Mar 05 07:26


Earlier in the week, visiting U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called for a ‘Two State Solution’ to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. She made her statements when addressing the conference on Gaza held at the Egyptian border town of Sharma Sheikh.

Mar 05 06:07

Brown Comes To Town - Calls for Cattle Prods and Terrorism to Jolt the World Economy

The New York Times Brian Knowlton March 4, 2009

Brown Urges Bold Effort to Shape an Expansion

WASHINGTON — Prime Minister Gordon Brown of Britain urged American leaders on Wednesday to “seize the moment,” [...]

Speaking to a joint session of Congress, Mr. Brown called for [...] cooperating closely to fight terrorism.

He has urged greater accountability and transparency, and stricter oversight, for banking and other financial institutions.

Mar 05 05:38

U.S. Bancorp Cuts Its Dividend by 88%

The New York Times Wed March 4, 2009

The dividend will be cut to 5 cents a common share, from 42.5 cents per common share.

Mar 05 05:17

Ford Seeks to Eliminate $10.4 Billion of Its Debt - They're offering 30 cents on the dollar in mostly stock.

The New York Times Bill Vlasic - Nick Bunkley March 4, 2009

DETROIT — The Ford Motor Company said on Wednesday that it hoped to eliminate as much as $10.4 billion in debt by giving cash and stock [...]

Ford said it would put up $2.2 billion in cash, including $1.8 billion from its lending arm, Ford Motor Credit, and 500 million shares of stock to persuade bondholders and other creditors to accept its restructuring offer. [That's 3.135 billion in cash and shares offered for 10.4 billion in debt excluding interest]

Mar 05 04:48

Markets: Your Odds of Winning Are Worse Than The Lottery Because We're Thieves

The New York Times Diana B. Henriques March 4, 2009

14 Trading Firms Settle Charges for $69 Million

More than a dozen Wall Street trading firms systematically cheated their customers of millions of dollars by improperly slicing bits of profit from countless trades, federal regulators said on Wednesday.

Mar 04 13:35

Investors Return to the Market After Heavy Selling - Lies from AP and Yahoo! Finance

Yahoo! Finance - Sara Lepro, AP Business Writer Wed March 4

Stocks move higher after 5 days of heavy selling

NEW YORK (AP) -- The stock market is showing signs of life as investors find glimmers of hope for an economic turnaround.

Three stocks rose for every one that fell on the New York Stock Exchange, where volume came to a light 1.1 billion shares.

Mar 04 10:38

Massachusetts treasurer proposes slot machines, privatizing lottery, and legalizing child prostitution to make ends meet

Reuters top ten news - Wed Mar 4, 2009 Svea Herbst-Bayliss

Mass. treasurer proposes slots, privatizing lottery

BOSTON (Reuters) - Massachusetts Treasurer Tim Cahill proposed privatizing the state lottery and licensing thousands of slot machines to quickly raise billions of dollars for the financially ailing state.

"If we could get this seed money, we would be the first state in the country to have a fund for this type of cost," Cahill said.

Mar 04 09:13

Obama Pulls U.S. Out of UN Conference on Racism, But Congressional Black Caucus Should Attend Anyway

When Eric Holder, the new U.S. Attorney General called the nation to account for its historic reluctance to honestly talk about race and racism, its manifestations and consequences, he could have been talking about his boss the president. By withdrawing from the UN Conference on Racism he is leading backwards, in the direction of Clinton and Bush rather than forward into the 21st century. The fact that the President of Change can't bring himself -- or us --- to an honest discussion about race says a lot for his willingness to lead on the subject.

Mar 04 06:29

Tenants Wary of Clustering of Homeless - The New Reality - Not The New Deal

The New York Times Julie Bosman March 3, 2009

Henry Perry just cannot get used to the 10 p.m. curfew notice posted since October in the Bronx apartment building where he has lived since 1963. Or the sign-in sheet, where the newer residents dutifully log comings and goings. Or the 24-hour security guard seated at a desk in the lobby.

Twenty-one of the 50 units in Mr. Perry’s five-story brick building are now occupied by homeless families as part of a Bloomberg administration program that has turned dozens of apartment buildings throughout the city, most of them in the Bronx, into de facto homeless shelters.

Mar 04 06:08

The debt economy has no shame

The New York Times David Streitfeld March 3, 2009

You’re Dead? That Won’t Stop the Debt Collector

Dozens of specially trained agents work on the third floor of DCM Services here, calling up the dear departed’s next of kin and kindly asking if they want to settle the balance on a credit card or bank loan, or perhaps make that final utility bill or cellphone payment.

The people on the other end of the line often have no legal obligation to assume the debt of a spouse, sibling or parent. But they take responsibility for it anyway.

Mar 04 05:19

Prison Spending Outpaces All but Medicaid

The New York Times March 2, 2009 Solomon Moore

One in every 31 adults, or 7.3 million Americans, is in prison, on parole or probation, at a cost to the states of $47 billion in 2008, according to a new study.

As states face huge budget shortfalls, prisons, which hold 1.5 million adults, are driving the spending increases.

One in 11 African-Americans, or 9.2 percent, are under correctional control, compared with one in 27 Latinos (3.7 percent) and one in 45 whites (2.2 percent).Only one out of 89 women is behind bars or monitored, compared with one out of 18 men.

