Feb 11 07:47

Greatest Threat to Free Speech in the West: Criminalizing Activism Against Israeli Occupation

THE U.K. GOVERNMENT today announced that it is will be illegal for “local [city] councils, public bodies, and even some university student unions … to refuse to buy goods and services from companies involved in the arms trade, fossil fuels, tobacco products, or Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank.” Thus, any entities that support or participate in the global boycott of Israeli settlements will face “severe penalties.”
Note: What power by a minority!

Feb 11 07:44

Four Days in Palestine: My Time with Bassem Tamimi

It is about a mile to get to the court. We go through one revolving door, then through the metal detector and our IDs are checked. Then a van that transports people the mile or so distance to the court complex comes by. We leave our phones, belts and money with the driver so that we don’t to have to take them off again at the next checkpoint. We get off and rush. Bassem’s phone is ringing again — it’s the attorney: “Where are you? They are already entering the courtroom.” As we rush ahead I can’t help thinking about Bassem — his wife and daughter are being held in that military prison, handcuffed and shackled, probably mistreated. It’s been a month and there is no end in sight.
Note: I weep.

Feb 11 07:35

Self-healing, recyclable electronic skin creates a way for prosthetic limbs to feel just like real skin does

Biomedicine just took another leap forward. University of Colorado Boulder scientists created so-called electronic skin—e-skin for short. The e-skin is a thin, semi-transparent material that can act like your skin through measuring temperature, pressure, humidity and air flow. The new material, which was detailed in a study published Friday in Science Advances, could make better prosthetics, improve the safety of robots in the future and aid development of other biomedical devices.

Feb 11 07:35

Russian plane missing after Moscow take off

A Russian passenger plane has crashed after leaving Moscow's Domodedovo airport with 71 people on board.
The Saratov Airlines jet vanished minutes after take-off and crashed near the village of Argunovo, about 80km (50 miles) south-east of Moscow.
All those on board are thought to have died, officials told Russian media.

Feb 11 07:21

17-minute UFO/ET video: same ‘leader-liars’ of US empire annually killing millions, harming billions, looting trillions tell us ‘be afraid’ of aliens coming for empire killing millions, harming billions, costing trillions

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

As a National Board Certified Teacher of History, Economics, Government, also credentialed in Mathematics and honored by two Los Angeles Mayors as among the best teachers in Central Los Angeles (~20,000 teachers in that area), who has also spent over 10,000 hours in research for analysis of our most important facts in the challenge of being humans on Earth, please consider three factual claims:

1. Megalithic architecture is literal rock-solid evidence of prehistoric Earth civilizations with technologies greater than so-called “modern” humans. This is just one area of objective evidence that Earth’s history is very different from what is published in our texts and told to us by corporate media. Here is a start with several helpful links.
2. The US is an illegal neocolonial/rogue state empire lying to annually kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions.

Feb 10 15:35

Russian Athletes Were Not Allowed to Show their Country's Flag in Opening Winter Olympic Ceremony.

There are dirty athletes from other countries not being causing the whole team from being disqualified from the games. Only Russians by punishing those who are innocent of doping by not allowing them to carry their nation’s flag while other countries were caught doping are still allowed to carry their flags says something stinks to high heaven,

Feb 10 13:29

Unknown Bag Lady Suffers Hilarious Coughing Attack

The wannabe cougher-in-chief is back. Here's the awesome clip from yesterday. Can you imagine Hillary trying to give a 75 minute SOTU speech. She wouldn't even make it 5 minutes.


Feb 10 13:17

Navy SEAL Jason Redman To Host Los Angeles Fundraiser for Warfare Disability

Though there are many programs that help warriors find educational opportunities and employment opportunities, one of the key problems is many warriors do not know who they are in the civilian world yet.

Navy SEAL Jason Redman To Host Los Angeles Fundraiser to Benefit the Combat Wounded Coalition and The Overcome Academy

Feb 10 13:06

Grassley Memo Shocker! Did The UK Meddle In Our Elections? With Guest Phil Giraldi.

Grassley Memo adds several fascinating layers to the story of who was meddling in the 2016 US Presidential election.

For some reason the Sen. Grassley Memo released earlier this week is being largely ignored by the media.

Former CIA officer Phil Giraldi joins today’s show to discuss the operatives behind the scenes…

Feb 10 12:25

Russian-Turkish axis in Syria faces meltdown

With suspicions running high that the nominal allies drew each other's blood on February 3, Ankara may well seek a modus vivendi with the US.

