Aug 10 06:10

Hong Kong Police Arrest Media Mogul Jimmy Lai; Shares Of Pro-Democracy Paper Soar 300%

Mark your calendars, because critics of the CCP are saying that Hong Kong's press freedom officially died on Monday.

In what appears to be the most high-profile usage of Hong Kong's new national security law to crack down on Hong Kong civil society for allegedly "colluding with foreign governments" - ie trying to preserve the press freedoms promised by 'the Basic Law' - Hong Kong police on Monday arrested Jimmy Lai, a high-profile Hong Kong media mogul and a holder of joint Hong Kong-British citizenship.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It will be interesting to see if the UK makes any attempt to "rescue" this guy: my bet would be, not at all.

Aug 09 02:34

China Threatens “Mortal Combat” Over TikTok

Aug 08 07:50

India and China: Behind the Conflict: The two most populous countries in the world are battling over a border, but it’s really about energy and water.

Chinese and Indian forces have pulled back from their confrontation in the Himalayas, but the tensions that set off the deadly encounter this past June – the first on the China/India border since 1975 – are not going away. Indeed, a poisonous combination of local disputes, regional antagonisms, and colonial history could pose a serious danger to peace in South Asia.

In part, the problem is Britain’s colonial legacy. The “border” in dispute is an arbitrary line drawn across terrain that doesn’t lend itself to clear boundaries. The architect, Henry McMahon, drew it to maximize British control of a region that was in play during the nineteenth-century “Great Game” between England and Russia for control of Central Asia. Local concerns were irrelevant.

The treaty was signed between Tibet and Britain in 1914. Although India accepts the 550-mile McMahon Line as the border between Indian and China, the Chinese have never recognized the boundary.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Let us hope that some "Adults in the Room" of geopolitics can get tensions ratcheted down, before something truly even more ugly than what has happened this year, happens again, and from which there will be no backing down by either side.

And there is a companion story, also at, with the following headline:

The Standoff with Chine will be Long, warns a pulled Indian statement.

Aug 07 06:10

Chinese Drones Now Deployed In Balkans After Serbia Deal - NATO On Edge

China has delivered six military drones to Serbia after the Balkan country moved to purchase them in a controversial deal a year ago which has put NATO on edge.

Though Serbia has an official policy of military neutrality vis-a-vis NATO, there's been increased cooperation over the past few years. However, both the Chinese drone acquirement and Present's Aleksandar Vucic recently signaling he'd like to acquire the S-400 anti-air defense system from Russia has caused Washington to threaten sanctions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

China's ability to produce quality products, over and above Lockheed Martin's F-35, the problems of which have been "reclassified" but not "fixed", tells volumes about the poor state of US weaponry these days.

And US weapons companies are still allowed to "get away with murder", in terms of poorly engineered products, delivered so late as to be obsolete, and costing double or treble the original price, because they continue to contribute, overtly and covertly, to both parties, and big-time.

And the hell of it is, this practice will not be made to stop, because so much campaign donation to both sides of the aisle, come from weapons manufacturing companies.

Aug 07 05:43

Kevin Rudd warns of ‘hot war’ between China and the US

Kevin Rudd has warned that the risk of a “hot war” between China and the United States that includes actual armed conflict is now “especially high” for the first time since the 1950s.

As the chaotic Trump administration counts down to an election, the former prime minister has outlined his fears that the “sabre rattling from both Beijing and Washington has become strident, uncompromising, and seemingly unending.”

In a journal article for Foreign Affairs, Mr Rudd writes there are now real fears about what happens next.

“The question now being asked, quietly but nervously, in capitals around the world is, where will this end?,’’ Mr Rudd writes.

“The once unthinkable outcome — actual armed conflict between the United States and China — now appears possible for the first time since the end of the Korean War. In other words, we are confronting the prospect of not just a new Cold War, but a hot one as well.”

Aug 06 08:16

Pompeo: US Wants 'Untrusted' Chinese Apps Barred, Seeks to Extend Arms Embargo Against Iran

The US State Department will begin working with the Department of Commerce and additional agencies to limit Beijing's ability to store and process data and other sensitive information in the US, according to Wednesday afternoon comments made by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

While speaking to the media during a livestreamed conference at the Department of State, Pompeo noted that the US also wishes to see "untrusted" Chinese apps such as TikTok and WeChat removed from digital platforms, claiming they pose significant threats to the personal data of US citizens.

"We want to see untrusted Chinese apps removed from app stores," he said.

