May 18 14:29

What's The Frequency Alex?

May 18 13:05


But as I think back on him, I know for a fact that he and the millions of others who served in all the various wars the United States became entangled in would be shocked and saddened to see that the government for which they sacrificed so much has become the very embodiment of all that they fought so hard against. No more First Amendment, warrantless spying on Americans, show trials, confessions extracted by torture; for this Walter gave up a lung?

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WRH Exclusive
May 18 10:46

Baby Girl on Jay Leno Show, Truly Astounding!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I know very few adults could keep up with this kid!!!!

May 18 08:29

Fury as Hanworth speed camera rakes in £1m

A TEMPORARY speed camera in Hanworth has been named as Britain's highest-grossing – bringing in fines of almost £1m in just six months.

16,213 motorists – which equates to more than 100 a day – were caught breaking the temporary 30mph restriction imposed on the A316 Country Way between June and November last year.

The road usually has a 50mph limit but average speed cameras were operating during roadworks at the site to improve signage, street lighting and resurface the road.

The 30mph restriction has been criticised by motorists who say the limit was too drastic a slowdown just a few hundred metres after coming off the busy 70mph M3 motorway.

Write to your local MP and ask him to put the fine on his expenses...

May 18 06:21

Bilderberg Fears Losing Control In Chaos-Plagued World

Investigative journalist Daniel Estulin, whose information from inside Bilderberg has routinely proven accurate, states that the global elite’s plan to completely destroy the economy and ultimately lower global population by two thirds has stoked fears even within Bilderberg itself that the fallout from such chaos could ultimately result in the globalists losing their control over the world.

May 17 11:37

Criminal Intent: Obama-Bashing=Mushroom Cloud, Says Prez Fans

I also learned that anyone who criticizes "our policy" in Pakistan is actually aiding and abetting the "possible deaths of millions of civilians" in that apparently inevitable nuclear war between India and the "nuclear-armed Taliban" that is apparently a "certainty" if we don't follow the new Leader. So who's the "war criminal" now, huh? The man with his hand on the throttle of a voracious war machine killing actual innocent human beings right now in reality -- or all of the stupid, crap-peddling, poo-flinging critics who are blithely unconcerned about the "possible deaths of millions of civilians" under far-fetched fantasies spun from Dick Cheney's paranoiac "One Percent Doctrine", now adapted to the righteous progressive cause?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unflipping believable, but this is precisely what has happened, courtesy of the Obamamanics who steadfastly affirm that this President is incapable of doing anything wrong.

I wonder what they will think if Obama reinstates the military draft on his watch.

Will they wake up, or will they continue to guzzle their industrial-strength, time-released "Koolaid", rendering them incapable of logical thinking?

May 17 11:04


On a small level, these kids learned a very valuable lesson…. they got to know the unknown…. and they made peace with it. It was a simple process…. but a necessary one.

May 17 10:24

Toronto subject to native land claim

So you think you have good title to your home in Toronto?

Think again.

May 17 09:50

Bible quotes adorned covers of top-secret Rumsfeld intelligence reports

Top secret military intelligence briefings prepared by former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and often hand-delivered to George W. Bush featured Crusades-like Bible quotes above triumphant photos of the U.S. military effort in Iraq

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I bet one very well-known quote never appeared in these reports, and that is "Thou shalt not kill"!!

May 17 09:28

Astronauts Watch Star Trek Movie From Space

NASA officials fulfilled the wishes of a Star Trek fan who didn’t want to miss the premiere because of his space journey. They beamed the movie to the International Space Station. Three astronauts enjoyed the special preview of the movie at the station.

US astronaut Michael Barratt requested this movie before he boarded the space shuttle in March. He told NASA officials that he was a big fan of the Star Trek TV series and didn’t want to miss J. J. Abrams’ Star Trek.

NASA officials agreed and reformatted the movie so that the astronauts at the station can watch it on their laptop. NASA beamed the movie to the station on Friday morning.

May 17 09:11

Transparency: The Death Penalty Around the World

Last week, Michael Rosales, who murdered 67-year-old Mary Felder in 1997, became the thirteenth person executed this year—in Texas. Whether or not you believe in the death penalty, it’s important to know that the United States is one of 59 countries that still executes its citizens on a regular basis (we currently have more than 3,000 inmates on death row). Our latest Transparency is a look at where, around the world, the death penalty is still used and where it has been abolished.

May 17 07:10

End Game of New World Order

Editorial on Secret Government
By: Webmaster
Sources Are on My Website Which Has Google Search Function

Since the creation of the CIA by Congress in 1947, the CIA grew quickly into a very powerful secret element of this government. At the end of his two terms as president, President Eisenhower warned against the increasing power of the military-industrial complex.

May 17 05:18

Bilderberg Wants Global Department Of Health, Global Treasury

Veteran investigative journalist Jim Tucker has uncovered Bilderberg’s 2009 agenda, which includes the plan for a global department of health, a global treasury and a shortened depression rather than a longer economic downturn.