Mar 03 20:37

Scholar presaged U.S. descent to destitution

In two hours, the smooth new president, about whom Johnson pronounced himself “satisfied,” was going to address Congress. I asked Johnson what he would say if Barack Obama sought his advice.

“I'm now going to lecture you about things you refuse to know,” Johnson said, channeling the imaginary conversation.

“I'm going to lecture you about history. History tells us there's no such thing as a successful democracy and also a successful empire. You can be one or the other – but you can't be both. If you are a successful empire, it will destroy your democracy. That's essentially why Britain gave up at the end of World War II. They concluded that just after defeating the Nazis, they couldn't continue to use Nazi methods. It wasn't well done, but they preserved their democracy.”

Though dismantling the military may be political suicide, a third-rail far more electrifying than Social Security, Obama will have to face that task someday, Johnson said.

Mar 03 09:12


Mar 03 08:05

JPMorgan Derivatives Group Earned $5 Billion in Wall Street's Worst Year - It's not honest work, but it pays well.

Bloomberg Matthew Leising and Elizabeth Hester

March 3 (Bloomberg) -- JPMorgan Chase & Co. managed to generate $5 billion in profit during the worst year in Wall Street history by trading over-the-counter fixed-income derivatives, two people with knowledge of the results said.

The unit was among the most profitable at the New York-based company, said the people, who declined to be identified because they weren’t authorized to divulge the figures. JPMorgan spokeswoman Kristin Lemkau declined to comment.

Mar 03 07:57

Bailout The SEC: Complete Interview of Harry Markopolos On CBS 60 Minutes. Broadcast March 1st

Key snip: It took me five minutes to know that it was a fraud. It took me another almost four hours of mathematical modeling to prove that it was a fraud. Harry Markopolos on Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.

Mar 03 07:22

Logan parking costs may soar

In the same month that Logan International Airport hiked its parking rates by $1, Governor Deval Patrick is asking for another $2 parking "carbon fee" as part of his transportation overhaul filed this week.

The carbon fee, described on page 137 of Patrick's 141-page bill, would that mean a 20- or 30-minute trip to pick up a relative at Logan could cost $6 in parking alone, not including tunnel tolls, which could rise to as much as $7 if legislators fail to pass Patrick's other proposal to raise the gas tax. Three hours in a Logan garage would cost $18; all-day parking in a garage would run $26.

Mar 03 07:12

Roaches and Rats Thrive in a Depression - It's a complete collapse

The New York Times Michael Wilson March 2, 2009

Veterans in the pest control industry said that their customers, both residential and commercial, appear to be sacrificing on regular exterminations as a cost-cutting measure.

“He said, ‘It’s very simple. I don’t know if we can make the rent or the payroll,’” Mr. Agatowski recalled. “‘So in other words, you’re out. We’ll step on the bugs and kick the mice.’ The exterminating almost becomes like a luxury item.”

Mar 03 06:57

Cutting the Cable as the Economy Pinches - Something Positive in the News

The New York Times City Room - Ken Belson

For most New Yorkers, moving into a new home means calling Con Edison, Verizon and the cable company. But some younger New Yorkers are no longer paying for cable television [...]

“So many of my friends treated cable as a utility, that it wasn’t a home until it was set up,” said Nick Jackson, 24, who lives on the Lower East Side and works in publishing. “I basically chose Internet over the cable.”

Mar 03 06:48

Prosecutors Fight Release of Spitzer Records - Huh? What are they up to?

The New York Times March 2, 2009 William K. Rashbaum

Prosecutors of the prostitution case that exposed Eliot Spitzer as a client are appealing a court order directing them to unseal records that may shed light on the origins of the investigation.

The prosecutors, from the United States attorney’s office in Manhattan, filed a notice in court on Monday saying that they would appeal Judge Rakoff’s ruling to the United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, a decision that was made by senior Justice Department officials in Washington.

Mar 02 20:25

Preaching to the Choir

Mar 02 19:47

$150 Billion Here, $30 Billion There, & Pretty Soon...

This is what happens when you run a really, really big scam, as opposed to a small-time con like an illegal shell game on a city street. In the latter case, cops and prosecutors will hound you, and rightly so. In the former, Washington will simply throw obscene amounts of money at you without even blinking.

Mar 02 18:23

$700 million eyed for toll projects

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This means taxpayer-paid for roads will be taxed again.

And this isn't happening only in Texas; it's happening nationally.

Mar 02 18:10

Family Sues Charity Over Suicide, Donation

A family claims a Denver-area charity did nothing to prevent a suicide so that it could hold onto a $100,000 donation. The claim is contained in a lawsuit against Laradon Hall, a mental health facility for developmentally disabled children and adults.

Mar 02 18:03

Holder's Much Touted Speech on Race Lets White People Off the Hook

It was all too predictable that Attorney General Eric Holder would be attacked for his recent remarks about race in America. To suggest that the nation is still haunted by the specter of racism is unacceptable it seems, especially since, with the election of President Barack Obama, we have ostensibly entered the "post-racial" era.

But in truth, the nation's chief law enforcement officer deserves criticism more for what he didn't say than for what he did

Mar 02 16:44

Rod Blagojevich gets a book deal

Los Angeles Times Monique Garcia March 2, 2009

The former Illinois governor will focus on the process of picking Barack Obama's Senate successor and expose the 'dark side of politics' that he witnessed, a news release says.

