Mar 04 07:57

China’s war with the United States has already begun

In the author’s opinion, since China has an Eastern-styled approach to warfare, most Westerners don’t recognize that the two powerful nations are already engaged in mortal, if not subtle, combat.

Mar 04 07:47

Will World War III begin in the Levant if the U.S. faces off against Russia, Iran and China?

Does the United States risk facing off against a tri-partite alliance between Russia, Iran and China?

Mar 03 08:45

This entire system is rigged against your prosperity

People migrated to Hong Kong based on the premise that, just like in America, they could work hard and make a life for themselves.

Within 20 years the population had increased over ten-fold. And it kept growing.

Hong Kong became a boomtown, earning a reputation as a swashbuckling paradise for risk-takers.

This freewheeling, Wild East attitude paid off.

Today Hong Kong is one of the wealthiest places in the world, with a GDP per capita and standard of living that outpaces most of the West.

It’s modern and advanced; the city skyline is beautiful– there are 50% more skyscrapers here than in New York City.

Taxes in Hong Kong are still among the lowest in the world.

Yet the government is awash with cash and regularly sends surpluses back to its citizens.

Mar 02 11:34

Tenth Zika virus case confirmed in China

The tenth Zika virus cases has been confirmed in China’s southern Guangdong province, China Central Television (CCTV) reported on Wednesday. A 40-year-old resident of the province was infected with the virus. Previously his two children were confirmed to have been infected with Zika. The man has been hospitalized, and his condition remains stable.

Mar 02 09:36

Pentagon chief warns Beijing of ‘specific consequences’ over South China Sea militarization

US Defense Secretary Ash Carter has warned China against militarizing the disputed island chain in the South China Sea and threatened “specific consequences” should Beijing not wind down its activities in the region.
Following China’s deployment of surface-to-air missile systems on Woody Island last month, in addition to military aircraft, Carter stated that “China must not pursue militarization in the South China Sea” during a speech at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco.

Woody Island is the biggest island in the Paracel chain in the South China Sea. China laid claim to the island in the 1950s, but the rights to the area, which is at the heart of economically important shipping routes in the South China Sea, are being contested by Taiwan, Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia and Vietnam.

“Specific actions will have specific consequences,” Carter stressed. “These activities have the potential to increase the risk of miscalculation or conflict among claimant states.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sec Def Carter, a word please: think very carefully about how you want to approach China's military build-up in and around these islands.

Is it really worth World War III?!? Or are you playing "picador" against Beijing, in order to provoke a response you can use to "justify" military action against China?!?

I understand that the Moody's latest downgrade of China's economy was a form of asymmetric attack against the country, which may - or may not- have been founded on fact. But a shooting war, sir?!? REALLY?!?

Sec Def Carter, the timing is so wrong for such a war right now; the US military doesn't have the weaponry, the troop strength, the manufacturing, or the money to insure a positive outcome to a conventional war with China, and that is what makes the military scenario so scarily dangerous here.

The Chinese government has made enormous strides in the development of their weaponry over the last decade, and when Chinese weapons makers deliver their products, and they are field-deployed, they work as advertised, or better.

Unfortunately, because American weapons production involves such an incestuous relationship between the Congressional representatives who hand out the contracts, and the weapons manufactures who get them (and the palms that get greased in the process), when our American military receive these weapons, frequently, they perform badly; are delivered late; and have huge cost over-runs.

Please understand; as a Christian pacifist, who never advocates violence, I abhor war. But if our men and women in uniform are fighting, I want them to have the best, most reliable weapons possible.

So please, sir, think very carefully about the next step here.

Mar 02 07:51

China rebukes Moody’s after it cuts nation’s debt outlook to ‘negative’ over uncertainty on economic reforms and fiscal risks

Credit-rating agency Moody’s downgraded its outlook on Chinese government debt from “stable” to “negative” on Wednesday, which triggered a strong rebuke from state media.

Moody’s cited uncertainty over the authorities’ capacity to implement economic reforms, rising government debt and falling foreign reserves as the reasons behind the downgrade.

However, the state-run news agency Xinhua called the agency’s decision a “misreading”.

In a commentary, it said the move was another “habitual” bearish view from “some Western institutions” on the Chinese economy, which did not evaluate China’s fiscal prudence “in a dynamic and developmental way”.

Wu Qing, a researcher at the research institute of finance at the State Council’s Development Research Centre, said the government debt was invested in the country’s new economic growth drivers, which would generate income.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is not the rating itself which concerns me so much, but the timing of the rating, at a moment when the US appears to be heading toward a potential military confrontation with the China over the South China Sea, over which China claims a large stake, including the disputed Spratley Islands, and several other islands, claimed by the Philippines and Vietnam.

Mar 01 19:30

China to sack SIX MILLION state workers from its hugely inefficient state sector

China aims to lay off 5 to 6 million state workers over the next two to three years as part of efforts to curb industrial overcapacity and pollution.

The move is being seen as Beijing's boldest retrenchment programme in almost two decades.

China's leadership, obsessed with maintaining stability and making sure redundancies do not lead to unrest, will spend nearly 150 billion yuan ($23 billion) to cover layoffs in just the coal and steel sectors in the next 2-3 years.

Mar 01 13:59

Bye, Bye Daddy? Chinese Scientists Just Created Artificial Sperm

Why China, home of the one-child policy, even cares enough to bother to make artificial sperm is anyone’s guess, but it’s equally sad that media outlets seem to be heralding the announcement as a marvelous day when men won’t be necessary for the reproductive act to continue the race…

Mar 01 09:28

China just announced one of the largest single layoffs in history. 1.8 Million people will lose their job.

Chinese officials announced plans to lay off roughly 1.8 million workers in the coal and steel industries, as part of president Xi Jinping’s politically difficult effort to restructure the world’s second-largest economy. It’s unclear as to the time frame for the cuts, which were announced by Yin Weimin, China’s minister for human resources and social security.

