Feb 11 06:49

Google, Facebook tell SCOTUS it should be harder for you to sue them

Suing technology firms when they mess up is already hard, especially when it's over privacy violations. Now, Facebook, Google, and the trade groups representing all the big tech firms are asking the Supreme Court to make it even harder for class actions to pursue cases against them.

Facebook, Google, and all the others submitted a filing (PDF) to the Supreme Court this week essentially arguing that if you cannot prove the specific extent to which their screwup injured you, you should not have any grounds to be part of a lawsuit against them.

Feb 11 05:38

Japanese TV report sparks speculations in China that COVID-19 may have originated in US (2/23/20)

A report from a Japanese TV station that suspected some of the 14,000 Americans died of influenza may have unknowningly contracted the coronavirus has gone viral on Chinese social media, stoking fears and speculations in China that the novel coronavirus may have originated in the US.

Feb 11 00:20

Shameless Rep Raskin Claims MAGA Protesters Led 'Burning Of A Church'; 'Impaled' Police At Capitol

Lead House impeachment manager Rep Jamie Raskin (D-MD) claimed Wednesday that Trump supporters took part in the "burning of a church" at the second Million MAGA March before they "impaled" police officers at the Capitol protest on Jan 6.

He's full of it.

Feb 10 19:08


Feb 10 16:41

Americans Plan On Being Slaves Long After COVID Is “No Longer A Threat”

In a new report, Americans are said to be willing to kneel in slavery to the ruling class long after the “threat” of COVID-19 is gone. Many will continue to be obedient to their masters, lick the hand that feeds them, and wear the ritualistic shame muzzle for the foreseeable future. -- The ruling class is laughing at us and the chains we’ve fastened around our own necks. They didn’t even have to lift a finger. People have become willing sheep.

Feb 10 16:32

The second sham impeachment trial against Trump has begun and Democrats have already beclowned themselves with fake allegations

Democrats often tout their allegiance to our nation’s founding document, the U.S. Constitution, but in fact, they dump on it regularly and hold it up only when it suits their political objectives, all of which pretty much amount to amassing more power. -- Last summer, as Black Lives Matter and Antifa thugs burned cities, destroyed businesses, beat police officers and killed Americans, Democrats didn’t see ‘riots’ or ‘insurrection,’ they saw demonstrations of the First Amendment’s freedom of speech, assembly and expression provisions.

Feb 10 16:21

Counting and Caring for the Dead

There are so many ways health officials are hurting people. During the COVID pandemic, health officials have taken pharmaceutical and medical terrorism onto entirely new levels. The harm they are doing is on a scale never seen before. They are ripping apart societies, families, cultural norms, suffocating humanity with masks, and abusing a whole generation of children by keeping them out of school, for what at this point can only be perceived as an easily treatable disease.

Feb 10 16:10

Of Rioters, Protesters & Patriots

Joe Biden and his party have responded by setting as a goal the replacement of “equality of rights” with “equity,” an equality of results, where gaps in test scores, incarcerations, incomes and wealth between white and black are to be closed by government action. -- However, as for the riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6 by Trumpists, to protest and perhaps change the outcome of the election, that was an act of insurrection, a treasonous attempt to overturn a democratic election and overthrow a democratic government. -- Of all the riots in 2020 and 2021, that was the unforgivable one.

Feb 10 15:50

The (New Normal) War on Domestic Terror

If you enjoyed the Global War on Terror, you’re going to love the new War on Domestic Terror! It’s just like the original Global War on Terror, except that this time the “Terrorists” are all “Domestic Violent Extremists” (“DVEs”), “Homegrown Violent Extremists” (“HVEs”), “Violent Conspiracy-Theorist Extremists” (“VCTEs”), “Violent Reality Denialist Extremists” (VRDEs”), “Insurrectionary Micro-Aggressionist Extremists” (“IMAEs”), “People Who Make Liberals Feel Uncomfortable” (“PWMLFUs”), and anyone else the Department of Homeland Security wants to label an “extremist” and slap a ridiculous acronym on.

Feb 10 15:45

Totalitarian Fascism, Concentration Camps, Imprisonment, Extortion, and Dictatorial Decrees Now the New Normal

Draconian does not fully describe the actions that are being taken by the state in this mass assault on the citizenry due to a non-existent ‘virus pandemic’ that is being used as a government false flag operation in order to gain total control of the people. This is not only an abomination, it is criminal evil prosecuted by the state without any regard of the people.

Feb 10 15:34

8 Million More Living In Poverty, 9 Million Small Businesses In Danger Of Closing, 10 Million Behind On Rent…

As a child, I was a big fan of Sesame Street, and one of the characters that really stood out to me was Count von Count.  I loved the fact that he was always counting things, and that is what I am going to do in this article in order to illustrate how bad economic conditions have now become.

Feb 10 12:11

The Foreign Roots of Haiti’s “Constitutional Crisis”

As per usual, news on Haiti in the United States remains limited, except for during periods of “crisis.” As if on cue, U.S. media began reporting on Haiti’s “constitutional crisis” this week.

