Apr 02 11:26

Scott Adams: China Trade Deal, GND, Apology Tours, String Theory, Boycotts, and Healthcare

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American press business model almost destroyed America
Their business model profits from driving people apart
Press taking another run at destroying the world, climate change
Why is the press ignoring Gen IV nuclear development
President Trump might embrace Gen IV
Senator Lamar Alexander “Manhattan Project for Clean Energy”
Tucker says GND is really just a centralized power grab
Where’s the connective tissue proving this is their intention?
Huge claim with NO evidence to support it
“Slaughter Meter”, election results if election was held today
Meter has dropped from pegged to only 50% today
Healthcare is the hardest topic, and there’s no real movement
Nobody fully understands the healthcare
Democrat proposal for simple solution healthcare
Governmental competitive healthcare plan

Apr 02 10:24

Iran floods: New alerts issued as heavy rains continue

Iranian authorities have issued new emergency alerts and travel advisories as heavy rain and snowfall continue to cause flooding and disruptions in most parts of the country.

Morteza Salimi, the head of the Relief and Rescue Organization of the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS), said Monday morning that floods have affected at least 23 of the country’s 31 provinces since heavy downpours began on March 19.

Estimates by government agencies suggest that the floods have taken the lives of at least 42 people and destroyed over 25,000 homes around the country.

Major floods have been reported in the provinces of Golestan, Mazandaran, Gilan, Kordestan, Fars, Northern Khorasan, Kermanshah, Khouzestan, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad as well as Sistan and Baluchestan.

It was reported on Monday morning that fresh floods are expected in at least nine provinces.

Apr 01 12:28

Duke University to Pay $112.5 Million for Faking Scientific Research Data

Duke University has agreed to pay $112.5 million to the US government for scientific research misconduct, the Department of Justice announced in a press release on Monday. The fine comes as a result of the university falsifying research on federal grants.

The Department of Justice lays out the background and extent of the fraud. Duke received millions of dollars from the National Institutes of Health and the Environmental Protection Agency every year, but it turns out that the university engaged in over two dozen acts of fraud against the government.

Apr 01 09:31

'Cow toilets' in Netherlands aim to cut e-moo-ssions

Teaching cows to use the toilet is not the easiest task, but a Dutch inventor is banking on a new bovine urinal to help cut emissions that cause environmental damage.

Tests have started on a farm in the Netherlands on the device which collects some of the 15 to 20 litres of urine that the average cow produces a day.

That produces huge amounts of ammonia in a country like the Netherlands, which is the world's second-biggest agricultural exporter after the United States.

Apr 01 09:16

The Apocalypse Has Been Postponed

By Lee Enochs

In recent years, the controversial subject of global warming and a potential “climate disaster” has received a lot of media attention.

There are progressive politicians who are now arguing that unless profound changes in public policy are made to reduce worldwide carbon emissions, we face an impending worldwide climate-related catastrophe...

Apr 01 06:15

Who's responsible for California's deadliest wildfire?

(*Barack Obama !
So do we get to see Smokey The Bear go Full On Grizzly on him ?)

Mar 31 10:36

Wet weather sweeps Victoria, high country snow as footy fans head to GMHBA Stadium tonight

There are likely to be a few wet bums on seats at the footy tonight, with rain forecast for AFL matches scheduled for later today.

The Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Steven McGibbony said light rain will fall throughout the day and into the evening.

The Essendon v. St Kilda match is at Marvel Stadium this afternoon. The roof will be closed for the match but fans might get wet getting to the ground, while at GMHBA Stadium in Geelong, supporters might need their wet weather gear.

Mar 31 10:36

Traffic gets tricky as snow, ice pellets, freezing rain hit capital region Saturday

Our friends at Environment Canada have put off spring yet again with a freezing rain warning in effect for at least Saturday.

This covers both the Ottawa North (Kanata to Orléans) and Ottawa South (Richmond to Metcalfe) weather regions.

In short, freezing rain is expected today.

In more detail, it should start snowing early Saturday morning with a few centimetres of accumulation possible. Winds will be out of the east.

Snow had changed to ice pellets by the noon hour, and it was expected to mix with or change to freezing rain.

Mar 31 10:35

It's March 30. It's spring. It's snowing and 20 degrees below normal.

Hoosiers were greeted Saturday morning with the highest temperatures of the day as a storm front moved across the state. But as the day progressed, the mercury headed south and parts of central Indiana saw snow, sleet and graupel during the early evening hours.

Mar 31 09:48

Obama Takes Shot at Ocasio-Cortez, Freshman Dems for Costly Proposals

Barack Obama met with a group of freshman Democrats and warned them over the costs of some of their more extreme proposals.

According to those attending the meeting, Obama is presumed to have been referring to a radical wishlist championed by New York socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

While encouraging the whimsical and ideological new lawmakers to think big, Obama hit them with the harsh reality that nothing in life is free, a concept he abandoned many times throughout his eight years in office.

Mar 30 11:59

Scott Adams: Trump Solving Climate Change, Mueller TDS, Creepy Joe

Bill Gates tweets bi-partisan group of Senators announcement
(Clean, Safe Nuclear Power) Nuclear Energy Leadership Act
Gen IV nuclear power isn’t subject to meltdown
“AOC sucks!” Chant at Trump rally
Her persuasion skill set is solid, don’t underestimate her
Barr’s 4 page summary being called possibly diff than Mueller report
CNN poll on Mueller exonerating President Trump
86% said Mueller results won’t impact their vote
The Left have no options to hear the real news
Right leaning media offers more of the other sides views
Polls show Biden is the clear preference of people on the left
Media and the DNC elite prefer Kamala
The people’s preference, or the media’s preference?
Kamala doesn’t come across as warm and genuine

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Mar 30 11:05

Massive Coalition Backs Trump's Climate Science Committee

A massive coalition of environmental organizations, activists, and think-tank leaders signed a letter to President Donald Trump supporting the proposed Presidential Commission on Climate Security (PCCS), as well as the work of Trump climate and national security adviser Dr. William Happer of Princeton University. The campaign, which comes amid fierce establishment resistance to re-examining government “climate science,” also backs an independent scientific review of the increasingly dubious claims made in federal climate reports. Analysts say this battle will be crucial in establishing the credibility of government climate science — or the lack thereof.