Feb 29 16:03

China's sky-high savings rate

Feb 29 15:22

Land & Sea: China Bombers Conduct ‘Precision’ Military Drills

A unit from the Chinese Liberation Army Air Force’s bombardment aviation has improved their capability of precision striking after live-fire bombing exercises.

Feb 29 15:16

China has the most Billionaires??

Feb 27 08:28

What is America doing in the South China Sea?

Washington is playing a dangerous game of 'chicken' with the Chinese and Russians, who are attempting to defend themselves from the Washington Consensus, which reduces subject populations to that of serfs.

While the Russians, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, seemed willing to accept a sort of vassal statehood, it is increasingly today clear that such an assignation is intolerable. Thus, Vladimir Putin enjoys immense popularity as he stands up to the pro-Washington forces inside and outside of the US.

Meanwhile, the Chinese remember all too well the sting of British colonialism: opium addiction and the lasting effects of British presumptions of superiority. The Chinese place in the Washington Consensus has been staked out as, in the case of Russia, supplier of inputs to feed the hungry capitalism of the US and the Western European former colonial masters.

Feb 26 09:58

US and the Philippines move rapidly to implement military deal

Following the Philippine Supreme Court decision on January 12 upholding the Enhanced Defense Cooperative Agreement (EDCA) as constitutional, Washington and Manila are moving swiftly to activate the military basing deal.

Both governments have shed any pretence that the agreement merely seeks to enhance the US military’s ability to provide rapid humanitarian assistance and facilitate the modernization of the Philippine military. Instead, EDCA is rapidly being revealed as a key aspect in the comprehensive American military build-up throughout the Indo-Pacific region, as part of the US pivot to Asia aimed at subjugating China to its diktats.

Feb 26 07:47

The ancient ‘Silk Road’ is back in business as new train connects China to Tehran

The first train connecting Iran and China loaded with Chinese goods arrived in Tehran Monday, reviving the ancient Silk Road trade route and highlighting the economic possibilities for Iran since the lifting of international sanctions, AFP reports. The 5,900-mile trip from eastern Zhejiang province took 14 days, or 30 days less than a typical sea voyage between Shanghai and the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas, according to the head of the Iranian railway company, Mohsen Pourseyed Aqayi.

Feb 25 14:30

Presidential Elections 2016: The Revolt of the Masses

Commentators grossly oversimplify when they reduce the revolt to incoherent expressions of ‘anger’.

The presidential elections of 2016 have several unique characteristics that defy common wisdom about political practices in 21st century America.

Clearly the established political machinery – party elites and their corporate backers -have (in part) lost control of the nomination process and confront ‘unwanted’ candidates who are campaigning with programs and pronouncements that polarize the electorate.

But there are other more specific factors, which have energized the electorate and speak to recent US history. These portend and reflect a realignment of US politics.

In this essay, we will outline these changes and their larger consequences for the future of American politics.

We will examine how these factors affect each of the two major parties.

Feb 25 09:38

CRASH2: when everyone feels they have to lie, then you know it’s a war

So many things today come under that infamous Mandy Rice-Davies riposte to the Profumo scandal prosecutor. Earlier today down under, the Australian Energy Minister said he had “every confidence in the Chinese economic future”. Three hours later, the Shanghai Composite closed 6.4% down on the day – a dire outcome even by its own standards.

But 120% of Australia’s profitable trade involves selling unrefined mineral ores to, um, China so he would say that.

After taking a few seconds to gulp, the market explained it away with ‘on anticipation of G20 meeting’ because it would say that.

Feb 25 08:48

The Pentagon Readies Backup Island in Case of Chinese Missile Onslaught

The United States can no longer count on its Pacific air bases to be safe from missile attack during a war with China. On the contrary, a 2015 paper from the influential RAND Corporation noted that in the worst case scenario, “larger and accurate attacks sustained over time against a less hardened posture could be devastating, causing large losses of aircraft and prolonged airfield closures.”

Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, due to its relative proximity, would be hardest hit. To up the stakes, China in September 2015 publicly revealed its DF-26 ballistic missile, which can strike Andersen Air Force Base in Guam — nearly 3,000 miles away — from the Chinese mainland. Andersen and Kadena are among the U.S. military’s largest and most important overseas bases.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would be willing to bet that construction on Tinian will begin very quickly, with the escalation of tensions between Korea, the US, and China.

Feb 25 08:22

Missiles in paradise: Kauai island faces controversial Hawaii defense plan

When 2016 began with North Korea declaring it had detonated a hydrogen bomb, its fourth nuclear test, the U.S. military had already tested a land-based Aegis Ashore missile defense system in Hawaii — Lockheed Martin’s version of the short-to-intermediate-range ballistic missile defense (BMD) system used on Aegis Navy destroyers.

Now, as tension mounts after Pyongyang’s satellite launch on Feb. 7, media reports suggest the Pentagon is mulling making the Aegis Ashore test facility operational at the Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF) at the Barking Sands naval base on the Hawaiian island of Kauai.

A Navy spokesman said, “There are no plans for an operational site of Aegis Ashore at PMRF. It was constructed as a test and training site only.” But Adm. Harry B. Harris Jr., the commander of U.S. Pacific Command, has publicly stated that he believes the Aegis Ashore test facility should be considered as an operational site.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks as though if the US military has its way on Kauai, all of us in the state will have a ring-side seat to any Chinese or Russian bombardment of our islands!!!!

And, of course, the geopolitical "ownership" of these islands (if the onslaught doesn't destroy too much of the infrastructure) translates as power projection, either East or West, depending on who has staked their claim here, militarily.

What in sam's hill ever happened to the US government's capabilities to enter into honest, good-faith negotiations, as a way to resolve geopolitical disputes?!?

