Jun 14 13:03

BP Official Admits to Damage BENEATH THE SEA FLOOR

The evidence is growing stronger and stronger that there is substantial damage beneath the sea floor. Indeed, it appears that BP officials themselves have admitted to such damage. This has enormous impacts on both the amount of oil leaking into the Gulf, and the prospects for quickly stopping the leak this summer.

Jun 14 11:30


Scott Lee Kimball won his release from prison by promising to work as an FBI informant. Instead, he went on a multi-state killing spree which ended only when the victims' families put the pieces together.

Jun 14 10:35

President Obama compares Gulf of Mexico oil leak to 9/11

On the eve of his fourth trip to the region and ahead of a national address from the Oval Office, Mr Obama vowed to seize the opportunity to push for “a visionary energy policy that we so vitally need and has been absent for so long”.

“In the same way that our view of our vulnerabilities and our foreign policy was shaped profoundly by 9/11, I think this disaster is going to shape how we think about the environment and energy for many years to come,” Mr Obama told the influential news website Politico.

“One of the biggest leadership challenges for me going forward is going to be to make sure that we draw the right lessons from this disaster.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: Obama is going to use this catastrophe to push through carbon taxes.

If this legislation passes (assuming Obama doesn't do it via Executive Order Fiat)this will absolutely crush any potential US economic recovery.

Jun 14 09:26

Tensions high, food runs low in prisons

HONOLULU (AP) - Prison officials said tensions in inmate populations rose last month because of inadequate meals caused by a low supply of food.

The Department of Public Safety told the state Procurement Office that if not addressed, the rising tensions could result in serious inmate disturbances.

Deputy Director for Corrections Tommy Johnson said the prisons that house 6,000 inmates were in danger of running out of food because not enough bids were received on a number of items.

Jun 14 09:21

The Crude Truth

Two weeks ago the president and his advisors realized that they were headed for the rocks. The Great Reconciler of 2008 was being reclassified in the popular mind as the Wimp of the Year in 2010. The White House had allowed BP’s CEO, Tony Hayward, to grab headlines day after day with absurdly lowball estimates of how much oil was gushing out into the Gulf.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Pussying out when Israel attacked Americans in international waters did not help either!

Jun 14 09:17


…Ever since William Blake penned the poem and Edward Elgar scored the anthem, English men and women have sung of the mystic union of the Avalon and Jerusalem .

Jun 14 09:16

BP spill called 'biggest environmental crime'

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"And you, the American people, must be punished for this crime with a carbon tax and mandated lifestyle behavior!" -- Official White Horse Souse
If you think I am kidding, wait until you hear Obama's speech tomorrow. BP screws up, the US Government let them do it, they cannot fix it, so the only action the government can take is dump the blame and the costs on the taxpayers.

Jun 14 09:10

Hooters Booms: The Women of Hooters Step Forward To Clean Up Gulf Oil Spill

With a series of failures in the Gulf in dealing with the BP spill and complaints over the lack of action from the government, help has finally arrived by one of the most trusted groups in America: the Hooter girls. Hooters has announced that its employees will be donated their torn pantyhose to help absorb the oil — that is over 100,000 pairs pantyhose.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Posted without comment

Jun 14 08:40

As businesses collapse, claimants still waiting for checks from BP

Across the gulf, residents already shell-shocked by the tar balls, oil soup and dead sea life washing up on their beaches are getting hit with a second wave: the sudden collapse of their livelihoods, and the equally intimidating challenge of getting BP to pay for it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is going to destroy the entire region economically, then Obama will use this disaster to get the Congress to pass carbon taxes, which will destroy the national economy to an even larger extent.

Jun 14 07:21

Amnesty for the Banksters, Debtor's Prison for the Serfs

"Having been deadbeats and strategic defaulters of the first order," writes economic analyst Yves Smith, the major banks "continue to manifest their characteristic unmitigated gall [by] hectoring the public about honorable behavior." Smith predicts that ere long we will witness the return of debtor's prison, which was supposedly abolished in the 19th century.

Jun 14 07:09

With bra or without, attorney denied entry

An underwire bra kept a Miami lawyer from seeing her client, and when she removed it, prison dress codes meant she still couldn't see him, authorities said.

Jun 14 06:18

Wheat harvest met with live ammunition in Gaza “buffer zone”

Israeli forces attacked women farmworkers and international human rights activists with heavy gunfire during three days’ wheat harvest in the southern Gaza Strip. The Israel-imposed “buffer zone” illegally claims over 30% of Gaza’s arable farmland. In Khoza’a village, east of Khan Yunis, substantial wheat remains unharvested despite severe poverty and food shortages, as a result of the attacks.

Jun 14 06:13

Obama To Use BP Oil Spill As An Opportunity To Push His Economy Killing Climate Change Bill

You see, to those obsessed with "climate change", just getting corporations around the globe to radically cut carbon emissions is not nearly going to be good enough. The truth is that they know that in order to get carbon emissions down to where they want them to be, they are going to have to do something about the growing world population.

To them, in the "war against climate change" anyone who breathes is the enemy. In fact, according to an official UN report, no human can ever truly be "carbon neutral".

So please understand that for those obsessed with climate change, "carbon taxes" and "cap and trade" are just the beginning. To truly achieve their goals, "one child policies" and "forced abortions" will also be necessary.

