Mar 11 10:03

George W. Bush Has Made His Decision On Whom To Support For President

NOBODY! That’s right, nobody!
Bad blood between Cruz and Bush go back to when they were on opposite sides of a bitter lawsuit. Bush wanted to spare the life of an illegal alien rapist. Cruz wanted him executed, and Cruz won at the Supreme Court. Texas gave the guy the needle and GWB was still mad. Bush’s words about Cruz? “I just don’t like the guy.”

The decision not to throw his weight behind any single candidate comes a week after 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney – who attacked frontrunning contender Donald Trump – also declined to endorse any single Trump opponent.

(*Neil must really be The Black[est] Sheep of the family !)

Mar 11 09:37

BEX ALERT - Trump Comes Under Fire for Violence at His Rallies

Addressing a growing problem for his presidential campaign, Donald Trump said he doesn't condone violence at his rallies but he insisted that sometimes protesters are "really dangerous" and must be controlled or ejected.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Donald Trump didn't create the violence at his rallies. It was created FOR him by outside agitators!

Stop and think. If people do not like Trump, why would they bother going to his rallies UNLESS it was to try to cause trouble?

Mar 11 09:16

Hillary Clinton’s Destruction Of Emails Was A Federal Crime

However, our laws have been written so as to protect government officials, and corporate executives, if and when they are prosecuted for it. This leaves considerable discretion for prosecutors and judges to let them off the hook; and, as a consequence of this rampant discretion, there are numerous similar cases that receive starkly different procedural and judicial outcomes (a classic definition of “injustice”); so that, in this, as in so many other aspects of government in the United States, our country is far more a government by persons, than it is a government by laws.

Mar 11 08:43

Missing Clinton E-Mail Claims Saudis Financed Benghazi Attacks

This missing e-mail from February 16, 2013 only exists in the original leak and states that French and Libyan intelligence agencies had evidence that the In Amenas and Benghazi attacks were funded by “Sunni Islamists in Saudi Arabia.”

Mar 11 08:31

Loretta Lynch: DOJ Not Required to Take FBI Advice on Hillary Prosecution

The Department of Justice would not be required to have to prosecute Hillary Clinton even if the FBI were to recommend charges be filed against her for the use of a private email server when she was secretary of state, Attorney General Loretta Lynch has indicated.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 11 08:18

Was A TIME Front-Cover ‘Hero’ A Fraud?

A court ruling, on March 10th, in a Southern District of New York (Manhattan) lawsuit, raises serious question as to whether Preet Bharara, U.S. President Barack Obama’s Prosecutor for Wall Street crimes, is a glory-hound fake, who cares little or nothing about destroying Wall Street’s innocent relative small fry, in order to provide to the public the false impression that the Obama Administration is pursuing criminality by the really big fish in Wall Street’s authentic mega-firms. (TRAC Reports, the service that tracks federal prosecutions, reported in 2015, “Federal White Collar Prosecutions at 20-Year Low” and that this was especially so for “Bank Fraud.”)

Mar 11 08:15

Leaking Beachfront Nuclear Reactor Near Miami Threatening Florida Everglades

By Claire Bernish

According to a study released by Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez on Monday, the waters of Biscayne Bay measured 215 times the level of radioactive tritium as is found in normal ocean water...

Mar 11 07:54

Hillary . . . Why Would the Benghazi Mom Have Made Up Her Story?

This is not a rhetorical question.

In (*Wednesday) night’s Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton was asked about how Patricia Smith, the mother of one of the Americans who was killed in the Benghazi attacks, accused Clinton of lying to her at her son’s funeral.

Without skipping a beat, Clinton answered: “She’s wrong, she’s absolutely wrong.”

Now, I have to ask: Why would Smith say it if it weren’t true?

This is not a rhetorical question. I really am asking! I’m a pretty doggone creative person, but no matter how hard I try, I just cannot seem to think of a single reason why Smith would lie about this.


Mar 11 07:21

‘US-led invasion of Libya opened up massive arsenals to terrorists’ - Chris Hedges

It is probably not an existential threat, but it is a threat, because after the US overthrow of [Muammar] Gaddafi it essentially opened up these massive Libyan arsenals to a series of groups reaching all the way down into Sub-Saharan Africa – countries like Mali. So you have provided one logistical base, because these militants are based just over the border in Libya, along the border with Tunisia; and it has provided weapons by which they can carry out attacks. Of course it has also provided training.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Hillary emails confirm that the US was smuggling Libyan weapons to ISIS and Al Qaeda in Syria.

