Apr 09 10:49


Pueblo Sin Fronteras, the main group sponsoring the caravan of Central American border crashers, is staging communist-inspired “People’s Tribunals” in U.S. cities to put the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) on trial and call for an end to illegal alien detention.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

People with such contempt for US immigration laws, coupled with not speaking the language at all, needing public assistance, and having no job skills to speak of, other than manual labor, have no business immigrating here illegally.

Yes, I remember, as a kid in high school, singing the lyrics of Emma Lazarus, emblazoned on the Statue of Liberty, which begin with the words:

"Give me your tired, your poor
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free
The wretched refuse of your teeming shores...."

But you have to consider the United States to which she dedicated that poem, which was the United States of the late 19th century, where manual labor, plus some smarts and decent luck, could still earn a guy a respectable living.

That is not the case in today's United States, and that is why people with H1N1 visas, who speak English nearly flawlessly, and have skills, are in high demand, because they generally outperform American-educated job seekers at every level. Ask any employer; although this is harsh, it is generally true.

Plus, this country is heavily broke, to the tune of $20 trillion in debt that we know about. Social Security is running out of money, thanks to Bill Clinton's looting it to allegedly "balance the budget", and the fund will soon be broke, and unable to pay out to those who paid into it.

So will someone please tell me where the money is going to come from to feed, house, clothe, and educate yet another mass illegal migration to this country?!?

Because from where I sit, the answer is, nowhere!!

Apr 09 10:36

Teacher presses charges after autistic 8-year-old punches her, police say

An autistic 8-year-old boy is facing a battery charge after his special education teacher filed a police report after he punched her, according to reports.
Police said the student hit the teacher in the face when she tried to take an iPad away from him, according to KRQE.

Apr 09 10:35

Delta passenger suffered 'painful' cartilage damage after child on flight repeatedly kicked her, she claims

A Delta passenger has claimed she suffered bruised ribs after a child repeatedly kicked her on a Minneapolis-bound flight.

Apr 09 10:34

Japanese father 'kept son in a wooden cage for more than 20 years'

Japanese police said Monday they have arrested a 73-year-old man who reportedly kept his disabled son locked in a small wooden cage for more than 20 years.
Hyogo prefectural police said Yoshitane Yamasaki was arrested Saturday and handed over to prosecutors on Monday for further investigation.

Apr 09 10:34

Six-year-old girl asked to speak to judge who exonerated her father before he went on to kill her

A six-year-old girl who was battered to death by her father had asked to speak to the judge who exonerated her parents and allowed her to be returned to their care, an inquest was told.

Apr 09 10:32

Chinese Government Forces Residents To Install Surveillance App With Awful Security

Last year, authorities told residents of a Muslim-populated part of China to install JingWang, an app that scans for certain files. Now, researchers have found it transfers the collected data with no encryption.

In Xinjiang, a part of western China that a Muslim minority population calls home, the government forces residents to install an Android app that scans devices for particular files. Now, cybersecurity researchers have found that the so-called JingWang app has horrendous security practices for transferring data, and uncovered more details on what exactly the app does to phones.

China experts say the app is a continuation of China’s surveillance and oppression of the some 11 million-strong Uighur ethnic group, in an area fraught with some of the most broad human rights violations in the world.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF you believe that this kind of intrusive surveillance cannot possibly come to the United States in some form or another, then you need to think again.

Apr 09 10:27

Deir Yassin outrage remembered: 70th anniversary

"Misled and criminal people" caused 100 innocent civilians murdered and 50 children orphaned in a systematic slaughter of a peaceful village

Today is the 70th anniversary of the Deir Yassin massacre, one of many committed in the vicious frenzy of the Zionists' land grab. Here is an account of that appalling event...>>

Apr 09 10:00

‘The Bay Area is broken:’ Why local startups are hiring outside Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley may be the world’s tech paradise, but it’s a hiring nightmare for many local startups now forced to venture from Portland to Boise in search of talent.

