Jan 31 16:45

Upheaval by John Casey, Instantly Frozen Fish & S. Cali Freeze Warnings

John Casey's new book Upheaval is out and connects the anti-correlation of low sunspot activity and high earthquake activity.

Jan 31 16:42

‘FBI Secret Rules’ Exposed: Pattern Of White Supremacists Infiltrating Police Known – Report

An FBI investigation, carried out quietly, into white supremacy infiltration of US law enforcement has been revealed by the Intercept as part of its lengthy examination of classified bureau documents.

Jan 31 16:41

74% of Physicians Demand Changes to Obamacare

Seventy-four percent of primary care physicians favor changing Obamacare, while 15 percent said they would like to see outright repeal of the law, according to a report from the New England Journal of Medicine.

Jan 31 16:40

Fixing Healthcare From A-Z

Healthcare can arguably be considered the greatest divider among Americans, and not just simply Democrats and Republicans, which at the policy level its reach extends beyond immigration, terrorism, trade policy, taxation, as well as the federal deficit. Seldom have we heard from the political class (excluding Rand and Ron Paul as well as John Kasich,) radical free-market solutions that would not only place patients as the middleman and the industry more transparent but also how to fix the severe shortage of skilled healthcare workers.

Jan 31 16:40

Trump Vows To ‘End Cancer’ By Deregulating ‘Hidden Drugs’

President Trump has promised millions of American citizens that he will put an end to terminal illnesses by forcing Big Pharma companies to make cutting edge drugs available to the public as soon as possible.

Jan 31 16:39

Soros on the Ropes? Let’s hope.

Although multi-billionaire hedge fund tycoon and international political pot-stirrer George Soros lost big with the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States and the victory of the Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom, he stands to lose further ground, politically and financially, as the winds of political change sweep across the globe.

Jan 31 16:04


Chuck Schumer took acting lessons to get the tears that he whipped out on Sunday. He called President Trump’s actions “mean-spirited and un-American. ” for ordering a temporary block on refugees. However, back in November, Chuck Schumer said that Syrian refugees might need to be blocked following the horrific Paris attacks.

Jan 31 15:52

The United States Is On The Precipice Of Widespread Civil Unrest

This is a time for the peacemakers. If there are any left in Washington, we need them to rise up now and try to bring healing before it is too late.

Jan 31 15:43

Portland activist accused of sex crimes


Portland police on Monday filed new criminal accusations against an activist involved in organizing recent downtown protests.

Micah Rhodes, 23, faces four felony accusations of second-degree sex abuse. The allegations were filed Monday after officers arrested him during an anti-police protest last week. He was among 12 adults picked up for traffic citations for improper position on a highway and other offenses.

"All four charges relate to one juvenile victim," Simpson said. "Our detectives started looking into this, after his arrest Wednesday. They found information about a prior incident, and from there, conducted their investigation."

Court records show a Portland police detective received information that Rhodes met a 17-year-old male through a dating phone app in 2015, and the two had sex on multiple occasions.

Jan 31 15:41

American Liberals are Intolerant Bigots

Liberals are the most bigoted and dogmatic individuals in America. This is ironic because the word liberal is defined as “open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values.” Leftists discriminate against “new behavior and opinions” that contrast with their own, even to the extent of using threats and violence as methods of intimidation and censorship.

Jan 31 15:39

The Justice System Is Criminal — Paul Craig Roberts

This is the face of justice in America, a hapless country totally devoid of justice where the law exists solely for the economic benefit of those whose careers rise with conviction rates, whether of the innocent or the guilty.

Jan 31 15:33

Tucker Carlson Humiliates Another Liberal Refugee Opportunist Whom Refuses To Answer Any Questions

Tucker Carlson Humiliates Another Liberal Refugee Opportunist Whom Refuses To Answer Any Questions... 1 / 30 / 2017

Jan 31 15:02

Russian Cyber Security Agents Accused of Treason for Working with CIA

Russian security agents, Sergei Mikhailov and his deputy Dmitry Dokuchaev, have been accused of treason because they were cooperating with the CIA. The arrests of spy officials who worked for the KGB successor FSB’s Center for Information Security were first reported by Russian media earlier this month.

Jan 31 14:45

FBI Blames ‘Hostile Entities’ On Decision To Withhold Information On San Bernardino IPhone Hack

The FBI has defended its decision not to reveal how it hacked the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone, citing security considerations. The technique could be used by “hostile entities,” it said in court.

Earlier this month, the Department of Justice (DOJ) made public censored documents following a FOIA lawsuit filed by three news organizations – AP, Vice Media, and Gannett – seeking to reveal how the FBI carried out the hack of the phone owned by Syed Rizwan Farook, who, together with his wife, shot and killed 14 people at a party in December 2015.

Jan 31 14:26

Priest Wants Anti-Trump Protesters to Commit Suicide

Priests should spread peace, love, forgiveness, and tolerance, but it seems like the pastor of a mainly immigrant Catholic church has a suggestion for all those who are protesting Trump – to kill themselves. He says that protesters should commit suicide by taking a “flying leap off the nearest building”.

Jan 31 14:07

Wow! Sean Spicer Calls Out #FakeNews Orgs NY Times and NBC for Pushing Lies on Trump Admin

White House spokesman Sean Spicer called out The New York Times and NBC for lying about the Trump Administration's travel ban on foreign refugees.

Jan 31 13:31

POLL: 47% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction, Highest Level of Optimism in Over 12 Years

A new poll from Rasmussen shows Americans are the most optimistic they've been in 12 years thanks to President Donald Trump.

