May 05 20:11

Al Gore Reads His Global Warming Poem On CNN

Al Gore is truly a Renaissance Man. He wrote a poem on global warming and he really wants you to hear it. What he probably doesn't want you to hear is that the New York Times called his home a carbon-sucking machine, or that he traveled on more than 200 private jet flights last year. Burn baby burn.

This is cringeworthy. He is a horrible poet.


May 05 19:50

Spring snow surprises tourists in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The calendar says spring, but it doesn’t look like spring in parts of the Smokies.

For anyone heading into the Smoky Mountains Thursday it did not take long to figure out that winter gear is what you would need. The snow settled in Wednesday night and has been snowing off and on ever since, leaving a good dusting on the ground at Newfound Gap. People spent all day to check it out, take some pictures, and throw some snowballs around.

May 05 08:02

USGS appears to be removing its websites claiming all glaciers will be melted from Glacier National Park by 2030

On January 8 of this year, I posted a prediction that the government would soon alter its GNP-glaciers-gone-by-2030 claims. See here. I asked, “What is the government going to do as 2030 approaches and it becomes clear that their preposterous claims are untrue?”

“I have no doubt,” I wrote then, “that the government will begin modifying these claims by 2025, if not sooner.” I began saving screenshots of government websites which make the claim that manmade-global-warming will melt the GNP glaciers by 2030.

It turns out I didn’t need to wait very long at all. Today, on May 4, 2016, I started looking for the government’s ‘repeat photography’ sites.


Today when you google “repeat photography” and “Glacier National Park,” you are redirected to general-info USGS sites with pictures of hikers in the mountains.

Fortunately, I have screenshots of the prior government projections.

May 04 13:30

Government Targets 90 Conservative Groups for Being Skeptical of Climate Change

Regardless of how you feel about climate change (or any controversial debate for that matter) you probably already know that you can’t change someone’s mind by persecuting them. You can’t a hold a gun to their head, metaphorically or literally, and punish them for disagreeing with you. If anything that will only reinforce their beliefs. It’s not only wrong, it’s stupid.

Don’t tell that to Attorney General Claude Walker of the US Virgin Islands. He’s issued a subpoena to Exxon Mobil, asking them to hand over communications with 90 different conservative and libertarian groups, such as “the Heritage Foundation, the Cato Institute, the Federalist Society, the Hoover Institution, the Reason Foundation, and the Mercatus Institute” as part of a wider racketeering lawsuit.

(read more)

May 01 10:52

Meanwhile in the North… April snow warnings issued across northeast

You’d be forgiven for thinking that we’re running an old sheep photo from December.

But nope – this image is actually from this morning. In the UK.

May 01 09:41

Weather Channel founder calls Bill Nye ‘a pretend scientist in a bow tie’

A stormy fight is brewing between Weather Channel founder John Coleman and Bill Nye the Science Guy — who bashed a new movie featuring Coleman that denies the existence of global warming.

“I have always been amazed that anyone would pay attention to Bill Nye, a pretend scientist in a bow tie,” Coleman said Friday, according to

The science smackdown started after Nye shunned the film “Climate Hustle,” which Coleman introduces, and warned viewers not to take it seriously.

“I think it will expose your point of view as very much in the minority and very much not in our national interest and the world’s interest,” Nye said of the movie, according to the climate change website.

May 01 09:41

Berkshire investors reject climate change report

Berkshire Hathaway shareholders have overwhelmingly rejected a resolution calling for the company to write a report about the risks climate change creates for its insurance companies.

CEO Warren Buffett says he agrees that dealing with climate change is important for society, but he doesn’t think climate change creates serious risks for Berkshire’s insurance businesses.

(*In other words , Buffett is saying; YES go forward with a Tax on society , or; us , but leave my Berkshire’s insurance businesses the frig alone !)

Apr 30 08:01

Climate Hustle is a new film that debunks the global warming scare and will be playing in selected theatres across the U.S. on Monday May 2

Climate Hustle was produced to tear the cover off of the global warming debate to further investigate this multi-billion-dollar issue. This film event will reveal the history of climate scares, examine the science on both sides of the debate, and dig into the politics and media hype surrounding the issue. Cinema audiences will learn more about the topic through a panel discussion headlined by Sarah Palin (2008 Republican Vice Presidential Candidate; Governor of Alaska 2006-2009); moderated by Brent Bozell, Founder and President of the Media Research Center and respected climatologist Dr. David Legates. This riveting discussion will focus on climate change and issues brought up during the event.

Climate Hustle has been touted by the National Review as "Brutal and extremely funny." Cal Thomas called the movie "Tremendous," and Breitbart News proclaimed the film as "Dynamite."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Bill Nye, the "not really science guy", says that watching this movie threatens national security!

Apr 30 07:40


Scientists used satellite data over the past 33 years to measure leaf cover
Planet has got greener as plants have flourished in rising carbon dioxide
Additional plant growth is equivalent to covering the US twice in greenery
Rising carbon dioxide is responsible for 70 per cent of the extra greening
The pumping of excessive carbon dioxide into the atmosphere has widely been presented as setting our planet on a path towards disaster.

But a new study has revealed rising levels of the greenhouse gas due to humanity's actions is actually having a surprising side-effect – it is making the Earth greener.

Satellite data gathered over 33 years has shown there has been a 'persistent and widespread increase' in the growing season of plants.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Take THAT, Al Gore, and your warmongering Warmistas!!

Apr 29 11:33

Bill Nye, UN Climate Scientist Warn Moviegoers to Shun Film’s 1-Day Theater Release: ‘Not in Our National Interest’

Leading climate activists are warning moviegoers to shun the May 2nd nationwide one-day theater screening of “Climate Hustle,” a new film debunking climate alarmism and its big government solutions.

