Mar 08 10:15

Monopoly Board Game Goes Cashless: Barcodes Introduced to Track Players and Transactions

By Kevin Samson

When events that were formally considered conspiracy theories become the foundation of popular culture, you know an entirely new reality is being created. The 5th bestselling board game in the world is now embracing the onset of the cashless society...

Mar 08 08:53

GOOGLE: Put Palestine On Your Maps!

The country of Palestine does not appear on Google maps. Why not? Israel, established on Palestinian land, is clearly designated. But there is no mention of Palestine. According to Google, Palestine does not exist.

The omission of Palestine is a grievous insult to the people of Palestine and undermines the efforts of the millions of people who are involved in the campaign to secure Palestinian independence and freedom from Israeli occupation and oppression.

This is an important issue, as Google Maps are now regarded as definitive by people around the world, including journalists, students and others carrying out research into the Israel-Palestine situation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Mar 07 15:58

Guccifer to be extradited to US

Hacker ‘Guccifer,’ who uncovered Clinton’s private emails, to be extradited to US
Perhaps most notably,Marcel Lehel, a 42-year-old hacker better known by his pseudonym “Guccifer,” was the first source to uncover Hillary Clinton’s improper use of a private email account while she was Secretary of State, which the FBI is investigating as a potential danger to national security.

In March 2013, the hacker released to RT and several other news outlets the four memos that had been sent to Clinton from her former political adviser Sidney Blumenthal. The memos contain information regarding the September 11, 2012 attacks on the US diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, as well as the January 2013 hostage crisis in In Amenas, Algeria.

Lehel was indicted by the Department of Justice in 2014 on charges of wire fraud, unauthorized access to a protected computer, cyberstalking, aggravated identity theft and obstruction of justice.>>>

Mar 07 15:04

Clinton: I’m the ‘most transparent public official in modern times’

Hillary Clinton says she's the "most transparent" public official of modern times, slamming critics of her email practices in a new interview.

“I said, ‘make them all public,’” she said of her State Department emails on CNBC’s "Closing Bell" on Friday. "I’ve been the most transparent public official in modern times as far as I know.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 07 10:23

UN human rights chief backs Apple in FBI encryption row

Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, high commissioner for human rights at the United Nations, has warned that a "Pandora's box" will be opened if Apple co-operates with the FBI.

Mar 07 10:00

Facebook Suspends Filmmakers Page after Campaign by Anti-fracking Activists

FACEBOOK has removed posts and suspended the page of a journalist covering a controversial court case after a targeted campaign by anti-fracking activists.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But Facebook is allowing the "Assassinate Donald Trump" page to remain!

Mar 07 09:49

Hillary Clinton: Email controversy 'moving toward a resolution'

Hillary Clinton predicted that the controversy over her use of a private email server while secretary of state is nearing its end.

"I think we're getting closer and closer to wrapping this up," Clinton said Sunday in an interview with CBS' John Dickerson on "Face the Nation."

Despite her optimism, the investigation has continued. Her comments come after a former State Department staffer was given immunity to cooperate with a Justice Department investigation into those emails.

Clinton said she's "delighted" that Bryan Pagliano, the staffer who helped set up her server, is cooperating with the investigation.

And she deflected concerns that her email use will lead to indictments that could damage her Democratic presidential campaign.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The DOJ is going to say the whole mess was some underling's fault, fry them up to provide a show for the public, and let Hillary skate ... again.

Mar 07 09:21

Apple users hit with first ever Mac ransomware: Hackers are demanding $400 to unlock files on infected computers

Apple customers were targeted by hackers over the weekend in the first campaign against Mac computers.

Called KeRanger, hackers infected the computers with this malicious software through a tainted copy of a popular program known as Transmission.

Security researchers said on their blog that KeRanger is programmed to stay quiet for three days after infecting a computer.

It then connects to the attacker's server, starts encrypting files so they can't be accessed and demands a ransom of 1 bitcoin, or about $400, to unlock the computer.

Mar 07 08:35

These New Quantum Dot Crystals Could Replace Silicon In Super-Fast, Next-Gen Computers

Solid, crystalline structures of incredibly tiny particles known as quantum dots have been developed by engineers in the US, and they’re so close to perfect, they could be a serious contender for a silicon alternative in the super-fast computers of the future.

Mar 07 04:50

Hillary Clinton ISISTS Immunity For Staffer Who Set Up Private Email Is Good News

Hillary Clinton insists immunity for staffer who set up private email is good news

Hillary Clinton insists immunity for staffer who set up private email is good news

(*Three Times For The 'NORMAL' Mind ! )

Mar 07 04:08

First Live Ransomware Targeting Mac

Apple users beware: First live ransomware targeting Mac found 'in the wild'
Researchers have discovered what they say is the first real-world ransomware targeting Macs, and if you've downloaded torrenting software recently, you may be at risk.

Sorry Mac fans -- now you're no better off than regular old PC users.

Security researchers have discovered what they believe to be the first ever ransomware attack targeted at Apple users that actually made it out 'into the wild.' And in bad news for downloading fiends, it's being spread through torrenting software.


Mar 06 13:12

FBI Could Unlock ‘Pandora’s Box’ In Apple Case

The United Nations human rights chief on Friday warned that the U.S. government risks opening a “Pandora’s Box” if it successfully forces Apple to unlock an iPhone belonging to one of the suspected San Bernardino shooters.

Mar 06 12:29

UK Police Call For New Digital Legislation

Head of British Essex Police, leading the fight against digital crime, has called for new legislation to tackle an “unimagined scale of online abuse” that is threatening to overwhelm the police service.

Mar 06 10:51

Beauty Box - Skin Retouching In Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Avid

Introducing Beauty Box Video 3.0, the next generation in automatic skin retouching plugins for Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, and After Effects.

Beauty Box makes retouching a fast, automatic, and painless process. How is this possible?

Beauty Box uses face detection to create an automatic, traveling matte.
The matte keeps details like teeth, hair, and eyelashes razor sharp.
State of the art smoothing algorithms allow you to easily get rid of wrinkles, makeup problems and blemishes in HD, 2K or 4K.
A simple workflow and GPU acceleration means you can get the work done fast.
Free trial let's you see just how good it'll work on YOUR video footage.
Plugin for Final Cut Pro 7/X, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Avid and OpenFX.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I think they are using this on Hillary's interviews. I have worked with this system myself and it leaves subtle artifacts, which I noticed watching Hillary on the "We Hate Donald Trump" network (formerly FOX News) Friday.

