Feb 23 13:35

The False Smart Meter Narrative And Lessons from St. Louis Radioactive Clouds

By Patricia Burke

Insightful students of history readily note parallels between the Manhattan-Rochester coalition’s covert research on radiation weaponry in the 1950s, and the smart meter narrative in the U.S. today.

Unethical human experimentation took place on vulnerable populations in Missouri in the decades following WWII. The public narrative was that scientists were researching whether they could shield American cities from Russian warplanes using harmless smokescreen cloud dispersals.

In truth, college students were not privy to the true nature of the tests which were to spray low-income predominantly black neighborhoods in St. Louis with radioactive materials, for scientists studying offensive weaponry...

Feb 23 13:34

Bill Gates Says Apple Is Wrong for Not "Helping" the FBI, Built Back Doors into All Windows Software Since 1999

He's twisting the narrative to make it seem like this skeleton key, once in existence, wouldn't be used again and again on other people's phones (and will be forever).

His argument isn't even a very good one.

This is about setting a precedent for having our 4th Amendment rights trampled on even further in this country, and as we all know, Gates is the poster boy for that.

The average person's privacy in the technological age means less than nothing to billionaire Bill, whose programmers reportedly "accidentally" built National Security Agency back doors into all Windows software starting in 1999.

(read more)

Feb 23 11:45


NSA Targets World Leaders for US Geopolitical Interests

Feb 23 10:03

German government to use Trojan spyware to monitor citizens

A spokesman for the German interior ministry announced on Monday that the government had approved the usage of Trojans to monitor suspected citizens.

Feb 23 09:32

Apple’s iPhone: the Backdoor Is Already There

Ostensibly software patches were intended to fix bugs. But they can just as easily install code that compromises sensitive data. I repeat: without user intervention. Apple isn’t alone in this regard. Has anyone noticed that the auto-update feature deployed with certain versions of Windows 10 is impossible to turn off using existing user controls?

Feb 23 09:27

Danish police want to track everyone’s movements on the net

The national police force, Rigspolitiet, wants the ability to track every user’s digital footprints.

“Tracking online movements will help them to identify and arrest criminals, as crime and communication about crime is increasingly taking place in cyberspace,” Rigspolitiet commissioner Jens Henrik Højbjerg told DR Nyheder.

Højbjerg is publicly supporting Søren Pind, who said last month that he would draft a law that created a system of online surveillance.

Feb 23 08:55

What Every Twitter User Needs To Know

Feb 23 07:58


Fed up with your old and boring Windows operating system? Are you thinking about changing to something unique? Do you prefer to challenge the forefront in an operating platform? Do you like to figure out what the structure of that operating system is likely to be like in its future release? Or maybe you want to test a platform that your mates are working with, to determine if you can add it to your personal computer. This article provides you with brief descriptions of different types of free operating systems that you can install and run on your PC. And these include platforms that are open source, so it’s also possible to customize or tweak the platform.

Feb 23 07:16

Trump: ‘Boycott Apple if they don’t give the code’

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump let people know just he feels about the chance of Apple standing up to government requests to unlock an iPhone used by the alleged San Bernardino shooter.

Feb 22 15:51

Judge Grants EFF Right To Investigate NSA’s Illegal Surveillance of Americans

By Brianna Acuesta

It’s been eight years since the Electronic Frontier Foundation first filed its lawsuit against the National Security Agency, but they were just recently granted permission to conduct an investigation into the agency’s surveillance of Americans.

In the case, Jewel v. NSA, the EFF is representing AT&T customers against the NSA in order to stop the dragnet surveillance they have been involved in with users’ communications records...

Feb 22 15:05

No, The FBI Does Not 'Need' The Info On Farook's iPhone; This Is Entirely About The Precedent

No, The FBI Does Not 'Need' The Info On Farook's iPhone; This Is Entirely About The Precedent

Over and over again as people keep talking about the Apple / FBI encryption stuff, I keep seeing the same line pop up. It's something along the lines of "but the FBI needs to know what's on that phone, so if Apple can help, why shouldn't it." Let's debunk that myth. The FBI absolutely does not need to know what's on that phone. It might not even care very much about what's on that phone. As the Grugq ably explained last week, there's almost certainly nothing of interest on the phone. As he notes, Farook destroyed his and his wife's personal phones, indicating that if there were anything truly important, he would have destroyed the last phone too.

Feb 22 14:47

A Hacker’s Paradise: Top 20 Cities with Most Malware Infections

If people could see the delight in a hacker’s eyes when they come across an easy target, they might mistake those hackers for an 8-year-old watching Star Wars for the first time. Easy target for hackers are places where it is easier for them to push/inject a high-jacking program onto the victim’s computer. This job can be easily done through a malware.

Enigma Software, the anti-virus firm, released a list of cities where there are most chances of getting a malware infection. However, you need not read too much into the list as there is no correlation between a person’s physical location and malware infection. But, you must be extra careful while visiting such cities and using the public computer or using your flash drives on such computer. The chances of a malware affecting your system increase dramatically if you’re in such cities. So, you just need to be extra careful.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Because the NSA can't do a thing about these guys!

Feb 22 13:20


Wireless technology has become an integral part of our culture. It has connected us to people and information and has also brought us incredible convenience and economic benefits. Just think how this technology has expanded in just the eight years since the iPhone was introduced. We have seen ubiquitous WiFi, tablet computers, wireless smart meters, the smart home, wearable tech, and now the Internet of Things. This latest development will connect everything we own to the internet via pulsed microwave radiation.

Feb 22 12:45

5D Quartz Coin Can Store All Human History For 14 Billion Years

Nicknamed the “Superman memory crystal,” a new storage device made of nanostructured glass can archive 360 terabytes worth of information for billions of years. Created by scientists at the University of Southampton using femtosecond laser writing, the sliver of fused quartz coin can withstand temperatures up to 157 degrees Celsius (350 degrees Fahrenheit). It is an example of 5D optical data storage.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I want one! :)

Feb 22 12:35


Wireless technology has become an integral part of our culture. It has connected us to people and information and has also brought us incredible convenience and economic benefits. Just think how this technology has expanded in just the eight years since the iPhone was introduced. We have seen ubiquitous WiFi, tablet computers, wireless smart meters, the smart home, wearable tech, and now the Internet of Things. This latest development will connect everything we own to the internet via pulsed microwave radiation.

Feb 22 11:56


Over and over again as people keep talking about the Apple / FBI encryption stuff, I keep seeing the same line pop up. It's something along the lines of "but the FBI needs to know what's on that phone, so if Apple can help, why shouldn't it." Let's debunk that myth. The FBI absolutely does not need to know what's on that phone. It might not even care very much about what's on that phone. As the Grugq ably explained last week, there's almost certainly nothing of interest on the phone. As he notes, Farook destroyed his and his wife's personal phones, indicating that if there were anything truly important, he would have destroyed the last phone too

Feb 22 11:36

19-Year-Old’s Free AI Lawyer Has Appealed $3 Million in Tickets

it shouldn’t really come as a surprise that a robot is now entering the lawmaking field. What should impress you though is that a 19 year old, British programmer called Joshua Browder (who is currently a freshman at Stanford University) created it, and that it has apparently already handled numerous parking ticket appeals in the UK, successfully and for free.

