Mar 07 12:13


Barack Obama did not hesitate to use the federal surveillance apparatus against his foes during his eight years in office (see list at end of story), but his defenders nonetheless cried “conspiracy theory” Monday in their attempts to deflect Trump’s Twitter accusations.

Trump tweeted that his predecessor in the White House ordered, in October of last year, a wiretap of his campaign headquarters at Trump Tower, comparing Obama to Nixon and Watergate.

Mar 07 12:12

Chuck Schumer takes the fifth on Obama's wiretapping of Trump

Mar 07 11:38

Obamagate: If Obama Illegally Wiretapped Trump, He Could Go to Prison—and Sally Yates with Him! (Legal Analysis)

The stories currently are three-fold: first, that Obama’s team tried to get a warrant from a regular, Article III federal court on Trump, and was told no by someone along the way (maybe the FBI), as the evidence was that weak or non-existent; second, Obama’s team then tried to circumvent the federal judiciary’s independent role by trying to mislabel the issue one of “foreign agents,” and tried to obtain a warrant from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act “courts”, and were again turned down, when the court saw Trump named (an extremely rare act of FISA court refusal of the government, suggesting the evidence was truly non-existent against Trump); and so, third, Obama circumvented both the regular command of the FBI and the regularly appointed federal courts, by placing the entire case as a FISA case (and apparently under Sally Yates at DOJ) as a “foreign” case, and then omitted Trump’s name from a surveillance warrant submitted to the FISA court, which the FISA court unwittingly g

Mar 07 11:36

RISE OF THE MACHINES: AI computers learn to code THEMSELVES in major development

COMPUTERS with artificial intelligence (AI) has developed the ability to code itself, putting millions of jobs at risk and paving the way for the rise of the machines.

Mar 07 11:33

WIKILEAKS CIA BOMBSHELL: Vault7 files show spies could 'hack cars to assassinate drivers'

In a statement accompanying the release of the first documents, Wikileaks said: "As of October 2014 the CIA was also looking at infecting the vehicle control systems used by modern cars and trucks.

"The purpose of such control is not specified, but it would permit the CIA to engage in nearly undetectable assassinations."

However, the statement appears to be Wikileaks analysis of the potential use of such an "infection" rather there being any documentary evidence to support the theory.

Mar 07 11:28

WIKILEAKS CIA BOMBSHELL: Vault7 reveals plan with MI5 to 'BUG YOUR TV' in major leak

"The increasing sophistication of surveillance techniques has drawn comparisons with George Orwell's 1984, but 'Weeping Angel', developed by the CIA's Embedded Devices Branch (EDB), which infests smart TVs, transforming them into covert microphones, is surely its most emblematic realisation.

"The attack against Samsung smart TVs was developed in cooperation with the United Kingdom's MI5/BTSS. After infestation, Weeping Angel places the target TV in a 'Fake-Off' mode, so that the owner falsely believes the TV is off when it is on.

"In 'Fake-Off' mode the TV operates as a bug, recording conversations in the room and sending them over the internet to a covert CIA server."

Mar 07 11:06


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Official website of the original documentary on Edward Snowden that blew the lid off of the surveillance state.

You really should buy/watch this movie!

Mar 07 10:55


We’ve previously documented that it is child’s play to frame Russian hackers for attacks carried out by others.

Today, Wikileaks released leaked CIA documents showing that this is a routine activity of the CIA:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Imagine my (complete absence of) surprise, to learn this.

Mar 07 10:40

Wikileaks Releases Trove of Secret Files That It Says Show How CIA Hacks Into Phones

Home Tech
By Joe Simonson | 11:19 am, March 7, 2017

In what it’s calling the “largest ever publication of confidential documents” from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, Wikileaks claims it has released thousands of files from a “high-security network” located inside the CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence in Langley, Virginia.

The dump is the first in a series called “Year Zero,” which will detail the CIA’s cyber weaponry, according to Wikileaks’ press release. The source of the files is allegedly a former government hacker or contractor. Wikileaks says the source wants to spark a public debate “about the security, creation, use, proliferation and democratic control of cyberweapons.”

The massive file released by Wikileaks appears to contain millions of lines of code, referencing programs with ambiguous names like “Medusa” and “HIVE.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am hardly surprised, but Mike and I have come to the conclusion that any surveillance of any kind on us is punishment duty for anyone at any alphabet soup agency.

Our communications are either bland and mushy, or specific to a need we have for the practical, everyday things which go on in our lives. Those surveilling us would be hearing conversations/reading texts about getting an extra onion for a dinner dish; making sure we have all the music files we need for our next choral rehearsal at the church, etc.

And the problem for the CIA is that the baddies most probably have already had their communications devices encrypted to the point where they are impenetrable and bullet proof from any hacking or surveillance.

Mar 07 10:31

The CIA Spied on People Through Their Smart TVs, Leaked Documents Reveal

Hackers from the CIA found a way to keep Samsung Smart TVs on “Fake-Off mode.”
Hackers at the Central Intelligence Agency, with the help of colleagues from the British spy agency MI5, developed malware to secretly spy on targets through their Samsung Smart TVs, according to new documents published by WikiLeaks.

On Tuesday, WikiLeaks dumped a large cache of documents allegedly coming from the CIA's hacking unit. Julian Assange's organization dubbed the release, which it says it's the first in a series, as "Vault 7," and billed it as the largest-ever of confidential CIA intelligence documents.

"Weeping Angel already hooks key presses [...] to cause the system to enter Fake-Off rather than Off."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How wonderful!!

Oh, and BTW, there's a class action lawsuit against VIZIO for its "smart TV" spying on people:


Mar 07 10:28


Pegasus Global Holdings (PGH) a Trademark of Mobile Arch Partners (MAP) is working with DHS, the CIA , the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) to create total surveillance Smart Cities.

The Center for Innovation Testing and Evaluation, the University of New Mexico (UNM) and numerous high-tech companies are helping design Smart Cities that will spy on everyone.

Two years ago, PGH announced their plans to spend $1 billion to build a full scale mock-up Smart City, complete with surveillance cameras, microphones, Bluetooth monitoring devices, License Plate Readers and probably Stingray cell phone surveillance equipment. (Click here to learn how Bluetooth monitoring devices spy on motorists and pedestrians.)

What this means is, the Feds have designed a mock-up city, specifically designed to perfect their surveillance of citizens.

CIA "Signature School" is designing Smart Cities

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More proof that George Orwell just just a little off with his timing, but not his construct of a country where one is constantly surveilled.

Believe me, when Mike and I make our next big move, it will be to an area of the country so remote that we're as off the grid as humanly possible.

It's not that I am doing anything wrong (I'm a choral conductor at a local Methodist church, for Pete's sake!!), but I just do not like the idea of the city I live in spying on me; it is just a question of principle, thank you very much!!

