Jun 15 08:39


Global arms firm BAE Systems sold powerful mass surveillance equipment to six Middle Eastern nations with repressive human rights records, investigators claim, while warning that the technology could be used to track and hack dissidents.

The BBC report appears to show that the powerful and invasive hacking technology, which was made by a Danish firm that was bought by BAE in 2011, was sold to Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, and Oman, as well as North African states Morocco and Algeria.

The technology, known as Evident, can be used to track individuals using their mobile phones and is said to be capable of boring through sophisticated encryption.

Evident, which was developed by Denmark-based BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, can reportedly also collect, collate and analyze massive amounts of personal online data.

One former employee told the BBC: “You would be able to intercept any internet traffic. If you wanted to do a whole country, go ahead.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

BAE doesn't give a damn about to whom they sell this kind of technology; this is just another in-your-face demonstration that for weapons manufacturers, its "profits uber alles!"

Jun 15 07:42

“Top ISPs” Are Discussing Fines & Browsing Hijacking For Pirates

Some of the "top ISPs" are in "very thorough" discussions with anti-piracy outfit Rightscorp over proposals to hijack the browsers of alleged pirates until a fine is paid. Rightscorp is presenting this as an opportunity for ISPs to avoid being sued as well as a way to generate profit for the company.

Jun 15 07:29

Don't touch that mail! London uni fears '0-day' used to cram network with ransomware

University College London is tonight tackling a serious ransomware outbreak that has scrambled academics' files.

It is feared the software nasty may be exploiting a zero-day vulnerability, or is a previously unseen strain of malware as antivirus defenses did not spot it in time, we're told. Eggheads at the UK uni are urged to not open any more email attachments, which may be booby-trapped with the ransomware.

The UCL Information Services Division (ISD) said it had locked down access to the shared and networked drives that have been under siege from the malware since it began infecting users around mid-day Wednesday via an email message.

Jun 15 07:27

Researcher says fixes to Windows Defender's engine incomplete

James Lee says Microsoft's A-V software still has remote code execution holes

Jun 15 07:25

Jaff Ransomware Decryption Tool Released – Don't Pay, Unlock Files for Free

Kaspersky Labs has released an updated version of its free ransomware decryption tool, RakhniDecryptor, which can now also decrypt files locked by the Jaff ransomware.

Security researchers at Kaspersky Labs have discovered a weakness in the Jaff ransomware code that makes it possible for victims to unlock their Jaff-infected files for free.

Jun 14 17:26

Fearing Terrorism, Germany Wants to Fingerprint 6-year-old Children and Force Smartphone Surveillance

By Jeff Paul

“We can’t allow there to be areas that are practically outside the law,” German interior minister Thomas de Maiziere told reporters today while announcing new Nazi-like surveillance measures to fight terrorism.

The new measures include fingerprinting 6-year-old children and forcing technology companies to give the German authorities front doors to smartphones and backdoors into messaging apps in order to spy on all communications...

Jun 14 17:18

Heads Up! 'Industroyer' Malware Found That Could Threaten Electrical Grid

A new malware variant capable of knocking out networks that run power grids around the globe has been discovered by a computer security company studying an attack on the Ukrainian power grid.

Jun 14 15:20

Apple’s App Store Becomes a Scammer’s Paradise

Apple’s App Store has a problem.

Shady developers are gaming the App Store’s policies and its search ads to get users to download apps that trick them into paying for subscriptions for scam apps.

Jun 14 10:30

Retired U.S. Military Commanders Call For “Perpetual, networked presence that enables operations and awareness anywhere in the world”

By Nicholas West

Perhaps it should never be surprising when those who have dedicated their lives to the military should call for a further expansion of the military. However, two retired commanders – Charles F. Wald, Retired U.S. Air Force general, former Deputy Commander of EUCOM; and Ted Johnson, Retired Navy Commander – have penned the most blatant and revealing vision of the future of war I’ve yet come across. It is a vision that literally sees Earth as a prison with the military in charge of the prison population...

Jun 14 09:28

Apple’s App Store Becomes a Scammer’s Paradise

Apple’s App Store has a problem.

