Feb 10 15:45

Totalitarian Fascism, Concentration Camps, Imprisonment, Extortion, and Dictatorial Decrees Now the New Normal

Draconian does not fully describe the actions that are being taken by the state in this mass assault on the citizenry due to a non-existent ‘virus pandemic’ that is being used as a government false flag operation in order to gain total control of the people. This is not only an abomination, it is criminal evil prosecuted by the state without any regard of the people.

Feb 10 15:34

8 Million More Living In Poverty, 9 Million Small Businesses In Danger Of Closing, 10 Million Behind On Rent…

As a child, I was a big fan of Sesame Street, and one of the characters that really stood out to me was Count von Count.  I loved the fact that he was always counting things, and that is what I am going to do in this article in order to illustrate how bad economic conditions have now become.

Feb 10 06:00

CNN: Panda Bear Hunting Attacks on Elderly Asians Are Trump's Fault

CNN doesn’t mention any names or show any pictures of the assailants, but this one was named Antoine Watson, which sounds like some kind of redneck cajun from the swamps of Louisiana. He was no doubt shouting “This is MAGA Country!” while he attacked the Asian immigrant in Oakland’s Chinatown. He was accompanied by a young woman named Maylasia Goo, which you’d have to be an inbred hillbilly from Kentucky to pick that name for your daughter.

Feb 10 05:58


Feb 10 05:57

MAGA Blood Libel: Why Are They Hiding The Medical Report?

Last week, CNN was tactically baffled by a simple question that grows stranger by the day: Why are investigators struggling to build a murder case in the death of US Capitol Police Officer Sicknick?

The stakes are high: Officer Sicknick’s death is the only purported death by a largely tourist crowd that was let into the building by police, stayed inside the velvet ropes, seemed at least partly there out of confusion, for social media clout, or just for the memes, and that even the New York Times conceded caused limited property damage.

Feb 10 05:50

BUSTED: W.H.O. And Global Governments Used Fake Data From A Suspicious Company, That Employs A Sci-Fi Writer And Adult-Content Model, To Discredit And Stop Hydroxychloroquine Studies

A tiny company called Surgisphere was caught producing fake data used in the Lancet and NEJM studies cautioning against Hydroxychloroquine. The W.H.O. and other world governments took the data and changed treatment policy around the globe because of it. Will they take responsibility for misleading and causing extensive preventable death around the globe?

A quick dive into LinkdIn revealed that this company only has five employees, with only one of them holding any medical degree – the founder Dr. Sapan Desai. The rest of them have no medical background, instead, they all seem to have experience in marketing, science fiction writing/illustrations, and Adult-Content. Minus the founder, all 4 employees joined the company only 2-3 months ago.

Feb 09 16:41

Baseless (Impeachment Genuine Show Trial)

Of course, behind this smokescreen of partisan bullshit is the question of election fraud, which the Democratic Party is seeking desperately to suppress. Their news media henchpersons have settled on the adjective “baseless” whenever the subject comes up in their reporting. They repeat it incessantly, Goebbels-style, to substantiate its truthiness, though it is not true. The truth is indeed the Deep State’s mortal enemy, and eventually it will make itself known.

Feb 09 16:27

Big Brother Comes to America

In a world where falsehoods proliferate, free debate is more important than ever to help people learn for themselves what is real. Stuart Mill understood that placing limits on freedom of speech constitutes a far greater threat to democracy than the erroneous views promoted by conspiracy theorists and fake-news entrepreneurs. Because once the authority of free speech is undermined, then public life itself is threatened, as people come to be deprived of the opportunity to discuss, debate and clarify the issues that confront our society.

Feb 09 16:17

Proof That the US November Election Was Stolen Exists in Abundance

The official narrative that there was no election theft is likely the largest lie ever perpetrated on the world.  The lie is so vast and so fragile that everyone who disagrees with the official narrative is suppressed, deplatformed, kicked off social media, ostracized, and fired from their job in order to protect the lie from examination and exposure.  In Michigan the state attorney general is attempting to debar attorneys who represented cases of electoral theft. Massive effort was made—including an orchestrated “storming of the Capitol”—to insure that the evidence would not be presented and that the majority of the population would never encounter the evidence.  The presstitutes from the first instance declared continuously with one voice “there was no vote fraud,” “baseless claims of vote fraud,” and the old standby “conspiracy theory.”

Feb 09 16:01

America entering dangerous new territory as a ‘Ministry Of Truth’ under Joe Biden moves another step closer to becoming reality

With ‘truth’ also now called ‘hate speech’ in 2021 America, with the left seeking to ‘cancel out’ any thoughts, people and businesses which don’t ‘toe their party line’, we’ve clearly reached a time of universal deceit, where simply telling the truth has become a revolutionary act.

Feb 09 15:54

Democrats seek to empower Big Tech to spy on Trump supporters and conservatives by falsely classifying them as “extremists”

Here’s the thing: Democrats have already shown a penchant to favor censoring Trump and anyone who backs him. This new bill is about achieving more of that under the guise of ‘stopping extremism.’ -- We should never let would-be tyrants define the issue or debate when it comes to our liberties.

Feb 09 12:05

Squad’s Ayanna Pressley: Capitol Riots Gave Me ‘Deep And Ancestral’ Terror From ‘White Supremacist Mob’

Representative Ayanna Pressley says she felt a “deep and ancestral” terror at the hands of “white supremacist mobs” during last month’s riot at the Capitol.

Pressley (D-MA), a member of the far-left ‘Squad’ of progressive House Democrats, made the comments during an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper.

“As a black woman, to be barricaded in my office using office furniture and water bottles on the ground in the dark, that terror, those moments of terror, is familiar in a deep and ancestral way for me,” she said.

The Democrat lawmaker went on to suggest the riots were carried out at the hands of white supremacists, something she claims African-Americans have had to “clean up after” for generations.