Mar 07 10:22

Internet Set To Overtake TV

The death of traditional television is gradually coming as more and more consumers cut the cord and turn to the Internet for their video consumption.

Since 2010, there has been an explosion in the number of hours global consumers view videos on the Internet. At the same time, the estimated global time viewing television has remained relatively flat. Moreover, YouTube users are now watching one billion hours of content each day, which is on the cusp of surpassing traditional TV with its 1.25 billion hours per day.

Mar 07 10:10

Wikileaks 'reveals CIA hacking tools'

Wikileaks has published details of what it says are wide-ranging hacking tools used by the CIA.

The alleged cyber-weapons are said to include malware that targets Windows, Android, iOS, OSX and Linux computers as well as internet routers.

Some of the software is reported to have been developed in-house, but the UK's MI5 agency is said to have helped build a spyware attack for Samsung TVs.

A spokesman for the CIA would not confirm the details.

"We do not comment on the authenticity or content of purported intelligence documents," he said.

A spokesman for the UK Home Office was unable to comment.

Wikileaks said that its source had shared the details with it to prompt a debate into whether the CIA's hacking capabilities had exceeded its mandated powers.

Mar 07 09:56


This is a huge story, and it is developing. WIKILEAKS was to hold a live news conference that was to be streamed on Facebook, but the event was hacked! Thus, WIKILEAKS had to use their contingency plan. They released CIA DOCUMENTS through a file.

Mar 07 09:53

CloakCoin 2.0 Digital Wallet Launch

Anonymous transaction service CloakCoin recently announced the launch of its latest digital wallet CloakCoin 2.0. The wallet boasts of flawless value preservation and decent returns. The project registered a remarkable growth in the CoinMarketCap rank (it jumped from 110 to 68), and plans to launch an Android based Wallet next week. The app would be hosted on the electrum server to maintain absolute anonymity. Value of the Cloak has been on an uptrend lately with brilliant prospects for the future.

Introduced in 2014, mostly due to inability of the Bitcoin to maintain absolute anonymity of transactions, CloakCoin has come a long way in such a short time. Essentially, it is meant to be an alternate payment channel that would pace up cross border transactions while maintaining safety of capital and secrecy of the parties involved. CloakCoin finds itself in the sweetest spot for the intended users due the completely decentralized, peer-to-peer algorithm it employs.

Mar 07 09:53

FLASHBACK - DNC Refused to Give FBI Access to Its Servers … Instead Gave Access to a DNC Consultant Tied to Organization Promoting Conflict with Russia

The Democratic National Committee “rebuffed” a request from the FBI to examine its computer services after it was allegedly hacked by Russia during the 2016 election, a senior law enforcement official told CNN Thursday.

“The FBI repeatedly stressed to DNC officials the necessity of obtaining direct access to servers and data, only to be rebuffed until well after the initial compromise had been mitigated,” a senior law enforcement official told CNN. “This left the FBI no choice but to rely upon a third party for information.


The FBI instead relied on the assessment from a third-party security company called CrowdStrike.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As long as we are talking about the Democrats' computer experts...

Mar 07 09:44

Facebook Zero and the “People’s Receiver”

Hitler’s dictatorship differed in one fundamental point from all its predecessors in history. His was the first dictatorship in the present period of modern technical development, a dictatorship which made complete use of all technical means in a perfect manner for the domination of its own nation. Through technical devices such as radio and loudspeaker 80 million people were deprived of independent thought. It was thereby possible to subject them to the will of one man.

Should a similar dictatorship rise today, seeking to make complete use of all technical means in a perfect manner for the domination of global populations, it is very likely they would pursue similar methods – not over radio waves – but by dominating the 21st century’s primary means of communication – the Internet.

Facebook Zero – the Modern-Day “People’s Receiver”

Mar 07 09:42


BREAKING: A website administrator appearing to be Emily McMullin (sister of Ex CIA #nevertrumper Evan McMullin) set up fake website under the Trump Organization Brand three days after the FISA court warrant to wiretap Republican nominee Donald Trump was denied.

Why would Evan McMullin make this website? Simple. He needed to plant evidence that the Trump Organization was colluding with Russia to win the election in order to have a FISA wiretapping warrant be approved. The website was “updated” June 29th, three days after the first FISA wiretapping warrant Obama/CIA requested was denied.

Mar 07 09:39

Empire in Decay: Federal Government Falling Apart as Spying Allegations Fly

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson says there is a theory circulating in the intelligence community that the CIA asked the British to spy on Trump on behalf of the Democratic Party; the politicization of the intelligence agencies is a reflection of a dying empire

Mar 07 09:29

Trey Gowdy Takes on the Obama Wiretapping Scandal, Slams Media

“I think Congress is much better equipped to do investigations than journalists are,” the South Carolina Republican told host bill Hemmer. “We can’t rely on anonymous sources. We can’t rely on leaked information, classified information which in and of itself is a crime.”

“So with all due respect, to the reporters, I can’t cross-examine anonymous sources. You can’t even directly examine them. It’s a lot easier to write a news piece than it is to conduct an investigation.”

Mar 07 09:28

Report: Court Served as Obama’s Rubber Stamp on Electronic Surveillance

According to new analysis of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), not even a single one of the 9,400 Obama administration applications “to conduct electronic surveillance for foreign intelligence purposes” was denied in the last six years.

The stunning approval rate hints that the FISC served as a complete rubber stamp for the previous administration during that time, and comes amid fury over allegations from President Trump that Obama had Trump Tower wiretapped before the 2016 election.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Supposedly there was a single Obama application, one that actually named Trump, that was turned down. It was refiled without Trump's name and granted, then used to retroactively "legalize" the already ongoing surveillance of Trump's campaign.

Mar 07 09:27

Mark Levin Destroys Obama on Wiretapping and Abuse of Power (VIDEO)

Mark Levin, the former Chief of Staff for President Ronald Reagan’s Attorney General Edwin Meese, is a constitutional scholar. “The Great One” is loved by conservatives and wasn’t exactly a fan of Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign.

But now that Trump is exposing former President Barack Obama for his shameful wiretapping of Trump Tower just before the 2016 presidential election, Levin has a major announcement: Trump is 100% right!

Levin knows what he’s talking about from experience, and is certain the tactics used by Obama and the intelligence community are activities only found in a police state.

Mar 07 09:13

Thousands of mics and cameras to be installed in San Diego for ‘data harvesting’

General Electric, in conjunction with AT&T and Intel Corp, is set to install cameras, microphones, and sensors on 3,200 streetlights in San Diego this year, beginning in July. The installations are part of a new “smart city” scheme that aims to monitor traffic and crime.

Mar 07 09:06

Wikileaks reveals how CIA is targeting your iPhone, Android, and smart TV

Much the of the leak confirms what most people assume about the US government’s ability to circumvent the built-in security features of computer software and mobile devices — for example, that the organization has many “zero day” exploits for computers running Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and more.