It appears that this process is completely gone from DC's mindset,and the only thing this government is capable of doing is attempting to win its geopolitical battles only by military means.

And this is a problem, because right now, the US military doesn't have the money, the weapons, the troop strength, or the manufacturing to insure a positive outcome against either Russia or China.

And how has our military come to this point? Because the weapons procurement process has become incestuously corrupt, and those politicians who steer various weapons programs to various weapons manufacturers get taken care of handsomely by those same companies.

And how that translates for our military in the field is that when these weapons are finally deployed, many times they do not work as advertised; are chronically late, and horrifically over budget.

Please understand; as a Christian pacifist, I abhor war, and I never advocate violence. However, when it comes to weapons for our men and women in uniform, I want them to have the best, which perform as advertised, and are supplied on time and within budget.

Feb 25 06:46

THAAD deployment in ROK to "directly" impair China's security interests: FM

The deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), an advanced U.S. missile defense system, in the Republic of Korea (ROK) will "directly" impair China's security interests, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said on Wednesday.

"We understand the ROK's legitimate security concerns, but no country should impair others' security interests when pursuing its own," Hua Chunying said at a daily news briefing.

"We believe that the deployment of the THAAD system will directly compromise China's national security interests," said the spokesperson.

The United States and the ROK started talks on THAAD after the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) allegedly launched an Earth-observation satellite to test ballistic missile technology earlier this month.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The one and only move to de-escalate the tensions here here is something which the US government will not entertain at all: a full-scale, all parties negotiation between North and South Korea, the US, and China, to replace the armistice, which is simply a cessation of hostile military activities, with a true peace treaty, which guarantees that North Korea will not continue its weapons research, to the point of it ultimately having a nuclear bomb.

The degree to which logic, and the US government's leadership, do not have a good on-going relationship is absolutely frightening sometimes.

Feb 24 17:36

Beijing now has more billionaires than New York

The Chinese capital added an incredible 32 billionaires to its ranks last year, bringing the city's total to 100, according to Hurun Report's latest global rich list. New York, which has led the ranking for years, has 95 billionaires.

Feb 24 16:17

US Navy plans more freedom of navigation moves in South China Sea: Admiral

The head of the U.S. Navy’s Pacific Command told a congressional committee on Wednesday he will carry out more freedom of navigation operations with more complexity in the South China Sea.

Admiral Harry Harris told a House of Representatives Armed Services Committee hearing the United States must continue to operate in the South China Sea with allies, including Japan and South Korea.

The hearing comes after China deployed surface-to-air missiles on Woody Island in the South China Sea’s Paracel chain and new radars on Cuarteron Reef in the Spratlys.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Sooner or later, we'll goad China into shooting at us, and then we will have our war! Yeee-HAAAAAA!!!!{" -- Official White Horse Souse


P.S. This was the approach Roosevelt used on Japan, goading them over an entire year until Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, then telling the American people it was this total surprise!

Feb 24 16:04

S. Korea dismisses China concern over US missile defense system

South Korea Wednesday dismissed China’s warning that the planned deployment of a US missile defense system could damage ties, stressing that it was to counter “growing threats” from North Korea.

“The deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system (THAAD) is a measure of self-defense against growing nuclear and missile threats from North Korea,” presidential spokesman Jeong Yeon-Guk said.

Feb 24 12:11

Pentagon Seeks to Deploy Mobile Artillery Near South China Sea

With tensions escalating in the South China Sea, the US Army is discussing the possibility of sending mobile artillery units to the region.

Feb 24 05:45

Russians Ride Fast – Israel Shamir

If the rebels grasp the chance and enter serious negotiations for a coalition government, peace is possible.

The Russians accepted the US proposal to cease fire in Syria (or rather to end hostilities). They had made a similar proposal a few weeks ago, so this is in line with their thinking. Russians have made huge successes in Syria; they achieved an astonishing and unexpected victory with very few losses.

It was a reputational victory it was as well as a military one. Russia entered the Syrian war at a low point internationally.

Feb 24 04:31

US and China agree to ban jet fuel deliveries to Pyongyang — media

The United States and China have preliminarily agreed to include ban on jet fuel deliveries in their new package of sanctions against North Korea, Kyodo news agency reported on Wednesday. New expanded sanctions against Pyongyang are planned to be adopted in UN Security Council in response to North Korea’s fourth nuclear test and satellite launch. Previous UN Security Council resolutions banned Pyongyang from conducting such tests and carrying out such launches. It was reported that at recent talks US insisted on full ban of oil deliveries to North Korea. The fuel is primarily supplied to Pyongyang by China. However, Beijing did not support this measure saying it threatens North Korea’s civilian population.

Feb 23 16:35

In "Dramatic Escalation," China Sends Fighter Jets To Disputed Islands

On Tuesday, multiple media outlets jumped at the opportunity to report that China has built radar facilities at Cuarteron Reef, Beijing’s southern-most South Pacific sandcastle. But that, as it turns out, isn't the big news. Just moments ago, GOP mouthpiece Fox News said China has now deployed fighter jets to Woody Island, where imagery from ImageSat International (ISI) showed two batteries of eight surface-to-air missile launchers in place earlier this month.

Feb 23 09:50

Russia China Agreement Death of US Petro Dollar? Michael Rivero - February 22, 2016

Feb 23 05:53

European Stocks Fall as Yen Gains With Gold on China Yuan Fixing

>China cuts yuan fixing by the most in more than a month
>Euro weakens with pounds as Brexit risks weigh on currencies

Investors got a reminder on Tuesday of the potential for China’s currency moves to jar financial markets.

European stocks fell with emerging markets after the People’s Bank of China reduced the yuan’s reference rate by the most in six weeks. BHP Billiton Ltd. led commodity producers lower after making a larger-than-expected cut to its dividend. Industrial metals declined, with zinc slipping back after entering a bull market on Monday. The yen gained and gold climbed on haven demand.

Feb 22 16:30

Goodbye Petrodollar: Russia Accepts Yuan, Is Now China's Biggest Oil Partner

Russia is now the top crude exporter to China, the largest (or second largest, depending on whom you ask) oil demand growth country in the world.

At the start of the decade, Saudi Arabia enjoyed a 20% share of Chinese crude imports, while Russia was lagging far behind with 7%. Now the Saudis find themselves neck and neck with Moscow for the lead in Chinese market share, with both performing in the 13-16% range. But Russia's share continues to rise, as The Kingdom struggles to maintain a foothold.

Why? Analysts attribute Russia's huge market share growth to its willingness to accept yuan, while Saudi Arabia is still clinging to blood-soaked dollars.

Feb 22 12:30

A Panicked China Orders Media To Stick To "Positive Reporting" Or Risk "The Stability Of The Country"

If China's recent record surge in loan creation, and its revision of a key PBOC capital outflow "data" wasn't sufficient proof that the world's second largest economy is on the verge of panic, then the explicit propaganda directive issued to the the local press by China's president Xi Jinping late on Friday should certainly seal it.

As SCMP reports, according to a commentary published by a leading mouthpiece online "having public opinions that are different from the official ones will shake the foundation of the rule of the Communist party and the country."

Xiakedao, a social media account operated by the overseas edition of People’s Daily, said in a commentary on Friday’s high-profile tour by President Xi Jinping to the three largest state media outlets – People’s Daily, Xinhua and Central China Television — "that the party was alarmed by how different public opinion is from official media."

Feb 22 09:27

Benjamin Fulford 2-22-16… “Did a Chinese banker just announce the biggest event in human history”

“…Zhou Xiaochuan, the head of China’s central bank, announced… that China would no longer be pegging its currency to the US dollar. Instead, the Chinese yuan will be linked to a broad basket of currencies… This seemingly arcane shift could trigger a collapse in the US dollar…

Feb 21 13:28

Street trolling: Chinese internet wants Snowden St as US names plaza after dissident Liu Xiaobo

Beijing has labelled “provocative” the US Senate’s approval to rename a plaza in front of the Chinese embassy in Washington after a jailed dissident.

Feb 21 05:20

The Empire Doesn’t Retreat or Compromise

Reading mainstream media news, analyses, and opinion pieces about this war is completely useless, as everything is either uninformed and clueless gibberish or propaganda and deception.

I wrote this text over several days and every time I sat down again to continue there came another headline to my mind. The first headline was “Nobody said, that it will be easy,” the second “Waiting for the Turkey-Russia showdown,” the third “Playing the terrorism game,” the fourth “Everything is better than war.”

In the end I settled for the header “The empire doesn’t retreat or compromise.”

This statement stands the test of time, it has been proven throughout human history, and there is only one single exemption, only one short period where retreat and compromise are a possibility. This short period is the time when the empire is in terminal decline and in the process of collapsing.

Feb 20 08:21

The Chinese announced that American fighter F-22 are not at all invisible to their new radars

Chinese military experts claim that the American "invisible hunters" F-22 are not invisible. Bar radars for their armies.

Chinese official newspaper "Renmin Ziba," announced that the national EIA radars, which are set in the East China Sea able to reveal the F-22, even on solid distances.

Famous Chinese military expert Jin Zuo said that the stealth technology, used for the F-22, powerless before the new radars of the armed forces of his country.

Previously, the Russian military experts announced, for the Russian radars 55Ž6ME, 55Ž6UME, 1L121E able to reveal even the high-precision weapons and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Americans are particularly wary of the possibilities of Russian EIA / PRO system S-300 and S-400.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another quality product of the military industrial complex!

Feb 20 05:17

China Accuses US of Militarizing South China Sea BEIJING -- China on Friday accused the US of militarizing the South China Sea, just days after it was revealed that Beijing had deployed surface-to-air missiles on an island in the hotly disputed area.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei told reporters that patrols by US military aircraft and Navy vessels, along with joint exercises involving regional partners were the true reason why concerns were growing over peace and stability.

"The above actions have escalated tensions in the South China Sea, and that's the real militarization of the South China Sea," Hong said.

Feb 19 12:33

China & the US are in the same place: DEBT

Feb 19 12:24

U.S. rejects Chinese offer of peace treaty talks with North Korea

The United States said Thursday that denuclearization remains its top priority when it comes to North Korea, rejecting a Chinese proposal to begin peace treaty negotiations with Pyongyang in tandem with denuclearization talks.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi made the offer earlier this week after talks in Beijing with his Australian counterpart. A peace treaty with the United States, which would formally end the 1950-53 Korean War, is one of the North's long-running demands.

"Denuclearization remains our top priority. We remain in close contact with the other five-party partners on our shared goal of the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula in a peaceful manner," State Department spokeswoman Katina Adams said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To President Xi Jinping and the government of China; what you have proposed is completely logical and reasonable. Thank you for your suggesting this approach.

Having said that, it pains me to confess that I am sometimes dumbfounded by the ham-fisted, pig-headed stupidity of the US government, which more than occasionally, collectively, appears to be pathologically incapable of thinking anything through.

Using the peace treaty here would be the "carrot" in the negotiations which would ultimately lead to denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula. That the US government willfully refuses to see this logic is unfortunate.

