the so-called "Islamic terrorism". The film provides solid evidence for the true reasons behind the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, whose unfolding is described in chilling detail in a document called "Project for the New American Century", published in the year 2,000, that seems to have served as the actual blueprint for such dramatic events

Feb 26 17:48

Is Glenn Beck warning us that General Wesley Clark is a Whacko?

We've never finished the investigation of 9/11 and whether the administration actually misused the intelligence information it had. The evidence seems pretty clear to me. I've seen that for a long time.

Feb 26 11:11

Paul Craig Roberts: US pushing for nuclear war; “leadership” treasonous for duping US into wars

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

“The morons in Washington are pushing the envelope of nuclear war. The insane drive for American hegemony threatens life on earth. The American people, by accepting the lies and deceptions of "their" government, are facilitating this outcome.”

“Some other agenda is being served that we are not being told.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts is one of the most respected conservative voices in the nation. He is the former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, and was Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal. He has held numerous academic appointments, including the William E. Simon Chair, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Georgetown University, and Senior Research Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University.

Feb 26 06:45

The Truth About 9/11

The Truth About 9/11

In the past year, in response to emerging independent science on the 9/11 attacks, nine corporate, seven public, and two independent media outlets aired analytic programs investigating the official account.

Increasingly, the issue is treated as a scientific controversy worthy of debate, rather than as a "conspiracy theory" ignoring science and common sense.

This essay presents these media analyses in the form of 18 case studies.

Feb 26 06:11

Washington Times Questions Inaccuracies In 9/11 Story

Washington Times Questions Inaccuracies In 9/11 Story

By Tim King

25 February, 2010

The Washington Times publishes story questioning official account.

Newly released photos of New York on September 11, 2001 by the NY Police Association. Remaining pictures below.

(SALEM, Ore.) - The mainstream press is showing interest in a taboo, however glaring subject; the inconsistencies in the Bush White House 9/11 account.

Feb 26 06:10

The Road to Armageddon

The Road to Armageddon

Paul Craig Roberts
Prison Planet.com

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Washington Times is a newspaper that looks with favor upon the Bush/Cheney/Obama/neocon wars of aggression in the Middle East and favors making terrorists pay for 9/11. Therefore, I was surprised to learn on February 24 that the most popular story on the paper’s website for the past three days was the “Inside the Beltway” report, “Explosive News,” about the 31 press conferences in cities in the US and abroad on February 19 held by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, an organization of professionals which now has 1,000 members.

I was even more surprised that the news report treated the press conference seriously.

Feb 25 19:42

The Road to Armageddon

The Washington Times is a newspaper that looks with favor upon the Bush/Cheney/Obama/neocon wars of aggression in the Middle East and favors making terrorists pay for 9/11. Therefore, I was surprised to learn on February 24 that the most popular story on the paper’s website for the past three days was the “Inside the Beltway” report, “Explosive News,” about the 31 press conferences in cities in the US and abroad on February 19 held by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, an organization of professionals which now has 1,000 members.

I was even more surprised that the news report treated the press conference seriously.

Feb 25 06:45

One Person's View on 9-11

One Person's View on 9-11

After seeing your 9/11 video I thought I would share an email I sent to another truth seeker.

The 9/11 scam has more holes than Swiss Cheese.

The Rothschilds agents responsible for 9/11 harbor so much arrogant disdain for the "common sheeple's" stupidity that they brazenly left their pagan numerological "marks" all over their 9/11 scam for all to see. These are the Talmudic Zionists who PRETEND to be Jews and exploit honest, pious Jews as patsies, hence their successful disinfo campaigns to deflect critics with bogus charges of "anti-Semitism" when they are no more "Semite" than the Ku Klux Klan is Native American.

Feb 24 14:40

9/11 Truth Search: Planes didn't take twin towers down

On 9/11, the world watched as undefinedtwo airplanes crashed into the twin towers of the world trade center, both of which collapsed shortly after. This much we know for sure, but for some, the cause of the collapse is still not so clear. Michael T Donly is a part of a group that says the two planes that hit the WTC twin towers could not have destroyed them.

