Jan 04 23:07

ISIS hacker calls for violence at Arizona mosque protest

This fellow is involved in the Burns BLM Affair!

On Friday, Jon Ritzheimer, a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, will hold a free speech rally outside the Phoenix mosque allegedly attended by Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi, the two gunmen who were killed at the Garland, Texas, event hosted by Pamela Geller.

Rita Katz, director of the SITE Intelligence Group, also issued a tweet warning of possible violence. "#ISIS fighter Junaid Hussain, linked to #garlandshooting urges attack on Jon Ritzheimer at 'Draw Muhammad' contest tomorrow & listed address," she said. According to CNN, Hussain may have played a role in inspiring the Garland gunmen through his tweets, Twitchy added.

Jan 04 22:37

The mass beheadings in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi monarchy is increasingly fearful that it could fall prey to the Frankenstein monster it has unleashed in the form of groups such as ISIS and the Al Nusra Front, whose Wahabi religious ideology and mass beheadings are modeled after the state terror imposed in Saudi Arabia itself

Jan 04 20:51

Yelp Review:Bureau of Land Management

Yes! You can write your own review and let people know how you feel about BLM.
Be civil! And remember BLM without the L is just plain old BM!

With so few reviews, your opinion of Bureau of Land Management could be huge. Start your review today.
First to Review

The BLM police are the reason for this review. I'm sure their ineptitude can be attributed to the BLM as a whole, but the criminal thugs they enlist under the guise of federal police officers are the sole reason for this review......

Jan 04 19:42

US Government Pledges Citizen Assets And Labor For Additional Spending Video

Each one of us, including our children, are considered assets of the bankrupt United States which acts as the “Debtor in Possession.” We are designated by this government as human “resources” or human “capital“.

The creditors of the United States were getting nervous by the mid-1960?s. President Nixon had to collateralize more debt. He settled upon a plan to quietly set aside huge tracts of American land with their mineral rights in reserve to cover the outstanding debts.

Jan 04 19:37

America Foreclosed

A free society is, of necessity, a society in which the government must come to the people for its operating budget. A government that must depend on the people for its source of income is one that must listen to what the people and their representatives have to say. The United States was originally structured on the strict premise that the government be limited in land and resource ownership.

Jan 04 19:34

US Citizens & Their Property Collateral for US Debt

From the grave!

The Bankruptcy of The United States
United States Congressional Record, March 17, 1993
Vol. 33, page H-1303

The Speaker is Rep. James Traficant, Jr. (Ohio) addressing the House:

Jan 04 19:14

Diversity Policies Don’t Help Women or Minorities, and They Make White Men Feel Threatened - A longitudinal study of over 700 U.S. companies found that implementing diversity training programs has little positive effect and may even decrease representatio

U.S. companies spend millions annually on diversity programs and policies. Mission statements and recruitment materials touting companies’ commitment to diversity are ubiquitous. And many managers are tasked with the complex goal of “managing diversity” – which can mean anything from ensuring equal employment opportunity compliance, to instituting cultural sensitivity training programs, to focusing on the recruitment and retention of minorities and women.

Jan 04 19:09

Oregon 'terrorists' don't plan siege very well, put out plea for snacks and supplies

Despite the fact that a few of the actors have carried out similar actions over land use before, they appear not to have planned this stand-off in the snowy, desolate area very well.

Jan 04 18:51


The headquarters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge had been closed for the holidays. So there was no risk of a scuffle when it was taken over by a militia on Saturday. Among those now occupying the Federal building are the son and two brothers of Cliven Bundy, the Nevada rancher famous for his armed standoff with the Feds over grazing rights in April 2014....

Jan 04 18:04

How BLM sells out America's land to foreign interests

"The hair on the back of my neck stood up when I was doing research for this and speaking to some of my contacts on Wall Street," Calvo said. "The BLM is part of the Department of the Interior, and look at what they have been doing? [sic] Through the BLM, the Department of the Interior has been confiscating land and going after land, for example, in the high desert in California and all over the place."

Calvo said some were telling him that the BLM was categorizing Bundy's land for future collateralization or to sell it outright.

"In the Weimar (Germany) hyperinflation, after the hyperinflation, what did they back their currency with? They backed it with mortgages and they backed it with land. This is a total possibility here in America, but here's the part that is more sinister and crazy," Calvo said. "The Department of the Interior and BLM have been providing sweetheart deals for Chinese investors. I have a laundry list of deals that have been approved just in the last year."

Jan 04 17:54

Federal Ranger Arrests Activist Family on BLM Campgrounds

The only difference between an abduction case and a lawful arrest is that word, “lawful”.

On June 29, 2015, a federal Bureau Land Management Ranger working for The Department of Interior in Humboldt County, California stepped across the lines and abused his authority to retaliate against an activist family – my family – who were simply looking to enjoy a camping trip after volunteering for a major local event.

