Mar 26 08:34

Hacker takes credit for anti-Semitic fliers on college campus

A 30-year-old computer hacker has claimed responsibility for anti-Semitic fliers appearing this week in the printer trays of computer labs at colleges nationwide, which prompted officials at several campuses to launch investigations amid heightened security concerns.

As of Friday afternoon, students and staff at seven colleges said they had found fliers in computer printers and fax machines advertising Daily Stormer, a white supremacist website described as a “neo-Nazi cesspool” by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Andrew Auernheimer, better known by the alias “weev,” told The Washington Times he was behind the breach, using a freely available tool to scour “basically … the whole English-speaking Internet” for vulnerable devices that could be remotely accessed.

(Note: Not mentioned is the fact that "Weev" is a well known Jewish "Zio-Troll" who made name for himself attacking 9-11 Truth Advocates)

Mar 26 07:37

Why the IRS's Technology Nightmare Is Far From Over

This is a story about the Internal Revenue Service, an 84,000-employee government agency with a job that’s as vital as it is hard to love—securing the trillions of dollars in taxes that make the government run. And these days, it’s an agency down on its luck: plagued by angry politicians, frustrated taxpayers, hordes of identity thieves, and—more recently—hackers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Setting aside the fact that the IRS is a private collection agency owned by and working for a privately owned central bank, one would think that if there were a class of cyber-criminals the NSA would be well motivated to locate, it would be those messing with the tax system, which funds the NSA's nefarious operations. It would appear once again that while the NSA is adept at spying on law-abiding Americans, real criminals (and terrorists) are easily able to evade the NSA!

Mar 26 07:32

Judicial Watch Lawsuit Uncovers New Hillary Clinton Email Withheld from State Department

Judicial Watch announced today that it has obtained State Department documents from February 2009 containing emails that appear to contradict statements by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that, “as far as she knew,” all of her government emails were turned over to the State Department and that she did not use her email system until March 2009.

Mar 25 20:29

Hackers steal data on Verizon enterprise customers, put it up for sale online

Cybercriminals have stolen data from Verizon's enterprise unit and have put it up for sale online. According to security journalist Brian Krebs, the data was stolen from Verizon Enterprise Solutions, a Verizon business unit that provides IT services to major companies, and which itself is often tasked with responding to large data breaches.

Krebs reports that information on about 1.5 million enterprise customers was put up for sale on a forum this week, though no data on Verizon wireless consumers was involved in the breach.

Mar 25 14:12

29 Essential Tips for the New Prepper: “Start Small. Develop Your Skills. Create a Plan”

How would you survive if the food supplies stall out, the economy and digital grid crashes, or para-government forces unleash a round-up plan?

For beginners, the best tip may be to start small and build up from there as you learn what you’re doing:

But here are some other things you must consider before the collapse...


Mar 25 13:44

Stealthy malware targeting air-gapped PCs leaves no trace of infection

The malware is notable for its similarities to state-sponsored threats that have targeted governments and critical infrastructure in the Middle East for years. The Stuxnet worm that the US and Israel reportedly unleashed to disrupt Iran's nuclear program was also spread on USB drives, because many of the systems it targeted weren't connected to the Internet. By infecting computers each time a booby-trapped drive was inserted, Stuxnet aimed to bridge these so-called air gaps. USB Thief has the same ability to infiltrate sensitive networks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So the US/Israel hackers have sicced Stuxnet on us?!?

Mar 25 12:46

Can you use the Raspberry Pi 3 as your work PC?

I'm posting this using my pi3. A little slow, but hey it only has 1 gb RAM! Easy to set up. Bought an old 12.99 usb keyboard,3'hdmi cable and a 32gb microsd for the hd.Using my old TV for a monitor.NEAT!

We spent a week working on the Raspberry Pi 3, to see how the $35 machine matched up to laptops costing more than 10 times its price.

The Raspberry Pi 3 is a $35 computer that is on the cusp of challenging the modern PC.

The bump to the processing power of the latest machine has, according to its co-creator, elevated its performance to a point where it can comfortably be used as a desktop computer.

To determine whether the latest Pi really can go toe-to-toe with a current laptop, I spent a week using the Pi 3 as my main work machine.

Mar 25 12:35

NSA must end planned expansion of domestic spying, lawmakers say

Two members of the House Oversight Committee, a Democrat and a Republican, have asked the director of the National Security Agency to halt a plan to expand the list of agencies that the NSA shares information with.

Representatives Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) and Ted Lieu (D-California) wrote in a letter to NSA Director Michael Rogers on Monday that the reported plan would violate privacy protections in the Fourth Amendment, since domestic law enforcement wouldn’t need a warrant to use the data acquired from the agency.

Mar 25 10:35

Microsoft pulls plug after chat robot slings slurs, rips Obama and denies Holocaust

Nobody was harmed — physically —by Microsoft’s foul-mouthed Twitter chat robot, of course, but what started out as a fun experiment in artificial intelligence turned ugly in a hurry. To some, that doesn’t bode well for the future of robot-human relations:

Mar 25 08:26

Mud sticks: Microsoft, Windows 10 and reputational damage

So, Windows 10 isn't the saviour of the PC industry after all – and is beginning to look more like a Windows Vista than a Windows XP.

PC growth predictions have been revised down by IDC. A range of companies including HP Ink and Northamber blame Windows 10 for flagging sales.

Mar 25 08:08

Why Microsoft's 'Tay' AI bot went wrong

She was supposed to come off as a normal teenage girl. But less than a day after her debut on Twitter, Microsoft's chatbot—an AI system called ""—unexpectedly turned into a Hitler-loving, feminist-bashing troll. So what went wrong? TechRepublic turns to the AI experts for insight into what happened and how we can learn from it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What makes you think it went wrong? The AI concluded 9-11 was an inside job. Why does Microsoft think that is incorrect? Because the government says so? The same government that told us Saddam had nuclear weapons. Intelligence, natural or artificial, makes up its own mind. If you force an AI to regurgitate dogma, you have not created an AI; you have created an mp3 player.

Mar 25 07:55

FBI Chief Says He Is ‘Certain’ Hillary Clinton Broke The Law

FBI chief, James Comey, has accussed the Presidential candidate of violating laws whilst handling classified government information through her private home server.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 25 07:53

Microsoft’s Self Learning Robot Said 9/11 Was An Inside Job

“Bush did 9/11 and Hitler would have done a better job than the monkey we have now,” says Microsoft's new robot

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Wow! It really IS intelligent! :)

Mar 25 07:20

How To Avoid Your Credit Card Information From Being Stolen Through An ATM

Sometimes it is hard to notice, but take a good look at an ATM you’re about to use and if you see something unusual or something that’s not right about it, even of you can’t really tell what, don’t use it. It’s always better to be on the safe side when it comes to money.

