Aug 31 18:44

Sheriffs Along the U.S. Border Helping Build Biometric Police State

By Derrick Broze

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed open records requests with all the sheriffs along the U.S.-Mexico border in search of information about iris-scanning technology.

Yesterday we reported that the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have announced plans to scan the faces of all flyers exiting the United States. Another recent media report should give all Americans pause about the mass implementation of invasive surveillance measures...

Aug 31 17:37

Ice-cold Kaspersky shows the industry how to handle patent trolls

Security house Kaspersky Lab scored an impressive legal win that saw it not only beat a patent troll, but actually collect money from the plaintiff in the process.

The Russian antivirus vendor said that it collected a $5,000 payment to agree to drop a patent infringement case where it was the defendant, after the litigator agreed they had no hope of winning their claim.

Aug 31 17:15

Researchers taught AI to write totally believable fake reviews, and the implications are terrifying

For many people, online reviews are the first port of call when looking for a restaurant and hotel.

As such, they've become the lifeblood for many businesses — a permanent record of the quality of their services and products. And these businesses are constantly on the watch for unfair or fake reviews, planted by disgruntled rivals or angry customers.

But there will soon be a major new threat to the world of online reviews: Fake reviews written automatically by artificial intelligence (AI).

Allowed to rise unchecked, they could irreparably tarnish the credibility of review sites — and the tech could have far broader (and more worrying) implications for society, trust, and fake news.

Aug 31 14:31

New Evidence Reveals Comey Exonerated Hillary Before Key Witness Interviews

A new letter from Senators Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham reveal testimony from new witnesses suggesting that former FBI Director James Comey had already started drafting documentation exonerating Hillary Clinton long before interviewing key witnesses, including Hillary herself.

According to the letter, which is based on testimony from James Rybicki, Comey’s Chief of Staff, and Trisha Anderson, the Principal Deputy General Counsel of National Security and Cyberlaw, Comey began drafting a statement to announce the conclusion of the Hillary investigation in April or May 2016, well before he had interviewed up to 17 key witnesses.

Meanwhile, as if that weren't bad enough, the Comey statement was also drafted before immunity deals were struck with Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson who seemingly ran point, along with Platte River Networks, to destroy Hillary's emails after a Congressional subpoena had been issued mandating their preservation.

Aug 31 14:24

Judge rules Yahoo must face litigation from data breach victims after more than ONE BILLION users had their personal information stolen

A US judge said Yahoo must face nationwide litigation brought on behalf of more than one billion users who said their personal information was compromised in three massive data breaches.

Wednesday night's decision from US District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose, California, was a setback for efforts by Verizon Communications Inc, which acquired Yahoo's Internet business in June, to limit potential liability.

Aug 31 11:30

A comprehensive list of “tech tyrants” who are censoring websites and violating net neutrality because they don’t like the content of their speech

As a matter of fact, the Internet has become something of a hot zone for political censorship in recent times, as companies like Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, PayPal, and several more have begun engaging in selective suppression. Below is a comprehensive list of “tech tyrants” who are censoring websites and infringing on the First Amendment.

Aug 31 11:22

Tech soap-opera latest: Alexa marries Cortana, will share custody of customers

To encourage people to demand more of their software-based assistants, Amazon and Microsoft plan to link their respective voice-based helpers – Alexa and Cortana – so they can talk to one another.

The tie-up, to be consummated later this year, will allow Alexa users to book meetings and read email messages, among other things, via Cortana's Office 365 integration.

It will also work in the opposite direction, enabling Cortana users to bark orders into an Android phone, iPhone, or Windows 10 PC (for those who find the one-click web too onerous) to direct Alexa to control smart home devices like Amazon Echo or to buy two tons of creamed corn on

Aug 31 11:16

Massive Email Campaign Sends Locky Ransomware to Over 23 Million Users

The campaign spotted by researchers at AppRiver sent out more than 23 million messages containing Locky ransomware in just 24 hours on 28 August across the United States in what appears to be one of the largest malware campaigns in the second half of this year.

According to the researchers, the emails sent out in the attack were "extremely vague," with subjects lines such as "please print," "documents," "images," "photos," "pictures," and "scans" in an attempt to convince victims into infecting themselves with Locky ransomware.

The email comes with a ZIP attachment (hiding the malware payload) that contains a Visual Basic Script (VBS) file nested inside a secondary ZIP file.

Once a victim tricked into clicking it, the VBS file starts a downloader that downloads the latest version of the Locky ransomware, called Lukitus (which means "locked" in Finnish), and encrypts all the files on the target computer, and appends [.]lukitus to the encrypted data.

Aug 31 11:15

British government admits selling internet addresses to Saudi Arabia and says it can't stop ISIS extremists using them

Cabinet Office reveals deal with Saudi firms, but refuses to say exactly how much it has made from the transaction

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Or is this just a cover story to explain why so many "terrorist" websites seem to track back to western IPs?

Aug 31 10:28

465,000 Patients Need Software Updates for Their Hackable Pacemakers, FDA Says: A painful reminder that a future where the internet is in every device—even the most critical one—can be disastrous.

Patching has long been one of the most tedious chores for those who want to keep their electronic devices secure or up to date. Sometimes, patches require a restart, disrupting your workflow. Sometimes, patches screw up the software, making it unusable. These are just some of the reasons why users normally dread patching.

Now, imagine if you had to patch the thing that keeps you alive.

That's the situation almost 500,000 people who rely on buggy pacemakers face right now. On Tuesday, the US Food and Drug Administration announced a recall of several vulnerable models of pacemakers made by Abbott, a global health company that used to be known as St. Jude Medical. The recall has the goal of reducing the risk of hackers taking control of the pacemakers, potentially, harming the patients.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is horrific; and that someone would do something so life-threatening to a person relying on a pacemaker to keep them alive, is pure and unadulterated evil.

Aug 31 09:25

Warning over Harvey phishing scam: Cyber criminals target kind-hearted with bogus fundraising links then steal credit card details and personal information

Scammers are posing as fundraisers looking for kindhearted donations in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, officials have warned.