Appearing on The Alex Jones Show, Tucker said that former Swedish Prime Minister and regular Bilderberg attendee Carl Bildt, “Made a speech advocating turning the World Health Organization into a world department of health, advocating turning the IMF into a world department of treasury, both of course under the auspices of the United Nations.”

May 16 20:09

The Corporate ‘Person’

No ‘person’ can own another ‘person’ in the United States. Therefore, if a corporation IS a legal ‘person’ under the protection and jurisdiction of The Constitution, doesn’t that mean that they can’t be owned, and that they cannot own other ‘persons’ (i.e. – other corporations). If The Constitution applies to the Corporate ‘person’, doesn’t that mean that the WHOLE Constitution applies to them?

May 16 14:22

To Dream or not to Dream. What was the Question?

The best thing about my sites is the quality of the readers who show up. These days I would say there is as much to gain, or more, from the comments section than from whatever I might have to say to begin with; not to imply that there’s anything to gain by coming around here but we certainly have some remarkable exchanges which spans the gamut from the scientifically precise to the potentially lunatic. Lately I have noticed a certain trend toward the fantastic. This is not to say that the fantastic is not as much a reality as the crap we are sold as real. It’s just that… in the end… it comes down to speculation. I’m going to talk about some of that today.

May 16 12:16

Even in custody, Abu Omar al Baghdadi proves elusive

Iraqi officials say they have caught the most wanted terrorist. Anbar police say they have the wrong guy, or maybe a militant with the same name, but not the one. The U.S. isn't sure he exists.

May 16 11:39

Horror and stresses of Iraq duty led US sergeant to kill comrades

Everyone – the father, the son, the army – agrees that three tours of Iraq drove ­Sergeant John Russell to the edge.

But what pushed him over, into shooting dead five of his comrades in an army that was his life for 16 years, is a matter of bitter dispute.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Men and women military personnel who come from decent homes with moral values, once deployed to Iraq and/or Afghanistan, recognized pretty quickly that the US occupations of both countries do not put us on the right side of history.

That's a pretty ugly thing to have to live with.

May 16 11:10

Barack Obama, Murderer and War Criminal-in-Chief

I will be blunt, for certain conclusions are now inescapable, even this early in the miraculous, transcendent Age of Obama. Insofar as those who regularly follow political matters are concerned, and especially with regard to those people who write about politics and foreign policy -- which is to say, insofar as commentators and reporters in the mainstream media and on blogs are concerned -- to continue to believe that Barack Obama represents any kind of "improvement" over the abomination of George W. Bush is not an innocent error. To persist in delusions of this kind requires that one intentionally and deliberately blind oneself to evidence that assaults us every day.

May 16 11:08

Obama: more dangerous than Bush

Barack Obama has continued to prove that he said things to get votes that he had no intention of actually doing. He espoused morals and ideals in order to fool voters.

I do not know why Barack Obama calls him self a Democrat, other than Bush poisoned the Republican brand so bad that Obama opportunistically rode a wave of NEED for change, and fooled the country in the most Machiavellian and disgusting way.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

He's for the folks with the money. The rest of us, apparently, can go hang!

May 16 11:04

Obama Picks Up Where Bush Left Off: From My Lai to Bala Baluk

McChrystal’s appointment suggests that Obama supports the idea that hunter-killer units and targeted assassinations are an acceptable means of achieving US foreign policy objectives. Obama supporters should pay close attention; this is a continuation of the Rumsfeld policy with one slight difference, a more persuasive and charismatic pitchman promoting the policy. Other than that, there’s no difference.

May 16 10:33

Obama’s 48-Hour Makeover

President Obama’s tenuous claim to the antiwar community was already unraveling long before he formally took office. Shortly after the election his national security team’s extremely hawkish makeup was drawing concern. Two days after his inauguration, he had backed off his campaign promise to have all US troops out of Iraq in 16 months. Still, his supporters could find some measure of solace in his halting of the military tribunals at Guantanamo Bay and his promises of a more transparent administration.

Or at least they used to be able to.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Obama is simply a more telegenic, intelligent-appearing salesperson for the same fertilizer we got from the Bush administrations.

There is very little difference in the agenda here. In fact, Obama's militarily muscular approach to foreign policy makes me wonder if we will see the reinstitution of the draft under his watch.

May 16 10:22

Chinese fighter jets stationed in the U.S.

The mascot for the Royal Singapore Air Force's 428th Fighter Squadron, the Buccaneers, welcomes four F-15SG fighters to Mountain Home Air Force Base Wednesday. The unit will include 180 active-duty and 130 support personnel.
Ready to fly Idaho
Singapore Air Force arrives in Mountain Home
By Nate Poppino and Ashley Smith
Times-news writers
MOUNTAIN HOME - The world outside Idaho got a little bit smaller Wednesday, as four F-15SG fighter jets flown from St. Louis by the Royal Singapore Air Force landed between rainstorms at Mountain Home Air Force Base.