Mar 06 10:09

Washington Post BEX Alert - Things we learned from 50,000-plus pages of Clinton emails

Clinton hardly comes across as a technological whiz.

At one point, she asks her communications adviser how to charge her iPad and update an app. Asked if she has wireless Internet, the secretary replies: “I don’t know if I have wi-fi. How do I find out?”

Clinton tells another aide that she is “never sure which of my emails you receive, so pls let me know if you receive this one and on which address you did.”

In her final year on the job, she apologizes to someone for being slow to respond to an email, describing her BlackBerry as having “a nervous breakdown on my dime!”

Technological problems included the State Department’s unclassified email system, too.

The department’s technology is “so antiquated that NO ONE uses a State-issued laptop and even high officials routinely end up using their home email accounts to be able to get their work done quickly and effectively,” policy chief Anne-Marie Slaughter laments in 2011.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Washington Post is trying to prop up Hillary with the "Okay, she's an idiot about computers, but that doesn't mean she should not be President" defense. The Washington Post also seems to forget that ALL State Department emails are classified by default.

Setting that aside...

Remember China-gate from 1996? Then President Bill Clinton authorized the sale of sensitive US technology to China and Chinese money was donated to his re-election campaign!

Was Hillary playing the same game, selling US secrets delivered via a private server with weaker security than the Ashley Madison website in exchange for "donations" to her "charitable" foundation?

It is time to look past the server itself to what may be the biggest spy scandal in US history!

Mar 06 09:33

“Freedom Always Dies Bit by Bit”: Bundesbank Takes Sides in War on Cash

There are two sides in the global war against cash. On one side are many of the world’s governments, central banks, fintech firms, banks, credit card companies, telecommunication behemoths, financial institutions, large retailers, etc. According to them, the days of physical currency are numbered, so why not pull the plug already, beginning with the largest denomination bills such as the $100-note and particularly the €500-note? On the other side are people who like to use cash – most of whom, according to the dominant official narrative, are either criminals or terrorists. After all, they must have something to hide; otherwise, why would they use a private, untraceable (not to mention archaic, dirty, dangerous and unhygienic) form of payment like cash?

Mar 06 09:32

Leading Tech Firms Join Apple Suit Over IPhone Encryption

US tech firms, including Facebook,, Google, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Dropbox, Mozilla, Snapchat and others, filed legal briefs Thursday joining an Apple Inc. suit launched last month against the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Apple filed legal challenges after the FBI demanded “backdoor” access to encryption systems used to protect iPhone data.

Mar 06 09:30

Terrifying Internet-Of-Things Search Engine Lets You Spy On Strangers’ Webcams

It’s called Shodan and it just got much easier to use

Think of the millions of devices with video feeds?maybe the baby monitor perched over your kid?s crib or a security camera looking out over your back porch. A new feature on the most popular search engine for the Internet of Things just made it a lot easier to find such feeds. And it?s even creepier than you can imagine.

Mar 06 08:59


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Please continue to post this article everywhere and forward to social media and your friends. Word is getting out. I wore my "Hillary for Prison" shirt to the local swap meet yesterday and had dozens of people commenting on it. One even wanted to have their picture taken with me (without knowing about my website or radio show).

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WRH Exclusive
Mar 06 08:52

Hillary Emails Betrayed Whereabouts of Murdered Ambassador Chris Stevens

An email containing the whereabouts and plans of murdered U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens passed through Hillary Clinton’s private server, dispatches released Monday in the final group of messages from Clinton’s emails reveal.

Mar 06 08:33

Records: U.S. Marshals Used Stingray Surveillance Nearly 6,000 Times

By Derrick Broze

According to newly released records, the U.S. Marshals Service has used cellphone surveillance tools, sometimes known as Stingrays, on the phones of nearly 6,000 suspects. The Marshals Service accidentally confirmed its use of the devices to USA TODAY during a Freedom of Information Act request for a copy of the agency’s log of cases in which agents had used Stingrays...

Mar 05 19:27

UN Human Rights Chief: FBI Could Unlock ‘Pandora’s Box’ In Apple Case

The United Nations human rights chief on Friday warned that the U.S. government risks opening a “Pandora’s Box” if it successfully forces Apple to unlock an iPhone belonging to one of the suspected San Bernardino shooters.

Mar 05 11:25

Department of Justice Recruits Social Media Firms to Fight “Online Radicalization”

By Derrick Broze

For the third time since December 2015, the Obama administration has met with social media companies to discuss fighting the spread of online extremism.

On February 23, the U.S. Department of Justice met with officials from Facebook, Twitter, and Google to discuss how online social media firms can take the lead in disrupting online radicalization.

Seamus Hughes, the deputy director of George Washington University’s Program on Extremism, attended the meeting and told Reuters it was “a recognition that the government is ill-positioned and ill-equipped to counter ISIS online.”...

Mar 05 11:22

UN Human Rights Chief: FBI Could Unlock ‘Pandora’s Box’ In Apple Case

The United Nations human rights chief on Friday warned that the U.S. government risks opening a “Pandora’s Box” if it successfully forces Apple to unlock an iPhone belonging to one of the suspected San Bernardino shooters.

Mar 05 06:37

Defend yourself against cellphone spoofing

Over the past year or so we have heard how the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and even local law enforcement agencies have deployed cell-site simulators or cellphone-tower spoofing units. This technology is marketed via a variety of names: DirtBox, StingRay, and TriggerFish.

Mar 04 21:31

Armed drones and military robots have 'limitless potential for disaster': Experts fear we are being lulled into a false sense of security by autonomous machines

Handing over more of the decision-making to machines may ease the human burden in warfare, but those in charge should be wary of being lulled into a false sense of security, warn experts.

They caution that autonomous machines - such as drones and or advanced guided missile systems - might not only make the wrong decisions, they could also be used against us by hackers.