Jun 14 05:45

US discovers huge Afghan mineral wealth: report

Afghanistan has nearly one trillion dollars in mineral deposits, according to a US study, but there are doubts the war-torn and graft-prone country can manage the windfall offered by the untapped riches.

President Hamid Karzai said in January that the deposits could help the war-ravaged nation become one of the richest in the world, based on preliminary findings of the United States Geological Survey.


"Finders keepers. Losers weepers.", O'Bummer's boss.

Jun 14 04:41

BP Refuses to Allow Scientists to Test Oil Spill Samples

Scientists in Florida are concerned that large plumes of oil floating beneath the surface in the Gulf of Mexico originated from the Deepwater Horizon spill, and want to test their samples against oil collected by BP. But the oil corporation is refusing to cooperate.

Jun 13 22:59

Israeli Deputy FM: 75 al-Qaeda Mercenaries on Aid Ship

Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon appeared on CNN’s “GPS” show today, and once again changed the official story related to the Israeli attack on the Mavi Marmara aid ship two weeks ago.

Ayalon now claims that 75 al-Qaeda linked mercenaries were on board the ship, heavily armed, and that they ambushed the Israeli troops before their eventual capture.

Jun 13 20:20

Israel video of soldiers attacked on Gaza flotilla an obvious forgery: see video proof for yourself

*hyperlinks and videos live at source*

The Israeli government’s video showing their soldiers being attacked as they descended from helicopters is a forgery; proven irrefutably from the ship’s structural features in the video being visibly different from the actual vessel, the Mavi Marmara. The proof is explained in the below 3-minute video; with this story developing. Additional ship details that prove the Israeli government video forgery are in the second 6-minute video.

As I’ve written, this adds to Israel’s government lies in support of unlawful war; now by creating the world’s largest concentration camp in Gaza, and perhaps soon through war against Iran based all on "emperor has no clothes" obvious lies.

Jun 13 20:11

I could still see the laser pointers of the Israeli snipers

Doctor, I can feel his brain on my hand...'
Sat, Jun 12, 2010
The Brunei Times/Asia News Network
I saw Bulent take off his white shirt and had somebody wave this white flag of ours outside. The shootings did not abate.
Dr Arief and I ran downstairs and I saw a man with a gaping wound in his abdomen. I tried to do as much as I could before the Israelis took over the ship and we were all herded into the halls of the passengers.
I could still see the laser pointers of the Israeli snipers; when one friend tried to get up from his seat and walked toward me, I snapped at him. "Sit down. You have the laser light between your eyes!"

Jun 13 20:09

Nader Says Reinstate Helen Thomas on THE REAL NEWS

In an interview with Paul Jay of The Real News

Former Presidential candidate Ralph Nader launched a scathing critique of US media and politicians for what he said was “Professional Execution,” over the sudden retirement of senior White House correspondent Helen Thomas after she made remarks critical of Israel that were considered offensive to Jews.

Nader said American pundits had gotten away with much worse comments about Muslims and Arabs. “antisemitism against arabs is rife in politics today,” he said.

“How about Ann Coulter? she didn’t lose a 30,000 dollar speech? She didn’t lose her column, and she said horrific things about going over there and slaughtering Muslims, if they can’t be converted to christianity, she added.”

Jun 13 20:07

We saw a hit-list, 'It was a mission to kill'

'It was a mission to kill'
By Farrah Naz Karim and V. Shuman
SEPANG: "We saw a hit-list with pictures and names of our comrades and they ended up dead. It was a mission to kill."
This startling revelation came from Noorazman Mohd Samsuddin, who was the chief of the Malaysian delegation on board the Turkish aid ship MV Mavi Marmara, which was attacked by Israeli commandos.
"We have the list with us... this also explains why some of us were shot with live bullets and some merely injured with rubber ones.
"Members of the Malaysian team were all spared the live bullets although some had red lasers beamed on their heads and were ready to be shot dead.
"They were only spared as no Malaysians were on the hit-list."

Jun 13 18:53

Is there no limit to international duplicity and hypocrisy?

By Aijaz Zaka Syed
Opinion Editor - Khaleej Times- Dubai

Can we have a new UN ?

Given the intensity of global outrage over the assault on the Gaza aid flotilla, some of us were beginning to hope that the world might finally confront Israel. We were obviously mistaken — once again.

Jun 13 16:43

Possible Fragment Of Oil Spill Found Off St. Petersburg

Two men spotted what they think could be oil from the BP disaster off a Pinellas County beach while returning home from a fishing trip Sunday morning...

Jun 13 15:18

Obama wants BP escrow account

President Barack Obama will press BP executives this week to set up an escrow account to pay damage claims by individuals and businesses hurt by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster.

The move comes as Obama, who will address the nation about the spill on Tuesday night, faces questions on his handling of the disaster, which was in its 55th day. Millions of gallons of oil have poured into the Gulf since an April 20 offshore rig blast killed 11 workers and blew out the well.


If he gets anything at all, I wonder if it will be anywhere near what politicians have, for decades, taken under the table from the British Pigs?

Jun 13 15:16

Israel's medieval siege of Gaza

The three year old siege on the Gaza Strip and its 1.5 million inhabitants is a testament to the Israeli regime's disregard of law, decency and morality. This siege amounts to collective punishment, an action outlawed by various conventions and humanitarian laws. This is not to mention the suffering and humanitarian crisis caused by this law. This siege has been disgracefully condoned by the "international community" and justified by the "free world" as a measure that safegurads the security of the Israeli regime.