Mar 30 10:55

13 cities that are starting to ban cars

Starting in November, Madrid will bar non-resident vehicles from driving anywhere in the city center. The only cars that will be allowed downtown will be those that belong to locals, zero-emissions delivery vehicles, taxis, and public transit like buses.

While this goal may seem ambitious, Madrid seems to have been inching away from car dependency over the past decade. In 2005, the city set up its first pedestrian-only zone in the dense neighborhood of Las Letras.

Madrid is not the only city getting ready to take the car-free plunge. Urban planners and policy makers around the world have started to brainstorm ways that cities can create more space for pedestrians and lower CO2 emissions from diesel.

Mar 30 10:54

Rep. Pallone: ‘We’re Not Going to Withdraw from the Paris Agreement’

On March 27, House Democrats introduced H.R. 9, the Climate Action Now Act, which would forbid using federal funds “to take any actions to advance the withdrawal of the U.S. from the Paris Agreement” and would mandate President Donald Trump to submit a plan for meeting U.S. commitments under the U.N.-brokered accord.

Rep. Frank Pallone (D-N.J.), chairman of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, declared, “We’re not going to withdraw from the Paris Agreement.”

Mar 30 10:44

AOC compares impact of climate change to 9/11: Democrat questions why government went to war after the attack on the Twin Towers but did little after Hurricane Maria, despite 3,000 being killed in each

Democrat firebrand Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is amping up her call for the White House to address climate change - comparing the nation's swift response to terror attacks with its slow reaction to natural disasters.

The freshman congresswoman compared the government's reaction to 9/11 with the slow and unorganized response to Puerto Rico after the island was hit by the deadly Hurricane Maria in 2017.

'In the events of September 11, 2001, thousands of Americans died in the largest terrorist attack on US soil and our national response, whether we agree with it or not, was to go to war in one then eventually two countries,' she said during an 'All In' town hall at the Albert Einstein Medical Center in the Bronx on Friday hosted by MSNBC's Chris Hayes.

'3,000 Americans died in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. Where is our response?' she added as the crowd erupted with applause.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Mar 30 08:44

Ocasio-Cortez: We reacted to 9/11, so where's the reaction on climate change?

U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., appeared on MSNBC Friday to address the Green New Deal with host Chris Hayes and discussed the dire world she's convinced lies ahead for Americans if climate change is not addressed.

“So this issue is not just about our climate. First and foremost we need to save ourselves. Period. There will be no future for the Bronx. There will be no livable future for generations coming, for any part of this country in a way that is better than the lot that we have today if we don't address this issue urgently and on the scale of the problem,” said Ocasio-Cortez.

Mar 29 12:31

Spring snow falls in Kyiv

March 27, it was snowing in Kyiv. Small snow was noticed earlier at night in the capital. After a couple of hours, it started snowing heavily.

Considering the fact that snow in late March is rather weird for Ukraine, this weather shocked and fascinated the users of social media.

Mar 29 12:30

Early Spring Storm Brings Snow Back to Sierra

It may be spring, but it's still snowing in the Sierra.

Snow fell Wednesday around 6,500 feet and higher. In Soda Springs, the late March powder was a gift from above for people who think in the long-term.

"It's great it means the snow is going to last till late June or July, so it’s a nice long season," traveler Misuk Kang said.

Mar 29 10:00

EU Says Europe ‘Ideal Refuge’ for Migrants Fleeing ‘Poverty, Climate Change’

Europe will be an “ideal refuge for asylum seekers and migrants” in a world where “climate change and global poverty” will drive increasing numbers of poor people to seek better lives elsewhere, according to an EU policy briefing.
The “unprecedented arrival of refugees and irregular migrants” seen during the crisis of 2015 exposed a need for Brussels to reform the bloc’s policies on “asylum, external borders and migration”, according to the EU Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS).

In a ‘policy podcast’ titled “Delivering For Citizens: The Migration Issue”, the EPRS said Brussels has set out on “a process of reform aimed at rebuilding … [these] policies based on four pillars”, which include “addressing the root causes” of illegal — referred to as ‘irregular’ — migration and “dismantling smuggling and trafficking networks”.

Mar 29 09:29

Are you suffering from climate change anxiety?

Psychologists report a rise in people suffering from climate change anxiety or eco-anxiety. What’s it like? And what can you do to cope?

Mar 29 08:53

Don Jr. calls Green New Deal 'stupid' after slams on Ocasio-Cortez bring shouts of 'AOC Sucks!' from frenzied rally crowd – as president warns Michigan fans that Dems want 'one car per family' limit

Donald Trump Jr. called the 'Green New Deal' proposal backed by 29-year-old Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 'dangerous' and 'stupid' on Thursday after he spoke to a cheering throng in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Trump Jr. piled on Ocasio-Cortez during an interview at the Van Andel Arena before President Donald Trump's arrival onstage.

The president's eldest son drew chants of 'AOC Sucks!' during his warmup speech after blasting the Democratic presidential field for taking policy cues from a first-term congresswoman 'who three weeks ago didn’t know the three branches of government. I don’t know about you guys, but that’s pretty scary.'

Mar 29 08:52

"At First We Didn't Believe It": Fast-Melting Greenland Glacier Starts Growing Again In Massive U-Turn

A large and fast-melting glacier in Greenland is growing again, according to a new NASA study. The Jakobshavn (YA-cob-shawv-en) glacier on Greenland's west coast had reportedly been retreating by around 1.8 miles and thinning by nearly 130 feet annually in 2012.

According to a study published in Monday's peer-reviewed Nature Geoscience, however, the glacier began growing at about the same rate over the past two years. That said, the authors of the study swear it's temporary.

