Feb 23 15:30

Two “Iraq war” movies compete for awards

Mamoon Alabassi compares two "Iraq war" movies, "Avatar" and "Hurt locker", and argues that, for Iraqis who feel de-humanized by the media, the positive depiction of non-humans in "Avatar" is welcome: "If some humans can relate to the 'humanity' of non-humans in fiction, then surely they would find it easier to identify with the true humanity of de-humanized humans in real life."

Feb 23 15:23

UK politics and the Israel lobby: has anything changed?

Amina Taylor asks if Channel 4 TV’s “Dispatches” programme of November 2009 on the power of the Israel lobby has encouraged other broadcasters and public figures to question whether it is right that the interests of a foreign state – Israel – should be so predominant in Britain’s main political parties, especially the Conservative Party.


Feb 23 13:07

US war embezzlement visualized: 4-minute video banned from Congress testimony: “Iraq for Sale”

*hyperlinks and videos live at source*

Robert Greenwald, the creator of Brave New Films, testified to the House Appropriations Committee, Subcommittee on Defense about war profiteering. He planned to show a 4-minute excerpt from his film, “Iraq for Sale,” as a more powerful communication than his mere speaking but was blocked by a majority vote of those in favor of the Iraq war.

The powerful and revealing 4-minute video is below.

Following is a 3-minute CBS News story of then Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld admitting the Pentagon “lost” $2.3 trillion dollars:
That’s $23,000 for every US household,
or embezzling $1,000,000 from a military project 2,300,000 times,
or embezzling a million dollars a day for 6,300 years,

Feb 23 11:24

67 Year Old Defends Himself on Transit Bus

Senior citizen beats a thug on a bus.

Feb 23 10:25

Delaware pediatrician charged with multiple child rapes

Biden's office has faced questions over why reports about Bradley in 2005 were not passed along to the state's professional regulation official or the Board of Medical Practice.

Feb 23 09:47

Budget Increases for Nuclear Weapons Production at the Expense of Social Programs

Obama is preemptively surrendering to the nuclear weapons labs, the for-profit private corporations running those labs, and the 2/3rd’s Senate majority including Republicans needed for treaty ratifications. All of these special interests explicitly seek to extract more taxpayer funding for nuclear weapons programs in exchange for ratification of a renewed bilateral arms control treaty with Russia and a long-sought-for Test Ban Treaty.

Feb 23 09:43

Video: Haiti's neglected orphans

There are mounting concerns in Haiti's earthquake-hit capital over the welfare of thousands of orphans suffering amid the devastation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These kids need help, and loving homes that will give them a fair chance at life.

Unfortunately,, that is not likely to happen any time soon.

Feb 23 09:29

Ron Paul! That's all I have to say… by Justin Raimondo

A rebellion among conservatives has long been brewing, and the CPAC convention represents the first skirmish in a civil war on the right, a war that is essentially over foreign policy. The Paul movement is well-organized, activist-oriented, and well-funded: more importantly, it has a well-grounded ideology, one that offers an alternative to the brain-dead neoconservatism of Republican party hacks and third-rate politicians like Rudy Giuliani – whose single delegate to the 2008 Republican convention fairly represents the strength of the Rabinowitz wing of the conservative movement.

Feb 23 09:15

Marijuana use by seniors goes up as boomers age

The number of people aged 50 and older reporting marijuana use in the prior year went up from 1.9 percent to 2.9 percent from 2002 to 2008, according to surveys from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

The rise was most dramatic among 55- to 59-year-olds, whose reported marijuana use more than tripled from 1.6 percent in 2002 to 5.1 percent.

Feb 23 08:54

The Census Is Getting Personal

My reason for producing this video and for posting it on YouTube is that I see so many people everywhere who don’t seem to understand that the USA has become something very different than the country of our origin, and we have ALREADY lost many of the rights and freedoms that were given to us by nature (God?) and were protected for us again in our Constitution. Our Constitutional framers never imagined the spending, waste, taxation intrusion and aggression that our government now commits without restraint.

How did that happen? When our government pushes us we fail to push back so, after many decades of that, government simply sees no boundaries at all on its own presumed force and authority.