Feb 24 08:43

Inside the Beltway

A lingering technical question about the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks still haunts some, and it has political implications: How did 200,000 tons of steel disintegrate and drop in 11 seconds? A thousand architects and engineers want to know, and are calling on Congress to order a new investigation into the destruction of the Twin Towers and Building 7 at the World Trade Center.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have an even better question!

With an unknown number of hijacked planes in the air (obfuscated by the NORAD drill simulating 30 hijacked planes at the same time the real hijacking occurred) crashing into buildings, with Bush's planned presence at the school announced three days before in the media, and an airport only 4 miles away, how is it that the US Secret Service Protective Detail knew that Bush was safe where he sat reading about pet goats, and that they did not need to get him out of that room and toss him in the bomb-proof limo and start driving to foil a possible inbound?

Feb 24 06:41




It’s common knowledge, he reveals, CIA, Mossad behind terror attacks

By the Staff of American Free Press

December 24, 2007

Former Italian President Francesco Cossiga, who revealed the existence of Operation Gladio, has told Italy’s oldest and most widely read newspaper that the 9-11 terrorist attacks were run by the CIA and Mossad, and that this was common knowledge among global intelligence agencies.

Feb 23 20:39

Thermite and the WTC Collapses

"Out on the rubble it's still, I believe, 1,100 degrees. The guys boots just melt within a few hours."

Feb 22 10:05

A & E for 9/11 Truth Press Conference

Feb 22 08:35

9/11 Shock Opera… Act 4 – Building 7 and Flight 93: The Grand Finale that Wasn’t

Sometimes more can be ascertained from the mistakes of a plan, than can be from its successes. Flight 93 was not meant to be shot down, but it was. And what ensued in the aftermath of that action, quite literally, exposes the criminals of 9/11 more so than does any other single aspect of the case, simply because of what the conspirators had to do to cover it up.

Imagine for a moment that the “conspiracy theorists” are correct. Or should I say the “alternative narrative” theorists are correct. All of a sudden, the criminals of 9/11 are staring at radar screens showing their final act in their carefully planned production, lying in ruin in Shanksville Pa. and they still have a 47 story tall building, barely even on fire, completely wired with RDX, TNT, and PETN… ready for demo.

Feb 22 07:58

Debra Medina talks to Mark Davis about her 9/11 Comments

Webmaster's Commentary: 

She is NOT a 9-11 truther. Do NOT vote for her.

Feb 21 20:10


In October [2001], press reports revealed that White House staff had been on a regimen of the powerful antibiotic Cipro since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Judicial Watch wants to know why White House workers, including President Bush, began taking the drug nearly a month before anthrax was detected on Capitol Hill.

Feb 21 12:13

New York tries to dismiss 9/11 health laws

Lawyers defending New York City against thousands of lawsuits filed by Sept. 11 emergency responders say many of the claims are baseless and have asked a judge to dismiss some of the first cases headed toward trial. 9/11 first responder Kenny Specht says the he is certain his and other firemen illness' are related to his time working at the World Trade Center.

Feb 21 09:52

Israeli murders using fake passports of Europeans, lets now go back to 911

Feb 21 08:30

Governments From Around the World ADMIT That They Carry Out False Flag Terror

The German people were whipped up into a state of hysteria and fear, because they thought they were under attack by Poles and other "bad guys". The German's were in shock, and rallied around their "strong" leader (it wasn't just the bad economy). Without first exposing the truth that the attacks were false flag attacks - which were largely the source and root cause of the German people's fears, and which allowed the German parliament and other institutions to hand Hitler total power - the sweeping away of good political causes by the wave of fear could not be stopped.

Feb 21 08:05

The Secret Service at Booker Elementary: The Dog That Did Not Bark

The Secret Service should be in that video, but they are not. It is clear from their inaction that they KNEW FOR A FACT THAT THE PRESIDENT WAS NOT A TARGET OF ONE OF THE HIJACKED PLANES. The intended targets of the planes had to have been known.

The dog did not bark because the criminal was its master.