Jan 31 13:27

Mexico threatens to stop fighting terrorism after Trump border wall plan

Mexican Senator Armando Rios Pitter recently appeared on MSNBC to drop an absolute bombshell threat that was subsequently ignored throughout the corporate media coverage of Trump’s controversial announcement of a wall on the border.

Jan 31 13:22

Mexican official threatens to combat President Trump by “unleashing drug cartels”

There will be war in the streets, or at least there could be.

The strong armed tactics against Mexico are not making officials happy south of the border.

Now, with an executive order facilitating the deportation of illegal immigrants – and especially those who have committed criminal offenses – as well as building a wall on the border, President Trump has many Mexicans up in arms.

Jan 31 13:16

Hackers took down D.C.’s CCTV system for a 48-hour span leading up to Trump’s Inauguration, demanded ransom

Between the dates of Jan. 12 and Jan. 15, for about a 48-hour span, 70% of the CCTV cameras in Washington D.C. were rendered useless by hackers adding an element of uncertainty in regards to what may have taken place in and around D.C. just days before Donald Trump's Inauguration.

Jan 31 13:13

Healing With Medical Marijuana

Bottom line to marijuana—it mitigates human suffering. It is the best and safest pain medication. It is cheap if you grow it yourself. It is better than any pharmaceutical on the market. It treats cancer. It is a wonder drug and can even be used by healthy people to keep their stress down.

Everyone who is against marijuana is against freedom. They are against God and they are against the will of the people who clearly want to be able to use marijuana when they want to or need to. Wherever there is freedom marijuana will be legal and unregulated.

Wherever there is marijuana there will be reductions in suffering, pain, and reductions in side effects from pharmaceutical drugs that kill people.

Jan 31 11:59

Scott Adams: Is President Trump Doing Management Wrong?

I made the mistake of turning on CNN yesterday and saw all the hypnotized pundits trying to work the secret persuasion word “chaos” into every comment about President Trump. That’s your tell that none of the pundits are offering independent opinions. They are part of the hive mind led by some uncredited persuader on their side. Someone told them to say “chaos” a lot, and so they do. This might signal the return of Godzilla. Reminds me of “dark,” their hive-mind word for the summer of 2016.

Jan 31 10:51


While President Donald Trump has received criticism from a variety of political figures and organizations over his recent executive orders regarding the border wall and the temporary ban on high-risk immigrants, one important group, in particular, has been cheering his actions.

Jan 31 10:26

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Starbucks Pledges to Employ 10,000 Refugees Worldwide, Trump Supporters Call for Boycott

While we should help everyone in need, it seems like good deeds can’t go unpunished and, nowadays, trying to do something nice for others, give them hope, is a subject of harsh criticism. The best example is Starbucks.

Jan 31 10:21

Pelosi Caught on Hot Mic: ‘Tell Them You’re Muslim

VIDEO: Pelosi to muslim congressman

Jan 31 10:10

When Trump Does Something Right, We Must Back Him As With The Executive Order Ban On Muslims Entering The US

Just remember,it is the criminal actions of dc and Israel that have caused these massive flows of refugees. It is the NWO Clash of Civilizations.

I cannot believe the anti-Trump protests at airports and across the nation. Trump is trying to prevent the historic killing and terror events which are a major part of muslim 'culture'. Imposing even a 90 day ban on incoming muslims from murder and terror states like Somalia Iraq & Sudan is strictly logical and represents a bare minimum of common sense. What are White Americans thinking of protesting someone who is making good on part of his promises to the voters to protect them from terrorist butchery? These Muslims want to kill us and subjugate out culture to theirs. They have defiled Europe and Australia already. Their history is horrifying in its sheer death and violence.

Jan 31 10:10

[NEW] PROJECT VERITAS: Over-the-top anti-Trump protesters intimidate and harass young female journalist!!

Over-the-top anti-Trump Lauren Windsor and Ryan Clayton intimidate and harass young female journalist

Jan 31 09:35

Woman calls police over drug dealer's 'outrageous' price hike

Do the price increases on everyday goods have you fuming? Well, one woman wasn't happy about her neighbourhood drug dealer hiking the price of marijuana. So she decided to complain about the police.

Jan 31 09:35

After today, transgender boys are now allowed to join the Boy Scouts of America

A New Jersey woman whose son was asked to leave his Boy Scouts troop after leaders found out he's transgender said she has mixed emotions after the organisation announced it will allow transgender children who identify as boys to enroll in its boys-only programs.

Jan 31 09:34

Obama killed a 16-year old American in Yemen. Trump just killed his 8-year old sister

Trump now has the blood of innocents smeared on his face. I didn't vote for this!

In 2010, President Obama directed the CIA to assassinate an American citizen in Yemen, Anwar al-Awlaki, despite the fact that he had never been charged with (let alone convicted of) any crime, and the agency successfully carried out that order a year later with a September, 2011 drone strike.

Two weeks after the killing of Awlaki, a separate CIA drone strike in Yemen killed his 16-year-old American-born son, Abdulrahman, along with the boy’s 17-year-old cousin and several other innocent Yemenis.

On Sunday, the Navy’s SEAL Team 6, using armed Reaper drones for cover, carried out a commando raid on what it said was a compound harboring officials of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. A statement issued by President Trump lamented the death of an American service member and several others who were wounded, but made no mention of any civilian deaths.

