Jul 11 19:10

East Africa internet cable firm Seacom identifies fault

A problem with the undersea cable that brought high-speed net access to East Africa has been identified.

The cable owners, Seacom, said the faulty section is "at one of the deepest points along its route, some 4700m below sea level".

The cable, finished in 2009, connects South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Mozambique to Europe and Asia.

Seacom said repairs could take up to two weeks, giving a provisional end date of 22 July 2010.

Jul 11 13:24

Hundreds of Tar balls Assualt Windward Beach In Brick NJ

Hundreds of Tar balls Assualt Windward Beach In Brick NJ
Posted by Alexander Higgins - July 10, 2010
Then I thought to myself. “OK, they know these tar balls are washing up on the beach. They are all over the place. They are just cleaning them up and pretending like nothing is going. They are keeping quiet and not notifying the public.”
“I wonder what I will find along the beach where they are not cleaning up?”
I walked down to the beach to a secluded are of the shore line behind some woods.
I looked over and saw what looked like a tree stump sticking up out of the surf.
As I walked over to it I was amazed as I realized it wasn’t a tree stump.
What I had found was a monster tarball the size of my head.

Jul 11 13:02

Nazi war crimes suspect dies before trial begins in Germany

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Can we persecute, I mean, prosecute their children??? We gotta have Nazis to wave at people!!!" -- Tel Aviv

Jul 11 10:44

Call for American Declaration of Independence from Israel

By Paul Balles

Wake Up Americans

When will the American public wake up to the fact that Israel controls America? If the public doesn’t wake up, Israel will destroy America.

The US government is a hopelessly lost slave to Israeli dictates. The media wallows in abject servitude to Israel’s shills at the helm of the major film studios, broadcasting companies, newspapers and magazines.

After the Israelis attacked the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, most of the world condemned Israel for their blatant piracy, murder of nine humanitarian activists and serious injuries to dozens more.

Jul 11 09:09

Mantiq al-Tayr: Is This a Great Country or What?

You know that the world is soon to come to an end when Dana Milbank of the Jerusalem Washington New York Times Post writes like Mantiq al-Tayr. Am I doing something wrong? Is he jealous of my fame and fortune? Or is he just another Israeli firster taking a pot shot at Israeli Vice President for American Affairs (IVPFAA) Barack Obama, just this time from a different angle?

Jul 11 08:53

"You can have my ignorance when you pry it from my cold dead mind"

The above words are from Les Visible. It's a great line.

Wherever the American dream is buried, I bet it is the epitaph on the tombstone ... or should be.

Jul 11 08:26

A Brutal Case of Backwards Justice in America

John Galt
Activist Post

Michael Ellner said this about our crazy society: "Just look at us. Everything is backwards. Everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information, and religion destroys spirituality."

This past week, BART police officer Johannes Mehserle was convicted in State court of involuntary manslaughter in the case of the New Year's Day 2009 fatal police shooting of an unarmed man, 22-year-old Oscar Grant. The local black community is rightfully outraged, but this is much bigger than race -- it’s about how our society defines justice.

Jul 11 05:07

Call for American Declaration of Independence from Israel

Paul J. Balles argues that “instead of celebrating Independence Day with hot dogs, beans, beer, baseball and fireworks, Americans should wake up and declare independence from the dictates of Israel”.

Jul 11 05:04

Boycott Israel campaign wants Israel to abide by international law

Neve Gordon explains the simple purpose of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, which seeks to end the occupation and, in Israel, is operating against the background of a developing proto-fascist mindset and dramatically shrinking public discourse.

Jul 11 03:23

BP's Oil Disaster Causing Tampa Bay Hotels To Lose Millions In Hotel Bookings

William Mulcahey thought he had found the perfect place for his May 2011 conference of airport firefighters: the Tradewinds Island Resorts on St. Pete Beach...

Jul 10 23:49

Oil convoys to Iran drive through US sanctions

Oil convoys to Iran drive through US sanctions
July 10, 2010
Day after day, without formal authorisation from Baghdad, more than 1000 tankers snake through this town on Iraq's border with Iran, not only undercutting recent US sanctions but worsening tensions with Baghdad over how to divide the country's oil profits.

Jul 10 22:07

Free Gaza Movement Wants Boat from the UAE for Next FLOTILLA

Huwaida Arraf, a key member of the Free Gaza Movement, said the group is raising money and organising for another and hopefully bigger flotilla that would cross the Mediterranean to Gaza.“When we’re ready to announce, people will know about it,” she said. “But for sure it is going to be an escalation.

Jul 10 21:21

USCG complicit in Alabama Gulf beach oil cover-up

Thursday, July 08, 2010
Another Flyover Report On BP's Gulf Oil Disaster By John Wathen... Videos
Dolphins and Sperm Whales caught in the oil. Horribly, horribly sad.
US Coast Guard issued a press release claiming that no covering of oiled beach was occurring. I sat in my motel room in Orange Beach and watched as multiple pieces of heavy equipment excavated sand and hauled it up the beach and used it to cover oiled sections of beach....USCG uniformed men sat in ATV buggies and watched. I saw them and photographed them.