And it’s not just the typical communications devices that are on the CIA’s target list, according to the leak. Even Samsung smart TVs can be used to eavesdrop on conversations without anyone in the room knowing.

The attack against Samsung smart TVs was developed in cooperation with the United Kingdom’s MI5/BTSS. After infestation, Weeping Angel places the target TV in a ‘Fake-Off’ mode, so that the owner falsely believes the TV is off when it is on. In ‘Fake-Off’ mode the TV operates as a bug, recording conversations in the room and sending them over the Internet to a covert CIA server.

Mar 07 08:55

Watt the f... Dim smart meters caught simply making up readings

Some smart meters might more accurately be described as fake meters because they present false readings about energy consumption.

A recent study from researchers at University of Twente (UT) and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) has found that three-phase static (electronic) energy meters, which are replacing traditional electromechanical meters, can exaggerate energy consumption by as much as 582 per cent.

Mar 07 08:52

Shamoon malware spawns even nastier 'StoneDrill'

Researchers following up on last November's re-emergent Shamoon malware attacks have found something even nastier.

A quartet of Kaspersky researchers say the “StoneDrill” malware sits in a victim's browser, and wipes any physical or logical path accessible with the target user's privileges.

Although StoneDrill mostly seeks Saudi Arabian targets (and has Persian language resources in the code), Kaspersky's authors Costin Raiu, Mohamad Amin Hasbini, Sergey Belov, and Sergey Mineev discovered it in Europe, and take this as a hint that the attackers might be widening their campaign.

There's also a backdoor module that has a choice of four command and control servers. The commands the researchers found in the malware suggest an espionage operation, with screenshot and upload capabilities, and to help evade detection, it functions at the file level and doesn't need to use disk drivers during installation.

Mar 07 08:46

Undisputed And Clear: Obama Administration Sought To wiretap Trump! Dick Morris TV

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The salient point here; Obama sought to spy on Trump just one month after Trump won the nomination, before the claim that Russia was aiding Trump was put forward!

Mar 07 08:31

CIA Analyst – Trump Wiretap Was Probably Done Via British GCHQ

Webmaster's Commentary: 

For illegal eavesdropping, the US often goes through foreign intelligence services to evade US laws. This practice has been part of ECHELON, or "Five Eyes", going back to the 1980s, when each nation would spy on the citizens of each other, then trade the intel to stay "legal."

Click for larger image

Mar 07 07:58

Former Obama Secret Service agent Dan Bongino also indicated the Obama wire tap scandal was going to “blow wide open” this week even as the Mainstream Media attempts to spin in favor of Barack Obama.

Mar 07 07:47

Oh yeah - that Antivirus software you use? CIA have free run of that too

Mar 07 07:44

Leaked FBI doc reveals secret policy of targeting journalists, sources

FBI documents sought after in Freedom of Information Act requests for the last year are now available, thanks to a leak to the Intercept. They lay out secret rules for collecting phone records of journalists, bypassing normal judicial processes.
The documents, published Thursday, outline how FBI agents would utilize National Security Letters in obtaining journalists’ phone records. They date back to 2013, the same year the agency’s overseer, the US Department of Justice, amended its standards for subpoenaing for such records.

However, the newly leaked papers are marked “last updated October 2011,” and they seem to conflict with DOJ policy as well as reveal information that many say never should have been secret in the first place.

View image on Twitter

Mar 07 07:20

WIKILEAKS RELEASE: Vault 7 Part 1 “Year Zero”: Inside the CIA’s global hacking force

Recently, the CIA lost control of the majority of its hacking arsenal including malware, viruses, trojans, weaponized “zero day” exploits, malware remote control systems and associated documentation. This extraordinary collection, which amounts to more than several hundred million lines of code, gives its possessor the entire hacking capacity of the CIA. The archive appears to have been circulated among former U.S. government hackers and contractors in an unauthorized manner, one of whom has provided WikiLeaks with portions of the archive.

“Year Zero” introduces the scope and direction of the CIA’s global covert hacking program, its malware arsenal and dozens of “zero day” weaponized exploits against a wide range of U.S. and European company products, include Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows and even Samsung TVs, which are turned into covert microphones.

Mar 06 09:35

Amazon And The $150 Million Typo

The Wall Street Journal reported that the outage "cost companies in the S&P 500 index $150 million, according to Cyence Inc., a startup that specializes in estimating cyber-risks. Apica Inc., a website-monitoring company, said 54 of the internet's top 100 retailers saw website performance slow by 20% or more."

Mar 06 09:18

To keep Tor hack source code secret, DOJ dismisses child porn case

Rather than share the now-classified technological means that investigators used to locate a child porn suspect, federal prosecutors in Washington state have dropped all charges against a man accused of accessing Playpen, a notorious and now-shuttered website.
The case, United States v. Jay Michaud, is one of nearly 200 cases nationwide that have raised new questions about the appropriate limitations on the government’s ability to hack criminal suspects. Michaud marks just the second time that prosecutors have asked that case be dismissed.

Mar 06 08:46

Flashback: US bugged Merkel's phone from 2002 until 2013, report claims

The US has been spying on German Chancellor Angela Merkel's mobile phone since 2002, according to a report in Der Spiegel magazine.

The German publication claims to have seen secret documents from the National Security Agency which show Mrs Merkel's number on a list dating from 2002 - before she became chancellor.

Another report says Mr Obama was told in 2010 about the surveillance.

Mar 06 07:38

PORN BLACKMAIL: Experts warn extortioners are targeting thousands of British webcam users

Some victims are ambushed as they browse social media, some are looking for love on dating sites and others are tricked by pop-up ads on porn websites.

According to the Mirror, an English teenager told his blackmailer: “I’d rather go and shoot myself, you f***ing trash making people do this.”

The scammer - a member of an Ivory Coast gang - replied: “I thank you I want your money more I will share your video bye?”

Minutes later, the victim typed his suicide note which read: “I was getting blackmailed by someone for £800 so they sent a video around of me and ruined my life. I am so sorry … but this is the only way out.”

He was found dead the following day.

Mar 06 07:34

Gmail, Yahoo Mail accounts HACKED - is your account at risk of being sold on the Dark Web?

OVER A million Gmail and Yahoo accounts reportedly offered on sale to hackers, with several major cyber-attacks thought to have been behind the breach.

Yahoo Mail and Gmail users are being warned to check their security settings after a huge hoard of accounts were reportedly put up for sale online by criminals.

Mar 06 07:25

If we must have an IoT bog roll holder, can we at least make it secure?

Greater accountability is needed in the rush to connect absolutely everything to the net – including toilet roll holders and pregnancy tests – Europol's CyberCrime Centre advisor and Intel Security CTO Raj Samani has said.

"It is an internet of vulnerable things," he told The Register at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. "Go and ask anyone on the show floor: what data are you collecting? What are you doing to safeguard information and secure the device? And you will get blank stares. No one is thinking about what you are doing to secure the gadget."