Aug 06 08:01

Trump could do to China what Reagan did to Soviet Union, if he wins second term, economics professor tells Boom Bust

Beijing says it will not accept Washington’s “smash and grab” policy of trying to force the sale of Chinese social media app TikTok. It’s warned it will retaliate against what it calls “theft.”

RT’s Boom Bust talks to John Quelch, Dean of Miami Herbert Business School, about the two countries’ tussle over TikTok and the future of their relationship.

“The level of Chinese investment in the United States is only $5-$6 billion, but the level of US investment in China is about $120 billion. So, in terms of a potential retaliation by Beijing, there are a lot of US assets in China that could be potentially confiscated in a tit-for-tat escalation,” he says.

Aug 06 07:50

5 August 2019: The Kashmir Conflict and the Aksai Chin Border Clash, A Dark Day for India-China Relations

5 August marks a full year since India’s de-facto annexation of the UNSC-recognized disputed region of Jammu & Kashmir. As the author analyzed at the time, “India’s Doing Everything That Israel Wishes It Could Do, But Few Seems To Care“. Not only did India blatantly violate international law, but it would have gotten away with it scot-free had China not taken notice of this unprecedented threat along its western border and responded accordingly. The People’s Republic took the issue to the UNSC, and while it wasn’t successful in reaching a resolution demanding that New Delhi reverse its decision, Beijing nevertheless made its views known to the rest of the world that it regarded this move as completely unacceptable.

Aug 06 07:35

US-China Hotline Sparks Paranoia Among Military, Intel Officials

High tensions mean communications are often difficult in the modern era, and countries have used a direct hotline as a way to keep things from spiraling out of control. Recently, the US and China are considering an updated version of the hotline to avoid catastrophes.

But US-China relations are at a multi-decade low, and distrust is such that intelligence and military officials are offering rather paranoid predictions of ways that China might abuse the hotline to deceive the US.

The biggest objection to the phone seems to be based on it being a phone, with retired Captain James Fanell, a former director of intelligence in the Pacific Fleet warning the US might feel dependent on the phone, and then have China “fail to answer” when there is a crisis.

Aug 05 13:08

Taiwan sends marines to reinforce South China Sea outpost amid reports China plans to practice invading it

Taiwan's military has sent a marine company to reinforce the garrison on a small outpost in the South China Sea amid reports that the People's Liberation Army was planning a simulated attack on the islets.

A military source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the navy had sent a company of around 200 marines to reinforce the coastguards stationed on the Pratas Islands, which are known as the Dongsha Islands in Chinese.

"The marines left for the Pratas about a week ago and will remain there on a short-term rather than a long-term basis," the source said, adding the posting was in line with the military's off-site training operations.

Aug 05 13:01

US Navy Seizes Iran-Bound Ship Carrying Pharmaceutical Supplies Off China: Fars

Iranian state media has announced that a US Navy warship has seized a transport ship near the Chinese port of Qingdao on Wednesday morning.

The ship was reportedly en route to Iran loaded with medical manufacturing components, specifically zeolite, which Fars News Agency says is needed for manufacturing oxygen concentrators for coronavirus-infected patients.

“Only one imported part is used for production of oxygen concentrators, which is zeolite, and we are forced to purchase it from France and import it to the country through several intermediators,” Peyman Bakhshandeh-Nejad, an Iran-based pharmaceutical company CEO told state media.

Aug 04 04:19

Riled up Pompeo slams Iran-China deal, threatens with sanctions

The US administration, riled up by a potential long-term strategic partnership between Iran and China, has threatened to slap the same unilateral sanctions already imposed on Tehran against Beijing in case the deal was finalized.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo censured in an interview with Fox News on Sunday the potential Tehran-Beijing cooperation pact and said Washington would apply all Iran’s sanctions also to the "Chinese Communist Party and their businesses and state-owned enterprises" if the deal was signed.

Pompeo also claimed that the 25-year trade deal between Iran and China would foment instability in the Middle East region, once again leveling false accusations that Tehran is a “state sponsor of terror,” among other protestations.

Aug 03 15:10

Another Hiroshima Is Coming — Unless We Stop It Now

Today, an unprecedented campaign of propaganda is shooing us all off like rabbits. We are not meant to question the daily torrent of anti-Chinese rhetoric, which is rapidly overtaking the torrent of anti-Russia rhetoric. Anything Chinese is bad, anathema, a threat: Wuhan …. Huawei. How confusing it is when “our” most reviled leader says so.

