May 23 20:25


#YouTube CEO Susan #Wojcicki has overseen the company's transformation from a platform of content creators to a corporate megaphone. Only half of YouTube's views now come from content creators. The age of #YouTubers is over. They don't need us any more.

May 23 10:15

Study Shows Direct Correlation Between 5G Networks and “Coronavirus” Outbreaks

Introduction by Dee McLachlan

The first study demonstrating a relationship between “coronavirus” outbreaks and the presence of 5G networks has emerged from Spain and is by Bartomeu Payeras i Cifre. Bartomeu is a biologist specializing in microbiology and is working at the University of Barcelona. His original source study can be sourced HERE(, and is has been translated into English by Claire Edwards (on SOTN -


Comment: If correct than we can expect a 2nd wave of the 'rona'!

May 22 11:17

THIS IS HUGE: Oregon Government Orders Facebook to Remove Gateway Pundit Article on Republican Ballot Scandal – Facebook Complies — Despite Hundreds of Confirmed Testimonies

Gateway Pundit readers may recall a recent story we did that shed light on hundreds, possibly thousands, of Oregon voters who mysteriously had their party changed, most from Republican to Non Affiliated, without their permission, consent or knowledge, effectively denying them the right to vote in their party’s primary and disqualifying them from being Precinct Committee Persons.

Today we found out the State Of Oregon is now working with Facebook to delete all mentions of this story.

Earlier today Facebook gave The Gateway Pundit a strike for posting this story even though we had 32 statements from different Oregon Republican voters to back up our report.

May 22 10:09

Microsoft: Beware this massive phishing campaign using malicious Excel macros to hack PCs

Microsoft's Security Intelligence team has warned that it has been tracking a "massive" phishing campaign that attempts to install a remote access tool onto PCs by tricking users into opening email attachments containing malicious Excel 4.0 macros.

Microsoft said the COVID-19 themed campaign started on May 12, and has so far used several hundreds of unique attachments.

May 21 10:16

YouTube silences prominent epidemiologist for opposing coronavirus lockdowns

In its fight to stamp out “misinformation” about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), Google-owned YouTube has silenced a prominent epidemiologist whose opinions and ideas about the pandemic contradict certain facets of the official narrative.

Dr. Knut M. Wittkowski, the former head of biostatistics, epidemiology and research design at Rockefeller University, was featured in a video about the virus that was recently posted to YouTube before being quickly removed from YouTube for violating the tech giant’s “community standards.”

The 65-year-old expert in viruses is a vocal critic of so-called “social distancing” and other government-imposed measures that supposedly aim to fight the pandemic. He has repeatedly warned that such measures are not helping but rather prolonging the crisis – and for this he is no longer welcome on YouTube.

May 21 10:10

Facebook blacklists free speech video platform to silence humanitarian voices of pioneering women like Judy Mikovits – TAKE ACTION is a popular, independent video platform that features humanitarian free speech videos including those of pioneering women like Dr. Judy Mikovits and Chinese freedom leader Jennifer Zeng.

As part of its war against courageous women who dare to challenge the status quo, Facebook has now blacklisted all links from and following the user posting of a documentary featuring Dr. Mikovits — “Plandemic” — which questions the standard narrative about the coronavirus vaccine and the W.H.O.

May 20 05:24

Is COVID-19 breaching our online privacy?

Have you ever heard of a saying, "one should never waste a good crisis"? Well, that's exactly what giant tech corporations are doing right now. If you haven't heard already, Google and Apple are supposedly working together to fight and the COVID-19 pandemic.

But is there an ulterior motive behind it?

Based on intuition and all the news I've been consuming lately from credible sources, I think that Google, Apple, and other tech companies are simply building a privacy violation coronavirus tracking app.

Even though it's easy to think that Google and Apple are partnering up for the betterment of humanity, experts speculate that this uncanny partnership might be hiding something dark. After all, who knows what Apple and Google will do with all the personal information that they've collected about us.

May 20 05:03

Transport in Chaos After Israeli Cyberattack in Iran’s Bandar Abbas

Over a week of chaos at Bardar Abbas, a key Iranian port on the Strait of Hormuz, has been explained as resulting from an Israeli cyberattack on the port’s terminal, crippling computers and bringing the port grinding to a halt.

Unnamed US officials pointed to Israel as being behind the attack, saying it was a retaliation for an Iranian cyberattack on Israeli water systems. Israeli officials hinted at involvement, but officially the Israeli government has refused comment.

May 19 08:13

Dystopian and disturbing: Big Tech censorship lumps together conspiracy loons and proper scientists

YouTube has set itself up as the world’s thought police over Covid-19 and is shutting down the voices of highly respected experts. This has dangerous consequences for us all, as scepticism and questioning gets us closer to truth.

As far as YouTube is concerned, it is the arbiter of what can and cannot be said about how to fight the threat posed by the coronavirus. Dissidents’ views must not be seen or heard on its channels! That is why it decided to clamp down on anyone who dares question the wisdom of the current lockdown.

YouTube’s censorious attitude is not confined to policing conspiracy theorists and flat-earth nutters, either. Recently, it has removed a video of the respected epidemiologist Dr Knut M Wittkowski’s discussion of how to understand and respond to the Covid-19 pandemic.