Mar 06 07:15

BT splurges £1.2bn on securing Champions League rights, Sky heads for an early bath

Sorry your broadband is crap, Ronaldo needs a new Jag

Mar 05 19:43

Flashback: NSA Wiretapping Flynn and Trump White House?

The National Security Agency (NSA), having previously been disclosed by Edward Snowden and my whistleblower client Dennis Montgomery to have unconstitutionally and illegally spied on the telephonic metadata, internet, and social media communications of hundreds of millions of American citizens — including Supreme Court justices, hundreds of lower court judges, prominent businessmen like Trump himself, and ordinary American activists like yours truly — is at it again!

This time, with the resignation of Trump White House National Security Adviser General Michael Flynn last night — based on telephone NSA intercepts he allegedly had with the Russian ambassador — it's clear that the NSA is spying on the president, his White House, and the administration in general.

Mar 04 22:42

REVEALED: Technical glitch allows thieves to use cards MONTHS after being reported stolen

UK banks have been accused of being “reckless” after failing to inform those potentially affected by the problem.

It emerged crooks may be able to use the cards for months after they have been reported stolen due to the way the tap and pay feature is set up.

Payments from contactless cards are made “offline”, meaning the bank does not have to authorise the payment at the point of transaction and they are approved automatically.

This means the till does not check the validity of the card or if it has been stolen.

Mar 04 09:47


Mar 04 08:57

WikiLeaks - Clinton campaign sent access request to U.S. nuclear weapons secrets over email

Mar 03 23:11

NATO Commander Declares Russia Meddling in US Election Could Be ‘Act of War’

NATO’s Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe has declared that alleged Russian meddling in the US election could be considered an “act of war” and prompt a military response.

General Sir Adrian Bradshaw, a citizen of the UK, has alleged that an “international disinformation campaign” through websites such as Sputnik News and Russia Today could also be included in NATO’s definition of an “attack.”

According to the NATO treaty, “an armed attack against one or more [members] shall be considered an attack against them all,” and allies may use any action necessary for defense. In recent years, this has been expanded to include cyber attacks and hacking.

Mar 03 14:15

Trending on Twitter --- "Democrat Party Ties to Russia"

2011 Obama tells Russian President Medvedev on a hot mic that he "will have more flexibility after election"

Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal

Mar 03 11:11

WaPo Spins Its Scoop To Minimize Damage To Sessions

The Washington Post, which broke the Jeff Sessions/Russian ambassador story (3/1/17), is framing it to minimize political damage to the attorney general. Here’s the headline:

But the problem is not that Sessions “did not disclose” his meetings with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak; it’s that he lied about them under oath.

Mar 03 08:49

Systems down all Thursday afternoon for multiple banks in Texas

Just a quick note to my ZH friends that the banking system has been down this afternoon since about 11:30am for many banks in Texas (possibly all?) and apparently Oklahoma, too.

I have confirmed this firsthand. Have any of you been affected?

For example, some banks and credit unions in Texas were giving hand-written receipts for deposits, and limiting cash withdrawals to $300! Other banks were not making wire transfers for Friday payrolls of corporate customers.

Here is one message I found on a Credit Union website...

Due to an internet outage, FCCU in-store locations will be closing at
6pm today. Normal business hours will resume Friday, March 3rd. Please
use Online Banking, Mobile Banking and ATMs

Mar 02 17:36

Researchers store computer operating system and short movie on DNA

In a new study in Science, a pair of researchers at Columbia University and the New York Genome Center (NYGC) show that an algorithm designed for streaming video on a cellphone can unlock DNA's nearly full storage potential by squeezing more information into its four base nucleotides. They demonstrate that this technology is also extremely reliable.

DNA is an ideal storage medium because it's ultra-compact and can last hundreds of thousands of years if kept in a cool, dry place, as demonstrated by the recent recovery of DNA from the bones of a 430,000-year-old human ancestor found in a cave in Spain.

"DNA won't degrade over time like cassette tapes and CDs, and it won't become obsolete--if it does, we have bigger problems," said study coauthor Yaniv Erlich, a computer science professor at Columbia Engineering, a member of Columbia's Data Science Institute, and a core member of the NYGC.

Mar 02 17:18

One bitcoin is now worth more than one ounce of gold

For the first time ever, the price of one bitcoin has surpassed the price of one ounce of gold.

Mar 02 17:16

Public university lays off 79 IT workers after they train outsourced replacements

At the University of California's San Francisco campus, 79 IT employees lost their jobs this week, some of them after explaining to their replacements at Indian outsourcing firm HCL how to do their jobs.

The union representing the employees, University Professional and Technical Employees CWA Local 9119, says it's the first time a public university has offshored American IT jobs.

In a statement sent yesterday, UPTE-CWA says the layoffs could spread, since the HCL contract can be utilized by any of the 10 campuses in the University of California system, the nation's largest public university. "US taxes should be used to create jobs in the US, not in other countries," said Kurt Ho, a systems administrator who was quoted in the union's press release. Ho was required to train his replacement as a condition of getting his severance pay.

Mar 02 17:11

Amazon S3-izure cause: Half the web vanished because an AWS bod fat-fingered a command

Amazon has provided the postmortem for Tuesday's AWS S3 meltdown, shedding light on what caused one of its largest cloud facilities to bring a chunk of the web down.

In a note today to customers, the tech giant said the storage system was knocked offline by a staffer trying to address a problem with its billing system. Essentially, someone mistyped a command within a production environment while debugging a performance gremlin.

Mar 02 17:04

Private Anti-Piracy Deals With Domain Registries are Dangerous, Professor Warns

Last year the MPAA signed its first anti-piracy deals with a domain name registries, hoping to limit widespread copyright infringement. A dangerous development, according to University of Idaho Law Professor Annemarie Bridy, who warns that DNS filtering could gradually become a common tool to supress disfavored speech.

Mar 02 11:23

NSA Caught Intercepting Online Purchases To Install Spy Malware

The NSA, in collaboration with the CIA and FBI, routinely and secretly intercept shipping deliveries for laptops and PCs purchased online in order to install spy malware and bugs before they reach their owners.

Mar 02 09:42

Google's troll-hunting AI fooled by typos

A prototype AI that spots online trolling can be tricked with a few typos, researchers have shown.

The system, from Google spin-off company Jigsaw, fails to detect words like "idiot" and "stupid" as toxic language when misspelled as "idiiot" or "st.upid", for example.

Jigsaw said its tool, called Perspective, was still in development.

Mar 02 09:40

Yahoo confirms 32M accounts hacked as CEO forfeits annual bonus in apology

Yahoo continues its downhill slide as an investigation by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) confirmed more than 32 million accounts were breached in a cookie-forging attack dating back to 2015 and 2016.

