Nov 28 16:55

USA must not shun its moral responsibility in Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Uri Avnery deplores New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman’s advise that the US should turn its back on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and let the two sides sort out their problems by themselves, which he argues is tantamount to giving the green light to the Israeli government to increase its oppression of Palestinians, further consolidate the occupation and drag the world into bloody chaos.

Nov 28 10:42

You Get What you Vote For!

First of all, I never understood why, or how, peace people could support someone who voted to pay for the wars while he was a Senator and was quite clear on the fact that he would increase violence in Afghanistan and perform a slow, painful and very incomplete withdrawal from Iraq. Principles that were proclaimed so loudly while Bush was president get shoved aside and buried now that a Democrat is president and how do you get your principles back from the dung-pile of selling out?

Nov 28 10:06

We’ll Win this Time. If Only ( . . . )

A week after Newsweek invoked the relevance of Vietnam for today's military strategists, Nicholas Kulish recalled in a piece for The New York Times that U.S. soldiers returning from Vietnam "faced epithets from protesters." Kulish doesn't specify the epithets but we know from other accounts that "baby killer" is said to be among them, and that the radicals hurling those hurtful words sometimes spat on the veterans-or so the stories go. Headlined "No Parade for Hans," Kulish couches his reprise of post-Vietnam America as a cautionary tale for Germans who he says are responding with indifference to their soldiers back from the middle east but the message for American readers even thinking about opposing a surge in Afghanistan is clear: don't.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What is a true betrayal of our troops is putting them in harm's way when there are other ways of obtaining the desired geopolitical outcome rather than with brute military force.

Right now, I would like to remind the corporate media drones who spew this kind of drivel, that as late as August of 2001, the Bush administration was negotiating with the Taliban about the cost of the installation of pipelines, but thought the price too expensive.

That unholy trinity of Cheney, Bush, and Rumsfeld then decided that an invasion and occupation was going to be "cheaper".

So the American people were "softened up" by every conceivable media lie to prepare them for a war against Afghanistan, and the installation of a corrupt dictator who would do what the US wanted.

And our brave young men and women who would fight, die, and get maimed for live from this colossal military misadventure?

They were, and continue to be, expendable in this "sacrifice" ultimately for profit. Just ask any Vet, desperate for treatment of conditions they got from their participation in this gruesome exercise, only to be denied treatment, or have their benefits cut or eliminated by a technicality.

Notice that while the US is on a rampage, militarily, to get resources they want, Russia and China are cutting deals for the energy they need.

The best way of supporting our military is by using our power as citizens of a country with a right to free speech, to let every Congressional representative, every commander of the Pentagon, and White House official that you know this country was lied into the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

We understand this, and there is absolutely no doubt.

And that these people are never, ever to put our military personnel in harm's way unless it is absolutely necessary.

They should never be used, ever again, as instruments of American corporate profit, period, end of discussion.

That is how we support our men and women in uniform; along with making this government understand that we want every one of our returning Vets get precisely the same kind of care that "Dead-eye" Dick Cheney gets.

Nov 28 09:41

US Government sues banksters: Fraud on student loans. Vampire banks feed on near-children

Banksters took a hit through disclosure of court documents of US lawsuit for $280 million for fraud to college students through student loan disinformation. JP Morgan, Citigroup and Nelnet are the defendants in the lawsuit.

Banksters have sucked trillions through direct transfer of American taxpayer money to their pockets. This suit is heartening and I hope shows true law enforcement for the public good. However, the larger context is that our political “leaders” of both parties facilitate ongoing fraud as the banksters’ pimps while heartlessly ignoring Americans’ unemployment and poverty and reneging on their promise of funding the end of poverty with only 0.7% of GNI.

Nov 28 08:11

Food Banks Report Surge in First Timers

A surge in first time visitors has contributed to the greatest demand in years at food banks nationwide, according to Feeding America, a Chicago-based national food bank association. Many of the first timers were middle class but lost jobs or had their wages cut.

"They were doing pretty well," said Ross Fraser of Feeding America. "They've completely had the rug pulled out from under them."

A surge in first time visitors has contributed to the greatest demand in years at food banks nationwide, according to Feeding America, a Chicago-based national food bank association. Many of the first timers were middle class but lost jobs or had their wages cut.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

With conditions like this, please don't tell me that the economy has actually turned around, except for the folks at Goldman Sachs!

Nov 28 07:04

The Islamophobe quartet of the USA

Paul J. Balles turns the spotlight on four prominent American Islamophobes and argues that the acts they use to justify their statements "are no more related to the teachings of Islam than the paedophilia of a few priests is connected with Catholicism or the acts committed by Rabbi Meir Kahane of the Anti-Defamation League related to Judaism”.

Nov 27 21:50

Washington's Blog: Instead of creating jobs for American, Obama spends in Afghanistan, Iraq

Washington’s Blog is one of my favorite sources for revealing facts and analysis in economics and policy. The recent post, Instead of fixing the US Economy or creating jobs for AMERICANS, Obama will spend the money in Afghanistan and Iraq, is so comprehensively brilliant in putting together the documentation that our wars are fraudulent and damaging to our economy, I’m reprinting it for you.

