Jul 14 06:34

Kid Rock confirms Senate run

Musician Kid Rock appeared to confirm his run for the U.S. Senate in his home state of Michigan Thursday with a fiery Facebook message in which he blasted the media for “once again” being “wrong” about his potential candidacy and took a shot at incumbent Sen. Debbie Stabenow.

Jul 14 06:15

The United States and Australia Quietly Test Hypersonic Missiles

While the latest tests gather scientific data, the USAF is looking for companies could build an actual weapon.

Jul 14 04:10

What if the Holocaust had never happened?

In his new counterfactual history, Jeffrey S. Gurock shows how WWII had positive consequences for the Jews… of America
When asked what he thought the Jewish world would be like today had the Holocaust not happened, Wald answered that he was quite sure the State of Israel would not have been created. “There would be no State of Israel, only a strong Jewish community in the Land of Israel,” Wald said. “I’m a Zionist, so it is not easy for me to say that.”
Note: holocau$t NO ISRAEL! middle east enemies!

Jul 14 04:02

Miami Jewish group slams Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters before his concert tonight

One of Miami’s leading Jewish organizations accused Pink Floyd star Roger Waters of anti-Semitism ahead of his concert Thursday at the AmericanAirlines Arena, as a long-running controversy over the singer’s anti-Israel views follows him to South Florida.“Anti-Semitism and Hatred are Not Welcome in Miami,” the Greater Miami Jewish Federation stated in an online ad the non-profit placed on It linked to a message on the group’s website that called for sponsors to pull out of the concert and stated: “Mr. Waters, your vile messages of anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism and hatred are not welcome in this community.”
Note: Everywhere by everyone there is anti-$emitism!

Jul 14 03:50

Romanian Nazi victims now eligible for German compensation

The New York-based Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany Conference said Jews who survived the 1941 pogrom in the Romanian city of Iasi and the subsequent "death trains" where many died of suffocation and dehydration can now start receiving monthly payments.
Note: 75 years ago! Still think I am spelling holocau$t wrong!

Jul 14 03:32

Minnesota woman is last who can tell of Nazi concentration camp horrors

The sense of urgency to the cause has also added life to Meisel's story, which is still capable of surprising even her family – like her instant recognition of a guard who leered at her and other female prisoners each day as they undressed, before beating them.
Last month, the Germans focused on Meisel's memory of life inside Stutthof alongside her mother and older sister. It meant revisiting painful memories: a guard tearing out her hair to put on a child's doll, the sight of her mother entering the gas chamber, and the agony of her fingernails pried off by the camp commandant who kept his lush greenhouse in view of the doomed.
Note: More holocau$t, more lies, more liars!

Jul 14 03:01

The Republicans In Congress Have Betrayed Us Again

I guess by now we should be accustomed to politicians lying to us. For years, Republicans have been promising to repeal Obamacare if we would just give them control of the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Jul 13 21:26

Photos: Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook and Ivanka Trump are hanging out this week at an exclusive mogul retreat

Ivanka holding a bottle of "Honest Tea" while she met Warren Buffet, Ken Langone (Home Depot), and other billionaires today at the Allen & Company conference.

Jul 13 21:16

GOP operative who sought Clinton's emails committed "suicide" in an unusual manner

Peter Smith investigated Hillary's deleted emails last summer, then died in May. Months later, MSM said they interviewed him, confirming "muh Russia"

Jul 13 19:49

Cernovich Offers CNN Host $100K to Spend Day in NYC Wearing MAGA Hat

In an effort to raise awareness of the political violence that supporters of President Donald Trump face on a daily basis, author and journalist Mike Cernovich has offered to make a $100K donation to charity if CNN’s Brian Stelter will spend a day in NYC wearing a MAGA hat.

Jul 13 19:44

House Democrat Threatens Trump’s Life on Social Media; Ludicrous! (Video)

Once again the political rhetoric in Washington is heating up, and if you listen to the mainstream media, you’ll hear all about how it’s not just people on the left who are constantly acting inappropriate, or calling for violence. You’ll hear that the calls for violence, or the abusive rhetoric has been a problem coming from both political parties, but the reality is that simply just is NOT true.

As a matter of fact, to even suggest such a thing is patently false, and anyone doing so knows damn well that it's false! When it comes to the Democrats not getting their way, it's always the same: They start with the personal attacks, then start telling outright lies if they have to, and when those don't work, there are calls for violence. You can set your watch to it. With Democrats, that behavior is NOT the exception as they would have you believe. It's the rule, and this week was no different...

Jul 13 15:39

Today’s Generation Will Witnesses The Bankruptcy of the United States! (Video)

In the immediate aftermath of Donald Trump’s historic win over Hillary Clinton, there were some in the alternative media who hypothesized that in the end, it was the global elites who actually chose Trump as their candidate, because they thought he would be the one to best preserve their interests if he presided over the official bankruptcy of the United States of America. Given some of his previous experience, it made him the far more suited of the two candidates for such a thing.

