Jan 27 10:24

ANGRY AMERICANS Heckle Liar Adam Schiff After Senate Trial, “Move to Venezuela!” (Video)

Angry Americans confronted the liar Adam Schiff after the Senate trial on Saturday.
The Trump-supporters screamed at Schiff to “Move to Venezuela!”

Jan 27 10:17

1/24/20 Dan Caldwell on America’s Conservative Antiwar Veterans

by Scott | Jan 26, 2020 | Interviews

Dan Caldwell of Concerned Veterans for America talks to Scott about his organization’s latest efforts to change the conversation about support for America’s wars in the Middle East. Their new ad campaign emphasizes the fact that even most veterans simply want to end the wars. Caldwell hopes to remind Americans that a truly conservative foreign policy would be much more restrained than the current neoconservative status quo.

Jan 27 10:15

Afghanistan: Taliban claim they shot down US air force plane

I am seeing other reports of more than 80 dead.Don't know if it is true or not.

A Taliban spokesman claims the group has shot down a US military aircraft over eastern Afghanistan.

The US military said on Monday it was investigating reports of a crash in Taliban-controlled territory.

Jan 27 10:12

General Says US Committed to Fighting in Syria

Another corrupt war criminal.

Speaking to troops at one of the outposts, Gen. McKenzie said that the US troops are “going to be here for awhile,” and that the US has made a commitment, which includes partnering with the Kurdish SDF and fighting against ISIS.

Jan 27 10:09

Time for Congress to end undeclared wars and bring troops home

By Idaho Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin
President George Washington was unambiguous: "It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world."

President Jefferson was equally explicit: "Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none."

President Monroe formalized that policy. The Monroe Doctrine's first point stated the U.S. wouldn't interfere in the internal affairs or wars of other nations.

Section 8 of the Constitution makes clear: only "Congress shall have the power to declare war."

Jan 27 10:08

China Kicks Christian Persecution Into Overdrive, Attacks on Faithful Skyrocket: Report

It’s no secret that Christians in China face a government that is less than hospitable to their faith.
Recently, however, things have taken a turn for the worse for believers living under the communist regime.

Jan 27 10:08

Adam Schiff Says He’s Been Threatened by ‘Wrathful and Vindictive’ President Trump

Lead House Manager Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said he feels threatened by President Trump over a tweet posted Sunday saying of Schiff that he “has not paid the price, yet, for what he has done to our Country.” Schiff made the comment on NBC’s Meet the Press where he was interviewed by host Chuck Todd. Schiff accused Trump of being “wrathful and vindictive” in explaining why he feels threatened by Trump over a tweet.

Jan 27 10:08

Second Report Emerges Confirming Feds Reviewing Claims That Ilhan Omar Married Brother

A second report emerged on Sunday alleging that federal law enforcement officials are reviewing allegations of criminal activity by far-left Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) over claims that she married her brother.

Jan 27 10:07

Critics Hammer Bolton After Book Pre-Order Goes Live Following Leaked Manuscript Published By NYT

Former national security adviser John Bolton came under fire on Sunday over a report that was published in The New York Times that claimed that Bolton said in his upcoming book that President Donald Trump directly tied financial assistance to Ukraine with Ukraine announcing an investigation into Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Jan 27 10:07

Former ICE Director Calls Ocasio-Cortez, "Idiotic," and 'Disgusting' Because She Wants to Break Up the Agency

Former ICE Director Tom Homan called NY representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez idiotic and disgusting for her repeated call to abolish the immigration enforcement agency, as the Daily Mail reports:

Jan 27 10:06

Democratic Unity!

Jan 27 09:25

Crooked Hillary Cuts Out of Premier of Her “Bombshell” Bio at Sundance BEFORE Movie Starts

Hillary Clinton attended the premier of her biography “Hillary” at the Sundance Film Festival this weekend.
Hillary hit the red carpet in a sporty new pantsuit.

Jan 27 09:24

“It Went Right to the Top – What They Did Was So Illegal – Never Been Anything Like This!” – President Trump Accuses Obama of ILLEGAL SPYING on His Campaign (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump sat down with Maria Bartiromo this week during his travel to Davos, Switzerland.
Bartiromo ran the interview on Sunday Morning Futures this weekend.

Jan 27 09:24

Rashida Tlaib Promotes False ‘Blood Libel’ Claim Demonizing Jews, Refuses To Apologize

Far-left Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), who has a documented history of anti-Semitism, promoted a false blood libel story last week demonizing Israelis for the death of a young Palestinian boy and, after significant backlash, deleted the retweet but has refused to apologize for her latest anti-Semitic incident.

