Feb 03 16:38

Next Year in Havana?

Ending the U.S. Travel Ban Should Be First Step in Normalizing Relations with Cuba

Feb 03 14:14

Blackwater by any other name...

is still Blackwater.

According to several military and government sources familiar with Xe's contracts, Xe also operates under the names Paravant and XPG. Both "affiliates" are based at the same Moyock, North Carolina address as Xe. Other Prince-owned companies that have received government contracts include Greystone, Raven, Constellation, US Training Center, GSD Manufacturing, and Presidential Airlines. The companies are among a total of 20 different limited liability corporations owned by Prince and registered to the same address as Blackwater-Xe.

Feb 03 12:24

When independent journalists challenge US wars, government propagandists attack in the comments

*hyperlinks live at source*

The US Senate Church Committee disclosed in 1975 that more than over 400 government propagandists had infiltrated American corporate media to manipulate public opinion on key policies, including war. CIA Director William Colby testified that Operation Mockingbird had been operational since the late 1940s to control what was reported through American television, newspapers, and magazines. President Ford fired Colby after his testimony and replaced him with George H. W. Bush. Bush Sr. ended the CIA’s testimony, stating that there were no other programs of concern to disclose and promised that the CIA would no longer influence the media (for Bush Sr.’s lies to initiate the first war with Iraq, click here).

Feb 03 11:14

The Planned End of The Republic

I don't care what agency they are with, what country they are from, or what traitorous pen stroke our bogus appointed rulers create in the way of Executive Orders, ANYONE that tries to disarm law abiding Americans should be SHOT ON SIGHT. And if you don't, if you allow them to takes us out one at a time while hiding in the basement instead of attacking the attackers, you deserve the chains they have waiting.

Feb 03 09:37

Am I just being an old fuddy-duddy here, or does this strike any of you as just a little sick?

Feb 03 09:26

Israeli Occupation-Supporting Companies To Boycott By Stephen Lendman

Since 1948, hundreds of UN resolutions and civil society actions condemned Israel's lawlessness; its crimes of war and against humanity; occupation; discriminatory policies; illegal home demolitions, land seizures and settlements; oppression of a civilian population; the Separation Wall; the Gaza siege; and preemptive imperial wars.

Nothing so far has worked. Palestine is still occupied. Its people continue to suffer. Their human rights are denied. World leaders ignore them. This no longer can be tolerated. In solidarity, people of conscience everywhere must pressure Israel with BDS initiatives that include boycotting Israeli companies, their products and services, and global ones supporting the occupation. They're numerous, many with familiar names.

Feb 03 08:59

Children Prisoners of the U.S. War of Terror

Why is the Obama administration not releasing this information to the ACLU and the public? What is being hidden? It is not enough to reduce the number of juveniles held in the U.S. war of terror just by transferring them to Iraqi or Afghan puppet forces. What are the conditions of incarceration? Are these children still being deprived of their legal and human rights? What crimes are being committed in our names? These are all questions that deserve an answer.

Feb 03 08:54

Budgets, War and Blind Ambition: The Limited Minds of the American Elite

Our elites and their courtiers literally cannot imagine life without a permanent war for global dominance, fueled by a gargantuan war machine spread across hundreds and hundreds of bases implanted in more than 100 countries.

And so this consideration, this possible outcome, does not figure in Sanger's "analysis" because it cannot: it lies far outside the scope of his consciousness. The only possible alternative he can conceive to the empire's bloody and bankrupting business as usual is some kind of divine intervention, "miraculous growth" or some "miraculous political compromise."

Feb 03 08:32

Largest-ever federal payroll to hit 2.15 million

The Obama administration says the government will grow to 2.15 million employees this year, topping 2 million for the first time since President Clinton declared that "the era of big government is over" and joined forces with a Republican-led Congress in the 1990s to pare back the federal work force.

Feb 03 08:26


America is "a nation that seeks war" and if it doesn’t change it could end up destroying itself, a law school dean warns.

Given all the wars the United States has waged, "It is preposterous but true that we do not see ourselves as a nation that seeks war," writes Lawrence Velvel, dean of the Massachusetts School of Law at Andover. "We see ourselves as a peace loving nation" and that message is constantly drummed into the public by government and media.

Feb 03 08:25

Why Didn't the Nanny State Protect Us From Toyota?

As we libertarians have been pointing out for decades, the paternalistic state is nothing more than a big fraud and sham, one designed to convince people to fund a gigantic, bureaucratic, parasitic state that will keep them safe from the vicissitudes of life. Yet, as people once again learn, all those beloved regulations and regulators don’t keep people safe at all. Bad things continue to happen in life, as they always will. The nanny society can’t stop that.

