Oct 12 10:51

MSNBC: ‘Burden’ on Journalists to Educate ‘Bizarre,’ Crazy Climate Deniers

As Hurricane Michael smashed into the Florida panhandle, both MSNBC and CNN on Thursday were worried about the really important issue: How to educate the “bizarre” and ignorant Americans who don’t fully adopt the left’s prescriptions for solving global warming. MSNBC journalist Craig Melvin talked to fellow liberal Nicholas Kristof and lectured, “Most sane-thinking people would acknowledge that the intensity of the storms... due in no small part to climate change.”

Melvin insisted this issue isn’t a partisan one, wondering, “What happened? When did climate change become partisan?” How did it become partisan? Perhaps because, according to the Daily Caller, the new United Nations report on global warming suggests the equivalent of a $240 per gallon tax on gas. For conservatives who opposes higher taxes, that seems a tad partisan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oct 12 08:17

Delingpole: ‘Who Drew It?’ Trump Queries IPCC’s $38.4 Trillion Ransom Note

At the beginning of the week, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) presented the world with a $38.4 trillion ransom note: pay us da money or Gaia gets it.
President Trump’s response: “Who drew it?”

That is, “Why should I trust these people?”

Trump is a businessman. Businessmen do not hand over sums like $38.4 trillion without doing a bit of due diligence first. (That sum, by the way, is how much the IPCC insists the world must spend – $2.4 trillion per year over the next 16 years – if we are to avoid catastrophic climate change. It’s the equivalent of the half the global economy.) And as it turns out he is more than right to be suspicious.

Oct 11 10:21

First snow of the season falls on Denver area

ust as the National Weather Service predicted, the Denver metro area got a dusting of snow Wednesday afternoon.

Oct 10 11:11

Patton Oswalt: Global Warming a ‘Meteor,’ Will Strike ‘in Our Lifetimes’

Actor and comedian Patton Oswalt declared on Tuesday that global warming is a “meteor” that will “strike in our lifetimes,” and consequently urged mainstream media outlets to cover the threat it poses above all other news.

Oswalt made the comments in response to a Twitter post by Guardian columnist David Sirota, who described a report from the United Nations Panel on Climate Change as “basically warning that the end of the world is in 22 years.”

Sirota went on to complain that the report “will almost certainly be completely ignored by most of the TV media, most of the population & the entire political class.”

Oct 09 12:44


"One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we've been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We're no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It's simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we've been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back." -- Carl Sagan

"The real deniers are people who think our climate was and should remain static and unchanging." -- Paul Driessen and Chris Skates

"Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket." -- Eric Hoffer, The Temper of Our Time


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Oct 09 11:25


The U.S. Supreme Court rejected attempts to appeal a lower court decision issued in 2017 striking down Obama-era global warming policies. The lower court’s ruling was written by the newly confirmed Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

The justices privately made the decision to not rehear the case before Kavanaugh joined the high court Tuesday, Reuters reported. Kavanaugh was officially sworn in as an associate justice at the White House on Monday night.

Kavanaugh’s 2017 decision for the D.C. Circuit Court struck down Obama administration regulations on hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), a greenhouse gas, because such rules ran afoul of federal law.

Oct 09 10:29

Pirates and global warming

We believe pirates are divine beings and the original Pastafarians. Pirates’ image as “thieves and outcasts” is misinformation spread by Christian theologians in the Middle Ages and by Hare Krishnas. Pirates were peace-loving explorers and spreaders of good will who distributed candy to small children. Modern pirates are not related. Pastafarians celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19.

We believe that global warming, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters are a direct effect of the shrinking numbers of pirates since the 1800s.

As the number of pirates decreased, global temperatures increased.

Here is a picture to prove it!

Oct 09 09:50

Jerry Brown: World 'Must Radically Change' Now to 'Totally Renewable' Energy

California Gov. Jerry Brown declared the world "must radically change" and "must decarbonize and establish a totally renewable basis for all economic activity" in reaction to a new UN report on climate change.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, meeting in South Korea, issued a report with 91 authors and editors from 40 countries declaring that there's currently a 12-year window to make “far-reaching and unprecedented changes” to avert dramatic effects of global warming.

"We are already seeing the consequences of 1°C of global warming through more extreme weather, rising sea levels and diminishing Arctic sea ice, among other changes,” said Panmao Zhai, co-chair of one of the IPCC Working Groups.