Failing to address either of these aspects, they said, could generate an 'almost limitless' potential for disaster.

Mar 04 15:33

Amazon Secretly Removes Encryption Protection From All Its Devices

While the FBI and Apple continue to fight in court over encryption and public privacy, Amazon has discreetly disabled encryption on all of its products so that consumers are no longer able to protect their data on Android-powered devices.

Mar 04 13:20


It was about two years ago, when news broke that DHS was creating a nationwide license plate tracking system and not long after, they claimed to have cancelled the project. Don't believe everything you read... Last month, I warned everyone that DHS was working with states across the country to phase out vehicle registration stickers and use license plate readers to track everyone.

Mar 04 11:34


The FBI White Hats, we believe, are really trying their best to pin down Hillary through the legal system which we expect to consume more resources than necessary.

The only positive thing with this long and winding process is that it could definitely serve as an opportunity for education for those who are still applauding these murdering scums, and should begin to think twice about their misplaced loyalty and inadequate discernment process.

Sensing her being squeezed at the neck by the FBI, Clinton responds by promising that, once elected to the White House, she will declassify UFO files.

Mar 04 11:08

Did Marco Rubio Steal the Minnesota Primary?

By Derrick Broze

A new report detailing the possibility of voter fraud during the Minnesota primary is creating quite a stir among various Internet forums and social media sites.

An anonymous poster on Medium has released a controversial, and possibly damning report, which details a number of unexplained phenomena related to the “Super Tuesday” Minnesota primary results...

Mar 04 09:42

Claire Bernish on the Arming of Police Drones

But officer safety has to be our highest concern!
It's to keep our children safe!
If you have nothing to hide you have no reason for concern!
We need this to fight terrorism!

Any excuse will do for the expansion of the police state

Mar 04 09:15

What’s At Stake In Apple’s Privacy Fight

In a high-profile spat with the White House, Tim Cook has emerged as a leading spokesperson against the Obama administration’s efforts to weaken Americans’ constitutional protections and civil liberties.

Mar 04 08:24

Latest attack against TLS shows the pitfalls of intentionally weakening encryption

Following FREAK and Logjam, DROWN is the third attack resulting from encryption algorithms that were deliberately weakened by the government

Mar 04 08:22

Windows 10 Latest Update May Remove Programs Without Asking You

Microsoft’s first major update to Windows 10 may remove your programs without notifying you. Yes, that’s true. Some people who installed the big November update noticed that a couple of their apps have gone missing after they rebooted.

Many Windows 10 users on Reddit reported a variety of programs, including the popular Speccy, CPU-Z, HWMonitor, and CCleaner software, were being silently removed from their systems. Some claimed the update deleted hardware drivers like Intel Rapid Storage Technology and AMD Catalyst Control Center, too.

Mar 04 08:21

Bitcoin's nightmare scenario has come to pass

Over the last year and a half a number of prominent voices in the Bitcoin community have been warning that the system needed to make fundamental changes to its core software code to avoid being overwhelmed by the continued growth of Bitcoin transactions. There was strong disagreement within the community, however, about how to solve this problem, or if the problem would ever materialize.

This week the dire predictions came to pass, as the network reached its capacity, causing transactions around the world to be massively delayed, and in some cases to fail completely. The average time to confirm a transaction has ballooned from 10 minutes to 43 minutes. Users are left confused and shops that once accepted Bitcoin are dropping out.

Mar 04 08:18

UN rights boss warns against precedent in Apple vs. FBI case

The top U.N. human rights official warned on Friday that U.S. officials risked opening a "Pandora's Box" in the case against Apple Inc that could infringe the rights of millions worldwide and ease the way for authoritarian rulers and criminal hackers.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation obtained a court order last month requiring the company to write new software to disable passcode protection and allow access to an iPhone used by one of the shooters in December killings in San Bernardino, California.

Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, said in a statement: "A successful case against Apple in the U.S. will set a precedent that may make it impossible for Apple or any other major international IT company to safeguard their clients' privacy anywhere in the world."

Mar 04 08:06

If NatWest texts you about online banking fraud, don't click the link

It looks pukka but it's actually fraudsters, warns watchdog

Mar 03 22:53

Hillary's Emails: Is The End At Hand?

any Dept of State emails or regarding Dept of State business is automatically classified

Mar 03 13:47

FBI investigating if Clinton aides shared passwords to access classified info

The FBI is investigating whether computer passwords were shared among Hillary Clinton's close aides to determine how sensitive intelligence "jumped the gap" between the classified systems and Clinton's unsecured personal server, according to an intelligence source familiar with the probe.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like they may fry some low-level staffers to save Hillary.

Mar 03 11:44

Charges Finally Coming for Hillary? Staffer Who Set up Her Server Just Given Immunity

The question has always been, will the system somehow find a way to allow Hillary to get away with it like an elite magical fairy princess, or will she actually have to face charges for her crimes the way the majority of the rest of us would if we had done the same thing (or way, way, way, way less).

Well now the Justice Department has granted immunity to a former State Department staffer named Bryan Pagliano who set up Hillary's private email server in 2009. After he set it up, Hillary then paid him personally to maintain it for her.

Pagliano had previously invoked his Fifth Amendment rights before a Congressional committee last fall; now he has immunity and will testify.

The Clinton camp released a statement saying Hillary is cooperating and they're all "pleased" with this new development, again referring to the whole thing as an "inquiry" and not an "investigation". They've also called it a "security review". Ah, semantics.

Mar 03 11:15

Hillary Clinton Aide Huma Abedin Indicted???????

Stew Webb just received exciting word from US Intelligence sources who have knowledge of the Hillary Clinton email criminal probe! There’s going to be an upcoming indictment! Stew reports his sources have told him Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s lesbian lover and aide has now been indicted!

This indictment is sealed for now until the investigation is completed but sources close to the investigation say it will be coming out within the next 30 days if all goes well! The question now remains when will Hillary drop out of the race since she is at the top of the pyramid and will be under massive heat soon!

Mar 03 10:57

Is This the Smoking Gun that Nails HilLIARy’s Campaign? The HilLIARY e-mail that revealed the whereabouts and plans of murdered U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens that Set Him Up Now Released.

An email containing the whereabouts and plans of murdered U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens passed through Hillary Clinton’s private server, dispatches released Monday in the final group of messages from Clinton’s emails reveal.

Mar 03 10:47

Google Upgrades Digital Wallet to Pay by Facial Recognition

By Kevin Samson

As we march steadily toward a cashless society, Google is naturally at the forefront of seeing it come to fruition as quickly as possible.

Despite the fact that several years ago Google had a major security scare with its first incarnation of the digital wallet smartphone app, which required a temporary shutdown, they are announcing a new system being tested which does not even require the smartphone at all.

A growing number of people apparently find that having to remove their smartphone is just such a hassle that they are prepared to embrace payment via biometrics – in this case, facial recognition...

Mar 03 10:21


In the classic science fiction movie The Matrix, which was released in 1999, martial arts was uploaded into Keanu Reeves’ (Neo) brain through a cable connected from a computer to Neo’s skull. He received the skills of the art instantly, and was able to use it to perfection. This happened in a science fiction movie. But what you were about to hear that this isn’t science fiction any longer? The reality is, that a team of researchers in the United States of America are currently developing this technology.

Mar 03 09:30

Officials Track Child Social Media to “Punish” Students for Inappropriate Posts Made Out of School

By Matt Agorist

In a move that is sure to warm the hearts of police state cheerleaders across the nation, school officials in Huntsville announced that they are now spying on students’ social media accounts and, regardless of whether they are public or private, will dole out punishments accordingly.

“We’re going to implement a procedure that directly addresses an area that’s become a real concern again,” Huntsville City Schools Superintendent Casey Wardynski said in a video on the district’s website. “Which is how violence in our schools – how threats to our schools – interact with social media, and how social media can play a role, if we pay attention to it, in heading off problems.”...

Mar 03 04:50

Former Clinton Staffer Who Built Email Server Strikes Immunity Deal With FBI

The Justice Department has granted immunity to a State Department employee that helped build former secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server, according to the Washington Post.
A law enforcement official told the Post that Bryan Pagliano has agreed to work with the FBI in exchange for not facing any possible criminal charges.

The new development is not a good sign for the Democratic presidential front-runner, though there is still no indication that any criminal charges will be brought against Clinton.

Mar 02 17:41

John McAfee — Unlocking the iPhone is ‘Trivial’ the FBI is Deceiving the Public to Spy on Them

The US public doesn’t need a Digital Security Commission, they need the FBI to stop deceiving everyone and tell the truth that it wants to spy on Americans, John McAfee, developer of the first commercial anti-virus program told RT’s Ed Schultz.
Republican Michael McCaul, Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee and Senator Mark Warner, a member of the Senate’s Select Committee on Intelligence have introduced a draft bill that would create a ‘Digital Security Commission.’ It is supposed to help the US federal government better manage issues with encryption and better control the competing interests of law and technology companies.

The proposal came amid the ongoing legal standoff between Apple and the FBI over a San Bernardino attacker’s cellphone the feds want to decrypt.

Mar 02 16:16

The FBI Has Been Databasing Suspicious Memes And Their Creators For Five Years To Silence Political Dissent

News has been making rounds across the internet that the FBI in collusion with the National Science Foundation has sunk nearly one million dollars into a program at the University of Indiana developed with the goal of:


Mar 02 15:42

The FBI would be able to monitor everybody’s entire lives if Apple is forced to unlock terrorist’s iPhone, judge says

“In a world in which so many devices, not just smartphones, will be connected to the Internet of Things, the government's theory that a licensing agreement allows it to compel the manufacturers of such products to help it surveil the products' users will result in a virtually limitless expansion of the government's legal authority to surreptitiously intrude on personal privacy.”

Mar 02 15:38

DROWN Attack Vulnerability Breaks HTTPS On 33% Of All Websites

Remember the Heartbleed vulnerability? Well now there’s a new bad boy in town and over one-third of all HTTPS websites are open to the DROWN attack.

Security researchers have discovered a new technique for deciphering the contents of supposedly secure communications.

DROWN, a new vulnerability in OpenSSL that affects servers using SSLv2, was revealed today as an attack that could decrypt your secure HTTPS communications, such as passwords or credit card numbers. More than 33 percent of servers are vulnerable – significantly less than Heartbleed, but still a surprisingly high number.

Mar 02 15:37

Yahoo spent $1 billion to buy Tumblr, but now it's hinting it may write off nearly the entire deal

In 2013, Yahoo spent $990 million to buy the microblogging site Tumblr — $1.1 billion if you include the $113 million in liabilities.

Last month, Yahoo wrote off $230 million of its value. And now it's hinting that there's a chance it could write off the entire goodwill value it paid to acquire Tumblr.

Mar 02 15:34

Lynch: Wiretap agreement with Britain would protect privacy, human rights

The negotiations are aimed at establishing a framework that would permit British authorities to serve orders directly on U.S. companies for live intercepts and stored data in cases in which the investigation targets accounts not used by Americans or people in the United States.

Mar 02 15:31

Apple asks the FBI: How hard did you really try to hack into the iPhone?

That being the case, it always struck me as odd and somewhat surprising that the FBI didn’t already have a way to bypass the iPhone’s passcode security scheme given that it’s been in existence for years now. After all, the iPhone involved in the San Bernardino shooting was an iPhone 5c, which is to say that there’s no Secure Enclave or Touch ID to hack around.

Is it really feasible that the FBI, for nearly a decade, hasn’t developed a means to break into a passcode protected iPhone, even if that iPhone was set up to erase itself after 10 incorrect passcode entries?

Assuming that that’s the reality we’re living in, are we also to believe that the NSA, which employs innumerable technical wizards and has no shortage of zero-day exploits (per Edward Snowden) is similarly unable to access the San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone?

Mar 02 15:28

How Powerful Is Apple?

Mar 02 15:24

UK’s spying rules would force tech companies to break encryption – and you’ll pay for it

Yes, essentially the UK government is spelling out plans to build a great big spying system that it can dip into with as little effort as possible and burying it in hundreds of pages of barely readable bureaucratic documents.

The legislation will now be debated by parliament, although in truly democratic fashion, the guidance already states that it needs to be in force by December 31 2016.