May 19 07:57

YouTube CEO: Users don’t like “authoritative” mainstream media channels but we boost them anyway

Over the last few years, YouTube and its executives have made it clear that when it comes to news and current events, “authoritative sources” (mainstream media outlets it deems to be trustworthy) will get boosted via the platform’s recommendation tools while independent creators who cover the news will be suppressed.

And during an interview on The New York Times’ “Rabbit Hole” podcast, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki admitted that most YouTube users don’t want to watch these “authoritative” sources but said the platform will continue to boost them anyway.

May 19 06:57

Israel linked to 'highly accurate' cyberattack on Iranian port: Report

Israel appears to be behind a cyberattack earlier this month on computers at Iran's Shahid Rajaee port that caused massive backups on waterways and roads leading to the facility, the Washington Post reported on Monday.

Citing unnamed US and foreign government officials, the Post said the 9 May disruption of Iranian computers was presumably in retaliation for an earlier attempted cyberattack on rural water distribution systems in Israel.

May 19 05:27

European Supercomputers Researching COVID-19 Outbreak Reportedly Hacked to Mine Cryptocurrency

Many of the supercomputers that suffered "security incidents" over the last week were reportedly being used for conducting research on the novel coronavirus outbreak, work that was apparently obstructed by the attacks.

Supercomputers in European countries including Germany, the UK and Switzerland were forced to shut down amid a series of intrusions made with the goal of installing cryptocurrency-mining malware, according to ZDNet. A similar "security incident" was reported from a high-performance computing centre in Spain. The malware reportedly saw the shutdown of the supercomputers as a means of restoring "a safe environment" and rewriting passwords and credentials.

May 18 08:21

Disastrous new Windows 10 update is causing serious issues for some people

While Windows 10 KB4556799 was supposed to be an important update for people running the two most recent versions of the operating system (May 2019 Update and November 2019 Update), it seems like it has in fact introduced a large number of problems instead.

The list of reported problems reads a bit like a ‘greatest hits’ of previous Windows 10 update errors, with almost everything accounted for. So, some users on the Microsoft forum are reporting the dreaded Blue Screen of Death, which appears when your PC encounters a severe problem and has to restart.

There have also been reports of a flickering white screen appearing after installing the update, system fonts being replaced and Windows 10 reverting back to the more limited S-Mode.

As if they weren’t annoying enough, one user found that Outlook searches are now broken, while Windows Latest is reporting that Windows 10 KB4556799 is causing audio issues for some people...

May 18 08:05

Why The COVID-19 Model That Inspired UK's Lockdown May Be "The Most Devastating Software Mistake Of All Time"

While Democrats in the US and progressives in the UK continue to push back against efforts to gradually reopen their respective economies, more evidence is emerging that calls into question the models (what the public often refers to as the "science") which inspired governments across the world to impose crippling lockdowns on their populations.

Case in point: Since Neil Ferguson and the authors of the Imperial published its modeling for non-pharmaceutical intervention for COVID-19, a number of data scientists have taken a close look and found gaping oversights that seriously undermine the model's credibility. Of course, this isn't the first time we have written about Ferguson and his exploits.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Buggy code" is NEVER your friend.

May 17 06:52

Government Could Enforce Who You're Allowed To Socialize With Via Tracking App

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

In the “new normal” of social distancing, governments could dictate who you’re allowed to socialize with and punish wrongdoers via a smart phone tracking app.

Governments are now considering a post-lockdown world of “social bubbles,” which in the UK translates into a proposal to allow people to visit “10 friends and family.”

The Belgian government is also considering permitting people to have a designated list of people they can visit in order to keep the risk of transmitting COVID-19 low.

Psychologist Dr. Linda Papadopoulos said that people who have been locked down for two months unable to see friends or family “will see it as progress and a welcome development.”

However, the proposal is completely unenforceable without draconian state monitoring and surveillance.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I doubt seriously that this app will last for too long, without an "anti-app" being developed (and for which people will pay good money) which will turn off this tracking app.

May 17 05:59

Israel Perfecting Surveillance Tech

Israel’s external spy organization Mossad and its internal espionage equivalent Shin Bet have reputations that are much larger than their actual successes, but the one area where they have excelled is electronic intelligence gathering. Recent electronic spying around the White House and other federal buildings in Washington carried out by the Israeli Embassy demonstrates that Israel does not differentiate much between friends and enemies when it conducts espionage. In fact, spying targeting the U.S. is probably its number one priority due to the fact that the Jewish state is so heavily dependent on American support that it feels compelled to learn what discussions relating to it are taking place behind closed doors.

May 16 15:17

DOJ and state AGs planning antitrust lawsuit against Google’s parent company: report

"But it is also focusing more broadly on concerns that Google uses its dominant search business to stifle competition, people familiar with the matter said.”

May 15 06:31

China Slams US As "Perpetrator Of Largest Cyber-Theft Worldwide" As FBI Issues 'High Alert' For Virus Data Hacks

US federal agencies say they are on high alert for cyberattacks out of China targeting health research and pharmaceutical companies in efforts to steal coveted and valuable coronavirus data and possible breakthrough solutions to the pandemic, such as vaccines and experimental treatments.

