Jul 08 08:00

BBC journalist drugged & robbed in Moscow, suspects detained – police

Two suspects have been detained in Moscow for allegedly drugging and robbing a British national, accredited journalist with BBC covering the World Cup, who unwisely drank a serving of “coffee” while riding an unlicensed taxi cab.

The incident occurred early in the morning on Friday when the victim caught a “taxi” in central Moscow. There were two men in the vehicle who offered him an apparently spiked serving of “coffee.” The victim lost consciousness and then woke up north of Moscow, while his belongings, including a phone and credit cards, were missing. The stolen goods reportedly amounted to some £1,000 ($ 1,300).

The British national turned out to be a journalist with BBC, who was covering the ongoing FIFA World Cup in Russia. BBC confirmed the information to the Interfax news agency, adding that the reporter continued his work after the incident. The victim reported the incident to the Moscow police, who were swift to apprehend the suspects.

Jul 07 16:59

Police officer in hospital amid concerns of possible exposure to nerve agent

This is currently the top story at

Story further down page:

Police officer was not poisoned by Novichok, hospital says

Jul 07 09:30

Poisoning Trump-Putin Summit

How convenient! Just as President Donald Trump is about to hold an historic meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, we get a reminder of a “dastardly Kremlin poison plot”.

Trump is due to meet with Putin in Helsinki on July 16 in a full summit, keenly anticipated as perhaps signaling a breakthrough for improved East-West relations. Some observers are even referring to the Helsinki conference as the political event of the year.

What is clear is that Trump's political enemies at home and abroad are acutely vexed by the possibility that the Helsinki meeting with Putin may succeed in repairing badly frayed relations between Washington and Moscow. Surprising as it may seem, there are huge vested interests in maintaining confrontation between the two powers.

Jul 06 10:10

Russian Search Engine Alerts Google to Possible Data Problem

The Russian Internet company Yandex said Thursday that its public search engine has been turning up dozens of Google documents that appear meant for private use, suggesting there may have been a data breach.

Yandex spokesman Ilya Grabovsky said that some Internet users contacted the company Wednesday to say that its public search engine was yielding what looked like personal Google files.

Russian social media users started posting scores of such documents, including an internal memo from a Russian bank, press summaries and company business plans.

Grabovsky said Yandex has alerted Google to the concerns.

Jul 06 10:08

Facebook Marketplace is a black market for ILLEGAL knock-off designer goods – including Gucci scarves, Louboutin heels and World Cup footie shirts

Heavily discounted knock-off designer products are being sold on Facebook, despite the practice being ILLEGAL – and against Facebook's own guidelines

Jul 06 10:06

Facebook Apologizes for Censoring Declaration of Independence as ‘Hate Speech’

Facebook has apologized to a Texas newspaper after flagging a post containing text from the Declaration of Independence as “hate speech.”

Jul 06 09:55

Q2 Cable News Ratings: Fox News Dominates; Far-Left CNN Sinks

Fox News again dominated for the second quarter of 2018 not only in cable news, but in all of cable, while CNN landed in last place by a country mile.

Jul 06 08:49

My Declaration of Incivility: Media Call Us Nazis. Celebs Call Us C*nts. Dems Scream ‘F*ck You’

All around us the organized left (establishment media, Hollywood, and Democrats) are lamenting the loss of civility. Of course, to express this lament, they must first take a break from calling us “Nazis,” calling us “cunts,” and screaming “fuck you” throughout the halls of the U.S. Capitol.

Oh, and they must also take a break from bullying us out of public spaces and calling for more even more mobs to be vigilant so we face a “life sentence” of bullying.

With no professional consequences, NBC News is not only calling Trump a “Nazi,” NBC News is smearing his supporters as “Nazis” — and I do not mean figuratively.

Jul 05 16:05

Exposed! How Britain’s anti-Semitism scaremongers operate

"This article about the British charitable organisation, the Campaign against Anti-Semitism (CAA), and its officers, Gideon Falter and Steve Silverman, examines events in England but ought to serve as a cautionary message for Canadians and Americans.

"The article will delve into the corrosive methods of the CAA; review the manner in which this ultra Zionist group “discovers” anti-Semitic “incidents”; examine their inaccurate statistical “studies” and see how they seek to intimidate political parties, venues, the press and others; and look at the court cases which the CAA has prosecuted. In the guise of fighting anti-Semitism, the CAA has managed to manoeuvre British society into abdicating its core liberal values, intimidate the prosecutorial and judicial system, and silence criticism of Israel in both social media and the mainstream media.