That sounds frighteningly likely, unless we finally all decide that there’s too much at stake to leave this up to politicians and tech CEOs.

Mar 02 15:01

Privacy Advocates Slam New UK Surveillance Law

Technology companies and privacy campaigners have blasted a newly proposed surveillance law in the UK that calls for bulk data collection of Internet users.

“Powers for bulk interception and bulk equipment interference – hacking by any other name – leaves the right to privacy dangerously undermined and the security of our infrastructure at risk,” said Gus Hossein, executive director of Privacy International.

Mar 02 14:34

Apple gives FBI the finger

Bruce Sewell, a representative of Apple, told the cout during a hearing Tuesday, “The FBI has asked the court to order us to give them something we don’t have.”

Mar 02 10:38

FBI’s James Comey had an embarrassing day against Apple

It was a bad day on Capitol Hill for FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday.

First, Comey was forced to admit that his agency’s effort to get Apple to create new software to allow the government to more easily break into a terrorist’s iPhone will likely not be a one-off.

There will likely be other requests from the government to have Apple unlock other iPhones, he said.

Then, Comey admitted that the FBI made a mistake in the early days of its handling of the iPhone 5c belonging to San Bernardino shooter Syed Farook by re-setting the cloud storage setting connected to the phone.

That mistake likely made it harder for agents to break into the phone to see if there were clues locked on the phone of any future terror attacks.

Mar 02 09:18

Congressman Suggests FBI Is Taking Advantage of San Bernardino Tragedy to Push Agenda

A leading House Democrat expressed serious concern on Tuesday that the FBI is exploiting the ISIS-inspired massacre of 14 people in San Bernardino to sidestep Congress on the encryption debate.

Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., said it was troubling “that in the middle of an ongoing congressional debate on this subject, the FBI would ask a federal magistrate to give them the special access to secure products that this committee, this Congress, and the administration have so far refused to provide.” He spoke at a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee, of which he is the ranking Democratic member.

“Why has the government taken this step and forced this issue?” he asked.

It was a rhetorical question.

Mar 02 08:47

Hackers rely on weak passwords when brute-forcing PoS terminals

Logs from these honeypots provides an insight into what opportunistic scanners are using in order to test – and likely compromise – internet-connected point-of-sale (PoS*) systems, kiosks, and compromised desktop PCs which offer the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) service for remote management.

The study, which focused on retail terminals, pulled out statistics on the frequency and source of opportunistic attacks, as well as the top attempted passwords and usernames. The overlap between these chosen credentials and published password dumps collected from breach data was also highlighted.

Instead of old favourites such as “12345” and “password” on the user side, credentials such as “x”, “St@rt123”, “P@ssw0rd” and “admin” appeared in the top 10 of password guessing attempts. Usernames of “administrator”, “admin” and “pos” were among the most frequently guessed in the hi-tech doorknob-rattling by hackers.

Mar 02 04:26

Facebook Latin America’s Boss Arrested In Brazil

Police in Sao Paulo have arrested Facebook’s most senior executive in Latin America in the latest clash between Brazilian authorities and the social media company its refusal to provide private information about its users to law enforcement.

A Tuesday news release says that Facebook’s vice president for Latin America, Diego Dzodan, was arrested on an order from a judge in the northeastern state of Sergipe. Dzodan is accused of ignoring a judicial order in a secret investigation involving organized crime and drug trafficking.

The decision by Judge Marcel Montalvao follows the company’s refusal to surrender user information from the WhatsApp messaging service, an application Facebook bought in 2014.


Mar 01 16:43

NEWSBUD- Where Media Integrity Matters: Join Our Campaign for a 100% People Funded Media

The day has finally come for your chance to help us create a 100% people-funded news alternative. Our Kickstarter campaign is now live, and we’re counting on your support. For us to realize our collective dream of a major independent, nonpartisan media platform, we need your help. Without you, we cannot build the independent news source that we the people deserve. We can only do that when we are 100% publicly funded, and that means we need you, your voice, and your commitment to our cause. Please make a pledge and help us put the word out.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Website of today's radio show guest, Sibel Edmonds.

Mar 01 16:38

Problems reported on Texas Secretary of State website

All eyes are on Texas because it could be a "make it or break it" state for candidates, but some problems with the Texas Secretary of State website were reported on Super Tuesday morning.

The "Find My Polling Place" and "What's On the Ballot" sections were not working.

The Texas Secretary of State released a statement on Twitter noting the issue and providing a link to find polling locations.

"We had no problems at the polling locations because no-one voted."

Mar 01 15:40

US Expands Cyber Attacks On Daesh Network: Pentagon

The Pentagon says it is expanding its cyber attacks against Daesh (ISIL) citing the significant role of such warfare in campaign against the Takfiri terrorist group.

Mar 01 14:01

“i’m Actually Quite Flattered!: Isis Hacks Website of Tiny Solar Company With Only 11 Employees

Right now as America literally fights a proxy war with itself in Syria, stories about ISIS continue to spill out that are less terrifying, more ridiculous and embarrassing for the West.

In one of the latest, the owner of a tiny solar company called Solar UK in East Sussex says he’s flattered that ISIS actually bothered to take the time and effort to hack the website of his tiny solar company...

Mar 01 11:31

Traffic app says not at fault for Israel troops losing way

Google-owned traffic app Waze hit back today at suggestions its directions led Israeli soldiers into a Palestinian refugee camp where they were attacked, sparking bloody clashes.

Two Israeli soldiers were said to be using the app when they mistakenly drove into the Qalandiya refugee camp overnight, sparking clashes as security forces deployed to rescue them that killed one Palestinian and wounded 15 people.

Waze, the Israeli-developed navigation app acquired by Google for more than USD 1 billion in 2013, said the soldiers themselves were at fault.


Mar 01 09:49

Everybody Knows FBI Director James Comey Is Wrong About Encryption, Even The FBI

You know what would make me feel safer? A hell of a lot more encryption. And you know who agrees? the FBI. This is from the FBI's own website for "safety tips to protect your mobile device"

Depending on the type of phone, the operating system may have encryption available. This can be used to protect the user’s personal data in the case of loss or theft.