Feb 18 09:26

Chinese Banks Hiding Losses

Feb 18 07:56

China Offers Reward For Decoding Ancient Gold Coins

A Chinese museum is offering a reward to anyone who can decode the inscriptions written on six gold coins found in China’s Hunan province.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"It's ancient Hebrew and it says 'property of Israel!' So those belong to us and you should Fedex them to me right now!" -- Nodding Yahoo

Feb 18 03:45

China has long been using defense infrastructure on Paracel Islands — foreign ministry

China has already been using defense infrastructure on the Paracel Islands for many years, Chinese Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson Hong Lei said on Thursday. "Deploying defense systems on Shish (Paracel) Islands is not news. China has already been using such infrastructure for many years as it has full sovereignty over the archipelago. At the same time, implementation of measures of defensive nature and militarization of the region, which several countries state, are not the same thing," Hong said. On Tuesday China deployed HQ-9 surface-to-air missile launchers on Woody Island (part of Paracel Islands) in the South China Sea. The HQ-9 is China’s new generation medium- to long-range, active radar homing surface-to-air missile. This is the first Chinese defense system capable of intercepting ballistic missiles. Chinese Foreign Ministry Wang Yi said that Beijing is entitled to deploying defense infrastructure on the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea.

Feb 17 16:42

China Considers Putting Nukes Under Military Control

Colonel Larry Wilkerson explains the significance of China considering placing nuclear arsenal on high alert.

Feb 17 11:05

China sends missiles to contested South China Sea island - Taiwan, U.S. officials

China has deployed an advanced surface-to-air missile system to one of the disputed islands it controls in the South China Sea, Taiwan and U.S. officials said, ratcheting up tensions even as U.S. President Barack Obama urged restraint in the region.

Taiwan defence ministry spokesman Major General David Lo told Reuters on Wednesday the missile batteries had been set up on Woody Island. The island is part of the Paracels chain, under Chinese control for more than 40 years but also claimed by Taiwan and Vietnam.

A U.S. defence official also confirmed the "apparent deployment" of the missiles, first reported by Fox News.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said the United States expected to have "very serious" talks with China about militarization of the South China Sea.

"There is every evidence, every day that there has been an increase of militarization of one kind or another. It’s of serious concern," Kerry told reporters when asked about the reported deployment.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Although this is a serious escalation of tensions, the US government started it by having our Air Force doing very close to near-overflights of these contested areas.

Feb 17 04:53

China deploys anti-aircraft systems on disputed islands

The Chinese authorities have deployed several long-range anti-aircraft complexes on a disputed island in the South China Sea. Two batteries of eight HQ-9 systems are seen on satellite images, TASS reports. Beijing also deployed a radar station on one of the Paracel Islands (Xisha Islands). The anti-aircraft systems appeared on the location last week, Fox News said. A US official confirmed the authenticity of the satellite images. China, Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines have differences over maritime boundaries and areas of responsibility in the South China and East China Seas. China believes that countries such as the Philippines and Vietnam deliberately use the support of the United States to escalate tensions in the region.

Feb 16 12:15

China urges United States, North Korea to hold direct talks

China's foreign ministry on Monday urged the United States and North Korea to sit down with each other face-to-face and resolve their problems, as tension continues to climb on the Korean peninsula after North Korea's latest rocket test.

While China was angered by the launch, it has also expressed concern at plans by Washington and Seoul to deploy an advanced U.S. missile defense system, saying it would impact upon China's own security.

"The focus of the nuclear issue on the peninsula is between the United States and North Korea," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei told a daily news briefing.

"We urge the United States and North Korea to sit down and have communications and negotiations, to explore ways to resolve each other's reasonable concerns and finally reach the goal we all want reached."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a very positive, reasonable proposal from China, but it left out one key player: South Korea.

Unless there is a rapprochement between all four countries, no true peace deal can be realized. Unfortunately, right now, it appears that South Korea is not amenable to that approach. As reported today in the Washington Post:

North Korea’s pursuit of a nuclear weapons program “will only hasten its collapse,” South Korean President Park Geun-hye said Tuesday, forgoing her usual caution to warn in uncharacteristically blunt terms that her government would do all it could to punish Pyongyang for its recent provocations. Talk of the North’s collapse is normally a no-go topic here, because the prospect not only alarms South Koreans but also enrages Kim Jong Un’s irascible regime. But following the North’s nuclear and missile tests this year, Park is taking a markedly more confrontational approach. “Dear people of South Korea, it’s obvious now that our previous methods and goodwill cannot break Pyongyang’s nuclear will,” she said in a special televised address to the National Assembly. “I believe we should not provide them with unconditional support anymore nor succumb to their provocations. We now need to find a fundamental solution to effectively change North Korea, and it is our time to be brave.” Her tough words come at a time when South Korea, Japan and the United States are in unusual accord on how to deal with North Korea.

Unfortunately, this approach will have the polar opposite result from what is needed in this situation. Getting more "muscular" with North Korea, rather than sitting down with all parties at the negotiating table, and replacing the armistice with a true peace treaty, may incite him to further acts of aggression, and kick off a war into which the US and China will be inevitably dragged.

War with China right now, from the US government's perspective, should be a very lousy thing to do. And I would like to politely remind those in the bowels of power in this country that at this time in the US Military's history, it does not have the weaponry, the money, the manufacturing, or the troop strength to insure a positive outcome to a conventional war against China.

Feb 16 10:12

1.27 Trillion Tuesday – China’s Bad Loans Jump 51% in 12 Months

Bad loans at Chinese banks jumped 7% in the fourth quarter and are now topping 1.27Tn Yuan which is, fortunately, "only" $196Bn but still – that's a LOT of bad loans! And, of course, this being China, those are just the ones they are admitting to. If you include "special-mention" loans, where future repayment is at risk but yet to become nonperforming, the industry’s total troubled loans swelled to 4.2Tn Yuan ($648Bn), representing 5.46% percent of total advances made by banks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Many of those loans were for companies to manufacture goods to sell to the United States ... which cannot afford to buy them any more!

Feb 16 07:43

Chinese Exports Plunge 11.2 Percent As Economic Activity Continues To Collapse All Over The Planet

If the global economy is in fine shape, then why does all of the hard data tell us that global trade is absolutely collapsing? The Baltic Dry Index has fallen below 300 for the first time ever, and export numbers are way down for almost every major exporting nation on the entire planet.