Sunday, February 7 is the end of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse’s term, according to the constitution. He refuses to step down. This week, the opposition called for a two-day general strike, uniting around a transition with the head of Haiti’s Supreme Court stepping in.

Most reporting failed to note the international role, and particularly that of the United States, in creating this “crisis.” And nearly all focused only on one segment of the opposition: leaders of Haiti’s political parties.

Feb 10 12:10

Developed countries ‘ban’ mail-in voting, US would be ‘laughing stock’: Report

Most developed countries, especially in Europe, ban mail-in voting to fight vast fraud and vote buying that had threatened the integrity of their elections, according to an exhaustive review of voting rules and histories in over 30 major nations.

In the European Union, 63% have put a ban on mailing in ballots except for citizens living overseas. Another 22% have imposed a ban even for those overseas. And most of those that allow mail-in ballots require some form of photo ID to get one, according to the report from the Crime Prevention Research Center shared with Secrets.

“These countries have learned the hard way about what happens when mail-in ballots aren’t secured. They have also discovered how hard it is to detect vote buying when both those buying and selling the votes have an incentive to hide the exchange,” said author John R. Lott, the center’s president.

Feb 10 12:09

United States drops in global corruption index on election aftermath

"Serious departures" from democratic norms were a core factor in driving the United States to its lowest in eight years on a global corruption index in 2020, watchdog Transparency International said on Thursday.

The group's annual report on business leaders' perceptions of corruption - which gave the United States a score of 67 out of 100, down from 69 in 2019 - also cited weak oversight of the country's $1 trillion COVID-19 relief package.

That put the United States behind Bhutan and Uruguay in 25th place, down from 23rd in 2019.

Feb 10 12:07

The Purge Continues: Biden To Oust Trump-Appointed U.S. Attorneys

The great purge of the dissidents continues, as Joe Stalin, err, Biden, is now calling for all of the Trump era US Attorneys to step down and make room for those who pledge their loyalty to the crown. Over 50 U.S. Attorneys are being targeted by the regime. Strangely enough, two key attorneys will remain in place; Durham and David Weiss. Make what you will of that.

Politico reports:

The Biden administration is preparing to remove nearly all the remaining federal prosecutors former President Donald Trump appointed across the country, while making accommodations to allow a couple handling highly sensitive investigations to continue with their work, a senior Justice Department official said Monday night.

U.S. Attorney for Delaware David Weiss, a Trump appointee who is overseeing a probe into the finances of President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden, has been asked to “holdover” in his current post despite the broader personnel overhaul, said the official.

Feb 10 12:06

MUST READ: Democrats Were ONLY Able to “Win” in 2020 By Breaking Chain of Custody Laws in EVERY SWING STATE

At midnight on election night, President Trump warned his supporters not to let Democrats “find any votes at 4 in the morning.”

President Trump was ahead in Pennsylvania by nearly 700,000 votes.
In Michigan Trump was ahead by over 300,000 votes.
In Wisconsin Trump was ahead by 120,000 votes.

Trump was also ahead in Georgia and Nevada.

And President Trump already trounced Joe Biden in Ohio, Florida, and Iowa — three states that ALWAYS go to the eventual presidential winner.

Then suddenly Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin announced they would not be announcing their winner that night. This was an unprecedented and coordinated move in US history.

Feb 10 05:01

Detrumpification: Media Lays Out Plan to 'Deprogram' Trump Supporters From Their 'Extremist' Views

The leftist propaganda outlet Axios on Tuesday laid out a dekulakization/detrumpification program for how to "deprogram" Trump supporters from their "extremist" views.

Feb 10 00:03

Biden Regime Halts Deportation of Criminal African Migrants 'Due to Black History Month'

Joe Biden's acting ICE director, Tae Johnson, halted deportation flights of criminal African migrants because they were "scheduled during Black History Month," according to a report from the Washington Post.

Feb 09 16:53

The Trump Political Show Trial

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, who is required by the Constitution to preside, has by refusing to participate made it clear that he does not consider the upcoming action in the Senate to be a legitimate impeachment trial. -- So if it is not a legitimate trial, what is it, then? Judging from the House impeachment resolution, it looks more like a banana republic “show trial” than a careful case detailing Trump’s “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Feb 09 16:41

Baseless (Impeachment Genuine Show Trial)

Of course, behind this smokescreen of partisan bullshit is the question of election fraud, which the Democratic Party is seeking desperately to suppress. Their news media henchpersons have settled on the adjective “baseless” whenever the subject comes up in their reporting. They repeat it incessantly, Goebbels-style, to substantiate its truthiness, though it is not true. The truth is indeed the Deep State’s mortal enemy, and eventually it will make itself known.

Feb 09 16:27

Big Brother Comes to America

In a world where falsehoods proliferate, free debate is more important than ever to help people learn for themselves what is real. Stuart Mill understood that placing limits on freedom of speech constitutes a far greater threat to democracy than the erroneous views promoted by conspiracy theorists and fake-news entrepreneurs. Because once the authority of free speech is undermined, then public life itself is threatened, as people come to be deprived of the opportunity to discuss, debate and clarify the issues that confront our society.