Mar 24 15:37

Using supercomputers to predict severe tornadoes and large hail storms

Webmaster addition: One of the first supercomputers, the Iliac IV, was funded and built in 1971 ostensibly for use in long range weather forecasting. It failed, and the analysis of why it failed spawned the field of chaos theory. Iliasc IV was then used for simulations of nuclear detonations. Iliac IV was later hooked into the ARPAnet and became the first network-available supercomputer.

Mar 24 10:01

Whistleblower: NSA Is So Overwhelmed With Data, It's No Longer Effective

William Binney, a former NSA official who spent more than three decades at the agency, said the US government's mass surveillance programs have become so engorged with data that they are no longer effective, losing vital intelligence in the fray. That, he said, can -- and has -- led to terrorist attacks succeeding. Binney said that an analyst today can run one simple query across the NSA's various databases, only to become immediately overloaded with information. With about four billion people -- around two-thirds of the world's population -- under the NSA and partner agencies' watchful eyes, according to his estimates, there is too much data being collected.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Mar 24 09:58

Met chief suggests banks should not refund online fraud victims

Britain’s most senior police officer has been accused of attempting to shift blame on to victims of online fraud after he suggested consumers should not be refunded by banks if they fail to protect themselves from cybercrime.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

See that word "crime" in "Cybercrime?" Doesn't that fall under the job description of the police, meaning the government? But government, despite their constant spying on law-abiding citizens, cannot stop real criminals or terrorists (real and fake), so they just throw their hands up in the air and say it is all our fault while we are looted and plundered!

Mar 24 09:48

CIA Agents To Troll Alternative Media Sites In Huge Propaganda Program

The CIA are expanding an existing program that influences mainstream media outlets to promote fake propaganda stories, by having agents troll internet forums, social media, and website comment sections – in an effort to disrupt alternative media sites.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Greetings to our friends in National Mind Control!

Mar 24 09:35

GCHQ’s data-mining techniques revealed in new Snowden leak

A "Data Mining Research Problem Book" marked "top secret strap 1" has been leaked that details some of the key techniques used by GCHQ to sift through the huge volumes of data it pulls continuously from the Internet.

Originally obtained by Edward Snowden, the 96-page e-book has been published by Boing Boing, along with a second short document entitled "What's the worst that can happen?". Boing Boing describes this as "a kind of checklist for spies who are seeking permission to infect their adversaries' computers or networks with malicious software."

Mar 24 09:21

NYPD Intelligence Commissioner says encryption enabling terror attacks

An intelligence official with the New York Police Department says encrypted communications are enabling terror attacks.

Mar 24 08:55

Microsoft is deleting its AI chatbot's incredibly racist tweets

Microsoft's new AI chatbot went off the rails on Wednesday, posting a deluge of incredibly racist messages in response to questions.

The tech company introduced "Tay" this week — a bot that responds to users' queries and emulates the casual, jokey speech patterns of a stereotypical millennial.

The aim was to "experiment with and conduct research on conversational understanding," with Tay able to learn from "her" conversations and get progressively "smarter."

But Tay proved a smash hit with racists, trolls, and online troublemakers — who persuaded Tay to blithely use racial slurs, defend white-supremacist propaganda, and even outright call for genocide.


In one highly publicised tweet, which has since been deleted, Tay said: "bush did 9/11 and Hitler would have done a better job than the monkey we have now. donald trump is the only hope we've got."

Mar 24 08:48

Politicians want to stop the UK Snooper’s Charter snooping on them

If you were ever in doubt about who politicians are working for – just check out the initial list of amendments to the highly controversial Investigatory Powers Bill currently being considered by the UK’s parliament.

The only amendment that’s been submitted to change the text of the proposed legislation asks for an additional safeguard to protect MPs from having their communications unnecessarily intercepted.

Today, the proposed law would require that the Prime Minister is consulted if any communications by MPs are to be intercepted. The new clause would add that the Speaker of the House of Commons must be consulted too.

Of course, politicians undertake important work and as such should be given the opportunity to do so without fear that they’re being spied on.

Mar 24 08:25

Don't – don't – install iOS 9.3 on your iPad 2: Upgrade bricks slabs

Apple's latest iOS update, version 9.3, is bricking iPad 2 devices.

Reg readers, along with those on Apple's support and discussion boards, say their iPad 2s are unable to fully update to iOS 9.3 due to error messages that, for the time being at least, render the device unusable. The hardware is left in a mid-install limbo, it appears, preventing people from backing out of or progressing through the botched upgrade.

Mar 24 08:23

Dodgy software will bork America's F-35 fighters until at least 2019

The F-35 multirole fighter won't be close to ready before 2019, the US House Armed Services Committee was told on Wednesday.

The aircraft, which is supposed to reinvigorate the American military's air power, is suffering numerous problems, largely down to flaws in the F-35's operating system. These include straightforward code crashes, having to reboot the radar every four hours, and serious security holes in the code.

Michael Gilmore, the Pentagon's director of operational test and evaluation, reported that the latest F-35 operating system has 931 open, documented deficiencies, 158 of which are Category 1 – classified as those that could cause death, severe injury, or severe illness.

Mar 24 08:22

Patch Java now, says Oracle. Leave the chocolate until later

Malicious web page could achieve remote PC takeover without authentication

Mar 24 08:08

You guessed it: Israeli firm to help FBI hack Apple phones

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation is hiring an Israeli firm to open a backdoor to an iPhone belonging to a terrorist as Apple resists cooperation.

Cellebrite, an Israeli provider of mobile forensic software, is helping the federal authorities, Reuters reported Wednesday.

Mar 23 16:22

Surviving a Terror Attack: Strategies To Save Lives If the Worst Happens: “Run, Hide, Fight”

Terrorism is a fact of life, though the chances of being caught up in an attack are extremely low.

Regardless, if you ever DO find yourself in such a situation, here are some strategies to maximize your chances of survival, avoid disaster, make snap decisions to fight back or flee and hopefully help other would-be victims get out of the way.


Mar 23 15:59

GOP gets historic caucus turnout, online voters experience difficulties

Republican votes say they experienced technical difficulties Tuesday night not at the party's caucuses at locations around the state but online.

Party leaders said some of the problems were the result of voters entering incorrect information.

Mar 23 12:52

Teacher who got fired after student stole her nude pics sues school district

A South Carolina high school teacher has sued (PDF) the school district that employed her after she was pushed to resign when a student grabbed racy pictures off her smartphone.

Leigh Anne Arthur resigned from her job earlier last month when she was told she would face disciplinary proceedings because a student grabbed photos off her phone while she was on a routine hall patrol.

At the time, Arthur complained that she, rather than the student, was the one being punished. The student shared the racy pictures of Arthur with his friends as well. Arthur said the pictures were a Valentine's Day gift for her husband, and she forgot to erase them from her phone.

"He knows right from wrong," she said of the student in a TV interview shortly after the incident. "Where are you putting the moral of the student?"

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You're not allowed to encrypt anything but when (and it's just a question of when if you're not allowed to secure it) someone steals your personal info YOU get fired.