Quod Erat Demonstradum, the Bush administration was part of the 9-11 plot.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Relinked in light of the renwed interest in 9-11.

The US Government lied to you about Saddam's "nookular" bombs.

The US Government lied to you about human-caused global warming.

Did they lie about 9-11?


Feb 21 08:01

9/11: All In One Chunk

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Relinked in light of the renwed interest in 9-11.

The US Government lied to you about Saddam's "nookular" bombs.

The US Government lied to you about human-caused global warming.

Did they lie about 9-11?


Feb 21 07:38

Are the 9/11 conspirators right?

Its been nearly nine years since the attacks on the world trade center and the pentagon. September 11, 2001 is a day which, for many, has already been explained. However, there is a movement that has been picking up a lot of steam, thousands of people who say accounts given to the people by the government are flawed, some even say false.

Feb 21 07:02

A Closer Look at Israel’s Role in Terrorism

This series is based on an article by Jeff Gates, who is a widely acclaimed author, attorney, merchant banker, educator and consultant to governments worldwide, who served for seven years as counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance. He is the author of Guilt by Association, Democracy At Risk and The Ownership Solution.

Feb 20 06:00

Seeking the truth about 9/11

This article was published in the Stratford Gazette. Stratford is a small town in Southern Ontario, Canada.

A small group of activists hit the streets of downtown Stratford on Saturday to spread the word about perceived inconsistencies in the Sept. 11 World Trade Centre collapse.

Stratford resident Mike Bondi was joined by members of the Kitchener 9/11 Truth group in Market Square, where they handed out flyers and DVDs to passersby.

In an interview last week, Bondi – an engineer who began researching the collapse of the towers a few years ago – said he hoped to share evidence about the buildings’ demise with the public.

“We’re just really looking from a scientific and physical perspective,” Bondi said.

“There’s more than enough evidence to create reasonable doubt that the official story is not consistent with the evidence (presented).”

Feb 19 15:32

University Of Colorado Must Reinstate Professor Whose Free Speech Rights Were Violated

After he was fired from the teaching post he had held for many years, Ward Churchill sued the University and its Board of Regents alleging that he was unconstitutionally terminated because of a controversial and unpopular essay he had written concerning the events on September 11. In April 2009, a jury agreed that Churchill was fired for expressing his personal opinions, which is a clear violation of his First Amendment rights.

Feb 19 09:51


This is the historic press conference of AE911Truth announcing the 1,000 Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth - all demanding a new investigation of the destruction of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9/11/01.

The Press Conference begins at 11:00am Pacific Time. The Speaker Luncheon begins at 12:30pm Pacific Time

Feb 18 21:47

1041 architectural and engineering professionals and 6625 other supporters including A&E students have signed the petition demanding of Congress a truly independent investigation.

As of January 2010, over 1,000 architects and engineers have signed our petition demanding a truly independent investigation into the destruction of the three World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9/11. This petition, along with AE911Truth literature and DVDs, will be presented to every Member of Congress on the same day by the 14,000 active supporters of AE911Truth.

Feb 18 16:03

Kerik Sentenced to 4 years: Maps of Associations

Move along now - no conspiracy to see here.

Feb 18 14:54

911 Press for Truth

911 families want answers to their questions. Answers, (of course) are dangerous things.

Feb 18 10:07

Ex-NYC police boss gets 4 years in prison

Former New York City police Commissioner Bernard Kerik has been sentenced to four years in federal prison.

Kerik was hailed as a hero after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. He admitted last year that he lied to the White House while being vetted for chief of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

He also pleaded guilty to tax fraud and six other felonies.

Feb 18 09:30

The Israeli Moles Who Controlled U.S. Defense Computers on 9/11

I followed that response with a question about the relationship between Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Menachem Atzmon, the man who oversaw passenger screening and airport security at Boston's Logan Airport on 9/11, as owner of ICTS, the parent company of Huntleigh USA.

Mr. Chamish seemed quite surprised that I knew of this relationship and said that if, indeed, Atzmon was responsible for security at Boston's airport on 9/11, then it was worthy of being followed up, because Olmert and Atzmon are truly very close political allies and co-defendants in old Likud crimes:

No duh, see "Ehud Olmert's Ties to 9/11".