Jul 05 14:36

Corporate Media’s About-Face On Ukraine’s Neo-Nazis

Entitled “Ukraine’s ultra-right militias are challenging the government to a showdown,” it said that fascists have gone on a rampage while the ruling clique in Kiev closes its eyes for the most part and prays that the problem somehow goes away on its own.

Jul 05 11:52


Longtime broadcaster Ed Schultz died of natural causes Thursday, July 5, at his home in Washington, D.C., according to RT America, where he was the host of “The News With Ed Schultz.” He was 64.

Jul 05 11:44

No, The New Mexican President Did Not Tell His People To 'Flood The Border"

Full texts and a fun contest at source.

He was taking up the cause of those who had chosen to immigrate, not telling others to join them. The context is the aftermath of the focus, on both sides of the border, on migrating families and the fate of children separated from their parents by what he calls "arrogant, racist, and inhumane" policies of the current administration.

This news seems faked on purpose. Google translate and a couple brain cells were all that was needed to do better...

Like the local high school principal telling all the students they had the right to raid their next door neighbor's liquor cabinet. And demand that it be stocked...


Jul 05 10:05

The Skripal Incident Big Lie Won’t Die

Father and daughter Skripal “miraculously” recovered from whatever caused their illness – kept virtual prisoners by Britain so they’re not free to tell tales, Russia all along denied access to its own citizens.

Five months after the incident, the Big Lie persists. On Monday, the Sun published the latest twist to the deception, its report clearly planted by UK authorities, claiming two Kremlin-connected hit men poisoned the Skripals, attempting to assassinate them, according to Scotland Yard.

Jul 05 10:01

Wheel Out the Skripal Story Again

Just as the World Cup had forced the British media to grudgingly acknowledge the obvious truth that Russia is an extremely interesting country inhabited, like everywhere else, by mostly pleasant and attractive people, we have a screaming reprise of the “Salisbury incident” dominating the British media. Two people have been taken ill in Amesbury from an unknown substance, which might yet be a contaminated recreational drug, but could conceivably be from contact with the substance allegedly used on the Skripals, presumably some of which was somewhere indoors all this time as we were told it could be washed away and neutralised by water.

Jul 05 09:41

Network Coverage of Wildfire Ceases Once Suspect Is Revealed as Illegal Alien

Network news outlets have abruptly stopped covering the Spring Fire in Colorado, which previously had been receiving consistent airtime since late June. The dearth of new reporting is not due to the story having flamed out; on Monday morning the fire was declared the largest in the state, and it remains only five percent contained. Interestingly, coverage across ABC, CBS, and NBC ceased completely once it was revealed that the man responsible for starting the wildfire was an illegal alien.

Jul 05 08:48

Who’s ‘dumb’? Reuters got lost in Russian embassy tweet on new Novichok claims

Reuters has been caught spreading fake news after falsely reporting that the Russian embassy in the Netherlands said that Britain was “dumb” to drum up another Novichok story during the World Cup.

In a rush to break the latest development in the new Novichok saga, it appears that Reuters has jumbled the facts in a tweet.

Jul 05 08:30

Facebook Removes Declaration of Independence Excerpt for ‘Hate Speech’

Facebook removed an excerpt from the U.S. Declaration of Independence, claiming the text violated the social network’s policies on “hate speech.”
The Liberty County Vindicator had been uploading the Declaration of Independence in parts to their Facebook page, only for the tenth part to be removed by the social network.

The text was as follows:

He has abdicated Government here, by declaring us out of his Protection and waging War against us.

He has plundered our seas, ravaged our Coasts, burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people.

He is at this time transporting large Armies of foreign Mercenaries to compleat the works of death, desolation and tyranny, already begun with circumstances of Cruelty & perfidy scarcely paralleled in the most barbarous ages, and totally unworthy the Head of a civilized nation.

Jul 05 08:30

Nolte: Brian Ross and 15 Others Whose Anti-Trump Mania Cost Them Their Media Jobs

Brian Ross lost his job at ABC News this week, and Donald J. Trump is still president. That is just a fact.

Yep, despite the media’s Russian collusion hoax, last week’s fabricated border outrage, fake news addicts like Ross, and Jake Tapper’s nightly snit-fits, Donald J. Trump is still president.

Better still, in the media’s unhinged zeal to destroy Trump, including Ross, 16 liars, 16 left-wing activists, 16 losers who pretended to be objective journalists have — you know, unlike President Trump — lost their jobs.