Feb 23 08:50

Banks Apply Pressure to Keep Fees Rolling In

As the government cracks down on the way banks charge fees for overspending on debit cards, the industry is mounting an aggressive campaign aimed at keeping billions of dollars in penalty income flowing into its coffers. Chase and other banks are preparing a full-court marketing blitz, which is likely to include filling mailboxes with various aggressive and persuasive letters, calling account holders directly, and sending a steady stream of e-mail to urge consumers to keep their overdraft service turned on.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This could well be a good time to go back to a cash-based way of doing business, wherever possible, spending only what one really has to, and getting credit cards paid down and off.

Feb 23 08:47

Woman who traded kids for pet bird sentenced

The Romeros had advertised that they were selling their pet cockatoo for $1,500, and Greenwell reportedly responded and said she wanted to buy the bird.

Greenwell then told the Romeros she was taking care of three children whose parents were going through a separation and proposed including two of the children in the deal.

An anonymous tipster contacted authorities after the children began living with the Romeros.

Feb 23 08:13

Stuttgart, Germany - Who Built The Hitler Snowman?

German authorities have stopped an investigation into who built a snowman with an uncanny resemblance to Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like Charlie Chaplin to me!

Feb 23 04:30

Could Olympics Undo the Global Economy?

Greece's crushing debt problems can be traced back to the 2004 games, which cost the smallest nation to ever host the Olympics a whopping $15 billion -- double what was originally predicted.

In 2002, the Greek deficit was a manageable 1.4 per cent of GDP. But as pre-Olympic spending kicked in one year later it had more than doubled to 3.2 per cent -- well above the limit for Eurozone members.


Feb 22 20:44

Haiti's neglected orphans

There are mounting concerns in Haiti's earthquake-hit capital over the welfare of thousands of orphans suffering amid the devastation.

Feb 22 16:49

The Israel lobby – the real bullies in British politics

Against the background of allegations that British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is a bully, Stuart Littlewood remind us that bullying is endemic in politics, as shown by the UK Liberal Democratic Party leaders’ bullying of Jenny Tonge for speaking the truth, and the continual bullying of UK politicians by the Israel lobby.

Feb 22 16:47

The new McCarthyism in Israel: human rights groups face crackdown

The Israeli government and its right-wing supporters have been waging a “McCarthyite” campaign against human-rights groups by blaming them for the barrage of international criticism that has followed Israel’s attack on Gaza a year ago, Jonathan Cook reports.

Feb 22 16:45

Mossad’s murderous reach: the larger political issues

James Petras argues that Mossad’s murder of a Palestinian official in Dubai using stolen European passports presages an era of chaos in international relations and makes every European travelling in the Middle East suspected of links with Israeli death squads.

Feb 22 14:32

Israeli curfew leaves Palestinian village isolated, freshwater springs and 2000-year-old irrigation system under threat

Two evenings ago, villagers in the Palestinian village of Wadi Fuqeen were alarmed to hear the sounds of trouble with the Israelis in the nearby village of Husan, which lies slightly to the east. A curfew was immediately imposed upon it. This means that Wadi Fuqeen will be isolated for few days as well because villagers can only gain access to Bethlehem if they go through Husan. This is the reality caused by the winding path of the separation barrier and many so-called 'security measures' imposed by the Israelis.

In any case, Israeli jeeps have now begun to patrol the village of Wadi Fuqeen on a regular basis. 'Flying' checkpoints have also begun to appear at the entrance to the village - both during the day and overnight.

Feb 22 12:28

Evil Triumphs

When good men do nothing. So now the question is, are there any good men left after Joe Stack? The "yoke" of taxation has caused so many to up-rise and shed blood through out history one with a functioning brain might think maybe, just maybe, terrorizing the citizenry to extort taxes might not be the best of ideas, as this is exactly the IRS's method of operations, all the while trying to convince us it is voluntary. Yea right, try to opt out of this voluntary tax system and wind up dead, in prison, or with an asshole a 747 can fly through sideways. That is your options. You can volunteer to drop out of the income tax shakedown if you like the idea of being a worm farm.

Feb 22 07:49

US wouldn’t kill our own citizens, blame Iran, and start a war! Oh? FBI allowed ’93 WTC bombing

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

We know that the US “leadership” and corporate media are lying for war with Iran with their two principle reasons:

Feb 21 16:24

Cut the "ambiguity", ambassador, or pack your bags: challenging UK support for Israeli criminals

Stuart Littlewood challenges UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband – and the rest of the British Establishment – to explain to the British public his government's support for Israeli crimes and criminals.

Feb 21 10:49

Are Dalai Lama visits with US, UK, France a “provocation” for China’s staged role in WW3?