Parking ticket appeals, a legal process where violators try to get out of paying the fine, can cost anywhere from $400 to $900.

Finding a lawyer that will do that for you is already difficult and the entire process may prove to be more expensive than just settling the fine in the first place. Since Browder launched his AI lawyer in 2015, it has already appealed 3 million worth of tickets.

Feb 22 10:20

Microsoft 'loves' Linux? Then stop attacking open source

Cui Bono re:Linux Mint Hack!

According to Satya Nadella, Microsoft loves Linux. He said as much, complete with pictures -- and his team backs him up. In itself, it's a remarkable statement.

Nadella's predecessor, Steve Ballmer, described open source in the darkest terms, characterizing it (with the GNU GPL) as a commercial cancer and never retracting the slur. In many ways, that dark prophecy has come true for Microsoft, which has seen its rent-seeking business model steadily eroded by open source. Though it still has a cash cow to milk, Microsoft's monopolies no longer frighten anyone.

Feb 22 10:13

We cannot trust our government, so we must trust the technology. "Apple’s battle with the FBI is not about privacy v security, but a conflict created by the US failure to legitimately oversee its security service", posts Snowden.

America’s national security agencies insist on wielding unaccountable power coupled with “trust us, we’re the good guys”, but the majority of users have no such trust. Terrorism is real, and surveillance can sometimes help prevent it, but the only path to sustainable accommodation between technologies of secrecy and adequately informed policing is through a root-and-branch reform of the checks and balances in the national security system.

Feb 22 09:59

FBI 'let technicians reset San Bernardino terrorist's iCloud password' - potentially ruining a chance to access its information

The FBI have rebutted claims that San Bernardino County technicians reset an iPhone belonging to one of the December 2 shooters, without the agency's consent.

An FBI spokeswoman said in a statement Saturday that their investigators had in fact 'worked cooperatively with the county of San Bernardino' in order to exploit the 'crucial data' stored in the iCloud account.

But this claim differs from court filings from the Justice Department, who said the county officials 'in an attempt to gain access to some information in the hours after the attack, was able to reset the password remotely, but that had the effect of eliminating the possibility of an auto-backup', reported ABC.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In other words, the government botched getting into the iPhone and the FBI is screaming at Apple to come fix the mess for them.

Feb 22 09:19

United Nations CITO: Artificial intelligence will be humanity's final innovation

Artificial intelligence, said United Nations chief information technology officer Atefeh Riazi, might be the last innovation humans create.

"The next innovations," said the cabinet-level diplomat during a recent interview at her office at UN headquarters in New York, "will come through artificial intelligence."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"You know, we don't really need these humans cluttering up our world, do we?" -- HAL 9000

Feb 22 09:15

Inside the New Microsoft, Where Lie Detection Is a Killer App

The lie detector, cobbled together from algorithms and a 14-pronged headset that measures brain waves, is a kind of party trick Marsman deploys to show software developers how to use Microsoft’s Azure Machine Learning tools. Boisterous and known to spout Harry Potter references, Marsman plays a crucial role for a company that was early to machine learning but is now competing with Google and Amazon to commercialize the technology.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Great! We need to mandate that all politicians and CEOs wear these things when they give speeches!

Feb 22 09:08

Linux Mint website hacked, malicious ISO offered on Saturday

In a surprising announcement, Clement Lefebvre -- head of the Linux Mint project -- said that the Linux Mint website had been compromised and that the hackers were able to edit the site to point to a malicious ISO of Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon edition on Saturday 20th, February.

If you downloaded the Cinnamon edition prior to Saturday or downloaded a different version/flavour (including Mint 17.3 Cinnamon via torrent or direct HTTP link) you aren't affected. It's worth mentioning that since the issue was caught, everything has since returned back to normal now so it's safe to download the Linux Mint ISOs again.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Linux Mint's main website is still offline.

Feb 22 08:16


The image above looks like concept art for a new dystopian sci-fi film. A billionaire superman with a rictus grin, striding straight past human drones, tethered to machines and blinded to reality by blinking plastic masks. Golden light shines down on the man as he strides past his subjects, cast in gloom, toward a stage where he will accept their adulation. Later that night, he will pore across his vast network and read their praise, heaped upon him in superlatives, as he drives what remains of humanity forward to his singular vision.

Feb 22 08:06

Software, not wetware, now the cause of lousy Volvo drivers

Volvo has issued a recall for cars that have buggy software.

The code flaw means that engines in about 59,000 2016-model series 60 and 70 cars sometimes stop, for no apparent reason.

The engines then restart.

Feb 22 08:03

Linux Mint forums hacked: All users urged to reset passwords

Backdoored downloads not full extent of problem

Feb 22 04:27

Davos Elite Reveal Orwellian Plan to Decode Your Brain and Read Your Mind

Still think we aren’t living in the Matrix? In his fiction-turned-fact novel 1984, George Orwell wrote “Nothing was your own except the few cubic centimetres inside your skull.”

Apparently even that won’t hold for long.

Feb 21 17:40

How companies are secretly tracking employees’ health and private lives with ‘big data’ to save money

US companies are hiring ‘big data’ organizations to track employees’ search queries, medical claims, prescriptions and even voting habits to get insight into their personal lives, it emerged this week, raising concerns about potential data leakage and discrimination. Businesses such as Walmart favorite Castlight Health, which produces a healthcare management app for employees, are gathering up user information about their clients’ employees,The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) wrote on Wednesday.

Feb 21 15:46

Linux Mint hacked: malware-infected ISOs linked from official site

Downloaded Linux Mint on February 20th? Check for infection NOW

Feb 21 15:46

Gird your coins: A phishing tsunami is smashing into America

Don't let crooks plunder your paycheck … that's our job, says IRS

Feb 21 12:39

Man Sues Smart TV Company Over Illegal Spying

A man from Indiana is suing the manufacturer of his smart TV set over claims that the television is ‘secretly spying’ on him and passing confidential information onto third parties.

Feb 21 09:15

EMF Health Alert Issued by Former Silicon Valley Tech Expert: “Wireless Wake-Up Call”

By Kevin Samson

Jeromy Johnson gives a powerful lecture about his own experiences with Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. There is growing awareness about the threat posed by our modern day gadgets and smart meters, even while new city-wide WiFi initiatives are rolled out. Johnson also offers (tech) solutions...

Feb 20 09:19

ENCRYPTION TRUTH: What The FBI Aren’t Telling You About Their Battle With Apple And San Bernardino

The FBI ruling stipulates that Apple must provide access for one time only. However, cyber security experts and technology companies insist this is a virtual impossibility and a guarantee that cannot be made.

In theory, the decryption of the phone would be opened via a newly created operating system that would give the FBI a backdoor into the device. But according to many skeptics, this type of backdoor feature could set a very dangerous precedent, while possibly making it much easier for invaders (either government, or hacker) mining for data well into the future.