May 16 10:11

In pictures: Budgie hassles kitten to play

This budgie is no featherbrain :)

May 16 09:03

Mich. police shock cougar _ a toy one _ with Taser

Police responding to a 911 caller reporting a cougar on the prowl in a suburban Detroit park saw what looked like the big cat hiding in a discarded section of cement drain pipe.

So Warren police on Monday shot a Taser electroshock weapon - hitting what turned out to be a large toy cougar right in the stuffing.

May 16 08:55

Rep. Joe Barton: Waxman ‘Doesn’t Have the Nuts’ to Pass Energy Bill

Rep. Joe Barton: Waxman ‘Doesn’t Have the Nuts’ to Pass Energy Bill

Rep. Joe Barton: Waxman 'Doesn't Have the Nuts' to Pass Energy Bill

ANP producer Lagan Sebert asked Rep. Barton to clarify the connection between Waxman’s proposals and the Haitian economy.

Barton: Waxman Energy Legislation Will Make us Like Haiti

ANP’s Sebert then asked Rep. Barton if he agreed with Pentagon-commissioned reports citing climate change as a possible threat to national security.

Barton: Climate Change not Threat to National Security

May 16 08:08

Obama Taps Utah's Huntsman for China Post

(*Huntsman has been getting political advice this year from national political consultants, helping to stoke rumors that Huntsman might be positioning himself for a run at Obama in 2012)

if that's the case , start packing your bags . don't forget to write !

May 16 05:33

secrets and substance

So if the Democrats want a truth commission, and the Republicans and Dick Cheney want a truth commission, why can’t we order up a double order of truth commission? Am I missing something here?” ~ John Cole

Of course neither the Democrats nor the Republicans actually want a truth commission. They all just want to be properly postured when it becomes apparent that a truth commission is inevitable.

To me, Pelosi’s denial (and accusation against the CIA) lays bare a deeper truth about the Democrats.

May 16 03:39

Leaked torture photos published in 2006 went largely unseen

A little over three years ago, SBS Dateline, an Australian television program, released leaked photographs from the U.S. prison in Iraq, Abu Ghraib.

It is believed that the pictures being held back by the Obama administration may include some of these shots that most of the US press ignored, although RAW STORY ran them in 2006.

May 15 21:18

More auto cuts: General Motors will eliminate 1,100 U.S. dealers

General Motors on Friday told about 1,100 of its dealers - one in five - that they would be dropped by late next year, adding to the economic pain radiating from the beleaguered Detroit automakers to cities and towns across the country.


The calm before the storm?

May 15 19:50

Cash flies out of convertible on motorway

man lost 23,000 euros ($31,180) to the wind when an envelope with the money he had stuck in the passenger seat pocket of his convertible blew away during a test drive in northern Germany.

The cash -- in 500, 200, and 100 euro notes -- fluttered across the motorway in the midst of speeding traffic near the city of Hanover, police said.

The man, 23, contacted police immediately, who then blocked the motorway in both directions for nearly half an hour. Eight police officers assisted the man in retrieving his notes and were able to recover 20,000 euros.

May 15 18:42

Pelosi’s Claims Getting Much More Media Scrutiny Than CIA’s Assertions

Whichever side of the torture debate you’re on, it’s a simple matter of fact that Nancy Pelosi’s claims about what she was told and when about torture are getting far more intense media scrutiny than the CIA’s claims are.

Simple fairness demands that both side’s claims get treated with a similar level of skepticism. And they’re not.

May 15 18:09

hear yee hear yee (*the beltway town cryer !)

Gingrich: Pelosi 'Lied,' 'Despicable,' 'Dishonest,' 'Vicious,' 'Trivial'

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich today offered a blistering critique of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s handling of oversight on harsh interrogation tactics, in a major escalation of partisan attacks being aimed at Pelosi.

May 15 13:10

I am wondering if things are far worse than you say?

They are far worse on points I have never mentioned before. That being the spirit and soul of the general population. You, me, and all the rest. We have been barraged by 10,000 sound bites a day for decades to be masterfully and psychologically conditioned to chase after things of no real importance as being important; ignore the things of real importance of true spirit and soul to stop the totalitarian ones; and to be submissive into accepting the theft of our wealth - families - spirit and soul.

May 15 13:09

California mom tells cops she had sex with boys to keep them away from her daughter

In a 48-page report released this week, Towe told police she was protecting her daughter by diverting the boys' attention to herself.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This mother just implied that her daughter is an out-of-control slut!

May 15 11:17

Drunken judge drowns in 4ins of water after slipping into stream walking home from the pub

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I wonder who this guy pissed off.

May 15 11:02


May 15 11:00

Dutch Prime Minister Grilled Over Bilderberg Following Prison Planet Article

A Dutch Member of Parliament has formally petitioned Prime Minister Jan-Peter Balkenende and his European Affairs Minister Frans Timmermans concerning their involvement with the Bilderberg Group, citing an article released by Prison Planet last week.