Blagojevich's publicity agent, Glenn Selig, said the deal was with an independent publisher, Phoenix Books, and was worth six figures. The news release said Blagojevich will expose the "dark side of politics" that he witnessed as a former congressman and governor.

Mar 02 15:32

4 Tons of Fertilizer Stolen From Store

At least four tons of fertilizer was stolen over the weekend in Frederick, city police said. No motive had been determined.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Here is a clue: It's planting season during hard economic times.

(Danged city fellas!!!)

Mar 02 15:09

Letter to the Neighborhood

Dear Neighbor,

I imagine that your 401(k), your house value, and your portfolio are all getting hammered.

Mine are too.

I imagine that you are furious at the government and banks for getting us into this mess.

I am also.

But the question is: what can we do about it?

Mar 02 13:37

Chavez sends army to rice plants

BBC News March 1, 2009

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has ordered the army to take control of all rice processing plants in the country.

Major rice processors in the country include the US-owned giant Cargill and Venezuela's main food company, Polar.

"I will expropriate them, I have no problem with that, and I'll pay them with bonds. Don't count on me paying with hard cash," he said, without mentioning any companies by name.

Mar 02 12:55

This chart RIGHT NOW shows the pathetic volume in the DOW.

The collapse is nearing capitulation.

Soon enough, there will be no buyers at any price.

Mar 02 07:49

Airlines, plane maker sued over crash near Buffalo

Relatives of a passenger killed when a commuter plane crashed into a house outside Buffalo have sued Continental Airlines and the flight's operators, claiming the aircraft had inadequate deicing equipment and an improperly trained crew

Mar 02 06:04

Starvation and Strife Menace Torn Kenya

The New York Times JEFFREY GETTLEMAN Feb 28, 2009

NAIROBI, Kenya — One year after this country exploded in ethnic bloodshed, trouble is brewing here again.

Ten million people face starvation, partly because farmers in crucial food-producing areas who fled their homes last year have not returned, instead withdrawing deeper into their ethnic enclaves, deeper into fear.

President Obama, whose father was Kenyan, has become a savior to many people here, in part because Kenyans say their own leaders have been such a disappointment.

Mar 02 05:52

Ukraine Teeters as Citizens Blame Banks and Government - A Common Theme!

The New York Times CLIFFORD J. LEVY March 1, 2009

KIEV, Ukraine — Steel and chemical factories, once the muscle of Ukraine’s economy, are dismissing thousands of workers. Cities have had days without heat or water because they cannot pay their bills, and Kiev’s subway service is being threatened. Lines are sprouting at banks, the currency is wilting and even a government default seems possible.

The sign held by Vasily Kirilyuk, an unemployed plumber camped out with other antigovernment demonstrators here in the past week, summed up the pervasive frustration: “Get rid of them all,” it said.

Mar 02 04:45

How a Man Was Thrown into Gitmo and Tortured for Clicking on My Article

A British 'resident' held at Guantanamo Bay was identified as a terrorist after confessing he had visited a 'joke' website on how to build a nuclear weapon, it was revealed last night.

Binyam Mohamed, a former UK asylum seeker, admitted to having read the 'instructions' after allegedly being beaten, hung up by his wrists for a week and having a gun held to his head in a Pakistani jail.

Mar 01 20:29

Taxpayers Clearing House Prize Patrol

They present invoices to taxpayers for their portion of the bailout. See the parts where they throw fiat paper at Geithner and ask Olympia Snowe to sign the check to Amtrak.

Mar 01 18:19

FLASHBACK - Ryanair's Eurostar claim banned

Ryanair has been banned from claiming its flight from London to Brussels is faster and cheaper than making the journey by Eurostar.

Mar 01 18:18

FLASHBACK - Ryanair to appeal over wheelchair

Ryanair chief executive Michael O'Leary has spoken out strongly against a court judgement that has ordered his airline to provide free wheelchairs.

Mar 01 18:16

FLASHBACK - Ryanair: £30 charge if you can't fit duty free in your hand luggage

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is a lesson here. If you piss off the bloggers, we will fight back!

Mar 01 18:15

FLASHBACK - Ryanair left me to carry my disabled wife onto plane, claims holidaymaker

A husband had to carry his disabled wife onto a Ryanair flight after staff refused to help – because of health and safety rules.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Is this any way to run an airline?

Mar 01 14:21

CFR Professor Reveals Plot for Military Coup in 2012

During the FIU New World Order Summit, a professor at the school named Dr. Mark B. Rosenberg raised the concern during a panel session about the possibility of a military coup taking place in the United States by the year 2012. This was not theorizing, he was simply citing a study that took place at the Army War College.

Mar 01 10:05

The Snake Dancing Broadcasting Mind Control.

We’re told that certain people are our enemies but our real enemies are the people telling us this. We’re told that certain things are bad for us but these things aren’t even as bad as the things they tell us we can have and which they make and sell to us so that we can hear the lies better and to put us in the mood to agree with the lies which cause us to injure ourselves and each other. The people who tell us these lies all went to school together and they learned to speak a certain language so that they can say things to each other that we won’t understand. While they were in their special schools they had their humanity removed so that they could do things that no human being would even consider because they have no conscience to inhibit their behavior.