Jun 13 14:13

Florida Panhandle Fights 2 Huge Oil Plumes

While British Petroleum (BP) engineers step up their efforts to plug a gushing oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, skimmers at western Florida Panhandle are bracing up to collect two oil plumes from the Deepwater Horizon spill before it strikes the shore. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection said that one of the patchy oil plumes was as close as 3 miles of Pensacola Pass, which is situated just next to a stretch of the Gulf Islands National Seashore and the tourist hotels of Pensacola Beach.

According to the DEP, another slick was heading towards the panhandle and was almost 9 miles away.

Jun 13 13:34

Shelved Oil Spill Cleanup Invention Could Have Helped In Gulf

I originally found this as a hard copy (newspaper) left in my local post office. ...ts

Jun 13 12:44

BP's latest oil-spill cleaning tool: paper towels?

Strewn all across the island were oil-soaked paper-towel sheets. Is this the latest high-tech weapon BP is employing to rid the Louisiana marsh of crude?
While McClelland was on Grande Terre, a BP cleanup contractor approached her and warned, "We don't need this on camera." Really? We can't imagine why.

Jun 13 11:48

Obama to address nation on oil disaster Tuesday night

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Obama : My fellow Americans This is a god damned mess ..we don't have a clue how to stop this gusher ... If Israel is planning a dirty bomb attack , we have a suggestion where they can stick it... by the way, Sarah Palin has got new and improved boobs . It's not a fair race : Two Boobs against One ! Damn'it ... If she whips me the humiliation will force ole Barry back home : Hawaii? Indonesia? Kenya ? Langley ? I forgot. Where was I? The oil disaster. The GOP did it, along with Al TaliQuidaMAS supplied with a dirty nuclear bomb from North KoreIran. So go bother them; I have checks to sign for Israel.

Jun 13 11:47

Growing Protests As UN Attacks Haitian Refugee Camp

Last week, the United Nations peacekeeping mission fired tear gas and rubber bullets into a crowded refugee camp, leaving at least six hospitalized and others suffering respiratory problems. Citizen organizations plan demonstrations for today, the sixth anniversary of the U.N. armed presence in Haiti. The march is part of growing protests against the military forces which have amassed in Haiti since the January 12 earthquake and the lack of attention to displaced people’s needs.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So this is what US taxpayer taxes go for to the UN, where an alleged "...peacekeeping mission fired tear gas and rubber bullets into a crowded refugee camp, leaving at least six hospitalized and others suffering respiratory problems. "?!?!?

For the Haitian people, the UN is just another occupying colonial power, and the Haitian people want their country back.

Jun 13 10:48

The St. Petersburg Times: A Paper That Deserves To Be Put Down

Of all the newspapers in America which deserve to be put out of business one in particular stands out; the St. Petersburg Times. The newspaper and its sadistic staff have a very twisted way of conducting business. Not only does their writing have a very Marxist slant, but the chutzpah which they demonstrate is especially noteworthy.

Jun 13 10:32

Rolling Flatulence: Biker dudes and empire dupes

I found this really entertaining to read - funny and pithy.

Some excerpts:

It's quite a phenomenon, all those middle-class salary-drones and retirees dressing up like Pirates of the Caribbean and pretending to be ex-cons.... [LOL!]

Jun 13 09:46

FLASHBACK - BP pays out millions to Colombian farmers

Jun 13 09:40

Israel plans dig at burial place of Prophet Muhammad’s companions and Saladin warriors

Jonathan Cook reports on plans by the Israeli authorities and the bigoted Simon Wiesenthal Centre to desecrate a historic Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem where the Prophet Muhammad’s companions and tens of thousands of Saladin’s warriors are buried in order to build a courthouse and an ironically named “Museum of Tolerance”.

Jun 13 09:25

British Petroleum's "Smart Pig"

In one case, BP's CEO of Alaskan operations hired a former CIA expert to break into the home of a whistleblower, Chuck Hamel, who had complained of conditions at the pipe's tanker facility. BP tapped his phone calls with a US congressman and ran a surveillance and smear campaign against him. When caught, a US federal judge said BP's acts were "reminiscent of Nazi Germany."

Jun 13 09:10

NEWEST WRH T-SHIRT DESIGN - Supporting government when it is wrong is not the duty of a citizen but that of a slave.

Jun 13 06:17

You Really Want Government Drilling for Oil?

You've got to hand it to the people who really dislike free markets. They see them everywhere (under every bed?) and especially wherever any serious problem arises. That no free market exists within a thousand miles makes no difference whatsoever.

So what failed here, the market or the State? The call isn't even close. The free market was nowhere near the scene. It has an airtight alibi. It didn't exist.

Jun 13 06:14

Pentagon Manhunt

Manning has reportedly admitted that he downloaded 260,000 diplomatic cables and provided them to Wikileaks. In Internet chat logs first revealed by Wired magazine, Manning also took credit for leaking the 2007 video to the website.

“Hillary Clinton and several thousand diplomats around the world are going to have a heart attack when they wake up one morning and find an entire repository of classified foreign policy is available,” Manning wrote of the diplomatic cables, according to Wired.