That simple trip to BLM Land has manifested into a nightmare of abuse by both The Bureau of Land Management and the Humboldt County Law Enforcement Division, resulting in what most would construe as an illegal arrest and detention…or the act of “abduction.”

Jan 04 17:42

Liberals Call for Violence to End Oregon Standoff: Send “National Guard With Shoot to Kill Orders”

Can you believe 2016 just started, and already people are calling for a bigger police state where the government can kill citizens without due process, charge or trial?

Twitter users across the globe have been calling for the use of lethal force to end the Oregon standoff... this is gruesome stuff.


Jan 04 17:38

FLASHBACK: The Mining of Our Aquifers: As Long As BLM Can Make A Buck Who Cares If the Water Is Gone!

How could all of this happen? Believe it or not, the current law is the General Mining Law of 1872, which declares mining the best use of public land, gives miners access to that land for bargain-basement prices, and doesn’t mention cleanup.

Meanwhile, the Department of Interior’s Bureau of Land Management is rounding up our wild horses with a vengeance because there’s “not enough water for them to drink.” (A horse only drinks about 10-15 gallons of water a day.)

Jan 04 17:35

BLM Employees Charged Taxpayers $799,000 for 'Gift Cards'

By Joseph Perticone | October 3, 2014 | 3:09 PM EDT

( -- Wildfire management employees at the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) used government charge cards to buy $799,000 worth of gift cards from vendors such as REI, American Express, FredMeyer and Visa, according to a report released Sept. 30 by the Interior Department’s Office of the Inspector General.

When investigators requested supporting documentation such as purchase orders, receipts, and authorizing signatures, BLM staff claimed that they were “missing,” according to the report.

Jan 04 17:32

FLASHBACK: Corruption of the BLM

The BLM (Bureau of Land Management) consists of incompetent, heartless and corrupt cronies in important regulatory and oversight positions...all the while- utilizing Cheney's anti-environmental-- pro-business "provisions" from their "NECO" (Northern and Eastern Colorado Desert Plan) handbook.

The BLM "permitted" the dangerous, expensive, polluting Sunrise Powerlink through OUR public land under the auspices of the "NECO" agenda--The NECO agenda: IGNORE all environmental, wildlife, economic, cultural, historic, public safety and health impacts.

Jan 04 17:28

FLASHBACK: The BLM’s Corrupt Coal Leasing Program: Billions In Subsidies To Peabody, Gigatons Of Carbon Pollution For The Rest Of Us

Next week, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is scheduled to hold an “auction” for 721 million tons of taxpayer-owned coal in the Powder River Basin.

This is for the North Porcupine tract, and like the South Porcupine tract that BLM leased to Peabody last month — even though this coal is owned by you and me — the lease was drawn up by Peabody itself for its own profit. This is what’s known as a “lease by application,” and under BLM’s corrupt coal leasing program, Peabody will almost certainly be the only bidder and pay next to nothing.

Jan 04 17:27

BLM: Epic Mismanagement, Waste, And Corruption

The Bureau of Land Management (‘BLM’) is just one example of an autocratic government agency that seems to operate as if it answers to no one and regularly wastes money and resources as it seems to concurrently violate U.S. laws and the rights of American taxpayers (talk about biting the hand that feeds). And as a result of this pervasive attitude combined with the growing number of government agencies that act as if they were fiefdoms, America is languishing under a wave of epic waste of resources and taxpayer dollars. Let’s look at just a couple glaring examples.

Jan 04 16:34

The false flag formula



Jan 04 15:54

Obama Says New Gun Control Executive Orders Are “Well Within My Legal Authority”

Even as critics in Congress are blasting Obama’s upcoming new gun control executive orders as “dangerous overreach” targeting the 2nd Amendment, Obama has defended them, claiming his plans are “well within my legal authority”.

The new gun control measures are likely to be announced sometime this week. Wonder if another perfectly timed mass shooting will accompany them.

(read more)


Jan 04 15:12

Will the US fall for Saudi Arabia’s deliberate provocation?

Trita Parsi warns that if the US falls into the Saudi trap and sides with it against Iran, in a confrontation manufactured by Saudi Arabia, the price is likely to be the possibility of peace in Syria and the Iran nuclear deal.

Jan 04 15:03

White 20-year old Female College Student Shot in Head on New Year’s Day by 5 or 6 Young Black Men – Where is the Media Outrage?

Denton Police say a 20-year-old University of North Texas student has died after being taken off life support following a shooting overnight.

Jan 04 14:40

2016 Campaign Hits New High: Someone Skywrites Negative Comments about Trump over Rose Parade

Lines like, “Anybody but Trump,” “Trump is disgusting,” “Iowans dump Trump,” and “Trump – Bend over, get…” (cut off before the video ends) appeared in the air over the approximately one million people’s heads who show up for this thing every year.

Again, it has to be someone with enough money to afford not one, but the five planes it took to write all of these messages.