The news follows two separate massive breaches affecting over 500 million and one billion users in 2014 and 2013 respectively. While details remain inconclusive, the investigation asserts the attack could have been linked to the 2014 hackings to some extent.

The breach involved a sophisticated attack vector that relied on cookie forgery to obtain access to user accounts. According to the filed documents, the affected cookies have since been invalidated.

Mar 02 09:36

Online shops plundered by bank card-stealing malware after bungling backend Aptos hacked

Shoppers of 40 online stores have had their bank card numbers and addresses slurped by a malware infection at backend provider Aptos.

The security breach occurred late last year when a crook was able to inject spyware into machines Aptos used to host its retail services for online shops. This software nasty was able to access customer payment card numbers and expiration dates, full names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses, we're told.

Rather than being alerted to the infiltration by Aptos itself, instead we were warned this week by Aptos' customers – the retailers whose websites were infected by the malware on the backend provider's servers.

According to these stores, which have had to file computer security breach notifications with state authorities, the malware was active on Aptos systems from February through December of 2016.

Mar 02 09:31

We found a hidden backdoor in Chinese Internet of Things devices – researchers

IoT devices from a Chinese vendor contain a hidden backdoor that the vendor is refusing to fix, according to security researchers.

The backdoor was discovered in almost all devices produced by VoIP specialist dbltek, and appears to have been purposely built in for use by the vendor, according to security firm TrustWave. The firm says that it followed a responsible disclosure process, but claims the vendor responded only with modifications that leave the backdoor open.

Trustwave claims the vendor then cut off contact with it. The security firm says it has since been able to write exploits that open both the old and new backdoors.

Mar 02 09:29

GoDaddy DNS has gone diddy

An unspecified technical infrastructure issue has left GoDaddy customers with serious DNS issues this morning.

Despite a status page claims that all is green and healthy at registrar and web hosting business GoDaddy, customers have been complaining on Twitter, as well as to The Register, and to GoDaddy itself, that their domains are disappearing from DNS.

There is currently a 17-minute wait to get through to a customer service representative, although such representatives are confirming to El Reg readers that they are investigating the issue and hope to have a fix for it by the end of the day.

Mar 02 09:13

War on Comments: Google Built an A.I. to Censor the Web, And the Media Is Celebrating

“What if technology could help improve conversations online?”

That’s the lowkey Orwellian message that greets visitors to the website of Perspective, Google’s new AI system for detecting (and potentially deleting, hiding, or burying) “toxic” comments on the web.

Perspective is still in early days of development, but in the future, you may have to adjust your speech in order to satisfy the lofty standards of Google. Otherwise, the company’s faceless AI might just have to “improve” you. Where’s Sarah Connor when you need her?

Mar 02 09:09

House Democrats Delayed Dismissal Of IT Staff 'Hackers' Because They Were Muslim American

A month ago, three Muslim American brothers who managed office IT were barred from congressional computers (on suspicion that they accessed computers without permission). While many congressmen immediately relieved them of their duties, two House Democrats decided to delay the firing (until today) because their Muslim background, some with ties to Pakistan, could make them easy targets for false charges.

Mar 02 08:09

Germany moves closer to password-free WiFi for all

The German government is taking steps to encourage Germans to share their WiFi connections, so that the country can finally catch up to rivals in the race towards universal digitalization.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In the early days of WiFi this would have been a security disaster, but thankfully most modern home routers actually have two WiFi systems, one that connects to the internal LAN and a second "guest" network that only links to the external internet. The latter is safe to leave open. Germany needs to make that distinction clear to their people.

Mar 01 16:26

Congratulations IBM for 'inventing' out-of-office email. You win Stupid Patent of the Month

The patent office was supposed to protect inventors and allow them to monetize their discoveries without others stealing their work. Patents didn't cost much to gain, but the office went through and carefully considered each filing on its merits.

In the 1990s, Congress cut back on funding to the agency and insisted it become self-sustaining or even a profit center. As a result the number of patents issued rose dramatically, as did fees, and the rigor that filings were subject to was reduced.

At the same time companies like IBM, Microsoft, and Intellectual Ventures saw the value in collecting patents and turning them into a significant revenue stream through licensing. Businesses started filing patents for anything and everything and using them to sue rivals for royalties.

Mar 01 16:22

WordPress photo plugin opens 'a million sites' to SQLi database feasting

A critical flaw has been found in the third-party WordPress NextGEN Gallery plugin that is, according to, actively used by more than a million websites.

If you're using this plugin, patch now to version 2.1.79 or greater.

Mar 01 16:00

Face recognition failure: Georgia DMV denies twins' permit 'cause computer sees them as one

Twin sisters attempting to apply for driving permits have exposed a flaw in facial-recognition software used by the state of Georgia. The program couldn’t tell the young women apart, so it decided they were the same person.

Mar 01 09:29

Use Google Chrome? Why you must update your browser RIGHT NOW

Victims were targeted via an email to their Gmail account, which may include an attachment or image, and might even come from a contact or company you recognise.

When clicked on, this opens a new tab with a page which closely resembles the real Gmail login page, and asks the user to sign in once more.

However the page is actually a portal for hackers to steal your email address and password information - giving them full access to your account.

The hackers can then spread their virus even further by sending emails to all of your contacts.

And even worse, if you use the same login details for other websites or accounts, the hackers will be able to gain access to these to.

However, it now seems the threat has been fixed by Google in recent update to Chrome.
Claire got this on her Android phone!

Mar 01 09:26

WHATSAPP SCAM WARNING: If you receive M&S gift voucher do this IMMEDIATELY

DEVIOUS cyber thieves are hoping to gain your personal details by offering you a fake £250 Marks & Spencer gift voucher in return for completing a survey.

Mar 01 09:03

Dozens of Federal Employees Watched Abundance of Porn on the Job in Recent Years

Almost 100 federal government employees have admitted to or been caught viewing copious amounts of pornography while on the job in the past five years, according to an investigation by the News4 I-Team.

The cases include workers who admitted spending six hours a day surfing illicit images and videos and maintaining tens of thousands of adult images on their office desktops.

Mar 01 08:58

CloudPets' woes worsen: Webpages can turn kids' stuffed toys into creepy audio bugs

As the world learns of its embarrassingly leaky customer database, internet-connected cuddly toy maker CloudPets is under further scrutiny. This time for not securing its gizmos against remote exploitation via the Bluetooth Web API.

Basically, it is possible for a webpage to connect to CloudPets plushie, via Bluetooth in the computer or handheld viewing the page, without any authentication, and start controlling the gadget and recording from its builtin microphone. You can also play sounds through it.

Mar 01 08:57

AWS's S3 outage was so bad Amazon couldn't get into its own dashboard to warn the world

Tuesday's Amazon Web Services mega-outage knocked offline not only websites big and small, by yanking away their backend storage, but also knackered apps and Internet of Things gadgets relying on the technology.

