Nov 23 10:01

This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This video had showed migrants simply dumping their garbage from their balconies at the Augsburg Asylum Center, Germany into the streets.

Nov 23 09:18

NSA documents reveal bulk email collection continues despite official claims

A series of declassified National Security Agency (NSA) documents have revealed that the government’s program of bulk metadata collection of the population’s internet communications, known as STELLARWIND, has continued despite claims by the Obama administration to have ended the program in 2011, prior to information of its existence being leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Nov 23 09:12

NSA's Mass Metadata Collection Still Constitutional, Says Court

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. circuit has denied Larry Klayman’s emergency petition for rehearing en bac of the appeals court’s ruling to stay a lower court injunction on the government’s bulk metadata collection program.

Nov 23 08:57

New hacker group (Ghost Security Group) 'Spying' on Islamic State instead of hacking them. Calling Anonymous tactics 'unsophisticated'

In the wake of the Paris attacks, the vigilante hacker group Anonymous has declared war on so-called Islamic State using the internet and claims to haveshut thousands of Twitter accounts used by IS operatives. But a much smaller online group has also emerged, with quite a different strategy - and they claim they've already thwarted at least one terror attack.

Nov 23 07:59

How NSA continued to spy on American citizens' email traffic – from overseas

Newly revealed documents (not from Snowden this time) show that the NSA has continued to collect Americans' email traffic en masse using overseas offices to get around curbs introduced domestically.

Shortly after the September 11 attacks, President Bush authorized the NSA to collect bulk metadata on emails sent by Americans (although not the content) to help The War Against Terror (TWAT). The surveillance was authorized by the US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which mostly rubberstamped such requests.

But the collection was stopped in 2011, the NSA said, although it still monitored emails from Americans to people outside the nation's borders. However, a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit started by The New York Times against the NSA's Inspector General has uncovered documents showing that the NSA carried on collecting domestic data.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Intelligent people understand that one cannot say ,in any email correspondence, anything that one would not want shouted from the rooftops, globally.

And the bad guys already have encryption in place that the Feds cannot penetrate, or are going low tech to communicate.

No matter which party is in office, the efforts to completely eviscerate the Constitution and Bill of Rights continue, with impunity.

Nov 23 07:56

Inside the Sony Hack

Outside Sony, it would eventually seem as if all the studio's info had been exposed for everyone to see. But inside the studio, nobody could access anything. “Everything was so completely destroyed. It was surreal. Everything was down,” one ex-employee told me. “It wasn’t just one system or one part of the lot or one building. The network was completely chewed up by the virus."

The telephone directory vanished. Voicemail was offline. Computers became bricks. Internet access on the lot was shuttered. The cafeteria went cash-only. Contracts—and the templates those contracts were based on—disappeared. Sony’s online database of stock footage was unsearchable. It was near impossible for Sony to communicate directly with its employees—much less ex-employees, who were also gravely affected by the hack—to inform them of what was even happening and what to do about it. “It was like moving back into an earlier time,” one employee says.

Nov 22 18:40

How NSA continued to spy on American citizens' email traffic – from overseas

Newly revealed documents (not from Snowden this time) show that the NSA has continued to collect Americans' email traffic en masse using overseas offices to get around curbs introduced domestically.

Shortly after the September 11 attacks, President Bush authorized the NSA to collect bulk metadata on emails sent by Americans (although not the content) to help The War Against Terror (TWAT). The surveillance was authorized by the US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which mostly rubberstamped such requests.

But the collection was stopped in 2011, the NSA said, although it still monitored emails from Americans to people outside the nation's borders. However, a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit started by The New York Times against the NSA's Inspector General has uncovered documents showing that the NSA carried on collecting domestic data.

Nov 22 18:39

Malware caught checking out credit cards in 54 luxury hotels

Add Starwood – owner of the Sheraton, Westin, W hotel chains – to the ranks of resorts infiltrated by credit card-stealing malware.

The luxury hotel chain said on Friday that 54 of its North American locations had been infected with a software nasty that harvested banking card information from payment terminals and cash registers.

Starwood said the 54 compromised hotels [PDF] were scattered throughout the US and Canada, and were infected from as early as November of 2014 to June 30 of this year. Malware was found in payment systems in gift shops, restaurants, and sales registers.

Data stolen by the software could include customer names, credit card numbers, card security codes, and expiration dates.

Nov 22 18:38

Who's running dozens of top-secret unpatched databases? The Dept of Homeland Security

The US Department of Homeland Security is running dozens of unpatched databases, some of which are rated "secret" and even "top secret," according to an audit.

An inspection [PDF] of the department's IT infrastructure found huge security gaps, including the fact that 136 systems had expired "authorities to operate" – meaning that no one was in charge of keeping them updated. Of the 136, 17 were classified as "secret" or "top secret."

Unsurprisingly, with so many systems not undergoing active maintenance, the audit found that many did not have up-to-date security patches, leaving them open to hacking efforts. The problems extended from browsers to PCs to databases. It also found a large number of weak passwords.

Nov 22 17:44

NSA documents reveal bulk email collection continues despite official claims

A series of declassified National Security Agency (NSA) documents have revealed that the government’s program of bulk metadata collection of the population’s internet communications, known as STELLARWIND, has continued despite claims by the Obama administration to have ended the program in 2011, prior to information of its existence being leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Nov 22 09:43

YouTube Terminates PINAC Account for “Violent” Police Videos, the Latest Shutdown on Independent Media

On October 27, YouTube terminated the main channel of Photography is Not a Crime, claiming the channel posts too many videos that are “violent or graphic content that appears to be posted in a shocking, sensational, or disrespectful manner.”

Because of that, PINAC lost hundreds of videos it had posted on the channel.

The videos found on the PINAC YouTube channel are typically also aired by national and local television news stations now that police violence has become national news.

However, PINAC’s account was suspended in August for airing footage of the Virginia reporters getting shot to death, which many news stations chose not to run.

Nov 21 12:06

Anonymous Publishes List of ISIS Targets for Sunday Attacks

By Joe Wright

Hacktivist group Anonymous has declared all-out cyber war on ISIS following the Paris terror attacks. #OpParis went live just days ago, which involved Anonymous issuing a guide to the world on how to disrupt ISIS recruiting via social media. Despite documenting their results of over 20,000 hacked ISIS Twitter accounts, some US officials appeared dismissive of the tactics saying it would only be nothing more than an “annoyance.”

However, it appears that the U.S. government is now paying closer attention to what Anonymous is saying...