Wikileaks has not confirmed that Manning is a source of any information posted on the site. “We do not know if Mr. Manning is our source, but the U.S. military is claiming he is, so we will defend him,” Wikileaks said in another Twitter message.

Jun 13 06:01

Obama As Moral Dupe – Will Erdogan Blink?

Former military analyst for the Pentagon

A recent article by Patrick Cockburn, one of the ablest reporters covering the Middle East, provides an excellent character portrait of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan. It is certainly consistent with what little I have been able to learn about this fascinating politician. Regardless of what you may think of Erdogan, and he has many detractors (I am not one), he is certainly establishing himself as an influential world leader who must be reckoned with in an emerging multi-polar world.

Cockburn’s report is must reading, because Erdogan has maneuvered himself onto the moral high ground in a very serious crisis he did not create. Consider please the following:

Jun 13 05:57

Japan PM Naoto Kan warns of 'collapse' under debt pile

Naoto Kan, in his first major speech since taking over, said Japan needed a financial restructuring to avert a Greece-style crisis.

Jun 13 05:56

Thank you Helen Thomas for telling the truth

Dr. Salim Nazzal

Thank you Helen Thomas that you ended your long and successful career by telling the truth about Palestine. Your few words summarized the whole conflict. Your few words made the right diagnosis for all the wars that have taken place in the Middle East. The reason for all these wars is obvious now to anyone with eyes, the establishment of the state of Israel at the expense of the indigenous Palestinians. Can anyone imagine how the Middle East would have been without Israel? There would be no wars, no conflicts, no racist ideology, no atomic arms, and no arms race with all the side effects of such militarization of the region. Religious fanatics would most likely never have emerged.

Jun 13 05:52

Mohamed Khodr – The Israelites: From Slaves in the East to the Master Race of the West

After 2,500 years the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel have been found in their true Promised Land-America– their land of milk, honey, money, weapons, vetoes, and extraordinary control and influence over the gentile “greatest” giant.

“On the morrow of a persecution in Europe in which they had been the victims of the worst atrocities ever known, the Jews’ immediate reaction to their own experience was to become persecutors in their turn. In 1948, the Jews knew, from personal experience, what they were doing; and it was their supreme tragedy that the lessons learnt by them from their encounter with the Nazi German Gentiles should have been not to eschew but to initiate some of the evil deeds that the Nazis had committed against the Jews”

–British Historian Arnold Toynbee

Jun 13 04:53

Thai government tells US it's in charge

"We ourselves also see some difficulties in negotiating and discussing with the Red Shirts," Kiat told AFP. "If the US extends a helping hand, I don't know if it will have different results."

(*The Thai government should consider that the US entertained the idea of using a nuke , on an oil leak)

Jun 13 04:36

American Smuggled Back Video of Israel's Behavior During Flotilla Massacre

The world is slowly absorbing the real magnitude of the Israeli attack on the Freedom Flotilla to aid Gaza. A filmmaker as it turns out, was able to smuggle an hour of raw video back to the USA and two versions, a 15-minute edited video, and the full 60-minutes of raw video, are both published below.

Cultures of Resistance director Iara Lee was aboard the besieged Mavi Marmara and has since returned home safely.

I would consider her to be one of the bravest and most successful filmmaker/documentarians in the world. Nobody expected this, the amount of gunfire from Israel's military is unbelievable, horrifying.

Jun 13 03:04

BP bailout proposal coming soon

Get ready for the BP bailout debate. As the most hated company in America led by the most despised CEO in business continues its systematic deceptions about the magnitude of the catastrophe, its systematic secrecy and threats of reprisal against employees who speak the truth in public and its systematic blockade against reporters seeking the basic facts, get ready for the mother of all political debates.

Jun 12 23:33


JUNE 19-22, 2010: DETROIT
The 2010 US Social Forum comes at a time when there is great urgency to build on recent successes of the Palestine solidarity movement, as United States corporations and the government continue to commit grave injustices in Palestine- not to mention in our own communities. Organized anti-Zionist Jews in the United States can play a critical role in movements with anti-racism and anti-imperialism at the center, and building stronger international solidarity.

Jun 12 22:33

Oil spill above Red Butte Creek (Utah) threatens waters, wildlife

Containment of a crude oil spill estimated at 25,000 gallons into Red Butte Creek is expected to last well into the night and continue through Sunday as multiple agencies work to mitigate impacts to the stream and wildlife.

Jun 12 20:47

Irish Activists boycott Israel produce

Activists boycott Israel produce
Saturday, 12 June 2010
Gardai and security staff at branches of Marks and Spencer, Dunnes Stores and Tesco intervened as the campaigners emptied shelves and distributed leaflets calling for an end to the blockade.
Outside the supermarkets, larger groups of protesters waved flags and banners in support of the war-torn territory.
Among the activists was Libyan-born Isam Bin Ali, one of a number of Irish citizens deported from the recent Gaza Freedom flotilla.

Jun 12 20:45

Time for law abiding American citizens to stop paying taxes, start a new government? 12 of 13

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

David Degraw has written an outstanding comprehensive explanation of what’s really happening in the US economy. He’s given me permission to reprint it here. I also recommend his site "For Our Economy" for citizen grass-roots activism for economic justice.