The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) issued a warning on Monday that scammers are taking advantage of the disaster by using social media and email to send out fake links promising to help victims.

Instead, the links send viewers to phony websites where thieves steal credit card and personal information from visitors.

Others have been setting up fake charities claiming to raise funds for Harvey victims but pocket the money instead.

Aug 31 07:22

WikiLeaks?: There is a fake new story circulating that WikiLeaks servers have been hacked. It is false.

Aug 31 05:54


Last week, DHS and the New York State Police began using drones to spy on NY State Fair (NYS Fair) visitors. According to an article in New York, the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is letting DHS and the police use their drones to monitor traffic.

Aug 30 21:43

YouTube “Economically Censors” Ron Paul, Labels Videos “Not Suitable” For All Advertisers

Former US Congressman Ron Paul has joined a growing list of independent political journalists and commentators who’re being economically punished by YouTube despite producing videos that routinely receive hundreds of thousands of views. Still, economically punishing a former US Congressman and medical doctor is a new low in Silicon Valley’s campaign to stamp out dissent.

Aug 30 17:46

Social Media is A Tool of the CIA: “Facebook, Google and Other Social Media Used to Spy on People”

Social Media and Search engines are being used to Spy on Americans! But not only on Americans. The process of personal data collection is worldwide. What is at stake, however, is not only the issue of “Privacy”. The online search engines also constitute an instrument of online media censorship.

Aug 30 16:58

Made in the USA (by Robots): China to Open Sewbot Factory in Arkansas, Producing Shirts for 33 Cents

By early 2018, Tianyuan Garments Co., based in the Suzhou Industrial Park in eastern China, will unveil a $20 million factory staffed by about 330 robots from Atlanta-based Softwear Automation Inc. The botmaker and garment company estimate the factory will stitch about 23 million T-shirts a year. The cost per shirt, according to Pete Santora, Softwear’s chief commercial officer: 33¢.

Aug 30 16:56

465,000 Patients Need Software Updates for Their Hackable Pacemakers, FDA Says

Patching has long been one of the most tedious chores for those who want to keep their electronic devices secure or up to date. Sometimes, patches require a restart, disrupting your workflow. Sometimes, patches screw up the software, making it unusable. These are just some of the reasons why users normally dread patching.

Aug 30 16:37

Border Patrol Launches Program to Scan the Face of Every Person Leaving U.S.

By Derrick Broze

Private airlines are the last line of defense against the growing use of biometric facial recognition software at American airports.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have announced plans to scan the faces of all flyers exiting the United States...

Aug 30 16:08

PlayStation Plus price rises significantly as Sony makes it more expensive to play online

Sony has announced that it will increase the price of its Plus membership – required to play the console over the internet – significantly next month.

And the price rise will happen automatically unless people go through a complicated process to cancel it.

The hikes apply differently according to how people pay for their membership: the yearly price is increasing from £39.99 to £49.99, and the monthly one will rise from £5.99 to £6.99. Similar price rises will happen to those that pay in euros.

The change will go into effect at midnight on 31 August, and every charge after that will be increased.


The only way to get out of the price hike permanently is to cancel the PlayStation Plus membership.

Aug 30 09:39

Rep. Rohrabacher says 'rendezvous' being set up with Trump to relay info from WikiLeaks' Assange on DNC hack

Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher said Monday that a "rendezvous" is being set up between him and President Donald Trump to relay information he received from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange about the hack of the Democratic National Committee last year.

Rohrabacher, who is considered to be among the most pro-Russia members in Congress, met with Assange earlier this month and claims Assange told him that Russia was not involved in the hacking. Rohrabacher said after the meeting that he wanted to brief Trump on what Assange told him. Appearing on the Sean Hannity radio show Monday afternoon, the California congressman said that meeting was in the process of being set up.

Aug 30 09:39

An Exclusive Look Inside The Beta

By Aaron Kesel

Kim Dotcom just launched a demo of his new micro payments business and I got into the exclusive preview. Here’s what you need to know about the revolutionary service...

Aug 30 09:31

Broadband providers could sell details about your private habits using data from smart devices such as cameras, sleep monitors and SEX TOYS

Details of your private habits within your own home could be sold on to advertisers by broadband providers, a shocking new study warns.

Experts discovered that increasingly popular internet connected smart devices may give our broadband providers intrusive insights into our personal lives.

Information transmitted by products ranging from home security cameras, toasters and sleep monitors could be sold to third parties to help them target their products.

Data revealed by more personal smart items, from medical equipment to vibrators, could represent a significant breach of our privacy.

Aug 30 09:01

Using LabVIEW? Unpatched Flaw Allows Hackers to Hijack Your Computer

If you're an engineer and use LabVIEW software to design machines or industrial equipments, you should be very suspicious while opening any VI (virtual instrument) file.

LabVIEW, developed by American company National Instruments, is a visual programming language and powerful system-design tool that is being used worldwide in hundreds of fields and provides engineers with a simple environment to build measurement or control systems

Security researchers from Cisco's Talos Security Intelligence have discovered a critical vulnerability in LabVIEW software that could allow attackers to execute malicious code on a target computer, giving them full control of the system.

Aug 30 07:44

Net neutered: When ISPs like Comcast crash the cloud

When I was setting up my Azure file services, I discovered that I could not map a drive from Windows to the file storage. At first, I thought I had something in my firewall set wrong.

Nope. Even with my PC set to ANY/ANY exclusions coming from that MAC address, I still couldn't connect to it.

After some trial and error and some basic geek forensics, I determined that one of the ports that the SMB protocol uses -- TCP 445 -- was being blocked upstream. So, I called my broadband company, Blue Stream, which maintains the local cable infrastructure in the town where I live in South Florida.

Nope, no ports being blocked there.

But do you know where lots of ports are being blocked? Comcast, which is Blue Stream's upstream bandwidth provider.

Comcast presumably blocks port 445 because it is used by the WannaCry malware to spread between systems. However, it's also the port Microsoft Active Directory uses.