Needless to say, I recommend following Washington’s Blog for such insightful writing! Without further ado:

America is in the most severe unemployment crisis since - and perhaps including - the Great Depression.

Nov 27 18:38

Good for Canada!

The Supreme Court of Canada said Friday that Wal-Mart Stores Inc. was entitled to close a store in Quebec in 2005, seven months after workers voted to become the first Walmart store in North America to unionize.

The highest court in Canada ruled in a 6-3 margin that the multinational had the right to shut down the outlet in Jonquiere, Quebec, and lay off 190 employees.

Nov 27 16:10

Queen to Commonwealth leaders: fight climate change

Queen Elizabeth opened the Commonwealth summit in Trinidad and Tobago Thursday with a warning that if climate change continues to worsen unchecked, millions of people and species could be at risk.

Note that she went to the summit on a special British Airways aircraft.

Nov 27 14:20

Sarkozy 'very effective' in securing Polanski release

Roman Polanski’s family yesterday praised the role played by Nicolas Sarkozy in securing the film director’s release on bail after two months in a Swiss prison.

The French President “has been very effective” behind the scenes, according to the film director’s sister-in-law Mathilde Seigner, as Mr Polanski prepared to move from a cell to house arrest in his luxury chalet in the exclusive Alpine village of Gstaad.

Nov 27 11:06

Medicare in Crisis: The Devastating Impacts of a Corporate Health Care Bill

And although the final bill has yet to be crafted, there exists general agreements as to what the end version will look like. Americans will be forced to buy shoddy corporate insurance with no limit to the cost, no guarantee of quality, with large premiums and other tricks to further gouge consumers. If a public option emerges in the final bill — by no means a guarantee — it will be shrunken enough to insure very few people (2 percent of the U.S. population).

But it gets worse. How this health care “reform” will be paid for has implications that dwarf the above atrocities.

Nov 27 10:45

“Almost all the camping grounds within 100 miles of Los Angeles are now filled with people living in them.”

Deanne Weakly was among the first to the microphone. The 51-year-old estate agent told how a couple of years ago she was pulling in $80,000 (£48,000) a year from commissions selling homes in LA’s booming property market.

When the bottom fell out of the business with the foreclosure crisis, she lost her own house and ended up living on the streets in a city with more homeless than any other in America. She was sexually assaulted, harassed by the police and in despair.

She turned to the city and California state governments for help. “No one wanted to listen. They blame you for being homeless in the first place,” she said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The voices of these dispossessed are growing, both in number, and in the anger of their tone.

The fact that the UN actually sent its special rapporteur, Raquel Rolnik, to these hearings is a grim reminder of just how badly many Americans are suffering from this depression.

Nov 27 10:36

Climategate: falsified data, suppressed evidence, professional journal censorship = carbon tax scam

now comprehensively documented:
Global temperatures have declined since 1998 while carbon emissions have risen, undermining the scientific argument for global warming. Now, the public release of hundreds of internal e-mails hacked from University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit (CRU) reveal data was changed in order to fit the model of global warming and support a global carbon tax and trade.

Initial planning of the tax would cost Americans ~$100 billion every year, an average of ~$1,000 per each household's $50,000 annual income.

Nov 27 10:24

Al Gore Set To Become First “Carbon Billionaire”

The New York Times has lifted the lid on how Al Gore stands to benefit to the tune of billions of dollars if the carbon tax proposals he is pushing come to fruition in the United States, while documenting how he has already lined his pockets on the back of exaggerated fearmongering about global warming.

As is to be expected, the article is largely a whitewash and takes an apologist stance in defense of Gore.

However, the NY Times‘ John M. Broder does reveal how one of the companies Gore invested in, Silver Spring Networks, recently received a contract worth $560 million dollars from the Energy Department to install “smart meters” in people’s homes that record (and critics fear could eventually regulate) energy usage.

Nov 27 09:34

Federal Reserve tries theater ads to burnish its image

The Federal Reserve isn't too popular these days, what with its failure to predict or prevent the financial crisis and recession, not to mention its involvement in last year's bailouts. Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) has a bestselling book out called "End the Fed," and some lawmakers are looking to cut back the central bank's power.

It sounds like a perfect time for an ad campaign.

The Fed has made a 45-second public service announcement to help consumers use their credit cards wisely. The spot will run before movie previews at theaters in 12 U.S. cities, including Long Beach, from Friday through Dec. 3.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I read this, and started thinking, This has to be from the Department of "You Can't Make this Stuff Up", but there it is.

At this point in this country's economic woes, with people still losing their jobs and their houses, an ad for the Fed is something like putting lipstick on a pig.

The Fed should be done away with, and the sooner, the better for We the People.

Nov 26 15:05


Facts have recently been reported which have convinced me that certain members of the cancer establishment have tried to murder Suzanne Somers.

Nov 26 10:43

Obama’s Science Czar John Holdren involved in unwinding “Climategate” scandal

“Holdren has a long history of seeking total government control. He was involved in the Club of Rome providing Paul Ehrlich with the scientific data in his bet with Julian Simon. Ehrlich lost the bet. Holdren’s behavior in this sorry episode with Soon and Baliunas is too true to form and shows the leopard never changes his spots,” Ball concludes.

