Apr 17 14:47

Library of Congress: All Your Tweets. Permanently Archived. Forever.

Well, maybe this is good somehow?

"The Twitter digital archive has extraordinary potential for research into our contemporary way of life," said Librarian of Congress James H. Billington. "This information provides detailed evidence about how technology based social networks form and evolve over time. The collection also documents a remarkable range of social trends. Anyone who wants to understand how an ever-broadening public is using social media to engage in an ongoing debate regarding social and cultural issues will have need of this material."

Apr 17 11:15

Camden Tent City Residents Get A Reprieve

Homeless people who built a community of campground tents just a few blocks from downtown Camden got a reprieve Thursday, allowing them to remain, at least for now, at the self-governing settlement in one of the nation's poorest cities.

Both the residents and social service agencies were nervous about Thursday's deadline from a Camden County official to shut down the community. They feared adequate housing would not be found by the deadline, forcing the 30 or so remaining homeless people to move out of a relatively safe environment and into the streets.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder if city and state governments' response will ultimately be the establishment of Dickens-esque "work houses" where the poor and homeless will ultimately wind up doing slave labor for the "privilege" of having a place to sleep.

The growing criminalization of poverty by so many states indicates that such a possibility is not all so far-fetched.

Apr 17 10:41

The Case for the Impeachment of Barack Obama

Back in 2005-06, I wrote a book, The Case for Impeachment, in which I made the argument that President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, as well as other key figures in the Bush/Cheney administration--Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales--should be impeached for war crimes, as well as crimes against the Constitution of the United States.

These days, when I mention the book’s title, people sometimes ask, half in jest, whether I’m referring to the current president, Barack Obama.

Apr 17 09:43

Omaha Violence Finds Ashford Ready for National Guard

He knows it sounds like a last resort but when it comes to stopping the violence in Omaha, Nebraska’s top crime fighting lawmaker seriously wonders if it’s time to call out the National Guard.

Ashford does not foresee the Guard acting as an extension of the Omaha Police Department’s (OPD) gang fighting unit but says the Guard could assist in “traffic control” freeing up other officers to concentrate on the shoot-outs. According to OPD the Nebraska State Patrol is already lending a hand but Ashford tells Nebraska Watchdog that budget cuts at the State Patrol may limit what troopers can do.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We are going to see more and more articles of this nature, "grooming" the American public to accept military troops in American cities to "keep the peace", as the economic situation continues to deteriorate.

Apr 17 09:37

Holy mistake! Congress wipes out congressional health care insurance

Legislate in haste, repent at leisure. Looks like Congress is having one of those "Holy S---!" moments; it appears they have royally mucked up their own health insurance - for all 535 members of Congress and untold congressional employees. In a hurry, they forgot to get it right and wrote it all wrong; now it's the law...

Now Congress is in the same boat they built for the rest of America, without a clue what the new health care reform will mean to them. The beauty of their dilemma is pure poetic justice to some -they have written law requiring that they move into a system that doesn't yet exist.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I love the smell of irony in the morning! :-)

Apr 17 09:33

t New Kyrgyz rulers struggle to impose authority

Supporters of ousted Kyrgyzstan president Kurmanbek Bakiyev seized regional television and administration headquarters on Saturday as the new authorities struggled to impose their authority.

With the country still on edge over a week after the protests that toppled Bakiyev and sent him into exile, uncertainty was also growing over the whereabouts of the ousted president.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We may well see a civil war here, with Russia on the side of the current opposition government, and the US on the side of the supporters of Bakiyev.

It was with Bakiyev's government that the US negotiated the rights to their facility at Manas, which the opposition government would very much like to see go away.

Apr 17 09:24

We vote with bullets,’ reads Tea Party sign

Passions were ablaze at a Tax Day Tea Party event held on the steps of the old Florida Capitol, with protesters holding signs that read, "We vote with bullets," "Fire Congress," "9/11 was an Inside Job" and "Return to the Constitution."

We found a crowd of less than 500 protesters and a slate of speakers who knew the Tea Party "buzz words" and how to pander to its audience.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note that the "we vote with bullets" sign (if it actually existed) was not the sign photographed and displayed in this article.

This was an attempt to cavalierly delegitimize and dismiss any legitimate concerns this group, and groups like it, may have have.

Pathetic attempts like this to kookify this movement, however, will not work; in fact, they will simply cause more people to take a legitimate look at what is making people angry.

Apr 17 08:13

Samsung issues warning: 3D-TV (May Be) Bad For You

Pregnant women, the elderly, children and those suffering from serious medical conditions are among a wide range of people said to be at risk. The alert extends to those who have been sleep deprived or drinking. It highlights alarming side effects such as confusion, nausea, convulsions, altered vision, light-headedness, dizziness, and involuntary movements such as eye or muscle twitching and cramps.Samsung says there are also concerns that those with epilepsy could be at risk of fits - as they are from strobe lighting and photographers' flashes on normal television...

Apr 17 08:01

Drug smuggler 'ran bestiality farm for guests'

A CONVICTED cocaine smuggler has been arrested for running what authorities say appears to be a bestiality farm in Washington State in which visitors could engage in all sorts of sex acts with animals.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"That sheep was a slut, your honor! Look at those hot eyes!!! Look how tight she wears that wool sweater!! She wanted it! They all want it, really!!!!