Mar 01 07:17

Stock chart of the day GE over one year - Stunned OVER TEN BILLION SHARES ISSUED

And GE just announced a massive dividend cut. I fact, without large infusions of government bailout money, GE couldn't pay any dividend.

GE would be forced into liquidating its holdings.

Mar 01 06:04

Paul Harvey, Talk-Radio Pioneer, Is Dead at 90

The New York Times March 1, 2009

[...] a heartland icon, delivering news and commentary with a distinctive Midwestern flavor.

In 2000, at age 82, he signed a 10-year contract with ABC Radio Networks.

Feb 28 21:05

Holder's appeal for gun control for MEXICO'S sake

Have you noticed how often the proponents of more government control rarely cite their real intentions and instead make some emotional appeal about helping some victim class? Holder's claims that we should crack down on guns in the US because it helps MEXICO infuriates me.

This morning I hear David Shorr (who is pretty hard to listen to in the best of circumstances) repeating the Obama/Holder propaganda that the guns in Mexico come mostly from the US. The archive isn't up yet and I will add it when I can. But until then, consider the retort below (I have not verified it, fwiw)

It was written in response to a similar news story in the Wall Street Journal (see )


Feb 28 11:16

Anti-tax movement holds 'Tea Party' to protest Obama policies

Describing themselves as the spark of a "new conservative counterculture," several thousand anti-tax protesters took to the streets in over thirty cities on Friday to object to President Obama's plans to counter the growing economic crisis with government spending.

The extensive media coverage of the event was perhaps disproportionate to the actual size of the protests, which drew around 200 to 300 participants in most locations. The greatest turnout may have been in St. Louis, Missouri, where some 1000 people showed up.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Although the numbers reported appear small, I am seeing a growing anger in the heartland at what We the Taxpayers are supposed to fork over in taxes due to the financial errors and excesses of others.

The American people, as a whole, getting thoroughly fed up with this new "Taxation without Representation".

Oh yes, we go through that Kabuki ritual of elections every so often, just to enforce the illusion that we have people who actually represent us in Congress.

Unfortunately, however, most of those who continue to get elected continue to get elected due to the covert and overt financial clout of the corporations which have actually acquired them. So hard working American, sometimes working two and three jobs just to keep the roof over their families' heads, are really SOL at this point in this country's history, until something changes.

This new "Tea Party" movement may well be the harbinger of that change.

Feb 28 09:33


Feb 27 23:58

DEA to halt medical marijuana raids

Supporters of programs to provide legal marijuana to patients with painful medical conditions are celebrating Attorney General Eric Holder’s statement this week that the Drug Enforcement Administration would end its raids on state-approved marijuana dispensaries.

Feb 27 22:03

The Abrupt Limits of Glenn Beck's Understanding

Like most other conservative authoritarians, Beck apparently cannot understand the principle involved here, or why some people like myself who neither smoke nor drink nor take drugs of any kind would want to end the murderous fraud called the War on Drugs.

Feb 27 17:56

Spanish seize huge cocaine haul - Your money for nothing and your chicks for free

BBC News Feb 27, 2009

A Venezuelan fishing boat has been seized near the Canary Islands with five tonnes of cocaine on board, Spanish customs officials have said.

The drug shipment is thought to have a street value of 250m euros (£221m). Five Venezuelan crew members were held.

Feb 27 10:24

KBR Q4 Profit Climbs As Revenues Surge 42%

(RTTNews) - Engineering, construction and services company KBR, Inc. (KBR: News ) Wednesday, reported a rise in the fourth-quarter profit, helped by a 42% rise in revenue and positive contribution from LNG project change order.

KBR's net income for the quarter increased to $88 million or $0.54 per share from $71 million or $0.42 per share in the comparable period. Income from continuing operations rose to $88 million or $0.54 per share, from last year's $48 million or $0.28 per share.

Feb 27 10:13

The Silence of the Liberals As Obama launches "war on terrorism" II

The smarty-pants tone and style of this administration is already beginning to grate on my nerves, as they pander to their base on the symbolic issues – like the coffin question – in hopes no one will notice as they backtrack on more important matters. So far, it doesn't seem to be working out all that well.

Glenn Greenwald isn't cutting them any slack on the torture brouhaha – he's already pointed out that they'll still be torturing people, albeit not with their own hands in some instances, and that if Guantanamo is closed, Bagram – where similar activities are known to take place – is going to be open for "business."

Feb 27 08:49

The Serious Disconnect in Modern Culture.

There is a serious disconnect in any society that promotes the use of the most destructive chemical agents and ruthlessly suppresses the use of more benign agents. It’s not accidental. It’s all about control and the manipulation of the human consciousness through marketed illusions which track back to life on rails and shopping as an avocation.

Feb 27 07:46

In Revision, G.D.P. Shrank at 6.2% Rate at the End of 2008

The New York Times CATHERINE RAMPELL Feb 27, 2009

The economy at the end of last year contracted at a far faster rate than initially estimated, a government report released Friday said.

[...] the last quarter of 2008 was the worst since the 1982 recession [...]