In addition, the new iOS (not yet in existence) proposed in the wake of the San Bernardino shooting would give US law enforcement agencies broader access to consumer communications and other private information according to many in the tech industry. This reality was confirmed by Apple’s chief executive Cook, who outlined the staggering privacy implications this past Tuesday:

Feb 20 09:18


This report is based on the assumption that Apple is on the up-and-up about their refusal to create backdoor tools for the FBI. As we know, however, intelligence agencies are experts at disinformation, so for all we know it is possible that backdoors already exist and what we have witnessed this week insofar as the encryption debate is concerned could be a psy-op designed to convince the public that their encryption is unhackable by government agencies. From a security perspective, we must assume that no electronic device is safe from prying eyes, as most theories on these matters are based on publicly known technologies and do not take into account top secret developments with quantum computing or advanced DARPA initiatives.

Feb 20 09:17

Bypassing encryption codes and changing the law: Leaked memo reveals how spies have been trying to access your cell phone

A secret memo has revealed the government's strategy for breaking into cell phones - from bypassing encryption codes to changing the law.

According to a 'decision memo' from the National Security Council, seen by Bloomberg, security agents were ordered to start finding ways to hack into encrypted devices last November.

Feb 20 09:03

San Bernardino Shooter's iCloud Password Changed While iPhone was in Government Possession

The password for the San Bernardino shooter's iCloud account associated with his iPhone was reset hours after authorities took possession of the device.

The Justice Department acknowledged in its court filing that the password of Syed Farook's iCloud account had been reset. The filing states, "the owner [San Bernardino County Department of Public Health], in an attempt to gain access to some information in the hours after the attack, was able to reset the password remotely, but that had the effect of eliminating the possibility of an auto-backup."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Were they trying to plant something in the phone, and botched it up?

Feb 20 08:57

California judge rules EFF can collect evidence against NSA in mass surveillance case

A US digital rights group is celebrating a “big victory” as a California judge has authorized it to conduct a discovery against the NSA and collect factual evidence of the agency’s “warrantless” surveillance.

“We had been barred from doing so since the case was filed in 2008,” the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) said in a press release.

It has been eight years since the group filed its Jewel v. NSA suit, targeting the NSA on behalf of a former AT&T customer, Carolyn Jewel. According to the EFF and five plaintiffs it represents, AT&T has collected and routed copies of internet traffic to a secret room in San Francisco controlled by the NSA.

The EFF’s complaint, aimed at “NSA in cooperation with AT&T”, predated the public’s awareness of Edward Snowden, the former intelligence contractor, who exposed the agency’s surveillance operations in 2013.

Feb 20 07:10

World's Busiest Airport Tells TSA; Get Act Together

The world's busiest airport just told the TSA to get its act together or be replaced

Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the world's busiest, has issued a warning to the US Transportation Safety Administration to get its act together or be replaced.

(*Gedemoudahea !)

Feb 19 16:04

Apple vs. the FBI: Inside the Battle Snowden Calls “The Most Important Tech Case in a Decade”

A major debate over privacy and online encryption has erupted after the computer giant Apple announced it will resist a court order to help the FBI break into an iPhone recovered from one of the San Bernardino shooters.

Feb 19 12:20


Traffic can be a real grind. For those travelling between work and home by car every day, the seemingly endless cycle of gas-brake-repeat at a snail’s pace can wear thin. But commuters of the very-near future may be granted some respite by taking to the skies in a flying car.

Feb 19 12:06

FBI Wins Court Order Forcing Apple to Install Backdoor in iPhone Security Systems

The Obama administration secured a court order from a California-based federal judge on Tuesday to force tech giant Apple to develop special software designed to compromise encryption security features embedded in the iPhone’s iOS 9 operating system.

The court decision, utilizing an obscure and antidemocratic law from the 18th century, is part of efforts to utilize last year’s attack in San Bernardino, California to intensify the assault on democratic rights and expand the police-state spying powers of the government.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now the government will have to plant something really spectacular on that phone. Otherwise they are going to look silly making such a fuss over nothing.

Feb 19 11:28


If you own a drone, today is your last day to register with the federal government—at least, if you're planning on complying with its new and controversial regulations for small remote-control aircraft. Registration is mandatory for all pilots owning drones weighing more than half a pound, and costs $5. It also involves adding your name, address and contact information to a government database, which will soon be publicly searchable by an FAA-assigned registration number via the agency's website.

Feb 19 10:47

Secret Memo Details U.S.’s Broader Strategy to Crack Phones

In a secret meeting convened by the White House around Thanksgiving, senior national security officials ordered agencies across the U.S. government to find ways to counter encryption software and gain access to the most heavily protected user data on the most secure consumer devices, including Apple Inc.’s iPhone, the marquee product of one of America’s most valuable companies, according to two people familiar with the decision.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The reason this has become such a hot issue is because the American people know they cannot trust this government with their private data, and daily are reminded that the government either cannot or refuses to catch the real cyber-criminals (heck, they can;t even enforce the do-not-call list). So, clearly, the attack on encryption is an attack on our privacy so that government people can steal our business secrets (as they were caught doing at the Seattle APEC) or copy sexy pictures of our spouses and children to .... relax with (as Snowden has confirmed they do).

Feb 18 14:32

Ken O'Keefe - TSA Denied Flight to Anarcapulco for Refusing Body Scanner at LAX

Brother O'Keefe is currently stuck in the great ole US of A... homeland insecurity deemed him a threat to the imminent self-destruction of banker nation, wouldn't let him through with a ball rub, rather they forced him to be irradiated, and he missed his flight. Please share far and wide.

Feb 18 09:11

Israel Demands Governments Regulate Social Media & Ban “Anti-Semitism”

Following up on a recent blog post highlighting the ADL’s collaboration with the social media giant Twitter, we have yet another example of the organized Jewish community’s concerted efforts to censor the Internet and crack down on “anti-Semitism,” i.e., criticizing and/or exposing Israels' government!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 18 08:27

Donald Trump slams Apple for refusing to help FBI hack San Bernardino shooter's iPhone

U.S. Republican presidential candidate, reality TV star and apparent data security buff Donald Trump has some thoughts on Apple's objection to a federal court order demanding that it help the FBI unlock an iPhone in connection with December's San Bernardino shootings.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oh, Donald, Donald, Donald...

The FBI is not asking Apple to unlock this one phone. The FBI is asking Apple to create a tool that will allow the government to unlock ALL iPhones, everywhere, at any time, to spy on law-abiding citizens (while real criminals and terrorists simply use their own systems of encryption which the NSA cannot break).

After all this hub-bub I am expecting the government to have to make up some grand story about what is on that iPhone or they are going to look pretty willy making such a fuss over nothing!

Feb 18 07:59

Los Angeles hospital paid $17,000 ransom to hackers to regain control of computers

A Los Angeles hospital paid $17,000 to hackers to regain control of their computers, it has been revealed.

Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center was hacked on February 5 with ransomware.

The cyber criminals had demanded $3.4million to give back the massive computer system, but accepted a lower fee - the cash equivalent of 40 bitcoins.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Proving once again that the NSA/FBI/CIA cannot actually find any real criminals or terrorists. Hence the war on encryption is a war on the privacy of law abiding citizens.

Feb 17 17:31

Ken O'Keefe: TSA Denied Flight to Anarcapulco for Refusing Body Scanner at LAX

I am not surprised that the Orwellian TSA (Homeland Security) have denied me the ability to board a flight from LAX to Acapulco because I opted out of the body scanner procedure.

Feb 17 15:02

Apple - A Message to Our Customers

When the FBI has requested data that’s in our possession, we have provided it. Apple complies with valid subpoenas and search warrants, as we have in the San Bernardino case. We have also made Apple engineers available to advise the FBI, and we’ve offered our best ideas on a number of investigative options at their disposal.

We have great respect for the professionals at the FBI, and we believe their intentions are good. Up to this point, we have done everything that is both within our power and within the law to help them. But now the U.S. government has asked us for something we simply do not have, and something we consider too dangerous to create. They have asked us to build a backdoor to the iPhone.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here is the problem. We The People simply cannot trust the US Government to confine its back door access to criminal/terror investigation. The Seattle APEC scandal proved US agents steal business secrets from law-abiding citizens, and Edward Snowden confirmed that government agents copy off sexy pictures of our spouses and children for their own personal ... amusement.

I am on Apple's side in this, especially since we proved that real criminals and real terrorists can easily create their own systems of encryption the US Government cannot break.

Feb 17 14:52

“Too Dangerous to Create”: Apple Defies FBI Order to Build Backdoor Software To Unlock Any iPhone

The intelligence community is pressuring the tech world to help them break encryption systems and create a backdoor into privately held devices.

Specifically, the FBI wants us to make a new version of the iPhone operating system, circumventing several important security features, and install it on an iPhone recovered during the investigation. In the wrong hands, this software — which does not exist today — would have the potential to unlock any iPhone in someone’s physical possession.


Feb 17 13:37

The FBI Just Released an Orwellian Video Game to Propagandize Children

By Justin Gardner

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is expanding its counter-terrorism efforts by launching a propaganda site for children, complete with a comically primitive video game that no kid would want to play.

The stated purpose of the FBI’s new program, called “Don’t Be A Puppet: Pull Back the Curtain on Violent Extremism,” is to “keep young people…from embracing violent extremist ideologies in the first place.”...

Feb 17 12:25

The electronic pickpocket: ‘Scammer steals hundreds of pounds by touching victims’ pockets with sales device – and transferring cash from their contactless payment credit cards’

A brazen thief has allegedly been spotted committing a crime which exposes the risks of owning a contactless payment card.

The scammer, reportedly photographed in Russia, was seen on a train using a payment device to scan contactless cards through unsuspecting victims' pockets and bags.

While contactless card payments can only be made up to £30, devices are able to 'store' more than £400 without a connection to a landline or wireless internet.

Feb 17 12:01

GCHQ intel used to develop Stuxnet, claims new documentary

The super worm known as Stuxnet was but a cog in an active US war program in which hundreds of thousands of network implants and backdoors in Iran networks were actively maintained to facilitate a devastating barrage of hacking attacks, a documentary claims.

Zero Days, due to screen at the Berlin Film Festival today, claims that Stuxnet was just one part of an operation called "Olympic Games" that is itself part of a wider effort dubbed "Nitro Zeus" that involves hundreds of US defence personnel.

Nitro Zeus may also involve Israel, the film alleges.

Reports from those who've seen or been briefed on the film suggest it alleges that Stuxnet's authors attempted to keep the program covert by restricting the malware to infect only Iranian machines.

Forte Mead hackers worked furiously to mop-up infected computers after a leak became apparent.

Feb 17 11:58

Auschwitz creates ‘Remember’ app to correct ‘Polish death camp’ misnomer

The Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum has announced the release of a new app called ‘Remember’, created to help users avoid the use of terms such as ‘Polish death camp’ or ‘Polish extermination camp’, calling the error to the writer’s attention and suggesting more appropriate wording.

This is an important distinction for the Polish people. The use of the term ‘Polish death camp’ implies Polish responsibility for atrocities committed by the German Third Reich on Polish soil. Auschwitz was built by the German Third Reich in occupied Poland, and the implication that the Polish people were involved or responsible for Auschwitz is “very painful to bear for the Poles”, according to Dr Piotr M. A. Cywi?ski, the director of the Auschwitz Museum. “The Auschwitz camp was built by the German state on the territory of occupied Poland which were forcibly incorporated into the Third Reich.

Feb 17 09:38

FLASHBACK - Rivero challenges the NSA

The NSA justifies its surveillance of all our computer and phone data with the claim they need it to detect and track terrorists. Obviously the Boston Bombing proves this is an epic fail, even given the admission by the FBI that they did in fact have recorded phone calls for the Tsarnaev brothers to listen to.

I maintain that the NSA spying is wholly about controlling the American people, looting their business secrets for cronies, and has no impact on real terrorists (as opposed to fake acting a theater role to sell us a war) because real terrorists and drug criminals have known all along that public communications are open to monitoring.

This brings us to the issue of encryption to protect our privacy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am reposting this in the face of a continued push by the government to ban encryption or to force you to use encryption which the government can read, all supposedly so the government can find criminals and terrorists.

This is, of course, nonsense.

One only need look at the epidemic of computer crime that is being committed with impunity to know that the NSA/CIA/FBI are not able to find these people, and there is a very good reason for that.

Real criminals and terrorists are able to create their own systems of encryption which the NSA cannot break.

This article details how we proved that. Over the course of a year, we created and issued 6 separate encryption challenges, none of which were ever solved.

Now, the NSA had a powerful motive to defeat these challenges, in order to discourage citizens from writing their own encryption systems. Once people know it is possible, even easy, to create encryption systems the NSA cannot break, they will start to do it. That was the whole point of this exercise.

Hence, the government war on encryption is not about crime and terror; it is a war on your right to privacy.

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WRH Exclusive
Feb 17 09:30

Apple's Tim Cook: We'll fight 'iPhone backdoor' demands from FBI

Apple CEO Tim Cook says the company will fight a court order that demands it make a custom version of iOS for the FBI.

Feb 17 08:14

GCHQ intel used to develop Stuxnet, claims new documentary

The super worm known as Stuxnet was but a cog in an active US war program in which hundreds of thousands of network implants and backdoors in Iran networks were actively maintained to facilitate a devastating barrage of hacking attacks, a documentary claims. Zero Days, due to screen at the Berlin Film Festival today, claims that Stuxnet was just one part of an operation called "Olympic Games" that is itself part of a wider effort dubbed "Nitro Zeus" that involves hundreds of US defence personnel.

Feb 17 08:12


The U.S. was planning to carry out a major cyber attack against Iran in the event that negotiations over a landmark deal to pull back Tehran’s nuclear program failed, The New York Times reported late Tuesday.