Jun 12 20:13

Oil Going Up in Smoke

Jun 12 18:26

FLOTILLA ACTIVISTS:US Congress out of touch with World on Israel Policy[VIDEO]

American activists who supported, organized, or were on the flotilla headed to Gaza with humanitarian aid stormed the office of U.S. Congressmen Brad Sherman and turned themselves in for their “crimes.” The stunt was in response to Sherman’s call for Americans on the flotilla to be arrested for helping “terrorists.”

It illustrates the disconnect between a U.S. Congress who supports Israel unrelentingly, a White House that calls policies in Gaza unsustainable, and an international community condemning Israel’s raid of the flotilla.

Continue here:

Jun 12 18:15

Gilad Atzmon: Shocking Testimonials from the Mavi Marmara Survivors. And one Israeli Fembot by Lauren Booth

Editors Note: See more smuggled Raw Video Footage by Lara Lee "what happened that day" below.


One of the most striking trends following the flotilla attack has been how quickly Israeli hasbara is being exposed by internet journalists.

Jun 12 16:54

Iran threatens to retaliate in Arabian Gulf, Strait of Hormuz

Iran threatens to retaliate if ships are inspected
Saturday, Jun 12, 2010
Dubai: Isolated by the world community over its controversial nuclear programme, Iran yesterday warned that it plans to inspect ships in the Arabian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz in retaliation for any action against its own ships following the latest United Nations (UN) nuclear sanctions.
"We will inspect several of their ships in return for one ship they would inspect," Ebrahimi said. The Iranian official's warning came as Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said in France that Moscow will freeze a delivery of surface-to-air missiles to Iran.
An official in President Nicolas Sarkozy's office said that Putin had confirmed the delivery would be frozen, following talks between the two men.

Jun 12 16:47


Jun 12 16:34


Jun 12 16:20


Webmaster's Commentary: 

No government can serve two masters, and a government that serves Israel cannot serve the American people.

A friend to Israel is no friend of America.

America needs leaders who will put America first, second, and third.

Jun 12 15:35

Drugs for Europe: Protected by Powerful Western Interests, Afghanistan Heroin Transits Through Kosovo

Two years ago a joke was being circulated on the Runet that a heroin producer has recognized its distributor’s independence. It was about Afghanistan, which was to the first to recognize the independence of the Serbian province of Kosovo which had illegally separated from Yugoslavia.

Kosovo has since become a transit point for drugs, channelled from Asia to Europe.

According to a Canadian detective, the Albanian drug mafia operates with the connivance of the United States, and that US diplomats prevent the detention in Kosovo of notorious drug traffickers. The Canadian detective also confirmed that Kosovo’s current Prime Minister Hashim Thaci leads the biggest Albanian mafia clan.

Jun 12 15:29

CIA Seeks Chaos in Kyrgyzstan?

The town of Osh, the 'southern capital of Kyrgyzstan', has long ago become a major cross-point for the Great Heroin Way..."

There may be more to this than meets the eye, see Russia criticizes US, NATO over Afghan drugs from March where they complain that a surge in heroin smuggling is endangering Russia's national security, and (just this week) Medvedev Seeks War on Afghan Drugs, But U.S. Is Tepid. Anyone want to guess which recently-independent western-backed state is the Euro-hub for all these drugs?

Jun 12 11:33

Israel: strategic ally or liability for the USA?

Stephen Sniegoski debunks the arguments that Israel is a strategic US asset, advanced by Israel lobbyists such as billionaire chief editor of US News & World Report Mort Zuckerman, and argues that Israel is in fact a significant political, military and strategic liability for the United States.

Jun 12 09:58

Terrorism: Made in the U.S.A.

Isn’t this already obvious? For over 50 years U.S. administrations, for the sake of geopolitical hegemony and preferential access to resources, have treated much of the Muslim world like personal property. They’ve backed brutal dictators, subverted governments, and invaded and occupied countries as it suited their agenda of “world leadership.” The program included defying the will of the Iranian people (1953), backing the repressive Saudi monarchy and the Egyptian and Iraqi dictatorships, financing Israel’s wars against Lebanon and oppression of the Palestinians, and so much more.

Jun 12 09:55

Rogue WMDs major threat to US: Pentagon official

Asked about the existential threats against Washington, Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Michele Flournoy said there were many, but warned that "the thing that keeps me awake at night is a nexus between terrorism and massive destruction."

She told a Washington symposium on US security that the United States needs to better prepare for "the possibility that a terrorist organization could either acquire a ready-made weapon or fabricate something improvised that would have a catastrophic effect for us."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder if this testimony was made public to prepare the American public for some kind of colossal "false flag" to be blamed on.... whatever country is the next in the rotation to be attacked by the US!

Jun 12 09:23

Kyrgyzstan begs Russia's help to quell ethnic violence

Interim President Roza Otunbayeva appealed to Moscow to intervene militarily after at least 75 people were killed and 977 wounded, according to the health ministry, in nearly three days of unrest.

The provisional government -- which seized control in April -- is struggling to halt a descent into civil war between ethnic Kyrgyz and Uzbeks in the south of the country.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This could get very dicey very quickly.

And please note that Russia, very much playing the "adult in the room", is holding off sending peacekeepers until consultations with the UN.

Jun 12 07:22

BP Official Admits to Damage BENEATH THE SEA FLOOR

As I noted Tuesday, there is growing evidence that BP's oil well - technically called the "well casing" or "well bore" - has suffered damage beneath the level of the sea floor.

