Apr 09 10:38

Phoenixville Farmers Market To Continue Through Snow, Rain

It looks like Mother Nature is sending us one last bit of snow on Saturday, but the roads will only be wet and we are arranging the market setup to keep everyone dry under the bridge. You'll even be able to enjoy warm food from our food trucks or a cup of hot coffee from Artisan's sitting at our new cafe seating under the bridge. We're adding additional tables this week.

Apr 09 10:37

Cohasset memorial walk snowed under

A pair of back-to-back snowstorms on Sunday and Monday left Cohasset looking like a Christmas card, albeit about four months too late. Heavy wet snow and strong winds left 310 residents once again without electricity on Sunday.

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Apr 09 07:45


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WRH Exclusive
Apr 08 13:30

1-3 inches of snow headed for Detroit on Tigers opening day

Metro Detroiters will have to wait a little longer for spring this year, as snow and cooler temperatures are headed to the area through the weekend, according to the National Weather Service.

Beginning Friday afternoon, the metro area could see between 1-3 inches of snow, as well as a high in the 40s, said Deb Elliott, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. By Friday evening, as the snow keeps up, the weather will get even colder with lows in the mid-20s.

Apr 08 10:57

Climate-change models wrong on predicting rain, drought extremes: study

A newly released international study debunks climate models on global warming that forecast extreme rainfall and drought tied to temperature swings, casting doubt on disaster scenarios promoted by the climate-change movement.

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They sure blew it on that 'Snowfalls are now a thing of the past" claim they made in 2000!

Apr 08 10:44

Snow burst triggers wrecks on I-94

A burst of snow during Friday's morning rush hour triggered a number of crashes on I-94 eastbound near St. Michael, backing traffic up for miles.

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Apr 08 10:43

Snow, record cold set to invade Midwest, East

Temperatures across the Midwest and East will plummet Friday and into the weekend, bringing a chill to the air more typical of early February than early April for the second time in less than a week.

Adding insult to injury, April snow — not rain — showers will beset some places.

Apr 08 10:43

Several inches of snow coming to Detroit could start during Tigers home opener

Meteorologists expect several inches of snow in Southeast Michigan this weekend, and it might start to fall before the Tigers' last at-bat in Friday's home opener at Comerica Park.

"By the time the game's done, it might be 37 and snowing," said MLive meteorologist Mark Torregrossa.

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Apr 08 10:41

For the Birds: Wood Ducks brave the snow

By the time I got to Norwalk it was snowing. Yes, I know it's April, but the snow was falling at a good pace. As I approached Woods Pond my anticipation grew for the Wood Ducks. It would be fun to photograph the beautiful ducks with snow falling around them, I thought.

Apr 08 10:41

Flurries This Aftn., Snow Tomorrow

This is the infamous ice fountain up in Gaylord. Tuesday AM – Gaylord got down to 3 below zero. Tues. and Weds. the high temps. were in the mid 30s. Weds. morning Gaylord had 7? of snow on the ground and it was snowing there all day.

Apr 08 10:40

Storm knocks out power, fells trees in North Jersey

That storm activity did not disappoint, but brought thunder, lightning, rain, hail, snow and freezing temperatures early Sunday morning

Apr 08 10:12

BBC ordered to stop giving air time to climate alarmism skeptics

The fact that "climate change" used to be called "global warming" -- that is, after it was called "global cooling" in the mid-1970s -- should be indication enough that the climate alarmists are using every propaganda trick in the book to convince you that everything you do in the modern world from driving to work to turning on your lights to heating your home in the winter is contributing to the planet's demise.

Now, so desperate are the global masterminds to control the minds and attitudes of the masses regarding this subject that they have taken to censorship -- again -- in order to stifle any dissent. The latest example comes via the British Broadcasting Corporation.

According to Britain's The Telegraph, BBC journalists are being sent to courses in order to stop them from inviting "cranks" onto programs to air their "marginal views."

Apr 08 08:04

Tata Steel windfall from carbon emissions permits

Tata Steel made hundreds of millions of pounds selling carbon emissions permits given for free under a European Union emissions trading scheme, experts say.

The allegation is controversial because critics previously blamed EU climate policies for undermining the company.

Three separate experts said Tata was allocated more carbon allowances than it really needed.

Apr 07 12:19

Late-season snow on the way for Pittsburgh region

Get ready for several shots of colder air moving into the Pittsburgh area. These will also spread precipitation around the area for the next couple of days.

Apr 07 12:18

Another snowy start to the weekend predicted in Akron — up to 5 inches could fall

It looks like it will be another snowy Friday night in Akron.

Apr 07 12:18

Snow in the forecast for N.J. How much will we get?

It looks like Old Man Winter isn't finished with us yet.

Apr 07 12:17

Snow: Up to 3 inches forecast Saturday

"Certainly, accumulating snow would be on the rare side [for this time of year]," says AccuWeather meteorologist Tom Kines.

Apr 07 11:55

Area could see snow accumulation Friday afternoon

- A few of inches of snow is expected in the greater Lansing area on Friday as colder than usual temperatures are expected to continue for at least another week, the National Weather Service said.

Apr 06 18:29

B.C. ski resorts sidestep El Nino knockout, celebrate remarkable seasons

Predictions of slushy, El Nino-dampened ski seasons were snowed under across British Columbia this winter as many resorts celebrated one of their most successful years.

Apr 06 18:28

Spring snow negatively impacts high school sports

There was no running on the baseball and lacrosse fields at Cranston Stadium Tuesday.

Snow from Sunday and Monday covered every inch of grass and turf, as well as resulted in the cancelation of games and practices.

"(It's) very frustrating," said Brittney Rice, a softball player at Cranston High School East. "It's spring and it's snowing"

All the snow is making Vincent Varrecchione's job as the director of athletics for Cranston Public Schools very difficult.

Apr 06 18:28

It’s snowing again, briefly, in Durham Region

A weather update from the Government of Canada as of 11 a.m. has snowfall ending around the noon hour, with cloudy skies persisting all day Wednesday, April 6.
There is a 60 per cent chance of rain showers or flurries, with rain starting late this afternoon for the drive home.

Between 2 to 4 cm of snow are expected, but won’t stick around as it’ll remain warm overnight and a high of 7 is predicted tomorrow.

Apr 06 14:31

Climate change might not be as bad as first thought: Projections for global drought and floods may be flawed, claim scientists

A changing climate may not necessarily lead to more floods and droughts according to Swedish researchers who have reconstructed weather patterns over the past 1,200 years.

Scientists used data collected from tree rings, marine sediments, ice cores and mineral deposits to examine the interaction between water and climate in the northern hemisphere over the centuries.

Using this to create a 'spatial reconstruction of hydroclimate variability', they found no evidence to support simulations that showed wet regions getting wetter and dry regions drier during the 20th century.

Apr 06 08:45

Winter, refusing to give into spring, brings more cold and snow

Snow will continue through the evening ending in the Boston area around 8 pm. The map below shows how much more snow will fall, starting from 5 p.m. Totals in Boston will be around 5 inches, at the high end of the predicted range. There will still be areas southwest of the city that will end up with over 6 inches. You can see this on the map from this morning.

Apr 06 08:45

Snow joke: April storm snarls traffic, frays tempers

Mother Nature pulled a late April Fools joke Monday: a spring snowstorm which blanketed the Merrimack Valley and Southern New Hampshire with snow and sleet.

Apr 06 08:44

April snow, ice make for dicey commute throughout Pittsburgh

An unexpected blast of snow showers overnight and into the early morning hours caused numerous rush-hour accidents on slippery local roads and highways throughout the region.

Apr 06 06:15

Clinton Foundation received up to $3 mn from fossil fuel giants in 2008-09 – report

Hillary Clinton’s family foundation took millions of dollars from fossil fuel giants, according to a report, but this past week the Democratic presidential front-runner snapped at a Greenpeace activist, claiming to be “sick” of such allegations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hillary knows the whole global warming issue is a scam.

Apr 05 08:17

When will it stop snowing in Massachusetts?

In what was unfortunately not an April Fool's Day joke, meteorologists said Friday that snow was expected Sunday into Monday in Massachusetts.

Snow has intermittently fallen throughout Monday across the state. School was canceled in numerous communities facing a thick blanket of powder on their roads.

When will the April snowfall end?

Apr 05 08:16

Winter-like Spring storm blankets Toronto and GTA in snow

Good morning and welcome to a "Canadian Spring." Make sure to give yourself extra time as you head out the door, that winter-like storm has left Toronto and the GTA buried under snow and the roads could be messy for your commute.

Apr 05 08:16

LOOK: It's snowing in Cleveland a few hours before Opening Day

At one point the snow was so bad Red Sox players walking to the ballpark had to be picked up ... by a former teammate:

Apr 04 12:14

April showers bring ... snow flurries?

Hey, Mother Nature.

Enough with the jokes, April Fool's Day is over.

Whether you love it or hate it, more springtime snow -- about an inch -- is on the way to metro Detroit this evening into Monday morning, according to the National Weather Service, who said the wintry conditions could create slick road conditions.

Apr 04 09:23

Spring snow belts Great Lakes, Northeast

Say it ain't so: Winter is just refusing to let go.

Heavy snow pasted parts of the Great Lakes and Northeast on Sunday into Monday, and whiteout conditions in New York state caused several accidents.

Apr 04 09:23

Spring Snow Expected to Blanket Northeast, Winds to Subside

Millions of Americans were under winter weather advisories Monday morning, bracing for a second batch of spring snow as crews worked to dig out from the weekend's deadly storm.

More than 9 inches of snow fell in Michigan while parts of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island saw up to 6 inches of snow on Sunday. Heavy winds battered swaths of the country.

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Apr 04 09:14

Welcome to the Environmentalism is Fascism website.

The purpose of this website is to expose both the similarities between environmentalism and fascism and the connections between environmentalism and modern fascistic, or arch-conservative, individuals and groups.

This website presents the product of original research and the work of others.

The principal political orientation of this web page is Utilitarian.

The struggle against fascism or other extreme reactionary movements has historically required a broad alliance.

The website is designed to serve as a mobilizing point for all those wishing to join this struggle.

Apr 04 07:38

Drivers advised to take extreme caution in snowy weather

Allegan County Sheriff is advising drivers to take extreme caution when driving in Allegan County because of weather conditions.

Apr 04 07:38

Another Snow Forecast, Freeze Warning in the Hudson Valley for Monday

After the snow and high winds of Saturday and Sunday, we are looking at yet another round of frozen participation.

Southern Westchester is under a Freezing Warning from 8 p.m. Sunday until 10 a.m. Monday, and Dutchess Ulster counties are under a Winter Weather Advisory from 2 a.m. until 6 p.m. Monday.

Apr 04 07:37

Spring Snow

Snow amounts from the March 30 storm varied widely in the North Platte River Valley. One measurement at 5:30 p.m. in Torrington was 4.5 inches of snow. This after it had been melting and snowing for at least 12 hours.

Apr 04 07:37

Don’t look now but it’s snowing again

Many Bay State residents are waking up to a fast-moving snow storm today, with another on its way tomorrow — bringing potentially damaging wind gusts and near-record low temperatures, forecasters warn.

Today’s storm is expected to drop 1 to 3 inches of snow across much of the area before pulling away by lunchtime.

Apr 03 10:28

Cold week ahead; snow possible on Tigers home opener

The first full week of April will be cold and several days will have precipitation — including Opening Day for the Detroit Tigers on Friday, according to the National Weather Service.

While Sunday will see a high of about 40 degrees, there could be a half-inch to an inch of snow Sunday nightfor most of Metro Detroit. Those totals raise as one heads north; Saginaw and the Thumb area could see 4-6 inches of snow, Weather Service meteorologist Rachel Kulik said. The overnight low will be 28 degrees.

On Monday, the low pressure system that brought the snow will leave, headed for the northeast. A high pressure system from northern Canada will bring dry conditions but cold air Monday night into Tuesday.

Apr 01 12:26

Abrupt changes with cold temperatures, snow ahead

Near record low temperatures possible Monday morning

Apr 01 12:25

Snow -- no fooling -- is in the metro Detroit forecast this weekend

The calendar says April 1, but this weekend will not look much like spring.

Snow is in the forecast Saturday, Sunday and possibly Monday morning.

Unfortunately, that's not a misprint or a misguided attempt at an April Fools' Day prank.

Apr 01 12:25

April snow to coat northeastern US this weekend as temperatures plummet

A fresh shot of arctic air will usher spring snow into parts of the Great Lakes and Northeast during the first weekend of April.

Apr 01 12:24

Snow, high winds possible on Sunday; rain Fri. - Sat.

This is NOT an April Fools' Day joke: Forecasters are warning of snow blown by high winds on Sunday.

Apr 01 12:23

Snow In April? Two Storms Coming Sunday And Monday

I’m sure you’ve all heard the old saying April showers bring May flowers. I think we may have left a line out though – what does April snow bring?

I think we are about to find out.

Apr 01 11:07

Rescuers haul stranded motorists off snowy plateau

The Carbon County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue team was called out late Monday after two men from East Carbon City became stranded when their jeep got stuck in a snow bank at Bruin Point.

Apr 01 11:07

It's definitely snowing in Ithaca this weekend

After being cruelly teased with beautifully warm weather and sunshine for days, Ithacans will definitely be seeing snow this weekend.

Apr 01 10:55


Given the dire warnings over the threat of global warming, it would be reasonable to expect nearly two decades without a rise in average global temperature to be cause for celebration.

Not so. Instead, it’s a call for more punishing legislation.

Apr 01 08:40

Attorneys General Create Axis For Global Warming Shakedown

The top law enforcement officers in 16 states have formed a coalition to investigate and prosecute companies that don’t agree with them on climate change. In other words, those not practicing orthodoxy will be punished.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apr 01 08:05

Rajendra Pachauri: third woman accuses ex-IPCC chair of sexual advances

A third woman has claimed she was sexually harassed by the former head of the UN climate change panel, Rajendra Pachauri, who is charged with sexually harassing, stalking and intimidating a female employee.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said on Thursday she had decided to make a public statement after reading an article in the Observer in which Pachauri denied the allegations against him claiming his email account had been hacked and the claims were a conspiracy to defame him.

Apr 01 07:45

Final Storm Summary and Wyoming Snowfall Totals for March 28-31

A powerful upper low pressure system was responsible for the bulk of the snowfall Monday, March 28th through Wednesday morning, March 30th. This storm system deposited 1 to 2 feet of snow across much of Fremont and Natrona counties with 30 inches or more across parts of the eastern Wind River Range and Casper Mountain. A Canadian cold front that dropped south across the area Wednesday night added a few more inches to some of the storm totals. Downtown Riverton recorded it's ninth biggest snowstorm on record (since 1907) with a storm total of 15.4 inches.

Apr 01 06:55

“I’m sick of it”: Climate activist touches nerve, Clinton responds with finger

At a campaign rally in New York on Thursday, a visibly frustrated Hillary Clinton said she was “sick of” being lied about and waved her finger in the face of a climate activist raising questions about the money her campaign receives from people closely tied to the fossil fuel industry.

Mar 31 13:47

Al Gore, Democratic AGs launch attack to silence climate skeptics

Standing alongside Al Gore, Democratic attorneys general from 16 states announced yesterday they will prosecute oil and gas companies that challenge the catastrophic global warming narrative. Articles were released last year by "journalism entities that receive funding from foundations known for their climate change activism" that allegedly show Exxon knew the dangers of carbon dioxide and suppressed the information. A spokesperson for Exxon/Mobil said the charges are baseless.

Mar 31 09:44

Hottest Year Ever Update

Last year (hottest year ever) Lincoln, Virginia had a maximum temperature of 33F (1C) on this date. But in 1907, Lincoln reached 92F on March 29.

According to NASA, 2015 was the hottest year ever, and 1907 was one of the coldest years ever.

Mar 31 09:31

Arctic Sea Ice Area Is Increasing

Over the past ten years (since late March 2006) Arctic sea ice area has increased. Exact opposite of the story being pushed by government scientists.

Mar 31 08:08

First weekend of April brings snow, cold to Central New York

A pair of storm systems will move through Central New York on Saturday, bringing first rain, then snow and cold to the area.

Mar 31 08:07

Rain, Thunderstorms, 60 MPH Winds, and Even Snow Showers All in Naugatuck's Forecast

Today will be the last great weather day for awhile before rain and thunderstorms, fog, wind, an arctic blast and some snow all move in.

Mar 31 08:07

It's Spring? April to Begin with Snow, Cold Temperatures in Great Lakes and Northeast

Much colder temperatures are set to infiltrate the Great Lakes and Northeast this weekend into early next week, setting the stage for snow in parts of those regions.

Mar 31 08:06

Winter Storm Troy Dumps Feet of Snow on Rockies

Winter Storm Troy will bring some additional snow to parts of the northern Great Lakes Thursday after dumping feet of snow on the Rockies.

Mar 31 08:06

Light snow and strong winds in Denver on Thursday

There is a 40 percent chance of snow in the Denver metro area, said Kari Bowen, meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Boulder.

Up to 1 inch of snow is expected in Denver. The foothills could get between 2 and 4 inches of snow and the mountains could get up to 6 inches of snow on Thursday, Bowen said.

Mar 31 08:05

Snow by Monday? Albany area could be flaking out

The National Weather Service in Albany says there is a 40 to 50 percent chance of snow falling on the region during the afternoon and evening Monday.

Mar 31 07:53

Curse of Delingpole: World’s Biggest Green Energy Company Collapses

Did you short-sell your solar energy shares as I advised last week in my Breitbart piece “The Solar Industry is Dying: Good Riddance?

If you’d picked SunEdison – the world’s largest green energy company – you would have made a killing as its shares plunged further this week, amid rumours that it now faces imminent bankruptcy.

Mar 31 07:48

Another Climate Alarmist Admits Real Motive Behind Warming Scare

Have doubts? Then listen to the words of former United Nations climate official Ottmar Edenhofer:

“One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with the environmental policy anymore, with problems such as deforestation or the ozone hole,” said Edenhofer, who co-chaired the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change working group on Mitigation of Climate Change from 2008 to 2015.

Mar 31 07:47


SunEdison, which bills itself as the world’s largest green energy company, may soon file for bankruptcy protection, according to a recent Securities and Exchange Commission filing, as the company faces “liquidity difficulties” despite getting millions in government subsidies.

Mar 30 07:51

Spring snow leads some Sierra resorts to extend skiing into May

Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe announced winter operations will continue until May 8

Monday storm had delivered 11 inches of snow at Northstar California Resort by midafternoon

Mar 30 07:50

There's snow place like Michigan

Only yesterday I was admiring the purple crocus along the border of my yard.

Only yesterday I was thinking of raking and picking up sticks from the winter winds, and starting my spring cleanup.

I’d come to accept this phenomenon known as spring and realized it actually decided to arrive before June 1 this year. Mother Nature was on quite a roll — late start to winter and an early start to spring? Great, I thought. I was pleased. I’d been cautious to accept it but as I examined my garage, I decided sleds could be stored, snowshoes could be put away and bikes could come down from their imprisonment on the ceiling.

With hockey season over, my son had taken out his baseball equipment, his basketball, his football and his soccer ball. My daughter inquired, “What sport is he into now? It isn’t obvious.” I was certain spring was here to stay.

Mar 30 07:48

NHP reports dozens of crashes during snowy Monday commute (

The Nevada Highway Patrol began working crashes early Monday morning in the Reno-Sparks area during fresh snowfall.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 30 07:47

Snowfall in Bolton causes traffic problems during morning rush hour

Residents in Bolton woke up to a blanket of white covering the area, but the snow is causing some problems on the M61

Mar 30 07:46

Surprise snowfall hits Lancashire

Heavy snow fell in parts of Lancashire this morning catching out commuters as they made their way into work following the Easter break.

Mar 29 11:46

Early April to yield blasts of arctic air and snow in midwestern, northeastern US

Arctic air to deliver shocking cold, hard freezes to the Upper Midwest and Northeast

Mar 29 11:46

Heavy snow and severe weather as storm moves into the Plains

A storm moving into the Plains will produce heavy snow today into Wednesday and severe weather Wednesday to Thursday. The snow will accumulate up to a foot across parts of Wyoming causing travel problems along I-80 and I-25. The snow will taper off late Wednesday.

Mar 29 11:46

Winter Storm Troy Spreading Snow From Rockies to the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest; Blizzard Conditions Possible

Winter Storm Troy will spread snow from the Rockies into parts of the northern Plains and the Upper Midwest through Thursday.

Mar 29 11:42

Major Snowstorm to Hit U.S. Cattle Herds at Worst Possible Time

Snow is on the way for Wyoming, and it’s coming at the wrong time of year for ranchers.

The hardest-hit areas will get as much as 20 inches (51 centimeters), said Chris Hattings, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Riverton, Wyoming. Casper could get 18 inches before the storm ends Wednesday. Blizzard watches were posted for several counties in the central and eastern parts of the state.

“In the higher elevations, way, way up there where nobody lives, some areas could see as much as three feet,” Hattings said.

Mar 29 09:25

Storm Katie brings in unexpected snow to the region

Storm Katie has brought in some unexpected weather for Easter Monday - it has been snowing in parts of the region this morning.

Mar 28 14:16

Snow flurries could be coming to Windsor for the weekend

Environment Canada says there is a chance Windsor could be hit with snow flurries this weekend.

The weather agency is calling for a 40 per cent chance of rain showers or flurries Friday night. There is a 60 per cent chance of rain or flurries Saturday night and a 40 per cent chance of snow flurries on Sunday.

Mar 28 09:32

Storms forecast to dump several inches of snow on Pocatello, Idaho Falls and rest of region; mountains could see foot of snow

The National Weather Service has issued multiple winter storm watches for Eastern Idaho calling for several inches of fresh snow in our region through the middle of the week.

Mar 28 09:32

Snow expected in Utah County through Wednesday

Easter has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean that spring is in the air.

According to the National Weather Service in Salt Lake City, a winter storm is headed to Utah and will bring snow and colder weather to the state through Wednesday.

Mar 28 09:31

Another week, another chance of snow for Fort Collins

A mixed bag for Fort Collins weather this week with warm temps today and Tuesday, followed by potential for snow and rain midweek then a clearing trend comes just in time to enjoy the first weekend of April.

Mar 28 09:30

Easter morning snow aids fire-hit counties

They called the spring snow falling in south-central Kansas on Easter Sunday morning a “blessing.”

A band of wet snow fell over parts of Kansas, including Reno County and wildfire-struck counties along the Oklahoma border.

“Mother Nature did them a big favor,” said Wichita-based National Weather Service meteorologist Chris Jakub.

Mar 27 19:25

Late winter storm slated to hit Utah

SALT LAKE CITY — Old Man Winter is hanging on in Utah to bring the state a late storm that could deliver up to 2 feet of new snow in the northern mountains and leave 3 inches on the valley floors along some portions of the Wasatch Front.

The National Weather Service in Salt Lake City provided an updated briefing Sunday of a complicated winter storm that will arrive in Utah on Monday and linger into Wednesday.

Mar 27 19:11

KC residents wake up to Easter snowfall

ROELAND PARK, Kan. -- The first week of spring brought snow to many parts of the metro. The snow arrived as families were traveling to Easter morning church services.

Mar 27 15:29


Faced with prison, ruin and disgrace when his case comes before the Delhi courts next month, Pachauri has resigned from the IPCC and stepped back from Teri, the huge energy research institute that he founded and which has taken solar lighting to hundreds of millions of Indians. Meanwhile, his many enemies are revelling in his discomfort, his health has suffered and he has been subject to death threats and demonstrations by women’s groups.

His accuser, who cannot be named, is a science graduate. She says he besieged her with offensive messages, emails and texts in the 16 months she spent working with him. In February 2015, she gave police a cache of several thousand electronic messages as evidence.

She says she rejected Pachauri’s “carnal and perverted” advances. “On many occasions, Dr Pachauri forcibly grabbed my body, hugged me, held my hands, kissed me and touched my body in an inappropriate manner,” she told police.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Pachauri was not awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. IOt was awarded to IPCC as a whole, not to Pachauri personally, although he likes to claim otherwise.

Mar 27 07:38

Saturday evening: Snow over in Denver metro, still snowing in southern parts of state

The weather has quieted down in the Denver metro area Saturday evening after a morning snow storm that's still dumping inches in south and southeast Colorado.

Here's a look at some snow totals Saturday afternoon:

Conifer: 12 inches
Monument: 7 inches
Ken Caryl: 6 inches
Erie: 5 inches

Mar 27 07:37

Storm hits mountains, mostly misses Durango

Another storm coming to San Juans on Monday night

Mar 27 07:37

On skiing: Ski activities remain available

Once on the mountain, I stopped where a Gould coach was directing traffic across Monday Mourning between runs by racers. There were only three racers making GS training runs, so no one had to wait long to cross. They could also ski down the right side with plenty of room to stay away from the course set down the left side. Watching, it was obvious two of these kids were among the best in the Gould/Sunday River program, and the third was close. Not only were these young racers setting up well above the gates, they were carving around them and holding their lines well. That told me two things: First, the kids were exceptional skiers; and second, the snow was nearly perfect. It was firm, but they had no trouble holding their edges.

My run down the right side confirmed the quality of the snow.

Mar 26 10:23

March snow in Chicago is making us feel like Joakim Noah

Right when we thought we had beat the winter, snow flurries returned to Chicago on Thursday evening. It's not unusual for it to snow in Chicago during March, but that doesn't make it any less depressing.

Two years ago, after one of the most miserable and cold winters in the city's history, Bulls center Joakim Noah discovered that it was snowing outside during a postgame interview, and his reaction pretty much sums up what it's like to experience springtime snow in the city.

Mar 26 10:23

Blizzard Cindy dumps nearly a foot of snow on the Northwoods

Winter Storm/Blizzard Cindy dumped around a foot of snow on locations such as Lakewood, Athelstane and Wausaukee, according to the National Weather Service.

Mar 26 10:22

Residents react to early spring snow storm

Those that put away their winter gear had to break it out again for the latest winter snow storm.

"Last week I was raking. Today I'm shoveling snow, but that's Michigan and we're used to it," said Keith Roberts, who lives in Gaylord.

Gaylord resident Steve Miller snow blows driveways in Gaylord in the winter.

He said he was glad he didn't put his equipment away.

Mar 26 08:54

Polar vortex to plunge cold into midwestern, eastern US in early April

Arctic air will plunge into much of the central and eastern United States, as the polar vortex shifts its position during early April.

Following a pattern favoring more warm days than cold days into next week, a change will likely bring record cold to parts of the Midwest and East.

Mar 25 10:55

Westside Snow Report 3-24-16

March Madness in the Mountains is upon us! For those of you who live to ride the deep snow, these next few days will possibly be the last chance this season as we get our final cold front before the spring pattern takes over and we get into the warmer temperatures. In the last 24 hours Crystal Mountain is reporting 5 new inches, while Mt. Baker is reporting 12 new inches, and Stevens pass reports 3 new inches. It is expected to continue snowing through Friday, which should be fantastic, and we could have a bluebird powder day Saturday throughout the cascades. Snow levels are expected to be at or below 3000 feet, so you can get freshies at the Summit at Snoqualmie if you are up for a quick trip.

Mar 25 10:55

Fresh snow concerns avalanche experts

The fresh snow falling in the mountains around southwest Montana has blanketed local peaks.

And that means that anybody heading into the backcountry needs to beware of avalanche danger.

Mar 25 10:54

Snow causing headaches for some in De Pere

The west side of downtown De Pere saw almost whiteout conditions as the sun went down Wednesday, slowing business along Main Avenue.

“I just really hope we don’t get the 14 inches like they’re talking about because we definitely do not need that,” says 3rd Dimension Tattoos & Body Piercing owner Burt Holez.

Mar 25 10:54

Storm passes, wraps up for the evening

At 5 p.m., snow was falling over most of the area. It didn't accumulate to much, but it made for a messy rush hour. Snow ended by about 8 p.m., WeatherWatch 12 Chief Meteorologist Mark Baden said,

As of 5 p.m., here were some of the snow totals:

Mount Calvary -- 5.8 inches
Taycheedah -- 5,5 inches
Elkhart Lake -- 4 inches
Plymouth -- 4 inches
Beaver Dam -- 2.5 inches

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 25 10:53

Colorado snow totals for March 23, 2016

The following Colorado snow totals have been reported by the National Weather Service for March 23, 2016, as of 8:14 p.m.

Allenspark — 16.2 inches

Arvada — 16.5 inches

Aspen Springs — 9.4 inches

Aurora — 25 inches

Bennett —15 inches

Berthoud —16 inches

Black Hawk — 8 inches

Boulder — 25.5 inches

Brookvale — 11 inches

Broomfield — 20 inches

Mar 25 10:46

What's the Real Agenda Behind Climate-change Alarmism?

The world leaders and activists who attended the UN Climate Summit in Paris last December are all about saving the world, saving the environment, right? That’s the standard narrative, isn’t it?

Well, critics, ourselves included, have insisted that the UN climate agenda is really about power and wealth. More precisely, it is about getting the power to redistribute global wealth — through carbon taxes, carbon pricing, carbon trading, and carbon regulation, etc. But don’t take our word for it; the top climateers have said so themselves.

Mar 25 09:55

The Most Dangerous Man in America

Now YOU know why YOU are “The most dangerous man or woman in America”.

The upshot of this discussion is that when the American people really do wake up, the “military arm of the NWO” will collapse in a day and a night. Then, there is no one nation or other entity to enforce the global tyranny that has relentlessly terrorized the planet for so many centuries, and even over millennia.

This is why YOU are “The most dangerous man or woman in America”!

Let’s get busy … … … creating many other “dangerous men and women in America”.

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"One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we've been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We're no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It's simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we've been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back." -- Carl Sagan

"The real deniers are people who think our climate was and should remain static and unchanging." -- Paul Driessen and Chris Skates

"Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket." -- Eric Hoffer, The Temper of Our Time

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I figured this was worth a repost as Denver digs out from a major blizzard ... just one week from April!

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Mar 24 08:51

FLASHBACK - NOAA Radiosonde Data Shows No Warming For 58 Years

In their “hottest year ever” press briefing, NOAA included this graph, which stated that they have a 58 year long radiosonde temperature record. But they only showed the last 37 years in the graph.

Here is why they are hiding the rest of the data. The earlier data showed as much pre-1979 cooling as the post-1979 warming.

Mar 24 08:49

Stats Tampering Puts NOAA in Hot Water

NOAA’s adjustments to previous ocean temperatures between 1998 and 2012 made recent global temperature changes appear more than twice warmer than the original records showed.

This was accomplished by throwing out global-coverage satellite-sensed sea surface measurements taken since the late 1970s — the best data available — and upwardly adjusting spotty and unreliable hit-and-miss temperature readings taken from ocean-going vessels which present well-recognized problems.

Big errors are introduced because readings taken from the cooling-water intake-tubes of various ships record measure temperatures at different ocean depths. Varying amounts of conduction from different vessel infrastructures and daily sun conditions skew temperatures as well.

Mar 24 08:42

Denver digs out from blizzard; roads ice over, schools closed, widespread power outages

- A blizzard that ranked in the top five for March has moved out of the Denver metro area, but it left behind a foot of snow, icy roads and cold temperatures.

Denver received 13.1 inches of snow at the official reporting station at Denver International Airport, making it the fifth-largest snowstorm in March in the city since record keeping began in the late 1800s.

Mar 24 08:28

BEX ALERT - 'Superstorm’ climate shift can happen within decades not centuries, climate scientists warn

Sea levels could rise 20-30 feet within decades, losing 'most of the world's largest cities and all their history'

Webmaster addition: The US is getting slammed in a blizzard reaching from Denver to Michigan ... in SPRING, and the global warming scammers are still screeching about impending doom if we don;t pay carbon taxes, buy carbon credits, and let them decide how we should live.

Mar 24 07:47

Major winter storm underway from Central Rockies to High Plains, US

A major winter storm is well underway from the Central Rockies to the High Plains on Wednesday, March 23, 2016. Blizzard warnings are in effect from across northeastern Colorado to southeastern Wyoming, southwestern Nebraska, and northwestern Kansas. The storm is expected to intensify further as it moves towards the Great Lakes through Thursday, March 24.


Mar 23 12:03

Snow Storm Shuts Down Denver's Airport

Denver's airport has been shut down by a powerful spring snow storm.

Continued snow and blowing wind has reduced visibility at Denver International Airport so officials say it's not safe for aircraft to take off or land. It's also made the road to the airport impassable.

The airport is asking passengers already at the airport to remain there until conditions improve and they can safely drive away.

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Gosh DARN that human-caused global warming! :)

Mar 23 10:15

2+ Million Monarch Butterflies Die from Snow & Cold 19N° Southern Mexico

Mar 22 12:36

Winter-like storm headed for Michigan

Someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that spring has sprung.

A half-foot of snow is expected to hit parts of mid- and northern Michigan on Wednesday into Thursday, just days after the first official day of spring, according to the National Weather Service in White Lake Township.

Mar 22 08:46

Intellicast - Weather Alerts Western Montana Snow


Mar 21 18:15

Early spring snowstorm on Maine’s doorstep

An early spring storm off the coast of Maine is expected to pummel some parts of the state with as much as a foot of snow before it leaves the region Monday afternoon.

Mar 21 18:15

Up to 10 inches of snow coming for parts of New England

"I think it's pretty crazy that it's snowing on the first day of spring. I don't really like snow, so if we could just get the 75 and blue skies back that would be nice!" said Michael Forgione. "You can tell by the snowflakes falling on my baldhead it's too cold out here!"

As much as 4 to 8 inches is expected from Massachusetts to Rhode Island, with some areas seeing as much as 8 to 10.

Mar 21 18:14

Nova Scotia schools cancel classes as nor'easter blows through

The Department of Transportation said provincial crews started working before dawn and roads were snow covered in many areas during the morning commute.

Mar 21 18:14

Snow could make morning commute tricky

Meteorologists say 2 to 4 inches of snow could fall by Monday morning, making for a messy commute with the possibility of school delays or cancellations.

Snow was expected to start late Sunday evening, with most of the accumulation happening between midnight and 9 a.m. Monday, said meteorologist Gary Lessor of the Western Connecticut State University Weather Center. Temperatures peaked at about 43 degrees in Meriden on Sunday afternoon, but were expected to drop to between 25 and 30 degrees overnight. The storm may begin as rain before it changes to snow.

Mar 21 18:13

Heaviest snow expected on N.J. coast

With snow falling overnight, New Jerseyans waking up Monday morning can expect to see slippery conditions across most of the state with the greatest accumulation on parts of the coastal plain.

Mar 21 13:45

Winter storm watch issued for part

A winter storm watch is in effect for a large part of western Lower Michigan. It has been issued due to the potential for heavy snow accumulations or freezing rain and sleet accumulations.

More areas of Michigan will likely be added to the winter storm watch soon.

Mar 21 09:30

Spring snow falls in St. Louis

Mar 19 10:57

Flashback: Water Car Inventor Murdered

Something to think about during "Earth Hour"

Mar 19 08:48

Bolaris' Weather Watch: Snowstorm to strike the Northeast? Say it isn’t snow

Timing of the storm and its associated snow, sleet and rain still needs to be worked out, but it should be snowing in both Philadelphia and NYC sometime on Saturday night.

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Mar 19 08:44

Rain-snow mix comes for first day of spring

A push of cold air from the north is positioned along a front that came from the south. Moisture along that front is bringing a rain-snow mix to much of the area Saturday.

As much as an inch more snow could fall overnight into Sunday

Mar 18 12:24

Storm brings both heavy snow, rain to Duluth.

Mar 18 11:14

Another Climate Scientist Indicted for Financial Fraud

Here we go again. Daniel Alongi, a researcher racketeer with the Australian Institute of Marine Science — though he’s no longer listed on its website — is facing trial for using a scheme to erroneously pocket half a million dollars in taxpayer money that was supposedly being used on climate change research. According to The Heartland Institute, “Alongi has been indicted by the Australian government on charges of defrauding taxpayers out of $556,000 in false expenses since 2008. Alongi has already admitted to creating false invoices, credit card statements, and e-mails to cover his misappropriation of funds.” As you might expect, “Alongi’s indictment raises serious questions concerning the credibility of his research,” Heartland adds. Meteorologist Anthony Watts says, “If Alongi falsely claimed to have spent half a million dollars on radioisotope testing, it would look pretty strange if he didn’t produce any false test results, to justify the expenditure of all that money.”

Mar 18 11:12

Obama-Backed Solar Plant Could Be Shut Down For Not Producing Enough Energy

California regulators may force a massive solar thermal power plant in the Mojave Desert to shut down after years of under-producing electricity — not to mention the plant was blinding pilots flying over the area and incinerating birds.

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I flew over one of those solar plants once (as a passenger) and the glare from the mirrors is intense. While the direct solar energy is focused on the generator tower, the atmospheric haze from near the sun misses the tower and reflects back into the sky.

Mar 17 12:00

Updated snowfall reports from around the Northland

Snow reports relayed by the National Weather Service in Duluth through 11 a.m. Thursday:

13 inches - Lutsen
12.3 inches - Gunflint Trail
12 inches - Cook, Tofte, Taconite Harbor
11.8 inches - Snowbank Lake
11.5 inches - Silver Bay, Two Harbors (10 miles NNE)
9.7 inches - Two Harbors (7 miles NW)
9.5 inches - Sea Gull Lake
9.2 inches - Duluth airport
9 inches - Embarrass
8.7 inches - Arnold
8 inches - Orr, Poplar
7.5 inches - Hoyt Lakes, Stone Lake, Gile
7.4 inches - Saxon
7.3 inches - Kabetogama
7.2 inches - International Falls
7.1 inches - Island Lake, Oulu
7 inches - Tower, Lake Nebagamon, Brimson, Cotton, Cornucopia
6.3 inches - Superior, Seeley
6 inches - Cloquet, Mahtowa, Herbster
5.8 inches - Floodwood
5.3 inches - Wright
5 inches - Moquah, Drummond, Grand Marais
4.8 inches - Washburn
4.5 inches - Grand Rapids
4.1 inches - Wrenshall, Madeline Island
3.8 inches - Bayfield
3.2 inches - Ashland
3 inches - Minong, Larsmont
2.9 inches - Kettle River

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Mar 17 10:33






Webmaster's Commentary: 

Gosh DARN that human-caused global warming! :)

Mar 16 13:16

Temperatures return to 50s before threat of snow returns

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Gosh DARN that human-caused global warming!

Mar 15 10:43

Snowy, wet conditions affecting travel in the Sierra

The snow is creating some near white out conditions in the Sierra, where it’s been snowing all day. KCRA 3’s Mike Luery shows what the travel conditions are like in the mountains.

Mar 15 10:32

Jessica Savitch predicts catastrophic global warming by 1990's