Shady developers are gaming the App Store’s policies and its search ads to get users to download apps that trick them into paying for subscriptions for scam apps.

Jun 14 08:04

Robot-Powered Restaurant One Step Closer To Dumping Fast-Food Workers

A secretive robotics startup has raised a new round of venture funding as part of its quest to replace humans with robots in the kitchens of fast-food restaurants.

Momentum Machines secured over $18 million in financing, according to a SEC filing in May. The startup has generated investments from top VC firms Google Ventures and Khosla Ventures in the past.

Jun 14 08:04

Stephen King claims POTUS has blocked him on Twitter

Stephen King’s frequent criticisms of President Trump have resulted in him being blocked from the President’s Twitter page.

Jun 14 07:20

FLASHBACK - Rivero challenges the NSA

The US Government insists their demand for a ban on strong encryption or back doors into all of our electronic devices is to stop crime and terror.

But over the course of a year, as documented on this page, What Really Happened issued six encryption challenges based on systems of encryption created and programmed here on an air-gapped computer.

Now, I am not an encryption expert, and only a moderately decent programmer. The NSA would have a strong motive to break my codes to discourage others from creating their own systems of encryption.

None were ever solved.

If I can beat the NSA, it means real criminals and terrorists can defeat the NSA and keep their communications private.

Hence, the real agenda of the government is not to stop crime and terror but to monitor the American people to make sure they are not thinking those double-plus ungood thoughts about how this nation is being run!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As noted below, the Five Eyes nations are working to force tech companies to once again provide back doors for all encryption, claiming it is needed to fight crime and terror, but as we demonstrated here, real criminals and terrorists can easily create their own codes the Five Eyes cannot read, while the back doors allow cyber-criminals easy access to our data!

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WRH Exclusive
Jun 14 07:10

Five Eyes nations stare menacingly at tech biz and its encryption

Officials from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand will discuss next month plans to force tech companies to break encryption on their products.

The so-called Five Eyes nations have a long-standing agreement to gather and share intelligence from across the globe. They will meet in Canada with a focus on how to prevent "terrorists and organized criminals" from "operating with impunity ungoverned digital spaces online," according to Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull.

In the most forthright call yet from a national leader to break encryption, Turnbull told Parliament: "The privacy of a terrorist can never be more important than public safety – never."

Jun 14 07:01

Beware! Over 800 Android Apps on Google Play Store Contain 'Xavier' Malware

Over 800 different Android apps that have been downloaded millions of times from Google Play Store found to be infected with malicious ad library that silently collects sensitive user data and can perform dangerous operations.

Dubbed "Xavier," the malicious ad library, initially emerged in September 2016, is a member of AdDown malware family, potentially posing a severe threat to millions of Android users.

Since 90 percent of Android apps are free for anyone to download, advertising on them is a key revenue source for their developers. For this, they integrate Android SDK Ads Library in their apps, which usually doesn't affect an app's core functionality.

According to security researchers at Trend Micro, the malicious ad library comes pre-installed on a wide range of Android applications, including photo editors, wallpapers and ringtone changers, Phone tracking, Volume Booster, Ram Optimizer and music-video player.

Jun 14 06:59

Microsoft Releases Patches for 3 Remaining NSA Windows Exploits

Shortly after WannaCry outbreak, we reported that three unpatched Windows exploits, codenamed "EsteemAudit," "ExplodingCan," and "EnglishmanDentist," were also being exploited by individuals and state-sponsored hackers in the wild.

Specially EsteemAudit, one of the dangerous Windows hacking tool that targets remote desktop protocol (RDP) service on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP machines, while ExplodingCan exploits bugs in IIS 6.0 and EnglishmanDentist exploits Microsoft Exchange servers.

But now Microsoft has released free security updates for unsupported versions of its products, including Windows XP and Server 2003, to patch all the three cyber-weapons and block next wave of "destructive cyberattacks" similar to WannaCry.

Jun 14 01:59


Fake/satirical website “The Last Line of Defense” seems to have taken the turn from fake news to something dangerously close to full-on fraud with this article titled: "'Joe The Plumber' Dies In Freak Accident After Announcing Bid For Congress".