Nov 21 09:44

NSA doc shows US email surveillance continued despite program ending

Although the US government says an NSA program collecting email records of Americans was shut down in December 2011, it is likely the practice still continued, according to documents obtained by the New York Times under the Freedom of Information Act.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Imagine my shock!

Click for larger image

Nov 20 10:46

'Facebook thinks I'm a terrorist': woman named Isis has account disabled

Isis Anchalee, a San Francisco-based engineer, claims to have had her Facebook account disabled because of her name

Nov 20 10:39

Android adware can install itself even when users explicitly reject it

Two weeks ago, Ars reported on newly discovered Android adware that is virtually impossible to uninstall. Now, researchers have uncovered malicious apps that can get installed even when a user has expressly tapped a button rejecting the app.

Nov 20 09:30

Candidates Ready to Trash Constitution to Fight ISIS: “Time To Put Life Ahead of Civil Liberties”

Under the auspices of retribution for 9/11 and the War on Terror, Americans hardly blinked at trampling on constitutional rights.

People later regretted the powers granted via the PATRIOT Act... but only once the path down the slippery slope had begun

Today, new threats from ISIS are dragging the United States dangerously close to this point again.

“I disagree with that [liberal view]. You want to be free and dead? I’d rather be not free and alive,” Saban said, adding that at ‘a time of war’, interviewing Muslim refugees and migrants in a more intense way than Christians is acceptable, as well as “listening in on anyone and everybody who looks suspicious.”


Nov 20 08:34

Numerous terror attacks go unnoticed amid Paris attacks buzz

Social media users are embracing the #PrayForNigeria hashtag, criticizing main stream media for ignoring or underreporting the latest terrorist attacks there.

Nov 20 08:21

Apple – it's true: iPad Pro slabs freeze when plugged in to charge

Apple has confirmed its iPad Pro tablets sometimes freeze while recharging.

The Cupertino giant has published a support document acknowledging that its new 12.9-inch tablet has a tendency to lock up when plugged in for a battery charge, requiring a hard reboot to revive it.

This comes after people have been complaining for nearly a week that their new iPad Pros were refusing to wake up when plugged into the charger.

Nov 20 08:17

Israeli spy Pollard released after 30 years in US jail

Jewish American spy Jonathan Pollard was released from a US prison Friday after serving nearly 30 years for passing American secrets to Israel, in a move welcomed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The decades-long punishment has been deemed disproportionate by the Jewish state, where Pollard is seen by some as a national hero.

Netanyahu, who has long pressed for Pollard's release, said Friday that "after three long and difficult decades Jonathan is at last reunited with his family."

"The people of Israel welcome the release of Jonathan Pollard," he said.

(Note: Another "Soft Spin" from the Zio-Media on the release of this Jewish TRAITOR!!!)

Nov 20 07:45

NATO fights malware, bugged devices at Estonian cyber center

NATO nations and allies are battling malware in tablets and infected devices this week in the alliance's largest cyber drill to date aimed at improving members' data privacy in crisis situations.

Nov 20 07:03

Cat discovers GNOME desktop bug

Coming soon: Dog rewrites Linux kernel

Nov 19 18:49

Facebook censors have blocked this posting (from the Jerusalem Post!) and shut me out for five days

Facebook Ban – Day Two

It’s not to try to silence me or anything during current events.
Please pass on news of the ban, share on social media and tell people to come to to see what Facebook is censoring this next week …

Far-right settler rabbi: Paris attacks are payback for the Holocaust

Nov 19 17:03

Shock Report: DHS Missed 73 Airport Employees On Watchlist… But “Will Screen Out Terrorists”

Can we trust the federal government to protect us from terrorist who may be coming to the U.S. to cause trouble?

A review of screening and security procedures inside the TSA has revealed that 73 workers approved for access to secure areas are actually on the terrorism watch list.


Nov 19 13:23

Post-Paris American Police State Once Again In Vogue: “We Can Crush ISIS’s Enclave of Terror”

It seems that the only response to terrorism is more surveillance, security, police presence and, of course, war.

To that end, Hillary Clinton is most definitely "in":

But Clinton called for further US special forces to be deployed to Syria too, reiterated her call for a no-fly zone and demanded an “intelligence surge” to allow the airstrikes against Isis to be stepped up.

“The United States has been conducting this fight for more than a year; it’s time to be begin a new phase and intensify and broaden our efforts,” Clinton told the Council on Foreign Relations in New York.


Nov 19 12:48

US officials seize on Paris attacks to press for “back door” to encryption

US officials are moving rapidly to exploit the terrorist attacks in Paris on Friday to push forward with already existing plans to undermine encrypted communications and vastly expand the powers of the state.

Nov 19 10:18

U.S. Mass Surveillance Has No Record of Thwarting Large Terror Attacks, Regardless of Snowden Leaks

Despite the intelligence community’s attempts to blame NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden for the tragic attacks in Paris on Friday, the NSA’s mass surveillance programs do not have a track record — before or after Snowden — of identifying or thwarting actual large-scale terrorist plots.

CIA Director John Brennan asserted on Monday that “many of these terrorist operations are uncovered and thwarted before they’re able to be carried out,” and lamented the post-Snowden “handwringing” that has made that job more difficult.

But the reason there haven’t been any large-scale terror attacks by ISIS in the U.S. is not because they were averted by the intelligence community, but because — with the possible exception of one that was foiled by local police — none were actually planned.

And even before Snowden, the NSA wasn’t able to provide a single substantiated example of its surveillance dragnet preventing any domestic attack at all.

Nov 19 09:53

Kids' tech skills go backwards thanks to tablets and smartmobes

Australian study finds lowest-ever digital literacy scores coincide with the iPad age

Nov 19 09:51

Edgy online shoppers face Dyre Christmas as malware mutates

"The cyber criminals behind Dyreza often spread the malware via spray-and-pray spam campaigns, which are sent to random recipients," Zahria says.

" … Dyreza is also a crime-as-a-service network” that anyone can buy into [and attack] a group of targets in the code configuration file [which] are typically online banking websites."

Targeted users risk having bank accounts drained and machines botted.

Nov 19 09:24

Martin Armstrong Rages "It's Time To Knock Off The BS About 'Surveillance For Terrorism'"

The worldwide collection of phone calls, emails, text messages and our total loss of privacy is all about taxes – NOT terrorism.