Jan 31 09:18

‘Abandoned’ Texas Walmart to reopen as shelter for illegal minors

(INTELLIHUB) — According to a Southwest Key Program spokesperson, an abandoned Walmart building located in Brownsville Texas will be the home for children under the age of 18 who have entered the country via the southern border unaccompanied by a guardian.

Jan 31 09:15

President Trump fires attorney general who was actively working against him

(INTELLIHUB) — In a swift act Monday night President Donald Trump fired acting attorney general Sally Yates who had earlier revealed that she was refusing to do her job in defending the presidents executive order on immigration.

Jan 31 09:11

Panera Kept Promise, New Menu Is Now 100% Clean

Big news! Panera Bread Menu is Now 100% Clean. Panera has kept its promise to phase out artificial ingredients, artificial food dyes, preservatives and ingredients no one can pronounce. Even as late as 2014, the chain failed to live up to their $70 million dollar ad campaign: Live Consciously. Eat Deliciously. Not with their GMOs,…

We can expect Panera to get hit with a string of E. Coli contaminations, the way Chipotle's did when they went GMO-free!

Jan 31 09:08


Buzzfeed contributor Natalie Shure told Ivanka Trump that her baby Theodore “sucks.” Her account is now currently set to private. Here is what she wrote according to Red State Watcher: “In solidarity with Katie Rich, I'd Like to point out this baby sucks”

Jan 31 08:49

White House claims five-year-old boy detained in US airport for hours 'could have posed a security threat'

The White House has said a five-year-old boy was detained for more than four hours and reportedly handcuffed at an airport because he posed a “security risk”.
The boy, reportedly a US citizen with an Iranian mother, was one of more than 100 people detained following President Donald Trump’s immigration order.

Jan 31 08:49

The FBI Has Quietly Investigated White Supremacist Infiltration of Law Enforcement

President Trump has inherited a vast domestic intelligence agency with extraordinary secret powers. A cache of documents offers a rare window into the FBI’s quiet expansion since 9/11.

Jan 31 08:42

Broody Prison Officer Jailed For 9 Months For Smuggling Prisoner’s Sperm

A “besotted” broody prison officer has been ironically jailed for nine months for attempting to smuggle her gangster boyfriend’s sperm from behind bars in a Lancashire jail.

Alison Sharples, 47, was caught with a medicine syringe containing traces of sperm during a routine bag check in October, 2014.

Jan 31 08:31

Trump set to pull U.S. out of the Paris Agreement within days

While liberals in cahoots with Muslims around the country have been in hysterics over President Donald Trump’s temporary ban on persons from seven countries known to have clear links to Islamic terrorism, it has just been revealed that Trump has yet another bombshell surprise for them and judging by the reactions so far, they’re not going to like this one.

Jan 31 08:30

CNN interviews Muslim terrorists about temporary Trump immigrant ban, hides their identities

The well known fake news outlet known as CNN has spoken with jihadis to get their opinions on President Trump’s executive order that temporarily halts immigration from seven countries overseas that have strong ties to Islamic terrorism. What is very concerning is that CNN has changed the names of these terrorists in order to protect their identities.

Jan 31 08:16

Anonymous Letter Handed To Paul Ryan On Airplane Urging Him To Be A 'Good Christian'

You may have heard Paul Ryan's name in the news a lot lately. Sure, he was in the media cycle for a while after taking some muscle-glamour photos.

Jan 31 08:16

Guy Sends Amazingly Passive Aggressive Note To Neighbors Who Won't Shut Up

We've all had terrible neighbors, whether it's because they make too much noise or they tell you that you're making too much noise when you're not.

Jan 31 07:55

President Trump Fires ‘Treasonous’ Attorney General

President Trump fired Attorney General Sally Yates on Monday night for ‘treasonous’ acts against the United States.

Jan 31 07:50

‘Fake news’? Time to choose: Corporate media fakes us into ignoring a simple definition: US is a rogue state empire, blaming targeted victims, then slaughtering and looting them (10 of 15)

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

US government "leaders" attack Muslim-majority nations, blame them for "terrorism," fund mercenaries in those nations for false flag attacks to legitimize the label "terrorists," and have US companies profit from resource extraction using cheap local labor thankful for work rather than poverty (here, here, here for recent coverage). This is only possible through "fake news" to hide OBVIOUS unlawful Wars of Aggression started on known lies, and as a pattern requiring "rogue state" as the most accurate term to describe this form of government.

The following article is my introduction to the series: US illegal: History of rogue empire REQUIRING arrests in the present (11 sections).

“The only thing new in the world is the history you don’t know.” – President Harry Truman, Plain Speaking: An Oral Biography of Harry S. Truman (1974) by Merle Miller, pg. 26.

3-minute video: Police, Military – Was your Oath sincere?

Jan 31 07:47

CNN's Fake Ratings News: PR Team Tweets CNN Tied Fox News on Inauguration Day

CNN had a really hard time in 2016.
They made the calculated decision to give up on journalistic integrity in favor of stopping Donald Trump.
It didn’t work out very well for them.
Now, they are stuck with a Donald Trump presidency and zero credibility.
You would think they would show some self-awareness and move to the center.
Check out the claim they made about their inauguration day ratings.
From Newsbusters:

Jan 31 07:46

Frame shop turns away lady for being pro-Trump; here’s what happens when she refuses to be bullied

Katie Richter took some photos and memorabilia from Trump’s inauguration into Suitable For Framing, an Aspen business, to have them mounted and framed.
As she was looking down at the mementos, she asked the clerk for her recommendations. The clerk told Richter that she couldn’t help her.
When she asked, “Is it because of my political affiliation?” Richter was told yes.