Jun 13 15:03

New malware exposes vulnerability in 'critical infrastructure'

Six months on from a hacking attack that caused a blackout in Kiev, Ukraine, security researchers have warned that the malware that was used in the attack would be “easy” to convert to cripple infrastructure in other nations.

The discovery of the malware, dubbed “Industroyer” and “Crash Override”, highlights the vulnerability of critical infrastructure, just months after the WannaCry ransomware took out NHS computers across the UK.

Jun 13 15:01

Protecting your human rights in a digital age

What have human rights got to do with the technical running of the internet?

Jun 13 13:20

Facebook Helps Ex-Muslim Get Death Sentence!

Pakistan has sentenced a man to death for blasphemy on Facebook. The catch? Facebook aided Pakistan in cracking down on said anti-Islam blasphemy which begs the question: does Facebook have blood on its hands?

Jun 13 09:53

Apple users beware! Developers are giving away the 'most sophisticated Mac spyware ever' that could allow hackers to takeover devices and demand cash ransoms

Computer security researchers from Alien Vault and Fortinet have discovered two pieces of malware, MacSpy and MacRansom, which target Apple Mac systems.

MacSpy allows users to monitor an infected system, capture passwords and other sensitive details through the use of key stroke logging, screenshots and clipboard contents.

MacRansom works in a similar manner to the WannaCry software that plagued computer systems around the world, including the NHS, last month.

It encrypts the contents of a user's computer and threatens to delete all of the information it contains, unless a ransom of 0.25 Bitcoins, around £530 ($684), is paid.

Jun 13 09:47

Bitcoin wallet COINBASE now seizing accounts of Americans… users rage against “total ripoff” as their Coinbase accounts VANISH

The popular online Bitcoin wallet Coinbase has been routinely seizing accounts of users in Hawaii and Wyoming, effectively “stealing” their Bitcoins by locking them out of their accounts. A Natural News investigation confirms that Coinbase is citing obscure state laws in its decision to seize accounts of users in both states, yet the online wallet refuses to allow users to log in and change their state of residence if they move to another state.

In effect, Coinbase is “stealing” Bitcoins from users by locking them out of their own accounts, preventing them from accessing their Bitcoin balances even if they move to another state. Users are raging against the “ripoff” and the “theft” in user comments

That happened to me!

Jun 13 08:04

China on WannaCry: It wasn't us, honest

Chinese security firms have hit out against suggestions that last month's global WannaCry ransomware outbreak can be blamed on China.

The WannaCry ransomware epidemic hit over 300,000 PCs around the globe, using worm-like capabilities to spread and infect Microsoft Windows machines -- including many in China. While nobody has uncovered evidence to specifically identify the perpetrators, there are several theories as who might be behind the attack.

One hypothesis, offered by researchers Flashpoint following linguistic analysis of the WannaCry ransom note, is that it's the work of a native or highly fluent Chinese speaker who used machine translation to convert the original note into other languages.

But Chinese security firm Qihoo 360 has dismissed the claims and questioned the attempt to attribute the attacks by analysing the ransom note text.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Most of the code originated with NSA, remember?

Jun 12 18:04

COVFEFE Act Would Make Social Media A Presidential Record, Even Deleted Tweets

Rep. Mike Quigley (D-Ill.) introduced legislation Monday to classify presidential social media posts — including President Trump's much-discussed tweets — as presidential records.

Jun 12 15:12

Claims of WannaCry ties to China 'groundless,' Chinese firms say

A report suggesting that WannaCry ransomware's authors could be native Chinese speakers has drawn fire from Chinese cybersecurity experts.

China-based cybersecurity companies Qihoo 360 and Antiy Labs have come to their country's defense, calling Flashpoint's linguistic analysis last month "groundless" and "unprofessional," Chinese state-run media Xinhua reported Monday.

Jun 12 15:10

Israeli hacking company NSO Group is on sale for more than $1 billion

The Israeli hacking company NSO Group has been put up for sale for a price of more than $1 billion, according to multiple people familiar with the matter.

The U.S.-based private equity firm Francisco Partners Management, which owns NSO Group, is looking to bring in around 10 times the $120 million it paid for a majority stake in the company in 2014. The group grew from around 50 employees when it was acquired to nearly 10 times that size, including more than 200 engineers dedicated to the hacking products that bring in the company’s rising profits.