Breitbart is claiming it was a Rubio supporter. (Sheldon Adelson, perhaps?)

No, apparently it was Alabama millionaire real estate developer Luther Stan Pate IV.

Jan 04 14:39

Aloha to smoke: Hawaii becomes 1st state to bar under-21s from buying tobacco

Bad news for tobacco-loving teens in Hawaii: You can no longer buy smokes in the island state. A law that makes 21 the minimum age for buying all tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes, came into effect January 1.

Jan 04 14:39

Ohio “Speed Trap” Town Disbands Entire Police Department

In the past it was reported that about 93% of legal cases that came from Alrington Heights, were for traffic fines. Despite being the smallest town in Hamilton County, it had issued the most speeding tickets. Strangely enough though, much of that money never found its way to the village coffers. Three months ago, a state auditor discovered that two clerks for the town had pilfered $260,000 from traffic fines, over the course of several years. The staffers have since been convicted and ordered to pay restitution.

Jan 04 14:38

Gov. Cuomo Executive Order: “Love, Compassion, Arrest or a Psych Eval, if Necessary”

So the OMH Police will be driving vans around that will lovingly snatch up all the homeless they can get their hands on. Nothing creepy about being grabbed off the street and stuffed in a van…

(read more)

Jan 04 14:01

Hammond Ranch sitting on precious metal, mineral, uranium, deposits which the BLM desperately wants

(INTELLIHUB) — Renown Terra firma researcher dutchsinse conducted an investigation of both the Bundy Ranch in Nevada and the Hammond Ranch in Oregon.

Dutch then goes on to prove there are massive yellowcake uranium deposits in the area.

Jan 04 13:25

Ammon Bundy: Feds Are In Violation Of The Constitution On Lands Issues

The leader of the Oregon militia standoff at a wildlife refuge says his group will not stand down until the government stops violating the Constitution.

"We have allowed our federal government to step outside the bounds of the Constitution. They have come down upon on the people," Ammon Bundy said in a press conference Monday. “They are coming down into the state and taking over the land and the resources, putting the people into duress."

Jan 04 11:15

Ambiguous New TSA Rule Makes Body Scanners "Mandatory"

While the American people were distracted with holiday plans, the Transportation Security Administration quietly introduced new rules that ban travelers from opting out of the agency’s controversial "naked body scanners," seemingly capitalizing on heightened concerns about terror. Critics contend that the changes are just the latest example of constitutional violations at the hands of the TSA and have vowed to fight.

Jan 04 11:15

CSPOA Press Release - Hammond Ranch Scandal

There was never any sign or chants supporting any kind of violence. The large majority of the protesters were was not armed. We stopped briefly by the sheriffs office and threw hundreds of pennies on the walk at the office front door. Many said the pennies represented a “sellout” by the Harney County Sheriff for not stopping the impending arrest of Dwight and Steve Hammond. There is no question that the Hammonds’ rights have been violated by the Federal Government. However, the Hammonds did not want an armed confrontation or violence of any kind, which coincides exactly with the CSPOA platform. So we went there in complete support of the Hammonds and their peaceful approach.

Jan 04 11:13

Americans name government as top problem facing U.S. in 2015: Gallup

Americans named government as the top problem facing the country in 2015, choosing that issue over the economy, unemployment, immigration, and other issues, according to survey results released Monday.

Jan 04 10:50

Women Get a Taste of the Gender Equality They've Always Wanted

Jan 04 10:41

America is being destroyed by problems that are unaddressed

One hundred years ago European civilization, as it had been known, was ending its life in the Great War, later renamed World War I. Millions of soldiers ordered by mindless generals into the hostile arms of barbed wire and machine gun fire had left the armies stalemated in trenches. A reasonable peace could have been reached, but US President Woodrow Wilson kept the carnage going by sending fresh American soldiers to try to turn the tide against Germany in favor of the English and French.

The fresh Amerian machine gun and barbed wire fodder weakened the German position, and an armistance was agreed. The Germans were promised no territorial losses and no reparations if they laid down their arms, which they did only to be betrayed at Versailles. The injustice and stupidity of the Versailles Treaty produced the German hyperinflation, the collapse of the Weimar Republic, and the rise of Hitler.

Jan 04 10:33

FLASHBACK - The United States Is In Deep Doodoo!

We've borrowed so much money the lenders are getting nervous. Back during the Johnson administration Charles DeGaulle demanded the United States collateralize the loans owed to France in gold and started carting out the bullion from the treasury. This caused several other nations to demand the same and President Nixon had to slam the gold window closed or the treasury would have been emptied, since the United States was even then in debt for more money than the treasury could cover in gold.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the reason the BLM is trying to grab the Hammond Ranch (after having already grabbed most of the neighboring properties). As the US Government borrows more, it needs to grab more of your land by any means possible and add it to the pile of collateral. Unless stopped, the end of this policy is that we will all be tenants living in 260 square foot stacked apartments on land owned by the bankers who loaned money to the US Government that the US Government was not able to pay.

