Jan 02 09:10

An Apology and Explanation - Robert Parry

The demonization of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russia is just the most dangerous feature of this propaganda process – and this is where the neocons and the liberal interventionists most significantly come together. The U.S. media’s approach to Russia is now virtually 100 percent propaganda. Does any sentient human being read the New York Times’ or the Washington Post’s coverage of Russia and think that he or she is getting a neutral or unbiased treatment of the facts? For instance, the full story of the infamous Magnitsky case cannot be told in the West, nor can the objective reality of the Ukrane coup in 2014. The American people and the West in general are carefully shielded from hearing the “other side of the story.” Indeed to even suggest that there is another side to the story makes you a “Putin apologist” or “Kremlin stooge.”

Jan 02 09:05

President Trump’s Jerusalem Decision: the End of Hegemony?

Washington’s support for Israel’s perpetual and overt violation of international law and its bombing of humanitarian missions makes Israel a very costly ally.

The US suffered an overwhelming and humiliating defeat, one that kept Ambassador Haley dexterous fingers busy ‘taking notes’: 128 nations demanded that the Trump regime withdraw its declaration that Jerusalem was Israel’s undivided capital for Jews. Only 9 micro-nations (some mere postage stamps and a few death-squad banana-stans) voted with the Trump-Haley decision, 35 mendicant-states put their heads down and abstained while 21 timorous ambassadors chose to hide their shamelessness in the toilet stalls rather than show up for this important vote.

Jan 02 08:54

Teen murders his family members on New Year’s Eve

A 16-year-old New Jersey boy gunned down his parents, sister and a family friend just before midnight on New Year's Eve, turning the family home into a bloodbath that his brother and grandfather managed to escape, investigators said Monday.

Jan 02 08:54

A law banning Mexican-American studies in Arizona public schools is dead

An Arizona law banning Mexican-American studies from schools has been quashed.
A federal court says the law, which took aim at classes that state school officials said promoted "revolution against the American government," violates students' constitutional rights.

Jan 02 08:52

Liberals Getting Back in Touch With Their Authoritarian Roots - Justin Raimondo

The left and the art of political witch-hunting.

“One of the unfortunate ironies of the manufactured ‘Russiagate’ controversy,” my colleague Sheldon Richman writes in his most recent column, is the perception of the FBI as a friend of liberty and justice.” He’s dead right about that, but just whom is he addressing?

Jan 02 08:37

‘US is watching!’: Trump warns Iran amid crackdown on protests (VIDEO)

The US is instigating this Colored Revolution. This guy loves Israel and hates America!

Donald Trump has issued a strongly worded tweet warning Iran that “the US is watching” following the deaths of 20 people in anti-government protests that are sweeping the country.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Iran’s foreign ministry has hit back at the US president, saying that Trump should focus on his own country rather than tweet about civil unrest abroad.

"Instead of wasting his time sending useless and insulting tweets regarding other countries, he would be better off seeing to the domestic issues of his own country such as daily killings of dozens of people... and the existence of millions of homeless and hungry people," Bahram Ghasemi said, according to AFP.

Jan 02 08:31

Iranian Protesters Raise Stakes, Attacking Police Stations

Mr. Law and Order is egging on the Colored Revolution useful idiots to attack police stations and Iranian military bases.
Looks great for Israel and the Neocons. Makes the USA look like a Rogue State with an idiot in charge!

Violent crackdowns overnight on Sunday against protesters have led to a violent backlash in Iran, as some of the protesters look to raise the stakes with attacks of their own against police stations, with reports of some posts and stations being set ablaze.

Jan 02 08:18

Baltimore breaks city record for killings per capita in 2017

Baltimore has set a new per-capita homicide record as gunmen killed for drugs, cash, payback - or no apparent reason at all.

Jan 02 08:18

Ex-Sheriff Clarke Complains 'Diaper Wearing Lefty' Tried to Get Him Kicked Off Twitter

Trump supporting ex-Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke is complaining that left wingers have been trying to get his Twitter account shut down.

Jan 02 08:07

‘US is watching!’: Trump warns Iran amid crackdown on protests (VIDEO)

Trump is a neocon idiot,who loves Israel and is in the process of getting our country destroyed. Everyone knows this is another attempt to overthrow the Iranian government using another Colored Revolution!

Donald Trump has issued a strongly worded tweet warning Iran that “the US is watching” following the deaths of 20 people in anti-government protests that are sweeping the country.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Iran’s foreign ministry has hit back at the US president, saying that Trump should focus on his own country rather than tweet about civil unrest abroad.