With all this power and the demand that encryption be outlawed, not any of this surveillance has stopped one terrorist act. There was the Boston bombers, two kids using cell phones. They didn’t catch that either. Then there was the two guys dressing up as women who attacked the NSA itself. They didn’t know about that. Then Charlie Hebdo, that too was a surprise. Now we have an all out assault on civilians in Paris carried out by 3 suicide squads and again they were clueless.

This surveillance does not work because they are really monitoring the people for taxes or they would not be storing everything forever.

Nov 19 09:06

Elections – Social Media Engineering And The Art Of Hacking Humans

Social engineering is the hacking of human beings. It’s not new but what is new is the almost overnight and spectacular take up rate of social media across the world and it brings with it new challenges that in some context should be termed social media engineering.

Nov 19 08:36

Paris attacks prompt new calls by senators for legislation to bypass encryption

The U.S. government's financial support for the development of smartphone encryption apps doesn't surprise security experts.

Wireless network engineers, network admins, and network security pros can expect above-average pay
Read Now

U.S. intelligence agencies are probably involved in funding commercial encryption apps through the government's Open Technology Fund to stay on top of terrorists and organized criminals that use encryption to cloak their communications, several security experts said Wednesday.
MORE ON NETWORK WORLD: 26 crazy and scary things the TSA has found on travelers

"It would not surprise me if federal agencies were funding encryption apps because it is possibly the only option available to monitor terrorism and organized crime," said Darren Hayes, assistant professor and director of cybersecurity at Pace University.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Except that it won't work! Like so many other government "solutions" it will increase cost, complexity, and inconvenience to law abiding citizens and leave the criminals/terrorists untouched.

Nov 19 08:33

Elections – Social Media Engineering And The Art Of Hacking Humans

By Graham Vanbergen

Social engineering is the hacking of human beings. It’s not new, but what is new is the almost overnight and spectacular take-up rate of social media across the world; and it brings with it new challenges that in some context should be termed social media engineering...

Nov 19 08:09

Both FBI And Carnegie Mellon Are Now Denying 'Accuracy' Of $1 Million Tor Surveillance Payment

Last week the director of the Tor Project, Roger Dingledine, made a bold but unsubstantiated claim that users of the Tor anonymizing network were unmasked in the first half of 2014 by a technique supplied to the FBI by Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) researchers. Both have now labelled those claims inaccurate and it appears CMU submitted to a subpoena, though it isn’t admitting to anything.

In a terse statement given to FORBES on Friday, an FBI spokesperson said the suggestion that $1 million was paid was inaccurate. The spokesperson wouldn’t be drawn into saying whether any payment was made at all.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A non-denial denial.

Nov 19 06:22

Anonymous Publishes Guide On How To Attack ISIS Online

Hacker group Anonymous have published a guide for people interested in waging an online war against ISIS.

The guide will detail ways to identify and attack websites and social media assets belonging to the Islamic State or ISIS.

Nov 18 23:11


Published on Mar 21, 2014

Now that the MSM is flirting with the idea of "cyber hijacking" in the increasingly desperate search for MH370, many are left wondering how long the possibility of a remote control hijack has been possible and why the public hasn't been warned of this threat. Join us for this week's Eyeopener report as we examine the cyber hijacking issue and its connections to 9/11.

Nov 18 23:03

The double-edged sword of cyber warfare

Kind of in your face aren't they!

One week after the Israeli army formally recognized cyber weapons as a fourth dimension of warfare, alongside land, air and sea, the defense minister on Wednesday sang the praises of digital weapons, saying that they can attack and conquer enemy assets without leaving a trace.

“Cyberspace enables the attack of another nation state in offensive action, even reaching victory without leaving any fingerprints, even if it is suspected,” Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon said Wednesday at the fifth annual Cyber Security Conference at Tel Aviv University, according to a conference statement. “We are already there; we are not talking about some distant future. We have experienced this in Israel’s day-to-day actions against its enemies.”

The reference to offensive action was somewhat rare and it came just two weeks after Israel was fingered as a suspect in a cyberattack against participants in the nuclear negotiations with Iran.

Nov 18 20:57

How a hacker could hijack a plane from their seat

The Russian plane reported problems with the planes in-flight entertainment system and wireless(wifi?).After that no more communications.

Reports that a cybersecurity expert successfully hacked into an airplane’s control system from a passenger seat raises many worrying questions for the airline industry. It was once believed that the cockpit network that allows the pilot to control the plane was fully insulated and separate from the passenger network running the in-flight entertainment system. This should make it impossible for a hacker in a passenger seat to interfere with the course of the flight. But the unfolding story of this hacker’s achievement, which has prompted further investigation by authorities and rebuttals from plane manufacturers, means that this assumption needs to be revisited.

Nov 18 20:54

The scariest cyber threat of all? How hackers are hijacking planes

Cyber attacks on the aviation industry are becoming a sensitive issue. Considering that cyberspace provides a low-cost haven for carrying out a broad range of disruptive activities, it is reasonable to conclude that hackers will consider the aviation sector as one of their targets.

Also, because of lower risk, cyber terrorism is replacing the bomber and hijacker and becoming the weapon of choice when it comes to attacks against the aviation industry.

Nov 18 20:52

Cyber Wars: US govt failing to address hacking attacks – report

American government agencies are being faced with a broadening range of cyber-based threats, but the government has largely failed to tackle the issue.

Nov 18 20:52

Hacker Uses An Android To Remotely Attack and Hijack A Plane

By taking advantage of two new technologies for the discovery, information gathering and exploitation phases of the attack, and by creating an exploit framework (SIMON) and an Android app (PlaneSploit) that delivers attack messages to the airplanes' Flight Management Systems (computer unit + control display unit), he demonstrated the terrifying ability to take complete control of aircrafts by making virtual planes "dance to his tune."

Nov 18 20:48

Planes Grounded After Hackers Hijack An Airline's Flight Plan System

Practice makes perfect!

A cyberattack on Polish airline LOT left ten flights canceled this Sunday, stranding around 1,400 people at Warsaw’s Chopin airport. The attack hit the airline’s ground computer system, which is used to make flight plans.

The hackers didn’t break into the IT on the planes, but this incident makes it even more obvious that the air travel industry needs to be vigilant about cybersecurity. Earlier this year, security researcher Chris Roberts reportedly commandeered an airplane to demonstrate how crappy United’s security setup is.

“We’re using state-of-the-art computer systems, so this could potentially be a threat to others in the industry,” spokesman Adrian Kubicki told Reuters.