As a reminder, the framers of the Constitution included a provision in the Constitution known as the "enclave clause" to try to prevent the government from using the people's lands to get out of self-created economic messes. Under the Constitution, the Federal Government is not allowed to oen any land other than what is under Federal Building and Federal created infrastructure such as military bases, airports, and harbors. All the land grabbing going on is a violation of the Constitution.

Jan 04 10:32

The Oregon militia standoff, explained

A militia protesting the "tyranny" of the federal government seized the headquarters of a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon on Saturday and, in a video posted to Facebook, called on "patriots" from all over the country to come to the refuge with their guns to join their fight.

Jan 04 10:32

Get Used To Blackouts and Higher Electric Bills As the Climate Changes

Climate change could put at risk thousands of the world's power plants by the middle of the century, leading to outages and forcing countries to find alternative sources of energy, according to a study published on Monday in the journal Nature Climate Change.

Jan 04 10:15


Bahrain has joined Saudi Arabia in cutting ties with Iran in the wake of the execution of a prominent Shiite cleric. Saudi Arabia cut ties with regional rival Iran after Iranian protesters attacked its mission there, angered by the Sunni Muslim kingdom's decision to execute a leading Shiite cleric. Iranian diplomats in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain were given a 48-hour deadline to leave the country.

Jan 04 10:12

Why Aren’t We Calling the Oregon Occupiers ‘Terrorists’?

As of Sunday afternoon, The Washington Post called them “occupiers.” The New York Times opted for “armed activists” and “militia men.” And the Associated Press put the situation this way: “A family previously involved in a showdown with the federal government has occupied a building at a national wildlife refuge in Oregon and is asking militia members to join them.”

Jan 04 10:07


Cpl. Aaron C. Masa became fast friends with a fellow Marine during field training in North Carolina. But behind his buddy’s back, Masa was sexually abusing his friend’s 3-year-old stepdaughter. He also took sexually explicit photos of the girl and the Marine’s infant daughter. A military judge convicted Masa last year of sexual abuse of a child and production of child pornography, according to court records and other documents detailing the case. Under the terms of a pretrial agreement, he pleaded guilty and received 30 years in prison. In total, incidents involving sexual assault in which the children of service members are victims occur hundreds of times each year, data the Defense Department provided exclusively to The Associated Press show. The abuse is committed most often by male enlisted troops, according to the data, followed by family members.

Jan 04 10:05


Saudi Arabia—recently chosen to to head a key United Nations human rights panel—on Saturday executed 47 people convicted of “terrorism,” including at least four convicted of offenses related to political protest. According to Reuters, the executions took place in 12 cities in Saudi Arabia, with four prisons using firing squads and the others beheading.

Jan 04 10:01

A Crisis Worse than ISIS? Bail-Ins Begin

While the mainstream media focus on ISIS extremists, a threat that has gone virtually unreported is that your life savings could be wiped out in a massive derivatives collapse. Bank bail-ins have begun in Europe, and the infrastructure is in place in the US. Poverty also kills.

Jan 04 09:58

15 Countries You Picture Wrong Vs. Reality: Side By Side

OK, Internet philistines, it's time for your lesson. Anyone who's watched television or movies or even checked out a meme or two in the last decade will see that the same tired stereotypes are being pushed around. Naturally, some people just sort of accept these things as true without a second thought.

So in an effort to provide the planet Earth with an education it isn't receiving in school, we tasked our readers with dispelling some common stereotypes with nothing but cold, hard facts. The results are below ...

Jan 04 09:55

Ammon Bundy Speaks From Occupied Oregon Refuge

Ammon Bundy Speaks From Occupied Oregon Refuge: It's Important That 'People Know That We're Serious'

abc: Ammon Bundy, one of the armed militia members occupying a building on federal land at an Oregon national wildlife refuge, told ABC News this morning that, while their protest is peaceful, the group is armed "because we understand that in order to truly express our 1st Amendment rights, we have to have our 2nd Amendment rights."

"It's important that we stand and people know that we're serious," Bundy, 40, said on “Good Morning America.”

Jan 04 09:42


Brazil’s government has excluded an Israeli “security” company from working at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro following a campaign by Palestine solidarity activists. In October 2014, the Israeli firm International Security and Defence Systems (ISDS) announced it had won a $2.2 billion contract with the Brazilian government to coordinate security at the huge sports event. The Times of Israel described the deal as “an unprecedented achievement for Israel,” while senior figures from the company stated it had already begun work.

Jan 04 09:42

What's Happening in Oregon Is Nothing Less Than Armed Sedition

"If three years ago any person had told me that at this day, I should see such a formidable rebellion against the laws & constitutions of our own making as now appears I should have thought him a bedlamite—a fit subject for a mad house."