Feb 09 16:17

Proof That the US November Election Was Stolen Exists in Abundance

The official narrative that there was no election theft is likely the largest lie ever perpetrated on the world.  The lie is so vast and so fragile that everyone who disagrees with the official narrative is suppressed, deplatformed, kicked off social media, ostracized, and fired from their job in order to protect the lie from examination and exposure.  In Michigan the state attorney general is attempting to debar attorneys who represented cases of electoral theft. Massive effort was made—including an orchestrated “storming of the Capitol”—to insure that the evidence would not be presented and that the majority of the population would never encounter the evidence.  The presstitutes from the first instance declared continuously with one voice “there was no vote fraud,” “baseless claims of vote fraud,” and the old standby “conspiracy theory.”

Feb 09 16:01

America entering dangerous new territory as a ‘Ministry Of Truth’ under Joe Biden moves another step closer to becoming reality

With ‘truth’ also now called ‘hate speech’ in 2021 America, with the left seeking to ‘cancel out’ any thoughts, people and businesses which don’t ‘toe their party line’, we’ve clearly reached a time of universal deceit, where simply telling the truth has become a revolutionary act.

Feb 09 15:54

Democrats seek to empower Big Tech to spy on Trump supporters and conservatives by falsely classifying them as “extremists”

Here’s the thing: Democrats have already shown a penchant to favor censoring Trump and anyone who backs him. This new bill is about achieving more of that under the guise of ‘stopping extremism.’ -- We should never let would-be tyrants define the issue or debate when it comes to our liberties.

Feb 09 15:27

We Must Have MOAR: Almost Everyone In Washington Seems To Agree That More Free Money Will Fix The Economy

There seems to be a growing consensus in Washington that the only way to fix the worst economic downturn in more than 70 years is by giving out much more free money.  Joe Biden wants more “stimulus”, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen wants more “stimulus”, and most members of Congress from both parties want more “stimulus”.  Of course none of the previous “stimulus packages” that we spent trillions of dollars on fixed the economy, but they insist that this latest one will finally do the job. 

Feb 09 13:20

SPLC works hand-in-hand with Antifa to target and terrorize conservatives in America

Independent journalist Andy Ngô has released a new book about how so-called “non-profit” organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) are tied at the hip to domestic terrorist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM).

A victim of Antifa violence himself, Ngô discovered that the SPLC, along with local governments in some areas, spur on BLM and Antifa to attack conservatives because “for their world to live and thrive, America has to die.”

This quote comes straight from the “anti-fascist” 10 points of belief, by the way, illustrating the paramilitary group’s true intentions. There will be no peace until Antifa has destroyed every last pillar of society and replaced it with communism.

The SPLC’s role in all this is to help Antifa choose its targets. Anyone who interferes is labeled a “fascist” and subsequently “canceled.”

Feb 09 12:38

You’re Not A Radical, You’re Just Sane

In response to rumors that Bernie Sanders foreign policy advisor Matt Duss may be playing some role in the Joe Biden State Department, bloodthirsty psychopath Nikki Haley told the Washington Free Beacon that this “is another indication that the only unity in Biden’s foreign policy is between the far left and the extreme left.”

Which is of course ridiculous. Taken as a whole Biden’s imperialist foreign policy has not differed much from Trump’s, and Duss is a fairly reliable imperialist himself. This administration is not an “extreme” deviation from the norm, and much less a manifestation of anything that could be called “extreme left”.

Feb 09 12:23

“Drop and Roll” - How The 2020 Election Was Stolen From Donald Trump

Feb 09 12:18


During Friday’s episode of “Real Time With Bill Maher,” host Bill Maher blamed Christianity for the Capitol riots last month.

Maher, 65, claimed that a belief in Christianity is comparable to a belief in conspiracies like QAnon, and he said this led in part to supporters of former President Donald Trump storming the Capitol last month.

“As long as we’re going to go to the trouble of another impeachment trial, we might as well be honest about what it’s really about: The events of Jan. 6 were a faith-based initiative,” he said.

Not stopping there, Maher alleged that Trump supporters who believe in a “Christian nationalist movement” are firm in their beliefs that God “literally sent [Trump] from heaven to save them.” He cited comments made by Alabama Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville, who once said that God personally chose Trump for president of the United States of America.

Feb 09 12:06

EXCLUSIVE: Suspicious Vehicle Seen Escorting Late Night Biden Ballot Van at TCF Center on Election Night (VIDEO)

On Wednesday morning, November 4th President Trump was ahead of Joe Biden in the swing state of Michigan by over 100,000 votes.

This appeared to be another solid win for President Trump in a swing state he won in 2016. The ballot counting in Detroit, Michigan on election night took place at the TCF Center, formerly known as Cobo Hall.