Meanwhile, even with an AWOL mainstream media, the Climategate snakes continue to slither out from under the rocks.

Nov 26 09:50

Climategate: falsified data, suppressed evidence, professional journal censorship = carbon tax scam

The following 8-minute interview explains and shows that independent university measurements were accurate and “official” data was fraudulent (and here). This data was contrived to support a global carbon tax, a new exotic derivative for skimming money from working families. People within the US government is complicit in this criminal fraud; members of Congress are initiating investigation.

For analysis from Ian Plimer, best-selling author countering alleged global warming data, go here. Below is House Committee testimony of Al Gore denying any data that condtradicted the basis for a global carbon tax that would cost Americans hundreds of billions of dollars in new taxes.

Nov 26 08:19

Polanski released on $4.5mn bail

Director Roman Polanski, involved in a US child abuse case, has been released on bail of $4.5 million by a Swiss court and placed under house arrest in the Alps.

The Swiss court has accepted film-maker Polanski's plea to be freed on bail from a Swiss jail. He now must forfeit his passport and be monitored by wearing an electronic bracelet.

Nov 26 06:52

Hide The Decline - Climategate

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Worth a relink!

Nov 25 22:08

Thankful on Thanksgiving

While many Americans attempt to be thankful for anything in these trying and evil times, I am truly thankful there are people like Mike, who has created this site to fight for truth and decency against the murderous, hateful, worst examples of our species.

As we remember and reflect upon the gratitude we feel for the wonder that is in our lives, and the people whose talent, love, and inspiration guides us, this is for Mike Rivero, a true American hero and a beacon for the world.

Thanks MIke.


Nov 25 22:08

Thankful on Thanksgiving

While many Americans attempt to be thankful for anything in these trying and evil times, I am truly thankful there are people like Mike, who has created this site to fight for truth and decency against the murderous, hateful, worst examples of our species.

As we remember and reflect upon the gratitude we feel for the wonder that is in our lives, and the people whose talent, love, and inspiration guides us, this is for Mike Rivero, a true American hero and a beacon for the world.

Thanks MIke.


Nov 25 20:27

Obama joins Bush, Congress in War Crimes for false imprisonment, torture at Bagram Prison

The US invaded Afghanistan illegally; the country did not attack the US and their government volunteered to cooperate with extradition of any criminal suspects upon evidence of probable cause. The US refused to provide evidence, did not receive requisite UN Security Council authorization for military action required by US and international law, and illegally invaded in a War of Aggression.

Please pause to verify the fact that the US illegally invaded Afghanistan. When an invasion is illegal, the people fighting US troops are defending their nation against a hostile force. If China invaded the US on such pretext, Americans who did not defend our nation would be called cowards and traitors to the invading horde.

Nov 25 16:51

Oil thirst ’set to outstrip supply’

According to a Reuters poll of 10 top oil-tracking analysts and organisations, oil demand is predicted to rise by 1.3 million barrels per day next year to 85.9 million bpd.

At the same time, the rise in production from outside Opec and output of natural gas liquids from Opec members is seen rising by just 800,000 bpd in total.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is driving many US geopolitical decisions, unfortunately in the wrong direction.

We have some brilliant minds in this country. We should be working on the kinds of alternative fuels which can power a tank, or an airplane.

That would stop the "oil wars" cold, if these developments weren't immediately snatched up by the oil companies to use when oil is really on the verge of not being available.

Nov 25 11:58

As US Debt Tops $12 trillion, Obama Calls for Austerity

At the end of his visit to China Wednesday, President Barack Obama warned that the US economy faces the threat of a “double-dip recession” unless the government carries out fiscal austerity measures designed to slash the mounting public debt.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

US fiscal austerity cannot be achieved if we are escalating the war in Afghanistan.

Taxpayers are tapped out, and have little if any more to give to support the insane spending the last and current administrations have demanded to support these wars without end.

Nov 25 10:51

House Democrats Eye War Tax

Citing increasing concerns about the rising cost of the Afghan War, a group of House Democrats led by Appropriations Committee Chairman David Obey (D-WI) have proposed a new tax on personal income.

The tax is being pressed forward as part of the “Share the Sacrifice Act of 2010,” which Rep. Obey and others say will ensure that all Americans share the onerous burden of continuing the seemingly endless conflict in Afghanistan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to every single congressional representative: We the People did not, and do not, support this war at all.

We understand that the reasons for the starting of this war had and have absolutely nothing to do with US national security.

This war was profit driven, and was supposed to create two outcomes, which were:

1. The installation of pipelines to control Eurasian oil. So far, eight years on, so bad: the country is still too volatile for this to happen.

2. Control of the drug trade, from which so many profit so handsomely. (Thinking Americans understand that the Taliban previously all but eradicated the opium trade.

Since the US/ NATO invasion and occupation of Afghanistan, cheap drugs are flooding the market place. An accident? Hardly!!)