Apr 09 09:59

This Is the 1 Absolute Worst Fast Food Chain in America

Although it’s not surprising that fast food isn’t exactly healthy, it is possible to make healthy choices while you’re in the drive thru line. Many of America’s most popular chains now offer more soups and salads, and things like choosing water instead of soda and skipping fries can help make your meal more nutritious.

Apr 09 09:50

Loretta Lynch still insists she DIDN'T talk with Bill Clinton about Hillary's email case during secret airport tarmac meeting

But despite the criminal probe hanging over Hillary's head at the time, she insisted in the interview broadcast Monday that the topic never came up and the two talked only 'about innocuous things.'

The former president, she said, told her a 'long but charming story' about his grandchildren and talked about 'issues of the day' including the United Kingdom's decision to exit the European Union.

Apr 09 09:26

White House: British football fans should 'think twice' before going to Russia World Cup.

British football fans should “think twice” before traveling to the Russian World Cup because they will be more exposed after recent diplomatic expulsions, the White House has warned.

Apr 09 09:25

'I'm a Holocaust Survivor—Trump's America Feels Like Germany Before Nazis Took Over'

Stephen B. Jacobs has a warning from the past for America today: It’s happening again.
At 79 years old he is among the youngest of the Holocaust survivors still alive. But Jacobs can remember life in the Nazi concentration camp at Buchenwald; what the Nazis did to him, his family, his friends.

Apr 09 09:10

For every $1 the US put into adding renewable energy last year, China put in $3

China, the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases, is determined to rebalance its energy mix, and incorporate more clean energy. That determination is reflected in the money it put into renewable energy last year, dwarfing spending by the next biggest investor, the US.

Apr 09 09:09

In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg Broke Into A Facebook User's Private Email Account

This is the story of how, in 2004, Mark Zuckerberg hacked into the email accounts of two Harvard Crimson reporters using data obtained from'ss. The details are drawn from a broader investigation of the origins of Facebook, the sourcing of which is described here.

Apr 09 09:02

Poll: Dems now lead among older educated white voters

Older educated white voters who voted for President Trump in 2016 are now leaning toward Democrats, according to a Reuters–Ipsos pollreleased Monday.

Apr 09 09:01

Trump slams Washington Post as “made up garbage,” as DHS looks to monitor journalists

Sunday morning began with President Donald Trump claiming on Twitter that the Washington Post publishes "made up garbage," and that it was filled with "far more fiction than fact."

Apr 09 08:24

You Have No Rights When It Comes To Vaccines NJ Committee Declares

NJ State Congress Committee Declares Citizens Don’t Have The Right To Disagree With Or Skip Vaccines

Apr 09 08:16

Survival Condos: A Tour of Bunkers for Rich People in the Middle of Kansas

It's time for another episode of Doomsday Bunkers of the Rich and Famous.

This time, we'll travel a bit closer to home - right in the middle of...Kansas. In the small town of Glasco, Kansas, population 473, lies the ultimate in luxury bunker destinations: Survival Condos.

So, if you're curious about how the other half intends to ride out the apocalypse, let me tell you: they'll be living it in high style. But there's always something to learn when you look at the preparedness plans of others. Let's explore the Survival Condos of Kansas.

Apr 09 07:37

Fox News accidentally displays graphic showing it is least trusted cable network

Fox News inadvertently posted a graphic showing it lagged other cable news networks in trustworthiness.

Apr 09 07:36

The EPA has reportedly spent $3 million on Scott Pruitt's security but can't name any death threats for him

Three Republican senators criticized embattled EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt on Sunday's political talk show, but President Trump seemed to sweep away Pruitt's many ethics scandals on Saturday night. "While Security spending was somewhat more than his predecessor, Scott Pruitt has received death threats because of his bold actions at EPA," Trump tweeted. "Rent was about market rate, travel expenses OK. Scott is doing a great job!"

Apr 09 06:49

YouTube illegally collects data on children, say child protection groups

A coalition of 23 child advocacy, consumer and privacy groups have filed a complaint with the US Federal Trade Commission alleging that Google is violating child protection laws by collecting personal data of and advertising to those aged under 13.