Bill Nye (not a real “science guy,” FYI), who entertains the idea of throwing climate skeptics in the slammer, warned the film’s producer, Climate Depot publisher Marc Morano, that “Climate Hustle’s” content endangers not just the nation, but also the world:

“I think it will expose your point of view as very much in the minority and very much not in our national interest and the world’s interest.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apr 29 11:12

Chilly, soggy feel doesn’t equal precipitation; snow possible today

It’s almost May, but it was snowing in Rye Thursday evening. The NWS said the Steel City may see a few flakes today.

A winter weather advisory is in effect for Pueblo, Walsenburg, Canon City and Trinidad until midnight. The forecast calls for 2 to 6 inches of snow.

Apr 29 11:11

It was SNOWING last night in Mayo

Residents in Mayo last night may have been a little confused last night when they looked outside their windows to see that it was snowing.

And not just sleeting or a light dusting that melted before it hit the ground - it was properly sticking too.

Knock Airport shared this video on their Facebook page that shows the surrounding countryside covered In a white blanket of unseasonal snow.

Apr 29 10:11

Widespread rain, higher terrain snow forecast for northern NM

Pacific storm system is moving across the state with potential for widespread rain, a few storms and higher terrain snow across north and far east New Mexico Friday.
View: Interactive Doppler Radar
A Winter Storm Warning is in effect for the eastern slopes of the Sangre de Cristos until midnight.
Interstate 25 has reopened in both directions from Raton to the state line after crews cleared snow packed roads Friday morning.
Through the day, we'll continue to see the chance for scattered showers and more snow in higher terrain.

Apr 28 18:11

Long cold winter: It’s snowing across several parts of Ireland

It may be hard to believe, since it’s almost May, but it’s actually snowing across some areas of the country.

Apr 28 12:58

El Niño ending and La Niña watch issued: Big impact on Michigan's summer

Just a few days ago, colder than normal water was showing up at the ocean surface, probably signifying an end to El Nino.

Apr 28 07:55

Snow In Slovenia

Apr 28 07:40

Denmark calls for tax on red meat because cattle flatulence 'is causing climate change' and people are 'ethically obliged' to change their eating habits

Denmark is considering a tax on red meat over fears cattle flatulence was causing climate change.

A government think tank said consumers were 'ethically obliged' to change their eating habits in a bid to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Government-approved diet!

Apr 28 07:25

Icegate: Now NSIDC Caught Tampering With Climate Records

You’ve read about the climate fraud committed ‘on an unbelievable scale’ by the shysters at NASA.

You’ve read about how NOAA overestimated US warming by 50 percent.

Now it’s NSIDC’s turn to be caught red-handed fiddling the data and cooking the books.

Apr 27 11:53

Ski resorts to remain open until May.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... or June. Maybe July. :)

Apr 27 08:52

AGU says CO2 is plant food

Scientists have long suspected that a flourishing of green foliage around the globe, observed since the early 1980s in satellite data, springs at least in part from the increasing concentration of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere. Now, a study of arid regions around the globe finds that a carbon dioxide “fertilization effect” has, indeed, caused a gradual greening from 1982 to 2010.

Apr 26 13:36

Snow falls in Paris... at the end of April?

It's been officially spring for over a month, but it seems like winter is still holding on in parts of France, with flurries of snow spotted around Paris today.

Apr 26 11:01

Snow falls in April in unusual British event

Snow fell in Britain on Tuesday, an unusual event that provoked surprise and excitement among some locals.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I'll bet they were REALLY surprised over at the UK Independent! :)

Apr 26 11:00

Spring snow to fall in Maine today

The National Weather Service says parts of Maine and New Hampshire are going to get a couple of inches of the white stuff on Tuesday. Some areas of Vermont are forecast to get about a half an inch.

Apr 26 10:59

It's snowing! (Just bear-ly)

A storm system moved into Northern Arizona today blowing a light dusting of snow across the region. The bears at Bearizona in Williams don't seem bothered by the weather.

Apr 26 10:58

It's already snowing in North Yorkshire - and there's more to come

SNOW has been reported in North Yorkshire - after weather forecasters issued a warning for freezing temperatures and snow this week, as a blast of Arctic air brings winter-like conditions for a short time.

Despite the approach of May, weather experts say that summer will feel a long way off.

Apr 26 10:57

It Was Snowing At The Munich Tennis Tournament!

“I have never seen anything like this before,” said Australian doubles specialist John Peers. “It’s the first time at an outdoor tour-level event that I have seen snow and matches had to be suspended. Being Australian it was definitely something different. We actually got lucky as it didn’t snow during practice, but literally right before and right after it did. It was so cold and our hands were frozen. Apparently we could get some more over the next day or two. Time to rug up I think.”

Apr 26 07:47

My review: Skeptic Film ‘Climate Hustle’ to appear in theaters Nationwide one week from tonight

One week from tonight on May 2nd, CFACT’s groundbreaking film Climate Hustle will be shown in movie theaters across the United States for a special one-night event. I’m in the film, and for the record I’m not paid to do so. That’s not a complaint, just a statement for those people who try to link any opinion to some sort of “pay for play” arrangement, since they have so little else in their toolbox to argue with.

I was given an advance showing of the film, and while at first, I thought perhaps the film was maybe a bit too corny, especially when Morano recreates the famous elevator/lift scene from Al Gore’s long debunked movie, An Inconvenient Truth, and does a terrible job of play acting. I thought then that maybe it just wasn’t going to be a credible response.

Apr 25 15:13

Southern Maine could See Light Snow Tuesday

New PBS science series idea: The Lies of Nye.

I want option rights.

Apr 25 10:24

It's already snowing in North Yorkshire - and there's more to come

SNOW has been reported in North Yorkshire - after weather forecasters issued a warning for freezing temperatures and snow this week, as a blast of Arctic air brings winter-like conditions for a short time.

Apr 25 10:24

It Was Snowing At The Munich Tennis Tournament!