Feb 27 00:21

Crisis in the US newspaper industry - BBC

BBC News Americas February 27, 2009 Max Deveson

If the economic crisis goes on much longer, will there be any newspapers left in the US to write about it?

The "crisis" in the newspaper industry may, therefore, be more of a crisis for the journalists and publishers who are currently facing job losses and bankruptcy.

But if it is merely the quantity, but not the quality, of journalism that declines then - for readers - there may not be a crisis at all.

Feb 27 00:01

Do you regret voting for Barack Obama? Sodahead Poll

Sodahead Poll

current poll numbers (It's sort of a trick question.)

812 -51% say, No regret voting for Obama
586 -37% say, Didn't vote for Obama
204 -13% say, Yes regret voting for Obama

A 13% decline in support says the mandate weeks are over. The comment board is vaguely interesting though demonstrative of a growing class of morons in this country.

Feb 26 15:17

The Gatekeeper Rahm Emanuel on the job - The New Yorker

The New Yorker - Letter from Washington - Ryan Lizza - March 2, 2009

The Gatekeeper - Rahm Emanuel on the job.

“Collins and Snowe are kind of like, at this point, looking at their shoes,” Emanuel went on, “because Specter says, ‘Well, why make it seventy-two? What do you mean? We all have it at sixty-five, in the middle.’ ”

Feb 26 12:13

Satellite Collision Debris Tracking in Google Earth

Google Earth network link

Two satellites, Iridium 33 and Cosmos 2251, made the news a couple of weeks ago when they accidentally collided 400 miles above the Earth. This was a rare occurrence, but the possibility of further collisions has now increased. The resulting orbital debris from the collisions is being tracked by Norad and other services. Celestrak is providing data on the debris from the collision. Rob Simpson of Orbiting Frog has released a Google Earth network link [Google Earth Required. You must have GE installed.] that lets you see the current orbital positions of some of the debris from the February collision. The file automatically updates with the current orbital positions.

Feb 26 09:36

Army tanks roll toward Bangladeshi capital

Bangladeshi tanks rolled into the capital Thursday, according to local media reports, hours after the prime minister warned mutinous border guards she would "do whatever is needed to end the violence."

Feb 26 08:16

Jews Are Guilty of Anti-Gentilism, Aren't They ? It Has to Stop !

As a Gentile, I believe I'm being subjected to Anti-Gentilism

As a result of suffering this persecution lifelong, I am traumatised and believe I'm deserving of compensaying for my pain and loss

Where do I lodge my claim .. Israel ?

My solicitors have said I should claim for 300 million dollars at minimum

Feb 26 05:25

The CIA Beyond Redemption and Should be Terminated

The Central Intelligence Agency(CIA) has confirmed the worst fears of its creator President Harry Truman that it might degenerate into “an American Gestapo.” It has been just that for so long it is beyond redemption. It represents 60 years of failure and fascism utterly at odds with the spirit of a democracy and needs to be closed, permanently.

Feb 26 04:57

The Deep Politics of Hollywood. In the Parents` Best Interests

GE/Universal’s Munich (2005) – Steven Spielberg’s exploration of Israeli vengeance following the Palestinian terrorist attack at the 1972 Olympics – raises similar suspicions. Although the Zionist Organisation of American called for a boycott of the film because they felt it equated Israel with terrorists, such a reading is less than convincing. Indeed, by the time Munich’s credits begin to roll its overriding messages have been stamped indelibly into the brain by the film’s Israeli Special Forces characters: “Every civilization finds it necessary to negotiate compromises with its own values,” “We kill for our future, we kill for peace,” and “Don't f*ck with the Jews.” Predictably, Israel is one of GE’s most loyal customers, buying Hellfire II laser missiles as well as propulsion systems for the F-16 Falcon fighter, the F-4 Phantom fighter, the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter, and the UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter. In Munich’s 167 minute running time the voice of the Palestinian cause is restricted to two and a half minutes of simplistic dialogue. Rather than being an “evenhanded cry for peace,” as the Los Angeles Times hailed it, General Electric’s Munich is more easily interpreted as a subtle corporate endorsement of the policies of a loyal customer.

Feb 26 04:15

Asswipe--The Environmentalist Contribution to a Better World

The New York Times LESLIE KAUFMAN Feb 25, 2009

Mr. Whipple Left It Out: Soft Is Rough on Forests

The national obsession with soft [toilet] paper comes at a price: millions of trees harvested in North America and in Latin American countries, including some percentage of trees from rare old-growth forests in Canada. Although toilet tissue can be made at similar cost from recycled material [...]

Feb 25 21:58

Yes we are raging - against a Government that spies on its citizens while ignoring the crimes of greedy bankers

That the public is being watched by Big Brother at every turn is deeply alarming. That the innocent were being tracked going about their every day lives while a blind eye was being turned to a financial sector apparently hell-bent on destruction is unforgivable.

Feb 25 17:00

Angry Taxpayers throw "BOSTON TEA PARTY" in St. Louis

Feb 25 15:58

Indiana Amish community helps in Texas cow country

Amish volunteers helping rebuild after Ike
By Cindy Horswell
Sunday, February 22, 2009

"That is why Fellowship of Christian Farmers organized the relief effort: "Building fences in Texas until the cows come home."
Among the volunteers answering the call have been groups of Amish who learned of the ranchers' plight from their community newsletter in Elkhart and LaGrange counties in Indiana. That's the area that President Barack Obama last week singled out as having the nation's highest unemployment rate.