But there is much, much more to this Israeli crime...

Feb 18 09:08

Photographic Evidence Showing Ziad Jarrah Was Not a 9/11 Hijacker

Of all the dozens of mysteries still swirling around this month's devastating terrorist attacks, the life of alleged hijacker [Ziad] Jarrah has emerged as one of the more perplexing. From Lebanon to Germany to the United States, there are few clues as to why he would have joined a terrorist organization, much less commandeered an airplane in a suicidal mission that claimed dozens of innocent lives as well as his own.

Feb 18 09:06

9/11 - The Frame Up Of Abdulaziz Alomari

The Saudi Institute, an independent human rights watchdog group that has researched the hijackers' identities, said at least one of the hijackers named by the FBI used stolen identification. Abdulaziz Alomari was identified by the FBI as one of the hijackers of an American Airlines plane that was crashed into the World Trade Center. Ali Al-Ahmed, the Saudi Institute's director, said Alomari used someone else's passport.

Feb 17 22:09

Yet Another Congressman Questions 9/11

Congressman Jason Chafetz just said that we need to be vigilant and continue to investigate 9/11.

A real nutjob, right?

If so, he joins quite a few other Congressmen:

Feb 17 22:08

'US gave up war plans because of Iran's might'

“The US planned and carried out the 9/11 attacks with support from Zionists," Fars news agency quoted Pourdastan as saying on Wednesday.

“The US claimed that terrorists have carried out the attacks in order to find a pretext for presence in the [Middle East] region," he stated.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Would you be heartbroken if we told you we already knew?

Feb 17 13:09

World Trade Center developer Larry Silverstein wants own bailout

Silverstein is requesting cash for at least two of the three planned office towers, sources told the paper.

Anxious to see the project completed, the Port Authority is considering stepping in, but not without concessions, The Journal said.

Silverstein has less than $1 billion left from the $4.5 billion insurance settlement he got after the 2001 terror attacks, The Journal said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And he'll probably get it because he can blow the whistle on what really happened on 9-11.

Feb 16 10:14

It wasn't Muslims who trained their cameras on the WTC prior to the first aircraft impact

It wasn't Muslims who trained their cameras on the World Trade Center Towers prior to the first aircraft impact, who danced and celebrated with high fives prior to the second impact as most onlookers still believed it had been a terrible accident rather than terrorism, and who were caught with foreign passports, $4,700 in cash hidden in a sock, maps highlighting certain places in the city, and a van that tested positive for traces of explosives; it was Israelis Sivan Kurzberg, Paul Kurzberg, Yaron Shmuel, Oded Ellner, and Omer Marmari, several of whom have been confirmed as Mossad agents, as part of their job in "documenting the event".

Feb 15 13:54

How To Destroy a 9/11 Truther

Feb 15 10:02

Video: @GlennBeck What Are the Dangers of 9/11 Truthers?

It’s enough to get me wondering if these truthers are a “National Security Threat” or what hideous crimes they may have committed against the U.S. of America.

Glenn, you seem pretty on top of this, besides “thought crimes”, what are the crimes or “threats posed” by “9/11 truthers” to the country or yourself?

It’s a good question… huh, Glenn?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I notice that the corporate media, as typified by Beck, always place the blame for the controversy on those who seek the truth. It never seems to occur to them to wonder if maybe the perpetrators were rather stupid to try to try a false-flag deception like this in the age of the internet, then dump the propaganda mess on them to clean up!

Feb 15 08:06

9/11 third tower mystery 'solved'

The final mystery of 9/11 will soon be solved, according to US experts investigating the collapse of the third tower at the World Trade Center.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note that the BBC put quote marks around 'solved', suggesting that even they are not buying the official "It just faw down go boom" crap coming from the same group of liars still trying to sell you that Earth is getting warmer and it is all your fault.

Feb 15 07:05

The Media Response to the Growing Influence of the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Eight countries – Britain, Canada, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway and Russia – have allowed their publicly-owned broadcasting stations to air the full spectrum of evidence challenging the truth of the official account of 9/11.