Then late at night, a string of suspicious events changed the momentum for the Trump Team. GOP observers later testified that at 3:30 AM in the morning vehicles drove into the TCF Center and delivered fraudulent ballots for Joe Biden.

Feb 09 12:05

Meghan McCain Calls Bashing Liz Cheney, Pro-Impeachment Republicans A ‘Losing Strategy’

“The View” co-host Meghan McCain said on Monday that reports of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy asking Congresswoman Liz Cheney to apologize for her vote to impeach former President Donald Trump was concerning.

McCain said Republican leadership taking this route was a “losing strategy.”

Feb 09 12:05

Squad’s Ayanna Pressley: Capitol Riots Gave Me ‘Deep And Ancestral’ Terror From ‘White Supremacist Mob’

Representative Ayanna Pressley says she felt a “deep and ancestral” terror at the hands of “white supremacist mobs” during last month’s riot at the Capitol.

Pressley (D-MA), a member of the far-left ‘Squad’ of progressive House Democrats, made the comments during an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

“As a black woman, to be barricaded in my office using office furniture and water bottles on the ground in the dark, that terror, those moments of terror, is familiar in a deep and ancestral way for me,” she said.

The Democrat lawmaker went on to suggest the riots were carried out at the hands of white supremacists, something she claims African-Americans have had to “clean up after” for generations.

Feb 09 12:04

AOC Declares She ‘Will Not Apologize’ For Saying Cruz Tried ‘To Get Me Killed’

“Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told The Post on Monday that she’s not going to apologize to Sen. Ted Cruz for accusing him of nearly having her ‘murdered’ during the Jan. 6 Capitol riot,” the New York Post reported.

Feb 09 12:03

Biden Officials Facing Arrest If They F*** With These Red Staters & Their Rights

On Feb. 3, the Newton County, Missouri, Commission passed a bill that not only prevents any federal law enforcement officer from harassing gun owners, it calls for their arrest if they try to enforce unconstitutional law or Executive Orders that are unconstitutional in nature.

After the first arrest, all hell will break loose.

The case will go all the way to the Supreme Court. From there it’s anyone’s guess but if they prevail laws like this will pop up all over the country.

The government looks to strip citizens of their Second Amendment rights while at the same time put you in danger from rioters. You mustn’t defend yourself. And Heaven forbid that you should have a defense when either antifa or BLM try to yank you out of your car to beat you up.

Or to protect your home from thieves. Or any place you want to feel secure in.

Newton County, Missouri is leading the way.

Will your county follow?

Feb 09 12:00

Executive orders overturned; Democrats concerned governor acting unilaterally

MONTPELIER, Vt. (WCAX) - Vermont lawmakers are mulling over changes to Act 250 and a new agency of state government after pushing back on two executive orders from Gov. Phil Scott last week.

It all goes back to whether the governor should be able to reformat government, and if so, to what extent without consulting lawmakers.

The governor issued two executive orders so far this session which he says are aimed at streamlining government. One would consolidate who can issue Act 250 development decisions and the other would consolidate law enforcement and fire department entities under a new Agency of Public Safety.

Democrats are concerned the governor is acting unilaterally instead of going to them first and working through the legislative process. So much so, that last week the House voted to reject the governor’s Agency of Public Safety executive order and the Senate threw out Scott’s Act 250 order.

Feb 09 11:05


Let’s be clear about one thing: the impeachment of Donald Trump is a waste of time and money. Impeaching Trump will accomplish very little, and it will not in any way improve the plight of the average American. It will only reinforce the spectacle and farce that have come to be synonymous with politics today.

Feb 09 09:54

More States Are Creating Legislation To Prevent Biden Executive Orders From Being Followed

South Dakota’s Republican-controlled House is presenting legislation that would enable the state to invalidate President Biden’s executive orders if it determines they are unconstitutional.

“The Executive Board of the Legislative Research Council may review any executive order issued by the President of the United States, if the order has not been affirmed by a vote of the Congress of the United States and signed into law, as prescribed by the Constitution of the United States,” the bill’s text states.

“Upon review, the Executive Board may recommend to the attorney general and the Governor that the order be further examined by the attorney general to determine the constitutionality of the order and to determine whether the state should seek an exemption from the application

of the order or seek to have the order declared to be an unconstitutional exercise of legislative authority by the President.” it continues.

Feb 09 09:32

Georgia State Official Probing Trump's Effort to Overturn Election Results

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger's office has opened an investigation into allegations that former US President Donald Trump tried to overturn the state's 2020 election results, the state's Communications Manager for Voter Education, Walter Jones, told Sputnik.

"Yes, I can confirm," Jones said on Monday when asked to confirm reports that Raffensperger has formally opened a probe into Trump's effort to overturn the state's 2020 election results.

The investigation followed an earlier leaked record of a 2 January phone call between the former American president and Raffensperger, in which Trump is heard requesting that the Georgia state secretary "find" additional votes that would make him the winner of the 3 November, 2020, election, which, Trump claimed, was stolen from him.