Feb 03 08:19

U.S. Military No Where to be Found in Port-au-Prince

I have been driving all week around Port-au-Prince taking photos of the destroyed homes and buildings and as I've gone from one end of this city to the other, the US is military is only found at the airport - nice and secured behind those gates.

Meanwhile, the UN and its white Jeeps are driving all around this city, but I haven't seen them stop at any particular location to give food or water. Where is all the aid going, if any?

Michel David Stephan is a 22-year-old Haitian university student who has not been able to continue his studies because the campus has been badly damaged. I asked him what he thought of the UN.

"We call them 'tourists' because they don't do nothing," Stephan told me.

I also asked Stephan what he thought of the US military.

Feb 03 07:30

Children lead way in record New York homelessness

Kariana, aged three, has a lonely existence in the New York homeless shelter her parents moved into last year. Lonely, but not alone -- there are nearly 16,000 children just like her.

Homelessness in New York has soared as a result of the damaged US economy and children make up almost half of that growing population.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A society can always be best judged by how it treats the most fragile of its members; its children and its elderly.

Feb 03 07:28

Obama grows the drug war, with enforcement a clear priority

The Obama administration, he said, would move toward handling drug addiction as a medical problem, moving away from the brash enforcement tactics that hallmarked prior administrations.

According to 2011 funding "highlights" released by the ONDCP (PDF link), the Obama administration is growing the drug war and tilting its funds heavily toward law enforcement over treatment.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Ever noticed that every time an administration declares "war" on a particular social issue, the issue gets worse, rather then better??

Feb 02 20:02

Tim Wise on the Creation of Whiteness

Feb 02 19:49

Target Corp Closes Its Port Richey Store

In this video I talk about Target Corp. closing its Port Richey location and how this closing will have an effect on the local economy.

Feb 02 16:29

Study: Hunger in America jumps ‘unprecedented’ 46 percent

If there is any indicator of the toll that the Great Recession has taken on the public, it would be the statistics beginning to emerge about hunger in the US.

According to a study from the nation's largest food bank operator, the number of Americans in need of food aid has jumped 46 percent in three years, including a 50 percent jump in the number of children needing food assistance, and a 64 percent increase in hunger in senior citizens' homes.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Welcome to Ameristan, brought to you courtesy of the economic policies of the previous and present administrations.

Feb 02 14:42

Prison sentence of 'millennium bomber' overturned

An appeals court has overturned the 22-year sentence of the "millennium bomber" -- convicted for a failed plot to bomb Los Angeles International Airport in 1999.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Did another frame-up just collapse?

Feb 02 14:41

Law Against Lying About Medals Challenged on Free Speech Grounds

A federal law against lying about military medals is facing First Amendment challenges in Colorado and California.

Lawyers in both cases have made similar arguments against the Stolen Valor Act, saying that lying is protected by the First Amendment unless it does real harm.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I've won the Congressional Medal of Honor. Honest! Really!!!!

Feb 02 13:51

Arab politicians face tide of “persecution” in Israel

Leaders of the Arab minority in Israel have warned that they are facing an unprecedented campaign of persecution, backed by the right-wing government of Benjamin Netanyahu, designed to stop their political activities, Jonathan Cook reports.

Feb 02 11:27

Two analogies for everyone to understand how US wars in Iraq and Iran are unlawful

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

Laws are meant to be perfectly clear and followed; especially those to save human beings from the scourge of war. The UN Charter are those laws, fortified with treaty status that under the US Constitution puts the Charter equal in authority to US law. The problem is that when political “leadership” of both parties want war, and then engage their propaganda minions in corporate media disclosed in the 1975 Church Senate Committee as “Operation Mockingbird,” Americans can easily be dis-informed. After all, Americans witness few wars and not many of us study the UN Charter to clearly understand lawful and unlawful wars.

Feb 02 09:00

Thick as Thieves: The Private (and very profitable) World of Corporate Spying

When Comverse Infosys founder and CEO Jacob "Kobi" Alexander fled to Israel and later Namibia in 2006, the former Israeli intelligence officer and entrepreneur took along a little extra cash for his extended "vacation"--$57 million to be precise.

According to investigative journalist James Bamford's exposé of the National Security Agency, The Shadow Factory, Alexander was facing a thirty-two-count indictment by the Justice Department "charging him with masterminding a scheme to backdate millions of Comverse stock options ... that allowed Alexander to realize $138 million in profits--profits stolen from the pockets of the company's shareholders."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Linked in light of yesterday's report that CIA is allowing their agents to "moonlight."

Comverse Infosys is one of the Israeli companies implicated in the Israeli Spy Scandal in 2001.