Jan 27 09:24

WATCH: Students Say Trump Should Be Removed From Office, But Seem To Struggle When Asked Why

On Friday, Campus Reform released a new video on YouTube in which Eduardo Neret asks students at American University about impeachment.

Jan 27 09:23

Grammys Under Fire: Taylor Swift Cancels Surprise Performance Amid Awards Rigging, Sexual Harassment Allegations

Multi-platinum recording artist (and, now, high-profile political activist) Taylor Swift reportedly canceled a planned but un-announced performance at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards, Variety magazine reports, possibly in response to allegations that the Recording Academy, which runs the Grammy Awards, was engaged in “fixing” the nominations process, and tolerated a culture of sexual harassment and discrimination against female employees.

Jan 27 09:23

Joe Biden: ‘Transgender Equality Is The Civil Rights Issue Of Our Time’

Former Vice President Joe Biden is trying to capitalize off of a rift between Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) supporters over a quasi-endorsement from comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan by announcing his unqualified support for “transgender equality” in a tweet.

Jan 27 09:22

Democrat House Impeachment Manager Rep. Zoe Lofgren Admits Impeachment is All About the Election (VIDEO)

House impeachment manager Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) admitted on Sunday during an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” that impeachment is all about the 2020 election.

Jan 27 09:21

MSNBC Anchor Says “N*ggers” Instead of “Lakers” While Reporting Kobe Bryant’s Death (VIDEO)

MSNBC anchor Alison Morris appeared to say “n*ggers” instead of “Lakers” on Sunday while reporting on basketball great Kobe Bryant’s death.

Jan 27 08:52

Compulsive Liar Lindsey Graham Promises to Call in Hunter Biden to Testify Before Senate (VIDEO)

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) promised again on Sunday morning to call in Hunter Biden to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Jan 27 08:52

Venezuelan Leader Juan Guaidó Ends European Tour with Cry for Freedom

Venezuelan President Juan Guaidó continued his 2020 international tour in Europe this past week.

Jan 27 08:51

Prince Charles Flew 16,000 Miles In Just 11 Days On Three Private Jets And A Helicopter Before Photo Op With Climate Alarmist Greta Thunberg in Switzerland

Famous people like to tell everyone else how to live, and all the things they’re doing wrong – but the limousine liberals don’t actually have to follow the rules they set out for everyone else.

Jan 27 08:51

WATCH: Megyn Kelly Talks Intense ‘Media Bias’ And ‘Cancel Culture’ On Bill Maher

On Friday evening, former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly was the featured guest on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

Jan 27 08:51

In Official Endorsement Des Moines Register Says Warren Would ‘Treat Truth As Something That Matters’

Ahead of the Iowa caucuses next week, The Des Moines Register endorsed Sen. Elizabeth Warren, saying she would “treat truth as something that matters.”

Jan 27 08:50

She Begged Him For Sex And Then Accused Him Of Sexual Assault. Columbia Expelled Him Despite Audio Proving His Side.

Columbia University continues to deny students accused of sexual assault their due process rights, going out of their way to ignore exculpatory evidence in order to find accused men responsible no matter how thin the allegations.

Jan 27 08:50

ROCKET FIRE Hits US Embassy Compound in Baghdad’s Green Zone

At least five Katyusha rockets were fired into Baghdad’s Green Zone on Sunday night.
One of the rockets slammed into the US Embassy building.

Jan 27 08:49

President Trump Deserves Top International Honors For Withholding Aid To Ukraine

The Democrat Party is hoping to impeach President Donald Trump this week for withholding millions of taxpayer funded dollars to the Ukrainian regime.

Jan 27 07:57

HUGE REVELATION: Democrats on House Impeachment Team VOTED AGAINST the Aid Package for Ukraine They Want to Impeach Trump Over (VIDEO)

The Democrat Party and their colleagues in the liberal mainstream media want to impeach President Trump for not sending lethal aid to the Ukraine quick enough.

Jan 27 07:57

Another Obama Solar Company Burns Out – DC Solar Owners Plead Guilty to Largest Ponzi Scheme in Eastern California History

Another Obama solar initiative bites the dust, but not until after stealing millions from individuals, companies and the US government.

