Aug 03 09:46

CNN Didn't Think It Was Funny

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Awwwwwww ... Let's all feel sorry for those poor presstitutes and whorespondents!

Aug 03 09:35

Sarah Sanders blasts the Trump-hating media and exposes their blatant bias

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders used her nationally televised press briefing Thursday to say some very important things about the round-the-clock unrelenting criticism of the president and his team coming from the Trump-hating mainstream media.

While journalists have focused much attention on President Trump’s criticism of media bias and “fake news” – along with his description of many in the media as “enemies of the people” – they focus far less attention on their own blatant bias against the president.

And you don’t see enough in the media about the bias of the most popular social media platforms against Republicans and other conservatives who want to express their opinions.

Aug 03 08:42

Reporters, Celebs Call Trump-Supporters "Nazis", "KKK", Want Them "Euthanized" After Tampa Rally

Other verified handles of celebrities and reporters were just as vulgar, likening the Trump supporters to Nazis, KKK members, white trash and Hitler while speculating the crowd will eventually commit murder. Others said the Trump supporters made them “ashamed” of America.

Aug 03 08:18


What television news show spews the most propaganda…MSNBC or Russia Today?

Ed Schultz, former host of “The Ed Show” for MSNBC, who has worked for both networks shares some surprising observations.

We’ve been saying this for years: So-called “news directors” are in fact watch dogs for the establishment.

Schultz tells the story of how he was told not to cover Bernie Sanders and every aspect of his reporting was dictated.

Aug 03 07:28

CNN Didn't Think It Was Funny

Aug 02 16:34


The former “paper of record” has hired an openly anti-white racist to work on its editorial board. “Dumb*** f****** white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants,” wrote the newest New York Times editor Sarah Jeong.

Aug 02 12:40

BEX ALERT - U.S. officials raise alarm about election interference ahead of midterms

Russia is working to undermine upcoming U.S. congressional elections as well as the 2020 presidential election, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats said on Thursday.

"The intelligence community continues to be concerned about the threats to upcoming U.S. elections, both the midterms and the presidential election in 2020," Coats said at a White House briefing with other intelligence agency leaders.

Aug 02 11:59

NYT: Sarah Jeong's Anti-White Racism Is Justified Because Trolls Called Her Mean Names On The Internet

The Times is sticking by their newest editorial board member who said she doesn't like "dumbass f**king white people" sharing their opinions on the internet and gets a sick "joy" out of "being cruel to old white men."

Aug 02 11:58

Meet The Newest Member Of The New York Times's Editorial Board

The New York Times' newest editorial board member Sarah Jeong is not a fan of "dumbass f**king white people" sharing their opinions on the internet and she wants the whole world to know it.

Aug 02 11:30

54 Years Ago Today, Gov’t and Media Created & Spread ‘Fake News’ to Start the Vietnam War

If you are to believe the official story, one of America’s deadliest wars in history, Vietnam, was started after the United States had been attacked in the Gulf of Tonkin in the South China Sea. However, over the past 54 years, a deluge of information and government officials have come forward showing that most everything the government and the media told Americans about the Gulf of Tonkin was a lie.

Often, the American mainstream media becomes a de facto government employee, taking the claims of U.S. officials and reporting them as proven fact — and nothing exemplifies this penchant better than reporting on the Gulf of Tonkin incident — perhaps one of most flagrant lies ever dreamed up as a justification for war.

Aug 02 11:24

Wow! NYT Hires Sarah Jeong to Editorial Board — Who Has Twitter Page Littered with Racist Filth

The New York Times announced this week that Sarah Jeong would be the newest member to their editorial board.

Sarah Jeong went to The New York Times from The Verge.

It wasn’t hard to discover that Sarah Jeong has a Twitter page littered with racist filth.

In fact, her page is FILLED with racist white-hating filth.

And Sarah just got hired to write for The New York Times!

They aren’t even trying anymore to be civil and sane.