Apr 09 06:49

Upstate NY police department fed up with snow, charges winter with loitering

If you've had enough of this apparently-endless winter, you're not alone. One Upstate New York police department has officially placed the entire season under arrest.

Apr 09 06:29

New ‘knife control’ policies will stop wave of London stabbings, mayor says

Migrants have committed so many stabbings and acid attacks that City of London Mayor Sadiq Khan recently suggested that drastic “knife control” policies be enacted to protect the unarmed and defenseless.

Apr 09 05:38

Palestinian journalist killed in Gaza during Israeli border clashes

Yasser Murtaja died from a gunshot wound he sustained while filming Friday in an area engulfed in thick black smoke from protesters setting tires on fire. Israeli troops opened fire from across the border, killing at least nine Palestinians and wounding 491 others in the second mass border protest in eight days. The deaths brought to at least 31 the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli fire since last week. The border area appeared calm Saturday.

Witnesses said Murtaja was over 100 meters (yards) from the border, wearing a flak jacket marked “press” and holding his camera when he was shot in an exposed area just below the armpit.

Apr 09 05:19

Prince Charles' Letter From 1986 Blamed Jews for Unrest in Middle East

A letter penned by Prince Charles in 1986 blamed the "influx of foreign Jews" for tension in the Middle East, and asked the U.S. president to stand up to the "Jewish lobby," reported the Daily Mail. Prince Charles has come under fire for the letter, with some calling the usage of the phrase "Jewish lobby" anti-Semitic ... The letter's text reads, "I now appreciate that Arabs and Jews were all a Semitic people originally and it is the influx of foreign, European Jews (especially from Poland, they say) which has helped to cause great problems. I know there are so many complex issues, but how can there ever be an end to terrorism unless the causes are eliminated? Surely some U.S. president has to have the courage to stand up and take on the Jewish lobby in U.S.? I must be naive, I suppose!"

Apr 09 05:05

Boycotting Israel Is the Right Thing to Do

The British government's subservience to Jewish and Israeli interests is nearly as enthusiastic as in the United States, though it is driven by the same sorts of things - Jewish money and Jewish power, particularly in the media ... Characteristically, no one in the U.S. mainstream media, which is generally supportive of Bibi's complaints, is noting that the proposed Polish legislation is not too dissimilar to any number of existing anti-free speech laws criminalizing holocaust denial in Europe or criticism of Israel in the United States. Nor is it different than some laws in Israel, including the criminalization of anyone who speaks or writes in support of BDS. As usual, there is one standard for Jewish issues and Israelis and a quite different standard for everyone else.

Apr 08 15:12

FAKE NEWS #AntiSchool

1:40 in. Do not hurt yourselves.

The media is owned by 6 corporations.
We need to break the conditioning.
They want you weak, divided, controlled.
Think for yourself.

Apr 08 14:14


As world police, it is out duty to send out boys and girls into the Middle East in order to address any killings that are done without our expressed approval. Please ignore the amount of civilians killed in our wars there, since we used smart bombs and also they were just collateral damage. Instead, please focus on the chlorine barrel bombs being rolled into hospital in Syria, which dumbly seek out and destroy women and children.

Apr 08 14:08


Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick admitted it was a ‘very worrying’ time as she was forced to deny her officers had ‘lost control of crime’ Scotland Yard admitted yesterday it had run out of detectives to investigate murders as six teenagers were knifed in just 90 minutes on another blood-soaked night in the capital.

Apr 08 11:57

Massive Keystone Pipeline Leak Biggest Since 2010

The November, 2017 Keystone crude oil pipeline leak in South Dakota turns out to have been the one of the largest U.S. inland oil spills since 2010. As of...

Apr 08 11:49

President trump recommends school staff who conceal carry firearms on campus should get a bonus

In a bold move President Donald Trump recently recommended that schools become hardened and not softened, and that staffers who conceal carry firearms on campus should be worthy of a bonus.