If you do the math, that averages to about one per month since Trump took office. With that kind of pace, if Trump wins a second term, we could see a total of 96 fake news addicts carrying a box to their Prius.

Jul 05 08:13

EXCLUSIVE: Polish Lawmaker Speaks Out After Cathy Newman’s Latest Car Crash Interview on Illegal Migration

Polish lawmaker Dominik Tarczy?ski has stuck to his guns following a frank interview on the migrant crisis with Cathy Newman, insisting his government will not take a single illegal migrant because that is what his party promised before the elections.

The Channel 4 presenter, who became infamous online following her viral interview with Canadian scholar Jordan Peterson, had demanded to know how many “refugees” Poland had taken, to which the Law and Justice Party (PiS) politician replied: “Zero.”

“And you’re proud of that?” Newman demanded.

“If you are asking me about Muslim illegal immigrants, none, not even one, will come to Poland,” Tarczy?ski repeated.

“We took over two million Ukrainians — who are working, who are peaceful — in Poland. We will not receive even one Muslim, because this is what we promised… this is why our government was elected; this is why Poland is so safe, this is why we have not had even one terror attack,” he said.

Jul 04 12:46

EXCLUSIVE: Why Everything the Western Media Tells You About Venezuela is Lies

Over the course of two tumultuous decades, the US government has determinedly endeavored to destabilize, undermine and ultimately depose the democratically-elected government of Venezuela without pause. First they came for Hugo Chavez, then his successor Nicolas Maduro.

One wouldn't be able to discern this iniquitous reality from mainstream Western news reporting, however. Alan MacLeod, an academic specializing in media theory and analysis — and member of Glasgow University's respected Media Group — set out to discover why.

Jul 04 10:40

Facebook now banning users for criticizing gay indoctrination video targeting children as young as five years old

Comments that contain anything even remotely critical of the cultural bulldozer known as the LGBT agenda are apparently no longer permitted on Facebook, which recently banned a former university professor for “hate speech” after he raised honest concerns about a controversial LGBT video for children that encourages pre-pubescents to become homosexuals and transgenders.

Robert A.J. Gagnon, Ph.D., a former associate professor of New Testament at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, had his Facebook account suspended for 24 hours simply for pointing out that the video in question has nothing to do with “sexual diversity,” as claimed, but rather centers entirely around the celebration of sexual perversity.

Jul 04 10:39

Facebook slammed for 'censorship' of country group's patriotic song

Facebook was slammed by the Wes Cook band Tuesday after it prevented the country group from using the social network's paid tools to promote its song "I Stand for the Flag."

The Nashville-based group released a video for "I Stand for the Flag" on Facebook Monday morning. They planned to promote the video using the paid promotion tools that the social network provides. The request was initially approved and then rejected by Facebook, which cited the video’s "political content," according to the band.

Late Tuesday, Facebook told Fox News that the decision has been overturned. "We recently announced anyone running ads about political or other major national issues must include a 'paid for' label," explained a Facebook spokesperson. "After looking again, we determined that this ad doesn't need that label. While this is a new policy, and while we won’t ever be perfect, we think knowing who is behind an ad is important, and we’ll continue to work on improving as we roll it out."

Jul 04 10:07

Secret 'Roe v. Wade' Film Now Shooting in New Orleans (Exclusive)

Nick Loeb, famous for battling ex Sofia Vergara over frozen embryos, is co-directing a pro-life story of the landmark Supreme Court case, with a cast including conservative stars Jon Voight, Robert Davi and Stacey Dash.
As Nick Loeb walked to his car with a production assistant during a day of shooting his upcoming feature film, Roe v. Wade, outside Tulane University last week, a woman wearing a headset approached and asked: “Are you the director?”

“When I told her I was, she told me to go fuck myself," Loeb recalls. "Then she threw her headset on the ground and walked off. I found out later she was our electrician."

Jul 04 09:53

Journalist of many blunders Brian Ross leaves ABC News

Veteran ABC News anchor Brian Ross, who was suspended last year after airing a false story about former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, is leaving the network, along with his producer.

Ross was suspended for a month last December following an inaccurate report about the former national security advisor. The report claimed that Donald Trump had directed Flynn to make contact with Russian officials during his 2016 presidential campaign.

It was later clarified that, in fact, Trump had asked Flynn to contact Russian officials when he was president-elect – a not-unusual request for an incoming president. The bombshell ‘news’ was so explosive that it even caused the stock market to tumble and ABC was forced to apologize for its “serious” error.

