Jun 03 07:23

TSA chief ousted over failure to detect weapons

Acting administrator for the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has been ousted after media reports revealed that checkpoint screeners at almost all of US busiest airports failed to detect mock explosives.


Jun 03 06:48

Explosions rock Michigan neighborhood as US Army urban military training exercise begins

A ten-day US Army urban military training exercise has begun in Flint, Michigan with explosions rocking neighborhoods and scaring residents who had no idea what was actually happening.

Jun 03 06:47

Famed Social Media Special Needs Kid Taken By CPS

Bubby Everson...Bubby do I know that name? Wait, didn't I send him stickers?

You may have - along with a birthday card. Back in February, he became a national sensation when a social media campaign asked for cards and stickers to fulfill his one birthday wish for his 9th year of living.

Jun 03 05:54

Systemic Corruption Has Destroyed America

The Cop Is On the Take, but the private sector is no better … for example, the big banks have literally turned into criminal syndicates engaged in systemic fraud.

Wall Street and giant corporations are literally manipulating every single market.

And the big corporations are cutting corners to make an extra penny … wreaking havoc with their carelessness.

Jun 03 05:52

Ron Paul Fears The CIA Is The Biggest Threat To Americans' Liberty

As the Senate scrambled to pass the USA Freedom Act this evening, reinstating the agency’s ability to spy on Americans, Ron Paul points out that US intelligence organizations have always – and will continue – to operate outside the law; with Daniel McAdams noting the CIA "is sort of the President’s own Praetorian Guard." As Sputnik News reports, before Americans applaud a minor step toward transparency, Paul warns that they should recognize the corrosive nature of the CIA, "They are a secret government," operating way above the law, and are "way out of control."


Jun 02 22:03

Freedom on the Line - Why Should We Care if the PATRIOT Act Expires?

We can answer that in one sentence: because our freedom is at stake, just like it was at the time of the original American Revolution.

Jun 02 22:00

Neocon Fugitive Given Ukraine Province

Ukraine’s President Poroshenko has tapped another international “carpetbagger” to rule his people, ex-Georgian President Saakashvili, a neocon hero wanted in his homeland for embezzlement and human rights abuses who now governs Odessa.

Jun 02 21:53

Food, Water, Health, Life: UN Experts Warn of Threats Posed by Secret 'Trade' Deals

Echoing the protests of civil society organizations and social movements around the world, a panel of United Nations experts on Tuesday issued a stark warning about the threats that secret international "trade" agreements such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) pose to the most fundamental human rights.

Jun 02 21:50

Never Mind FIFA, How about a Crackdown on the Banksters?

FIFA boss Sepp Blatter’s sudden resignation this week only days after being re-elected shows that the US campaign to bust the football federation over alleged financial corruption is probably going to intensify during the weeks and months ahead.

Jun 02 19:25

Michael Collins Piper, 1960-2015, Rest in Peace

Our dearest friend, Mike, passed away this past weekend, apparently resulting from his heart condition made worse by the stress he endured first in losing his job, being forced to relocate out here to Idaho and then the housefire that took place 3 weeks ago, forcing him to relocate again.

Details are sketchy at this point, as I am waiting to meet with the police officials handling his case.

Details will be made public once they are available.

Jun 02 18:31

Pentagon May have Received Live Anthrax Shipment From U.S. Military Lab

The Pentagon is now investigating whether live anthraxwas brought into the Pentagon building itself, CNN has learned exclusively. The Pentagon Force Protection Agency, the Pentagon's police force, is one of the agencies that received questionable U.S. Army shipments of anthrax. That shipment now must be tested to see if its live rather than dead pathogen.

Jun 02 18:27

Man shot by law enforcement in Boston was monitored round-the-clock by terrorism task force

The fatal shooting of a Muslim man on a Boston sidewalk underscores the difficulty faced by US authorities trying to counter the increasing influence of Islamic radicalization among young men and women living in the United States.

Although the full details of Tuesday’s encounter have not yet been released, authorities said the victim, Usaama Rahim, had been under round-the-clock surveillance by a terrorism task force that suspected he had become radicalized by the Islamic State (formerly known as ISIS).

Jun 02 18:09

The Guardian view on surveillance after Snowden: an outlaw rewrites the law

Since the Guardian broke the first Snowden disclosures two years ago, arguments have raged over whether he is a traitor or a whistleblower. Now that Capitol Hill has felt moved to right certain wrongs he exposed, that row should be over. He deserves a pardon at home, or else asylum in western Europe, for revealing truths that US lawmakers have recognised required a response. It’s time Westminster woke up, too.

Jun 02 16:31

How’s Earth-life mid-2015? Awful-Awesome, naturally

*hyperlinks/video live at source*

hat tip: ZenGardner

“The time has come to air the Voice of Reason,
In a world gone mad, adrift on banal seas,
For all who feel that lies have had their season,
And whose Hearts Cry Out instead for Honesty,
For all the weary souls grown bored with dreaming,
Whose thirst for Beauty and for Knowledge goes unslaked,
For all who want to wake from what is dreaming,
To know what’s Real, and what is Real to embrace.
For all who’ve watched with mounting horror,
Evil’s reign upon this world grow ever-clear,
For all who’ve prayed in vain, Emancipators,
Wielding Swords of Truth and laughing without fear.”

-William Melvin “Bill” Hicks

Comedian Bill Hicks voiced the above in poetic beauty of Earth’s condition for all inhabitants: awful, awesome, and somehow in harmony with reality.

Jun 02 15:41

Did Police Lie About the Fatal Shooting of a Florida Man? Sure Looks Like It

On July 31, 2013, 33-year-old Jermaine McBean walked through his Florida apartment complex with an unloaded air rifle propped on his shoulders.

Three residents who saw McBean strolling around with the rifle became concerned and called 911.

The officers who responded to the call claim that they repeatedly yelled to McBean to drop his weapon, but the man didn't comply, and that he turned and pointed the rifle at them.

Police shot and killed the man, and now new evidence suggests the officers lied and covered up what really happened.

Jun 02 15:31

Sheriff Victor Hill headed to Israel

Sheriff Victor Hill, who is facing misdemeanor charges in connection with the recent shooting of a real estate agent in Gwinnett County, is headed to Israel later this month.

Gwinnett District Attorney Danny Porter said he was notified about two weeks ago of the Clayton County sheriff’s travel plans in an email from Hill’s attorney. The email also noted that any money Hill earned from the trip would go to pay for the medical bills of Gwenevere McCord who was allegedly shot May 3 by Hill at a model home in Gwinnett. Hill and McCord have said the shooting was an accident. The email did not state how long Hill would be out of the country.

“He had a pre-planned trip. I don’t really sign off on it,” Porter told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Tuesday. “There’s no restrictions on his bond that keeps him from being able to go. I don’t have any say one way or the other.







Jun 02 13:28

Ukraine Threatens Total Blockade on Donbass

Ukraine is Obama's war. Junta authorities are convenient proxies - waging naked aggression on their own people, intending escalated conflict, persecuting, imprisoning or murdering anyone opposing their agenda.

Jun 02 13:28

Report: FBI Flying Mysterious Surveillance Planes over Seattle, Other US Cities

The Associated Press has learned the FBI is operating a small air force with scores of low-flying planes across the country carrying video or, at times, cellphone surveillance technology.

Jun 02 13:21

FBI operating small air force of low-flying surveillance planes

US law enforcement officials have confirmed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is operating a small air force with scores of low-flying surveillance planes across the country.

Jun 02 12:18

WikiLeaks issues call for $100,000 bounty on monster trade treaty

Today WikiLeaks has launched a campaign to crowd-source a $100,000 reward for America’s Most Wanted Secret: the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP).

Jun 02 11:56

FBI operating small air force of low-flying surveillance planes: Report

US law enforcement officials have confirmed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is operating a small air force with scores of low-flying surveillance planes across the country, a report says.

Jun 02 11:19

Florida Court Rules “Off Grid” Living Illegal

Robin Speronis had been living in an off-grid home for many years without incident, until she was interviewed by a local FOX affiliate in November of 2013. Shortly thereafter, the city of Cape Coral tagged a “notice to vacate” on her property, due to multiple code violations, all of which stem from the fact that her home isn’t connected to water, sewage, or the electrical grid. The city has tried to argue that she is in violation of the International Property Maintenance Code for relying on rainwater and solar panels, instead of utilities. (read more)

Jun 02 11:14

Deputies Plead Guilty to Covering Up Assault Against Inmate’s Brother

Two Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies have agreed to plead guilty to criminal charges regarding a brutal assault against an inmate’s brother visiting the Men’s County Jail (MCJ). After the first deputy pled guilty earlier this year, a second deputy agreed to plead guilty last week to lying to FBI agents during an interview concerning the use force employed against a handcuffed visitor who was not resisting. Both deputies have also agreed to testify against their former colleagues if the prosecution calls on them at trial.

Jun 02 11:14

Radical “Gay Rights” Group Plotted with Government to Punish Oregon Bakers

We’ve reported here a number of times about a young couple from Oregon who had their business destroyed by radical homosexual rights bullies for refusing to bake a cake for a “same-sex” wedding.

Jun 02 11:11

Scrubbed! Government Removes Recent Vaccine Injury Data from Website

In March, the federal government removed the latest vaccine injury court statistics—more than a year’s worth of data—from one of its publicly reported charts. It was an abrupt departure from the normal practice of updating the figures monthly.

Wiping the latest data means the “adjudication” chart on a government website no longer reflects the recent, sharp rise in court victories for plaintiffs who claimed their children were seriously injured or killed by one or more vaccines.

Since January of 2014, twice as many victims have won court decisions than the previous eight years combined. In these court decisions, a judge ruled the evidence showed vaccines “more likely than not” caused the plaintiff’s injuries.

Also on the rise is the number of vaccine injury cases the government has “conceded”: up 55% in a little over one year.

(read more)

Jun 02 11:09

TSA Director Reassigned after Agency only Caught Guns and Bombs 5% of the Time

But you, Mr. and Mrs. America, still have to take off your flip flops to have them double checked for bombs when you take your kids on a trip to Disneyland. And if one of those kids is a three-year-old in a wheelchair, well then the likelihood of he or she getting out of there without being swabbed and molested, or at the very least humiliated and terrified, is pretty small.

You know… because your disabled four-year-old kid with leg braces or the baby inside your pregnant wife or your grandma’s underwear or your prosthetic breast or just your nipple ring or the urostomy bag you have to wear because of your bladder cancer or your dead mother’s urn might have a bomb or a gun in it… because you and your spouse and children and grandparents are obviously all terrorists.

(read more)

Jun 02 10:49

‘Unbelievable’ Video Lays Out The Human Cost of World War II

A video presentation on World War II is catching a lot of buzz online. World War II was the bloodiest conflict in human history. But it’s hard to put that in perspective.

Jun 02 10:48

Obama’s DOJ Read This Article Before You Did

President Obama’s Department of Justice is currently monitoring “far-right” groups in social media to combat what they’re calling the potential for violent extremism.

Jun 02 10:40

Ukraine plans to seize Russian foreign property to compensate for ‘lost’ Crimea

Kiev will nationalize Russian overseas property as compensation for the losses over Crimea’s reunification with Russia, Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Justice Natalia Sevostyanova said. The decision is now up to the European Court of Human Rights.

Jun 02 10:39

FBI operating small air force of low-flying surveillance planes: Report

US law enforcement officials have confirmed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is operating a small air force with scores of low-flying surveillance planes across the country, a report says.


Jun 02 10:13

Sepp Blatter quits as president of FIFA: Under-pressure president stands down amid corruption scandal

FIFA have called a press conference for 5pm amid fresh developments in the corruption saga at the top of world football.

Jun 02 10:07

Meth is now cheaper than a meal at Burger King in much of Asia.

Asia’s favorite high — meth — is cheap, dirty and more popular than ever.
New data from the United Nations reveals that authorities seized more than 270 million pills of meth by authorities last year. That’s a whopping 10-fold increase in just seven years. Even pot can’t compete.

Jun 02 10:07

Fifa corruption: Qatar says investigations are racist, anti-Arab and show 'ugly face' of countries who lost 2022 World Cup bid

Qatari politicians have called the investigation into alleged corruption in its World Cup bid “racist” and accused the West of anti-Arab bias.
Foreign minister Khaled al-Attiyah spoke out after prosecutors in the US charged nine international football officials with money laundering and racketeering and Swiss authorities announced their own probe into the award of the 2018 and 2022 tournaments.
“The attack on Qatar's World Cup is racist,” he was quoted as saying by the editor of Qatari pro-government newspaper al-Sharq.


Jun 02 09:43

FBI is operating a small air force with scores of low-flying planes across the country carrying video and, at times, cellphone surveillance technology - all hidden behind fictitious companies that are fronts for the government

The planes' surveillance equipment is generally used without a judge's approval, and the FBI said the flights are used for specific, ongoing investigations. The FBI said it uses front companies to protect the safety of the pilots and aircraft. It also shields the identity of the aircraft so that suspects on the ground don't know they're being watched by the FBI.

Jun 02 09:42

47% of Americans would have to Borrow or Sell Something to Cover an Unexpected Expense of $400

Financial security has been elusive for millions of Americans since the Great Recession ended. A new report (pdf) from the Federal Reserve demonstrates one way that this insecurity can manifest itself for people.

Jun 02 09:17

It Cost US Taxpayers At Least $250,000 To Repatriate A Bicycle-Challenged John Kerry

The somewhat farcical journey home from Europe for Secretary of State John Kerry continues. As we noted previously, after breaking his leg on an arbidged Tour de France'-esque accident in which he hit a curb, he was flown to Geneva in a helicopter where he was "stable and never lost consciousness," which makes sense (unless as many have suggested his brain lies considerably lower in his body than most humans).

But then the escapade got beyond unreal as The White House sent a massive "specially-equipped" C-17 airplane (used to carrying over 100 combat troops and equipment into battle) to fly him to Boston for surgery.

Jun 02 09:09

Eyes in the Sky: FBI Is Operating Fleet of Surveillance Planes

Not only is the FBI operating it's own little air force of surveillance planes, the agency created at least thirteen fictitious companies to conceal the fleet's purpose from the public.


Jun 02 08:30

Undercover agents reveal security failures at US airports: Report

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has failed 95 percent of undercover tests carried out by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in airports across the United States recently, a report reveals.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Time to make fun of the TSA!

Jun 02 08:28

TPP death pool: more pharmaceutical destruction is coming

By Jon Rappoport

Question: “Who said that drug was safe? Where did that assessment come from? People are dropping like flies.”

Answer: “We all said it was safe. Remember? All twelve members of the TPP. We all agreed. So now we have to stick to our guns. Admit nothing. Keep your mouth shut.”

This “trade treaty,” the TPP, will, if passed, eventually morph into a close-knit international collective of government agencies that collaborate on medical-drug “safety.” ...

Jun 02 08:17

Washington Blows Itself Up With Its Own Bomb. US Strategy Backfires

These are sad days in Washington and Wall Street. The once unchallenged sole Superpower at the collapse of the Soviet Union some quarter century ago is losing its global influence so rapidly that most would not have predicted anything comparable six months ago. The key actor who has catalyzed a global defiance of Washington as Sole Superpower is Vladimir Putin, Russia’s President. This is the real background to the surprise visit of US Secretary of State John Kerry to Sochi to meet with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and then a four hour talk with “Satan” himself, Putin.

Far from a “reset” try, Washington’s hapless geopolitical strategists are desperately trying to find a better way to bring the Russian Bear to her knees.

Jun 02 08:02

Faulty software install led to Airbus A400M plane crash

Airbus SAS has admitted that a software problem caused its A400M transport plane to crash in an accident that killed four people last month.

Germany’s Handelsblatt newspaper reports the software in question was installed incorrectly, and that caused the A400M’s engines to stall shortly before the crash. However, the software itself was free from glitches.

Marwan Lahoud, Airbus’ chief strategy officer, said in an interview that the company believes there is no problem with the airplane itself. “The black boxes attest … that there are no structural defects, but we have a serious quality problem in the final assembly,” Lahoud said.

Jun 02 07:31

What Is The Patriot Act?

Jun 02 07:14

Bomb threat prompts evacuation, search of plane at Phila. Int'l Airport

Action News has confirmed that a bomb threat prompted authorities to move an arriving U.S. Airways plane to a remote location of Philadelphia International Airport, offload all passengers and then search the plane.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And just one day AFTER the scathing report on the failure of the TSA!

Jun 02 07:01

Laws against Holocaust denial

The argument that laws punishing Holocaust denial are incompatible with the European Convention on Human Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights have been rejected by institutions of the Council of Europe (the European Commission of Human Rights,[7] the European Court of Human Rights[8]) and also by the United Nations Human Rights Committee.
Note: holocau$t...$$$$$$$$

Jun 02 06:57

How the "Holocaust" was faked

These forced laborers and prisoners were well-cared for, at least until the end of the war when Germany's supply lines broke down and chaos ensued as a result of the Soviet and Anglo-American invasion of German territory. They were well-fed, well-provided for, and given medical treatment and entertainment. They were allowed to attend concerts, organize plays, make music and play sports. If the Germans were hell bent on murdering these people, why would they provide medical care for them and allow them to entertain themselves?
Note: It is against the law in many countries to even speak the above under penalty of jail!

Jun 02 06:50

Why Is France Up in Arms About Holocaust Compensation Deal?

A heated debate erupted in the French Parliament yesterday about who is responsible for the deportation of thousands of French Jews to the death camps during the Holocaust: Could it be the French government?
Last year, the U.S. and French governments signed an agreement for France to pay $60 million to those rounded up and deported by the French police collaborating with the Nazis, which would include victims, or their heirs, who immigrated to the United States and other countries and are not yet covered by other French programs.
Note: They were marched to the "death" camps that had hospitals, orchestras, brothels, swimming pools, soccer fields, etc. Get the facts.

Jun 02 06:45

What It Means To Grow Up Jewish in Chicago

Growing up Jewish in Chicago means your bar mitzvah was held at a fancy-schmancy Magnificent Mile hotel with an open bar where you and your 12- and 13-year-old friends drank actual cocktails, told dirty jokes and looked out at the view of Lake Michigan while some of your car salesmen cousins shared tips on fleecing customers.
Note: Growing up in suffered beatings, discrimination, bombing, and watching your friends and family killed.

Jun 02 06:36

Israel soldier punished for eating pork sandwich in uniform

JERUSALEM (AP) — A U.S.-born Israeli soldier has caused a stink for violating the Israeli military's kosher rules by eating a pork sandwich while in uniform.
The military said Tuesday that the soldier, whose name has not been released, "violated rules and regulations," which required him to be disciplined.
Note: A U.S. citizen in the Israeli the only democracy in the middle east. Had enough yet!