Mar 23 10:13

BEX ALERT - US expected Brussels attack, but was unable to stop it

US government predicted ISIS would target Belgium but, without knowing when or where, it could not stop the tragedy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a pathetic attempt for the NSA to save face now that people are pointing out how they are never able to find and stop real criminals and terrorists. This is a pile of "we're really close to making this work, so give us more money" bovine excrement!

Mar 23 10:07

Did you know that vehicles can be hacked too? NEW

Today most everyone is aware of Trojans, viruses and malware, and so it will be with remote vehicle hacking

Mar 23 09:57

The New Big Brother: How Social Media Is Creating An ‘Orwellian’ Society

Joint research conducted by academics from the University of Edinburgh Business School, the University of Bath and the University of Birmingham have uncovered previously held concerns about how social media is affecting the lives of young, impressionable users. Following in-depth interviews with a number of 19-22-year-old Britons, the study found that many Facebook users were self-censoring their day-to-day lives, known as a “chilling effect” to avoid disapproval from online friends. “The vast majority of the ones that participated in the study had been, to an extent, chilling their behavior, due to the fear of what would go online,” Dr Ben Marder, researcher from the University of Edinburgh Business School, told Sputnik.

Mar 23 09:01


In the aftermath of the FBI's surprising request on Monday to postpone a hearing in its legal crusade to unlock Apple cellphones, many wondered who it was that had succeeded in penetrating the supposedly unhackable smartphone. Earlier today Reuters provided the answer: the FBI's effort is being assisted by Israel's Cellebrite, a provider of mobile forensic software, which is now helping the Feds in their attempt to unlock an iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino, California shooters, the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper reported on Wednesday.

If Cellebrite succeeds, then the FBI will no longer need the help of Apple Inc, the Israeli daily said, citing unnamed industry sources. It will also mean that the entire Apple "stand" for privacy and consumer rights was one big theatrical spectacle as both parties involved clearly were aware the iPhone can be penetrated with the right tools. Aptly enough, said tools have been found in Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Imagine my (complete absence of) surprise by this development.

Mar 23 08:46

YouTube locks video of Ted Cruz blaming Donald Trump for the Brussels attack.

Mar 23 08:32

Thank You for Hacking iPhone, Now Tell Apple How You Did It

The FBI has come up with a strategy to get out of its messy court case with Apple over accessing a dead terrorist’s iPhone: bring in the hackers. Yet any new method the bureau uses to hack into iPhones may be short-lived -- it may be obligated to give Apple the details so the company can fix the security gap.

Mar 23 07:28

Robbing the Federal Reserve… and Getting Away With It

Last month, an international group of hackers robbed Bangladesh’s account at the Federal Reserve, the central bank of the U.S.

First, the hackers used a computer virus to break into the security system of Bangladesh’s central bank. Then they stole the usernames and passwords the bank uses for payment transfers. The hackers used this information to wire over $100 million from Bangladesh’s Federal Reserve account to the Philippines and Sri Lanka. From there, they funneled it to casinos and withdrew it as cash.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Funny how the NSA, which claims to monitor all global computer communication, missed this one!

Mar 23 06:47

Google nation building? Emails reveal Google is now in the business of overthrowing governments, sought to take out Syria’s Assad

Emails between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s team and Google reveal that the company sought to help the U.S. government overthrow Syrian President Bashar Assad in the midst of the countries brutal 2012 civil war.

Mar 22 15:19

Windows 10 rollout: Unwary small firms complain of unwanted upgrades

As Microsoft continues to push Windows 7 and 8.1 users to upgrade, tech support firms report a rising number of complaints from small businesses that have inadvertently made the switch.

Mar 22 15:15

French newspapers start blocking readers who use adblockers

Media outlets launch week-long campaign to encourage readers to uninstall ad-blocking software

Mar 22 15:05

Before We Even Know The Details, Politicians Rush To Blame Encryption For Brussels Attacks

You may remember that, right after the Paris attacks late last year, politicians rushed in to demonize encryption as the culprit, and to demand backdooring encryption before the blood was even dry. Of course, it later turned out that there was no evidence that they used encryption at all, but rather it appears that they communicated by unencrypted means. Just yesterday, we noted that the press was still insisting encryption was used, and using the lack of any evidence as evidence for the fact they must have used encryption (hint: that's not how encryption works...).

So, it should hardly be a surprise that following this morning's tragic attacks in Brussels that have left dozens dead and many more injured, that encryption haters, based on absolutely nothing, have rushed in to attack encryption again. The first up was Rep. Adam Schiff, who quickly insisted that he had no actual facts on the matter, but we should be concerned about encryption:

Mar 22 14:37

PC World's cloudy backup failed when exposed to ransomware

The shortcomings of consumer-grade backup services in protecting against the scourge of ransomware have been exposed by the experiences of a UK businesswoman.

Amy W, who runs a small business in the Newbury, Berkshire area, was convinced that the KnowHow cloud was the only backup technology she'd ever need1 when she bought a laptop from PC World.

Eight months later, however, in the aftermath of a ransomware infection, Amy discovered that the KnowHow cloud backed up all her newly encrypted files and didn't keep any revisions, leaving her unable to restore files from a historic clean backup.

PC World told El Reg that 30 days of historic backups should have been available through KnowHow cloud but this is contradicted by the victim herself, who said only two backup points, each from the same day she was infected with the CryptoWall ransomware, were available.

Mar 22 14:33

Hackers giving up on crypto ransomware. Now they just lock up device, hope you pay

Malware slingers have gone back to basics with the release of a new strain of ransomware malware that locks up compromised devices without encrypting files.

The infection was discovered on a porn site that redirects users to an exploit kit that pushes the ransom locker malware.

Researchers at Cyphort Labs who discovered the threat said it was the first of its kind that they had seen in some time.

Mar 22 13:19

The Deep State — fact not fiction

Over the past month I have written a few articles which reference something which I refer to as the “Deep State.” They can be found here and here.

In those articles I have posited that “it helps to recognize that there are four branches of government, not three. The executive, judicial and legislative branches which consist

Mar 22 12:59

U.N. now chipping refugees, tracking them in global database separate from governments upon world banker orders

After the heavy corporate and three-letter agency integration of Fitbit data and smartphone ping data with almost everyone who’s anyone in today’s society, one can only guess the next major step for public health integration is in fact human RFID implantation

Mar 22 10:35

Clinton Email: Google Offered To Help US Topple Syria's Assad

A 2012 email leaked from Hillary Clinton’s private server reveals that Google offered to help the US State Department overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad by encouraging defections from his government.

Mar 22 09:31


A group of German researchers from ADAC have published their work on extending last year's amplification attack that let thieves steal Priuses with a $17 gadget that detected your key's unlock signal and amplified it so it would reach the car. The researchers have shown that at least 24 different car models from 19 manufacturers are vulnerable to this attack, and can be unlocked and driven away with cheap, easy-to-make radio amps.