Mar 11 07:08

5 elite national FBI agents under criminal investigation for shots fired at LaVoy Finicum and possible cover-up

One or more FBI agents from a special “elite national unit” are suspected of lying about shots that were in fact fired at Oregon Occupier, rancher and family man LaVoy Finicum while he and others were en route to meet with the Sheriff of a neighboring county on Jan. 26, and are currently being investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Mar 11 06:47

Publicly, Secretary #Hillary2016 opposed the 2009 Honduran coup d'état, but her emails reveal her secret support.

Mar 11 06:20

Does Neil Bush Work For Ted Cruz Or Is It The Other Way Around ?

Neil Bush: Trump Can't Survive a One-on-One Race
“Well, it’s become very clear to me Neil that Ted is the only guy that can unify our party and we have huge challenges facing our nation. I was excited to see that Paul Ryan wants to lay out an aggressive reform-minded agenda and we need to send to Washington as our chief executive a president that is principled, who is focused on sticking to his principles of conservative leadership and Ted’s the only guy right now in the race that’s left, that has these strong, principled, conservative views,” Bush told the FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto.

Bush told Cavuto he hadn’t actually talked about his support of Ted Cruz with his brother yet.

“I did not discuss with my brother Jeb, he may be learning this for the first time watching your show>>>

When asked if Jeb was ready to support or endorse anyone, Bush said: “I really don’t know what he is thinking right now. I’m sure he is enjoying his private life. My brother has never made a habit of calling me for political advice, so that probably doesn’t surprise anybody out there.

(*Jeb! , it sounds , probably would have kept a better distance from Neil , instead of the threat Cruz is leveling on the whole world .)

Mar 11 05:10

North Carolina's Congressional Primaries Are A Mess Because Of These Maps

North Carolina voters are likely to be confused when they arrive at the polling place on March 15th. In addition to presidential candidates, voters will see congressional primary candidates on the ballot.

But thanks to a federal court decision, the districts those candidates represent no longer exist and any voters in those races won't count.

Thanks to three judges, two animal shapes and one hastily redrawn map of U.S. House seats, North Carolina politics have been thrown into chaos.

Mar 11 04:14

Video: All of America’s Wars Begin with False Flags (and WWIII Will Too)

They sure don’t teach you this in school, kids.

This D.C. think tank jerk off blatantly admitted all of America’s wars have traditionally begun with false flag events, and they know they will need another one to get the war with Iran started that they’ve been working on for so long. This video is a few years old now, but it’s more relevant today with what’s going on in the Middle East than ever.

Whatever happens over there, just know how absolutely manufactured all of it is.

Mar 10 21:57

How Would Knowing the Truth Change U.S. Policy on ISIS?

At the root of the new U.S. priority for overthrowing Syria is then, once again, the desire to run an oil pipeline through Syria. The heart of the U.S. plan has been, again, arming and training Islamic militants. Two years before any of us heard about ISIS, the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) noted that "the Salafist, the Muslim Brotherhood and AQI (now ISIS), are the major forces driving the insurgency in Syria. . . .

Mar 10 21:44

Daryl Bradford Smith archive (books, audio, etc)

this link is a mirror of Daryl's main page (before he took it down out of fear of being arrested and thrown in a dungeon by the French government.) everything on the page seems to be working and downloadable at the present time.

Mar 10 20:37

BEX Alert!!! - "Iran ordered to pay $10.5 billion for 9/11 by US judge"

A US judge ordered Iran to pay over $10 billion in damages to families of victims who died on September 11, 2001 – even though there is no evidence of Tehran’s direct connection to the attack. The same judge earlier cleared Saudi Arabia from culpability.

The default judgement was issued by US District Judge George Daniels in New York on Wednesday. Under the ruling, Tehran was ordered to pay $7.5 billion to 9/11 victims’ families, including $2 million to each victim’s estate for pain and suffering, and another $6.88 million in punitive damages. Insurers who paid for property damage and claimed their businesses were interrupted were awarded an additional $3 billion in the ruling.

Mar 10 18:35

What the Trump Phenomenon Means for Israel - An Analysis by Lawrence Davidson

Trump’s insistence on staying “neutral” when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian problem has not cost him any popular support. Both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have “sneeringly lambasted” Trump for not supporting Israel, but to no avail. Trump just “laughed all the way to the top of the Republican presidential field.”

Mar 10 17:58

Questions linger about LePage

Questions linger about LePage’s endorsement of Trump
Some see the influence of New Jersey Gov. Christ Christie in the Maine governor's about-face.
At a private meeting of Republican governors in Washington, D.C., on Feb. 20, LePage urged his fellow chief executives to disavow Trump, according to a story published Saturday in the New York Times. LePage urged his fellow governors to distance themselves from Trump by penning an open letter “to the people,” the Times reported, but the letter was never written.

Six days after the governors’ meeting, LePage endorsed Trump>>>

(*submitted for those suspecting VOTE FRAUD up they-ah in Maine !)