Feb 09 09:28

Trump impeachment is ‘constitutionally flawed’ & Capitol riot was ‘pre-planned’ – lawyers

Ex-president Donald Trump’s lawyers have eviscerated the impeachment charge against him, accusing Democrats of conducting “no investigation” of the raid and claiming Capitol rioters already had plans to swarm the building.

As the former president prepares to face the Senate for his second impeachment trial, Trump’s lawyers have called out Democratic leaders for what they describe as a shameful weaponization of the January 6 Capitol raid, denouncing the proceedings as both unconstitutional and unprofessional.

Feb 09 09:26

Whatever Pence is planning, he destroyed his political career, and possibly the Republican Party, by tossing Trump under the bus

Former Vice President Mike Pence appears to be positioning himself to become the Republican favorite in the 2024 presidential race, based on the delirium that Donald Trump’s supporters will forget his betrayal. They won’t.

Even before the fences and barbed wire have been removed from around Washington, DC and the soldiers sent back to their barracks, America is already pondering its next squeaky-clean elections in 2024.

And in an effort to deliver the final coup de grace against Donald Trump, relegating the rabble-rouser to Google’s dungeon, the media is already promoting their preferred pro-establishment candidate, said to be testing the political waters for a shot at the White House.

Feb 09 09:21

House Democrats settle income debate for direct payments

House Democrats will move ahead with a coronavirus stimulus package that would keep the existing income limits for Americans who receive stimulus checks, while tightening eligibility for higher-earning Americans — a major win for progressives.

The plan, which was unveiled Monday night, would keep $1,400 stimulus checks flowing to Americans making up to $75,000 a year — rather than the $50,000 threshold that some moderate Democrats had proposed. It would, however, tighten eligibility for those making over $75,000 as an individual — a higher-earning group that previously qualified for smaller checks.

Feb 09 09:07

AMAZING FLASHBACK from November 8: Complete List of Suspected Fraud Issues in 2020 Election Sorted by State with Recommended Actions on How to Address

Below is a list of articles to date from November 8th where potential fraud has been identified in the 2020 election and actions recommended to be taken to address issues known to date. The issues and recommendations are categorized by state with an overall section first identifying all the actions to be taken across the states followed with additional actions to be taken at each specific state.

Manually recount any state results where Dominion Vote Machines were used to tally results
Focus on closely contested and swing states
Focus on cities (i.e. Milwaukee, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Minneapolis, etc…)
Focus on absentee and mail-in Ballots
Investigate Biden only votes
Identify dead people who voted
Identify felons who voted
Identify illegal aliens who voted
Identify children who voted
Identify individuals who voted more than once
Identify newly registered individuals over 90 years old

Feb 09 09:07

Another Zionist Joins the Biden Team

It does not require any particularly perspicacity to realize that the President Joe Biden Administration has been loaded with Zionists who not only believe in their own vision for Greater Israel but also in some cases have strong and enduring ties to the Israeli government itself. The new Secretary of State Tony Blinken comes from an American Jewish family that has well established ties to Israel. Blinken’s paternal grandfather was one of the founders of an organization that eventually evolved into the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). Blinken said at his Senate confirmation hearing that the new administration would “consult with Israel” before any possible return to the 2015 nuclear deal and he also made clear that there will be “additional conditions for Iran,” an odd position to take since it was the U.S. that withdrew from the agreement and introduced a harsh sanctions regime even though Iran was in compliance.

Feb 09 08:46

Opinion: Moral Narcissism and the Show Trial of Donald Trump

Discussing the Democrats’ impeachment trial in legal terms is a ludicrous waste of time. Anyone literate in the English language can see that the concept of impeaching a post-president is entirely absent from the U.S. Constitution.

Removing someone from office who is no longer in office in the first place is a serio-comic oxymoron straight out of the Theater of the Absurd.

What is actually going on is Trump Derangement Syndrome taken from a neurosis to some kind of bizarre psychosis with overtones of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The level at which this “trial” is worth examining therefore has a psychoanalytic, not a legal, tilt. It raises, once again, the question of why the Democrats and their media cohorts despise Donald Trump so much.

Feb 09 08:40

Americans angry they may no longer qualify for $1,400 stimulus checks, say it feels like a ‘targeted attack’ on middle class

Though she has kept her job as an executive assistant throughout the pandemic, Marie, who asked to be identified by her middle name to protect her privacy, says her budget has still been stretched thin.

The mother-of-two’s employer reduced her salary by 15%, she no longer picks up extra income as a part-time Uber driver due to safety concerns, and she had to pay for her son’s daycare to keep his spot despite the fact that he was at home with her at the beginning of the pandemic. She’s accrued around $4,000 in debt over the course of the pandemic and is currently two months late on daycare payments.

Feb 09 08:12

Will the Senate scrutinize Biden budget nominee Neera Tanden’s apparent pay-for-play foreign policy corruption?

As president of the Center for American Progress, Neera Tanden raked in whopping donations from repressive right-wing foreign governments while she advanced their hardline policy priorities in Washington. Will the Senate ask her about these sordid arrangements?