In fact, the five-hour breakdown was so bad, Amazon couldn't even update its own AWS status dashboard: its red warning icons were stranded, hosted on the broken-down side of the cloud.

Essentially, S3 buckets in the US-East-1 region in northern Virginia, US, became inaccessible at about 0945 PST (1745 UTC). Software, from web apps to smartphone applications, relying on this cloud-based storage quickly broke, taking out a sizable chunk of the internet as we know it.

Mar 01 08:32

Internet of Things Teddy Bear Leaked 2 Million Parent and Kids Message Recordings

A company that sells “smart” teddy bears leaked 800,000 user account credentials—and then hackers locked it and held it for ransom.

UPDATE, Feb. 28, 12:25 p.m. ET: After this story was published, a security researcher revealed that the stuffed animals themselves could easily be hacked and turned into spy devices.

Mar 01 07:55

Learn cybersecurity basics with these essential YouTube videos

A hand-picked list of must-watch cybersecurity videos to help you learn the fundamentals of encryption, how hackers penetrate systems, and strong cyber-defense tactics for business.

Mar 01 07:32

Does Amazon control the Internet, or does it just feel that way?

It's really not true that Amazon controls the Internet, though it can sometimes feel like it — especially after Tuesday's four-hour Internet backend outage that slowed or stopped bits and pieces of tens of thousands of websites from loading.

To paraphrase the German statesman Klemens von Metternich, "when Amazon sneezes, the Internet catches a cold."

The outage stemmed from a problem with Amazon's popular cloud service Amazon Web Services that affected a big portion of its S3 system, one of AWS' storage systems. That ended up being a big deal because Amazon has about 42% of the cloud market by revenue, according to the market research firm Forrester.

That compares to about 15% for Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform and 7% for Google’s, with the rest being taken up by IBM, Oracle and other smaller players.

Feb 28 17:24

Health firm gets £200k slap after IVF patients' data leaks online

A private health firm has been fined £200,000 after fertility patients’ confidential conversations leaked online.

The £200,000 monetary penalty was levied following an Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) investigation into the way the Lister Hospital in London was transferring, transcribing and storing recordings of IVF appointments.

Problems were discovered in April 2015 after a patient discovered that transcripts from interviews recorded with Lister Hospital IVF patients could be freely accessed by searching online.

Feb 28 17:14

Google censorship of Natural News: Statement from the Health Ranger

After six days of being blacklisted by Google, the website has been restored to Google’s search results. The action by Google follows the largest and most vocal backlash against Google’s de-listing of any website in the history of the company, and it has sparked many new discussions and debates about search engines, censorship and free speech.

All of us at Natural News — as well as our many millions of fans — are grateful for Google’s decision to restore the website, but we are also deeply troubled by the unjustified blacklisting of Natural News and what it means for free speech across the ‘net.

Feb 28 16:22

Late last night, Google reinstated Natural News after a massive backlash by outraged readers.

Google reinstates Natural News... read statement from H.R.

Late last night, Google reinstated Natural News after a massive backlash by outraged readers.

The problem is, Google can still censor anyone at any time for any reason, without explanation or justification.

Google's totalitarianism has become a threat to our society.

Feb 28 14:54

Petition to Ban Google's Blatant Suppression of Free Speech

Google, which controls 67.5% of internet searches in the United States is attempting to silence any voice that doesn't coincide with their political views. This incidentally targets some of the biggest voices in alternative media, such as and

This week Google wiped 140,000 articles from its database, prohibiting individuals from viewing the sites webpages if searched. Google sent no prior warning. Natural News has stated that they follow all Google terms of service rules and that they do not condone or endorse any techniques that may manipulate Natural News in the search engines.

This censorship of the Independent Media is a blatant attack on the first amendment rights of users.

Please sign and share this petition.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

35,000 to go!


Feb 28 14:53

Google censorship of Natural News: Statement from the Health Ranger

After six days of being blacklisted by Google, the website has been restored to Google’s search results. The action by Google follows the largest and most vocal backlash against Google’s de-listing of any website in the history of the company, and it has sparked many new discussions and debates about search engines, censorship and free speech.

Click here to sign the White House petition demanding an end to Google censorship.

All of us at Natural News — as well as our many millions of fans — are grateful for Google’s decision to restore the website, but we are also deeply troubled by the unjustified blacklisting of Natural News and what it means for free speech across the ‘net.

Feb 28 14:32

It’s not just you: Massive internet outage is sweeping the East Coast

If it seems like your internet browsing is hitting more walls than possible today, you’ll be happy to know that it’s not your computer. A massive Amazon Web Services (AWS) outage is striking down lots and lots of web pages, leading to huge hiccups on a number of domains. Amazon is reporting the issue on its AWS dashboard, citing “Increased Error Rates,” which is a fancy way of saying that something is seriously broken.

Feb 28 14:14

Scott Adams: Nothing to See Here, Folks

I recently tweeted a link to my blog post that is unflattering to the proponents of climate science. I have 138,000 Twitter followers. My traffic from Twitter to my blog in a recent minute was only 14 people, while overall traffic from other sources was its usual robust self. For non-controversial topics, my Twitter-driven traffic for a tweet to my blog would be 200-300 per minute in the half-hour after a tweet. On this topic, it hovered between 10-14.

Feb 28 12:33

While U.S. Targets Illegal Immigrants, Spain “Jails 65 Illegal Bankers”

While the Trump Administration is cracking down on immigration, and scoring big populist points for being tough on foreign criminals and undocumented families, he holds in his administration a who’s who of Wall Street’s banking elite, the very leaders of the mega-banks that caused the 2008 economic crisis, and who continue to drag the economy dangerously close to repeat disaster as the atmosphere of predatory financial dealings continues…

Read more at SHTF

Feb 28 10:06

Germany, France lobby hard for terror-busting encryption backdoors – Europe seems to agree

The technology industry has hit back at proposed plans by France and Germany to force EU member states to backdoor encryption for the police.

Last week, Thomas de Maizière and Bruno Le Roux, respectively the German and French ministers of the interior, sent a letter to the European Commission calling for measures to stem what they see as a tide of terrorism sweeping the land.

These proposed measures include allowing the greater sharing of people's personal information between nations' police forces to fight crime; more reliance on biometrics; and – depressingly predictable these days – demands for technology companies to come up with impossible encryption systems that are secure, strong, and yet easily crackable by law enforcement on demand.

Feb 28 07:26

Raspberry Pi Zero W: The smart person's guide

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about the tiny $10 computer, the latest from the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Feb 28 07:12


A few days ago Wikipedia announced intention to remove its entry on SouthFront (more here), explaining an issue by the pro-Russian position of the project and, by way of issuing an official reason, that the information about the project mostly cites the SouthFront site.