—George Washington to Henry Knox, on the subject of Shays Rebellion, February 3, 1787

Jan 04 09:42

Many See I.R.S. Fines As More Affordable Than Insurance

Clint Murphy let the deadline for getting health insurance by the new year pass without a second thought.

Mr. Murphy, an engineer in Sulphur Springs, Tex., estimates that under the Affordable Care Act, he will face a penalty of $1,800 for going uninsured in 2016. But in his view, paying that penalty is worth it if he can avoid buying an insurance policy that costs $2,900 or more. All he has to do is stay healthy.

Jan 04 09:41


In late spring of last year, more than 100,000 taxpayers had their personally-identifiable information accessed by criminals. It wasn't a security breach, nor was it accomplished by "hacking." Instead, it was the result of the IRS using common static identifiers to verify accounts -- information that could easily be found elsewhere. These were deployed to access transcripts of taxpayers' filing histories. The transcripts gave criminals the information they were actually seeking: Social Security numbers, birth dates and current addresses.

Jan 04 09:37

Full Story on What’s Going on In Oregon – Militia Take Over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge In Protest to Hammond Family Persecution…

(a) In 1964 the Hammonds purchased their ranch in the Harney Basin. The purchase included approximately 6000 acres of private property, 4 grazing rights on public land, a small ranch house and 3 water rights. The ranch is around 53 miles South of Burns, Oregon.

(a1) By the 1970’s nearly all the ranches adjacent to the Blitzen Valley were purchased by the US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) and added to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge covers over 187,000 acres and stretches over 45 miles long and 37 miles wide. The expansion of the refuge grew and surrounds to the Hammond’s ranch. Being approached many times by the FWS, the Hammonds refused to sell. Other ranchers also choose not to sell.

Jan 04 09:33

Topless Femen Protester “Sara Winter” Has Found Jesus–Says Feminism is Anti-Male, Anti-Family, Pro-Pedophile

A founding member of the radical-feminist group Femen has disavowed the organization, apologized to Christians and adopted a pro-life stance.

Sara Fernanda Giromini, once known as “Sara Winter” when she helped create Femen Brazil in 2012, now says the group “promotes the destruction of the traditional family and all moral values ??of society.”

Jan 04 09:32

Federal Showdown Looms in Oregon After BLM Abuse of Local Ranching Family – Bundys Lead Protest

Late last week, approximately 150 people marched to the Harney County Sheriffs Office in a peaceful protest of the unlawful jailing of two Oregon ranchers, father Dwight Hammond, 73, and son Steven Hammond, 46, over accusations of arson for carrying out prescribed burnings on their family-owned cattle ranch in 2001 and 2006. The family and their supporters accuse the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) of carrying out a decades-long pattern of abuse and persecution against the Hammonds in a coordinated effort to drive them out of the family ranching business.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Under the New World Order, families are no longer allowed to own farms. Only corporations may own farms!

Jan 04 09:12

Oregon Sheriff: “These men came to Harney County claiming to be part of militia groups supporting local ranchers, when in reality these men had alternative motives to attempt to over throw the county and federal government in hopes to spark a movement acr

The remote high desert ofeastern Oregon became the latest flashpoint for anti-government sentiment as armed protesters occupied a national wildlife refuge in objection to a prison sentence for local ranchers convicted of burning federal land.

Jan 04 09:12

160 abandoned Apartments being remodeled in Ohio by volunteers for homeless.

Volunteers in Campbell began remodeling two apartments on Delmar Avenue on Saturday for veterans that don’t have a home.

Jan 04 09:10

War on Drugs responsible for guns deaths, not the access to guns

The War on Drugs responsible for guns deaths, not the access to guns.
There are plenty of countries from Mexico to Colombia that restrict gun access and yet they still have the same problems or worth than America. Its not the legality of guns or not, its the war on drugs.

Jan 04 09:06

GOP field rips Obama's move toward executive action to tighten gun control laws

Obama said over the weekend that he’ll meet Monday with Attorney General Loretta Lynch to discuss his options on tightening federal firearms laws to reduce gun violence, after instructing his White House team several months ago to look at what type of “action” he could take.

“The president is a petulant child,” GOP candidate New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie told “Fox News Sunday.” “Whenever he doesn’t get what he wants, … this president acts like a king.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

George III to be exact!

Click for larger image

Jan 04 08:04

"In my view, you judge a country not by the number of millionaires and billionaires it produces, but by how it treats the most vulnerable people", Sanders said Sunday morning.

Just six miles away from where Hillary Clinton held an event in Derry Sunday morning, Sen. Bernie Sanders held a round table on senior issues in Londonderry.

Jan 04 08:02

Consumers won't know meat origin after US ends labeling law: "After more than a decade of wrangling, Congress repealed a labeling law last month that required retailers to include the animal's country of origin on packages of red meat."

After more than a decade of wrangling, Congress repealed a labeling law last month that required retailers to include the animal's country of origin on packages of red meat. It's a major victory for the meat industry, which had fought the law in Congress and the courts since the early 2000s.