According to an upcoming documentary and to military and intelligence officials, the plan, code-named Nitro Zeus, would have targeted the Islamic Republic’s air defenses, electrical power grid and communications systems if the failure of the talks sparked a conflict.

The plan was shelved after the talks between Tehran and six world powers ended in success in July 2015, the Times reported.

Feb 16 16:30

Republicans stand down for FBI investigation of Clinton server

Republicans are refusing to use the Benghazi playbook to go after Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Instead of launching formal investigations or propping up a new special committee to investigate the emails — as they did with the 2012 Libya terror attack — House Republicans have gone out of their way to avoid formal inquiries into allegations that classified information was mishandled on Clinton’s personal machine.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

For the GOP to be protecting Hillary over her server supports the theory that Hillary was indeed selling US secrets to foreign governments using her private server to deliver and her "charitable" foundation to collect and launder the payments. The GOP is not protectring Hillary out of love, but to save their own jobs, because a serving Secretary of State running an espionage operation out of the State Department is a scandal capable of bringing down the entire Federal Government.

And it should!

Feb 16 12:11

Cheney: Hillary’s Private Email Server Raises Questions About Her Fitness To Be President

Monday on Fox News’ “Special Report” with Brett Baier, Cheney said Clinton’s decision to use a private email server “raises questions in my mind anyway about the fitness of Secretary Clinton’s service as commander in chief.”

Asked about the almost 1700 emails that are now classified on Clinton’s private email server, Cheney said, “All I know is what I see in the press, but it’s a very serious matter.”

“You have a secretary of state who should know better, all of us who hold those positions, I did at Defense or as vice president. You’re briefed thoroughly and reminded constantly of the sensitivity of the materials you’re dealing with,” Cheney said.

Feb 16 12:08

JERRY SHENK: Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is different

Shady land deals, Rose law firm records, cattle futures, allegations of sexual abuse, infidelities, Oval Office assignations and even Bill’s proven acts of perjury and subornation of perjury pale in comparison to Hillary’s alleged criminal violations of national security laws. (“Alleged” is included only to satisfy America’s legal standard of “innocent until proven guilty.”)

But Hillary is guilty: The security classifications of her emails aside, the proof is the unequivocal evidence of an illegal, unsecured, private server on which she conducted all of her official business while Secretary of State.

Feb 16 11:55

Los Angeles: Hackers demand $3m bitcoin ransom from hospital to unlock vital files

An internal emergency has been declared at a major US hospital in Los Angeles following a widespread ransomware-style cyberattack which has left staff unable to access vital patient data, it has been revealed.

The Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Centre, located in the heart of LA, is now dealing with hackers who are reportedly demanding over 9000 bitcoins - which equates to roughly $3.6m – to release the encryption keys to computer systems that hold patient data, X-Ray scans, CT scans and crucial lab work.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More proof that the NSA (CIA, FBI. yadda yadda) cannot actually find and deal with real computer criminals. The war on encryption is a war on your privacy and nothing more.

Feb 16 10:02


In 2014, the former director of both the CIA and NSA proclaimed that “we kill people based on metadata.” Now, a new examination of previously published Snowden documents suggests that many of those people may have been innocent. Last year, The Intercept published documents detailing the NSA’s SKYNET programme. According to the documents, SKYNET engages in mass surveillance of Pakistan’s mobile phone network, and then uses a machine learning algorithm on the cellular network metadata of 55 million people to try and rate each person’s likelihood of being a terrorist.

Feb 16 09:30

CIA knew of impending ISIS attack days before Paris: 'System was blinking red' shortly before terrorists slaughtered 130 people in French capital

The CIA knew ISIS was planning an imminent attack just days before the barbaric terror group slaughtered 130 people in Paris.

CIA Director John Brennan told 60 Minutes that the 'system was blinking red' shortly before ISIS launched its horrific gun and bomb attack in the French capital.

Brennan said the intelligence agency was aware of an impending atrocity but was unable to intercept encrypted messages the terrorists were using in the build-up to the massacre.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a renewed push to end privacy for law abiding citizens either by banning encryption or forcing them to use encryption the government can peek into. However, this spying on the law abiding citizens is about spying on the law abiding citizens, and will have no effect on terrorists who will simply create their own systems of encryption. I know, because we did it. Over the course of a year we created six code challenges in which we created our own encryption methods and challenged everyone, especially the NSA, to break them. None were solved, and I am not an encryption expert and only a moderately competent programmer. If I can defeat the NSA, so can real criminals and terrorists. Hence, the push to spy on the law abiding citizens is all about surveillance, to make sure we are not thinking bad thoughts about the fuhrer, to steal our business secrets for political cronies, and to whack off over naked pictures of our spouses and children.

Feb 16 09:16

This Android Trojan steals banking creds and wipes your phone

A new Trojan banker for Android is capable of wiping compromised smartphones as well stealing online banking credentials, security researchers are warn.

The Mazar BOT Android malware is read using booby-trapped multi-media messages. If installed, the malware gains admin rights that give it the ability to do almost anything with a victim's phone.

Feb 16 09:14

Ransomware scum infect Tinseltown hospital, demand $3.6m

Ransomware scum have crippled a Hollywood hospital, bringing critical machines to a crashing halt and demanding US$3.6 million ransom.

Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center declared an emergency as machines critical to CT scans, laboratory, and pharmacy work went offline over the last week, pushing staff back to pen and paper.

Chief executive Allen Stefanek told broadcaster NBC LA the problems were "significant".

He maintained impact to patients was limited.

"It was not a [targeted] malicious attack, it was a random attack," Stefanek says.

Feb 16 08:31

15 Historical Facts About DARPA That Everyone Should Know

By Jake Anderson

In many ways, DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is the engine of the military-industrial complex, the heart at the center of the Pentagon that keeps America in constant state of weapons innovation and defense spending. Even before the attacks of September 11, 2001, DARPA kept defense contractors lining their pockets; in our post 9/11 surveillance state, DARPA sits at the nexus of corporate war profits, national security, and military innovation.

Cloaked in clandestine secrecy, DARPA has been called the “Oh God Why” branch of the Department of Defense. In the fiscal year of 2015, their requested budget was $2.91 billion, which doesn’t include classified and black budgets. Even still, through Freedom of Information Act requests and intrepid journalism, some of the historical truths and future plans of this nebulous government agency have come to light in recent years...

Feb 15 17:29 and Others Bundle Superfish-Style HTTPS Breaking Adware

It’s a scary time to be a Windows user. Lenovo was bundling HTTPS-hijacking Superfish adware, Comodo ships with an even worse security hole called PrivDog, and dozens of other apps like LavaSoft are doing the same. It’s really bad, but if you want your encrypted web sessions to be hijacked just head to CNET Downloads or any freeware site, because they are all bundling HTTPS-breaking adware now.


