Jul 26 15:27

Amazon’s Facial “Rekognition” Mismatches 28 Lawmakers With Criminals

By Aaron Kesel

The American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California tested Amazon’s facial Rekognition software and the program erroneously and hilariously identified 28 members of Congress as people who have been arrested for crimes...

Jul 26 14:16

Irony: Amazon’s Facial Recognition Says 28 Members Of Congress Are Criminals

Oh, the irony…Amazon’s new facial recognition software identified 28 members of Congress as criminals. This is pretty upsetting for statists everywhere as their precious masters are being “mislabeled.”

Jul 26 11:09

DuckDuckGo Blasts Google for Anti-Competitive Search

(* I see where The Duck is doing something about the google practise of burying stories that don't pass muster for. pushing their agenda , in the spirit of competitiveness )

Jul 26 09:09

Trump Slams Twitter's "Shadow-Banning" Of Prominent Republicans

"Twitter 'SHADOW BANNING' prominent Republicans. Not good. We will look into this discriminatory and illegal practice at once! "

Jul 26 09:04

Building a global AI supercomputer – The 2018 Microsoft Research Faculty Summit

We live in the age of the intelligent edge and intelligent cloud. Data is collected at the edge using billions of small devices. The data is pre-processed at the edge and shipped in a filtered and aggregated form to the cloud. In the cloud, the data is analyzed and used to train models which are in turn deployed at both the edge and in the cloud to make decisions. This way, computing and AI are infused into virtually all processes of our daily life. The result is a supercomputer at global scale composed of billions of devices with micro-controllers at the edge and millions of servers in the cloud and at the edge.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Skynet? :)

Jul 26 08:46

YouTube ditches videos from Infowars founder and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones as part of its latest bid to 'remove hate speech' from the site

YouTube has removed four clips shared by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones after the popular radio host used his YouTube channel to denounce Muslim immigrants in Europe and the creators of a transgender cartoon.

The YouTube videos, which included footage of a man pushing a child to the ground, were shared by the Austin-based user on his Infowars website.

YouTube, which is owned by Google's parent company Alphabet Inc, has since removed the videos for promoting 'child endangerment and hate speech'.

Infowars posted a statement claiming YouTube had slapped the Jones' channel with a 'community strike,' meaning he cannot broadcast live on YouTube for 90 days.

Jul 26 08:41

Spectre/Meltdown fixes in HPC: Want the bad news or the bad news? It's slower, say boffins

HPC admin? Feeling slighted that all the good Spectre/Meltdown mitigation benchmarks ignore big iron? Fear not, a bunch of MIT boffins are on your side.

Unfortunately, what they found is that network connections, disk accesses, and computational workloads can all be affected by the fixes, whether in the operating system or the microcode.

Jul 25 18:28

Facebook's market value plummets by $150 BILLION in just two hours after firm misses revenue targets and reveals slowest-ever growth in users in wake of privacy scandals and new GDPR rules

Shares of Facebook dipped more than 20% to $173.73 in after-hours trading on Wednesday. The stock has risen about 23.2% so far this year.

By Wednesday evening, almost $150 billion had been wiped off of Facebook's market cap as a result of the stock's plunge.

Meanwhile, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg saw his net worth dive roughly $20 billion to $63.6 billion. At the closing bell on Wednesday, Zuckerberg was worth $82.4 billion, according to Forbes.

Total monthly active users came in at 2.23 billion, which fell short of analysts' estimated 2.25 billion.

Users in Europe dropped from 377 million to 376 million, partly as a result of the new General Data Protection Regulation rules.

Facebook executives made investors even more nervous when they warned of further revenue deceleration in a call with analysts.