Jan 04 05:22

Israel destroys east Jerusalem assailant homes

Israeli forces on Monday destroyed the east Jerusalem homes of two Palestinians who killed four Israelis in one of the deadliest days in the recent surge in violence.
Note: Had enough yet!

Jan 03 22:32

The road to hell is paved with 'national security'

Israel is turning the West’s fixation on the Islamic State group into an opportunity to expand its apartheid laws and militarisation of the West Bank

Jan 03 19:29

The middle class is just this screwed: Janet Yellen declares victory while workers drown - "We're working longer, earning less, and closer to poverty. The recovery has only lifted the few"

Earlier this month when Fed chair Janet Yellen offered her rationale for raising interest rates, it was sadly reminiscent of President George W. Bush’s infamous “Mission Accomplished” speech, given on the USS Abraham Lincoln when he declared that major combat operations in Iraq were over in 2003.

Jan 03 19:27

Racism, wealth inequality, Wall Street greed, and perpetual wars are perhaps the biggest moral dilemmas we face as a nation. On all these topics, Bernie Sanders has remained steadfast and adamant, ignoring poll numbers and standing upon principle.

Racism, wealth inequality, Wall Street greed, and perpetual wars are perhaps the biggest moral dilemmas we face as a nation. On all these topics, Bernie Sanders has remained steadfast and adamant, ignoring poll numbers and standing upon principle. Sanders has either moved Hillary Clinton towards a progressive stance (she once supported the TPP trade agreement over 40 times, but now opposes it because of Sanders), or Vermont’s senator has challenged Bush’s Iraq invasion and championed progressive values long before poll numbers made them popular.

Jan 03 18:33

Aha.. It turns Out That The Hammond Ranch Is Sitting On Natural Gas And Uranium that China Wants..Like The Bundys Ranch Was.....

Mount says Obama’s feds have been harassing the Hammond Ranch very aggressively for a long time in an effort to get at the natural gas and Uranium resources the land holds, but to no avail.

Now, the feds have simplified their plan: Toss the Hammond’s in prison for a grossly excessive sentence, and see to it that they meet unfortunate and untimely deaths while there. Remember, per the article, “In the Hammonds’ plea agreement in the 2012 trial, the BLM obtained the first right of refusal should the family have to sell their private land,” or if they should happen to come to an early dirt nap “retirement” so to speak.

Jan 03 17:54

BREAKING: FBI en route to Oregon Federal Building occupation with scores of fully armed agents

Heavily armed and well-equipped federal agents have arrived in Oregon from various parts of the U.S. to gain tactical advantage over the armed patriot group who commandeered a federal building Saturday, by responding swiftly and with force if necessary.

Jan 03 16:51

Failing Banks Can ConvertYour Deposits Into BANK STOCKS

A Bail In is a procedure whereby a failed or failing bank can convert some of your bank deposits into the stock of the failing bank. In other words, money in your bank account can be taken by the bank and converted so that you would now own stock in what had been a failing bank.

You see, once you deposit money in a bank it is no longer yours. It belongs to the bank. You are what is called an "unsecured creditor" of the bank. The bank owes you the money as if you had laid the carpet in the bank lobby.

You read that right.

Well, "Those Europeans..." you say.

Right. Except the FDIC (along with the Bank of England) issued a paper on December 10, 2012 on how Bail In procedures will be implemented in the U.S. and in England.

Jan 03 16:50

Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel Desperate to Save His 2020 Presidential Run

Just before the New Year bell rung, the embattled Chicago Mayor Rahm Israel Emanuel (D) was forced to cut short his family vacation in Cuba, and headed back to the windy city after yet another embarrassing police shooting last week which claimed two lives as police responding to a ‘domestic disturbance’ call killed 19-year-old Quintonio LeGrier, an engineering student at Northern Illinois University, and bystander 55-year-old Betti Jones, a grandmother.

Jan 03 16:48

Overwhelming irrefutable video and documentary evidence: Sandy Hook another false flag CRIMINAL hoax requiring arrests

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

As I wrote in 2014 (and here), Wolfgang Halbig has the perfect combination of expertise to evaluate what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School:

? law enforcement: Florida State Trooper, US Customs Agent.
? education: teacher, assistant principal, principal.
? current school safety expert: trained key personnel at over 4,000 US school districts, and over 3,500 school safety officers.

His conclusion after almost three years of motivated investigation:

“In my professional opinion, [Sandy Hook was] a scripted event… in planning for maybe two, two and a half years.”

Mr. Halbig’s response is demand for criminal arrests of “leaders” involved in Sandy Hook based on rational embrace of the public evidence. Among ~30 areas of game-changing objective facts:

Jan 03 16:47

Breaking News: Obama Orders Hammond Ranch Destroyed!

“The last holdouts on that cow-free wilderness are the Hammonds,” said Maupin. Though some still have BLM grazing permits, the Hammonds are the last private landowners in the area.