The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI further have issued a "public service announcement" of what they called a "significant threat", saying health research sectors "working on a COVID-19 response should all be aware they are the prime targets of this activity and take the necessary steps to protect their systems."

While over the past month some international health bodies as well as US agencies have singled out Iran as a main perpetrator of COVID-19 related data theft and hacks, US officials threw the spotlight on Beijing this week.

May 15 05:13

Senate Votes to Allow Law Enforcement Agencies to Access Browser History Without Warrant

The United States Patriot Act expands the powers of US authorities to surveil online activity and electronic devices. The renewal of the act before March 2020 was included in the November stop-gap legislation the following year.

The US Senate passed a bill by a single vote on Thursday that gives government agencies such as the FBI and CIA the right to access citizens browsing history without a warrant.

This means that authorities are not required to have probable cause to believe someone may have committed a crime before requiring their ISP to hand over web browsing and search history records.

May 12 05:59

Democrats move to consider virtual options for summer convention

Democrats are now acknowledging that the coronavirus may make it impossible to conduct the in-person convention in August that they'd envisioned, and they're taking steps to allow virtual or socially distanced elements.

Driving the news: The Democratic National Committee's Rules and Bylaws Committee meets Tuesday to consider a resolution giving the convention team "maximum flexibility to plan a safe event that guarantees every delegate can accomplish their official business without putting their own health at risk," per a DNC memo.

The resolution says the convention team "has the authority to make the necessary changes to the format, size, date or other aspects in order to conduct a safe convention."
Convention delegates will be allowed to participate either "in person or by means that allow for appropriate social distancing."
If the committee approves the resolution, it will then be voted on by all DNC members.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The candidate this move by the DNC will assist..... will most probably not be Joe Biden; I would nearly want to bet, that it would be Hillary Clinton, whose lust for another chance at "grabbing the brass ring" of the Democratic nomination for President, will be just too intense for her to ignore.

Also, many governors are giving their citizens the opportunity to vote by mail; this is another interesting avenue in the direction of potential vote fraud.

May 11 18:11

Hacker group ‘ShinyHunters’ sells more than 73 MILLION user records on the dark web from 10 online services including the StarTibune and Zoosk

More than 73 million user records have been stolen from a number of online services and are being sold on the dark web for a total of $18,000.

The hacker group, named 'ShinyHunters', scraped data from at least 10 companies including Zoosk, Chatbooks and the StarTribune.

The online dating app, Zoosk, had the largest breach, as the cybercriminals grabbed 30 million user record and Chatbooks came in second with 15 million, according to ZDNet.

Chatbooks is the only firm to acknowledge the attack, which said login credentials including names, email address and passwords were taken in the haul, along with some phone numbers and FacebookIDs.

May 11 11:35

CV-1984: U.S. Wants Orwellian Tracking Similar To House Arrest Funded By HR 6666; Israel Wants Microchips For Kids

By Aaron Kesel

Several U.S. states are exploring using technology to make sure COVID patients are staying home and adhering to social distancing and self-quarantine rules. Meanwhile, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that he wants all kids to get a microchip tracker (like a car alarm) when they are born, something that would surely drip down to the rest of the population...

May 11 09:34

Thunderbolt flaws affect millions of computers – even locking unattended devices won't help

A Dutch researcher has detailed nine attack scenarios that work against all computers with Thunderbolt shipped since 2011 and which allow an attacker with physical access to quickly steal data from encrypted drives and memory.

Researcher Björn Ruytenberg detailed the so-called Thunderspy attacks in a report published on Sunday, warning that the attacks work even when users follow security best practice, such as locking an unattended computer, setting up Secure Boot, using strong BIOS and operating system account passwords, and enabling full disk encryption.

May 10 07:56

Israel Mulls Response to Alleged Iranian Cyber Attack That Breaks 'All the Codes of War'

Tel Aviv has accused Tehran of targeting Israel in cyber attacks "on a daily basis", despite Iran denying the accusations and insisting that the country "does not engage in cyber warfare".

The Israeli "high-level security cabinet" has reportedly condemned an "Iranian cyber attack" on Tel Aviv's civil water infrastructure, according to the Times of Israel. The participants of the meeting were reportedly forced to sign confidentiality forms.

The alleged attack in question that reportedly took place in late April was described by one of Israeli officials as a "significant escalation" by Iran that "crossed a red line" as it targeted civil facilities. Officials note that the attack did little damage, despite minor problems reported in local councils.

“This is an attack that goes against all the codes of war. Even from the Iranians we didn’t expect something like this", the official said, quoted by the report.

May 07 13:54

US Begins To Implement WHO “Contact Tracing” To Forcibly Remove People From Their Homes?

By Spiro Skouras

This report is a follow-up to one where I cover how Michael Ryan of the WHO stated in a press briefing how the WHO (which is of course in the pocket of Bill Gates) now believes it is time to start removing people from their homes...