Oct 08 15:14

How Climate Change Helped ISIS

As the Obama administration undertakes a highly public, multilateral campaign to degrade and destroy the militant jihadists known as ISIS, ISIL and the Islamic State, many in the West remain unaware that climate played a significant role in the rise of Syria’s extremists. A historic drought afflicted the country from 2006 through 2010, setting off a dire humanitarian crisis for millions of Syrians. Yet the four-year drought evoked little response from Bashar al-Assad’s government. Rage at the regime’s callousness boiled over in 2011, helping to fuel the popular uprising. In the ensuing chaos, ISIS stole onto the scene, proclaimed a caliphate in late June and accelerated its rampage of atrocities including the recent beheadings of three Western civilians.

Oct 08 12:42

BOMBSHELL: Audit of Global Warming Data Finds it Riddled With Errors

Just ahead of a new report from the IPCC, dubbed SR#15 about to be released today, we have this bombshell- a detailed audit shows the surface temperature data is unfit for purpose. The first ever audit of the world’s most important temperature data set (HadCRUT4) has found it to be so riddled with errors and “freakishly improbable data” that it is effectively useless.

From the IPCC:

Global Warming of 1.5 °C, an IPCC special report on the impacts of global warming of 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels and related global greenhouse gas emission pathways, in the context of strengthening the global response to the threat of climate change, sustainable development, and efforts to eradicate poverty.

This is what consensus science brings you – groupthink with no quality control.

Oct 08 10:40

Denver hit with winter-like weather including possible snow on Columbus Day

Fog, snow, sleet, rain and frigid temperatures are forecast for Columbus Day on Monday, forecasters say.

It could start snowing as early as 7 a.m., according to the National Weather Service in Boulder. New snow accumulation of up to a half inch of snow is forecast.

Widespread fog, with some areas of dense fog will make it difficult to commute for those who have to work on Columbus Day, according to the forecast.

Oct 08 10:14

COLD WEATHER WARNING: Freezing temperatures to be more common ‘extreme events’ coming

COLD weather spells such as the Beast from the East are set to become more common as experts warn the melting of icecaps is exacerbating weather patterns across the globe.

A study of US weather patterns has revealed that conditions are becoming more extreme due to rapid Arctic warming.

Not only does the spiralling problem of global warming in the North Pole generate more major cold snaps across the globe, but it can also lead to drought, heat waves and storms.

More of this "Human caused global warming makes freezing weather" crap!

Oct 08 07:59

Skull and Bones Member William D. Nordhaus Wins Nobel Prize in Economics For " Integrating Climate Change Into Maco-Economic Analysis"

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has decided to award the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2018 to William D. Nordhaus and Paul M. Romer

Laureate William Nordhaus’ research shows that the most efficient remedy for problems caused by greenhouse gas emissions is a global scheme of carbon taxes uniformly imposed on all countries. The diagram shows CO2 emissions for four climate policies according to his simulations.

Oct 06 10:39

Several inches of snow possible in Colorado mountains Friday, with cooler temps across the state

If you’re headed to the mountains Friday for an early start to the weekend, or going up on Saturday or Sunday, be sure to pack warm clothes, as snow is expected across higher elevations.

It was already snowing at the higher elevations as of 11 a.m. Friday, and the snow is expected to become more widespread throughout the day.

Oct 06 10:38

It's already snowing in Utah. Here are the earliest photos we've seen so far

The first signs of snowfall have already hit the Beehive State.

Oct 06 10:38


Well, we couldn't hide from it forever, and now it seems like it's here. That time of the year has finally come. The first snowfall in Michigan. Not even a week into October, and already parts of Michigan are seeing snowfall.

Oct 06 10:37

It's snowing on Mount Hood!

Finally, our poor naked mountain is getting dressed for the winter. That's right: It's snowing on Mount Hood.

Don't believe it, because when you look out the window you can no longer see Mount Hood, just a wall of gray sky? Well, luckily for you, KGW has a live stream of the white sprinkles from heaven coming down at Timberline Lodge.

Oct 06 09:12


It turns out the record highs you may have heard about for Tampa (International Airport weather station) were in error due to equipment problems with the sensors.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Oct 05 12:44


Significant snow fell over Mount Bachelor in the past few days where 20-25 inches has covered most runs from the bases to the summit. Powderchasers was fortunate enough to be up there where locals were out skinning the deepness that was well compacted and certainly on the dense side (no one was complaining).