Apr 08 10:10

Trump fought legislation requiring sprinklers in NYC buildings

Nearly two decades ago, Trump, then one of the Big Apple’s most prominent real estate moguls, lobbied against Mayor Rudy Giuliani-era legislation that considered whether sprinklers should be installed in all residential buildings after two fatal fires in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Apr 08 10:10

UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson involved in £160,000 "gift" of Russian money to Conservative party

The foreign secretary faces new questions over his involvement in a £161,000 donation by the wife of Vladimir Putin’s former finance minister to the Conservative party in the wake of the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal.

Apr 08 09:25

KLM Lost & Found service

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is really cool!

Apr 08 09:19

21 year old Humboldt Broncos player Logan Boulet on life support, will donate organs. Logan signed his donor card as soon as he turned 21, and that even in his passing he would be a hero.

The family of a Humboldt Broncos player from Lethbridge who was injured in a tragic bus crash Friday night says Logan Boulet is on life support – and will donate his organs to six people in need.
Boulet, a defencemen, was on his way to a semi-final game against the Nipawin Hawks when a tractor trailer and the bus collided, killing 15 people and injuring over a dozen more.

Apr 08 09:19

Mom arrested after Tempe toddler ate mac and cheese made with THC butter

A Tempe mom was arrested after police say her child ate mac and cheese made with THC butter. THC is a chemical in cannabis that gets you high.

Apr 08 09:00

Jeremy “Jesus-Christ” Corbyn and Britain’s Zionist lobby

"Recently we learned that Jeremy Corbyn has yet again upset “the Jews”, and by “the Jews” I mean a few loud, obnoxious voices who claim to “represent the Jews”. Since he is a well meaning guy, Corbyn accepted an invitation to celebrate the Jewish Passover dinner with Jewdas who are apparently the “wrong” Jews, according to the Zionist lobby.

"The Board of Deputies of British Jews (BDBJ) and the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism (CAA) are beside themselves. During a phone-in to LBC Radio BDBJ’s President Jonathan Arkush stated that Jeremy Corbyn has “reached the tipping point”. The BDBJ had made it clear to Corbyn that he should stop giving any credence to Jewish “ultra-fringe” groups...">>

Apr 08 08:50

Trump Tower fire leaves 1 resident dead, 6 firefighters hurt: Officials

Flames and smoke were spotted billowing and debris raining down from the 50th floor of the Trump Tower around 5:30 p.m.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Any second, that tower woill collapse into its own footprint, just like WTC-7. Any second. Any second now. Gonna collapse straight down at freefall speed. Any second..."

Apr 08 08:34

Prominent art dealer, 67, dies and six firefighters are hurt as huge blaze engulfs 50th floor Trump Tower apartment which had NO sprinklers, as President tweets it was 'well built' but fails to mention victims

odd Brassner, 67, who was in apartment 50C on the 50th floor of Trump Tower, in Manhattan, died in hospital after the unit was engulfed by the blaze.

Brassner was an art dealer who had purchased his 50th-floor unit in 1996. He was friends with Andy Warhol, and is mentioned multiple times in Warhol's autobiography.

The deceased tenant of the posh Trump Tower pad filed for bankruptcy in 2015. In the bankruptcy filing it says the apartment he lived is worth $2.5million.

'The limited support of his family coupled with his medical problems caused the debtor to fall into arrears on his mortgage, credit card payments and line of credit payments,' says the filing.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Insurance fraud gone awry?

Apr 08 08:02

Trump Threatens Putin, "Animal Assad" Over Syrian "Chemical Attack"; Russia Warns Of "Grrave" Response If US Launches Strike

It's deja vu all over again.

Remember when the US admitted Syrian "Rebels" have used chemical weapons? Or when earlier this year, now former Secretary of State blamed Russia for an alleged Syrian chemical attack despite admitting he doesn't know who actually did it? Or when the US finally admitted there was "no evidence" Assad used sarin gas? Or just last week, when Trump said that the US is finally pulling out of Syria as a result of the defeat of ISIS (much to the Pantagon's fury and open-ended timetable for extracting Syrian resources)?