Jul 10 19:54

Gulf photo collection indicates media now banned because the area is now completely engulfed in oil/dead animals

(Updated Regularly) Exclusive photos of the BP Oil Spill that is still leaking, world's largest environmental disaster to date
Oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill pools against the Louisiana coast along Barataria Bay Tuesday, June 8, 2010. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel) #
Oil is seen on the surface of the Gulf of Mexico about six miles southeast of Grand Isle, Louisiana May 21, 2010. (REUTERS/Sean Gardner)

Jul 10 17:57

If HAMAS is a Terrorist Organization, What Does That Make Israel?

Political Perspective by Tim King - Salem-News.Com

It’s time to move past convenient political descriptions.

(SALEM, Ore.) – The term ‘terrorist’ group ranks among the most overused descriptions in existence for a political enemy. Hamas, an acronym of Harakat-Muqawamat al-Islamiyah, meaning “Islamic Resistance Movement”, is the only political group that stands fast for Palestinian human rights-in the face of Israeli occupation[1].

Jul 10 17:26

Six months on, Haiti earthquake victims wait for billions in aid

ActionAid declared on Friday that the country's reconstruction plans were flawed and in need of an urgent rethink. It was harshly critical of how even the rebuilding that was being undertaken did not take into account the needs of the earthquake victims.

"The rebuilding, overseen by a special commission led by Bill Clinton and Haitian prime minister Jean-Max Bellerive, reflects the wishes of donor countries – mainly the US and the EU – rather than the needs of Haitians themselves."

Jul 10 17:12

Free Gaza Movement Wants Boat from the UAE for Next FLOTILLA

Huwaida Arraf, a key member of the Free Gaza Movement, said the group is raising money and organising for another and hopefully bigger flotilla that would cross the Mediterranean to Gaza.
“When we’re ready to announce, people will know about it,” she said. “But for sure it is going to be an escalation.

Jul 10 16:40

More and more Americans preparing for social collapse

Erwin and others like him in the United States and elsewhere see political upheaval and natural disasters as clear signs that civilization is doomed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Although this article attempts to both label and delegitimize people who believe that preparedness isn't a bad thing, it doesn't hurt, from a practical perspective, to make sure you have some extra food in the house, medication that may be needed, some extra cash, bleach for water purification, and a real plan as to how to reunite the family if they are separated when potentially negative events start to unfold.

Another positive thing to do is find people you can trust in your community with whom you can work cooperatively, as a small "intentional family".

I don't believe that civilization is doomed, but we may well be headed for some very rocky societal and economic potholes here in the US.

Being as prepared as possible when these hit isn't kooky; it's just practical.

Jul 10 16:05

It's official: Israel has Gotten Away with it -- Again

The "settlement freeze" was never really a freeze, and construction on illegal settlements continues. Settlements in the occupied West Bank, which constitute 42 percent of the land, according to a new report by Israeli human rights group B'Tselem

Jul 10 14:07

The Amount Of Neurotoxin Pesticide Corexit Sprayed By BP Tops 1 Million Gallons

The Amount Of Neurotoxin Pesticide Corexit Sprayed By BP Tops 1 Million Gallons
Posted by Alexander Higgins - June 5, 2010
So What Are These Dispersants Made Of That Makes Them Such a Powerful Neurotoxin Pesticide?
The main ingredients of Corexit is 2-Butoxyethanol which can make up to 60% of the dispersant and is known to be toxic to blood, kidneys, liver, and the central nervous system (CNS).
2-Butoxyethanol is also known to cause cancer, birth defects and has been found to cause genetic mutations and is a delayed chronic health hazard as well as an environmental hazardous material
Corexit also contains Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Mercury, and Cyanide.

Jul 10 13:58

Obama, Israel and Iran

Obama, Israel and Iran
Ángel Guerra Cabrera
La Jornada 09.07.2010
The linguist mentions a statement, which makes the hair stand on end by Dan Plesh, director of the Center for International Studies at the University of London. He stated that bombers and long-range missiles of the United States are prepared to destroy 10,000 targets in Iran in a few hours . In February of this year, Washington announced the modernization of many ramps of Patriot missiles deployed in four Gulf Arab states and they were sending several missile launcher ships to "protect" their vessels and aircraft from any air or missile attacks from Iran.

Jul 10 13:08

Phoenix-like dollar arises from its ashes as an ill-disguised derivatives scam

Christopher King argues against suggestions by UN and US economists that countries should switch their reserve currencies from the dollar to the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights, or SDRs, which he says would amount to another derivatives scam in all but name.

Jul 10 05:17

Obama’s Gitmo – Torturing the rule of law

By Chase Madar
Source: orwellsdreams

President Obama may lack the nerve to stare down Liz Cheney or Bibi Netanyahu, but no one can deny that our commander in chief has the guts to take on a child soldier. Come August, a military commission in Guantánamo will try Omar Khadr, a Canadian national captured outside Kabul in 2002, when he was just 15 years old. This will be only the third Gitmo trial and the Obama administration’s first, and there won’t be anything kinder and gentler about it.

Jul 10 00:41

New Tensions Test Old Allies

A number of prominent Republican and Democrat congressmen slammed Turkey’s “disgraceful conduct,” warning that there would be “payback” if Ankara continued to pursue its close relations with Iran and hostility towards Israel.

Jul 09 20:11

Coast Guard dispatching ships and personnel to Costa Rica to threaten Nicaragua

Coast Guard dispatching ships and personnel to Costa Rica to threaten Nicaragua
By Wayne Madsen, July 8, 2010
"The official reason for Operation Joint Patrol is to combat drug trafficking but few in the Costa Rican opposition and in Nicaragua believe that to be the sole reason. The Joint Patrol operation is being likened to Plan Colombia, which has targeted the governments of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa from Colombian territory."
"It is also believed by WMR’s sources in Costa Rica that Costa Rican Vice President Lieberman, a noted Zionist, has arranged for Israeli special forces to enter Costa Rica in order to participate in operations directed against the government of Nicaragua."