Mar 01 09:28

China just announced one of the largest single layoffs in history. 1.8 Million people will lose their job.

Chinese officials announced plans to lay off roughly 1.8 million workers in the coal and steel industries, as part of president Xi Jinping’s politically difficult effort to restructure the world’s second-largest economy. It’s unclear as to the time frame for the cuts, which were announced by Yin Weimin, China’s minister for human resources and social security.

Mar 01 09:12

UK spying laws: Government introduces law requiring WhatsApp and iMessage to break their own security

The Government is pushing through a bill that will cripple WhatsApp and iMessage as they currently exist.

The bill has been re-drafted after it was criticised by every parliamentary committee responsible for scrutinising it, but many of the most controversial powers remain.

The new draft of the Investigatory Powers Bill includes a clause that forces technology companies to weaken their security when spies need it to. That includes the removal of end-to-end encryption, the technology that allows services like WhatsApp, iMessage and FaceTime to allow people to communicate securely.

Mar 01 08:59


News has been making rounds across the internet that the FBI in collusion with the National Science Foundation has sunk nearly one million dollars into a program at the University of Indiana developed with the goal of:

Mar 01 08:46

Apple Doesn't Have to Help FBI in New York iPhone Case, Judge Says

A federal judge in Brooklyn says the FBI cannot force Apple to open a locked iPhone used by a suspected drug dealer.

The ruling is a boost to Apple in the public opinion war with the federal government over access to locked devices. Though it is not binding on a judge in California who is now considering the separate case of access to a locked iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino attackers, it gives the company a leg up, and Apple will be sure to cite it in that ongoing dispute.

Mar 01 08:40

Borked ESET antivirus update says entire web is too risky to browse

Surfers who rely on ESET anti-virus are having a hard time surfing the web following a misfiring anti-virus update, pushed out on Monday morning.

The update is stopping people who apply it from browsing most of the internet, including ESET’s own site.

Sites such as Amazon, MSN and more are falsely being labelled as contaminated with hostile JavaScript code.

ESET has confirmed issues via its Twitter feed and on its forums.

Mar 01 08:38

Great news! Only 707,509,815 records breached in 2015

More than 700 million records were breached last year, according to security researchers at Gemalto.

The firm's 2015 Breach Level report considered 1673 hacking incidents recorded during 2015, of which 964 were thanks to outsides and a whopping 398 thanks to bumbling staff and developers.

Those figures are surprisingly smaller than 2014 with total pwnage falling by 39 percent and breach incidents by 3.4 percent, according to the company's 2014 report.

Still, the figures equate to nearly two million lost or stolen records a day.

Mar 01 08:17

Snoopers' charter: Police given new powers to hack into phones and computers for 'routine investigations'

Police are to be given sweeping new powers to hack into phones and computers as well as access web browsing histories for routine investigations.

Officers could previously only break into electronic devices to investigate “serious crime”, but they can now do so for purposes of “preventing death or injury or damage to a person’s physical or mental health”.

It raises the prospect that police can access devices or communications data for routine investigations such as assaults, missing persons or suicide risks.

Feb 29 16:45

Behind FBI’s Data-Access Fight With Apple

Knowing even a little of James Comey’s post 9/11 background, it becomes rather hard to believe the FBI Director is sincerely leveling with the American public in his latest quest to compel Apple (and other encrypted communication companies) to create a mechanism for government access, that he is solely motivated by his desire to “look the (San Bernardino) survivors in the eye” and tell them the FBI has followed up on all investigative leads.

Feb 29 16:45

First They Came For The IPhones…

The FBI tells us that its demand for a back door into the iPhone is all about fighting terrorism, and that it is essential to break in just this one time to find out more about the San Bernardino attack last December. But the truth is they had long sought a way to break Apple’s iPhone encryption and, like 9/11 and the PATRIOT Act, a mass murder provided just the pretext needed.

Feb 29 16:00

Investigatory Powers Bill to be rushed into Parliament on Tuesday

The Home Secretary will formally introduce the Investigatory Powers Bill to Parliament on Tuesday, it is rumoured, inviting criticism that the Snoopers' Charter is being rushed through while MPs are distracted by the UK's looming EU membership referendum.



Feb 29 12:10

‘Intervening Is Necessary’: Anonymous Exposes Personal Data Of Cops After Police Killing

After releasing a threatening video, the notorious hacking group Anonymous exposed personal information of 52 Cincinnati Police Department officers.

Feb 29 08:58

‘I’d move heaven and Earth’ to access Lavrov’s emails – former head of NSA and CIA

Privacy seems less and less attainable these days, as foreign spy agencies target top political figures. The former director of both the NSA and CIA told US Today that he’d “move heaven and Earth” to access Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s email.

Retired four-star general Michael Hayden, the only person who has ever served as both the director of the NSA and CIA, made the comments while criticizing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server for emails.

The interview’s discussion then somehow veered off to Lavrov.

Feb 29 08:53

Massive IRS data breach much bigger than first thought

A massive data breach at the IRS was much bigger than was first realized. The agency now says more than 700,000 social security numbers and other sensitive information may have been stolen.

Hackers used the "Get Transcript" program, which allows you to check your tax history online. The IRS began the online program two years ago, allowing taxpayers to request their tax history over the Internet, in addition to the post office. But following a nine-month investigation by the Treasury inspector general for tax administration, the IRS says its online service has put hundreds of thousands of more taxpayers at risk of identify theft, reports CBS News correspondent Jan Crawford.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So here is the problem. The FBI/CIA/NSA/police want complete access to our private data on our cell phones, under the fraudulent claim that this will stop crime and terror, yet the information they already have on us is wide-open to criminals.

And then they wonder why we want them to start minding their own business and comply with the Fourth Amendment.

Feb 29 07:35

Facebook’s new ‘like’ buttons have a hidden agenda

The like button, from the beginning, has been a key source of that data. When you like something in your feed, you’re implicitly telling Facebook to show you more of it. But if the like button is your only option, you’re not really telling it much about how you really feel about a given post.

In contrast, giving users six reaction options means that Facebook can start to gather much more nuanced data on how users are reacting to any given post. It can begin to differentiate between posts that users are enjoying, posts they find fascinating, posts that make them happy, and posts that make them sad.