Mar 10 16:45

Singer in Paris Attacks Suggests Inside Job

The frontman of the band whose concert turned into a terrorist bloodbath in Paris has suggested the attack was an inside job, saying he was suspicious of the club’s security guards.

The historic Bataclan angrily rejected the “senseless” claim and said that Jesse Hughes’ allegations were because he was traumatized.

Hughes, the singer and guitarist of Eagles of Death Metal, said he immediately felt uneasy when setting up for the November 13 show as a guard in charge of the backstage area at the Bataclan club did not make eye contact.

“I didn’t like him at all. And so I immediately went to the promoter and said, ‘Who’s that guy? I want to put another dude on,’” Hughes said in an interview broadcast late Wednesday with Fox Business.

“He goes, 'Well, some of the other guards aren’t here yet.’ And eventually I found out that six or so wouldn’t show up at all,” Hughes said.

Mar 10 15:47

THE FIX IS IN! Lynch indicates DOJ not required to charge Clinton

Attorney General Loretta Lynch indicated Wednesday that the law doesn't require the Justice Department to pursue criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email system, even if the FBI recommends criminal charges.

Mar 10 15:33

Stolen Valor: Washington Post Claims Credit for Syrian Anti-ISIS Victories for the US

Stick to reading WaPo and you may come off with the impression it's US rather than Syrians and Russians rolling back ISIS. The public relation functionary for the CIA, the Pentagon, Israel and the Saudis - David Ignatius of the Washington Post - forgot to take his meds. Thus he experienced an outbreak of acute delusions...


Mar 10 15:00

How Neil Bush Succeeded in Business Without Really Trying

Neil Bush, the fourth child of George and Barbara, was long thought to be the rising star of the family. He had the looks, the convivial demeanor, middle-of-the-road politics and, despite suffering from a severe case of dyslexia that made him the laughing stock of St. Albans (the stuffy DC prep school that groomed Al Gore) the brainpower. At least he seemed brighter than Jeb or George Jr. And, most important of all, he was the favorite son of Barbara Bush, the Agrippina of American politics.

All those lofty political aspirations came to a fatal crash in the fall of 1988, at the precise moment his father was poised to ascend to the presidency, when the Silverado Savings and Loan went belly up with Neil in the driver’s seat.


Mar 10 14:48

Meals May Contain Foreign Matter

DiGiorno Pizzas, Lean Cuisines, and Stouffer Meals May Contain Foreign Matter

A few of your favorite frozen meals are being recalled for a potential injury risk.

Nestle nestle-s-a announced in a press release that it is voluntarily recalling some DiGiorno pizzas, Lean Cuisines, and Stouffer’s meals that may contain foreign matter. Nestle was alerted to the issue when numerous consumers issued complaints with the company after having found small pieces of glass in some of these products. Luckily, no injuries have been reported.

Mar 10 14:43

"This Evidence Will Shock the Conscience”: Lavoy Finicum’s Widow to File Wrongful Death Suit

She also says the agents released a selectively edited video to make it appear as if her husband is reaching for a gun, when in reality he was walking away from his truck with his hands in the air the first time he was shot. Again, all of the gunshot wounds Finicum suffered were found to be in his back.

(read more)

Mar 10 14:27

Drought-Stricken L.A. Admits to Using Weather Modification “To Produce More Rain”

Mankind is no longer leaving it up to just praying for rain – technology now determines the weather.

El Niño has brought some much needed rain to California in recent months, but a Los Angeles storm earlier this week may owe some credit to unnatural modifications.

For the first time since 2002, the Department of Public Works has turned to cloud seeding, using generators to shoot silver iodide into the clouds to produce more rain.




Mar 10 13:36

Hillary Clinton’s Destruction of Emails Was a Federal Crime

So: on the face of it, what Secretary Clinton did was evidence-tampering and thus a federal crime, but to expect it to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, or even at all, would seem to be unlikely. It might be, in the American system, permissible crime.

Mar 10 13:28

New Documents Reveal Details of Federal Aerial Surveillance Programs

By Derrick Broze

New documents reveal that the several federal agencies have been operating surveillance flights over the United States since at least 2009.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation recently received new records related to the U.S. Marshals aerial surveillance program...

Mar 10 12:40

FLASHBACK - SHE LIED! State Dept. Finds Discarded Benghazi Emails on HIllary's Home Server

Mar 10 12:38

Bazooka Joe Biden goes ballistic… with hypocrisy

Joe Biden speaking in a state this week that continues to illegally occupy Palestinian land in defiance of countless UN resolutions, a state which possesses nuclear weapons outside of any international control, and yet Biden chooses to focus his admonishment on Iran based on spurious complaints –now that demonstrates that American hypocrisy really has gone ballistic and is not coming back to Earth any time soon.