Feb 09 09:42

Deepfake Detectors Can Be Defeated, Computer Scientists Show For The First Time

Systems designed to detect deepfakes --videos that manipulate real-life footage via artificial intelligence--can be deceived, computer scientists showed for the first time at the WACV 2021 conference which took place online Jan. 5 to 9, 2021.

Researchers showed detectors can be defeated by inserting inputs called adversarial examples into every video frame. The adversarial examples are slightly manipulated inputs which cause artificial intelligence systems such as machine learning models to make a mistake. In addition, the team showed that the attack still works after videos are compressed.

Feb 09 09:39

New Twitter App Blocks Over 800 New York Times Journos In "Fight Against Disinformation"

A new Twitter app encourages people to 'fight disinformation' by blocking over 800 New York Times reporters.

"It's time to block," reads an introductory tweet from @blocknyt ( "Twitter users have begun mass-blocking New York Times-linked accounts to control the flood of corporate disinformation online."

"For a limited time, block 800 NYT reporters for the low price of $0," the tweet continues.

Feb 09 09:33


It is hard to see how Americans’ well-being would be advanced by a “reality czar.”

New York Times writer Kevin Roose recently surveyed “our truth-challenged information ecosystem” and found a proliferation of “hoaxes, lies and collective delusions.” As he put it, that limits the Biden administration’s ability to “unite a country,” because “millions of people have chosen to create their own version of reality.” In response, he called for the creation of a “reality czar”-led government task force to root out disinformation.

Feb 09 09:28

Trump impeachment is ‘constitutionally flawed’ & Capitol riot was ‘pre-planned’ – lawyers

Ex-president Donald Trump’s lawyers have eviscerated the impeachment charge against him, accusing Democrats of conducting “no investigation” of the raid and claiming Capitol rioters already had plans to swarm the building.

As the former president prepares to face the Senate for his second impeachment trial, Trump’s lawyers have called out Democratic leaders for what they describe as a shameful weaponization of the January 6 Capitol raid, denouncing the proceedings as both unconstitutional and unprofessional.

Feb 09 09:27

Facebook’s new expert on ‘online disinformation’, Ben Nimmo, was a fantasy fiction writer. Has he really given that up?

The tech giant’s self-styled ‘troll-finder-general’ is touted as an authority on alleged Russian ‘information warfare’ – but any objective look at his background and track record raises troubling questions over his capabilities.

On February 5, Ben Nimmo announced he will with immediate effect be joining Facebook, to help the social media monopoly “lead global threat intelligence strategy against influence operations.”

It’s a shocking development, yet somehow an entirely unsurprising one. After all, despite having less than no discernible professional or educational background in social media, data analysis, information technology, or digital research, in recent years he’s enjoyed a stratospheric rise to mainstream prominence as an expert on online “disinformation,” and a series of well-remunerated posts at a number of state-backed and quasi-state organizations.

Feb 09 07:53

'Someone did something nice and you are victimized?': 'Woke' LA Times op-ed columnist is blasted for comparing Trump-supporting neighbors to Hezbollah and Nazi sympathizers after they kindly plowed snow from her yard

Megyn Kelly is leading criticism of a Los Angeles Times columnist who compared her neighbors to Nazi sympathizers and Hezbollah because they backed Donald Trump.

The Brooklyn-based author, Virginia Heffernan, wrote in Friday's paper that the 'Trumpites' next door to their 'pandemic getaway' in upstate New York had plowed her drive after a snow storm.

'Of course, on some level, I realize I owe them thanks — and, man, it really looks like the guy back-dragged the driveway like a pro — but how much thanks?' she wrote.

Feb 09 07:45

Glenn Greenwald Obliterates "Tattling, Hall Monitoring, Speech Policing" Journalists After Taylor Lorenz Self-Owns Into Oblivion

A new and rapidly growing journalistic “beat” has arisen over the last several years that can best be described as an unholy mix of junior high hall-monitor tattling and Stasi-like citizen surveillance. It is half adolescent and half malevolent. Its primary objectives are control, censorship, and the destruction of reputations for fun and power. Though its epicenter is the largest corporate media outlets, it is the very antithesis of journalism.

Feb 09 07:41

76-minute video: Need to Know news for lucid analysis and commentary on current events (February 8, 2021)

Professor Emeritus Jim Fetzer, Chris Weinert, and I discuss current events here on BitChute and here on YouTube:

Context: American Revolution 2.2 2020: PATRIOTS vs. LOYALISTS

I’m a professional historian with degrees from Berkeley and Harvard, helped craft and deliver ~300 policy briefs for Members of Congress on ending poverty that led to two UN Summits for heads of state, have written ~1,000 articles since 2009 with ~50 million page views that include published research, and was recognized by two Los Angeles Mayors as among the very best high school teachers among ~20,000 teachers in Central L.A.

Feb 09 07:14

Back to the 1640s: Witch-hunt against 'Covid denialists' in UK is just a continuation of previous campaigns against dissenters

The targeting of public figures who speak out against lockdowns and other Covid-orthodoxies has intensified in Britain, and there are clear connections with previous power-structure-protecting campaigns used to silence heretics.

The 1968 historical horror film ‘Witchfinder General’, which tells the story of 17th century witch-hunter Matthew Hopkins, who terrorised the countryside of Parliament-held eastern England during the English Civil War, is a harrowing watch. Its brilliant young director Michael Reeves, unable to sleep, died from an overdose of barbiturates (thought to be accidental) just a few months after its release.

Feb 09 07:05


The deaths and severe injuries from the COVID-19 vaccine are continuing to stack up. Here’s a question: how likely is it that the ruling class blames these deaths on COVID-21?

With the constant news of new “mutations” of the coronavirus designed to panic the already fearful masses into getting a vaccine that’s been horrifically damaging people and even killing them, we’d say this is likely. I hope I’m wrong, but not enough of the public has figured this out yet.

