Jul 09 09:53

Did Ghislaine Maxwell secretly run one of most powerful Reddit accounts in history? Conspiracy theory suggests Epstein's 'pimp' posted about everything from Israel to legalization of child porn for 14 years until thread fell silent on her arrest

There is no definitive proof that the account is run by Ghislaine but hundreds of users have pointed out the u/maxwellhill handle has fallen silent since her July 2 arrest on sex trafficking charges related to Jeffrey Epstein.

In a Twitter post YouTuber Joe Leonard wrote: 'Ghislane Maxwell was the first person on reddit to hit 1 million karma LMAO! She's the #8 karma to this day. Her posts to /r/worldnews constituted roughly 30% of the posts there. This connection was made after she was arrested and that account stopped posting there after 14 years.'

The u/maxwellhill account has not posted since July 1 despite previously posting on a regular basis about the biggest new stories across the world, covering everything from Israel, Donald Trump to space.

Others have pointed out the account often discusses the age of consent around the world but completely steers clear of any stories relating to Epstein.

Jul 08 13:05

The face of tomorrow’s cybercrime: Deepfake ransomware explained

In the not so distant future criminals may be able to create seemingly real videos of you committing embarrassing or criminal acts. It's called deepfake ransomware and it's not as far-fetched as it seems.

Jul 08 05:18

History Repeats Itself — Flip Phones Are Officially a Thing Again

History tends to repeat itself. Who would have ever thought that vinyl records would come back to demolish CD sales? And, surely, nobody would have predicted that flip phones would reappear after the advent of smartphones, but here we are. Flip phones are in the midst of a major comeback, but the new models aren’t anything like the cheap flip phones you’ve seen in the past.

In fact, the new line of foldable phones has almost nothing in common with the 1990s to early 2000s models of yesteryear. The new folding phones from Samsung and Motorola are light and compact, but with all of the smart capabilities customers expect from a modern phone, as well as a few other tricks.

Jul 07 07:39

Study finds many popular routers contain hundreds of known security flaws and are infrequently updated

The study, conducted by Fraunhofer Institute for Communication, which assessed the firmware on 127 routers made by seven different brands found that many of the routers had hundreds of flaws.

Even when firmware updates are loaded onto routers, which are opportunities to patch known security flaws, researchers say they often fail to fix known security errors.

Jul 07 06:54

Why India’s TikTok ban could help establish it as a major player in the tech world… and cause big problems for the Chinese

As relations between the two countries deteriorate, India has banned 59 Chinese apps, amid concerns over misuse of users’ private data. Could the move set a template for other nations to follow?

Amid rising tensions between India and China over the recent border confrontation and subsequent military build-up, the Indian government has banned 59 Chinese apps, including top social-media platforms such as TikTok, Helo and WeChat, citing threats they pose to the country’s “sovereignty and security.”

Specifically, there have been reports of misuse of users’ private data by certain apps, which transmitted the data to servers outside India, including to the Chinese government – claims TikTok has strongly denied.

Jul 06 15:08

A Disturbing Glimpse Into The Future: Bill Gates, Elon Musk & The 4th Industrial Revolution

By Spiro Skouras

Welcome everyone, thanks for tuning in and congratulations! If you are reading or watching this, that means you have officially survived the first half of 2020. Something tells me, the second half will be just as crazy, if not more crazy than the first half was.

In this report we will be taking a glimpse of what the not-too-distant future may look like. Yes, some of this will be speculation, but it is speculation projecting forward based on the facts we have today.

To be clear, the road humanity is being led down does not look very human at all according to the social engineers AKA technocrats who are deciding and dictating what the future of humanity looks like for us — we have no say according to the elite.

Watch this report and decide for yourself, will humanity benefit from this projected future? Or will this digitalized system of control be the final nail in the coffin of free will and expression of individuality.

Jul 06 11:46

Privacy fears over home security cameras as Wi-Fi signals can be hacked by criminals to tell when people are home or not

Cyber criminals can work out if people are away from home by examining information transmitted over Wi-Fi by home security cameras, say scientists.

Internet-connected security cameras that track potential burglars, such as Google's Nest Cam and Amazon's Ring range, can be interfered with by attackers.

These devices, which are becoming an increasingly common feature of people's homes, generate huge amounts of hackable personal data.

UK and Chinese researchers got access to a data set of smart home camera uploads from an undisclosed device maker.

They found online traffic generated by the cameras, which are often triggered by motion, could be monitored and used to predict when a house is occupied or not.

Jul 06 11:43

Apple iOS 14 Alerts Reveal Reddit App Is Reading User Clipboard Data

Yesterday it was LinkedIn that was making the news after being exposed by Apple's iOS 14 new privacy notification feature. The same developer that spotted the LinkedIn app accessing his clipboard data with every keystroke, Don Morton, has also posted a video to Twitter showing the Reddit app exhibiting the same worrying behavior.