The current phase of this campaign began not with Trump but with Barack Obama, who in 2011 flew to Australia to declare the greatest build-up of US naval forces in the Asia-Pacific region since World War Two. Suddenly, China was a “threat”. This was nonsense, of course. What was threatened was America’s unchallenged psychopathic view of itself as the richest, the most successful, the most “indispensable” nation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looking at the US setting up these "freedom of navigation" exercises in the Pacific, is right now, the military equivalent of the role of a picador in a bull fight; get the bull enraged so that it charges the matador, ultimately with deadly consequences for the bull.

I would like the people who think this would be a "great idea" to consider the following; the US government and military doesn't have the money; the manufacturing; the troop strength, or the weaponry to create a positive outcome to a war against China.

I don't really know who will win the 2020 Presidential election in this country, but I would almost bet real money on the following; that shortly after the winner takes the Oath of Office in January, there will be a coming national discussion of the return to a draft in this country, and why our weaponry seldom lives up to the hype; many times is obsolete before delivery to our military; and costs so much more than Chinese or Russian weaponry cost their respective countries.

Aug 03 07:59

Trump will act on TikTok and other Chinese software companies ‘in the coming days’ – Pompeo

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has vowed that President Donald Trump will take action “in the coming days” to deal with Chinese software companies that the White House claims are feeding data to Beijing.

Appearing on Fox News’ ‘Sunday Morning Futures’ show, Pompeo claimed the practices of the Chinese tech companies currently in the administration’s sights, including TikTok and WeChat, pose “true privacy issues for the American people.”

“For a long time the US just said ‘Well, goodness, if we're having fun with it, or if a company can make money off of it, we're going to permit that to happen,’” he explained, adding that this approach would soon be changing.

“President Trump has said ‘enough’ and we're going to fix it, and so he will take action in the coming days with respect to a broad array of national security risks,” Pompeo said, referring to the companies which he claimed are “connected to the Chinese Communist Party.”

Aug 03 06:24

China eyes suspension of extradition agreement with New Zealand - report

In an escalation of the conflict relating to the situation in Hong Kong, China is reportedly looking at suspending its extradition agreement with New Zealand.

Reuters reports that Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin announced the decision at a daily briefing.

The decision is said to have been made as an act of retaliation, after New Zealand suspended its existing extradition treaty with Hong Kong.

The two countries do not have a specific extradition treaty in place, which means there is no obligation to extradite. However, there is a discretionary process for ad hoc requests.

Aug 02 05:54

Escobar: The Heart Of The Matter In The South China Sea

When the Ronald Reagan and Nimitz carrier strike groups recently engaged in “operations” in the South China Sea, it did not escape to many a cynic that the US Pacific Fleet was doing its best to turn the infantile Thucydides Trap theory into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The pro forma official spin, via Rear Adm. Jim Kirk, commander of the Nimitz, is that the ops were conducted to “reinforce our commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific, a rules-based international order, and to our allies and partners”.

Nobody pays attention to these clichés, because the real message was delivered by a CIA operative posing as diplomat, Secretary of State Mike “We Lie, We Cheat, We Steal” Pompeo: “The PRC has no legal grounds to unilaterally impose its will on the region”, in a reference to the Nine-Dash Line. For the State Dept., Beijing deploys nothing but “gangster tactics” in the South China Sea.

Aug 02 05:53

Xi Hails Now "Fully Operational" China-Controlled Satellite Navigation System Which Rivals GPS

Multiple official statements have come out of China that reveal, predictably enough, that the US pressure and sanctions campaign are not at all curbing its global ambitions or efforts at rapid defense technology modernization. Actually Washington's hawkish stance is perhaps doing the opposite, given that President Xi Jinping told the Politburo on Friday that "only a strong military can ensure national security" while urging the country to "push forward national defense and military modernization," according to Bloomberg citing official Xinhua.

Jul 31 07:47

Pompeo claims 'tide is turning' in US dealings with China

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said that the “tide is turning” in United States dealings with China, claiming that there is international support for American policies against Beijing.

However, Pompeo said on Thursday that he was disappointed at the number of countries supporting China’s new security law for Hong Kong.

The top US diplomat made the remarks while testifying on China before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

“We see the Chinese Communist Party for what it is: the central threat of our times,” Pompeo said, taking a tough line on China during rising tensions between Washington and Beijing.

He claimed that other countries are supporting American initiatives like the US effort not to use Huawei Technologies Co Ltd [HWT.UL] equipment in 5G networks and military maneuvers in the South China Sea.

Jul 31 07:22

Chinese Bombers Take to Skies Above South China Sea for ‘High Intensity Training’

The spike in tensions in the strategic waterway comes amid a broader, multi-front rift in China-US ties on issues ranging from Hong Kong and Taiwan to trade, technology transfer and ideological questions.