Oct 05 10:50

Canada: sea ice prevents crucial supply deliveries to isolated communities

Authorities in Canada’s Arctic north are scrambling to transport critical supplies to three isolated communities after the early arrival of sea ice prevented delivery barges from reaching in the region.

Oct 05 10:01

It's snowing in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

"Winter is coming: Snow reaches Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Oct 05 08:48

Israeli forces kill 7 Palestinians (including 2 teens & 12 year old), injure 509, in Gaza

Seven Palestinians, including two children, shot dead by Israeli soldiers on Friday during the Gaza border protests were laid to rest on Saturday in their hometowns across Gaza, reported WAFA correspondent.
Note: Where are all the peace loving Jews?

Oct 03 12:13

Calgary calls for help after massive winter wallop, 35+ cm

The snow is gradually easing across Alberta, but Tuesday's significant and record breaking WALLOP has certainly left its mark on the region. Calgary ground to a halt after nearly 40 cm of snow hammered the city, prompting appeals to neighbouring cities -- and as far away as Edmonton -- for additional snow removal equipment. This unusually cold pattern however, is set to last through the first half of October, meaning these massive mounds of snow aren't likely to go anywhere.

Oct 03 12:12


It’s snowing again in the Canadian Rockies! We can’t help but get a little excited seeing some of our favorite resorts up north blanketed in a fresh layer of white. It’s a great sign of what’s soon to come. The higher elevations received up TWO feet of the good stuff.

Oct 03 09:59

It's been snowing like crazy at Whistler Blackcomb today

With the calendar only two days into October, it appears that Calgary isn’t the only place getting an early-season visit from Old Man Winter.

A little closer to home here in BC, the white stuff has also been falling like crazy at Whistler Blackcomb.

In fact, it’s been snowing so much that Whistler COO Pete Sonntag couldn’t help but share a photo of the October winter wonderland.

Oct 02 12:20

Earth’s Thermosphere Record Cold & Auroras with No CME

NASA coming out stating that Earth’s Thermosphere is entering record territory and even mentions “Solar Minimum Cold” thats a huge change from warming, warming, warming. I feel the are covering themselves as it cools and people begin to ask questions. For example like how there was no geomagnetic storm and Earth had immense auroras over Alaska, how is that possible unless the magnetosphere is in decline.

Oct 02 12:12

Germany’s Expensive Rush Into Wind And Solar Has FAILED

Germany’s Federal Audit Office has accused the government of a catastrophic mis-management of the green energy transition (Energiewende). The wastage of resources is “unprecedented”.

A little more than a year before Germany’s climate-policy “milestone 2020”, the auditing body has concluded a catastrophic assessment of the government’s energy policy. Germany would miss its targets for both reducing greenhouse gas emissions and primary energy consumption as well as for increasing energy productivity and the share of renewable energy in transport. At the same time, policy makers had burdened the nation with enormous costs.

Here is a chart showing Germany and Denmark, the two countries that spent nearly a trillion Euros on wind and Solar, have the highest electricity rates in Europe:

Oct 02 09:24

Roads treacherous as snow wallops Calgary and area

We're only two weeks into fall, but western Alberta headed straight to winter Monday night.

The city and surrounding regions were hit with the first heavy snowfall of the season, making the roads and highways slick for morning commuters.

Calgary Transit reported Tuesday morning buses that travel on hills will have trouble navigating the slippery roads, so commuters with stops in the middle of hills are asked to wait at either the top or bottom.

Oct 01 10:16

Britain will send 800 troops to the Arctic to stop Russia grabbing land as the ice caps melt, Gavin Williamson says

In a warning shot to Russia, Gavin Williamson said the Government was drawing up a 'defence Arctic strategy' with hundreds of commandos being deployed to Norway next year

Oct 01 08:18

Thirty Percent Increase In Arctic Sea Ice Volume Over Past 10 years

Ten years ago, America’s leading Arctic experts said the climate had passed the tipping point, and the Arctic could be ice-free between 2013 and 2018.

The exact opposite has happened. Arctic sea ice volume is up 30% over the past ten years.

Sep 27 11:05

Climate Change Is Causing Earth to Wobble on Its Axis, NASA Says

Climate change is impacting how Earth spins on its axis, NASA says.