Jul 25 15:37

DXVK, and finally getting off the Windows 10 train

The impetus for this change is, surprisingly, Windows 10 itself. The latest upgrade to version 1803 has been a dumpster fire for many, and it’s only getting worse for anyone who hasn’t installed it on their machines yet. First the upgrade wouldn’t complete on computers running Avast Antivirus, then there were the BSODs and corrupt partitions on Intel and Toshiba solid state drives. There were freezing issues with Chrome and Edge when running GPU-accelerated workloads in the browser, and the black screen blanking and shader cache issues with the latest NVIDIA drivers. Then people started seeing broken installs, DPC latency spikes that would de-sync audio, various keys not working; heck, even Internet Explorer 11 is missing, and that was intentional.

Jul 25 15:10

Russia Wants To Pass Fake News Law That Would Fine Social Networks $793,000

By Aaron Kesel

Russia is the latest to propose draconian legislation to stop the spreading of “fake news.”

Russia has proposed the insane notion of fining social media companies. Under the new legislation, websites would be responsible for deleting inaccurate user comments...

Jul 25 12:49

Soccer Ball Putin Presented to Trump Contains Built-In Transmitter - Reports

During their meeting in Helsinki, Russian President Putin presented the soccer ball to Trump after the latter congratulated Russia with successfully hosting the World Cup.

The soccer ball presented as a gift to US President Donald Trump from his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin during the Helsinki summit contains a chip capable of transmitting information to nearby cell phones, Bloomberg reports.

The media outlet notes however that the chip in question isn’t some kind of high-tech gadget but a new feature of the Adidas AG ball: an near-field communication tag which "allows fans to access player videos, competitions and other content by bringing their mobile devices close to the ball."

"The feature is included in the 2018 FIFA World Cup match ball that’s sold on the Adidas website for $165 (reduced to $83 in the past week),” Bloomberg states, adding that Adidas declined to comment if the chip could be employed by Russian hackers to stage possible cyber-attack.

Jul 25 10:33

Inside the underworld where criminals trade your banking details: Fraudsters making online videos teaching how to exploit stolen credit card details

Online reviews of 'The Mayor's' worldwide money transfer service couldn't be more glowing.

'I tried the transfer service and I'm happy to say that my first-ever payment went through for me today,' says one elated customer.

'This is going to be a good business relationship! I can feel it! Thank you Mayor.'

Another customer writes effusively: 'Left Western Union with $4,725, I'm surprised at how easy it was.'

Accompanying the testimonials are photographs showing wads of cash strewn across car seats, sofas and customers' laps.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Good reason to stop using banks!

Jul 25 09:50

Online censorship is a WAR against human knowledge and sustainable civilization

Humanity is under assault, and it’s the radical left-wing tech giants who are burning all the books, destroying nations and putting the very sustainability of human civilization at risk. (Plus, they’re also begging for nuclear war with Russia by claiming that peace talks are “treason.” Yeah, go figure…) is becoming the “Ark” of censored knowledge that’s being blacklisted and memory holed everywhere else across the ‘net. Request your own free channel at this link.

Jul 25 09:34

How Google has kept 85K employees from getting phished since 2017

Google has successfully kept more than 85,000 employees from getting phished on their work-related accounts since 2017. According to reporting from KrebsOnSecurity, physical security keys are to thank for that.

Security keys are physical USB-based devices that can be used as an alternative to the standard two-factor authentication (2FA) process.

Jul 25 09:21

Mozilla exec says Google slowed YouTube down on non-Chrome browsers

A Mozilla executive says Google's redesign has made YouTube slower on Firefox and Edge.

Chris Peterson, the software community's technical program manager, tweeted on Tuesday that the video sharing site loads at a fifth of the speed on non-Chrome browsers due to its architecture, as first reported by Sofpedia.

YouTube page load is 5x slower in Firefox and Edge than in Chrome because YouTube's Polymer redesign relies on the deprecated Shadow DOM v0 API only implemented in Chrome. You can restore YouTube's faster pre-Polymer design with this Firefox extension:
— Chris Peterson (@cpeterso) July 24, 2018

The above mentioned extension works for me.

Jul 25 09:19

Sextortion Scammers Threaten To Release Hacked Webcam Video Of You Watching Porn

Here’s a clever new twist on an old email scam that could serve to make the con far more believable. The message purports to have been sent from a hacker who’s compromised your computer and used your webcam to record a video of you while you were watching porn.