Jul 13 15:37

He’s By Far The Most Dangerous Politician In America (Video)

Every day it seems, a new piece of concrete evidence emerges vindicating President Trump of all the nonsense the far-left has accused him of, and yet every day the same evidence that vindicated him somehow gets spun to create an even larger false narrative. It's insane.

Furthermore, it also seems like every day there is another piece of concrete evidence in a never-ending trail of evidence linking Hillary Clinton and/or the DNC to an attempt to try and rig the 2016 presidential election, and yet every day, that evidence is pushed aside or gets drowned out by another crazy fairy tale being pushed by a master story teller with a vivid imagination, and sometimes referred to as the Grand Inquisitor, aka Rep. Adam Schiff.

Jul 13 15:19

- What's Wrong With Nancy? Pelosi Has Giggle Fit Over North Korean Nukes

Pelosi delivered another bizarre press conference on Thursday

Jul 13 15:09

Governments of the ‘Free’ World (And the atrocities they plan)

In the late eighteenth century, American founding father Thomas Jefferson reportedly stated, “When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” -- When a country degrades to the point that the government can grip its people in the pincers of arbitrary loss of assets, with no chance of recompense through the justice system, it’s safe to say that people can plan on henceforth living in fear.

Jul 13 14:59

Official Lies From the US Government — Even more, says Paul Craig Roberts.

Last Friday’s employment report is just another lie from the government. The report says that the unemployment rate is 4.4% and that June employment increased by 222,000 jobs. A rosy picture. But as I have just demonstrated, there are no fundamentals to support it. It is just another US government lie like Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, Assad’s use of chemical weapons against his own people, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and so forth and so on. The rosy unemployment picture is totally contrived. The unemployment rate is 4.4% because discouraged workers who have not searched for a job in the past four weeks are not counted as unemployed.

Jul 13 14:51

Brute Force — The police state’s answer to free speech.

Militarized police. Riot squads. Camouflage gear. Black uniforms. Armored vehicles. Mass arrests. Pepper spray. Tear gas. Batons. Strip searches. Surveillance cameras. Kevlar vests. Drones. Lethal weapons. Less-than-lethal weapons unleashed with deadly force. Rubber bullets. Water cannons. Stun grenades. Arrests of journalists. Crowd control tactics. Intimidation tactics. Brutality. This is not the language of freedom. This is not even the language of law and order. -- This is the language of force.

Jul 13 14:45


President Donald Trump has vowed repeatedly during the first few months of his administration that he would prioritize deporting criminal illegal aliens, and decide what to do with the non-criminal illegals at a later date.

Jul 13 14:13

Florida Cops Struggle To Explain To Black State Attorney Why She Was Pulled Over

Bodycam footage of two Orlando police officers pulling over Florida’s first and only black state attorney has gone viral. The cops, now accused of racial profiling, claimed her tags didn’t come back as registered and also eyed her legally tinted windows.

Jul 13 14:00


CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, while narrowly focused on Don Jr.s ‘nothing burger’ meeting with an alleged Russian lawyer, White House deputy assistant Sebastian Gorka savaged her in front of the few hundred people watching the network.

Jul 13 13:58

Donna Brazile to Release Book on How Hacks Led to Hillary's Election Loss

Former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile will soon publish a book titled “Hacks: The Inside Story ...

Jul 13 13:33

Police Destroy Art Installation – Believing it is Cannabis Farm

An architectural mishap killed the buzz surrounding the closing celebrations for Lyon’s first architectural biennial.

A flourishing field of hemp grown for the first-ever architecture biennale in Lyon was torn apart by local police, who mistook the one-acre plot of green for an illegal cannabis farm. As Le Progrès first reported, the weedwhacking occurred about two weeks ago following a regular patrol.

Jul 13 13:24

Video=>Knife Wielding Liberals Terrorize Children at Chick Fil A Protest

Real-looking knives, splattered fake blood and screaming kids. It’s not the kind of scene Chick-fil-A envisioned when they kicked off “Cow Appreciation Day.”

Jul 13 13:10

The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it. George Orwell

The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.
George Orwell

All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force.
George Orwell ......

Jul 13 12:57

Jimmy Carter 's in the news - Flashback's!

Jimmy Carter unveils truth about Israel

Jimmy Carter Hands John McCain His Ass

Zbigniew Brzezinski: How Jimmy Carter and I Started the Mujahideen

Jimmy Carter 9/11 "We are Change Ohio" -2009 Video

Carter 'holds back tears' on Gaza

Jul 13 12:12

'Largest Health Care Fraud Takedown in US History: 412 People Charged in Schemes Worth $1.3 Billion

A Florida rehab facility is alleged to have recruited addicts with gift cards and visits to strip clubs

Jul 13 12:09

Secret Service Looking Into Dem Lawmaker’s Threat to Make Trump “Half Term President”

The Secret Service is looking into what some are calling a death threat made by Democratic lawmaker Scott Hamann

Jul 13 12:03

Message from UK High Court: Carry on arming the Saudis (and never mind the slaughter in Yemen)

Stuart Littlewood examines Britain’s complicity in the war crimes committed by Saudi Arabia in Yemen, and the role of notorious Israeli stooge Liam Fox, the UK’s secretary of state for international trade, in this.>>

Jul 13 11:15

Leaked Documents Show Democrats Plotted to Blame Russia For Hacking

A whistleblower provided a very damaging email showing that the Democrats were plotting to ‘manufacture false evidence of the Russian security services’ involvement in cyber attacks during the U.S. presidential elections 2016?.