Play was temporarily suspended Sunday at the red clay event in Munich because of…SNOW!

Apr 25 08:37

Obama’s Global Warming Plan Cost Poor Americans $44 Billion, Raises Taxes By 166%

President Obama’s global warming plan would cost America’s poorest families billions annually, according to a report published Thursday by the Manhattan Institute.

The study estimates that Obama’s global warming plan would increase the costs of living for the poorest American families an additional $19 billion per year, equivalent to increasing their taxes by 166 percent. The tax increase would also raise taxes on other poor families by an extra $25 billion, equal to a 33 percent tax increase. Living costs for the richest households would only increase by 4 percent.

Apr 25 08:27

Reigate wakes up to sleet, snow and rain

One dog walker said: "The other morning I had my breakfast in the garden. This morning it's snowing."

Apr 25 08:27

Crowborough wakes up to sleet and snow

People in Crowborough woke up to find sleet and light wet snow falling early this morning.

According to the Met Office, temperatures in west Kent and north East Sussex dropped below 3C in the early hours of Sunday, April 24, with a chilly breeze feeling like -2C.

Temperatures are expected to reach highs of 8C later today, with lows of 1C overnight.

Apr 25 08:26

Snow Day! Players Battle Rare Elements In Munich

Qualifying at the ATP World Tour 250 event was briefly halted due to a snow shower that hit Munich, and main draw players practising at the venue were also given a unique opportunity by Mother Nature.

Apr 24 09:33

WATCH BOTH TRAILERS: Climate Hustle: Global Warming Lies


One-Night National Theater Event May 2, 2016

The controversial and highly anticipated documentary produced by Marc Morano will be shown at more than 4,000 locations nationwide for one night only.

I found a very good 2-minute trailer that I haven't seen posted anywhere else.


Apr 24 08:48

7 Shocking Earth Day Predictions That Failed Spectacularly

These are predictions from the very first Earth Day in 1970.

Some of this shit is just off-the-wall ridiculous.


Apr 24 07:53

Mountain Town News: Water, snow fuel the town of Truckee

Skis and snowboards were amply evident last week at Squaw Valley, Sugar Bowl and other ski areas along the crest of the Sierra Nevada. Unlike last year at this time, ski season continues for resorts in the Tahoe Basin.

Apr 24 07:52

LONDON MARATHON WEATHER: Runners brace themselves for hailstorm and snow...

Forecasters warn temperatures are to continue to plummet, at only three to four degrees in the very early morning.

If snow does fall it will be the first time ever in the event’s 25-year history.

Apr 24 07:48

5 Scientific Reasons That Global Warming Isn't Happening

If nothing changes in the next year, we're going to have kids who graduate from high school who will have never seen any "global warming" during their lifetimes. That's right; the temperature of the planet has essentially been flat for 17 years. This isn't a controversial assertion either. Even the former Director of the Climate Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia, Phil Jones, admits that it's true. Since the planet was cooling from 1940-1975 and the upswing in temperature afterward only lasted 22 years, a 17 year pause is a big deal. It also begs an obvious question: How can we be experiencing global warming if there's no actual "global warming?"

Apr 24 07:47

How to Win Climate Change Debate Every Time (Global Warming Hoax)

Apr 23 18:34

Army TOP Priority they focua on

This is what the Army concentrates on.
It is strange if you think about it too long. How much things have changed in such a short time. How just the thinking has changed. Twenty-five years ago we were worried about nukes and WMDs in Iraq. We had a focus, but we were by and large at peace.

Now we are faced with a resurgent Russia pushing in several areas, ISIS, Afghan Terrorists, and a very unstable Middle East that seems ready to fall into despotism. And the strong military that was set to stand and did stand in our and our allies’ defense is slowly being dismantled.

While this occurs what does the Army say it needs to do? Concentrate on Climate Change.

Apr 23 12:17

In Honor Of Earth Day Let's Bust The EPA

Just watch a couple minutes of this. You will not be disappointed.


Apr 23 10:09

Climate Scientists Laugh at Global Warming Hysteria

Apr 23 10:08

Climate Hustle Trailer #1

Apr 23 09:31

Weather Channel Founder Slams Global Warming: "The Theory Has Failed"

If Bill Nye had his way, Weather Channel founder John Coleman would be heading for jail. Having spent more than 60 years as a meteorologist, Coleman penned a pointed rebuke to "the science guy's" vehement faith in the 'science' of climate change, exclaiming that "science has taken a back seat at The UN... get politics out of the climate debate."

On this Earth Day 2016, there is a great deal of frenzy about how our Earth is going to become uninhabitable, as the civilized activities of man allegedly trigger unstoppable global warming and climate change.

With the Obama administration set to commit the U.S. to the Paris climate agreement by signing our nation onto the document Friday, it is obvious that science has taken a back seat at the United Nations.

Apr 23 08:52

Feet of Hail on the Equator in Colombia and Ecuador

Apr 22 15:41

Weather Channel Founder Slams Global Warming: "The Theory Has Failed"

"As a skeptic of man-made global warming, I love our environment as much as anyone. I share the deepest commitment to protecting our planet for our children and grandchildren. However, I desperately want to get politics out of the climate debate. The Paris climate agreement is all about empowering the U.N. and has nothing to do with the climate."

Apr 22 15:02

Will the Paris Agreement Save the Earth?

Chris Williams says that most countries have no objection to signing the agreement because the bar is set so low and there are no legal ramifications for not implementing it

Apr 22 14:46

The Paris Agreement: An Assessment

Recent analysis indicates that the sensitivity of the climate to rising levels of carbon dioxide is lower than previously assumed. This is consistent with the finding that forecasts of warming by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have substantially over-estimated the likely extent of warming. If these new analyses of sensitivity are correct, average global temperatures might rise to less than 2°C above preindustrial levels without any restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions.