Feb 02 08:50

Year of the Rat -- I Mean, Census

Today's Feds continue fervent in their fanaticism for the census, so much so that you'd think they lack computers, the IRS, FISA's warrantless wiretaps, "pen/trap devices," black boxes at compliant ISP's, and the myriad bureaucracies that monitor all we say and do. Why? When the Feds already know the answers to their infernal questions, why bother asking us? What explains their devotion to this charade?

The Census Bureau blames it partly on the Constitution's "mandate," of course. Hooey. The Feds have proved for decades that they rank the Constitution somewhere below used toilet paper.

Feb 02 08:31

Obama Administration Vision: War Without End

The Obama administration has unveiled a scary new view of the global security landscape and a new strategy intended to protect Americans and U.S. allies. It is a sharp change from previous Pentagon strategic assessments in that it focuses on the wars Americans are currently fighting, rather than on future conflicts in which the United States might be involved.

And that future, in the Pentagon's view, is quite grim.

The new assessment -- reflecting "a bracing dose of realism,'' said Defense Secretary Robert Gates -- promises no respite from today's conflict-wracked world, and no backing away from the billions of dollars for new hardware and new capabilities that the administration says it will take to stay safe.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What would actually work the best (and cost the least)to create real safety for the US would be to stop mucking about with other people's countries.

Feb 02 08:07

Barack Obama in the Crosshairs: Is the military threatening to kill Obama over US war policy? 1 of 2

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

John Hankey is the author of the following compelling analysis that considers if President Obama is under threat to comply with US military orders for supporting war escalation (and its funding). This is part one of two.

John is the creator of the stunning and historically accurate documentary, "Dark Legacy: George Bush and the assassination of JFK." A 10-minute excerpt from the video is at the end of the article.

Feb 02 08:07

Barack Obama in the Crosshairs: Is the military threatening to kill Obama over US war policy? 2 of 2

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

John Hankey is the author of the following compelling analysis that considers if President Obama is under threat to comply with US military orders for supporting war escalation (and its funding). This is part two of two; for part one, click here.

John is the creator of the stunning and historically accurate documentary, "Dark Legacy: George Bush and the assassination of JFK." A 10-minute excerpt from the video is at the end of the article.

Feb 02 07:08

Oy vey in Margaritaville

A cursory glance at this story would usually not raise too many eyebrows. Essentially a ballistic missile test conducted by the U.S. military offshore California failed. Some radar issues caused a long-range missile defense system to fail to intercept in a simulated missile attack...

Feb 01 18:29

Obama to travel to Indonesia, Australia in March

US President Barack Obama will make what will be an emotional trip with his family to his childhood home of Indonesia in March, and will also visit Australia, the White House announced on Monday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How nice.

I didn't realize that touring the world, rather than fixing the god-awful economic conditions here at home, were what apparently we have hired this man to do.

Feb 01 18:21

CIA moonlights in corporate world

In the midst of two wars and the fight against Al Qaeda, the CIA is offering operatives a chance to peddle their expertise to private companies on the side — a policy that gives financial firms and hedge funds access to the nation’s top-level intelligence talent, POLITICO has learned.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently, nearly any product or service of this government is available to the highest bidder!

Feb 01 16:35

Russia, China and the American free lunch

Christopher King considers the spurious foundations of the US economy and business relationships with the rest of the world, and argues that complacency and ignorance on the part of the British government – and the greed of business leaders – are letting the Americans have a free lunch every day.

Feb 01 10:29

Another U.S. War? Obama Threatens China and Iran

The possibility of yet another U.S. war became more real last week, when the Obama administration sharply confronted both China and Iran. The first aggressive act was performed by Obama’s Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who “warned” China that it must support serious economic sanctions against Iran (an act of war).

Clinton said: “China will be under a lot of pressure to recognize the destabilizing effect that a nuclear-armed Iran would have, from which they receive a significant percentage of their oil supply.”

The implication here is that China will be cut off from a major energy source if they do not support U.S. foreign policy — this, too, would equal an act of war.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Obama is moving toward war because he can't think of anything else to do.

Historically, the US has rebounded from its economic problems through war.
However, at this time in history, however, we don't have the manufacturing base necessary to win the next war, as manufacturing, per se, has pretty well been outsourced from this country to countries overseas.

Someone just might want to remind Obama of this before he does anything any more geopolitically incendiary than he has already done.

Feb 01 10:06

The Precarious State of the Union

In the words of the Spanish philosopher George Santayana, “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Since our President cannot even learn from the mistakes of his immediate predecessor, to say nothing of those he made himself while in the Senate or during his first year as president, we are surely doomed to repeat them, perhaps more quickly than Santayana could have imagined.

Rather than tightening the reins on the reckless monetary policy that undermined our savings, diminished our industrial output, inflated asset bubbles, and led to reckless speculation on Wall Street and excess consumption on Main Street, we are loosing them further. Rather than repealing regulations that distort markets and create moral hazards, we are adding new ones that do more of the same.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One of the most terrifying intellectual deficits from which this President suffers is an absolute ignorance of how businesses get started, and what they need to grow and succeed.