Jul 13 11:11

Video - President Trump Holds a Joint Press Conference with President Macron

Macron agrees that Assad doesn't have to go

President Trump Slams ABC Reporter Over Donald Trump Jr Email Meeting

--"Loretta Lynch Let Russian Lawyer Into Our Country I Also Saw The Same Russian Lawer In Congress Didn't She Have A Expired Visa?"

Jul 13 09:13

Donations from British public funding Islamist extremism, govt report finds

Islamic extremists are receiving hundreds of thousands of pounds a year

Jul 13 08:52

Tucker Carlson destroys ANTIFA over hate crimes and Haymaker Collective

Fox News host Tucker Carlson went head-to-head with an ANTIFA supporter on a recent broadcast who is part of the Haymaker Collective and is training for war.

Jul 13 08:47

Silver Price Forecast July 13, 2017, Technical Analysis

Silver markets chomped around quite a bit during the day Wednesday as we continued to meander below the $16 level . As the market looks like it is tightening up , I think alot of this is going to come down to what Janet Yellen says .
(*oh christ!) >>>

Jul 13 08:40


President Donald Trump’s ceremonial visit to the UK will not take place until 2018, according to Sky News, which cited senior British officials. Trump accepted an invitation from Queen Elizabeth II for a state visit shortly after his inauguration in January. British Prime Minister Theresa May said in a joint news conference at the White House in January the Queen was “delighted that the president has accepted that invitation.”

Jul 13 08:12

Bomb Threat At UCLA Prompts Evacuation Of Thousands

UCLA was given the all-clear after several residence halls were evacuated while police investigated a report of a bomb

Jul 13 08:12


This whole Comey-memo story just got a whole Hell of a lot crazier. FOX News may be in a whole world of hurt after allegedly misleading the President by suggesting the Comey memos leaked contained classified info.

Jul 13 08:10

Camera-Shy Cops Have No Legal Recourse

Police across the country will have to adjust to the reality that any citizen with a smartphone can record them when they are on duty, because there is nothing they can legally do to stop it, as a federal appeals court confirmed last week.

The decision, by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit, involved two incidents in which Philadelphia police officers forcibly interfered with people who were trying to record them. Such harassment, which often involves phone confiscation and trumped-up criminal charges, is sadly common, even though every federal appeals court to consider the issue has said it violates the First Amendment.

Jul 13 06:17

DOJ let Russian lawyer into US before she met with Trump team

The Russian lawyer who penetrated Donald Trump’s inner circle was initially cleared into the United States by the Justice Department under “extraordinary circumstances” before she embarked on a lobbying campaign last year that ensnared the president’s eldest son, members of Congress, journalists and State Department officials, according to court and Justice Department documents and interviews.

Jul 13 05:27

US to Spend $406 Billion on F-35 Jet Program

The Most Expensive Weapons Program Is Getting More Costly

The cost of the F-35 jet program , already the most expensive weapons program ever is estimated to climb to US$406.5 billion , dispite Trump's assurances to fix "out of control" expenditures


Jul 13 04:59

McCain Vows to Restore Federal Aid to Tunisia

(*President 'wanna-be') McCain Vows to Restore Federal Aid to Tunisia

Jul 12 21:56

Stop WWIII! They Shot Their Wad; We Now are in Negative Nothing Burger Time to Counterattack July 12, 2017

The latest hot dummy bombshell directed at the U.S. population about President Trump concerns— hold your breath—the fact that Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner met for 20 minutes soon after Trump won the Republican nomination with a Russian lawyer who, it was claimed, would offer damning information on Hillary Clinton's illicit Russian contacts.

Jul 12 21:15

BREAKING! "Russian Spy" Natalia Veselnitskaya has attended anti-Trump rallies!

The real crime here is likely that the Obama administration used this woman to justify to the FISA court illegal spying on the Trump campaign. She was part of a setup.

Jul 12 19:45

Photos: Russian Lawyer Attended Chicago Anti-Trump Rally

Photos suggest Veselnitskaya is Deep State anti-Trump operative

Jul 12 19:28

Mid-2017 US status: Trump joins War Criminals invading Syria, threatening Iran, pushing WW3. ‘We the People’s’ choice: basic integrity for .01% arrests, or surrender Earth to evil empire

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

Two weeks ago I reported status of lie-started and illegal US war on Syria, with ongoing threats of war on Iran. Additional and new data include:

US military now illegally occupy eight bases in Syria, with escalating bombing of Syria and Iraq of over 4,000 bombs/month and over 84,000 since 2014.