"At first we didn't believe it," said lead author Ala Khazendar who works at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). "We had pretty much assumed that Jakobshavn would just keep going on as it had over the last 20 years."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 28 08:20


Guido readers will remember Lord Deben from the ongoing inquiry into his multiple conflicts of interests over £600,000 payments funnelled to his family business. The scandal-hit Climate Change Committee Chair has been dealt another blow with the BBC publicly admitting that he misled viewers of the Today Programme with his daft claim that there was a ban on onshore wind power. Which there isn’t. Obviously.

Mar 27 13:58

Let’s talk about food SHORTAGE: US grain bins collapse under catastrophic Iowa floods

After millions of dead calves in Nebraska, now thousands of tons of grain lost in Iowa! Flood waters are causing havoc in some mid-western states – Iowa; Illinois; Missouri; Kansas; South Dakota; Minnesota; and Nebraska – and have resulted in an estimated $3 billion in damages so far. The video below by Iowa resident Gracie Newman shows just a fraction of the losses that have been incurred as a result of the unprecedented flooding.

Mar 27 12:33

Sierra Residents Still Digging Out from Winter Storms Brace for Spring Snow

Although spring is here it's hard to tell by the snow tunnels that line Donner Pass Road in Soda Springs.

The walls of frozen powder remain 10 feet high in some spots.

For the past couple of weeks, Kingvale resident Mick Sterling has been playing an exhausting game of snow shoveling catch-up.

"My blower broke down the last couple of days of the last big storm and it left me about 8 feet behind," Sterling told FOX40.

Slowly but surely, he has been chipping away at all the snow -- but more is on the way.

Mar 27 11:54

French farmers say wind turbines and solar panels have killed hundreds of their cows

French farmers have claimed wind turbines and solar panels have killed hundreds of their cows.

One farmer in Cotes-d'Armor, Brittany, has even filed a lawsuit against an unnamed company over the mysterious deaths.

Farmers in the area started noticing their animals losing weight, with many of them subsequently dying.

But vets could not work out what caused the cows' deaths as they were not suffering from any diseases so farmers ran tests on their land.

They claim these examinations revealed wind turbines and solar panels are releasing too much electricity into the ground, which is slowly killing their animals.

Mar 27 11:43

Ocasio-Cortez flips out after congressman calls Green New Deal ‘elitist’

Freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got into a heated exchange with a GOP congressman from Wisconsin after he called the Green New Deal “elitist” during a committee hearing Monday.

Ocasio-Cortez invoked her experience as a waitress while mentioning the water in Flint, Michigan, and flooding in the Midwest after GOP Rep. Sean Duffy mocked her ambitious plan.

“People are dying. They are dying,” she exclaimed. “And the response across the other side of the aisle is to introduce an amendment five minutes before a hearing.”

During the Financial Services Committee hearing, Duffy introduced an amendment to a homelessness bill that would impose “green” standards on the measure.

Mar 27 11:15

Massive Greenland glacier said to be one of the main contributors to global sea level rise is GROWING again due to cooling local temperatures - but NASA warns it’s only temporary

A major Greenland glacier that was one of the fastest shrinking ice and snow masses on Earth is growing again, a new NASA study finds.

The Jakobshavn (YA-cob-shawv-en) glacier around 2012 was retreating about 1.8 miles (3 kilometers) and thinning nearly 130 feet (almost 40 meters) annually.

But it started growing again at about the same rate in the past two years, according to a study in Monday's Nature Geoscience.

Mar 27 09:43

Another NYC Billboard Trolls Ocasio-Cortez As Democrats Bail On Her Green New Deal

Another giant billboard popped up in New York City Tuesday trolling Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez after Senate Democrats refused to support her Green New Deal.

The Job Creators Network created another billboard in Time Square that appears to ding the New York Democrat’s stalled effort to push an ambitious climate proposal through Congress. The group, which is tied to the conservative Mercer Family Foundation, suggested the GND’s cost might be one of the reasons why it is stalling.

“Hey AOC: Got the Green Raw Deal Blues After that Senate Vote? Maybe No One Liked the $93,000,000,000,000 Price Tag,” the billboard states. The billboard references a February report from American Action Forum suggesting the GND could cost up to $93 trillion over a decade.

Mar 26 18:08

Not A Single Senate Democrat Votes "For" Green New Deal

How embarrassing is the green new deal?

So embarrassing that when Senate majority leader McConnell tried to force the party’s presidential contenders into an embarrassing vote over the berserk, MMT-inducing climate-change proposal (which Republicans are confident that even sober liberal will oppose), not a single Democrat voted for it. Instead, in the vote which was blocked late on Tuesday with a vote of 0-57, 43 Democrats voted merely "present", including the Senate’s half-dozen presidential candidates, to sidestep the GOP maneuver and, as Bloomberg put it, "buy time to build their campaign positions."

Mar 26 17:46

Senate votes down Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal 57-0

The Senate roundly rejected Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal as expected on Tuesday with not a single senator voting 'yes' for the progressive star's signature policy initiative.

Ocasio-Cortez defended herself after the defeat and argued she encouraged the Democratic senators to vote 'present' instead of in the affirmative.

'I encouraged them to vote present, along w/ others. McConnell tried to rush the #GreenNewDeal straight to the floor without a hearing. The real question we should be asking: Why does the Senate GOP refuse to hold any major hearings on climate change?,' the self-described socialist explained in a tweet responding to the lack of Democratic votes.

'The GOP’s climate delaying is costing us lives + destroying communities. Iowa, Nebraska & many in the Midwest are catastrophically flooded right now, in one of the 1st major climate change disasters of 2019. A #GreenNewDeal urges us to pursue a plan on the scale of the problem,' she added.

Mar 25 12:12


Governor Ricketts of Nebraska has stated that over a million calves are dead in his state due to massive and unprecedented flooding that drowned the herds. Obviously more than calves were lost, a lot of adult cows were lost also, along with other livestock and the fastest possible recovery from this will be 4 years. It is too early to know if the growing season is canceled but it appears it may be, growing can be recovered in one season if the timing is right, the loss of cows is what is bad with all of this so far.

Mar 25 09:00

The Green Bad Deal

The recently-proposed Green New Deal is proof that climate change is for progressive Democrats what terrorism is for neoconservative Republicans: a ready-made excuse to expand government and curtail liberty. This radical plan would authorize the US government to seize control of major sectors of the US economy, phase out gasoline-fueled cars, make buildings “energy efficient,” and even replace air travel with rail travel.