Xian H-6G and Xian H-6J strategic bombers have staged drills in the South China Sea, with the exercises including nighttime operations, long-range sorties and simulated attack on sea targets, China’s Defence Ministry announced on Thursday.

The drills, described by Defence Ministry spokesperson Col. Ren Guoqiang as “high-intensity training,” were characterized as routine operations aimed at improving naval aviation’s combat readiness. Ren did not specify the drills’ precise location or time.

Jul 31 06:52

China warns India against 'forced decoupling' of their economies

China warned on Thursday that a “forced decoupling” of its economy with India, following a Himalayan border clash last month that killed 20 Indian soldiers, would hurt both countries.

The Chinese ambassador said China was not a strategic threat to India and that the “general structure that we can’t live without each other remains unchanged”.

The statement came after New Delhi’s recent moves to ban or sideline Chinese business interests in one of the world’s biggest markets, even as the border remains tense with many more troops on the ground than usual.

Jul 30 13:27

Presumptuous Pompeo Pushes Preposterous ‘Peking’ Policy

Quick. Somebody tell Mike Pompeo. The secretary of state is not supposed to play the role of court jester – the laughing stock to the world. There was no sign that any of those listening to his “major China policy statement” last Thursday at the Nixon Library turned to their neighbor and said, “He’s kidding, right? Richard Nixon meant well but failed miserably to change China’s behavior? And now Pompeo is going to put them in their place?”

Yes, that was Pompeo’s message. The torch has now fallen to him and the free world. Here’s a sample of his rhetoric:

Jul 29 07:43

Defective Three Gorges Dam Adds To China's Year Of Misery

Apres moi le Deluge. The uncanny prescience of Louis XV about tumultuous events after his reign is apt for this past year of crises along Asia's greatest river, the Yangtze, called by the Chinese as Chang Jiang or Long River, starting with last summer's intense drought that reduced the riverbed to toxic puddles, the October biowarfare attack against the World Military Games in Wuhan, the winter outbreak at the Huanan seafood market, and now the flooding that imperils the Three Gorges Dam, the world's largest hydro-power source. What comes next if the dam breaks? Obviously an imaginably horrifying human tragedy, along even more shocks to the world economy since the financial center Shanghai is low-lying in its delta.

Jul 29 07:42

China's Massive Three Gorges Dam On Edge Of Failure

The massive flooding taking place in China continues, for some reason, this story has been widely ignored by mainstream media. It is important because China's massive Three Gorges Dam is in peril. If the dam fails there will be a staggering loss of lives and property. The Three Gorges Dam is around one and a half miles long and just over 600 feet tall. About 400 million people live downstream of the dam and apparently, no plans have been made for their evacuation.

Jul 29 07:26

Chinagate is the new Russiagate: Copycat policy spells Sino-US confrontation no matter who ends up in the White House

The same rhetoric and tactics used by Democrats to fear-monger about Russia are now being used by US President Donald Trump against China, making a confrontation with Beijing all but certain whatever the November election result.

China’s closure of the US consulate in Chengdu over the weekend followed the US order to shut down the PRC consulate in Houston. It was a game of diplomatic tit-for-tat along the same lines as the closures of Russian and US consulates in 2018, which left diplomats of both countries short-staffed.

On Tuesday, Beijing called for “rational communication,” with Foreign Minister Wang Yi appealing for the US to not allow “a few anti-China elements to overturn decades of successful exchanges and cooperation.”

“The US reckless provocation of confrontation and division is so out of touch with the reality that the interests of China and the United States are deeply integrated,” Wang said.

Jul 29 06:32

Is China's Massive Three Gorges Dam On The Edge Of Failure?

Authored by Bruce Wilds via Advancing Time blog,

The massive flooding taking place in China continues, for some reason, this story has been widely ignored by mainstream media. It is important because China's massive Three Gorges Dam is in peril. If the dam fails there will be a staggering loss of lives and property. The Three Gorges Dam is around one and a half miles long and just over 600 feet tall. About 400 million people live downstream of the dam and apparently, no plans have been made for their evacuation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF I were a member of the Chinese government right now, I would be summoning experts from around the world, domestic and international hydrologists and engineers, and do a consultation about minimizing the damage from any "deformation" on the dam, and figure out how to fix it, or replace the damaged portion.

The potential for physical, and geopolitical damage, and failure to get this handled intelligently, will be too much for the current Communist party to bear, looking at the current damage it is facing, both nationally and internationally, from its Covid-19 response.