NSO, which is known for selling cutting-edge offensive hacking technology to governments around the world, traces its roots to the Israeli military’s world-renowned signals intelligence unit known as Unit 8200.

Jun 12 15:09

IPhone 8 Secret Development in Israel under Security Precautions

IPhone 8 is undoubtedly one of the few gadgets the whole world is expecting the market to be supplied with in the coming months. According to the reports, Apple company will unveil the model in 2018 in the tenth anniversary of the IPhone line production. IPhone 8, whose brand model name has not been confirmed yet, is reported to have major differences with other former models. The main difference, however, lies in the fact that this model is originally designed and manufactured in Israel.

Jun 12 08:54

Chicago Police Refuse To Reveal “Heat List” Pre-Crime Surveillance Tactics – Journalists Sue

By Nicholas West

The Chicago police department continues to march toward what it calls “policing in the 21st century.” If their conduct is any indication, that police work would include systemic corruption, unlawful detention, torture, racial profiling and mass surveillance...

Jun 12 08:53

Dangerous Malware Discovered that Can Take Down Electric Power Grids

Last December, a cyber attack on Ukrainian power grid caused the power outage in the northern part of Kiev — the country's capital — and surrounding areas, causing a blackout for tens of thousands of customers for an hour and fifteen minutes around midnight.

Now, security researchers have discovered the culprit behind the attacks on industrial control systems.

Slovakia-based security software maker ESET and US critical infrastructure security firm Dragos Inc. say they have uncovered a new dangerous piece of malware in the wild that targets critical industrial control systems and is capable of causing blackouts.

Jun 12 08:09

Comey Thought He Knew of Obstruction Of Justice in Hillary Case

Former FBI Director James Comey thought he saw proof of obstruction of justice in the Hillary Clinton email case, but rather than report it as an officer of the court he furthered the obstruction.

Comey wants to talk about memos and obstruction? The President and his defenders must turn the tables and bore in on this fact. The President has already said he may live tweet during Mr. Comey’s testimony to “correct the record.”

The source of this shocking expose is the Washington Post which documents that Comey decided to give Hillary a pass only after seeing and believing in the authenticity of a memo the FBI had intercepted claiming Obama’s DOJ Chief, Attorney General Loretta Lynch had assured a Clinton associate that DOJ would not vigorously pursue the case against Hillary for use of an illegal server and using an unsecure server for classified documents. That document has been discredited as a forgery.

Comey embraced it over the disagreement about it’s province in the FBI!

Jun 12 07:43

Is Google’s Search-Engine Now Appallingly Corrupt?

Here is the evidence I’ve come across which indicates to me that the Google search-engine is now appallingly corrupt, and for which reason I am seeking (and hope to see in reader-comments at sites that publish this article) an alternative explanation for what presently appear to me to be systematic efforts by Google to hide crucial information and understanding from the public — to hide it so that the public can be manipulated to tolerate increasing control, by billionaires, of their governments (the diminution of democracy):

Jun 11 17:50

Give AI self doubt to prevent RISE OF THE MACHINES, experts warn

The idea goes that if AI has self-doubt, it will need to seek reassurance from humans, much in the same way a dog does, which will consolidate our place as top of the totem on Earth.

Jun 11 11:27

Warning! Hackers Started Using "SambaCry Flaw" to Hack Linux Systems

The maintainers of Samba has already patched the issue in their new Samba versions 4.6.4/4.5.10/4.4.14, and are urging those using a vulnerable version of Samba to install the patch as soon as possible.

Jun 11 09:36

CrowdStrike, The DNC’s Security Firm, Was Under Contract With The FBI

Claims of “Russian interference” have been ubiquitous in U.S. political discourse for almost a full year now; these often amount to a melange of allegations ranging from “hacking” to “influence campaigns” to “online trolls” sent by the Kremlin to harangue unsuspecting Midwestern voters. “Hacking,” however, remains the centerpiece of the narrative?—?the idea that Russian state actors “hacked” the Democratic National Committee and exfiltrated emails is routinely cited as the centerpiece of the overall “interference” thesis. After the alleged hacking, the DNC retained a private security firm?—?CrowdStrike?—?which made the determination that the Russian government was responsible, setting into motion a chain of Russia-related events that continue to unfold even now.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Why am I so singularly unsurprised by this revelation?!?