Supporters of the Green New Deal claim that the science regarding the risk of climate change is “settled.” However, the science is far from settled. Many of the claims regarding climate change have been debunked.

Mar 24 12:50

Scott Adams: All the Hoaxes are Being Revealed at the Same Time

Top hoaxes by Dems are falling apart this week, one after the other
Where is the Tweeter in Chief? Why post-Mueller major-win silence?
Fox News Poll: Will Mueller report change your current opinion?
41% say Mueller report will NOT change their opinion
Climate change project update
Unexplained plateau and cooling period in middle of rising temps
It’s off-model for a plateau and cooling to have occurred
How does the pro-climate change side explain the anomaly?
Mueller is finished, no new indictments
FOX is taking victory laps
CNN is pretending nothing happened
MSNBC is sputtering and making up stuff

Mar 22 13:17

Scott Adams: False Memories, Russian Collusion, 2020 Forecast, and Climate Change Strategy

My dispute with Taleb that I’m not aware of, something about data
Update: “Fine People” HOAX and high concept word salads
False memories are the basic texture of our reality
Noted economist Russell Roberts, saw truth, changed his opinion
Anti-Trumpers preparing us for a “disappointing” Mueller report
Half of all published, peer reviewed studies are eventually proven wrong
War Strategy (whiteboard 1) as a guide to climate change strategy
2 top skeptical climate change arguments, (whiteboard 2)
Russian climate change prediction model
ONLY Russian model correctly predicted recent years
ONLY the Russian model fits dip that occurred in the 40s
Wikipedia NOT allowing the truth about “fine people” hoax, so far
@Unstumpable2016 posted truth with documentation
Within minutes, truth is taken down, hoax replaces it
Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia co-founder) personally monitoring

Mar 22 09:03

Watch This Retired Admiral Destroy Ted Cruz’s Climate Myths

Mar 21 10:17

Carbon Dioxide Cannot be the Cause of Global Warming

The trends of Carbon Dioxide levels are compared to the trends of Global Average Temperature to determine any causal connection during the period 1750 to 2016.

Mar 21 08:52

Yes, Capitalist Agribusiness Is The Main Cause Of Erosion, Floods, Fires – Not Climate Change

Yesterday, Fort Russ News ran an op-ed, scientific piece by Gary Wilson about climate change, and how the lack of manure in soil is one of the main causes of drought, erosion, floods, and fires.

This was an excellent analysis. As an ecologist myself, I agree with everything. Each ecosystem has been a result of changes over a very long time period. So, any sudden change can completely ruin an ecosystem. Animals and plants have been intertwined since they exist. This balance is so delicate and incredibly easy to destroy. And that’s exactly what has been happening. Increasingly urban populations are the main culprit. In order to feed billions of people living in cities, agriculture had to be industrialized.

Mar 20 13:40

AOC’s “Green New Deal” seeks to eliminate the very molecule that turns planets green: Carbon dioxide, the “molecule of life”

The Green New Deal (GND) peddled by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) and her followers may appear to be named as such for the environmentalist ideals it promotes. But the reality is that a war on carbon dioxide is ultimately a war against life on Earth. With a growing number of climate experts are ...

Mar 20 11:36

Scott Adams: New Climate Change Challenge, Mr. Kellyanne Conway, and More

New Zealand is trying to keep an assholes name from being known
FOX respects the concept, CNN publishes his name
Mr. Kellyanne Conway vs. President Trump’s pushback tweets
President Trump’s genius: understanding what others don’t
CNN top headlines…there’s nothing new, recycled topics
Dem proposals with a common purpose, election rule changes
Everything the Dems are proposing…is to get them elected
Can an ancient white guy become a Democrat Presidential candidate?
Climate Change expert, American climatologist Patrick Michaels
Russian model shows lower temp increases, accurate so far
IF their model results CONTINUE to predict correctly…
…THEN, climate change isn’t a major problem
Geoff Price, @GeoffmPrice, annihilates skeptics of climate change
Patreon alternative, a donate button has been added to WhenHub
You can add donate button to your own webpage to receive donations

Mar 20 10:52

Dozens Of Independant Scientists, Orgs Rally Behind Trump’s Planned Climate Change (an anti Global Warming Scheme) Panel!!

If anyone would bother researching our climate history, as a planet, they'd know that changes happen and often. Mini Ice ages, full on Ice ages, pole reversals, upheavals and so much more. Study the ice core samples that we have and know, in geological time, all is well and change happens. More CO2, less CO2.. also on record. Ask yourself why the other planets are brightening, in our solar system, during 'climate' change.

It's always about the money. Problem, reaction, solution. Cause a problem... (CO2 and Carbon) proselytize the reaction, "OMG, we're all gonna keel over in 12 years.. etc etc".. Then give them a solution by charging them carbon credit 'taxes' for breathing, reproducing, fireplaces, furnaces, square feet of houses and cars..

Mar 19 16:43

Top US General Denies Plans to Leave 1,000 Troops in Syria

US Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Joe Dunford issued a statement Monday denying weekend media reports that the US plans to leave around 1,000 troops in Syria, saying the reports are “factually incorrect.”

Dunford presented the current planned “residual force” as 200, saying that this hadn’t changed since February. The US announced 200 would stay on February 21, but on February 22 officially increased that number to 400.

It’s not clear from Dunford’s statement where the “incorrect” aspect of the new report, which came out of a Wall Street Journal, exists. That report suggested that the 1,000 figure was not yet finalized, but was being discussed. Dunford’s comments didn’t include any details on what is actually being discussed, but just that nothing was finalized.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I think the multiple troop numbers being given, are simply a way of creating confusion about how many US troops the US does have in Syria.

Mar 19 16:32

Ocasio-Cortez’s Dream Of ‘Greening’ Every American Home Has A Massive Price Tag

The Green New Deal calls for upgrading every existing building in the U.S. to “maximum energy efficiency” within 10 years, but how much would that cost Americans to just replace common household appliances?