Feb 01 09:48

Let them eat mudcake: Cruise ship docks at its trademarked private fantasy island of Labadee® in Haiti

The executives at Royal Caribbean know how to make a hard bargain with Caribbean islands which have little economic bargaining power. CEO Richard Fain cut a deal where for only $6 a passenger (paid by the passenger), Haiti turned over a 260 acre tropical waterfront paradise of Haitian sovereign land for Royal Caribbean to consider it "private property" bearing the trademarked name "Labadee®." Yes, that's right. This is a name that Royal Caribbean trademarked as a variation of the French slave owner Marquis de La'Badie who settled in Haiti in the 1600's.

Feb 01 09:27

Labour invents 33 new crimes every month

Labour has introduced 14,300 new offences since taking office in 1997, with Gordon Brown's administration inventing crimes at a rate of more than one a day.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is what a government indulges in when it cannot really do anything to make the lives of its people demonstrably better.

George Orwell was more than a writer; as far as the UK goes, the man was an absolute prophet.

Feb 01 09:09

As food distribution improves, Haitians want U.S to 'take over'

"I want the Americans to take over the country. The Haitian government can't do anything for us," said Jean-Louis Geffrard, a laborer who lives under a tarp in the crowded square. "When we tell the government we're hungry, the government says, 'We're hungry, too.' "

Added Canga Matthieu, a medical student whose school was destroyed: "The American government should take care of us."

Added Canga Matthieu, a medical student whose school was destroyed: "The American government should take care of us."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The American government is broke. They cannot adequately take care of their own people.

And I will guarantee Haitians one thing. If Americans "take over", it will for the oil, natural gas and mineral rights which, by rights, should belong to the Haitian people.

Those funds could be used to create a true reconstruction, and improve the standard of living for Haitians mightily.

But of course, under US control, none of this will happen.

Feb 01 06:59

Flashback: The Neoconservative Empire

Feb 01 06:54

The Pro-Life Assault on Ron Paul and the Constitution

Jan 31 17:00

Blair survives Iraq Inquiry without a scratch

Stuart Littlewood considers the failure of the Iraq Inquiry rigorously to question former Prime Minister Tony Blair about his decision to join the US in committing aggression against Iraq, and reflects on Blair’s use of the inquiry as a platform to promote aggression against Iran.

Jan 31 13:34

Temporary license to be offered to drivers trying to renew

Starting Monday, residents who try to renew their driver license but don't have all the required documents can get a six-month temporary license, letting them continue to drive legally while they take care of their renewal.

The changes are a response to public outcry over long wait times and renewal hassles associated with the new rules.



Jan 31 12:42

Yes, mainstream Republicans are stupid and petty

A lot is being made of Obama’s Q&A session last Friday with House Republican leaders at their retreat in Baltimore. The Huffington Post said Obama entered the GOP lion’s den and mauled the lions. Mainstream political commentators salivated over it wanting more, more, more!

Indeed, it was good political theater–if theater is what you want from politics.

Jan 31 10:23

Interesting cartoon from 1934

Jan 31 09:28


In addition to outright trafficking in children, authorities have voiced fears since the quake that legitimate aid groups may have flown earthquake orphans out of the country for adoption before efforts to find their parents had been exhausted.

Jan 31 08:43

Protest held in Tokyo against US military presence

Thousands of protesters from across Japan marched Saturday in central Tokyo to protest the U.S. military presence on Okinawa, while a Cabinet minister said she would fight to move a Marine base Washington considers crucial out of the country.

Japan and the U.S. signed a pact in 2006 that called for the realignment of American troops in the country and for a Marine base on the island to be moved to a less populated area. But the new Tokyo government is re-examining the deal, caught between increasingly adamant public opposition to American troops and its crucial military alliance with Washington.

Jan 31 08:25

The Secessionist Campaign for the Republic of Vermont

On Jan. 15, in the state capital of Montpelier, nine candidates for statewide office gathered in a tiny room at the Capitol Plaza Hotel, to announce they wanted a divorce from the United States of America. "For the first time in over 150 years, secession and political independence from the U.S. will be front and center in a statewide New England political campaign," said Thomas Naylor, 73, one of the leaders of the campaign.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looking at the current state of the United States, and where things seem to be headed here, who can blame these folks?!?

Jan 31 06:23

VIDEO: iPhone Saves Man Buried Under Rubble In Haiti

from The Huffington Post

He used light from his iPhone to show his injuries. He then used a medical app to correctly diagnose and treat his broken foot. Woolley also used a camera to take pictures his surroundings, ultimately finding safety in an elevator shaft where he stayed for 65 hours before rescuers pulled him from the rubble.