Jul 09 20:06

Honduras Still in Crisis, Death squads back

One Year After Coup, Honduras Still in
Crisis; Is the US Enabling?
Jeremy Kryt, July 7, 2010
"We've now reached a point where it's like we've returned to the 1980's, when death squads killed several hundred people and effectively ended the Leftist movement in Honduras at the time," says Pine,.... "What we're seeing now is that they're using the same repressive strategies [as in the '80's]," she says. "Even the same people are in charge."
"The U.S. is complicit in a number of ways," says Pine. "Most definitely by its silence. And the fact that the [we've] refused . . . to acknowledge the human rights violations, and the targeted assassinations."

Jul 09 19:28

Video: New Black Panther Party Philly ‘I Hate White People!’

Video: New Black Panther Party Philly ‘I Hate White People!’
Wed, Jul 7, 2010
According to the news report, this guy, King Samir Shabazz is supposed to be representing the Philadelphia sect of the New Black Panther Party. In the video you’re getting ready to see, you’ll find that he “hates crackers!” And he tells the black nation that we may even have to “kill their babies!”

Jul 09 19:20

Jeff Gates: The Adoration of Bibi Netanyahu

It’s impossible to know what goes on in the Oval Office. All the public sees is photo-ops and scripted comments. Was Barack Obama’s adoration of the Israeli Prime Minister meant as a subtle manipulation? Was this “keep your friends close and your enemies closer?”

If so, that would be good news for the U.S. provided he grasps that he’s been played for a fool—with the help of his top advisers. His political career is a product of the Chicago Outfit, including his presidency. Can he rise above that? I need to believe that he can.

Jul 09 18:41

An American “Terrorist” in London

By Kenneth O’ Keefe
Welcome to Orwell’s ‘1984’ ladies and gentlemen, where black is white, white is black, and the truth is nothing but a word.

My 1984 reality is culminating with the United States and Israeli Governments treating me and/or charging me with being a “terrorist”. Americans worry not, you can sleep better at night knowing your “homeland” is being defended from the likes of me. And Israel, rest easy as well, it’s Ken O’Keefe and his Arab collaborators who are in the Mossad crosshairs.

All kidding aside, I am a family man, with a beautiful family, a loving wife and baby boy, a boy who will be the biggest victim if his father is no longer in his life.

Jul 09 18:30

Letter from Sheriff Paul Babeau, Pinal County, Arizona: The War Zone

Letter from Sheriff Paul Babeau, Pinal County, Arizona: The War Zone
The Publisher on July 7, 2010
Although we, at the Federal Observer are no fans of the Manchurian RINO, McCain - what follows, is a presentation from Paul Babeau, Sheriff of Pinal County, Arizona - smack dab in the middle of the Arizona War Zone.
For all of you bleeding-heart basTURDS, all across this Republic, stop your sniveling about what Arizona is involved with, and start DEMANDING that YOUR beneficent leader - bleeder, gets off of his do-nothing ass, and does something FOR America for a change. Unless you live here, and fight the battles, which we Arizonans fight on a daily basis - then shut the hell up, or else they’ll be coming for you soon.

Jul 09 16:01

In the Panhandle, the 'Summer of Oil' seems endless

...If the wind is blowing in from the Gulf of Mexico, she said, "the oil smell is often very strong, too strong to be outside."

In ways big and small, the Deepwater Horizon disaster is reshaping the gulf coast. It's doing more than damaging the tourism and fishing industries; it's permeating the air people breathe and the way they think and feel, altering habits formed over a lifetime...

Jul 09 14:04

Big Corporate Oil vs The People of Santa Barbara (A Cautionary Tale)


A detailed, thorough account by one Harvey Molotch of what happens when people who have everything in their favor take on Big Oil. Not to give it away, but how they are utterly screwed shows cleary how Big Oil operates. None of the usual extenuating factors (like lack of political organization, lack of familiarity with the system, lack of money, power, education or influence) exist to obscure the evil. Something wicked this way comes...

Excerpts and download links at source.

Jul 09 12:20

Dick and Jane get Crucified on Corfu

The most important thing I can say today is that BP is majority owned by J.P. Morgan which is owned and controlled by the Rothschild Crime Syndicate and the Queen of England who just waddled into the U.S. with a message of peace. Let me contract and concise that statement; BP is Rothschild. BP is Rothschild. BP is Rothschild. Observe the way that BP is doing business; hiring entire police forces, controlling public lands and not even being a citizen or domestic corporate entity, insisting that cleanup workers not wear safety gear because it doesn’t look good and blackmailing fishermen as well as not paying out deserving monies on time… this serves to make hungry families subservient and pliable. This is how Rothschild does business. This is what Rothschild thinks of the world.

Jul 09 12:10

‘Fun to Shoot People’ General Named as New CENTCOM Commander

The Pentagon has announced its selection of a replacement for General David Petraeus as Central Command (CENTCOM) Commander today, and it will be the controversial Gen. James Mattis that goes to Congress for final approval.