Jul 04 09:52

CIA Undermines North Korea Summit By Leaking Report To Media Asset

Just as it was reported that the summit between the United States and North Korea was back on and that Kim Young Chol, the Vice Chairman of North Korea was on his way to New York to meet with officials in preparation for the June 12 summit, the CIA leaked an intelligence assessment concluding that “North Korea does not intend to give up its nuclear weapons any time soon.” The timing of this leak is striking, as it seems to be an effort to undermine negotiations between the two nations and comes just days after ranking members of the Democratic Party and Republican hardliners attacked President Donald Trump over his efforts to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Jul 04 09:16

Fake news? 10 times US news anchors got it really wrong

Fake news, alternative facts, propaganda wars — it’s been a rough few years for American journalism. A survey carried out in 2016 found that only six percent of Americans had a “great deal of trust” in their news media.
So, here are 10 times news anchors gave Americans good reason to doubt their trustworthiness.

Jul 04 09:08

We Have The Server, Tracking It All, Cornered

Facebook is now being investigated by the SEC. Strzok said was going to testify to congress in a public forum but has now backed out because his attorney says its a trap. The Judge in the Flynn case moved the date up, Mueller wanted it sometime in August.

Jul 03 15:21

US Media Can’t Talk About Sheldon Adelson's Iron Grip on Trump's Foreign Policy

U.S. news outlets, which routinely “follow the money” when it comes to domestic issues, are almost completely avoiding any reporting on the clear link between Adelson’s campaign contributions and the administration’s pursuit of policies that hew closely to positions espoused by the billionaire casino magnate.

Adelson’s influence over the Trump administration’s foreign policy is hard to overlook. The Las Vegas-based billionaire, and currently the fourteenth wealthiest American, is outspoken about his political views. He has suggested using nuclear weapons against Iran, declared the “purpose of the existence of Palestinians is to destroy Israel,” promoted John Bolton for a senior foreign-policy post, directly lobbied Trump about moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Newt Gingrich, himself a recipient of Adelson’s financial support during his failed 2012 presidential big, said that his benefactor’s “central value” is Israel.

Jul 03 11:57

FBI and other federal agencies join DoJ to investigate whether Facebook KNEW about Cambridge Analytica data breach three years ago, but didn't tell their 71 million affected US users or investors

The federal investigation into Facebook’s sharing of personal data of tens of millions of Americans with a political consultancy firm is expanding, it has been reported.

The expanded probe is being conducted jointly by officials with the FBI, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Federal Trade Commission.

Federal investigators want to know whether Facebook knew about the data breach that affected some 71 million American users as early as three years ago.

The company could be in trouble if it is determined that it knew about the breach at the time and did not inform investors and users, according to The Washington Post.

Investigators are also examining whether Facebook’s founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, was truthful in his testimony before Congress earlier this year.

Jul 03 11:56

'Call her Tiffany, it will devastate her': Michelle Wolf compares Ivanka Trump to vaginal mesh, a cancerous tumor, herpes and the recalled birth control pill Yaz in 'unhinged' rant

Michelle Wolf took aim at Ivanka Trump on her Netflix show over the weekend just two months after her polarizing performance at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner.

The comedian was encouraging her viewers to begin harassing politicians more often, and as an example of how best to engage offered up some ways to get under the first daughter's skin.

'If you see Ivanka on the street, first call her Tiffany. This will devastate her,' said Wolf.

'Then talk to her in terms she will understand. Say: "Ivanka, you’re like vaginal mesh. You were supposed to support women but now you have blood all over you and you’re the center of a thousand lawsuits."'

And she did not stop there.

Jul 03 11:55

EXCLUSIVE: Documents reveal Pentagon censorship of military suicides, trauma in Hollywood

A 2016 study found that 20 US veterans kill themselves every day. Department of Defence (DOD )statistics show that the suicide rate among veterans is around twice the rate in the non-military population. An analysis in 2017 said that a suicide attempt in a military unit makes other attempts more likely, and that 20% of all the suicides in the US are by military veterans.

These brutal statistics testify to the futility of our post-9/11 wars, as well as the horrors inflicted on those employed to fight these wars on the ground.

What has never previously been reported is the extent to which the Pentagon’s entertainment liaison offices manipulate and censor films, TV shows and documentaries to try to downplay or erase the widespread problem of military PTSD and suicide.

Jul 03 09:16

Lawyers HAMMER Fake News MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell For Citing Wrong Law in Claiming White House Tweets to Senators is Illegal

Fake News MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell attempted to attack President Trump’s White House on Monday over tweets sent from the official White House Twitter account to two different Senators.