If any of you alleged "representatives" vote for this, I can guarantee you that you will find yourselves out of a job in Congress for the rest of your lives, come the next election!

Nov 25 09:14

What does Jesus command Christians to do about fearing Iran and possible war?

If your Thanksgiving plans include thanking God, for Christians and those holding policy leaders accountable to their Christian values, please consider the families in Iran and what Jesus commanded as the basis for our interactions.

Previously, I’ve documented the two principle fears some Americans espouse with Iran and threaten war to prove beyond doubt they are without basis in fact:

· Iran’s nuclear energy program is in compliance with international treaty, fully inspected with all evidence showing energy-use only, and all US intelligence agencies in agreement of zero evident threat of nuclear weapon production. The US is out of compliance by refusing to help Iran achieve nuclear energy and accept inspections to ensure safety.

Nov 25 08:28

How can they make us buy coverage?

Again we see Mises's Law at work: Intervention begets intervention. Government action creates problems that politicians then use to justify more government action. Undoing the first intervention would help solve the problem, but politicians have little incentive to move in that direction.

Nov 25 07:35

Fighting Ghosts & Shadow Governments

A great Jim Kirwan piece!

Nov 24 17:36

Hide The Decline - Climategate

Nov 24 16:24

What's really happening with bio-weapon "flu" in the Ukraine: report from Project Camelot

Among hundreds of reporters, I’ve documented that corporate “mainstream” media constantly lies to you with our most important topics of life and death in wars and trillions of our dollars with the confessions of our own government of infiltrating media to intentionally deceive Americans. These facts are objective and independently verifiable for all who choose to see.

Nov 24 13:05

Ontario: 24 dead in 72 hours

- this was from Nov 13th -

and in the same article, an update -an additional 18 dead in Ontario, 22 in Alberta.

also B.C. Hospitals over capacity...

Nov 24 12:51

BREAKING: ukraine flu may be in CANADA


from the EXCELLENT analysis over at Zero Hedge: in a comment from one Howard Beale, this:

I returned from Toronto 9 days ago--I was beginning to feel sick on the drive back and even missed my exit on a drive I have done at least 100 times. At 2am that night I woke up on fire, checked my fever and it was 104. Within hours I was coughing up dark green phlegm. I was swabbed the next day for flu and put on antibiotics for a bacterial respiratory infection. The fevers were rampant for 6 days--all well above 102. The flu swab came back "Type A" and since there has been no seasonal flu yet to report in the States or Canada I assumed it was H1N1 (my daughter had it well over a month ago so I was totally confused as to why now?). I was put on Tamiflu.

Canada has the 3rd largest Ukranian population outside of the Ukraine and Russia and there is plenty of travel back and forth. Since no one can figure out how I got this nightmare, I have been racking what is left of my brain for clues. Your article spurred the first real possibility of what I am living through. We live near downtown Toronto, a melting pot of immigrants and the stores are crowded, and cleanliness is a luxury. I went out a few days before I left to the local market. My brain is still just fresh out of the oven and not cooled off yet so I'm still trying to sort it out. But if it is so, then I might suggest this newer version of the flu has already made it's way to Canada and now to the States. And it's a monster. I don't expect to be out of bed for several more days and am lucky I got treatment immediately. The fact that I didn't get H1N1 from my daughter and no vaccine has left me completely in the Twilight Zone. It immediately attacked my lungs with a sore throat days later from coughing. A friend of mine is a pharmacist and he says people are now testing Type A more than H1N1 in the last week, suggesting indeed something else is here.

Nov 24 07:28

Fifteen signs American society is coming apart at the seams

1) The inequality of wealth in the United States is soaring to an unprecedented level. The U.S. already had the highest inequality of wealth in the industrialized world prior to the financial crisis. Since the crisis, which has hit the middle class and poor much harder than the top 1 percent, the gap between the top 1 percent and the remaining 99 percent of the U.S. population has grown to a record high.

Nov 24 05:23

ANALYSIS: Ukrainian Flu: New Strain Mutated and/or BioEngineered, Much More Lethal

Definitive, meticulous, exhaustive - and frightening.,
Even though this installment of The Baxter Files is a bit of a recap, you may want to sit down.

Thank you Project Mayhem at Zero Hedge; please repost.

Nov 23 23:55

Prostitution "journalism": Yup, mainstream media is intentional propaganda. Accept the evidence

Please click and read the outstanding work of Stephen Lendman in Paid lying – what passes for major media journalism. Stephen documents major areas of propaganda. I also recommend the work of PuppetGov to artistically represent the fact of Americans being played by political “leadership” and their media whores. An example of their video work is below in powerful beauty (warning: some strong language).

In my work, to just consider one area of easily-demonstrated intentional lies of omission and commission, propaganda: I’ve previously documented the two principle fears some Americans espouse with Iran and threaten war to prove beyond doubt they are without basis in fact:

Nov 23 19:39


...I think this is a great time to Reflect on all of the Friendships that have been Forged over the past year with the WRH members!

The enthusiasm and integrity of Everyone is an Inspiration to Us All!

I want to Thank Mike for having the Fortitude to come on each day and be an Inspiration to all of us here at WRH.