In 2005, then Lt. Gen. Mattis spoke of his “fun” experience in Afghanistan at a forum in San Diego, describing it as “a hell of a hoot.” After laughter from soldiers in the audience Mattis went on to declare “it’s fun to shoot some people.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And this is the best the Pentagon could possibly come up with as a replacement for Petraeus?!?

Jul 09 12:06

Hope and Change Fade, but War Endures

Our political leaders, the media, and the military interpret enduring war as a measure of our national fitness, our global power, our grit in the face of eternal danger, and our seriousness. A desire to de-escalate and withdraw, on the other hand, is invariably seen as cut-and-run appeasement and discounted as weakness. Withdrawal options are, in a pet phrase of Washington elites, invariably "off the table" when global policy is at stake, as was true during the Obama administration’s full-scale reconsideration of the Afghan war in the fall of 2009. Viewed in this light, the president’s ultimate decision to surge in Afghanistan was not only predictable, but the only course considered suitable for an American war leader. Rather than the tough choice, it was the path of least resistance.

Jul 09 10:37

Will America Free Omar Khadr From Gitmo?


Come August, a military commission in Guantánamo will try Omar Khadr, a Canadian national captured outside Kabul in 2002. He was a boy, aged 15 then. Now a burly, bearded 23-year-old who has spent one-third of his life at Guantanamo. He bears scant resemblance to the fresh-faced, teen, who had survived multiple gunshots wounds and several major surgeries. There must be some reason why this lad did not die from his wounds. A shotgun blast to the back with sufficient force to exit the chest is a pretty fatal event. Perhaps the Power that kept him alive this long will reveal His purpose in time.

Jul 08 23:49

California transit cop guilty of manslaughter

A white former transit police officer was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter on Thursday in the videotaped shooting death of an unarmed black man last year that triggered riots in Oakland, California.

Jul 08 21:10

The Israeli stranglehold on CNN

The decision by the CNN administration to fire Octavia Nasr, a secular and thoroughly westernize woman, underscores the ethical bankruptcy of the leading American media, especially its harsh intolerance of non-conformist perceptions and convictions.

Jul 08 20:21

GRITtv: Norman Finkelstein: Results, Not Rhetoric

Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu discussing their countries’ foreign relations resembles two lovers discussing their future together. Though they have squabbled in the past over trivial things (things like settlement expansion that most other countries deem flagrant violations of international law), their July 6th meeting at the White House showed that their “unbreakable bond” cannot be shaken.

Jul 08 16:50

Massive Amounts Of Tar Balls on Florida's Atlantic Coast Beaches

Massive Amounts Of Tar balls Cover Cocoa Beach And Cape Canaveral On The East Coast Of Central Florida
Posted by Alexander Higgins - July 8, 2010 at 1:31 pm -
Massive amounts of tarballs are now hammering the Atlantic Coast of Florida and have left a large portion of Cocoa Beach in Central Florida literally covered in tarballs.
Meanwhile local Government officials have taken a move straight from the Pensacola Beach playbook and are already misleading the public into thinking that the beaches are safe.
Mellisa Cones, director of the the Cocoa Beach Chamber of Commerce, attempts to assure the public that the tarballs are not from the BP Gulf Oil Spill by saying “it’s just to thick to be coming from the west coast”.

Jul 08 16:16

The American People are Under Occupation

The American People are Under Occupation
by By Johnny Punish*, June 11, 2010
Well, answer these 2 very important questions:
1. Are we, the American people, willing to revolt against our Zionist Occupied Government in Washington and put in a government that is fighting for our interests?
2. Are you ready to takeover and throw everyone out of power who sells out to foreign interests and tell anyone else we put in that if they sell us out again, they will be dragged from the halls of power and hung by their feet in public shamed forever as a traitor to the people of the United States of America?

Jul 08 15:28

FBI Expands Probe In Fraud At Holocaust Claims Conference

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has widened its probe into allegedly fraudulent Holocaust-era claims that could have bilked the German government out of millions of dollars, The Jewish Week has learned.

Jul 08 14:03

Israeli judge: Learn from Nazis

??Retired Judge Hadassa Ben-Itto says as part of PR war, Israel should adopt tactics used to distribute Protocols of Elders of Zion??.

Jul 08 11:29

Omar Khadr axes U.S. lawyers ahead of hearing

Accused war-criminal Omar Khadr has fired his American lawyers less than a week before his military-commission pre-trial hearings are slated to resume in Guantanamo Bay, one of his despondent attorneys said Wednesday.

Khadr, via a motion terminating his U.S. counsel and filed by his lawyers with the commission, said that he would either represent himself or boycott his trial.

"We have worked our hearts out on the case and were just eagerly looking forward to what we had planned to do," one of the lawyers, Barry Coburn, told The Canadian Press.

Prosecutors allege Khadr threw a hand grenade that killed Sgt. Chris Speer in Afghanistan in July 2002 when he was 15 years old. He faces a maximum life sentence on conviction.


Jul 08 10:26

Nasa space shuttle firm to cut 1,000 jobs

The US's leading space contractor is to cut the jobs of more than 1,000 of the world's leading scientists and technicians after Nasa ended its space shuttle programme.

United Space Alliance, which manages the shuttle fleet and handles Nasa's International Space Station, said most jobs would go in Florida and Texas.

Jul 08 09:22

Kenny's Sideshow Tidbits

Mike Rivero possibly puts his guest spot on the Alex Jones show in jeopardy by a WRH front page post of AJ ranting and raving about the 'feeble minded, mentally defective, nazi, klan, Hal Turner followers' who are anti-Israel. As Rivero says ....