The US acknowledges ~500 civilian deaths from these bombs. Committing a bombing in another country that kills one person is a crime of murder. Using military to attack another country that is not an imminent threat of attacking one’s nation is an illegal War of Aggression.

Three videos:

1-minute clip hopefully reported Trump’s initial promise to not overthrow other countries’ governments:

11-minutes of the US Peace council UN press conference that their findings in Syria refute all “official” US claims demonizing that government (and here):

Jul 12 17:18

Antofagasta, Twin Metals, PolyMet And The Hidden Dangers Of Modern High-Tech Copper Mining

Over the past two days, I revised a previous Duty to Warn column about copper mining titled “Corporate Sociopaths Out of Northern Minnesota” and then I also revised another column about the infamous British/Australian copper mining giant Rio Tinto that has devastated so much of the earth…

Jul 12 15:07

US Forces Could Have Killed Kim Jong-un on July 4 But Didn’t Take the Shot

This is helpful.

The US military generally knows when North Korean missile tests will occur, but of course hasn’t launched a pre-emptive strike to stop one. But it’s “unusual” that the US would allow it to leak that Kim could have been eliminated and wasn’t, Baker explained.

The consultant believes it’s possible Washington allowed the information to leak to show that it doesn’t want to kill Kim at any chance it gets, in hopes that even an olive branch that small could persuade North Korea to slow the pace of its ballistic missile and nuclear program development.

Jul 12 14:51

Israel’s ever-more sadistic reprisals help shore up a sense of victimhood

Jonathan Cook argues that “Israel has taken collective punishment – a serious violation of international law – to new extremes, stretching the notion to realms once imaginable only in a dystopian fable like George Orwell’s 1984”.>>

Jul 12 13:24

"This Is Wild" Lavrov Mocks US Media Mania Over 'Russian Lawyer' & Trump Jr.

Following Kremlin denials that the 'Russian lawyer' that met with Trump Jr. was 'Kremlin-related', Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Wednesday it was preposterous that U.S. President Donald Trump's eldest son was blamed for the meeting.

Jul 12 13:24


A substantial Democrat donor is founding a new organization to “challenge” the Democrat National Committee because he says the Democrats are in “complete disarray” after Hillary Clinton’s election loss last year.

Jul 12 12:14

Steve Scalise is released from Intensive Care Unit at a Washington hospital one week after infection - but he remains in serious condition

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise has left the ICU at MedStar Washington Hospital Center one week after he was admitted with a serious infection.

The Louisiana congressman and third-ranking House Republican has been hospitalized since June 14, when he and four others were injured in a shooting while at baseball practice.

However, while Scalise is no longer in intensive care, he remains in serious condition, an official said on condition of anonymity.

Jul 12 12:13

It Begins: Congressman Files 'Articles of Impeachment' Against Donald Trump

One month after Texas Democratic Rep. Al Green grandstanded on the floor "I do not do this for political purposes," a second Democrat has now formally introduced his own article of impeachment against Trump. California Rep Brad Sherman follows the same path as Green, accusing the president of obstructing justice during the federal investigation of Russia’s 2016 election interference.

Jul 12 12:12

Sen. Graham to Future Director of the FBI: “Is Russia Our Friend or Our Enemy?”

If I were a republican, this Senator Graham fellow would drive me nuts. Here he is accosting the future director of the FBI, Christopher Wray, repeatedly trying to get him to say negative things about Don Trump Jr. and then segueing that into a juvenile conclusion by trying to get the new FBI director to call Russia ‘an enemy’ of America for disrupting our MUH elections.

All jokes aside, men like this will get us all killed.

“Is Russia our friend or our enemy?”

“Do you think they’re an adversary of the United States?”

“Do you think the Russians did it, when it comes to the hacking of the DNC and Podesta emails?”

Jul 12 11:57

U.S. Bases Strategically Placed To Prevent Syrian Military From Advancing; Outlining Borders Of Kurdistan

By Brandon Turbeville

Despite the spits and spurts of World War Three, it seems the United States (at least part of the establishment) and Russia are beginning to move toward a cooling of their approaches to the Syrian crisis. While we have seen this many times in the past – the apparent mutual understanding of Russia and the U.S. – we have been consistently been rattled by an abrupt push by the United States toward a greater involvement in Syria and a push that could very well be the catalyst for a third world war.

While there obviously remains the possibility that the United States will once again lash out like a dying lunatic empire, risking the lives of everyone on earth, we might also ask whether or not the U.S. has had a change in strategy or even perhaps whether or not the American “Plan B” is coming to fruition...

Jul 12 11:28

Chelsea Clinton Slapped With Lawsuit For Copyright Infringement Over Children’s Book

Nevertheless, she infringed.

At least, that’s the accusation being made by a writer who is suing former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton for $150,000.