Jul 05 05:29

Michigan Passes Controversial Bill To Microchip Humans Voluntarily "To Protect Their Privacy"


The Michigan House of Representatives has passed a controversial bill to microchip humans voluntarily in the state under the guise of protecting their privacy. The Microchip Protection Act would allow Michigan employers to use microchipping of their workers with their consent. However, research has shown that RFID transponders causes cancer.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

My response to being asked to do this would be a hearty, "Thanks, but HELL NO!!", particularly because in potentially causing cancer, it would be a deficit to my life,not an advantage.

Jul 04 12:09

New York Issues Subpoenas For Contact Tracing; Smartphones Add CV Logging Feature

By Aaron Kesel

Rockland County, New York is now issuing subpoenas for CV contact tracing after the residents refused to be tracked, according to reports.

It all started with a party that was held where several people contracted CV, NBC 4 New York, reports. State officials have started to issue subpoenas after citizens refused to cooperate with contact tracing, as they probe a new virus cluster...

Jul 03 11:34

Trudeau's buddy Gerry Butts wants Facebook to censor your climate change posts

Justin Trudeau's BFF and former advisor Gerald Butts, along with a group of 14 other non-scientists wrote a letter to the former Danish prime minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and the Facebook Oversight Board asking them to “take action” by kicking climate change unbelievers off of Facebook.

Jul 02 17:34

Tech experts warn of new Mac ransomware spreading via internet piracy & taking files hostage

Security experts have warned of new Mac ransomware being spread via pirated software from torrent sites. The virus is so new that there is currently no known way to recover lost files.

Once installed, the malware begins to spread itself “liberally” around the hard drive, though much of the nefarious software’s behavior is still not really understood.

Jul 02 17:32

Is there a secret Covid tracker on your phone? New feature suddenly pops up on Android and iPhone handsets - without anyone installing it

Apple and Android users have been left puzzled after coronavirus tracking software quietly glided on to their mobile phones without them knowing.

A function called 'COVID-19 Exposure Logging' has appeared in the 'settings' section of both iPhones and Android devices, which will work with tracing apps that users can download to alert them when they have come into contact with the virus.

Users in the US and UK have been given software, which can be found under the 'Google' section of Android settings and in the 'privacy - health' section of the iPhone settings, despite not having an official government tracing app they can download.

People in Germany, who have been able to download a government-backed app for weeks, also have the feature - and complain it saps their phone battery.

Jul 02 09:16

Inside a ransomware attack: From the first breach to the ransom demand

Security researchers have revealed the anatomy of a ransomware attack, showing how cyber criminals gained access to a network and deployed ransomware -- all in the space of just two weeks.

Researchers from tech security company Sentinel One examined a server that was used by criminals in October last year to turn a small security breach in a corporate network into a damaging Ryuk ransomware attack. This sort of data can be vital in helping understand the tactics and techniques used by attackers.

Jul 02 07:11

Aaron Cole talks about gaming the social media system, and government funding

(INTELLIHUB) — Host of Conspiracy Chronicles podcast Aaron Cole appeared on The Shepard Ambellas Show on Wednesday where he talked to Intellihub founder and editor-in-chief Shepard Ambellas about operatives within the so-called movement and how a purge of social media outlets may be on the way.

“I want to touch on people who seem like they are in the counter-movement or something like that,” the podcaster told Ambellas. “It’s hard to say they may not be touching the boundaries like you do with your posts and your great website–maybe they are somehow gaming the system to work that out but also I’ll see people, not on the fringe, of course, post the dumbest shit and it will get the most absurd amount of likes and replies to it.”

Jul 01 07:05


The Western Journal reports that there has been a breakthrough in the hammerlock Facebook, Twitter and other Big Tech social media have had on the population. For the last few years, these big networks had become creeping censors, eliminating well-known but more “fringe-y” conservatives and their news sites from mainstream sharing and distribution. Now, with Twitter and Google’s recent bans (or warnings) again quite prominent conservative or alternate news sites like ZeroHedge, the Federalist, and Carpe Donktum, it appears that a tipping point has been reached, with alternate social media Parler picking up one million new users in only about one week.

The Western Journal piece, written by Christine Favocci, has some very interesting things to say:

Twitter is increasingly hostile to conservatives and their viewpoints, but users have found a refuge on Parler, a fast-growing conservative alternative to the popular social media platform.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This appears to be a positive step, so at least for the moment, congrats to Matze and congrats to Parler!!