Mar 10 12:10

Univision hits Hillary Clinton with video of Benghazi victim’s mother; ‘She’s absolutely wrong’

After moderator Jorge Ramos brought up her email scandal and the possibility of an indictment, it looked as though Wednesday night’s Democratic debate couldn’t get any more contentious for Hillary Clinton. Oh, but it could, in spectacular fashion.

Despite boos from the audience, Univision hit Clinton with video of Patricia Smith, whose son Sean Smith was killed in Benghazi, calling Clinton a liar for blaming a video for the terrorist attack that killed Sean and three others.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 10 10:58

Schiff: Obama Caught “Peddling Fiction” to Hide Pre-Election Recession

Peter Schiff claims that:

In his seventh, and final, State of the Union address this January, President Obama, clearly looking to bolster his legacy as the president who vanquished the Great Recession, boldly asserted that “Anyone claiming that America’s economy is in decline is peddling fiction.”

It’s hard to imagine how anyone can really assert with a straight face that the economy is currently “strong.”

[…] This is why rallies for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are so well-attended. The underemployed are fed up with platitudes from the elites and they flock to these outsider candidates, who seem to understand their pain.


Mar 10 10:26


During Shishani’s four years in the military, from 2006 to 2010, his unit received some degree of training from American special-forces units. “He was a perfect soldier from his first days, and everyone knew he was a star,” an unnamed former comrade still active in the Georgian military told McClatchy DC. “We were well trained by American special forces units, and he was the star pupil.”

Mar 10 10:10

The Caddyshack Collapse of the Establishment

I completely understand that to Romney and a vast majority of longtime GOP pundits, consultants and elected officials, Trump seems like the Rodney Dangerfield of politics. They likely picture Trump as the late-comedian's iconic character Al Czervik in the 1980 comedy "Caddyshack." In the movie, Dangerfield plays a successful new-to-wealth real estate developer who slings insults at snooty members of an exclusive country club, and ends up in a high-stakes grudge golf match with the club's president.

Of course, Rodney's character prevails only after the groundskeeper, played by Bill Murray, blows up much of the entire golf course, thereby pushing Dangerfield's golf partner's ball into the cup for a last-minute victory. In the instance of Romney -- spokesman for the army of GOP powerbrokers who want to stop Trump -- it is hard to choose which of the movie's characters he would play in a remake. He certainly would be well-suited to portray the image-obsessed club president, who drives his Rolls Royce onto the club grounds and then admonishes the staff. But after Tuesday it might be better to cast Romney in Murray's spot as "exploder-in-chief." >>>



Mar 10 09:47

Nazi Card: David Brooks Suggests Trump Staging 'Nuremberg Rallies'

Whatever you think of Donald Trump, is it fair to play the full Nazi card against him? David Brooks--the fellow who was so impressed by the crease in Obama's pants--apparently thinks so.

On today's Meet the Press, commenting on images of Trump supporters at a rally responding to his request to raise their right hands to pledge to vote for him, Brooks said "if we're going to get Trump, we might as well get the Nuremberg rallies to go with it." Have a look at the photos below and compare the Trump rally to a real Nuremberg rally. Really, Chuck and Dave?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 10 09:34

Missing Clinton E-Mail Claims Saudis Financed Benghazi Attacks

This missing e-mail from February 16, 2013 only exists in the original leak and states that French and Libyan intelligence agencies had evidence that the In Amenas and Benghazi attacks were funded by “Sunni Islamists in Saudi Arabia.” This seems like a rather outlandish claim on the surface, and as such was only reported by conspiracy types and fringe media outlets. Now, however, we have proof that the other three e-mails in the leak were real correspondence from Blumenthal to Clinton that she not only read, but thought highly enough of to send around to others in the State Department.

Mar 10 09:33

Did you know your parents gave you away to the ‘CROWN CORP.’ when you were born?

The ‘human you’ really is you, however the ‘paper you’ has been registered to the U.S. Government, thus making you a Ward of the State — this all came about when your parents filled out your “Birth Certificate,” essentially signing over your person to the Crown Corp. so to speak — the Bank of England, Bank of Canada, etc..

Mar 10 09:19

BEX Alert!!! - "Vegas showdown: Bundy gang to protest outside federal courthouse today"

Bundy, 69, is among 19 people, including four of his sons, who were indicted last week in connection with the Bunkerville showdown in 2014.

The confrontation began when the Bundys and 270 supporters, funded in part by the Koch Brothers and their campaign to privatize public land, took aim at federal agents who were trying to collect 20 years of unpaid grazing fees for allowing his cattle to feast on publicly-owned land.

The Bundy gang outnumbered National Park Service rangers four to one and some trained a sniper squad to threaten federal employees.

(Note the wording of this unsourced article)



Mar 10 08:22

THE CLINTON BODY-COUNT - Updated for Hillary's 2016 run!

My thanks to everyone who took the time to write and suggest corrections. Many changes have been made to this list based on the info sent in and more will be added in the very near future.

In compiling this list I have tried to find as much photographic evidence as I can, but surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly) these people in many cases seem to have been erased from the internet!

The following is a partial list of a large number of persons who have recently met their demise in suspicious circumstances who appear to have some connection to the Clintons. I stress partial because new additions are coming in faster than closets can be found to hide the bodies in!

Optional Banner: 
WRH Exclusive
Mar 10 08:15

Congressman sends letter to Obama urging release of the 28 secret pages on 9/11

Colorado Congressman Mike Coffman has penned a letter to President Obama asking for the release of the 28-page chapter from the report of a joint congressional intelligence inquiry which reveals foreign government involvement in the 9/11 attacks.

Mar 10 08:14

Cruz' Tax Plan Would Favor The Rich

Cruz tax plan would slash U.S. revenue, favor wealthy: analysis

A tax plan proposed by Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz would cut federal revenues by $8.6 trillion over 10 years, adding substantially to the debt, according to an analysis published on Tuesday by a nonpartisan research center.

Cruz's plan, unveiled in November, would create a flat 10 percent individual income tax that with other changes would mainly benefit high-income households, the study by the Washington-based Tax Policy Center found. (

Other changes include repealing the corporate income tax, as well as payroll taxes for Social Security and Medicare, and estate and gift taxes; increasing the standard deduction and eliminating most other deductions except for mortgage interest and charity; and adding a broad-based 16 percent value-added consumption tax.

"The plan would cut taxes at most income levels, although the highest-income households would benefit the most and the poor the least," the Tax Policy Center said.

Mar 10 08:01

Hillary's fury at being asked during Democratic debate if she will drop out if she is indicted over emails: 'I am not even going to answer that'

Hillary Clinton refused to entertain a question tonight about her email scandal and whether she would drop out of the race if she's indicted.

'Oh for goodness - that is not going to happen. I am not going to even answer that question,' she angrily told Univision's Jorge Ramos during tonight's Democratic debate.

Mar 10 07:59

flashback2/25/16: Ted Cruz twists Donald Trump's talk about health care, 'socialized' medicine

In a free-for-all Republican debate in Houston, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz attacked frontrunner Donald Trump for his position on health care.

"For decades, Donald has been advocating socialized medicine," Cruz said. "What he said is the government should pay for everyone’s health care. And in fact, a couple of debates ago, he said if you don’t support socialized health care, you’re heartless."

Did Trump actually say that about socialized medicine? In a Republican debate?


We looked at the transcripts going back a couple of months to the debate in Las Vegas on Dec. 15, 2015. We found Trump never used those words, nor anything close to them.>>>

Mar 10 07:49

Senate GOP Not Ready To Embrace Cruz

Senate GOP was quick to reject Trump but not ready to embrace Cruz
As hope for Rubio fades, one of Cruz’s harshest critics, South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham, has softened his tone and urged other Republicans to do the same.

“You know Ted Cruz is not my favorite, by any means,” Graham said Tuesday. “But we may be in a position where we have to rally around Ted Cruz as the only way to stop Donald Trump, and I’m not so sure that would work.”

It is a significant shift for Graham, who has even joked about Cruz being killed on the Senate floor.

Others rejected the idea of warming to Cruz.

Mar 10 07:36

HOT MIC MSNBC Reporter Tips Off Clinton Aide on Questions For Live Interview

Mar 10 07:10

Did Turkish Secret Service Kill a Powerful Russian Spy Chief?

Of course not. But does it matter? Usual no-proof-news trying to make Russia look bad, weak and vulnerable

Mar 10 07:10

Rothschild Family Indicted Mainstream Media Silent

Mar 10 04:56

Why, look: It’s an oil price-rigging revival

Beware, Americans! Wall Street is desperately trying to rig the oil and gasoline markets again.

I’ve been following this scheme for nearly 10 years as speculators, led by the Goldman Sachs gang, tried to convince people that the world is running short of oil and that the price would soon go to $200 a barrel. That would have meant more than $5 for a gallon of gas.

The scam artists even had a fancy name for it: peak oil, a phrase coined by a Shell Oil employee decades before and laid to rest until Wall Street latched onto it.

And just about everyone in the media bought into this cockamamy idea>>>

Mar 10 04:45

Trump says GOP opposition to him 'taking advantage of our country'


The billionaire businessman called his campaign a movement "of competence and common sense and low taxes and [secure] borders and it would be so foolish to give it away."

Trump was referring to a conference held by the conservative American Enterprise Institute at Sea Island off the coast of Georgia over the weekend, where one of the topics reportedly was stopping Trump from securing the Republican nomination.

"I know all these people," Trump told Hannity. "These are people that are taking advantage of our country. They don’t want to have strong borders. They want stuff flowing across the borders. They don’t want to have taxation when countries treat us unfairly because they benefit from that."

"Politicians will do what’s right for the people that gave them the money," Trump added later, "not what's right for the country."

Mar 10 04:34

Dear Republicans, It's Ted Cruz


Just two weeks ago, there were calls for Cruz to fall in behind Rubio for a unity ticket. Now, it seems very clear that unity will work in the other directions and that if the Republicans have a chance to stop Trump from taking over their party it will be Cruz at the top and Rubio as the junior partner.

The sincerity of Rubio’s attacks on Trump as a “con man” who is unfit for the presidency will be revealed by whether he not only drops out, but if he enthusiastically campaigns for Cruz in Florida for the next five days.

(*Rubio has what it takes to come up behind Cruz , and Enthusiastically Start Pumping !
Up His Rhetoric )

Mar 10 03:52

Rubio To Drop Out Before Florida

Fox Business Reports Rubio Will Drop Out Before Florida If Polls Don’t Improve

Citing top Marco Rubio donors, Fox Business reported Wednesday that the Republican candidate will drop out of the presidential race before the crucial Florida primary if his poll numbers don’t increase in that state.

“They’re saying barring some better polling… he will likely suspend before Florida. That’s what his money-men here in New York City are telling me,” host Charles Gasparino reported.

“The feeling is despair,” he said bluntly.>>>

Mar 10 00:14

Immigration questions swirl around KCK mass murder suspect

The Mexican man accused of five murders this week avoided deportation despite encounters with police and at least one notification that federal immigration officials didn’t pursue in time.

Wyandotte County officials confirmed Wednesday that after a domestic violence arrest last year, federal immigration officials apparently missed an opportunity to ensure the detention of Pablo Serrano-Vitorino, now accused of killing four people in Kansas City, Kan., and one in Montgomery County, Mo.

A spokeswoman for the Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Office said that after Serrano-Vitorino was arrested in June he said he was born in Mexico. Officials then followed the procedure for any foreign-born person booked into the jail and sent a notice to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The sheriff’s office said its records show that ICE agents did not respond within the prescribed four-hour time frame to the notification.

Mar 09 19:57

GlaxoSmithKline Fined Nearly Half A Billion Dollars For Criminal Bribery Of Doctors And Hospitals In China

China has just dished out the biggest fine in the history of their country, and it’s being slapped down on one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

GlaxoSmithKline, the British pharmaceutical giant that medical authorities trust in around the world, is now being exposed for what it really is: an institution rooted in coercion and bribery that competes for control over healthcare systems around the world.

Mar 09 19:45

Pluto - Zionists Support for Hillary Clinton

If the psychopathic war-monger Clinton is crowned the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate, there is no way she can be considered the pragmatic ‘lesser evil’ to Donald Trump or any Republican – their bosses decide to spew out. At best, she might be the ‘equal evil’. In this case, more than 50% of the electorate will not vote. If, after being robbed of his growing movement for the Democratic Party candidacy, ‘Bernie’ Sanders does not break out with an independent bid for the White House, I will join the miniscule 1% who vote for Green Party candidate, Dr. Jill Stein.,

Mar 09 19:34

FBI Lies About Needing Apple’s Help To Break Into IPhone: Snowden

US whistleblower Edward Snowden says the FBI’s claim to need Apple to break into a terrorist’s iPhone is a sham.

The former contractor with the US National Security Agency was speaking from Moscow to a conference on the threat Big Data and mass surveillance poses to democracy.

Mar 09 18:10

Syria’s Truce Bodes Well for Salvaging our Cultural Heritage

There is a growing rising chorus among Sunni and Shia Muslims in Syria and elsewhere rejecting this Shirk idea as applied by ISIS. Many Syrians, especially those under its domination, are accusing ISIS of not defending the true Koranic heritage of the Prophet Mohammad which generally admired and valued and even protected antiquities including Greek and Roman architecture. Rather, ISIS is increasingly be accused of inventing a modernist, opportunistic perverse cult for political and not religious purposes.

Mar 09 17:38

Pentagon admits to deploying spy drones over U.S.

In a newly released report, the pentagon admits that it has deployed drones to spy over U.S. territory for non-military missions over the last decade, but says the missions are rare and in accordance with the law.

Mar 09 17:22

Guess It's Supposed to Be Scary, but Kim Jong-un Just Looks Stupid Posing with This Supposed Mini Nuke

He looks like a chubby man child wearing his dad's coat and a beaver on his head playing around at a science museum exhibit.

(read more)

Mar 09 16:48

Pentagon Releases Propaganda Video of “Drone Swarms” Being Launched From a Fighter Jet

Op-Ed by Nicholas West

It is often forgotten how recently, and how quickly, drones have become commonplace. Not only are they a military staple in countries around the world, but after long speculation it was admitted by the Pentagon just days ago that, yes, drones are being used to spy on the American people.

As this technology rapidly develops, and as legislation keeps pace by allowing their increased use anywhere and everywhere, each advancement now must be received with a further sense of concern...


Mar 09 16:16

Cali Shuts Down Commercial Crab Season “Indefinitely” Cites “Naturally-occurring Toxin,” but Real Culprit Is Radiation

They're trying to blame this on global warming, BUT...

Workers in the California Fish and Game Commission have revealed to SuperStation95 that the real reason for cancelling this $60 million per year commercial seafood season is: Radiation contamination of seafood from the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan.

According to these workers, who requested anonymity because they fear losing their jobs, radiation levels in local crab, especially Rock crab, were so high that officials feared anyone who consumed the crabs would suffer immediate sickness traceable directly back to the seafood. "If people started connecting the dots proving radiation in seafood was making them sick, it would utterly destroy California's seafood industry in days" they said.

(read more)


Mar 09 15:07

Karl Rove & GOP Leaders Conspire with Top Tech Giants Like Google at Secret Meeting to Stop Trump

The GOP is conspiring against it's own political process here. Openly.

In doing so, the average Joe's conservative "leaders" are blatantly conspiring against him and the American people's votes, against their wishes about who the Republican nominee should be, against who they want to vote for as president. The elite GOP is thus conspiring against the American plebs, and they're doing it with the elite heads of tech companies and the mainstream press.

Just think about that for a second.

That's where we're at America.

(read more)

Mar 09 14:14

Who Is a Threat To You? “Dangerous People to Avoid After the Collapse”

Who can you trust, turn to or rely upon during a collapse?

... if a reward or a position of power is offered, this person is far-too-willing to turn you in and turn you over...

... it's pretty obvious what THIS person wants, but it may still suprise you how far they are willing to go to get it...

... just because THIS individual has a badge doesn't mean they won't steal your stuff or take your life...



Mar 09 13:11


A couple of years ago, the Denver Police Department (DPD) was under fire for a spate of excessive force complaints. They wanted to change their image, so they began a massive public relations campaign, ramping up spending from $599 in 2011 to $136,783 in 2013. The “media affairs unit” is made up of very well-paid employees who push their message in social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Last year the DPD spent $450,000 on six employees in the media team, which is far more than six cops on the beat would make.

Mar 09 13:10


The corporate MSM pundits are ignoring the YUUGE upset yesterday in Michigan. Bernie Sanders pulled off an epic upset and it barely gets a mention by the in-the-bag-for-Clinton corporate media. If you ever needed more proof that polls conducted by these morons are as worthless as an Obama promise, see the polls below regarding Michigan. Clinton can’t beat a died in red socialist when she has more money than the Vatican supporting her.

In a general election between Clinton and Trump, many disaffected, poor, jobless, and even union workers will vote for Trump. His anti-immigration and anti-NAFTA, anti-TPP stances will resonate with these people. Clinton is the establishment candidate.

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Establishment gonna faw down go BOOM!

Mar 09 13:04

Peter Schiff: The Establishment Is Peddling Fiction, Ignoring Fact

In his seventh, and final, State of the Union address this January, President Obama, clearly looking to bolster his legacy as the president who vanquished the Great Recession, boldly asserted that “Anyone claiming that America’s economy is in decline is peddling fiction.” Unfortunately for the President, more and more Americans seem to believe (with an adequate basis in proof) that the fiction is emanating from the White House.

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Mar 09 12:18

Finicum Autopsy PDF

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Lavoy Finicum was shot in the BACK!

Mar 09 12:08

Hate-Baiting For Dollars - An Open Letter to The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)

Fifty years ago, it would have been unthinkable, even laughable, to believe that like minded people who support the United States Constitution, the rule of law, and believe in government accountability, would one day be characterized as anti-government. While George Orwell might be smiling in his grave, I'm at a loss to find the humor in it. I don't see anything funny about the 998 Anti-Government 'Patriot' Groups you currently have listed on your website. Interestingly, you state that these "anti-government groups do not necessarily advocate or engage in violence or other criminal activities" and that "many anti-government groups are not racist." Well, then what's your problem?

Mar 09 11:51

What Is Congress Hiding?

Every fiscal year, the Congressional Budget Act of 1974 requires the House and Senate to enact 12 separate discretionary spending bills, one for each appropriations subcommittee (Agriculture, Defense, Homeland Security, and so on). They have failed to meet this minimum requirement since 1994.