Regardless of whether the new analyses of climate sensitivity are correct or not, the voluntary commitments to reduce emissions made by governments in their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) would have little impact on the rate of warming.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Paris agreement isn't intended to affect the rate of warming (or cooling). It's just a scam to justify wealth redistribution; to make all nations' economies equally horrible so the borders can be dropped.

Apr 22 14:32

BEX ALERT - "Global Elite's Theater": Paris Deal Is Mere Starting Point for Climate Justice

Requiring, as it does, countries to set their own targets for reducing emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in an effort to keep global warming below 2°C, "The formal signing of the Paris Agreement could be the next nail in the coffin of the fossil fuel industry," said executive director May Boeve, "if governments actually follow through on their commitments."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The phrase "Climate Justice" signals that this is all about wealth redistribution among the world's people. Not the super-rich, of course, just YOU!

Apr 22 13:54

175 countries sign Paris climate accord

‘Today is an historic day,’ says Ban, as 175 countries sign Paris climate accord

22 April 2016 – As 175 world leaders signed the Paris Agreement at United Nations Headquarters today, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said the next critical step is to ensure that the landmark accord for global action on climate change enters into force as soon as possible.

“Today is an historic day,” Mr. Ban told reporters at a press conference following the opening ceremony of the signing event. “This is by far the largest number of countries ever to sign an international agreement on a single day.”

According to the UN chief, the participation by so many countries and the attendance by so many world leaders leaves “no doubt” that the international community is determined to take climate action.>>>

Apr 22 12:32

‘But aren’t 97 per cent of climate scientists sure that humans are causing global warming?’

The crème de la crème comes with the work (if that is right term for it) of John Cook, occasionally aided by Stefan Lewandowsky. I’ve written about their ‘contribution’ to science more than once, as here, for example. In 2013 Cook et al and a team of volunteers looked at more than 12,000 abstracts, rated them according to whether or not they implicitly or explicitly endorsed the view that human activity had caused (wait for it) some of the warming, and again found the magic 97 per cent. See — it’s true! Surely those three separate ratings of 97 per cent have something going for them.

On the face of it, no. Unfortunately for Cook, Legates and others later in the same year published a rebuttal. They found that only 41 papers – 0.3% of all 11,944 abstracts or 1.0% of the 4,014 expressing an opinion, and not 97.1% – had been found to endorse the claim that human activity is causing most of the current warming.

Apr 22 10:07

Spring on hold for the next FORTNIGHT: Britain braced for snow until MAY

As thermometers nosedive this weekend experts warn it could be a long wait until the next warm spell.

Parts of the country are braced for snow in the coming days with flurries expected as far south as Kent and East Anglia.

Apr 22 10:07

Northern California mountains to get more snow

A late-season storm is expected to bring more snow to the southern Cascade range and the northern Sierra Nevada.

Apr 22 10:06

T-storms possible Friday as rain, snow move into NorCal

Some areas of the Valley could see up to a half-inch of precipitation, but the Sierra will likely get a good dose of fresh powder.

Apr 21 15:43

Carbon tax will cost Alberta families at least $1,000, Wildrose says

Alberta's NDP government is hiding the true effects of the carbon tax, which could cost families at least $1,000 more each year, Wildrose Leader Brian Jean said Monday.

Although low- and middle-income Albertans will receive rebates on the tax when it starts Jan. 1, 2017, Jean said they still will pay up to $700 extra.

Apr 21 15:42

Race to ratify the Paris climate deal starts at the UN

The first significant step to putting the Paris Climate Agreement into practice will take place on Friday.

Around 155 countries are expected to formally sign the deal at the UN, setting in motion events that could see the treaty operational within a year.

Apr 21 10:22

EPA Chief: 'Absolutely no reason' to measure the global temperature impact of our climate regs

Apr 21 09:54

6 Reasons Why Most Scientific Research is Fake, False or Fraudulent

How often do scientists smugly quote the latest research on a topic only later to be made the fool by insider revelations that published research in peer-reviewed journals is abjectly false? This happens so frequently now, that it has become clear: Science is broken, and most scientific research is fraudulent.

It isn’t broken like a bike needing a new tire, or even an outdated paradigm that has reached its tipping point, as in the time of the renaissance. Modern science is broken for reasons that might shock you.

First, there’s a replication crisis. More and more studies simply cannot be replicated, so any false theories are not thrown out, but left floating as acceptable ‘fact’ in the hallowed scientific ethers, when they are nothing more than studies paid for and promoted by the companies who have a marked interest in proving their personal hypothesis.

Apr 20 15:18

Bill Nye 'The Straw Man Guy'

So Bill Nye, the elementary “Science Guy” (we prefer the more accurate phrase “Science Lie”), is taking on Patriot Post contributor and veteran meteorologist Joe Bastardi. Posing with a fabricated hard copy of a Post publication in his latest video, Nye responds directly to Bastardi’s November column, “Some Questions for Bill Nye Six Years After Our ‘O'Reilly Factor’ Debate.” Nye’s challenge? “Mr. Bastardi, I will bet you $10,000. I predict that the year 2016 will be among the top ten hottest years ever recorded. … I’ll take it up a notch. I’ll bet you another $10,000 that the decade 2010-2020 will prove to be the hottest decade ever recorded.”

Bastardi has been quite public about forecasting a warm 2016 since last year. Nye is apparently unaware of this, so he resorted to a straw man. Why would Joe bet against his own forecast?

Apr 20 11:39

The 50 to 1 Project

What is the TRUE cost of climate change? Is stopping it early really the cheapest plan in the long run? 50 to 1 explores the costs of stopping climate change vs adapting to it as and if it's required, and uncovers a simple truth; it's 50 times more expensive to try and STOP climate change than it is to simply ADAPT to it as and if required.

Apr 20 09:31

Heat wave? It’s snowing in Spiti!