Jul 29 05:57

China's Proposed New Assault Carrier May Launch Drones From Electromagnetic Catapult

New details have emerged in Chinese media about the proposed Type 076 landing helicopter dock (LHD), a unique variant of that type of warship that would combine a helicopter carrier, a catapult aircraft launching system and a docking area for amphibious landing craft. Sputnik was among the first to report on the new warship.

Jul 29 05:48

US-China Military Conflict Deemed "Highly Likely" To "Almost Certain" Over Next 3 Years

A top independent Australia-based think tank which regularly advises the Canberra government has produced a "risk assessment" studying the likelihood of America and China going to war. Involving defense experts around the world, the study was undertaken on the heels of the US sending two carrier strike groups to sail through the South China Sea in provocative "freedom of navigation" operations.

Given that "normalization" with China — a longtime foreign policy emphasis which goes back to Nixon and Carter — appears to have gone out the window during this latter half of the Trump administration, there's lately been much forecasting on the potential for the US and China to stumble into war. While there's already for the past couple years been much ink spilled over the possibility of the US and China falling into the so-called Thucydides Trap, this latest assessment is among the most dire predictions to date in terms of conclusions reached.

Jul 29 05:18

Engagement With China Was a Success: Trade Helped Transform a Totalitarian State

As the Trump administration pushes the U.S. toward a new Cold War with China, it has become conventional wisdom that America’s opening to the People’s Republic of China "failed." Trading with the PRC and bringing it into the World Trade Organization were supposed to turn the communist state into a liberal democracy. Since that didn’t happen, runs the argument, the entire experience is invalid.

Indeed, some anti-China hawks opposed Richard Nixon’s decision to end the really cold Cold War between Washington and Beijing, which didn’t even recognize one another. Instead, in this view, the US should have tried to keep a cordon sanitaire around the PRC.

Jul 28 09:56


On January 12, Professor Kwok Yung Yuen diagnosed a family with the coronavirus in Shenzhen, 700 miles from Wuhan. Only some of the family members had been to the city where the COVID-19 outbreak originated, so Yuen knew immediately that he was seeing evidence of human-to-human transmission of the new coronavirus.

He immediately alerted the authorities in Beijing.

But it took eight days for Beijing to warn the world that the coronavirus, which has now killed almost 650,000 people and infected over 16 million, could be spread through human-to-human transmission.

Yuen, who spoke to the BBC show Panorama for an episode due to be broadcast later on Monday, was helping to investigate the outbreak in Wuhan in early January after other whistleblower doctors had attempted to raise the alarm in late December.

Yuen told the BBC he believes local officials covered up the scale of the initial outbreak by destroying physical evidence and delaying the response to clinical findings.

Jul 28 06:43

This Is Bigger Than COVID But Few People Are Paying Attention

Authored by Simon Black via,

Most people realize that 2020 has thrust two game-changing trends upon us that will change the world for years to come.

The first is Covid.

In less than six months, this virus has created extreme global hysteria and economic devastation.

Then there’s the social justice movement… which tore onto the world stage two months ago with a desire to make important cultural changes.

At its core, the movement is virtuous. After all, it’s supposed to be about freedom.

But it has quickly become divisive, menacing, and pointlessly violent.

Everything is offensive. Intellectual dissent must be immediately squashed. People lose their jobs, receive death threats, or are censored, merely for expressing completely valid (and even supportive) opinions.

This third major trend is rational. And that’s why it’s largely been ignored. But its impact could be far bigger and longer lasting.

I’m talking about conflict with China.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Trade wars can become shooting wars very quickly; I would politely suggest that some Adult in the Room, advising President Trump (IF there are any), would strongly caution against a military strike against China at this time.

We don't have the money; the manufacturing; the troop strength, or the weaponry, to create a successful outcome to such a war; to even suggest that we do, is desperation on the cusp of madness.

Jul 28 06:25

US Military Flies Record Number Of Planes Near China’s Coast In July

Authored by Jason Ditz via,

As part of Washington’s increased military presence in Indo-Pacific, the month of July has seen a record number of aerial surveillance flights by US military aircraft in the South China Sea and near China’s coast. A Beijing-based think tank counted over 50 sorties by US military aircraft in the region in the first three weeks of July.

“At the moment the US military is sending three to five reconnaissance aircraft each day to the South China Sea,” the South China Sea Strategic Situation Probing Initiative (SCSPI) said. While July saw record numbers, the increased flights started earlier this year with “much higher frequency, closer distance and more variety of missions,” SCSPI said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And this is supposed to "help better" US/China relations .... how, please?!?