Feb 15 16:04

Anonymous dumps huge data trove online after Turkish police get ‘hacked’

Hacktivist collective Anonymous claims to have dumped online a huge database belonging to Turkey’s General Directorate of Security (EGM) in response to “various abuses” by the Turkish government in recent months.
The person who uploaded the database Monday said he received it from a hacker who had “persistent access to various parts of the Turkish government infrastructure for the past two years.”

The compressed file is expected to weigh in at some 2.8GB, and the uncompressed version at around 17.8GB.

Feb 15 11:49

Comcast experiencing outages nationwide

Comcast customers are experiencing cable TV and Internet outages in Chicago and many other places nationwide.

Problems in the Chicago area began surfacing a little before 9 a.m., according to Service issues also were reported in Seattle, Denver, Houston, Portland, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Washington and Minneapolis.

(*Expecting a real "Doozey" in S.Carolina ?)

Feb 15 10:22

It’s legal for GCHQ to break into computers and install spyware, tribunal rules

The Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT), the body that hears complaints about the UK's intelligence services, has ruled that it is legal for GCHQ to hack into systems, both in the UK and abroad, and to install spyware on them.

However, following the legal action by Privacy International and a group of seven ISPs, GCHQ for the first time has admitted that it "undertakes both 'persistent' and 'non-persistent' CNE [Computer Network Exploitation—hacking] operations, namely both where an ‘implant’ expires at the end of a user’s internet session and where it 'resides' on a computer for an extended period."

The admission that it breaks into systems and installs spyware is a minor victory for transparency, and represents a shift from the UK government's traditional "neither confirm nor deny" position.

Feb 15 10:00

How Justice Scalia Defended Your Digital Privacy—and Also Held It Back

A new Supreme Court justice could tip the scales away from the controversial third party doctrine... Justice Scalia was not antagonistic to the 4th Amendment, and in many cases he supported 4th Amendment protections. Most notably, in Kyllo v. United States, 533 U.S. 27 (2001), Justice Scalia wrote for the majority in a 5-4 decision holding that the 4th Amendment required a warrant to use thermal sensors to detect heat patterns emanating from inside a home. Justice Scalia also wrote the majority opinion in United States v. Jones, 132 S. Ct. 945 (2012), holding that the police needed a warrant to affix a GPS surveillance device to a car.

Feb 15 09:24

CIA chief invokes Paris attack to justify breach of privacy

The terrorist attack in Paris happened because perpetrators used encrypted Internet communications that intelligence services couldn’t break, CIA director John Brennan said.
There were indicators of an imminent attack before the Paris attack, but the intelligence community failed to identify the threat, he told CBS News’ 60 Minutes program.

“We knew the system was blinking red. We knew just in the days before that ISIL was trying to carry out something. But the individuals involved have been able to take advantage of the newly available means of communication that are – that are walled off, from law enforcement officials,” Brennan said.

“You're talking about encrypted Internet communications,” 60 Minutes host Scott Pelley responded.

“Yeah, I'm talking about the very sophisticated use of these technologies and communication systems,” Brennan said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In point of fact, the Paris attackers did NOT use encrypted communications, just code words sent in the clear.

Feb 15 09:04

More Trouble For Hillary Clinton, Classified E-Mail Total Reaches 1,666

The State Department on Saturday released another 551 e-mails totaling 1,012 pages from Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server, including 84 that have been determined to contain classified information — bringing the total number of classified e-mails found on Clinton’s server to 1,666.

A majority of the 84 classified e-mails in this new release contain information deemed “Confidential”; three, however, were determined to contain information classified at a higher “Secret” level. This latest revelation comes on the heels of a disclosure last month that the State Department deemed 22 of Clinton’s e-mails “Top Secret” because they contained information that would do “exceptionally grave” damage to national security if disclosed.

Feb 15 08:07

The Facebook Conspiracy to Create An “Enemies of the State” Red List

Department of Defense training manual, obtained by Judicial Watch, has defined a “domestic extremist” as:

“Americans who are ‘reverent of individual liberty”

“Suspicious of centralized federal authority”

“Citizens who embrace individual liberties and honor “states’ rights, are likely members of various hate groups.”

The treasonous DHS document labeled the Founding Fathers as “extremists.”

In other words, Mr. and Ms. America, anyone who disagrees with the government is an an enemy of the state of Facebook is assisting the government in creating “extremist profiles”, presumably, for later action.

Feb 15 07:52

This Android Trojan steals banking creds and wipes your phone

A new Trojan banker for Android is capable of wiping compromised smartphones as well stealing online banking credentials, security researchers are warn.

The Mazar BOT Android malware is read using booby-trapped multi-media messages. If installed, the malware gains admin rights that give it the ability to do almost anything with a victim's phone.

The malware can read SMS messages, which means it can also circumvent (two factor authentication) 2FA systems.

The malware also gain the ability to send SMS messages to premium channel numbers, run man-in-the-middle attacks or even erase compromised phones. It also uses TOR for communication.

Feb 15 07:48

Google search says ‘Muslims support terrorism’, in autocorrect slip-up

Google was autocorrecting searches so that they read “Muslims support terrorism”, according to reports.

In a slip-up that has now been fixed, Google would tell people searching for “Muslims report terrorism” that they might have been looking instead for “Muslims support terrorism”.

Feb 14 16:34

OBAMA's Scorecard by Preppers: Global & National | Mike Rivero

Feb 14 11:55

Feds Pouring Money Into a Project to Create a Database to Track “Suspicious” Internet Memes

By John Vibes

The federal government spent $1 million to create an online database that will collect “suspicious” memes and track “misinformation.” The project, which is known as the “Truthy Database” is being funded by The National Science Foundation, but it seems as if the operation has some powerful political motivations...

Feb 14 11:47

Prevent the Windows 10 Download

by Steve Wiseman on February 12, 2016:

Windows 10 is switching to a recommended update. This means that even computers (running Windows 7 or 8) on a domain will receive the nag message.

In addition it will download a 3GB file to get you ready for the update – behind your back. If you have Windows tablets, or other machines that are short on space this can be quite a bit.

There are two registry keys that will help prevent the nag screen, and the automatic download.

Feb 13 19:07

Are All US Presidents Related? – Questions For Corbett

fingers in ears: 'la,la,la, I'm nit listening to your conspiracy theories!'

trying to use math to believe the official stories over conspiracy theories

Feb 13 11:10

'Adobe Creative Cloud update ate my backup!'

How about this for bizarre bug of the week: the latest version of Adobe Creative Cloud deletes the first hidden directory in root directories on Macs.

That's bad news for users of BackBlaze: the backup software stores a .bzvol folder in the top level of every drive it backs up, and uses these folders to store information about the drives. Adobe's Creative Cloud app wipes away these directories, leaving BackBlaze's users faced with "your drive is no longer backed up" errors.

"We've encountered an issue on the Mac where Adobe Creative Cloud appears to be removing the contents of the first hidden folder at the root of the drive, in alphabetic order. By happenstance, the first hidden folder on most Backblaze customers' internal drive is the .bzvol folder," writes a BackBlaze staffer after a flood of inquiries from customers.