Jun 11 09:29

Qatar's Al Jazeera TV says it has come under cyber attack

DOHA: Pan-Arab satellite network Al Jazeera is combating a large-scale cyber attack on its media platform, but all its entities remain operational, a company source said on Thursday.

"There were attempts made on the cyber security of Al Jazeera but we are combating them and currently all our entities are operational," said a senior employee who declined to be named.

Al Jazeera is the flagship broadcaster for Qatar, which is in a stand-off with fellow Arab states which accuse it of ties to terrorism, in a row that is endangering stability in the region.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"In a time of universal deceit — telling the truth is a revolutionary act." - George Orwell, "1984".

I, for one, appreciate the English language edition of Al Jazeera, and respect the general integrity of its reporting.

So hang in there, IT people at Al Jazeera; as was said during World War II, if you're catching flack, you know you're over the target.

Jun 11 07:21

Tracking Hacking: Visualizing The World's Biggest Data Breaches

The graphic below shows a timeline of some of the biggest data breaches on record. As Visual Capitalist's Chris Matei notes, each bubble represents the number of records lost in any given breach, with the most sensitive data clustered toward the right side.

Jun 10 20:13

Theresa May's Plan To Regulate The Internet Won't Stop Terrorism; It Might Make Things Worse

While May's desire for a strong response is easy to understand, her call for more expansive internet regulation and censorship is wrongheaded and will make it harder to win the war against violent extremism.

May didn't specify the details of her proposal, but to many observers it was clear that she's asking for sweeping new powers to compel tech companies to help spy on citizens and censor online content. Unfortunately, this isn't simply a knee-jerk response to horrible circumstances, but reflects a longstanding ambition of May's Conservative Party to impose draconian controls on cyberspace.

Jun 10 17:52

Facebook Could Rig The General Election... And We Wouldn't Even Notice

Whilst there is no evidence that Facebook has done anything dodgy - nor any suggestion that it wants to - it certainly would have the power to do something like this if it chose to. And there are few checks on Facebook and other major social media companies, if they did want to wield their power in a partisan way.

Ultimately, the big tech players are not neutral arbiters of content - and they all have potentially huge amounts of unchecked power at their disposal - which could, conceivably, change the results of an election.

Jun 10 17:47

Malware Uses Obscure Intel CPU Feature to Steal Data and Avoid Firewalls

The good news is that Intel AMT SOL comes disabled by default on all Intel CPUs, meaning the PC owner or the local systems administrator has to enable this feature by hand.

The bad news is that Microsoft discovered malware created by a cyber-espionage group that abuses the Intel AMT SOL interface to steal data from infected computers.

Microsoft can't say if these state-sponsored hackers found a secret way to enable this feature on infected hosts, or they just found it active and decided to use it.

Jun 10 17:44

China uncovers massive underground network of Apple employees selling customers’ personal data

Of the 22 suspects, 20 were employees of an Apple “domestic direct sales company and outsourcing company”.

The suspects allegedly used an internal company computer system to gather users’ names, phone numbers, Apple IDs, and other data, which they sold as part of a scam worth more than 50 million yuan (US$7.36 million).

The statement referred to “domestic employees of Apple” but it was unclear whether they were directly employed by the company or by Apple suppliers or vendors. It also did not specify whether the data belonged to Chinese or foreign Apple customers.

Jun 10 17:41

GameStop confirms extensive credit card data breach

If you're a GameStop customer, check your mail. The company just sent out letters to online patrons confirming a suspected payment security breach.

In April, GameStop said they were looking into a possible data breach that might have put customers' credit card information at risk. Confirming those suspicions, Kotaku reported today that a number of GameStop customers have received letters notifying them that their credit cards may have been stolen.