Two things differentiate the downing of a Russian Su-25 ground-attack jet in the western province of Idlib on February 3 from the drone attacks on the Russian air base at Hmeimim a month earlier.

Suffice to say, the air is thick with innuendos and dark hints that Russia and Turkey may have drawn each other’s blood on February 3, despite notionally being allies in Syria’s hybrid war.

Feb 10 12:14

The Nunes Memo Needs More Work – Philip Giraldi

As a former intelligence officer, the first thing I noticed was that the claim by Democrats on the Committee that the memo’s release amounted to “treason” and would compromise classified information does not hold water.

Even the FISA court is aware of FBI inventiveness.

FBI procedures and ambiguities aside, this is nevertheless serious business.

If it can be determined that the omissions in submissions to the FISC were deliberate and calculated, the astute blogger Publius Tacitus has correctly observed that some senior FBI and DOJ officials who signed off on misleading or fraudulent applications concealing the antecedents of the so-called Steele Dossier to the FISC are now facing possible contempt-of-court charges that would include prison sentences. They include James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates, Dana Boente and Rob Rosenstein.

Feb 10 12:11


To authorize dedicated domestic terrorism offices within the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation to analyze and monitor domestic terrorist activity and require the Federal Government to take steps to prevent domestic terrorism.

Feb 10 12:08

The FBI and the President – Mutual Manipulation

Seldom has there been greater collusion in the perpetration of crimes against civil liberties, electoral freedom and free and lawful expression as what has taken place between the FBI and the US Justice Department.

Few government organizations have been engaged in violation of the US citizens’ constitutional rights for as long a time and against as many individuals as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Seldom has there been greater collusion in the perpetration of crimes against civil liberties, electoral freedom and free and lawful expression as what has taken place between the FBI and the US Justice Department.

Feb 10 10:34

Uranium Bribery Informant Drops The HAMMER On Hillary...

Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer discusses the undercover Uranium One informant.


Feb 10 10:18

No sh*t, Sherlock! Bloke suspected of swallowing drug stash keeps colon schtum for 22 DAYS

A suspected drug dealer accused of swallowing his stash has become internet famous – after refusing to take a dump, and thus provide the cops their evidence, for 22 DAYS and counting.

Feb 10 10:17

All swagger and smiles, Kim Jong Un's mysterious sister gets her star turn at Winter Olympics

Kim Yo Jong, sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, arrives at the Incheon International Airport. (AP)
PYEONGCHANG, South Korea – She arrived via private jet, and as Kim Yo Jong swaggered and smiled through Incheon International Airport as the first member of her family to walk on South Korean soil in nearly seven decades, it was clear she was here to steal the show.

Feb 10 10:16

New Details About The Teen Who Sent Photos Of A Dying Girl To His Friends Before Sexually Assaulting Her As She Passed Away

Police have charged a 19-year-old Washington man with rape and homicide of an 18-year-old girl who overdosed on drugs while inside his mobile home.
According to the Herald Net, Alyssa Mae Noceda met Brian Varela at a party last Saturday night. They went back to his house and she reportedly overdosed on drugs.

Feb 10 10:15

Boston radio host suspended for mocking Tom Brady's agent by using Asian accent

Boston radio has been garnering attention for all the wrong reasons in the past three weeks. Before the Super Bowl, Tom Brady ended his weekly appearance on WEEI’s “Kirk and Callahan” show in protest of Alex Reimer referring to Brady’s 5-year-old daughter as a piss ant on another show.

Feb 10 10:04

Sheriff recorded boasting after giving orders to kill unarmed man during slow-speed chase

A Tennessee sheriff is being sued for excessive force after he was recorded laughing and boasting about how he told his officers to shoot a man during a slow-speed chase rather than risk damaging police cars attempting to drive him off the road.

Feb 10 10:02

Washington man rapes teen as she dies from overdose, deputies say

A Lynwood man is accused of raping a young woman as she was dying from an overdose, then trying to hide the evidence.
The Daily Herald reports Brian Roberto Varela, 19, was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of rape, manslaughter and homicide by a controlled substance.

Feb 10 09:53

Sharyl Attkisson | Why The Deep State Is Afraid Of Trump

Interesting rationale from Sharyl.