Feb 27 16:31

Tim Hwang on bots that cause chaos

Until recently, the psychological operations (psyops) conducted by governments and political organizations were mostly analog: dropping leaflets from airplanes, blasting radio messages across frontiers, planting stories with journalists, and dragging loudspeakers through city streets.

Now, like some other forms of publishing, the practice of psyops is contemplating an online, AI-driven future in which swarms of carefully targeted bots disseminate information instantly. Compared to traditional psyops, AI-driven bots are highly scalable, offer sophisticated targeting capabilities, and are cheap to deploy—accessible to one-person organizations as well as great-power governments.

Feb 27 16:27

MWC 2017: '22,000 hackable webcams in Barcelona'

A leading security company says it has discovered 22,000 hackable internet-connected baby monitors and other types of webcam in Barcelona.

Avast carried out the check to coincide with the first day of the Mobile World Congress trade show in the city.

In addition, it said it had found more than 470,000 other types of vulnerable smart devices.

The firm warned that unsuspecting owners could be spied upon as a consequence.

Feb 27 16:25

Boat relying upon an iPad for navigation crashes into a ferry after Wi-Fi goes out

Things started out smoothly enough, but as relayed via a recent report in the Metro, navigation became tricky if not downright impossible once Carlin's iPad dropped its Wi-Fi signal.

From there, a comedy of errors ensued as Carlin's boat, completely devoid of direction, blindly entered the UK's busiest shipping lane where it promptly crashed into a cargo ferry. From there, Carlin's boat was a goner and began to sink. Ultimately, Carlin had to make a Mayday call and wait for rescuers to help him out.

Thankfully, no one was injured in the entire ordeal.

Feb 27 16:17

Google Chrome 56's crypto tweak 'borked thousands of computers' using Bluecoat security

Flawed TLS 1.3 takes down Chromebooks, PCs

Feb 27 15:07

Google & Microsoft Sign Pact To Clamp Down On Illegally-Streamed Sports

Illegally streamed sporting events and films will be increasingly difficult to find online under an anti-piracy agreement between Google and Microsoft which will hide the sites in question further down the list of search results.

Feb 27 10:39

Amazon argues AI assistant Alexa has free speech rights in murder trial

'Modern "smart" electronic devices contain a multitude of data that can "reveal much more in combination than any isolated record"

Amazon has argued that the voice of Alexa, the artificial intelligence assistant used in its range of Echo speakers, has First Amendment rights.

The company is fighting an order to hand over recordings from an Amazon Echo used by James Andrew Bates, who is on trial for allegedly murdering his friend Victor Collins in Arkansas in November 2015.

Amazon has filed a 90-page document, which is available to read on Forbes, contesting the warrant demanding the audio covering the 48-hour period from 21-22 November 2015.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is eerie; over the weekend, Mike and I were watching an episode of "Humans", where an AI device, looking strikingly human, was asking to be tried as a human being for a murder it committed, and the British legal machine was attempting to determine how that might play out, and what kind of consciousness the replicant actually possessed.

But the last time I checked, First Amendment rights applied to humans; not to the computer systems which comprise AI. But is Amazon attempting to "stretch the window" on such definition, or is it simply trying to prevent people from peering too deeply into its proprietary technology?!?

Only time will tell.

Feb 27 10:25

Petition to Ban Google's Blatant Suppression of Free Speech

Google, which controls 67.5% of internet searches in the United States is attempting to silence any voice that doesn't coincide with their political views. This incidentally targets some of the biggest voices in alternative media, such as and

This week Google wiped 140,000 articles from its database, prohibiting individuals from viewing the sites webpages if searched. Google sent no prior warning. Natural News has stated that they follow all Google terms of service rules and that they do not condone or endorse any techniques that may manipulate Natural News in the search engines.

This censorship of the Independent Media is a blatant attack on the first amendment rights of users.

Please sign and share this petition.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Bump to the top. Already more than 1/2 of the way there, and we have until March 25th to reach 100,000 signatures. Please post this to all your social media and send to your friends who value honest discussions and freedom of speech.

Feb 27 09:29


From the guys who brought you US Bee where malware causes a regular USB thumb drive to emit particular electromagnetic waves that another computer with a simple antennae can pick up and decode, comes LED-It-Go.

The system is outlined and contextualized in an article by Wired, but essentially, the malware convinces the blinking LEDs common to Windows system computers to blink super-fast and to reveal information to a drone with a video camera that is as far away as video contact can be effectively established.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Interesting that it is the Israelis who spend so much time and effort figuring out how to break into computers that do not belong to them!

Feb 27 08:57

Google refuses to provide any evidence to justify blacklisting of Natural News… webmaster guidelines a “black box of total bulls##t”

We’re now five days into Google’s total blacklisting ban of the entire website, and Google still won’t provide us with any real evidence of why we’ve been banned.

Sign the White House petition NOW and join 52,000+ other people who denounce Google’s outrageous censorship of Natural News.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 27 08:44

Obamascare: 60% of online Obamacare defenders 'paid to post' hits on critics

A majority of online and social media defenders of Obamacare are professionals who are "paid to post," according to a digital expert.

"Sixty percent of all the posts were made from 100 profiles, posting between the hours of 9 and 5 Pacific Time," said Michael Brown. "They were paid to post."

Feb 26 12:22


Millions use Amazon to shop and many are used to receiving emails from the company, but the ABC 7 I-Team investigated emails that look like they could be from Amazon, but are not. Studies show phishing attacks are on the rise.

Feb 26 11:46

The 'human-like' bots that have been arguing on Wikipedia for TEN years

A new study has found that humans aren't the only one's fighting about Wikipedia revisions.

Researchers have discovered that software robots designed to improve articles on the site were 'fighting' over content and undoing each other’s edits for 10 years.

Feb 26 09:19

The Wireless World of Health Harms

By Catherine J. Frompovich

January 30, 2017, Olga Sheean presented an opus-like, 57-page report “Setting the standard for a wireless world of harm,” a call for action and accountability [1] to the United Nations for whom she worked at one time until, unfortunately, she became electromagnetically hypersensitive (EHS). She worked at UNAIDS, the joint United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS under a contract with the World Health Organization (WHO).

Ms. Sheean’s impressive report highlights frustrating topics surrounding microwave technology: Industry Infiltration; Intentional Ignorance; Denial of Science; Disregard for Humanity and What Needs to Happen...

Feb 26 08:47

Google lawsuit could be a fatal setback for Uber's self-driving dreams

Accusations that an ex-Google engineer stole trade secrets and took them to Uber may pose an existential threat in the race to get self-driving cars on the road

Feb 25 10:55

Lady de Rothschild Tweet’s: Hillary lost because Podesta was “arrogant” and “out of touch”

A tweet made by the host of Showtime’s The Circus John Heilemann garnered an unanticipated response from a well-known elite Wednesday.

Feb 25 09:07

GE, Intel, AT&T team up to put cameras, mics in San Diego

General Electric will put cameras, microphones and sensors on 3,200 street lights in San Diego this year, marking the first large-scale use of “smart city” tools GE says can help monitor traffic and pinpoint crime, but raising potential privacy concerns.