Apr 20 09:31

Su-34 jets strike huge ice-jam in northwest Russia to prevent flooding

After recently coming into the global spotlight while bombing terrorists in Syria, Russia’s cutting-edge Sukhoi Su-34 jet has been deployed for a more peaceful mission at home: bombing a river ice-jam threatening the country’s north with massive flooding.

Apr 20 07:48

Manufacturing consent in science: the diabolical twist

In the famous 1988 Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman book, Manufacturing Consent, the authors explore how media distort the news and employ propaganda, in order to bring about consent/consensus in the population.

This is nothing less than the creation of reality.

I want to extend that concept here, particularly as it applies to science.

From so many directions, official science is shaping our future—that’s why it’s vital to understand the manipulations involved.

Apr 20 07:45

Major storm wreaks havoc across US, life-threating flood ongoing in Houston

A major storm has ravaged parts of the US in the period between April 15 and 17, 2016. Heavy snowfall and flash floods wreaked havoc across the affected areas, causing large traffic disruptions, power outages and evacuations.

Apr 19 18:25

Good Samaritans Save Trucker From Houston Flood After Police, Govt Rescue Crews Nowhere To Be Found

News reports which aired this dramatic footage as the rescue took place live said that the people called police and fire departments when they saw the man in trouble, but no one showed up. So the bystanders rescued him themselves.

Apr 19 11:31

Conifer ranch sees more than 50 inches of snow

On the outskirts of Conifer, hard days on the ranch just got tougher.

Snow over the weekend dropped between four feet and about one port-a-potty of snow on Brittnee Woodward’s property, Old Glory Ranch.

"I've lived up here for about five years and this is definitely the biggest snow I've ever seen up here," she said.

Apr 19 11:31

Lingering rain, snow showers falling in Denver metro area

The strong snowstorm that spent the weekend in the region is slow to completely leave. A few snow showers will fall early Tuesday, especially south and east of Denver.

Apr 19 10:41

Bolaris' Weather Watch: Winter Storm Vexo ... Are you kidding me?

Did you know that there are 34 locations in the Rockies and High Plains where April is the snowiest month of the season? Not January, not February, not March — but April! Breckenridge, Colorado, averages 26.5 inches; Casper, Wyoming, 11.6 inches; and Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, 11.3 inches of snow for the month of April.

Apr 19 10:41

Copper Mountain Extends Season After Snowstorm

Copper Mountain planned on closing Sunday, but has now pushed that date back a week thanks to the new snow.

Apr 19 10:38

Denver International Airport back on track after snowstorm

Denver International Airport has returned to its normal flight schedule Sunday, a day after about 850 flights were cancelled because of the spring snowstorm.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is how the page at the Boston Herald appeared to me when I posted this story.

Note the warmista propaganda right above the headline!

Apr 19 10:35

Late-season storm brings less than 3 inches of snow to Longmont

Winter storm warning extended to 10 a.m. today

Apr 19 08:10

Climate-change believers resort to McCarthyism

When history discredited "global cooling" it morphed to "global warming," then "climate change," then "climate emergency," then "extreme weather" in attempts to salvage a failing theory.

Now the theory is increasingly being protected not by scientific merit, but by a wave of McCarthyism not seen since the early 1950s, when the lives of many innocent people were ruined in the hunt for Communists. Instruments of government power are now used to suppress free speech of anyone who disagrees with the manmade global warming theory.

Apr 18 07:54

Winter Storm Vexo, Major April Snowstorm, Pounds the Rockies, High Plains

Winter Storm Vexo will continue to dump more snow on the Rockies and High Plains into Monday.

Apr 18 07:54

Storm dumps 18.3 inches of snow on Boulder, up to 40 inches in foothills

Cool, unsettled weather is expected to linger Monday and Tuesday, with a possibility of more rain and snow from the late-season storm that moved into Boulder County on Saturday, according to the National Weather Service.

Apr 18 07:54

April blizzard drops 4 inches of snow on Denver, cancels annual 420 Rally

Denver’s annual 420 Rally, billed on its website as the largest 420 celebration in the world (despite taking place on April 16), was jut one of many casualties of an April blizzard that dropped about four inches of snow on the city. That may not seem like a lot but it was enough to shut down the city’s airport and cancel the plans of thousands of Denverites to sit outside and smoke weed all day.

Apr 18 07:35

The CULT of 'Scientism' explained: How scientific claims behind cancer, vaccines, psychiatric drugs and GMOs are nothing more than corporate-funded science FRAUD

Sadly, what often passes for "science" today in the world of health is little more than "Scientism" -- a dangerous cult founded on irrational dogma and faith-based beliefs in faulty, fraudulent ideas being paraded as science.

A common trait that weaves its way through every topic of "Scientism" is corporate profits. Any time something is being pushed with aggressive demands of "SCIENCE!" that also happens to enrich wealthy corporations, it's probably based on fraud, not real science.

Perpetrators of fraudulent scientism include Paul Offit, Dr. David Gorski, Monsanto pal Bill Nye, discredited biotech shill and former writer Jon Entine and too many others to even name.

Apr 18 07:21

Sarah Palin Weirdly Attacks Bill Nye: 'As Much A Scientist As I Am'

“Bill Nye is as much a scientist as I am,” Palin said. “He’s a kids’ show actor, he’s not a scientist.”

(She made the remark after a brief clip was shown of Nye, in which he said, good-naturedly, that he hoped climate change deniers will be rejected by the American people.)

Palin bemoaned the fact that children are being taught to embrace the premise that humans are causing climate change. She added this is why “it’s so important for parents to be a greater influence than the schools.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is an historic moment. Sarah Palin is actually right about something!