Jul 01 06:52


Law enforcement in America is facing a day of reckoning over its systemic, institutionalized racism and ongoing brutality against the people it was designed to protect. Virtually every aspect of the system is now under scrutiny, from budgeting and staffing levels to the data-driven prevention tools it deploys. A handful of local governments have already placed moratoriums on facial recognition systems in recent months and on Wednesday, Santa Cruz, California became the first city in the nation to outright ban the use of predictive policing algorithms. While it’s easy to see the privacy risks that facial recognition poses, predictive policing programs have the potential to quietly erode our constitutional rights and exacerbate existing racial and economic biases in the law enforcement community.

Jul 01 06:49



The NHTSA has been trying to put breathalyzers in new cars since at least 2015 and new legislation suggests they may finally succeed.

As Landline Media explains, "an already large bill has developed into an enormous one. House Democrats merged the nearly $500 billion highway bill, or INVEST in America Act, into a larger infrastructure package with a $1.5 trillion price tag."

A press release reveals that this new bill would treat every American like a potential criminal and force them to breathe into a breathalyzer every time they get behind the wheel.

"To honor the Abbas family’s legacy to stop drunk driving by directing NHTSA to prescribe a motor vehicle safety standard requiring passenger motor vehicles to be equipped with an advanced drunk driving prevention system that detects if the driver is intoxicated."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So how is this Federal agency going to mandate this equipment on used car owners?!?

I think Mike and I will be keeping our Hondai as long as it will continue to run, and we expect that to be for a very long time, thank you very much.

The degree, and speed, to which US law continues to morph toward a Code Napoleon, dystopic view of ordinary citizens as guilty until proven innocent, is breathtaking.

SOMEONE is getting set to make a fortune on this, including the legislators sponsoring this legislation.

Jun 29 22:21

Big Tech Censorship Extravaganza: YouTube Bans Stefan Molyneux & Others, Reddit Changes Rules to Allow Hate Speech Against 'People In The Majority'

In a Big Tech censorship extravaganza on Monday, YouTube banned Stefan Molyneux, Jared Taylor and others, Reddit banned thousands of subreddits for "hate" and changed their rules to explicitly allow hate speech against "people who are in the majority," and Amazon-owned Twitch suspended President Trump's channel for "hateful conduct."

Jun 29 13:23

Chase Customers Report Missing, Additional Money In Bank Accounts

Some JPMorgan Chase customers who checked their accounts overnight found hundreds or even thousands of dollars missing, and in some cases, added.

"We know some customers reporting seeing incorrect balances in their checking account overnight," Chase said in a statement on Sunday morning, June 28. "This was caused by a technical issue that delayed updates on what displayed on Chase Mobile and Chase Online."

The company said the issue was resolved at 9 a.m. Eastern Time and "accounts now show current balances."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I prefer cash for reasons like this.

Jun 29 10:51

Big Brother caught watching: Norway pulls coronavirus contact tracing app due to privacy issues

Norway is halting the use of an app designed to help trace the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus after the country’s data protection agency warned that the app did not effectively protect users’ privacy.

According to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority (Datatilsynet), the app, known as Smittenstop — Norwegian for “Infection stop” — was shown to collect “large amounts of personal information” about its users. This included their location data as well as information about their contact with others.

Jun 29 07:38

TikTok caught spying on iPhone users in India and around the world

Users currently testing the beta version of the upcoming iOS 14 software for iPhones have found that TikTok is recording what they are typing on their phones, which could range from non-sensitive information to passwords or even sensitive emails.

The practice is expected to affect iPhone users with TikTok accounts in India and around the world. The final version of iOS 14 is expected to be released later this year.

According to a Forbes article, the Chinese-origin TikTok is not the only app that could be exploiting this vulnerability, but it is the most high-profile of all apps caught spying on users in this way. The article adds that TikTok had said it would stop the “invasive practice” in April, but is still continuing to do so.

Jun 29 06:56

Japan Dominates The World's Top Supercomputers

Japanese supercomputer Fugaku zipped past all competitors to claim the top spot in the twice-annual ranking of the world's most powerful computational machines released by research project Top500.

Jun 27 13:53

Smart Face Mask Uses Bluetooth to Talk to Phone and Amplify Voice

By B.N. Frank

Like cell phone radiation and WiFi, Bluetooth is a form of wireless (microwave) radiation.

So, in addition to the privacy concerns, are you sure you would want to wear a Bluetooth-operating “Smart” Mask or strap them onto your kids and elderly loved ones? ...

Jun 27 10:30

Ex-transgender censored from YouTube for presenting medical facts about gender dysphoria

The Google-owned YouTube platform has silenced the voice of an ex-transgender by the name of Walt Heyer for stating that children “are not born transgender.”

As part of a three-hour panel discussion entitled, “Summit on Protecting Children from Sexualization” that was put on by the Heritage Foundation, Heyer explained that transgenderism is not an identity, but rather “a childhood development disorder.” And for boldly telling the truth, he and the entire event were pulled from YouTube for “hate speech.”