Jan 31 07:13

Chris Kyle’s Iraqi Interpreter Sends Blistering Message to Everyone Protesting Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’

There has been a lot of consternation over President Donald trump’s temporary ban on entry from 7 countries with high radical Islamic populations.
About 140 people were estimated to have been detained at various airports under the order.
Independent Journal Review interviewed Chris Kyle’s Iraqi interpreter, Johnny Walker, and he was “100%” in support of the measure.

Jan 31 07:13

Those Seven Countries That Trump Stopped Immigration From? Hillary Picked Them.

Of all the leftist nitwits jumping on the bandwagon and vilifying President Donald Trump for his perfectly rational and historically consistent temporary restriction on immigration, Hillary Clinton really should know better.

Jan 31 07:04


We have all unfortunately witnessed countless instances of people on the left expressing their antipathy for President Donald Trump since his campaign for the White House began, and some of what has been said about him has crossed the line into criminality.

Jan 31 06:54

U.S. Defense Dept. Announces 'Thousands' Of Troops Descend Into Poland & Eastern Europe To Protect NATO Allies From Russian Aggression

The U.S. Defense Dept. issued a propaganda press release yesterday, justifying an invasion of Europe with more U.S. troops under the guise of protecting European peace from Russian hostility. The press release stated, in part, "The unit's deployment to Europe is part of Operation Atlantic Resolve, which was designed to reassure NATO allies and partners in the region after Russia invaded Ukraine. Ray said the arrival of the combat team was just one aspect of America's commitment to the region.. Deployed from Fort Carson, Colorado, the 3,500 soldiers and 2,000 vehicles of the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team join a recently increased land, sea and air presence in the region. The arrival of the 3rd ABCT begins a series of back-to-back rotations of U.S. troops and equipment to the region. The soldiers and vehicles will mass in Poland and then disperse via convoy across seven locations in Eastern Europe for training and exercises with European allies.

Jan 31 05:29

US Sends Military Supplies To Syrian Alliance In First Under Trump Admin

Confirming that the US role in the Syrian conflict is likely to expand in the coming months, Reuters reported that the U.S.-led coalition against Islamic State has supplied its Syrian allies with armored vehicles for the first time, expanding support since U.S. President Donald Trump came to office.

The armored vehicles and troop carriers had arrived four or five days ago, said Talal Silo, spokesman for the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) alliance, which includes the Kurdish YPG militia.

Jan 31 05:02

Australian Crop Losses Due to Wet and Cold, Temps Drop Scientists Terminated for Speaking Up

Australian crop losses mount from cold and wet conditions across the agricultural belt. Although the BOM head meteorologists had forecast never ending drought. Which has turned out to be the opposite with record floods across the country this year. Additionally new ACORN data sets show Australia has remained the same temperature as 1920.

Jan 31 03:48


I’m sure y’all are just as tired of hearing all the Liberals out there complaining about Trump having the nuclear codes. Uhhh…DUH! That’s why we elected him! Well, yesterday President Trump did his first interview since taking office and he revealed to ABC EXACTLY what he thinks about having his finger on the button…

Jan 31 00:12

Trump Replaces Acting Director of Immigration Enforcement

President Donald Trump replaced the acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Monday night, shortly after he fired the acting attorney general, the Department of Homeland Security confirmed.

Unlike the firing of Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, the replacement of Acting ICE Director Daniel Ragsdale came with no explanation. Ragsdale was replaced by Thomas Homan, ICE's executive associate director of enforcement and removal operations since 2013.

Jan 30 23:59

Bus rider who broke his cane defending RideKC driver receives tearful thanks

This good Samaritan beat the %$#! out of the attacker! With his cane!

Rodney Goldman didn’t think twice about coming to the defense of a RideKC bus driver he saw struggling against an attacker early Saturday.

The 56-year-old Goldman, a frequent rider on the bus, knew the driver by sight but not by name. Regardless, he was raised not to stand for anyone mistreating a woman, and when he saw a disturbed passenger holding the female driver in a headlock, Goldman beat the attacker with his cane until it broke.

“My adrenaline kicked in, and I did what I had to do,” Goldman said later in an interview. “I just got my cane.”

Jan 30 20:56

Robot baristas serve up the future of coffee gets brilliant comment

a new breed of coffee shop pushing the boundaries of automation both to make food and to serve it.

The above article received this brilliant response:
Jeffrey Spinner •

What will all the women graduating with college degrees do for work now! What will all the gender studies, french lit, heck ALL THE NON STEM graduates do!!! Not every women can be a hen pecking manager...someone has to actually work!!! Think of the 3rd gen feminist women, forever childless by will they afford to make trouble for the country! Think about the pussy hats!!!! Who will wear them!

Jan 30 20:11

Trump Fires US Acting Attorney General for Refusing to Enforce Order on Refugees

You're fired!!!!

US President Donald Trump fired on Monday US Acting Attorney General Sally Yates for refusing to enforce his order suspending immigration from seven Muslim-majority nations, the White House said in a press release.

Earlier in the day, Yates, interim successor to Loretta Lynch, has ordered the Department of Justice (DOJ) to resist defending President Donald Trump’s executive order on refugees in court, citing constitutional concerns.