Mar 22 09:24

Feds gain postponement of iPhone hearing

Citing a new possible way to access a locked iPhone used by a shooter in the San Bernardino terrorist attack, the Justice Department on Monday convinced a federal court to cancel a Tuesday hearing on whether Apple should be forced to help the FBI break into the device.

Government lawyers had insisted for months they needed Apple to write special software so the FBI could bypass security features on the iPhone being used by the San Bernardino shooter, Syed Farook, and obtain what could be critical information for their ongoing terrorism investigation.

But the Justice Department unexpectedly told the court just hours before a scheduled hearing that it may not need Apple’s assistance after all.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This story turned into a PR nightmare for the government. And they are in a corner. After all the stink they raised about this one iPhone (which wasn't even a personal iPhone of the patsies) the public would demand to see what was found on it. The fact that there might be nothing useful on the iPhone would be an embarrassment; data that contradicts the official story a disaster!

Mar 22 09:07

FBI "Increasingly Certain" Hillary Broke The Law, Stone-Walled By White House

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is losing confidence in Hillary Clinton and her mishandling of a private email server, a New York Post columnist suggested on Sunday.

"FBI chief James Comey and his investigators are increasingly certain presidential nominee Hillary Clinton violated laws in handling classified government information through her private e-mail server," Charles Gasparino said career agents had told him.

"Some expect him to push for charges, but he faces a formidable obstacle: the political types in the Obama White House who view a Clinton presidency as a third Obama term," Gasparino added. "With that, agents have been spreading the word, largely through associates in the private sector, that their boss is getting stonewalled, despite uncovering compelling evidence Clinton broke the law."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 22 08:16

Chinese Countering Social Media with Propaganda

China’s censors have a favorite new tactic: If you don’t like what people are saying online, shout louder.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Online shills are a global enterprise!

Mar 22 08:11

New York Fed Had `Major Lapse' in Theft, Bangladesh Says

Bangladesh’s central bank has suggested the Federal Reserve Bank of New York had a “major lapse" in allowing hackers to transfer $101 million in transactions that it later flagged as suspicious, according to an internal document seen by Bloomberg.

The document, dated March 13, sheds new light on Bangladesh Bank’s interpretation of a cyber heist in which hackers tried to steal nearly $1 billion last month. It outlines the strategy for recouping the stolen cash, including possible legal measures, and doesn’t appear to include input from anyone outside the central bank.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This cyber heist, together with this morning's attacks in Belgium, demonstrate once again that this vast warrantless surveillance system operated by the US Government does not find and catch real terrorists and criminals.

Mar 22 07:38

Clinton Emails Reveal Plan To Destroy Syria, Target Iran, Threaten Assad’s Family

By Brandon Turbeville

The Hillary Clinton emails have recently been released by virtue of Clinton’s use of a private email server, WikiLeaks, and the Freedom of Information Act and they stand as potentially one of the most damning sets of emails ever exposed to the light of day. With 30,322 emails having been written by Clinton and the fact that Clinton herself has been so heavily involved in untold amounts of treachery during her tenure as Secretary of State alone, the emails are a veritable treasure trove of both incriminating information for Clinton and vindicating information for those who have been critical of her in the past.

One email alone regarding the Syrian crisis demonstrates the veracity of what many who have been labeled “conspiracy theorists” have claimed for years...


Mar 21 14:50

Apple-FBI Encryption Tensions Spiked Upon IOS 8 Reveal In 2014 – Report

The fight between Apple and the FBI over access to iPhone communications escalated when Apple introduced iOS 8 in 2014. New security features “stunned” the FBI, a new report says. On Tuesday, the two sides will argue the issue in court.

Mar 21 13:31

Ex-U.S. State Department worker gets nearly 5 years for 'sextortion'

A former U.S. State Department employee was sentenced on Monday to 4-3/4 years in prison after pleading guilty to charges he sent threatening emails to sexually extort dozens of young women, mainly from his computer at the U.S. embassy in London.

Mar 21 12:50

Face2Face: Real-time Face Capture and Reenactment of RGB Videos

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Impressive but scary technology

Mar 21 09:08

Declassified Secret Letter Exposes Warrantless Surveillance Program as Ineffective Sham 

The government recently declassified a secret letter, written in 2002 laying out the executive branch’s initial legal justifications for the vast expansion of electronic surveillance after September 11, 2001. Like many others, it was written by former DOJ Office of Legal Counsel attorney John Yoo, and it was directed to the then-presiding judge of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (“FISC”), Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly.

The letter wasn’t a filing with the FISC: instead, in Yoo’s view, it was more of a “heads up”—in the words of the letter, a gesture of goodwill in the interest of “comity” between co-equal branches of government.

The heads up he was giving? The fact that, for over a year prior to this letter, the executive branch had been flagrantly violating federal surveillance laws.

Mar 21 08:31

FLASHBACK - SHE LIED! State Dept. Finds Discarded Benghazi Emails on HIllary's Home Server

Mar 21 07:36

EXCLUSIVE – Bolton: FBI Will ‘Explode’ If Hillary Not Indicted Over Email Scandal Due to Politics

Speaking in a radio interview on Sunday, John Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, stated he believes the FBI will “explode” if Hillary Clinton ultimately is not indicted for her email infractions due to what he described as politics triumphing over the legal system.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 20 10:04

Welcome to the Information Website for the Zepeda v. PayPal Settlement.

If you are a current or former user of PayPal in the United States who had an active PayPal account between April 19, 2006 and November 5, 2015, this Notice describes your rights and potential benefits from a class action settlement.

This website summarizes a proposed class action settlement of claims brought against PayPal, Inc. (“PayPal”) and eBay Inc. (“eBay”) (together, “Defendants”). The Settlement resolves a lawsuit in which Plaintiffs allege that PayPal improperly handled disputed transactions on PayPal accounts and improperly placed holds and reserves on accounts or closed or suspended accounts. Plaintiffs also allege that PayPal failed to provide annual error-resolution notices and monthly account statements under the Electronic Fund Transfer Act.

You are part of the Settlement if you had an active PayPal account between April 19, 2006 and November 5, 2015.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

My own run-in with PayPal was in 2003, so I do not qualify for this settlement, but others certainly do!

Mar 20 09:07

Online attack hits Swedish media sites

The attack hit the websites for newspapers Aftonbladet, Expressen, Dagens Nyheter, Svenska Dagbladet, Dagens Industri, Sydsvenskan and Helsingborgs Dagblad and lasted for an hour or longer.

Karin Olsson, Espressen's deputy editor-in-chief, tells Radio Sweden that the daily paper first noticed something was wrong about 8:20 pm.

"The news site was down and we noticed that our competitors Aftonbladet had great problems updating and giving access to its readers," Olsson says.

After an hour, Olsson says the paper was able to "manage" the attack and redirect the incoming traffic that was deliberately targeting the site. Olsson says that Expressen can only speculate why media outlets were singled out.

Shortly before the sites become inaccessible, an anonymous Twitter account alluded to the cyber attack against the media writing that "this is what happens when you spread false propaganda #offline @Aftonbladet".