"Instead of wasting his time sending useless and insulting tweets regarding other countries, he would be better off seeing to the domestic issues of his own country such as daily killings of dozens of people... and the existence of millions of homeless and hungry people," Bahram Ghasemi said, according to AFP.

Jan 02 07:26

New Zealand man finds sleeping youth on his couch, decides to let him sleep it off

Gordon Pryor, of Mangawhai, New Zealand, woke just before dawn on Dec. 29 to make an alarming discovery: A complete stranger was passed out on his sofa. But rather than toss the man out or call the police, Pryor, 60, let the man sleep.

Jan 02 07:26

U.S. Rabbi Rips Lorde For 'Anti-Semitic' Israel Concert Boycott In Washington Post Ad

New Zealand Grammy-winning pop star Lorde has been blasted as a “bigot” by a controversial U.S. rabbi for dropping a planned concert in Israel to protest the nation’s treatment of Palestinians.

Jan 02 06:55

Man cleared of rape after Facebook message proves his innocence

HE HAD denied rape but was sentenced to four-and-a-half years behind bars. Then a deleted Facebook message emerged that police had missed.
A MAN who was wrongly jailed for rape has spoken out of the years of hell that only ended when his family managed to find deleted Facebook messages that proved his innocence.

Jan 02 06:39

'Oh goodness, you're just giggling': Anderson Cooper comically shrugs as New Year's Eve Live reporter gets giddy while explaining how to smoke marijuana surrounded by 'stoners' on a 'Cannabus' tour in Denver

Randi Kaye, 50, provided CNN's coverage on New Year's Eve in Denver, Colorado
She toured with revelers on a 'Cannabus' tour and attended a 'Puff, Pass and Paint' party over the course of her marijuana-laced evening
Recreational marijuana usage has been legal in Colorado since January 2014

Jan 02 06:37

Woman is unable to escape as out-of-control car swerves across a road and smashes into her, sending her spinning through the air and causing serious injuries

Accident in Lima, Peru caught on CCTV saw out-of-control car hit woman
The driver can be seen veering onto the pavement as she tries to escape it
The car hit victim Sandra Lopez Fuster, sending her flying through the air
She survived the hit but suffered multiple injuries, including a broken knee

Jan 02 06:22

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Was Princess Margaret’s grandson told to smarten up? Sam Chatto poses with his shorn tresses days after appearing with near-shoulder-length locks

Prince Philip jokingly asked a police bodyguard about a man with a long, ginger beard on Sunday: ‘Is that a terrorist?’
Has the Duke also had a word with Princess Margaret’s grandson, Sam Chatto, 21, about the length of his hair?

Jan 02 05:55

Crossing over: President Trump gives 'bridge people' a private tour of Mar-a-Lago and poses for photos with the Palm Beach supporters before offering up a meatball, fruit and cookie buffet

President Trump welcome 16 of his supporters known as the 'bridge people' to tour Mar-a-Lago onSaturday
The group was able to pose for photos with President Trump, see the living room and Christmas tree at the private club and take with their idol
At the end, the guests were given a buffet of meatballs, fruit and cookies

Jan 02 05:49

Entering 2018 on a high! Historic day as recreational marijuana is sold legally for the first time in California

On New Years Day, it became legal in California to sell recreational marijuana
California voters in 2016 made it legal for adults 21 and older to grow, possess and use limited quantities of marijuana
Twenty years earlier, in 1996, voters approved cannabis for medicinal purposes

Jan 02 05:33

Revealed: The simple Japanese money technique that experts claim will help you cut your spending by 35 PER CENT

A Japanese money saving technique helps some people cut outgoings by 35%
Kakeibo, literally household financial ledger, is a special budgeting journal
Divides monthly expenses into four categories - survival, optional, culture, extra
Users are given inspirational messages and asked questions about their goals
The idea behind this is to encourage people to become more mindful of money

Jan 02 05:31

Can sparkling water make you fat? Dr MICHAEL MOSLEY reveals how choosing fizzy instead of still drinks can lead to overeating and weight gain

Top of many people’s New Year resolutions list will be getting slimmer and a bit healthier by cutting down the calories — and, clearly, one particularly good way to do that is to cut back on the sweet stuff.

Jan 01 20:17

In a first, Saudi, UAE introduce VAT in tax-free Gulf

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates introduced value-added tax from today, a first for the Gulf which has long prided itself on its tax-free, cradle-to-grave welfare system.
Saudi Arabia compounded the New Year blow for motorists with an unannounced hike of up to 127 per cent in petrol prices with immediate effect from midnight.