Feb 10 09:28

6 UNIMAGINABLE Shocking Valentines Day Trends across the globe that will awe you.

Valentine’s Day, a day when people in love show their appreciation towards their mate who shower love and adore.
As we are very aware how couples from our country celebrate this precious occasion. Today, let’s explore the unbelievable traditions and ways how couples all across the world this festival.

Feb 10 08:55

High-School Coach ‘Ignored’ Boy’s Screams as Teammates Raped Him, Lawsuit Claims

La Vernia, Texas—population 1,200—has struggled to emerge from a cloud that covered the sports-obsessed town after rape allegations involving its most gifted athletes went public almost one year ago.

Feb 10 08:55

Wealthy neighbors pack community meeting to oppose planned homeless shelter on 'Billionaires Row'

A plan by New York mayor Bill de Blasio to house the city’s rising homeless population is facing opposition over a shelter that backs on to a super-luxury residential skyscraper on “Billionaires’ Row”.

Feb 10 08:42

Narendra Modi, first Indian PM to visit Palestine, receives highest honour

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is currently touring West Asia, was on Saturday conferred with the 'Grand Collar' of the State of Palestine.

Ther award was bestowed on him by Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas in recognition of his contribution to strengthening the age-old relationship between India and Palestine.

Feb 10 08:29

Hannity: Steve Bannon caught up in incidental surveillance?

It looks like the deep state may have been spying on former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon after former foreign policy adviser Carter Page came under FBI surveillance.

Feb 10 08:12

Stock market collapse? Great! Wall Street’s .01%’s rigged-casino parasitizing real American’s work and offering zero usable goods/services must end before monetary reform & public banking allow ~$1,000,000 per US household in near-instant benefits

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

Secondary market: securities sold by and transferred to one speculator to another.

Speculator: purchase of an asset with hope that it will become more valuable. Many speculators pay little attention to the fundamental value of a security and instead focus purely on price movements (my note: 99% of Americans, yes?)

The most important context to consider the US stock market:
Americans are neo-slaves to lying sacks-of-spin asset holes psychopathically crushing life from all Earth’s inhabitants. The best description of these .01%’s “leadership” is rogue state empire, with those of us pointing to the uncontested and comprehensive history unaware of any attempts to refute this label of OBVIOUS crimes that annually kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions.

The most important conclusion to draw from this context:

Feb 10 08:10

California police worked with neo-Nazis to pursue 'anti-racist' activists, documents show

California police investigating a violent white nationalist event worked with white supremacists in an effort to identify counter-protesters and sought the prosecution of activists with “anti-racist” beliefs, court documents show.

Feb 10 08:09

They sold everything and bought a boat to sail the world. It sank on day two.

Tanner Broadwell and Nikki Walsh dreamed the same dream: Give up the rat race, go live on a sailboat, see the Caribbean, maybe the world.

Feb 10 08:02

They sold everything and bought a boat to sail the world. It sank on day two.

MADEIRA BEACH — Tanner Broadwell and Nikki Walsh dreamed the same dream: Give up the rat race, go live on a sailboat, see the Caribbean, maybe the world.
They sold everything they owned in Colorado. Last year they bought a 28-foot sailboat in Alabama and headed for Tarpon Springs. They lived at the marina for months, getting the Lagniappe ready for their journey. They said their goodbyes on Tuesday and set sail for Key West.

Feb 10 08:01

YouTube suspends Logan Paul’s ad revenue, blames ‘recent pattern of behavior’

Has controversial YouTuber Logan Paul changed? It seems YouTube doesn’t think so. Citing his “recent pattern of behavior,” the Google-owned platform announced this morning that it had “temporarily suspended” ads on Paul’s channels — stopping an income stream estimated to be worth more than a million dollars a month.

Feb 10 08:01

Report Finds Widespread Human Rights Violations in Nursing Homes

In its first-ever nursing home report, Human Rights Watch slams the "massive" nonconsensual drugging of residents, enabled by a government enforcement system that coddles violators. The report is a comprehensive overview of the reasons for, and outcomes of, the terrible overuse of psychotropic drugs as chemical restraints to sedate and subdue residents.

Feb 10 08:00

High-School Coach ‘Ignored’ Boy’s Screams as Teammates Raped Him, Lawsuit Claims


Feb 10 07:07

Minimart owner gave $100 cash for every $200 of food stamps, is headed to prison

A Southeast Portland convenience store owner who paid customers 50 cents for every dollar that they had coming to them in welfare benefits has been sentenced to nearly two years in prison.