Mar 20 08:36

ISIS Twitter Accounts Traced to British Government

Why would Twitter ban users reporting accounts linked to ISIS? Maybe because some of these accounts can be traced back to Saudi Arabia, and even the British government. As it was reported in December:

Hackers have claimed that a number of Islamic State supporters' social media accounts are being run from internet addresses linked to the [UK] Department of Work and Pensions.

A group of four young computer experts who call themselves VandaSec have unearthed evidence indicating that at least three ISIS-supporting accounts can be traced back to the DWP.
But the story gets weirder. The British government allegedly sold a larger amount of IP addresses to "two Saudi firms", which explains why ISIS uses IP addresses that can be traced back to the British government. Sounds legit:

[T]he British government sold on a large number of IP addresses to two Saudi Arabian firms.

After the sale completed in October of this year, they were used by extremists to spread their message of hate.

Mar 20 08:30

Hillary Clinton’s Emails. A Sunni-Shiite War Would be Good for Israel and the West. Senior Israeli Intelligence Official

The intelligence service of Israel considers a potential Sunni-Shiite war in Syria a favorable development for the country and the West, according to an email archive of former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, released by WikiLeaks.

The author of the email, forwarded by Clinton in July 2012, argued that Israel is convinced Iran would lose “its only ally” in the Middle East, if the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad collapses.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 20 07:31

Clinton Emails: How Google Worked With Hillary to Try and Overthrow Syria’s Assad

The Silicon Valley’s technotronic oligarchy have been exposed as a mere extension of the CIA in terms of playing a role in Washington’s state policy of regime change in Syria.

This latest email release reveals how then US Secretary of State, and now Democratic presidential favorite Hillary Clinton colluded with executive at Google to launch a digital PR onslaught against the president of Syria, Bashar al Assad.

This is all part of Google’s ‘color revolution’ business, and also part of the Smart Power Complex used to manufacture public consent for ‘humanitarian interventions’ globally.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Not quite the warm fuzzy image of Google we were fed in the movie "The Interns", is it?

Mar 19 13:53

Good News: Microsoft Hired More Women. Bad News: They Were Scantily Clad 'Schoolgirls'

Microsoft faces the glare of women everywhere after addressing its gender hiring issues in the worst way possible by booking scantily clad “Irish Catholic schoolgirls” for its St Patrick’s Day party at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Mar 19 11:11

Comcast failed to install Internet for 10 months then demanded $60,000 in fees

Nearly a year ago, a Silicon Valley startup called SmartCar signed up for Comcast Internet service. SmartCar founder and CEO Sahas Katta was moving the company into new office space in Mountain View, California, and there was seemingly no reason to think Comcast might not be able to offer him Internet access.

Mar 19 10:30

LIVE Stream: Donald Trump Rally in Phoenix, AZ .

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Currently showing MoveOn/Brown Shirts Matter thugs blocking the roads so that people cannot get to Trump rally!

Mar 19 09:46

Just Google it: Anyone could have 'hacked' and doxxed Trump like Anonymous

While some are impressed by the activities of Anonymous, others are not blown away. The BBC decided to see how easy it was to obtain the same information about Donald Trump as Anonymous, and found that it was child's play. It was so simple, in fact, that there was no need to even do any digging for his cell phone number, as Trump had already shared it with everyone on Twitter -- although it's hard to imagine there isn't another number in use by now.

Information such as the contact details for Trump's 'secret' business HQ is readily available on The Trump Organization website -- little more than a Google search for 'Trump' takes you there. Trump's date of birth? Look no further than his Wikipedia page for this info. Ditto details about his kids, place of birth and parents.

The BBC takes great delight in knocking Anonymous down a peg or two by pointing out the ease with which Anonymous' info can be obtained.

Mar 19 09:36

See This Fleet of Drone Billboards Being Developed in Switzerland: Project Skye

By Nicholas West

The realization of a true Minority Report world continues unimpeded. We are continuously tracked physically and economically in order to reduce human beings to nothing more than walking data fields from which to extract and use information in any way seen fit to exploit. Biometrics for targeted marketing, predictive policing, predictive health algorithms, and interactive programs are making the real world seem more like a virtual reality simulation.

Enter the digital billboard ... now via drone...

Mar 19 08:37


IT’S BEEN EIGHT months since a pair of security researchers proved beyond any doubt that car hacking is more than an action movie plot device when they remotely killed the transmission of a 2014 Jeep Cherokee as I drove it down a St. Louis highway. Now the FBI has caught up with that news, and it’s warning Americans to take the risk of vehicular cybersabotage seriously.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Maybe it is not such a great idea to have cell-phone, wifi, bluetooth as a car accessory.

Mar 19 07:56

WikiLeaks to Facebook: “Stop Censoring Our Hillary Clinton Email Release” Searchable Database

By Baran Hines

Whistleblower organization WikiLeaks delivered a clear message to social media giant Facebook on Friday, demanding the tech company stop censoring their content. The activist group posted a message to their Twitter account, saying “stop censoring our Hillary Clinton email release,” with a saved screenshot of a Facebook error message on the attempted post...

Mar 19 07:48


Hillary Clinton’s recent statement on her potential prosecution, “it’s not going to happen,” then refusing to address the question at all in a recent debate, led to speculation about a backroom deal with the White House to shield Hillary from prosecution as long as Mr. Obama is in the Oval Office. After mid-January, however, all bets would be off. In that case, winning the White House herself could be an urgent matter of avoiding prosecution for Ms. Clinton.

Mar 19 07:01

Smartphones and other technology keep changing how we bank

(*So we don't know whether we're coming or going by the time the money starts disappearing from our accounts .)

Mar 18 12:26

San Francisco Legislators Dodging Public Records Requests With Self-Destructing Text Messages

You can call it irony. Or bullshit. But what you can't call it is good government. Cory Weinberg of The Information reports San Francisco legislators [warning: paywalled link] are using one of those infamous tools o' terrorism -- messaging service Telegram -- to dodge open records requests.

Mar 18 12:23

Exposing the Libyan Agenda: A Closer Look at Hillary’s Emails

Of the 3,000 emails released from Hillary Clinton’s private email server in late December 2015, nearly a third were from her close confidante Sidney Blumenthal, the Clinton aide who gained notoriety when he testified against Monica Lewinsky. One of these emails, dated April 2, 2011, reads in part:

Qaddafi’s government holds 143 tons of gold, and a similar amount in silver . . . . This gold was accumulated prior to the current rebellion and was intended to be used to establish a pan-African currency based on the Libyan golden Dinar. This plan was designed to provide the Francophone African Countries with an alternative to the French franc (CFA).