Aug 02 09:34

Trump and the Politics of Neoliberal Destruction

With the outrageous decision by the Trump White House to bar a CNN propagandist posing as a reporter, more people are now starting to make the connection between press freedom and the issue of the “right to know” and of unimpeded information. But we have to ask once again, where was this concern when democrats under Obama were using the espionage act to jail whistleblowers and prosecuting journalists? Why no outrage on the eve of the Ecuadorian government turning over Julian Assange to be prosecuted by Western intelligence for the crime of publishing accounts of their nefarious actions? Where were these objective defenders of the right to information when the state was collaborating with private corporations like Google, Twitter, and Facebook to alter and limit political speech and information?

Aug 02 09:13

CNN Reporter Whines About Nobody Liking Him

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nobody likes a liar!

Aug 02 08:14

BBC accused of ‘breaching code’ by putting Assange critic in charge of special on WikiLeaks founder

BBC’s Newsnight will air a special on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange hosted by journalist John Sweeney, despite what the #FreeAssange campaign say are tweets in “clear breach” of the BBC objectivity standards by the journalist.

“John Sweeney put in charge of tomorrow's Julian Assange special despite (because of?) malicious tweets in clear breach of BBC code,” the #FreeAssange campaign tweeted.

Aug 02 07:57

Cop inside Route 91 venue: It’s close I can smell the gunpowder

A local Las Vegas cop who was pinned down behind a wall on the west side of the route 91 Harvest Music Festival venue during the 1 October attack admits the gunfire was so close that he didn’t know whether it was coming from inside of the venue or outside and could smell gunpowder in the air.

Aug 01 18:21

US Tech Giants Are Too Big, Too Powerful, & Now Are Running Into Serious Trouble

Within Google, knowledge about Dragonfly has been restricted to just a few hundred members of the internet giant’s 88,000-strong workforce, said a source with knowledge of the project. The source spoke to The Intercept on condition of anonymity, as they were not authorized to contact the media. The source said that they had moral and ethical concerns about Google’s role in the censorship, which is being planned by a handful of top executives and managers at the company with no public scrutiny.

“I’m against large companies and governments collaborating in the oppression of their people, and feel like transparency around what’s being done is in the public interest,” the source said, adding that they feared “what is done in China will become a template for many other nations.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Coming to the backbone of computer networks in the US very soon: dragonfly II.

Aug 01 12:13

Conservatives Banned From Social Media? Here’s What They Can Do About It

The past two years have seen a rather aggressive change in corporate policies toward the very customers they used to covet. Not long ago, CEOs tended to keep their political views mostly in the closet. Companies remained publicly neutral because their goal was first and foremost to make money. When they wanted to influence politics or social norms, they bought politicians — you know, the good old-fashioned way. The big banks still do this by funneling cash to both Republicans and Democrats alike

However, in the wake of the social justice cult frenzy some companies have decided that ideology is more important than profit, and most of these companies are deeply involved in various forms of media.

Aug 01 10:50

Video: President Trump rally in Tampa draws protest

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Courtesy of a WRH reader who was there, a photo of the "crowd" of Trump protesters.

Aug 01 09:45

Andrea Mitchell Compares Trump to Joseph Stalin, Calls His Attacks on Press ‘Very Dangerous’

Monday on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell addressed how President Donald Trump treats the press as “the enemy of the people.”

Mitchell likened Trump to Joseph Stalin, saying what the president attacking fake news is “very dangerous.”

“This is something that we first heard from Joseph Stalin. This is very dangerous. It undercuts democracy,” Mitchell said. “And for years and years, I’ve covered the State Department where we’ve tried to teach and help, advocate with new democracies how to train journalists and how we do journalism.”

Aug 01 09:45

Bokhari: Only Regulation Will Bust Silicon Valley’s Progressive Racket

After a week of revelations about Twitter’s suppression of conservatives in search results (an entirely predictable result of their inherently biased algorithm), Republicans seem to have finally had enough.

Rep. Matt Gaetz, who himself was suppressed in search results, has filed a complaint against Twitter with the Federal Election Commission. Rep. Devin Nunes has promised to look into “legal remedies” against the company. And President Trump has vowed action against what he calls “illegal” and “discriminatory” practices on the part of Twitter.