Over the past century, Earth’s axis – the imaginary line that passes through the North and South Poles – has drifted about 4 inches, and a decrease in Greenland's ice mass is the main contributor to the wobble, the space agency has announced.

As temperatures increased throughout the 20th century because of humans, Greenland's ice mass decreased.

Sep 27 09:46

Climate Activists Target $6 Trillion Asset Manager BlackRock

Organizers held actions in New York to say that though their CEO claims to be environmentally conscious, BlackRock contributes more to climate change than almost any other company on Earth

Sep 25 12:23

Denver drops to frigid 37 degrees Tuesday morning, snow in the mountains

Frost advisory for northeast Colorado

Sep 25 09:20

September Breaks all Records for Snow Fall Because Obviously Canadians Don’t Pay Enough in Global Warming Taxes to Make a Difference

Sep 25 09:08

Mathematical proof that man-made climate change is a total hoax

One of the grandest scientific hoaxes ever perpetrated against humankind is that Man’s modern life (along with cattle farts) is causing catastrophic “climate change”—or “global warming,” depending on the day.

There has been a plethora of evidence to prove the whole thing is a hoax, for anyone willing to actually see it and accept it. This has ranged from faking warming data, to pretending that climate change is “settled science,” to hiding the real motives behind the hoax. In fact, hoaxers have even changed the entire narrative; once upon a time it wasn’t global warming that was going to destroy all life, it was global cooling.

Now, there is even mathematical evidence proving the great climate lie.

Sep 24 17:09

Fears for America's national parks as scientists discover they're being hit harder by climate change than other parts of the country

Over the last 100 years, many of the 417 national parks in the US have experienced more dramatic effects than the rest of the country as the climate shifts, with hotter and drier conditions compared to their surroundings.

Researchers now warn that the trend could see many small mammals and plants become extinct before the end of the century if we don’t take action to limit greenhouse gas emissions.

Sep 23 09:19

Edmonton hit with blast of winter on last day of summer

Friday’s snowfall in Edmonton continued to add to a record-setting September for the city that most residents are not thrilled about.

Edmontonians woke up to another snowfall on Friday morning, which also happened to be the final day of “summer.”

Sep 22 11:40

It's the first snowfall, Saskatoon! Flurries predicted for weekend forecast

Pumpkin festival cancelled due to bad weather

Sep 22 10:45

Winter is coming! And according to the Farmers’ Almanac’s famous long-range weather outlook, it’s going to be a “teeth-chattering” cold one

The 2019 Farmers’ Almanac, which provides 16 months’ of weather forecasts for 7 zones in one compact book, is predicting that winter 2019 will be “Colder-than-normal… from the Continental Divide east through the Appalachians.”

So just how cold will it be? The real teeth-chattering arrives mid-February especially in the following zones: Northeast/New England, Great Lakes, Ohio Valley, Midwest, and Southeast (yes, even the Southeast will be in the chill zone!).

Sep 21 11:55

Here it comes: Michigan's first frost expected this weekend

National Weather Service forecasters are expecting the first widespread frost to appear late Friday night into early Saturday morning in parts of the Upper Peninsula and the northern Lower Peninsula, including areas around Cadillac, Roscommon, West Branch and Gaylord. A blast of cold air will push temperatures into the mid-30s.

"Hopefully, this cold weather will make for good fall colors," said Tim Locker, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Gaylord.

Sep 21 11:49

California Governor's Veiled Threat To Trump: "Something's Got To Happen To This Guy"

California governor Jerry Brown recently spoke a veiled threat to president Donald Trump. Brown is dissatisfied with Trump’s stance on the often altered “science” of “climate change” and said, “something’s got to happen to this guy.”

In an interview that aired Monday, Jerry Brown called the president a “saboteur” in the fight to combat climate change, and in a thinly veiled threat said that “something’s got to happen to this guy.” Speaking to MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell at an environmental summit in San Francisco last week, Brown tore into Trump for the president’s tweets about the death toll in Puerto Rico from last year’s Hurricane Maria and urged voters to vote for Democrats in November’s midterm elections in an effort to thwart Trump’s agenda, according to Fox News.

Brown was quoted as saying:

“We never had a president who was engaged in this kind of behavior. I mean he’s not telling the truth; he keeps changing his mind; he’s sabotaging the world order in many respects.”