The missive threatens to release the video to all your contacts unless you pay a Bitcoin ransom. The new twist? The email now references a real password previously tied to the recipient’s email address.

Jul 25 06:18

UK snooping 'unlawful for more than decade'

The system that allowed spy agency GCHQ access to vast amounts of personal data from telecoms companies was unlawful for more than a decade, a surveillance watchdog has ruled.

The Investigatory Powers Tribunal said that successive foreign secretaries had delegated powers without oversight.

Jul 24 09:58


The state of New York is using facial recognition cameras to identify drivers and passengers at toll booths.

A recent article in the New York Post revealed that toll booths use facial recognition to identify everyone.

“We are now moving to facial-recognition technology, which takes it to a whole new level, where it can see the face of the person in the car and run that technology against databases," Gov. Andrew Cuomo said. (Click here & here to learn more.)

Roughly one in every two American adults—117 million people—are in the facial recognition networks used by law enforcement, according to a 2016 report.

DHS and law enforcement have created an Orwellian nightmare in NYC.

Imagine a future where police install facial recognition cameras at two thousand bridges and tunnels throughout NYC.

Now imagine that happening in your city or town.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Folks, "1984" is a cautionary tale; not a "how-to" book!!

Jul 24 09:39

Twitter ‘Quality Filter’ Excludes Top Conservatives from Searches

A large number of right-wing and conservative Twitter accounts, including Breitbart News journalists, have been tagged with a mysterious Twitter filter that appears to block their tweets from some searches. It is unclear what else the filter does.

Over the past few days, conservative and right-wing Twitter users have been using the website to test if the reach of their content is being artificially limited or hidden by Twitter, a process known as “shadowbanning.”

By adding the html tag “&qf=on” and “&qf=off” to the end of search result URLs, the site claims to test whether an account’s tweets are being hidden behind Twitter’s “quality filter,” which hides tweets from what Twitter calls “low quality accounts.” The technology how-to website ghacks also recommends this method to enable or disable the quality filter. “&qf=on” switches on the filter, while “&qf=off” turns it off.

Jul 24 09:23

Smartphones are killing teenagers' memories, study says

New research suggests that radiation from smartphones is negatively impacting teenagers' memories, leaving them with short-term memory loss. The concern is that a year's worth of radiation could be enough to damage the part of the brain that interprets images and shapes.

According to the study, which was published Monday, researchers found that there is a negative impact on memory performance after exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) radiation.

"This may suggest that indeed RF-EMF absorbed by the brain is responsible for the observed associations." said Martin Röösli, Head of Environmental Exposures and Health at the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH) in a statement, announcing the findings.


The research was conducted by scientists at the Swiss TPH and studied the habits of 700 adolescents in Switzerland between the ages of 12 and 17.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Something to keep in mind, before parents get their kids their first smart phones.

Jul 24 08:40

Cyberwar: What happens when a nation-state cyber attack kills?

"The problem is the risk of miscalculation is huge," he said, speaking at a security conference in London last month. "If you start to tamper with industrial control systems, if you start to tamper with health systems and networks, it feels like it's only a matter of time before somebody gets hurt and somebody is ultimately killed."

The mention of health systems is a reminder perhaps of last year's WannaCry ransomware outbreak, which crippled large parts of the UK's National Health Service. Thousands of appointments were cancelled, causing disruption and inconvenience for patients around the country.

Jul 23 17:20

A glitch in Google Translate's AI is translating gibberish into doomsday warnings and prophecies about the second coming of Jesus

Typing dog into Google Translate eight times with the settings on Hawaiian and translating it to English reveals the bizarre message: 'Do you want a dog to accept Jesus and be saved?'

Repeating the word 20 times triggers a response of: 'Doomsday Clock is three minutes at 12. We are experiencing characters and a dramatic developments [sic] in the world, which indicate that we are increasingly approaching the end times and Jesus' return.'