Jun 27 10:00

Father Ted creator Graham Linehan is banned from Twitter after stating 'men aren't women' in row with trans activists and using the word 'groomer' in years-old post

Father Ted creator Graham Linehan is the latest high profile user to be suspended from Twitter for after the site said it breached rules on using banned words.

The Irish sitcom writer has been banned for 'hateful conduct', including using the word ‘groomer’ in a years old post which was found by trans rights activists after he got embroiled in an argument with them.

It comes a week after Kate Hopkins was banned from Twitter for unspecified violations of its user conduct policy.

Mr Linehan has gained notoriety in recent years for his vocal opinions on transgender rights and feminism, and he yesterday wrote 'men aren't women tho' in response to a Tweet wishing a happy Pride to transgender Women's institute members.

Twitter said Mr Linehan has been banned for 'repeated violations of our rules against hateful conduct and platform manipulation'.

Jun 26 11:08

EFF Shares Testimonials from Fitbit Wearers and Asks DOJ to Stop Fitbit-Google Merger

By B.N. Frank

There have been news reports about Fitbits shocking wearers as well as causing rashes and other new and scary heath issues. In fact, there was a class action lawsuit about the rashes. Nevertheless – employees, insurance holders, and nursing home residents are often forced to wear them or similar types of activity trackers. Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) objects to more data collection by Google, which is why they oppose the Fitbit-Google merger.

Google is notorious for unrelenting data collection already. The company is even being sued by kids for this!

EFF plans to ask the Department of Justice to stop the merger. The organization also asked Fitbit wearers to share their opinions about the merger to include with their request...

Jun 26 05:28


Customers will be under more surveillance every time they walk into a 7-Eleven but the reason for the new CCTV isn't to stop theft.

The convenience store chain has rolled out facial recognition software at more 700 than stores across Australia to be used to verify customer feedback rather than as an anti-theft measure.

The software is connected to Rate It, an online customer experience platform that runs on a tablet device in-store.

7-Eleven confirmed the installation of the new technology after a growing number of eagled-eyed customers noticed new signs at store entrances in recent weeks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I don't care how 7/11 is pitching this; I will NEVER enter a US 7/11 store again.

I am no thief; I will honestly pay for what I pick up at any store at which I shop.

The astonishing degree to which Code Napoleon (guilty until proven innocent) is "re-writing" laws on the books around the world, is scary in the extreme.

Jun 25 10:07

Two Kids Sue Google for Allegedly Collecting Students’ Biometric Data with Their Educational Tools

By B.N. Frank

Google is well known already for collecting data on customers with their products and services. This is sometimes referred to as “Surveillance Capitalism” and many businesses do it whether customers are aware of it or not.

Now 2 kids are striking back about alleged involuntary data collection by Google while using the company’s educational tools, affecting potentially millions of students...

Jun 24 08:54

Twitter says security lapse exposed some advertising partners' billing information including partial credit card numbers

Twitter is notifying some of its business partners, including companies advertising through the site, that it exposed sensitive billing information.

According to TechCrunch Twitter started to notify customers that billing information was being stored in the browser cache which may have been viewable by people at shared computers.

TechCrunch says that email addresses, phone numbers, and the last four-digits of credit card number associated with some businesses accounts may have been viewed.

Jun 24 08:26

Windows 10 critical process failure: Microsoft admits June updates are triggering reboots

Forced reboots are affecting some machines running Windows 10 version 1809 and above.

Jun 24 06:26

John McAfee: Everybody has something to hide it’s just a matter of from whom

(INTELLIHUB) — Computer programmer and businessman John McAfee joined the Intellihub Podcast on Tuesday where he talked about why his new $GHOST platform is the way to go in terms of anonymity.

Everybody says ‘if you’ve got nothing to hid you’ve got nothing to fear’ but let me divest you on that attitude if I may,” he the security tech mogul explained. “Everybody has something to hide it’s just a matter of from whom.”

McAfee went on to point out for example that many people may have called in sick to their boss but they may be out golfing–hiding what they are really doing from their boss.

“Has anybody ever cheated on their spouse? he asked. “Well if you have more than likely, you are trying to hide that from your significant other.”

Jun 22 11:05

An Interview With Anonymous — George Floyd Protests, Hacks, And Press Freedom

Activist Post journalist Aaron Kesel conducted an exclusive interview with Anonymous about the collective's recent uptick in activity...

Jun 22 03:51

Reddit Starts Banning Users For Their Upvotes

Conde Nast's Reddit on Sunday started issuing temp bans against users for upvoting wrongthink.