The evidence is growing stronger and stronger that there is substantial damage beneath the sea floor. Indeed, it appears that BP officials themselves have admitted to such damage. This has enormous impacts on both the amount of oil leaking into the Gulf, and the prospects for quickly stopping the leak this summer.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is America's Chernobyl.

Jun 12 07:07

30 Shocking Quotes About The Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill That Reveal The Soul-Crushing Horror This Disaster Is Causing

It is incredibly hard to put into words the absolute horror that is happening in the Gulf of Mexico right now. The millions of gallons of oil that have gushed into the Gulf of Mexico and BP's efforts to fight the massive leak are turning the Gulf into a lifeless toxic stew of oil and chemicals.

Jun 12 06:19

BP to sell spill oil from Gulf well

Fill her up with spill oil? When British Petroleum sells the crude from the leaking well in the Gulf of Mexico, the oil could end up at gas stations.

BP said it would use the net revenue made from selling the crude to fund wildlife protection efforts in four Gulf Coast states, the Associated Press reports.

The company did not explain the specifics of how much money will be put into the fund.

Jun 12 03:46

Fla: Beachgoers Cleaning Up Oil By Hand

Memo to the people of the coasts impacted by this oil disaster:


"Where's the government? Where's the BP people?'' the 26-year-old personal trainer asked as he walked along the beach, stooping every few steps to gather more gunk. "They're the ones supposed to be cleaning this up.''

Jun 12 03:40

Mexico condemns Border Patrol shooting of teen

EL PASO, Texas — Mexico on Thursday condemned the shooting of a 15-year-old boy by a U.S. Border Patrol agent through diplomatic correspondence and an angry phone call to the Homeland Security secretary. Some Mexican politicians called for the agent's extradition to face Mexican justice.

(*Wow! one of theirs goes and get's shot and look how they get . Hey Mexico ; when one of our's get's shot , our politicians ask "What's The Big Deal ?" Be civilized about it , would you ?
A lot of Irony here . A mexican comes up here looking for work we get pissed , some; happy to see the kid get plugged .
Israelis come over to offset our congress and it's 'pass the potato chips please' .
also: kid gets plugged , oil spill , not so much , speaking of irony

Jun 12 03:11

Obama is already toughest president on leaks

In 17 months in office, President Obama has already outdone every previous president in pursuing leak prosecutions. His administration has taken actions that might have provoked sharp political criticism for his predecessor, George W. Bush, who was often in public fights with the press.

Jun 11 23:52

Alison Weir: As Israel Kills and Maims, Outrage is Directed at Helen Thomas

Whenever Israel commits yet another atrocity, its defenders are quick to redirect public attention away from the grisly crime scene.

Currently, there are headlines about allegedly anti-Semitic comments made by senior White House correspondent Helen Thomas. Pundits across the land evince outrage at her off-the-cuff 25-second statement made to a man who appears to be holding a camera right in her face.

Thomas issued a public apology for her words, but this was insufficient to assuage the wounded feelings of powerful antagonists, and she has now retired from a long and distinguished career.

Before we examine her comments and evaluate their possible validity, let’s look at other recent events having to do with Israel.

Jun 11 23:46

Israel: Strategic Ally or Liability?

The claim that Israel serves as a valuable ally for the United States is made by both pro-Zionists and much of the anti-war and anti-Zionist Left that is influenced by Noam Chomsky. As a result of the Gaza flotilla massacre, which has caused a world-wide uproar against Israel, the value of Israel to the United States is being publicly questioned in more mainstream foreign policy forums.

Writing shortly before the massacre, the always astute Philip Giraldi critically analyzed the claim of Israel’s value to the United States in “The Strategic Ally Myth,” which focuses on a recent article by Israel Firster Mort Zuckerman entitled, “Israel Is a Key Ally and Deserves U.S. Support.”

Jun 11 21:56

Jeffrey Blankfort: Joe Biden In Israel’s Service

Poster Boy for “Dual Loyalties”

Lest we forget, the first U.S. official to give Israel’s bloody assault on the Mavi Marmara a thumbs up sign was Vice President Joe Biden.

Jun 11 21:53

Unite votes to boycott Israel

By Jonathan Kalmus

Britain’s largest union, Unite, has unanimously passed a motion to boycott Israeli companies at its first policy conference in Manchester on Wednesday.

The motion, which passed unanimously, called the union “to vigorously promote a policy of divestment from Israeli companies”, while a boycott of Israeli goods and services will be “similar to the boycott of South African goods during the era of apartheid”.

Reflecting the University and College Union’s call at their Manchester conference earlier in the week, Unite will similarly host a “Palestine conference” to support trade union action against Israel.

Jun 11 21:44

UN Special Rapporteur Calls for Full Flotilla Inquiry, All Records

From the Project on ExtraJudicialExecutions

Jun 11 21:38

A Global Civil Society Campaign to De-Legitimise Israel?

UNITED NATIONS, Jun 4, 2010 (IPS) – If, as expected, the U.N. Security Council remains politically impotent and refuses to penalize Israel for the killings of nine pro-Palestinian civilians on a ship carrying humanitarian aid to Gaza, what is the next course of action?