Jan 27 07:57

Kobe Bryant helicopter crash investigators to review records, fog conditions, experts say

The federal investigation of the helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant and eight others began to unfold on Monday, with experts questioning why the pilot flew in foggy conditions and the chopper's maintenance history.

Jan 27 07:54

Major Iowa newspaper endorses Warren, says she will 'treat truth as something that matters'

The Des Moines Register announced its 2020 Democratic Party primary endorsement on Saturday and the honor went to Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Jan 27 07:54

WHAT IDIOTS: Des Moines Register Endorses Elizabeth Warren For President Because She’s Truthful

With the Iowa caucuses just over a week away, the Des Moines Register has made their choice, and the editorial board has endorsed Elizabeth Warren. While claiming “Many of her ideas aren’t radical. They are right,” the newspaper gives a nod to the other democrat candidates, saying they are all “outstanding caliber.”

Jan 27 07:54

FLASHBACK: Adam Schiff Flew with Russian Ambassador Kislyak to Aspen Forum

Adam Schiff continued to push smears and lies on Saturday about Russia collusion in the 2016 election.
Of course, none of that is true. Not one word of it.
The Mueller attorneys dug into every single detail of President Trump’s campaign and found ZERO evidence of Russia collusion.

Jan 27 07:53

BREAKING: Basketball Superstar Kobe Bryant Dies In Helicopter Crash

Basketball great Kobe Bryant died on Sunday morning in a helicopter crash in Calabasas.
TMZ reported that everyone on board of the helicopter died.

Jan 27 07:53

HORRIBLE THUG: Pelosi Shaped Her Golden Impeachment Pens To Look Like Bullets

Nancy Pelosi shaped her expensive and exclusive impeachment pens to look like golden bullets.

Jan 27 07:01

This May Help Explain Things… SNAKE SHOW near Wuhan, China in Hubei Province – Epicenter of Coronavirus — SHOCKING VIDEOS

A coronavirus has taken off in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei Province in China. The virus is believed to be somehow related to interaction with animals in Hubei.

Jan 27 07:01

SCHIFF DISASTER… GOP Senator: There Was a “Collective Groan” Among Republicans When Adam Schiff Warned “Your Head Might End Up on a Pike” (VIDEO)

Republican Senators James Lankford (R-OK) and Mike Braun (R-IN) joined Judge Jeanine Pirro on Saturday night following the first two hours of President Trump’s Defense Team holding court in the US Senate earlier this morning.

Jan 27 06:54

Patient Tests Positive For Coronavirus in Orange County in Third Known Case in US

A patient has tested positive for the Wuhan coronavirus in Orange County, California, in the third known case in the United States.

Jan 27 06:54

Dad who paid for daughter's education confronts Warren over student loan forgiveness: 'Can I have my money back?'

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has a plan to cancel some or all student loan debt for nearly all borrowers in America. That might sound good to those who can't pay the bill, but one father who worked and saved to pay for his daughter's college education wants a refund.

Jan 27 06:53

Barack Obama Called Trump a “Fascist” During 2016 Election in Phone Call to Senator Kaine

Barack Obama, the most corrupt president in US history, called Donald Trump a “fascist” during a 2016 phone call to Senator Tim Kaine.

Jan 27 06:53

Schiff Screwed the Pooch: Impeachment Soooo Boring the Gallery was Half-Empty and They Even Lost Mittens

Twenty-four hours of Democrats lies and bloviating was a bridge too far.
Democrats lost their audience… literally.
Even the Senate gallery was half-empty — FOR AN IMPEACHMENT!

Jan 27 06:52

DISGUSTING! Hateful Leftists On Twitter Wish Trump Was On Crashed Helicopter Instead Of Kobe Bryant

Keeping it classy, as always, unhinged leftists have taken to Twitter to vent their anger and hatred. This time, they talk about how they wish it were Trump in the fatal helicopter crash instead of Kobe.

Jan 27 06:52

Watch: Liz Warren Dances Like A 5th Grade Girl After Learning She Was Endorsed By The Des Moines Register

With the Iowa caucuses just over a week away, the Des Moines Register has made their choice, and the editorial board has endorsed Elizabeth Warren.

Jan 27 05:46

New polls show really bad news for Biden as Sanders surges

A new batch of polls have really bad news for former Vice President Joe Biden and his campaign for the Democratic Party nomination in 2020.

Jan 27 05:39

Joe Biden: DACA Kids Are ‘More American Than Most Americans’ (VIDEO)

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden claimed that children of illegal aliens are “more American than most Americans.”