Jan 01 13:49

Google Hiring 10,000 Certified Morons to Further Throttle Free Speech

Google is escalating its campaign of internet censorship, announcing that it will expand its workforce of human censors to over 10,000, the internet giant announced on December 4. The censors’ primary focus will be videos and other content on YouTube, its video-sharing platform, but will work across Google to censor content and train its automated systems, which remove videos at a rate four times faster than its human employees.

Jan 01 13:46

Who Are the Leading State Sponsors of Terrorism?

The reality is that terrorism, defined by the United Nations as “criminal acts intended or calculated to provoke a state of terror in the general public,” is most employed at the state level by the United States and its allies Israel and Saudi Arabia, not by Iran. All have used violence directed against civilians in places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon, and all three have supported organizations that fit the definition of terrorists. Iran may indeed be guilty of actions that much of the world disapproves of, but it is not the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism as has been alleged.

Jan 01 13:41

How Much Death and Destruction Awaits us in 2018? — Paul Craig Roberts.

Throughout the Western world politics has degenerated into fraud. No government serves the public’s interest. Except for some former Soviet satellites in Eastern Europe, European governments have defied the will of the people by admitting vast numbers of refugees from Washington’s wars and others pretending to be refugees. The European governments further imperil their citizens with their support for Washington’s rising aggression toward Russia. The universal failure of democratic politics is leading directly to war.

Jan 01 13:35

Dealing With North Korea

If I were President of the United States,this is how I would deal with Kim Jong-un and the North Korean situation.

First, realize that Un’s theatrics are, from his own point of view, perfectly rational. He is not stupid. He looks at what happened to Muammar Gaddafi of Libya; murdered by mobs after kow-towing to the Great Satan. He notes the demise of Saddam Hussain of Iraq, another country that got on the wrong side of our imperialist nation; a similar dismal end befell him, too. It does not take much brain power to realize that Un’s only hope of escaping a similar fate would be, roughly, the one he has adopted: belligerence, nuclear armament, bellicosity, etc.

Here is what to do about the situation.

Jan 01 13:18

Thug Tries Cheap Shot on Holiday Invasion, Learns Hard Way Not to Wake Granny

When one grandmother woke up to the sound of a man trying to break into her bedroom window, she didn’t take it with grace — I’m not even sure she took it with fear. Now when a grandma tells you “you’re going to die,” she’s not bluffing you. You better leave her the heck alone.

Jan 01 13:10

How To Act In A Gun Shop — Proper Gun Shop Etiquette

Don’t act like a criminal, don’t get treated like a criminal. That’s the first rule to remember when you walk into a gun shop. A wide variety of people walk through the doors of just about any gun shop. Some people are pensive, nervous about a potential first gun purchase. Others are worried that their wives or husbands will find out they’re using the Christmas credit card on a new pistol.

Jan 01 13:05

In 2017, Nearly 100 Times More Americans Were Killed by Police Than Terrorists

Aside from the lack of punishment, the job description of a cop has changed drastically following the onset of the drug war. Police have morphed into a standing army using the same weaponry and tactical gear that can be found on the battlefield in one of the many countries occupied by the United States military. They are actively engaging otherwise entirely innocent and peaceful citizens in this war on drugs which makes the people the enemy.

Jan 01 13:05

Squirrel Breaks Into a House in the US, Attacks Police Officer

In other news. LOL!

On December 29th, 2017 Brockport Police were called to a residence to take down an invasive squirrel that had broken into a home. The unrepentant critter was reportedly caught eating cookies in the kitchen, the description under the video posted on the Brockport Police Department Facebook page read. Officers arrived at the scene and entered the kitchen but were attacked by the furious animal. The squirrel jumped right on one cop's face.

Jan 01 12:03

WATCH | Awesome New Year’s Video Message From Trump

Besides the video, Trump put Pakistan on blast this morning. I have all his morning tweets here.


Jan 01 11:58


The Hill's media critic goes off on CNN. This is good tv.


Jan 01 11:06

Colorado shooting: Details emerge about suspect Matthew Riehl

Authorities in suburban Denver were investigating what led a 37-year-old man to fire more than 100 rounds in his apartment on sheriff's deputies, killing one and injuring four others. Two civilians were also injured. The Douglas County coroner identified the suspect as Matthew Riehl.

Jan 01 11:04

US Military’s Shortcomings: Most Expensive Does Not Mean Best

Despite being the leader in military spending, the US military has very serious shortcomings. It is mired in problems. Military planning deficiencies greatly reduce combat capabilities. Cost-effectiveness is a big problem. Being the most expensive does not automatically make the US military the best.