Feb 16 05:36


Leo De Watts, a young British entrepreneur, is minting money by selling 580 ml “naturally occurring, lovingly bottled” fresh British country air for £80 to pollution–hit Chinese cities. Customers have a choice of air from various parts of the UK including Yorkshire, Dorset and Somerset. The air is being marketed as a high-end product, like the “the Gucci of air”.

Feb 15 15:11

Love is cruel: Elephant smashes cars after getting ‘dumped’ in China

It’s never easy getting rejected just before Valentine’s Day, but it’s harder to swipe your frustrations away on Tinder or drown your sorrows in a bottle of whiskey when you’re an elephant – which, presumably, is why this dumped Dumbo took it out on a street full of cars.

Feb 15 11:16

US admiral warns China against flying warplanes over S. China Sea

A senior US naval commander has warned that China’s plan to fly fighter jets from its new man-made islands in the South China Sea will be destabilizing and would not deter US operations in the disputed waters.

US Navy Vice Admiral Joseph Aucoin also urged Beijing to be more open over its intentions in the South China Sea, saying it would relieve "some of the angst we are now seeing."

"We are unsure where they are taking us," Aucoin told journalists on Monday in Singapore about China's recent moves. "So we are going to sail, fly, operate throughout these we have been doing for so long," he said.

Chinese and international security experts expect Beijing to start using its new runways in the disputed Spratlys archipelago for military operations in the next few months.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Whatever happened to the possibility of good-faith, hard-fought negotiations as a way to resolve geopolitical differences between the US and...any other country in the world, such as China?!?

Unfortunately, that possibility has been eclipsed by a consistent, hubristically bellicose, diatribe by military and political officials of this country, threatening something dire against any country whose actions do not please the US's government.

I would like to politely suggest to Adm. Aucoin that right now, the US military does not have the weaponry, the money, the manufacturing, or the troop strength to guarantee a positive outcome in a conventional war with China, and that is what what makes a potential military confrontation with China such a lousy idea.

And if the US government and military persists in overflying, and flying too close to, what the Chinese government believes is their sovereign territory, it is only a matter of time before such a confrontation will nearly inevitably happen.

Feb 15 11:07

First 'Silk Road' train in Tehran after 14-day journey from China

The first train connecting China to Iran through the ancient Silk Road has arrived in the Iranian capital after traveling over 10,000 kilometers, head of the Iranian railway company said.

According to Iranian media, the train, which has been launched in an effort to revive the ancient road, is carrying 32 containers of commercial products originating from China’s eastern province of Zhejiang.

The trip from China to Iran has taken 14 days over 10,399 (about 6,500 miles), taking the cargo train through Central Asian countries of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, Fars news agency reported.

"The arrival of this train in less than 14 days is unprecedented," said head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways, Mohsen Pourseyyed Aqai.

He added, "This is an important step for the revival of the Silk Road and the train has traveled 700 km per day, saving 30 days compared to normal time that takes to go this distance.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Wow! Talk about opening up nearly unlimited trade possibilities between China, Iran, and the Middle East!

And of course, this achievement and collaboration between China and Iran gets absolutely zero coverage in the Western media.

Feb 15 10:52

Why the Syria ceasefire is a long shot

Washington and its allies are not interested in peace. They want regime change – by hook or by crook.

An end to the Syrian conflict is desperately needed. But the latest plan for a cessation of violence is unlikely to take hold, as the deal struck by international powers is based on fundamentally opposing premises.

In short, Washington and its allies want regime change, while Russia and Iran insist that President Bashar Al-Assad and his government are the legitimate ruling authorities in Syria. All sides are mandated by UN resolutions to respect the sovereign will of the Syrian people – to determine the political future of their country.

Feb 15 10:49

A Syrian Breakthrough – Israel Shamir

Now the deed is done, the corridor is blocked.

If and when Aleppo and the whole Aleppo district will be taken by the Syrian army, we would be able to congratulate Putin and Assad – and Syrian people – with a great victory.

The Russians raise alarms that a Turkish invasion into Syria is imminent. Russian media is foaming at the mouth about the perfidious Turks; a veritable Two Minutes Hate ritual (vide Orwell) on the state-managed TV channels being repeated a few times a day. The idea is to scare Turks stiff so they will not move while the operation in the North lasts. On the other side, the Russian opposition draws frightful scenarios of Janissaries slaughtering the Russian boys on the Syrian terrain. The Turkish media also tries to instil fear in the Russkies by saying what they can do.

Feb 15 10:45

Presidential Debates and Iran

The presidential candidates’ irresponsible remarks about Iran - as though it is a politically convenient football to be kicked around...

After watching both the Republican and Democratic debates on TV, I intend to exclude two main categories from my principle concerns in the upcoming presidential elections that will determine who will replace President Obama next year: one is the entire roster of the Republican Party, and the other, anything other than the foreign policy issues; the main area of my personal interest.

I am disregarding the entire Republican roster because I don’t think any Republican has a chance to beat Ms. Clinton in the general elections, at least this time around.

Feb 13 10:00

US sends extra Patriot missiles to S Korea amid rising tensions with North

The US military has deployed additional Patriot missile systems in South Korea, citing Pyongyang’s recent rocket launch.
The Seoul HQ of the US Forces Korea (USFK) said Saturday that the deployment of additional assets is part of an emergency readiness exercise being carried out in cooperation with the South Korean military.

"North Korea’s continued development of ballistic missiles against the expressed will of the international community requires the Alliance to maintain effective and ready ballistic missile defenses. Exercises like this ensure we are always ready to defend against an attack from North Korea," said Lt. Gen. Thomas Vandal, Commanding General of Eighth Army, the commanding formation of the USFK.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This deployment, coupled with the potential deployment of the THAAD system, is yet one more glaring demonstration (as if the American people need more demonstrations) of the reality that just because something is the most ham-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid thing the US government can do, is absolutely no guarantee that the US government won't do it.