This is the right approach, and the only way to frighten Twitter and other Silicon Valley companies away from purportedly unbiased algorithms that are in fact designed to help left-wingers censor their political opponents.

Aug 01 09:35

‘We are fighting for information about war’: Pentagon curbs media access: Defense Secretary James Mattis has not briefed reporters on-camera in the Pentagon since April, while his chief spokeswoman has not done so since May.

At a mid-July news conference at the Pentagon, AP reporter Lolita Baldor asked Gen. Mark Milley, the Army chief of staff, about an attack in Afghanistan that had led to the death of an American soldier. But before he could reply, a Defense Department press officer cut in to say that Milley and the three officials flanking him would be answering questions only about the intended topic for the news conference: the announcement of the location of a new command.

The next question went to Jennifer Griffin from Fox News. Over the previous two days, President Donald Trump had roiled the NATO summit in Brussels with verbal shots at the alliance’s members, so Griffin, after opening with a question about the new command, added, “I’m afraid I’m going to have to agree with Lita, we don’t have an opportunity to see you enough. Gen. Milley, have you reached out to your counterparts in Europe after the NATO summit to reassure them that the U.S. forces are staying?”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The reason for this is very simple; the American Deep State does not want the American people to really understand how badly things are going for the American military in Afghanistan; Libya; Iraq; Syria; Africa; and Yemen, where US-enabled Saudi war crimes just get worse, with no US coverage, except in independent media outlets like WRH.

IF the US was actually "winning" in these countries, we would see enforced coverage of just how well we were doing; because the US is "not willing" militarily in these countries and continents, there is no coverage, but we won't see any withdrawal of US forces either, because that will "make it appear" that the US military has lost.

Aug 01 09:07

The Tech World Is Still Screwing Conservatives – And It’s Beginning To Hurt Their Business

It seems, finally, the Valley’s nigh-limitless power – and thus its ability to abuse the daylight out of anyone they wish, which they seem to revel in doing – is rubbing more and more people the wrong way.

And it’s beginning to affect their bottom lines.

Aug 01 08:59


GOOGLE IS PLANNING to launch a censored version of its search engine in China that will blacklist websites and search terms about human rights, democracy, religion, and peaceful protest, The Intercept can reveal.

The project – code-named Dragonfly – has been underway since spring of last year, and accelerated following a December 2017 meeting between Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai and a top Chinese government official, according to internal Google documents and people familiar with the plans.

Teams of programmers and engineers at Google have created a custom Android app, different versions of which have been named “Maotai” and “Longfei.” The app has already been demonstrated to the Chinese government; the finalized version could be launched in the next six to nine months, pending approval from Chinese officials.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hey, considering how much it loves to censor opinions here at home which do not reflect a liberal slant, Google will be right at home in China!!!

Aug 01 08:47


Following yet another packed out rally where thousands of Americans raucously cheered the President, CNN again suggested that Donald Trump’s anti-media rhetoric could lead to violence against reporters, even intimating that Trump could be issuing a ‘call to arms’ against reporters.

Acosta, who was at the rally and forced to endure loud chants of “fake news” and “CNN sucks,” said it was “Just a sample of the sad scene we faced at the Trump rally in Tampa.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Corporate media plays the victim card.

Aug 01 08:28

WALSH: The New York Times Just Published One Of The Most Racist Articles You'll Ever Read

If Twitter is looking to weed out the racism on its platforms, it may want to start with The New York Times. The paper recently published one of the most racist tweets you'll ever see: "New Hampshire is 94% white. It is now trying to figure out how to change that."

Attached to the tweet is a bigoted screed about New Hampshire's whiteness infestation. It begins with the sad tale of a certain Catalina Celentano, who moved to the state and discovered, to her horror, that most of its residents speak English. "She found herself in an ethnic vacuum," the author reports. One worries how Ms. Celentano will react when she learns that the vast majority of the Earth is a non-Spanish speaking "vacuum."

Aug 01 07:57

‘We are Q’: A deranged conspiracy cult leaps from the Internet to the crowd at Trump’s ‘MAGA’ tour

On Tuesday evening, the dark recesses of the Internet lit up with talk of politics...