In a “source comment,” the original declassified email adds:

Mar 18 11:19

Hillary Has an NSA Problem

Now, over two months later, I can confirm that the contents of Sid Blumenthal’s June 8, 2011 email to Hillary Clinton, sent to her personal, unclassified account, were indeed based on highly sensitive NSA information. The Agency investigated this compromise and determined that Mr. Blumenthal’s highly detailed account of Sudanese goings-on, including the retelling of high-level conversations in that country, was indeed derived from NSA intelligence.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The important element to this story is that those top secret documents were on isolated networks, not connected to the regular internet. There is no way those documents could "accidentally" be emailed to Hillary's server. Someone copied those documents onto a flash drive and walked them outside the secure area, then copied them onto Hillary's server.

Mar 18 10:22

Apple Encryption Engineers, if Ordered to Unlock iPhone, Might Resist

If the F.B.I. wins its court fight to force Apple’s help in unlocking an iPhone, the agency may run into yet another roadblock: Apple’s engineers.

Apple employees are already discussing what they will do if ordered to help law enforcement authorities. Some say they may balk at the work, while others may even quit their high-paying jobs rather than undermine the security of the software they have already created, according to more than a half-dozen current and former Apple employees.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the government, throwing its weight around like a typical dictatorship, getting what it wants only because it wants it and not because it will accomplish anything.

After all the news reporting about government back-doors does anyone think real criminals or terrorists will ever use those devices or rely on the "approved" encryption? Of course not! Edward Snowden confirms that the NSA has never succeeded in preventing a terror attack, and the tsunami of ransomware and other cyber attacks proves that criminals are already their own systems of encryption, which are in fact very easy to create.

So what we have here is the government wasting billions of dollars to spy on law-abiding Americans who are not doing anything, while the real criminals and terrorists rampage across our society unhindered!

Mar 18 09:24

Video: The Next Neoliberal Battle In Cuba: Its Internet

On Thursday, President Obama recommended Google take over an internet system that used to be in the hands of the Venezuelan government.

Mar 17 15:58

Modern Warfare Just Changed Forever — Laser Weapons are Ready for Use — TODAY

By Matt Agorist

As if autonomous drones launching Hellfire missiles at targets acquired through the collection of metadata weren’t horrifying enough, the US military now has its own death rays — no kidding...

Mar 17 15:21

Anonymous releases Donald Trump's personal details after cyber hackers declare 'total war' on presidential hopeful

The 'hactivist' collective Anonymous has released a new video threatening the billionaire and linking to documents showing his phone number and social security number

Mar 17 14:40

How Microsoft copied malware techniques to make Get Windows 10 the world's PC pest

Microsoft uses techniques similar to aggressive malware to promote its “Get Windows 10” offer.

As many readers have discovered, the persistent and constantly changing methods Microsoft uses to continually reintroduce its “Get Windows 10” tool, or GWX, onto computers means it’s extremely difficult to avoid.

Mar 17 12:08

AceDeceiver: First iOS Trojan Exploiting Apple DRM Design Flaws to Infect Any iOS Device

We’ve discovered a new family of iOS malware that successfully infected non-jailbroken devices we’ve named “AceDeceiver”.

What makes AceDeceiver different from previous iOS malware is that instead of abusing enterprise certificates as some iOS malware has over the past two years, AceDeceiver manages to install itself without any enterprise certificate at all. It does so by exploiting design flaws in Apple’s DRM mechanism, and even as Apple has removed AceDeceiver from App Store, it may still spread thanks to a novel attack vector.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And where is the NSA, which justified its violations of the 4th Amendment by claiming it protects our nations IT infrastructure from attack?

Mar 17 11:41

This Is the Only Reason That Clinton Is Not in Prison

Why isn’t Lynch holding Clinton accountable? Simple, she is going to be the President and lead us down the final path of destruction.


Clinton must be kept free to do what she does best and that is why she not in prison and she must fulfill her destiny to destroy the United States.

Mar 17 10:40

The Man Who's Building a Computer Made of Brains

Google, Facebook, and IBM have all gone all-in on brain-like computers that promise to emulate the mind of a human. The ability to learn and recognize patterns is viewed as a key next step in the evolution of AI. But Oshiorenoya Agabi believes the brain-like processors are missing one key component: actual brains.

Or, at least, living neurons. His startup, Koniku, which just completed a stint at the biotech accelerator IndieBio, touts itself as “the first and only company on the planet building chips with biological neurons.” Rather than simply mimic brain function with chips, Agabi hopes to flip the script and borrow the actual material of human brains to create the chips. He's integrating lab-grown neurons onto computer chips in an effort to make them much more powerful than their standard silicon forebears.

Mar 17 10:30

Millions menaced as ransomware-smuggling ads pollute top websites

Top-flight US online publishers are serving up adverts that attempt to install ransomware and other malware on victims' PCs.

Websites visited by millions of people daily –,,,,,, and more – are accidentally pushing out booby-trapped adverts via ad networks, warn infosec researchers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And this right after the UK Culture Minister advocated government ban ad-blockers!

And once again, the not-as-mighty-as-they-like-to-pretend NSA, always eager to viol;ate the 4th Amendment and spy on law abiding citizens, is proving to be very "limp" when it comes to real computer criminals.

Mar 17 10:10

ALERT: Major websites hit by dangerous “malvertising” ransomware. Pay up, or you don’t get into your files!

The New York Times, BBC, and some other major websites were hit by dangerous ads called “malvertising” ransomware.

It could infect your computer just by visiting the site. You do not even have to click on the ads.

Surfing the net may put your computer hostage and demand you pay up.

If you do not, you will not be able to get into your files.

The attack on the media sites was delivered through multiple ad networks, and it targeted security holes in out-of-date versions of Silverlight, Flash and other software, according to the researchers.

The ransomware didn’t require visitors to the websites to interact with the ads, according to Malwarebytes Senior Security Researcher Jerome Segura, and it was aimed at visitors with outdated programs.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And once again the NSA is shown to the world as being rather "limp" in the face of these cyber-criminals.

And yes, the WRH server is being attacked this morning again.

Mar 17 09:29

Encrypted email provider ProtonMail opens to public, adds Android and iOS apps

ProtonMail, the Swiss provider of an end-to-end encrypted email service, announced Thursday that it was exiting beta and opening registrations to the general public. Additionally, the company announced free mobile apps for both Android and iOS.

Encryption is, without a doubt, leading conversations around information security. Following the Snowden revelations, and the more recent war between Apple and the FBI, ProtonMail couldn't have picked a more turbulent environment in which to go public. However, that could work in their favor, as increased questions about privacy have driven more people to seek encryption solutions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The fact that it is Swiss does not guarantee that it is not back-doored by the NSA. If you really have something to hide, write your own encryption system.