Watch Woolley being pulled from the rubble, and listen to him recount the ordeal on the Today Show:

Jan 31 04:59

THAT'S a ROBOT? (or, Red Tape Killed Her Nursing Career, But That Isn't All Roxxxy Can Do)

Lifelike Sexy Robot Girlfriend Talks Sports as Well as Having Sex with You

summary by Anne (praiseworthy and tireless) of The Internet Patrol.

The ultimate female robot has just hit the scenes. The Roxxxy robot - (not Roxxy robot or Roxy robot because, you see, "Roxxxy" is triple-X) - is one sexy robot girl. In fact, Roxxxy is a sex robot - which means that as girl robots go she is, well, the ultimate fantasy robot. And, indeed, for some the ultimate fantasy girlfriend. Not only does Roxxxy talk sports, respond to touch, and come with three ... er ... serviceable ports ... but she also sports five distinct personalities, ranging from 'Frigid Farrah' to 'Wild Wendy' (bad robot!) and everything in between - including a 'Mature Martha' and 'S&M Susan' (we kid you not). Want a topless robot? A bottomless robot? Roxxxy can be anything you want her to be!


Hines says that initially he thought about creating a robotic home health care aide. “But there was tremendous regulatory and bureaucratic paperwork to get through. We were stuck. So I looked at other markets,” explains Hines.

Jan 30 22:20

Haiti detains Americans taking kids across border

Although I may not fully agree with this, there is merit to the fears of the people. After all, didn't we (USA) try to decimate their county a short 4-5 years ago?

As far as child trafficking--Why is israel onsite when a disaster occurs?

"B’Tselem says its fieldworkers gathered death certificates, photos, and testimonies relating to all 252 of the children."

Human Rights Group Exposes Israeli Atrocities?

Enough said about this putrid little israeli state that is our "ally."

Jan 30 17:29

UK's Jewish Chronicle warns Gordon Brown: safeguard Israeli war criminals or else

Gilad Atzmon comments on an editorial in Britain’s top Zionist newspaper in which the paper’s editor, Stephen Pollard, and its chief political editor, Martin Bright, appeared to be threatening British Prime Minister Gordon Brown with electoral defeat unless he restricts the application of universal jurisdiction to ensure that suspected Israeli war criminals can travel to the UK without risk of prosecution.

”In plain language the Jewish Chronicle is suggesting that Gordon Brown, as far as the Jews are concerned, is basically finished. I wonder how long it will take for the British people to wake up and say enough is enough? How long will it take before they say NO to Israeli and Zionist infiltration of their politics, laws and values?”

Jan 30 17:27

Barack Obama’s paralysis in the face of the Zionist lobby

Uri Avnery laments Barack Obama’s weakness and lack of leadership, as manifested in his failure to exercise leadership, invest political capital in a confrontation with the Israel and Christian-Evangelical lobbies in Congress and move forward by announcing a clear peace programme for the Palestine-Israel conflict.

Jan 30 15:48

In west Pasco, U.S. 19 becoming a retail ghost town

...This weekend marks a dismal business-related milestone for the corridor: Target closed its doors after 18 years on the strip, leaving another gaping hole in a shopping center prominently located near Gulf View Square mall. It was one of only four Targets in the country to close...

Jan 30 11:55

The Fateful Geological Prize Called Haiti

Behind the smoke, rubble and unending drama of human tragedy in the hapless Caribbean country, a drama is in full play for control of what geophysicists believe may be one of the world’s richest zones for hydrocarbons-oil and gas outside the Middle East, possibly orders of magnitude greater than that of nearby Venezuela.

Jan 30 11:45

Medicine running out at Haiti hospitals, clinics

Basic medical supplies such as antibiotics and painkillers are running dangerously low at some hospitals and clinics in Port-au-Prince, the capital, and in the countryside, alarming doctors who are struggling to keep up with demand.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If the US military presence in Haiti was strictly about humanitarian relief, this situation would not have happened.

Jan 30 11:26

What the TV doesn’t tell us about Haiti

The "globalisation" of capitalism, initiated in the 1980s and triumphant in the 90s, meant in the first place carte blanche to find places around the world to establish the most savage exploitation of the working class, without limits. China, with its miserable salaries and brutal super-exploitation, is the best example, but not the only one.

Jan 30 11:23

Obama's Outreach to Americans: Empty Rhetoric, Business As Usual

Obama's rhetoric hides a failed agenda he'll continue, serving capital and militarists, not people in dire need. He wants more business tax cuts and windfalls to stimulate growth and new jobs, repackaged Reaganomics that cost record numbers of job losses in the past two years, well over 500,000 in December alone based on the broader household survey.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

With this presidency, "change and hope" morphed into "shock and awe" faster than the speed of light!