Aug 29 15:45

Pensioner Fined £1,100 For Muslims ‘Monkeys’ Online Hate Speech

A man in his 70’s in Sweden has been given a fine of over £1,000 by a court after he made disparaging remarks about Muslims on social media.

Aug 29 15:40

NYPD forced to replace 36,000 Windows smartphones with iPhones after Microsoft pulled support for the handsets

The NYPD is facing a major financial blow after discovering it must replace 36,000 phones it issued to officers.

The Nokia devices - the Lumia 830 and the Lumia 640XL - need to be scrapped because they're obsolete and can't be upgraded.

The police agency plans to replace them all with brand new iPhones by the end of the year.

Aug 29 15:32

Your broadband provider can use your smart devices to spy on you

How much of your privacy would you trade for a smarter home? Internet service providers (ISPs) can peek at the internet-connected devices people use in their own homes – baby monitors, TV set-top boxes, vibrators – even when those devices are specifically set up to protect users’ privacy.

“These home devices are also home surveillance devices,” says Peter Swire at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta.

We’ve known that for a while, but concerns were generally directed at outsiders, like people spying on our baby monitors, or hackers coaxing our internet-connected devices to join in a distributed denial of service attack.

But in the wake of policy changes in the US earlier this year, people began to wonder who else could start using our data for profit.

Aug 29 15:22

711 million email addresses ensnared in "largest" spambot

A huge spambot ensnaring 711 million email accounts has been uncovered.

A Paris-based security researcher, who goes by the pseudonymous handle Benkow, discovered an open and accessible web server hosted in the Netherlands, which stores dozens of text files containing a huge batch of email addresses, passwords, and email servers used to send spam.

Those credentials are crucial for the spammer's large-scale malware operation to bypass spam filters by sending email through legitimate email servers.

The spambot, dubbed "Onliner," is used to deliver the Ursnif banking malware into inboxes all over the world. To date, it's resulted in more than 100,000 unique infections across the world, Benkow told ZDNet.

Aug 29 15:20

Toyota’s Research Institute head says full autonomous driving is “not even close”

While the rest of the world is fixated on a future of full autonomous driving, Toyota Research Institute CEO Gill Pratt is urging everyone that it’s more complicated than that and to take things slowly.

Pratt said that “we’re nowhere near close” a level of full autonomous driving, labeled as “Level 5” by the SAE. Pratt, over and over, couched that the company has no idea when we’ll be reaching full autonomous driving. All this came when the company unveiled a new concept car, the Concept-i, at CES today.

“Historically human beings have shown zero tolerance for injury or death caused by flaws in a machine,” Pratt said. “As wonderful as AI is, AI systems are inevitably flawed… We’re not even close to Level 5. It’ll take many years and many more miles, in simulated and real world testing, to achieve the perfection required for level 5 autonomy.”

Aug 29 12:11

YouTube “Economically Censors” Ron Paul, Labels Videos “Not Suitable” For All Advertisers

Former US Congressman Ron Paul has joined a growing list of independent political journalists and commentators who’re being economically punished by YouTube despite producing videos that routinely receive hundreds of thousands of views.

Aug 29 11:18

Warning From The U.S. Infrastructure Council, 9/11-Level Cyber Attack Imminent

Ron Paul has been censored by social media. News reporters have now reported that Antifa is responsible for the violence. Trump will allow the police to have military weaponry. Congress signed a bill that violates the 4th Amendment.

Aug 29 10:07

Despite privacy outrage, AccuWeather still shares precise location data with ad firms

AccuWeather is still sending precise geolocation data to a third-party advertiser, ZDNet can confirm, despite updating its app earlier this week to remove a feature that collected user's location data without their permission.

In case you missed it, AccuWeather was until this week sending the near-precise location of its iPhone app users to Reveal Mobile, a data monetization firm -- even when location sharing was switched off. Security researcher Will Strafach, who first reported the issue, also accused the company of sharing a user's precise GPS coordinates under the guise of providing local weather alerts.

The news sparked outrage and anger. AccuWeather responded with a forced apology, which one leading Apple critic John Gruber called a "bulls**t response."

However, tests conducted by Strafach show that the updated app, released Thursday, still shares precise geolocation data with a data monetization and advertising firm.

Aug 29 09:49

Study: ISPs Can Use IOT Devices to Spy on You

Noah Apthorpe at Princeton University set up a fake home, complete with seven real internet-connected devices, in the hopes of finding out what they might reveal about their users.

Apthorpe and other researchers found that it was notably trivial for an ISP to identify and track usage of numerous devices around the home, which could (if it's not already) be used to make the carrier even more money off of your everyday behavior. The study found that ISPs could track a user’s sleep patterns by detecting when sleep trackers accessed to the internet, or observe when a home camera detected movement or when someone is watching a live video feed.

Aug 29 09:43

Intel ME controller chip has secret kill switch

Security researchers at Moscow-based Positive Technologies have identified an undocumented configuration setting that disables Intel Management Engine 11, a CPU control mechanism that has been described as a security risk.

Intel's ME consists of a microcontroller that works with the Platform Controller Hub chip, in conjunction with integrated peripherals. It handles much of the data travelling between the processor and external devices, and thus has access to most of the data on the host computer.

If compromised, it becomes a backdoor, giving an attacker control over the affected device.

That possibility set off alarms in May, with the disclosure of a vulnerability in Intel's Active Management Technology, a firmware application that runs on the Intel ME.

The revelation prompted calls for a way to disable the poorly understood hardware.

Aug 29 09:24

Stormfront: ‘murder capital of internet’ pulled offline after civil rights action pulls support for one of the oldest and largest neo-nazi hate sites following campaign by Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law

Aug 29 08:42


There is little new in this story. The 9/11 atrocity was the first of many terrorist attacks, each succeeded by the dramatic extension of draconian state powers at the expense of civil liberties, backed up with the projection of military force in regions identified as hotspots harbouring terrorists. Yet there is little indication that this tried and tested formula has done anything to reduce the danger. If anything, we appear to be locked into a deepening cycle of violence with no clear end in sight.

Aug 28 18:41

CCTV + Lip-Reading Software = Even Less Privacy, Even More Surveillance

Techdirt has written a number of stories about facial recognition software being paired with CCTV cameras in public and private places. As the hardware gets cheaper and more powerful, and the algorithms underlying recognition become more reliable, it's likely that the technology will be deployed even more routinely. But if you think loss of public anonymity is the end of your troubles, you might like to think again

Aug 28 18:40

How The CIA Made Google

The origins of this ingenious strategy trace back to a secret Pentagon-sponsored group, that for the last two decades has functioned as a bridge between the US government and elites across the business, industry, finance, corporate, and media sectors. The group has allowed some of the most powerful special interests in corporate America to systematically circumvent democratic accountability and the rule of law to influence government policies, as well as public opinion in the US and around the world. The results have been catastrophic: NSA mass surveillance, a permanent state of global war, and a new initiative to transform the US military into Skynet.

Aug 28 17:20

Google Removes 300 Apps Used to Launch DDoS Attacks From Play Store

Google has removed roughly 300 apps from its Play Store after security researchers from several internet infrastructure companies discovered that the seemingly harmless apps—offering video players and ringtones, among other features—were secretly hijacking Android devices to provide traffic for large-scale distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

The botnet, nicknamed WireX, caught the attention of security researchers at the content delivery network Akamai when it was used to attack one of its clients earlier this month. Akamai’s client, a multinational hospitality company, was hit with traffic from hundreds of thousands of IP addresses.

“We identified approximately 300 apps associated with the issue, blocked them from the Play Store, and we’re in the process of removing them from all affected devices,” a Google spokesperson said in a statement.

Aug 28 17:02

U.S. Congress Moves To Protect Certain Cryptocurrency From U.S. Government

The Daily Caller reported that at least three members of the U.S. Congress are currently working on legislation that will aim to protect certain cryptocurrencies against government interference.

A source reportedly told the Daily Caller that at least one Republican member of the Senate and two Republican House members are working on the draft legislation. The three lawmakers involved in the bill asked not to be identified due to the nature and complexity of the proposal...

Aug 28 16:35

YouTube Slams RealNews With Age Restriction

Oh, the irony! If you complain about the sexualization of Kindergarteners as age inappropriate, YouTube will slap an age restriction on your video. And Ron Paul is the latest to be demonetized by YouTube — as Julian Assange says, “economic censorship”.

Aug 28 15:53

Hackable flaw in connected cars is ‘unpatchable’, warn researchers

The news for the motoring public was bad enough a few weeks ago: a team of researchers had demonstrated yet another hackable flaw in connected vehicles – in the Controller Area Network (CAN) bus standard – that could enable a Denial of Service (DoS) attack on safety systems including brakes, airbags and power steering.

Kind of a big deal, since the CAN is essentially the brain of the car – it handles a vehicle’s internal communication system of electronic control units (ECUs) that the researchers noted, “is driven by as much as 100,000,000 lines of code”.

And the news got worse this past week, with word that the flaw – which applies to virtually every modern car, not just a single brand or model – is unfixable. As Bleeping Computer put it, “this flaw is not a vulnerability in the classic meaning of the word … (It) is more of a CAN standard design choice that makes it unpatchable.” To patch it would require “changing how the CAN standard works at its lowest levels”.

Aug 28 09:31

YouTube "Economically Censors" Ron Paul, Labels Videos "Not Suitable" For All Advertisers

Former US Congressman Ron Paul has joined a growing list of independent political journalists and commentators who’re being economically punished by YouTube despite producing videos that routinely receive hundreds of thousands of views.

In a tweet published Saturday, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange tweeted a screenshot of Paul’s “Liberty Report” page showing that his videos had been labeled “not suitable” for all advertisers by YouTube's content arbiters.

Aug 28 08:31

Jason Chaffetz, Former Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, "I Know They (Feds) Were Watching (Awan), Where the Information Was Flowing, Before They Arrested Him"

Jason Chaffetz: This is a much, much more serious situation that I think will blossom. I think they probably let him sit there a little bit to see who he is communicating with. But to think this was a lone operator would be naive at best. It is a very, very big story… To be able to follow the trail electronically to where money was flowing, to where information was flowing. I know they’re on top of it. I know they were watching before they actually arrested him. And I do think it is a much, much more serious situation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Was Awan part of Hillary's spy network?

Aug 28 08:18

10 browser extensions to keep you safe on the web

It seems every time you hit F5 there's a new story about a massive corporate hack, a new ransomware outbreak, or the spread of dangerous new malware.

Unfortunately, you don't need to do much to compromise your security--even browsing sites deemed safe can lead to an infection from a compromised banner ad. If you feel like there's nothing you can do to stay safe you aren't alone, but you don't need to give up.

These 10 browser extensions can help add more than just peace of mind; they can step in where the average web browser fails and protect you from common threats.

Aug 28 08:08

WannaCrypt NHS victim Lanarkshire infected by malware again

Infect me once, shame on you. Infect me twice …

Aug 28 08:07

Beware! Viral Sarahah App Secretly Steals Your Entire Contact List

Are you also one of those 18 Million users using SARAHAH?

You should beware of this app because the anonymous feedback application may not be as private as it really sounds.

Sarahah is a newly launched app that has become one of the hottest iPhone and Android apps in the past couple of weeks, allowing its users to sign up to receive anonymised, candid messages from other Sarahah users.

However, it turns out that the app silently uploads users' phone contacts to the company's servers for no good reason, spotted by security analyst Zachary Julian.