May 07 12:45

Assange’s US Extradition, Threat to Future of Internet and Democracy

On Monday May 4, the British Court decided that the extradition hearing for WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange, scheduled for May 18, would be moved to September. This four month delay was made after Assange’s defense lawyer argued the difficulty of his receiving a fair hearing due to restrictions posed by the Covid-19 lockdown. Monday’s hearing at Westminster Magistrates’ Court proceeded without enabling the phone link for press and observers waiting on the line, and without Assange who was not well enough to appear via videolink.

May 07 12:14

Tech Firms ‘Deepen Surveillance Apparatus’ With Bevy of COVID-19 Tracking Phone Tools

Cyber-intelligence firms are using the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to surveil citizens and threaten civil liberties, web developer and technologist Chris Garaffa and software engineer and technology and security analyst Patricia Gorky told Radio Sputnik’s Loud & Clear.

“We are seeing the coronavirus crisis being used as a way to further attack privacy and civil liberties, not just in the US … but around the world,” Garaffa told host John Kiriakou on Monday.

May 06 15:15

CV-1984: Facial Recognition Technology To Be Used To Combat Spread of Virus Globally

By Aaron Kesel

Activist Post has warned that the COVID-1984 pandemic would be used to relinquish your rights and continue the accelerated rollout of facial recognition and normal surveillance like drones and smartphones. Now, that fact is being admitted publicly as countries seek to use facial recognition, artificial intelligence and surveillance cameras to fight the spread of CV.

There are now 25 countries looking to merge existing surveillance systems into new COVID surveillance programs...

May 06 11:28

Hacker buys old Tesla parts on eBay, finds them full of user data

Data can be retrieved even after owners perform a factory reset, researcher says.

May 06 09:24

YouTube CEO Vows to Censor Anyone Speaking Against WHO

Content that questions or contradicts the biased edicts of the World Health Organization is now being blocked, taken down or tagged as fake news on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

May 06 07:59

Democrats to Use Pentagon-Funded AI System to Target Pro-Trump Narratives Online

Democrats have converted an AI project that was initially funded by the department of defense to combat propaganda from ISIS and other extremists, into a tool to track down and counter Trump supporters on social media. The “Defeat Disinfo” group is being advised by retired Army General Stanley McChrystal.

May 06 06:21

‘Russian, Iranian and Chinese’ hackers have targeted Covid-19 research labs in US and UK as countries race to develop a vaccine first

International hackers have targeted coronavirus research labs in the US and UK, cybersecurity agencies have warned.

The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and the UK's National Cyber Security Centre say the criminals have been discovered targeting healthcare bodies, particularly those involved in coronavirus response.

The news comes as countries worldwide remain engaged in a tense race to develop a vaccine. The first country to do so will undoubtedly achieve huge diplomatic and geo-political influence.

May 05 16:45

Facebook uses 1.5bn Reddit posts to create chatbot

Facebook has launched a new chatbot that it claims is able to demonstrate empathy, knowledge and personality.

"Blender" was trained using available public domain conversations which included 1.5 billion examples of human exchanges.

The social media giant said 49% of people preferred interactions with the chatbot, compared with another human.

But experts say training the artificial intelligence (AI) using a platform such as Reddit has its drawbacks.

Numerous issues arose during longer conversations. Blender would sometimes respond with offensive language, and at other times it would make up facts altogether.

May 05 16:38

Hack Brief: An Adult Cam Site Exposed 10.88 Billion Records

... But when that company operates an adult livestreaming service, and that data comprises 7 terabytes of names, sexual orientations, payment logs, and email and chat transcripts—across 10.88 billion records in all—the stakes are a bit higher.

The site is CAM4, a popular adult platform that advertises “free live sex cams.” As part of a search on the Shodan engine for unsecured databases, security review site Safety Detectives found that CAM4 had misconfigured an ElasticSearch production database so that it was easy to find and view heaps of personally identifiable information, as well as corporate details like fraud and spam detection logs.

“Leaving their production server publicly exposed without any password,” says Safety Detectives researcher Anurag Sen, whose team discovered the leak, “it’s really dangerous to the users and to the company.”

May 05 12:29


As the Covid-19 crisis progresses, censorship programs advance, amid calls for China-style control of the Internet...

Earlier this week, Atlantic magazine – fast becoming the favored media outlet for self-styled intellectual elites of the Aspen Institute type – ran an in-depth article of the problems free speech poses to American society in the coronavirus era. The headline:

Internet Speech Will Never Go Back to Normal

In the debate over freedom versus control of the global network, China was largely correct, and the U.S. was wrong.

May 04 10:37

CV-1984: The Accelerated Rise Of Automated Robots

By Aaron Kesel

CV-1984 is accelerating the spread of Orwellian surveillance devices like talking drones, facial recognition cameras, and more; but that’s not the only technology that is advancing – robots or automated machines are also speeding up their deployment to combat the spread of the coronavirus...

May 04 05:30

Get Ready For Slaughterhouse Robots To Ease America's Meat Processing Crisis

America's meat processing crisis, mainly triggered by labor shortages and plant closings due to coronavirus spread, is set to unleash a new wave of automation across plants to ease labor and health woes.

Bloomberg Law reports JBS SA, the world's largest meat producer, is preparing to install robots in slaughterhouses to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 among human employees working on the production line.