Lawyers on Twitter hammered Andrea Mitchell for citing the wrong law.

The White House sent a tweet to Kamala Harris asking her why she supports MS-13.

.@SenKamalaHarris, why are you supporting the animals of MS-13? You must not know what ICE really does. Here is a link to help you out:

Jul 03 09:14

Facebook document dump reveals it shared data with 52 companies, some based in China

Facebook has confirmed that it shared user information with 52 companies that manufacture hardware and software, including some based in China.

The social media giant made the disclosure in a 747-page report it provided Friday to the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

The list features major American tech companies such as Amazon, Apple and Microsoft. But it also includes Chinese firms such as Alibaba, Huawei, Lenovo, Oppo and TCL -- the last four of which have been flagged by U.S. intelligence as national security threats.

In its report, Facebook said that it had severed data access partnerships with 38 of the 52 companies. Eight more partnerships -- including with Nokia, Samsung, and Yahoo -- were to be discontinued by the end of October. Facebook said that six partnerships -- with Alibaba, Amazon, Apple, Mozilla, Opera and the accessibility app Tobii would continue.

Jul 03 08:31

Upon Israel’s request, Twitter closes Hamas, Hezbollah accounts

Twitter has closed a number of accounts belonging to Hamas and Hezbollah officials, the Israeli Ministry of Public Security and Strategic Affairs said yesterday.

According to Haaretz the move comes two weeks after Israeli Minister of Public Security and Strategic Affairs Gilad Erdan sent a letter to Twitter’s CEO and executive chairman claiming the social media giant was “largely irresponsive to requests by the Israeli authorities to remove terrorist content and shut down terrorist accounts.”

He also said in his letter that “enabling terrorist organisations to operate freely and spread their messages via your platform may be a violation of existing Israeli laws regarding providing support to terrorist organisations.”

Jul 03 08:11

Brian Ross is leaving ABC after botched Michael Flynn report

ABC News’ Brian Ross — who was suspended last year as chief investigative correspondent for a faulty report on Michael Flynn — is leaving the network, Page Six has exclusively learned.

ABC suspended Ross last December for a month without pay for a botched report on ousted White House national security adviser Flynn that reported President Trump directed Flynn to make contact with Russian officials. The mistake even sent stocks tumbling, and ABC issued an apology saying: “We deeply regret and apologize for the serious error.”

We hear that Ross on Monday announced he’s leaving the network. His longtime executive producer Rhonda Schwartz is also exiting. “The time has come to say good-bye,” said the duo in a letter to staff with an announcement by ABC News president James Goldston.

Jul 03 08:06

Facebook buys British artificial intelligence company Bloomsbury

Facebook is buying London-based artificial intelligence start-up Bloomsbury, in yet another indication that the capital has become a hotbed for AI talent, ripe for cash-rich US tech giant’s picking.

Bloomsbury AI is a data analytics company that automates customer care and advice. It has proprietary algorithms that answer questions after trawling documents, which will prove a useful tool for Facebook's battle against fake news.

The Silicon Valley tech giant will pay between $20m and $30m (£15m-£22m) to acquire the company in both cash and stocks, a move first reported by TechCrunch and confirmed by the Telegraph.

Jul 03 07:49

Facebook shared private data with 61 companies

Facebook continued to share data with more than 60 companies despite concerns about the quiz app commissioned by Cambridge Analytica.

The social network gave 61 companies a year to wean themselves off the rich data provided by Facebook through its API, including Nike, UPS, dating app Hinge, a social marketing service, a Russian internet giant and avariety of news networks after it grew concerned that developers could be abusing the function.

Jul 02 14:42


A 2016 study found that 20 US veterans kill themselves every day. Department of Defence (DOD )statistics show that the suicide rate among veterans is around twice the rate in the non-military population. An analysisin 2017 said that a suicide attempt in a military unit makes other attempts more likely, and that 20% of all the suicides in the US are by military veterans.

Jul 02 12:48

7 Months After Fake Flynn Story "Epic Mistake", ABC Quietly Lets Brian Ross Go

Seven months after ABC News' Brian Ross crashed stocks with a fake news story about Michael Flynn being prepared to testify against Trump, the veteran reporter/producer has quietly left the 'news' organization.

Jul 02 12:35

MSNBC's Joy Reid Leads Twitter Hate Mob Smearing Conservative Woman As 'Racist'

MSBNC host Joy Reid led a Twitter hate mob falsely accusing a conservative woman of shouting "dirty Mexican" at a 14-year-old during a Simi Valley City Council meeting last week.

Jul 02 11:48

"Officials" Attempt To Sabotage Further North Korea Talks

Several Congress people and some officials in the CIA and Trump administration try to throw a spanner into the negotiations with North Korea. They "leak" to NBC News about an intelligence assessment on North Korea's nuclear facilities. The result is a sensationalized piece that includes no surprising facts.

North Korea has increased nuclear production at secret sites, say U.S. officials
"Work is ongoing to deceive us on the number of facilities, the number of weapons, the number of missiles," said one U.S. official.

One of the NBC authors is Ken Dilanian who is well known for his tight cooperation with the CIA.

Jul 02 11:38

Austrian court says YouTube is partly liable for copyright breaches

An Austrian court has ruled that video-sharing platform YouTube can be held partly liable for copyright breaches in videos uploaded by its users, in a ruling that may have far-reaching implications.

In a judgement issued on Tuesday and confirmed to AFP on Thursday, Vienna's commercial court said that YouTube had played an active role in spreading such content and therefore could not claim the status of "neutral intermediary", according to the ruling cited by the Ploil-Boesch law firm.

The firm is acting on behalf of Austria's Puls 4 television station, which brought a case against YouTube in 2014 over the unauthorised presence of its content on the site.

Puls 4 and its lawyers said they had established YouTube's complicity in spreading the content through a "painstaking" analysis of how the site works.

Jul 02 08:28

BBC accused of ‘cutting off’ reporter as he notes MI6’s role in torture of terrorist suspects

The BBC is facing accusations of covering up Britain’s involvement in torture, after a reporter’s feed cut out as he was detailing accusations that MI6 worked with Libyan forces against anti-Muammar Gaddafi dissidents.

A widely-circulated clip shows BBC home affairs correspondent Dominic Casciani reporting about British intelligence agency MI6’s role in assisting Libyan forces in their abduction of former dissident Abdul Hakim Belhaj. Just 39 seconds into the report, the screen goes grey, cutting back to the alarmed presenter, Jo Coburn, who cites “technical interference” before the transmission is cut off.

Jul 02 04:42

BOSTON MA: Yes, It’s A Real Heat Wave, And It Will Stick Around Through The Holiday

(*It gets a little warm , and the Liberals in Massachusetts start whining that it's A Heat Wave !)

Jul 01 20:01



Recently the Supreme Court ruled that to access to the vast amount of information, logged by your cellphone many times per minute on exactly where you have been and for how long, that the cellphone provider keeps for five years, a warrant is required. Fantastic. Obvious, right?

Well, no, and more importantly, as a privacy "win," understanding the new ruling is counter-intuitive. Reports on the ruling barely mention certain things as they rush to soothe an American public justifiably edgy after all the post Snowden lies. Such as:

    it does NOT apply to real-time location data - so patterns can be reassembled after new tracking
    it does NOT apply to data collected by the private sector - so data can be bought or traded
    it does NOT apply to investigations related to national security - and remember, most invocations of the Patriot Act involved drugs, not terrorism

Private entities regularly share their data with the government, without a warrant, and even if they didn't, a trivial amount of real-time location tracking will reestablish the behavioral patterns of most individuals with alarming accuracy. Enough to discover most if not all of their important social affiliations. Include the call metadata, and you have nearly all of it; track their friends for a week, and, without a warrant, but with the info already available, I am sure the degree to which their privacy has been infringed upon exceeds that with which the Founding fathers felt comfortable.

For more detailed analysis, information, and links to sources, please visit No Warrant, No Problem: New SCOTUS Ruling Does Not Apply To Real Time Location Tracking.

Jul 01 10:14


Soda is nasty stuff. And it is HUGE business.

It is subsidized by US taxpayers through food stamps. No one likes the food stamp program more than the soda companies and the sugar companies, which are also subsidized in other ways. We then subsidize the obesity that ensues from drinking soda and piles of sugar via Medicaid and Medicare. People flow into the healthcare system, often the subsidized healthcare system, with all sorts of diseases driven by sugar consumption. This then benefits other crony companies in the medical arena.

Soda has a place. It’s supposed to be a treat.

I say “supposed” not from a moral perspective, but from a just how our bodies react to sugar perspective. If you want to gorge on non subsidized soda all day long and die of diabetes on your own dime, hey, go too it. But subsidizing the stuff is costing taxpayers billions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Absoflippinglutely unbelievable, but perfectly predictable!!

Jun 30 11:09

U.S. Secret Service Agents Show Up At The Door Of Comedian Who Crank-Called Trump On Air Force One

Comedian John Melendez took to Twitter live, as the agents knocked on his door.

Jun 30 10:38

VP Joe Biden was refused service by a bakery in 2012 - and Republicans LOVED it

This story reveals the absurd and glaring hypocrisy of partisan politics. Chris McMurray, owner of 'Crumb And Get It,' refused a request for VP Joe Biden's campaign stop at his bakery in 2012, and the GOP cheered.

Jun 29 13:54

Prank Caller Patched Through to Trump on Air Force One

The host of "The Stuttering John" podcast, John Melendez, got President Trump on the phone yesterday by pretending he was New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez... Melendez, the host, had three different interactions with two White House operators and got through two call screens before Jared Kushner called him from Air Force One. According to Melendez, Kushner asked if he wanted to talk to the president then or have them call him back later...

Jun 29 10:01

Daisy Luther: Is The Media Deliberately Trying To Spawn Civil War 2.0?

Everyone is talking about a looming civil war on American soil, but they’re all blaming the “other” side. The media is deliberately trying to stir things up with breathless headlines about how awful the “other” side is. And it’s working so well it could lead us right to Civil War 2.0.

The fact is, both the Left and the Right are to blame, threatening those who don’t have the same worldview. What it’s essential for us to keep in mind is that these are the opinions of the extremes of both sides. We in America have had conservative and liberal points of view along with everything in between for decades without the constant, looming threat of violence.

Here are some examples.
For example, Wendy Wolfe Herd, CEO of the dating app Bumble and a member of Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30, was the victim of a cyber attack launched by a “neo-Nazi organization” that posted Herd’s personal details online, as well as the contact information of her staff.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Right now, I feel very grateful to be living on Oahu, where people, no matter their ethnic or political background, accomodate each other as human beings, worthy of respect, not hate or hurt.

Jun 29 09:40

Accused Mass-Murderer Jarrod Ramos Had Several Twitter Accounts- They've Suspended Them All, But Missed This One.

The day that Ramos created the account, 10/23/14, was the same day that the judge ordered him to remove his other Twitter account, to stop threatening members of the Maryland judiciary, and that he is forbidden from posting information about several specific people. The judge also ordered that Ramos "Shall receive a mental health evaluation, involuntarily." That order expired on October 2, 2015, and that is the day that Ramos posted a copy of the 4-page order. The order appears to be a response to a legal filing in which Ramos was actually the plaintiff, in which he was seeking a restraining order against two people. The woman in this court document is presumably the one who Ramos had been stalking on Facebook, to which he had previously pled guilty to harassment of her.

Jun 28 15:23


They even have a channel for Cannabis/CBD!

FREE to video owners. FREE to users.
Upload, share and embed your videos on an independent platform that protects freedom of expression. Pursue real comedy, independent journalism, independent science and much more. is the new home for free speech on the 'net.*

* There are some limits to free speech. No content is allowed that is blatantly illegal, promotes terrorism, threats of violence, animal abuse, etc. Full guidelines available soon.

Welcomed content channels include:

Jun 28 12:28

Sheriff: ‘Multiple’ deaths reported at newsroom shooting in Maryland

The sheriff in Maryland’s capital city said “multiple” people have been killed after reports of shots fired outside a newspaper office. The suspect has been caught.

Jun 28 12:19

Shooting reported at Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis, staff say

A shooting has occurred at the Capital Gazette in Anne Arundel County, a paper that is owned by The Baltimore Sun, according to reports from Gazette staff.

Phil Davis, a Gazette reporter, said that multiple people had been shot. Police did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Police were also at The Baltimore Sun newsroom in Baltimore.

Jun 28 12:13

BREAKING: Annapolis, MD *Shooting* Capital Gazette Newsroom. Suspect in custody. 4 Fatalities, 2 other critical injuries.

Jun 28 11:48

CNN’s Ratings Take Another Dive, HLN Sinks Into Abyss

In all of cable last week (not just cable news), Fox News was number one in primetime, averaging an incredible 2.513 million viewers. Fox News even humiliated second place MSNBC, which averaged just 1.78 million primetime viewers.

But way, way, way down in 13th place, below even the Food Network, sits far-left CNN at number 13 and an average of just 914,000 viewers — which is about a third of Fox’s numbers.


CNN’s sister network, HLN, is a total failure, ranking at 52 with an average if just 262,000 primetime viewers and 227,000 total day viewers.