...What Tuesday’s rally in Tampa made apparent is that devotees of these falsehoods — some of which are specific to faith in the president, others garden-variety nonsense with racist and anti-Semitic undertones — don’t just exist in the far reaches of the Web.

Aug 01 00:01

The Real “Fake News” from Government Media

In the end, Facebook, Twitter and Google might want to reconsider relying on the mainstream news media led by the New York Times, the Washington Post and CNN, and instead include citizen journalists and non-government-sycophant media to provide news and information.

Jul 31 16:02


In a campaign to improve its image abroad, the Israeli government plans to provide scholarships to hundreds of students at its seven universities in exchange for their making pro-Israel Facebook posts and tweets to foreign audiences.

The students making the posts will not reveal online that they are funded by the Israeli government, according to correspondence about the plan revealed in the Haaretz newspaper.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office, which will oversee the programme, confirmed its launch and wrote that its aim was to “strengthen Israeli public diplomacy and make it fit the changes in the means of information consumption”.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is no "democracy" in Israel, if there ever was one, courtesy of the Knesset having passed the "Nation/State Law", turning non-Jewish residents of Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem into third-class citizens.

IF you happen to know any students who are looking to profit from disseminating fake news about Israel, please ask them if they have looked at the moral consequences of such activities.

Jul 31 15:41

CNN wasted again - drops in ratings below .... wait for it ..... Shark Week


Jul 31 14:52

Yes, the media really is the ENEMY of the People (new video from Adams)

After maliciously lying about President Trump in tens of thousands of fake news articles that have driven America to the brink of civil war, the “media monopolists” now claim it’s wrong for Trump to talk about how evil they are.

While the media can freely criticize, smear, defame and slander Donald Trump, Alex Jones or any other independent media voice, they absurdly claim that any criticism of the media is “an attack on the First Amendment.” Media monopolists have a unique, guaranteed right to lie with impunity, they claim, and no one is allowed to question anything the fake news media reports (CNN, WashPost, NYT, MSNBC, etc.).

Jul 31 11:18

New York kicks Charter Spectrum out: What it means for you

New York regulators are giving cable giant Charter Communications 60 days to come with a plan to exit the state, but it likely won't have an immediate impact on customers.

Charter, which markets its products under the Spectrum banner, is the state's leading cable, internet and telephone provider, operating in New York's largest cities and much of the state since merging with Time Warner Cable in 2016.

But the state Public Service Commission has given the company its walking papers, accusing Charter of failing to live up to its promise to expand high-speed internet offerings in less-densely populated areas of the state.

Jul 31 11:16

Facebook, Twitter Shares Tank Amid ‘Public Outcry’ Over Privacy Concerns

On Monday, Facebook shares dropped by 4 percent after plunging 20 percent last week. In addition, 20 percent of Twitter’s market value was wiped out last week as social media platforms continue to face increased scrutiny over fake news and privacy concerns.

Since March, Facebook has been under fire after it emerged that the personal data of about 50 million of its users had been harvested by the consultancy firm Cambridge Analytica without users' permission. The data was allegedly used to predict and influence the behavior of US voters in the 2016 elections. The company reportedly received information about users through a personality app developed by Aleksandr Kogan, a Cambridge University researcher.

Jul 31 11:14

Don’t mention Western aggression! The Economist blames polygamy for wars

According to The Economist, polygamy is a key factor in civil wars and conflict. How convenient to blame it all on ‘the natives’ and their ‘backward’ customs, obscuring the role of the US and its allies in destabilizing regions.

Jul 31 10:48

Trump’s demise has been greatly exaggerated

Trump-is-doomed stories are one of the media’s favorite fairy tales. Remember when you saw “Peter Pan” when you were 4 and you actually thought that clapping for Tinkerbell would bring her back to life? Pundits think that if they cheer loudly enough for Trump to get eighty-sixed, it’ll happen. His (first?) term in office is more than a third over, and the Very Serious Commentators have been ushering him out the door the entire time. Or at least they’ve been trying to. It turns out that Trump doesn’t pay a lot of attention to the usher-pundits.

“Michael Cohen and the End Stage of the Trump Presidency,” ran a headline in The New Yorker. That was back on April 14. Writer Adam Davidson gravely averred, “This is the week we know, with increasing certainty, that we are entering the last phase of the Trump Presidency. This doesn’t feel like a prophecy; it feels like a simple statement of the apparent truth.”

Jul 31 10:38

New Twitter “Hate Speech” Chief is a Trump-Hating Leftist

The woman selected to help Twitter develop an algorithm which targets “hate speech” is a hardcore leftist who hates Donald Trump.

What could possibly go wrong?

Earlier today it was reported that Dr. Rebekah Tromble, an assistant professor of political science at Leiden University, “will examine echo chambers and uncivil discourse” on behalf of Twitter.

Tromble will help Twitter “develop algorithms to understand the different between intolerant discourse such as hate speech, and disagreement or incivility.”

In other words, she will develop the algorithm which could end up determining what speech is allowed and what speech is banned on the platform.

Given that Tromble is a hardcore leftist who has repeatedly expressed her hatred for Donald Trump and his supporters, don’t expect Twitter to move in any direction other than another giant lurch towards censorship.

Jul 31 10:34

Nunes Considering Legal Action Against Twitter over ‘Shadowban’

Republican Rep. Devin Nunes of California is seriously weighing legal action against Twitter for the now proven censoring of conservatives through “shadow banning,” a secretive process that hides contents or accounts using special algorithms that make the content or accounts harder to find or view. During an interview with Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Nunes reported he has even been a victim of the practice that appears to be biased toward shadow banning conservatives, particularly Republican members of the House Freedom Caucus. None of this comes as any surprise. Look for lefties to begin harping about the First Amendment, in which the Constitution is only something they like when it protects their lack of patriotism.

Jul 31 10:00

Rub it in: John Oliver eviscerates Facebook’s privacy apology after company’s $120bn wipe

Comedian John Oliver has ripped into Facebook with a parody video of the social media giant’s lackluster efforts to apologise to users following a spate of privacy and content scandals.

The comedian laid into Facebook and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg during a segment on his Last Week Tonight HBO show, hitting back at the company’s recent ‘Here Together’ ad which claims that the website’s true purpose is simply to let people stay in touch with friends and family. Oliver slammed the feel-good Facebook ad and its attempts to soften its badly-tarnished image in the wake of multiple scandals.

Jul 31 09:59

Secret Meeting: NYTimes Publisher Warned Trump Against ‘Anti-Press Rhetoric’

The publisher of the New York Times, a newspaper that frequently criticizes the policies, actions and behavior of US President Donald Trump, acknowledged on Sunday that he met with POTUS on July 20 for an off-the-record conversation in which the media boss warned the American leader about the latter's ‘deeply troubling anti-press rhetoric.'

New York Times publisher A.G. Sulzberger warned Trump on July 20 that the president's consistent attacks on the news media — particularly in characterizing reporters and journalists as the "enemy of the people" — will contribute to increased threats of violence against those workers who exercise the right to free speech encoded into the US Constitution.

Although the July 20 meeting between Trump and Sulzberger was originally classified as off-the-record, a Sunday tweet by the president removed the necessity to honor the White House secrecy demand, according to the publisher, cited by the South China Morning Post (SCMP).

Jul 31 09:56

The Real “Fake News” from Government Media

By Scott Lazarowitz

Facebook has announced its campaign against “fake news.” But, according to some workers’ own admission, conservatives are being censored.

And Google also wants to censor “fake news.” But Google also was shown to treat conservative websites, but not liberal ones, as “fake news.”

The same thing seems to be going on with Twitter. And again, conservatives are complaining.

But who is to decide what is “fake news”? Who will be Facebook and Google’s sources for real news?...

Jul 31 09:38

Infowars' Alex Jones is banned from Facebook for a month

Following on from a strike for violating YouTube policies, Infowars founder Alex Jones has been hit with sanctions by Facebook for contravening its community standards.

The social network -- which just dropped in value -- removed four of Jones' videos for violating its policies and banned the right-wing conspiracy theorist from using his account for 30 days. In the event of further policy breaches by Jones or his admins, his page could be permanently banned.

Jul 31 09:25

Report Claims North Korea Might Be Building New ICBMs

What does it take to cast doubts on North Korea’s freeze of their ballistic missile program? Today, the Washington Post showed it takes only a single unnamed US official who claims to be “familiar with the intelligence.”

The report starts by noting satellite photos from a month ago suggest work is underway at North Korea’s Sanumdong research site. This was a site linked to past missiles, so naturally they concluded the factory might be building one or two new ICBMs.

Of course, there is no direct evidence North Korea is doing this. Indeed, North Korea just dismantled a test launching site for liquid-fueled ICBMs days ago. The official cited, however, pointed out that North Korea could conceivably rebuild the destroyed test stands “within months.”

Jul 31 09:03

Alex Jones faces existential courtroom battle over limits of fake news

If the Travis County Sandy Hook case makes it to trial, it could become an epic courtroom showdown, heading into Trump’s re-election campaign, over where to draw the line between free speech and libel in an era of competing claims of “fake news.”

Bankston and Dallas attorney Mark Enoch, representing Jones, will be in a Travis County courtroom Wednesday arguing over Enoch’s motion to dismiss the defamation case under the Texas Citizens Participation Act — a law unanimously passed by the Legislature in 2011 and signed into law by Gov. Rick Perry that was intended to protect citizens’ First Amendment rights from meritless claims intended to silence them. Bankston said the law is being invoked in this case as nothing more than a stalling tactic.

Enoch argues that the suit is a “strategic device” to silence Jones “as well as anyone else who refuses to accept what the mainstream media and government tell them, and prevent them from expressing any doubt or raising questions.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We all must stand with Alex Jones and Wolfgang Halbig on this, or we will all be targets for the "lawfare" to silence us!

Jul 31 04:57

US examines military action against Iran: CNN report

(*[REJECTED] They're not allowed to weigh in )

Jul 30 16:51

Transgender 'Woman' Kills Her Own Grandmother With A Knife, Media Decides She's A 'Man'

When is a transgender woman not a woman?

Apparently, when she kills her own grandmother, at which point "she" magically returns to being a "he"!

Jul 30 16:46


Theoretically, journalism is meant to help create an informed populace and hold power to account. That’s why it’s the only profession explicitly named in the United States Constitution, and why freedom of the press has enjoyed such constitutional protections throughout US history. The press today is failing to protect Julian Assange because it has no intention of creating an informed populace or holding power to account.

Jul 30 16:05

Sacha Baron Cohen Accused Of Plagiarizing Redditor's 9/11 Theory For His 'Truthbrary' Conspiracy Site

Showtime's Sacha Baron Cohen has been accused of plagiarizing a Redditor's theory about what happened on 9/11 for his site "Truthbrary," which was made to mock right-wingers and promote his new Showtime program, "Who Is America?"

Jul 30 14:09

New York Daily News’ Anti-Gun Hijinx Stinks as Paper Sinks

Actions have consequences, and the shrill, one-sided diatribes have clearly gone stale. The owners of a paper that insulted its readership with cheap attacks on lawful gun owners and America’s leading gun rights organization have slashed its staff in the wake of decreasing circulation and advertising revenue.

Jul 30 11:48

Why Wait for it to Happen? The Media Now Invents News Stories From the Future

A new pandemic disease could kill almost a billion people, a Metro article warns. The only problem: the disease is made up.

A fake terrorist organization created a fake pathogen, the effects of which were monitored via a fake reality simulation. That’s today’s news.

Jul 30 11:30

Kim Dotcom Drops Bombshell on Twitter, Facebook: “Their Days Are Numbered;” Confirms He’s Now Building Rival ‘Free Speech’ Social Media Platform

“US tech companies are selling out their users to the Deep State,” Dotcom told True Pundit. “And they engage in opinion manipulation by censorship and promotion of their political biases. They have been exposed.

Their days are numbered. Social media sites that protect users, respect privacy and free speech are coming. I’m working on a Twitter replacement.”

Jul 30 10:42

Original Harvard "Face Book" Creator: Zuckerberg is "Threat to National Security"

Aaron Greenspan is the self-proclaimed missing piece from the Facebook story as it has been documented in films like "The Social Network". He joins me on my podcast to talk about his role in creating the first "Face Book", why he thinks Mark Zuckerberg is a "sociopath" and "threat to national security", Facebook's most recent scandal, the stock's recent plunge, and why he believes the number of Facebook fake accounts are understated.

Jul 30 10:35

‘Deep State social media meddles in US elections’ – Kim Dotcom slams ‘Zuckerspy & Jack the Ripper’

Kim Dotcom has slammed ‘deep state’ Facebook and Twitter for meddling in US elections, warning they do ‘100 times’ more damage to democracy than all foreign meddlers combined.

“I wouldn’t be concerned about Russian meddling in US elections,” Dotcom wrote on Twitter. “Be concerned about Deep State social media companies like Facebook and Twitter meddling in US elections.”

Jul 30 10:23

EMERGENCY: Infowars Banned From The Internet! - ALEX JONES INFOWARS

Jul 30 10:15

Twitter announces new projects to measure health of social conversation

Twitter is to work with experts from the University of Oxford as part of attempts to measure and improve the health of conversation on the platform.

Social psychology Professor Miles Hewstone and John Gallacher from the university, along with Dr Marc Heerdink from the University of Amsterdam will study how people use Twitter and what impact that has on the quality of debate, the firm said.

The social network announced earlier this year it would review proposals from outside experts into how to measure and improve the health of conversation on the site, after several years of criticism over misinformation and offensive content spreading on the site.

Jul 30 10:15

NYT: "New Hampshire, 94 Percent White, Asks: How Do You Diversify A Whole State?"

White people are a majority in New Hampshire: here's why that's a problem.

The New York Times writes:

"New Hampshire, like its neighbors Vermont and Maine, is nearly all white. This has posed an array of problems for new arrivals, who often find themselves isolated and alone, without the comfort and support of a built-in community."

Jul 30 10:00

Martin Armstrong: Is CNN Creating A Civil War?

COMMENT: From Europe, we are looking at your CNN and it really has become just propaganda and fake news. I was not a fan of Trump, but I have to say, he has done a great job probably better than any world leader. He has revised trade and has turned North Korea while your unemployment is now below 4% at 1960s level and you have a GDP growth of 4% while we have unemployment still in the 60% level among the youth and economic growth is at best 2.4%. It is hard to see why CNN turns everything negative.

Jul 30 09:37

Why We Know So Little About the U.S.-Backed War in Yemen

Yemen is a catastrophe on a scale similar to Syria, but coverage in the United States has been sporadic at best. PBS News Hour did a thorough three-part series, but MSNBC, for instance, has barely mentioned the crisis in a year, during a period when it has done 455 segments on Stormy Daniels (this according to media reporter Adam Johnson).

The reason for inattention is obvious: The United States bears real responsibility for the crisis. A quote from a Yemeni doctor found in PBS reporter Jane Ferguson’s piece sums it up:

“The missiles that kill us, American-made. The planes that kill us, American-made. The tanks … American-made. You are saying to me, where is America? America is the whole thing.”

Jul 30 09:31

How Israel Silences Palestine in EU Circles

The Israeli propaganda machine works internationally to undermine the role of Palestinian NGOs which disclose Israeli violations of international law, and maintain the well-being of Palestinian people.

Imagine the following: a toxic op-ed is published that defames your organisation. You contact the website on which it features and are invited to publish a rebuttal.

The next day, you submit your article. As the editors are about to put it online, they are targeted by a sophisticated disinformation campaign.

More than a dozen people call the editors, seemingly on your behalf, and apply heavy pressure to publish the article. One of the callers even tries to bribe them to get it published.

This confuses and intimidates the editors, who have never experienced anything like it.

They fear that publishing under pressure may damage the independence and reputation of their website, which is a news magazine for the European Parliament.