Apr 17 13:16

Wyoming DOT: I-80 Completely Shut Down For 'White Out Conditions'

The State of Wyoming is informing all commercial trucks entering their port of entry on Interstate 80 eastbound that the entire interstate is shut down at Rock Springs due to whiteout conditions. Weather looked sunny and mild at the Utah/ Wyoming state line, but Rock Springs is 100 miles to the east. Evanston, WY, located at exit 3, is beginning to see light snowflakes. The DOT officer said that the I-80 has been closed since last night. So if you're expecting a package in the mail, don't be surprised if it's late. Happy spring in the age of 'global warming!' :-)

Apr 17 11:59

Wyoming DOT: I-80 Completely Shut Down For 'White Out Conditions'

The State of Wyoming is informing all commercial trucks entering their port of entry on Interstate 80 eastbound that the entire interstate s shut down at Rock Springs due to whiteout conditions. Weather looked sunny and mild at the Utah/ Wyoming state line, but Rock Springs is 100 miles to the east. Evanston, WY, located at exit 3, is beginning to see light snowflakes. The DOT officer said that the I-80 has been closed since last night. So if you're expecting a package in the mail, don't be surprised if it's late. Happy spring in the age of 'global warming!' :-)

Apr 16 12:27

Climate Change HOAX exposed by Geologist straight to the UK Govt

Geology Prof Ian Plimer explains why he believes there is no evidence to support the theory of human caused global warming.

Apr 16 09:23

Preparing for the spring storm

As the storm enters the Front Range, a spokesman for Xcel Energy told 9NEWS on Thursday that out-of-state utility crews are headed to Colorado to assist with storm efforts.

"We have already started calling other utilities from Colorado, Oklahoma and Kansas," Mark Stutz said. "We have mutual assistance programs with other utilities so if they're having problems with say tornados in Kansas or Oklahoma, Texas we will be willing to send crews to help them out with their restoration."

Stutz told 9NEWS the blizzard on March 23 caused Xcel to surpass a record in terms power outages.

"We lost service to about 290,000 customers that day," he said. "That's the highest one day total ever on our system in Colorado."

Apr 16 09:22

Storm closes northcentral schools, causes slide-offs

A strong, spring snowstorm that hit northeastern Montana early Friday nearly shut down normal daily activity from the Canadian border south to the Sun River Valley. Some parts of Teton County could measure nearly 10 inches of heavy wet snow on the ground, knocking down power lines and making the county roads nearly impassable.

Several people reported power outages beginning as early as 5:30 a.m.

Apr 15 12:54

Britain to be hit by SNOW this weekend as Arctic wind brings -10C big freeze

The far north could see up to two inches of snow tomorrow morning, triggering warnings for icy conditions on the roads.

The mercury will plummet to -10C in places, with Arctic windchill making it feel like -10C in other spots, forecasters have predicted.

Apr 15 12:53

Spring storm: Forecasters predict 14 inches in Denver, 4 feet in Colorado mountains

A strong storm that could dump four feet of snow in the mountains and 14 inches of snow in Denver will produce winter conditions across Colorado over the weekend.

Apr 15 12:53

Winter storm watch in effect this weekend

A winter storm watch is now in effect for Fort Collins and the Denver Metro Area from Friday night to Saturday night. The National Weather Service in Boulder predicts 8 to 14 inches of snow by Sunday morning and winds of 15 to 25 mph.

Apr 15 12:53

Update-Wet, heavy snow begins tonight for I-25 corridor!

The bad news is that it's going to snow... a lot. The good news (maybe) is that it's going to snow a lot over the weekend. So, at least most of you don't have to go to work? Not good news if you had any outdoor plans though.

Apr 15 09:04

BEX ALERT - Research shows — yet again — that there’s no scientific debate about climate change

It's a well-known and widely cited statistic: 97 percent of scientific experts agree that human-caused climate change is real. The consensus has been supported by numerous studies — and yet the idea that the statistic is made up, or wrong, is still a common position among climate doubters and a major tool used to foster public uncertainty about climate change.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Washington Post should at least wait until the snow (which is still falling out west as I type this) to melt before flinging this particular brand of manure around.

As long as the WP is regurgitating old lies, please tell us the one about how Saddam had nuclear weapons again' we just LOVE that one!

Now, setting aside the fact that the methodology by which that 97% claim was arrived at has been discredited, I would remind people that when Galileo was trying to demonstrate that the Earth orbited the sun, 97% of the scientists of his day would have disagreed with him. Obviously, that 97% was wrong.

There is a condemnation of this idea of consensus in Ibsen's "An Enemy of the People" that goes (I am paraphrasing) "The majority is not always right. Indeed the majority is usually wrong, because before the majority can be right, one man must be right, and while he stands alone in the truth the majority is wrong." See Galileo above.

More recently, Michael Crichton, in his book "State of Fear", commented "Science is not consensus and consensus is not science!"

Last year, National Geographic ran an article bemoaning that people do not trust science; that they are unwilling to accept as unquestionable truth anything said by a paid lackey in a white laboratory coat (the 21st Century version of a priest's robes) .

But there are reasons not to simply trust what a scientist says.

Alchemy, for one.

Phlogiston Chemistry, for another.

Prior to the 14th Century Astronomers thought the Earth was the center of the universe, because, well, that's what the church wanted, and spent hundreds of years of scientific research on the theory of Epicycles, trying to reconcile the Earth centered model with the observed motions of the planets. Epicycles hold the record for longest running scientific goof in history!

17th Century doctors thought rubbing chicken dung into your scalp would cure baldness! They also thought leeches sucked disease out of patients.

18th Century Geologists thought the Earth was 6000 years old, because, well, that's what the church wanted!vPrior to the 1950s, scientists thought proteins carried our heredity.

Until the 19th Century, doctors thought infection was caused by bad air, from which we get the term "Malaria."

Scientists claimed cigarettes were good for you up until the 1950s. They even had a machine to pump tobacco smoke into your anus; the origin of the phrase "blowing smoke up your a**!"