JBS SA CFO Guilherme Cavalcanti recently said the Brazilian processing company expects to expand automation at its facilities across the world.

May 04 03:31

Dems deploying DARPA-funded AI-driven information warfare tool to target pro-Trump accounts

An anti-Trump Democratic-aligned political action committee advised by retired Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal is planning to deploy an information warfare tool that received initial funding from DARPA, the Pentagon’s secretive research arm -- transforming technology originally envisioned as a way to fight ISIS propaganda into a campaign platform to benefit Joe Biden.

The Washington Post first reported that the initiative, called Defeat Disinfo, will utilize "artificial intelligence and network analysis to map discussion of the president’s claims on social media," and then attempt to "intervene" by "identifying the most popular counter-narratives and boosting them through a network of more than 3.4 million influencers across the country — in some cases paying users with large followings to take sides against the president."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This... is nothing compared to the techdisinfo moves this country is planning against its own citizens... for having had the temerity to question official narratives.

It appears that George Orwell's brilliant book "1984" is being utilized by governments around that world as a "how-to" manual, rather than as a cautionary tale; and folks, this is very scary.

May 03 15:53

ADL Threatens Steam For Not Censoring Gamers' Speech, Pressures Companies to Sever Ties

In a newly released report, the Anti-Defamation League defamed Valve Corporation's Steam as a platform full of violent "extremists" and pushed for gaming companies to sever ties because they're not doing enough to censor their users and suppress free speech.

May 03 07:19


Leave it to cable TV companies to turn voice-activated remotes into smart speaker listening devices.

Billed as a lost item finder, cable TV company Comcast will allow customers to use their Xfinity voice-activated remote to find lost stuff, like car keys and handbags.

"With your Tiles connected to the Xfinity Home app, you can use your Voice Remote to ask where your stuff is and see the last known location right on your TV."

A recent article in SlashGear revealed that Comcast has partnered with Tile to let customers use their voice activated remote to track and locate missing objects.

"Tile uses Bluetooth to ping its location, reporting back to a paired smartphone whenever that’s in range. By pairing your Tile account with your Comcast Xfinity X1 account, that location data is shared. After that, you simply press and hold the microphone button on the remote control and as for the location of a specific Tile or whatever it’s attached to."

May 01 23:02

China's Surveillance Tech-Centric Society Is Far Superior, Is Desireable, & Gov't, Tech, & Corp Media Believe The US Should Switch NOW — & Will Try To Convince You Any Way They Can

Did you know that the Chinese model of Total Government Domination & Control Of The Socio-Political Sphere & Its Discourse (Online & Off) is objectively betterl -- that, as the Atlantic puts it, one thing we learned from the coronavirus pandemic was that "China was right?"


This PDF may very well blow your mind.

Links available at source: Fulltext (PDF, JPG, HTML); context; background, textual and videographic analysis; & a detailed graphic mosaic representation of Society therein described.

May 01 15:53

Bill Gates: Test Tube Meat, Mandatory Vaccinations & Real Time Global Surveillance From Space

By Spiro Skouras

By now it is no secret the World Health Organization and the United Nations are among the many organizations funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

In previous reports we have extensively documented Gates’ global vaccination programs and their connections to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals under the 2030 Agenda.

In this report, we document how Bill Gates is not only working to fulfill the UN’s global vaccine program, but how Gates is also working to take control of the food supply chain globally, a long-desired achievement of the UN.

Also find out about the mandatory vaccination policy being kept under wraps in addition to another Gates-funded venture to blanket the earth with real-time surveillance from space.

May 01 09:46

Chile To Issue Controversial CV Certificates Despite WHO Saying Immunity Not Likely

By Aaron Kesel

Chile’s government is going ahead with a controversial COVID-19 immunity certificate program despite the World Health Organization and others warning that immunity to the virus might not be possible, the BBC reported.

The immunity documents would be given to Chile citizens to allow them to return to work, Deputy Health Minister Paula Daza said. The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated there is “no evidence” that patients who contract coronavirus are immune from being infected again. Although, Chile insists that the certificates would not yet certify immunity, the country’s top health official Jaime Manalich said...

May 01 08:45

TECH EXPERT TELLS ALL: Leading Visionary, Paid $$$$ For Presentation — To A Few Super Elites Who Want to Know How To Keep Power, Resources, After Inevitable Collapse

After I heard Mr. Rushkoff describe the Big Question to which these billionaires other little questions were leading — namely, How can one make sure the people one hires to guard one’s wealth stay loyal after The Event? (Nuclear war, grid implosion, pandemic, alien invasion, asteroid, what-have-you; they are sure The Event’s arrival is not an if but a when) — after I heard the question I remember saying, under my breath, “Well, you could try making friends with them!”


Mr. Douglas Rushkoff's 2018 piece is a must-read/listen, especially in the era of coronavirus.

Apr 30 17:17

Quibi, JetBlue and Others Gave Away Email Addresses, Report Says

Millions of people gave their email addresses to Quibi, JetBlue, Wish and other companies — and those email addresses got away.