Sep 21 07:56

Sneak peak inside Hawaii’s forbidden zone

Hawaii’s Big Island has undergone massive geographical changes since the eruption of Kilauea volcano and major devastation has occurred to homes and property in Leilani Estates.

The thirdphaseofthemoon YouTube channel captured footage from inside the ‘forbidden zone.’

Sep 21 07:24

Next big geomagnetic storm poses risk to modern man

Scientists are concerned about the next significant “space weather” event, which begins at the sun in the center of the solar system. Severe space weather occurs less frequently than traditional weather on Earth but can be more destructive in nature.

The sun is now headed towards a solar minimum, forecasted to arrive in 2019 as the Sun changes over from Solar Cycle 24 to Solar Cycle 25. The Sun goes through 11-year cycles, during which solar activity increases and decreases.

Sep 20 09:18

UK Energy Regulator Caught Covering Up Green Scandals

Ofgem — the UK government regulator responsible for energy — has been caught covering up two major scandals in the ‘low carbon’ energy industry.
The cost of these scandals — involving smart meters and the renewable heat incentive (RHI) — may run into the tens of billions of pounds.

But rather than protect the consumer, which is supposedly its job, Ofgem has taken the side of the vested interests profiting from these industries. It has done this by using draconian gagging orders to silence two whistleblowers who had wanted to expose the scandals.

Ironically, the story was broken in The Guardian — a newspaper which has long been committed to supporting the corruption- and incompetence-riddled green industry that the whistleblowers were hoping to expose.

Sep 17 12:53

NASA's new satellite measures ice levels on Earth

(*And That's All !
whiehorse souce )

Sep 17 12:26

How to fly to a climate change summit? In a private, carbon-spewing jet

One of the hottest spots during the just-concluded Global Climate Action Summit was the private runway at San Francisco International Airport, where SFO spokesman Doug Yakel reports corporate jet traffic was up 30 percent over normal.

Airport sources told us that the carbon-spewing corporate jets nearly filled the landing area’s parking slots and that many had flown in for the conference.

The three-day climate confab drew more than 4,000 elected officials, business executives and environmentalists from around the globe and was aimed at addressing how to lower the carbon emissions responsible for global warming.

Sep 17 11:22

Gov. 'Moonbeam' says California to launch climate satellite

California Gov. Jerry Brown said Friday that the state plans to launch its "own damn satellite" into orbit to battle climate change.

The man the late Chicago columnist Mike Royko famously dubbed "Gov. Moonbeam" made the announcement at the conclusion of a two-day climate summit he organized in San Francisco.

Brown said state officials will work with the San Francisco-based company Planet Labs to develop a satellite to track climate-change causing pollutants. Brown said the earth-imaging company has launched 150 satellites.

Sep 17 06:34

Weather Channel reporter fakes hurricane-force winds

The internet is abuzz with the hilarious discovery of a Weather Channel reporter caught faking like he’s barely able to stand in hurricane-force winds while two guys casually stroll down the street behind him.

Hilariously, he’s leaning in the wrong direction, since the correct maneuver is to lean into the wind. As you can see in the laugh-out-loud video below, he’s actually leaning away from the wind while faking like he’s barely able to stand. This is yet more proof that many so-called journalists are actually just “crisis actors” who use TV broadcasts to carry out elaborate hoaxes and staged crisis events.

Sep 16 10:14

Annie Leonard: Governor Jerry Brown Doesn't Care About Climate Justice

Sep 14 10:57

Calgary hit with unseasonable flurries of snow

No, you weren’t dreaming having a nightmare, those were actual snowflakes falling from the sky on Wednesday.

Parts of Calgary witnessed the first falling of snow for this winter season (if we can even call it that, with us being just halfway through September and all), and while the dusting was quite light, it is only a hint of the weather expected to come.

Sep 13 12:08

Iran WARNING: US tells airlines not to fly through airspace as WW3 fears rise

The advisory also warns military activities linked to the bloody conflict in Syria have been ramped across Iran's airspace.

Tensions between Tehran and Washington are running high following Donald Trump’s controversial decision to pull out of the landmark Iran nuclear deal re-introduce economic sanctions last month.

Flight Service Bureau, which provides safety information on airspace to airlines, said "without seeming alarmist", the deteriorating relationship between the US and Iran must be taken into account when planning flights in Iran's airspace.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is getting just about as serious as is a heart attack: I find myself very alarmed at these developments.