*hyperlinks and videos live at source*

The Dalai Lama confessed to receive CIA funds in their revolutionary attempts to split from China. As US and Israel lying rhetoric for war with Iran escalate and echoed by US corporate media, as Iran is considered a main source of oil for China, as WW3 is a real threat given that WW2 sprung from a series of smaller occupations cumulating with a false flag attack on Poland and WW1 sprung from a single political assassination in a context of competing empires, the “chess masters” behind the scenes of politics might have more in mind than a simple visit between President Obama and an exiled religious feudal-system divine monarch (and here).

Feb 21 10:47

Bases of Empire: Casting a Global Shadow

Despite United States economic weakness, although not unrelated to it, our military casts a heavy shadow everywhere on earth, far beyond the major and minor wars it is now conducting. The geographical and functional scope of the US military is cosmic. Formal alliances are an important element, but even such bloated, increasingly un-Atlantic and shockingly un-pacific institutions as NATO are only the tip of the iceberg. Nations generally regarded as “neutral” are now junior partners in NATO: Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Malta, and Sweden. “In June 2009, war games ‘Loyal Arrow’ were conducted by 10 countries in Northern Sweden, as a preliminary move to extend US and NATO military presence into Arctic regions—and confronting Russia in that area.

Feb 21 09:49

U.S. warns of al Qaeda threat in Central Asia

Al Qaeda aims to infiltrate Central Asia to train militants and turn the ex-Soviet region into a zone of unrest, a U.S. envoy said on Saturday.

U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke is on a blitz tour of the five "stans" of Central Asia.

Stability in the vast resource-rich region sprawling between China, Russia and Afghanistan is crucial to the West as it lies on a new supply route for NATO-led operations in Afghanistan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to Envoy Holbrooke:

In Arabic, the term "al Qaeda" means "the base".

In colloquial Arabic, the term means "the toilet".

Envoy Holbrooke, what self-respecting Arabic-speaking group would call themselves "the toilet"?!?

Poverty, political corruption, lack of civil redress (and that sure the heck is the case with Uzbekistan), and an absence of hope radicalizes people, and makes insurgent movements look attractive.

The "stability" you are hoping for does not come in the form of governments further repressing their people (Remember, Envoy Holbrooke: we tried that with the Shah of Iran, Pinochet., etc., and those efforts ultimately blew up the US's face like a bad trick cigar).

It comes with education, jobs,and governments responding intelligently and responsibly to the needs of their people.

If you are looking for stability in this region, those are the steps you should be asking the governments you're visiting to be taking, not further repression.

Feb 21 09:38

Terrorism: The Most Meaningless and Manipulated Word By Glenn Greenwald

Joseph Stack deliberately flew an airplane into a building housing IRS offices in Austin, Texas, in order to advance the political grievances he outlined in a perfectly cogent suicide-manifesto. Stack's worldview contained elements of the tea party's anti-government anger along with substantial populist complaints generally associated with "the Left" (rage over bailouts, the suffering of America's poor, and the pilfering of the middle class by a corrupt economic elite and their government-servants). All of that was accompanied by an argument as to why violence was justified (indeed necessary) to protest those injustices

Feb 21 09:02

Of Birth Certificates and War

One reason we haven’t posted directly about this, but do have a link to, is that some of the people trying to say that BHO is not a US citizen are less than savory – folks like Alan Keyes and lately Orly Taitz.

One of the groups who seem to think that Obama is not a natural-born citizen are certain fanatical zionist Jews.

Feb 20 22:06

Solutions to US economic controlled demolition are obvious, but We the People must demand them

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

Nobel economist Paul Krugman wrote the US economy is “doomed,” Obama “clueless,” and summarizes his analysis of President Obama’s economic leadership with simply:

Oh. My. God.

Mr. Krugman joins a growing list of characteristically dry economic experts expanding the margins of their self-expression to communicate to Americans that kleptocratic parasites have destroyed the US economy.

The good news is that the solutions are obvious, available right now, and elegantly simple to understand and implement.

Feb 20 17:12

Take the Power to Create Credit Away from the Giant Banks and Give It Back to the People

Many people – including former analyst for the U.S. Treasury Richard Cook – argue that credit is too important a function to be left to the private banks.

Feb 20 15:07

Dutch government falls over Afghanistan: no comment from NATO chief

Christopher King expresses the hope that the fall of the Dutch government over participation in the US-led aggression in Afghanistan could be the start of a trend that will see Europe regain its independence from the USA.