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Jun 11 21:32

Israel Planned Killing of Aid Flotilla Activists

June Sunday 6 2010 (01h58)
Israel Planned Killing of Aid Flotilla Activists
Istanbul, Jun 4 (Prensa Latina)
In a press conference, Yildirim showed two photos in which appeared some plastic paper sheets with the names and pictures of activists who should have been supposedly found in the attack and be killed by the Israeli troops.
"All the Israeli soldiers had a list in their hands with the names of the 16 people who needed to be killed; I was the first and Rahid Salah (leader of Islamic Movement in Israel) was the third in that list. They killed two people looking like me and another looking like Salah," noted Yildirim.

Jun 11 19:25

BP shares bounce back after Thursday's falls

(*does anybody know the sea water to petroleum ratio in their gasoline products ?)

Jun 11 19:11

Ken Salazar Abandons Ethics to Save Job

A team of seven experts recommended by the National Academy of Engineering was bought in to advise President Obama on offshore drilling safety. Ken took their report, changed the conclusions, and presented it to President Obama.

The experts unanimously oppose a six-month moratorium on offshore drilling. Ken edited the report by adding a new conclusion which recommended the six-month moratorium and then claimed that the final document had been peer reviewed by the group of experts.

Jun 11 18:10

Gulf Oil Reaching Atlantic Coast, Ocean By June 20 If Uncontained

A detailed computer modeling study released today indicates that oil from the massive spill in the Gulf of Mexico might soon extend along thousands of miles of the Atlantic coast and open ocean as early as this summer.

Jun 11 17:51

Pensacola closes marina as oil breaches bay

Oiled seaweed, sheen and large, orange blobs of oil have been spotted inside Pensacola Bay.

Jun 11 17:16


President Obama and those claiming to have been on top of the Gulf oil spill situation "from day one" assumed that failure is an option and, indeed, may want BP to fail for their own ideological

Jun 11 15:58

Oregon legislator reads CAFR, finds billions, ends budget deficit crisis; all states can do same

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

The below 2-minute video shows an Oregon legislator appropriately outraged to discover the Orwellian lie of omission that his state has available assets valued over ten times the budget deficit.

This is true in every state; documented in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). When Democratic and Republican “leadership” states public goods and services MUST be cut because of budget deficits, the lies become ones of commission.

I fully explain this situation in the following from my article, “CAFR: UC budget fully funded with one-fifth of one percent of state of CA “investments”:

Jun 11 15:17

Israel's Gaza blockade: letting the chips fall where they may

Alan Sabrosky argues that Israel's withholding of food items such as potato chips from Gaza indicates that its strategy is “designed to hurt Palestinians and not to protect Israelis", and that although the Palestinians are now the victims of Israel's "affinity for dominance and inflicting deaths of a thousand cuts", others’ turn will come unless the rogue Jewish state is reined in.

”Too many of us – myself once included – for too long have viewed Israelis as just a particularly nasty variant of a type often seen in the world, something like semi-Semitic Prussians or an apartheid-era South Africa of the Middle East. They are not. They are much worse, and much more dangerous to all of us…”

Jun 11 15:15

Open letter to the Israeli Jewish Public: support the Gaza Flotilla!

Jeff Halper exhorts Israelis to shun the “victim” mentality that blinds them to Palestinian suffering. In an open letter specifically to the Israeli Jewish public before the attack on the Freedom Flotilla, published in Hebrew on the popular website "Ha'oketz", he says Israelis must embrace the campaign to end the Gaza siege – for the sake of humanity and their own self-interest.

Jun 11 13:48

BP Spill Response Plans Severely Flawed

Among the glaring errors in the report: A professor is listed in BP's 2009 response plan for a Gulf of Mexico oil spill as a national wildlife expert. He died in 2005.

The plan lists cold-water marine mammals including walruses, sea otters, sea lions and seals as "sensitive biological resources." None of those animals live anywhere near the Gulf.

Also, names and phone numbers of several Texas A&M University marine life specialists are wrong. So are the numbers for marine mammal stranding network offices in Louisiana and Florida, which are disconnected.

Jun 11 11:32

FAA Closes down Gulf of Mexico Air Traffic

All aircraft operations are prohibited except those flights authorized by ATC, routine flights supporting offshore oil operations; federal, state, local and military flight operations supporting oil spill recovery and reconstitution efforts; and air medical and law enforcement operations.

Jun 11 11:10

In the Summer of 2010

Are you ready for interesting times and an exodus from the United States? A possibly apocryphal ancient Chinese curse goes "May you live in interesting times." Those words may derive from an authentic Chinese proverb: "It is better to be a dog in a peaceful time than be a man in chaos."

Most economic, political and military events are just business as usual for financial elites and the industries beholden to them. They take advantage of real or contrived economic crises, military operations and foreign conflicts the way stockbrokers churn stocks to generate commissions. The collateral damage, causalities, wealth transfers, confiscation and mass hardship are just tricks of the trade.

Jun 11 11:01

BP Oil Disaster Could Hit Europe Via the Powerful Gulf Stream Current

A cursory look at a map of the Gulf Stream shows that the oil is not just going to cover the beaches in the Gulf, it will spread to the Atlantic coasts up through North Carolina then on to the North Sea and Iceland. And beyond the damage to the beaches, sea life and water supplies, the Gulf stream has a very distinct chemistry, composition (marine organisms), density, temperature. What happens if the oil and the dispersants and all the toxic compounds they create actually change the nature of the Gulf Stream? No one can rule out potential changes including changes in the path of the Gulf Stream, and even small changes could have huge impacts. Europe, including England, is not an icy wasteland due to the warming from the Gulf Stream.

Jun 11 10:22

Hypocrisy Reigns. "The World has been taken over by Lying, Hypocritical, Mass-murdering Madmen"

Things internationally are so dispiriting there's nothing left to do but fantasize. I picture Turkey, as a member of NATO, demanding that the alliance come to its defense after being attacked by Israel. Under Article 5 of the NATO charter an armed attack on one member is deemed to constitute an armed attack on all members. That is the ostensible reason NATO is fighting in Afghanistan — the attack against the United States on September 11, 2001 is regarded as an attack on all NATO members (disregarding the awkward fact that Afghanistan as a country had nothing to do with the attack). The Israeli attack on a Turkish-flagged ship, operated by a Turkish humanitarian organization, killing nine Turkish nationals and wounding many more can certainly constitute an attack upon a NATO member.

Jun 11 09:31

Kyrgyzstan imposes emergency as clashes kill 37

Kyrgyzstan's interim government declared a state of emergency and slapped a curfew on southern parts of the country on Friday as ethnic clashes left at least 37 people dead and more than 500 wounded.

Interim President Roza Otunbayeva, whose government has struggled to assert its rule over the ex-Soviet Central Asian state since taking power amid unrest in April, backed off earlier statements that authorities had regained control.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This could get very dicey very quickly. The real question is, to whom is the military loyal at this point, President Otunbayeva, or her predecessor?

Jun 11 09:26

Gulf Oil Spill ‘Could Go Years’ If Not Dealt With

What the enormoity of the oil spill does is to also further discredit clearly the oil companies’ myth of “peak oil” which claims that the world is at or near the “peak” of economical oil extraction. That myth, which has been propagated in recent years by circles close to former oilman and Bush Vice President, Dick Cheney, has been effectively used by the giant oil majors to justify far higher oil prices than would be politically possible otherwise, by claiming a non-existent petroleum scarcity crisis.

Jun 11 07:52

3-minute video: comedians Clarke and Dawe explain the European/American debt crisis

*hyperlinks and brilliant video at source*

The following video artfully shows the ridiculous “modern” monetary system of nations creating national “debt supplies” rather than “money supplies.” To understand the mechanics of this problem and the obvious solutions, read,

“Either pay the national debt with monetary reform or kiss your assets goodbye.”

For my academic explanation of our oligarchic economic condition:

“Open proposal to US higher education: end oligarchy economics, save trillions with education.”

For my citizen appeal to end unlawful US wars and Orwellian destruction of the US Constitution the same way Nazi Germany destroyed their constitution in step-by-step fashion:

Jun 11 07:35

How BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil find was originally reported in September 2009

Below are a few media reports from September 2009 discussing the BP Gulf of Mexico Tiber Oil Field find when it originally hit the newswires. This was the deepest oil and gas well in human history, going to a depth of 35,000 feet. Exploratory drilling began in March 2009. Deepwater Horizon did not commence until September 2009. Only the second story from Bloomberg hints at the "volatility" related to the find and the need for "caution."

Read more:

Jun 11 06:50

Time for law abiding American citizens to stop paying taxes, start a new government? 11 of 13

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

David Degraw has written an outstanding comprehensive explanation of what’s really happening in the US economy. He’s given me permission to reprint it here. I also recommend his site "For Our Economy" for citizen grass-roots activism for economic justice.

Jun 11 01:40

Governor of Louisiana: National Guard staging for “effort to evacuate” communities impacted by oil spill

"Currently, our Soldiers and Airmen are staging for and are engaged in the planning of the effort to evacuate and provide security and clean up for the coastal communities expected to be impacted by the oil spill. They are engaged in the protection of vital infrastructure to include medical facilities, fuel distribution, interstate highways, water-ice distribution and power facilities which are all vital to the recovery of coastal Louisiana."

Jun 10 21:17

Fear, pain and propaganda: an activist’s story

Fear, pain and propaganda: an activist’s story
Theresa McDermott to David Pratt
6 Jun 2010
"I was on Challenger 1"
"I was told later by those on board the Marmara that the first two soldiers who abseiled down from the helicopter were overpowered and taken and searched by some of the Turkish activists. On the commandos they found plasticised detailed maps of the layout of every boat and pictures of people on board including MPs, bishops and other VIPs. Maybe these were the people the Israelis were trying to avoid harming. I was told there were those on board who really wanted to have a go at the Israeli soldiers who were being detained, but were held back by others."

Jun 10 20:30

Free Bradley Manning! Military whistle-blower

Free Bradley Manning!
Wikileaks video leaker nabbed by creepy snitch
by Justin Raimondo, June 09, 2010
So now we just have the snitch and his enablers to rely on for the “facts,” and they’re spreading the lie that Manning was indiscriminately “vacuuming up” highly classified information just for the hell of it, and just because he could. In reality, however, Manning was horrified by the record of crimes that he uncovered, and rightly decided to blow the whistle on the War Party. For that, the feds will lock him up and throw away the key – unless my readers decide to act, and rally behind this latest victim of the Obama administration’s “security” crackdown.