Jan 01 10:58

US Prepares for Forcible Entry Operations in Remote Theaters of War

Professionals study logistics, amateurs study tactics!

The facts and events summed up above are not front-page stories. They don’t tell much separately but tell a lot when put together and systematized. They lead to believe the United States is urgently preparing for a truly big war waged far away from its borders. The US military is sized, organized, and globally postured to fight it. A doctrine of expanding forces is not as straightforward as producing more fighters and weapon systems. Nothing is possible without logistics. That’s what is given the highest priority as the preparations are intensified.

Jan 01 10:50

'He grew up gay anyway': Dave Chappelle DEFENDS Kevin Spacey in new Netflix comedy show and suggests actor Anthony Rapp, who was propositioned by the older actor aged 14, got himself in that situation

Chappelle takes aim at the #MeToo movement in Netflix's The Bird Revelation
Comedian discussed Anthony Rapp's claims that Kevin Spacey groped and tried to seduce him when he attended a party at his home when he was 14
Chappelle appeared to suggest that the incident was not that serious because Rapp 'grew up to be gay anyway'

Jan 01 10:48

Theresa May’s popularity drops by a HALF in six months as Twitter data shows public faith in the PM has plummeted over her handling of Brexit

The Prime Minister's popularity dropped by a half between June and December
Emotional reactions to Mrs May on Twitter were analysed by Belfast scientists
Mrs May's June rating was 42, but in December it had dropped all the way to 20
Anger eased slightly when it was announced UK passports would be blue again

Jan 01 10:46

British man in a coma after breaking his neck in freak balcony plunge on Caribbean island

Kurt Russell, originally from Essex, fell from balcony on island of Sint Maarten
The 32-year-old was left with a fractured skull and suffered bleeding on the brain
Doctors have placed him in an induced coma because of severity of his injuries
The father-of-two's sister has launched an appeal to help fund his treatment

Jan 01 10:44

Jailed Briton Laura Plummer told by Egyptian police she is 'innocent' of smuggling, says her family, as she faces YEAR-LONG wait to appeal

Laura Plummer, a shop assistant from Hull, was detained in Egypt in October
She was sentenced to three years in December for carrying pills into the country
Her mother, Roberta Synclair, 64, said that the police officers 'have been so nice'
Miss Synclair said that some officers have told Miss Plummer she is 'innocent'
Miss Plummer has to wait 60 days before she can file appeal for the conviction

Jan 01 10:37

From bombs and beheadings to fireworks: Mosul residents enjoy their first New Year's Eve celebration in years after being freed from ISIS rule

ISIS seized Iraqi city of Mosul in 2014 and imposed its brutal regime on residents
But the city was recaptured by Iraqi forces in 2017 in a battle that left city in ruins
Last night citizens were finally able to celebrate New Year's Eve with fireworks

Jan 01 10:09

US State Department Hints At Iran Overthrow: Are We Witnessing The Early Stages Of Regime Change?

The US State Department has issued a formal condemnation of the Iranian government following two days of economic protests centering in a handful of cities, calling the regime "a rogue state whose chief exports are violence, bloodshed, and chaos" while announcing support for protesters. It fits a familiar script which seems to roll out when anyone protests for any reason in a country considered an enemy of the United States (whether over economic grievances or full on calling for government overthrow).

Jan 01 10:07

Iran - Early U.S. Support For Rioters Hints At A Larger Plan

In Iran - Regime Change Agents Hijack Economic Protests we looked at the developing U.S.-Israeli operation to instigate a revolt in Iran. What follows are a few more background points and a view on the developments since. A color revolution or revolt in Iran have only little chances of success. But even as the fail they can be used as pretext for additional sanctions and other anti-Iranian measures. The current incidents are thus only one part of a much larger plan.

Jan 01 10:00

Muslim Woman Wanted To Kill Her American Female Coworkers For ‘Wearing Shorts To Work’…

There was a terror arrest made by the FBI in Virginia.