In worse news, HLN is only doing as well as it is because of decade-old Forensic Files reruns.

Jun 28 09:26

Police report ‘spike' in home invasions after photos of cash posted on social media

Police are warning residents not to post photos of “large sums of money” on social media after three recent home invasions, Journal-News reports.

Middletown, Ohio has seen a “spike” in home invasions, according to a post on the department’s Facebook page.

A common factor in some of the cases is victims who posted photos of large sums of cash on social media or showed the cash to friends, police told Journal-News.

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Yes, that was pretty stupid!

Jun 28 08:05

The Media is Deliberately Trying to Spawn Civil War 2.0

Look how neatly the media is making Americans hate and fear one another by what they choose to promote.

Jun 28 07:16

Did BBC team responsible for faked footage of Syrian chemical attack travel under terrorist protection?

Most of our readers are now more than familiar with the bizarre events surrounding the BBC Panorama program Saving Syria’s Children. We’ve already returned to this story several times. The possibility that this program presented faked footage of a non-existent chemical attack by government troops on a school in Syria has been meticulously documented by independent researcher Robert Stuart over several years.

Jun 28 07:08

A citizens guide to understanding corporate media propaganda techniques

These 6 corporations own the major entertainment theme parks, movie studios, television and radio broadcast networks, cable and satellite channels, video news, magazines, book publishers, sports entertainment, integrated telecommunications and the communications satellites themselves, wireless phones, video games software, electronic media, internet, record labels and the music industry, and more.

Everything you believe, more or less, is delivered to you by a monolithic six individuals running these corporations. They play golf together. They plot and scheme together. They are members of the same clubs and organizations. These cretins see the people, the citizens… as donkeys or Muppets who will believe anything. These demi-gods decide in advance what the donkeys should believe and what attitudes they should have about everything.

“Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.”- Richard Salent, Former President CBS News.

Jun 28 07:05

It’s time for Tom Friedman to face the contradictions of liberal Zionism, and move on

When looking at Friedman’s column with a non-Zionist lens, however, the alliance between Trump and Netanyahu seems simply too obvious to leave out. Netanyahu’s dictator-like behavior is clear. The recent murder of 135 Palestinians at the Gaza border (and the wounding of more than 14,000), the U.S. Embassy move to Jerusalem that Netanyahu pushed, Israel’s decision to ban 20 groups who support BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) from entering Israel, and the ongoing occupation and colonization of the Palestinian people that Israel has never taken responsibility for, are just a few indicators of Netanyahu’s desire for total control.

Jun 27 13:35

Hypocrisy? Experts Slam Tories Fake News Security Unit As Govt ‘Peddles Misinformation’

The government has been accused of having double standards after it announced plans to set up a special unit to tackle fake news, despite its own record of “burying bad” stories and “circulating fake dossiers.”

Jun 27 12:31

The TRUTH Why Modern Music Is Awful

Jun 27 12:28

Facebook Wants To Spy On You Via Hidden Inaudible TV Ad Messages

Social media giant Facebook continues to ramp up the creepy factor. According to a recently filed patent, Facebook wants to spy on you by hiding inaudible messages in TV ads.

Facebook has filed a patent for a system that hides audio clips in TV commercials. These sounds would be so high-pitched that they are inaudible to human beings. They would then trigger your phone to record all the background noises in your home. The patent application is called “broadcast content view analysis based on ambient audio recording.”

According to The Daily Mail, these secret messages would force your phone to record the audio of the private conversations you have without you even knowing. According to a patent application by the social media platform, clips taken of your background conversations and your movements across a room would help advertisers determine whether or not you are watching their promotions.

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Yep, that's creepy all right!

Jun 27 12:05

What's Next? Penises? German TV Invites Kids to Play With Breasts

The controversial game has made headlines in German media and sparked intense debate among experts and social media users. The TV channel already caused criticism earlier this year, after it aired a program that seemed to implicitly support child marriage in Germany.

The German TV channel KIKA, whose target group is kids aged from three to 13, has launched a controversial memory game called "Breasts! Breasts! Breasts!" on its official website.

The picture puzzle, that is supposed to playfully inform minors about seven different forms of women's breasts, requires players to search for the identical pairs and match them together with the help of their memory.

The game has caused vivid discussion among the German public about whether it is suitable for small children to play.

Jun 27 09:04

Terry Crews Testifies Before Senate On Sexual Assault,

Terry Crews said he was threatened with retaliation for speaking out about a sexual assault by a Hollywood agent

Producer Threatened “Trouble”