And I have a short memo, and question, to the White House, Congress, the Pentagon, and the State Department: why is it that the only time you tend to pay attention to North Korea is when they test another, bigger, more sophisticated bomb?!?

Has it not occurred to you that this is the only way Kim Jung-un believes he can get your attention?!?

Instead of sanctioning and hurriedly deploying more weapons to South Korea, will someone, please pick up the damned phone, and call China's President, Xi Ping, and start the dialogue leading to a 4 way conference between North Korea, China, South Korea, and the US to replace the Armistice (which is just a cessation of fighting) with a genuine peace treaty?!?

Because when this happens, and with one of the iron-clad articles in the treaty stating that North Korea never develops weapons again, these countries would do a great job of ratcheting down the tensions in the region, noticeably.

Of course, what I am suggesting is...logical, which it may never have occurred to the American government, at least not so far.

Feb 13 09:24

Paul Craig Roberts: Are Americans Too Insouciant To Survive?

The United States government, or perhaps we should say the exploiter and deceiver of the American people, has announced a three-fold increase in its military presence on Russia’s borders. The excuse for this great boost in the profits and power of the US military-security complex is “Russian aggression.”

But there is no sign of this aggression. So Washington and its servile presstitutes in the Western media make it up. They proclaim a lie.

“Russia invaded Ukraine” proclaims the propaganda. No mention is made of Washington’s coup in Ukraine that overthrew a democratically elected government and began a war against the Russian populations of eastern and southern Ukraine, former provinces of Russia added to the Ukrainian Soviet Republic by Soviet leaders. In the presstitute media, no mention is made of Washington’s intention of seizing Russia’s only warm water port in Crimea on the Black Sea.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember: the captains of industry and the politicians have their bunkers; they care not one whit about your, your family, or your loved ones surviving, should a war of this magnitude break out.

They have all had their consciences surgically removed.

The job of the corporate presstitutes is to cover the filth of lies with the most amazing, exquisite silk garment of propaganda, to push the favored narrative to attempt to make you believe what they are saying.

Please don't, because you cannot believe anything these people say.

Feb 13 07:55


Last year, the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), the US federal agency responsible for Voice of America and Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe, among others, requested a substantial budget increase. Seeking an boost of $30 million, the BBG’s budget soared to $751.5 million. That was, evidently, not enough money. President Obama’s newly proposed budget for fiscal year 2017 proposes another massive increase in spending for the BBG. If granted, the agency will receive nearly $778 million, a roughly $27 million increase.

Feb 13 07:15

Report: China’s Currency Will Diminish Dollar’s Role in International Trade

The Chinese government has taken steps to promote the international use of its currency, the renminbi, which will diminish the dollar’s role in international trade, according to a report from the Brookings Institution.

The steps China has taken to internationalize the renminbi have been gaining traction and the currency now represents the fifth-most important payment currency in the world.

“The Chinese renminbi, barely visible in international trade of financial flows just three years ago, appears to be blossoming,” says William Wilson, a research fellow at the Heritage Foundation. “China is now the world’s largest trading nation, and more corporations, particularly in Asia, are beginning to invoice their business in [renminbi].”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the reason we see the US government behaving badly toward China and North Korea; those in the bowels of power in Foggy Bottom see a war with China as the only way to halt the renminbi's ascent.

Feb 12 14:09

Russia concerned over possible deployment of air defense system in S.Korea

The Russian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday expressed concerns over possible deployment of U.S. missile defense system in South Korea.

The Pentagon said Monday that the United States and South Korea have begun negotiations on the issue in response to the missile launch by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) on Feb. 7.

The Russian ministry noted that the action of DPRK was used by Washington to expand the deployment range of the U.S. global missile defense system, according to an online statement.

"The emergence of elements of the U.S. global missile defense system in the region, characterized by a rather difficult security situation, could provoke an arms race in northeast Asia and will further complicate the solution of the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula," the statement said.

"This step could only enhance the destructive impact of the U.S. global missile defense system on international security and strategic stability."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US government just signed off on more sanctions against North Korea today; this is a ham-fistedly, pig-headedly wrong approach, and will do nothing to tone down the situation, nor will the introduction of US global missile defense systems in South Korea help.

What should happen here is the US going to China to arrange for a four-party negotiation between the US, China, South Korea, and North Korea to replace the Armistice between North and South Korea, which has existed for over 60 years, with a true, actual peace treaty, which guarantees trade, and peaceful relations among all the above-mentioned nations.

Of course, that... would be logical.

Feb 12 09:30

Iran Completes Eurasian Golden Triangle

Sometimes profound tectonic shifts in the global politics arise from least noticed events. Such is the situation with Iran and the recent visit to Teheran of China’s President Xi Jinping. What emerged from the talks confirms that the vital third leg of what will become a genuine Eurasian Golden Triangle, of nations committed to peaceful economic development, is now in place.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Ah HA! I block your golden triangle with my Pentagon of DEATH!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Feb 08 09:23

China, Russia and Iran planning gold backed currency

The latest Sino-Iranian rapprochement has prompted a lively debate regarding the new Eurasian “world order.” “Sometimes profound tectonic shifts in the global politics arise from the least noticed events. Such is the situation with Iran and the recent visit to Tehran of China’s President Xi Jinping. What emerged from the talks confirms that the vital third leg of what will become a genuine Eurasian Golden Triangle, of nations committed to peaceful economic development, is now in place,” American-German researcher, historian and strategic risk consultant F. William Engdahl writes in his article for New Eastern Outlook.