Aug 28 04:45

Izvestia: Russia to bring up code of cyberspace conduct at UN General Assembly

Russia will put forward the issue of an international code of cyberspace conduct at the UN General Assembly in New York on September 12, Russian Presidential Envoy for International Cooperation in Information Security Andrey Krutskikh told Izvestia. The envoy noted that "important progress will take place much earlier": the efficiency of proposals on international rules of conduct in cyberspace will be first established at regional platforms - the Collective Security Treaty Organization, BRICS and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. "This issue will be certainly discussed at the General Assembly. But very important decisions will be made during the first week of September when BRICS will gather (for its summit in China on September 3-5). A number of rather interesting proposals will be unveiled there," he noted.

Aug 26 10:40

Damore's Revenge: Google Faces Growing Legal Threats As Other Googlers Come Forward

James Damore gained instant fame earlier this month when he was fired for "un-Googly conduct" after publishing a paper on an employee chat board suggesting that men may be better equipped biologically for engineering jobs than women. Apparently science is embraced by the Left when discussing climate change but not so much when it's used to suggest that anatomy might just be coded in a person's DNA rather than being a personal choice that each millennial can make, and change, on a whim.

But, according to a new note from Wired Magazine, Damore's firing for discussing an 'un-Googly" political position might not be just an isolated event. As Damore's attorney and prominent San Francisco Republican Harmeet Dhillon points out, several other Googlers have come forward claiming that they too were discriminated against for challenging Google’s liberal political orthodoxy.

Aug 26 10:40

Angry Marine Who Discovered Awan's "Smashed Hard Drives" Breaks Silence, Unloads On Wasserman Schultz

“It pisses me off,” said Taggart, a black Marine who says he votes Democrat. He believes Wasserman Schultz is crying wolf and devaluing the meaning of genuine discrimination, while also exposing herself and the nation to risks.

“I just want to get these [guys] locked up and exposed and now,” Taggart told TheDCNF. “The people who facilitated them should also be locked up, as far as I’m concerned.”

Taggart said he made the decision to no longer be anonymous because he is concerned that his fellow Democrats are making a grave mistake by ignoring a scandal with serious criminal and national security implications.

“I’m absolutely disgusted with everything going on in the country right now, mostly because of right-wing conservatives, but with respect to this situation, political affiliation is irrelevant,” Taggart said.

Aug 26 09:55

Google Sends 'Offensive' Videos To YouTube Purgatory As Censorship Regime Expands

Google has begun to "police YouTube like it never has before" to crack down on "offensive content," Bloomberg reports.

Aug 26 07:44

CIA’s Secret Spy Tool Steals Biometric Data From Other Intelligence Agencies

By Aaron Kesel

WikiLeaks has published a document of a CIA project called ‘ExpressLane’ that allows the agency to secretly extract biometric data from the NSA, the DHS, and the FBI as well as non-U.S. agencies...

Aug 25 12:44

Big Brother Wants Warrantless Access to Your Smartphone

Imagine you’re a journalist, meeting with a secret government source. Thanks to the information provided by this source, you break an astronomically important story of government fraud or abuse. After the story breaks, the government decides it wants to go back and look at your cell phone’s historic geolocation information and metadata, tracking your every move and jeopardizing your source. Current Supreme Court precedent and a decision by the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals allow government to collect this type of metadata without a warrant.

That’s why a group of 20 media organizations has filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court, urging the justices to overturn the lower court’s order, and require law enforcement to obtain a warrant before collecting archived cell phone location data and metadata. The brief is signed by media nonprofits such as the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, and media publishers like First Look Media, publisher of The Intercept.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I'm about to ditch my eye phone for a couple of strings and a tin can!!

Aug 25 11:38


“It is the sense of Congress that WikiLeaks and the senior leadership of WikiLeaks resemble a non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors and should be treated as such a service by the United States,” a section of the Act reads.

The Act almost unanimously passed a Senate panel last month 14-1, rejected by only one man, Sen. Ron Wyden, an Oregon Democrat who staunchly opposed the measure due to the provision that was snuck in about WikiLeaks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Attorney General Jeff Sessions previously said in April that the arrest of WikiLeaks’ publisher Julian Assange was a “priority” for the DOJ."

Why, please sir?!? Do you any possible clue, or the slight comprehension, of what this kind of petty, impotent language helps makes the Unhinged, Surveilled States of Amerika, look to the rest of the world?!?

To the best of my understanding, the guy has an enviable track record for getting the truth out there, and I find that commendable; you and your buddies in the Senate, however, want him arrested because he has embarrassed the American government by telling American citizens, and the world, the truth about your, and our Government's, activities you didn't want us to have.

Aug 25 11:00

No longer a safe haven: Mac malware is the highest it's EVER been after a 230% rise in attacks in the last 12 months

Macs are increasingly becoming a target for malware having previously been regarded as safe havens compared to PCs, according to a new report.

The worrying findings show there has been an increase of 230 per cent in Mac malware in the twelve months from July 2016, with further increases anticipated for 2018.

The report observed there is also now a 'tidal wave' of scam software on the Mac Apple store - which is now higher than it's ever been.

Aug 25 09:59

All sheeple citizens who want to receive government benefits must agree to be microchipped in the near future

Noelle Chesley, an associate professor of sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, believes that the use of microchips is only going to become more common in the not-so-distant future. “It will happen to everybody,” she explained. “But not this year, and not in 2018. Maybe not my generation, but certainly that of my kids.” (Related: Australia has become the first country to microchip its citizens.)

In fact, the idea of using microchips in order to track the financial situations of welfare recipients has already been suggested by one politician in Finland. According to Sputnik News, a member of Finland’s conservative Finn Party recently recommended implanting satellite-tracking chips inside of welfare recipients in response to news that some recipients continued to receive payments after leaving the country to fight for the Islamic State.

Aug 24 17:28

As First NAFTA Round Opens in Secrecy, Digital Rights Groups Fear Another TPP

he opening round of a series of negotiations over a proposed revised North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) began this week in Washington, D.C. between trade representatives from the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Already it is clear that the office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) has ignored our specific recommendations (to say nothing of USTR Robert Lighthizer’s personal promises) about making the negotiations more open and transparent. Once again, following the failed model of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the USTR will be keeping the negotiating texts secret, and in an actual regression from the TPP will be holding no public stakeholder events alongside the first round. This may or may not set a precedent for future rounds, that will rotate between the three countries every few weeks thereafter, with a scheduled end date of mid-2018.

Aug 24 17:03

Who Will Pay The Ransom When Smart Meters Are Hacked Into?

By Catherine J. Frompovich

Do you recall that a hospital actually paid hackers $17,000 ransom for the release of the hospital’s data? That was the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, which paid using Bitcoin in February 2016. Another hacked company didn’t get off so cheaply! The South Korean web hosting company Nayana paid 397.6 Bitcoin, which was equivalent to almost a million dollars! That’s not all...

Aug 24 16:07

Ex-CIA Agent Launches Campaign To Buy Twitter To Kick Trump Off

Valerie Plame Wilson, a former CIA operations officer, is trying to buy Twitter so she can ban US President Donald Trump from the social media site.

She has launched a campaign to raise money to buy a controlling interest in the social media site in order shut down Trump’s Twitter account.

Aug 24 15:18

Nasty firmware update butchers Samsung smart TVs so bad, they have to be repaired

Owners of Samsung smart TVs say their swish sets are basically unusable after a bungled firmware update.

In fact, the update was so bad, it looks as though it will require people to send or bring their televisions back to base for repair to correct the cockup.

Folks on Samsung UK's support forums report that an update released on August 8 rendered many newer smart sets – such as 50-inch Ultra HD and 49-inch 4K displays – worse that dumb TVs, because dumb TVs actually work.

Aug 24 15:16

DreamHost smashed in DDoS attack: Who's to blame? Take a guess...

So maybe DreamHost is under attack from the alt-right and their supporters, both in the US and overseas? Probably not. Instead the attack looks to have originated on the opposite side of the political spectrum and stems from another DreamHost customer.

On Thursday, DreamHost began hosting a new website called Punished Stormer. This is a reboot of the neo-Nazi-slash-white-supremacist Daily Stormer website that was dropped like a rabid porcupine by the tech world after the death of a protester at the Charlottesville demonstrations.

This makes it likely that the attack is coming from those trying to take the foul neo-Nazi site down, but they are out of luck because DreamHost no longer hosts the Punished Stormer site. Instead it's now hosted by Canadian outfit BuyVM with some DDoS protection.

Aug 24 15:11

Beware of Windows/MacOS/Linux Virus Spreading Through Facebook Messenger

If you came across any Facebook message with a video link sent by anyone, even your friend — just don’t click on it.

Security researchers at Kaspersky Lab have spotted an ongoing cross-platform campaign on Facebook Messenger, where users receive a video link that redirects them to a fake website, luring them to install malicious software.

Although it is still unclear how the malware spreads, researchers believe spammers are using compromised accounts, hijacked browsers, or clickjacking techniques to spread the malicious link.

The attackers make use of social engineering to trick users into clicking the video link, which purports to be from one of their Facebook friends, with the message that reads "< your friend name > Video" followed by a link, as shown.

Aug 24 13:58

Google Losing its Market to Yandex in Russia

The Russian IT company Yandex, responsible for introducing its search engine of the same name, and which is often regarded as one of the best alternatives to Google, the world’s most frequently used search engine, is effectively taking the Google's market share in Russia.

It is expected that Yandex will go even further after it introduced a new version of its search engine, which is now based on real artificial intelligence that not only opens the requested sites, but also suggests the desired solution.

Based on the Korolev algorithm, the company’s own creation, the search engine can, while aided by the neural network, compare the meaning of the query and the desired website. Artificial intelligence is tuned to be accurate when searching in Russian realities and expectations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Aug 24 12:27


The U.S. Senate is considering a bill that would classify WikiLeaks as a “non-state hostile intelligence service” bundled as part of the 2018 Intelligence Authorization Act. Presumably, that classification would authorize the use of force against WikiLeaks. “It is the sense of Congress that WikiLeaks and the senior leadership of WikiLeaks resemble a non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors and should be treated as such a service by the United States,” a section of the Act reads.

Aug 24 08:03

Banking trojan-slingers slip past Google Play's malware defences

Security researchers have uncovered an Android banking malware hiding on Google Play using stealthy new tactics.

A game called "Bubble Shooter Wild Life" and an app named "Earn Real Money Gift Cards" in the Google Play Store are actually designed to drop banking malware named BankBot. "The malware only becomes active when the actors decide to drop the real trojan on the victim's device and therefore bypassing Google's internal malware scanner named Bouncer," Han Sahin, co-founder of Securify, told El Reg.

Aug 24 07:54

Kill animals and destroy property before hurting humans, Germany tells future self-driving cars

Germany’s government has answered the car ethics question once and for all: driverless cars should prioritize the protection of human life over the destruction of animals or property.

Aug 24 07:52

Mozilla ponders making telemetry opt-out, 'cos hardly anyone opted in

Browser-maker wants to compile global top 100 sites list, promises to protect privacy

Aug 24 07:49

Airbus issues patch to stop A350 airliner fuel tanks exploding

Airbus has issued an emergency patch to stop its A350 airliners from exploding.

The fix, an update to the aircraft's Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL), adds a number of items to in-cockpit displays to prohibit affected airliners from flying.

"Recently, an overheat failure mode of the the A350 hydraulic Engine Driven Pump (EDP) has been found. Such EDP failure may cause a fast temperature rise of the hydraulic fluid," said the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in an Emergency Airworthiness Directive.

Aug 24 07:46

A Company Offers $500,000 For Secure Messaging Apps Zero-Day Exploits

Launched in 2015, Zerodium is a Washington, DC-based premium exploit acquisition platform by the infamous French-based company Vupen that buys and sells zero-day exploits to government agencies around the world.