Mar 09 10:20

Bullet hole on LaVoy Finicum's truck traced to elite FBI team

This case is about to blow wide open.They let the local office issue a report saying the murder under color of law was kosher. The next day, the Justice Department announces it is investigating the FBI agents involved because they fired at LaVoy Finicum and didn't report it or turn in their guns. This is very BIG!

An elaborate computer analysis, a review of the FBI aerial video of the shooting scene and a video from a passenger in Finicum's pickup produced a result that startled the team poring over evidence into Finicum's fatal shooting that day.

The fourth round, police concluded, was fired by an FBI agent who subsequently twice denied to investigators ever firing his gun. As the investigation proceeded, detectives determined he also fired a second time, but didn't hit anything at the scene.

Mar 09 10:00

Bernie Wants the American Empire to End -- Hillary and the Republicans Want It Untouched

(*And Donald Trump Want's To Make It Great Again !
which of course get's No Mention in this header )

Mar 09 09:51


Forty-five years ago on Tuesday, peace activists broke into an FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania and unearthed documents exposing the government's expansive COINTELPRO operations, which aimed to surveil, disrupt, and "neutralize" lawful activist groups, including war protesters, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, the American Indian Movement, and the National Lawyers Guild.

Mar 09 09:17

Suspect in 5 killings arrested after massive manhunt

A man suspected of fatally shooting four people at his neighbor's home in KCK before killing another man about 170 miles away in a rural Missouri house was taken into custody early Wednesday morning after an extensive manhunt, troopers said.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement says a man who was the focus of a Missouri manhunt after five fatal shootings is a Mexican national who was in the country illegally.

The agency said in a statement Tuesday night that Pablo Antonio Serrano-Vitorino had been previously deported from the U.S. in April 2004. ICE says he illegally re-entered the country on an unknown date.

Mar 09 09:11

Here's the Facebook page of the New Zealand church that libels Donald Trump

Here is the Facebook page of the New Zealand church that libeled Donald Trump and attempts to interfere with our elections!
Make some comments!

Mar 09 08:50


Attacks on lawful governments of this type are today called “color revolutions”—rose (Georgia), orange (Ukraine), and pink (Kyrgyzstan). They overthrew and murdered Muammar Qaddafi in Libya more than three years ago, reducing the country to violent chaos that continues today.

They overthrew the elected government of Ukraine in February 2014, installing a government laced with the Bandera Nazis and cabinet
appointments made in Washington, in preparation for triggering a war with Russia.

The underlying method of the color revolutions is the mass mobilization of mostly well-meaning people, with a false promise—and false concept—of democracy. It is not new.

Mar 09 08:40

NATO Powers, ISIS, ISIL and Assad: The real story

Are NATO powers quietly organizing in order to initiate a move against Assad?

Mar 09 08:25

New Evidence Shows Foul Play, Cover-up by FBI and OSP in Shooting of Lavoy Finicum – DOJ Opens New Investigation

The mainstream media called it ‘case closed’ after the FBI released its aerial of footage of the ambush and shooting of Lavoy Finicum. Now, new evidence reveals that there was likely foul play and a misrepresentation by Federal and State authorities involved in the recent killing of rancher and protester Lavoy Finicum.

As 21WIRE reported at the time (although ignored by the Oregonian and other mainstream media outlets) that without any audio track to synch with the FBI’s aerial footage, it was impossible to really tell when shots were fired and if the official story was actually true. At the time, FBI Special Agent in Charge, Greg Bretzing, insisted that their footage provided an “honest and unfiltered view” of what happened. However, new evidence tells different story, and appears to demonstrate exactly how the official story was intentionally distorted by authorities – in order to cover-up what really happened that day.

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"We have conducted a thorough investigation and concluded that Lavoy Finicum was killed by Sirhan Sirhan, firing from the sixth floor of the book depository!" -- Loretta Lynch-mob

Mar 09 08:13

Bush Implicated In Savings & Loan Crisis Joins Cruz National Finance Team

Neil Bush, the brother of Jeb and George W. Bush, has joined the Ted Cruz national finance team.

The move opens the door for the Bush dynasty to support the Texas senator in his bid for the White House.

Mar 09 07:59

Judge to Rule Whether Public Will Learn About Osama Bin Laden's Porn Habits

When US commandos killed bin Laden at his compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, in 2011, they discovered what US officials described as a "fairly extensive" pornography stockpile. The bulk of the stash consists of digital videos.

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First off, that wasn't Osama Bin Laden who was killed in Abbottabad.

But let us stipulate for a moment that it was. It is a sin in Islam to look at a naked woman other than your wife. So that means that "Osama" wasn't really as devout Muslim. And that gets the Muslims off of the hook for the terror attacks, doesn't it?