It would cost nearly $244 billion, according to a rough cost estimate put together by the Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA), a ratepayer advocacy group. The group looked at the cost to replace natural gas-fueled furnaces, water heaters, stoves and dryers present in tens of millions of U.S. homes.

“The Green New Deal is not a practical solution for American consumers,” CEA President David Holt said in an emailed statement. CEA represents households, energy end-users, like businesses, and energy producers.

Mar 19 09:42

Catastrophic flooding caused by rapid snowmelt and heavy rain, agriculture devastated, U.S.

Rapid snowmelt and heavy rain combined to produce massive flooding across Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Wisconsin and South Dakota.

Historic to catastrophic flooding inundated homes and businesses and devastated farmlands following a powerful late-season winter storm that swept through the country last week.

The massive flooding event was triggered by a rare combination of rapid snowmelt, ice-covered rivers, saturated frozen soil, and heavy rain from the so-called "Bomb Cyclone" or Winter Storm "Ulmer," as it was named by The Weather Channel.

Mar 18 09:38

Border Patrol Rescues Five Illegal Immigrants Stranded on Arizona Mountain

Five illegal immigrants should be thanking their lucky stars the good men and women of the Border Patrol saved their lives.

Agents rescued five illegal aliens trapped on a snowy Arizona mountain this past Thursday, U.S Customs and Border Protection (CBP) revealed and Fox News reported.

Mar 18 09:17

Severe floods hit England's Yorkshire, U.K.

Severe flooding hit Yorkshire, England, U.K. on March 16 and 17, 2019 after parts of the region saw more than half of their monthly rainfall average in just 24 hours.

Firefighters worked through the night to save Calderdale and Huddersfield after massively swollen River Calder flooded the region. Capel Curig in Conwy County was one of the worst-hit areas over after 136.6 mm (5.37 inches) of rain fell in just 24 hours on March 16 - this is more than half of its monthly rainfall average.

The floods caused traffic disruption and forced numerous high-water rescues.

Mar 17 10:54

Levees Breached in Midwest as Record Flooding Turns Deadly

Authorities were using boats and large vehicles on Saturday to rescue and evacuate residents in parts of the Midwest where a recent deluge of rainwater and snowmelt poured over frozen ground, overwhelming creeks and rivers and killing at least one person.

Rescue efforts in eastern Nebraska were hampered by reports of levee breaches and washouts of bridges and roads, including part of Nebraska Highway 92, leading in and out of southwest Omaha. Authorities confirmed that a bridge on that highway that crosses the Elkhorn River had been washed out Saturday. In Fremont, west of Omaha, the Dodge County Sheriff’s Office issued a mandatory evacuation for some residents after floodwaters broke through a levee along the Platte River. And in Mills County, Iowa, authorities ordered people in some rural areas to evacuate after the Missouri River overtopped levees.

Mar 16 10:20

Scott Adams: Vetos, White Nationalists, Bernie’s Head Injury, Beto the Hacker

Do CNN people believe their Charlottesville “fine people” hoax?
Is it a self-inflicted false memory they can’t see?
President Trump vetos congress rejection of National Emergency
Gotcha! question to President Trump about “white supremacists”
Either way he answered, enemy press would claim he’s racist
“Honeymooning alone”, vacationing and traveling alone
Two people who want to do the same thing, same time?
Beto has acknowledged being a hacker, a thief, when he was younger
Does Hollywood support a guy who pirated their work?
His hacker name was “psychedelic” something or other
The tell for people whom have done psychedelic drugs?
They think their barriers are artificial and can be overcome
The world around them is a construct of their own minds
The “Candace Owens Effect”
You’re an observer, a person talking about the news
Suddenly you’re part of the story

Mar 15 12:19

A Surprising Snow Storm in the mountains

So far this winter started out being very tame and I’m speaking about snow and freezing temperatures. Our previous six years have been moderate until the month of February 2019. On the evening of Monday the forth of February temperatures dropped below freezing accompanied by a serious storm. Overnight and by morning this innocent storm deposited over 12 inches at my home in Bass Lake Heights. Those of us in this neighborhood who had commitments, such as jobs, attending school etc. were now snow bound. The snow fall was a problem and the steep hills of Balsam and Manzanita Drive added to this scenario. Both roads were the only streets leading to Highway 426 and Oakhurst.

Mar 15 12:18

As snow piled up, Green Bay issued more than 100 fines for unshoveled sidewalks

Remember when it kept snowing, and we thought our city would turn into a sarcophagus of snow and ice?

It turns out all that snowfall led to more complaints about unshoveled sidewalks.

Within a nearly five-week span, the city of Green Bay issued 103 invoices to property owners who didn't adequately clear their sidewalks, according to records obtained by the Press-Gazette. The city sent out 164 in all of 2018, some of which seemed to coincide with last year's April blizzard.

Mar 15 12:17

It’s snowing in California vineyards, and winemakers are loving it

“These cold, snowy winters keep vines in that nice sustained dormancy state,” says Kevin Jones, whose family owns Lava Cap Winery in Placerville. At 2,700 feet elevation, the vineyard has received between 14 and 18 inches of snow so far this year, whereas 9 to 12 inches is typical.

Mar 15 12:15

High temperatures in Billings to finally approach normal this weekend

For the first time in more than a month, Billings could see a high temperature reach the historical average this weekend....

Mar 15 11:34

FLASHBACK - ‘Gender-Equal Snow Ploughing’ Plunges Stockholm into Chaos

Previously, fresh snowfalls were cleared first from main roads and by areas like construction sites before being removed from pavements and cycle lanes. As men are more likely to drive and women more likely to travel on foot, more women slipped on the ice which led to complaints that the system was sexist.

Vice-mayor of Stockholm, the Green Party’s Daniel Helldén, admitted that “equality snow removal” had failed the city, and apologised to residents who had injured themselves as a result.

When the Red-Green coalition, comprising politicians from the Social Democratic Party, Green Party, Left Party, and Feminist Initiative, were elected to City Hall in 2014 the introduction of a “feminist” snow clearance was high on the agenda.