Feb 07 09:59

The IMF Changes its Rules to Isolate China and Russia

Dr. Hudson discusses his paper, The IMF Changes Its Rules To Isolate China and Russia; implications of the four policy changes at the International Monetary Fund in its role as enforcer of inter-government debts; the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) as an alternative military alliance to NATO; the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) threatens to replace the IMF and World Bank; the Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty; the China International Payments System (CIPS); WTO investment treaties; Ukraine and Greece; different philosophies of development between east and west; break up of the post WWII dollarized global financial system; the world dividing into two camps.

Feb 06 15:08


Feb 06 10:48

Money from thin air: British breezes sells for £80 a pop in China

A UK businessman is making a fortune selling British air to wealthy Chinese buyers for £80 ($115) a bottle.

Leo De Watts, 27, harvests fresh air from rural locations across the UK, including Dorset, Somerset, Wales, Wiltshire and Yorkshire.

His team use specially adapted fishing nets and run through fields to collect the breeze. The nets are left for 10 minutes to absorb the local aroma, before being bottled in 580ml containers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Some people have waaaaay too much money and no common sense.

Feb 06 10:27

Chicago Stock Exchange Says It’s Being Sold to Chinese-Led Group

The Chicago Stock Exchange said a Chinese investor group agreed to acquire it, giving the buyer entry into the intensely competitive U.S. equity market. Chongqing Casin Enterprise Group has signed a definitive agreement to acquire the company, according to a statement Friday. The deal values the Chicago Stock Exchange at less than $100 million, according to a person familiar with the matter, who asked to not be identified because the terms weren’t disclosed publicly. The exchange expects the deal to close in the second half of the year, though that will require regulatory approval.

Feb 05 18:36

Strange Times: Pentagon Talks up Conflicts with Iran, Russia, China, North Korea

It could happen today or tomorrow. Maybe in the years to come. But potential conflicts with Russia, China, North Korea and Iran are inevitable. That’s what the Pentagon says in its new budget request from the US Congress!

Feb 05 09:44

SocGen claims China is only months away from burning through its currency reserves

China is burning through its foreign-currency reserves at such a blistering pace that the country will run down its cushion in a few months, forcing the government to wave the white flag and float the yuan, says Société Générale global strategist Albert Edwards.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Money has been weaponized!

Feb 04 12:12

Chinese Investors Ponzi'd - American Style!

Feb 04 09:50

Pettis: China's Debt Reckoning Is Upon Us

Feb 04 08:15

Beijing Vs DC: The Battle for Southeast Asia

By Tony Cartalucci

The Straits Times published an opinion piece by the London-based Rob Edens. Wishfully titled, “South-east Asia fast becoming unfriendly territory for China,” it attempts to portray Southeast Asia as increasingly pivoting West toward Washington, coincidentally just as Washington was “pivoting” East toward Asia...

Feb 04 08:10

Epic Battle: Hedge Funds Versus China

Feb 03 21:18

The Art of War Quotes

He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot will be victorious!

For to win 100 victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.

Feb 03 09:43


Beijing is preparing a free trade agreement with the countries of the Persian Gulf, and with Iran plans to increase trade to $ 600 billion a year, linking up with the states required for the new Silk Road...

Feb 02 15:30

US Air Force Bolsters Space Defense to Counter Russian, Chinese 'Threats'

As global powers prepare for the increased role of outer space in future conflicts, the US Air Force has announced the creation of a new team whose sole purpose is to protect American space assets – primarily against Russian and Chinese "aggression."

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Feb 02 14:50

Donald Trump Is Not the Only One Demonizing China

One day recently, the New York Times, following Donald Trump’s lead,
ran two articles that demonized China-although the elite newspaper did so much
more subtly than the crudities of “the Donald.”

Feb 02 08:47

Chinese Investors Find Out They Got Fleeced By A $7 Billion Ponzi Scheme

On Monday we got the latest “big” news out of China when Beijing announced it had arrested 21 people over a $7.6 billion P2P fraud Ezubao. 900,000 people were defrauded, making the fiasco the biggest ponzi scheme in history by number of victims.

Feb 02 08:44

Hong Kong Housing Bubble Suffers Spectacular Collapse: Sales Plunge Most On Record, Prices Crash

Two months ago, we observed the record plunge in Hong Kong home sales when according to Land Registry data, a paltry 2,826 registered residential transactions were record, down 14.4% from October and what we thought was an amazing 41.7% less than in November last year. This was the lowest print in the history of the series.

Little did we know just how bad it would get just two months later.

Feb 01 14:44

Meet China's Latest $1.8 Trillion "Problem"

The powers that be in Beijing aren’t particularly keen on allowing the banking sector to report “real” data on souring loans - especially given the fragile state of the country’s economy. In some cases, the Politburo will pressure banks to simply roll over bad debt, effectively kicking the can.

In addition, banks carry around 40% of their credit risk outside of “official loans.” Here’s what Fitch had to say last year:

Feb 01 08:38

Monday Mandarin Manufacturing Meltdown

Feb 01 04:46

Asian Markets Close Mixed: Weak PMI Data Weighs on China

Asian markets traded mixed on Monday with China taking the biggest hit to close in the red. The weak Chinese PMI manufacturing data coupled with decline in oil prices, drove the equity stocks in the region to close mix.
SSE Composite index in China closed down 1.78% on Monday after PMI index disclosed contraction in manufacturing and services sector of the country. The Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) for manufacturing sector in January dropped to 49.4, its lowest level in three years, from December’s 49.7, according to National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).
>The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) also injected around $1.5 billion in cash in the country’s financial system
>China’s Energy sector performed poorly during today’s trading session.
>Hang Seng in Honk Kong closed down 0.45%, erasing early gains.
>Oil prices plunged on Monday during Asian trading hours

Jan 31 09:45

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo sold the Spratly Islands to China

Webmaster's Commentary: 

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