Feb 20 14:20

Hezbollah warns of terrorist tourists after Dubai hit

After the assassination of a senior Hamas official in Dubai, Hezbollah issues an alert against disguised entry of terrorists into Lebanon...

Feb 20 13:04

IAEA report: zero evidence of Iran nukes. US Orwellian corporate war media: Iran building nukes?

*hyperlinks and videos live at source*

The good news is corporate media war propaganda is so easy to reveal and crush. Today’s version of CIA Operation Mockingbird, the US Senate Church Committee disclosure of over 400 CIA operatives within US corporate media to propagandize for war policies, is escalating their paper-thin lies of omission and commission to manipulate America into war with Iran.

The great news is millions of Americans recognize corporate media lies; especially after the confirmed lies they viciously and endlessly repeated for wars with Afghanistan and Iraq. Millions also authoritatively understand these wars are clearly unlawful (and here).

Feb 20 10:26

California: Gas for $8.87 a Gallon? You've Got to be Kidding

Kathleen Waller usually stops at the V and A Fuels on the way to pick up her kids from school, but she was stunned to find unleaded going for $8.87 a gallon at the Washington Boulevard station Tuesday.

Super was going for $9.09 a gallon.

"I'm shocked," said Waller. "I thought it was a joke."

No joke, according to an attendant manning the station Tuesday afternoon. She had no explanation for why the price had been raised, only that the price hike came Tuesday morning.

Feb 20 09:52

William Astore, The U.S. Military's German Fetish

Looking back on my youthful infatuation with the German Wehrmacht, I recognize a boy’s misguided enthusiasm for military hardness and toughness. I recognize as well the seductiveness of reducing the chaos of war to “shock and awe” Blitzkrieg and warrior empowerment. What amazes me, however, is how this astonishingly selective and adolescent view of war -- with its fetish for lightning results, achieved by elevating and empowering a new generation of warlords, warriors, and advanced weaponry -- came to dominate mainstream American military thinking after the frustrations of Vietnam.

Unlike a devastated and demoralized Germany after its defeats, we decided not to devalue war as an instrument of policy after our defeat, but rather to embrace it. Clasping Clausewitz to our collective breasts, we marched forward seeking new decisive victories. Yet, like our role models the Germans of World War II, we found victory to be both elusive and illusive.

Feb 20 09:46

Summer of Rage

Seems Joe Stack got tired of the overreach of the government. The Austin, Texas IRS/CIA/FBI building just got slammed by Joe after he burned the house down and went all kamikaze on Big Brother. Would it be wrong to call this person a freedom loving patriot? Now we get to watch the the media spin about how horrible of a person to do such a terrible thing to our benevolent handlers. Of course they are going to say this is another nut job that had a long history of pills, porn and puppy murders, guns in his house!

Feb 20 09:45

Three in a Million - Voices From the Haitian Camps

The United Nations reported there are 1.2 million people living in "spontaneous settlements" or homeless camps around Port-au-Prince. Three people living in the camps spoke with this author this week, before the hard rains hit.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF these narratives are what the US military characterizes as a "success", I sure as hell would hate to think how they would characterize "failure" in Haiti.

Feb 20 09:43

Where’s All That Gold? Gary North on the real reason the Fed is afraid of an audit.

The bulk of the world's gold holdings are stored in the vault of the New York FED. This includes most of the deliverable gold (99.9% fine) owned by the FED as trustee of the U.S. government's gold. The gold at Ft. Knox (probably coin melt, 90% fine) constitutes a second holding area, said to be 20% of the nation's gold. No one knows. It has not been audited since the early 1950's, not even by the private accounting firms that audit the FED on an annual rotation basis.

...You see, transparency and accountability to the American people require secrecy, so that Congress is kept in the dark. You understand this, don't you?

Feb 20 08:36

Credit-Card Fees: the New Traps

Banning these and other profitable tactics is expected to cost the card industry at least $12 billion a year in lost revenue, according to law firm Morrison & Foerster. This has sent the industry scrambling to find new sources of revenue. So get ready for higher annual fees, higher balance-transfer charges, and growing charges for overseas transactions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The answer here is simple: pay off your cards ASAP, stop using your credit cards, and pay cash whenever possible.

Feb 19 19:58

In Mexico, 18 tons of state-owned explosives stolen

Mexican authorities say a trailer loaded with 18 tons of industrial explosives have been stolen from a highway in northern Mexico...