May 15 10:23

Obama Mulls ‘Indefinite Detention’ Without Trial for Detainees

With the announcement that President Obama is going to restart the military tribunal system at Guantanamo Bay, it is now also being reported that the administration is floating in Congress the idea of holding some of the detainees on American soil, indefinitely and without trial.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: there is no real evidence to hold a lot of these people, who were simply turned over to American forces for a cash reward by neighbors who denounced them as "bad guys".

There is no rationale in American jurisprudence to hold many of these guys. Under American law, most of these cases, if these men had the right to all the protections afforded by our legal system, as well what constitutes true evidence against them, a lot of these cases would be dropped, and these men could walk free.

But precisely what this government is terrified of is having these men go free, and telling the world how they were kidnapped, thrown into American custody, and what was done to them at Gitmo.

And that kind of embarrassment, were it to ever to sink into American consciousness, might really provoke some kind of anti-incumbency outrage.

So, of course, that can never be allowed to happen.

May 15 04:55

Congress and Waterboarding

Congress and Waterboarding

Nancy Pelosi was an accomplice to 'torture.'

(*and here we see why Murdoch acquired The Wall Street Journal)

May 15 04:28

Revealed: Rahm Emanuel's Secret Service Code Name

It's not "Rahmbo".

It doesn't even begin with an "R," like members of the first family (Renegade, Renaissance, Radiance, Rosebud.)

The Secret Service allows its protectees to choose the code name used by its agents, but Rahm's was assigned to him during the Democratic National Convention, and he decided not to change it.

All other code names are assigned by the White House Military Office (through the White House Communications Agency.

May 15 04:10

Torture Pictures: When a Flip-Flop Isn’t a Flip-Flop

Sure as shootin', the torture pictures will be released. The courts will authorize them or some exceptional leaker will free them. In the digital age, if you know a picture exists and it’s in hot demand—whether it’s a nude Miss California or a gruesome bit of aggressive interrogation—there’s little or no chance it won’t be found.

May 15 02:12

Tucker Confirms Geithner Presence at Bilderberg Meeting

Intrepid Bilderberg investigator and reporter Jim Tucker of the American Free Press confirms that U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will attend this year’s Bilderberg meeting in Athens, Greece.

Geithner’s presence will be in violation of the Logan Act, intended to prohibit American citizens without authority from interfering in relations between the United States and foreign governments. Congress established the Logan Act in 1799. The only Logan Act indictment occurred in 1803. It involved a Kentucky newspaper article that argued for the formation in the western United States of a separate nation allied to France. No prosecution followed.

May 14 20:33

What a Horrible Weapon the Taser Is ...

After using the state's favorite instrument of electro-shock torture to disable Art Van Weerdhuizen, the proprietor of Capital Coin, the robbers covered up the store windows and plundered the shop at leisure, taking a half-hour to scoop up hundreds of pounds of rare coins and bullion. The police, as is usually the case, materialized just minutes after the criminals had fled.

May 14 19:43

Is Obama dancing with disaster?

No, what’s scary is how often — and in such a short time — he’s simply been wrong — dead wrong. And what’s even more disconcerting is how often this wrongness has been the result of his growing tendency to default to inside the Beltway status quo thinking. Time after time, faced with a choice between new directions and conventional wisdom, Obama has been taking the conventional route.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Obama is simply an infinitely more telegenic and intellectually gifted "pitch man" for precisely the same agenda we got from the Bush Republicans; nothing more, nothing less.

Which is why I wouldn't bet against Obama re-instituting the draft before the end of his first term in office. The military requirements for the campaigns he's signed up for cannot possibly be met with an all-volunteer army, and draft boards have already been set up, very quietly, across this country.

May 14 19:30

Inside Guantánamo Bay: Desperate prisoners ask ‘where is freedom?’

The man’s bearded face appeared at the narrow cell window, eyes dark and raging, his arms gesticulating wildly. From the confines of the 12ft by 8ft cell at Guantánamo Bay’s Camp V — the maximum security unit for the “least compliant” inmates — he made violent slashing motions across his wrists, pounded the side of his head, and jammed imaginary feeding tubes up his nose. “Alpha-3,” he kept mouthing as he tried to tell us that the inmate in Alpha-3 cell was suicidal and on hunger strike.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The truth of the business is, because so many of these people were simply "sold" to the Americans for a bounty, a fair number of them actually did nothing worse than to be at the most absolutely wrong place at the most absolutely wrong time.

So the US is hard-pressed to release them, because it will be a grand embarrassment to the US as to how many of these folks were actually innocent of any real wrong doing, but have devolved into terrible psychological and physical states due to the nature of their incarceration.

The bottom line here is, many will simply be held "indefinitely", not because they are any real danger, but so that their true story can never be told.

May 14 19:14

House approves $96.7 billion to fund wars

“The president cannot wave a magic wand and end that war,” said House Appropriations Committee Chairman Dave Obey, a Democratic critic of the two wars.

“I have a profound doubt that he can succeed, not because of any problem with his policy but because I am dubious that there are the tools available in that region for us to succeed using any policy,” said Obey.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If this is actually true, why did the House and Senate give Obama this money for more and more wars????

If this is true, passing of this appropriations bill was the absolute antithesis of what Congress should have been doing.