Jan 30 11:04

Haiti in Desperate Need of Aid

Members of , a grass roots organization chartering ships to take aid into the remote areas of southern Haiti, is reporting that conditions in Haiti are worsening as aid shipments are either being blocked by customs officials, or stored in warehouses in Port Au Prince, where there is yet insufficient infrastructure yet in place to distribute it. In Port Au Prince, where the majority of people still have no water and no food, frustrated Haitians are passing petitions to remove the current government. Tens of thousands of refugees from Port au Prince have also descended on the Southern Provinces, where groups of starving citizens are blocking roads in protest of the the aid bottleneck.

Jan 30 10:13

U.S. suspends medical evacuations from Haiti

The U.S. military said on Friday it has stopped flying Haitian earthquake victims to the United States for medical attention following concerns by some state governments about who will pay for the treatment.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Trillions for wars; but no money for desperately needed medical evacuations and treatment for badly hurt Haitians?!?

Welcome to the new Ameristan.

Jan 30 08:45

Trial dates set for chiefs in surrogate scandal case

TRIAL DATES have been set for two area police chiefs who stand accused of illegal activities stemming from a celebrity scandal involving a local surrogate mother.

The two law enforcement officials, along with local businessman Bruce Callarik, are accused of conspiring to obtain items from the home of a Martins Ferry woman who was the surrogate mother for acress Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To protect and to serve ...

Jan 30 08:43

Former Hopedale PD head appears on sex charges

Wearing an orange jumpsuit and shackles, a former police chief made a second appearance in Harrison County Court yesterday afternoon.

Ron Bone Sr. who until Aug. 31 had served as the head of the Hopedale police force, sat before Judge Mark Beetham along with his court appointed attorney, Public Defender Adrian Pincola.

The 50-year-old had been arrested on Sept. 24 on two felony charges of having unlawful sexual conduct with a juvenile.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To protect and to serve...

Jan 30 08:22

Officer Errs, Uses Pepper Spray On Burning Man

Portland Police Chief Rosie Sizer said an officer who was attempting to help a man who had set himself on fire accidentally sprayed him with pepper spray.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To protect and to serve?

Jan 30 08:18

Rescue Worker Blasts Haitian Relief

From a friend that just got back from Haiti...

To All...

I just returned from Haiti with Hebler. We flew in at 3 AM Sunday to the scene of such incredible destruction on one side, and enormous Ineptitude and criminal neglect on the other.


USAID, when in control of all inbound flights, had food and water Flights stacked up all the way to Miami, yet allowed Geraldo Rivera, Anderson Cooper and a host of other left wing news puppies to land.

Pulled all the security off the rescue teams so that Bill Clinton and His wife could have the grand tour, whilst we sat unable to get to People trapped in the rubble.

Jan 30 07:43

We are the Government here to help

While 18oo rescuers were ready willing and able to leave the airport and go do our jobs, the UN and USAID (another organization full of little OBamites and Communists who openly speak against America) These two organizations Exemplared their parochialism by:

USAID, when in control of all inbound flights, had food and water Flights stacked up all the way to Miami, yet allowed Geraldo Rivera, Anderson Cooper and a host of other left wing news puppies to land.

Pulled all the security off the rescue teams so that Bill Clinton and His wife could have the grand tour, whilst we sat unable to get to People trapped in the rubble.

Jan 30 07:18

We've Been Neo-Conned!

Great Ron Paul piece!

Jan 29 20:05

Blair admits "legal" basis for Iraq war an Orwellian lie; psychopathic monster then threatens Iran

*hyperlinks and video at source*

The UK Chilcot inquiry of the Iraq war previously disclosed unanimous legal opinion in the Foreign Office that the war is unlawful. Today former Prime Minister Tony Blair testified that he authorized war when his Attorney General “changed his mind” to embrace an "interpretation" of UN Security Council Resolution 1441 that any objective legal analysis definitively proves as an obvious Orwellian lie.

Jan 29 17:02

Lobbyist charges $30,400 to ‘raise a glass’ with Pelosi

f you want to spend a couple hours hobnobbing with House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi, be prepared to pay up -- way up.

The price of admission? $5,000 for an individual, $15,000 for a representative of a political action committee, and $30,400 -- the maximum allowable donation -- for the privilege of being a co-host.

Read the admission form here.

Tony Podesta, along with his brother John, runs the Podesta Group, considered to be one of the most influential lobby groups in Washington. Among its clients are large defense contractors such as Boeing, Lockheed-Martin and Raytheon. In the medical industry, the Podesta Group represents Amgen, Novartis and RehabCare Group. The firm also works for such giants as Google and Walmart.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hey, Madame Speaker! It's really nice to know who owns your votes! :-)

Jan 29 16:24

Tucumcari fires police chief

Tucumcari has fired Police Chief Roger Hatcher, who was placed on paid leave earlier in the month.