Feb 13 08:47

AMI Smart Meter Testing Video Disputes Safety Claims for Smart Meter EMFs

By Catherine J. Frompovich

All around the USA, Canada, the EU and other countries, utility companies are employing “no-option enforcements,” along with threats of disconnecting and interruption of utility services, for refusing retrofitting safe analog meters for electric, natural gas and water utilities with EMF-RF-microwave-emitting, health-damaging (Non-thermal adverse health effects) AMI Smart Meters.

Utility companies’ lobbyists and public relations campaigns regarding AMI Smart Meters apparently cite safety statistics and information that say, “cell phones are astronomically bad and Smart Meters are next to nothing,” as found in the PSO of Oklahoma trifold brochure explaining Smart Meters.

One determined Owasso, Oklahoma, resident, Mr. Joe Esposito, took it upon himself to perform a test to challenge PSO’s trifold brochure statistics regarding AMI Smart Meter safety...

Feb 13 08:23

Intel Chief Confirms Our Worst Nightmares: Home Smart Devices Are Ideal for Spying on You

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper stated to the Senate Armed Services Committee that the Internet of Things (IoT) — so-called “smart” devices, vehicles, and appliances which employ various computer technologies — may be used to spy and keep tabs on people in the future.
“In the future, intelligence services might use the IoT for identification, surveillance, monitoring, location tracking, and targeting for recruitment, or to gain access to networks or user credentials,” Clapper’s prepared testimony claimed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mr. Clapper, I have a modest proposal to defeat any possible terrorism headed toward the US from any alleged enemy country; the US needs to stop mucking about in other countries to expropriate resources to which it has no legitimate moral claim!!

No, you don't need to thank me; I'm just a gal who believes that World War III is a very bad idea.

Feb 13 07:56


In a troubling new development in the domestic consumer surveillance debate, an investigation into Samsung Smart TVs has revealed that user voice commands are recorded, stored, and transmitted to a third party. The company even warns customers not to discuss personal or sensitive information within earshot of the device. This is in stark contrast to previous claims by tech manufacturers, like Playstation, who vehemently deny their devices record personal information, despite evidence to the contrary, including news that hackers can gain access to unencrypted streams of credit card information.

Feb 12 15:13

Mind Reading Technology Allows Paralyzed Musician to Play After 27 Years

Fifty-year-old Rosemary Johnson was once a member of the Welsh National Opera Orchestra, and was on her way to becoming a world-class violinist. However, in 1988, Johnson met a cruel twist of fate, suffering heavy brain damage in an auto wreck in her early 20s. She stayed in a coma for seven months. When Johnson awoke, she had lost nearly all of her ability to move and speak, and could only execute a few chords on the piano, forcing her to abandon her dreams of becoming a professional musician. For nearly three decades, she has struggled with the harsh reality of having her passion ripped from her fingers.

Feb 12 11:35

Paedophiles use secret Facebook groups to swap images

Paedophiles are using secret groups on Facebook to post and swap obscene images of children, the BBC has found.

Settings on the social network mean the groups are invisible to most users and only members can see the content.

Feb 12 11:25

You can brick recent iOS devices just by setting them to a specific date

In case the infamous “Error 53” wasn’t enough to contend with, there’s now a new threat being leveraged against iOS devices, one that could easily brick most of Apple’s phones and tablets.

The trick, or rather operating system flaw, in question simply relies on a user resetting a device’s date to January 1st 1970. Once set, if the device gets rebooted it gets permanently stuck. Connecting it to a PC in iTunes or booting into DFU mode seems to work but doesn’t actually fix the problem. The phone remains bricked. In fact, except for some random anecdotal evidence, there doesn’t seem to be much that a user can do to fix the issue.

Feb 12 11:18

New SourceForge owners kill contentious DevShare bloatware program

SourceForge wants to be a trusted repository of open source software. Its first step is killing DevShare, the revenue sharing bundleware program.

Feb 12 11:15

Researcher illegally shares millions of science papers free online to spread knowledge

A researcher in Russia has made more than 48 million journal articles - almost every single peer-reviewed paper every published - freely available online. And she's now refusing to shut the site down, despite a court injunction and a lawsuit from Elsevier, one of the world's biggest publishers.

For those of you who aren't already using it, the site in question is Sci-Hub, and it's sort of like a Pirate Bay of the science world. It was established in 2011 by neuroscientist Alexandra Elbakyan, who was frustrated that she couldn't afford to access the articles needed for her research, and it's since gone viral, with hundreds of thousands of papers being downloaded daily. But at the end of last year, the site was ordered to be taken down by a New York district court - a ruling that Elbakyan has decided to fight, triggering a debate over who really owns science.

Feb 12 10:26

Twitter Partners With ADL To Fight “Online Hate”

In an effort to combat “online hate” and “violent extremism,” Twitter, one of the most popular and influential social media companies in the world, recently created the Trust & Safety Council, “an important step forward to strike the right balance between fighting abuse and hate, and protecting free speech,” according to a recent press release from the Anti-Defamation League.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, twitter users will not be allowed to criticize the actions of the government of Israel!

Feb 11 17:00

Man ordered to tell police if he plans to have sex

definite mood-killer. He was acquitted but punished anyway.

snip: A further court hearing in May will decide whether the interim order should be made into a full order, which has a minimum duration of two years and can last indefinitely.

Sexual risk orders were introduced in England and Wales in March last year and can be applied to any individual who the police believe poses a risk of sexual harm, even if they have never been convicted of a crime.

Feb 11 16:19

Former Top Obama Official Just Went Rogue And Dropped Bombshell About Hillary- ‘Unbelievable…’

President Obama’s former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) believes that Hillary Clinton should be disqualified from being president in light of her alleged gross mishandling of classified material.

Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn (Ret.) told the Daily Caller, “This is unbelievable. I don’t think anybody should be talking about her being potentially the next President of the United States.”

“I think Hillary Clinton, for the good of the country, should step down and let this FBI investigation play out,” Flynn added.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I think the intelligence community may be sending Hillary a message that she has become a live liability!

Feb 11 15:17

Exclusive: Former Obama Defense Intel Chief Says Hillary Should ‘Step Down’

President Barack Obama’s former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) believes Hillary Clinton should drop out of the presidential race to clear the way for the probe of her private email server by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation, Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn (Ret.) said he thought the former Secretary of State should leave the Democratic presidential race: ”I think Hillary Clinton, for the good of the country, should step down and let this FBI investigation play out.”

Feb 11 13:58

Media owners are riled by Google’s unfair advantage

The phrase “daylight robbery” was first coined in 17th century Britain to describe an unpopular, and what many considered to be unfair, tax wheeze by King William III, based on the number of windows in a property.

Feb 11 13:29

Judge Napolitano Says New Revelations Mean FBI ‘Now Has Leverage’ in Hillary Clinton Email Investigation

“Mrs. Clinton was so reckless in the manner in which she sent out top secret emails, knowingly sending them to people who weren’t authorized to receive them,” Napolitano said on Fox News on Thursday.