We have a lot of work to do and it seems our time is getting shorter. I feel we need to work on pulling together as one and define our purpose as a Group.

I have said in Chat that I can only make sure that Mike Keeps up the good work for WRH and I will do what I can to Support his endeavors as much I can!

Bottom Line:

Nov 23 14:37

Kissinger's Call for New World Order

Kissinger's Call for New World Order

The chance for a new world order

By Henry A. Kissinger

As the new U.S. administration prepares to take office amid grave financial and international crises, it may seem counterintuitive to argue that the very unsettled nature of the international system generates a unique opportunity for creative diplomacy.

That opportunity involves a seeming contradiction. On one level, the financial collapse represents a major blow to the standing of the United States. While American political judgments have often proved controversial, the American prescription for a world financial order has generally been unchallenged. Now disillusionment with the United States' management of it is widespread.

Nov 23 09:53

Global Warming Fraud Documents

Download the Fraud Documents here. Save to Jump drive and HD and send to EVERYONE!

Nov 23 09:27

Beware of a false flag attack on the US to justify "defensive" war with Iran

If US “leadership” is committed to war with Iran, a predictable strategy is false flag. This would involve a US target being attacked, US lives lost, outraged political rhetoric, media propaganda, and a “defensive” US military action.

Nov 23 09:02

Pound of Flesh

Pound of Flesh
Something which is owed that is ruthlessly required to be paid back.
Reap what one sows: as thou hast done, it shall be done unto thee: thy reward shall return upon thine own head." In modern terms; what goes around comes around, aka you get what you deserve.

Nov 23 08:54

As Washington Talks Iraq Withdrawal, the Pentagon Builds Up Bases in the Region

In fact, since 2001 the Pentagon has been pouring significant sums of money into the "critical base and port facilities" mentioned by the general -- both U.S. sites and those of its key regional partners. These are often ignored facts-on-the-ground, which signal just how enduring the U.S. military presence in the region is likely to be, no matter what happens in Iraq. Press coverage of this long-term infrastructural build-up has been remarkably minimal, given the implications for future conflicts in the oil heartlands of the planet.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Through these actions (coupled with the growing expansion of US forces inside and around South America),it appears that our military and civilian leadership are boldly planning for yet more "wars without end", while homeless vets sleep in our streets, and our kids are not getting enough to eat.

What's wrong with this picture??


Nov 23 05:30

ME: Teen killed by NYC police was shot 11 times

Vasconcellos and two others were spotted leaving a city park in Queens at about 11:30 p.m. Saturday by four officers in an unmarked car. Vasconcellos ran and was pursued by three officers. He then turned and pointed a 9mm semiautomatic pistol at them, Browne said.

"They ordered him to drop the gun, and he did not comply. Three officers fired a total of 14 shots," Browne said.

Vasconcellos, who was also carrying a boxcutter, did not fire his gun. He was pronounced dead at Jamaica Hospital.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Vasconcellos, who was also carrying a boxcutter, did not fire his gun. He was pronounced dead at Jamaica Hospital."

This cop I knew in Los Angeles (the one who was in in the visitor's area when O.J. told Rosie Greer that he had killed his wife) used to tell me that undercover cops would keep untraceable confiscated guns to drop on a victim of police shootings. This case sounds like that might be what happened here.

Nov 22 21:15

Creepy insurance company pulls coverage due to Facebook pics

Can people diagnosed with depression go to a party and look like they're having fun? Most of us would say yes, but one insurance company thinks not. A woman in Canada got her sick leave coverage pulled after she posted photos of her birthday party to her private, locked-down Facebook account.

Nov 22 18:08

What if China did to the US what the US has done to Iran? An analogy to help embrace facts

Would it help to understand the facts to imagine if the US was in Iran’s position? Let’s find out with the following scenario of the current US role being played by China, and Iran being played by the US. It’s all based on the conservative history (non-contested as far as I know) of what the US has done to Iran and documented here. This is written from an American perspective.

Nov 22 17:30

Imagine if this was your daughter at the police station

Raw Video? Deputy Shown Kicking Teen Girl

There's more than just kicking going on. Look at how these two officers treat her as they put the cuffs on her.

OK, there's no sound. Maybe she called him a name. Does that give him the right to physically assault her?

Nov 22 15:39

Joseph Moshe Update: November 18, 2009

Joseph Moshe Update: November 18, 2009
According to Europe Business Blog: "Joseph Moshe, the dual national (Israeli-American) Mossad biowar expert, who was attacked and seized by Federal Agents and LAPD in mid-August in California, after speaking to Dr. True Ott on his national radio show and warning of a plot by Baxter International to spread a Plague from Baxter's Ukrainian lab, IS BEING HELD IN THE PATTON STATE MENTAL HOSPITAL IN CALIFORNIA. Next Court Date is 01/25/2010............

Nov 22 14:28

Depressed woman loses benefits over Facebook photos

A Quebec woman on long-term sick leave is fighting to have her benefits reinstated after her employer's insurance company cut them, she says, because of photos posted on Facebook.
Insurance companies must weigh information found on such sites, said Claude Distasio, a spokeswoman for the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association.