Hatcher says the reasons given for his firing were weak.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Not counting 5the tasering of the girl in her head.

Jan 29 14:57

The Blair Iraq conspiracy is unravelling

Christopher King argues that Britain's Iraq Inquiry “appears now to be part of a general unravelling of the Blair conspiracy" and has underlined that UK politicians cannot be trusted. He says the lesson of Iraq lies not in whatever the inquiry might report but in the necessity for British people to take on oversight of the political process themselves.

Jan 29 13:51

Israel’s voice on Britain's Iraq Inquiry accuses critics of “anti-Semitism”

Britain's inquiry into the Iraq war has been dealt a severe blow by a pro-Israel activist on the inquiry committee who has given an interview to a Jewish settlers’ radio accusing his critics of “anti-Semitism”.

Jan 29 10:36

It's None of Your Business! Ron Paul on the trouble with the US census.

Keep in mind the survey is not voluntary, nor is the Census Bureau asking politely. Americans are legally obligated to answer, and can be fined up to $1,000 per question if they refuse!

I introduced an amendment last week that would have eliminated funds for this intrusive survey in a spending bill, explaining on the House floor that perhaps the American people don’t appreciate being threatened by Big Brother. The amendment was met by either indifference or hostility, as most members of Congress either don’t care about or actively support government snooping into the private affairs of citizens.

Jan 29 09:45


There’s been a lot of rhetoric from Israel and their neoconservative supporters over the years about ‘appeasing’ Iran in much the same way as Nazi Germany was appeased prior to the Second World War. The truth, however, is that it is not Iran that is being appeased at all, but Israel.

Jan 29 07:46

Biden: U.S. budget to seek nuclear funds increase

Vice President Joe Biden said President Barack Obama's budget proposal will include $7 billion to maintain the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile, which would be $600 million more than Congress approved last year.

Even in a time of tough budget decisions, these are investments we must make for our security. We are committed to working with Congress to ensure these budget increases are approved," Biden said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I'm ready to scream at the sheer insanity of these moves, and these statements.

Vice-President Biden, this is not an "investment" in US security. The "investments" we need to provide real security to our nation include fixing the national infrastructure (roads, bridges, ect.,) fixing our schools, (which for the most part are dysfunctional pre-prison detention holding pens), fixing our hospitals and health care in an intelligent and cost-effective way (Belgium has managed this, sir, why can't the US?), and bringing manufacturing back to this country.

THESE actions, taken together, will do more to protect our security than any bomb we develop, or produce, can do.

Oh, and the other measures we can take internationally would include: mandating international aid programs which actually reach the people for whom it was intended (our aid to Afghanistan right now is flooding in to Karzai and his minions' pockets), stop supporting tin-pot dictators who have absolutely no regard for the welfare of their people, and resolve our country's needs for energy with negotiated deals, and well-supported technical innovations not invasions.

These efforts, Vice-President Biden, will make our country truly safe.

If the true safety of this country was your highest priority, these are the steps you should be advocating.

Jan 29 07:32

Funds flee Greece as Germany warns of "fatal" eurozone crisis

Germany has triggered a near-panic flight from southern European debt markets by warning that there will be no EU bail-outs, even though it fears the region's economic crisis has turned dangerous and could prove "fatal" for the entire eurozone.

Jan 29 07:23

White House asks Justice Department to look for other places to hold 9/11 terror trial

The White House ordered the Justice Department Thursday night to consider other places to try the 9/11 terror suspects after a wave of opposition to holding the trial in lower Manhattan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would be willing to bet you one plugged and worthless American dollar that the trial will be closed to the public, and put into the most inaccessible place they can find.

The reason?!?

As reported in on April 19, 2009 in

"Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Was Waterboarded 183 Times in One Month"

But the sick torture didn't actually start there.

As reported on April 17, 2009 in

"At a military tribunal in 2007, the father of a Guantanamo detainee alleged that Pakistani guards had confessed that American interrogators used ants to coerce the children of alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed into revealing their father’s whereabouts."

So, there you have it. Torture is now an American institution. And the problem with torture, as we have known from the time of the Inquisition, generally gets the person being tortured to say anything the torturers want the tortured individual to say.

If this information is ever allowed into sworn testimony at this trial, the case against this guy will have absolutely no legs whatsoever.

And that's what terrifies certain people in state and federal government the most.

Jan 29 07:03

Taliban Conduct Commando Raid In Lashkar Gah

Raging gun battles have taken place between NATO-backed Afghan troops and well equipped insurgents who assaulted UN and government buildings in the city of Lashkar Gah...