Is the US government literally "gunning" for a confrontation here?!?

Is President Trump so completely and thoroughly deluded by his "President Whisperers" that he truly believes a war with China would make him "look butch", ahead of November's election?!?

Right now, were I a betting woman, I would not bet against this possibility...

Jul 28 04:30

China’s Three Gorges Dam Could Collapse, Expert Warns

As pouring rain continues to soak central and southern China, an expert warns that the Three Gorges Dam, one of the world’s largest dams, is at risk of collapse.

The Three Gorges Dam is built above the Yangtze River and situated in China’s Hubei province.

A branch of China’s Yangtze River is bracing for the largest flood ever in 80 years. Authorities have evacuated 40,000 locals, issuing a yellow alert for rainstorms.

On Saturday, June 20, water inside the Three Gorges Dam reservoir rose 6 feet above the warning level.

Jul 28 04:25

Kremlin rubbishes American suggestion that Moscow & Washington form anti-China alliance

President Vladimir Putin's spokesman has rejected an idea put forward by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that countries should team up against China. Moscow and Bejing have spent years building closer ties.

Speaking on Friday, Dmitry Peskov stated that Russia does not enter into alliances against other states, and all its political associations “are aimed at developing good neighborliness and mutual benefits,” adding that the two nations have “relations of a special partnership nature.”

On July 23, Pompeo called for a “new alliance of democracies” to oppose China, and said the US needs to work with Russia to achieve its goals on issues like arms control agreements.

Jul 28 03:44

Magma recharging beneath the Weishan volcano of the intraplate Wudalianchi volcanic field, China

A team of geophysicists warned that Wei Mountain in northeast China could be "recharging" for an eruption after two huge magma chambers were discovered under the volcano, which last erupted more than half a million years ago.

The researchers said they discovered two vast magma chambers under Wei in the Wudalianchi volcanic field in Heilongjiang, near the border with North Korea and Russia. The models indicate the chambers dwarf the volcano, which is about 100 m (330 feet) tall and 5 km (3 miles) wide.

The volcano's last eruption was more than 500 000 years ago and was already considered extinct, making the discovery a surprise to the geophysicists.

The researchers have been more focused on Changbai or Paektu Mountain, whose explosion in 946 A.D., was one of the strongest volcanic events in history. But the volcanic fields of Wei and Changbai "would be linked to some degree," the study noted.

Jul 27 23:23

China accuses NZ of 'gross interference' in its internal affairs over Hong Kong move

China has accused New Zealand of "gross interference in China's internal affairs" after NZ's decision to suspend its extradition treaty with Hong Kong.

Ambassador Wu Xi said China had lodged its grave concerns about the move, announced today by Foreign Minister Winston Peters.

Peters said that since China had passed new national security legislation for Hong Kong, New Zealand could no longer trust that Hong Kong's criminal justice system was independent from China.

"The New Zealand Government's decision is a serious violation of international law and basic norms governing international relations," she said.

Jul 27 18:25

New Zealand suspends extradition treaty with Hong Kong

New Zealand has suspended its extradition treaty with Hong Kong, Foreign Minister Winston Peters has announced.

He said New Zealand could no longer trust that Hong Kong's criminal justice system was independent from China.

"China's passage of its new national security legislation has eroded rule-of-law principles, undermined the 'one country, two systems' framework that underpins Hong Kong's unique status, and gone against commitments China made to the international community," Peters said.

"In light of this, it is important that New Zealand responds proportionately and deliberately to the passage of the national security law.

Jul 27 11:00

China's Ark of Doom Project

Jul 27 09:21

Ready to Go to War? Republicans Beat the War Drums Over Taiwan

The sun never sets on the American Empire, which is no less extensive than the British Empire. What makes Washington’s imperial domain unique is that it regularly expands without conquest.

Now members of the ever-hawkish Republican Party want make Taiwan an official defense client, with Washington promising to defend the island from the People’s Republic of China. And the threat is real. Earlier this month Taiwan’s Foreign minister Joseph Wu warned that "for China, Taiwan would be an extremely convenient sacrificial lamb." He worried that "The threat is on the rise."

If the U.S. guarantees Taipei’s security the danger of war will be great. Barry Posen of MIT observed that "The US commitment to Taiwan is simultaneously the most perilous and least strategically necessary commitment that the United States has today." How many American lives might be sacrificed in another people’s fight that could go nuclear?