Jan 30 19:47

'This is not a Muslim ban!' Trump defends his 'extreme vetting' order as he says Obama created the list of seven targeted countries and did the SAME THING to Iraqi refugees in 2011

'My policy is similar to what President Obama did in 2011 when he banned visas for refugees from Iraq for six months,' Trump said of his own order, which is slated to expire in 90 days.

Obama's directive, carried out in response to a specific terror threat, affected only refugees. Trump's order is broader, including people from seven countries who want to emigrate to the U.S.

Trump also said Sunday said that those nations – Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia Sudan, Syria and Yemen – 'are the same countries previously identified by the Obama administration as sources of terror.'

'To be clear, this is not a Muslim ban, as the media is falsely reporting. This is not about religion – this is about terror and keeping our country safe. There are over 40 different countries worldwide that are majority Muslim that are not affected by this order.'

Jan 30 17:51

****(BLM) TEACHER AT TRUMP PROTEST, "We need to start killing people"****

'Black Lives Matter' Anti-Trump Protest:
'Need To Start Killing People and “killing the White House.”

Jan 30 17:34

Acting AG tells DOJ lawyers not to defend Trump travel ban order

No wonder the Judges are issuing stays. The DOJ hasn't been showing up to defend the administrations actions. This is bizarre!

Acting Attorney General Sally Yates instructed Justice Department attorneys to not legally defend President Donald Trump's executive order on refugees and immigration.

Yates, an Obama appointee, is expected to be replaced by Trump's pick, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama), in the near future.

Jan 30 17:13

Kellyanne Conway Kills It On Judge Jeanine Looking Amazing In RED This Really Is A Must See Video

Kellyanne Conway... The first woman to head a successful Presidential campaign sat down in her White House office directly below President Trump over the weekend with Judge Jeanine Pirro for a really amazing interview please watch... YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT

Jan 30 17:02

Get with the program or go! White House's ultimatum to more than 100 foreign service officers as they sign scathing complaint about travel ban

State Department employees harboring anger about President Donald Trump's travel ban are welcome to find a new place to work, the White House said Monday.

The 100 signatories of a dissent memo that's circulating at State 'should either get with the program or they can go,' White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer declared.

'At some point if they have a big problem with the policies that he's instituting to keep the country safe, then that's up to them to question whether or not they want to stay or not,' Spicer told reporters during his daily briefing.

Jan 30 16:44

SHOCK POLL: More than HALF of Americans support Trump's controversial border controls

Some 57 per cent of US likely voters favour the temporary ban on refugees “until the federal government approves its ability to screen out potential terrorists from coming here”, a phone and online survey by polling company Rasmussen Reports found.

The polling company says 33 per cent are opposed to the ban with 10 per cent undecided.

Jan 30 16:05

Donald Trump will publish a weekly list of crimes committed by illegal aliens

This will no doubt trigger the pro-sanctuary city mayors. Works for me.

Jan 30 16:05


Donald Trump and the Republicans aren’t just making America great again. They’re making Taco Tuesday great again, too.

Jan 30 15:29

Kellyanne Conway BLASTS The Protesters! The Democrats ! And The Republicans!

The press is trying to impeach Trump, the press will start a civil war. Trump supporters must stand up once again and unite.

Jan 30 15:08

Sean Spicer Destroys Liberal Reporters Attempt To Undermine Trump

its getting spicey
white house press secretary

Jan 30 15:06

Liberals in Muslim world pay the price for Trump and Saudi-supported illiberalism

James Dorsey argues that the Islamophobia fuelled by Donald Trump and far-right European politicians benefits not only Saudi-backed ultra-conservative interpretations of Islam, but also their anti-Saudi jihadist offshoots.

Jan 30 14:26

Obama criticizes Trump thus breaking tradition...SHAMEFUL!

Asshole narcissist couldn't even wait TEN DAYS even though Bush said NOT WORD ONE during Obama's ENTIRE EIGHT YEARS. Dangerous precedent. #FuckOffObama

Jan 30 13:53

Miss Universe Has An Amazing Answer When Asked About President Trump!

When a Miss Universe contestant was asked what she thought about President Donald Trump – she understandably looked a little blank.

Jan 30 13:49

Fourth Circuit shreds civil liberties in open carry gun laws

Should a person forfeit certain constitutional rights just because he or she chooses to carry a firearm lawfully in public?

Jan 30 13:44

Petition to Stop Trump UK Visit Passes 1 Million Signatures

For weeks, British lawyer Graham Guest’s petition to stop Trump’s visit to the UK didn’t get much attention. Things have changed now as the number of signatures passed 1 million and more and more people are signing it. The main reason for the sudden outburst of petition signatures is Trump’s infamous Muslim ban.

Jan 30 13:39

Remember When Obama Supported A Border Wall?

There really is no limit to the mainstream media’s support for the far-left’s hypocrisy, or their use of a double standard when it comes to covering the Democrats… none.

For months we’ve heard all about how the “integrity of our democracy” was under siege by “thugs” like Vladimir Putin, while no one has been talking how “thugs” like Barack Obama and Jey Johnson were using the Department of Homeland Security’s computer systems to try and hack into several states’ election systems AFTER the voting had taken place, but BEFORE results were certified. Yeah, good luck explaining that one. Thankfully, as of January 17th, the Inspector General of the DHS, John Roth, was cleared to being his investigation into the matter.