Mar 15 09:16

'Cyclone of historic proportions' hits U.S., sets barometric pressure records, strands over 1 100 drivers and leaves nearly 200 000 without power

Powerful winter storm rapidly intensified over the central United States on Wednesday, March 13, 2019, producing blizzard conditions and widespread hurricane-force wind gusts. Over 1 100 drivers were stranded, at least one person has been killed and nearly 200 000 left without power.

The storm across the central Plains will continue to bring blizzard conditions to parts of the northern Plains and Rockies through Thursday, where travel remains difficult, the National Weather Service warns. Heavy rain, snowmelt, and ice jams on rivers have produced widespread flooding across the Upper Midwest. Meanwhile, severe storms with damaging winds, hail, and tornadoes are possible from the Great Lakes to the South.

Mar 14 09:58

A Powerful 'Bomb Cyclone' Could Impact 70 Million Americans. Here's Everything to Know

A “bomb cyclone” is approaching the central U.S. and is expected to bring blizzard conditions and strong winds to a major portion of the country.

Mar 13 12:04

Wyoming Closures / Advisories / Restrictions

Mar 13 11:54

It's snowing heavily on Dartmoor - no, REALLY

In a stark contrast to the grim, wet weather Storm Gareth has brought elsewhere in Devon, SNOW has blanketed parts of Dartmoor today.

Below freezing temperatures on the highest parts of the moors, particularly in the Postbridge area, has seen sleet suddenly turn into snow and settle.

Photographs show Hookney Tor thick with the white stuff this morning, captured by local resident Mark Shackleton.

Other tors, including Higher White tor and Hameldown tor, can be seen topped with snow from a distance.

Mar 13 11:53

Spring Sports Begin, Snow Fills Most Fields

February's record snowfall still covers most of the high school baseball, softball, and lacrosse fields across the Northland.

"There's nothing better than a softball game in 60 degree weather and the sun coming out," shared Dan Stauber, Activities Director for Proctor.

But that day is a few weeks out, to be sure. Their first baseball game at Egerdahl is slated for April 4th.

Mar 13 11:52

Snow again?!? Winter is determined not to go down without a fight

Winter has but a little over a week left on the calendar...and it is just not going down without a fight.

Some surprise snow fell across parts of the far North Sound and in the Cascade foothills early Tuesday morning as the lingering effects of a cold front that swept through overnight brought a Puget Sound Convergence Zone and that knocked snow levels down to a few hundred feet again.

Mar 13 11:52

The "Bomb Cyclone" Is Back And It's Ready To Explode Into A Hurricane

A powerful winter storm is forecasted "to intensify explosively" in the southwest US on Tuesday into Wednesday, unleashing a wide array of life-threatening weather hazards for tens of millions of Americans, reported Axios.

The impact area is expected from North Texas through the Dakotas and Minnesota is expected to be hit the hardest. The storm will likely qualify as a meteorological "bomb" — short for bombogenesis, which describes storms whose central pressure drops 24 millibars in 24 hours. The lower the pressure and the quicker it drops, the more powerful the storm. This could be one for the record books.

Mar 13 10:08

FLASHBACK 2015 - Guess Who's Reaping Hundreds of Billions From Iraq's Oil?

I listened to John Kerry’s optimistic speech at the COP21 Paris climate talks about how the United States is allegedly stepping up to the financial challenge to help poor countries that are or will be facing life-threatening consequences from catastrophic climate change disasters with a sense cynicism.

Some might argue that it is possible that President Obama and John Kerry are trying, but their powers are limited for the reason that they owe their allegiance to the petroleum and weapon industries.

But why then would the US government spend trillions of dollars on missiles, drones, fighter jets, and an infinite supply of bombs to gain oil control in the Middle East if the White House and Congress cared about transitioning from fossil fuels?

Mar 12 15:46

Colorado weather: Why Wednesday’s blizzard could be the state’s strongest storm in decades

You’ve probably heard by now that much of eastern Colorado, including Denver, is likely to get walloped by a major blizzard on Wednesday.

Mar 12 11:43

Denver weather: Midweek storm could drop 6 inches of snow in Denver, 15 inches in mountains

Warmer temperatures reaching the mid-60s by Tuesday will soon be forgotten after a storm system drops rain and then snow in the middle of the week, according to forecasters.

The high temperatures in the first part of the week will be around 54 on Monday and 64 on Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service in Boulder.

Scattered snow will fall in the Colorado’s high country on Monday.

A northeasterly storm system will bring rain Tuesday night and early Wednesday. Between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. on Wednesday it could start snowing, the NWS says.

Mar 12 11:28

Geologist Accuses Apple of Political Bias in Removing App Countering Climate Alarmism

Political figures who support the so-called Green New Deal and other proposals to restrict carbon dioxide emissions are up against some “inconvenient facts” that Americans may access immediately through a smartphone application, a geologist and author says.

But there’s one big problem.

The app, called Inconvenient Facts, is available only to Android users through the Google Play Store. Since March 4, users of Apple’s iPhone no longer can access the app through the tech giant’s App Store.

Why is that?

Mar 12 10:12

‘Immediate Harm To Millions’: AFL-CIO Tears Apart Green New Deal

The largest organization of labor unions in the U.S. slammed the Green New Deal Friday for combating climate change by threatening the livelihoods of millions of Americans.

The AFL-CIO sent a letter on Friday to Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey, the two lawmakers leading the Green New Deal push in Congress. The labor group demanded a larger role in crafting future solutions, slamming the current proposal as “not achievable or realistic.”

Mar 12 08:57

Powerful winter storm to impact U.S. with heavy snow, severe thunderstorms, heavy to excessive rain and widespread strong winds

A powerful late-season winter storm will lift up into the Four Corners region on Tuesday, March 12 and then rapidly intensify across the central Plains on Wednesday, March 13, 2019. A number of hazards are expected from this powerful system: heavy snow with likely blizzard conditions, severe thunderstorms, heavy to excessive rain with an increasing flood threat across the Midwest and Mississippi Valley and widespread strong winds.