Remember, Big Brother loves you!

Nov 22 10:02

Pistols, Tasers, assault rifles sell fast at US show

Worries that Obama Democrats will toughen gun ownership laws, an increase in hunting and fears of recession-driven crime have sent gun sales soaring 30 percent in the first three months of the year, according to Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) gun permit statistics.

"Basically we have a perfect storm in the firearm industry," said Elliott. "We have the most anti-gun president ever in the United States, Obama. And we have a recession going on right now. During economic crises, you know crime goes up."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I do not blame these new gun owners one bit for doing what they think is appropriate to take care of themselves and their families.

Nov 22 08:58

The ADL Vindicates Michael Collins Piper

Get this, Piper actually thinks Hitler died in 1945. He thinks that the Nazi party types in the US are just a few crack pots who everyone thinks are idiots. He also thinks that Nazism around the world is dead and that the Nazis do not run the Federal Reserve, the Council on Foreign Relations, the World Bank, the IMF, Google, My Space, the House of Representatives, the US Senate, the White House, the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, the Republic Broadcasting Network, nor even the main-stream media. Oh My Torah! (OMT), what an idiotic dumb ass moron Piper must be.

Nov 21 22:57

US overthrew Iran's democracy 1953-1979, helped Iraq invade 1980-1988, now US lies for more war

hyperlinks live at source.

President Obama is using the same aggressive rhetoric we saw prior to invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, with media repeating the quickly-verifiable lie that Iran's President threatened to "wipe Israel off the map." Previously, Senator Lieberman, Secretary of State Clinton, and former UN Ambassador John Bolton resumed rhetoric of a United States attack upon Iran. There are two general justifications they speak of to justify war: Iran's "nuclear program" and their threat to Israel.

Both claims are false (again, verify here and here), which follows a history of US lies regarding wars.

Nov 21 17:01

Yes, America, The Caca Grows Deeper Everyday!

I am watching the collapse of my nation!

Nov 21 12:28

US government wouldn't lie to start a war with Iran, would they? A look at the conservative history

President Obama is using the same aggressive rhetoric we saw prior to invations of Afghanistan and Iraq, with media repeating the quickly-verifiable lie that Iran's President threatened to "wipe Israel off the map." Previously, Senator Lieberman, Secretary of State Clinton, and former UN Ambassador John Bolton resumed rhetoric of a United States attack upon Iran. There are two general justifications they speak of to justify war: Iran's "nuclear program" and their threat to Israel.

Both claims are false (again, verify here and here), which follows a history of US lies regarding wars.

Nov 21 09:25

Obama Allies Want New Tax. Despite the fact that 36 per cent of income tax already goes to national defense

Not content with savaging American taxpayers with two huge new financial burdens during an economic recession, in the form of health care reform and cap and trade, close allies of Barack Obama have proposed a new war surtax that will force Americans to foot the bill for the cost of protecting opium fields in Afghanistan, paying off drug lords, and bribing the Taliban.

Warning that the cost of occupying Afghanistan is a threat to the Democrats’ plan to overhaul health care, lawmakers have announced their plan to make Americans pay an additional war tax that will be taken directly from their income, never mind the fact that around 36 per cent of federal taxes already go to paying for national defense.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would encourage every one of our readers to immediately call their congressional representatives (after they're back from their "Thanksgiving Vacation"), and calmly state that a support for this tax will translate into their never being elected to public office again for the rest of their miserable lives, not even for dog-catcher!

The American people didn't want the war in Afghanistan: it was created to support the following corporate, for-profit agendas:

1. Installing the pipelines to control Eurasian oil.

2. Protecting the drug trade (which the Taliban, incidentally had managed to almost completely obliterate.)

The logical thing for this government to do is to declare victory, come home, and negotiate with whatever government is left standing in Kabul about the pipeline rights.

But, of course, logic and those in power in this country haven't had a good on-going relationship for quite some time now.

Nov 21 06:37

America's Freedom's Contradicted

How many veils have you pierced.

Nov 21 06:34

Wrongfully jailed for 18 years, Fernando Bermudez is now a free man

The 40-year-old emerged from the infamous prison's sliding Gate 18 at 2:10 p.m., breathing in the fall air after spending nearly half his life behind bars for a crime he did not commit.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is why I cannot support the death penalty.

The Justice System makes mistakes. Prosecutors eager for high conviction rates can go after the wrong suspects. Police eager to keep their jobs will cover-up mistakes and flawed evidence.

If you wrongfully imprison someone, you can always give them back their freedom (if not their youth) but once you wrongfully execute someone, and it has happened, there is no going back.

Until we can give back life to those who have lost it to the state, we should not be in such a hurry to take that life in the first place.

Nov 20 16:07

"RON PAUL and the Libertarians are RIGHT"

Amy Goodman interviews Robert Scheer. Scheer rants a scholarly tirade about the failure of the Obama administration to address his promises, and how Wall St has hijacked the FED and Treasury

Nov 20 12:20

Obama aggresses, media echoes lie Iran threatens to "wipe Israel off the map." Citizen action?