Nov 18 20:46

New Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 ‘Cyber Hijack’ Theory Emerges After ‘Vulnerabilities’ Found In Inflight System

As the search for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 continues, investigators have come across some startling evidence that the plane could have been hijacked using a mobile phone or even a USB stick. The theory comes from a British anti-terrorism expert who says cyber terrorists could have used a series of “codes” to hack the plane’s in-flight entertainment system and infiltrate the security software.

According to Sally Leivesley, a former scientific adviser to the UK’s Home Office, the Boeing 777’s speed, direction and altitude could have been changed using radio signals sent from a small device. The theory comes after investigators determined that someone with knowledge of the plane’s system intentionally flew the jet off course.

“It might well be the world’s first cyber hijack,”

Nov 18 20:21

Suspicions about the Russian Plane Crash

"Once again, politicians, intelligence agents and journalists have made up their minds that a bomb triggered the crash of a Russian Airbus A321, though evidence to support this theory is ephemeral."
- Christine Negroni, "Why the rush to judgment in the Metrojet disaster?"

[Carmi] Gillon suggested that today a terror organization could take over a jet plane and “achieve something like 9-11” without fielding any flesh and blood attackers.
- Carmi Gillon, former head of Israel’s Shin Bet security service, “The double-edged sword of cyber warfare,” Times of Israel, June 24, 2015

“Cyberspace enables the attack of another nation state in offensive action, even reaching victory without leaving any fingerprints, even if it is suspected. We are already there; we are not talking about some distant future. We have experienced this in Israel’s day-to-day actions against its enemies.”
- Israel Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, Ibid., Times of Israel, June 24, 2015

Nov 18 16:32

The World’s First Cashless Society Is Here – A Totalitarian’s Dream Come True

By Nick Giambruno

Central planners around the world are waging a War on Cash. In just the last few years:

- Italy made cash transactions over €1,000 illegal;
- Switzerland proposed banning cash payments in excess of 100,000 francs;
- Russia banned cash transactions over $10,000;
- Spain banned cash transactions over €2,500;
- Mexico made cash payments of more than 200,000 pesos illegal;
- Uruguay banned cash transactions over $5,000; and
- France made cash transactions over €1,000 illegal, down from the previous limit of €3,000.

The War on Cash is a favorite pet project of the economic central planners...

Nov 18 16:08

Don't want Windows 10? This tool lets you stay on Windows 7 and prevent automatic upgrades

So what can you do? We suggest that you download GWX Control Panel, a piece of freeware that enables users to permanently remove the annoying blue and white "Get Windows 10" pop-up box on your desktop's notification area, as well as preventing Microsoft from secretly installing the 6GB of Windows 10 drivers, images and language packs you don't want.

In addition, the program also claims that it can detect and automatically remove any Windows 10 installation files that might have already downloaded to your PC, if you don't want to head over to Windows Explorer and search for the C:$Windows.~BT folder yourself.

Nov 18 14:35

‘War against ISIS’: Anonymous promises revenge for A321 Sinai crash

Members of the Anonymous hacker group are promising revenge for the Russian plane disaster.

Nov 18 13:56

Osborne slashes welfare, injects £1.9bn into cybersecurity to counter ISIS hackers

Islamic State terrorists could launch cyberattacks on power stations, the National Grid and hospitals, Chancellor George Osborne warned in a speech outlining his commitment to spending an additional £1.9 billion on cybersecurity.

Nov 18 12:42

GridExIII Drill Coincides with American Terror Threat: “ISIS Cells Could Attack Our Power Grid”

The threat of an ISIS attack on U.S. soil has become tangible... all while the North American Energy Reliance Corporation (NERC) has launched GridExIII, high level national security exercises for November 18-19... simulating an attack on the power grid:

“NERC’s grid security exercise (GridEx III) is designed for electric utilities to exercise their response to simulated coordinated cyber and physical security threats and incidents…"

Rogue cells inside a legitimate drill COULD be used to take down the entire power grid, and emergency response teams would play along in real time as if it were only a scenario. By then, it might be too late.


Nov 18 07:51

"They're violating the rights of everyone in the country"

This is not the opinion of an
outside critic.

It's the opinion of one of the
NSA administrators who set up
the mass surveillance system.

Nov 18 05:38

Metadata Surveillance Didn’t Stop the Paris Attacks

And yet intelligence officials and politicians are now saying it could have. They’re wrong.

Nov 18 05:31

'Shut down the parts of internet used by Islamic State masterminds'

Joe Barton is angry about Paris killings. Also has no idea what he's talking about

Nov 17 16:29

Dislike: Facebook wrongly removes post questioning partial coverage of Paris attacks

Facebook removed a UK student’s post criticizing the world for not responding to recent terrorist attacks in Lebanon and Africa with the same prayers and support as for Paris. The tech giant republished it, citing human error, after being approached by RT.

Nov 17 15:05

Anonymous Kills 5,500 ISIS Social Media Accounts After Paris Terror Attack

The “hacker collective” known as Anonymous is waging an all-out war against ISIS.

So far, they’ve taken down more 5,500 ISIS-associated Twitter accounts since the Paris terror attacks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Actually, these are the accounts used by propagandists to sell the ISIS terror image, or the NSA would have shut them down long ago.

Nov 17 14:07

15yo boy charged over airline bomb hoaxes, cyber-attacks

A teenage boy has been charged with offences relating to cyber-attacks and bomb hoaxes on airlines in the UK and US, it has emerged.

The 15-year-old suspect from Plymouth has been charged with three offences under Section 3 of the Computer Misuse Act.

Nov 17 13:28

Judge: HP must turn over computer code to Mich. SOS

A Kent County judge has ordered Hewlett-Packard to turn over the computer source code for vehicle registrations online to the state of Michigan, according to the Michigan Secretary of State’s Office.

The state terminated its contract with the global information technology company in August and sued HP in Kent County Circuit Court in September after the company failed to deliver on a $49 million contract over 10 years. The contract was expected to replace aging computer systems at the Secretary of State offices across the state.

The ruling Monday addressed the state’s request for an injunction to force HP to provide computer source code that is necessary to ensure the state’s ability to maintain and manage its ExpressSOS website, which is used by millions of Michigan residents, the SOS office said in a news release Monday.

Nov 17 13:23


Despite the intelligence community’s attempts to blame NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden for the tragic attacks in Paris on Friday, the NSA’s mass surveillance programs do not have a track record—before or after Snowden—of identifying or thwarting actual, large-scale terrorist plots. CIA Director John Brennan asserted on Monday that “many of these terrorist operations are uncovered and thwarted before they’re able to be carried out,” and lamented the post-Snowden “handwringing” that has made that job more difficult.