The strong mid to upper level closed low moving from northwest Mexico/Southwest U.S. Tuesday into the Southern to Central Plains Wednesday and Thursday will be the driver for a very active weather pattern over large portions of the nation over the next few days, NWS forecaster Oravec noted 07:25 UTC (03:25 EST), March 12.

Mar 11 16:23

Snow expected in San Diego County mountains Monday and Tuesday

A winter storm warning went into effect in the San Diego County mountains at noon Monday as a blustery system was expected to move into the region, bringing up to 4 inches of snow between 5,000 feet and 6,000 feet.

The snowfall could reach 8 inches or more above 6,000 feet, says the National Weather Service.

Mar 11 12:09

Venezuela Aided Poor Americans With Free Heating Oil

Mar 11 12:08

Minnesota Judge Issues Injunction Against Old Man Winter, Banning Any More Snow

A Minnesota judge has not only complained about the weather—he decided to do something about it.

In a March 7 order, Judge Kevin Burke issued an injunction barring any more snow this winter in specified areas of Minnesota—especially in Hennepin County where he presides. Above the Law, WCCO and the Star Tribune have coverage. Burke identified the plaintiffs as the citizens of Minnesota, represented by the law firm of “Sue, Grabit, and Run.

The defendants were listed as “Minnesota Meteorologists, Old Man Winter and Mr. Snow.”

Mar 11 10:48

Your pictures as snow falls across Derby and Derbyshire

Snow fell in Derby and Derbyshire overnight but has now turned to rain in many areas.

The Met Office issued a yellow snow and ice warning for the East Midlands yesterday.

The snowfall was predicted to start at around 3am today and continue until 11am.

This morning, drivers have reported hazardous conditions due to the snow, rain and strong winds.

Key routes into the city including the A52 are very wet and drivers are urged to take extra care.

Send us your pictures to and we'll include them in our blog below.

Mar 11 10:47

It's Our Turn: Sick of the white stuff

I've always kind of liked snow and winter. But this year is taking its toll.

It seems like every day we get more snow that needs to be shoveled and put somewhere. With all the snow piled up along the edges of roads and walkways, I'm starting to feel like a rat trapped in a white maze.

A couple of weeks ago, I finally got around to clearing the snow off the roof of my house. For the last month or so it was blowing off and didn't look too deep. But after the last heavy snow, it really started piling up. So, up on the roof I went. About 20-some tons of snow later (I calculated it while resting between shoveling), I was wiped out and my Saturday was gone.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 11 09:23

Carbon Tax Crosses over to House

CB: … the climate commission’s work has only begun. The 20-member group has adopted a landmark sea level rise report, which includes online mapping tools for the public and state agencies to use for planning. In November, it unanimously called on the Legislature to pass a carbon tax to incentivize people to change their habits for the planet’s well-being (environmentalists’ private profit)….

On the Senate side, the biggest is a proposed carbon tax — a sweeping environmental policy reform that would affect virtually everyone in Hawaii.

Senate Bill 1463, introduced by Sen. Karl Rhoads and six colleagues, unanimously passed the 25-member chamber. It was transmitted to the 51-member House on Tuesday.

It’s the only version of a carbon tax still alive. Two House bills, far different than Rhoads’ proposal, died without a hearing. One related measure, House Bill 1584, is still moving forward but it only calls for a study by the University of Hawaii….

Mar 11 08:46


During a speech on “climate” by Justin Trudeau, Aamjiwnaang First Nation community organizer Vanessa Gray was assaulted by a member of the audience, while the Canadian Prime Minister looked on and did nothing. Vanessa Gray tells us what happened in her own words.

Mar 10 10:48

Food Shortages & Unrest - Italian Olive Growers Mobilize for "Frost Emergency" - Grand Solar Minimum

Mar 09 12:28

Trump Climate Panel Could Expose Huge Fraud, Hence the Hysteria

The collective freak out over President Donald Trump's proposed Presidential Committee on Climate Science (PCCS) highlights the fact that the hysteria surrounding the man-made global-warming hypothesis is unscientific — and that it must be re-examined by competent, credible experts. According to scientists and experts, if the science on “climate change” were truly settled, Democrats, tax-funded climate alarmists, and the establishment media would all be celebrating another committee to confirm that “conclusion.” Instead, the unhinged shrieking over Trump's plan to investigate the matter strongly suggests something very fishy is going on, critics argued. Indeed, there is a good chance that even more fraud could be revealed.

Mar 09 11:20

My Daughter's New Agenda 21 Eco-Friendly Bedroom

Mar 08 15:34

Global Warming A "Hoax And Scam" Pushed By Greedy Government Scientists: Greenpeace Co-Founder

The co-founder and former president of Greenpeace, Patrick Moore, says that climate change is a "complete hoax and scam," which has been "taking over science with superstition and a kind of toxic combination of religion and political ideology."

Moore, who recently made headlines for calling Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a "pompous little twit" and "garden-variety hypocrite" on climate change, sat down with SiriusXM's Breitbart News Tonight with hosts Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak.

The Greenpeace co-founder's message echoes that of John Coleman, the late Weather Channel founder who called global warming "the greatest scam in history."

Moore told Breitbart how fear and guilt are driving the climate change argument, reports Breitbart News.

Mar 08 15:00

Lake Tahoe ski season extended due to record snow

Lake Tahoe’s ski season has been extended because of record snow.

Squaw Valley Ski Resort announced they are staying open until July 7 after February broke the resort’s record for most snowfall in a month.

Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows has already seen 50 feet of snow this winter, beating their yearly average of 37 feet with a large chunk of winter still to go, they announced.

Mar 08 14:16


A winter storm is bearing down on the Central Plains and the Midwest heading into the weekend and some areas could see more than a foot of snow by the time it’s all over. The storm, called Winter Storm Taylor by The Weather Channel, was expected to start dropping snow in the area as early as Friday night.

On Friday, the storm was making its way across the west eastwards to the Central Plains and the Midwest where it was then expected to bring more snow. Cyclogenesis was expected to occur Friday night and early Saturday east of the Rockies, according to the National Weather Service. This happens when the low-pressure system intensifies into a stronger cyclone movement, according to the NWS.