Typing 'dog' into Google Translate 18 times and selecting the input language as Maori results in the following message: 'Doomsday Clock is three minutes at twelve We are experiencing characters and a dramatic developments in the world, which indicate that we are increasingly approaching the end times and Jesus' return.'

Jul 23 09:44

As Tech Giants Compete for $18B Pentagon Contract to Develop Orwellian Data Cloud, Workers Push Back

Silicon Valley companies have something the Pentagon wants: remarkable artificial intelligence capabilities. Since the DoD doesn’t have the means to develop this technology itself, it has to purchase it from somewhere. It’s a natural partnership for an increasingly Orwellian age.

Jul 23 09:28


The nation's premier corporate profit engines / social media giants are the ideal platforms for undermining the U.S. via the sowing of disintegration.

Whether it's stated or not, one source of the inchoate outrage triggered by Russian-sourced purchases of adverts on Facebook in 2016 (i.e. "meddling in our election") is the sense that the U.S. is sacrosanct due to our innate moral goodness and our Imperial Project: never mind that the intelligence agencies of all great powers (including the U.S.) meddle in the domestic affairs and elections of other nations, including those of allies as well as geopolitical rivals-- no other great power should ever meddle with U.S. domestic affairs and elections.

In effect, meddling in the domestic affairs and elections of other nations is the raison d'etre of all great power intelligence agencies:

It's Time for a Little Perspective on Russia (Current Affairs)

Jul 23 08:55

Doctor, doctor, I feel like my IoT-enabled vacuum cleaner is spying on me

Vulnerabilities in a range of robot vacuum cleaners allow miscreants to access the gadgets' camera, and remote-control the gizmos.

Security researchers at Positive Technologies (PT) this week disclosed that Dongguan Diqee 360 smart vacuum cleaners contain security flaws that hackers can exploit to snoop on people through the night-vision camera and mic, and take control of the Roomba rip-off.

Think of it as a handy little spy-on-wheels.

Jul 23 08:53

Google Chrome: HTTPS by default D-Day is tomorrow, folks

Google Chrome users who visit unencrypted websites will be confronted with warnings from tomorrow.

The changes will come for surfers using the latest version of Google Chrome, version 68. Any web page not running HTTPS with a valid TLS certificate will show a "Not secure" warning in the Chrome address bar from version 68 onwards.

Jul 23 08:40

Health apps are BAD for your privacy: 80% or more share your data, research reveals

A European study revealed that mobile health apps were sending health-related data to third-party companies, harming the privacy of its users. This study was conducted by a team of researchers from the University of Pireus in Greece and Rovira I Virgili University in Spain.

The research team analyzed 20 well-known, free mobile health apps that could be downloaded from Google Play. The studied health apps had to have at least 100,000 to 10 million downloads each and a minimum rating of 3.5 out of five (in terms of popularity). These apps managed, stored, and monitored the biomedical data of their users, such as health condition, diseases, or medical to-do lists.

Jul 23 08:03

Bank details for sale on Google: Hackers are offering full ID including your phone number and PIN for £4

Fraudsters are selling credit card and bank details stolen from British consumers on hundreds of open forums accessed through Google searches.

The internet giant stands accused of fuelling the ‘prolific’ trade in private financial information.

Marketing themselves with online adverts, hackers around the globe offer stolen ID details for as little as £4, with discounts for bulk buyers.

To lure punters, the criminals openly publish online thousands of ‘freebies’ giving information about select UK-based victims.

This can include their full names, dates of birth, bank, credit card and National Insurance numbers, email addresses and passwords, bank security questions and answers, and mother’s maiden names.

Jul 22 09:44

SEC halts sketchy Kodak-branded cryptocurrency mining scheme

One of the more surprising gadgets to appear at CES this year was a Kodak-branded cryptocurrency mining computer, which might have seemed like an easy way to make money if you leased the machine. But economists said the math never added up, and the proposed profits were nigh-on impossible. Spotlite, the company behind the plan, now says it will not move forward with leasing the machines. CEO Halston Mikail told the BBC that the Securities and Exchange Commission had blocked the scheme.