Christopher Kimberley filed a federal lawsuit in New York claiming Clinton and publisher Penguin Random House stole his book idea when they produced the children’s book ‘She Persisted.’

Jul 12 11:10


The New York Times is attempting to defend itself in a lawsuit from Sarah Palin, but they’re not doing a very good job. As reported in the New York Post, the lawyer for the New York Times told a Manhattan federal judge on Friday simply that “There was an honest mistake in posting the editorial.”

Jul 12 10:19

Earth Alerts Beta

Jul 12 10:06


A recent NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll conducted June 21 through June 25 shows that the American public trusts the Trump administration more than it trusts the media, but not by much.

Jul 12 09:48

No One Would Buy My Photos, So Here They Are For Free: Mosul 2017

My name is Kainoa Little, and I am a Shoreline, Washington-based conflict photographer. I was in Mosul in April and May 2017, documenting Iraqi forces as they fought Islamic State militants to liberate the city.

I tried and failed to find newspapers and wire services who would purchase my photos. But the soldiers had fed me and given me a seat in their Humvees, and the refugees had tolerated my presence on some of the worst days of their lives. They very rightly expected that I would tell their story.

The worst uncertainty for me as a freelancer in conflict isn’t that I won’t be able to pay my rent; it’s that no one will see the story, and then I will have failed to give a voice to the voiceless. So I have tried to share them where I can, and hopefully people can imagine some of the human tragedy and triumph playing out in Mosul.

Jul 12 09:35

F-35 Program Costs Jump to $406.5 Billion in Latest Estimate

The cost of the F-35 jet program, already the most expensive U.S. weapons program ever, is estimated to climb further as the plane’s production period gets extended, according to figures submitted to Congress on Monday.

Total acquisition costs for Lockheed Martin Corp.’s next-generation fighter may rise about 7 percent to $406.5 billion, according to figures in a document known as a Selected Acquisition Report. That’s a reversal after several years of estimates that had declined to $379 billion recently from a previous high of $398.5 billion in early 2014.

The Pentagon’s F-35 program office said in a statement that the $27.5 billion increase is reflected in current “then-year” dollars that cover research, development, procurement and military construction. The separate roughly $1.1 trillion long-term operations and support estimate to keep the aircraft flying until 2070 increased by $35.3 billion.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Why in the name of heaven is the Pentagon allowing this incredible waste on on one of it's biggest boondoggles ever?!? Because they cannot admit how wrong they were to greenlight production in the first place?!?

Were I President Trump, I would retire the fighter, have the "male attributes" to admit that it was a very flawed project, from its inception and not allow Lockheed Martin to bid on any military work whatsoever for at least the next 20 years.

Corporate failure to present a fighter that works as advertised can no longer be tolerated by the President, the Pentagon, and Congress.

Jul 12 09:16

Israel Bill Would Order Courts to Give Priority to Jewishness Over Democracy

Israel’s far-right coalition continues to grapple with different variations of a new draft bill that seeks to give Israel’s status as a Jewish nation-state primacy over all other legal concerns, including potential conflicts with being a democracy.

The latest revision defines Israel as “a Jewish and Democratic state,” but makes clear the first part is more important than the second part, explicitly ordering the Israeli High Court to favor Israel’s Jewish character over its democracy when the two issues conflict.

This is a particularly important issue for parts of the far-right coalition that complain the High Court often overrules some of the more overtly anti-democratic moves they try to make, usually involving hasty attempts to ban all Arab parties from participating in elections.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF this bill gets passed (and right now, I would suggest that this will happen), it will further marginalise Arab Israelis to the point of complete legal insignificance in the Israeli electoral system, and the courts.

Jul 12 09:11

Well Lookie Here=> Russian Lawyer Veselnitskaya is Pictured with Obama Ambassador to Russia – 8 Days After Trump Jr. Mtg.

Veselnitskaya told NBC News on Monday she was not with the Kremlin as was reported by The New York Times.

She confirmed her meeting with Donald Trump Jr. was about Russian adoptions in the US.

The law firm where Veselnitskaya is listed as managing partner, Kamerton Consulting, is based in a Moscow suburb and does not even have a website.

A staff member at Kamerton told The Associated Press Veselnitskaya was unavailable for comment on Monday.

Her office in Moscow may be a shell. There is no working phone, email or website.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Monday that the Kremlin is unaware of a meeting between Trump’s senior staff and Veselnitskaya and “does not know who that is.”

Jul 12 09:01

The Bad Guys Are Grasping At Anything, Their Time Is Almost Up

The deep state is going all out trying to find some way of keeping control and removing Trump. The problem is that everything they are trying is not working and their time is almost up.

Jul 12 08:38


Despite Big Agriculture claiming for years that their pesticides only kill pests, a report published in late June in the Journal Science proved what many people have suspected for years: the type of pesticides that Bayer pioneered, known as neonicotinoids, are responsible for diminishing numbers of honeybees.

“Two studies, conducted on different crops and on two continents … find that bees near corn crops are exposed to neonicotinoids for 3 to 4 months via nontarget pollen, resulting in decreased survival and immune responses, especially when co-exposed to a commonly used agrochemical fungicide.” the report said.