Facebook says that it isn’t using the data from new reactions in that way—yet.

Feb 29 07:28

Rubio, Cruz Try to Kill Neutrality on 1 Year Rule Anniversary

Presidential hopefuls Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have decided to celebrate the one year anniversary of the FCC's net neutrality rules -- by once again trying to kill them. Cruz and Rubio have joined six other Senators in pushing the new Restoring Internet Freedom Act (pdf), which would dismantle the rules, walk-back the FCC's Title II reclassification of ISPs as common carriers, and prevent the FCC from trying to pass net neutrality rules in the future. You know, for the benefit of the American consumer.

Feb 29 07:25

Apple is reportedly working to make the iPhone unhackable

A new report suggests Apple is working to shore up iPhone security even further so that the devices are virtually unhackable. That will mean that even the methods the US government is seeking be used on a terrorist attacker's phone will be impossible, even by Apple itself.

The word comes from The New York Times, speaking with "people close to the company and security experts," that Apple engineers are working hard to create the new security measures. There's little doubt among experts that it will succeed in its efforts.

Feb 29 07:23

IRS: Er, those 100,000 tax records illegally accessed? Make that over 700,000

The US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has admitted that its problem with "Get transcript" scammers is much worse than first thought – over seven times as bad to be precise.

In May of 2015, the IRS reported that around 100,000 people had had their tax returns and income forms sent out to criminals who gamed its "Get transcript" feature by providing stolen personal information between February and mid-May that year.

In August, that number rose by 220,000 following a further review. On Friday, America's most-disliked public agency said that number had risen to over 700,000, with another 295,000 attempts to steal taxpayer transcripts.

Feb 29 07:21

Google screening missed hundreds of malicious Android apps, researchers say

Malicious apps that have breached Google's defences and made it onto the Play store have netted 1.2 million victims, often hijacking phones to place fraudulent clicks on pornography sites.

ESET researcher Peter Stancik says his team found some 343 malicious Android applications that were uploaded to the official Google Play store since August.

Feb 29 07:20

Reinvented ransomware shifts from pwning PC to wrecking websites

A new ransomware variant appears to be ripping through WordPress sites encrypting data and demanding a payment of half a bitcoin to release files.

The website variant of CTB Locker is encrypting all files on WordPress-powered sites and replacing the index.php with a file that displays instructions for paying the ransom.

It even sports a chat room support feature where verified victims can exchange words with ransomware scum.

Feb 28 17:32

Google Unveils Neural Network with “Superhuman” Ability to Determine the Location of Almost Any Image

Here’s a tricky task. Pick a photograph from the Web at random. Now try to work out where it was taken using only the image itself. If the image shows a famous building or landmark, such as the Eiffel Tower or Niagara Falls, the task is straightforward. But the job becomes significantly harder when the image lacks specific location cues or is taken indoors or shows a pet or food or some other detail.


Feb 28 08:25

Hackers took over California hospital, demanded millions in ransom money to restore digital files

In dystopian views of human society, there's always a fear of losing control. Computers and robots are already everywhere, taking care of what used to be the responsibility of humans. In the hands of the right individuals, they can be made to serve a different purpose, one that doesn't necessarily follow the greater good, but rather the agenda of a small group of individuals. The future is now.

On February 5, something similar happened to a Californian hospital. The computerized systems of Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center were suddenly frozen by a software demanding payment in order to give the administrators control of their own system. For more than a week, the institution could not perform CT scans, deliver chemotherapy treatment or deal with emergency cases. Employees were keeping up with the work through fax machines, pens, papers and calls from their personal phones. This is what happens when you fully relinquish control.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And the NSA/FBI/CIA could not do a thing about it, could they? But by golly they want to make sure they can spy on you law-abiding citizens whenever they feel like it!

Feb 28 08:24

State Dept. releases 800 new Clinton emails

State Department officials released roughly 800 of Hillary Clinton's private emails Friday evening, just hours before the South Carolina Democratic primaries begin.

The 1,500 pages of emails in the latest batch did not contain any "top secret" emails, an agency spokesman said. The State Department withheld 22 emails from a trove of emails made public earlier this year because they included "top secret" information.



Feb 27 11:07

About 80,000 Affected By Computer Hack At UC Berkeley

Police and FBI were notified of the attack, along with at-risk current and former employees, students and vendors.

BERKELEY, CA - Tens of thousands of current and former people affiliated with the University of California at Berkeley are being notified of a computer attack that poses a risk to their personal information, university officials said Friday.

The attack occurred in late December 2015 when one or more people gained access to computers that are part of the Berkeley Financial System. The system is used for purchasing and non-salary payments, such as student financial awards and work-related travel reimbursements, according to university officials.

Investigators completed compiling the names and contact information for those affected Thursday.

Webmaster addition: And just after Berkeley voted in favor of BDS!

Feb 27 10:21

IRS Says Cyberattacks on Taxpayer Accounts More Extensive Than Previously Reported

Tax data for about 700,000 households might have been stolen

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Well, that proves the hackers work for the government, or they would have changed those accounts to have huge refunds! :)

Feb 27 09:03

Medical superbugs: Two German hospitals hit with ransomware

Infection forces patients onto phones and medicos onto faxes

Feb 27 08:26

FBI vs. Apple: Fake Fight?

A few of the reports mention the "10-times you're out" problem, where the phone data is deleted automatically after 10 incorrect password attempts. Still, the FBI could clone the phone's memory and just use brute-force to make different attempts on cloned phones. It's just a 4-digit PIN, so there's only 10,000 different PINs to try. This means that they'd only have to make the clone 1000 times, though there's a 50% chance the PIN will be in the 1st half of the numbers attempted, so on average only 500 10-try attempts will be needed. Sure, making 1000 (or even just 500) phone memory clones and testing them is time-consuming, but it certainly can't take longer than the time to sue Apple all the way to the Supreme Court.

Feb 26 16:05

Showdown: Justice Department Escalates Against Apple

The US Justice Department escalated its standoff with Apple today, filing a motion to compel Apple to create software that would facilitate the Federal Government’s breaking the encryption of an iPhone in the possession of one of the San Bernardino shooters. Apple has argued that no one could depend on being secure from the prying eyes of government should it comply with the Federal government’s orders. Wrote Apple CEO Tim Cook, in a letter to customers this week, “in the wrong hands, this software – which does not exist today – would have the potential to unlock any iPhone in someone’s physical possession.”