Jan 01 09:39

‘Obvious Violations of Law’ in Abedin Emails Show Need for New Probe

five emails marked “classified” that were found among 2,800 work-related emails by the FBI on a laptop owned by Abedin

Jan 01 09:27

'He made her happy until the day she died': Heartbroken family's tribute to millionaire who was killed with his sons, new fiancee and her daughter, 11, in New Year Eve's plane crash as it's revealed he lost his wife to cancer 3 years ago

Six people have died after a tourist plane crashed into a river north of Sydney around 3pm on New Year's Eve
Millionaire CEO Richard Cousins, 58, fiancee Emma Bowden, 48, and her 11-year-old daughter Heather died
Mr Cousins' sons Edward and William Cousins, aged 23 and 25, were also killed, as was pilot Gareth Morgan
In 2015 his first wife, the boys' mother, Caroline Cousins died of cancer six weeks after being diagnosed

Jan 01 09:26

How Donald Trump Learned to Love War in 2017

The president promised to deliver peace. But in his first year, he expanded every war he inherited.

President Trump has maintained or expanded the wars that he inherited from his predecessor.

As Jennifer Wilson and I pointed out in an appropriately titled column in August, “Donald Trump Is Dropping Bombs at Unprecedented Levels.” Within eight months of assuming office, Trump — with the announcement of six “precision aistrikes” in Libya — had bombed every country that former President Barack Obama had in eight years. One month after that, the United States surpassed the 26,172 bombs that had been dropped in 2016. Through the end of December 2017, Trump had authorized more airstrikes in Somalia in one year (33), than George W. Bush and Obama had since the United States first began intervening there in early 2007 (30).

Jan 01 09:02

Kuwaiti report: US gives Israel go-ahead to kill powerful Iranian general

The Israelis and the US government are their own worst enemies and seem to be hell bent on earning the title of Planet Earth's 2 Rogue States.

US intelligence agencies have given Israel the green light to assassinate the senior Iranian responsible for coordinating military activity on behalf of the Islamic Republic in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, according to the Kuwaiti newspaper al-Jarida.

Jan 01 08:59

Aussie flu claims its first deaths in Ireland as doctors warn it could be the worst outbreak of the illness in the UK for 50 years

Number of 'Aussie flu'-related deaths recorded in Ireland in the past few weeks
Irish Health Service Executive says further 73 people have been hospitalised
UK Government statistics reveal 1,111 people were struck down with flu last week
The sharp rise in cases has been triggered by a surge in 2 aggressive subtypes

Jan 01 08:37

Omarosa and the Most Overpaid Government Employees in America

At a time when unemployment is low yet wages remain stagnant, people want to know where the best-paying jobs can be found. It’s a tough question, but there’s always one employer with unlimited amounts of money: the U.S. government.

Jan 01 08:24

Unvaccinated Australian Children Now Barred From Daycare

Unvaccinated children in Wagga Wagga will not be allowed to enter daycare as part of Australia’s draconian “no jab, no play” policies. Australia does not hold...

Jan 01 08:23

2017: The Year America Abandoned Its Leadership of the World

After President Donald J. Trump’s election last fall, many experts predicted that 2017 would be a tumultuous year for international cooperation.

Jan 01 08:10

External Interference in Iran's Internal Affairs Unacceptable - Russian MFA

The Russian Foreign Ministry has expressed hope that protests in Iran will noT turn violent, will not result in bloodshed.

Commenting on the current situation in Tehran, where the mass protests have entered their fifth day, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that interference from abroad in the situation in Iran is unacceptable.

"External interference [in Iran's internal affairs] which may destabilize the situation is unacceprable," the statement said.


Jan 01 08:00

Three Home Office staff run up £18,000 bill after spending NINE WEEKS staying at 'dreamy' Caribbean holiday resort with waterfalls and private plunge pools

Three Border Force officials stayed at the luxury Sugar Ridge for 64 days in total
Sugar Ridge is described as a 'dream setting, with waterfalls and a lap pool'
Some rooms cost US$600 a night and half of them have private plunge pools
Home Office admitted the prestigious accommodation might 'raise concerns'
But the department insisted it had 'balanced' costs with the need for security

Jan 01 07:41

The End of the World for Hillary Clinton

The cancer to politics that is known as Hillary Clinton may finally be let go by the progressive left as just one too many scandals have come about…And two of them in the last week alone.

Jan 01 07:32

Crowded West Bank Refugee Camp Is the Most Tear-Gassed Place in the World: Berkeley Law School Study

A-The Trump Peace Plan At Work
B-Your Tax Dollars At Work
C-All Of The Above)

Jan 01 07:32

Texas woman damages $300,000 art on her first date

A woman in Texas, who was on her first date with a notable lawyer, caused a damage to his art collection that worth nearly $300,000.
29-year-old Lindy Lou Layman from Dallas was reportedly drunk when the incident took place.
She has been arrested on Saturday on criminal mischief charges. Layman was dating a trial lawyer from Houston named Anthony Buzbee.