Taxation without representation? Is this what the American people want?? Go talk to them. Most of the people with whom I have spoken point to the crumbling infrastructure, the messes on their roads, and in their schools; imagine for one second what that amount of money could do in terms of making massive improvements in all those areas?!?

Of course, it appears that this Congress has never met a war it didn't love and didn't want to fund.

This has nothing to do will the well-being and/or safety of We the People; it has everything to do with those corporations which make billions from these wars without end.

And that .....just bites.

May 14 18:45

US/Israel Want Genocide in Sri Lanka

Wednesday, January 16, 2008
Mossad in Sri Lanka
Mossad has caused Sri Lanka’s fighting to become some of the bloodiest in human history. Entire villages are routinely wiped out. Massacres happen almost daily. Over 70,000 people have been killed.
The World’s Most Dangerous Collaboration
By Zaheerul Hassan
December 24, 2008...8:21 pm
Sunday, August 14, 2005

May 14 18:12


Obama Administration to Cheney: Request Denied

The Obama administration has turned down former Vice President Dick Cheney’s request for the declassification of two CIA reports ...

AND it goes on and on (*unflipping believable)

May 14 18:03

Obama Justice Department continues to cover up Bush-Era crimes

Something very questionable is happening in Obama’s Department of Justice. I don’t know if it is simply institutional loyalty that is the reason for a once admired office of justice to simply abdicate from its official duty. Whatever the reason, there is one question that no one will answer and this question only grows more urgent as new developments are made public.

Why is no one being held accountable?

May 14 13:19

"Hate Crimes and Congressional Slime

Thursday, May 14, 2009
I See Right Through You
"Hate Crimes and Congressional Slime
by Visible
The whole idea of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech has nothing to do with what they are presented as. They are there to give cover and sanctuary to a pack of bad actors who want to inhibit the expression of others while they give free rein to their own.

May 14 12:37

ACTUAL FOOTAGE Pastor Beaten & Tased by Border Patrol & DPS

Arizona DPS Officer J. Mitchell really enjoys his job

May 14 12:13

FOIA Disclosure Busts Paulson, Geithner And Bair

The real question is how long will the population continue to tolerate this kind of bully approach by the key powers that be, especially since these same individuals lied and said that nobody had been forced to accede to any demands.

May 14 10:08

NYPD Cop Charged in Drug Money Scheme

A veteran NYPD patrolman has been arrested on charges he plotted to steal a small fortune hidden in a former drug den.

Shawn Jenkins was jailed Wednesday on federal robbery charges. There was no immediate comment from his attorney.

May 14 09:49

Palin: Obama believes same thing as anti-gay beauty queen

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The beauty queens stick together. :)

I fail to see why this is an issue. The photos of Prejean are actually quite lovely. It's that stupid red star that makes them look like cheap soft-core porn from the 1950s.

May 14 08:54

Chrysler Seeks to Reject 789 Dealership Agreements

Chrysler LLC is seeking to reject 789 automotive dealership agreements, including seven contracts with AutoNation Inc., according to court papers filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Manhattan.

The bankrupt company wants to reject its contracts with less than a quarter of its approximate 3,188 retail outlets, according to today’s filing with U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Arthur Gonzalez seeking approval of the move.

May 13 17:12

Rove: Ending torture gives terrorists 'a tool to make it more attractive to recruit people.'

Ending torture gives terrorists 'a tool to make it more attractive to recruit people.'

May 13 16:45

From The Let's See What Will Stick Department

The desperate Republican Party seems incapable of re branding themselves so they are going to re brand the Democratic Party.

Attention Republicans: this isn't the 60s and 70s and after the mess 30 years of laissez-faire capitalism has made of things branding someone a socialist doesn't have the same impact it used to. In addition name calling by a group like the Republicans who have zero credibility on things economic probably won't change many minds.

When Americans look around the idea of a little European Socialism probably doesn't look that bad after nearly 30 years of Reaganomics.

May 13 16:11

Obama Trades Our Principles For Cheneyism

Obama Trades Our Principles For Cheneyism

A lot of people as writing about Obama's decision to flip-flop on the release of hundreds of photos of abused and tortured prisoners at the hands of the U.S. military in Iraq and Afghanistan. So far, most blog posts on the subject listed at Memeorandum are by wingnuts cock-a-whoop at such an obvious example of the White House doing a backflip into their court.
People, you've been sold a pup by the American Tony Blair, as I feared from the very first. We were told to Hope (tm), but instead we've got a neo-interventionist Imperial presidency just as nasty as Bush's, but with a smiley-face mask

May 13 14:14

Scientist arrested for smuggling vials used in Ebola research into US

According to US prosecutor Lynn Jordheim, Yao was detained for carrying unidentified biological materials in vials wrapped in aluminium foil inside a glove and packaged in a plastic bag, along with electrical wires, in the trunk of his car.

Yao said in an affidavit he stole the vials, described as research vectors, from the Winnipeg lab on his last day of work there on January 21.