Many of the 35 Amish volunteers helped out, though they are facing their own financial crises at home. Many have been laid off or had their hours slashed at factories that make recreational vehicles.

Feb 25 15:18

Ben Bernanke - LIAR

"We believe the effect of the troubles in the subprime sector on the broader housing market will likely be limited"

- Ben Bernanke, May 2007

"There is a reasonable prospect that the current recession will end in 2009"

- Ben Bernanke, February 2009

Feb 25 08:56

At least nine killed as Turkish Airlines plane crashes near Amsterdam

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now THIS is what it really looks like when an intact plane crashes into a field. Quite a contrast with the wreckage of flight 93 which was spread out over 8 miles.

Feb 25 06:17

Rimington is right. This is a recipe for creating terrorists

New Labour's sins in the war on terror are catching up with it, but ministers want to shift blame on to the Muslim community

By Seumas Milne

I never imagined I would say this, but Stella Rimington is right. The former head of MI5 who made her career running the security service's dirtiest operations in the 1980s, against the miners' union and the IRA, has warned that the government has given terrorists the chance to find "greater justification" by making people feel they "live in fear and under a police state". Naturally, ministers described her remarks as nonsense and accused her of playing "into the hands of our enemies".

But the damage is done. To have the woman once hailed as Britain's Queen of Spies accusing the government of recklessly counter-productive authoritarianism carries a special weight - and incidentally turns the traditional relationship between Labour and the secret state on its head. Rimington went further, denouncing the US for Guantánamo and torture, but reverted to type by insisting MI5 "doesn't do that".

Feb 25 06:03

California lawmaker introduces pot legalization bill

If California Assemblyman Tom Ammiano has his way, the Golden State might become known as the Green State to pot smokers around the country.

During a press conference Monday morning in San Francisco, Ammiano introduced "The Marijuana Control, regulation and education act." The far-reaching bill would go well beyond decriminalization of marijuana to actually legalize the cultivation, sale, purchase and possession of the plant.

Feb 25 04:24

Japan exports drop 46% in January

BBC Business News Feb 25, 2009

Japan's exports plunged 45.7% in January compared with a year ago to hit the lowest figure in 10 years, official figures have shown.

Imports exceeded exports by 952.6bn yen ($9.9bn; £6.8bn). It is the largest gap since records began in 1980.

"Japan is particularly vulnerable to this downturn because trade is so central to the economy," World Trade Organization head Pascal Lamy told reporters on a visit to Tokyo.

Feb 24 21:34

Who owns the media?

Feb 24 21:22

Iowa Guard ends urban war exercise amid outcry

The Iowa Army National Guard has dropped plans for urban warfare training in the western Iowa town of Arcadia after being deluged by nearly 100 e-mails and phone calls from gun-rights advocates nationwide.

Feb 24 19:37

George Bush plans world tour

Soon after leaving Downing Street, Tony Blair eagerly launched himself onto the American lecture circuit. Now the international exchange programme for former leaders is entering its second, potentially more controversial phase: George Bush is coming to Europe.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What boggles my mind is, what sane country on the planet would actually want his shoes soiling their sidewalks?

This is a petty, crass, sociopath, who has told the world - and the American people - an extraordinary pack of lies with which to generate two horrendous wars, both of which look as though they're about ready to boil over in South Asia.

These wars have so sapped this country, both in blood and in money, that the national economy is staggering like a punch-drunk fighter, claiming they're OK when they're about to keel over for the count.

And let's not forget the jewels in the crown of the Bush "Legacy"; the legitimizing of torture, the vivisection of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and the destruction of American civil rights as we used to know them. We have devolved, under Bush's watch, from "The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave" to the "land of the surveilled, and the home of the cowed.

I cannot think of a country on this planet which wouldn't be painfully embarrassed to have this man, strutting like a popinjay, representing the US on the lecture circuit. Unless, that country was also run by sociopaths who believes that the sun rises and sets in their glory, and that all those people who work desperately longer and longer hours to pay their bills are simply just a never-ending source of tax dollars for the elites' amusement.

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. To those who fanatically believed - and still clutch to the belief - that everything Bush has done is absolutely right, I would caution them to remember this.

Let's hope that some of these countries will have the courage to "Just Say NO" to a Bush lecture at one of their venues.

Perhaps the costs of security arrangements, (which will have to be vast, and probably well above what the Secret Service can really do to protect him) may well cause some countries, political, social, and educational entities to have cause to reconsider.

I sure as hell hope so: this venal, little man doesn't- and has never - represented me, or any of the American moral values I believe in.

Feb 24 16:03

FBI agent suspected of murdering couple

A former FBI agent is a suspect in the 2002 murders of a married couple shot to death in their BMW on the North Side while their 3-month-old child sat in the back unharmed, the Chicago Sun-Times has learned.

Vo Duong "Ben" Tran, 41, was an FBI agent in 2002, when the victims, Timme and Vickie Le, were killed execution-style in West Rogers Park, court records show.

Feb 24 11:49

Majority Of U.S. States Join Sovereignty Movement, Assert 10th Amendment Rights

The banks want the economy to collapse so they can grab real assets and power. Their whole monetary system is a giant ponzi scheme designed to fail because money is based on the issuance of debt, and the interest owed is not put into the system except through more debt with more interest.