Jan 30 13:28

Senate Democrats hope to repeal Trump’s immigration ban even though it mimics bans by Obama, Carter

Trump’s order is neither unAmerican nor unconstitutional. In fact, it has been law since 1952 and has been employed by previous presidents including Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter. A New York federal judge issued a temporary stay on the ban over the weekend, but reports indicate that the Department of Homeland Security is ignoring the stay. Good for them. Unconstitutional rulings by judges should be ignored in all cases.

Jan 30 13:18

New Mexico Most Snow in CENTURY...

Jan 30 13:11

Iraq Vet's Pro-Refugee (Propaganda) Story Goes Mega-Viral On Twitter, He's Meeting With Obama Next Week

It appears that the purpose of the story is to generate sentimental emotional support for refugees, to influence public opinion and policy in the United States. He posted in a separate Tweet that he is meeting with Obama on February 8. The author, based on his twitter feed, is very anti-Trump, pro-refugee, and pro-Obama. He claims to have been threatened as a result of his pro-refugee story, but one of his recent tweets was a GIF celebrating the assault of white nationalist Richard Spencer, with the caption 'Make Nazis Afraid Again.' Spencer was blindsided and punched in the head recently while giving an interview on the street to a news outlet. The Iraq vet seems to be celebrating and endorsing such violent acts.

Jan 30 13:09

Trump Blames Airport Chaos on Protesters and Delta

The 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump, introduced an executive order a few days ago forbidding refugees and individuals from “terror-prone” countries to enter the country.

Jan 30 12:55

Trump’s ‘buy American’ message resonates

Recent polling data show that a massive number of Americans believe that citizens have a duty to purchase products “Made in the USA” whenever possible.

Jan 30 12:50

Parents and Taxpayers Looted (So students at Ohio State can be indoctrinated in anti-white studies.)

This spring, Ohio State University will launch a new course entitled “Crossing Identity Boundaries” which will empower America’s precious snowflakes with all of the tools they need to detect microaggressions and become “self-aware” of their inherent “white privilege.” Unfortunately, this isn’t a joke.

Jan 30 12:49

Terrorist Attack in Quebec: Six Dead in Mosque Shooting

Terrorism has no religion, although most people tend to think otherwise. The statement proved to be correct when masked gunmen entered a Quebec City mosque during Sunday night prayers, killed six, and wounded eight people.

Jan 30 12:35

Scott Adams: Be Careful What You Wish For (especially if it is Hitler)

When millions of Americans want the same thing, and they want it badly, the odds of it happening go way up. You can call it the power of positive thinking. It is also the principle behind affirmations. When humans focus on a desired future, events start to conspire to make it happen.

Jan 30 12:30

Scott Adams: The Persuasion Filter and Immigration

President Trump has issued temporary immigration orders that ban citizens from several Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. This is a good opportunity to test the Persuasion Filter against what you might call the Hitler Filter.

Jan 30 12:19

Nobody is Listening to Your Nonsense Anymore! (Video)

There is a story, often told, that upon exiting the Constitutional Convention Benjamin Franklin was approached by a group of citizens asking what sort of government the delegates had created. His answer was: "A republic, if you can keep it."

In the American political system, the press, or the media, has often been referred to as the Fourth Estate, or the fourth branch of government, because of the influence it can have on holding the other branches of government accountable. Our Founding Fathers knew that if the country they established was going to survive, it would need to have an "educated and informed electorate,” which is one of the reasons why they said that Congress shall make no law that “abridges the freedom of speech, or the press.”

Jan 30 12:09

Jerusalem For All

“Jerusalem for All” would keep the city unified under international agreement, and preserve the unique quality of the city, and its special status as a holy city for Jews, Christians and Muslims."

Perhaps Mr. Trump, in finalizing his decision to move the US embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem, should really think of a “Jerusalem for all” as the US policy for the future, with the US embassy in Jerusalem serving all the people and residents of Jerusalem, including the more than 70,000 Palestinians forced out of Jerusalem by the Israelis. It would be even greater if the US embassy in Jerusalem were to be the American embassy representing America in a united One State — a state for all of its people, Israelis and Palestinians.

Jan 30 12:07

Scott Adams: The Persuasion Filter and Immigration

President Trump has issued temporary immigration orders that ban citizens from several Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. This is a good opportunity to test the Persuasion Filter against what you might call the Hitler Filter.

For new readers of this blog, my starting point is the understanding that human brains did not evolve to show us reality. We aren’t that smart. Instead, our brains create little movies in our heads, and yours can be completely different from mine. We see that situation now. Half the country thinks President Trump is well on his way to becoming a Hitler-like dictator. But many other Americans think Trump is an effective business person with good intentions. They can’t both be right.

Jan 30 12:06

Statement Regarding Recent Executive Order Concerning Extreme Vetting

To be clear, this is not a Muslim ban, as the media is falsely reporting.

by Donald J Trump

“America is a proud nation of immigrants and we will continue to show compassion to those fleeing oppression, but we will do so while protecting our own citizens and border. America has always been the land of the free and home of the brave.

We will keep it free and keep it safe, as the media knows, but refuses to say. My policy is similar to what President Obama did in 2011 when he banned visas for refugees from Iraq for six months. The seven countries named in the Executive Order are the same countries previously identified by the Obama administration as sources of terror.

Jan 30 12:01

A “color revolution” is under way in the United States

It amazes me to see that the very same people which have demonized Putin for years are now demonizing Trump using exactly the same methods.

A hatred of what I would call the “simple America” or the “daily America”

While I did predict that “The USA are about to face the worst crisis of their history” as far back as October of last year, a month before the elections, I have to admit that I am surprised and amazed at the magnitude of struggle which we see taking place before our eyes. It is now clear that the Neocons did declare war on Trump and some, like Paul Craig Roberts, believe that Trump has now returned them the favor. I sure hope that he is right.