Jan 27 05:39

GOP Senator Hawley Drafts Motions to Subpoena Adam Schiff, the Whistleblower and the Bidens to Testify

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) drafted motions to subpoena impeachment manager Rep. Adam Schiff, ICIG Michael Atkinson, Eric Ciaramella, Hunter Biden and Joe Biden to testify.

Jan 27 05:26

HERE WE GO… Lev Parnas Attorney Releases New Video from Trump Fundraiser at Trump International that Proves Nothing (VIDEO)

The attorneys for Lev Parnas released video on Saturday of the GOP donor attending a fundraiser at Trump International Hotel in Washington DC.

Jan 27 04:34

Of Course She Did: Michelle Obama Joins Crooked Hillary, Al Gore And Barack Obama And Wins Grammy For Talking

Michelle Obama joined such music legends as Crooked Hillary, Al Gore and her husband Barack Obama and won a Grammy Award on Sunday for reading her book.

Jan 27 04:33

Perfect Timing: Anonymous Sources Claim Bolton Book Manuscript Accuses Trump Of Tying Ukraine Aid To Biden Investigations

Several anonymous sources have reportedly told The New York Times that a book manuscript by Ambassador John Bolton, the former National Security Advisor to President Trump, accuses Trump of tying the hold up of aid to Ukraine last year with his desire for investigations into the Bidens and interference by Ukraine in the 2016 election, something Trump has vehemently denied but has been impeached by the House and is on trial for in the Senate.

Jan 26 13:28

Only one lab in China can safely handle the new coronavirus

They did it to themselves. We did it to them. A guy eating a hearty bowl of bat soup was the vector. Take your pick, but I smell bull$h!t!

As an escalating viral outbreak unfolds in China, only one lab in the country meets the required biosafety standards needed to study the new disease.

The lab happens to sit in the center of Wuhan, the city where the newly identified coronavirus first appeared, according to the Hindustan Times, an Indian news outlet. The facility, known as the Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory, is housed within the Chinese Academy of Sciences and was specifically designed to help Chinese scientists "prepare for and respond to future infectious disease outbreaks," according to a 2019 report published by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Jan 26 13:23

China’s New Coronavirus: An Examination of the Facts

Notable is that while SARS spread to about 40 countries, the infections in most countries were few and deaths almost zero, and it was exclusively (or almost exclusively) Chinese who were infected, those in Hong Kong most seriously, with Mainland China suffering little by comparison.
This appears to be precisely the case with this new virus, in that most of the infected persons (sofar) are Chinese. News reports speak of infections appearing in Thailand or the US, but those (at least to date of writing) were all Chinese who had been to Wuhan. There have been no cases so far of infected Caucasians.
As with SARS, this new virus appears to be tightly-focused to Chinese. At this stage it is too early to draw specific conclusions.

Jan 26 12:16

DirecTV moving satellite to higher orbit over fears of explosion

US authorities said Friday they had granted permission to a TV provider to urgently lift a four-ton (3,600-kilogram) satellite to a so-called “graveyard orbit” over fears a battery fault may soon cause it to explode.

DirecTV had told the Federal Communications Commission its Boeing-built Spaceway-1 satellite had suffered a “major anomaly” in its batteries and did not have time to deplete its remaining fuel before disposing of it by placing it 300 kilometers (190 miles) above the “geostationary arc.”

This arc is about 36,000 kilometers above the equator and is home to most of the world’s communication satellites because it allows them to move in sync with the Earth’s rotation, so that ground dishes do not have to track them across the sky.

An FCC spokesman told AFP on Friday that permission was granted on January 19 for DirecTV to begin its de-orbiting plan the following day.

Jan 26 12:09

bat soup

Jan 26 10:57

Deadly Distractions: Laying the Groundwork for the Next Civil War

And so it continues.

This impeachment fiasco is merely the latest in a never-ending series of distractions, distortions, and political theater aimed at diverting the public’s attention from the sinister advances of the American Police State.

Don’t allow yourselves to be distracted, diverted or mesmerized by the cheap theater tricks.

This impeachment spectacle is Shakespearean in its scope: full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Nothing is the key word here.

Despite the wall-to-wall media coverage, nothing will change.

Mark my words: the government will remain as corrupt and self-serving as ever, dominated by two political factions that pretend to be at odds with each other all the while moving in lockstep to maintain the status quo.