Feb 25 08:55

Here Are The Passwords You Should Change Immediately

If you have or had accounts on Fitbit, Uber, OkCupid, Medium, or Yelp, you should probably change your passwords. In a blog post published on Thursday, the web performance and security company Cloudflare said it had fixed a critical bug, discovered over the weekend, that had been leaking sensitive information such as website passwords in plain text from September 2016 to February 2017. Over 5.5 million websites use Cloudflare, including Fitbit, Uber, OkCupid, Medium, and Yelp.

Feb 25 08:46

With outrageous censoring of Natural News, Google now becomes the internet’s #1 BULLY and pusher of hate speech… #SaveNaturalNews

Google’s outrageous censorship of Natural News continues, all part of a coordinate campaign to assassinate my character, silence the Natural News website and empower the voices of those pharma-funded critics who have been relentlessly attempting to shut down Natural News for years.

SIGN THIS WHITE HOUSE PETITION NOW to demand a federal government investigation into the anti-trust violations of Google, which now functions as an Orwellian, monopoly disinfo organization that deliberately eliminates entire websites from search results simply because they don’t like the content.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 24 20:09

More sweary Trump banter with Alexa

I wonder who Bezos wanted in the White House...

Feb 24 18:34

Arkansas Police Want To Force Amazon To Release Private Audio From Echo

By Derrick Broze

Prosecutors in Arkansas are attempting to set a dangerous precedent by forcing Amazon to release audio gathered by the Echo device.

Since its June 2015 release, civil liberties activists have been concerned with the dangers associated with Amazon’s Echo device. The device responds to either “wake,” “Alexa,” or “Amazon,” and records audio automatically. Echo is also capable of voice interaction and providing weather, traffic and other real-time information...

Feb 24 16:03

‘How to Cancel Spotify Premium’ Is Now a Trending Search Term

Company executives worked to make Spotify’s IPO attractive. Yet, the company now sits atop a $1.5 billion debt pile after failing to show Wall Street a ‘path to profitability.’

The company has also yet to secure long-term, stable music licensing deals that make economic sense. Yet, two weeks ago, the New York Times tried to aid the streamer. Following 276,000 digital subscriptions added in the fourth quarter of 2016, NYT offered Spotify Premium. The $6.25 a week NYT All Access subscription gave unlimited access to ad-free Spotify. The strategic partnership aimed to broaden both companies’ audience.

However, that plan may have burst in an oddly unexpected way. This morning, DMN discovered ‘How to Cancel Spotify Premium’ had become a trending topic. According to search engine tracker SEMrush, searches for that exact phrase have more than doubled in just three months.

People are not only trying to get out, they’re banging on DMN’s door for help.

Feb 24 13:58

Uber Accused Of Stealing Its Driverless Car Technology From Competitor In Federal Lawsuit

Uber’s hopes of moving toward a completely autonomous fleet of vehicles may be dashed, if Waymo, a self-driving car company owned by Google-parent Alphabet, Inc. convinces a federal court it was a victim of “calculated theft.”

Feb 24 13:50

Man in Hiding Confesses to Illegal Fundraising for the Clintons: “Fears Untimely Death”

It is little surprising, though certainly alarming, that this story has surfaced of a Chinese-American businessman who is living in hiding and who felt compelled to make an ‘insurance policy’ video detailing his involvement in the Clinton admin’s “Chinagate” which involved laundered funds from high powered Chinese businessmen...

Read more at SHTF

Feb 24 10:14

DuckDuckGo not blocking

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A lot of people suggested this as an alternative to Google.

Feb 24 10:08

Perspective Or Censorship? Google Shares AI Designed To Fight Online Trolling

Google has released to developers the source code to Perspective, a new machine tool designed to flag “toxic comments” online. Its creators hope the AI will clean up internet debate, but critics fear it will lead to censorship instead.

Feb 24 09:59

The Deep State Just Made It's Move & You Are Not Going To Believe Their Plan

Mexico prepares to ditch US corn imports. DHS begins deportation but they are not using an army. Infowars and NaturalNews have been hit by Google, the deep state is slowly getting rid of the alternative media.

Feb 24 09:37

Behold the censorship machine!

In an effort to make websites more “advertiser friendly” some media outlets have taken to eliminating comment sections where, without considerable effort from moderators, they are unable to control the direction of reader conversations. But a Google-funded algorithm could change that via censorship.

Feb 24 09:03

How to nuke websites you don't like: Slam Google with millions of bogus DMCA takedowns

Big corporations are abusing the system for taking down files and links to copyright-infringing content by sending millions of fake links, according to Google.

Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), online providers are given legal protection from having illegal content on their servers if they respond to requests from the copyright owners to take down specific files.

It has never been a watertight system, but a recent filing [PDF] from Google to a formal study looking at the process (section 512 in the lingo) shows that in recent years it has become widely abused, with companies filing millions of bogus requests in an effort to shut down specific websites.

Feb 24 08:58

Major Cloudflare bug leaked sensitive data from customers’ websites

Cloudflare revealed a serious bug in its software today that caused sensitive data like passwords, cookies, authentication tokens to spill in plaintext from its customers’ websites. The announcement is a major blow for the content delivery network, which offers enhanced security and performance for more than 5 million websites.

This could have allowed anyone who noticed the error to collect a variety of very personal information that is typically encrypted or obscured.

Remediation was complicated by an additional wrinkle. Some of that data was automatically cached by search engines, making it particularly difficult to clean up the aftermath as Cloudflare had to approach Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines and ask them to manually scrub the data.

The leak may have been active as early as Sept. 22, 2016, almost five months before a security researcher at Google’s Project Zero discovered it and reported it to Cloudflare.

Feb 24 08:56

Smart Saw

The mechanism is so simple you can put it together by yourself in no time. Usually woodcarving machines like the Smart Saw cost tens of thousands of dollars. But if you follow this simple step by step guide you'll build a DIY Smart Saw right from the first try even if you never held a hammer before.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This struck me as really cool. Now, what they are selling are just the plans to make a computer-driven wood milling table. I contacted them and they do not provide actual parts, but do include a list of suppliers the components can be purchased from. Were I living a life of leisure, I would want to play with this!

Feb 24 08:40

Music Industry Wants Piracy Filters, No Takedown Whack-a-Mole

A group of prominent music groups including the RIAA has asked the Copyright Office to help solve the "broken" and "ineffective" DMCA law. The current takedown provision results in a never-ending game of whack-a-mole, they say, arguing that automated piracy filters are the way forward.

What could possibly go wrong...

Feb 24 08:34

Security lapse exposed New York airport's critical servers for a year

The files included gigabytes of emails, sensitive government files, and a password list, which researchers say could give hackers 'full access' to the airport's systems.