Sep 13 11:32

It Actually Snowed In Canada Yesterday And The Photos Are Unbelievable

But it's not even officially fall yet!

Sep 13 10:40

Hannity: Blaming Trump for bad weather is a new low

Sep 12 15:30

Scientists Record Earth's Lowest Temperature Ever. Here's How Cold It Got

New satellite-assisted research found a new record low temperature for anywhere on Earth: A super chilly -144°F (-98°C), handily beating all previous measurements.

The record low, measured on the East Antarctic Plateau, which includes the South Pole, didn’t identify a particular date, but rather relied on analyzing data captured by satellites between 2004 and 2016 to show that this low temperature occurs whenever the conditions are right.

It beat out the previous lowest land temperature measured by a ground station on July 23, 1983, at Vostok Station in Antarctica. It also exceeded the previous satellite-based estimate of -135°F using a similar approach in 2013.

Sep 12 15:27

Fort St. John sets snowfall record on Tuesday

Good morning, Fort St. John, it turns out the weatherman was right about the snow, but the good news is that we don't need to shovel.

Environment Canada reports seven centimetres of snow was recorded at the airport weather station over the last 24 hours — and the five centimetres that fell Tuesday, Sept. 11 is good for a new record, beating the 2.4 cm recorded in 1993.

Sep 12 15:25

Saskatoon weather outlook: 115-year-old record broken in cold morning

Temperatures plunged back to levels never before recorded on Sept. 5 across central Saskatchewan on Wednesday morning, with the mercury sliding down as cool as -4 C in Prince Albert.

A 115-year-old low temperature record from 1903 of -1.1 C was broken in Saskatoon as we fell to -1.3 C to start the day.

Sep 12 15:24

Northern Minnesota sees record-breaking cold temperatures Thursday morning

The National Weather Service reports some record-breaking cold temperatures for Sept. 6 in northern Minnesota with both International Falls and Hibbing finding themselves waking up to a very chilly morning.

International Falls reached 28 degree Thursday, breaking the previous record of 31 degrees for Sept. 6. Hibbing fell to 29 degrees, breaking the previous record of 33.

Sep 12 11:34

It's already snowing in parts of BC (PHOTOS)

Winter is coming. Or in some cases, it has already arrived.

A blast of snow touched down in Northern BC on Tuesday morning.

An earlier weather statement hinting of some “early season snowfall” has been upgraded to a snowfall warning in Williston and the BC Peace River.

Drive BC and social media users have also begun to share photos of light flurries in the Fort Nelson area.

Sep 12 10:41

Hurricane Florence: Washington Post declares Trump is ‘complicit’ for dangerous storm

The editorial board of the Washington Post has declared that President Trump is “complicit” for Hurricane Florence because of his views on climate change.

The massive storm has not made landfall yet, but the Post published a column on Wednesday headlined, “Another hurricane is about to batter our coast. Trump is complicit.”

The piece also notes that Trump has given “good advice” when issuing hurricane warnings via his Twitter feed before it launched an attack on the president.

“When it comes to extreme weather, Mr. Trump is complicit. He plays down humans’ role in increasing the risks, and he continues to dismantle efforts to address those risks. It is hard to attribute any single weather event to climate change. But there is no reasonable doubt that humans are priming the Earth’s systems to produce disasters,” the editorial board wrote.

Sep 11 11:00

These 2 Canadian Provinces Will Get Hit By Snow This Week And We're Shocked

Summer feels like it was just yesterday... because oh wait, summer isn't even actually over. The official end for the summer season in the Northern Hemisphere is coming up on Saturday, September 22.

And yet, the weather in Canada is doing its own thing, because it will already be snowing in not one, but two, provinces this week. So much for an Indian summer, Canada. Meanwhile, in Toronto, they are still experiencing 20 something degree celsius weather.

Sep 11 09:48

Twelve nuclear power plants expected to take direct hit from Hurricane Florence

Twelve nuclear power plants located in and around the Carolinas are expected to take direct hits from Hurricane Florence’s powerful winds once the massive Category 4 storm makes landfall sometime on Friday but it is unknown how facilities will be affected.