The company hasn't released any numbers yet, but anyone who placed an online order with them between August 10, 2016 and February 9, 2017 is at risk. That's quite a long time and it's safe to say many people were exposed. Names, addresses and credit card information were compromised and the reports from April speculated that the three-digit security numbers were taken as well.

Jun 10 17:37


Theresa May looks set to launch wide-ranging internet regulation and plans to fundamentally change how technology works despite not having won a majority.

In the speech in which she committed to keep governing despite calls to stand down, the prime minister made reference to extending powers for the security services. Those powers – which include regulation of the internet and forcing internet companies to let spies read everyone's private communications – were a key part of the Conservative campaign, which failed to score a majority in the House of Commons.

Jun 10 09:11

CrowdStrike, The DNC’s Security Firm, Was Under Contract With The FBI

TYT can report that at the same time CrowdStrike was working on behalf of the DNC, the company was also under contract with the FBI for unspecified technical services. According to a US federal government spending database, CrowdStrike’s “period of performance” on behalf of the FBI was between July 2015 and July 2016. CrowdStrike’s findings regarding the DNC server breach?—?which continue to this day to be cited as authoritative by everyone from former FBI Director James Comey, to NBC anchor Megyn Kelly?—?were issued in June 2016, when the contract was still active.

Jun 10 09:08


Jun 10 07:37

This Raspberry Pi-inspired Z-Berry board will take you back to the dawn of home computing

The ?Z-Berry is a single-board computer that is the same size as the Raspberry Pi and is built around the Zilog Z80 processor used in the ZX Spectrum, a best-selling British computer launched in 1982.

Jun 10 07:20

California finally releases wiretap dataset

In 2016, California investigators used state wiretapping laws 563 times to capture 7.8 million communications from 181,000 people, and only 19% of these communications were incriminating. The year’s wiretaps cost nearly $30 million.

We know this, and much more, now that the California Department of Justice (CADOJ) for the first time has released to EFF the dataset underlying its annual wiretap report to the state legislature.

Jun 10 07:20


Facebook wants to spy on YOU through your smartphone camera and analyse the emotions on your face. The social network just patented technology that monitors users' reactions to posts, messages and adverts you see on its app.

Jun 09 14:56

Al Jazeera Under Cyber-Attack

Whilst the UK has a political upheaval in a General Election debarcle, whilst Trump’s politicing creates divisions across the globe and as other crazy events unfurl, yesterday the Al Jazeera network came under Cyber Attack:

Jun 09 13:40


In what looks like could be a new low for Amazon, a book on Amazon’s best sellers, “Dangerous” by Milo Yiannopoulos, was knocked out of its place by a Dr. Seuss. What’s fishy isn’t that it simply switched places, but the circumstance around its drop.

Jun 09 11:35

4 World-Famous Websites Who Ripped off Their Ideas from Someone Else

Look into the histories of world-famous websites like Facebook, Twitter, Hulu, and PayPal, and you’ll find they ripped off smaller, less well-funded competitors for their ideas, marketing strategies, and even business models. It’s not subtle, either. They took someone else’s idea and ran with it, making it worth millions or even billions in the process.

Sure, they improved the product. Sure, they had better marketing. Sure, they just plain got it done, when no one else could.

Without a doubt, they deserve credit for everything they’ve done, but they don’t get to claim they were first. Let’s take a look into their histories, and I’ll show you what I mean.

Jun 09 10:45

NASA employees caught watching child porn

At least a dozen NASA employees have been caught watching porn at the office since 2015 by the agency’s Inspector General (IG), including several with images of children in sexual situations, according to documents obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group.

NASA has changed since I was there!!!!!!!!

Jun 09 10:01

The S.M.A.R.T Psy-op Consumers Don’t Recognize

By Catherine J. Frompovich and Contributing researcher Kerri Ellen Wilder

“Smart” is really S.M.A.R.T., an engineering acronym for Specific – Measurable – Achievable – Relevant – Time-based. The reality that ultimately will evolve from this psy-op is a dystopian future destructive of dignity and freedom. Your liberty, your privacy, and the American way of life are on sale right now for electric dollars. The Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G are being represented and presented as the harbingers of a global utopia. They are, in fact, nothing short of a Faustian bargain of illusory promises many will live to regret when all their individual freedoms are forfeited for technology.

The “smart” meme and techno world stretches back to the 1930s when M. King Hubbert authored his “Technocracy Study Course,” which developed technocracy’s principles for the distribution of energy resources, as well as the monitoring and measurement of all of energy’s outputs...

Jun 09 09:23

Hackers could use Amazon voice gadget to steal bank details: Warning electronic assistants pose security risk because they are always listening

Electronic assistants such as the Amazon Echo could be hacked by criminals to steal personal information, a security expert has warned.

Millions have bought voice-activated speakers which play music, provide weather forecasts, order groceries and answer questions.

The devices are brought to life by vocal commands such as 'Alexa' or 'Hello Google' but experts warn they pose a major security risk as they are always listening in and monitoring conversations.

Criminals could hack into them to find out when families are away or steal credit card details when someone orders a takeaway over the phone.

Jun 09 08:24

Say hello to Dvmap: The first Android malware with code injection

A powerful Android trojan with novel code injection features that posed as a game was distributed through the Google Play Store before its recent removal.

The Dvmap trojan installs its malicious modules while also injecting hostile code into the system runtime libraries. But Dvmap has other tricks up its sleeve. Once successfully installed, the malware deletes root access in an attempt to avoid detection.

"The introduction of code injection capability is a dangerous new development in mobile malware," according to Kaspersky Lab. "Since the approach can be used to execute malicious modules even with root access deleted, any security solutions and banking apps with root-detection features that are installed after infection won't spot the presence of the malware."

Jun 09 08:04

Why it's Facebook wot won it

There’s been a whole campaign and conversation going on in people’s inboxes and Facebook feeds during this election that the media won’t have seen. .As newspaper audiences decline and broadcast audiences fracture, it’s a no-brainer for political parties to bolster their online presence. We know that more than half the country consume their news online. And the smartphone is the main vehicle for people to digest the latest developments. News by appointment belongs to a bygone era.

Jun 09 08:03

Unresolved Murder: Why Seth Rich's Case is Key to #TrumpRussia Investigation

The unresolved murder of Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer Seth Rich has again been brought into the spotlight.

About a year ago Rich, who reportedly worked as the voter expansion data director at the DNC, was shot in the back in the Bloomingdale neighborhood of Washington D.C.

The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) surmises that the DNC staffer was a victim of a robbery. However, his wallet, credit cards and cellphone were found on his body, intact.

Jun 08 13:59

FLASHBACK - Cyber Firm at Center of Russian Hacking Charges Misread Data

While questions about CrowdStrike’s findings don’t disprove allegations of Russian involvement, they do add to skepticism voiced by some cybersecurity experts and commentators about the quality of their technical evidence.

The Russian government has denied covert involvement in the election, but U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that Russian hacks were meant to discredit Hillary Clinton and help Donald Trump’s campaign. An FBI and Homeland Security report also blamed Russian intelligence services.

On Monday, FBI Director James Comey confirmed at a House Intelligence Committee hearing that his agency has an ongoing investigation into the hacks of Democratic campaign computers and into contacts between Russian operatives and Trump campaign associates. The White House says there was no collusion with Russia, and other U.S. officials have said they’ve found no proof.

Jun 08 10:06

Microsoft will be retiring Skype for some of the older platforms starting July 1

Microsoft will be retiring Skype on Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone 8.1, Messaging app for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows RT, TV, wef July 1, 2017.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Also some linux versions as well.

Jun 07 12:31

May Imposes Censorship on Internet After London Attack – Instead of Repairing the Devil

It takes guts and humility to admit mistakes. Admitting we're wrong is courage, not weakness.

Tell that to British Prime Minister Theresa May. She still believes her country has never made a mistake in Syria or in the region; at least, never one that she couldn't explain away. She refuses to yield when she knows her government’s course to collude with terrorists is wrong. She refuses to own her mistakes, let alone end the unnecessary war on Syria and repair the devil.

Instead, PM May wasted no time after Saturday’s London Bridge attack in announcing that she will be pushing some irrelevant international agreements aimed at global regulation of speech on the Internet, claiming that extremists have been using “safe spaces online” in their terror attacks.