“We know…that their acceptance, discussion and transfer of this is a felony. We know…that the FBI now has leverage. That the Justice Department can indict her top aides and trade with them…testimony against Mrs. Clinton in return for a deal with them,” Napolitano said.

Feb 11 13:29

‘That’s bad, right?’ Hillary’s email trouble might have just deepened (if that’s even possible)

She sure went to a lot of effort to make this fake imaginary GOP-devised scandal look like a real scandal.

Feb 11 13:28

State Dept: Top Official Didn’t Know About Hillary’s Server, Even Though He Was On Email Discussing It

A spokesman for the State Department insisted during a press conference on Wednesday that Patrick Kennedy, the Under Secretary of Management at the department, was not aware Hillary Clinton maintained a private server in her home while she was secretary of state.

But that claim — made by spokesman Mark Toner — is a curious one given that emails published by The Daily Caller last month show that Kennedy was involved in an August 2011 email exchange with two of Clinton’s top aides and another State Department official in which Clinton’s private email server was discussed.

Feb 11 13:27

Official: Top Clinton aides also handled ‘top secret’ intel on server

At least a dozen email accounts handled the “top secret” intelligence that was found on Hillary Clinton’s server and recently deemed too damaging for national security to release, a U.S. government official close to the review told Fox News.

Feb 11 13:27

Judge orders four more Hillary Clinton email releases

A federal judge has ordered the State Department to make four additional releases of Hillary Clinton's emails between Saturday and the end of February.

U.S. District Court Judge Rudolph Contreras issued an order Thursday requiring State to release batches of the still-undisclosed portion of Clinton's emails on Feb. 13, 19 and 26 with "all remaining documents" released by "the close of business" on Feb. 29.

Feb 11 11:41


Paul Strasburger sits in the House of Lords as a Libdem peer; he sits on the Joint Select Committee that is the latest Parliamentary group to scrutinise the Investigatory Powers Bill (AKA the Snoopers Charter) and, as with the previous investigations, he's concluded that the spying bill is a dangerous, poorly drafted, overbroad dog's breakfast.

Feb 11 11:15

Intel Chief Confirms Our Worst Nightmares: Home Smart Devices Are Ideal for Spying on You

By Claire Bernish

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper stated to the Senate Armed Services Committee that the Internet of Things (IoT) — so-called “smart” devices, vehicles, and appliances which employ various computer technologies — may be used to spy and keep tabs on people in the future.

“In the future, intelligence services might use the IoT for identification, surveillance, monitoring, location tracking, and targeting for recruitment, or to gain access to networks or user credentials,” Clapper’s prepared testimony claimed...

Feb 11 10:23

CIA was Hacking Senate Emails, Watch the Director Throw a Tantrum When He’s Called Out for It

By Andrew Emett

After repeatedly lying to Congress and undermining the Senate Intelligence Committee, CIA Director John Brennan was caught lying again to the oversight committee this week when he refused to admit his employees had used “improper procedures” when they hacked into the Senate’s email accounts. Instead of taking responsibility for ordering his men to break the law, Brennan threw a temper tantrum during the open hearing as Sen. Ron Wyden refused to swallow any more of the CIA Director’s lies...

Feb 11 09:32

4 Awful Secrets No One Is Telling You About Windows 10

There are two kinds of people in this world: people who hate Microsoft and no others ... so, actually, there are one kind of people in this world. The company has dreams of Windows 10 being installed on 1 billion devices worldwide, and though that sounds kind of like a made-up child's goal, it's actually a real possibility, as more and more users are upgrading to get the bad taste of Windows 8 out of their mouths.

This universal acceptance of Windows 10 is especially bizarre since it seems like people are forgetting all the shady shit Microsoft has already pulled in their short history of updates. Well, I haven't forgotten, and I'm a little amazed to find that not too many people are talking about it. There's a huge list of things Windows 10 tried to trick you into and a slightly shorter list of shit they're still getting away with. For instance ...

Feb 11 08:36

UK politicians green-light plans to record every citizen's internet history

Surveillance legislation proposed by the UK last November has been examined in detail by the country's politicians, with a new report recommending 86 alterations, but broadly approving the powers requested by the government. The parliamentary committee scrutinizing the draft Investigatory Powers Bill said that companies like Apple and Facebook should not be required to decrypt messages sent on their services, but approved plans to record every UK citizen's browsing history for 12 months. The committee also gave a thumbs up to the bulk retention of data, and the targeted hacking of individuals' computers, known as "equipment interference."

Feb 11 08:34

Google boss claims he does not know his salary in Commons grilling

Public accounts committee chair tells internet company’s European boss Matt Brittin people are ‘very angry’ over tax deal

Feb 11 08:33

Moore’s law really is dead this time

The chip industry is no longer going to treat Gordon Moore's law as the target to aim for.

Feb 11 08:21

Putin's internet guru says 'nyet' to Windows, 'da' to desktop Linux

The Russian government says it is looking to dump Microsoft and adopt Linux as the operating system for agency PCs.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Russian internet advisor German Klimenko said the state will consider moving all of its networks off the Microsoft platform and onto an unspecified Linux build instead.

Citing Microsoft's capitulation to the US government in honoring sanctions against Russia, Klimenko said that the Redmond software giant had reached the "point of no return" with Moscow and that 22,000 government agencies and municipal offices were prepared to drop Windows right now.

Feb 10 18:34

30 Clinton Aides Could Get Popped

Feb 10 16:45

CIA boss flips out when Ron Wyden reminds him that CIA spied on the Senate

Remember when it looked like the Senate committee that oversees the CIA was writing the notorious CIA Torture Report, and caught the CIA searching their Senate bosses' files to find out what they knew?

Apparently, CIA Director John Brennan doesn't. At a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing yesterday, Brennan pitched a tantrum when Senator Ron Wyden [D-OR], who sits on the Committee, asked him to account for spying on his bosses. The Director snarls at his boss, insisting that nothing bad happened, that Wyden shouldn't be talking about it, and so on -- saying everything, in fact, except, "Sorry, it won't happen again."

Feb 10 16:18

Twitter Unveils In-House "Ministry Of Truth"

The Ministry of Truth in George Orwell's dystopian novel, 1984, is one of the most important agencies of the government, for an uninformed or misinformed populace can be confused, deceived, and directed easily by controlling powers. So, in order for users to feel confident expressing themselves "freely and safely," Twitter is debuting a new advisory group dubbed the "Trust & Safety Council." But a quick glance at its membership roster suggests the council is almost as Orwellian as it sounds - and overwhelmingly biased in favor of speech suppression.

Feb 10 16:12

How Smart Devices Could Take Out Power Grid: Hack “Air Conditioners Turn On/Off Repeatedly”

“You shouldn’t be able to do this.” But you can. It may be one of the most dangerous flaws in technology to date.

A hacker could cut air conditioners during a heatwave—creating a potentially fatal condition for the elderly and sick—or turn air conditioners on during peak energy periods, causing a surge that creates a widespread blackout.