Sep 11 08:09

Giraffes and elephants wander about in the snow after freak blizzards hit Africa

Animals more suited to the brilliant sunshine usually associated with the continent have been snapped trudging through snow in amazing pictures

Sep 11 06:33

Elephants & giraffes caught in snow as South African spring takes unusual turn (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Winter had apparently come and gone for South Africa’s Western Cape and residents were looking forward to enjoying the warmer spring weather. Mother nature had different ideas this past weekend, however.

Thanks to an intense cold snap which gripped much of South Africa’s Cape region, some substantial snowfalls were recorded to mark the onset of spring in a somewhat unorthodox way.

Sep 09 07:18

Over 50,000 People Took Part in Climate March in Paris – Greenpeace

"More than 50,000 people took part in the climate march in Paris! Thousands [participated in the marches] in Lille, Bordeaux, Nantes, Rennes, Clermont-Ferrand and many other cities. That is the first time when the march gathered so many people in France," Greenpeace France wrote on its Twitter page.

End to Fossil Fuels: 'Rise for Climate' Rally Starts in Paris
According to French police, the rally in Paris gathered about 18,500 people.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Read the signs in the photo of the "climate" march. The protesters are protesting other things like Monsanto.

Sep 08 10:19


Former Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton wants supporters to tell their senators to vote against Judge Brett Kavanaugh becoming the newest justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.

Clinton’s main reason for opposing President Donald Trump’s second Supreme Court nominee? Man-made global warming.

Sep 07 12:00

Peaking early: Snow starting to show up Colorado’s 14ers as summer draws to a close

Summer doesn’t officially end for a few more weeks, but it has already started snowing atop Colorado’s tallest mountains.

Sep 07 09:10

Snow atop Pikes Peak

This past weekend, we had a couple slushy inches of the white stuff, with several viewers noting and photographing it and sending it in…yes, snow atop “America’s Mountain.” And today, more fresh snowfall! Now, it is not rare for snow to fall atop Pikes Peak every month of the calendar year, but it gets your attention that winter snow can’t be too far off.

Sep 06 08:05

Rising CO2 producing “miracle” re-greening effects across the planet as global tree cover rapidly expands

Climate change myth pushers are scientifically illiterate propagandists who have brainwashed themselves against all scientific reality to somehow believe that carbon dioxide is a poison to plants. In truth, it’s the “greening” molecule for the planet, as I’ve repeatedly explained in multiple climate videos, podcasts and climate articles. Now, new science published in Naturedemonstrates that global tree cover is rapidly expanding across the planet as CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere rise to healthier, pro-tree levels that support forest growth and health.

Sep 05 15:37

Science study: Rising CO2 producing “miracle” re-greening effects across the planet as global tree cover rapidly EXPANDS

Climate change myth pushers are scientifically illiterate propagandists who have brainwashed themselves against all scientific reality to somehow believe that carbon dioxide is a poison to plants. In truth, it’s the “greening” molecule for the planet, as I’ve repeatedly explained in multiple climate videos, podcasts and climate articles. Now, new science published in Nature demonstrates that global tree cover is rapidly expanding across the planet as CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere rise to healthier, pro-tree levels that support forest growth and health.

Sep 05 11:43

Delingpole: Trump Vindicated as Paris Climate Agreement Unravels

The Paris Climate Agreement is a dead non-binding treaty walking. All the signatories know this, none of them will admit it. So instead, we have to endure the ritual spectacle of UN delegates racking up yet more air miles and dumping their carbon footprint on a new location in order to wail hysterically that much, much more needs to be done to save the planet from the greatest threat evah.

This week the UN’s clown caravan has moved to Bangkok, Thailand – the preliminary to an even bigger meeting, COP24, in December in Katowice, Poland.

Sep 02 09:53


It has been snowing in the Alps on higher slopes for the second weekend in a row. The Stubai glacier which is likely to open for it’s 18-19 ski season later this month, posted the image below this morning and said it had had 20cm of snowfall in the past 24 hours.

The image top is from the Pitztal glacier which is scheduled to open for its eight-month 2018-19 ski season a fortnight today on September 15th.

Sep 01 08:45


Governor Moonbeam (Jerry Brown), and the California Senate are “global warming” lemmings, and we all know what happens to lemmings.

Aug 31 13:11

Damn You Global Warming! — Following Record Heat This Summer, Experts Are Predicting There Will Be A Nightmarishly Cold Winter

For most of this summer, much of the U.S. has been hit by historic heatwaves, crippling drought and unprecedented wildfires. But if the long-term forecasts that I am about to share with you are accurate, this winter could be bitterly, bitterly cold.