This more open approach taken in the international media – I could also have included the Japanese media – might be a sign that worldwide public and corporate media organizations are positioning themselves, and preparing their audiences, for a possible revelation of the truth of the claim that forces within the US government were complicit in the attacks – a revelation that would call into question the publicly given rationale for the military operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

Feb 14 09:22

What the New 9-11 Photos Show

What the New 9-11 Photos Show

Christopher Bollyn
February 11, 2009

Eight and a half years after 9-11, we are finally able to view the photos taken by a photographer in a New York City Police Department helicopter hovering over the scene of the crime. Why has it taken so long for these photos of the crime of the century to be released? What do these newly released photos tell us?

There is certainly a great deal of evidence contained in these hundreds of photographs, which will take some time to analyze, but one thing is very clear. The Twin Towers were turned into dust.

Feb 14 09:20

The battle of 9/11’s ailing first responders

Safety was the first casualty at the Ground Zero clean-up as Mayor Giuliani, who had 30 months (two and a half years) to complete the clean-up, pushed workers to work day and night to finish the project in a mere eight months. In sharp contrast, the first responders in Washington, D.C., had to wear respirators to work at the Pentagon disaster site, no excuses accepted.

Feb 14 06:40

9/11 Panel Suspected Deception by Pentagon

9/11 Panel Suspected Deception by Pentagon

Allegations Brought to Inspectors General

By Dan Eggen
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Some staff members and commissioners of the Sept. 11 panel concluded that the Pentagon's initial story of how it reacted to the 2001 terrorist attacks may have been part of a deliberate effort to mislead the commission and the public rather than a reflection of the fog of events on that day, according to sources involved in the debate.

Feb 13 13:25

Medina Campaign Responds To Glenn Beck

First paragraph.

Feb 13 07:49

The Empire Falls Back

Conquest is thought necessary by nation-states like Rome, forgetting that an imperially ambitious nation substitutes conquest for real productivity. Instead of employing persons, Rome seized their farms and sent them off on wars of aggression and conquest. Obvious examples are Dacia and Gaul both of which Rome invaded for 'gold'. More recently, George W. Bush attacked and invaded Iraq for its oil. Little has changed but names and commodities. If you are still inclined to believe the Bushco cover story, please tell me how many bona fide terrorists were captured by Bush and cite a scintilla of evidence that they were anything but Iraqis defending their nation, their homes and families, against an aggressor, a thief, a war criminal.

Feb 12 14:24

Manufactured Controversy Backfires As Vast Majority Back Medina, Attack Glenn Beck

The attack dog corporate media, in cahoots with loathsome phony neo-con crybaby Glenn Beck, are once again attempting to manufacture reality by smearing Debra Medina for expressing a view shared by the vast majority of Americans in an effort to purge her from the Texas gubernatorial race.

Fox News blowhard Glenn Beck attempted to set up Medina on his radio show yesterday by asking her if she believed the U.S. government was involved in 9/11.

“I think some very good questions have been raised in that regard,” Medina said. “There are some very good arguments, and I think the American people have not seen all the evidence there, so I have not taken a position on that.”

Feb 12 06:11

Debra Medina With Glenn Beck:The Interview Texas Is Talking About

After a series of scurrilous attacks by the media including WOAI 1200 AM radio(this link) Debra Medina has taken it all back and now agrees totally with the MSM conspiracy theory on 911!

Feb 11 16:18

FAA and NORAD Changed Records to Accord with Cheney Lies

The 9/11 Commission's Senior Counsel reveals that FAA and NORAD changed their records to accord with Dick Cheney's and Paul Wolfowitz's narrative of heroism and leadership on 9/11.

Feb 11 15:39


Medina, speaking on the Glenn Beck Show on Thursday, was asked if she believed the government was in any way involved with bringing down the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.

Medina also says she believes some very good questions have been raised. She says "there's some very good arguments and I think the American people have not seen all the evidence there."

Feb 11 12:07

Are they prepping for 9/11 PT 2?