The US Senate will convene hearings on the confirmation of Neera Tanden to lead President Joseph Biden’s Office of Management and Budget this February 9. Tanden is a veteran Democratic Party operative best known for her intemperate online commentary, fanatical loyalty to Hillary Clinton, and visceral loathing of anything remotely affiliated with Bernie Sanders.

While Democrats are almost certain to support Tanden’s confirmation in lockstep, and Sanders might even raise an approving mitten, her long record of inflammatory attacks on the GOP will be a central source of Republican opposition.

Feb 09 08:11

US rejoins UN rights council, but voices concern over 'focus on Israel'

The United States has rejoined the UN Human Rights Council, Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced early on Monday, pledging to push for "reform" on the international body to "promote fundamental freedoms around the globe".

The move comes more than two years after the administration of former President Donald Trump had withdrawn from the council, protesting what it called "chronic bias against Israel".

Blinken also decried the UN Human Rights Council over its criticism of Israel in a statement announcing Washington's return to the council in an "observer" capacity.

"We recognize that the Human Rights Council is a flawed body, in need of reform to its agenda, membership, and focus, including its disproportionate focus on Israel," Blinken said.

Feb 09 08:00

Our Children Have a Right to a Decent Future

George Orwell’s famous quote “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear” comes from the preface of his dystopian fable “Animal Farm: A Fairy Story” published in August 1945.

The silent majority of citizens worldwide will agree with the author that our children have a right to a decent future. However, they will not want to hear that by their silence they are denying our youth today a future worth living. The cause is their belief in and allegiance to authority, which leads to total spiritual obedience, paralysis of the mind and doing nothing.

What the rebellious generation of 68 reproached their fathers for, that they had willingly submitted to a dictator and a tyranny, is happening again three generations later. And again, only a small group of courageous and awakened citizens is resisting – and the vast majority is asleep and silent.

Feb 09 07:57

Democrats have a back-up plan in case the Senate doesn’t convict Trump on impeachment

House and Senate Democrats may push ahead this week with a censure resolution to bar former President Donald Trump from holding future office over his role in the U.S. Capitol riot, anticipating acquittal in the Senate impeachment trial, several sources familiar with the matter told McClatchy.

The effort to draft the resolution that would invoke a provision of the 14th Amendment began quietly in January and gained momentum over the weekend, as Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia and Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine gauge whether the measure could attract bipartisan support.

The reception has been lukewarm so far from Democrats, who would prefer to see the former president convicted in the impeachment trial, and from Republicans, who fear political consequences in barring Trump from office.

Feb 09 07:54


At last, we’ve reached the reckoning. Not long ago, it appeared that the Republican Party would press ahead under the Donald Trump banner even after he left office. Then this week hit with two stunning Senate losses in Georgia for the GOP, followed by a Trump rally that erupted into a riot as the president’s supporters stormed the Capitol in a bid to overturn a democratic election. They failed, but five people, including a police officer, died as a result. With the GOP facing complete Democratic control of Washington for the first time in a decade and many Trump administration figures jumping ship as fast as they can, the question has become more urgent: Where does the party go from here? Does it splinter or evolve into something else? In this Sunday Magazine, we pick the brains of everyone from OZY readers to leading Republicans.


Feb 09 07:52

'Democrats have declared war on the presidency itself and will destroy it': Lindsey Graham says impeachment will damage the country on eve of trial while Trump remains fixated on 'accountability' for Republicans who voted against him

Donald Trump's closest confidante in the Senate has accused Democrats on the eve of Trump's second impeachment trial of having 'declared war on the presidency itself', as reports suggested the former president is confident of being acquitted and focused instead on seeking revenge against Republicans who he believes betrayed him.

Lindsey Graham, the South Carolina senator who is in regular contact with Trump, insisted that Tuesday's trial was damaging to the country.

He said that Trump's January 13 conviction in the House was unfair because the 74-year-old was not given time to defend himself. 'What Democrats have done is basically declared war on the presidency itself,' said Graham, speaking on Sean Hannity's Fox News show.

Feb 09 07:44

Rep. Waters Claims She Didn't Encourage Violence As Trump Lawyer Plans To Show Video

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) on Sunday claimed she did not encourage people to commit violence when she said three years ago that people were going to “absolutely harass” members of the Trump administration.

“As a matter of fact, if you look at the words that I used, the strongest thing I said was tell them they’re not welcome, talk to them, tell them they’re not welcome,” Waters said on MSNBC.

“I didn’t say go and fight. I didn’t say anybody was going to have any violence. And so they can’t make that stick.”

Feb 09 07:37


In a high-quality dementia care facility, confused residents who are at risk of unsafe wandering are skillfully redirected away from exit doors by staff members who are trained to provide them with the illusion of freedom while still keeping them in the safety of the care home. A propaganda-addled populace wandering around trying to find an escape from its oppressors is redirected in very much the same way.