Jan 26 10:39

‘F*** That, I Don’t Care’: Taylor Swift Gets Political In New Doc, ‘Dunks’ On Trump

In her new documentary set for release on Friday via Netflix, pop star Taylor Swift gives an inside look into why she chose to publicly advocate for left-wing politicians and policies in her late 20s, before the 2018 midterm elections.

Jan 26 10:38

He Spent 43 Years In Prison For A Crime He Didn’t Commit. He Just Came Closer To Receiving $2.15 Million For His Ordeal.

It was the early morning of May 2, 1976 when Jeanette Williams was shot in her bedroom in Jacksonville, Florida. Williams died as a result of her injuries, while her partner, Nina Marshall, survived her own gunshot wounds.

Jan 26 10:20

‘We’re Sending A Message’: Federal Civil Rights Office Threatens California Over Abortion Insurance

Amidst the president’s historic in-person speech at the March For Life in Washington, DC, the Trump administration has put one of the most liberal states in the country on notice: Stop forcing insurance providers to cover abortion, or risk financial consequences.

Jan 26 10:19

ME ME ME: AOC Fills In For Sanders At Rally — And Never Mentions His Name!

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is a Democratic socialist. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is a Democratic socialist. And the new star of the Democratic Party has already endorsed Sanders in the race for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.

Jan 26 10:11

WATCH: Democrats Compare Trump To Nazi Germany, 9/11 Terrorists During Senate Trial

New York Democratic Representative Hakeem Jeffries, who is one the Democrats’ House impeachment managers, argued on Friday during President Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial that Trump’s impeachment was like fighting Nazi Germany during World War II and al-Qaeda after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Jan 26 10:11

Nick Sandmann Returns To March For Life One Year After Media Smear Him: ‘I Will Never Pass On An Opportunity To March For Life!’

On Friday, Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann returned to the March for Life, one year after the media viciously smeared him and his peers following the pro-life event.

Jan 26 10:03

8 Things to Consider Before Panicking About the Coronavirus

Phillip Schneider, Staff Writer
Waking Times

If you read the news, you’ve likely heard about the “deadly” coronavirus in China. You’ve probably seen videos of sick people and heard about the impending doom that our great nation faces if we don’t do something about this grave threat coming from China.

But have you ever thought about why we’re hearing so much about this virus, despite it affecting only a relatively small number of people in another country? Who benefits from a mass media hype around the Coronavirus?

1. This Story is Getting Massive Hype

No one can deny the incredible hype that this story is getting. But, why?

Jan 26 10:00

Texas church hero takes on Michael Bloomberg: If we did things his way, many more would be dead

Had there been no average U.S. citizens with guns -- like 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg advocates for -- the "carnage" of the shooting inside the West Freeway Church of Christ on December 29 would have been "significantly greater," Texas church shooting hero Jack Wilson said Wednesday.

Jan 26 09:42

WATCH: Alleged Democratic Official Tells Conservatives Marching On MLK Day: ‘Die In A Fire’

On January 20, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, conservatives marched in Seattle in what was billed as a “MAGA March against Racism and Bigotry.” That prompted an alleged Democratic official who was standing with Antifa activists to shout at the conservatives that they should “die in a fire!”

Jan 26 09:41

49ers’ Cornerback Richard Sherman: ‘I Doubt’ I’ll Visit The White House If We Win The Super Bowl

Though 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman would rather keep his mind focused on winning the Super Bowl, he does, however, “doubt” that he would visit the White House if such a victory was achieved.

Jan 26 08:53

The Median Age of Wuhan Virus Fatalities Is 75

We go through this every couple of years. Mad cow disease, bird flu, SARS, ebola are just a few of the past examples. In the end, none of them ever racked up high body counts.

The Wuhan virus has so far killed 26 people, all of whom were elderly or had pre-existing conditions. In fact, the median age of the first 19 victims is 75-years old.

Jan 26 08:50

EurasiaDefenseHeadline News MAJOR: How a Russian Radar Managed to Detect six F-35 ‘Stealth’ Fighters From a Distance of Over 1500 km

MOSCOW – Russia’s next-generation long-range radar technology has been able to detect a group of 6 fifth-generation F-35 multirole fighter jets near the Iranian border. This was achieved by a radar that has a specific mode of operation which uses the ionosphere when scanning airspace.

Jan 26 08:48

WATCH: ABC Anchor Caught Making ‘Throat-Slit’ Gesture Cutting Off Trump Lawyer, Realizes He’s Live; Clip Goes Viral

An awkward moment from ABC News’ coverage of the Senate impeachment trial Thursday has gone viral and sparked all kinds of commentary online.