Jul 08 01:30

Obama's "Fundamental Transformation" means Total Annihilation

Obama's "Fundamental Transformation" means Total Annihilation
By Sher Zieve
Tuesday, July 06, 2010 - 9:12:44 AM ET
Defined as “betrayal of country--violation of the allegiance owed by somebody to his or her own country, e.g. by aiding an enemy,” virtually everything The Obama has done and is doing is called treason. And, as Obama still maintains he is a natural-born US citizen, what he has effected is also High Treason--defined as “treason perpetrated by somebody against his or her own country.” In order to gain some semblance of what the Dictator-and-Destroyer-in-Chief has done and is continuing to do in his “fundamental transformation” of the United States of America, a partial and I believe actionable list includes, but is not limited to, the following:

Jul 08 01:24

While Big Easy Takes on Oil, Obama Sues Arizona!

Published: July 07, 2010
While Big Easy Takes on Oil, Obama Sues Arizona!
By John Lillpop
While the worst environmental disaster in history spreads to Big Easy and all of the Gulf States, Barack Hussein Obama, in a snit of poor judgment and political fraud, has unleashed the vast powers and resources of the U.S. Government against the state of Arizona for its tough, and long overdue, anti-illegal alien bill.
Call Obama's hideous meddling what you wish, pandering to illegal aliens, or trolling for votes among those who oppose secure borders and the rule of law, the fact is that Barack Obama has taken his eye off the tar balls long enough to attack a sovereign entity of the United States.
Which is either incredibly poor judgment, or out and out treason, or, most probably, both.

Jul 07 23:44

Dr. Franklin Lamb: Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah - (11/16/1935—7/4/2010)

“Throughout my life, I have always supported the human being in his humanism and I have supported the oppressed. I think it is the person’s right to live his freedom and it is her and his right to face the injustice imposed on each by revolting against it. Ayatollah Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah

Jul 07 23:13


Iraq is America’s Gaza and, like Gaza, it cries for justice to a world which would rather ignore its plight as well as America and Great Britain’s role in this murderous error of judgement . Our karmic debt, like Israels with Gaza , is immeasurable:

Jul 07 14:40

The World of Most People and the Power of the Unseen

The situation in the Gulf of Mexico is off the charts and a number of police and enforcement agents are in operation to hinder the access of people seeking to study and report on what is happening. It appears that it has been made a felony to approach locations within a certain distance for the purpose of taking photos. This is in violation of laws that allow citizens to have access to public beaches and other locations. Workers involved in the cleanup are forbidden to speak to anyone about what they are doing.

Jul 07 14:38

Wondering What's Going on Behind the Curtain

One thing no one can doubt is the increasing presence of more and more officials with uniforms and weapons. There’s also been a major decrease in legislation that protects individual rights of movement and expression. There’s also been more and more evidence of provocateurs at major protests and… there have been increasing displays of local police abusing and injuring really old people. Why would they be attacking so many people in their 80’s and so many prepubescent children? Is it just the press that is calling attention to what might only be anomalies within a public composed of hundreds of millions of people in many locations?

Jul 07 13:59

Helium balloons float propaganda into North Korea

Helium balloons float propaganda into North Korea
By Kyung Lah, CNN
May 31, 2010 --
Seoul, South Korea (CNN) -- Park Sang Hak and his family jammed 150,000 sheets of paper, dollar bills, DVDs and tiny AM/FM radios inside bags attached to giant inflatable helium balloons.
They launched them into the sky where they floated 200 km (124 miles) across the border to North Korea.
The message: Kim Jong Il is lying to you.
"The balloons are the weapons in breaking Kim Jong Il's spell, say the Fighters for Free North Korea. The group, made up primarily of North Korean defectors, says if North Korea can't get any messages from the outside world, then outside world must deliver those messages in."

Jul 07 11:41

Costa Rican Govt Approves US Occupation

In another example of the growing militarization of the war on drugs, the Costa Rican government has given the US permission to launch an invasion of up to 7,000 Marines, ostensibly to “fight drugs.”

Indeed, it appears that the only reason the nation is in America’s sights at all is because it is geographically so narrow, and an occupation of it could provide a convenient choke-point for blocking drugs from South America reaching Mexico and eventually, the United States, by land.

Under the terms of the agreement, US troops “will enjoy freedom of movement and the right to carry out any activities needed to fulfill their mission.” In addition to the ground troops, the US will be deploying 46 warships and hundreds of helicopters.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, the US is deploying 7,000 Marines, 46 warships, and hundreds of helicopters to....Costa Rica?!? To allegedly "fight drugs"?!?

Meanwhile, thousands of illegal aliens, "muleing" drugs, walk across our southern border every day with the blessing and protection of the Obama administration.

This is not about drugs: this is about having a full-fledged US expeditionary force prepositioned to send against some South American leader who is not behaving as he has been told to behave by the US.

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez comes to mind.

The US is now fighting a war on two fronts, which makes it a world war.