Nov 17 12:44

Edward Snowden urges internet users to install ad blockers to boost online privacy

"Everybody should be running adblock software, if only from a safety perspective.

"We’ve seen internet providers inserting their own ads into your plaintext http connections.

"As long as service providers are serving ads with active content that require the use of Javascript to display or that have some kind of active content like Flash embedded in it, you should be actively trying to block these.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We do not allow flash ads here at WRH for that reason.

Nov 17 10:44

The US government is already lying like crazy about surveillance after the Paris attacks

At a Center for Strategic & International Studies talk today, CIA director John Brennan renewed one of the government's favorite lies about spying: that mass surveillance has been successful in stopping a bunch of mysterious threats while it is simultaneously too ineffective to stop real attacks, because of privacy advocates and whistleblowers.

Nov 17 09:28

The US government is already lying like crazy about surveillance after the Paris attacks

Glenn Greenwald at The Intercept has thoroughly documented the genesis of this lie, but here's the short version: the government can't have it both ways on security. It can't ask that companies and individuals strengthen their defenses against attacks while at the same time demanding companies like Apple and Google to sabotage their users by giving the government the means to break encryption.

Nov 17 08:43

Hillary Clinton: (Yet) ‘Another conspiracy theory’

After a series of questions from host Chuck Todd about her emails, including a new charge that a recently released email exchange with former CIA director and retired Gen. David Petraeus occurred earlier than she acknowledged using her personal account, an exasperated-sounding Clinton asked Todd whether his next question would be about “another conspiracy theory.”

She rejected the notion that her decision to use a personal email server as secretary of state was meant to evade public records searches, noting that congressional investigators unearthed many of her emails before she released them because they were obtainable through public systems. She acknowledged, however, the “drip, drip, drip” of accusations leveled at her, but couldn’t guarantee when they would stop.

Nov 17 08:09


Remember all the Angst and outrage from the Merkel government when She Who Is Not To Be Spied Upon, Frau Bundeskanzler, discovered that the American national security agency was tapping her cell phone? At the time, we read all the outraged op-ed pieces that it simply wasn't a good thing for allies to spy on each other. Indeed, consider the following RT article, reporting on a recent article on Germany's own international espionage efforts in Der Spiegel, shared by Mr. S.D.:

Germany ‘systematically spied’ on own allies on grand scale - Spiegel

As the RT article points out, the outrage expressed by the Merkel government is more than disingenuous:

Nov 17 08:08

Germany ‘systematically spied’ on own allies on grand scale - Spiegel

A list of targets of Germany’s foreign intelligence agency (BND) has provided some unexpected surprises, a report by Spiegel suggests. Berlin is reported to have “systematically spied” on many of its allies – including the US Department of the Interior.

German espionage programs have targeted many states and organizations one would think would be considered friendly, including the Ministries of Interior of Poland, Austria, Denmark and Croatia; US diplomatic missions at the EU and UN, as well as the US Treasury Department and Department of the Interior in Washington, according to Der Spiegel’s report. Even the US State Department’s hotline for travel warnings has been snooped on.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now watch the same US Government that insists we should not be upset over warrantless spying on us all scream bloody murder when it happens to them!

Nov 17 07:06

French Security Left Blind During Paris Attacks

I have received a report from European security that there was a massive cyber attack on French systems 48 hours prior to and during the Paris attacks. Among other things, the attack took down the French mobile data network and blinded police surveillance The attack was not a straightforward DDOS attack but a sophisticated attack that targeted a weakness in infrastructure hardware.

Such an attack is beyond the capability of most organizations and requires capability that is unlikely to be in ISIL’s arsenal. An attack on this scale is difficult to pull off without authorities getting wind of it. The coordination required suggests state involvement.

Nov 16 16:14

Verizon resurrects activation fees because you're not already giving it enough money

According to a report from Droid Life this week, Verizon will so bring back the dreaded activation fee when you sign up for service from the carrier. Starting on November 15th, which is the same date the price hike for unlimited plans goes into effect, Verizon will charge customers adding a new line of service a one-time $20 fee for doing so. The fee applies to customers that sign up for Verizon's device payment plans, though it's not clear if the carrier will charge you if you pay for a device in full upfront or bring your own.

Nov 16 16:10

Planes grounded at Paris Orly airport thanks to Windows 3.1 error

But the French Ministry of Transport won't modernise system until 2017.

Nov 16 11:56

“We Will Hunt You Down”: Anonymous Declares War on ISIS

Kinda hard to keep up with all these CIA-infiltrated groups these days...

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Nov 16 10:18

Georgia passenger with gun in carry-on goes unnoticed by TSA

(KUTV) A Georgia man told authorities he accidentally boarded a plane with a loaded gun - and didn't get stopped by TSA.

"If they'll take toothpaste, they'll make people get out of wheel chairs. They'll make me take off my belt buckle. My shoes. How did my gun get through?" asked Blake Alford, a retired truck driver from Clayton county who said he made an "honest mistake" by forgetting he had a loaded gun in his carry-on.

Nov 16 08:43

The Pentagon’s Plan to Outsource Lethal Cyber-Weapons

The Pentagon has quietly put out a call for vendors to bid on a contract to develop, execute and manage its new cyber weaponry and defense program. The scope of this nearly half-billion-dollar “help wanted” work order includes counterhacking, as well as developing and deploying lethal cyberattacks — sanctioned hacking expected to cause real-life destruction and loss of human life.

Nov 16 07:58

UK law mandates software backdoors, jail for disclosing vulnerability

The bill, widely referred to as the Snoopers Charter, could also mean that citizens subjected to these secret orders, who decide to defy them, would be tried by secret courts and appeal to secret tribunals with zero public accountability or even disclosure of its decisions. This fundamentally makes resistance impossible — try to make a stink about what you see as improper use of government power in the UK, and the UK government may soon be able to respond with a judicial system not all that different from a black bag over the head.

The most famous battle over a National Security Letter in the US came when the creator of Lavabit decided that the only way to alert his customers to government snooping without going to jail was to shut down the service without notice or explanation. These sorts of laws, which not only grant powers but build into the system secrecy about those powers, stultify the discourse and make democracy fundamentally impossible.

Nov 16 07:48

Customers are complaining that some tablets for sale on Amazon are loaded with malware

Buyer beware.