Jun 18 17:13

‘Independent’ Facebook fact-checker exposed as partisan smear factory packed with CNN alumni

Facebook fact-checker Lead Stories is a biased outfit bristling with ex-CNN staffers that presents itself as neutral, despite most of its employees having donated to the Democratic Party, a conservative outlet has revealed.

The National Pulse (TNP), whose story about supposed financial links between Black Lives Matter, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, and fundraiser ActBlue was flagged as “partly false” by Lead Stories on Facebook, did some digging on Wednesday to find out who was behind the smear, after their efforts to contest the label were apparently stonewalled.

What they discovered was an organization staffed almost entirely by Democratic donors, half of whom had worked for CNN in the past. A quarter of the employees were recurring Democratic donors, TNP revealed, suggesting an egregious conflict of interest, given the story they’d flagged at the conservative outlet was about contributions to a Democratic presidential campaign.

Jun 18 15:15

Massive Spying Operation Targeting Millions Of Google Chrome Users Tied to Israeli Firm

A massive spying operation deemed "the most far-reaching malicious Chrome store campaign to date" targeting millions of Google Chrome users has been linked to an Israeli firm, according to a report from researchers at Awake Security.

Jun 18 12:32

US government is using Google as a mass surveillance tool and user data requests have increased by 510% since 2010, according to report

The US government is using Google and social media sites like Facebook as mass surveillance tools, as user data requests have dramatically increased over the past decade, a new report reveals.

ProtonMail, an end-to-end encryption email firm, found requests to Google increased by 510 percent since 2010 and requests to Facebook rose 363 percent since 2013.

The team also notes that in just 2019, Google received 157,435 user data requests worldwide and Facebook received 269,492.

The Freedom Act, passed by Congress in 2015, hindered the National Security Agency’s ability to collect massive amounts of user data, however, it does not stop private corporations from doing the agency's dirty work.

Jun 18 12:24

Millions of Google Chrome users are targeted in a spyware attack that used web browser extensions to steal browsing history and login details

Security researchers have discovered malware that compromised users through downloads of extensions to Google's Chrome web browser.

The 'spyware'– software that steals information from a computer and sends it to a third party – attacked users through 32 million downloads of Chrome extensions.

Most of the free extensions purported to warn users about questionable websites or convert files from one format to another.

Instead, they siphoned off browsing history and data that provided credentials for access to internal business tools, researchers at Awake Security told Reuters.

Jun 18 08:05

NBC Facing "Considerable Backlash" After Pushing Google To Demonetize Conservatives, Trump Tweets

During a Thursday morning flurry of tweets that broke a period of unusually light twitter activity, President Trump took aim at two of his favorite targets - NBC News, and Google - and slammed both companies for their 'collaboration' on trying to demonetize conservative news sites.

Trump tweeted that NBC is facing "considerable backlash" for a reporter's recent "collaboration" with far-left groups in the UK to try to get two media organizations, including Zero Hedge, demonetized on Google's platform.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I keep having to ask myself, over and over; since when did being a "centerist" (which is what I consider myself to be) become such a curse to the rest of society?!?

So Whoopie Goldberg and Joy Behar, from "The View", if you're ever out this way, PLEASE stop by for tea, and whatever you'd like to eat, and tell me why I am, in your perspectives, so absolutely, pig-headedly wrong about being a centerist, and why, because of that, I need to "redeem' myself" in your eyes?!?

Because right now, ladies, I am feeling singularly unapologetic for my perspectives, which I believe to be both logical and reasonable; so I invite you both to demonstrate to me where I am wrong.

Jun 17 19:32

Just the Science: List of Studies that Prove 5G and 4G Densification Is NOT Safe (and 3G Isn’t Safe Either)

By B.N. Frank

“The Race for 5G” requires the densification of both 4G and 5G technology. Opposition to this is worldwide. Cities AND countries continue taking action against deployment. This includes delaying and halting installation as well as issuing moratoriums. In fact, doctors and scientists have been requesting moratoriums on 5G since 2017 on Earth as well as in space.

Many people ask “Where is the scientific evidence?" Here is an extensive list of research with links...

Jun 17 03:09

Google Demonetizes Zero Hedge

As you may have read on NBC, Google has decided to suspend ad hosting on the "far-right" Zero Hedge (which apparently can be anything from "batshit insane Austrian school blog" to Russian propaganda or framed in any other way that serves the agenda of those who disagree with our views - which apparently these days is a lot of people) along with The Federalist, a decision that would have a materially adverse impact for both websites. The reason presented to us for this decision is far more mundane than what has been disclosed by NBC: we are currently appealing it, and expect to remedy it.

That said, we were surprised by the framing of the suspension by the NBC article, which disturbingly appears to be another attempt at activist targeting of inconvenient media outlets, especially since the core argument presented by the NBC employee is different than what Google actually has said. In fact, half the NBC article just happens to be dead wrong.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This demonetizing of absolutely reeks of either insanity, or desperation on the cusp of madness, courtesy of Google.