Jul 07 11:31

Secret Document Affirms U.S.-Israel Nuclear Partnership

According to Army Radio, the U.S. has reportedly pledged to sell Israel materials used to produce electricity, as well as nuclear technology and other supplies, despite the fact that Israel is not a signatory of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Jul 07 10:38

Defending Arizona

A law that basically makes a few small, carefully considered changes in police procedure, Arizona’s S.B. 1070, has inspired a vastly disproportionate response. Few laws have ever been so grossly mischaracterized by so many leaders on the left. From President Obama on down, they rushed to the microphone after it was enacted to hyperventilate about an impending police state in Arizona. Excitable bloggers invoked Jim Crow, apartheid, and the Nuremberg laws of Nazi Germany.

Jul 07 09:48


MJ Rosenberg

Some readers think I exaggerate the influence of the lobby. I don’t — I used to work at AIPAC and on its favorite stomping ground, Capitol Hill. The latest evidence of the fear and trembling produced by the Israel lobby was evidenced last week when it was revealed that General David Petraeus was upset and worried by a column I wrote in March.

The old adage “politics stops at the water’s edge” does not apply to the Middle East.

When it comes to all matters relating to Israel, foreign policy is politics. It is absolutely impossible to imagine US policy toward Israel not being intertwined with politics and political fund-raising.

Jul 07 08:57

Clinton vows support for Georgia, slams Russian 'occupation'

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reassured Georgia on Monday with a pledge of continued support and criticised Russia's "occupation" of two breakaway Georgian regions.

But we support Israels occupation of lands they were never supposed to have! We support severe military attacks on civilian populations in Gaza, that's perfectly ok, but Russia steps into Georgia and that's condemned! I've not enough criticism for Hillary Clinton... Silence free speech on the internet, but allow this woman to spout off?

Jul 07 08:47

White House successfully plugs leaks -- of information

It's day 75 and oil in the Gulf of Mexico continues to flow.

But there's one thing the administration appears to have plugged: information flow related to the spill. The President, seemingly more concerned with his image than anything else, wants to suppress the graphic evidence of his bumbling response.

Is it really "bumbling"? Or is it a directed effort to further Obama's Carbon Tax program? Or is it just a distraction from activities in the middle east? Or is it in preparation for evacuating the gulf coast and instituting martial law nationwide? Is it just one of these things, or all of them? Or any of them? There's plenty of evidence that it was a planned disaster (false flag), but for what purpose? Keep aware.

Jul 07 08:14

FBI agents take down two North Idaho men making grenades

From KREM2 news in Spokane:

Two Idaho men are in jail accused of making grenades and keeping an illegal arsenal of guns and ammo.

Jul 07 08:00

Gulf Coast now a BP police state as law enforcement conspires with BP to intimidate journalists

Why this matters
This is scary stuff, folks. Now we have a police state in America. No one can deny it. You can't argue the point anymore. It is documented fact, and it's happening right now in the Gulf Coast.

If you pick up a professional camera and start snapping photos of a BP refinery, or a BP cleanup vessel, or a beach with an oil boom on it, you risk being followed, detained, questioned and intimidated. And if you don't surrender your own rights and consent to an illegal search of your photos or film footage, you will be hauled into a federal holding facility and held by the Department of Homeland Security until they feel like letting you go.

Jul 07 07:49

Study says smells sickening people come from oilpatch, but no source

Richard Langer was working on his farm just outside Peace River, Alta., one morning last spring when he saw the gas cloud drift through.

"It was sort of a blue-green cloud," he recalls.

The smell — a gassy, tarry reek like a hundred roofing crews working at once — was bad enough. Then a truck idling in the middle of the cloud suddenly revved as if someone stomped the pedal.

That's when Langer, 71, felt something bad.


Just so Americans don't feel alone in their oil-related disaster.

Jul 07 07:44

Linamar to close Lasco plant in Britain and shift output elsewhere

Auto parts maker Linamar Corp. (TSX:LNR) plans to shut down a British parts plant in Wales and transfer production elsewhere.

Canada's second-biggest auto parts company said Wednesday it's beginning consultations with the Unite trade union on the planned closing of the British plant.

Linamar said it did a review of the money-losing plant's operations and concluded it has no viable commercial future.


Outsourcing - because locals don't need jobs.

Jul 07 07:41

Polish Troops Train To Take On American “Terrorists”

Military claim that foreign soldiers were merely “observers” in Vigilant Guard exercises disproved by Infowars film crew

Law enforcement and military officials were keen to play down the presence of Polish troops during the recent Operation Vigilant Guard exercises in Chicago, but claims that the foreign personnel were there merely as “observers” were proven incorrect after they were filmed participating in drills which revolved around terrorism and mass casualty disasters.

Infowars reporters Rob Dew and Jason Douglass traveled to Chicago to document the increasing integration of foreign troops with American military and civilian authorities.

Jul 07 06:40

US fighting ATK over defective military equipment

It's one of Utah's most prominent companies, embroiled in a high-stakes court battle against the U.S. government over allegedly defective military equipment. If the government wins, a whistleblower could get tens of millions of dollars.

The controversy swirls around nighttime combat. ATK sold the military thousands of high-powered illumination flares -- big ones -- that dangle from a parachute and light up a square mile.

Jul 07 01:26

Exclusive Interview with Israeli Arab Member of Knesset Haneen Zoubi

No human being can accept the humiliation and the suffering of the Palestinians under siege and occupation. The Palestinian people have the right to resist and struggle in order to put an end to occupation.

Jul 07 01:20

Obama’s New Iran Sanctions: An Act of War

“The Obama administration is accelerating the deployment of new defenses against possible Iranian missile attacks in the Persian Gulf, placing special ships [war ships] off the Iranian coast and antimissile systems in at least four [surrounding] Arab countries, according to administration and military officials.”