“Crimes against Peace” is the planning of a War of Aggression. It is illegal under several areas of law wherein all nations bound themselves to prevent the carnage of war: the UN Charter (treaty status), Nuremberg Principles (or London Charter, treaty status), and US military law. US political and media leaders continue war rhetoric to attack Iran, in direct violation of the most important law a nation should uphold (here for encyclopedic background).

This article will provide:

1. The transcript of Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s October 2005 speech that Obama, McCain, Sarah Palin, Vice President Joe Biden, and corporate media contrive as Iran threatens to “wipe Israel off the map.”

Nov 20 10:52

Confusing people 101

Worry: The disease spreads rapidly. Nobody disputes this.

Don't Worry: The rapid spread of the disease gives rise to rumor mongering, finger pointing and conspiracy theories. PFFT. Idiots.

Worry: Post-mortems show black lungs. Hundreds of eye-witness accounts saw low-flying planes spraying unknown substances.

Don't Worry: "The WHO denies this is anything but *ordinary* swine flu...."

Worry: "...but warns that the situation remains critical."

Nov 20 10:27


To assist public schools in dealing with the December holidays without favoring one religion over another, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) provides public schools with materials and information on how to keep public recognition of the December holidays constitutionally permissible.

Nov 20 08:07

Pound of Flesh

Something which is owed that is ruthlessly required to be paid back.
Reap what one sows: as thou hast done, it shall be done unto thee: thy reward shall return upon thine own head." In modern terms; what goes around comes around, aka you get what you deserve.

Nov 20 07:15


Nov 20 06:11

The heart-stopping moment a lion calmly padded up to a car on safari... and pulled open the door

With a 300lb lion in the offing, the couple visiting the safari park could at least console themselves that they had the protection of their car.

They watched in glee as the big cat padded up to their white Toyota.

Then fascination turned to terror as the creature calmly took the rear-door handle between its teeth ... and pulled it open.

Nov 20 05:16

Letter to the Busted World

I present this in the ongoing struggle to change the hearts and minds of our warmongering neighbors, knowing full well that cooler heads, sharper minds and more eloquent voices than mine have so far been unable to penetrate the thick skin of willful ignorance. "There are none so blind as those who will not see."

Nov 19 20:33

AIPAC and 1938 Foreign Agents Registration Act

AIPAC Received Classified US Trade Docs from Israeli Embassy - IRmep November 16, 2009
WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--A FBI file reveals the Israeli embassy passed stolen classified US government information to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).In 1984 Israel and AIPAC jointly lobbied Congress to secure preferential Israeli access to the US market against widespread American industry opposition.
"Under the 1938 Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) organizations acting as agents of foreign principals in a political capacity in the US must openly declare their relationships to the FARA registration unit of the Counterespionage Section of the U.S. Department of Justice."

Nov 19 18:51

Americans believe Palestinians are the illegal settlers in the West Bank -- a confusion OK with US media

Studies show that many Americans incorrectly believe the Palestinians are the illegal settlers on their own land. See more, including criticism of self-censorship in mainstream media, in a new article at

Nov 19 13:09

URGENT: Federal Reserve Audit Under Attack


Thank you for your continued efforts!

Nov 19 12:15

Record US poverty, hunger. Real unemployment rate: 22%. "Leadership" ignores obvious solution

If a government has useful jobs to do and unemployed workers, the obvious solution is for the government to be the employer of last resort and create fiat currency to pay the workers. The added currency creates higher GDP, negating inflation. Problem solved.

Napoleon did it after ten years of chaos from the French Revolution. Germany did the same after their tragic-comic hyperinflation. In both cases, the two economies quickly became the most successful on the planet. Many of America’s brightest minds have argued for government-created currency, including Benjamin Franklin citing direct experience with the prosperity of the Pennsylvania colony with almost zero taxes. Government-created money can be used to directly pay for government goods and services rather than taxes.

Nov 19 10:03

Finally, A Congressman With a Solution: Stop Complaining So Much

Sure, the economy sucks. Unemployment is at least 10.2% and, yes, if you include part-time workers who would rather have full-time jobs it may be over 17%. The government is showering our cash on Wall Street and burning through piles of our children and grandchildren’s money “saving” phantom jobs in Congressional Districts that don’t exist.

Well, not to worry, three-term Congressman Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) has found a solution: Stop Complaining So Much.


Nov 18 18:40

US Senate: Banksters the new Enron; manipulating markets to add trillions to consumer prices

The Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations issued a report stating that in the oil market alone, manipulated trading adds 50% to the price for consumers. Other analysts document that these parasitic “trades” more than double oil prices. When other commodity markets are accounted for, the total addition to consumer prices are between $2 trillion to $4 trillion every year.

Nov 18 12:53

The ADL's Three "Extremist Conspiracy Theories" In Context And With Evidence

The Anti-Defamation League has published a fresh report directly targeting Alex Jones as an "extremist" and "The King of conspiracy", lumping in the information contained on this website with the actions of racists and white supremacists.

There is, as usual, one major problem with the ADL's report - it is devoid of any empirical fact and based entirely on the group's desire to create the impression that huge swathes of politically disgruntled Americans are violent conspiratorial-minded bigots that they must expose and counter.