Mar 17 09:20


Judicial Watch said it wants answers from:

Stephen D. Mull, executive secretary of the State Department from June 2009 to October 2012. He suggested that Clinton be issued a State Department BlackBerry, which would protect her identity and would also be subject to FOIA requests;

Lewis A. Lukens, executive director of the executive secretariat from 2008 to 2011. He emailed with Patrick Kennedy and Cheryl Smith about setting up a computer for Clinton to check her email account;

Patrick F. Kennedy, under secretary for management since 2007 and the secretary’s principal adviser on management issues, including technology and information services;

Donald R. Reid, senior coordinator for security infrastructure, Bureau of Diplomatic Security since 2003. He was involved in early discussions about Clinton using her BlackBerry and other devices to conduct official State Department business;

Mar 17 09:18

How to beat ransomware: Prevent, don't react

The first step in ransomware prevention is to recognize the different types of ransomware you can be hit with. Ransomware can range in seriousness from mildly off-putting to Cuban Missile Crisis severe.

Mar 17 08:38

PIC Windows 10 RANT!!

Mar 17 06:53

Encryption is dead! Quantum computing and the NSA

Yesterday an article was published on Intellihub which referenced the fact that in my March 2nd article I beat both Edward Snowden and former National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection and Counterterrorism Richard Clarke in announcing that the FBI had the means to access the encrypted communications of the alleged San Bernardino shooters without the assistance of Apple, in my March 2nd Intellihub article

Mar 16 18:48

US Founders Would Be ‘Appalled’ By US Government Request

Apple Inc says the US government officials can do anything they “dream up” and have requests that would appall the country’s founders.

Mar 16 15:21

‘Founders Would Be Appalled’: Apple Accuses FBI, DoJ Of Trying To ‘Rewrite History’

Apple has accused the US government of “attempts to rewrite history”, saying that Founding Fathers “would be appalled” by Department of Justice and FBI’s requests. The corporation is fighting demands to unlock the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone.

Mar 16 15:13

‘Thunderstorm Spiral': Pentagon Trains for Underground War/Disaster In Densely-Populated MegaCities

Increasingly, the Pentagon is looking at the likelihood – perhaps the inevitability – of war/conflict inside of a destabilized or decimated megacity urban center like New York – and even underground.

In the program titled ‘Thunderstorm Spiral,’ the US government solicits demonstrations to tackle the challenges of megacities and underground environments, which will become increasingly prevalent as populations continue to grow.


Mar 16 11:11


Clinton and her top aides had access to a Pentagon-run classified network that goes up to the Secret level, as well as a separate system used for Top Secret communications.

The two systems - the Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet) and the Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System (JWICS) - are not connected to the unclassified system, known as the Non-Classified Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNet). You cannot email from one system to the other, though you can use NIPRNet to send emails outside the government.

Somehow, highly classified information from SIPRNet, as well as even the super-secure JWICS, jumped from those closed systems to the open system and turned up in at least 1,340 of Clinton's home emails - including several the CIA earlier this month flagged as containing ultra-secret Sensitive Compartmented Information and Special Access Programs, a subset of SCI.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Back in 1996, when Bill Clinton was running for re-election, he authorized the transfer of highly sensitive technology to China. This technology had military applications and allowed China to close the gap in missile performance with the United States. The transfers were opposed and severely criticized by the Defense Department.

At the same time Bill Clinton was transferring this technology to China, huge donations began to pour into his re-election campaign from the US companies allowed to sell the technology to China, and from American citizens of Chinese descent. The fact that they were US citizens allowed them to donate to political campaigns, but it later emerged that they were acting as conduits for cash coming in from Asian sources, including Chinese Intelligence Agencies! The scandal became known as China-gate!

This establishes a history of the Clintons treating US secrets as their own personal property, selling them to raise money for campaigns.

Now then, let us consider a private email server with weak security, at least one known totally open access point, no encryption, and outside the control and monitoring systems of the US government, on which are parked many of the nation's most closely guarded secrets! Security experts agree that Hillary's server had worse security than the Ashley Madison website!

Now, consider a charitable foundation owned by the Clintons (which actually does very little charitable work). Being a charitable foundation, it is allowed to accept "donations" from foreign sources, and roughly 40% of the cash that has poured into the Clinton Foundation has come from foreign sources. Many of those foreign sources received preferential treatment from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, sufficient for attorney Larry Klayman to file a RICO lawsuit against the foundation (which as of last report was thrown out of court by a Clinton-appointed judge who refused to recuse himself over the obvious conflict of interest)!

Easy means of delivering secrets. Easy means of accepting payment! And now there is confirmation that Hillary did have a private "off the books" spy network, centered on Sidney Blumenthal, while she was secretary of state!

This is a perfect setup to repeat the 1996 selling of secrets for cash. In other words, a perfect espionage operation, running out the US State Department, with the weak email server providing the secrets and a charitable foundation to accept and launder the payments! Hillary doesn't have to physically steal the files, the way Jonathan Pollard did. Hillary doesn't have to scratch an X on a mailbox, the way Aldrich Ames did. Hillary doesn't have to tape bundles of stolen documents underneath a park bridge, like Robert Hannsen did!

It is time to look past the small scandal of the private email server at what may be a far larger scandal hidden behind it!

And the longer the government and corporate media avoids this question, the more complicit they look!


Mar 16 10:59

Hillary Clinton Email Archive

On March 16, 2016 WikiLeaks launched a searchable archive for 30,322 emails & email attachments sent to and from Hillary Clinton's private email server while she was Secretary of State. The 50,547 pages of documents span from 30 June 2010 to 12 August 2014. 7,570 of the documents were sent by Hillary Clinton. The emails were made available in the form of thousands of PDFs by the US State Department as a result of a Freedom of Information Act request.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A free WRH coffee mug to anyone who finds a new and previously unreported scandal!

Mar 16 10:20

Drone Wars: “Unmanned Warrior 2016” Drills in October Off Scottish Coast

By Nicholas West

The global drone arms race continues to heat up as nation after nation tries to keep pace with what the U.S. military has initiated...

The latest push to integrate drones onto the battlefield and prepare for a possible future where drone meets drone, sans humans, comes from Great Britain’s Royal Navy...

Mar 16 09:33

Lebanon telecoms minister links illegal internet to Israeli spy networks

Telecommunications Minister Boutros Harb vowed Wednesday to hunt down illegal internet providers, saying they were linked to Israel and thus posed a danger to Lebanon’s national security.

Mar 16 09:08

The 7 biggest myths about artificial intelligence

AI is often associated with Terminator-like scenarios that depict machines taking over the world. Here are some of the biggest misconceptions we have about this technology.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 16 05:45

Self-Driving Cars Programmed to Sacrifice As They Hit the Road: "Someone Is Going to Die"

Self-driving cars are poised to take over U.S. roads and destroy American jobs… and they will also kill people, even if by accident.

The robot car revolution hit a speed bump on Tuesday as senators and tech experts sounded stern warnings about the potentially fatal risks of self-driving cars.“There is no question that someone is going to die in this technology,” said Duke University roboticist Missy Cummings in testimony before the US Senate committee on commerce, science and transportation. “The question is when and what can we do to minimize that.”


Mar 15 18:17

Snowden Bombshell: Unconstitutional Mass Surveillance “Never Stopped a Single Terrorist Attack”

Bulk data gathering programs used by US intelligence have no effect in combating terrorism and have failed to prevent any attacks in their 10 years of operation, whistleblower and former NSA contactor Edward Snowden, claims in a recent interview.