Jul 06 21:35

Duel of the Machiavellians: Obama vs. Petraeus

By Stephen J. Sniegoski

While Obama is often portrayed as a political neophyte finding himself confronting situations that are way over his head, his choice of General David H. Petraeus to replace General Stanley A. McChrystal was in some ways a masterful political stroke, though it does not seem to have achieved all that might have been intended.

Jul 06 20:41

George Michael arrested after crashing car into shop

Methinks George should hire a chauffeur - it would save him a lot of trouble

Jul 06 17:55

NASA Chief: Next Frontier Better Relations With Muslim World

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said in a recent interview that his "foremost" mission as the head of America's space exploration agency is to improve relations with the Muslim world.

Webmaster's Commentary: 



I am sorry, and yes, good relationships among all people of the world is a wonderful and worthy goal.

But this is not what the National Aerospace and Space Administration was ever intended to do, period, end of discussion.

Jul 06 15:07

The Lights Are Going Out For Free Speech On The Internet

Type the keywords “Internet censorship” into Google News and you will immediately understand to what degree the world wide web is under assault from attempts by governments globally to regulate and stifle free speech. From Australia to Belarus, from Turkey to Vietnam, from Pakistan to Egypt, from Afghanistan to Iran, huge chunks of the Internet are going dark as the Chinese model of Internet regulation is adopted worldwide.

But why should Americans concern themselves with countries halfway across the globe adopting Chinese-style net censorship? Because under Senator Joe Lieberman’s 197-page Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act, the United States would formally mimic China’s “great firewall” of web censorship.

Jul 06 09:32

General Petraeus’s leaked emails about Israel

Blogger Philip Weiss has them, and they’re not pretty.

Jul 06 07:14

Obama and Netanyahu to hold fence-mending talks

President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet on Tuesday seeking to show they have turned the page on an unusually rocky period in relations between Washington and its close ally.

Visiting the White House for fence-mending talks, Netanyahu will get a warmer welcome than in March when Obama kept him at arms' length in what was widely viewed as a snub over settlement policy seen by Washington as an obstacle to a Palestinian state.


Their visible difference of opinion was meant for public consumption. This meeting is a planning and strategy session regarding Iran. They need to find a way to trick the ignorant masses into believing a war is justified. Otherwise they are just committing more acts of terrorism.

Jul 06 00:32

Bibi Back at the White House — The Consistency of Israeli Duplicity Comes Ever More Clearly into Focus

By Jeff Gates

With Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visiting the White House July 6th, it’s time to recall how Tel Aviv deceived Washington throughout the entirety of the U.S.-Israeli relationship.

U.S. military leaders will be watching this meeting very closely, as will the veterans community.

For me, confirmation of Israel’s strategic duplicity came in a meeting with Harry McPherson who served as counsel and speechwriter for Lyndon B. Johnson. LBJ entered the Senate in 1948 with Louisiana Senator Russell Long for whom I served as counsel and speechwriter.

At his law offices in Washington, Harry described his arrival in Tel Aviv the night that the 1967 War began. That war typifies the consistency of this ongoing deceit.

Jul 05 21:23

Pinal County Sheriff Receiving Death Threats

Pinal County Sheriff Receiving Death Threats
Published : Monday, 05 Jul 2010, 8:48 PM MDT
Outside law enforcements have been brought in to investigate the threats and have found them credible.
Sheriff Babeu declined personal security detail. He decided not to request funding for security detail at this time, because the county resources are already stretched.
"I understand this threat, yet I will not run in fear or change my support for SB1070 and my demands for President Obama to secure our border with 3,000 armed soldiers in Arizona and start building the fence again. I'm always armed and as every law enforcement member knows, we always have to be aware of our surroundings and possible threats," he said.

Jul 05 19:31

Is Petraeus McChrystal’s Replacement or Obama’s?


Our petulant president’s ego can’t handle a general letting off steam. Neither can any of the spoiled children who comprise “our” government in DC, the capital of the “superpower.”

Generals have to fight wars that civilians start, either from the incompetence of their diplomacy or the arrogance of their hubris. Generals have to get young troops killed because of the stupidity or ambition or corruption of civilian government officials.

All McChrystal did was to let off steam. A real president would have realized that and let it go.

Don’t get me wrong. McChrystal is a militarist, and I am pleased to see him gone.

However, McChrystal didn’t restart America’s aggression against Afghanistan. Obama did.

Jul 05 10:56

Tea party gatherings on the Fourth mix the educational and the patriotic

"Tea party" activists across the nation tried to put the "independence" back in Independence Day this weekend with festivals and other gatherings focused on the Constitution -- and how to use it for political gain.

Jul 05 07:56

World Leaders Accept Demise of Global Warming Alarmism

These leaders’ collective decisions in Toronto reflect their individual experiences at home, and a desire to avoid the fate that met their true-believing colleagues, all of whom have been hurt by the economic and political consequences of their global-warming advocacy.

Jul 05 07:22

Joe Lieberman: From American Idol Finalist to TYRANNYsaurus Rex

Eric Blair
Activist Post

To borrow a phrase often used in Joe Lieberman’s failed presidential primary bid in 2004, America’s tyrannical campaign “is picking up Joe-mentum” thanks in large part due to legislation introduced by Deputy Dog himself.