Apr 17 07:18

A Kyrgyz interim leader says US base unjustified

A top official in Kyrgyzstan's interim government told The Associated Press on Saturday that a U.S. air base supporting operations in Afghanistan is "not justified," the first sign of significant divisions over the facility.

Apr 16 14:19

TV election debate another shining example of UK commitment to democracy

Tim Coles explains why Britain’s first ever televised election debate between the leaders of the three main parties – stilted, characterized by omissions and obfuscations and pandering to prejudices – was a meaningless spectacle.

Apr 16 08:15

SEC charges Goldman Sachs with fraud

he SEC said it charged New York-based Goldman (GS, Fortune 500) and a vice president, Fabrice Tourre, for their failure to disclose conflicts in a 2007 sale of a so-called collateralized debt obligation. Investors in the CDO ultimately lost $1 billion, the SEC said.

Apr 15 15:42

Did banned Israeli media report foretell of Gaza war crimes?

Jonathan Cook views the possibility that a banned report by Haaretz journalist Uri Blau – suppressed days before Israel attacked Gaza in 2008 – contained vital information warning of Israeli intentions to commit war crimes and revealed the aims of a so far unimplemented phase of the Gaza attack involving expelling some of Gaza’s population to Egypt.

Apr 15 15:37

Never again, for anyone - Hajo Meyer

Apr 15 13:28

Don't Talk to Police

The link is posted in response to the reader letter:

READER: I've been looking all over for a week for a video you linked a while ago with no joy, I hope you can help.
It was a a lecture in a university with a attorney and a police officer talking about "pleading the 5th amendment" and saying "no comment" all the time and both of them gave examples of what happens when you don't and things can be turned against you.

Apr 15 10:20

U.S. gets Kyrgyzstan air base lease extended

Kyrgyzstan's interim leader told the Associated Press in an exclusive interview Tuesday that her government will extend for a year the lease of a U.S. air base key to the war in Afghanistan, and guarantee the deposed president's safety if he steps down and leaves the country.

The ousted ruler said he is willing to step down but he also wants immunity for his family and close circle as a condition to resign - an argument that could block a deal to transfer power and increase the turmoil gripping the Central Asian nation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That bit about the lease extension must be having the folks in the Pentagon heaving a collective sigh of relief, but things here could still get dicey.

Apr 15 10:07

The 'Obama doctrine': kill, don't detain

The ambitious desire to close Guantánamo hailed the coming of a new era, a feeling implicitly recognised by the Nobel peace prize that President Obama received. Unfortunately, what we witnessed was a false dawn.

Worse still, a completely new trend has emerged that, in many ways, is more dangerous than the trends under Bush. Extrajudicial killings and targeted assassinations will soon become the main point of contention that Obama's administration will need to justify.

Apr 15 09:39

Tea party' vs. opponents: 'Low-grade civil war' on tax day?

In towns large and small on Thursday, which is tax day, tea partyers are planning to march against big government – and the rhetoric is getting heated as counterdemonstrators mobilize. Some agents provocateurs say they’ll crash the tea parties, and the threat of fisticuffs and worse is hanging in the air.

Both sides have been fueled by the Internet's churning of partisan, even extreme, politics. One commenter, a tea-party supporter, recently warned of a looming "low-grade civil war

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The real "agents provocateurs" in these protests are most likely going to be government goons, attempting to make people who protest appear violent, and will advocate violence against property and people.

Civil dissent, expressed as protest gatherings, is one of the most cherished cornerstones of this country's philosophical foundations; the sense of anger and betrayal Americans are feeling at a government gone insane with its own power, are completely legitimate.

Apr 15 09:31

US threatens to nuke Iran; blame victim’s “intentions;” beware false flag attack to pull trigger

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

Can you handle the truth? Do you have the intellectual integrity and moral courage to employ middle school-level verification of factual claims on our nation’s most important issues? This involves no belief; only verification of the following objective facts essential to your citizenry:

Apr 15 09:24

Notes On The Greatness Of The American People

The myth of the greatness of the American people is -- to use Lincoln's famous words -- altogether fitting and proper under the circumstances, which is to say it is necessary to the American political landscape for several interconnected reasons. In addition to the most transparent of flattery, the myth provides invaluable support for American exceptionalism, the mass-murderous fiction according to which the United States is never obliged to acknowledge -- or apologize for -- or rectify -- the damage it does to the rest of the world.....

Apr 15 08:35

Two carry-on bags now allowed on U.S.-bound Canadian flights

Starting today, Canadians flying to the U.S. can take two carry-on bags and personal items with them on a plane.

Restrictions on carry-ons were imposed after a botched Christmas Day terror attack on a flight to Detroit from Amsterdam. Canada quickly banned carry-on luggage, then allowed U.S.-bound passengers one carry-on bag and some personal items in January.


More booga booga.

Apr 14 23:32

Israel Dismisses Obama Call to Join NPT

As with previous discussions of the possibility, Israeli officials today reacted negatively to yesterday’s comment by President Obama in support of seeing Israel join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

“There is no room to pressure Israel to join,” insisted Defense Minister Ehud Barak, who added that it was unreasonable to ask Israel to join so long as Iran, a signatory to the NPT remains a “threat.”

Apr 14 15:28

Microsoft in League With Enemies of Free Speech - Again

This is where Microsoft comes in. According to the local news agency, agents of the State Financial Police and a representative of Microsoft arrived armed with an order from the Kyrgyzstan Prosecutor General's office to seal all the station's equipment. This included confiscating private laptops that were on the premises at the time. The justification for this action was the charge from Microsoft's agent that Stan Media LLC may be using pirated Microsoft software...


Apr 14 08:17

Oath Keepers Withdraw From DC Rally Over Violent Threats

The Oath Keepers organization has announced its withdrawal from a pro-Constitution rally due to be held near Washington DC on April 19 following threats of violence made by participants in the march, highlighting once again the danger posed by provocateurs who seek to cause mayhem in order to discredit peaceful political groups.

Apr 14 07:27

Iran complains to UN over Obama 'nuclear blackmail'

Iran has formally complained to the United Nations over comments by US President Barack Obama which Tehran considers to be "nuclear blackmail," the official IRNA news agency reported Wednesday.

In a letter submitted to the world's top diplomatic body on Tuesday, Tehran questions the "intent" of Washington's new nuclear policy and says it contains threats of nuclear attack against Iran, IRNA said.


The US loves to choose enemies they believe are weaker to ensure a win. Look what happened in Iraq. If the US picks a fight with Iran, there will be much graver consequences for the whole world.

Apr 14 06:59

More Surveillance: Planes, Trains, Automobiles and Buses

More Surveillance: Planes, Trains, Automobiles and Buses

Senator Joe Lieberman, in an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press, says that he is worried about the threat of domestic terrorism on public transportation systems:

“Our government is working with state and local officials … both in ways that are visible and ways that are not visible, to raise our defenses on trains and subways and buses. But … non-aviation is the vulnerable part of our transportation system and we, frankly, need to give it more than we’re giving it now to protect the American people. I worry about this,” Lieberman said.


Apr 13 14:31

Israeli Mossad operation threatened against whistleblowing journalist

An Israeli journalist who went into hiding after writing a series of reports showing lawbreaking approved by Israeli army commanders faces a lengthy jail term for espionage if caught, as Israeli security services warned they would “remove the gloves” to track him down, Jonathan Cook reports.

Apr 13 13:24

Helpline priest falls asleep during suicide call for help

A suicidal man connected to a Samaritans-style helpline in Sweden was left pondering his options when the priest at the other end fell asleep and started snoring down the line.

Apr 13 13:06

Carlsberg workers strike over beer limits

Carlsberg workers in Copenhagen have gone on strike against new rules that restrict the amount of free beer they can consume during their working day.

Apr 13 07:48


One Day After 2007 Attack, Iraqi
Witnesses Describe the US Killings of Iraqi Civilians.

(repost from Democracracy Now!)

also see

video live at source

Apr 12 19:40

Another war lie to attack Iran: Neda “murder video” shows her pouring fake blood on her own face

*hyperlinks and videos at source*

You know that US government and corporate media lied to the world for unlawful war with Iraq. We know these were all known lies as they were told because we now have the disclosed evidence. The lies are "emperor has no clothes" obvious upon examination.

We know that US government and corporate media are lying to the world for unlawful war with Iran. We know these are all lies by examining the evidence. We know that the US lied to overthrow Iran’s democracy from 1953 to 1979 in order to have an oil-friendly dictator and then supported Iran’s invasion from 1980 to 1988 when they refused a replacement dictator.

Apr 12 12:50

Wikileaks Update: Military says there WERE weapons; Wikileaks... Agrees?!?

Julian Assange, a WikiLeaks editor, acknowledged to Fox News in an interview Tuesday evening that "it's likely some of the individuals seen in the video were carrying weapons."
Assange said his suspicions about the weapons were so strong that a draft version of the video they produced made specific reference to the AK-47s and RPGs. Ultimately, Assange said, WikiLeaks became "unsure" about the weapons. He claimed the RPG could have been a camera tripod, so editors decided not to point it out.
"Based upon visual evidence I suspect there probably were AKs and an RPG, but I'm not sure that means anything," Assange said. Nearly every Iraqi household has a rifle or an AK. Those guys could have just been protecting their area."

Apr 12 12:47

MSNBC Dylan Ratigan video: Federal Reserve is the greatest con and cover-up in US history

*hyperlinks live at source*

You know you’re being conned when the FBI reports that banks were responsible for 80% of the sub-prime criminal lending fraud, and then those same banks are rewarded with trillions of dollars from taxpayers with future guarantees of trillions more. You know you’re being played when the US Senate confirms that taxpayers lose $2 to $4 TRILLION every year from price manipulation yet continue to allow it. You know that you’re a sucker when the pinnacle con men from Goldman Sachs and the Fed rotate through the US Treasury Department’s “leadership.”

This link provides the documentation of the above, and the solutions. Lying for trillions of dollars is similar to lying for war: both involve the central questions of money and power.

Apr 12 09:11

Obama Hosts Unprecedented International Nuclear Summit

President Obama says terrorists obtaining a nuclear weapon is the "single biggest threat" to U.S. security.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to President Obama: the US government itself is the "single biggest threat" to US security.

Between waging immoral and illegal wars abroad, going broke trying to fund them,looting the taxpayers at every turn, and having turned this into the United States of Corporatocracy, this government is by far the most grave threat to this nation's security and stability.

Apr 12 08:57

US airbase in Kyrgyzstan resumes full operations: embassy

The US airbase in Kyrgyzstan vital to military operations in Afghanistan has resumed full operations, the US embassy said Monday, after unrest caused the suspension of troop transport flights.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

1. This was not "unrest": this was a revolution!

2. One has to wonder just what the US promised both the leadership of Kyrgyzstan and Russia to enable it to keep the base here open.

Apr 12 08:53

Risk of Japan going bankrupt is real, analysts say

Greece's debt problems may currently be in the spotlight but Japan is walking its own financial tightrope, analysts say, with a public debt mountain bigger than that of any other industrialised nation.

Public debt is expected to hit 200 percent of GDP in the next year as the government tries to spend its way out of the economic doldrums despite plummeting tax revenues and soaring welfare costs for its aging population.

Japan "can't finance" its record trillion-dollar budget passed in March for the coming year as it tries to stimulate its fragile economy, said Hideo Kumano, chief economist at Dai-ichi Life Research Institute.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One by one, the global economic dominoes continue to fall.

And the question is, for thinking Americans, when the US will simply collapse of its own indebtedness?!? As reported at:

The US national debt, as of today, is:

$ 1 2 , 8 4 1 , 5 0 5 , 3 0 5 , 6 2 6 . 0 6

That's twelve trillion, eight hundred forty-one billion, five hundred-five million, three hundred-five thousand, six hundred twenty-six dollars and change.

And with interest on this debt, it is rising by the second.

Apr 12 08:44

Onerous New DOE Regulations Headed Our Way

The announcement from DOE Secretary Steven Chu says that these changes will save 164 Million Metric Tons of CO2, from entering the atmosphere due to our use of more efficient electrical appliances.

Damn that's a lot of CO2............. Or is it?

There's a total of roughly 800Gt (Gigatons) (798Gt actually) of CO2 in our atmosphere, of which roughly 27Gt comes from man's activities.

164M (Million) Mt (Metric Tons) over 10 years = 16.4MMt per year = 1.6% of 1Gt = 1.5 billionths of 1% of the atmosphere every year.

And this is going to cost us how many billions of dollars?

Apr 12 07:48

Lady Apocalypse is Coming into Bloom.

438 to 437 is the tally by which Romney won the straw poll over Ron Paul. What are the odds of those numbers?

Apr 12 05:18

Israel must denuclearize, Erdogan says

The Turkish premier says the international community should take action to disarm Israel as part of the efforts to make the Middle East a nuclear weapons-free zone...

Apr 11 20:48

IDF order will enable mass deportation from West Bank

A new military order aimed at preventing infiltration will come into force this week, enabling the deportation of tens of thousands of Palestinians from the West Bank, or their indictment on charges carrying prison terms of up to seven years.

When the order comes into effect, tens of thousands of Palestinians will automatically become criminal offenders liable to be severely punished.

Apr 11 18:10

Polish Delegation Wiped Out - Assassination or Accident?

For observers who do not normally follow events in eastern Europe and Russia, it is important to note that there has been a level of veiled hostility between Russia’s former President and Poland. Poland was to be one of the eastern European hosts of the US missile defense shield, a military action condemned by Russia and Mr. Putin.

Apr 11 10:27

Occupied Washington DC

As a visitor to our nation's capital, I cannot tell you how disconcerting it is to step off the metro and find yourself face to face with a F-35 fighter jet. Where you would normally expect to find ads for cell phones or museum exhibitions, Washington's subway, the second busiest in the country, instead displays full color backlit billboards for some of the most deadly – and expensive – weapons systems ever produced.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The one thing that will guarantee the safety of American citizens is for the American government to stop mucking about in other peoples' countries, as though those countries' resources only belong to the US, and not to the people sitting on top of them.

Of course, that would be logical.

Apr 11 10:15

America's Imperial Design. Prompt Global Strike: World Military Superiority Without Nuclear Weapons

On April 8 American and Russian presidents Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev signed a new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) agreement in the Czech capital of Prague to reduce their respective nation's nuclear arsenals and delivery systems (subject to ratification by the U.S. Senate and the Russian Duma.

More ominously, though, Washington is forging ahead with a replacement for the nuclear sword and shield - for blackmail and for deterrence - with a non-nuclear model that could upset the previous "balance of terror" arrangement that has been a criminal nightmare for six decades, but for sixty years without a massive missile war.

Apr 11 09:49

America Blowback in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan, like Bolivia at one time, is hardly the only such small, democracy-deficient, country with some manner of "strategic relationship" that fits in to larger US geopolitical concerns – in fact it may be the rule. But the unexpected swiftness with which an unpopular regime was swept aside, and the potentially seismic impact it has on the US war effort in Afghanistan – is a good reminder of the inevitable breaking point produced by a US foreign policy semantically dedicated to human rights – that looks the other way while "strategic allies" loot their countries' assets, murder their journalists, and send troops out to gun people down in the streets.

Apr 11 09:12

'All bets are off' if US under WMD attack: Clinton

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Sunday the United States could not rule out using nuclear weapons if it came under biological attack, saying in that case "all bets are off."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder if, perhaps, this country is being "set up" for an horrific "false flag" event for Clinton to have made that remark today.

The fear card is about the only thing this administration has left to keep people from thinking about the clear and present dangers this administration has created in their lives.

Apr 11 09:04

Kyrgyz govt threatens force against ousted leader

Kyrgyzstan's interim government warned Sunday it could use force against ousted President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, raising tensions in the Central Asian state vital to US operations in Afghanistan.

"The interim government is prepared to use force in the event that Bakiyev attempts to destabilise the situation," said Omurbek Tekebayev, a deputy head of the interim government said on national radio.

"Bakiyev must resign, and announce his decision to the people," added Tekebayev, a leader of the anti-Bakiyev forces that have seized power in the former Soviet republic, which is home to a US air base.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This situation could morph into a civil war at the speed of light.

The question is, with Russia having recognized the opposition government, what is the US, which has a base headquartered in Manas here, going to do?!?

Apr 11 08:41

Polish Tragedy: Exactly HOW Many People Were On The Plane?

Video at source. CNN was at first intenionally vague (see video at link) - hinting at one point that their original estimate (132) would be revised; a few hourse later - surprise! - only 97 dead.

The plane was on the way o a commemoration of the massacre of tens of thousands by the former USSR.

Apr 11 07:10

TRANSLATED: Prezydent zamordowany? (President assassinated?)

Blogger, cites pilot on crash anomalies, doubts official story. Translated by Google.

.... Circumstances, however, point to a major accident or intentional blocking of the control system.... Many foreign Web sites... reported about this that "the Polish president was killed."... the new President of the NBP, which is probably the Polish zloty will no longer be defended ... It is also by chance that killed the entire leadership of the Polish Army, and appoint a new commander, Marshal ... Of course, in no way suggesting that we had to do with the coup d'état.

Is fecit, cui prodest.

Apr 11 04:52

Polish Crash: Eerie; Putin Himself Investigating: Eerier

Isn't it ironic then that Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, former head of the KGB and the Soviet secret police and now over the new KGB and Russian intelligence services would be conducting the investigation of a plane crash that killed the President and most of the military leaders of Poland, a former state of the Soviet Union?

Apr 10 16:10

Poland’s Leaders Move to Weaken Currency, Then Die in Plane Crash

The Polish government and the National Bank of Poland, in a “rare moment of unity,” agree to weaken Poland’s currency, the zloty, in an act that would benefit Poland’s exporters at the expense of Poland’s trading partners—that is, the European Union, among others. Then, the next day, Poland’s president and the president of its national bank die in a plane crash.

Apr 10 16:07

Polish Delegation Wiped Out - Assassination or Accident?

For observers who do not normally follow events in eastern Europe and Russia, it is important to note that there has been a level of veiled hostility between Russia’s former President and Poland. Poland was to be one of the eastern European hosts of the US missile defense shield, a military action condemned by Russia and Mr. Putin.

Apr 10 16:06

Solidarity Demo FREE TIBET in Zürich Switzerland (photos)

An estimated 10,000 people gathered today April 10, 2010 at Münsterplatz Zürich for a demonstration of solidarity with the people of Tibet. It was a beautiful sunny spring day featuring an interesting program of singing prayers, music, a speech by the Dali Lama, and lots of people including thousands of Tibetan refugees, waving colorful Tibetan flags.

Apr 10 15:25

Clinton speaks with interim Kyrgyz leadership

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Saturday telephoned interim Kyrgyz leader Roza Otunbayeva and urged the leadership to "renew Kyrgyzstan's path to democracy," the State Department said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to US Secretary of State Clinton; by throwing the b*stards out, the Kyrgyz people have already have started on that process.

Apr 10 14:44

Most Support Stronger Regulations on Big Banks

The survey also found that 63% do not agree that the federal government has a responsibility to insure that big banks do not fail and only 33% said they had confidence in the Federal Reserve to enforce regulations on the nation's financial institutions

Apr 10 12:17

Video: 1,300 U.S. troops stranded at airfield in Kyrgyzstan, military says

A U.S. military spokesman, who declined to be identified because of the sensitivity of the security situation, said the troops have been unable to move because of the suspension of U.S. military operations at the airfield...

Apr 10 10:02

US Moves From Nuclear Arms to Conventional Missiles With Global Reach

While President Barack Obama speaks overseas of his vision of a world without nuclear weapons, his military commanders at home are quietly accelerating a programme to develop and deploy a new class of conventional intercontinental ballistic missiles which will have the capacity to strike targets anywhere in the world within an hour.

While the effort to develop the new missile capability, called Prompt Global Strike, began in the late 1990s and through the Bush years, President Obama has expanded its budget with hopes that it can be added to US military's array of options by the middle of this decade. First prototype tests will be carried out by the Air Force next month.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This move doesn't make the world, or the US, more safe; it makes the world more dangerous, particularly if these weapons cannot be distinguished from nuclear weapons by other countries.

Apr 10 09:23

How Many Americans Does It Take to Slaughter a Third World Child?

How much effort, by how many Americans, has gone into producing each child’s violent death during undeclared wars in Third World nations? Some innocent child made poor and disadvantaged for its country’s history of brutal colonial occupation and plunder by industrial powers that continue to exploit through neocolonialist financial oppression, killed by foreign invaders of American nationality.

Apr 10 08:13

First on-site video of plane crash that killed Polish president Lech Kaczynski

Apr 10 08:11


Webmaster's Commentary: 

Presidents should leave flying decisions to their pilots.

Apr 10 07:33

Jesse Ventura speaks out about conspiracy theories in NaturalNews interview

(NaturalNews) Jesse Ventura is known as being a tough, principled and courageous advocate of liberty and freedom. His new book, American Conspiracies, outlines a fascinating and well-documented accounting of some of the most important conspiracies that shaped American history -- including the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. As part of the launch of this new book, Jesse joined us by phone for an interview with

Apr 10 06:48

Polish president and wife among '88 confirmed dead' as plane crashes in Russia

Polish president Lech Kaczynski and his wife Maria have been killed after their plane crashed on approach to Smolensk airport in western Russia.

There were conflicting reports today of the number of people on board the flight. Russian news agencies reported at least 88 people died in the crash near Smolensk airport in western Russia, citing the Russian Emergencies Ministry. They reported 132 people were aboard the Tupolev Tu-154.

But Polish officials said 88 people were on board when the plane crashed. Sky News reported 96 dead.

Apr 09 19:00

US reaps bitter harvest from 'Tulip' revolution

Evidently, there has been a massive breakdown in US diplomacy in Central Asia. Things were going rather well lately until this setback. For the first time it seemed Washington had succeeded in the Great Game by getting a grip on the Kyrgyz regime, though the achievement involved a cold-blooded jettisoning of all norms of democracy, human rights and rule of law that the US commonly champions. By all accounts, Washington just bought up the Bakiyev family lock stock and barrel, overlooking its controversial record of misuse of office.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So that's where the 80 million dollars in US "aid" went!

Apr 09 18:39

Kyrgyzstan leader demands president go into exile as civil war threat rises

Roza Otunbayeva, the new self-proclaimed leader of Kyrgyzstan, has warned the overthrown president Kurmanbek Bakiyev is plotting a comeback from the south of the Central Asian country amid fears of a civil war.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This could get dicey very quickly.

Russia has just stated that it supports the new government, and is about to negotiate financial aid to help get the country back on its feet.

If Kurmanbek Bakiyev decides to attempt some paramilitary countermeasures, we could see Russia literally coming to the defense of the new opposition government militarily.

The White House and State Department had better think very carefully about how they would respond to this scenario, in light of the large US base headquartered here in Manas.

And it was with former president Kurmanbek Bakiyev with whom the US signed the deal for that base.

Apr 09 18:20

US troop flights at Kyrgyz base suspended: military

The US military has suspended troop flights out of its base in Kyrgyzstan and will instead transport forces to and from Afghanistan via Kuwait, military officials said Friday.

The suspension came after the Americans spotted armored vehicles on the civilian side of the airport, a defense official told AFP.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would like to hope that there are some true adults in the room in command of this base, and that there are no provocations against the new government.

The situation is still very tense here, and one would hope that no one at the base would do anything which could be construed as provocative.

Apr 09 15:28

The dark underbelly of Israel’s security state

What is misleadingly being called in Israel the “Anat Kamm espionage affair” is quickly revealing the dark underbelly of a nation that has worshipped for decades at the altar of a security state, Jonathan Cook reports.

Apr 09 13:37

Proof (at last): Pope WAS Involved in Coverup

Original post.

They wanted Rev. Stephen Kiesle removed. Ratzinger didn't... such an outcome would put "the good of the Catholic Church" at risk (from a letter Ratzinger wrote, in Latin, to the Oakland Diocese).

AP exclusive: so its a googlecache source at link.

Apr 09 12:17

One Day Soon, We’ll All Be “Homegrown Terrorists”

As our country spirals towards certain monetary derailment, scathing discontentment with the establishment is sure to arise. When trusted leadership betrays, when criminality becomes a political guideline, when the corrupt loot the world, burning the people alive in their ever expanding grip, invariably, defiance is born. The Globalists know this well. They have seen it time and again, and have learned from past mistakes. Instead of immediately attempting to crush this opposition of individualists, the Elites now preempt violence with “false cultural identification”; the public demonization of those who would inevitably rebel BEFORE they even do so, much like a murderer who admonishes his future victims for wanting to defend themselves.

Apr 09 10:15

As democracy unravels at home, the west thuggishly exports it elsewhere

Democracy in both America and Britain is coming under scrutiny these days. Quite apart from the antics of MPs and congressmen, it is said to be sliding towards oligarchy, with increasing overtones of autocracy. Money and its power over technology are making elections unfair. The military-industrial complex is as powerful as ever, having adopted "the menace of global terrorism" as its casus belli. Lobbying and corruption are polluting the government process. In a nutshell, democracy is not in good shape.

Apr 09 09:53

Kyrgyzstan’s next leader will have to win Moscow's approval

An ability to please Russia may determine whether the new leader of Kyrgyzstan’s interim government becomes the next president.

Ms. Otunbayeva has said that the US can continue using the base at Manas but a senior Russian official, speaking on condition of anonymity, made clear yesterday that the Kremlin expected her to close it. He said that Mr Bakiyev had broken a promise to expel the Americans, adding: “In Kyrgyzstan there should be only one base — Russian.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If US officials thought, for one second, that there was a possibility of this base being permanent, they were severely deluded.

Of course, the fact that we had supported a tyrant in the form of Bakiyev to get the deal for the base in the first place didn't do anything to support the US's alleged reputation for standing on the side of human rights and human dignity here, and the people of this country understand that completely.

Apr 09 09:45

Kyrgyzstan: a Russian revolution?

Obama has no excuse for being unaware of what was going on. According to Human Rights Watch, several of Kyrgyzstan's best-known opposition leaders were jailed on politically inspired charges in the past year. Amid intensifying street demonstrations in March, opposition websites and independent radio stations were blocked or jammed, and the publication of three newspapers was suspended. Two prominent journalists were killed last year.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US has had an historic, and almost pathological, pattern of looking the other way when a dictator (like Batista, the Shah, etc.,) was giving the US precisely what they wanted.

Then when the oppressed countries have had enough, and turn on their dictatorial leadership, the US always feigns shock, and wonders why it happened, and searches for other countries to blame.

Hopefully, if the current leadership here decides that that the Manas base has to shut down, the US is not going to do anything profoundly stupid, as Russia also has a base here in Kyrgyzstan, just 20 miles away from Manas.

The viability of Manas is not worth getting into a shooting war with Russia over; there are surely other alternatives.

Apr 09 08:38

Deputy Suspended After 30 Students Get Tased

A Lake County sheriff's deputy who attended a job fair has been suspended for using a stun gun on 30 high school students who said they wanted to know what it felt like.

Apr 09 07:59

The 'Full Version' of The Wikileaks Video Is Missing 30 Minutes of Footage

Thanks to for the link.

Wikileaks' most compelling aspect is its ability to dig up the raw data behind the scandals it exposes. You can't argue with documents produced by the culprits themselves! That's why 30 minutes of missing footage in their helicopter video matters.

You've all seen the edited, 17 minute video of U.S. Apache helicopters killing two Reuters journalists in Iraq. Some of you may have sat through the 39 minute 'Full Version.". But even this video has a full half-hour of footage cut out from the middle. At 31:08, the video fades to black and—according to the time-stamp on the footage—resumes about 30 minutes later to show an additional missile attack.

Apr 09 07:33

On the Multiple Death Threats I Have Received

The threats have come not from anonymous callers, but from identifiable people here in the United States who have put their threats in writing, to be carried out by their hired guns. I believe these people are delusional. They actually think they have a right to kill me, "for my own good". I am hoping you can provide some guidance on what precautions I should take to protect me from these people.

Here is the situation.....

Apr 09 05:41

329 Pasco County Teaching Jobs Could Be Lost

In 2008 I ran for state representative, the main point of my platform was education reform. I believed at that time the direction the legislature was taking with education was counter-productive, if not self-destructive. Since the last election cycle we’ve seen the education sector in Florida hit hard by the depression we’re experiencing in this state...

Apr 08 15:25

CrimeX Gold “Bust” To Cause Gold Price Collapse?

Please go to commentary with the above title!

I will attempt to address the following here in this piece.
1. Comex “crash” may not induce the “parabolic rise” some are waiting for.
2. “Elite” may well actually allow this to happen as they could care less and most will have no recourse in such an event.
3. A gold “bust” could actually be the cause of some type of “meltdown” that we do not see coming besides munis, cdo’s, cds etc.
And of course to continue to debunk “gold will be the new currency and the only way to survive” fear and greed based mandate of “gold bugs”

Apr 08 09:14

At the Geopolitical Crossroads of China and Russia: Kyrgyzstan And The Battle For Central Asia

Which direction the next Kyrgyz government takes will have repercussions far beyond the nation's small size and population (slightly over five million).

It could affect U.S. and NATO plans for the largest military offensive of the Afghan war scheduled to begin in two months in Kandahar province.

It could determine the future of the Collective Security Treaty Organization and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the two major potential barriers to Western military penetration of vast tracts of Eurasia.

The stakes could hardly be higher.

Apr 08 08:55

F-16s scrambled to escort plane into Denver

The North American Aerospace Defense Command says two F-16 jets were scrambled from a Colorado air base to intercept a plane headed into Denver's airport Wednesday night.

A North American Aerospace spokesman, John Cornelio, says the jets from Buckley Air Force Base escorted the plane to Denver.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Wow! Those F-16s got to that plane really fast. Just about as fast as the jets that intercepted Payne Stewart's runaway Learjet!

What a shame the F-16s were not that fast on 9-11!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 08 08:52

Slavoj Žižek: ‘We face an apocalyptic crisis of the commons’ -

[The] modern crisis of the commons will be the battle ground upon which the future is decided. If Berlusconi and his ilk have their way, ‘Groucho Marx Authoritarianism’ may lead us to a tomorrow where we have the ‘freedom’ to choose between a hundred different types of toothpaste but no freedom to dethrone those who oppress us. If the neoliberal capitalists retain power, we may be led into a future where a ‘beneficent’ elite supports half the world’s poor with philanthropy and charity. If the crisis of the commons isn’t responsibly addressed, we may be led into a future where privacy is some obscure idea in history books and mega-media conglomerates are free to undercut our agency by targeting us with neuralmarketing. If our commons aren’t protected we won’t have the freedom to be free.

Apr 08 08:03

The Real Story On Census Fines

ssue #1: What Is the Fine for Refusing to Fill Out and Send In the Decennial Census Form?

The question is, if an individual or family, as an act of civil disobedience or otherwise, is found to have refused or willfully failed to answer any census question, is that individual subject to a fine of up to $100, a fine for each unanswered question of up to $100 (making the total fine for the decennial census form up to $1,000) or a fine of up to $5,000? A related question is whether the fine for refusal to answer questions on the decennial census is the same as for refusal to answer questions on the American Community Survey.

Apr 08 07:53

Kyrgyz Opposition Forms Interim Government Backed By The Army

An opposition coalition proclaimed a new interim government Thursday after a violent uprising in Kyrgyzstan and said it would rule until elections are held in six months. But a respected private news agency said the president had proclaimed in an e-mail that he would not relinquish power.

Kyrgyzstan, which shares a 533-mile (858-kilometer) border with China, is also a gateway to other energy-rich Central Asian countries where China, Russia and the U.S. are competing fiercely for dominance. It is a predominantly Muslim country, but it has remained secular.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In light of the fact that President Bakiyev has not officially stepped down, things could still get very dicey here in a heartbeat.

And that one-year extension on the US base at Manas will be over toward the end of this year. One has to wonder if the new government will simply ask more money from the US, or tell the US to leave.

Apr 08 07:49

Qatari diplomat causes bomb scare on U.S. flight after 'trying to sneak a cigarette in the bathroom'

A Qatari diplomat trying to sneak a cigarette in an airplane bathroom prompted a bomb scare on a U.S. flight last night.

Fighter jets were scrambled as air marshals on the plane arrested the man.

When he was asked about the smell of smoke in the bathroom, he joked that he had been trying to light his shoes - an apparent reference to the 2001 so-called 'shoe bomber' Richard Reid.

No explosives were found on the diplomat - named as as Mohammed Al-Madadi - and officials do not believe he was trying to harm anyone.

Apr 08 07:42

Brace Yourself for Obamacare Taxes

Now that President Obama's health-insurance overhaul has become law, we can brace ourselves for the new taxes. What new taxes? Aren't they only on the "rich" and on large companies?

Apr 08 06:58

The Monkey and the Mango Vase

Toppling some of the unbelievably corrupt governments of the west is an idea whose time has come but it’s pointless to focus on the politicians. These are just the ordinary whores plying their trade street side. It’s the bankers that need to come down and have all their money redistributed. It’s the pimps and the crime bosses that you want, not the lying mouthpieces who work for them.

Apr 08 06:46

Obama and Medvedev sign nuclear disarmament treaty

The United States and Russia signed a landmark disarmament treaty on Thursday they hope will herald better bilateral ties and raise pressure on countries seeking nuclear weapons to renounce such ambitions.

The agreement will cut strategic nuclear arsenals deployed by the former Cold War foes by 30 percent within seven years but leave each with enough to destroy the other.


This DEFINITELY puts Israel in a much better position.

Apr 08 06:23

American Monetary Institute (AMI): History of money, monetary reform, public action. 6 of 6

*hyperlinks live at source*

The American Monetary Institute is the world’s leading organization for understanding monetary history and how to reform monetary policy. These six articles reprint AMI’s principle information, available at AMI’s website, with their express permission to share widely:

1.Explaining the need for monetary reform: the heart of our economic crisis
2.Monetary history: synopsis of Stephen Zarlenga’s The Lost Science of Money
3.How to reform our monetary system: understanding the mechanics of creating money
4.The American Monetary Act: monetary reform legislation for Congress (part a and part b)
5.FAQ of monetary reform
6.What can Americans do for monetary reform?

Apr 08 04:40

Cancer vaccine programme suspended after 4 girls die

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has told Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat to immediately suspend the cervical cancer control vaccination programme for girls. The programme is part of a two-year study to look into the utility of a vaccine in public health programmes and acceptability of Gardasil, the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine made by Merck. Gardasil, available in chemist shops across the country, is marketed in India by MSD Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd.
The programme was marred by controversy after four deaths and complications among 120 girls were reported after vaccination. The girls complained of stomach disorders, epilepsy, headaches and early menarche. Women activists fear the vaccine may impact the mental health of girls who have shown no signs of distress so far.

Apr 07 17:09

Mexico Failing on Purpose?

Very interesting analysis from Stratfor. I could easily cut and paste the whole thing, as it is a must read for Agonistas. But let's boil down the main points:

* * * * * *

And here's their conclusion:

The United States does not know how to reduce demand for drugs. The United States is not prepared to legalize drugs. This means the choice lies between the status quo and a complex and uncertain (to say the least) intervention. We suspect the United States will attempt some limited variety of the latter, while in effect following the current strategy and living with the problem.

Apr 07 16:16

US military base in Kyrgyzstan 'closed' amid riots

US military flights from a base north of the Kyrgyz capital have been suspended after authorities closed the airport amid anti-government riots...