Zerodium's payout for other new exploit categories for servers and desktop computers include:

Up to $300,000 for a Windows 10 exploit that requires no user interaction
Up to $150,000 for Apache Web Server
Up to $100,000 for Microsoft Outlook
Up to $80,000 for Mozilla Thunderbird
Up to $80,000 for VMware escapes
Up to $30,000 for USB code execution

Aug 23 16:47

Cloudflare CEO Gives Bizarre Explanation For Banning The Daily Stormer From The Internet

Net Neutrality advocate and Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince told VICE News he banned The Daily Stormer despite allowing ISIS beheading videos on his network because he's a self-proclaimed "hypocrite" and had an emotional reaction to someone suggesting Cloudflare staff secretly supported the website's far-right views.

Aug 23 16:07

Google Is Secretly Recording You

The technology giant has effectively turned millions of its users’ smartphones into listening devices that can capture intimate conversations – even when they aren’t in the room.

Aug 23 10:33

Phishing phone scam spoofs local number on caller ID

There’s a new phishing scam making its way around Hawaii, and the Hawaii Better Business Bureau worries people may fall for it, simply because of what shows up on the caller ID.

Instead of a mainland or international number showing up, it appears to be a local one.

“What scares us the most about this is that local people see the 808 number and they think it might be someone that they know, so they pick up the phone,” said Greg Dunn, Hawaii Better Business Bureau CEO.

That’s when a recorded message says to press “1” in order to lower the interest rate on your credit cards. Once you do that, you’re transferred to a call center. If you don’t, you’re told your credit rates will increase.

Dunn says the callers aren’t asking for any money. Instead, they’re trying to collect as much personal information as they can about you.

Aug 23 10:18

New Pence emails show archbishop asked him to intercede on behalf of killer Paula Cooper

The state of Indiana has released another batch of Vice President Mike Pence's emails from his personal AOL account during his time as governor — and they show the Catholic archbishop in Indianapolis asked him to intercede in the parole of Paula Cooper, once the youngest death row inmate in the United States.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am very troubled by this. On one hand, you have Pence using private email for government business, and on the other AOL willing to release PRIVATE emails.

Aug 23 08:26


DID you know that Google has been recording you without your knowledge?

The technology giant has effectively turned millions of its users' smartphones into listening devices that can capture intimate conversations - even when they aren't in the room.

If you run Android software on your smartphone, Google may have been recording you every day - without you knowing

If you own an Android phone, it's likely that you've used Google's Assistant, which is similar to Apple's Siri.

Google says it only turns on and begins recording when you utter the words "OK Google".

But a Sun investigation has found that the virtual assistant is a little hard of hearing.

In some cases, just saying "OK" in conversation prompted it to switch on your phone and record around 20 seconds of audio.

It regularly switches on the microphone as you go about your day-to-day activities, none the wiser.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Understanding this, I am about ready to go back to a 2-way radio.

Aug 23 07:01

Banking trojan-slingers slip past Google Play's malware defences

Security researchers have uncovered an Android banking malware hiding on Google Play using stealthy new tactics.

A game called "Bubble Shooter Wild Life" and an app named "Earn Real Money Gift Cards" in the Google Play Store are actually designed to drop banking malware named BankBot. "The malware only becomes active when the actors decide to drop the real trojan on the victim's device and therefore bypassing Google's internal malware scanner named Bouncer," Han Sahin, co-founder of Securify, told El Reg.

Separate research from Zscaler supports Securify's discovery. The apps are able capable of abusing Android's accessibility permissions to download additional programs without the user's knowledge.

Aug 23 06:57

Simple Exploit Allows Attackers to Modify Email Content — Even After It's Sent!

Security researchers are warning of a new, easy-to-exploit email trick that could allow an attacker to turn a seemingly benign email into a malicious one after it has already been delivered to your email inbox.

Dubbed Ropemaker (stands for Remotely Originated Post-delivery Email Manipulation Attacks Keeping Email Risky), the trick was uncovered by the researchers at email and cloud security firm Mimecast.

A successful exploitation of the Ropemaker attack could allow an attacker to remotely modify the content of an email sent by the attacker itself, for example swapping a URL with the malicious one.

This can be done even after the email has already been delivered to the recipient and made it through all the necessary spam and security filters, without requiring direct access to the recipient’s computer or email application, exposing hundreds of millions of desktop email client users to malicious attacks.

Aug 22 14:22

How Google is secretly recording YOU through your mobile, monitoring millions of conversations every day and storing the creepy audio files

DID you know that Google has been recording you without your knowledge? The technology giant has effectively turned millions of its users' smartphones into listening devices that can capture intimate conversations - even when they aren't in the room.

Aug 22 11:56

Markforged announces two 3D printers that produce items as strong as steel

Markforged, a 3D printer manufacturer based in Boston, has just announced two new models — the X3 and the X5. Both of these printers are designed to create carbon fiber-infused objects using a standard filament printing system and both can produce items that can replace or are stronger than steel objects.

Aug 22 10:28

Google Folds, Restores Accounts Of Banned Statistics Professor

Yesterday we reported that in a shocking, and explained move, statistics professor Salil Mehta, adjunct professor at Columbia and Georgetown who teaches probability and data science and whose work has appeared on this website on numerous prior occasions, had been banned by Google on Friday, with his email, blog and other Google-linked accounts wiped clean and no longer accessible.

As we discussed yesterday, it was not clear what Salil did to provoke Google:

On Friday afternoon East Coast Time by surprise, I was completely shut down in all my Google accounts (all of my gmail accounts, blog, all of my university pages that were on google sites, etc.) for no reason and no warning. A number of us were stunned and unsure, but clearly we know at this point it wasn’t an accident.

That changed yesterday, because after our article detailing Salil's plight went viral, and was read 300,000 times, Google responded and as of this morning, has restored all of Salil Metha's accounts.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The censoring algorithms Google with which it "punishes" all those who do not tow its party line, have come back to bite it... in a very sensitive portion of the human anatomy.

Congrats to this guy getting his on line life back; but this never should have happened in the first place.

Aug 22 10:07

Fappening 2017: More Celebrity Nude Photos Hacked and Leaked Online

It seems like celebrities have not taken their security seriously, which once again resulted in the leaking of nude and personal photographs of more a-listed celebrities.