Feb 26 13:33


The Obama administration is on the verge of permitting the National Security Agency to share more of the private communications it intercepts with other U.S. intelligence agencies without first applying any privacy protections to them, according to officials familiar with the deliberations. The change would relax longstanding restrictions on access to the contents of the phone calls and email the security agency vacuums up around the world, including bulk collection of satellite transmissions, communications between foreigners as they cross network switches in the United States, and messages acquired overseas or provided by allies.

Feb 26 13:26


A spokesman for the German interior ministry announced on Monday that the government had approved the usage of Trojans to monitor suspected citizens. The interior ministry spokesman defended the government's decision, saying "basically we now have the skills in an area where we did not have this kind of skill." The program was already endorsed by members of the government in autumn 2015, the ministry said. Trojans are software programs, also known as malware, specially designed to get into users' computers. They are often used by hackers and thieves to gain access to somebody else's data.
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Feb 26 08:00

Apple iPhone 7 concept: Crazy flexible widescreen display and curved edges shown off in video

Crazy concept videos for Apple's iPhone have been around for as long as the iPhone has existed, but this one might take the cake for being the most outrageously barmy.

This impossibly bizarre concept design for the iPhone 7 would bring advances in curved and flexible displays to a logical (or should that be illogical?) conclusion: a screen that could stretch out to the size of tablet with the click of a button. Marvel at the impossibly impractical creation below:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If Apple caves into the government on privacy, I won't buy it. I am going back to two Dixie cups and a waxed string to talk to my wife! :)

Feb 26 06:41

Facebook slams staff for defacing ‘Black Lives Matter’

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has rebuked his own staff for crossing out "Black Lives Matter" slogans on the walls of the company HQ in Menlo Park, San Francisco.

On several occasions, employees had replaced the slogan with "all lives matter" on a large signature wall in which staff are encouraged to write comments, according to an NBC News report, prompting Zuckerberg to issue a company-wide memo.

Feb 25 21:19

Poisoned Mind: Social Media in the 21st Century

Waking Times

According to an article on the website of ‘Radio Free Europe’, a nondescript modern 4-storey building on Savushkina Street, St. Petersburg, houses the innocuously titled ‘Internet Research Centre’.

Feb 25 18:05

Windows 10 Users Start Seeing Full-Screen Ads As Screen Savers

Just because you don’t have to lay out money for software, that doesn’t necessarily make it “free.” In the last few days, users of Windows 10 have noticed full-screen ads on their lock screen if they happen to be using “Windows Spotlight” to put pretty pictures there. Fortunately, you can banish the ads from your screen, without even having to pay.

Feb 25 10:41

Brazil is building $250m-worth undersea cable linking directly Europe to avoid US espionage – Tech giants like Google, Facebook likely to support

Brazil is constructing a dedicated underwater cable to link the southern American country's internet directly with Europe and avoid any espionage attempts by the US. The structure, which is estimated to cost up to $250m (£180m), will come into operation in late 2017 and is likely to be supported by tech giants Google and Facebook.

Feb 25 10:11

Spy agencies say Clinton emails closely matched top secret documents: sources

U.S. spy agencies have told Congress that Hillary Clinton's home computer server contained some emails that should have been treated as "top secret" because their wording matched sections of some of the government's most highly classified documents, four sources familiar with the agency reports said.

The two reports are the first formal declarations by U.S. spy agencies detailing how they believe Clinton violated government rules when highly classified information in at least 22 email messages passed through her unsecured home server.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In other words, Hillary copied sections of classified documents into non-secure documents on her non-secure server.

Feb 25 09:32

Apple CEO Tim Cook claims FBI wants him to develop the 'software equivalent of CANCER' to unlock San Bernardino shooter's iPhone

Apple chief Tim Cook says the FBI is asking him to develop 'the software equivalent of cancer' in order to hack an iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino shooters.

'The only way to get information (...) would be to write a piece of software that we view as sort of the equivalent of cancer,' Cook told ABC News on Tuesday in his first interview since the court order came down last week.

'We think it's bad news to write. We would never write it. We have never written it - and that is what is at stake here. We believe that is a very dangerous operating system.'

Feb 25 09:01

Italy Summons US Envoy Over NSA Spying Reports

Italy has summoned the US ambassador to Rome following reports that the US National Security Agency (NSA) had tapped the telephones of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and his aides in 2011

Feb 25 08:47

Do You Really Want To Live In A World Where Computers Read Your Mind?

Not that we really have a say in the matter either way, but nothing about the question conjures up warm, gushy feelings. The government, via its Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), is spending $60 million on a direct brain-computer interface via neural implant that would allow computers to decode the human brain.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 25 06:54

Reuters Asks Even Stupider Questions about Apple-FBI Fight than Pew

In my post on Pew’s polling on whether Apple should have to write a custom version of its operating system so FBI can brute force the third phone, I gave Pew credit for several aspects of its question, but suggested the result might be different if Pew had reminded the people the FBI has already solved the San Bernardino attack.

Feb 25 06:29

Tim Cook: If The FBI Gets What It Wants, It Will Threaten Public Safety

Apple chief Tim Cook on Wednesday said that complying with a court order to help the FBI break into an iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino shooters would be "bad for America," and set a legal precedent that would offend many Americans.

"Some things are hard, and some things are right, and some things are both - this is one of those things," Cook told ABC News in his first interview since the court order came down last week. He added that the government was asking for "the software equivalent of cancer" and that he planned to talk to President Barack Obama directly about getting the dispute "on a better path."

Later asked whether Apple would be prepared to fight this case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, Cook said, “We would be prepared to take this issue all the way.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Folks, this is not about breaking encryption on one phone: this is about establishing precedent, and Cook understands that.

IF this is allowed to move forward, it will be about every phone the FBI, CIA, and DHS do not have the skills or personnel to decrypt.

And that could well mean yours, even if you have done absolutely nothing wrong; and as Shakespeare said, "Aye, there's the rub!!"