Jul 21 22:19

'A criminal posing as BT engineer took control of my computer - then robbed me of £7,800': Fraudsters are using new tactics to plunder people's bank accounts

When David Couldwell received a call on his landline from a BT engineer explaining that his internet router had been hacked and urgent security tests were needed, he was only too willing to help.

But unbeknown to David, the call was not from BT. It was from a fraudster who, by taking control of his computer remotely, removed almost £7,800 from his bank and saving accounts with NatWest.

Jul 21 17:51

Google Fined A Mere $5 Billion For Stifling Competition And Illegal Deals According To EU

By Aaron Kesel

Google was fined a mere $5 billion by the European Union and ordered to change the way it puts search and web browser apps on Android mobile devices in a global record for antitrust penalties, ABC News reported.

According to EU officials, Google’s terms for licensing its full-featured version of its Android OS, requires device makers to pre-install Google apps like Chrome, YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps, and the Play Store. This agreement violates antitrust laws and puts competing products at an unfair disadvantage, they stated...

Jul 21 17:24

Jeff Berwick & Luke Rudkowski @ #PillarUnconference - Day 6 LIVE | Pillar

Join us for the Decentralization & Self--Ownership Day with Jeff Berwick (The Dollar Vigilante) & Luke Rudkowski (We Are Change) LIVE from Vilnius. Be with us at the #PillarUnconference!

Jul 21 10:15


The electronic-payments industry, which gets a cut from every electronic transaction, wants to kill cash. But wait…

Jul 21 09:17

What REALLY happened during Amazon's huge Prime Day outage: Leaked documents show the firm didn't have enough servers to handle the surge in traffic

The tech giant failed to have enough servers to handle the surge in traffic, resulting in Amazon cutting off international traffic, according to CNBC, which obtained the documents.

Amazon also had to launch a scaled-down homepage to help manage the issues.

Jul 21 09:03


Earlier this month it came out that among Facebook’s myriad algorithmically induced advertising categories was an entry for users whom the platform’s data mining systems believed might be interested in treason against their government. The label had been applied to more than 65,000 Russian citizens, placing them at grave risk should their government discover the label. Similarly, the platform’s algorithms silently observe its two billion users’ actions and words, estimating which users it believes may be homosexual and quietly placing a label on their account recording that estimate. What happens when governments begin using these labels to surveil, harass, detain and even execute their citizens based on the labels produced by an American company’s black box algorithms?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If you do not want to be surveilled by Facebook, please stop using Facebook, and go to sites like Yandex; DuckDuckGo, or Gab.

Jul 21 08:37


Earlier this month it came out that among Facebook’s myriad algorithmically induced advertising categories was an entry for users whom the platform’s data mining systems believed might be interested in treason against their government.

Jul 20 16:46

Julian Assange’s Hand Over To UK May Be Imminent According To WikiLeaks

By Aaron Kesel

According to a tweet by the internationally known organization WikiLeaks, its founder’s fate may be decided within a mere few days or weeks, and Julian Assange might be handed over on a silver platter by Ecuador to the UK government. Then presumably Assange will be handed over to the U.S. government and extradited to the United States.

The head of RT, Margarita Simonyan, tweeted in Russian that her sources indicate Assange will be handed over to UK authorities...

Jul 20 15:22

Huawei equipment is exposing British broadband and phone networks to new security risks because of 'shortcomings' in the firm's supply chain, senior GCHQ officials warn

Huawei equipment could pose a threat to national security, senior British security officials have cautioned.

Intelligence experts say they can only provide limited assurances that the Chinese company is not a risk to broadband and phone networks in the UK.

The recommendation will be made in an as-yet unpublished annual report signed off by the GCHQ spy agency, according to inside sources.

Huawei, one of the world's biggest producer of telecoms systems, is a major supplier of broadband and mobile telephone network equipment in Britain.