Feb 19 19:57

Iran launches advanced Jamaran destroyer

Iran's Navy on Friday took the delivery of the first indigenously designed and developed guided missile destroyer Jamaran in the presence of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei...

Feb 19 17:23

Campus claws: beating Israel lobbyists through debate

Paul J. Balles cautions pro-Palestinian activists against simply shouting down speakers who represent their enemy, arguing that, to win hearts and minds, they should instead “learn to express themselves well enough to challenge their adversaries” and they should prepare for and encourage debates.

Feb 19 10:05

Debra Medina, Glenn Beck, 911 Truth and the Importance of Private Property

I’ve been paying particular attention to the governor’s race in Texas of late, particularly the Republican primary for that position. There’s a woman running, a true champion of freedom. She understands the concept of liberty. She embraces it. She offers real solutions to real problems, problems the vast majority of the common folk can see in the corrupt establishment. She offers the free market solutions we all want, a pulling back of government intrusion in the lives of ordinary citizens and a chance to once again live as freemen in the legacy our founding fathers left for us.

The corporate globalist authoritarians must hate her.

Feb 19 07:03

Crackdown on Credit Card Provisions Begins Monday

The changes will make credit not only harder to get, but also more expensive.

Feb 19 06:47

Growing diplomatic row over Dubai assassination

In this following interview the Guardian’s Robert Fisk lays out some likely scenarios regarding the fallout from the Mossad assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh who was a senior official with the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas.

Feb 18 22:38

As soon as one Joe Stack group is deleted from Facebook, three more take its place!

Feb 18 22:19

British military insider: World War III is being staged; starting with Israel and Iran

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

US “leadership” and their corporate media minions are pushing juvenile-level propaganda for war with Iran; lies that anyone can verify with a few moments’ attention. If you haven’t already confirmed the Orwellian-level disinformation, stop and read the above two links now.

Many people hypothesize the confirmed lies for wars with Iraq and Afghanistan, and a final war with Iran, is to control oil. Connected is the theory that US political and economic “masters” are so confident in their propaganda, and so correct in their conclusion that the critical mass of humanity is too feeble to stop them, that they brazenly move forward for global hegemony.

Feb 18 18:08

Joe Stacks' letter

Feb 18 17:33

Source: FBI Knew Austin Attack Was Coming

Source: FBI Knew Austin Attack Was Coming
Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, February 18, 2010
A trusted source has told this office that the FBI knew Austin was going to be attacked today and had dispatched officers from its Dallas headquarters yesterday afternoon to be in place for today’s incident.
The source claims that a confidential memo was circulated yesterday detailing that a building in Austin was going to be the target of an attack today. He was told this by an informant who works in the Dallas FBI office.


Feb 18 14:31

Patrick Henry's Liberty or Death Speech

Gentlemen may cry Peace,Peace,but there is no peace The war has actually begun........ Almighty God! I know not what course others may take;but as for me-give me liberty or give me death!

Feb 18 12:09

Summer of Rage

Seems someone got tired of the overreach of the government. Breaking news is the Austin IRS/CIA/FBI building just got slammed by a person that burned the house down and went all kamikaze into Big Brother. Would it be wrong to call this person a freedom loving patriot? Now we get to watch the the media spin about how horrible of a person to do such a terrible thing to our benevolent handlers.

Feb 18 11:30

Small plane crashes into Austin building that houses IRS offices

Fire department officials in Austin, Texas, say one person is unaccounted for following the crash of a small place into an building that houses offices of the Internal Revenue Service.

Feb 18 11:29

Plane Crashes Into Austin IRS Office Building; Intentional Act?

The Internal Revenue Service has offices in the building, including its civil enforcement and criminal investigations divisions, said Special Agent Michael Lemoine, a spokesman for the criminal investigations division.

He said that some IRS offices are on the first floor, which Lemoine said was hit by the plane.

Feb 18 10:53

Obama Press Secretary threatens US attack of Iran. US military: when will you expose these war lies?

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

The US war emperors have no clothes. Iran never threatened to destroy Israel. Iran is in full compliance with the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), including their use of nuclear medicine with isotopes. It was the US who initiated the UN Charter that limits war to the narrowest use of self-defense only, almost identical in law to the limits for you or me as individuals.

When will leadership emerge from the US military and/or US government to speak these truths that are objective facts for anyone and everyone to verify?

Feb 18 10:28

Plane crashes into Northwest Austin building

A small single-engine plane crashed into a building in Northwest Austin Thursday morning, sparking a fire.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Yes-sirree bob; that building's gonna come right down into its own footprint just like the World Trade Towers. Got a plane strike, fire, yep, any second that's gonna come right down. Any second. Gonna fall. Any second. Any second now. I forget, did a plane hit the WTC-7 building? No? Odd. Anyway, this here building will come right down into its own footprint any moment now. Really. Any moment."

UPDATE: The TV news is (surprisingly) confirming reports we got in the email earlier today that the plane crash was an intentional suicide attack on the offices of the IRS located in that building.

I say surprising because normally when IRS offices are burned or vandalized it is not reported lest it give the people "bad ideas."

But the latest report I have is that the IRS was seizing this guy's home, so he burned it down rather than let the government have it, then flew his plane into the IRS offices.

Feb 18 10:11

Crash Babies

Wow, I think I woke up on a different planet this morning. There has been economic crashes, rumors of crashes, but damn man some huge players are saying "IT IS GOING TO CRASH." One heavy weight to check in is Barton Biggs, former head of Morgan Stanley who says here and I quote "Insure yourself against war and disaster by buying a remote farm or ranch and stocking it with ``seed, fertilizer, canned food, wine, medicine, clothes, etc. because tshtf is coming.'' Now if I am not mistaken, Mr Biggs is telling us to bug-out. Well that is all good and swell there Biggs, but what of us poor people that don't have the money to find a nice plot of dirt with Xe mercs to set up the perimeter?

Feb 18 09:39

Coup Attempt Under Way in Niger, Official Says

Smoke was seen rising from the presidential palace amid heavy gunfire in Niger's capital, Niamey, on Thursday in what one intelligence official said was a coup attempt.

Political tensions have been high in the central African uranium exporting country in recent months over President Mamadou Tandja's extension of his rule, which drew widespread criticism and international sanctions.

Feb 18 09:02

How Can Demanding Truth Be More Dangerous Than Demanding War?

I don't believe, or subscribe, to everything I read or hear on alleged 'conspiracy sites' like the ones run by Alex Jones or Mike Rivero's, nor does anyone there demand I do so.

I don't see columnists or commenters, anyone in fact, at those sites demanding my country go to war against people on the other side of the planet who have never done me or my family harm, based on the flimsiest of evidence, or flat-out fearmongery.

But when I go to The Washington Post, or the New York Times, I see columnists demanding Iran be bombed, now. Again and again. It's no coincidence of course that is it usually the exact same people who in 2002 filled column after column in those newspapers demanding Iraq be bombed, then invaded.

Feb 18 08:35

Gordon Brown says Britain is prepared to protect Falkland Islands as row with Argentina escalates

Britain has made 'all the preparations necessary' to protect the Falkland Islands, Gordon Brown said today.

Feb 18 06:32

Wal-Mart suffers sales decline in key quarter

Wal-Mart Stores missed a key metric known as same-store sales during the fourth quarter that included the all-important holiday shopping season...



Feb 17 19:42


from Risk Magazine

In November 2001, the Greek finance ministry’s public debt division made a public statement about its debt management strategy. It acknowledged that its debt was a ‘critical macroeconomic parameter’, and pledged to reduce debt servicing costs by means that included ‘the extensive use of derivatives’. Apparently, this was not enough for Brussels. In February 2002, the European Commission pointed out future deficit forecasts by Greece relied ‘primarily’ on achieving reductions in interest costs. It called for Greece to reduce its ‘very high’ debt ratio, and to provide ‘more detailed information on financial operations’.

Although Greece’s public debt division points out that it uses 18 derivatives counterparties, there is no doubt that the division, which is headed by Christopher Sardelis, has a particularly close relationship with Goldman Sachs. Indeed, the account has been handled personally at Goldman Sachs by Antigone Loudiadis, the London-based European head of sales for the firm’s fixed-income, currencies and commodities unit. Highly respected by other dealers, Loudiadis has enjoyed a successful career at Goldman, joining the firm’s partnership committee and attaining her present position in 2000. According to sources, by early 2002, Loudiadis and her team put together a deal aimed at alleviating Greece’s problem of debt ratios and high interest costs.