The studies even found neonicotinoid residue inside of hives where no chemicals had been used nearby. The study also noted that the presence of these insecticide residues was correlated with fewer queen bees in the hives and fewer egg cells in solitary bees nests.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now, we know.

Jul 12 08:35

Yemen cholera cases pass 300,000 as outbreak spirals - ICRC

A cholera outbreak in war-torn Yemen is thought to have infected 300,000 people in the past 10 weeks, the International Committee of the Red Cross says.

The situation has continued to "spiral out of control", with about 7,000 new cases every day, the ICRC warned.

More than 1,700 associated deaths have been reported, according to the UN.
Yemen's health, water and sanitation systems are collapsing after two years of conflict between pro-government forces and the rebel Houthi movement.
Cholera is an acute diarrhoeal infection caused by ingestion of food or water contaminated with the bacterium Vibrio cholera.

Most of those infected will have no or mild symptoms but, in severe cases, the disease can kill within hours if left untreated.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Saudi and US leadership and military must be DELIGHTED with this current turn of events; fewer people to have to kill outright with bombs and bullets; just a couple of bulldozers for mass graves will be needed, as the epidemic continues to take hold here in Yemen.

And what really happened to that 66 million dollar donation last month to the UN from Saudi Prince Salman, allegedly, to ease the plight of this epidemic in a country with which Saudi Arabia is at war?!?

Prince Salman donates $66 million dollars to aid anti-cholera campaign in Yemen

Prince Salman very cynically understands that the UN, and its agencies move more slowly than do molasses in a cold January. IF he had really wanted something done quickly enough to stay the spread of this disease, this contribution should have gone to the ICRC (The International Committee of the Red Crescent, the Middle Eastern equivalent to America's Red Cross), or Doctors without Borders; both these organisations understand how to get medical boots on the ground, and quickly.

By the time the money is watered down at the UN, and bureaucratically disbursed, it will have been far too little, and far too late, but he will appear to have "done something" while the situation on the ground in Yemen simply translates into more bombings of innocent civilians; more malnutrition leading to death of Yemen's kids, due to the port blockades in Yemen; and more birth defects, stillbirths, and cancers from the Saudi use of DU in Yemen.

And one last question; I have to wonder if cholera has been deliberately placed in Yemen's drinking water, to hasten the rapidity of the spread of the epidemic?!?

Jul 12 08:33

Transport bosses refuse to release surveillance footage of a rash of train robberies on the BART to 'avoid racist stereotyping of suspects'

A San Francisco transport official has been caught out in a leaked memo telling staff footage of a recent robbery spree was not being released to stop people making 'racial generalizations'.

The Bay Area's BART system has been rocked by at least three robberies in recent weeks, including one incident that saw about 60 young people board a train, rob seven people and attack two others.

Two other high-profile incidents saw a total of about 16 young people involved in the robberies, while locals reported seeing or hearing of many more.

Despite the robberies, BART Assistant General Manager Kerry Hamill explained why surveillance footage and other images were not being released in a memo sent to the board of directors.

Jul 12 08:24


If you shop at Walmart, you might want to examine the handle of the cart you use and check for a “booby trap” that could send you to the hospital.

Jul 12 08:19

The Most Unusual (And Significant?) Solar Eclipse In U.S. History Will Happen Next Month On August 21

August 21st is the date of “the Great American Eclipse”, and the hype around it is already starting to reach a fever pitch. It is being called “the Great American Eclipse” because this will be the first total solar eclipse ever that is only visible in the United States. In other words, since the United States became a nation there has never been a total eclipse that was only visible here and nowhere else. And this will be the first total solar eclipse to cross from the west coast to the east coast in 99 years. So for those that love astronomy, this is bigger than the Super Bowl.

Jul 12 08:16


“In June 2014, ISIS crossed the Syrian border into Iraq, effortlessly taking the strategic oil-rich cities of Mosul and Baiji and almost making it as far as Baghdad. Amid the terror group’s frightening victory, they uploaded images and footage of drive-by-shootings, large-scale death marches, and mass graves (following the mass executions of Iraqi soldiers).

“ISIS militants claimed massive quantities of American military equipment, including entire truckloads of humvees, helicopters, tanks, and artillery as their own. This was no secret to Washington, or even the world, as the militants photographed and recorded themselves and publicly flaunted their activity on social media.”

Was there a good reason the American military sat on its hands despite knowing full well that this was going on? As Anti-Media explained further:

Jul 12 08:11


And yet, while Illinois squirms in the agony of the unknown, another municipality that as recently as a month ago was rumored to be looking at a bankruptcy filing, the state capital of Connecticut, Hartford, no longer has to dread the unknown: on Tuesday afternoon, S&P pulled off the band-aid, and downgraded the city's bond rating by two notches to BB from BBB-, also known as junk, citing "growing liquidity pressures" and "weaker market access prospects", while keeping the city's General Obligation bonds on Creditwatch negative meaning more downgrades are likely imminent.