He told US border guards he was taking them to his new job with the National Institutes of Health at the Biodefense Research Laboratory in Bethesda, Maryland.

US authorities feared their contents could pose a terrorist threat. But tests later showed "they are not hazardous," said Jordheim.

May 13 13:23


1. Fire Bernanke, Geithner, Summers....
2. Regulate or disband the Federal Reserve,
3. Enforce the law and prosecute the criminals on Wall Street,
4. No more Wall Street bailouts,
5. No more stimulus packages which primarily benefit congress and its donors,
6. Eliminate deficit spending,
7. No more quantitative easing,

May 13 12:43

Flashback: Euthanasia, the slippery slope, restricted medical care

Euthanasia, The Good Death
An essay by Terry Bohannon
Published in the Daily Cougar
Written: April 15, 2001
With euthanasia, Hitler came closer to that perfect Aryan race he dreamed of--or it was his delusion that he did. With euthanasia, he could kill off the unwanted elderly, handicapped, and other people that he decided were unfit to live in his utopian society. If you support euthanasia, then you and Hitler have something in common.
Ruin Your Health With the Obama Stimulus Plan
From the February 9, 2009
February 9, 2009
by Betsy McCaughey

May 13 10:35

Brenda Norrell: Mohawks show us love is the root of resistance

My choice for Mothers of the Year are the Mohawk grandmothers who publish Mohawk Nation News. While the Mohawks demonstrate courage, they also show us all that it is love, a deep love for humanity, that is at the root of resistance to oppression.

May 13 10:17

Accused Nazi guard seen fit to stay in German jail

Webmaster's Commentary: 

While Americans who tortured innocent prisoners to death are still walking free.

May 13 10:05

Rush and Reparations

Reparations are not solely, or even mostly, about race. Reparations are about giving back to those who have been wronged in order to make them whole again. American citizens as a whole have been wronged by the policies of the Bush Administration. Our sons and daughters were tricked into war. Our financial industry was deregulated. Our civil liberties were trampled. Enemies were tortured in our name. So yes, Americans, all Americans, are due reparations. We have been wronged by our government. When the government helps to right those wrongs by reinforcing the social safety net it is a kind of reparation, the best kind.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

My ancestors ran a station on the Underground Railroad in New Hampshire. The descendants of those slaves now live in Canada. My ancestors risked abuse and worse at the hands of the slave catchers because they believed that slavery of any kind is wrong.

What do you think would happen if I showed up on the doorsteps of those descendants of the slaves my family aided and demanded reparations?

I would be laughed off of the porch and rightly so. Although I would have helped had I been alive back then, the reality is that it all happened before I was born. My ancestors who helped the escaped slaves and the slaves they helped are all dead and gone.

Reparations seek to punish people for something they did not do, to reward the people who were not the victims. It is an excuse to grab cash.

Now, that being said, I agree our society needs a social safety net. However, we are not even close to that. The GOP is worried about taxing the rich to pay for the poor but the reality is that right now, the poor are taxed to pay for the rich.

And that has to stop.

May 13 08:47

Landlady transforms pub into 'smoking research centre' in legal loophole so customers can smoke indoors

With her pub struggling to survive, landlady Kerry Fenton needed a way to bring in business - fast.

So when one of her regulars claimed he had found a 'legal loophole' to get round the smoking ban, she decided to act on his advice.

Just five days later, customer numbers have quadrupled as word has spread about the 'smoking research centre' in the Cutting Edge pub in Barnsley.

May 13 08:15

7/7 terror probe detectives are arrested over 'expenses fiddle'

Three police officers were arrested yesterday for allegedly making ‘inflated’ expenses claims while investigating the July 7 bombings.

The Metropolitan Police officers are alleged to have misused corporate credit cards while they were based in Leeds examining the background of the suicide bombers.

Three relatives of the officers – two detective sergeants and a constable – were also detained by anti-corruption officers, who have scrutinised tens of thousands of pounds of expenses claimed by the trio.

"But we did it in the 'spirit of the rules'..."

May 13 07:32

Nearly 90 per cent of terrorist arrests do not result in conviction

Imagine my shock.

May 12 23:41

How to get out of Jury Duty

May 12 20:00

Other than 9/11, Iraq, and Anthrax, Mrs. Lincoln, how'd you like the play?

Other than 9/11, Iraq, and Anthrax, Mrs. Lincoln, how'd you like the play?

Considering how highly we thought of Dick Cheney when George Bush first chose him - and I don't mean we that we liked him, I mean that we feared him - man he's turned out to be incredibly dumb.

May 12 19:38

The Saudi Bitch Slap

A Saudi Arabian judge declared this weekend that husbands can slap their wives if they spend too much money.

The blogs are lighting up with ridicule after a Saudi judge declared this past weekend that husbands can slap their wives on the face if they blow their husband’s money. One headline declared: “Saudi judge says it’s OK to bitch slap your wife.”

May 12 19:27

Is marijuana tax the next revenue stream?

Are Americans really ready to consider legalizing marijuana? This week, California’s governor said it was time to debate the issue, and a new nationwide poll suggests a majority of voters favor decriminalizing the drug.

While legalization advocates say they’ve never seen such widespread public support for reforming marijuana laws, they still don’t expect drug policy to change overnight.
"We are actually talking about historic highs when it comes to public support of taxing and regulating marijuana for adult consumption,” says Paul Armentano, deputy director of NORML.
In Washington, Mr. Armentano says, "politicians are still not ready to rethink US drug policy".

May 12 19:03


Cheney chooses Rush Limbaugh over Colin Powell

(*80% of voters have a favorable view of Colin Powell.

19% have a favorable view of Rush Limbaugh.)

May 12 18:40

Who Killed The Electric Car

Who Killed The Electric Car

a real eye opener
please everyone watch this movie
it's in 10 parts watch it all

May 12 18:04

Police's latest brainwave: Report people who wear too much 'bling' to Crimestoppers

Watching a tight T-shirt-wearing, cocksure man wearing a gaudy gold chain round his neck strutting down the street is often worth a phone-call to the fashion police.

But one force is taking the idea a step further and encouraging people to shop Mr T-wannabes to Crimestoppers in a novel - some might say barmy - plan to bring down the crime rate.

May 12 14:52

Huge Bolivian glacier disappears

David Copperfield can be a pain at times :)

May 12 14:43

Five guilty in Chicago bomb plot

Five men have been convicted in Miami of plotting to blow up the Sears tower in Chicago and carry out attacks on several other US targets.

"Wooooo hooooo! A frame-up finally worked!" - Official White Horse Souce

May 12 12:41

US Gov't run by traitors to the Constitution

By Andrew C. Wallace
February 28, 2009

Our Federal Government has been taken over decades ago by a Criminal Cabal of Traitors and no longer exists as a legal and constitutionally subservient entity of the Constitution, individual States and the Sovereign People.
The obvious plan is for us to be ruled by a Communist-Fascist Dictatorship where the people are slaves with no rights, and most officials are Traitors to our Constitution and Republic in return for power and money.
This partnership of Communists and Fascists looted and took control of our country using our money, their controlled media, bribery, vote fraud and by totally ignoring constitutional law.

May 12 12:21

Eco-sailors rescued by oil tanker

An expedition team which set sail from Plymouth on a 5,000-mile (8,000km)carbon emission-free trip to Greenland have been rescued by an oil tanker.

May 12 11:53


May 12 11:10

This is London – the capital of Somali pirates' secret intelligence operation

For the 14 crew aboard the Karagöl, a ­Turkish chemical tanker churning through the lawless waters of the Gulf of Aden, it was the moment all seafarers dread: heavily armed Somali pirates were speeding towards the slow-moving cargo vessel, and there was no chance of escape.

The Turkish sailors were swiftly overpowered and the 5,850-ton tanker was diverted to a port in Somalia, where it was held for two months while its owners negotiated a ransom payment.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So much for the theory that international communications are being monitored by law enforcement...

May 12 10:32

Hate Crimes and Congressional Slime

I don’t much care about Mz. California or any other twit who mouths banal phrases about nothing at all while trying to sell my imagination on what it would be like to bang Barbie after she had a head on collision with a cosmetics factory. I don’t care about Gay Marriage or any of the other dress up illusions that different theater groups get into while they are doing their version of “The King of Hearts”. What concerns me is the other kind of false flag activity where so called victims manufacture crimes against themselves in order to make life for everyone just a little more unlivable with each succeeding day. That such crimes are manufactured is already well known, given how many times they’ve been caught at it in recent years.

May 12 10:24

The Public Option Con: Selling Out Single-Payer

Single-payer on the other hand, would immediately inject 400 billion into the system by eliminating bureaucracy, billing apparatus, administrative waste, advertising, corporate profits, and CEO compensation. That’s enough money to bring everyone into the system with no co-pays or deductibles.

We don’t need any more feasibility studies or examinations of single-payer in other countries. It’s a proven fact that a single-payer system can cover everyone and control costs. Period, end of discussion.

May 11 20:48

A new Google order

But imagine a future in which all information is stored, displayed, filtered and produced by one source: Google. Imagine a future in which print books cease to exist - it's likely on the horizon - and every piece of literature from Plato's "The Republic" to your calculus textbook exists in a digital format with one monolithic gatekeeper. Imagine typing in a search query for Ray Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451" and getting back a list of books about baking turkeys; the novel is gone, vanished.

May 11 20:45

Quick Thoughts: Buy American!

how ironically absurd it is that the Obama Administration has been trying to save the American auto industry while attempting to convince Americans to “buy American” only to then sell a large chunk of a large American auto-manufacturer to an Italian company!

May 11 19:35

Will Coleman concede? "Hell no," says RNC head

If the state Supreme Court doesn't declare Norm Coleman the winner of Minnesota's vacant U.S. Senate seat, he'll take his case to the U.S. Supreme Court, according to the head of the national Republican Party.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How Bushian of Coleman!