They ended up in the hands of advertising and analytics companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter, leaving the people with those email addresses more easily targeted by advertisers and able to be tracked by companies that study shopping behavior, according to a report published on Wednesday.

The customers unwittingly exposed their email addresses when signing up for apps or clicking on links in marketing emails, said the researcher Zach Edwards, who runs the digital strategy firm Victory Medium. In the report, he described the giveaway of personal data as part of a “sloppy and dangerous growth hack.”

Apr 30 17:13

WhatsApp: Israeli firm 'deeply involved' in hacking our users

WhatsApp has alleged in new court filings that an Israeli spyware company used US-based servers and was “deeply involved” in carrying out mobile phone hacks of 1,400 WhatsApp users, including senior government officials, journalists, and human rights activists.

The new claims about NSO Group allege that the Israeli company bears responsibility in serious human rights violations, including the hacking of more than a dozen Indian journalists and Rwandan dissidents.

Apr 30 17:11

The Average Consumer Loses Over $150 a Year Renting a Router From Their ISP

Our analysis of data from major ISPs found that the average customer who rents equipment for their internet service could save upwards of $150 per year by purchasing their own router.

Apr 30 16:05

Shade Ransomware Decryptor can now decrypt over 750K victims

Kaspersky has released an updated decryptor for the Shade Ransomware (Troldesh) that allows all victims who have their files encrypted to recover them for free.

Shade Ransomware, otherwise known as Troldesh, is an old ransomware that has been infecting victims since 2014 and was known to be the most distributed ransomware via email.

Last weekend, the Shade Ransomware operators announced that they had shut down their operation at the end of 2019 and were now releasing their master keys and over 750,000 decryption keys for their victims.

Kaspersky, who released a decryptor for older versions of Shade, has now updated its decryptor to support all of the released keys so that all victims can decrypt their files for free.

Apr 30 09:09

A new poll suggests 60 PERCENT of Americans are unable or unwilling to use coronavirus-tracking apps enabled by Google and Apple

According to a recent survey by Washington Post-University of Maryland, three out of five Americans are either unable or unwilling to use contact tracing technology that uses a phone's Bluetooth signal to track the spread of COVID-19.

The survey casts doubt on the efficacy of COVID-tracking technology being developed by Google and Apple for use by governments and health authorities.

Apr 29 10:26

Three things in life are certain: Death, taxes, and cloud-based IoT products being bricked by vendors. Looking at you, Belkin

Oh look, here's another cautionary tale about buying cloud-based IoT kit. On 29 May, global peripheral giant Belkin will flick the "off" switch on its Wemo NetCam IP cameras, turning the popular security devices into paperweights.

It's not unusual for a manufacturer to call time on physical hardware. Like software, it has a lifespan where, afterwards, it's deemed not economically viable for the vendor to continue providing support.

But this is a little different, because Belkin isn't merely ending support. It also plans to decommission the cloud services required for its Wemo NetCam devices to actually work.

Apr 27 06:03

Counterfeiting Microsoft Windows Restore CDs Landed Me in Prison for a Year

Apr 26 11:43

This Windows 10 update fail is the most serious yet – here’s what you need to do

Windows 10 is suffering yet more problems thanks to a faulty update – and this one could be its most serious one yet, with users reporting Blue Screen of Death errors and deleted files after installing Windows 10 KB4549951.

Windows 10 KB4549951 was released by Microsoft on April 14, and was supposed to introduce a number of security fixes. However, as we reported earlier, the KB4549951 also introduced some serious issues, including the dreaded Blue Screen of Death.

However, since our initial report, its emerged that the problems introduced with the new update are far more serious than we first thought, as users are reporting that their personal files are moved or deleted after installing the update.

Apr 25 11:55

CV-1984: China Rolls Out Test Of Digital Currency In Four Cities, Western Businesses Testing

By Aaron Kesel

After the coronavirus caused China to shut down most of its businesses, and cities, the country is now striking back hard by releasing a digital currency and national blockchain.

China’s central bank The People’s Bank Of China, began testing its new digital Yuan’s interface on April 14th with one of its largest banks, the Agricultural Bank of China, rolling out a test UI. Two weeks later, there are reports that a pilot has been launched. Nineteen restaurants and retail establishments including popular Western restaurant chains like Starbucks, McDonald’s and Subway are participating in the test...

Apr 25 11:08

CV-1984: China Rolls Out Test Of Digital Currency In Four Cities, Western Businesses Testing

By Aaron Kesel

After the coronavirus caused China to shut down most of its businesses, and cities, the country is now striking back hard by releasing a digital currency and national blockchain.

China’s central bank The People’s Bank Of China, began testing its new digital Yuan’s interface on April 14th with one of its largest banks, the Agricultural Bank of China, rolling out a test UI. Two weeks later, there are reports that a pilot has been launched. Nineteen restaurants and retail establishments including popular Western restaurant chains like Starbucks, McDonald’s and Subway are participating in the test...

Apr 24 12:56

Skynet Is Near - Google Scientists Create Artificial Intelligence That Evolves On Its Own

One of the biggest global players in artificial intelligence (AI) is Google and their high-tech Brain division has been pushing the envelope for years.

Now scientists working for their AutoML project have a new paper in which they claim to be developing algorithms that can evolve on their own without human input. Even more stunning is their claim that they can induce “mutations” into new generations of algorithms, which mimics principles of Darwinian evolution, namely “survival of the fittest.”

Apr 24 10:18

How the CIA and Israel Eavesdropped on Every EU Government From the 1970s to Today

Another great deep-dive. Turns out that a Swiss company which provided encryption services to most of the governments of the world for over 40 years was a CIA front, and surprise, surprise, set up by Jews, and gave privileged access to Israel.

Apr 23 13:15

Google Chrome emergency update: Two billion users need to update their browser NOW

IF YOU'RE running Google Chrome on your Mac, Windows, or Linux machine - you need to install a new security patch right now. According to security experts, more than two billion people could be impacted by a troubling new flaw in the browser. Here's what we know.

Google has launched an emergency update for Chrome users worldwide. The US technology company is urging users to install the update as soon as possible – and is keeping its mouth shut about the full extent of the vulnerability plaguing users until it's sure that the majority of people have patched the flaw.

The flaw carries the codename “CVE-2020-6457” and is listed as a “use after free” exploit.

Apr 23 12:14

309 million Facebook users’ phone numbers found online

Over the weekend, researchers at cybersecurity intelligence firm Cyble came across a database with 267m Facebook user profiles being sold on the Dark Web.

Looking to verify the records and add them to the firm’s breach notification service, the researchers bought it … for the grand total of £500.

That works out to USD $540 — or about 0.0002 cents — per record. The records held Facebook users’ IDs, which are unique, public numbers associated with specific accounts that can be used to figure out an account’s username and other profile info. The records also included full names, email addresses, phone numbers, timestamps for last connection, relationship status and age.

Fortunately, there were no passwords exposed, but the breach still forms a perfect tool kit for an email or text phishing campaign that looks like it’s coming from Facebook itself.

Apr 23 09:50

Zero-Day Warning: It's Possible to Hack iPhones Just by Sending Emails

Watch out Apple users!

The default mailing app pre-installed on millions of iPhones and iPads has been found vulnerable to two critical flaws that attackers are exploiting in the wild, at least, from the last two years to spy on high-profile victims.

The flaws could eventually let remote hackers secretly take complete control over Apple devices just by sending an email to any targeted individual with his email account logged-in to the vulnerable app.

Apr 23 08:37

‘Science-Based’ Comrade Alabama: State Kidnappings Are Awesome, All Deaths Are Covid Deaths

Many in the Alternative media are outing themselves as controlled opposition.

Comrade Mao of Alabama continues on his crusade to have us all locked up as tightly as possible and for as long as possible by the powers that be (all for our own good of course).

In his recent-most piece he proudly recreates an exchange in which he explained to horrified Off Guardian that yes he was indeed in favor of “breaking the family chain” as he calls it (strictly for epidemics-countering purposes of course):

Apr 23 06:55

5 Steps to Work from Home Securely during the Coronavirus Pandemic

It’s been a really sad beginning to 2020 with Coronavirus being the most dangerous of calamities to befall on mankind. From killing over 119,000 to causing huge economic instability, over 210 countries are currently battling this deadly virus.

To keep things afloat, many countries have ordered lockdowns, while organizations have given work from home (WFH) instructions to employees. And if things were not bad enough, cybercriminals are not taking a backseat to cause more damage.

Apr 22 08:09

Nintendo warns Switch owners to turn on two-factor authentication after a wave of unauthorized logins

After a flurry of unauthorized logins affecting Nintendo Online accounts, the gaming giant is urging users to take extra security measures.

According to a report from VGC, Nintendo is investigating reports from users who say their accounts have been accessed by an unauthorized third party, some of whom say purchases of up to $100 using the cards linked to their accounts.

Apr 22 04:53

The Best Cheap VPN in 2020

With the burgeoning coronavirus pandemic, people have to work from home as per their companies asked them to do in order to save the global economy from collapsing along with combating this outbreak. As they are working from home, they are exposed to cyberattacks. That’s where a VPN service comes in which serves as a defense line to combat such threats. People need to use the best VPN service to ensure their cybersecurity as hackers are trying to exploit coronavirus pandemic.

A VPN service doesn’t necessarily require to be expensive to prove that it’s one of the best in the business. Price isn’t a parameter to judge the quality of the VPN. If you want to judge the quality of a VPN, you should look at the features it offers, keeping in mind what are the benefits of a VPN and why you are using one. VPNs are generally used for circumventing geographical restrictions, spoofing location, and encryption. So, you should keep in mind these features while selecting a VPN.

Apr 22 04:35

Op-Ed: Gate’s Contraceptive Microchip To Be Implanted Into Women

Bill Gates to me is highly inconsistent. He is a huge supporter of Climate Change and has done his TED Talks on lowering CO2 to Zero. Of course, the Climate Change contingent is all about reducing the population which is now about 7.5 billion and Gates laments it will hit 9 billion. So for someone who is so concerned about Global Warming, he has three kids but has funded a microchip to implant into women as a contraceptive. That’s right, a computer chip that can be controlled remotely to prevent getting pregnant.

The contraceptive chip is to be implanted under a woman’s skin, releasing a small dose of levonorgestrel, a hormone. This will happen every day for 16-years and can be controlled using a wireless remote device. The project has been backed by none other than Bill Gates. The question I have is hacking. If it can be controlled remotely, then it should be also possible for it to be hacked like any computer to ensure someone never gets pregnant.

Apr 22 04:33

CONFIRMED: Hackers Strike And Leak Bill Gates, WHO, And Wuhan Lab Emails

FRN has confirmed reports that hackers have successfully hacked accounts belonging to Bill Gates, the WHO, and a lab in Wuhan believed to be the location researching coronavirus that received funding from Dr. Fauci.

The event appears to have taken place on or about April 20th.

Netizens have taken to activism and people are logging in via SSH and downloading the contents of these hacks. This means that many people will be combing through the hacked documents with a fine-toothed comb.

Apr 22 03:56

Documents Reveal Feds Are Excited To Create A Mass Surveillance Network

Via MassPrivateI blog,

A FOIA request by the Electronic Privacy Information Center revealed how excited the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI) is about using CCTV cameras to create a national surveillance network.

An NSCAI presentation titled "Chinese Tech Landscape Overview" discusses China's facial recognition CCTV camera network in glowing terms.

"When we talk about data resources, really the largest data source is the government.'"

The presentation discusses how the Chinese government profits from encouraging companies to use facial recognition on visitors and employees.

"Now that these companies are operating at scale they are building a host of other services (e.g. facial recognition for office buildings, augmented reality)"

In America things are not all that different.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Apr 22 00:45

What is a Dedicated IP VPN and why you need one

Whenever you’re comparing VPN services that which VPN is best, more secure, reliable and safe. So, what you do is to compare one VPN provider features with the other one.

There are so many features like Multi hop, multiple devices, Kill switch, and a lot more but what I believe is Dedicated IP is most important one and the game changer in comparison.

What is a Dedicated IP or Static IP?

Most of the people ask this: What is a Dedicated IP VPN?
A dedicated IP is an IP address which is used by only one person. Whenever he/she get connected with the selective VPN service, it found the exact same IP address every time.

With this dedicated IP feature, your provider will assign you a static IP address which is dedicated to you only.

Apr 21 12:46

CENSORSHIP During Tyranny: Facebook Blocks Posts Organizing Protests Against Tyrannical Lockdowns

What we are living through right now is a complete government/authoritarian takeover of people and the elimination of basic human rights. Facebook has chosen sides and they have sided with the government and tyranny.

Apr 20 10:13

Fact Checking the Fact Checkers: Bill Gates, ID2020 & Vaccine Microchips

By Spiro Skouras

Today we are going to fact check the fact checkers regarding many online reports that Bill Gates wants to implant microchips in people using vaccines to fight the coronavirus.

In this report we are going to focus on two articles that were published which claim to be the arbiters of truth, in these confusing times.

So, is the claim that Bill Gates wants to inject you with a vaccine that contains a microchip to track who has and has not been vaccinated true? Watch the report below and decide for yourself!

Apr 20 10:08

Amazon Helps Spread Orwellian CV-1984 Love, New Thermal Cameras Take Temperature Of Employees

By Aaron Kesel

Amazon, which has been inundated with protests by workers who want better working conditions during the coronavirus pandemic, will now be screening its employees for fevers using thermal cameras it has installed at some of its warehouses in the U.S. with plans to expand those efforts to European locations as well...

Apr 16 16:53

Facebook 'Fact Checker' Worked At Wuhan Biolab; Ruled Out Virus-Leak While 'Debunking' Articles

A Facebook fact checker who has 'debunked' articles suggesting that COVID-19 may have leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) has a giant conflict of interest; she worked at the institute - which is now suspected of accidentally leaking the hyper-virulent virus which has killed over 130,000 people and cast the global economy into chaos.

Danielle Anderson, who works at Duke University's NUS Medical School lab in Singapore, also contributes to Science Feedback - which Facebook has been using to slap "False Information" labels on articles claiming that COVID-19 may have originated at the Wuhan institute - where Anderson worked with bat coronavirus.

A quick search of Anderson's publications reveals no fewer than nine collaborations with Dr. Peng Zhou - a Wuhan scientist experimenting on bat coronavirus (the mention of whom may result in a Twitter ban).

Apr 16 15:43

Linksys forces password reset for Smart Wi-Fi accounts after router DNS hack pointed users at COVID-19 malware

Router biz Linksys has reset all its customers' Smart Wi-Fi account passwords after cybercrims accessed a bunch and redirected hapless users to COVID-19 themed malware.

The mass reset took place after all user accounts were locked on 2 April, following infosec firm Bitdefender revealing that malicious persons were pwning Linksys devices through cred-stuffing attacks.

Hackers with access to Linksys Smart Wi-Fi accounts were changing home routers' DNS server settings. Compromised users' attempts to reach domains ranging from Disney, pornography, and Amazon AWS were redirected to a webpage peddling a coronavirus-themed app "that displays a message purportedly from the World Health Organization, telling users to download and install an application that offers instructions and information about COVID-19."