Nov 18 12:16

The Critical Unraveling of U.S. Society

You may have missed it in the mainstream news media, but statistical societal indicators are reading red across the board.

Nov 18 11:37

Man trying to harm self shot dead

A MAN attempting to harm himself in suburban Sydney has died in hospital after being shot by police.

A LONG-serving police sergeant was equipped with a Taser when she used a gun to shoot a man in suburban Sydney, police say.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That'll teach him!

Nov 18 11:15

Suppressed energy breakthroughs: see for yourself and evaluate

From time-to-time, mainstream news reports on energy-creation breakthroughs. The video links below will remind you and evoke the follow-up thought, “Why haven’t we heard more about these?”

For example, last year leading electromagnet expert and MIT professor Markus Zahn verified that the magnetic motor of Thane Hines did indeed create acceleration without any input of energy (and here). That is, once started, the magnetic motor speeds up on its own. In fact, the motor needs to be slowed or its acceleration will continue until the speed is so great that it breaks the motor.

Why haven’t we all heard of this?

Nov 18 09:03

First U.S. marijuana cafe opens for business in Portland

Cancel your flight to Amsterdam – the U.S. just got its first marijuana cafe on Friday. Located in Portland, Ore., the Cannabis Cafe shows how attitudes have changed since the Obama administration moved into the White House. A month ago, President Barack Obama told federal attorneys to ease off medical marijuana prosecutions.

Nov 17 16:38

"Ninja" Impaled On Fence In Seattle After Failed Leap

Witt says the man was "overconfident in his abilities," and that alcohol likely played a role.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is in the "Kids, don't try this at home" category.

Nov 17 14:27

US lies (yes, dead-on lies) about war in Iraq, Afghanistan; continues crimes against humanity

Res ipsa loquitur translates in common use as “the facts speak for themselves.” I’m among hundreds of writers who document from our own government’s declassified information that all the reasons to go to war in Iraq and Afghanistan were known to be false at the time they were presented to the American public. Please verify this evidence for yourself here that your government “leaders” of both parties have lied and are lying about war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Nov 17 07:06

Police Officer's Dog Shooting Case Headed to Trial

Thirty-five-year-old Michael Wootton, of Waterville, claims he was forced to shoot the dog, because it was about to kill his dog, Hooch. The state, however, says Wootton shot the neighbor's dog needlessly in its own yard after the neighbors asked Wootton to get his dog off their property.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 17 05:24

A Case For Secession- Introduction

Nov 16 22:21

David Icke: stunning analysis of what's behind US political/economic manipulative control

Among hundreds of writers, I’ve documented the US government lies in current wars, transfers trillions of our dollars to the financial elite, and maintains a monetary system by and for those elites that guarantees Americans and their posterity will live under increasing and unpayable national debt. Once the cognitive dissonance has been breached to verify these facts, the natural response is to ask why they would lie on such a massive scale. What are they trying to do?

Nov 16 17:44

Palin says she doesn’t believe in evolution

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, Sen. John McCain's (R-AZ) vice presidential running mate, signals in her new book Going Rogue that she doesn't believe in evolution, panning it as theory that human beings "originated from fish that sprouted legs and crawled out of the sea."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

For someone who conceptually would have been a heartbeat away from the Presidency, had McCain won the election, this statement is completely terrifying.

Nov 16 17:11

MD explains toxic content of flu vaccine, manufacturer’s warning of fatal/crippling consequences

I’ve written two previous articles that may be helpful (here and here). Dr. Roby Mitchell explains this better than I can in this 8-minute video.

You may have heard that "vaccines" are a staged process in a nefarious plan of population reduction. When our government lies with paper-thin propaganda for Wars of Aggression in Iraq, Afghanistan, and lies for more war with Iran, we know that that mass-murder of millions of human beings is within their acceptable actions. For articulate commentary that explains this perspective: here, here, here, and here.

Nov 16 15:25

President Obama: Don’t Lecture China on Censorship

President Obama, in his visit to China, held a “town meeting” with Chinese students in which he praised openness and lectured them on the value of freedom of information, saying that he is a “supporter of non-censorship” and that open access to information was a “source of strength.”

And yet America is hardly free of censorship. Heck, the president himself has gone to court to prevent the release of photographs of US troops torturing captives in Iraq, Afghanistan and at Guantanamo. Talk about censorship! But it goes way beyond just such crude, totalitarian style control over information.

Nov 16 08:47

Supreme Court refuses to hear Redskins' naming case

The Supreme Court on Monday declined to revive a lawsuit on behalf of Native American activists who claimed that the Washington Redskins' team name is so offensive that it does not deserve trademark protection.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is no truth to the rumor that the team considered renaming itself the Washington Niggers.

Nov 16 06:50

Mystery of the dying budgies: Dozens of prized birds drop off their perches in front of judges during show

Bird lovers and exhibitors watched in horror as 38 prize budgies keeled over and died during a show.

Owners and organisers rushed about getting their cages outside into the fresh air as the budgerigars began plummeting from their perches.