Some tablets being sold on Amazon are apparently coming with pre-installed malware on them, and can delete users’ apps and force them to look at unwanted adverts.

That’s according to an investigation from Chinese mobile company Cheetah Mobile.

Cheetah’s researchers have been looking into a particular Trojan called “Cloudsota,” and say that it is frequently coming pre-installed on more than 30 different tablet brands.

These aren’t iPads or Google Nexus tablets, of course — they’re low-end devices from no-name manufacturers, typically built in China. The most affected, Cheetah says, are “no brand” devices that use Allwinner chips.

Nov 16 07:40

France Has A Powerful and Controversial New Surveillance Law

As it happens, the attacks have occurred only a few months after legislators in that country passed a sweeping new surveillance law that gives the government broad powers to closely monitor the mobile phone and Internet communications of French citizens.

Passed by the French Parliament in May in response to the attacks on the Paris-based magazine Charlie Hebdo, the law allows government to monitor phone calls and emails of people suspected of connections to terrorism without the authorization of a judge.

But it goes further than that. The law requires Internet service providers to install “black boxes” that are designed to vacuum up and analyze metadata on the Web-browsing and general Internet use habits of millions of people using the Web, and to make the data available to intelligence agencies.

Finally, the law allows government agents to break into the homes of suspected terrorists for the purpose of planting microphone bugs...

Nov 16 05:48

Is Facebook Doing Israel’s PR?

The FB has reportedly stopped Milli Gazette’s admin from posting on its FB page a story from the daily Arab News headlined, “World Must Act to Halt Israeli Aggression” (also published on this portal). When he tried to send the link to a friend to check if he was also facing this problem to his surprise FB blocked the message as well.

Even on Arab News’ FB url shorteners are being used to post stories which shows that perhaps it is not just one story from the daily that has been blocked but FB has blacklisted the Arab News itself.

It is difficult to make further comment on this bizarre scenario but what the story is definitely queer and bizarre and Arab News should ask the FB Authorities to clarify this outlandish incident.

Nov 16 05:38

As Predicted: Encryption Haters Are Already Blaming Snowden (?!?) For The Paris Attacks

The idea that it was suddenly because of Snowden's revelations that the attackers decided to communicate via encryption defies all common sense, and anyone making that suggestion seems to be publicly displaying a near total ignorance on history -- most likely for political gain. Meanwhile, the speculation over how the attackers communicated has led some to claim (without any evidence to support it) that they may have been communicating via the PlayStation 4. I'm pretty damn sure that the PS4 does not include end-to-end encryption, so even if that does turn out to be true, it would seem to undermine the earlier claims of encryption being the problem.

Nov 15 15:52

Global Banks Carve Up the World Ahead of COP21 Paris

By Rusticus

As individuals and Nations alike wait in anticipation for COP21 less than a month from now, described as the United Nations’ “legally binding and universal” update to the ever-deleterious Agenda 21, banksters at the supranational level have shown little hesitation in offering their seemingly sage opinions on how their usurious reserves will be put to use in enacting this “Global Sustainable New Deal.”

From veterans of monetary Technocracy like the IMF and World Bank to the “New Kids on the Trading Bloc” represented by the BRICS and AIIB, monetary institutions around the world are poised to receive their slice of the sustainable pie – at the expense of what little freedom and financial security the individual still retains...

Nov 15 13:21

Hours Before Paris Terror Attack, Facebook Stopped Anonymous From Exposing ISIS Recruiters

The Paris area was shocked by a major terrorist attack Friday night that is being claimed by the Neo-Caliphate terrorist group ISIS. But just hours before this attack was carried out, Facebook removed a key Anonymous group responsible for identifying and reporting thousands of social media accounts used by ISIS recruiters.

Regardless of your views on ISIS, their origins and who is pulling the strings and funding them, one thing is clear: they have been spreading their ideology and recruiting using Facebook and Twitter more than any “on-the-ground”, traditional methods.

Nov 15 09:35

Belgium’s home affairs minister says ISIL communicates using Playstation 4

Jambon also reportedly warned of the growing use by terror networks of the PlayStation 4 gaming console, which allows terrorists to communicate with each other and is difficult for the authorities to monitor. “PlayStation 4 is even more difficult to keep track of than WhatsApp,” he said.

The gaming console also was implicated in ISIL’s plans back in June, when an Austrian teen was arrested for downloading bomb plans to his PS4.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, looks like the NSA struck out ... again. Clearly, unable to find terrorists before they strike, or even the writers of ransomware, the NSA has become a huge and costly boondoggle which should be shut down.

Nov 15 08:53

The creepy hidden map inside your iPhone that records everywhere you go including times and dates - and how to disable it

It is perhaps no secret that mapping services in your phone have long been able to identify where you're going and record how often you go there.

But it will perhaps come as a shock to Apple users to discover that their phones are actually plotting that information on an actual map that they can access.

Even more shocking, when you actually open that map, is how much information your device is secretly collecting on you - including the date and time of your visits to particular locations, and how long you stayed there for each time.

Nov 15 08:47

Conficker is back – and it's infecting police body cams

A US IT security company says it found copies of the Conficker malware infecting police body cameras.

Florida-based iPower reports that body cameras it received from supplier Martel Electronics were loaded with 2009's baddest botware.

Researchers Jarrett Pavao and Charles Auchinleck found that when plugged into a PC, the Martel cameras attempted to execute the Worm:Win32/Conficker.B!inf variant.

While any PC running an even remotely up-to-date antivirus package would be able to detect the Conficker attempt, unguarded machines could still be infected. What's worse, iPower says the malware was present in the cameras before it received the units.

Nov 15 08:33

Exploiting Emotions About Paris to Blame Snowden, Distract from Actual Culprits Who Empowered ISIS

One key premise here seems to be that prior to the Snowden reporting, The Terrorists helpfully and stupidly used telephones and unencrypted emails to plot, so western governments were able to track their plotting and disrupt at least large-scale attacks. That would come as a massive surprise to the victims of the attacks of 2002 in Bali, 2004 in Madrid, 2005 in London, 2008 in Mumbai, and April, 2013 at the Boston Marathon. How did the multiple perpetrators of those well-coordinated attacks — all of which were carried out prior to Snowden’s June, 2013 revelations — hide their communications from detection?

Nov 15 07:19

Hours Prior to Paris Terror Attacks Facebook Shuts Down Anonymous Group Exposing ISIS Recruiters

The idea that Facebook has removed a group calling itself “Report ISIS Accounts” is disconcerting and raises serious ethical questions. The Anonymous run group was removed from Facebook only hours prior to the Paris attacks, and the administrators from the group were banned.