If you’ve ever visited a loved one in a locked dementia care facility, especially near sunset, you know how agitated the people who live there can become. The impulse to wander and pace is very common, and depending on where they’re at cognitively they’ll often demand to leave the facility at once so they can go “home”.

Feb 09 07:31


CRISPR gene-editing expert Eric Lander, Biden’s director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, is awaiting Senate confirmation to serve in a new Cabinet-level position in the Biden administration. Jeffrey Epstein, the eugenicist pedophile and sex trafficker, bragged about funding Lander’s research and was photographed taking part in at least one meeting with him.

Shortly before he took office, President Joe Biden announced that he would be elevating the director Office of Science and Technology Policy to a cabinet-level position, meaning that his nominee to lead that office, geneticist Eric Lander, would require confirmation by the US Senate. Lander is currently serving as director of that office, but has yet to serve in cabinet-level capacity as he awaits confirmation.

Feb 09 07:19

Bill Gates and Neo-Feudalism: A Closer Look at Farmer Bill

“Gates has a Napoleonic concept of himself, an appetite that derives from power and unalloyed success, with no leavening hard experience, no reverses.” — Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson, presiding judge in the Gates/Microsoft antitrust-fraud case

The global lockdowns that Bill Gates helped orchestrate and cheerlead have bankrupted more than 100,000 businesses in the U.S. alone and plunged a billion people into poverty and deadly food insecurity that, among other devastating harms, kill 10,000 African children monthly — while increasing Gates’ wealth by $20 billion. His $133 billion fortune makes him the world’s fourth wealthiest man.

Feb 09 07:15

Gretchen Whitmer Loses Again: Judge Dismisses Charges Against Hair Stylists After May 2020 Protest

An Ingham County judge dismissed charges on Monday against several hair stylists who cut hair as a protest on the steps of the Michigan Capitol in May.

Several haircutters and barbers participated in “Operation Haircut,” which was organized by the Michigan Conservative Coalition.

At least six stylists were ticketed for “disorderly conduct” by the Michigan State Police, which carried a $1,000 fine. The executive order issued by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) used as the basis for the infractions was later ruled unconstitutional.

A final pretrial hearing was scheduled for this morning before District Court Judge Kristen D. Simmons, a Whitmer appointee.

Feb 08 21:44

CNN Finally Acknowledges the Story Media Spread About Officer Sicknick's Cause of Death Isn't True

[Article behind a CAPTACHA] Earlier this week, the body of Officer Brian Sicknick lay in state in the U.S. Capitol. Everyone honored his life and service.

But the government is having trouble building a murder case since there has still not been an official determination as to his cause of death. After being part of the force during the actions at the Capitol on Jan. 6, he went back to his office. Some hours later, he collapsed and then later died.

But what has been determined is that the story largely spread about his death, that a fire extinguisher hit him by protesters has been discounted, according to a CNN report,[Link: https://www.cnn.com/2021/02/02/politics/brian-sicknick-charges/index.html] because they found no blunt force trauma to his body. There has been no evidence otherwise found, such as video or witnesses, that the incident even occurred.

Feb 08 21:21

Joe Biden allows the deep state to threaten democratic government

If Democrats are good at anything, it is staying on message. However, for all of their teeth gnashing, crying, and shrieking about Donald Trump supposedly being a grave danger to "democracy" during the last four years, leftists have remained silent as President Joe Biden has enabled perhaps the greatest threat to a government held accountable by its own voters: the growth of the administrative state. In just a few short weeks, Biden has already signed 28 executive orders-many of them have the end result of empowering an untethered, unelected army of bureaucrats who will have an increasing role in the way everyday Americans live.

Feb 08 16:38

Study Disputes That Earth Is in a ‘Climate Emergency’


Maybe it’s time the Pope looked at some actual evidence…

Feb 08 16:15

Pentagon Goes Rooting for ‘Extremists’ Among Its 3.6mn Trained Killers

The US military is making a big show of cleansing its ranks of ‘extremism’ – because nothing says tolerance like raining fiery death on innocent strangers at the command of a guy who just stepped down from Raytheon’s board. -- With “domestic extremists” now officially the enemy du jour in Washington, the top order of business has become finding some. On Wednesday, newly-anointed secretary of defense (and former Raytheon board member) Lloyd Austin ordered a two-month stand-down so that commanders could engage in “needed discussions” with their subordinates on the issue.

Feb 08 16:07

Enemies of the Deep State: The Government’s War on Domestic Terrorism Is a Trap

This is the power grab hiding in plain sight, obscured by the political machinations of the self-righteous elite. This is how the government continues to exploit crises and use them as opportunities for power grabs under the guise of national security. Indeed, this is exactly how the government added red flag gun laws, precrime surveillance, fusion centers, threat assessments, mental health assessments, involuntary confinement to its arsenal of weaponized powers. -- The objective is not to make America safe again. That has never been the government’s aim.

Feb 08 15:58

All Hail the Conquering Central Bankers – Or Else

If you are unclear what’s happening, frankly, you aren’t paying attention. The central banks, at the urging of the World Economic Forum, have come from behind the shadows to assert their will over the world.