Jun 17 01:56


It’s no secret that police and other law enforcement agencies have a history of using mobile phone location and other data to target or investigate individuals, and the wave of mass protests in support of black communities and against police brutality this month has provided a rich data trove for them to probe. As it turns out, cops aren’t the only ones diving into the data to follow demonstrators after the streets are clear.

Political advocacy and voter-registration groups are reaping the bounty of location data tied to protests, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The groups use geofencing to contact those who were at protests—basically, reaching out to every device that was in a certain area at a certain time, without specifically identifying the individual. In this case, activists reach out with political messages.

Jun 17 01:51


The CIA's Center for Cyber Intelligence (CCI) was so busy making cyber weapons - including tools to crack into smartphones, hijack smart TVs, or make it look like a foreign adversary hacked someone - that they internal security become "woefully lax," allowing a CIA employee to steal up to 34 terabytes of information later published by WikiLeaks in the spring of 2017.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Jun 17 01:43


For the first time, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized doctors to prescribe a video game as a form of medical treatment.
An iOS game called EndeavorRX seems to help kids between eight and 12 years old who have ADHD, The Verge reports. And while the actual evidence to support those claims is somewhat shaky, the concept of a prescription video game is still a fascinating world-first that’s been years in the making.

A trailer for EndeavorRX suggests that the gameplay is pretty straightforward — players steer a cartoonish vehicle left or right to hit targets and avoid obstacles while it cruises forward. According to clinical research conducted by Akili Interactive, the company behind the game, it seemed to improve some kids’ attention spans.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Something OTHER than a drug for ADHD?!?

IF this really works, bravo to the computer engineers who created this!!

Jun 16 20:07

Norway Halts Smartphone Contact Tracing App, While Other European States Roll Out Tech

By Aaron Kesel

Norway has suspended use of its smartphone app meant to track and trace those who have been diagnosed with covid. This is amid a roll out in other European countries of contact tracing spyware technology.

Geir Bukholm, an official at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, said the decision to delete data and halt any further information gathering from the app “weakened the country’s preparedness” should the infection rate increase. The app was being tested in three municipalities before being halted, Associated Press reported...

Jun 16 17:28

Jay-Z’s TIDAL Is Currently Under Investigation for Data Fraud In Norway

The accusations for fraud first surfaced in 2018, when a sleuthing reporter at Norwegian publication Dagens Næringsliv discovered streaming manipulation around two exclusive albums: Kanye West’s Life of Pablo and Beyoncé’s Lemonade. Dagens initially secured a TIDAL hard drive, then cross-matched that data against other sources, before declaring that streams for both albums had been grossly inflated. In total, the two albums were allegedly padded with more than 320 million ‘fake streams,’ according to the finding.


Instead of receiving royalty checks that reflected their actual streams, other artists may have been handed payments based on manipulated, reduced play-counts.

Jun 16 17:04

Intel CPUs Vulnerable to New 'SGAxe' and 'CrossTalk' Side-Channel Attacks

The company has recommended users of affected processors update to the latest version of the firmware provided by system manufacturers to address the issue.

Jun 16 16:22

Technology adaptability and the global pandemic

Around the globe, most of the people are basically quarantined in their homes and obviously they require basic necessities hence online store and shops have become increasingly popular and firms since the pandemic have become more adaptive and efficient in providing service to its customer, therefore, VPNs in Europe
provide a safe channel between the peer and the consumers and provide the top VPN deals
to protect against tracking while doing online shopping, but the question is what exactly a VPN is? Thought you never ask, VPNS stands for VIRTUAL PRIVATE NETWORK.

Jun 15 10:20

Clearview AI May Be Illegal In EU Watchdog Says

By Aaron Kesel

The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) said that the use of Clearview artificial intelligence by law enforcement would “likely not be consistent with the EU data protection regime.”

The board added that it “has doubts as to whether any Union or Member State law provides a legal basis for using a service such as the one offered by Clearview AI.”

The statement comes amid growing concerns around potential misuses of facial recognition technology like Clearview, which matches faces to billions of photos the software scrapes from websites, The Next Web reported...

Jun 15 09:42

Facebook showcases feature in its business communication tool Workplace that lets employers ban topics like 'unionize'

Facebook is touting a new feature inside its 'Workplace' communication software that allows employers to block words like 'unionize' from trending.

According to a report from The Intercept, the feature was showed off in an internal presentation by the company this week and explicitly used the word 'unionize' as an example of words that employers may want to block from trending in the software.

Jun 11 10:31

Developer warns VR headset damaged eyesight

A software developer has tweeted about how wearing a VR headset for hours a day has damaged his eyesight.