It is interesting to have all these reports of crashing predator drones around the same time as the war drums are beating to attack Yemen and Iran, as well as the CIA telling congress that we are going to be attacked by Al-Cia-Ada within the next 6 months.

Feb 11 09:41

Bob Kerrey (911 comm) admits 911 was Pre-Planned

Kerrey : I don't think, Well if that's the condition upon which we'll be saving our country, because , the problem is it's a 30 year old conspiracy.

LA CHANGE : No, I'm talking about 911.

Kerrey : That's what I'm talking about

LA CHANGE : Oh , you are..

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Go to 5:55 on the playback.

Feb 11 08:20

9/11 Cheney Connection

A review of compelling evidence that incriminates Dick Cheney with actionable foreknowledge before 9/11, criminal misconduct on 9/11, and obstruction of the investigation after 9/11. This is not about theory, rather the historical facts.

Feb 11 08:15

David Ray Griffin-Time for a Second Look at Official 9-11 Conspiracy Theory Part I of 8

David Ray Griffin's lecture at Boston University on April 11, 2009 (9/11, Time For a Second Look) . Dr. Griffin meticulously presents the case for a new investigation of the 9/11 attacks--the 9/11 Commission Report on the "official" conspiracy theory is full of contradictions and apparent lies. 1st. of 8 parts.

Lecture sponsored by Boston 9-11 Truth Committee, co-founded by Joseph Lopisi, Esq. and Chris Grunier

Feb 10 14:50

Some never before seen: NYPD World Trade Center 9/11 Aerial Photos

Great pictures of WTC7 in the series.

Feb 10 08:57

7 WTC Shortly before collapsing

Feb 10 07:45

Dramatic images of World Trade Centre collapse on 9/11 released for first time

A tsunami of smoke, dust and debris roars down the streets of New York City as the World Trade Centre towers collapse.

These dramatic images were taken by police photographers in helicopters and it is the first time they have been seen, having been released under a Freedom of Information request made by America's ABC News.

This video shows a comparison of the dust cloud which followed a World Trade Center collapse and the dust cloud which followed a controlled demolition. Strikingly similar.

Feb 10 06:49

29 Structural/Civil Engineers Cite Evidence for Controlled Explosive Demolition in Destruction of All 3 WTC High-Rises on 9/11

The facts are in. The evidence is conclusive. These experts lay it all out.

For Some, the Doubts Began Early

“Something is wrong with this picture,” thought Nathan Lomba, as he watched replays of the Twin Tower collapses on television on September 11, 2001. A licensed structural engineer trained in buildings’ responses to stress, Lomba saw more on the screen than you or I. He puzzled, “How did the structures collapse in near-symmetrical fashion when the damage was clearly not symmetrical?”

Feb 10 06:15

Commission Chairman:9/11 Commission Was Set Up to Fail

This is a very brief clip from a question and answer session Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton gave at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. on 9/11/2006. As representatives of the family members, and family members themselves called for a new investigation right across the hall.

Feb 09 15:32

1,000 Architects & Engineers Call for a Real 9/11 Investigation

AE911Truth will hold a press conference on Friday, February 19, at 11:00 AM at the Marines Memorial Club and Hotel in San Francisco. We will announce and honor the milestone of our achievement of obtaining 1,000 architects and engineers (A/E's) petitioning for a real investigation into the destruction of the 3 World Trade Center skyscrapers.

Invitations are being sent to more than 400 local AIA members, to many local, national, and international media outlets, and to more than 15,000 AE911Truth.org petition signers and supporters from around the world.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The National Geographic Channel is looping their 9-11 debunking programs practically non-stop!

Feb 09 08:21

WTC Towers-First Explosive, Not Implosive Controlled Demolition

Watch and decide for yourself.

Webmaster, www.911insidejob.com

Feb 08 21:49

NIST WTC7 Report Parody Video

Do you work in a large office building? Then you should know about this recently discovered flaw in ALL EXISTING BUILDING CODES AND FIRE REGULATIONS that could cause the complete collapse of your office building. For more information on this phenonmenon, please email NIST at wtc@nist.gov