Jul 04 22:41

Israel’s New Master Plan

The estimated 270,000 Arab East Jerusalemites are already confined to a mere 13 per cent of East Jerusalem while more than 85 per cent of the city has been seized by Jewish authorities since 1967, when Israel occupied East Jerusalem and the rest of the West Bank.

Jul 04 16:14

Black voice of sanity writes:The Obama Presidency: An Unfolding Disaster

The Obama Presidency: An Unfolding Disaster
Written by Larry Pinkney
Friday, 02 July 2010 04:35
Barack Obama is in fact, shrewdly facilitating and overseeing the dismantling, not of the U.S. corporate / military empire, but rather of the economic and political human rights and legitimate needs of everyday Black, White, Brown, Red, and Yellow peoples in this nation. It is for this purpose that the corporate / military establishment and the corporate media ensured that Barack Obama was installed in the White House. This is an increasingly obvious disaster not for the wealthy elite who already have homes, villas, gated mansions, yachts, and cushioned financial holdings all over the world. It is however, a horrible disaster for everyday common folks in this nation and around this planet.

Jul 04 13:51

Activism in the Age of Tyranny and Terror - G20 Report

Michael Edwards
Activist Post

World tyranny is accelerating at a pace not seen since Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and Mussolini converged on the world stage. Their regimes were history's prime examples, but there have been countless other dictators who have flourished, leading to the unfortunate conclusion that dictatorships are the rule, not the exception.

Jul 04 11:33

A New Declaration of Independence for a New Revolution

America is fast coming to a crossroads from which there will be no return if we take the wrong path. Do we take the road that leads away from America and toward a Euro-esque way of governing? Do we cast aside our American character and bury our great nation in a grave of socialist-styled authority? Do we damn our progeny to a failed superstate that violate every tenet of our original ideals?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Do we allow our nation to continue being slaves to Israel?

Jul 04 08:57

4th of July: From Celebration of Independence to Acceptance of Slavery?

What we can do on this 4th of July is to reinforce the idea of independence. Many of our friends and neighbors need a little help. They are having a hard time seeing the enemy within for the distractions of the failing economy and the threat of 'events' such as the Gulf disaster and the brain numbing repetitive rhetoric of 'terrorism' and the false celebrity culture.

Perhaps over that burger and beer and the figurative 'bombs bursting in air' you can plant a seed of dissent towards the powers that be or as some call them the powers that think they be. Isn't it our duty to do so?

Jul 04 08:11

More than one-quarter don’t know who US gained independence from

Every Fourth of July, Americans gather to celebrate the country’s declaration of independence from … um, what country was that again?

If you answered the above question with the word “England” or “Britain,” you would be obviously correct. But a new Marist poll finds that more than a quarter — 26 percent — of Americans polled couldn’t bring to mind the name of the country from whom the original 13 colonies gained independence.

Results were especially poor among the young: Of respondents aged 18 to 29, only 60 percent correctly identified Great Britain. A full one-third were unsure.

Jul 04 06:24

Emergency S.O.S.: America Falling to Foreign Bank Takeover

This Fourth of July, the United States is indeed in peril; it is not only the Gulf Oil Spill, Russian spies and threats of war with Iran which Americans must worry about. Instead it is the quiet but deadly conquest by private, central banks, who lobbied Congress to once again vest new powers in the Federal Reserve and, by all indicators, further weaken the U.S. economy through its future actions.

The financial crisis has indeed been developed in such a way that no nation can ever repay all the debt, and control by global economic forces is all but inevitable.
“This is as big as World War I or World War II,” Alex Jones warns. “What is happening now is bigger than the banking takeover of 1913… it is a worldwide financial coup d’etat.”

Jul 04 06:13

Veterans Today Opposes U.S. Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan

By Jeff Gates

What news outlets can our military trust? Fox News? CNN? The New York Times? For a nation dependent on informed consent, where can we as veterans turn for the real facts?

Weak on Defense and Bill of Rights, Not During War Time

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan is untrustworthy, weak on defense and supports the Bill of Rights only with conditions. With our military imbedded in foreign conflicts on false premises, her wartime appointment must be rejected.

Jul 04 05:31

PHILIP GIRALDI: Executive Privilege

The removal of General Stanley McChrystal from command provided President Barack Obama with the perfect opportunity to review the entire Afghan war strategy and declare it a failure. That he did not do so means that the war now belongs fully to the president and he, in typical Washington fashion, will insist on something that he can describe as “mission accomplished.” The fighting will continue until Washington runs out of money and soldiers and is forced to craft together a phony peace settlement before leaving with its tail between its legs. The whole world knows that United States foreign policy has become little more than a pathetic joke, a fact that is also becoming increasingly clear to many Americans who do not live inside the Washington beltway bubble.

Jul 04 01:43



Jul 04 01:17

Norman Finkelstein’s “This time we went too far” [VIDEO]

Eight months prior to its December 2008 Gaza invasion, Israel established a National Information Directorate with the aim coordinating a public relations strategy with a clear, unified message to the world’s press. Israel’s 2006 war against Lebanon was seen as a disaster to Israel’s image in the world. A contingent of diplomats, lobby groups, bloggers and other supporters of Israel were mobilized as a parallel, complementary track to the military efforts.

Continue reading:

Jul 04 01:12




By Puppet Government Productions

A hard hitting new video debunking the continuing puppet show in Washington DC, and the “doubletalk” complicity of President Obama in continuing the phony “war on terror.”

A Must Watch: