Apr 16 05:41

30K Set To Run 122nd Boston Marathon Despite Miserable Weather

It’s expected to be the coldest Marathon in nearly a decade, and while runners said they’re determined to run, rain or shine, they said they’re concerned with the elements.
There were mixed reactions to the forecast, but almost everyone agreed you can’t ever predict New England weather.

“This is ridiculous,” George Muldoon, of New Hampshire, said. “Spring in Boston. You gotta love it"


(*that's about right . sleet and rain mix , heavier on the sleet , overnight , had to scrape the windshield this morning .
No buds on the trees yet . fricking cold up 'heah' !)

Apr 15 09:11

GSM Update 4/15/18 - Historic Deadly Blizzard Zanto Continues - Longest Winter In Edmonton

Apr 15 08:47

Historic blizzard slams into Minnesota; record snowfall possible

Travel is discouraged as snow falling at 1 to 2 inches per hour and 50-mph wind gusts created whiteout conditions. With 10-plus inches at the airport, flights were grounded until late Saturday.

Apr 13 12:54

'What do you want me to do, lie to you?: Furious weatherman loses it at colleagues complaining about the cold weather

Fox 17's Garry Frank weather forecaster has lost his temper with the seemingly endless Michigan winter in what has been described as a turbulent rant-cast.

His stormy forecast of yet another cooler-than-average period was mostly addressed to his co-hosts and anchors who were equally dispirited about the continuing cold snap.

Frank, feeling like the shot messenger, jokingly told them that it wasn't his fault that things were not warming up.

Apr 13 10:20

Skiers, Boarders Enjoy Late-Season Snowfall

Fresh snow and sunny skies brought ideal conditions for skiers and snowboarders Thursday at Boreal Mountain Resort.
"This is exactly what we are looking for," snowboarder Tony Ngo said. "This is beautiful."

The Ngo family made their way up from the Bay Area to enjoy a day on the mountain. Their trip was originally planned for Wednesday, but Ngo decided to postpone it until after the snow was on the ground.

"Yesterday, we looked at the weather and it said it is not snowing until 4 or 5 o'clock in the evening, so we just postponed it," he told FOX40.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apr 13 10:19

Schools, roads officials prepare for predicted blizzard

The likelihood of Friday the 13th bringing yet another snowstorm is great — so great, in fact, that it could become a blizzard by the afternoon and continue into Saturday.

On Thursday, the National Weather Service issued a blizzard warning in effect from 1 p.m. Friday until 7 p.m. Saturday.

“Right now it looks like we’ll see snow start snowing before the blizzard warning,” said Nathan Jurgensen, a meteorologist at North Platte’s National Weather Service office. He added that actual blizzard conditions — high winds and visibility restrictions — won’t begin until later.

Apr 13 07:51

Spring Storm Brings Low Snow To Sierra

A spring storm is bringing with it some low-level snow to the foothills. Areas like Pollock Pines could get a couple of inches. The snow started falling in the area just before 10 p.m. Wednesday.

As the temperatures quickly dropped in Pollock Pines, the snow plows sat on standby.

“We love it. We live here,” said Pollock Pines resident Paul Salas.

Pollock Pines resident Ted Host said, “I’m always ready for it. I love it.”

A spring storm is expected to drop one to two inches of snow overnight.

Apr 13 07:50

Surprise snow: Southern comfort

The final week of this season is unfolding and by all accounts there remains some very good skiing for the dwindling numbers finding their way up onto the hill.

March brought some truly memorable days on the hill — who can forget that one stretch where over 5 feet of snow fell in seven days? April so far has been more restrained. Yet about 5 inches of snow came in a couple of short bursts leading into the Sugar Slalom weekend.

Temperatures have remained colder than many would like in April, but let’s hope the last few remaining days of lift service will deliver a couple of classic corn-snow mornings.

Apr 11 17:17

Some Of The Science Behind The Ridiculous Movie 'The Day After Tomorrow' Is Now Coming True

You may recall the 2004 speculative flick The Day After Tomorrow for both its inane action sequences and its gross exaggeration of the impacts of climate change. But new research shows that the basic ideas behind the movie that were so utterly twisted and embellished for the sake of driving the plot forward may now be happening.

Apr 11 16:20

Los Angeles painting city streets white in bid to combat climate change

California officials are hoping their latest attempt to stem the rising tides of climate change leads to a more socially conscious -- and cooler -- summer...While each coasting could can last up to seven years, they are also pricey, with the estimated cost of $40,000 per mile, the L.A. Daily News reported.

Apr 11 11:50

Strong Spring Snowstorm Expected to Bring Heavy Snow and Blizzard Conditions to the Northern Plains, Great Lakes

A major spring storm will intensify in the nation's midsection late this week, bringing wind-whipped heavy snow in parts of the Rockies, northern Plains and Great Lakes into the weekend.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apr 11 09:37

Snow, cold temps freeze fieldwork in Wisconsin

With heavy snow falling across the state last week, it's no surprise farmers had only .9 days suitable for fieldwork, halting manure spreading and other early fieldwork, according to USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service Wisconsin Crop Progress and Condition report.

While southern Wisconsin saw light snows that melted quickly, northern portions of the state remained buried under thick drifts.

Burnett and Washburn counties were buried under about 20 inches of snow. "It will take some warm weather to melt it before any fieldwork or planting is done," the report from that area stated.

The story in Clark County was snowing, blowing and frozen ground last week. "Hopefully next week is better, because robins have had three snows on their tails," the reporter said.

Apr 11 09:37

Another dose of April snow visits WMass

Raise your hand if you're sick of the it up?

Well, don't worry if it's not because plenty of other people are raising a hand for you.

Today, snow squalls moved through for what could be the last time for awhile - something Western Mass News found people aren't complaining about.

"I was like Kevin in Home Alone, ahhhhhhh!" said Kathy Zizik.

You're not dreaming western Massachusetts. For the fourth time in ten days, it's snowing in April.

While Roberta Zizik's dog, Charlie, doesn't mind the flakes, Roberta and sister-in-law Kathy do.

George Torrey is fresh off a trip to sunny Florida and he told Western Mass News this April snow has been the norm since his return.

"The weather has changed so much," Torrey said.

Apr 10 10:19

Yes, it was snowing on this Monday morning in April

We are waking up with temperatures in the low and mid 30s, and yes, even some snow flurries.

Apr 10 09:30

Police Department Vows To Arrest Winter For Staying Around

A New York police department “arrested” winter Friday for sticking around for so long.

The Depew Police Department sent out a Facebook post notifying winter that it had been placed under arrest, reports the Associated Press.

The police department said winter had the “right to remain silent” and that if winter cooperated with them, the department would “look past” winter’s “past transgressions.”

“Any further snow you produce will be held against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney, but only if you turn in the groundhog that predicted six more weeks of winter,” the department wrote in a Facebook post. “If you are willing to work with us, we are willing to look past your most recent transgressions over the course of this past week. The choice is yours.”

Apr 09 09:01

Washington’s winter hasn’t really gone, not while snow still falls here

On a Saturday afternoon well within the season of spring, Washington saw signs that winter had yet to surrender, as snowflakes fell in both the city and the surrounding suburbs.

Apr 09 09:01

Kansas City gets more snow in April; here's how much is expected to fall

Snow began falling in the Kansas City area late Sunday morning as another round of wintry mix moved into the metropolitan area.

But with temperatures rising into the upper 30s and low 40s, snowfall totals should be minor. Instead, a light rain and snow mix could lead to some slushy conditions in and around the Interstate 70 corridor.

Apr 09 07:39

Hi from Stockholm...

…where everyone is still beaming from what felt like the first real sunny weekend of the year. Just as we’re all getting our hopes up though, it turns out the cold weather is on its way back. One Swedish university predicts 2018 will be the slowest spring to arrive in almost 100 years.

Apr 09 07:04

New study reveals increased snowfall in Antarctica over last two centuries

The first comprehensive study of snowfall across Antarctica provides vital information in the study of future sea-level rise.

Presenting this week (Monday 9 April 2018) at the European Geosciences Union (EGU) meeting in Vienna, an international team, led by British Antarctic Survey, describes how analysis of 79 ice cores collected from across Antarctica reveals a 10% increase in snowfall over the last 200 years. This is equivalent to 272 giga tonnes of water – double the volume of the Dead Sea.

Apr 08 09:12

Snow in April: Yes, 18 inches fell in 1894 in central Pa.

For those yearning for sunny, warm days, they're coming -- possibly by the middle of next week, said Aaron Tyburski, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in State College.

For now, though, the chilly temperatures are expected to stick around, and it's possible a storm could brush the area with a bit of snow this weekend.

So how often does it snow in April?

It happens every two or three years, Eric Horst, director of the Weather Information Center at Millersville University, said in an email.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the latest carbonazi spin. "Hey; snow in April is no big deal; it has happened before."

But back when "Climate Disruption" was still being called "Human-Caused Global Warming", the claim was that snow was a thing of the past!

Apr 07 11:11


Winter is trying to stick around for as long as possible, and because of that seasonal businesses are feeling the itch to open.

Local golf clubs are preparing for opening day by laying out clubs, tees, and golf balls. With weather constantly pushing opening day away, we asked will this cause a drop in club memberships.

Apr 07 06:46

Still snowing

The snow is still lingering and while many of you are like us, wanting it to fly away, it wasn't much different today.

Apr 06 14:46

Energy Hogs: Can World’s Huge Data Centers Be Made More Efficient?

The biggest, covering a million square feet or more, consume as much power as a city of a million people. In total, they eat up more than 2 percent of the world’s electricity and emit roughly as much CO2 as the airline industry. And with global data traffic more than doubling every four years, they are growing fast.

Apr 06 10:25

Don't hate me, but record-setting cold and snow are about to sweep across the U.S.

It's April. I know. Flowers should be blooming, outdoor lunches should be starting.

But that springtime reality is a long way off for tens of millions of Americans. For people living across the Upper Midwest, Great lakes, Ohio Valley, Mid-Atlantic, and New England, an Arctic blast and series of storm systems will make it look and feel more like February during the next week.

There are now three separate storms threatening to bring snow to parts of this swath of the country between April 4 and April 12, as bitterly cold air — courtesy of the polar vortex — blasts its way south and east to the Atlantic seaboard.

Apr 06 08:52

Snow expected to arrive in Boston later this morning before turning to rain

For about three hours Friday, it will be snowing in Greater Boston and most of Massachusetts.

The storm is expected to arrive around 11 a.m. and last until about 2 p.m., according to the National Weather Service. Winds will be clearly a big part of this event, with gusts expected to reach 30 miles an hour in Greater Boston on Friday afternoon, the weather service said.

Apr 06 08:52

Nor’easter opens the spring season

I can’t even count the amount of times on my fingers I have looked outside and dreadfully said, “It’s snowing.”

We all appreciated the snow days and missing class, but we are all kind of over it now. Not only are we completely done with the snow, if we think a little deeper, shouldn’t we be worried?

Although we are experiencing “global warming” here on campus, we have also been experiencing our fair share of cold weather.

A common misconception about climate change is that it only causes warm weather, which then causes tropical storms, hurricanes and polar ice caps melting; however, the New Jersey and Pennsylvania area have yet to see spring.

Apr 06 08:51

Spring snowstorms aren't over just yet

If this coming week were a parable, it would be about patience and good things coming. Instead, it seems like the next few days are from the closing pages of a Stephen King novel about snow monsters with breath that can freeze thermometers.

A series of small but unpleasant storms seems to be setting up, each carrying the possibility of snow, mixed with rain, leaving "an inch of two" of snow in its wake.

Apr 06 08:51

It's April 6th, And It's Snowing

Yes, it’s April 6. And it’s snowing.

The National Weather Service issued a weather statement early Friday warning of snow between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. It might fall heavily for an hour or two before mixing with sleet and changing over to rain.

Flurries started falling in Hartford about 10 a.m.

Accumulations will range from a coating to 2 inches. Some spots may get closer to 3 inches, the weather service said.

Apr 06 08:50

If it’s cold and snowing, it must be the White Sox’ home opener!

The flurries started in earnest in the third inning, transforming a baseball game into a Christmas story.

Apr 06 08:49

Richie Allen BBC Climate Change Bias Is Shameful Why Won t The Green Party Debate Piers Corbyn

Apr 05 15:52

Study: flood control engineering likely has worsened floods

Flood control work in the Mississippi River and its tributaries has likely made floods worse in Mississippi and Louisiana, researchers say.

Using 500 years of data from tree rings and from sediment in oxbow lakes — bends that once were part of the Mississippi River but became lakes when the river changed its path slightly — they say the river has flooded more often and poured more water into those states over the past 150 years than any previous period.

Apr 05 11:29

Record-breaking, 'ridiculous' April cold and snow set to hit northeastern U.S. this weekend

An unusually cold winter storm is bound for New York City — again.

Dreams of clear skies and mild weather will have to wait, as forecasters predicted Wednesday that a record-breaking Arctic blast is headed for the East Coast this weekend.

"Ridiculous late season arctic outbreak Fri/Sat," Weather Company meteorologist Michael Palmer tweeted.

Temperatures in the city are expected to drop as much as 20 degrees below the normal and a slushy snow-rain mix will likely start falling on Friday and continue well into Saturday, according to the National Weather Service.

Apr 03 08:35

Spring Snow Made For Slippery Monday Morning Commute In Southern CT

More than 10 days after the start of spring, Mother Nature played a cruel, belated April Fools joke Monday morning, dropping about a half-foot of snow in places and triggering school delays, spinouts and rollovers.

Apr 03 08:27

Snow cancels Yankees home opener

Nothing evokes the coming of spring like Opening Day, and nothing can cancel a baseball game as quickly as five inches of snow.

Apr 02 09:53

Smartphones Are Killing The Planet Faster Than Anyone Expected

Smartphones are particularly insidious for a few reasons. With a two-year average life cycle, they’re more or less disposable. The problem is that building a new smartphone–and specifically, mining the rare materials inside them–represents 85% to 95% of the device’s total CO2 emissions for two years. That means buying one new phone takes as much energy as recharging and operating a smartphone for an entire decade.

Apr 02 09:43

April Will Begin With More Chances For Snow In The Northern U.S. This Week

The chances for snow over the next couple of days are no joke. April will begin with some more snow for the northern United States as winter still fights to remain relevant as the sun's warmth digs further into the northern hemisphere with each passing day. A jet stream entrenched over the northern United States will allow the beginning of April to remain cooler than normal and bring several shots at snow across northern sections of the country. None of the storms will be intense blizzards like you'd see during the winter, but even a short-lived thump of snow could snarl travel and ruin plans.

Apr 02 07:40

So much for spring! Unseasonable snowfall hits NYC and New Jersey, causing commuting delays, canceling more than 200 flights and even the Yankees are forced to postpone their home opener

We may be well into spring but the weather remained frozen in winter across the northeast on Monday.

The unexpected snow has caused chaos across New York where the Yankees have been forced to postpone their much-anticipated season opener after the stadium was covered in a blanket of snow.

The snowstorm has also caused hundreds of flight cancellations across its three major airports and heavy commuter traffic as up to three inches were dumped on the city in the morning.

The unseasonable snow storm also struck the northeast, bringing commuter misery to residents in Washington, Philadelphia, and much of New Jersey. New England is expecting up to five inches of snow in some non-urban areas.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apr 01 15:46

Snow could ruin New York Yankee's home opener as up to six inches of snow is predicted to hit the East Coast Monday

Up to six inches of snow is predicted for areas of the East Coast which could impact the New York Yankees home opener on Monday.

Forecasters are predicting a mixture of rain and snow slush to start falling early Monday morning and into the day.

Most of the weather is anticipated prior to the first pitch, but some could still linger and impact the start time as the Yankees take on the Tampa Bay Rays.

Mar 30 10:20

It's snowing in Devon as mad March weather hits - live updates

It comes as the Met Office issued a yellow severe weather warning for snow over Scotland.

Mar 29 02:22

Snow and traffic collisions shut down stretches of I-70 in the mountains

Students weather the rain and snow as they walk on the Auraria campus on March 28, 2018 in Denver. Much needed snow is expected in the Denver metro area over night.

Mar 27 09:24

Nothing Unusual Happening in Climate Change, Over 40 New Scientific Papers Confirm

The scare about global warming is overdone, according to more than 40 scientific papers published in just the first three months of 2018.
What their charts clearly show is that “nothing climatically unusual is happening.”

In the chart below from a study by Polovodova et al, we see that 20th century warming is perfectly normal in a long-term historical context. It was no warmer – indeed, is slightly cooler – than either the Roman Warm Period or the Medieval Warming Period.

Mar 26 12:00

NASCAR (Snow) Blows It By Scheduling A Race Too Early At Martinsville

So a NASCAR race was postponed by snow on Sunday for the first time in 25 years. OK, bad weather happens. The race in Martinsville, Va., just as easily could have been rained out. Qualifying for last year's race was rained out. A truck race scheduled for Saturday was stopped because of rain, which turned to snow.

It had stopped snowing by Sunday morning in Martinsville, but NASCAR officials said the race was postponed because snow plows and emergency and utility vehicles were needed elsewhere in the area.

Mar 26 11:22

Climate Change Could Make Opioid Crisis Worse, Claims Professor

Climate change could make the opioid crisis worse, a Penn State University professor claims.

Mar 25 09:11

It Was Earth Hour Last Night (In Case You Didn’t Notice!)

You probably did not notice, but it was Earth Hour last night at 8.30 pm local time.

While the virtue signallers at the BBC made a song and dance about it, the rest of us it seems just carried on as normal:

Mar 21 08:22

Beast from the East 3.0 on way – and it’s YOUR fault says climate boffin

MORE Beasts from the East are on the way and its OUR fault because of climate change, an expert has warned as people across Britain have been warned to expect another cold snap over the Easter weekend.

Mar 19 11:50

Approaching ‘grand solar minimum’ could cause global cooling

There’s a lot of evidence mounting that solar cycle 25 will usher in a new grand solar minimum. Since about October 2005, when the sun’s magnetic activity went into a sharp fall, solar activity has been markedly lower, with solar cycle 24 being the lowest in over 100 years.

Mar 19 11:49

Gore travels to Dubai, warns: ‘Global warming’ triggering ‘flying rivers, rain bombs’

Gore issues new climate warning: Bizarre weather such as “flying rivers” and “rain bombs” are just some of the recent effects of climate change, warned former US vice-president Al Gore at the Global Education and Skills Forum (GESF) in Dubai on weather is becoming “extreme” and “disruptive”, mainly because of global warming, Gore explained.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 19 09:17

FINALLY! Climate Propaganda May Be Reaching A Tipping Point

Has the climate propaganda reached a point where radical climatism is leading us into dangerous negligence?

The severe winter in the northern hemisphere has been widely recorded. However, key climate information providers have altered data. The result — intended or not — has been to make the recent record lows of the winter appear normal.

November 2017 marked the onset of a very cold winter across the Northern Hemisphere. Many parts of North America and Eurasia registered record lows, breaking even 80-year records.

Below-average temperatures continued well into February, breaking records in Japan and Europe. In fact, Europe is about to experience a deep freeze due to changes in local weather patterns.

Mar 18 09:20

New Ice Age Begins: Ice Chunks Thrown from Wind Turbines Threaten Lives, Smashing Buildings and Passing Trucks

Wind power’s meant to be clean, green and safe as houses, but these things have a habit of hurling deadly chunks of ice at people, family homes and, in one recent case, through the roof of a College in the US: Deadly Cool: Wind Turbine Throws Ice Chunks Into US College

We’d only just reported on the frozen and potentially lethal chunk lobbed at College Students in Gardner, Massachusetts, when yet another report of ice being slung from turbine blades appeared. This time it’s a truck and its driver that turned into a frightening form of renewable ‘targets’.

Mar 16 10:24

Emergency Russian Gas Purchases Are Now a Huge Embarrassment for London

The spy poisoning scandal turned into a diplomatic row and now threatens to spill into energy issues, after UK Prime Minister Theresa May said that Britain was looking “to other countries” for its gas supplies.

The UK has gas supply contracts with Russia’s gas giant Gazprom, and although the British dependence on Russian gas supply is not as high as that of other European countries, the UK still relies on some Russian gas for its energy needs. The UK has also imported a liquefied natural gas (LNG) cargo from Russia’s newly started Yamal project, and re-exported another LNG cargo originating from Yamal.

For now, UK gas traders remain unconcerned that the UK could run short of nat gas supplies, even shrugging off Prime Minister May’s comments that the UK would be looking for other gas suppliers.

During question time in Parliament on Wednesday, May said that “I can reassure … that in looking at our gas supplies we are indeed looking to other countries.”

Mar 16 09:19

March 13 blizzard dumped as much as 2 feet of snow in eastern Massachusetts

Over the course of just two weeks, three nor’easters have blasted the Eastern Seaboard with heavy snow, damaging winds and coastal flooding. The first in early March struck New England with incredible wind gusts up to 97 mph and knocked out power to 2 million homes and businesses.

Mar 15 13:32

Inconvenient Data: Fewer And Fewer People Die From Climate-Related Natural Disasters

Fewer and fewer people die from climate-related natural disasters

This is clearly opposite of what you normally hear, but that is because we’re often just being told of one disaster after another – telling us how *many* events are happening. The number of reported events is increasing, but that is mainly due to better reporting, lower thresholds and better accessibility (the CNN effect). For instance, for Denmark, the database only shows events starting from 1976.

Mar 14 10:59

BEX ALERT - Warming Arctic linked to extreme cold, heavy snow in U.S., study finds

What happens in the Arctic doesn't stay in the Arctic.

Extreme winter weather across the U.S. is linked to unusual warmth in the Arctic, according to a study published Tuesday.

That is especially true in the heavily populated eastern U.S., the study said, where extreme winter weather is two to four times more likely when temperatures in the Arctic are unusually warm.

The research comes out as the wild winter of 2017-18 comes to its (hopefully) merciful close with yet another nor'easter blasting the Northeast.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 14 10:53

More snow and more records fall in Albany area

The eight inches of snow that fell on the Capital Region Tuesday pushed this March into fifth place on the list of the snowiest months of March, the National Weather Service in Albany said.

The region moved into a tie for fifth place - 32 inches - at 8 p.m. Tuesday night.

Mar 14 10:53

Snow piles up in Northeast as blizzard begins winding down

New England likely will get a bit more snow today as the blizzard that just dumped more than 2 feet in some parts begins winding down.

The highest snowfall, at least so far, was recorded in Wilmington, Massachusetts, which got 29.5 inches. Boston saw 14.5 inches and Worcester saw 21.8 inches, both of which broke daily records in those cities. Elsewhere in the state, wind gusts of 81 mph were felt in Falmouth.

Hartford, Connecticut, saw 7.1 inches, while in Maine 14.6 inches were recorded in Bangor and 11.5 inches in Portland.

Mar 14 10:36

Oh Look! It’s Snowing Again

Well, look at that. Another wretched winter wonderland. The trees are positively laced with delicate new fallen snow. The whole world is all stupidly quiet as billions of tiny special snowflakes float gently down out of the sky.

I don’t care, though. I have a huge puff coat and I’ve resigned myself to the hopelessness of it being winter forever.

Mar 14 09:50

Schwarzenegger used private jet for daily commutes to California’s governor’s mansion

Former GOP California governor and global warming activist Arnold Schwarzenegger came under fire for his near-daily private jet commute from his Brentwood home to the governor’s mansion in Sacramento. “The governor’s Gulf-stream jet does nearly as much damage to the environment in one hour as a small car does in a year,” the Los AngelesTimes reported in 2008. But not to worry, because “Schwarzenegger is well aware of this and makes amends by purchasing pollution credits for the carbon dioxide his jet releases.”

Mar 13 05:43

‘We haven’t really seen this type of storm since 2015’

Blizzard conditions are expected in some areas Tuesday as a major nor’easter sweeps into Massachusetts, whipping up high winds and dumping up to 2 feet of snow on a region weary — and wary — after two other powerful storms in as many weeks.

“The storm itself is probably going to cover the entire length and width of the Commonwealth,” Governor Charlie Baker said.

The National Weather Service issued winter storm warnings for Boston and much of the rest of the state, and forecasters warned of “near impossible travel conditions” for the Tuesday morning commute.

Mar 12 07:59

Winter Storm Watch Monday Night into Tuesday

Here we go again? The active weather pattern continues with yet another nor’easter on the way. We are becoming more confident that this storm will at least have some impacts on our region, but the question is how much.

Mar 12 07:59

Storm system brings snow, wintry mix to metro-east

Winter weather including possible snowfall was predicted Sunday morning through evening in the metro-east.

According to St. Louis’ U.S. National Weather Service base, a storm system was expected to bring a wintry mixture to the metro-east beginning Sunday morning and into the evening. Possible heavy snow was predicted with accumulations from 1 to 3 inches.

The wintry mix was expected to begin around 10:30 a.m., according to Weather Underground.

Mar 11 10:10

Delingpole: White House Chief of Staff Kelly Just Killed Trump’s Best Hope of Draining the Green Swamp

John F. Kelly, the White House chief of staff, has killed an effort by the head of the Environmental Protection Agency to stage public debates challenging climate change science, according to three people familiar with the deliberations, thwarting a plan that had intrigued President Trump even as it set off alarm bells among his top advisers.

The idea of publicly critiquing climate change on the national stage has been a notable theme for Scott Pruitt, the administrator of the E.P.A. For nearly a year he has championed the notion of holding military-style exercises known as red team, blue team debates, possibly to be broadcast live, to question the validity of climate change.

Mar 11 10:08

Canadian Climate Minister Urges Attention to the ‘Gendered Impacts’ of Climate Change

Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change is urging environmental activists to address the “gendered impacts” of climate change, especially its effects on women and girls.
In a recent post on Twitter, Catherine McKenna, the 47-year-old Trudeau appointee from Canada’s Liberal Party, called on followers to “consider the gendered impacts of climate change on women, girls and children” while praising Canada’s leadership in training “women negotiators” in the fight against manmade global warming.

Apparently, at least in the minister’s mind, the weather is now waging its own “war on women.”

Mar 09 09:09

When will it stop snowing? Nor'easter end times for Thursday in Massachusetts

Massachusetts communities have reported as much as 26 inches so far from the Nor'easter that hit Massachusetts this week.

For those dreading more snow, the end is in sight.

The above map, released Thursday morning by the National Weather Service, shows expected end times for precipitation across the state.

Snowfall ended first for communities in the Southern Berkshires and will end late Thursday morning for communities near the New Hampshire state line.

Mar 08 13:58

The Ninth Circuit Just Allowed Children To Sue Trump Over Global Warming

A federal appeals court ruled Wednesday in favor of 21 children and young adults suing the U.S. government for not doing enough to protect their constitutional right to a stable climate.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Constitutional right to a stable climate?!?

Mar 07 16:22

Scientists Claim Global Warming Will Cause More Heart Attacks. That’s Probably False

A new study makes the highly questionable claim that man-made global warming could increase the number of heart attacks due to more erratic fluctuations in daily temperature.

Mar 07 09:10

Ukraine Is Freezing Its Butt off After Stockholm Court Made Gazprom Very, Very Angry

Last week, Russia's state-run gas giant and quasi-monopolist when it comes to European natiral gas supplies, Gazprom, announced it would not restart shipments of natural gas to Ukraine's Naftogaz starting March 1 after the two sides failed to reach an agreement, Gazprom deputy chairman, Alexander Medvedev, told journalists.

Mar 07 08:58

‘Preying on DESPERATION’: Shops charge £8 for bottles of water as taps across UK run dry

GREEDY shops charged up to £8 for bottles of water as taps across the UK ran dry following a horrendous period of winter weather that caused water pipes to burst, it has emerged.

Mar 07 08:29

Sixty million people brace for nor'easter expected to dump up to two feet of snow and cause travel chaos - with more than 2,000 flights already cancelled

A wintry mix of snow and rain is falling along the East Coast as another nor'easter takes aim at the region.

Winter Storm Quinn is expected to drop more than a foot of snow in parts of New England on Wednesday. Pennsylvania's Poconos Mountains and parts of Massachusetts could see up to 18 inches, while parts of Maine and New Hampshire could get two feet by Thursday.

The snowfall is expected to hit its peak around midday and continue into the night, falling at one to three inches an hour in some places.

Mar 06 10:53

N.J. weather: Snow totals increase in latest forecast with up to 12 inches possible

Winter doesn't appear ready to go out with a whimper as another nor'easter storm could hit New Jersey Tuesday night into Wednesday with 4 to 8 inches of snow for much of the state and up to 12 in northwestern areas.

The storm will include high winds, though not nearly as fierce as Friday's nor'easter, as well as snow for northern and much of Central Jersey. There's also a potential for minor costal flooding, the National Weather Service said in its Monday morning update.

Mar 06 09:00

As many as ten million underwater volcanoes

We have no idea how many volcanoes may be lurking beneath the seas. What we do know, is that they are pumping awesome amounts of re-hot basalt – up to 1,200ºC (2,200ºF) hot – into the inky black water.

Mar 06 08:59

Stanford researcher: Interacting Antarctic glaciers may cause faster melt and sea level contributions

Two of the most rapidly changing glaciers in Antarctica, which are leading contributors to sea-level rise, may behave as an interacting system rather than separate entities, according to a new analysis of radar data.

Mar 06 08:48

Snowmageddon in British Grocery Stores: Empty Shelves, Overpriced Bread, Rations

Twitter users have sounded the alarm about food supplies, posting pics of empty shelves in supermarkets in the UK and Ireland as the countries have been hit by the worst snowstorm in decades.

Beast from the East, as social media outlets have dubbed the record snowfall in Britain, has caused major breakdowns in fresh food supply across the British Isles according to numerous reports.

The hashtag #emptyshelves has been trending for several days now as shoppers from both the UK and Ireland have posted on Twitter and Facebook photos of empty shelves in supermarkets Morrisons, Lidl, Londis, Asda, Tesco, Co-op and Aldi. Earlier users had also told of inflated bread prices and bread rations recommended by some stores. Fresh food such as dairy, bread and greengroceries have disappeared from major stores over the past several days due to numerous accidents on local highways as the supermarkets are informing their customers.

Mar 05 10:16

Mission to giant A-68 berg thwarted by sea-ice

Scientists have had to abandon their plan to investigate the waters around the world's biggest iceberg.

The team, led by the British Antarctic Survey, was thwarted in its attempts to reach the massive block known as A-68 by thick sea-ice in the Weddell Sea.

Mar 05 10:09

Ross ice shelf in Antarctica is freezing and not melting from below as expected - and scientists have no idea why

The under-side of one of the largest floating ice shelves in the southern oceans is not melting as expected, according to experts.

Scientists drilling along the western coast of Antarctica found that the Ross Ice Shelf is actually freezing - but they have no idea why.

The finding might explain why the ice shelf is considered more stable than many of the region's other floating shelves.

Mar 05 09:14

Delingpole: Polar Bears Doing Just Fine

Susan Crockford, arguably the world’s greatest polar bear expert, has some really bad news for environmentalists.

Their favorite ursine poster child of climate doom is doing great. Polar bear populations are stable, if not growing. That stuff you read in the liberal media about bears starving to death because thin summer sea ice is pure nonsense. The only evidence we have that polar bears are in any kind of trouble is the fake evidence of activists’ computer models.

Crockford’s full State of the Polar Bear Report 2017, produced for the Global Warming Policy Foundation, can be read here.

Here is a summary of its conclusions:

Mar 05 08:08

Warm Feelings: Russian LNG Gas Reportedly Heads to UK Amid Record Cold Snap

When cold weather strikes, Europe seems to come to an understanding that Russian energy deliveries to the continent carry a purely economic significance, not a political one.

Deliveries of Russian liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Yamal in Siberia are set to arrive in the UK this week as the island nation struggles to dig out from Storm Emma, the Financial Times reported.

The LNG will be delivered to the UK by Royal Dutch Shell, two sources familiar with the shipment have said. The gas will be picked up this weekend, and delivered to an LNG terminal in Milford Haven, Wales, where it will be regasified and pumped into the UK network by March 6.

Mar 04 08:13

Chilling: Play titled ‘Kill Climate Deniers’ launches theatrical run

Global warming skeptics, beware: A play with the alarming title “Kill Climate Deniers” may be coming to a theater near you.

Written by Australian playwright David Finnigan, “Kill Climate Deniers” kicked off Thursday the 2018 season of the Griffin Theatre in Sydney after a week of previews, with the final show scheduled for April 7.

Mar 03 09:10

The amazing moment rescuers using their bare hands find a man buried under snow after an avalanche at a Californian ski resort where a snowboarder, 42, had earlier died

A dramatic video showed rescuers digging a man out of an avalanche that injured five people as blizzard conditions gripped California and killed a snowboarder.

Dozens of rescuers and rescue dogs rushed to the scene after the avalanche hit the Squaw Valley Ski Resort near Lake Tahoe close to the Nevada state line.

One man was hospitalized with a serious lower body injury, another person was treated for injuries and released while three other people escaped injury, the resort said in a statement.

A video uploaded from the slopes shows rescuers digging a man out of the snow, uncovering a bearded face as the victim was covered up to his neck in snow.

Mar 03 08:12

Shivering Europe hopes for weekend respite as deep freeze persists

Europe's deep freeze, which has cost more than 60 lives over the past week, continued to wreak havoc early on Saturday as the shivering continent awaited a sliver of weekend respite from a brutal Siberian cold front.

After heavy snowfall and deadly blizzards lashed Europe, conditions marginally improved in some regions on Friday -- although temperatures generally remained sub-zero, forcing more major delays on roads, railways and at airports.