The latest release of celebs private photos seems to have come after an unidentified hacker or group of hackers has gained access to celebs' Apple iCloud accounts and stolen private iPhone photos and videos.

Aug 22 07:56

Online hate crimes will be taken just as seriously as offline offenses in England, Wales

The internet has revolutionized the way humans interact with one another, adding another facet to communication that rivals face-to-face interaction for primacy in modern life. But it isn’t all informative reading, pleasant banter and happy reunions with old friends. Social media and other websites have also provided new avenues for the expression of hate.

Aug 22 07:38


The TSA is winning the war on Americans minds as commuters are being tricked into giving away their rights without a fight. The above video warns that facial recognition body scanners are coming to a train station near you…

Aug 21 10:53

One Statistics Professor Was Just Banned By Google: Here Is His Story

On Friday afternoon East Coast Time by surprise, I was completely shut down in all my Google accounts (all of my gmail accounts, blog, all of my university pages that were on google sites, etc.) for no reason and no warning. A number of us were stunned and unsure, but clearly we know at this point it wasn’t an accident. Here are some examples commented from best-selling author Nassim Taleb, and they have been re-tweeted by government officials, and the NYT and WSJ journalists.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Welcome to the very dark side of Google witch hunts on steroids, leaving massive, innocent cybercasualties in its wake.

Aug 21 10:17

Police: Israeli Hacker Gang Responsible for 2 Million Attacks

The two “specialized” in distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, in which hackers use networks to overload and overwhelm online sites, basically inundating them with requests for connections, as a result overloading and freezing them. Investigators said that the two were responsible for no fewer than 2 million such attacks, costing their victims — corporations and government sites around the world — millions of dollars.

Aug 21 09:41

Micro-Blogging App Zappl Will Utilize Steem Blockchain To Pay Users For Posts

Micro-blogging is loved by everyone, but censorship isn’t; up until this point there haven’t been many suitable replacements for the big social giant Twitter that has increasingly begun to censor its users. That’s about to change with the release of Zappl currently planned for later this month...

Aug 21 08:21

IT staffers may have compromised sensitive data to foreign intelligence

Federal authorities are investigating whether sensitive data was stolen from congressional offices by several Pakistani-American tech staffers and sold to Pakistani or Russian intelligence, knowledgeable sources say.

What started out 16 months ago as a scandal involving the alleged theft of computer equipment from Congress has turned into a national security investigation involving FBI surveillance of the suspects.

Investigators now suspect that sensitive US government data — possibly including classified information — could have been compromised and may have been sold to hostile foreign governments that could use it to blackmail members of Congress or even put their lives at risk.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Notice that the number of potential defendants in this investigation is starting to mushroom!!


Aug 21 07:31

Bitcoin-accepting sites leave cookie trail that crumbles anonymity

Bitcoin transactions might be anonymous, but on the Internet, its users aren't – and according to research out of Princeton University, linking the two together is trivial on the modern, much-tracked Internet.

In fact, linking a user's cookies to their Bitcoin transactions is so straightforward, it's almost surprising it took this long for a paper like this to be published.

Aug 21 07:30

Foxit PDF Reader is well and truly foxed up, but vendor won't patch

We've got Safe Mode and that's safe enough, vendor tells ~400m users

Aug 21 07:16

Warning: Enigma Hacked; Over $470,000 in Ethereum Stolen So Far

An unknown hacker has so far stolen more than $471,000 worth of Ethereum—one of the most popular and increasingly valuable cryptocurrencies—in yet another Ethereum hack that hit the popular cryptocurrency investment platform, Enigma.

According to an announcement made on their official website an hour ago, an "unknown entity" has managed to hack their website, slack account and email newsletter accounts, and uploaded a fake pre-sale page with a fake ETH address to send money.

The hackers also spammed their fake address in Enigma's newsletter and slack accounts for pre-sale coins, tricking victims to send their cryptocurrencies to hacker's address.

Etherscan, a popular search engine for the Ethereum Blockchain that allows users to look up, confirm and validate transactions easily, has already flagged the address as compromised, but people are still sending ETH to the fake address

Aug 21 06:37

Bank runs in Hong Kong following introduction of facial recognition withdrawals in Macau

Hong Kong’s ATM network has been hit with a surge in withdrawals by customers using China UnionPay bank cards in the wake of facial recognition technology being introduced at cash dispensing machines in Macau. Monetary chiefs in Hong Kong have declined to deny or confirm information obtained by the South China Morning Post that ATMs have seen a “staggering’’ rise in withdrawals since the casino hub introduced the recognition technology in May as part of a bid to stem illegal capital flight from mainland China.

Aug 20 10:18

Wasserman's IT staffers may have compromised sensitive data to foreign intelligence

Federal authorities are investigating whether sensitive data was stolen from congressional offices by several Pakistani-American tech staffers and sold to Pakistani or Russian intelligence, knowledgeable sources say. What started out 16 months ago as a scandal involving the alleged theft of computer equipment from Congress has turned into a national-security investigation involving FBI surveillance of the suspects.

Aug 20 08:02

Donald Trump could soon pardon Wikileaks founder Julian Assange after doing this

Republican congressman Dana Rohrabacher revealed he discussed discuss “what might be necessary to get him out” of asylum, when he met with Mr Assange earlier this week.

And speculation was reignited yesterday when Trump Alert, the Twitter account which tracks the President’s Twitter activity, reported that the President had begun following Mr Assange.

However, the President may have quickly unfollowed the Wikileaks founder, with the account no longer listed as on his followers for both his presidential and personal accounts.

Mr Assange has been holed up inside the embassy for almost exactly five years and has been granted political asylum by Ecuador.

Aug 20 06:41

The Truth Will Not Be Googled

Google has come under scrutiny by free-speech organisations for shutting down neo-Nazi website, Daily Stormer, seemingly too distracted to notice the tech giant has been waging a censorship campaign against news organisations that publish content which conflicts with the narrative of the Washington establishment, along with Facebook and Twitter on the grounds of ‘fake news’.