Jan 30 11:34

'Who's his acting coach?' Trump mocks Schumer's 'fake tears' and blames Delta Airlines outage for airport slowdowns as he says there's 'nothing nice about searching for terrorists'

Donald Trump openly mocked Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on Monday for offering 'fake tears' during a press conference he held to condemn the president's executive order restricting U.S. arrivals of some Middle Eastern travelers.

'I noticed that Chuck Schumer yesterday, with fake tears – I'm going to ask him, who's his acting coach?' Trump jabbed as he met with a group of small business leaders Monday morning at the White House.

'Because I know him very well. I don't see him as a crier – if he is, he's a different man.'

'There's about a 5 per cent chance that it was real, but I think it was fake tears,' the president said.

Jan 30 11:04

Spare Us the Theatrics

While the blue-state crowd is protesting President Trump’s order banning travel to the US by citizens of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia, what gets lost in all the shouting is that the legal and political basis of his order was laid down by President Barack Obama. These people don’t care to recall that, in 2013, Obama banned all refugees from Iraq for six months, and his action was hardly noticed: Trump is only proposing a ninety-day pause. What prompted Obama’s action, as ABC News reported at the time, was “the discovery in 2009 of two al Qaeda-Iraq terrorists living as refugees in Bowling Green, Kentucky — who later admitted in court that they’d attacked U.S. soldiers in Iraq.”

Two years later, Congress passed a law, the Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act, that restricted travel visas for citizens of “states of concern,” i.e. Syria, Sudan, Iraq, Iran and “any other country or area of concern.” Obama promptly signed it.

Jan 30 10:50

13 of Trump’s Cabinet Nominees Await Senate Approval, Leaving Agencies Without a Leader

Congress seems to have joined the Soros Colored Revolution Insurrection!

President Donald Trump moved at a blistering pace to fulfill several campaign promises during his first week in the White House. At the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, however, 13 of his Cabinet nominees continue to wait for confirmation votes.

Obama had 11 of his 15 Cabinet secretaries in place after his first week. Trump has two.

Jan 30 10:19

'Sheer hypocrites' Farage explodes over UK condemnation of Trump compared to Obama

He told the BBC: “British politicians are sheer hypocrites. In 2011 when two Al Qaeda terrorists were found in Kentucky, Obama, completely arbitrarily brought in a six-month ban on any Iraqi from coming in to the USA.

“We did not hear a word of protest from any British politician about Obama doing that in the interests of keeping America safe.

“What has happened here is the country is upon which Trump has put a temporary travel ban while they work out how they are going to put extreme vetting in place.

“That list was drawn up by the Obama administration, he is doing his implementing of it.

“It seems to me that when Obama does something that’s fine, but when Trump does it he’s in this category of being a bad guy.”

Jan 30 10:17

Obama kicked out more migrants than ANY US president – critics slam anti-Trump protestors

Outrage has erupted over the US President’s controversial temporary executive order to halt refugees from seven Muslim countries, with thousands of protestors taking to the street across the world.

However opponents have been quick to highlight Barack Obama banned Iraqi refugees from entering the US in 2011 over terrorism fears.

Mr Obama’s administration stopped processing all applications from Iraqi migrants over a six-month time period.

It has also emerged Democrat favourite and husband of Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, took a tough stance against immigration, deporting the highest number on record in 2000 when 1,864,343 aliens were booted out, according to the US Center for Immigration studies.

Jan 30 09:54

Rand Paul Challenges Nikki Haley on Going to War Without Congress

"I will go one step further in that many say, 'well we should have the advice of Congress, or we ought to go down there occasionally and pat 'em on the back and talk to 'em.' No, No. The rules are pretty specific. We don't go to war really unless Congress votes on war... No U.S. solider should ever fight under any international banner without a vote from Congress and I can't state that strong enough. Because that is a check. That is a check and a balance to try and prevent unnecessary war," Rand Paul says

Jan 30 08:37

Jihadist groups hail Trump’s travel ban as a victory

Jihadist groups on Sunday celebrated the Trump administration’s ban on travel from seven Muslim-majority countries, saying the new policy validates their claim that the United States is at war with Islam.

Jan 30 08:37

Australian teen denied visa for space camp in US because his parents are from Iran

An Australian teen was denied a visa to attend space camp in the United States today. The 15-year-old, Pouya Ghadirian, was born in Australia but his parents are from Iran, giving him dual citizenship. The visa denial is believed to be the first for an Australian citizen under the Trump regime's so-called Muslim ban, interpreted by many legal scholars to be grossly unconstitutional.

Jan 30 08:00


The Women’s March was a “radical feminist” & Anti- Trump march disguised as a “women’s rights” march. They promoted abortion & LGBT social issues.

Jan 30 07:51

Breaking News Pro Trump Supporters Attacked At Anti Trump Airport Takeover Riot Portland OR

What are the protesters chanting?

"Peaceful protest".


Jan 30 07:48

Trump Supporter knocked unconscious at anti-trump Airport riot Portland OR

Anti-Trump Protesters attack Pro Trump protesters from behind at PDX airport 10 on 4 with hundreds in toe.

Jan 30 07:47

The United States Is On The Precipice Of Widespread Civil Unrest

It doesn’t take much of a trigger to push extremely large crowds of very angry protesters into committing acts of rioting and violence. And rioting and violence can ultimately lead to widespread civil unrest and calls for “revolution”.