Feb 17 18:02

Did Goldman Sachs help Britain hide its debts too?

original post by Edmund Conway at

This episode serves as a reminder of the scale of this effort to shift debt offstage, and of how many different avenues politicians explored in order to live today, pay tomorrow. For those who believe that we’ve just come to the end of an endemic super credit cycle, this episode provides yet more supporting evidence

Feb 17 17:44

Was Amy Bishop's methodical shooting a mind-controlled action?

Amy Bishop case: Why no red flags were waved before shooting spree
By Patrik Jonsson / February 17, 2010
After Friday's bloodletting at the University of Alabama-Huntsville, police ran a background check on neurobiology professor Amy Bishop, who they suspect of methodically gunning down six colleagues, killing three.
CIA hypnotist: 'Individuals could be taught to do anything including murder, suicide, etc.'

Feb 17 16:14

Enough of the Tea Party: Is It Time For A WE Party?

The left blogs and MSNBC tear the tea baggers apart pointing to their many contradictions, their not so downplayed racism, and manipulated membership etc. The Daily Show makes fun of them, and most folks on the left squirm at its simplistic slogans and superficial analysis.

If the activists and the discontented on the right want a more authentic political grass-roots based vehicle, want their own party even, even if it is a fringe, what about progressives? Do we not have similar aspirations?

Is it our duty (and fate) to forever stay loyal to a Democratic Party that insults us and rebuffs us at every turn even as it demands our money and loyalty?

Feb 17 15:55

Israel’s re-branding exercise in Haiti backfires as past catches up

Stuart Littlewood argues that Israel’s medical showcase in Haiti will do nothing to change the fact that it is “among the worst brand names on the planet", unless Tel Aviv ends its "bullying rhetoric and atrocious deeds" against the Palestinians and convinces the world that it has abandoned the practise of organ stealing.

Feb 17 15:53

The long arm of Israel must be amputated

Gilad Atzmon argues that, given the close relationship between the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office and the Mossad intelligence agency, Premier Binyamin Netanyahu must be held to account personally for the murder of a Hamas official in Dubai by Israeli Mossad agents travelling on cloned European passports.

Feb 17 10:48

Libertopia 2010

Its purpose is to create a worldwide movement of individuals who choose their own form of governance - a voluntary society based on mutual respect for each individual’s dignity and ownership of his/her own body and property.

Feb 17 10:32

Fourth lawsuit seeks $33 million over taser gun incidents

The current lawsuit alleges -

• The school resource officer, Lonnie Netzel, allegedly used a taser gun on a 13-year-old boy's leg in the school's hallway, in October 2009.

• Netzel allegedly used a Taser gun on a 12-year-old boy on Jan. 12 while supervised by two teachers, Jessica Labon and Teresa LaReau, who were named in the first two lawsuits.

• Netzel allegedly shocked 12-year-old boy who suffers from mental illness on Jan. 12, while supervised by another teacher, Bradley Netzel.

Feb 17 09:19

Soros Doubled Gold ETF Investment, Buys Citi, Monsanto

Soros' most recent SEC filing also revealed large bets on seed producer Monsanto and Brazilian gas and oil giant Petroleo Brasileiro PBR also known as Petrobras.

The firm held 3.9 million shares of Monsanto at the end of the fourth quarter, up from 1.1 million three months earlier.

Feb 17 09:18

Holocaust denier to be released from German prison

After serving a five-year sentence for denying the Holocaust, far-right activist Ernst Zundel will soon be released from prison, a German prosecutor said Wednesday.

Feb 17 09:12

Pimping Weapons to the World

If the Hollywood export Avatar sweeps the world, bringing in multi-billions, it’s front-page news. If American arms exports sweep the world, bringing in multi-billions, you’re lucky to find out about it deep inside your ever-thinning daily newspaper (and such stories seldom even make it onto the TV news). If we sell weaponry repeatedly to the Indonesians or the Saudis or the Qataris or the Israelis, it’s a ho-hum matter. The norm. Like those bases in Afghanistan.

Feb 17 09:00

Rare ABC News TV Debate: Climate Depot Vs. Center For Am. Progress

'UN IPCC was a political organization masquerading as a science group. It's been exposed'

Weiss: Blizzards are 'consistent with what scientists had predicted' -- Morano Response: 'It's consistent with climate astrology, basically it's a horoscope...You should be embarrassed'

Feb 17 08:55

Rising tide of suburban homeless across U.S.