Jul 30 09:30

Jeff Bezos' Paper Tells You Not To Worry About Those Billionaires

Just when you thought economic commentary in the Washington Post couldn’t get any more insipid, Roger Lowenstein proves otherwise. In a business section “perspective” (7/20/18), he tells readers:

But what if inequality is the wrong metric. Herewith a modest proposition: economic inequality is not the best yardstick. What we should be paying attention to is social mobility.

Wow, what a novel idea, as though right-wingers have not been pushing this line since the dawn of time: “Don’t worry that your standard of living is awful, the important thing is that your kids will be able to get rich.” (It doesn’t help his story that his poster child for the rich being good is Lloyd Blankfein, who made his fortune shuffling financial assets at Goldman Sachs, and benefited from a massive government bailout.)

Jul 30 09:13

YouTube Shut Down Swedish Channel Exposing Fake News & Establishment Lies

Fabian Fjälling, also known as Erik Johansson from Granskning Sverige (Review Sweden), joins us for a discussion about the recent shut down of their YouTube channel. Swedish publisher giant Bonnier filed frivolous copyright claims against the citizen journalist media outlet and after three strikes the channel was terminated.

Jul 30 08:56

Establishment Media Gunning for Brett Kavanaugh’s Wife

The New York Times and Associated Press are aggressively targeting the wife of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, while CNN is targeting the wife of Bill Shine, the new White House deputy chief of staff for communications.
In the age of Trump, the establishment media have whined incessantly about protecting norms, about keeping in place the way things have always been done.

But even as the media bellyache about President Trump violating norms, in their own partisan zeal to destroy anyone of the political right the media are also violating all kinds of norms, including fomenting, excusing, and encouraging violence.

What’s more, this past week a number of far-left media institutions violated another cherished norm, the one about leaving families, including spouses, out of the political fray.

Jul 30 08:48

NY Times: ‘Nearly All White’ States Pose ‘an Array of Problems’ for Immigrants

A New York Times report seemingly blasts the state of New Hampshire, as well as Vermont and Maine, for being “nearly all white.”

In a piece titled “New Hampshire, 94 Percent White, Asks: How Do You Diversify a Whole State?” the New York Times chronicles the supposed hardships of immigrants who allegedly do not have the “comfort and support of a built-in community” in states like New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine because their populations are too white.

The New York Times interviewed immigrant Catalina Celentano who complained that when she moved to New Hampshire, she could not speak Spanish often because the state was 94 percent white.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hey, Catalina. You're not supposed to speak Spanish in New Hampshire!

Jul 30 06:29

Liberals at Austin’s Equity Offices suggest renaming the city to rid slaveholder’s past

Stephen F. Austin a.k.a. the father of Texas would be rolling over in his grave if he knew liberals down at Austin’s Equity Office have suggested the state’s capital city be renamed to purge actual history because Austin was against the idea of banning slavery in Tejas at the time.

Jul 29 14:23

Pleasant Radio Surprise – Gun Sales Advertising Is Accepted

Since at least 1934, those pushing for a disarmed population have been attempting to demonize and make illegitimate, private sales of firearms. The path is pretty clear. Make private sales illegal and difficult. Then require registration of all guns. After that, make possession of any non-registered gun a felony.

Jul 29 09:33

The origin of the fake Trump dossier

Attorney Mark Elias of the Seattle-based international law firm Perkins Coie LLP acted as a middleman according to an October 2017 report out of the Washington Post and was hired to seek out and retain companies willing to do opposition research on Donald Trump and his campaign associates during the runup to the 2016 presidential election.

Jul 28 12:29

In Bizarre Response, Twitter Tells Trump It Does Not "Shadowban" While Admitting It Does

In response to growing outrage over the practice of "shadow banning" conservatives, as confirmed last week by the liberal publication VICE and promptly tweeted about by President Trump, Twitter issued a strange explanation to "set the record straight," where they explicitly state that they do not engage in the practice - except then they describe how they do exactly that.

Jul 28 10:47

Tucker Carlson Defends Alex Jones: ‘CNN is Trying to Squelch His Point of View’