Jan 30 07:44

Fake News:Protesters march at Portland International Airport decrying Trump refugee ban

According to the Oregonian,this was a peaceful demonstration.

Several police officers watched the peaceful demonstration but didn't intervene as people marched down stairs and by ticket gates inside and on sidewalks by cars dropping off and picking up travelers outside. The protest began with about two dozen people but swelled to around 100 at one point.

As they marched, several travelers at the airport joined them, marching alongside the crowd with their suitcases in tow, Martinez said.

Jan 30 07:38

One Million sign petition to stop Trump UK visit - Theresa May rejects calls for it to be cancelled as a "populist gesture"

A petition to stop US President Donald Trump's UK state visit has gathered more than a million signatures.
Numbers of signatories have been rising rapidly since a US clampdown on immigration came into effect over the weekend, causing anger worldwide.

Jan 30 07:38

Starbucks pledges to hire 10,000 refugees

Chairman and CEO Howard Schultz outlined the company's plan in a memo sent to employees Sunday in response to President Trump's executive order banning travel from seven Muslim majority countries.

Jan 30 07:29

Obama’s administration made the “Muslim ban” possible and the media won’t tell you

But, wait a sec. According to the reports “The order bars all people hailing from Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.” Critics had attacked Trump for selecting these seven countries and not selecting other states “linked to his sprawling business empire.” Bloomberg and Forbes bought into this.

But, wait a sec. I read the order and Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen are not mentioned in it.

Go back and read it again. Do a “ctrl-f” to find “Iraq”. Where is “Iraq” in the order. It’s not there. Only Syria is there. So where are the seven nations? Where is the “Muslim ban”? It turns out this was a form of fake news, or alternative facts. Trump didn’t select seven “Muslim-majority” countries. US President Barack Obama’s administration selected these seven Muslim-majority countries.

Jan 30 07:27

Friendly Reminder: Obama Selected The List Of Muslim Countries in Trump’s Executive Order

According to the draft copy of Trump's executive order, the countries whose citizens are barred entirely from entering the United States is based on a bill that Obama signed into law in December 2015.

Obama signed the Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act as part of an omnibus spending bill. The legislation restricted access to the Visa Waiver Program, which allows citizens from 38 countries who are visiting the United States for less than 90 days to enter without a visa.

Though outside groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union and NIAC Action — the sister organization of the National Iranian American Council — opposed the act, the bipartisan bill passed through Congress with little pushback.

Jan 30 07:15

Media talking heads continue to call for President Trump’s murder

Despite the fact that Donald Trump is now the sitting president of the United States, multiple corporate media talking heads have continued to openly call for his actual assassination.

Jan 29 20:58

Breaking News Trump Supporter Attacked At Anti Trump Airport Takeover Riot Portland OR


Jan 29 18:18

The Truth About Trump's 'Muslim Ban'

Jan 29 18:18

George Soros Donating $10 Million to ‘Anti-Hate’ Groups

In the coming year, George Soros plans to donate $10 million to groups “contending with incidents of hate” toward “persecuted populations.” Additionally, Soros’ Open Society Foundations will maintain a searchable database of these acts. However, OSF does not define what qualifies as “hate” or who it considers to be “persecuted.”

Jan 29 18:14

Flashback: Soros-Funded Group Labels US Human Rights Abuser Because Of Trump

Donald Trump has yet to take power, but a major human rights group heavily funded by billionaire progressive George Soros is already out with a new report lumping the U.S. in with major human rights abusers like China, Russia, Egypt and Syria all because of the Republican president-elect.

The justification for the designation is Trump’s “racism, xenophobia, nativism and misogyny,” according to Kenneth Roth, the executive director of Human Rights Watch (HRW), which released its survey on Thursday.

HRW is heavily funded by Soros, a Hillary Clinton supporter who backs hundreds of leftist and progressive groups across the world. Soros pledged to give $100 million to HRW over a ten year period in 2010. Open Society Foundations, Soros’ main vehicle for funding U.S.-based groups, gave $10 million to HRW in 2014, its most recent tax filings show.

Jan 29 18:05

Media Blackout: Obama administration created the list of countries covered by Trump's 'Muslim ban'

What? So there was a Terrorist Travel Prevention Act of 2015 two years before Trump? There was a kind of "Muslim ban" before the Muslim ban? But almost no one critiqued it in 2015 because it was Obama's administration overseeing it.

So for more than a year it has been US policy to discriminate against, target and even begin to ban people from the seven countries that Trump is accused of banning immigrants and visitors from. CNN even hinted at this by noting "those countries were named in a 2016 law concerning immigration visas as 'countries of concern.'" But why didn't CNN note that the seven countries were not named and that in fact they are only on the list because of Obama's policy?

Jan 29 17:44

Soros' Funding up Four-fold Since 2012

But the policy center hiked expenditures on lobbying from $3.4 million in 2012 to $11 million in 2013, with the bulk aimed at pushing "comprehensive immigration reform," the Free Beacon reported.

In 2014, it spent $12.4 million, in 2015 it spent $8.2 million, and in 2016, it shelled out $3.7 million — still more than any year between 2002 to 2012, the outlet reported.

The disclosures show that from 2013 to 2016, the group spent a total of $35 million on lobbying activities, averaging $8.8 million per year. This constituted an increase of nearly $6.9 million per year from the yearly average between 2002 to 2012, the Free Beacon reported.