Jul 20 11:51

Claim: WiFi radiation from Fitbits can cause rashes, illnesses, and blood sugar fluctuations

These fitness trackers are worn as bracelets to keep track of the number of steps that people take in a day, how much sleep they get, how many calories they burn and other metrics depending on the model.

However, they accomplish this using Wi-Fi radiation, which may have very serious health effects such as disfiguring rashes and blood sugar fluctuations that promote weight gain. Making matters worse is the fact that the devices are worn directly against the skin. Cell phone instruction manuals warn people to keep their phones at least an inch away from their bodies at all times because of the radiation dangers, so it’s easy to imagine why wearing these trackers against your wrist at all hours is a bad idea.

Jul 20 10:10

Opinion: One FBI text message in Russia probe that should alarm every American

Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, the reported FBI lovebirds, are the poster children for the next “Don’t Text and Investigate” public service ads airing soon at an FBI office near you.

Their extraordinary texting affair on their government phones has given the FBI a black eye, laying bare a raw political bias brought into the workplace that agents are supposed to check at the door when they strap on their guns and badges.

It is no longer in dispute that they held animus for Donald Trump, who was a subject of their Russia probe, or that they openly discussed using the powers of their office to “stop” Trump from becoming president. The only question is whether any official acts they took in the Russia collusion probe were driven by those sentiments.

The Justice Department’s inspector general is endeavoring to answer that question.

Jul 20 10:00

Who and What Will AI Serve? US and China Give Very Different Answers

Artificial Intelligence is a frighteningly powerful new tool — and weapon. Who and what will it serve? In the U.S., tech giants Facebook, Google, and Amazon and their corporate agendas; in China, the needs of the public and the economy. These two models should be thought through now.

Jul 20 10:00

Stay away from these smartphones: Report lists devices with highest failure rates

Looking for a reliable work phone? Here are the smartphone models to avoid.

Jul 20 00:34

To download your ‘secret’ Facebook file, click at the top right of Facebook’s navigation bar and select Settings. Then click “Download a copy of your Facebook data” beneath General Account Settings and click the green button. Then wait ten minutes and you

To download your ‘secret’ Facebook file, click at the top right of Facebook’s navigation bar and select Settings. Then click “Download a copy of your Facebook data” beneath General Account Settings and click the green button. Then wait ten minutes and you should receive an email letting you know that “surveillance capitalism” is alive and well.

Jul 19 15:54

Cyber criminals account for 90% of all login attempts at online retailers

Security experts discovered 90 per cent of login attempts on e-commerce sites are from cyber criminals attempting to access customers' account and payment details.

Banks (58 per cent) and airlines (60 per cent) are also highly targeted by hackers.

Cyber criminals attempt to gain access to an online account by flooding it with email and passwords leaked in previous data breaches – a practice known as 'credential stuffing'.

Those who use the same combination of email address and password across multiple online services are likely to fall victim to this type of attack.

Jul 19 15:51

Apple 'deliberately slows down' its £2,700 MacBook Pro to compensate for overheating issues in the design

Apple is deliberately slowing down its £2,700 ($3,500) MacBook Pro, according to a prominent gadget expert.

The high-end notebook, which launched earlier this week, purportedly has problems with overheating and Apple is restricting its processing power to compensate.

Jul 19 13:04

Thousands Of Scientists Sign Pledge Against Developing Lethal A.I.

By Aaron Kesel

Thousands of leading scientists have urged their colleagues against helping governments create killer robots, making the movie The Terminator a reality.

2,400 scientists have pledged to block the development of lethal weaponry using Artificial Intelligence, The Guardian reported.

In other words, killer robots, that could eventually develop a mind of their own and take over the world. Scientists have vowed they will not support robots “that can identify and attack people without human oversight.”...

Jul 19 12:33


On Tuesday, Motherboard reported on a project called Public By Default, in which a researcher took publicly available data on Venmo transactions, and was then able to identify granular aspects of users’ lives, including a married couple going to the vet, shopping at Walmart, and ordering particular takeout food.