“It’s become more and more obvious over the years that the BLM and the wildlife refuge want that ranch. It would tie in with what they have,” said Rusty Inglis, an area rancher and retired U.S. Forest Service employee.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I figured a land snatch was behind charging them with terror for an accidental brush fire.

Jan 03 16:43

CNN analyst: White militiamen aren’t a threat like black protesters because ‘they’re not looting anything’

law enforcement analyst Art Roderick said over the weekend that armed protesters who took over a federal building in Oregon were not being treated harshly like Black Lives Matter protesters and Muslims would be because they were “not looting anything.”

On Saturday, an armed group of militiamen and members of Cliven Bundy’s family seized the Malheur Wildlife Refuge headquarters to protest sentences against two ranchers who were convicted of setting wildfires.

Roderick told CNN host Brian Stelter on Sunday that law enforcement should not react with force to end the militia’s occupation of the federal building.

Jan 03 16:33

Rubio Outraged by Spying on Israel’s Government, OK with Mass Surveillance of Americans

Rubio’s newfound objection to surveillance appears to be limited to spying on the Israeli government. The senator has been a long-time defender of the NSA’s mass surveillance. “There is no evidence that these programs have been systematically abused,” he said in 2014, decrying what he described as “paranoia” around surveillance programs.

The previous year, he defended spying on foreign government officials, saying that “everybody spies on everybody, it’s just a fact.” In the most recent presidential debate, he accused rivals, like Ted Cruz, of endangering U.S. security by supporting modest reforms to the surveillance regime.

One reason Rubio may be carving out a special objection to spying on the Israeli government is that he is competing in the so-called Adelson primary — a contest for the financial backing of the pro-Israel casino magnate who spent $150 million during the 2012 election.



Jan 03 16:17

Woman Shoots, Kills Home Invasion Suspect in Trotwood

One of three home invasion suspect was shot and killed during the incident, and has been identified by the Montgomery County Coroner's Office as Azikiwe Presley, 29, of Dayton. Police tell FOX 45 three masked men armed with firearms forcibly entered and attempted to rob the homeowner. "I got my gun and I started shooting and they ran," the female caller told dispatchers. "They all three had guns, I'm confused ... they must not have had bullets because after I pulled the trigger they just took off, instead of firing back. I don't know if I hit one or not, I don't see blood anywhere."

Jan 03 16:06

After Terrorists Seize on His Words, Donald Trump Vows to Keep Speaking Out

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said Sunday that he had no control over his words and image being used in terrorist recruiting videos.

Mr. Trump recently appeared in a video apparently created by the group Al-Shabaab, which said the U.S. would soon become a place of religious intolerance. The video cited Mr. Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. as evidence that the country was growing increasingly hostile to Islam.

“They use other people, too. What am I going to do? I have to say what I have to say,” Mr. Trump said in an interview that aired Sunday on CBS .

Jan 03 15:56

Israel Admit To Spraying Poison On Palestinian Crops

Israel have admitted that their military have used crop-dusters to destroy hundreds of acres of Palestinian crops for “security operations” reasons...“The aerial spraying of herbicides and germination inhibitors was conducted in the area along the border fence last week in order to enable optimal and continuous security operations,” an IDF Spokesperson told +972 on Sunday.



Jan 03 10:59

Clinton Campaign Launches Contest, Sign Up For A Chance To Win A Free Dinner With Hillary Clinton!

The Hillary Clinton campaign has launched a contest where people can sign up for a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to Washington, D.C. to have dinner with Hillary. No purchase is required to enter the contest, and online sign-ups are open until 2/29/16. The contest organizers note that there will be a background check on each potential winner and their guest, and that they may disqualify anyone based on that background check at their discretion. They of course add the obligatory and in this case ominous warning that they are not liable if the dinner guest's death results as a result of the dinner or transportation thereto. (Umm, Mike & Claire, I'd opt out of this one if I were you, MmmKay? :-)

Webmaster addition: Wasn't even thinking about entering. :)

Jan 03 10:31

Blasts, gunfire target Indian consulate in northern Afghanistan

Unidentified gunmen have attempted to break in into the Indian consulate in the Afghan city of Mazar-i-Sharif, a governor’s spokesman said, as cited by Reuters. Numerous reports say blasts and gunshots have been heard at the scene.

Jan 03 10:02


Jan 03 10:01

You Should Watch Making of a Murderer

There's a 10-hour documentary on Netflix with more to teach us than all the combined episodes of Star Wars. (Yes, it's nice to see a storm trooper refuse to fight, but only until he gleefully joins in the killing for the other side, with all his victims still in masks so that we, the executioner audience, don't have to see faces die.)

Making of a Murderer is a hugely important film, and it is in fact quite suspenseful. And I am about to SPOIL the plot for you. So please STOP READING until you've watched the film if you want it to include suspense.