Feb 08 15:45

Big Brother Is Spying On You In Thousands Of Ways, And All Of That Info Now Goes Into Centralized “Fusion Systems”

They really do want to control what all of us do, say and think, and the Big Brother surveillance grid is becoming more suffocating with each passing year. -- If we do not put limits on this technology while we still can, it is just a matter of time before our society becomes a dystopian nightmare far more horrible than anything than George Orwell ever dared to imagine.

Feb 08 15:24

Las Vegas Sun Finally Releases Biden’s Anti-Gun Interview

Those who stay involved in the efforts to defend the Second Amendment have always known President Joe Biden is, to put it lightly, no friend to gun owners. During his campaign for the White House last year, the legacy media did everything they could to conceal that fact. The Las Vegas Sun recently revealed that it went so far as to bury an interview with candidate Biden that showed not just his disdain for our right to keep and bear arms, but his utter lack of comprehension of reality.

Feb 08 15:19

New York’s Latest Gun Law Would Put Women at Risk

Gun restrictions give killers the upper hand. Background check waiting periods keep good people unarmed for extended periods of time. So, while the anti-gun crowd is pushing for universal background checks and a lengthy and expensive licensing process, (that the bad guys will pay no attention to) good people are left defenseless because they’re subjected to unnecessary costs, waiting periods, and often avoidable delays.

Feb 08 14:46

Arizona: Showdown over election audit looms on Monday

Arizona Senate and Maricopa County supervisors comes to a head Monday as lawmakers weigh holding board members in contempt, opening the door for the apparently unprecedented possibility of county officials being charged with a crime or even immediately locked up.

Senate President Karen Fann says she remains hopeful the supervisors will realize they are obligated to provide what lawmakers are demanding, including access to voting equipment and ballots. Beyond that, Fann said in an interview Friday, it makes sense for them to cooperate in what the Prescott Republican says is an attempt to answer questions from constituents about the accuracy of the results of the Nov. 3 election.

But Fann got her answer as board attorney Steve Tully filed suit late Friday asking a judge to dismiss what he called a “sham subpoena.”

Tully noted the senators are not asking board members to appear to answer questions. In fact, he said, there isn’t a hearing even scheduled.

Feb 08 14:28

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez Has Paranoid Personality Disorder—Like Many Of Her Democrat Colleagues

Yes, AOC Is Crazy. But So Are Her Democrat Colleagues

Feb 08 14:21

Joe Biden Occupying The White House Puts The Democrats 16-Year Plan To Destroy America Back In Play As The 45 Communist Goals To Takeover America Near Completion

Back in October of 2018, well over a year after the election of President Donald Trump and more than a year prior to the arrival of Covid-19 and the 'global lockdown', we had published this story on ANP titled "While The Communist Takeover Of America Was Almost Completed, This 2020 Nightmare Could Cement Their End Game".

Showing within the story how a huge number of the '45 Communist goals for America' had already been fully implemented, we also warned that a Democrat win in the 2020 election would allow them to fully implement their 'end game' for America.

Feb 08 14:19

FLASHBACK - Why Politicized Science is Dangerous

Imagine that there is a new scientific theory that warns of an impending crisis, and points to a way out.

This theory quickly draws support from leading scientists, politicians and celebrities around the world. Research is funded by distinguished philanthropies, and carried out at prestigious universities. The crisis is reported frequently in the media. The science is taught in college and high school classrooms.

I don’t mean global warming. I’m talking about another theory, which rose to prominence a century ago.

Feb 08 14:17

Overwhelmed By Corruption  

In the past, many articles and editorials concerning the dishonesty, lies, and deception of the Democrat Party have been written. But stepping back and taking an overall look at the entire present national government, one can see corruption, like a thick fog spreading over an entire valley.

Admittedly there are some individuals in positions of power in this government who are honest, but the great majority are corrupt. The major reason for this overall corruption is that a political culture has been created that rewards corruption. This culture had been in a subdued existence many years, but was fully expanded when Bill & Hillary Clinton took power in 1993. Since then, this fog of corruption has thickened and spread over the entire federal government.

Feb 08 12:07

More than 100 bills that would restrict voting are moving through state legislatures

State lawmakers across the US have filed more than 100 bills since the November election aimed at reforming election procedure and limiting voter access, according to a new report from the Brennan Center for Justice.

In all, 28 states have introduced, pre-filed or are advancing 106 restrictive bills for the 2021 legislative session, a significant spike from just 35 bills in 15 states in 2020, according to the Brennan Center analysis. The majority of bills look to restrict or put limitations on how and who can vote by mail, while others look to impose photo ID laws and take a more aggressive voter purge policy, according to the report.

Their sponsors argue that the measures are necessary to restore confidence in and integrity to the voting process after it was marred by baseless allegations of voter fraud pushed by former President Donald Trump and other GOP officials, culminating with the deadly January 6 insurrection at the US Capitol.