With that project, the researcher did not publicly release her dataset, and only reported the anonymized findings. Now, a separate programmer has gone in the opposite direction. A new bot called “Who’s buying drugs on Venmo” tweets the usernames and photos of Venmo users who have marked their transaction with a particular drug keyword or emoji.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I cannot begin to characterise the "creep factor" this data aggregation brings to the table; the question that must be asked, however, is what other sites make data access vulnerable in this way?!?

Jul 19 12:23


Calls to break up Facebook in order to even out the playing field for competitors would result in a Chinese tech companies filling the void, said the social network’s co-founder Mark Zuckerberg.
He pointed to the fact that the Chinese firms which will likely step in and dominate don’t have traditional American values.

“I think you have this question from a policy perspective, which is, ‘do we want American companies to be exporting across the world?’” Zuckerberg said in an interview with technology news website Recode. “I think that the alternative, frankly, is going to be the Chinese companies.”

The social media tycoon added: “I think you can bet that, if the government here is worried about — whether it’s election interference or terrorism — I don’t think Chinese companies are going to want to cooperate as much and aid the national interest there.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Values", Mr. Zuckerberg?!?

Are you speaking, please, about the "values' you exhibited in trying to swing the 2016 election to Hillary Clinton?!?

Facebook has a number of compeditors; I just hope that one of them gets big enough to confront you professionally, and calls you out for attempting to influence elections in the future.

Jul 19 12:06


Leaving private voter or customer data easily accessible on a public-facing server is the hot new fashion trend. You'll recall that it's a problem that has plagued the Defense Department, GOP data firm Deep Root Analytics (198 million voter records exposed), Verizon's marketing partners (6 million users impacted), Time Warner Cable (4 million users impacted), and countless other companies or partners that failed to implement even basic security practices. And it's a trend that shows no sign of slowing down despite repeated, similar stories (much of it thanks to analysis by security researcher Chris Vickery).

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Absoflippinglutely unbelievable!!

Jul 19 11:30

Flashback: Google ‘Directly Engaged’ In Clinton Campaign, Says Julian Assange

Assange pointed out that many high up Google employee names appear within Clinton’s leaked email transcripts, a searchable list of which Assange has compiled here. A name that appears with regularity is that of Jared Cohen, the founder of ‘Google Ideas’ – now rebranded as ‘Jigsaw’. Cohen’s team at Google was revealed to be working with Clinton alongside Al Jazeera in attempts to influence regime change in Syria following the publishing of Clinton’s emails by Wikileaks.

“We should understand that Google… is intensely aligned with U.S. exceptionalism… personally at the top aligned with Hillary Clinton’s election campaign and almost certainly once Hillary Clinton becomes president, those people in Google, like Jared Cohen, will be placed into positions around the new Clinton presidency” said Assange, heavily implying that Google and it’s employees could directly benefit from a Clinton presidency.

Jul 19 11:26

Flashback: Google Search's invisible influence makes Hillary Clinton 'shoo-in' for 2016 US election

Through five experiments carried out in two countries, the study found that the search engine manipulation effect (SEME) could even be used to determine an election outcome if the proportion of undecided voters is calculated first. SEME is described as a "virtually invisible" form of social influence that is currently not subject to any specific regulations anywhere in the world.

"What the research shows is that when a candidate is ranked higher on Google, that shifts the votes of undecided voters towards that candidate because we've all learned they have such incredible trust in those rankings," Robert Epstein, senior research psychologist at the American Institute for Behaviour Research and Technology and co-author of the study, told WhoWhatWhy. "Some 50% of all of our clicks go to the top two [search results] and [more than] 90% of all clicks go on the first page.

Jul 19 11:22

Flashback: How Google Could Rig the 2016 Election

Research I have been directing in recent years suggests that Google, Inc., has amassed far more power to control elections—indeed, to control a wide variety of opinions and beliefs—than any company in history has ever had. Google’s search algorithm can easily shift the voting preferences of undecided voters by 20 percent or more—up to 80 percent in some demographic groups—with virtually no one knowing they are being manipulated, according to experiments I conducted recently with Ronald E. Robertson.