Jul 27 09:19

US Military Flies Record Number of Planes Near China’s Coast in July

As part of Washington’s increased military presence in Indo-Pacific, the month of July has seen a record number of aerial surveillance flights by US military aircraft in the South China Sea and near China’s coast. A Beijing-based think tank counted over 50 sorties by US military aircraft in the region in the first three weeks of July.

“At the moment the US military is sending three to five reconnaissance aircraft each day to the South China Sea,” the South China Sea Strategic Situation Probing Initiative (SCSPI) said. While July saw record numbers, the increased flights started earlier this year with “much higher frequency, closer distance and more variety of missions,” SCSPI said.

The closest flight to China’s coast happened in May, when a US Navy plane almost flew within the 12 nautical mile zone of China’s Hainan Island. SCSPI statistics show that flights by US planes within 50 to 60 nautical miles of the Chinese Mainland were “frequent.”

Jul 27 08:13

The India-China Border Issue

Deep-Seated Racism and Happy-Smiley Hypocrites

In Delhi, people of the northeastern part of India, who have mongoloid features, are derogatorily called “chinky.”

It is not unusual for men in Delhi to stop their cars to proposition a random girl from the northeast for a sexual encounter, assuming her to be “loose.”

Indians’ ignorance about the geography of their own country, their irrationality, superstitions and bigotry have been fertile ground in these days of Covid-19. People from the northeast have faced massive problems based on the assumption that they are carriers of the virus. They have been refused services at shops and have been thrown out by landlords.

Jul 27 08:09

First Arab Country Acquires New Chinese Missile System As Beijing's Influence Grows

China has started exporting the third generation of their Red Arrow-12 anti-tank systems, also known as the HJ-12.

According to the China Defense website, Algeria has become the first Arab country to obtain the upgraded Chinese anti-tank system.

Jul 27 07:39

US officials now call Xi Jinping ‘general secretary’ instead of China’s ‘president’ – but why?

To top US officials, most notably Pompeo, Xi is now no longer the “Chinese president”, but the “general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)”, a sign, say analysts, of efforts by the administration to delegitimise Xi’s rule, drive a wedge between party and populace and evoke loaded connotations with the Cold War-era.

Jul 27 07:37

Trump’s All-Stick, No-Carrot Approach Has Brought Two US Adversaries Together

Chinese investment in Iran is not a new phenomenon. The Persian Gulf nation is a critical corridor for Chinese President Xi Jinping’s $1 trillion Belt and Road infrastructure initiative. Iran has increasingly benefited from tens of billions of dollars in credit from China’s state-backed financial institutions. Beijing has a hand in wide swaths of the Iranian market, including the transportation, nuclear, and energy sectors.

A draft strategic partnership agreement, however, takes Beijing’s investment in Iran to a new level. Reports that Beijing and Tehran have settled on a $400 billion accord covering 100 separate projects across the Iranian banking, telecommunications, port, and oil industry—not to mention increased cooperation between the two nations in weapons development and intelligence—is a reflection of the importance the Chinese Communist Party attaches to the untapped Iranian market.

Jul 27 07:32

US Arrests Chinese Cancer Researcher for Visa Fraud

Adding to US-China tensions, US officials have arrested Tang Juan, a visiting cancer researcher from China. She is being accused of lying on her visa application and failing to disclose past military ties, images were released of her in a uniform.

Tang Juan came to the US in October, and the FBI started investigating her in June. She spent several days in the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco before charges were filed against her. She is expected in court on Monday.

She was a visiting researcher at the UC Davis Department of Radiation Oncology, and her work was being funded by the Chinese ministry of education as part of an exchange program. US officials say she is not entitled to diplomatic immunity.

Jul 27 07:31

Pompeo Lays Out New US Cold War Against China

Following near daily screeds against China, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is now laying out US hostility, and the goal of “changing” China as part of what is effectively a new Cold War, likening it to Cold War with the Soviet Union.

Saying that the US had changed Soviet behavior, Pompeo expressed confidence that they could change China as well, saying that the nations of the world have a duty to help the US “defend freedom.” He also warned that “our children’s children may be at the mercy of the Communist party.”

This seems to be harkening back to the language of the historic red scares, and the idea that China is a real threat to dominate the future is likely intended to scare Americans into supporting more hostility, as opposed to a serious policy reality.

Jul 27 05:10

What Does America Want by Intensifying Confrontation With China?

According to experts interviewed by Sputnik, neutralising China's competitive advantages, curbing the growth of its influence in the world, making concessions in trade negotiations, and tackling the challenges of the presidential election campaign are the main motives for a new round of confrontation with China provoked by the US.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo set a new goal on Thursday for an international coalition to deter China, an initiative he called for on Tuesday in London. Speaking at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum in California, the American top diplomat urged allies to use “more creative and assertive ways” to force China to change its policies.

At the same time, he virtually acknowledged China's growing political and military power in the world, noting that if the "free world" does not change its attitude towards China, then China will change it. He also said that China's Armed Forces have become “stronger and more formidable”.

Jul 26 05:52

Watch: China Answers Houston Closure With Raid On US Consulate In Chengdu

China has slammed what it says is a violation of international law after on Friday a group of US federal agents were seen forcing open doors at the Chinese consulate in Houston using power tools and crowbars on Friday as consular staff inside prepared to leave after its ordered closure.

The Trump administration had given China until 4pm Friday to vacate the Houston consulate. Mike Pompeo had charged that the consulate was “a hub of spying and intellectual property theft”.

China has shuttered the US consulate in Chengdu in response on Saturday:

Security was tight outside the U.S. consulate in the Chinese city of Chengdu as staff prepared to leave, while U.S. officials took over the closed Chinese consulate in Houston

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Shutting down consulates most generally is a prelude to war; I would like to hope (and pray) that President Trump is not so seriously mentally unhinged as to believe that a war against China would "make him look butch" ahead of November's elections, but with this guy, one never really knows.

I would like to hope that some "Adult in the Room" advising him, would calmly suggest that this is the absolute polar opposite of how he should be behaving with regard to China.

Jul 25 07:28

US officials force their way into Chinese consulate in Houston after it is shut down amid accusations Beijing used it as base to steal medical research

The Chinese consulate in Houston has been raided by U.S. officials, shortly after it officially closed for business.

The consulate, which Donald Trump forced to close on Wednesday, was reportedly a hot bed of spies and was allegedly being used to steal medical and scientific research.

Beijing was told that the consulate must cease operations by Friday.

Jul 25 04:27

Caitlin Johnstone: In post-Iraq invasion world, it’s absolutely insane to blindly believe the US narrative on China

My social media notifications have been lighting up over the last few days, with virulent Chinagaters sharing a video which purports to show Uighur Muslims being loaded onto a train to be taken to concentration camps.

It’s actually an old video that had already surfaced last year, but it is magically making the rounds again as a new and shocking revelation in 2020, now that Western China hysteria has been officially kicked into high gear, at exactly the same time the US enacts one of the most dangerous and incendiary escalations of recent years in the South China Sea.

Jul 25 04:22

Defective Three Gorges Dam Adds ToChina's Year Of Misery

Local residents near the dam, just a bit upstream from Wuhan in the same Hubei Province, have posted comments on Chinese chat boards about cracks being visible on that Great Wall across the Yangtze. This is certainly cause for concern among millions of downstream residents also in the historical capital of Nanjing, a place dear to me personally on many levels due to the 1937 massacres of civilians done by the Japanese imperial army and an urban history that includes its hosting of Bodhidharma, the founder of Zen Buddhism (Chan in Chinese, Thien to the Vietnamese and Daruma for Japanese), whose famously cryptic debate with Emperor Liang Wudi was a philosophical masterpiece of ominous yet profound brevity.

Jul 25 04:19

‘Intelligence Loss’: Chengdu Consulate Closure Will Frustrate US’ Tibet, Xinjiang Espionage - Expert

On Friday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry gave the US consulate in Chengdu, Szechuan, 72 hours to shut down in response to a similar notice about China’s consulate in Houston, Texas. However, given Chengdu’s proximity to Tibet and Xinjiang, two areas of China the US has sought to destabilize, the US suffered the greater loss, an expert told Sputnik.

Jul 24 12:40

Fear Grips Beijing Over Possibility Of Washington Cutting Off China's Access To US Dollar System

The United States' willingness to reduce or completely cut off China's access to the US dollar system -- Swift -- has sent a sense of uneasiness in Beijing about the potential ramifications of a financial war with Washington, the South China Morning Post reported.

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (Swift) is a network used by worldwide banks to send and receive information about financial transactions. It is one of the pieces of infrastructure that underpins the anchor role of the US dollar in international trade and investment.

Globally, banks have correspondent relationships with US banks, through which they conduct US dollar transactions. Under this payment system, the White House can order US banks to stop processing transactions with certain individuals, institutions and countries, thus, denying them access to the US dollar payments system.

Jul 24 10:41


For several years now, the police and other authorities in China have been collecting across the country DNA samples from millions of men and boys who aren’t suspected of having committed any crime.