Feb 10 07:07

Putin admits he does not have a smartphone

MOSCOW: Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday that he still does not have a smartphone, after revealing last year that he has no interest in joining any social media networks.

Feb 10 07:07

Ontario college cancels diploma in homeopathy

Georgian College says it is cancelling its controversial advanced diploma program in homeopathy. The announcement came just hours after the college told CBC News it had no plans to change the program, which has been criticized by doctors and scientists from across the country.

Feb 10 06:18

Family sues after mother and two-year-old girl 'drank Starbucks frappuccino tainted with barista's blood' and had to take HIV tests to check they were not infected

A Redlands family is suing Starbucks after a 2-year-old girl apparently drank a beverage that contained a barista’s blood, attorney’s announced Wednesday.

Amanda Vice, her husband Louis Vice and his mother Rhonda Agles ordered several beverages from the coffee shop at 601 W. 2nd Street in San Bernardino on Feb. 6, 2016. When they returned home, they noticed a red smear on the side of one of the cups and the drink had a "strong metallic smell,” according to the 19-page lawsuit provided by the Frish Law Group, a Los Angeles-based firm representing the family.

Feb 10 06:16

Female Rabbi Publishes The Single Stupidest Piece On Biblical Adam And Eve Ever Written. It's Not Close.

On Thursday evening, The Forward unleashed the single most illiterate piece ever written on the Biblical story of Adam and Eve. The piece defies description; it has to be read to be believed. Its central thesis, however, is that God somehow sexually harassed Eve, and that Eve is “the first case of #MeToo.”

Feb 10 01:11

Yemenis destroy Saudi-led missile system in Ta'izz with ballistic missile: Report

The Yemeni army, supported by allied fighters from the Houthi Ansarullah movement, has managed to successfully destroy a missile system run by Saudi Arabia’s mercenary forces in Yemen’s southwestern province of Ta'izz, a report says.

Feb 10 01:04

Air force bombs Iranian targets in Syria in response to border breach, meeting heavy anti-aircraft fire; F-16 crashes in Israeli territory, one pilot seriously injured

Shaul Pinkerfeld, a security officer at Kibbutz Harduf, told Walla news: “A little bit after 6 a.m. we heard explosions. We woke up and understood that there was a plane or the remains of a plane on fire near the kibbutz entrance.

Feb 10 01:01

Israeli media admits F-16 jet fell down over Galilee, its pilots injured

Occupied Jerusalem, SANA- Media of the Israeli enemy on Saturday admitted that F-16 jet fell down over Galilee and that its pilots were injured.

Feb 10 00:58

Second major confrontation between Syria, Israel ongoing in Damascus

BEIRUT, LEBANON (3:20 A.M.) – For the second time today, the Israeli Air Force and Syrian Air Defense are battling one another within in the souwthwestern countryside of Damascus.

Feb 10 00:52

Army air defense confronts new Israeli aggression on military base in central area, hits more than one aircraft

Damascus, SANA-The army air defense confronted a new Israeli aggression on a military base in the central area and hit more than one aircraft.

Feb 10 00:46

Israeli F-16 fighter jet shot down by Syrian anti-aircraft fire

An Israeli F-16 fighter jet crashed after Syria responded with anti-aircraft fire to an Israeli operation in its territory. Syria says its military base came under Israeli fire, and it hit multiple aircraft in response.

Feb 09 15:21

Whiteout in the Windy City! Up to a foot of snow falls in the Midwest canceling more than 1,100 flights from Chicago and Detroit and closing schools

Large swathes of the Midwestern United States is gearing up for almost one foot of snow as a major storm forced schools and government buildings to close while grounding over 1,100 flights throughout the region on Friday.

Chicago officials say about 6 to 7 inches of snow has fallen on the city and they're gearing up for three more waves through the weekend.

Feb 09 15:16

‘It’s Poison Down There’ | Devin Nunes Is Building A Physical Wall To Keep Schiff Staffers From Spying…

The atmosphere is poisonous between Nunes and Schiff...


Feb 09 14:59

Catherine Herridge: Uranium One Bomb Drops On Hillary…

Catherine Herridge explains exactly how millions were routed to the Clintons.


Feb 09 14:29

Check Out How INCREDIBLY SIMPLE It Will Be For ILLEGALS To Vote In California Under New Law…

The details of how this works are mindblowing. How in the world is this even legal?