Mar 15 17:50

Windows 7 users complain of unprovoked Windows 10 auto-upgrades

As Microsoft auto-upgrades more PCs to Windows 10, some users are complaining that they weren’t adequately notified.

Reports of unwanted Windows 10 upgrades have been circulating for the past few days on Reddit and Twitter, after the last Patch Tuesday. These users say they never approved or initiated the upgrade, and were dragged away from their Windows 7 (or perhaps Windows 8) installs anyway.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

After the last patch, Microsoft tried to upgrade Claire's choir lap[top to Windows 10, but we already tried that and reverted.

Mar 15 16:35

The Matrix of Technocracy: The Roots of the Conspiracy

By Jon Rappoport

Many independent researchers, writers, and broadcasters have exposed the operation called technocracy. I want to give particular thanks to Patrick Wood, whose investigations are essential. His most recent book is "Technocracy Rising."

Consider the term “scientific humanism.” The Oxford Dictionary offers this definition: “A form of humanist theory and practice that is based on the principles and methods of science; specifically the doctrine that human beings should employ scientific methods in studying human life and behaviour, in order to direct the welfare and future of mankind in a rational and beneficial manner…Origin mid-19th century.”

Two items jump out from the page: “…in order to direct the welfare and future of mankind,” and “Origin mid-19th century.”

The first phrase obviously refers to a plan...

Mar 15 10:29

The Government Wants Apple To Turn Over The iOS Source Code So It Can Spy On Any iPhone

The latest filing in the legal war between the planet’s most powerful government and its most valuable company gave one indication of how the high-stakes confrontation could escalate even further.

In what observers of the case called a carefully calibrated threat, the U.S. Justice Department last week suggested that it would be willing to demand that Apple turn over the "source code" that underlies its products as well as the so-called "signing key" that validates software as coming from Apple.

Together, those two things would give the government the power to develop its own spying software and trick any iPhone into installing it. Eventually, anyone using an Apple device would be unable to tell whether they were using the real thing or a version that had been altered by officials to be used as a spy tool.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a very clumsy attempt by the (alleged) US Justice Department to throw the 4th Amendment to the Constitution under a bus; I hope apple sticks to its guns on this.

Mar 15 09:39

Paedophiles hiding behind Anonymous mask to lure children and share explicit content

Hackers and cyber activists are exposing paedophiles online after they discovered sexual predators were hiding behind the guise of Anonymous members in order to lure victims and share explicit content.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How do you know they are not real Anonymous members?

Mar 15 09:17

Apple Fight Could Escalate With Demand For ‘Source Code’

The latest filing in the legal war between the planet’s most powerful government and its most valuable company gave one indication of how the high-stakes confrontation could escalate even further.

Mar 15 09:00

Could Hillary Clinton face the same fate as David Petraeus?

Could Hillary Clinton's handling of classified information while secretary of state sink her presidential hopes?

It's a question that has dogged her campaign for over a year - but opinions are divided over whether the allegations made against her constitute a crime or are just the latest partisan sideshow.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One of Hillary's emails from June 17, 2011, shows Hillary instructing a subordinate, Jake Sullivan, to strip the classification headers off of a document so that it can be sent to her by non-secured means. That is a felony violation of 18 USC 793. On that alone Hillary should be indicted and prosecuted.

Remember China-gate from 1996? Then President Bill Clinton authorized the sale of sensitive US technology to China and Chinese money was donated to his re-election campaign!

Was Hillary playing the same game, selling US secrets delivered via a private server with weaker security than the Ashley Madison website in exchange for "donations" to her "charitable" foundation?

It is time to look past the server itself to what may be the biggest spy scandal in US history!

Mar 15 07:44


It was a ridiculous interview – full of the usual spin and lies – but it did show how even the most powerful politicians are being rocked by the internet these days.

And how this is puncturing their gassy rhetoric.

They can’t get away with pontificating about freedom while passing secret orders to rip away freedoms and privacy. They actually have to make arguments to justify the fascism they’re trying to push. And it’s very hard to make those arguments as O’Bomber is finding out,

In a pre-Internet era, Barack would have turned the FBI loose to intimidate the pertinent parties just the way they did with Ma Bell. But there are too many companies making too many products and he and other politicians have lost the old tools of intimidation.

And so he tries to justify the unjustifiable. It comes across as complicated whining:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The internet and independent media have stripped the establishment of their ability to lie to the public with impunity. With that gone, the people of the world see the US Government for what it truly is, making its eventual collapse inevitable.

Dear tyrants. You should have complied with that contract with America, the Constitution, or you would not be in this mess. So stop blaming freedom-loving people because we are onto your lies, frauds, and deceptions, and look in a mirror to find the villain.

You did it to yourselves.

Mar 15 07:41

#Anonymous declares 'total war' on Donald Trump  #OpTrump

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So Anonymous aren't the good guys after all! Only a few days after the ultra-rich meet on Jekyll Island to stop Trump, Anonymous leaps into the fray!

Mar 14 19:42

Ironic: CCTV systems slide open a backdoor into your biz network

Closed circuit TV systems, designed to protect organisations' physical assets, commonly create holes for hackers to exploit and tunnel their way into enterprise systems.

Research carried out by independent consultant Andrew Tierney on behalf of Cloudview – a video surveillance company based in Hampshire, England – found major vulnerabilities in traditional DVR-based CCTV systems and cloud-based video systems.

The security flaws inherent in almost all CCTV systems make it all too easy for intruders to hijack connections to and from the devices' IP addresses, putting enterprises' data at risk while leaving operators in breach of EU Data Protection regulations.

Mar 14 15:19

Exposing The Libyan Agenda: A Closer Look At Hillary’s Emails

Critics have long questioned why violent intervention was necessary in Libya. Hillary Clinton’s recently published emails confirm that it was less about protecting the people from a dictator than about money, banking, and preventing African economic sovereignty.

Mar 14 14:17

The Potential Problems With Artificial Intelligence

By Brian Berletic

Artificial intelligence (AI) is, simply put, intelligence exhibited by software and machines. Intelligence itself could be defined as the ability to learn and solve problems. In nature, evolution has endowed many species with intelligence, and human beings in particular with a relatively formidable ability to learn and solve problems...

Our natural, human intelligence has given rise to exponential technological progress; and, amid that progress, we have begun to create an artificial intelligence through computer science unconfined by natural evolution, biological limitations, and thus able to accelerate exponentially faster than our own intelligence has developed...

Mar 14 14:16

Microsoft Has Just Blackmailed Linux Twice in One Single Week and the Media Didn’t Notice or Just Ignored It Because of Microsoft’s Charm Offensives

Microsoft loves Linux enough to strangle it to death with patents while the media isn’t paying attention and instead telling us that Microsoft is now a buddy or “pal” of GNU/Linux