All of these agendas (the elitists own everything, they will take everything from you, you will be their slave permanently, unable to ever escape again, eugenics, and permission to do anything from those who desire ultimate control over everyone) are coalescing. Wake up now, or you won’t be able to. The ultimate goal is to take all of your property under the guise of you being unable to pay. What do you really think the lockdowns were for? Certainly not for a virus that statically, no one is dying from.

Feb 08 16:38

Study Disputes That Earth Is in a ‘Climate Emergency’


Maybe it’s time the Pope looked at some actual evidence…

Feb 08 16:15

Pentagon Goes Rooting for ‘Extremists’ Among Its 3.6mn Trained Killers

The US military is making a big show of cleansing its ranks of ‘extremism’ – because nothing says tolerance like raining fiery death on innocent strangers at the command of a guy who just stepped down from Raytheon’s board. -- With “domestic extremists” now officially the enemy du jour in Washington, the top order of business has become finding some. On Wednesday, newly-anointed secretary of defense (and former Raytheon board member) Lloyd Austin ordered a two-month stand-down so that commanders could engage in “needed discussions” with their subordinates on the issue.

Feb 08 16:07

Enemies of the Deep State: The Government’s War on Domestic Terrorism Is a Trap

This is the power grab hiding in plain sight, obscured by the political machinations of the self-righteous elite. This is how the government continues to exploit crises and use them as opportunities for power grabs under the guise of national security. Indeed, this is exactly how the government added red flag gun laws, precrime surveillance, fusion centers, threat assessments, mental health assessments, involuntary confinement to its arsenal of weaponized powers. -- The objective is not to make America safe again. That has never been the government’s aim.

Feb 08 15:58

All Hail the Conquering Central Bankers – Or Else

If you are unclear what’s happening, frankly, you aren’t paying attention. The central banks, at the urging of the World Economic Forum, have come from behind the shadows to assert their will over the world.

Feb 08 15:45

Big Brother Is Spying On You In Thousands Of Ways, And All Of That Info Now Goes Into Centralized “Fusion Systems”

They really do want to control what all of us do, say and think, and the Big Brother surveillance grid is becoming more suffocating with each passing year. -- If we do not put limits on this technology while we still can, it is just a matter of time before our society becomes a dystopian nightmare far more horrible than anything than George Orwell ever dared to imagine.

Feb 08 15:24

Las Vegas Sun Finally Releases Biden’s Anti-Gun Interview

Those who stay involved in the efforts to defend the Second Amendment have always known President Joe Biden is, to put it lightly, no friend to gun owners. During his campaign for the White House last year, the legacy media did everything they could to conceal that fact. The Las Vegas Sun recently revealed that it went so far as to bury an interview with candidate Biden that showed not just his disdain for our right to keep and bear arms, but his utter lack of comprehension of reality.

Feb 08 14:56

New Discovery In The Case Of Missing Flight MH370: ‘Secret’ Cargo Weighing Over 4 Metric Tons?

Thankfully, there are still folks out there who haven’t given up and are still trying to figure this mystery out.

One such person, reports Daily Express, is a MH370 investigative journalist named Florence de Changy, who recently made a very interesting discovery.

According to her upcoming book, The Disappearing Act, set to be released on June 8, 2021, the missing Boeing 777 was reported to have four-and-a-half metric tons of mangosteens (pictured below) on board when it took off from Kuala Lumpur Airport.

Changy is calling B.S. on that report, writing that the cargo manifest “could have been made public within minutes of the plane going missing,” but it was not. Plus, it took her more than two months to obtain on the plane’s cargo documents, and they were incomplete. Not normal.

Malaysian politician Anwar Ibrahim also told her, “I wonder what kind of cargo could be so secret that the cargo manifest of a commercial flight is treated as a classified document.”

Feb 08 14:38

Evidence Mounts that Capitol Breach Was Pre-Planned, Eroding Incitement Allegation in Trump Impeachment Trial

As former President Donald Trump’s Tuesday impeachment trial approaches, there is a growing body of evidence in criminal complaints and affidavits that the Jan. 6 Capitol breach had been pre-planned, undercutting the allegation leveled against Trump that he is guilty of “incitement to insurrection.”

A number of FBI affidavits filed in support of various charges—including conspiracy—against accused participants in the Capitol breach show evidence of pre-planning, reinforcing one of the arguments made by critics of the impeachment trial against Trump, namely that participants couldn’t have been incited by the president to break into the building if they had earlier planned to do so.

Feb 08 11:52

Days After Blocking Facebook, Myanmar’s Military Government Has Now Blocked Instagram and Twitter

Myanmar’s new military-led government has blocked Instagram and Twitter in the country in an attempt to squash citizen resistance to the coup it staged earlier this week that ousted the country’s democratically elected government.

The new restrictions were announced on Friday by Telenor, an internet provider with headquarters in Norway, which stated that all mobile operators, international gateways, and internet service providers in Myanmar received a directive from the country’s Ministry of Transport and Communications to block the social media networks until further notice.

The move comes just days after the new government blocked Facebook, which is estimated to be used by roughly half of the country’s 55 million people. It is one of the most popular forms of communication in Myanmar.

Feb 08 11:05

Dems Deride MTG for Supporting Conspiracies While Claiming Russia Was Behind Capitol Riots  

The House of Representatives has stripped new Georgia official Marjorie Taylor Greene from two committees over her history of promoting conspiracy theories. Congress took the highly unusual step today in voting 230 to 199 in favor of removing her from the education and budget committees, limiting her abilities and powers. In response, the 46-year-old freshman congresswoman described the Democrats as a “bunch of morons” and the new government as a “tyranny.”

Feb 08 10:47

Mass Manipulation – How it Works

Have you ever wondered how a herd of sheep is driven to their slaughterhouse? Manipulation of minds is a well-studied science, has been applied already for centuries, but is getting ever more sophisticated. For example, the many poignant assertions, Joseph Goebbels, Hitlers Minister of Propaganda (1933 to 1945), included, “if you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth”; or “if you make people believe in the threat of an enemy, they’ll do your bidding”– and “divide and polarize them, destroy their solidarity, and they follow your command”.

Feb 08 08:13

Impeachment prosecutors plan to prove that Trump incited Capitol riots with 'blockbuster' video juxtaposing the former president's remarks with chaotic scenes at the insurrection

Impeachment prosecutors are planning to prove that Donald Trump incited the January 6 Capitol riots with a dramatic video juxtaposing chaotic scenes at the insurrection with the former president's remarks.

One year after his first impeachment, Trump finds himself the target of an unprecedented second trial beginning Tuesday in the Senate.

The lead prosecutor, Democratic Rep Jamie Raskin of Maryland, offered a preview of the trial in an interview with the New York Times published Sunday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A most creative editing job, I would imagine!

Feb 08 07:35

The COVID-19 Pandemic as a Psychological Coup d’Etat

We have almost reached a full year since the spread of SARS-Cov2 was proclaimed a pandemic. If we are to believe the World Health Organization’s and individual governments’ official statistics, the number of confirmed cases is reaching 100 million with over 2 million deaths. Indeed, if these numbers can be relied upon, we can surely acknowledge there is a real pandemic.

Feb 08 07:19

US Reporting Fails to Note Foreign Roots of Haiti's 'Constitutional Crisis'

As per usual, news on Haiti in the U.S. remains limited, except for periods of 'crisis.' As if on cue, U.S. media began reporting on Haiti's "constitutional crisis" this week.

Most reporting failed to note the international role, and particularly the U.S., in creating this "crisis." And nearly all focused only on one segment of the opposition: leaders of Haiti's political parties.

Sunday, February 7, is the end of Haitian president Jovenel Moïse's term according to the constitution. He refuses to step down. This week, the opposition called for a two-day general strike, uniting around a transition with the head of Haiti's Supreme Court stepping in.

Most reporting failed to note the international role, and particularly the U.S., in creating this "crisis." And nearly all focused only on one segment of the opposition: leaders of Haiti's political parties.

Feb 08 07:08

Breaking: Twitter Indefinitely Suspends Gateway Pundit Account After We Announce More Video of TCF Center Fraud Will Be Released in Coming Days

Earlier today we tweeted out an update on our ongoing investigation of the Detroit TCF Center on November 4, 2020.

On Friday The Gateway Pundit released exclusive video from the TCF Center showing late-night deliveries of tens of thousands of votes to the TCF Center HOURS AFTER the deadline to turn in absentee ballots. The absentee ballots were counted before election day. The only absentee ballots they had left to count came in from the Zuckerberg boxes that were checked hourly.

We have much more on this incident to report on in the coming days.

Feb 08 06:23

How Robert Maxwell rose from poverty — and corrupted his daughter Ghislaine

Within 72 hours of her birth, Ghislaine Maxwell’s life was twisted by tragedy.

Baby Ghislaine was the ninth child born to Robert Maxwell, the self-made millionaire publisher, and his wife Betty. Though he had left his former name and identity far behind in a blighted corner of Czechoslovakia, Maxwell had been determined to sire a brood of nine children and recreate the family of his birth after Adolf Hitler’s forces slaughtered his siblings, both parents and a grandfather in the gas chambers of Auschwitz.

On Christmas Day 1961, Ghislaine’s arrival was the gift that achieved that goal. At age 38, Maxwell was at last the triumphant paterfamilias, the prosperous lord of a grand 53-room mansion in Oxford, England — 1,400 miles and a world away from his own childhood in a two-room, earth-floored shack.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The corporate media pushes the "It's not her fault" agenda.

Feb 07 15:04

Americans Have Never Been More Dissatisfied With How The Country Is Functioning Than They Are Right Now

Are you satisfied with life in America right now?  Before you answer that question, consider more than just politics.  Taking an overall view that encompasses every aspect of our society, are you generally satisfied with how our society is functioning at this moment or not?  Needless to say, we are coming off a very tough year, and 2021 has not started smoothly either.  The COVID pandemic continues to drag on, we are mired in the worst economic downturn in more than 70 years, and there is civil unrest in our streets on an almost nightly basis.  All of these trials and tribulations have taken a great toll on us emotionally, and so perhaps it shouldn’t be a surprise that a new Gallup survey has found that the American people are less satisfied with how our nation is functioning than they ever have been before…

Feb 07 13:01

Pro-Gun and Pro-Responsibility: Not “Only Ones” Elitism ~ Video

It’s easy to fall into the trap of elitism, but really, what makes you any better or more qualified than the next person, and what gives you the right to make such a critical and personal decision for them? Sure there are people that are less responsible, less thoughtful, less scrupulous, and potentially more dangerous than others, but laws about when and where you can carry a gun, generally have little to no impact on the few of those people who might actually pose a risk.

Feb 07 11:57

Capitol protest organizer outed as “prolific” FBI informant?

It is now believed that Nazarro’s arrest was a ploy by the FBI to protect one of its assets. This would make sense, seeing as how the FBI has done this type of thing many times before and gotten away with it.

Feb 07 08:18

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell’s Election Conspiracy Film Pulled Off YouTube

“Absolute Proof,” the so-called “documentary” about election fraud from My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell, has been yanked by YouTube.

The two-hour film sees the avid Donald Trump supporter falsely claim that the former president won the 2020 presidential election, repeating a number of debunked election fraud claims in the process. The film was uploaded to multiple platforms, with several sites since YouTube removed it. YouTube said in a statement on Friday that all versions of the film would be taken down.

“Per our presidential election integrity policy, we remove content uploaded after the safe harbor deadline that advances false claims that widespread fraud, errors, or glitches changed the outcome of the 2020 U.S. presidential election,” a rep for the company told Fast Company. “We removed this video and its reuploads in accordance with this policy.”

Feb 07 08:16

Twitter suspends ‘Gateway Pundit’ Jim Hoft

Jim Hoft, founder and editor of the far-right publication The Gateway Pundit, was suspended from Twitter Saturday evening for violating the platform’s rules. The account, @gatewaypundit, no longer has a presence on Twitter, save for a message that indicates the account has been suspended. Prior to the suspension, the @gatewaypundit account had more than 375,000 followers.

A spokesperson for Twitter said, “The account was permanently suspended for repeated violations of our civic integrity policy.” The policy restricts users on the platform from sharing information that undermines elections and other civic processes, including sharing misinformation regarding the outcome of elections.

Feb 07 07:53

Sleeping Giants’ Anonymous Founder Unmasked; Top Ad Writer Behind Boycott Campaign Targeting Breitbart, Ingraham

The founder of Sleeping Giants, a left-wing activist group that has targeted right-wing voices with boycott campaigns, has managed to keep his identity a secret, even as his own group has become a major political player among liberals. Until now.

Sleeping Giants was founded by Matt Rivitz, an award-winning ad copywriter based in San Francisco, a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation has found.

Feb 07 07:31

Lockdowns Have Depleted Capital in All Forms

Lockdowns seem focused on expenditures and consumption but fundamentally they attack capital. The restaurant, the theater, the stadium, the school, the means of transport, all are forced into idleness. They cannot return a profit to the owners. It’s a form of theft. All that you have done to save and work and invest is voided.

Feb 07 06:53

Independent Media Under Fire : “Disinformation” for speaking up about the abuse

Big Tech is running scared now because Conservatives and other censored voices are beginning to unite and see their common enemy in broad daylight. Florida is one of the first states to give conservatives the power to sue Big Tech when they censor conservative’s political speech and impede their ability to participate in democracy. Right now, the authoritarian Democrats and the Big Tech elite look desperate and weak as they do everything in their power to manipulate their victims into thinking the censorship never actually happened to them, that they are going crazy, that the abuse is somehow justified.

Feb 07 06:42

AOC is the new Jussie Smollet…. (Twisting the Narrative)

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (AOC) theatrical retelling of what she supposedly went through on Jan. 6 at the hands of the Capitol “insurrectionists” is just that: a theatrical performance.

Feb 06 13:11

“Reality Czar” to Imprison/Silence Anyone they Claim is Stating Fake News? (New Thoughts)

Fake news is not limited to the United States. The press has joined the governments 100% around the world.  Journalism is dead. It is now all about just indoctrination. The New York Times wants a “Reality Czar” to imprison and fine anyone who dares to argue an opposite view? Welcome to Communism 3.0. They are destroying everything for their fictional Utopia.

Feb 06 13:04

…The Fire This Time

How do you think the value of shares manages to go up, up, up, and away, day-after-day, while the value of the economic activity goes down, down, down day-after-day? Must be Modern Monetary Magic, like the Federal Reserve purchasing $80-billion a month in US Treasury bond issues and another $40-billion in mortgage-backed securities for a grand total of $140-billion a month. The real monetary magic, of course, is that it’s possible to have a Wall Street boom while the economy collapses. The nation’s assets have already been stripped, so where is all this “value” actually coming from? Answer: from the false expectation of enormous future American productivity. It’s false because it’s based on the creation of debt that can’t possibly be paid back…ever. It’s not based on investment in future productive enterprise.

Feb 06 11:47

WOW : Deep state boasts of “conspiracy” against Trump in 2020 election

Now that they think their anointed is safely enthroned at the White House, the Deep State, through its propaganda mouthpiece Time magazine, is gloating over a “conspiracy” of Big Business, Big Tech, Big Government, Big Labor, and other powerful forces to oust President Trump from office. The behind-the-scenes operation has eerie parallels with “Color Revolutions” staged in foreign lands by the very same operatives who took down Trump.

Feb 06 11:13

OBEY : TSA to fine mask violators up to $1,500

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has recommended a fine of $250, increasing to up to $1,500, for repeated violations of its recently released federal transportation face mask requirement. Talk about a strong-arm move to crush people into obedience...

Feb 06 10:06

The State Is Destroying Freedom, Life, and History By Censoring and Eliminating Information and Speech

We are experiencing a time when information should be the most abundant in the history of mankind, but it is being censored and eliminated to the point of closing the door to any information that is not approved by the controlling class and their political accomplices. This is unbelievably dangerous, because when the people allow speech to be manipulated or restricted in any way, truth is effectively erased, and all that is left is state propaganda. With speech censored and effectively disappeared, only the state narrative will be reported. In this environment, the masses will normally accept the lies as truth and the truth as lies. This can only lead to a slave society.

Feb 06 09:53

H.R.127: Unconstitutional overreach from authoritarian socialists bent on gun confiscation

Authoritarian leftists always love to foster their little freedom fantasies. Not quite setting fire to the Bill of Rights, just dangling it over a dumpster fire by a thread so they can at least feign support for basic human rights, ‘we support the second amendment but.’ That’s a pretty hard sell with this monstrosity that essentially ties up every gun in a virtual confiscation scheme while forcing gun owners to pay for the privilege.

Feb 06 09:00

YouTube and Vimeo pull MyPillow Mike Lindell's election fraud 'documentary' as he pays OAN to air it 13 times in one weekend - but the right-wing network airs disclaimer that it has no 'established facts' and is 'opinion only'

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell on Friday released his two-hour film 'Absolute Proof' which pushes his voter fraud conspiracy theories and falsely claims a Chinese cyberattack 'flipped' the 2020 election.

The Donald Trump supporter released the movie, which he described as a documentary despite the lack of proof of any voter fraud, after describing the Republican's presidential defeat as a 'communist coup'.

It was scheduled to air on One America News (OAN) four times throughout the day and several other times through the weekend - on 13 occassions in total - after being paid for by Lindell.

Feb 06 08:55

Trump praises Lou Dobbs as Fox News cancels his high-rated show a day after voting software company Smartmatic filed a $2.7billion defamation suit against the 75-year-old host and the network for pushing election fraud conspiracy

Fox News is cancelling its highest-rated show Lou Dobbs Tonight, which will air for the final time on Friday, according to reports.

Dobbs, 75, is the network's staunchest supporter of Donald Trump and consistently pushed the former President's claims of voter fraud on air, and assertions that he was won the 2020 election.

Trump on Friday praised Dobbs saying in a statement that the host 'is and was great'.

'Nobody loves America more than Lou,' Trump added. 'He had a large and loyal following that will be watching closely for his next move, and that following includes me.'

The cancellation comes a day after voting software company Smartmatic sued Fox News and three of its hosts - Dobbs, Maria Bartiromo and Jeanine Pirro - for defamation over their coverage of Trump's election fraud claims.

Feb 06 08:10

LA Times Likens ‘Aggressive Niceness’ of ‘Trumpites’ to Terrorist Hospitality, ‘Polite’ Nazis

The Los Angeles Times published an op-ed on Friday addressing the struggle to “resist demands for unity” in the face of acts of “aggressive niceness” on the part of friendly Trump-supporting neighbors who are compared to terror organizations who “offer protection and hospitality” and “polite” Nazis.

The essay, penned by journalist Virginia Hefferman and titled, “What can you do about the Trumpites next door?” seeks to present the author’s dilemma in dealing with “Trumpite” neighbors who plowed her driveway without being asked “and did a great job.”

The Trump-supporting neighbors are described as moderate, not “being Q or believing Trump actually won.”

“How am I going to resist demands for unity in the face of this act of aggressive niceness?” she asks, articulating the “torment” she struggles with throughout the essay.

Feb 06 08:07

Blue State Blues: We Are Overdue for a Reckoning on the ‘Russia Collusion’ Hoax

On Thursday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) rose in her own defense as the Democrat-run House of Representatives prepared to strip her of her committee memberships because of offensive comments she made on social media before she had been elected to Congress or even run for office.

Greene explained that the appeal of the QAnon conspiracy theory, in which she had once believed, was that it explained otherwise bizarre claims of “Russia collusion.”

House Rules Committee Chair Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA) said Greene was trying to blame others for her misdeeds. That was both false and unfair.

Greene acknowledged that what she had said was wrong. She was trying to explain it: when an entire political party, and the whole of the mainstream media, believed a conspiracy theory that Vladimir Putin put President Donald Trump in office, the idea that a Deep State cabal was out to get him was not entirely implausible.

Feb 06 08:02

Nolte: How the Fake Media Destroy Trump Supporters Like NFL Legend Jim Brown

Football legend Jim Brown is a Trump supporter and for committing the sin of being a free-thinking black man, the fake media are using the movie One Night in Miami to single him out for reputational destruction.

In order to spew a bunch of woke talking points, One Night in Miami is a terrible movie that uses a real-life event to spread a ton of lies about soul singer Sam Cooke being some sort of Uncle Tom. You can read all about that in my review here.

Something else that’s happening with the movie’s release is the media using it as a means to make an example out of Jim Brown, to punish him for daring to support President Trump.

After the release of the movie, the far-left Los Angeles Times ran a big column with this headline: “‘One Night in Miami’ doesn’t acknowledge Jim Brown’s history of violence. But we must.”

Feb 06 08:00

'1984' Coming to a Neighborhood Government Center Near You

A Tech columnist for The New York Times urged the Biden administration Tuesday to tackle the avalanche of misinformation flooding the internet, cable and broadcast news.

And the columnist, Kevin Roose, even suggested how to do it (and no, it wasn't by banning CNN and MSNBC).

He proposed that the president appoint a "reality czar" to lead a task force that would separate fact from fiction.

"This task force could also meet regularly with tech platforms and push for structural changes that could help those companies tackle their own extremism and misinformation problems," Roose wrote.

"For example, it could formulate 'safe harbor' exemptions that would allow platforms to share data about QAnon and other conspiracy theory communities with researchers and government agencies without running afoul of privacy laws. And it could become the tip of the spear for the federal government's response to the reality crisis."

Feb 05 15:57

Pentagon blog warns that freedom leads to populism, which “undermines national security”

The military-industrial complex is doubling down on its crusade against free expression, warning that the First Amendment should no longer be tolerated because it threatens “national security.” -- Citing the Jan. 6 “insurrection” against the United States Capitol as proof, Divya Ramjee and Elsa B. Kania, writing for the Pentagon’s Defense One blog, contend that all online free speech needs to be filtered by a Ministry of Truth in order to prevent the type of “disinformation and incitements to violence” that led to the Capitol false flag attack.

Feb 05 15:47

All American travelers are THREATENED to wear masks, and can be ordered to remove them if the government needs to scan your face

Government violating its own U.S. Code by treating everyone as a source of infection, with no probable cause or evidence...

Feb 05 13:12


YouTube has age-restricted Part 2 and Part 3 of The WWI Conspiracy. A listener writes in to ask whether he has to sign in to YouTube to watch the rest of the documentary. The answer (in case you didn’t know) is: NO! STOP WATCHING THINGS ON YOUTUBE!!!

Watch the documentary for free, read the transcript, download the video and audio files here:

Feb 05 12:19


This is the Bitchute version as the YouTube version is being deleted. One right in front of my eyes as I was watching.

Feb 05 11:44


Feb 05 11:35

Big-Tech Finding Out That The Stance They Took Against Conservatives Is Likely To Backfire

Big Tech might have shot themselves in the foot with Biden help and inside support by silencing the opposition. A majority of Republicans and an increasing number of democrats now promote the government regulating social media giants and cutting Big Tech, according to a poll published Thursday - the funny thing is had Trump been inaugurated for his second term, there is little chance this would be happening - be careful what you wish for.

In a poll carried by YouGov and the Center for Growth and Opportunity, 56% of Republicans stated they favored breaking up Big Tech companies into simply small firms. The organizations studied 1,000 people soon after the 2020 presidential election. Approval is up somewhat from 49% in July 2020.

Furthermore, 55% of Republicans stated they support the government regulating social media giants, versus only 47% in July.

Feb 05 11:34

AOC compares herself to war veterans after her Capitol riot exaggerations backfire

After Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Capitol Hill riot exaggerations backfired, the young lawmaker has now likened herself to war veterans who have experienced trauma on the front lines.

The controversial Democrat at first intimated that she was facing a pro-Trump mob in the halls outside her office when rioters stormed the Capitol building. However, it was revealed that Ocasio-Cortez wasn't present at the time of the attack on Congress, and that her office is in another building entirely.

Feb 05 10:47

One hundred and thirty thousand illegal ballots arrive at Michigan arena: Voter fraud caught on video

Michigan resident who was present at the Detroit TFC Center ballot counting center on the night of 4 November has come forth with a personal testimony that dovetails with surveillance footage captured from the arena that night that shows an unmarked white van delivering over 138,000 illegal ballots at 3:30 a.m. just hours ahead of the 8 a.m. deadline.

A man by the name of Shane Trejo claims that he witnessed the early morning ballot drop.

“There were at least 50 boxes that I saw unloaded at 3:30 am, well after the 8:00 pm deadline for ballots to show up,” he said.

Feb 05 08:17

Snopes Posts Bogus Pro-AOC ‘Fact Check,’ Ends Up Exposing Its Left-Wing Bias

Fact-checking site Snopes published a supposed report on Feb. 3 titled “Did AOC Exaggerate the Danger She Was in During Capitol Riot?” This title was immediately followed by the heading “AOC was targeted with another round of bad-faith smears after giving an emotional, firsthand account of her experiences during the Capitol riot,” clearly indicating the tone and premise of the “fact check,” which quickly demonstrates its overt left-wing bias.

Feb 05 08:04

How Phony Coronavirus “Fear Videos” Were Used as Psychological Weapons to Bring America to Her Knees

If you were online during January 2020 you likely saw the barrage of video clips that were supposedly coming out of China depicting ghastly “Coronavirus” scenes.

Most of those videos have been quietly wiped off the internet, but back in January and February those grisly videos were a viral sensation and they scared the sense out of Americans.

The videos captured supposed Coronavirus victims in various stages of pandemic horror. Some showed people foaming at the mouth and collapsing in the streets, while others featured ominous government officials wearing Hazmat suits, hovering over lifeless bodies struck down from the virus.

It was a virtual buffet of fear-porn, and Americans couldn’t get enough of it.

Feb 05 07:47

Friday News Roundup: AOC’s Riot Fable Continues to Fall Apart

Every day is a new day for China Joe Biden. – President Biden just can’t help himself. Yesterday he repeated a lie that he made up a decade ago about getting “shot at” while on a trip in the Middle East. That lie has been debunked more times than Jussie Smollett’s lies, but the President likely just forgot about that fact. So, he just blurted it out one more time:

This is who we have in the White House: A man who can’t remember things from one day to the next. If you think it looks and sounds as if every day is a new day for Joe Biden, that’s because it is.

The woman is lying. If you see her lips moving, she’s lying. That’s what she does. – In what should come as a surprise to literally no one on the face of the earth who has synapses firing in their cranial cavities, more factual problems have arisen about the fables AOC has been telling about her experience during the Capitol Riot of January 6.

Feb 05 07:46

AOC Goes Fact-Check-Free on Instagram

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a darling of the left, not just in the news media but in Hollywood and pop culture venues. She's been on the cover of Time, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Bloomberg Businessweek, New York Magazine and the Hollywood Reporter. She is hailed all over for her social media prowess.

But at a time when these left-wing venues have expressed a massive panic over misinformation on the internet and the need for fact-checking, they don't seem to feel this way about anything spouted by AOC.

Feb 05 07:01

Whistleblower evidence leaves Zuckerberg speechless at hearing.

Feb 05 07:01

Wikipedia launches new code of conduct that bans “false” info and “trolling,” encourages preferred pronoun use

If you're tired of cancel culture and censorship subscribe to Reclaim The Net.
The Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit behind the world’s biggest online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, has announced a new code of content for Wikipedia that prohibits “hate speech” and “false” information on the site and also heavily promotes identity politics.

Under the new code of conduct, Wikipedia contributors are expected to “respect the way that contributors name and describe themselves” and this includes “the use of people’s preferred gender identity using distinct names or pronouns.”

Feb 05 06:51

70-minute video: Need to Know news for lucid analysis and commentary on current events (February 4, 2021)

Professor Emeritus Jim Fetzer, David Scorpio, and I discuss current events here on BitChute (censored on YouTube).

Context: American Revolution 2.2 2020: PATRIOTS vs. LOYALISTS

I’m a professional historian with degrees from Berkeley and Harvard, helped craft and deliver ~300 policy briefs for Members of Congress on ending poverty that led to two UN Summits for heads of state, have written ~1,000 articles since 2009 with ~50 million page views that include published research, and was recognized by two Los Angeles Mayors as among the very best high school teachers among ~20,000 teachers in Central L.A.

I also wrote a 2005 ~40-page White Paper circulated among Members of Congress to impeach President Bush and Vice President Cheney for those lie-started Orwellian-illegal Wars of Aggression (200+ footnotes using our own government’s most authoritative official documents as slam-dunk proof of lies known to be lies as they were told, and the opposite of lawful military attack).

Feb 05 06:49

Pompeo Says China Will Use Artificial Intelligence to Harm US

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in an interview aired on Feb. 4 that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will use artificial intelligence to comb through troves of personal data on U.S. citizens recovered from Chinese technology and apps and use the intelligence as a weapon to strong-arm the United States.

“They will use that information. They will use artificial intelligence to gather it up. And then they will turn around and tell us that if we don’t act in a way that’s consistent with what the Chinese Communist Party wants, they will impose real costs on the United States,” Pompeo told Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo.

Pompeo was responding to a question on whether the administration of President Joe Biden should keep in place the sanctions and other restrictions imposed on Chinese companies by former President Donald Trump.

Feb 05 06:47

Meet the people at AT&T, owner of CNN, who think it’s OK to silence Americans

Feb 05 06:18

Media Runs Defense for Amazon After Retail Giant Caught Stealing Millions From Workers

It has been a turbulent 24 hours for retail giant Amazon. First, the company’s founder (and world’s richest individual) Jeff Bezos announced that he would step down as CEO. Then, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ruled that the company had illegally stolen more than $61 million worth of customer tips meant for its delivery drivers.

Under their contracts, Amazon drivers were supposed to make between $18 and $25 per hour and keep all their tips. However, since at least 2016, the company had been secretly confiscating tips customers sent through an app, using their contributions to reduce their own wage payouts, meaning they were swindling both customers and employees. “In total, Amazon stole nearly one-third of drivers’ tips to pad its own bottom line,” said FTC Commissioner Rohit Chopra.

Feb 05 06:16

Why Always Israel? Only One Country Matters to Congress and the Media

Pandering to Israel as part of the political process in the United States has become part of the DNA of both major parties.

The job of U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations must have some kind of curse on it as it seems to attract a type of woman who seeks to prove her suitability by running up a tally of how many wars she can start and how many people she can kill. One recalls fondly Bill Clinton’s monstrous Madeleine Albright, who famously declared the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children as “worth it” due to the sanctions that Washington had imposed and enforced. And then there was Barack Obama’s darling Samantha Power, who was the spokesperson for the completely unnecessary slaughter of Syrians and Libyans to bring them democracy. And, most recently, we have had Nikki Haley, who didn’t start her own war but kept the ones ongoing during her watch on the boil while also taking on the task of being the most strident defender of Israel’s war crimes.

Feb 05 06:07

The Big Business Of Trump Hate: Even Taxpayer Funded C-Span Wants To Cash In On Sham Trial

Nonprofit public TV service C-SPAN urged Senate leaders on Tuesday to grant the network the power to cover the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump.

“We respectfully request that when the Senate begins the impeachment trial of President Trump on February 9th, you allow C-SPAN to position our camera in the Senate Chamber to cover these proceedings,” Susan Swain, President, and CEO of C-SPAN wrote representing the network to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Swain explained that it is pretty important to cover the impeachment process in the Senate. Under the Senate guideline, Senate Recording Studio usually provides the feed of Senate floor debates in a limited view. Though Swain explained she hopes Schumer agrees with her and many others’ opinion that the “American public deserves a more comprehensive view of this historic Senate trial.”

Feb 04 17:45

Surveillance Kills Freedom

A watched person hesitates to exercise freedom. The more the government gets away with surveillance without warrants, the more people will accept the servitude it brings.

Feb 04 16:19

It’s time to take seriously teachers’ refusal to teach

Before I go any farther, I'd better apologize to those readers who are intelligent, dedicated teachers who do not think theirs is the hardest job in the world, that they receive the lowest salary of any employee ever, or that they are uniquely vulnerable to the Wuhan virus despite evidence that classrooms are not dangerous virus spreaders.  This post is not about you.  This post is about teachers who use their classrooms to indoctrinate the captive young people in their charge with leftist values.

Feb 04 16:11

The Federal Mask Police Are Coming For You

Even though the number of new COVID cases in the United States has been dropping precipitously, a strict new federal mask mandate is being implemented from coast to coast, and it will be enforced by the TSA and other law enforcement authorities.  If you use public transportation without wearing a mask, the “mask police” will find you, and there is a very good chance that you could end up behind bars.  If you find this to be offensive, that is too bad, because in “Amerika” you are not permitted to have dissenting views.  You will either obey or the cold, hard boot of the government will come down on your neck.

Feb 04 15:59

Voting technology company Smartmatic files $2.7 billion lawsuit against Fox News, Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell over 'disinformation campaign'

A voting technology company swept up in baseless conspiracy theories about the 2020 election filed a monster $2.7 billion lawsuit on Thursday against Fox News, some of the network's star hosts, and pro-Trump attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell, alleging the parties worked in concert to wage a "disinformation campaign" that has jeopardized its very survival.

"We have no choice," Antonio Mugica, the chief executive and founder of Smartmatic, told CNN Business in an interview about the company's decision to file the lawsuit. "The disinformation campaign that was launched against us is an obliterating one. For us, this is existential, and we have to take action."

Feb 04 15:56

These are the words colleges don’t want you to say

Amid a nationwide movement to remove statues, symbols, and words in the name of inclusion, Campus Reform rounded up recent examples of words that have been banned on college campuses.

Feb 04 15:46

The Biden coronavirus spending bill is nothing but a financial payoff to the Democrat-controlled cities and states that RIGGED the election

The Democratic Party has long used American taxpayers as a bank to finance schemes rewarding allies and favored groups. -- In fact, truth be told, there is probably a course on political patronage that every Democrat must secretly take and pass before becoming a party member in good standing. -- That has to be true because that is literally all the party does: Pay off allies and friends and provide political cover while doing so.

Feb 04 15:41

Harold Meyerson wants all Republicans to be put on a domestic terrorism watch list

In a piece he wrote for the far-left publication American Prospect, columnist Harold Meyerson made the suggestion that all Republicans need to be put on a domestic terrorism watch list because some of them have said mean things about Democrats.

Feb 04 15:35

Gun Bans and Prior Restraints Being Sold as “Progress”

The Center for American Progress presented “6 Policies to Reduce Gun Violence in Nevada” on Wednesday. Replete with footnotes to make it appear to be a serious study, it unsurprisingly shows itself to be another piece of Astroturf propaganda commissioned by connected and powerful elites. It has been designed to smear gun owners and advance citizen disarmament by swindling the ignorant into surrendering their rights.

Feb 04 15:30

At Home and on the Road – More Self Defense Gun Stories

You probably didn’t see this news covered by the mainstream media, but again last week, responsible gun owners defended themselves and the people they love.