Apr 08 07:55

Trump Slams Putin, Iran for Backing "Animal Assad" Amid Chemical Attack Claims

One of President Donald Trump's top homeland security advisers has said that the US will not rule out launching a missile attack in response to news reports about a chemical attack on a rebel-held town in Eastern Ghouta, Syria.

"If President Obama had crossed his stated Red Line In The Sand, the Syrian disaster would have ended long ago! Animal Assad would have been history!" Donald Trump wrote on Twitter.

Apr 08 07:44

Terrorists Resort to False-Flag Chemical Attack Scenario again amid Syrian Army Rapid Advances in Douma

Terrorists have embarked on launching a false-flag chemical operation in Douma to blame the Syrian Army for the attack, field sources said Sunday, reminding that the Syrian and Russian military forces had continuously warmed of such a move by Jeish al-Islam terrorists.
The sources said that Jeish al-Islam has attacked residential areas in the town of Douma in Eastern Ghouta by poisonous gas to blame the army for the chemical assault.

The sources went on to say that the Jeish al-Islam front is collapsing under the rapid advances of the Syrian army units in Douma, adding that the terrorists' resort to false-flag chemical attack is aimed at preventing the government forces from driving the terrorists out of the region.

On Saturday, rebel-linked activists, including the notorious 'civil defense' group White Helmets, accused the Syrian government of carrying out a chemical attack>>>

Apr 08 07:41

WATCH Fire Erupts at Trump Tower in New York

A fire burning at the Trump Tower at 725 Fifth Ave., in New York city, has been extinguished local media has reported. The blaze reportedly erupted on the 50th floor of the building. The New York Fire Department announced that it had responded to the three-alarm blaze, Reuters has reported.

US President Donald Trump tweeted that the fire was extinguished although the fire department has not corroborated his post.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A warning to Trump?

Apr 08 07:36

Gaza: The Open-Air Prison Seethes

This demographic fact underlies the oft-cited trilemma in which it is impossible for Israel to be Jewish, to be democratic, and to be in control of all the land from the Mediterranean to the Jordan. Israel can be any two of those things, but it has to ditch one of the three. The current right-wing Israeli government clearly has decided to ditch democracy, although the painful truth of the trilemma and of the implications of embracing apartheid rather than equal political rights for all weighs heavily on the thoughts of many other Israelis.

Apr 08 07:35

S. Arabia Attempting to Keep Jeish Al-Islam Alive by False-Flag Chemical Operation 

"A similar false-flag staged in Eastern Ghouta in 2013 worked well and gave a pretext to the then US President, Barack Obama, to move naval fleets to the Mediterranean for war on Syria, but a prompt plan by Moscow that envisaged a chemical disarmament of Syria under the auspices of the United Nations defused the US-Saudi plot," Khoshcheshm reminded.

"Later investigations by western journalists, including one from Associated Press disclosed that the then Saudi Intelligence Chief, Prince Bandar Bin Sultan, had supplied a chemically-armed warhead to the militants in Eastern Ghouta," the analyst added.

"Now it seems again that through their request for another round of talks, Jeish Al-Islam militants are seeking to portray themselves as peace-seekers to buy some time under their move gives the ground to the US-led West to rush to their aid and," he continued.


Apr 08 07:33

Gaza violence is latest salvo in war of narratives

More than 30 Palestinians were killed and hundreds more wounded by Israeli fire in mass protests on Friday and the previous week.
Note: 30 dead thousands wounded and this is a war of narratives. This is an excellent example of pro Israel bias and lying.

Apr 08 07:28

Saudi Crown Prince visited ex-presidents, Clinton, Bush Sr. and Jr., pushed “Saudi Vision 2030,” during U.S. stay

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman visited several American ex-presidents during his weeks-long stay in the U.S. where the Eastern leader pushed his “Saudi Vision 2030.”

Apr 08 07:26

Syria: Terrorists Use Civilians as Human Shield in Douma

The Jeish al-Islam terrorist group is using civilians in the Syrian town of Douma in Eastern Ghouta as human shields to slow down the Syrian Army's rapid advances in the region.
Jeish al-Islam has prevented a large number of civilians from leaving Douma in Eastern Ghouta for safe zones, using them as human shield to save its gunmen as the army is on march in the region.
The terrorists have resorted to every possible measure including frequent suicide attacks to prevent the army from advancing.