Jan 03 09:44

Almost 1200 people, mostly minorities, killed by US cops in 2015

US law enforcement officers killed up to 1,199 people last year, the majority of whom were ‘people of color’.

Black men between the ages of 15 and 34 were 15 percent of those killed by police in 2015.

Jan 03 09:22

BEX ALERT!!!:Obama beats out Pope, Trump for ‘most admired man’ in 2015: Gallup

By David Sherfinski - The Washington Times - Monday, December 28, 2015

President Obama and Hillary Clinton were the most admired man and woman of 2015, according to a Gallup survey that had Pope Francis and 2016 GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump in a tie for second behind Mr. Obama.

Jan 03 09:03

live feed Hammond ranch

Jan 03 08:33

Trump: "Hillary Clinton Created ISIS With Obama"

In what was the largest campaign event in Mississippi history, at the Biloxi Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center on January 2, 2016, Presidential front-runner Donald Trump dropped some major truth bombs, boldly proclaiming that "HILLARY CLINTON CREATED ISIS WITH OBAMA." The first video is a short clip of these remarks, below that is the video of the entire speech. Tens of thousands of Trump supporters were in attendance, with thousands also waiting outside.

Jan 03 08:13

2016: Russian Documentary Aims to Avert Nuclear War - Western Media Still Busy Demonizing Putin

If ‘World Order’ is a piece of propaganda, it is sophisticated and serves certain higher values, not the interests of individuals or power for power’s sake. In effect, it is a wake-up call to avert nuclear war by reining in exceptionalism and safeguarding the principles of the UN Charter.

Jan 03 08:00

Over 52,000 Killed in Iraq during 2015

Meanwhile back in Iraq..... has found that at least 52,045 people were killed across Iraq during 2015, while at least 19,651 were wounded. The number of fatalities reported was slightly higher than in 2014, but the number of wounded was substantially lower. These figures should be taken as very rough estimates and probably low estimates at that.

Jan 03 07:40

Police Couple Wakes Up and “Accidentally” Fires 27 Rounds at Own Mom – Who Lives with Them

The mother of a police officer is recovering from her injuries after being shot by her own child and in-law with whom she lives.

North Las Vegas police announced last week that no charges will be filed against the officer and her husband who fired more than two dozen rounds at their mother as she returned home around 11:30 pm.

The officer claimed that the 27 rounds were fired “accidentally” and so the department said there is no need for charges.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If anyone but a cop fired 27 rounds "accidentally" they would be in jail even if nothing was hit!

Jan 03 07:10

Patriot Militia Seizes Federal Complex in Oregon; Armed Insurrection Against federal Tyranny Begins

The feds, operating outside the law, are trying to jail two men without legal jurisdiction. Instead the tables turned when armed Militiamen seized their federal complex instead!

The Bundy family of Nevada joined with hard-core militiamen Saturday to take over the headquarters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, vowing to occupy the remote federal outpost 50 miles southeast of Burns - pictured below - for years.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sadly, this incident will give the US Government more justification to call for banning military style weapons. We are close to the point where the population will rise up against this government, but we are not there yet, and I fear this will end badly.

Jan 02 22:44

Syria is the Middle Eastern Stalingrad

Day and night, for years, an overwhelming force has been battering this quiet nation, one of the cradles of human civilization.
Hundreds of thousands have died, and millions have been forced to flee abroad or have been internally displaced. In many cities and villages, not one house is left intact.

But Syria is, against all odds, still standing.

Jan 02 22:23

Bundy BLM stand-off 2.0 as federal building seized in Burns, Oregon

Published on Jan 2, 2016

Burns sees peaceful militia protest - then refuge takeover

Ranchers' planned return to prison sparks militia involvement

Breaking in Oregon: Patriots take stand and take over Federal Wildlife Building

Operation Hammond Psyop with Ammon Bundy militia

Militamen In Burns, Ore. Break Into Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Building

Jan 02 22:13

Militia takes over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters

The Bundy family of Nevada joined with hard-core militiamen Saturday to take over the headquarters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, vowing to occupy the remote federal outpost 50 miles southeast of Burns for years.

The occupation came shortly after an estimated 300 marchers – militia and local citizens both – paraded through Burns to protest the prosecution of two Harney County ranchers, Dwight Hammond Jr. and Steven Hammond, who are to report to prison on Monday.

Jan 02 22:06

Armed militia, incl. Bundy bros, occupy forest reserve HQ in Oregon, call ‘US patriots’ to arms

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s three sons and “about 150” militiamen have occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge HQ to protest the pending imprisonment of two Oregon ranchers accused of arson, arguing the federal government has no authority in local cases.

“We’re going to be freeing these lands up, and getting ranchers back to ranching, getting the loggers back to logging, getting the miners back to mining where they could do it under the protection of the people and not be afraid of this tyranny that’s been set upon them,” Ammon Bundy, who appears to be the leader of the group, said in a Facebook video posted by Sarah Dee Spurlock on Saturday.