Jan 26 08:48

Adopted Son Repays The Poor Couple Who Took Him In As A Kid By Giving Them Their Dream Life, Goes Viral

Nanay and Tatay were poor and did not have much. But it was enough to change one child’s life. The couple from the Philippines adopted a little boy and gave him everything they could. And even though their life wasn’t easy as he was growing up, Jayvee Lazaro Badile II became a successful man. As he was climbing up the social ladder, Jayvee vowed he would provide a much better life to the two people who loved him more than themselves. So he did.

Jan 26 08:46

Deputy WH Counsel Mike Purpura: Any Court Would Throw Out Democrats’ Impeachment Case – THEY KNOW THAT (VIDEO)

For the first time in months President Trump’s White House Counsel was able to respond to the attacks and smears by power hungry Democrats.

Jan 26 08:46

BRUTAL! White House Counsel Opens Defense Arguments with Adam Schiff’s Fake Call and Transcript He Read During Impeachment Hearing! (VIDEO)

Deputy White House Counsel Mike Purpura opened the White House defense of President Donald Trump with video of Adam Schiff’s fake call and transcript he read during the House impeachment proceedings.

Jan 26 08:45

Coronavirus - Another Illuminati Psy Op?

They pull the same scams over and over and the people keep falling for them.

More than 200 viruses cause cold symptoms. They are the most common infectious diseases in humans and are mainly caused by coronaviruses or rhinoviruses. These cold viruses mutate constantly and therefore there is no way to formulate vaccines. Google " WHAT CAUSES COLDS" and you'll find many articles saying CORONAVIRUSES are just common cold viruses.

But mass media again wants TO PANIC EVERYONE. This is the annual panic party to promote social control through fear, anger and distraction. For perspective, I repost this 2014 article about the Ebola panic. (Thanks Andrew for the suggestion.)

Jan 26 08:41

REALITY CHECK: Coronavirus fear porn

China is shutting down, or so we’re being told. Cities are on lockdown. Disneyland is closed. New Year is cancelled. Every day, China closes down more theatres or other more public spaces in their desperate attempts to thwart the spread of this terrible coronavirus.

The headlines tell this virus is “mutated”, and that China’s “lockdown” is affecting 33 million people.It all sounds very scary.

The reality is that 26 people have died.

For comparison’s sake, 80,000 people died of flu in 2018 in the United States alone. (at least, according to the CDC).

Coronavirus – or rather, this particular strain of coronavirus, as they are very common and mostly harmless – has had 800 reported cases to go along with those 26 reported deaths. That’s a mortality rate of just over three per cent.

Jan 26 08:38

List of Soros Politicians ‘Bought and Paid For’ Includes Republicans By wmw_admin on January 26, 2020

George and Trump have made several hundred million doing business with each other and have even been co-defendants in a civil money laundering suit.

If the creator of the James Bond spy novels, Ian Fleming, were alive and writing a new thriller today, it wouldn’t be a stretch to believe he’d base his diabolical, untouchable villain on the life and activities of George Soros, including allegations of his being a Nazi-sympathizer (see video below).

According to a reliable source,, the list of politicians who accepted cash from multi-billionaire provocateur George Soros includes several Republicans who were already suspected of being RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) or out-and-out liberal-left collaborators or “useful idiots.”

The list includes the who’s-who of the Republican Party “establishment” who campaign as conservatives but legislate or govern as the progressives who are members and who control the Democratic Party lock, stock and barrel.

Jan 26 08:31

A Limited-Government Republic versus a National-Security State

The worst mistake that the American people have made in the entire history of the United States was to permit the conversion of the federal government to a national-security state. That conversion has played a major role in the destruction of our liberty, privacy, and economic well-being.

What is a national-security state? It is a totalitarian-like governmental structure that consists of an enormous military-intelligence establishment with extraordinary powers, such as indefinite detention, torture, secret surveillance, and even assassination of both citizens and foreigners.

Jan 26 08:29

Assange moved out of solitary in UK prison

Now that he is in General Population let us hope that someone doesn't murder him.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has been moved out of solitary confinement in a British prison after a series of petitions by his legal team and fellow inmates, his organisation says.

The Australian has been held almost incommunicado with severe restrictions on his access to visitors in Belmarsh prison near London since April as he awaits his US extradition trial set to start on February 24.