Until 2005, doctors thought ulcers were caused by stress.

National Geographic should not be questioning why people do not trust science after its own 1999 "Piltdown Chicken" scandal!

Science is not perfect. Science does make mistakes. The beauty of science is supposed to be that they admit it, not use the label of "science" like a modern religious icon to push agendas onto people! Anyone who says the "Science is settled" is not being scientific, they are being propagandistic!

Religious leaders say "trust us."

Politicians say "trust us."

The Washington Post says "trust us."

But science is not religion, politics, or mass media.

Science is reproducibility and independent verification of results, something notoriously lacking in the claims of human-caused global warming.

Back on March 20, 2000, the UK Independent, a newspaper (much like the Washington Post) ran the headline story "Snowfalls are now a thing of the past", describing how we would all have to describe or show pictures to our children of what it was like to have a white winter, because the CONSENSUS was that the warming world would make snow a rarity. The Earth has had several record-setting winters since then. Real scientists (meaning those who have not sold their integrity for generous research grants from the promoters of a carbon tax) would acknowledge that the real world did not match the predictions in those computer models, and would, as they say, go back to the drawing board.

Far form the claimed 97% consensus, virtually every climatologist not in the pay of the carbon tax people acknowledge that the dominant control over climate on Earth is th sun, which is entering a period of reduced activity; a repeat of the Maunder Minimum, and bringing with it, a repeat of the Little Ice Age that chilled the Earth from 1300 and 1870.

But global warming was never science. It is a political agenda, to push for a carbon tax and more control over our lives, and a little thing like reality should never be allowed to stand in the way of another grab for our wallets.

So it is that we have the Washington Post, ever faithful servant of the powers that be, and unrepentant over its telling about Saddam's nukes, continuing to spout the approved fairy tales while winter lingers and the scent of manure wafts through the air!

Apr 14 12:03

Snow returns to Sierra Thursday morning

During the overnight hours in the Sierra, 2 to 3 inches are expected to fall in Highway 50 and little more snow in Interstate 80.

Apr 14 12:02

More snow heading to Cheyenne this weekend

It may be hard to believe when it’s nearly 70 degrees outside, but some forecasters say up to 20 inches of snow could fall this weekend on the Capital City.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apr 14 12:01

Rain moves out; snow hangs around Thursday in Sierra

Showers are fading away in the Valley after soaking the region overnight, but snow is still falling Thursday in the Sierra.

Apr 14 12:01

Here We Snow Again

The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Watch for central Laramie County from late Friday night through Sunday afternoon.

The Cheyenne area could see 8 to 10 inches of snow, which combined with strong winds will make for dangerous travel conditions.

Apr 13 10:00

Watch Al Gore Read His Global Warming Poem On CNN

He's a horrible poet, to put it mildly.


Apr 13 09:46

BEX ALERT - Sea-level rise factors unravelled

Global sea-level rise since the 1970s has been predominantly driven by greenhouse gas emissions and not natural climate variability, a study suggests.

Apr 13 09:20

Hailstones up to 10.8 cm in diameter ravage Wylie, Texas

A severe hailstorm hit parts of Texas Monday night, April 11, 2016, causing extensive damage to homes and cars.

Apr 13 09:19

Late-week rain, mountain snow to ramp up across northwestern US

The northwestern United States will contend with rain and mountain snow as a potent storm pushes ashore late in the week.
"A robust system will slide into the northwestern United States on Thursday, spreading valley rain and mountain snow across the region," AccuWeather Meteorologist Brandon Zapolski said.

Apr 13 09:19

Models predict huge snow or rain for Fort Collins

A weather model that predicted astronomical weekend snow and rain totals for Fort Collins caused a big stir on Monday and Tuesday, but meteorologists say the hubbub isn't totally unwarranted.

The model -- called the European Center for Medium Range Weather Forecasting (ECMWF) forecast model -- on Saturday predicted as much as 5 inches of precipitation and a whopping 40 inches of snow for Fort Collins for the coming weekend, starting Friday and running through Sunday, according to a post on Lyons meteorologist Greg Berman's Weather Talk Facebook page.

Apr 13 09:18

Rescuers Dug Through 4 Feet of Snow to Reach Stranded Skiers

Helicopters charged with rescuing two skiers trapped on an Alaska glacier for days waited out whiteout conditions that one pilot said were like trying to fly inside a pingpong ball.

Apr 12 10:16

BEX ALERT - NASA: Global warming is now changing how Earth wobbles

Melting ice sheets — especially in Greenland — are changing the distribution of weight on Earth. And that has caused both the North Pole and the wobble, which is called polar motion, to change course, according to a study published Friday in the journal Science Advances.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"The world is going to shake itself apart unless you pay carbon taxes!!!!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Apr 12 09:50


The steady drip, drip, drip of information leaking out about the fraud involved with “Climate Change/Global Warming” is building a into reservoir of facts that totally debunk President Obama’s pet cause.

These truths cannot be contained any longer by the national media, left-wing academia, and the Democrat Party as people all over the world are now questioning the shoddy work, tampered-with data, and outright lying about the grand scam of “Climate Change/Global Warming.”

Apr 12 09:48

The new intolerance: Attorneys general try to shut down free speech

Last week more than a dozen attorneys general gathered in New York. You might think they were there to discuss how to combat crime, the heroin epidemic… maybe even terrorism. They weren’t. Instead they were conferring on how to use the law to punish scientists and researchers who question climate change orthodoxy.

That’s right—if your scientific research bucks the party line on global warming, you could face government-inspired lawsuits.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apr 12 09:34

April storm dumps heavy snow on Northern Ohio

Heavy snow blanketed parts of Northern Ohio early on April 9.

Apr 12 09:33

Good snow gives regional ski resorts a lift

The 2015-2016 ski season in East Idaho has been one of the best in years, according to area resorts.