Given that many elections are won by small margins, this gives Google the power, right now, to flip upwards of 25 percent of the national elections worldwide.

Jul 19 10:47

Health Insurers Are Vacuuming Up Details About You — And It Could Raise Your Rates

Without any public scrutiny, insurers and data brokers are predicting your health costs based on data about things like race, marital status, how much TV you watch, whether you pay your bills on time or even buy plus-size clothing.

Jul 19 09:58


A secret memo marked “URGENT” detailed how the House Democratic Caucus’s server went “missing” soon after it became evidence in a cybersecurity probe. The secret memo also said more than “40 House offices may have been victims of IT security violations.”

In the memo, Congress’s top law enforcement official, Sergeant-at-Arms Paul Irving, along with Chief Administrative Officer Phil Kiko, wrote, “We have concluded that the employees [Democratic systems administrator Imran Awan and his family] are an ongoing and serious risk to the House of Representatives, possibly threatening the integrity of our information systems and thereby members’ capacity to serve constituents.”

The memo, addressed to the Committee on House Administration (CHA) and dated Feb. 3, 2017, was recently reviewed and transcribed by The Daily Caller News Foundation. The letter bolsters TheDCNF’s previous reporting about the missing server and evidence of fraud on Capitol Hill.

Jul 19 08:54

Will this biz be poutine up the cash? Hackers demand dosh to not leak stolen patient records

Hackers say they will leak patient and employee records stolen from a Canadian healthcare provider unless they are paid off.

The records include medical histories and contact information for tens of thousands of home-care patients in Ontario, Canada, and belong to CarePartners.

Jul 19 08:41

Facebook's U-turn - as it realises its scam email wasn't a scam after all - is an example of how difficult it is to spot genuine messages, says LEE BOYCE

This week we reported on an email offering £70 to do a survey that looked like it was sent by Facebook. The social media giant said it was a scam.

That reply came when This is Money contacted Facebook. We were told that it was a scam and as such, to report it to its scam centre.

But then a day later something strange happened: Facebook got back in touch with a U-turn - the email was genuine after all.

That's a pretty embarrassing state of affairs for Facebook - and it's disappointing for This is Money because it means that we reported something we had told was true, only to discover that wasn't the case.

So, how did this all happen and what does it say about how difficult everyday people find it to tell scammers and genuine messages apart?

Jul 19 08:36

Belgium closes airspace after flight data processing system failure

Air traffic over Belgium has been temporarily suspended after flight data processing system failed, according to the country's air traffic controller Belgocontrol.

Jul 19 04:20


All over the western world banks are shutting down cash machines and branches. They are trying to push you into using their digital payments and digital banking infrastructure. Just like Google wants everyone to access and navigate the broader internet via its privately controlled search portal, so financial institutions want everyone to access and navigate the broader economy through their systems.

Jul 18 15:02

Largest Voting Machine Vendor in US Admits Its Systems Had Remote-Access Software Installed

A bombshell revelation on the security of voting in the United States has just surfaced in the form of a letter from the country’s largest voting machine manufacturer. The company, Election Systems and Software (ES&S) admitted that despite denying previous allegations of its voting systems coming installed with remote-access software, their systems did, indeed, allow for remote connections.

Jul 18 14:00

Bill to Block Feds' Personal Email, Social Media Access Advances

The House Oversight Committee forwarded a bill Tuesday that would give federal agency leaders broad authority to block employees’ access to personal email accounts and social media without consulting employee unions.

The bill’s goal is to allow agency leaders to act quickly to counter cyber threats coming from web-based email and social media, both of which are common vectors for phishing attacks, the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Gary Palmer, R-Ala., said.

Committee Democrats argued, however, that Palmer and other committee Republicans were using cybersecurity as an excuse to limit employee rights and diminish the power of federal unions.