Feb 24 11:23

Prepare Yourself for Higher Gas Prices

Feb 24, 2009 - Aaron Task - Yahoo Finance

With the economy tumbling, joblessness rising, and the stock market at 11-year lows, about the only positive thing for Americans' pocketbooks lately has been (relatively) lower gas prices. But this too shall pass, according to James Cordier, president of Liberty Trading Group in Tampa. Cordier, whose firm specializes in selling options on commodities, notes that while oil supplies are at a 16-year high, gasoline inventories are at a 5-year low.

Feb 24 10:00

Six drown, 11 missing in latest smuggling mishap off Yemen coast

Feb 24 08:26

War hero defeated by NHS after hospital stay left him with three infections and fractured pelvis

He survived the vicious conflict with the Japanese in the jungles of Burma.

But veteran Albert Marriott has been reduced to a wheelchair-bound shell by a spell in the care of the NHS.

Mr Marriott, 90, was admitted to hospital after a fall at home.

He then picked up superbugs Clostridium difficile, E.coli and MRSA - and fractured his pelvis in a fall from a hospital bed.

Feb 24 07:31

WARNING! Bailout Politics IS Theft From The Middle Class and Societal Folly

The current topical turmoil being reported and noticed daily by everyone on the planet is no economic crisis. The economic worries are only a symptom of a much graver problem.

Since the Enlightenment humanity has been building a vast pragmatic house of cards. This house of cards is best understood when we look at the rise in population over the last few hundred years. A graph would show a steadily increasing upward sweep to over 6 billion people now living on the planet.

We are going to lose minimally a billion people very quickly, and possibly many more. So pay attention.

Feb 24 04:18

A Lesson in the Value of Real Estate

Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service

60 Quaker Lane Warwick, RI, 02886

Including penalties and interest (Click here for Notice of Encumbrances) over a quarter of a million dollars in encumbrances on this little cape, way more than it could possibly be worth. The owner is probably in the slammer right now. Check out the photo. Someone was shooting hoops here not too long ago.

And Tim Geithner got a free pass when he didn't pay his income taxes.

Feb 23 18:28

Judge acquits David Ahenakew of wilfully promoting hate

A Saskatoon judge acquitted David Ahenakew on Monday of wilfully promoting hatred against Jews, but not before chiding the former aboriginal leader for his comments.

Feb 23 15:26

Ex-CEO of kosher slaughterhouse: Grand jury biased

Attorneys for the former CEO of the nation's largest kosher meatpacking plant say immigration, bank fraud and other charges against him should be dismissed because the grand jury that indicted him was biased against Jews.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You cannot make this up.

Feb 23 10:49

Ex-First Nations head acquitted in hate trial

A Saskatoon judge acquitted former aboriginal leader David Ahenakew Monday of wilfully promoting hatred against Jews.

The former head of the Assembly of First Nations was charged after a controversial speech and subsequent interview with a reporter more than six years ago. In the interview he called them a ``disease" and appeared to justify the Holocaust.

Feb 23 08:26

Urban Warfare Drills Linked To Coming Economic Rage

Urban warfare training drills are taking place across the country as top analysts as well as officials predict a potential “summer of rage” across Europe and America as civil unrest from the economic fallout builds.

Earlier this month, 150 U.S. troops from the U.S. Special Operations Command whizzed around the streets of New Orleans in military helicopters and even dropped bombs in what officials described as a “training event”.

An Iowa National Guard training exercise in Arcadia, Iowa, scheduled for April was originally billed as an “invasion” before public opposition caused the drill to be scaled back. The exercise included Guard troops patrolling streets, searching houses and confiscating firearms.

Feb 23 07:30

Fiscal Irresponsibility (D-US) replaced Fiscal Irresponsibility (R-US)

The government will spend $800 billion. If we're to believe that it's money well spent, then there should already be a plan for every penny. I don't believe that, of course, but we're still supposed to trust what is clearly a plan based on the belief that money spent is money well spent.

Feb 23 07:20

McDonald's: No workers comp for employee shot protecting patron

Fast food giant McDonald's has denied workers compensation benefits to a minimum wage employee who was shot when he ejected a customer who had been beating a woman inside the restaurant.

A representative of the administrator for McDonald's workers compensation plan explained that "we have denied this claim in its entirety as it is our opinion that Mr. Haskett's injuries did not arise out of or within the course and scope of his employment."

Feb 23 05:08

Liberty in Britain is facing death by a thousand cuts. We can fight back

For 30 years I have been travelling to unfree places, from East Germany to Burma, and writing about them in the belief that I was coming from one of the freest countries in the world. I wanted people in those places to enjoy more of what we had. In the last few years, I have woken up - late in the day, but better late than never - to the way in which individual liberty, privacy and human rights have been sliced away in Britain, like salami, under New Labour governments that profess to find in liberty the central theme of British history.

Feb 23 05:05

Buses Set Afire Near Arson-Hit City

The New York Times ASSOCIATED PRESS Feb 22, 2009

The township is just north of Coatesville, where investigators have reported 66 arson fires since January 2008.