A visit to the opticians left him "worried about my future VR use" after a doctor blamed the technology for a problem with his vision.

Glasses should correct the issue but would normally only "be prescribed to 40-year-olds", he tweeted.

Jun 03 12:26

Betsy Devos’s Hunger Games: Making Locked-Down Schools Compete for “Career Pathways,” Artificial Intelligence Grants

By John Klyczek

The first provision for “microgrants for families” will basically distribute “free” laptops, tablets, and other computer devices to impoverished families in order to “ensure they have access to the technology and educational services.”

These “free” devices will provide the computer hardware for e-learning software programs that will be financed by the second provision for “Statewide virtual learning and course access programs,” such as AI “adaptive learning” software, a modern digitalized version of B. F. Skinner’s “teaching machine” upgraded with artificial-intelligence software that replaces human teachers with “programmed instruction” which data-mines students’ cognitive-behavioral algorithms in order to “personalize” virtual workforce-training lessons with operant-conditioning feedback through online career-pathways modules...

Jun 03 09:38

We must fight YouTube's outrageous censoring of lockdown sceptics

For years, there has been a growing concern that Big Tech companies like Twitter, Facebook, Google and YouTube which it owns, are not acting like neutral forums where users freely express their opinions. It is now time to say clearly and unequivocally that these are no longer allegations - they are observable facts.

A case in point being a recent discussion with Peter Hitchens on my YouTube show, TRIGGERnometry, in which he criticised the lockdown. Unlike a recent interview with Professor Karol Sikora on the website UnHerd, which was simply deleted by YouTube before being reinstated amid public outcry, the tech giant’s response to our video was far more insidious.

Instead of deleting it and allowing us the right of appeal, they simply “hid” the interview from searches on YouTube and Google.

Jun 03 07:49

Google faces $5 BILLION lawsuit for 'illegally invading the privacy of millions of users' by 'tracking their internet use through incognito mode'

Google was sued on Tuesday in a proposed class action accusing the internet search company of illegally invading the privacy of millions of users by pervasively tracking their internet use through browsers set in 'private' mode.

The lawsuit seeks at least $5 billion, accusing the Alphabet Inc unit of surreptitiously collecting information about what people view online and where they browse, despite their using what Google calls Incognito mode.

May 30 20:49

Apple’s latest iOS 13.5 update contains contact tracing malware to enslave you

Some 23 countries, including the United States, have agreed to accept Apple’s latest iOS smartphone update, known as 13.5, which contains built-in contact tracing technology for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). But is it really a good idea to install it?

The reason we ask is because so-called contact tracing is not designed to keep you “safe,” despite what some authorities claim. It is designed to keep you enslaved by watching everything you do and tracking everywhere you go, all in the name of promoting “public safety.”

According to reports, both Apple and Google have released new software updates that come with “exposure notification,” a technology that can supposedly identify who has tested positive for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), as well as notify everyone who might have come in contact with that person.

May 30 20:44

YouTube censors video in which medical doctors said hydroxychloroquine might help treat COVID-19

The video report, presented by Sharyl Attkisson at Full Measure News, examined the possible benefits of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID-19 and the possible financial interest some parties have in downplaying the drug and promoting a separate treatment called remdesivir.

One of the doctors interviewed in the video, William O’Neill, tells Attkisson, also a Just the News contributor, that there is “some value” to hydroxychloroquine and “it has to be tested.”

O’Neill, a cardiologist in Detroit, has prescribed the drug to multiple patients and “saw improvement in all of them,” Attkisson reported.

At the Henry Ford Health System, where O’Neill works, officials are working with hydroxychloroquine and remdesivir. The doctor said the media campaign against the drug, which began around the time President Trump first started touting it, has left patients “scared to use the drug without any scientifically valid concern.”

May 29 08:59

What critical thinking? Wayback Machine is now complicit in Big Tech censorship

The webpage archive service Wayback Machine’s decision to additionally label already-deleted articles as ‘disinformation’ is internet history revisionism that comes at a time when critical thinking is desperately needed.

May 29 01:53

Twitter Censors Trump's Tweet On Mobilizing National Guard to Stop Riots For 'Glorifying Violence'

Twitter censored President Trump's tweet on mobilizing the National Guard to stop the riots for "glorying violence" because he said that "when the looting starts, the shooting starts."

May 27 12:12

Google Drive Takes Down Personal Copy Of "Plandemic"

If there was ever a time in history to pay attention, it’s now. It’s now obvious that we all need to keep our eyes and ears open to that which Big Tech and the government continue to censor to “save us” from “misinformation.” Google Drive, at the request of The Washington Post, has taken down a user’s personal copy of the movie “Plandemic.”

