Oct 11 08:49

China Blasts Latest US Navy Deployment Near Paracel Islands: "Halt Provocations!"

China again put the United States on notice on Friday, warning the Pentagon to "halt provocations" in the South China Sea.

This after the latest incident involving the US destroyer John McCain sailing near the disputed Paracel Islands administered and militarized by China.

Oct 11 08:49

S. Korea returns Korean War remains of 117 Chinese soldiers

The remains of 117 Chinese soldiers who died in the 1950-53 Korean War were returned to China on Sunday in an annual repatriation delayed this year by the coronavirus outbreak.

South Korea handed over the remains at a ceremony at Incheon airport outside Seoul, and a Chinese military transport plane flew them to Shenyang, a northeastern Chinese city near the North Korean border.

Chinese soldiers fought on the North Korean side against U.S.-led forces in the South during the war on the Korean Peninsula.

Most of the 117 remains were found in the Demilitarized Zone that separates North and South Korea. It was the seventh annual repatriation, and the largest since the 437 returned in the first one in 2014. In all, the remains of 716 Chinese soldiers have been sent back.

Oct 11 06:34

"Vicious Ideology": Marine's Video Rant Against China Now Focus Of Chinese State Reporting

The 20-year old Marine currently under military investigation for his half-minute Twitter video wherein he rants against China, blaming the country for coronavirus and threatening to shoot Chinese people which was posted this week is now subject of widespread Chinese media reporting.

This will likely create even bigger legal problems under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) for Colorado native Jarrett Morford, who made the video at his training base in Twentynine Palms, California.

The clip which is filled with racial expletives deriding Chinese people is now being upheld by Chinese state media's top English-language mouthpiece as an example of Trump's and America's "vicious ideology" and "hatred" preached to the Chinese people:

Oct 10 11:43

China Will "Pay A Big Price" For Coronavirus Pandemic, Says Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump has warned that China will have to "pay a big price" for the spread of coronavirus globally.

Less than 50 hours after he returned to the White House from a military hospital where he was treated for the deadly virus, Trump in a video posted on Twitter from the Rose Garden outside the Oval Office blamed China for the global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The deadly coronavirus originated from the central Chinese city of Wuhan late last year and spread across the world, killing 1,054,674 and infecting 36,077,017. The US is the worst-hit nation with 211,793 deaths and 7,549,429 infections.

"It wasn't your fault that this happened. It was China's fault. And China's going to pay a big price for what they've done to this country. China is going to pay a big price for what they've done to the world. This was China's fault. Just remember that," Trump said in the video message.

Oct 10 11:42

After Moscow meeting, China and India agree to disengage troops on contested border

China and India said they had agreed to de-escalate renewed tensions on their contested Himalayan border and take steps to restore “peace and tranquillity” following a high-level diplomatic meeting in Moscow.

Chinese State Councillor Wang Yi and Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar met in Moscow on Thursday and reached a five-point consensus, including agreements the current border situation is not in their interests and that troops from both sides should quickly disengage and ease tensions, the two countries said in a joint statement.

The consensus, struck on the sidelines of a Shanghai Cooperation Organisation meeting, came after a clash in the border area in the western Himalayas earlier this week.

Oct 10 11:40

China will dethrone US as world’s leading economy this year – RT’s Keiser Report

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a ‘savings glut’ in the United States, which goes “completely against” policies designed to stimulate American economic growth, say Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert.

“People are not consuming because we are entering depression,” Max explains, noting that the American economy is not built for savings. “The financial system is collapsing again, this is the global financial crisis part two, it’s the Federal Reserve crisis part 12, and it’s the depression part two.”

Oct 10 07:32

Escobar: Shedding Light On The Limits Of Chinese Power

Trump 2.0 essentially would turbo-charge its bet on decoupling, aiming to squeeze “malign” China on a multiple Hybrid War front, undermine the Chinese trade surplus, co-opt large swathes of Asia, while always insisting on characterizing China as evil incarnate.

Team Biden, even as it professes no desire to fall into the trap of a new Cold War, according to the Dem official platform, would be only slightly less confrontational, ostensibly “saving” the “rules-based order” while keeping Trump-enacted sanctions.

Very few Chinese analysts are better positioned to survey the geopolitical and geoeconomic chessboard than Lanxin Xiang: expert on relations between China, US and Europe, professor of History and International Relations at the IHEID in Geneva and director of the Center for One Belt, One Road Studies in Shanghai.

Oct 10 07:24

Henry Kissinger: US and China tensions reaching escalations that led to World War I

The man who helped the United States establish friendly relations with China in the 1970s now says he is alarmed by escalating tensions between the two countries.

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, 97, is calling for the U.S. and China to establish rules of engagement for their rising competition on the global stage or risk leading into a blowup similar to World War I.

"Our leaders and [China's] leaders have to discuss the limits beyond which they will not push threats,” Kissinger said on Wednesday during a virtual discussion hosted by the Economic Club of New York. "They have to find a way of conducting such a policy over an extended period of time ... You can say this is totally impossible, and if it’s totally impossible, we will slide into a situation similar to World War I."

Oct 10 06:49

Chinese military demands US 'stop provocative actions' and 'restrict' naval operations in the South China Sea after USS John McCain enters waters in disputed area without permission

China has demanded the US 'control and restrict' its naval operations in the South China Sea after a US guided missile destroyer entered waters around the disputed Paracel Islands without permission.

A spokesperson for the Chinese People's Liberation Army accused the US of flexing its military muscle after the USS John McCain was spotted sailing into China's territorial waters on Friday.

'It is a naked navigational hegemony and military provocation,' Colonel Zhang Nandong said in a statement.

Oct 09 05:44

Election Interference, Helping Biden: China Beats War-Drums Towards Taiwan

China imposes new threats on Taiwan and appears poised to increase military efforts to subjugate what it considers a “renegade province”, following an attempt by the island nation's opposition party to enter into closer cooperation with the United States.

Oct 09 05:29

China censored Pence but not Harris

Oct 08 06:48

US Warns China Against Taiwan Attack

National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien warned China against retaking Taiwan by force at an event in Las Vegas on Wednesday. O’Brien explained that amphibious assaults are difficult, and said there is a lot of ambiguity around what the US response would be to a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

O’Brien told the event that China was undergoing a massive naval buildup. “Part of that is to give them the ability to push us back out of the Western Pacific, and allow them to engage in an amphibious landing in Taiwan,” he said. “The problem with that is that amphibious landings are notoriously difficult.” O’Brien pointed out the 100-mile distance between mainland China and Taiwan.

“It’s not an easy task, and there’s also a lot of ambiguity about what the United States would do in response to an attack by China on Taiwan,” he said. There are questions about what the US would actually do in the event of an invasion of Taiwan.

Oct 08 06:48

Taiwan Spent Almost $900 Million This Year Scrambling Against China

Taiwan’s defense minister said on Wednesday that the island has spent nearly $900 million this year scrambling its air force in response to incursions by warplanes from China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

PLA flights increased near Taiwan in response to a September visit to the island by US Undersecretary for Economic Affairs Keith Krach. After the visit, PLA warplanes made several incursions and crossed the median line, an informal line in the Taiwan Strait that China usually avoids.

Taiwan’s Defense Minister Yen De-fa said the air force scrambled 2,972 times this year against China. Yen clarified that an earlier number of 4,132 given by the defense ministry included regular training and exercises.

Taiwan launches F-16s and other jets to intercept PLA warplanes. The US approved a $8 billion sale of F-16s to Taiwan this year, which will bring the island’s fleet of F-16s to over 200.

Oct 08 06:38

Cambodian PM Says Ream Naval Base Not Just for China

China would not have exclusive access to a Cambodian naval base, Prime Minister Hun Sen said Wednesday, despite Beijing chipping in for upgrades after a US-funded facility was razed at the site last month.

The Ream base is strategically located in the Gulf of Thailand, providing ready access to the fiercely contested South China Sea — a key global shipping route.

Beijing claims the majority of the resource-rich sea — vying with six other countries.

“Other countries can also ask for permission to dock ships, re-fuel or hold (joint) exercises with Cambodia,” Hun Sen said in a speech at the opening ceremony of a Chinese-owned theme park near the capital Phnom Penh.

Oct 08 06:12

Kissinger Warns: China-US Must Agree To "Limits" On Making Threats Or Risk War

Two major and relatable statements have been issued Wednesday on the question of US ties with Taiwan and China's growing anger and increasingly bellicose rhetoric in response.

First, the notoriously hawkish editor-in-chief of China’s state-owned news tabloid the Global Times issued a threat, saying China should "fully prepare itself for war" with Taiwan in the event it restores diplomatic relations with the United States.

Hu Xijin wrote in his latest opinion piece that "We must no longer hold any more illusions. The only way forward is for the mainland to fully prepare itself for war and to give Taiwan secessionist forces a decisive punishment at any time."

Oct 08 05:56

Quadruple trouble for China? Why Washington’s hopes of creating an anti-Beijing NATO-style bloc in the region is a pipe dream

Mike Pompeo wants to turn the “Quad” – an informal coalition of Australia, India, Japan, and the US – into a military alliance to counter Beijing. But it’s not going to happen, because of China’s economic clout.

In China, the term ‘Gang of Four’ is used to refer to an infamous clique who advocated Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution – the mass uprising among young people that, from 1966 to 1976, transformed the country into chaos. Today, however, it may have a different meaning for Beijing.

During his visit to Tokyo, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo held a meeting of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue forum, which he maintains is designed to counter China. He hoped the Quad would “counter the challenge that the Chinese Communist Party presents to all of us,” and denounced what he described as the “CCP's exploitation, corruption and coercion.”

Oct 07 09:02

Taiwan Presents Weapons Shopping List To US At Key Defense Industry Conference

Taiwan is set to present a veritable weapons shopping list to American officials during the annual US-Taiwan Defense Industry Conference, which began Monday and is continuing Tuesday.

The conference is yet another event attracting the ire and watchful scrutiny of China, given it is representative of the growing military cooperation between Taipei and Washington, and goes back to 2002.

Oct 07 08:58

Pompeo Slams China in Tokyo Visit, Seeks Asian Alliance

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo continued his crusade against Beijing on Tuesday in a meeting with representatives from Japan, India, and Australia in Tokyo. Trump administration officials are openly considering formalizing an alliance with the four nations, known as the Quad, to counter China in the Pacific.

Ahead of the meeting, Pompeo delivered a speech directly calling out Beijing, something the representatives of the other countries avoided in their remarks.

“As partners in this Quad, it is more critical now than ever that we collaborate to protect our people and partners from the CCP’s [Beijing’s] exploitation, corruption and coercion,” Pompeo said. “We see it in the South and East China Seas, the Mekong, the Himalayas, the Taiwan Strait.”

Oct 07 06:51

Surging yuan is one of the world’s best performing currencies this year

Chinese currency trading outside the mainland surged to its highest level in 17 months on Tuesday, with the offshore yuan extending its rally to 6.7136 per US dollar. The yuan retreated slightly on Wednesday, trading at 6.7910.

The onshore yuan foreign exchange market remained closed for the ‘Golden Week’ national holiday, with trading set to resume on Friday.

“The yuan exchange rate is mainly determined by market supply and demand. The central bank will not use the yuan exchange rate as a tool to deal with disruptions from trade frictions,” the country’s central bank said in its second quarter monetary policy report.

As part of the phase one trade deal signed with the US in January, Beijing agreed not to devalue its currency to gain a competitive trade advantage.

Oct 06 07:50

China grew a plant on the moon — it sprouted two leaves, data indicates

In January, China became the first nation to land a spacecraft on the far side of the moon.

Chang'e-4 lunar rover carried among its payload a small biosphere that housed six lifeforms, including cotton seeds.

Using data from that biosphere experiment, researchers constructed a digital image of the cotton plant that reveals it grew two leaves before dying from the cold.

Oct 06 06:26

Taiwan Prepares Weapons Shopping List for US

Oct 05 13:31

Will China Forming Oil Buying Cartel End the Petrodollar?

China is building a buyer’s group (or cartel) comprised of its major state oil companies. I’m frankly surprised that this wasn’t already the case, since everything else is tightly controlled in China.

A report from Bloomberg (via states that:

Senior executives from China Petroleum (NYSE:SNP) & Chemical Corp., PetroChina Co., Cnooc Ltd. and Sinochem Group Co. are in advanced talks to iron out details of the plan, said people familiar with the initiative, who asked not to be identified as discussions are private and ongoing. The proposal has won the support of the Chinese central government and relevant industry watchdogs, the people said.

Oct 05 10:35

China Is Running Out of US Dollars

China Is Running Out of US Dollars

Published on 30 Sep 2020
China is facing an economic collapse because of a financial crisis caused by a shortage of US dollars. The coronavirus economy and the US China trade war, plus US sanctions on Hong Kong, risk cutting off Chinese banks from the US dollar, which could have a devastating effect on the Chinese economy. And China uses dollars for everything, from loans to investments as part of the China Belt and Road Initiative. But with an economic depression facing the global economy because of the coronavirus, the China economy might have a chance to recover and grow its supply of US currency.

Oct 05 06:49

China Still Fears Three Things About America. The Dollar Is One Of Them

Few Western observers know China better than The Honorable Kevin Rudd. As a young diplomat, the Australian, who speaks fluent Mandarin, was stationed in Beijing in the 1980s. As Australia's Prime Minister and then Foreign Minister from 2007 to 2012, he led his country through the delicate tension between its most important alliance partner (the USA) and its largest trading partner (China).

Today Mr. Rudd is President of the Asia Society Policy Institute in New York. In an in-depth conversation via Zoom, he explains why a fundamental competition has begun between the two great powers. He would not rule out a hot war: «We know from history that it is easy to start a conflict, but it is bloody hard to end it», he warns.

Oct 04 09:33

China accuses US of trying to take world back to ‘jungle age’

China on Friday accused the United States of “fabricating lies” and trying to take the world back to the “jungle age” after Washington blamed Beijing and UN agencies for “the murder of millions of baby girls”.

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) said on Friday it regretted the accusations by US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, which were made at a UN General Assembly meeting on Thursday on the anniversary of a landmark 1995 women’s conference.

UNFPA executive director Natalia Kanem said that any coercion of women was “against our practice and policy”.

“We accord the highest priority to voluntary sexual and reproductive health, rights and procedures,” she said.

Oct 04 07:19

‘Falling Into China’s Trap’: UK Navy Contract with Chinese-Linked Firm Flagged as ‘Maritime 5G’

At the end of July this year British MPs launched an inquiry targeting foreign involvement in the procurement process of military weapons for the UK’s defence supply chain, seeking to crack down on the possibility of “interference from adversaries”.

A UK Royal Navy diving contract with a Chinese-linked firm has triggered security concerns and been labeled as a “maritime version of our 5G” by the Chairman of the Defence Select Committee, reported The Telegraph.

Tobias Ellwood issued a warning after JFD, a world leading underwater capability provider supplying the commercial and defence markets with diving, submarine and hyperbaric rescue equipment, had won a contract for the management and availability of the Royal Navy’s in-service life-support diving equipment.

Oct 03 06:53

Strategic partnership deal with China will mark new chapter in bilateral ties: Iran

Congratulating China on its National Day, Iran has hailed strategic ties between the two countries, saying the partnership agreement that Tehran and Beijing are working to finalize will open a new chapter in bilateral relations.

In a message to his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, on Thursday, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani congratulated the Chinese people and government on the occasion of their National Day.

Tehran and Beijing have been standing side by side in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak, he emphasized, expressing Iran’s readiness to cooperate with China in producing COVID-19 vaccine.

“I am sure that the conclusion and signing of the 25-year comprehensive strategic cooperation plan between the two countries will be a large step towards advancing common interests in line with international peace and security and confronting unilateralism,” Rouhani said.

Oct 02 06:49

Trump Executive Order Seeks To Combat China's Rare-Earth Minerals Dominance

On Wednesday President Trump signed an executive order which declared a "national emergency" in the US mining industry, highlighting America's dangerous overdependence on China for what's known as rare-earth minerals.

China has been widely acknowledged as dominant in the rare-earth minerals market for decades, which includes a group of obscure minerals (typically 17 identified as such) often used in manufacturing anything from advanced electronics like flat screens to even weapons. For example, one of the most sought after - samarium cobalt - is used in precision guided missiles and fighter jets, and advanced communications systems.

Oct 02 06:46

Joe Biden asked Xi to 'help him become President' as China seeks US election 'influence’

JOE BIDEN once jokingly asked Xi Jinping if "he could possibly help" him to become US President, unearthed footage reveals, as intelligence suggests China is having more "influence" on steering votes away from Donald Trump.

Oct 02 06:40

'We are at a frightening moment in history' with communist China: Bolt

Sep 30 07:16

China spending US$3.3 billion on molten salt nuclear reactors for faster aircraft carriers and in flying drones

Molten salt reactors can produce one thousandth of the radioactive waste of existing nuclear reactors because of deep burn. More complete conversion of the nuclear fuel.

* Molten salt reactors can have designs that are proof against nuclear meltdowns

* The chinese reactors could use thorium. China has some of the world’s largest reserves of the thorium metal.

Sep 30 06:48

China accuses India of ‘illegal’ move to change Ladakh’s status as border stand-off continues

China on Tuesday described India’s designation of the region along their disputed border as a union territory an illegal move, and voiced new objections to infrastructure construction that seems to strengthen India’s position in the area.

Foreign ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin also said reports of new Chinese military bases and other facilities being built on its side were “totally untrue and have ulterior motives”.

Senior commanders agreed earlier this month not to add more troops along their fast-militarising disputed border in the mountainous Ladakh region, but appear to have made no progress in disengaging their forces from the ongoing stand-off despite previous commitments to do so.

Sep 30 06:23

Joe Biden's $2 trillion climate plan 'raises the white' flag to China

Sep 29 07:34

How far is the US willing to go to defend Taiwan?

The danger of a collision course between Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China is surging, and that development creates alarming risks for the United States.

Under the 1979 Taiwan Relations Act, Washington has an implicit commitment to come to Taiwan’s defense if the PRC resorts to military force against the island. That obligation may have made at least modest strategic sense when China was weak militarily. But with the substantial growth of the PRC’s military power over the past two decades, the risk-benefit calculation for the United States has shifted dramatically toward the former. U.S. leaders would be wise to conduct a comprehensive reassessment of Washington’s security relationship with Taiwan now, not in the midst of a full-blown military crisis.

Sep 29 07:33

US arms control envoy presses South Korea on missile deployment to counter China

The US special envoy for arms control held talks with South Korean officials on Monday as Washington continued to press for the deployment of medium- and intermediate-range missiles in Asia to safeguard against China‘s arms build-up.

The envoy, Marshall Billingslea, and Ham Sang-wook, South Korea’s deputy foreign minister for multilateral and global affairs, “exchanged views and discussed ways of bilateral cooperation in key issues related with arms control and nuclear non-proliferation”, the South Korean foreign ministry said in a press statement.

The two countries agreed to hold “high-level” consultations on arms control and non-proliferation and to step up communications at various levels on those issues, the press release said.

Sep 29 07:21

US & China: Emerging Technologies And The Race To Control The Future

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Chairman Xi Jinping threw down the gauntlet to the U.S. in a May 2017 speech, where he outlined the plan for establishing a Chinese-supervised "Digital Silk Road." President Xi realizes that the information dimension of modern war is bound up with China's apparent overall objective of unseating the United States as the leader of the existing liberal democratic world order.

Xi seemingly wants to secure a commanding lead in the emerging hi-tech disciplines to create a sense of inevitability about China's rise to world domination. The U.S. still has the time, talent and resources to secure a victory over China in this contest for global leadership, provided that the U.S. has the will, self-discipline and flexibility to institute a total societal mobilization over decades.

Sep 29 07:20

Chinese State Media Floats Trump 'October Surprise' Theory Centered On Disputed Islands

The editor-in-chief of the Chinese Community Party run Global Times, Hu Xijin, has once again raised eyebrows with his typical bellicose and provocative statements and predictions.

This time he took things to a new level, cryptically citing "information learned" — as if from an insider source or perhaps even Chinese intelligence — to suggest President Trump has a major 'October Surprise' in store, and of course it relates to the prospect of military conflict with China at a moment things are fast heating up over the Taiwan issue in particular.

Sep 29 07:17

US Considering Forming an Asian NATO

There’s a general consensus in Washington that Beijing is the number one threat to US global hegemony. This has led some administration officials to consider forming a NATO type alliance in Asia to counter a rising China.

US Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Biegun recently suggested that the informal partnership between the US, Australia, Japan, and India could be the beginning of a NATO-style alliance in the Indo-Pacific.

The four countries, known as the Quad, already regularly hold military drills together in the Pacific. On August 31st, Biegun spoke at the US-India strategic dialogue and discussed the possibility of forming such an alliance with the Quad.

“It is a reality that the Indo-Pacific region is actually lacking in strong multilateral structures. They don’t have anything of the fortitude of NATO or the European Union,” Biegun said. “There is certainly an invitation there at some point to formalize a structure like this.”

Sep 29 06:05

BEX ALERT - Researcher Suggests Deliberate Chinese Propaganda Campaign Forced World Into Lockdown

Researcher and attorney Michael P. Senger suggests that the Chinese government launched an aggressive propaganda campaign to exaggerate the severity of coronavirus in order to force the rest of the world into a draconian lockdown that would serve to benefit Beijing.

In an article for Tablet Magazine, Senger details how in late January, “international COVID-19 hysteria began” with a series of suspicious videos posted to social media sites showing people in China suddenly collapsing on the streets, including one instance where a man held out his arm to break his fall, suggesting the collapse was staged.

After tens of millions of people were confined to their homes during one of the most brutally enforced lockdowns in history, Senger notes how in February the CCP “reported an exponential decline in coronavirus cases, until March 19 when they announced their lockdown had eliminated domestic cases entirely.”

Sep 29 05:58

China Begins Massive New Military Drills in Four Neighboring Seas - Report

For the second time in two months, China is holding massive military drills in all four seas on its eastern border.

This week, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is hosting five military drills at sea: two in the South China Sea, one in the East China Sea and two in the Yellow Sea, one of which is in the Bohai Sea, the waterway’s innermost gulf, Reuters reported. According to the report, many of the drills will feature live-fire exercises.

Just last month, the PLA held similarly large drills, which the Chinese Ministry of Defense said did not target any specific country. However, a US U-2 “Dragon Lady” spy plane flew directly through one of the drills in the Yellow Sea, despite a no-fly zone being established by Beijing as a safety precaution. The Chinese Ministry of Defense blasted the move as “pure provocation,” noting the incident had disrupted the drills and could easily have led to misunderstandings.

Sep 28 06:03

Some 3,500 U.S. companies sue over Trump-imposed Chinese tariffs

About 3,500 U.S. companies, including Tesla Inc TSLA.O, Ford Motor Co F.N, Target Corp TGT.N, Walgreen Co WBA.O and Home Depot HD.N have sued the Trump administration in the last two weeks over the imposition of tariffs on more than $300 billion (£235.35 billion) in Chinese-made goods.

Sep 28 05:53

The Weaponization of Human Rights

China’s Communist “Dictatorship” Lifts 700 Million Chinese Citizens Out Of Poverty: Yet India is Adored by Western Pundits, While China is Demonized and Sanctioned


“The first human right is the right to life.” Wang Yi, Minister of Foreign Affairs and State Counselor of the People’s Republic of China

Twelve years ago United Nations Assistant Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs, Jomo Kwame Sunderam presented the 2008 “Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific,” at a press briefing, disclosing, on page 124 the staggering fact that:

“With limited resources, farmers depend on borrowed money to purchase seeds and other inputs to farm their land. A drop in their farm income could lead to indebtedness. In India, for example, the distress in rural areas is reflected in the high number of suicides by farmers: 86,922 during 2001-2005 (Government of India, 2007).”

Sep 27 05:37

Sinophobia, Lies and Hybrid War

It took one minute for President Trump to introduce a virus at the virtual 75th UN General Assembly, blasting “the nation which unleashed this plague onto the world”.

And then it all went downhill.

Even as Trump was essentially delivering a campaign speech and could not care less about the multilateral UN, at least the picture was clear enough for all the socially distant “international community” to see.

Here is President Xi’s full statement. And here is President Putin’s full statement. And here’s the geopolitical chessboard, once again; it’s the “indispensable nation” versus the Russia-China strategic partnership.

As he stressed the importance of the UN, Xi could not be more explicit that no nation has the right to control the destiny of others: “Even less should one be allowed to do whatever it likes and be the hegemon, bully, or boss of the world .”

Sep 27 05:34

China unveils ‘strategic emerging industries’ plan in fresh push to get away from US technologies

Beijing has released an ambitious plan to boost the development of “strategic emerging industries”, from the buildout of 5G mobile networks to industrial robotics, in the latest move to counter Washington’s expanding technological embargo while elevating the national economy.

In a joint circular released on Wednesday by the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC); the Ministry of Science and Technology; the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; and the Ministry of Finance, the country vows to build a complete strategic industrial system via state planning and state investments.

Sep 27 05:20

Enemies Lists on Display at the United Nations

The opening of the United Nations General Assembly in New York each September is generally notable for its two weeks of speeches by heads of state, foreign ministers and other government officials addressing their own fellow citizens through the medium of a world forum. This year was no exception except for the fact that the coronavirus pandemic meant that most speakers were not live, instead delivering their messages by means of pre-recorded videos.

Most of the speeches were bland, boasting of achievements back at home, and utterly predictable. Many also praised the United Nations as a gathering place where all nations could learn to get along. There were, however, some exceptions, with certain spokesmen using the bully pulpit to deliberately target regimes and foreign leaders for criticism, or even to deliver thinly veiled threats.

Sep 27 04:20

China Plans To Protect TikTok "At All Cost" Against "Mafia-Style Robbery" & US Threat To National Security

China's state-run Global Times is out with a new editorial Saturday indicating that Beijing will stick to protecting TikTok "at all costs". The theme of "compromised" national security is still being presented as the crux of the matter.

"China is prepared to prevent Chinese firm TikTok and its advanced technologies from falling into US hands at all cost," Global Times introduces.

This even if that should mean the hugely popular app "risks being shut down in the US, because allowing the US to seize the firm and its technology will not only set a dangerous precedent for other Chinese firms, but also pose a direct threat to China's national security, Chinese experts said on Saturday, a day ahead of a court battle in the US over a ban of the app."

Again, interestingly this seems to be the mirror image argument the Trump administration has harped on for much of the past year, especially on Huawei. GT's argument continues:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I will be interesting to see how this situation moves forward.

Sep 26 09:58

China: US Spy Planes Keep Setting Transponders to Appear as Civilian Planes of Third Countries

According to a Beijing-based think tank that monitors flights in the region, a US Air Force plane disguised itself as a Philippine aircraft while flying over the Yellow Sea on Tuesday. The South China Sea Strategic Situation Probing Initiative (SCSPI) observed the flight.

Another flight monitoring agency, Aircraft Spots, made a similar observation and noted that the plane used a different hex code when it was over the Yellow Sea between China’s coast and the Korean Peninsula. Hex codes are international numbers used to identify aircraft. The SCSPI said the US Air Force plane used a hex code assigned to a Philippine aircraft while over the South China Sea and switched back to its original when the mission was over.

Sep 26 07:00

Beijing On Edge: China's 2nd Largest Property Developer Plummets Amid Fears Of Imminent Liquidity Crisis

Is China's housing bubble - the main "wealth effect" for hundreds of millions of middle class Chinese - finally about to burst?

On Friday, trading in onshore bonds of China Evergrande, China's second largest and the world’s most indebted property developer, was halted after reports it was seeking government help to stave off a cash crunch caused the price of its shares and debt to tumble, and sparking a crisis of confidence among creditors who’ve lent the world’s most indebted developer more than $120 billion.

Sep 26 06:48

Sinophobia, Lies and Hybrid War

It took one minute for President Trump to introduce a virus at the virtual 75th UN General Assembly, blasting “the nation which unleashed this plague onto the world”.

And then it all went downhill.

Even as Trump was essentially delivering a campaign speech and could not care less about the multilateral UN, at least the picture was clear enough for all the socially distant “international community” to see.

Here is President Xi’s full statement. And here is President Putin’s full statement. And here’s the geopolitical chessboard, once again; it’s the “indispensable nation” versus the Russia-China strategic partnership.

As he stressed the importance of the UN, Xi could not be more explicit that no nation has the right to control the destiny of others: “Even less should one be allowed to do whatever it likes and be the hegemon, bully, or boss of the world .”

Sep 26 06:37

Two Paradigms Clash: Offers For U.S.-China-Russia Partnership That Won WWII Or Hellish Plunge Into WWIII

The Pentagon’s new military report on China released on September 1st has demonstrated that the outdated and deadly Cold War mentality which has wrought such destruction upon the world since the end of WWII has not only become more deeply embedded into the psyche of dominant foreign policy officials in the Pentagon, it demonstrated that the current American establishment is totally unfit to survive in today’s nuclear age. In our nuclear age, Hobbesian laws of the jungle will only result in mass extermination. If we are to survive beyond the coming decade, it is high time that a higher moral paradigm befitting of human dignity becomes hegemonic.

Sep 25 05:15

US President Donald Trump offers help on India-China border tensions — again

His new comments come on the heels of India’s Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar, calling the five-month-long stand-off at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) between India and China “unprecedented.”

Speaking at the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Development Impact Summit, Jaishankar said the border tensions were only one part of a much bigger picture.

Sep 24 07:07

China Pork Reserves At Risk Of 'Running Out In Months' As Prices Soar

China could be on the brink of exhausting its massive frozen pork reserves as the country's pig herd is wiped out by African swine fever.

Declining reserves are particularly bad news for the Communist Party of China, which is worried that it might not be able to prevent another destabilizing surge in prices.

For more color on China's strategic pork reserves, Enodo Economics, a London-based consultancy firm, quoted by the Financial Times, said reserves fell by 452,000 tons from Sept. 2019 to Aug. 2020. This means the country's pork reserves are at dangerously low levels.

It's unclear how much of China's latest pork imports have been diverted to state stockpiles - but Diana Choyleva, Enodo's chief economist, said China has about 100,000 tons of frozen pork left in reserves, and "at this rate, within two to three months they'll be out."

Sep 24 06:11

Pompeo Warns State Governments of Chinese Influence

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo continued his theme of hostile Cold War rhetoric aimed at Beijing in a speech on Wednesday at Wisconsin’s state capitol building. Pompeo warned a group of Wisconsin state-level lawmakers about the Chinese government’s efforts to influence US state governments.

“Know that when you are approached by a Chinese diplomat, it is likely not in the spirit of cooperation or friendship,” Pompeo said. “Know too that these approaches may happen from Chinese nationals or Americans working with CCP-linked interests.”

Besides state governments, Pompeo also warned of Chinese “influence and espionage campaigns at the municipal and city levels.”

Sep 23 07:18

China Is Spying On Millions Of People: And They Aren't In China

After years of constant media fear-mongering, a sizeable number of Americans continue to believe in the disproven “Russiagate” conspiracy theory.

Putin, the story goes, owns Donald Trump and engaged in a massive propaganda campaign via social media, hacking elections, and other collusion forms to ensure that Trump was elected. Now, Putin sits like Cobra Commander in the Kremlin, directed Trump’s actions, and Trump does what he is told.

Yet these same Americans harbor little fear of China, the nation to which America’s economy was sold decades ago and the only real aggressive empire (though admittedly the Russian bear is beginning to wake up) outside of the United States.

Sep 23 07:15

Beijing Says "No!" To Washington's Attempted "Robbery" Of TikTok

In what is perhaps the most compelling sign yet that Beijing has put the kibosh on the Oracle-TikTok deal, the Global Times on Tuesday published a scathing editorial attacking President Trump for attempting a "robbery" of TikTok and violate China's "dignity."

The paper's editorial writers echoed claims made in an editorial published more than six weeks ago by the People's Daily - that Beijing would never tolerate Trump transferring majority ownership of TikTok to the US. Furthermore, as Kyle Bass explained earlier, anything that would require the company to fork over its content-recommendation algorithm is an instant deal breaker. Beijing has previously said it would rather shut down TikTok US than hand the business to the Americans.

Sep 23 06:40

China Just Jailed A Man For This And If Biden Wins Many Fear It Will Happen In US Too

China sentenced a tycoon former property executive who once called Xi Jinping "a clown" to 18 years in prison for taking a bribe, a court said on Tuesday, in what some critics called an extreme punishment and harsh sentence during a prolonged clampdown on controversy.

Ren Zhiqiang, the former moderator of Huayuan, a state-owned real estate group, was convicted for illegal gains totalling 112 million yuan (£12.9m), according to a notice on the website of Beijing No. 2 Intermediate Court.

Known as "Cannon Ren" for his outspoken views posted on social media, Mr Zhiqiang was arrested in March after calling Mr Jinping "a clown stripped naked who insisted on continuing being emperor" after a speech the Chinese president made in February about government attempts to fight the coronavirus.

Sep 23 04:20

Social credit score, this is terrifying.

Sep 22 13:36

DOOMSDAY BOMB China unveils terrifying Dongfeng-41 nuke that ‘can strike US in 30 minutes with TEN warheads’ at 70th anniversary parade

CHINA has unveiled its “ultimate doomsday weapon” during one of the nation’s biggest military parades.

The terrifying super-nuke took centre stage at a huge arms showcase held in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, to mark 70 years of Communist rule.

Sep 22 11:02

China’s High-Speed Train Map Puts U.S. Transportation to Shame

California is in the process of building a bullet train that will eventually run all the way from San Diego to Sacramento and San Francisco along about 1,300 km (800 miles) of track with trains running at speeds exceeding 320 km (200 miles) per hour. The first phase of the plan will connect San Francisco to Los Angeles and Anaheim at an estimated cost of over $60 billion with expected completion in 2029. However, a recent increase of $2.8 billion to the budget for construction in the Central Valley has some (short-sighted) people questioning the future of the project.

Sep 22 10:53

Beijing powers up high-speed rail link to Tibet

Beijing wants a new quasi-high-speed rail artery being built on the world’s highest plateau to be up and running in five to eight years to make the alpine Tibet region more accessible from inland provinces.

The call to rev up construction of the Sichuan-Tibet railway was issued during a two-day Communist Party Politburo meeting on Tibet presided over by President Xi Jinping.

The 1,742-kilometer line between Chengdu, capital of the western Sichuan province and a rail transportation hub, and the Tibetan capital Lhasa leads the pack of infrastructure projects either being planned or ready to start.

Trains will travel along the new railway at nearly 200 kilometers per hour in rarefied air due to the elevation atop steep, rugged mountains.

Sep 22 10:52

Philippines says will not stop projects with China firms blacklisted by US

The Philippines will not halt infrastructure projects involving Chinese firms blacklisted by ally — the United States — and will make its own decisions, not those of a foreign power, the president's spokesman said today.

President Rodrigo Duterte will not follow Washington's move to sanction Chinese firms involved in building and militarising artificial South China Sea islands because infrastructure was a national priority, his spokesman Harry Roque said.

"We are not a vassal state of any foreign power and we will pursue our national interest," Roque told a regular news conference.

"Our national interest is to ensure flagship projects are completed."

Sep 22 10:28

Beijing Says "No!" To Washington's Attempted "Robbery" Of TikTok

In what is perhaps the most compelling sign yet that Beijing has put the kibosh on the Oracle-TikTok deal, the Global Times on Tuesday published a scathing editorial attacking President Trump for attempting a "robbery" of TikTok and violate China's "dignity."

The paper's editorial writers echoed claims made in an editorial published more than six weeks ago by the People's Daily - that Beijing would never tolerate Trump transferring majority ownership of TikTok to the US. Furthermore, as Kyle Bass explained earlier, anything that would require the company to fork over its content-recommendation algorithm is an instant deal breaker. Beijing has previously said it would rather shut down TikTok US than hand the business to the Americans.

Sep 22 07:35

Taiwan’s armed forces have ‘right to counter attack,’ military warns after China’s large-scale drills

Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said on Monday that the island’s armed forces have a right to defend themselves and counter attack, citing “harassment and threats” in a warning to Beijing.

The military said that multiple Chinese aircraft flew across the mid-line of the Taiwan Strait and into the island’s air defense identification zone on Friday and Saturday. In response, Taiwan had to scramble jets to intercept, according to the military in Taipei, which had “clearly defined” procedures for the island’s first response amid the “high frequency of harassment and threats from the enemy’s warships and aircraft this year.”

The island claims it has the right to defend itself and counter attack, and is “not afraid of the enemy," but will not provoke.

Sep 22 07:28

Photos: Paleontologists Uncover New, 125 Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Species in China

Paleontologists digging in China have discovered a new, burrowing dinosaur species believed to have existed 125 million years ago.

The fossils were uncovered in a geological formation known as the Lujiatun Beds in Jinzhou, a city in the central-west Liaoning province of China. The Lujiatun Beds are the oldest layer of the larger Yixian Formation, which is known for its preserved fossils.

Sep 22 06:58

The US’ Latest Anti-Iranian Sanctions Will Worsen the Trade War with China

The US’ latest anti-Iranian sanctions won’t change much when it comes to the Islamic Republic’s present economic predicament but will almost certainly provoke a worsening of the so-called “trade war” with China since the real intent seems to be to target the countless companies that are poised to participate in those two countries’ reported $400 billion strategic partnership agreement by replicating the model of “maximum pressure” that’s been experimented against Huawei over the past year.

Sep 22 06:39

Will Swiss Banks Eventually Have to Leave Hong Kong?

Swiss voters in November 2020 will have their say on a proposed law to make companies liable for human rights abuses that occur in connection with their activities abroad. This could also apply to the case of Hong Kong.

Sep 22 06:07

China Signals War Footing: PLA Minesweepers In 'Drill' To "Break Taiwan Sea Mines Threat"

China's state media has confirmed what is a very serious and direct escalation in waters surrounding Taiwan amid ongoing PLA military exercises in the area.

PLA ships are engaged in 'mock' minesweeping activities "amid Taiwan's attempt to deploy sea mines in the Taiwan Straits," though it's unclear the degree to which China's mine-sweeping ships actually entered the contested strait.

Sep 21 12:56

China Sees Advantages in Being First on New Digital Currency ‘Battlefield’

Unlike many other central banks, China’s sees concrete benefits in being the first to launch a digital currency, according to China Finance, a magazine from the People’s Bank of China (PBoC).

Sep 21 05:58

China Is Killing The Dollar

Sep 21 05:24

Political Islam against China

You are probably aware that you are incompletely informed about what is brewing in Myanmar, and you probably haven’t heard about the military coalition that is preparing to attack that country. And yet, as Thierry Meyssan reveals here, these current events have been in preparation by Riyadh and Washington since 2013. Don’t take sides before you read this article and digest the information.

Sep 20 07:10

China Surrounds Taiwan With Military, Calls The Maneuver Part Of 'War-Games'

Taiwan, on Friday, detected up to eighteen Chinese military planes crossing the Formosa Strait dividing line and responded with the deployment of several fighters, in an increase in tensions between Taipei and Beijing due to the visit to the island of a high US official.

In a statement posted on his Twitter account, the Taiwanese Minister of National Defense reported that several aircraft from the Air Forces of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) had entered the island's air defense identification zone today.

Sep 20 06:17

US congressman introduces bill to scrap 'one China' policy,' normalize ties with Taiwan

U.S. Congressman Tom Tiffany on Wednesday (Sept. 16) introduced a bill calling on the U.S. to put an end to the "one China" policy, resume formal relations with Taiwan, and begin negotiations on a U.S.-Taiwan Free Trade Agreement.

In a press release posted on Thursday, Tiffany pointed out that before 1979, the U.S. and Taiwan maintained normal and friendly diplomatic relations. However, then U.S. President Jimmy Carter suddenly broke off diplomatic relations with Taiwan "without legislative approval" and instead opted to recognize the communist regime in Beijing.

Tiffany stated that Congress later passed the "Taiwan Relations Act" (TRA) as the cornerstone of U.S.-Taiwan economic and cultural relations, while also authorizing the U.S. to sell arms to Taiwan. However, former President Ronald Reagan then "upgraded the relationship" by issuing the "Six Assurances."

Sep 20 06:10

US Spy Planes Disguising as Civilian Airliners Near China’s Coast

Beijing has accused the US of flying military planes near China’s coast and disguising them as civilian airliners by changing transponder codes at least 100 times this year. The accusation comes at a time of heightened tensions between the two powers, which has increased US military activity in the Indo-Pacific.

The Beijing-based think tank South China Sea Strategic Situation Probing Initiative (SCSPI) has recorded instances of the US cloaking its spy planes as airliners.

According to the SCSPI, between September 8th and 10th, US spy planes disguised as Malaysian aircraft flew over the disputed Paracel Islands in the South China Sea, the Taiwan Strait, and the Yellow Sea near China’s coast.

The think tank warned in its report that this practice increases the danger to actual civilian aircraft in the region, risking misidentification. The SCSPI said the US has a record of changing transponder numbers when it flies reconnaissance in places like Iran and Venezuela.

Sep 20 05:31

Trump Admin Demanding Concessions From Russia to Extend New START

The Trump administration is looking for a foreign policy victory ahead of the November election in the form of nuclear concessions from Russia. The fate of the last nuclear arms control treaty hangs in the balance as the administration is leveraging its renewal to be tough on Moscow.

The New START limits the number of warheads each signatory can have deployed and includes a verification regime, and is set to expire in February 2021. Arms control talks between Washington and Moscow have been ongoing for months.

Moscow has repeatedly offered to extend the New START for five years without preconditions, as the treaty allows, but the US has so far rejected that offer. According to a report from CNN, the Trump administration has assessed that Russia is “desperate” to renew the New START and that they will be willing to make concessions to hold up the treaty.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Putin may well NOT have the kind of leverage over China which US negotiators have said he does; frankly, were I a betting woman, i would not bet on it.

Sep 20 05:18

Britain, France, and Germany Spurn US Plan for Iran Sanctions

Trump Administration officials have been saying this for weeks, but on Friday reiterated their intentions to try to enforce a UN Security Council resolution that includes broad sanctions against Iran. Officials say they expect every nation to comply.

The glaring problem with this is that the resolution doesn’t exist, at least not as an active resolution the US wants. The P5+1 nuclear deal gave the US the authority to reimpose sanctions on Iran, but the US had withdrawn from that pact years ago. Though the Trump Administration argued that didn’t matter, the UN has virtually unanimously rejected their interpretation, and rejected the UN Security Council resolution. The US believes the resolution becomes active Sunday, but the reality is it just doesn’t exist legally.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These actions spell desperation on the cusp of madness, and the world is not following suit; so, what is next here, an invasion of Iran?!?

Considering just how "brilliantly" the other US occupations around the world are going, you might imagine it might just be time for a "re-think" on this; but of course, Israel's Bibi Netanyahu will not allow that to happen; he wants the US waging war against Iran, so Israel will not have to.

Sep 20 04:17

China’s Crude Oil Imports Are Slowing Down

Sep 19 08:26

US threatens sanctions for China and Russia over Iran arms deals

Chinese and Russian defense companies that strike weapons deals with Iran will suffer the “very full force” of U.S. sanctions, according to the State Department, despite Western disagreements about the legality of President Trump’s move to renew an international arms embargo.

“It's the position of the United States that the arms embargo should be extended, and had it been extended, we would not have had to snap back to restore the full panoply of U.N. sanctions,” State Department special representative Elliot Abrams, the lead official for Iran, told reporters Wednesday. "So, one practical effect, we believe, will be to say to arms manufacturers and traders around the world that if you engage in business with Iran, very full force of these new, or rather restored, sanctions will be felt immediately, they will be placed on you.”

Sep 19 07:15

China Buzzes Taiwan With Unusually Large Show Of Force Involving 18 Aircraft

Another top American official is on a three day visit to Taiwan, and China has made its anger known by once again buzzing the island with fighter jets. But this time it was an almost unprecedented show of air power in recent times.

Just a day after US Undersecretary for Economic Affairs Keith Krach arrived in Taipei for talks on Thursday, China sent what it called a “necessary response” in the form of an usually large group of 18 jets flying near the island.

Sep 19 07:04

US Congress Prepares to Approve Second-Largest Taiwan Arms Sale Valued at $7 Billion

US lawmakers are expected to soon approve a massive, new weapons sale to Taiwan. The deal would provide the autonomous island not just with defensive weapons, but also with offensive capabilities in the form of long-range strike missiles and combat drones.

Reuters reported earlier this week that the Trump administration was expected to approve a massive sale of $7 billion worth of arms to Taiwan in the coming weeks. The deal is the second-largest weapons sale by the US to Taiwan and comes on top of some $15 billion in weapons already sold to Taiwan in the last four years.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the deal will include $400 million worth of MQ-9B Reaper drones and related equipment, a sale made possible by recent changes to the Missile Technology Control Regime that had previously barred Washington from making such deals.