Jan 28 20:44

The streets of Washington: Politics by day, Poverty by night

During the day, the streets of Washington DC are filled with the power brokers, lawmakers, and professionals who make the nation's capitol tick. But by night the city changes, and you might be surprised who takes over.

Jan 28 19:07

All 27 UK Foreign Affairs lawyers: Iraq war unlawful. Obama, politicians, US media: no response

*hyperlinks and videos live at source*

All the lawyers in the UK’s Foreign Affairs Department concluded the US/UK invasion of Iraq was an unlawful War of Aggression. Their expert advice is the most qualified to make that legal determination; all 27 of them were in agreement. This powerful judgment of unlawful war follows the Dutch government’s recent unanimous report and UN Secretary General Kofi Annan’s clear statements.

This stunning information was disclosed at the UK Chilcot inquiry by the testimony of Foreign Affairs leading legal advisor, Sir Michael Wood, who added that the reply from Prime Minister Tony Blair’s office to his legal department’s professional work was chastisement for putting their unanimous legal opinion in writing.

Jan 28 15:50

Jewish settlers seek to recruit Indian immigrants to occupied territories

The Israeli government is reported to have quietly approved the fast-track immigration of 7,000 members of a supposedly “lost Jewish” tribe, known as the Bnei Menashe, currently living in a remote area of India.

”The Bnei Menashe belong to an ethnic group called the Shinlung, who number more than one million and live mainly in the states of Manipur and Mizoram, close to the border with Myanmar. They were converted from animism to Christianity by British missionaries a century ago, but a small number claim to have kept an ancient connection to Judaism.
“DNA samples taken from the Bnei Menashe have failed so far to establish any common ancestry to Jews.”

Jan 28 12:00

Freeze Frame: Flopsweat and Farce in the Hollow Halls of Power

But Obama is not "failing"; he is doing exactly what he set out to do: be the president. That's it. That's all he wanted to do. And he's doing it. The panic now emanating from the White House is not that of a man watching a chance to realize his deeply held ideals for a better world slipping away from him; it's just the flopsweat of a guy trying to stay perched on top of the greasy pole for another term.

Jan 28 11:40

Troops fire on starving crowds in Haiti

The total number of American military personnel in Haiti, including those on ships just offshore, rose to 15,400 by Tuesday. One third of these are soldiers on the ground in and around Port-au-Prince, with the bulk of them from the 82nd Airborne Division, an elite unit that specializes in combat, not logistical support.

A French reporter asked why US troops were controlling flights into the Port-au-Prince airport. Preval replied: "You need to run the airport, you need technical help and they offered it to us. I really can’t understand why the need for that is so difficult to accept."

Preval also announced that Haitian legislative elections, previously scheduled for February 28, would be postponed indefinitely.

Jan 28 11:36

Chicken Love On NYC Subway

YouTube Video Shows Man Kissing, Hugging Live Chicken
Seaton says only service animals and those in containers are permitted in the subway system.

Jan 28 11:21

Dump Truck Slams Footbridge


Jan 28 10:57

Family evacuated due to naked man on roof

Cprl. Anthony Bertagna of the Santa Ana Police Department told the Orange County (Calif.) Register a man, his wife and a child were evacuated from their home Wednesday afternoon after freeway drivers contacted authorities regarding a naked man allegedly performing a sex act on a rooftop.

Jan 28 10:05

Your Retirement Plan Will Soon Become Washington's ATM Machine

Today over $15 trillion is sitting in tax-favored retirement plans, including $4 trillion in IRA accounts. Retirement savings make up 35% of all private assets. Washington is broke, the deficit is soaring and Congress simply can’t wait for Americans to retire so they can start taxing these funds. The politicians are tired of waiting; they need your money now.

Jan 28 09:00

The Holocaust Backfires By Gilad Atzmon

In the wake of the ‘International Holocaust Memorial Day’ I will say it loudly and openly. To oppose the Jewish state and Jewish nationalism is the true meaning of the memory of the Holocaust. To say NO to Israel is to say NO to racism. This is what ethics and universalism are all about.

Jan 28 08:39

Law would keep FCC off low-power radio

The “Communications Freedom Act” would give stations that are not interfering with existing signals authority to broadcast without federal license.

Jan 28 08:13

Pentagon calls for ‘Office of Strategic Deception’

Deception is a common war-time tactic nations use to gain a leg up on their enemies, but as Wired notes, the Pentagon apparently believes the United States must begin engaging in strategic tricks even before it wages war against another country.

"Deception cannot succeed in wartime without developing theory and doctrine in peacetime," the DSB report reads. "In order to mitigate or impart surprise, the United States should [initiate] deception planning and action prior to the need for military operations."

"By Deception Thou Shalt Do War" Now, where have I heard that before?