Mar 08 14:16

Airlines Are Waiving Change Fees Ahead of Major Winter Storm This Weekend

Spring may be imminent, but winter isn’t over yet. This weekend, a brutal storm is expected to hit the upper Midwest and airlines are working to get ahead of expected delays, grounded planes, missed connections and frustrated passengers.

The four biggest airlines in the U.S. — Delta, United, American and Southwest — are all issuing flexible rebooking waivers for passengers traveling through covered airports in the Midwest. JetBlue and Sun Country are also waiving fees for travelers at some airports.

Mar 08 13:32

Why “climate change deniers” are better for the environment than politicians

Skeptics of human-caused climate change are more environmentally conscious than people who believe climate change is undeniably caused by human action.

A study last year found that climate change skeptics were more likely than the most ardent believers to adjust personal behavior to be more environmentally conscious.

“Belief in climate change predicted support for government policies to combat climate change, but did not generally translate to individual-level, self-reported pro-environmental behavior,” said the paper.

So they want the government to step in and force people to reduce their “carbon footprint,” but they aren’t willing to simply make those changes in their own lives. It’s the selfish attitude, why should I sacrifice if everyone else isn’t going to?

Except that normal people already treat their environment well, even as they are skeptical of how big the crisis really is, and what exactly caused it.

Mar 08 11:18

Life in the Green New Deal 'Paradise'? Nasty, Brutish, and Short.

Not long ago, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC — one of the best comedy accounts on Twitter) released (then retracted, and then disclaimed) the "Justice Democrats'" Green New Deal FAQ. (See @AOC and the Magic Choo-Choo.)

The GND's promises just didn't add up, but mere arithmetic often doesn't discourage a true believer. I started pondering what life would be like under the Green New Deal. (This is Part One of a two-part series. In the second part, we'll consider what can really be done to make transportation better.)

Welcome to the Green Paradise
The phone rings with its piercing "I don't care if you set do-not-disturb" ring. You wake, heart pounding. It's Mom.

"Mom? What happened? What's wrong?"

"It's your grandmother, honey. She's in the National Health — she fell and broke her hip."

"Oh my God! What are they doing?"

"Right now, they're keeping her comfortable. The Surgery Board meets today at 10, but she's 86, and, well..." her voice trails off.

Mar 08 09:52

Dr. Happer will set them free

It was easy enough to predict that Trump would appoint Dr. William Happer to set up a Presidential Committee on Climate Science.

Two years have passed and have been lost. The first years of the Trump administration were hobbled by poor Cabinet picks, a proportion of whom conspired against him and others who were just hopeless. Scott Pruitt at the EPA should have got on with Dr Happer's appointment straight away but instead spent $3.5 million on his own security detail. In the meantime, the climate juggernaut rolled on, producing 1,500 pages of alarmist nonsense in an official government report.

You can tell how important Dr Happer is by the forces that have been marshaled against him. The three major lefty media organizations — CNN, the Washington Post, and the New York Times — all came out to say Dr. Happer's efforts would be wasted. The Democrats are alarmed, calling Dr Happer's proposed panel "dangerous."

Mar 08 09:10

Bernie Sanders blames climate change for Alabama tornado death toll

“The science is clear, climate change is making extreme weather events, including tornadoes, worse,” the independent Vermont senator said in a Facebook post linking to an EcoWatch article on the tornado.

“We must prepare for the impacts of climate change that we know are coming. The full resources of the federal government must be provided to these families. Our thoughts are with the people of Alabama and their families.”

Mar 07 12:17

Fatal Flaw In Climate Change Science

We must stop pollution for reasons of biosphere toxicity, NOT because of climate change. The TSI model of solar forcing ignores nearly all climate forcing aspects of space weather AND applies that forcing to the human total. This video shows that fact in a way that anyone can understand.


Mar 07 12:13

FLASHBACK - 1989: U.N. Predicts Disaster by 2000 if Global Warming Not Checked: “Entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth.”

A senior U.N. environmental official says entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000.

Coastal flooding and crop failures would create an exodus of ?eco- refugees,? ? threatening political chaos, said Noel Brown, director of the New York office of the U.N. Environment Program, or UNEP.

He said governments have a 10-year window of opportunity to solve the greenhouse effect before it goes beyond human control.

As the warming melts polar icecaps, ocean levels will rise by up to three feet, enough to cover the Maldives and other flat island nations, Brown told The Associated Press in an interview on Wednesday.

Mar 07 09:07

When Bubbles Burst – Tesla, The Everything Cycle and the End of Global Warming

As the center of the U.S. freezes this weekend, Elon Musk is trying to figure out how to save Tesla from going the way of Enron.

Religions die hard. It takes an orgy of evidence to change a person’s mind on a subject that is integral to their moral and ethical structure.

In the case of Tesla, the mania surrounding it over the past decade has been inextricably bound up with the hysteria of global warming.

For years investors ignored the obvious warning signs that Tesla would never be able to graduate from a boutique, hand-built car manufacturer and technology skunk works to a mass producer.

I’ve been very hard on Musk in the past, with good reason. But, as a guy with vision I applaud him getting Tesla off the ground and legitimizing the idea of the upscale electric car.

Mar 07 08:17

Heavy rain and snow hit Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran, leaving more than 50 people dead

Heavy rainfall and snowfall hit several areas of Afghanistan, Pakistan and eastern Iran over the last few days, causing flash floods and landslides in which more than 50 people lost their lives.

As of 14:00 UTC on March 5, the death toll reached 50 people, dozens of people were injured and at least 10 remain missing. At least 25 people were reported dead in Pakistan, 20 in Afghanistan and 5 in eastern Iran.

Mar 06 13:22

Drivers, Plows Dealing With Drifting Snow

It seems like the roads may never be clear of snow.

People all over KELOLAND have been running into blowing a drifting snows as they've gotten behind the wheel the last few days.

It was definitely the case Monday night in Corson County. The Corson County Sheriff's Office posted a video on Facebook of Highway 12 west of McIntosh.

The drifts were already stretching into the lane and the wind was whipping snow across the road.