Homelessness in rural and suburban America is straining shelters this winter as the economy founders and joblessness hovers near double digits — a “perfect storm of foreclosures, unemployment and a shortage of affordable housing,” in one official’s eyes.

We see a spiral in food stamps, heating assistance applications; Medicaid is skyrocketing,” Blass added. “It is truly reaching a stage of being alarming.”

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Welcome to the country of "Ameristan", brought to you, courtesy of the previous and present administrations!

Feb 17 07:36

Americans stock up to be ready for end of the world

Tess Pennington, 33, is a mother of three children, and lives in the sprawling outskirts of Houston, Texas. But she is not taking the happy safety of her suburban existence lightly...

Feb 17 07:33

Soros Hedge Fund Doubles Gold Holdings

...Soros Fund Management owned 6.2 million shares of SPDR Gold Trust -- an exchange-traded fund that owns gold bullion -- at the end of the year worth $663 million. That was up from 2.5 million shares at the end of the third quarter...

Feb 16 21:25

US Constitution and rule of law destroyed, Obama lies for war with Iran: Carl Herman audio interview

*hyperlinks and audio interview at source*

Marine Corps Captain (ret.), professor emeritus, author, editor of Assassination Science and pioneer of research into the assassination of JFK, early advocate to apply the rigor of science to the analysis of what really happened with the attacks of 9/11, and host of “The Real Deal” of Revere Radio, Dr. Jim Fetzer, interviewed me for two hours discussing unlawful US military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, the prospect for war with Iran, and related topics. The interview is here.

Feb 16 21:07

Food Stamps Create Jobs… in India

Several states with high unemployment are outsourcing Food Stamp Services, including to a JP Morgan Chase call center in India.

Feb 16 15:13

Who are the dangerous conspiracy theorists?

The recent Medina debacle on Glenn Beck’s overrated show highlights the obvious hypocrisy of the Beltway Right-wing when it comes to conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories that question government action are shunned while ones that endorse all-out war are to be embraced and repeated.

Feb 16 13:40

In Bid to Revive Nuclear Power, U.S. Is Backing New Reactors

President Obama told an enthusiastic audience of union officials on Tuesday that the Energy Department had approved a loan guarantee intended to underwrite construction of two nuclear reactors in Georgia, with taxpayers picking up much of the financial risk.

Left unsaid is that the US is weeks away from bombing Iran for building nuclear power plants.

Feb 16 12:53

Jews-only homes for Ajami: Arabs of Jaffa face settlers as neighbours

Jonathan Cook reports from Ajami, in the mixed Jewish-Arab town of Jaffa, which has become the target of a takeover by extremist Jewish settlers bent on pushing the district’s Arab residents, who are citizens of Israel, out of their homes.

Feb 16 09:32

Toyota to idle 2 US assembly plants amid recalls

Toyota said Tuesday it plans to idle production temporarily at assembly plants in Texas and Kentucky while it grapples with massive recalls in the United States.

Feb 16 09:18

Hold Onto Your Underwear This Is Not a National Emergency

Under the circumstances, you would never know that Americans living in the United States were in vanishingly little danger from terrorism, but in significant danger driving to the mall; or that alcohol, tobacco, E. coli bacteria, fire, domestic abuse, murder, and the weather present the sort of potentially fatal problems that might be worth worrying about, or even changing your behavior over, or perhaps investing some money in. Terrorism, not so much.

Feb 16 08:04

Film director is thrown off US plane for being 'too big for seat'

In a row played out on Twitter, Smith issued an expletive-laden series of messages aimed at the airline for ejecting him from a flight from Oakland to Burbank on Saturday because he was apparently too overweight to fit in his seat.

"Wanna tell me I'm too wide for the sky?" Smith asked on his Twitter account shortly after the incident. "Totally cool but fair warning folks: If you look like me, you may be ejected from Southwest."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Ever stop to realize that because of the corporate media focus on skinny (making starvation fashionable) that the only remaining socially acceptable discrimination in our society is against overweight people?

And in a nation where the food is laced with chemicals that make you eat more, such as MSG and aspartame ('scuse me, "AminoSweet"), not to mention chemicals that make you put on more weight, such as synthetic bovine growth hormone in meat and dairy products, a lot of people don't fit the "Vogue look" through no fauklt of their own.

Feb 16 07:44

Top Guns: BrahMos missile flies high at India arms fair

The following Russia Today report summarizes the recent arms fair in New Delhi. The fair is held every two years and displays some of the latest military hardware from around the world...