*Update – Facebook has now restored the #OpISIS “Report ISIS Accounts” group without comment.

Nov 14 09:46

Beware of ads that use inaudible sound to link your phone, TV, tablet, and PC

Privacy advocates are warning federal authorities of a new threat that uses inaudible, high-frequency sounds to surreptitiously track a person's online behavior across a range of devices, including phones, TVs, tablets, and computers.

The ultrasonic pitches are embedded into TV commercials or are played when a user encounters an ad displayed in a computer browser. While the sound can't be heard by the human ear, nearby tablets and smartphones can detect it. When they do, browser cookies can now pair a single user to multiple devices and keep track of what TV commercials the person sees, how long the person watches the ads, and whether the person acts on the ads by doing a Web search or buying a product.

Nov 14 07:56

Bank of England: Automation to Eliminate Roughly Half of U.S. and British Jobs

One central bank has some frightening predictions when it comes to job stability in the future. 80 million jobs in the United States are at risk of being taken over by robots in the next few decades, a Bank of England (BoE) official warned on Thursday. With U.S. data showing that total nonfarm employment hit 142.6 million in October, that’s roughly over half of the total jobs at risk.

Nov 13 16:28

Who do I send the ticket to? Cops pull over Google self-driving car

A Google self-driving car was pulled over near the company’s Mountain View, California headquarters because it was driving too slowly, police said.

According to the Mountain View Police Department (MVPD), they observed traffic backing up behind the peculiar-looking prototype vehicle, which was traveling at 24 mph in a 35 mph zone, about two miles from Google’s headquarters.

Nov 13 15:50

The Age of Machines and Unemployment: “Robots Could Steal 80 Million US Jobs”

Central banks are officially gearing up for the impending reality of human obsolescence.

While the Bank of England forecast the loss of 80 million American jobs, billionaire Jeff Greene recently commented on how American workers will soon be put to pasture:

“When we first had the internal combustion engine — look at all the horses they just put out to pasture... We are going to be destroying jobs at a record clip.”

“Artificial intelligence (AI), right now, can do the task of a 100 IQ person… Ten years from now artificial intelligence will do the tasks of a 120 IQ person.”


Nov 13 09:50

Popular Smart TV Brands Watch YOU Then Sell the Data to Advertisers

By Jake Anderson

Since 9/11, American citizens have become relatively anesthetized to the growth of the surveillance state. However, the NSA’s civil liberty transgressions sometimes obscure a reality that is becoming increasingly noxious: private industry is watching us just as voraciously as the government. Sometimes they use cameras, but it seems that more often, they are creating data-driven behavioral profiles of us based on everyday consumption in our own homes...

Nov 13 09:31

The Pirate Bay update: site tackled by Windows 10?

According to VCPost, it was reported that Microsoft is joining the copyrights movement by offering a more strict security system for Windows 10. Those who have already upgraded to the new platform will not have access to torrent sites, as Microsoft will reportedly actively block The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents and other file-sharing websites. The report also indicated that some fans have pointed out that their torrent files mysteriously disappeared after upgrading to Windows 10. Microsoft is silent on this issue.

Nov 12 18:31

ISPs say the “massive cost” of Snooper’s Charter will push up UK broadband bills

UK ISPs have warned MPs that the costs of implementing the Investigatory Powers Bill (aka the Snooper's Charter) will be much greater than the £175 million the UK government has allotted for the task, and that broadband bills will need to rise as a result.

Bend over and spread 'em!

Nov 12 16:35

Fraudsters are using you and this Ammyy of malware downloads

Users of Ammyy Admin may have been unwittingly downloading malware along with their remote desktop software.

A group called the Buhtrap gang is using the malware to spy on and control its victims’ computers as part of a series of targeted attacks, net security firm ESET warns.

The tactics in play show that fraudsters are increasingly picking up the ideas and techniques of the more advanced cyberspies.

The malware is being distributed via a strategic web compromise. Since late October, visitors to were offered a bundle containing not only the company’s legitimate Remote Desktop Software, Ammyy Admin, but also various malware packages.

Nov 12 16:03

Tor Project accuses FBI of paying university to ‘deanonymize’ users without warrant

Tor Project, the world’s largest anonymous online network, claims the FBI illegally paid security researchers at a leading university $1 million to unveil the identities of the site’s users, based on court documents in a Silk Road 2.0 trial.

Nov 12 15:53

Police hide use of deceptive and potentially illegal mass-surveillance tech

Police in Vancouver have refused to comply with a Freedom of Information Act request that asks them to detail their use of controversial mass-surveillance technology.

Nov 12 15:39

US & UK hold joint drills to test response to cyber attacks

Washington and London have conducted joint exercises to test how governments, the biggest banks and multinational companies would respond to potential cyber attacks. The test comes in the wake of the TalkTalk scandal.

Nov 12 15:20

The iPhone map that secretly records everywhere you go

Just found this disturbing map on the iPhone that logs detailed information about where you go… now combine this info with the level of surveillance that the authorities are enforcing upon us, often without our knowledge, and they have a record of every step we take.

Nov 12 13:27

Clinton E-Mails Stolen by Russia?

Michael Scheuer, former CIA bin Laden unit chief, reports to readers, “Mrs. Clinton’s unencrypted e-mail communications were stolen by all of America’s enemies—Russia, China, Israel, Iran, probably the Islamic State, etc.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember China-gate from 1996? Then President Bill Clinton authorized the sale of sensitive US technology to China and Chinese money was donated to his re-election campaign!

Was Hillary playing the same game, selling US secrets delivered via a private server with weaker security than the Ashley Madison website in exchange for "donations" to her "charitable" foundation?

It is time to look past the server itself to what may be the biggest spy scandal in US history!

Nov 12 10:21


As philosopher George Santayana famously warned, “Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it.” Perhaps that’s what Senator Richard Burr, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, is counting on as he crusades to erase from history one of the most shameful chapters in memory, the CIA’s kidnapping, rendition, and torture program. Burr has demanded that the Obama administration return to his committee every copy of the 6,700-page torture report compiled by his predecessor, Senator Dianne Feinstein. Copies of the report, a 500-page summary of which was made public last year, were in December 2014 distributed to offices at the Pentagon, CIA, and State Department. There they have sat untouched for nearly a ye

Nov 12 10:09


The next generation of children born in Britain “will not know what money is”, the boss of Apple has predicted. Tim Cook, the chief executive of technology giant, forecast the death of cash by the time current university students have a family.

Nov 12 10:01

Facebook says government data requests are at their highest level ever

Facebook today released its biannual report on government data requests, indicating that total law enforcement requests are at their highest level ever at 41,214 for the first half of 2015. That's an 18 percent jump over the back half of last year, according to the social network's publicly available database that began tracking requests two years ago.

Nov 12 09:48

Facebook is slowly eating your phone’s operating system

Take a look at your iPhone. Chances are, the lockscreen is probably cluttered with notifications about e-mail, news, weather and other information. All of these notifications are produced by separate apps, built by separate developers, and all routed through Apple's iOS.

Now, Facebook wants to take all that information and route it through a platform it controls instead: Notify, an app that's purpose-built to send you notifications.


In the same way that the Internet is increasingly being consumed through apps, more apps are now going to be consumed through Notify — or at least, that's the future Facebook is hinting at. More broadly, it suggests Facebook is interested in supplanting key aspects of all mobile operating systems, which is of course the next best thing to actually selling its own.

Nov 12 09:20

Massive Hack of 70 Million Prisoner Phone Calls Indicates Violations of Attorney-Client Privilege

AN ENORMOUS CACHE of phone records obtained by The Intercept reveals a major breach of security at Securus Technologies, a leading provider of phone services inside the nation’s prisons and jails. The materials — leaked via SecureDrop by an anonymous hacker who believes that Securus is violating the constitutional rights of inmates — comprise over 70 million records of phone calls, placed by prisoners to at least 37 states, in addition to links to downloadable recordings of the calls. The calls span a nearly two-and-a-half year period, beginning in December 2011 and ending in the spring of 2014.

Nov 12 09:02

Snowden Vindicated As Judge Slams "Unconstitutional, Orwellian" NSA Bulk Spying

On Monday, a federal judge ordered a halt to the NSA’s bulk metadata collection program in a reiteration and confirmation of a previous ruling that found the practice “unconstitutional” — and even “Orwellian.”

Nov 12 09:01

'Study Finds Quitting Facebook Makes You Happier and Less Stressed'

Social media has the ability to make your life feel inadequate, with friends and family cherry picking the best parts of their lives and sharing them with the world, making your rainy Monday morning appear particularly dire. So what effect is this having on our mental wellbeing? Is it actually making us feel increasingly depressed?

Nov 12 09:00

The Millennials: What future for our next generation?

A Millennial is described as a person aged between 18 and 34, so born between 1981 and 1997, coming of age just as the digital revolution took off or being born into a household with an internet connection. What those of us born in the 1950s to 1970s (or before) took for granted are concepts which are alien to the Millennials...This is today the mindset of a growing number of young men and women who have not learnt the same social skills as their parents in a world which lives in a void between the pre-digital age and the post-digital revolution. In some extreme cases, they do not even come out of their rooms to eat - the mother knocks on the door and leaves a plate of food in the corridor, then moves away and the son or daughter opens the door to take the plate, then pushes it outside when the meal is finished.

Nov 12 08:01

Effective Public ManagementThe news today: 7 trends in old and new media

Like every major technological revolution, from the printing press to radio and television, the Internet revolution’s impact on society has been greeted with pessimism by some and optimism by others. Nowhere is this more true than in journalism and media.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Effective Public MANAGEMENT" from Brookings institution, trying to figure out why the public is turning away from traditional propaganda organs. The answer is simple, but one they cannot acknowledge. The traditional media has been exposed as professional liars, selling to the public what their corporate masters and government want sold. The new independent media (for the most part) are not constrained by corporate interests or government dictates. People will instinctively go where they know they can find the truth, and glitzy newsroom sets and bodacious babe news readers in slightly skimpy clothing will not lure them back.

Nov 12 07:50

Pause Patch Tuesday downloads, buggy code can kill Outlook

The El Reg inbox has been flooded with reports of a serious cock-up by Microsoft's patching squad, with one of Tuesday's fixes causing killer problems for Outlook.

"We are looking into reports from some customers who are experiencing difficulties with Outlook after installing Windows KB 3097877. An immediate review is under way," a Microsoft spokesperson told us.

The problem is with software in one of the four critical patches issued in yesterday's Patch Tuesday bundle – MS15-115. This was supposed to fix a flaw in the way Windows handles fonts, but has had some unexpected side effects for some Outlook users.

Nov 12 07:48

FastMail falls over as web service extortionists widen attacks and up their prices

The news comes after ProtonMail suffered a similar extortion attack, although in that case the marauders were only asking for 15 Bitcoin. Under pressure from companies caught up in the attack, ProtonMail paid up, but that didn’t stop the assaults coming in thick and fast on the firm.

The two companies are not the only ones to be targeted by the DDoS extorters. November 4 through 6, Runbox was hit by multiple DDoS attacks from a group calling itself the "Armada Collective," also accompanied with extortion demands – although the group later dropped its request for payment and apologized.

On November 4 cloud office applications provider Zoho was also hit and the attack came with a ransom demand. Zoho spent the next six days fighting to keep its servers online. A day later secure webmail firm Hushmail came under a money-with-menaces DDoS attack, which is still ongoing.

Nov 11 18:31

Microsoft will host data in Germany to hide it from US spies

Microsoft is opening new data centers in Germany to allow European customers to hide their digital information from US government surveillance. The new data centers will open in late 2016 and will be operated by a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom. However, The Financial Times notes that customers will have to pay extra to store their data in this way. "These new data centre regions will enable customers to use the full power of Microsoft’s cloud in Germany [...] and ensure that a German company retains control of the data," said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella at a press conference in Berlin this morning.

Nov 11 15:14

Facebook caught stealing, cheating and lying its way to 8 billion video views daily

This video explains the unethical process behind Facebook’s claim of reaching an astonishing 8 billion video views a day.

Nov 11 13:00

‘Brave new world’ of hacking: Feds charge 3 men for stealing data from 100 million

Federal prosecutors called it “the largest theft of financial-related data in history” when they unsealed an indictment against three men at the center of a sprawling hacking criminal enterprise. The men face decades in jail, and one is still at-large.

Nov 11 11:50

Feds may need warrant for web browser surveillance, court rules

When Edward Snowden revealed the NSA secretly monitored Americans’ internet use, officials allayed concerns by explaining “only metadata” was collected. Now a federal court says some URLs fall outside the metadata category, qualifying as content.