Apr 12 09:33

April had more snow in Pittsburgh than December

Winter might have finally finished rearing its ugly head.

After 2.2 inches of snow fell Friday and Saturday, April is expected to be above average in temperature for the rest of the month, said Rihaan Gangat, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Moon Township. That took the April snowfall total to 3.1 inches -- higher than March and December’s totals combined.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Have you noticed this pattern where every report on snow always adds that temperatures are expected to be above average ... soon. Still pushing the human-caused global warming kool-aid!

Apr 12 09:31

More snow in April than December? That's the case in Northern Michigan

As each April day passed with more snow falling, it seemed to look more like December than April.

In northern Michigan, that was a fact, and the statistics back it up.

Apr 12 09:31

Cripple Creek snow extends visits

By Noon, the sun was shining in Cripple Creek, but a big snow storm hit the city hard on Sunday night and Monday morning.

On Bennett Avenue, where the bulk of the casinos in the city are located, the action was starting to pick up early Monday afternoon.

Earlier Monday morning some of the workers at the casinos were knocking the heavy, wet snow off of the awnings.

Meanwhile, drivers were brushing off the snow. Most of the cars had more than a half-foot on them.

Plow trucks were working hard as well, trying to clear the snow from the roads.

Apr 12 09:15

Deep-sixing another useless climate myth

To make this extreme assertion, Anderegg et al. compiled a database of 908 climate researchers who published frequently on climate topics, and identified those who had “signed statements strongly dissenting from the views” of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The 97–98% figure is achieved by counting those who had not signed such statements.

Silence, in Anderegg’s view, meant those scientists agreed with the extreme view that most warming was due to humans. However, nothing in their papers suggests that all those researchers believed humans had caused most of the planetary warming, or that it was dangerous.

Apr 12 02:14


In short, Clinton demonstrated a commonsensical, pre–Black Lives Matter understanding of criminal justice, and quickly had to backtrack. Presumably, he won’t be guilty of such an offense ever again.


(*Could explain the lingering cold , winter-like , weather conditions that are plaguing the nation .)

Apr 11 10:19

Snow, thunderstorms and rain in East Idaho's forecast

After a week of summer-like temperatures, East Idaho has snow in the forecast....

Apr 11 10:19

Snow creeps back into Beaver County

Snow struck Beaver County again Saturday, leaving light accumulation on the ground after flakes began to fall overnight Friday. But by Sunday most of the snow had melted, and temperatures were expect to climb back toward more spring-like levels throughout the week, reaching the mid-60s by Friday.

Apr 11 10:19

Gale warning issued for Lake Superior, and more snow for Upper Peninsula

Another round of snow and a gale warning are part of today's weather forecast for Michigan's Upper Peninsula and Lake Superior.

Apr 11 10:18

Saturday's snow makes the record book

Saturday was the snowiest April day in eight years - since 4.4 inches fell on April 7, 2007, a review of National Weather Service records shows.

Apr 11 10:17

Spring snow hits Pittsburgh

Apr 11 10:17

Say it ain't snow! April flurries cover metro Detroit

April snow showers bring May ...

Wait, snow showers?

Yep, and hopefully it's the last measurable ones of the season, but the National Weather Service folks aren't holding their breath.

Apr 11 09:01

The Buzz: Summer businesses debut in snow

When seasonal businesses begin to open, can summer be far behind?

Well, yes. It is Wisconsin.

Businesses open anyway with optimism that it will eventually stop snowing and warm up.

Apr 11 09:00

Sometimes it snows in April - and here are some photos from Kerry to prove it

Apr 09 11:08

Nearly 8 inches of snow covers Toledo

Snowmobiling is not an activity one usually associates with April.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apr 09 11:06

April Snow Dusting for Ohio, Northeast as Winter Clings On

Winter still isn't done, forecasters warned Saturday, with April snow showers set to dust the Ohio Valley and the Northeast after the Midwest got hit by a heavy storm.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apr 09 11:05

Cold, snow to make for wintry weekend in Midwest, East

Folks in the Midwest and East will endure cold weather this weekend that will make it feel more like winter than spring.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apr 09 11:03

Heavy April Snow Blankets the Great Lakes and Northeast; Over 6 Inches Already For Some in Michigan

The calendar may say April, but locally heavy snow is blanketing parts of the Great Lakes, Appalachians, and Mid-Atlantic States this weekend, eliciting groans from all but the most avid winter-weather fans.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apr 09 10:56

Chance of snow looms throughout the weekend: Cleveland Weather Forecast

Winter is coming – again – at least for this weekend, according to forecasters.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apr 09 10:55

Spring has unsprung with up to 3 inches of snow forecast through Saturday evening

Although it officially ended March 20, the winter of 2015-16 takes its last swipe at Western Pennsylvania this weekend with a coating of snow that is expected to turn green spaces white and make the roads a little risky.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apr 09 10:54

No joke ... it's snowing, up to 5 inches of springtime snow could arrive

It isn't a joke. It's snowing in the Lehigh Valley on this third weekend of spring. As of noon, snow had been falling steadily in the Lehigh Valley.

Apr 09 10:54

Freeze warning tonight, chance of snow

It may be April, but we have a freeze warning for tonight and a slight chance of snow.

Apr 09 10:53

Round 2 of snow hits Pittsburgh area

Most of Western Pennsylvania started Friday with a fresh coating of snow. This was "Round 1." "Round 2," arrived in the region Saturday morning.

Apr 09 10:39


It's been an unseasonably cold week across Chicago, and unfortunately, spring will remain on break over the weekend.

Scattered rain and snow showers will continue across the city and the suburbs on Friday as temperatures drop overnight. Saturday morning will be especially chilly.

Apr 09 10:39

Weather service warns snowstorm zeroing in on Akron

It looks like Akron may find itself knee deep in winter on the third weekend of spring.