Jul 12 08:08


In 2008, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now interviewed Bamford as his latest book, The Shadow Factory, was being released.

Bamford explained that, in the 1990s, everything changed for NSA. Previously, they’d been able to intercept electronic communications by using big dishes to capture what was coming down to Earth from telecom satellites.

But with the shift to fiber-optic cables, NSA was shut out. So they devised new methods.

For example, they set up a secret spy room at an AT&T office in San Francisco. NSA installed new equipment that enabled them to tap into the fiber-optic cables and suck up all traffic.

How Bamford describes this, in 2008, tells you exactly where the PRISM program came from:

“NSA began making these agreements with AT&T and other companies, and that in order to get access to the actual cables, they had to build these secret rooms in these buildings.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There are a couple of problems with all of this data-mining and sharing by US intelligent agencies.

First, the bad guys already have a "Rolls Royce" standard of encryption that the NSA cannot, generally break.

And secondly, with all the data being collected, those gatherers of this intel are simply drowning in it; there's just too much.

Jul 12 08:04

The City of Seattle Approved an Income Tax, but Faces Court Battle

Seattle has done one thing effectively: drive out earners. Anyone making over $250,000 within city limits of Seattle is now subject to a new income tax, but the new law is likely to face a court battle over its unconstitutionality.

The cheers from the socialists as this blatant constitutional violation was on full display was possibly the most horrific part of the entire debacle. People are actually cheering and happy that the government is stealing money from those they don’t even know. It’s like humanity has never existed.

Jul 12 08:01


Earlier this week, The New York Times published a story on how top Trump administration officials have asked Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater, and billionaire Stephen Feinberg, who owns military contractor DynCorp, to come up with alternative plans on how to proceed in Afghanistan.
Perhaps not surprisingly, the two men, who have made untold sums of money off the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, came up with a plan to rely on private contractors instead of the US military. This story may sound familiar and it usually doesn’t end well.

Last month — after The Wall Street Journal fired Jay Solomon, its chief foreign affairs correspondent, for failure to disclose shady business deals with one of his sources — we published a book excerpt that revealed some juicy details about that source, Farhad Azima, and his unsavory colleagues.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is only one intelligent answer to that belching cesspool which is Afghanistan, 16 years on: have NATO and US troops leave as quickly as is safe, then negotiate with whatever government is left standing in Kabul for rights to the oil pipelines (which is why Bush sent our troops there n the first place); the mineral rights, and rights to the opium, which funds "off the shelf" operations over which Congress has utterly no oversight.

And, BTW, here are some images of American troops guarding those opium poppy fields in Afghanistan:

US occupation leads to all time high heroin production

Video: US troops assisting in harvesting opium in Afghanistan.

US turns a blind eye to opium in Afghan town

The US government has have spent far too much blood and money in a country with the international reputation as being "the graveyard for empires"; time to go.

Jul 12 08:00

Older Hondas and newer Toyotas are among the country’s most-stolen vehicles

The National Insurance Crime Bureau reported in its annual “Hot Wheels” survey that Honda’s Civic and Accord were the most-stolen vehicles last year, followed by pickup trucks made by Ford and Chevrolet, and then by the Toyota Camry and Nissan Altima. A Dodge pickup, the Chevy Impala, the Toyota Corolla and the Jeep Cherokee rounded out the top 10.

But thieves aren’t stealing just any Civics or Accords. The bureau’s report said that Hondas from the late 1990s were the most targeted models — specifically the 1997 Accord and 1998 Civic. That's because those models were sold in very high volume, were built well enough to still be on the road, and did not include the “smart key” technology that makes newer Hondas much more difficult to steal.

Jul 12 07:42


Senator John McCain just lobbed another criticism against the Trump Administration and every American voter in an interview with CBS. The interviewer asked McCain how he felt about Secretary of State Rex Tillerson saying about working with Russia in the Mideast. What you are about to witness is so disgusting that McCain should resign immediately.

Jul 12 07:34

Was Trump Junior Framed?

As a storm breaks over Washington, and the details of foreign “collusion” and intrigue over the 2016 presidential election break out into the open, I just happened to be re-reading Gore Vidal’s The Golden Age, a novel set in the run up to World War II in which pretty much the same plot line plays out on the same terrain.
There is Don Junior, the fresh-faced and rather obtuse presidential progeny, who walks straight into the arms of the clownish Bob Goldstone, a former British tabloid journalist and events promoter, who set up the fateful meeting. There is Natalia Veselnitskaya, a Russian lawyer who previously worked with Fusion GPS, the dirty tricks firm employed by the Never Trump crowd that came up with the salacious “dirty dossier,” claiming that Trump had been compromised by Russian intelligence.

Jul 12 06:24

The Latest Russian Plot: Hacking Nuclear Power Plants

Yet another Russia story is being reported breathlessly from our nation’s finest major media outlets, this time hyperventilating over the claim that the Russians are trying to hack into U.S. nuclear infrastructure.