Feb 23 04:44

After Huge Losses, a Move to Reclaim Executives’ Pay

The New York Times GRETCHEN MORGENSON Feb 21, 2009

As the financial crisis deepens, what might have been a philosophical question is now the topic of the day. With losses mounting at the nation’s largest financial institutions, years of earnings have been erased, investors have lost billions, thousands of employees have been let go, and taxpayers have been tapped to rescue the financial system. But executives who helped set the problems in motion, or ignored them as they mounted, are still doing fine. Humbled, perhaps, but well paid for their anguish.

Feb 23 03:44

Krugman - Banking on the Brink

The New York Times Op-Ed Columnist PAUL KRUGMAN Feb 22, 2009

First, some major banks are dangerously close to the edge — in fact, they would have failed already if investors didn’t expect the government to rescue them if necessary.

Second, banks must be rescued. [...]

Third, while banks must be rescued, the U.S. government can’t afford, fiscally or politically, to bestow huge gifts on bank shareholders.

Feb 22 17:44

Why Not the Truth?

Those who evade responsibility must also evade the truth. Inevitably, they turn to the state. Let the state be responsible, they say. Let the state signify truth.

Feb 22 13:52

Texas vs. Mexico war plan needs N.Guard for US defense

Reynosa violence gives border emergency plan first test
February 21, 2009 - 10:21 PM

HIDALGO - As protests and gunfire erupted last week across Reynosa, Hidalgo County authorities stood prepared at the international bridges, ready for any possibility.
"Dubbed the "Operation Border Star Contingency Plan," Gov. Rick Perry's office drafted the policy with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies last year to prepare for the possibility of violence spilling over into the United States.

"The most significant threat Texas faces is spillover violence from Mexico's drug cartels," Perry's homeland security director, Steve McCraw, told state senators at a hearing Wednesday. "You can never be too prepared.""

Feb 22 11:54

McDonald's: No workers comp for employee shot protecting patrons

Fast food giant McDonald's has denied workers compensation benefits to a minimum wage employee who was shot when he ejected a customer who had been beating a woman inside the restaurant.

A representative of the administrator for McDonald's workers compensation plan explained that "we have denied this claim in its entirety as it is our opinion that Mr. Haskett's injuries did not arise out of or within the course and scope of his employment."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unflipping believable.

I think that a jury will make mincemeat out of this decision by McDonald's.

Feb 22 11:50

The United States: The Largest Ponzi Scheme in the World

It was determined a half century ago that home ownership was a good thing. Since then, the government has bent the rules in favor of the homeowner – with artificially low mortgage rates…and substantial tax benefits. As an unforeseen consequence, the feds helped create the biggest mortgage-backed credit bubble in history.

Feb 22 10:57

When Will Real Americans Stand Up To The Zionist Power Configuration?

Just last week while on the road Red's home was invaded by the IOF (Indian Occupation Forces). Because Red's double wide sits on the top of a hill over looking the countryside it provides the perfect vantage point for the IOF to watch for Hazard militants out to defeat their Yueish occupiers. Red is still outraged over the last time his home was occupied. The IOF stold his Grandfather's banjo and vandalized his special Dale Earnhardt memorial he kept in his spare bedroom(it used to be an Elvis memorial but Red is a progressive Kentuckian and thought it was time to move on) over turning candles and defacing Dale's pictures and other collectibles. These IOF bastards even urinated in his tobacco spittoon and defecated on his shag carpeting as a show of disrespect for he and his people.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Feb 22 10:17


Feb 22 09:57

Buchanan meltdown: Pundit rails against black 'illegitimacy' and 'gang rapes'

When Eric Holder, Obama's Attorney General, called America a nation of "cowards" when it comes to matters of race, Patrick J. Buchanan must have taken it as a challenge.

To the man who once called Adolph Hitler "an individual of great courage," Holder's comment seemingly set a time-bomb ticking in his head. On a Thursday MSNBC broadcast, it exploded.

Seething about about crime rates among African American communities, Buchanan gave conflicting figures of black "illegitimacy" and railed about black "gang rapes." The entire episode seemed to evoke the underlying reasons why Buchanan's writing so often ends up cross-posted on ex-Klansman David Duke's Web site.

Feb 22 09:49

Crop Scientists Say Biotechnology Seed Companies Are Thwarting Research

Biotechnology companies are keeping university scientists from fully researching the effectiveness and environmental impact of the industry’s genetically modified crops, according to an unusual complaint issued by a group of those scientists.

“No truly independent research can be legally conducted on many critical questions,” the scientists wrote in a statement submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency. The E.P.A. is seeking public comments for scientific meetings it will hold next week on biotech crops.

The statement will probably give support to critics of biotech crops, like environmental groups, who have long complained that the crops have not been studied thoroughly enough and could have unintended health and environmental consequences.

Feb 22 07:13

Can an Employer’s Past Follow Its Workers?

The New York Times HILLARY CHURA Feb 21, 2009

JOB hunting in this market is hard enough. Pity the candidate coming from Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities, the Stanford Group or another company tainted by bad news of one sort or another.

“What makes a résumé go from toxic to fatal is the person’s attitude,” said Sharon Blaivas, an independent résumé writer at and former recruiter for Goldman Sachs. “The fact is what the fact is — they worked at a place with problems — and that doesn’t make them bad.”