Ever since Big Tech platforms started cracking down on what they deem to be “coronavirus misinformation” (information they don’t want you to know about), the media has been willfully flagging alleged violations to social media companies and getting content taken down, reported News Break.

In other words, they want us to remain in a panic-induced state of fear and only listen to the mainstream media’s official Operation Mockingbird narrative about the entire Plandemic.

May 27 11:54

Facebook Mass Censoring Any MENTION of the Word ‘Coronavirus’

Facebook appears to enacting a totally new level of Orwellian censorship, going so far as to mass delete any comment or post with a mere mention of the word ‘coronavirus.’ Some online conservatives brought up the remarkable and reactionary censorship on Monday, expressing surprise that the company would go so far as to silence any mere mention of the disease’s name.

May 27 10:55

The Air Force Is Now Accepting Bids to Build R2D2-Like 'Skyborg' Copilots

The U.S. Air Force has launched the bidding process for its next-generation "Skyborg" program, aimed at pairing artificial intelligence with a human piloting a fighter jet.

The service posted a solicitation notice last week on the government's acquisition and awards website. Multiple companies could potentially win contract awards of $400 million each, according to the posting.

May 27 07:03

Trump Threatens To "Close Down" Twitter, Other Social Media To Stop Them From 'Rigging' 2020 Vote

Last night, President Trump slammed Twitter for tagging several of his tweets touting the alleged risks of mail-in ballots as 'misinformation', with the president accusing the social media giant of interfering in the 2020 election.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mr. President, a word, please; perhaps if you had been just a little more supportive of the independent media which played a more than significant role in getting you elected the first time, you might not be running into this problem now.

As we both know, mail-in voting can definitely lead to fraud; this has to go to the Supreme Court, and right when they re-convene, with the White House submitting an "amicus curiae" to them about this situation. Then, you are going to have to cross your fingers that they will feel strongly enough about this to rule in your favor.

IF not, sir, you will be consigned to become another "one term wonder" as President.

May 26 19:14

COVID-19 “CARES Act” Bankrolls AI Post-Human Education: DeVos, Thiel, Phase 2 of Project BEST

By John Klyczek

These CARES Act incentives funnel money into online ed-tech corporations, the new “Proposed Rules” for federal “Distance Learning and Innovation” (85 FR 18638) have been drafted to streamline federal funding for “competency-based” “adaptive learning” through “subscription-based” “artificial intelligence” that carries out “direct instruction” without input from a human teacher.

May 25 17:52

Exploiting COVID19, Big Tech Censors Become Big Brother

Citing concerns about “misinformation” surrounding the coronavirus, major social-media platforms and technology companies including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and more are cracking down on free speech like never before. Facebook even created a panel to censor the social-media site that is dominated by foreigners who reject free speech and the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment.

In the case of YouTube, the Big Tech giant literally said it will remove any content that goes against recommendations made by a corrupt United Nations agency that has been serving as a propaganda megaphone for Communist China. Top UN officials have also stepped up calls for Orwellian online censorship.

In short, the Silicon Valley elites and their Deep State allies want to do your thinking for you and determine what information you get to see — and what information to hide from you. They claim to believe you are too stupid to sort truth from fiction without their help. Seriously.

May 25 07:03


By Katitza Rodriguez and Seth Schoen

Time and again, governments have used crises to expand their power, and often their intrusion into citizens’ lives. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen this pattern play out on a huge scale. From deploying drones or ankle monitors to enforce quarantine orders to proposals to use face recognition or thermal imaging cameras for monitoring public spaces, governments around the world have been adopting intrusive measures in their quest to contain the pandemic.

May 25 07:01


To upgrade or not to upgrade, that is the question. Fears of the worst sort are already cropping up as Apple has not made completely clear what software developers will be able to access and use the new core features that allow for Contact Tracing.

One tech journal notes,

Usage of the contact tracing API is user-optional. Additionally, exposure reports require the user to, once again, opt in to the notification, and it can only be done after the positive result is confirmed by one of the government agencies.

The first problem is that many iPhone users don’t have a clue what ‘user-optional’ means and if they do, they forget to disable the feature.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

My short answer to those questions is, "HELL, no!!"

May 23 21:25

If you have a copy of Plandemic in your Google Drive, Google might try to surreptitiously delete it

Fake news empire The Washington Post is on a mission to make sure that every single copy of the popular Plandemic documentary film is removed from every last crevice of the internet.

The Jeff Bezos-owned, left-wing rag recently published an article in its “technology” section explaining that fake news employees of the paper are basically being paid to scour the web in search of Plandemic so they can report it to the hosting website and try to have it removed.

One perhaps unexpected place that the Post has had no trouble getting Plandemic removed from is Google Drive, a cloud-based file-sharing service that many Facebook users and YouTubers have been linking to whenever public copies of the film get censored or removed by Big Tech platforms.