Apr 08 07:22

Moscow Warns Against Foreign Attack in Syrian Areas Where Russian Troops Located

Trump has already threatened Vladimir Putin personally. Madness!

"Hoaxes on attacks using chlorine or other poisonous substances by Syrian government forces are continuing to emerge. Another such hoax that has supposedly taken place is the alleged chemical attack in Douma yesterday. At the same time, references have been made to the notorious NGO "White Helmets," which has been repeatedly caught acting with terrorists, as well as other so-called humanitarian organizations based in the United Kingdom and the United States," the ministry said in a statement.

The ministry went on to say that it had repeatedly warned about possible provocations involving the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Their major aim is to accuse Syrian government forces of chemical weapons use and justify possible military intervention in Syria from abroad, according to the ministry's statement.

Apr 08 07:22

Gaza buries journalist killed while covering mass protests

asser Murtaja died from a gunshot wound he sustained while filming Friday in an area engulfed in thick black smoke from protesters setting tires on fire. Israeli troops opened fire from across the border, killing at least nine Palestinians and wounding 491 others in the second mass border protest in eight days. The deaths brought to at least 31 the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli fire since last week. The border area appeared calm Saturday.
Note: I had to do a search in order to find anything about GAZA.MSM not covering this.

Apr 08 07:15

Tens of Civilians Killed in Terrorists' False-Flag Chemical Attack in Douma

Tens of civilians have been killed in Jeish al-Islam's false-flag gas attack in the town of Douma that aimed to start international outcry against the Damascus government, a media outlet reported on Sunday.
Al-Jazeera network reported that a sum of 150 civilians have been killed and hundreds more have been poisoned after Jeish al-Islam lunched the false-flag chemical attack in Douma.
Russia’s Defense Ministry stressed last month that “US instructors” were training militants to stage false flag chemical attacks in Southern Syria. The incidents were said to be a pretext for airstrikes on Syrian government troops and infrastructure.
The planned provocations will be widely covered in the Western media and will ultimately be used as a pretext by the US-led coalition to launch strikes on Syria, Rudskoy warned.

“The provocations will be used as a pretext by the United States and its allies to launch strikes on military and government infrastructure in Syria,” the official stated.


Apr 08 07:08

Trump threatens "Animal Assad," Putin over alleged chemical attack in Syria

You all ready for WW3. Israeli loving neocon stooge!

Last Updated Apr 8, 2018 9:58 AM EDT

President Trump has responded to reports of a suspected chemical attack in the Syrian city of Douma, blaming Syrian President Bashar Assad and his international allies for the apparent attack that left dozens dead and hundreds injured. In some of his most critical comments directed at Russian President Vladimir Putin to date, Mr. Trump threatened that there's a "big price ... to pay" for those backing the Assad regime.

Many dead, including women and children, in mindless CHEMICAL attack in Syria. Area of atrocity is in lockdown and encircled by Syrian Army, making it completely inaccessible to outside world. President Putin, Russia and Iran are responsible for backing Animal Assad. Big price...

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 8, 2018

Apr 08 07:08

Iceland’s Long Record of Antisemitism

A proposal to outlaw circumcision has been introduced by four parties in Iceland's parliament. While this law might partly target Muslims, it is yet another negative development for Jews in Europe - even if the proposal does not pass ... In 2011, Iceland's parliament was the first one in Western Europe to recognize a Palestinian state ... Many cases of antisemitism in Iceland over the centuries have been described by Vilhjalmur Orn Vilhjalmsson, an expert on the country's attitude toward the Jews ... If the prohibition of male circumcision in Iceland passes parliament, it may have far more consequences for Jews in Europe than just for its tiny Jewish community. This could be a precedent for other countries who are waiting to see what happens in Iceland.

Apr 08 07:05

How Antisemitsm Became Noise

The charge of 'antisemitsm' has become a noise -- a whiny repetitive background disturbance. We have learned to live with it, to accept that some people are just inherently upset and there is nothing we can do to change them or to help them out. In Britain various Zionist organisations and media outlets dedicate themselves to threatening the British public. They torment the biggest political party in Europe and its leaders by tossing about their accusations of 'antisemitism.' They crudely interfere with freedom of speech and the basic liberty to choose to oppose Israel and its tribal lobby. Miraculously, it seems the Brits have become inured to the endless racket ... In any case, it is clear that despite their persistent slander of Corbyn, he is more popular than ever.

Apr 08 06:58

Syria chemical attack kills '70'

Syria chemical attack: Scores killed in Douma, rescuers say
Government forces accused of dropping poisonous chemicals on last rebel stronghold in Eastern Ghouta.

The White Helmets, a group of rescuers operating in opposition-held areas in Syria, said on Saturday that most of the fatalities were women and children.
The US government has warned of a global response against Syria if reports of the chemical attack are confirmed.

The Syrian government, however, is calling it a fabrication, dismissing talk of the Syrian army using poisonous gas as "farcical".
"Douma has been subject to intense air strikes and much of the city is destroyed," Moayed al-Dayrani, a resident of Douma and medical volunteer, told Al Jazeera, adding that doctors were struggling to reach all the victims.

"We are currently dealing with more than 1,000 cases of people struggling to breathe>>>

Apr 08 06:33

‘Entire Families Gassed To Death’ In Horrific Syria Chemical Attack

Donald Trump attacks Vladimir Putin and ‘Animal Assad’ after horrific chemical attack kills dozens of Syrians

A suspected chemical attack in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta sparked international outrage on Sunday, as state media reported that the last rebel holdouts in the one-time opposition stronghold had agreed to evacuate.

State news agency SANA, citing a government source, said fighters with the Jaish al-Islam rebel faction had agreed to leave Eastern Ghouta’s main town of Douma within 48 hours.

In exchange Jaish al-Islam would release hostages it had been holding, the source said. SANA reported dozens of buses were already entering Douma to begin the evacuations.
US President Donald Trump took to Twitter to condemn the attack, taking aim at both Assad – who he called an “animal” – and his supporters in Russia and Iran.


Apr 07 17:38

It’s Raining Mortars in Damascus Again – Mainstream Media Silent

By Bas Spliet

Damascus – I arrived in Damascus the day before yesterday, on 6 April. With the exception of the city of Douma, the whole of Eastern Ghouta had gradually come under the control of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) since the military started a major operation in February to take control of the insurgents’ last major stronghold in the northern vicinity of the Syrian capital. Fighters from Jaish al-Islam – the only remaining rebel group which, literally translated, means the Army of Islam – were being bussed to other rebel-held areas across Syria, and it looked like the final negotiations were under way. I figured that the last of the indiscriminate mortar shelling which had plagued Damascus over the last seven years had finally come to an end. Unfortunately, I was mistaken...

Apr 07 17:06

Two soldiers killed in Kentucky chopper crash in military's fourth aviation accident in a week

The devastating crash took place on Friday night and marks the fourth aviation accident this week, killing a total of seven soldiers.

The frequent accidents has spurred concern among lawmakers over the lack of air fleet funding.

Apr 07 17:05

John Barrowman vs Target: Actor films FURIOUS rant at retail giant after shop staff 'lecture' him for buying homeless man clothes and a $40 gift certificate

Actor John Barrowman took to his Twitter account on Thursday evening to launch an angry tirade aimed at retail giant Target.

The Desperate Housewives star claimed in the filmed rant that staff at the store in West Hollywood scolded him for purchasing clothing and a $40 gift certificate to give to a homeless man outside.

'I just bought a $40 gift certificate and a jacket and a shirt for a homeless person, and I was just lectured by the Target staff that I was not allowed to do that,' Barrowman said in the minute-long video, which was viewed more than 188,000 times.

Apr 07 16:04

WWE’s ‘Kane’ runs for mayor of Knoxville

Election is May 1st