The New York Times, Newsweek, Bloomberg, the Washington Post, NBC, the Chicago Tribune, Business Insider, the Hill and numerous other outlets have pushed the idea that Russia is behind recent malicious cyber activity at several U.S. nuclear plants—so what gives?

Jul 12 05:18

Who Is The Real Enemy?

And even given that I would have to qualify the nature of the threats . Russia and China are best described as adversaries or competitors rather then enemies as they have compelling interests to avoid war , even though Washington is doing it's best to turn them hostile >>>

Jul 12 04:43

This Video from Venezuela Shows Us Society Really DOES Go Mad Max After a Collapse

This video from Venezuela of a motorcycle gang using grenades to hijack a truck full of sugar proves that it really doesn't take society very long to devolve into something straight out of a post-apocalyptic movie.

Jul 11 18:29

Mass evacuation prepared as ‘Volcano of FIRE’ bursts into life & could erupt at ANY MOMENT

RESIDENTS of a nearby volcano in Guatemala are on standby to evacuate at any moment after the beast burst into life.

Volcan de Fuego, which translates as ‘Volcano of Fire’, shot ash up to a kilometre into the air after it violently erupted in the evening of Monday, July 10.

The local communities of Morelia Panimaché, Santa Sofía, and El Porvenir have been littered with ash from the volcano, and experts could be told to leave at any moment.

Jul 11 17:41

Sedition: U.S. Intelligence Community Prepping For Soft Coup (Video)

Sadly, because of how dishonest the mainstream media is, most Americans do not realize the severity of the divide that presently exists within this country, and the lengths to which the far-left is willing to go to remove President Trump from office. For that reason, anyone in the alternative media who attempts to warn people of the potential for “civil war,” or for “martial law” is regarded as “conspiracy theorist.”

There are however, a very small and select few in the mainstream media that recognize the gravity of the situation, and realize how dangerous the situation is becoming. Monica Crowley recognized the far-left's agenda for what it was right from the start. She's often said:

Jul 11 16:44

What They Aren’t Telling You About The Dicamba Bans As It Scorches American Fields

There’s a reason Arkansas and Missouri just issued emergency, temporary dicamba bans. Dicamba pesticide isn’t new – but the biotech feats that are bolstering its indiscriminate use are unsurprisingly causing new problems...

Jul 11 16:25

Defiant teenage girl says cop grabbed her breasts during arrest; police footage proves she’s a liar

A police officer’s career, and perhaps his freedom, was saved by the fact that his body cam caught a violent incident with a teenage girl on video.
An 18-year-old, Logan Huysman, wrote on Facebook last month, that Burlington Police Officer Adam Lippa and Sgt. My Nguyen inappropriately touched her, and grabbed her breasts, when they took her into custody that morning, the Burlington Free Press reported.

Jul 11 16:24

Judge Tosses Out Traffic Case Because People Are Too Stupid To Read Words

Seattle school zones display one sign too many, a judge agreed in dismissing a driver’s camera-generated $234 speeding ticket.

For the second time, a judge has tossed out a camera-generated speeding ticket by ruling that Seattle’s school-zone signs are too wordy.

Jul 11 16:23

James Woods offers hilarious prediction to parents with sign saying ‘My son wears dresses and make-up, get over it!’

Leave it to James Woods to give a dose of reality to delusional snowflakes.
In a tweet on Monday, the Conservative-leaning outspoken actor posted a photo of parents standing next to their “gender creative” son and predicted the future consequences of their actions.

Jul 11 14:52

No Help From The Cops

A 53-year-old man was shot and killed after he forced his way into his ex-girlfriend’s home in Dayton last week.

Daron Orr was pronounced dead at the scene, according to reports from local media. The woman, who has not been publicly identified, was questioned and released.

Jul 11 14:37

Ken O'Keefe - US Military Fighting For Israel - Israel, not Iran, is the Threat!

Ken O'Keefe is re-releasing his epic expose of the Israeli/Jewish lies about Iran that are being employed just as the "WMD's in Iraq" lie was used to send American sons and daughters off to die for Israel in the invasion/occupation of Iraq. With Syria not all going to plan, the ultimate target of Iran and the World War III agenda looks to be in overdrive with President Trump continuing the sickening and sychonpantic role of Jewish US Presidents as Jewish whipping boys. How many more American sons and daughters will be sacrificed for Israel before genuine American patriots stand up and refuse orders and arrest the traitors in Congress? These questions and points and more are made in this, part 1 of a 2 part program that tells the truth about the what and why regarding Iran. If people want more such videos/commentary from Ken O'Keefe then visit and invest in Ken O'Keefe's work.

Jul 11 13:43

Buffett Donates $3.17 Billion To Gates Charity, Four Others

Warren Buffett on Monday donated roughly $3.17 billion of Berkshire Hathaway Inc stock to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and four family charities, his largest contribution in a more than decade-long plan to give away his fortune.