May 11 14:33

Boy playing with toy gun is shot by sheriff's deputy

Gordon said deputies responded to reports about 8 p.m. that someone was riding a bicycle and brandishing a handgun. Deputies spotted the rider and ordered him to drop the weapon but instead, Gordon says, he pointed it at the deputies. The deputies, fearing for their lives, shot him once," Hernandez said. "Later on, they determined it was a juvenile playing cops and robbers."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Toy guns are sold with day-glo orange paint on the barrels in order for the cops to understand that it is a toy gun.

Granted the 15 year old boy did something very dumb, but clearly the cops did not check their target.

May 11 05:36

Hill AFB suicide problem tied to labor disputes, workers and relatives say

In their final phone conversation, right after the shocking text-message exchange, a distraught Berriochoa complained to her brother about the way her Hill supervisors had been treating her. And a journal she left behind indicates she'd felt she had been mistreated by managers at the base for years.

Labor advocates say Berriochoa's story is just the beginning. They believe Air Force leaders have greatly undercounted the number of suicides at the base -- and vastly underestimated the effect that troubles between workers and management are having on employees' mental well-being.

May 11 05:26

GM, union clash as bankruptcy looms for auto giant

General Motors is sparring with its main union over plans to shut US plants and outsource production to Mexico and Asia as bankruptcy looms over the troubled automaker, union sources said.

Negotiations were also complicated by a long-standing feud between GM and the United Auto Workers as they raced to fashion a new labor agreement ahead of the June 1 deadline imposed by President Barack Obama’s automotive task force.

May 10 21:01

The $300k Photo

This is what $300,000+ buys us; something that can be put together in Photoshop for free.

May 10 18:01

Mother’s Day 2009

May 10 17:51

Hersh: Cheney ‘Left A Stay Behind’ In Obama’s Government, Can ‘Still Control Policy Up To A Point’

Hersh replied that though “a lot of people that had told me in the last year of Bush, ‘call me next, next February,’ not many people had talked to him. He implied that they were still scared of Cheney.

“Are you saying that you think Vice President Cheney is still having a chilling effect on people who might otherwise be coming forward,” asked Gross. “I’ll make it worse,” answered Hersh, adding that he believes Cheney “put people back” in government to “stay behind” in order to “tell him what’s going on” and perhaps even “do sabotage”

May 10 13:56

When Government Plays Doctor

The bureaucratization of healthcare these past 45 years has made things worse. It saddens me as a doctor that physicians are less and less accountable to patients, but more and more accountable to government red tape, insurance companies and attorneys. It seems so perverse to me that important medical decisions that will directly affect the lives of all or nearly all Americans are being hashed out behind closed doors in Washington rather than between doctors and patients.

May 10 11:15

Menard prison murder: State to review policies in light of tragedy

Joshua Daczewitz, formerly of Arlington Heights, was a first-time inmate when he tested positive for cocaine and was transferred as punishment from a minimum-security prison to maximum-security Menard. A short time later, prison employees cleared Daczewitz to be placed in a cell with Corey Fox, who was serving a life sentence for murder and had repeatedly attacked cellmates and voiced the urge to kill again.

Two months later, in February 2004, Fox strangled Daczewitz, 22.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

anyone care to investigate how Daczewitz GOT cocaine while in a minimum security prison?

May 10 11:09

Code of the sea: A sinking boat, a garbled mayday, 24 boats within 6.5 miles — and not one responded

A broken code?

Weeks after the sinking that claimed the lives of six Cape May County fishermen, Dolan is surprised that nobody responded that day. He recalled some ignoring the code back in 2004 as he steamed toward the Bow Mariner, seeing an explosion in the distance, smelling the stench of ethanol fumes and arriving to find only bodies in the water.

“Not everyone lives by the code. I went by a couple boats that could have been there sooner. I was pretty disappointed in them,” Dolan said.

May 10 11:05


May 10 11:02

Ship commanded by Black woman admiral rescued Maersk Alabama captain

While the facts surrounding the kidnapping and rescue of the Maersk Alabama Captain Richard Phillips have been widely reported, less well-known is that ship which saved him was commanded by a black woman, Rear Admiral Michelle Howard.

May 10 10:55

Report: Georgia opposition sets talks' ultimatum

A Georgian news report said an opposition leader demanded that President Mikhail Saakashvili agree to a face-to-face meeting by Sunday evening to avoid an escalation between the two sides.

Both sides agreed to talks after a clash between police and opposition protesters injured dozens Wednesday and threatened to plunge the country into violence. Negotiations ended without an agreement on a direct meeting with Saakashvili, ensuring the standoff will persist.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Georgian people are tired of being patsies for a leadership which threw this country under a bus, courtesy of the botched invasion of South Ossetia last year, and have decided that they will be heard.

May 10 10:40

Texas rape victims forced to pay for evidence

The Texas State Comptroller’s Office, which holds financial data on state agencies, revealed that the TVCF has around $60 million of usable funds. The Attorney General’s office had no response when asked for a number of denial letters sent out to rape victims.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Talk about adding insult to injury.... this is absolutely sick on the part of the Texas police.