Aug 31 08:34

Mini Ice Age is here?

Aug 28 10:50

THIS pattern change could send snow flying for Labour Day

As Albertans woke up to the new work week on Monday, snow was seen falling on Highway 1 near Canmore, just west of the city Calgary and into the southern Rockies.

In fact, it had been falling throughout most of the morning across the Rockies as storms fired up across the Saskatchewan border as a low pressure system brought cool northerly winds in its wake.

"While it didn't snow in Calgary itself, the northerly winds gusting up to 50 km/h resulted in a windchill closer to the freezing mark," Weather Network meteorologist Erin Wenckstern said Monday.

Aug 28 10:47

Farmer’s Almanac Prediction: We Are ‘Calling For Teeth-Chattering Cold’

The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a bone-chillingly cold and snowy winter. Managing editor of The Farmer’s Almanac Sandi Duncan said: “We’re actually calling for [a] teeth-chattering cold.”

The Almanac’s famed weather forecast is out and the editors are already busting myths about their prediction. If you’re not a fan of winter, the news is bleak. But you’ll still want to break out the winter hats and boots early this year because Duncan added that the cold will likely hit us sooner than normal this winter. “We’re summarizing it as ‘cold and wet’ and the interesting thing is, it looks like winter might start a little bit early. We have some winter storms predicted early on,” said Duncan according to The Press Herald.

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Gee, I hate being right all the time! :)

Aug 28 09:38

Belski's Blog - Where it is snowing today

Hey, happy Monday to you on this hot late august day in the Ohio Valley.

Thinking cooler thoughts, some snow has been falling in the higher elevations of Montana and Wyoming. Most of the accumulating snow has been above 6,000 feet.

It's August, so this is still surprising for some vacationers.

Aug 28 06:52

Crews covertly removing ‘non-stop flow of toxic dead fish’ from Florida beaches on tractor-trailers

Popular Florida beaches in are now totally empty and the smell of dead fish has filled the air due to the recent red tide algae bloom which officials say is the worst in the state’s history.

Aug 27 15:53

Ski season starts in... August: European heatwave comes to an abrupt end as snow falls in Germany and Austria

There's been a dramatic plunge in temperature across parts of Europe where searing heat has suddenly given way to heavy snowfall of up to 40cm – despite it still being summer.

About 25cm of snow was dumped on Germany's highest peak, the Zugspitze, where temperatures reached a decidedly chilly 19.4F (-7C) yesterday.

The German Weather Service posted on Facebook this morning that the temperature had plummeted 86F (30C)'.

In a press release, it said that those who ventured outside early yesterday would have experienced a 'pretty cold surprise. With only single-digit temperatures, the heat of the previous day was quickly forgotten.'

It explained that while temperatures last Thursday climbed to 91.4F (33C) in Offenbach, with many people cooling off in lakes or swimming pools, 'the temperature was only 44.6F (7C) around 6.30am on Sunday.

Aug 24 06:18

Air quality in San Francisco far worse than Beijing China

Air quality in San Francisco has worsened as wildfires continue to plague the state of California creating a level of toxic air far worse that of even Beijing, China, statistics show.

Aug 23 09:02

California is burning because of failed, ill-conceived left-wing “global warming” policies

According to Zybach, an uptick in forest fires was first noted in the 1970s, at around the same time legislators began favoring a “hands off” approach to forest management instead of more active management.

In an interview, he explained, “Mostly fuels were removed through logging, active management — which they [the Feds] stopped– and grazing.”

“You take away logging, grazing, and maintenance, and you get firebombs,” Zybach stated.

Recently, experts have studied the issue and concluded California forests are overburdened by trees.

Aug 23 08:59

Stevie Wonder says Aretha Franklin was killed by global warming… seriously

Not only is it in poor taste to exploit a moment that should be used to honor and respect Franklin to further his agenda, but he also appears to be ignoring loads of scientific evidence. More than 31,000 scientists – 9,000 of whom have Ph.D.s – have signed a petition that says global warming is a hoax and that global agreements limiting greenhouse gases are actually hurting life on our planet. That petition is backed by peer-reviewed research; it’s not clear what Wonder is basing his own opinion on.