Feb 20 08:08

Toothless: The watchdog press that became the government’s lapdog (Part 1)

By Walter Brasch

The president of the Associated Press (AP) was spewing venom at the Bush–Cheney administration for having turned the Department of Defense into a propaganda machine.

Americans “expect honest answers about what’s happening to their sons and daughters,” Tom Curley told journalism students and faculty at the University of Kansas. Listing innumerable ways the Pentagon had advocated Bush-Cheney political beliefs, Curley questioned if the United States should “be trying to influence public opinion through subterfuge, both here and abroad,”

Feb 20 08:03

Toothless: The watchdog press that became the government’s lapdog (Part 2)

By Walter Brasch

In May 2004, the New York Times, while claiming it was aggressive in pursuing stories about the Bush–Cheney administration, slipped in an apology for acting more as the mouthpiece for politicians than as a watchdog for society.

“Coverage was not as rigorous as it should have been,” the Times admitted. Part of the problem, the Times acknowledged, was that “Editors at several levels who should have been challenging reporters and pressing for more skepticism were perhaps too intent on rushing scoops into the paper.” The Times concluded it wished “we had been more aggressive.”

Feb 20 03:52

Mining Giant Anglo American to Cut 19,000 Jobs

The New York Times February 20, 2009 REUTERS

LONDON, Feb 19 (Reuters) - Mining group Anglo American Plc (NASDAQ:AAUK) scrapped its 2008 dividend to conserve cash and said it will cut 19,000 jobs as it posted a 1 percent fall in profit, missing analysts' forecasts.

"As we begin 2009, the economic outlook remains weak, with limited visibility and we are continuing to experience volatility and downward pressure on commodity prices," Chief Executive Cynthia Carroll said on Friday.

Feb 20 02:54

U.S. Tries a Trillion-Dollar Key for Locked Lending - TALF is a boldly transparent theft!

The New York Times February 19, 2009 VIKAS BAJAJ

High returns - Because investors borrow most of the money from the government at a low rate, the effective return could be 20 percent or more. [100% is the likely return even as these investments lose 90% of the equity the government puts into them.]

Limited losses - Even if the underlying loans default, the investor could lose only up to $8 [per $100]; the Treasury and Federal Reserve would bear the rest of the losses.

Investor pays $8 - GOVERNMENT LENDS $92 at 1.5%-3% interest
$100 loan yield 4%-5% interest

[And the initial $8 investment is no doubt to be recouped in fees, so there is no investment at all, just a trillion dollars given away. READ the graphic. This is Tim Geithner's giveaway.]

Feb 20 00:04

Putin: Post-US World Blueprint

Putin offered a Blueprint for the next decade, for the ‘Post-US World’ where the US-UK corrupt tag team does not control the helm or sit at the catbird seat.

Feb 19 16:52

NEED A JOB????????

Feb 19 16:38

Top 25 Censored Stories for 2009

#1. Over One Million Iraqi Deaths Caused by US Occupation

Feb 19 15:59

Top cancer researcher found dead

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A stop smoking billboard tipped over on her. :)

Feb 19 06:58

Drug violence spins Mexico toward 'civil war'

A shootout in a border city that leaves five alleged drug traffickers sprawled dead on the street and seven police wounded. A police chief and his bodyguards gunned down outside his house in another border city. Four bridges into the United States shut down by protesters who want the military out of their towns and who officials say are backed by narcotraffickers.
Mexican police carry a body after a clash with gangs that left 21 dead in the state of Chihuahua on February 10.

Mexican police carry a body after a clash with gangs that left 21 dead in the state of Chihuahua on February 10.

That was Mexico on Tuesday.

What is most remarkable is that it was not much different from Monday or Sunday or any day in the past few years.

Feb 19 04:23

Great Grandson sues Yale Secret ‘Skull and Bones’ Society to Return Geronimo’s Skull

It’s the stuff of legends: an elite secret society that includes what would become some of the most powerful men of the 20th century allegedly invading the grave of an Apache chief to steal his skull for fraternal rituals. It’s also the stuff of a new lawsuit filed Tuesday by descendants of that Apache chief.

On the 100th anniversary of the death of Geronimo, 20 of his blood relatives have asked the courts to force Yale University and the school’s secret organization, Skull and Bones, to release his remains for return to his native land and a proper burial.

Feb 18 22:04

Indonesia welcomes Clinton with songs – and a bit of shoe-throwing

Many Indonesians oppose US policies in the Middle East as well as the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Indeed, Clinton’s arrival prompted a smattering of protests throughout the capital. About 100 students gathered at the presidential palace to express their discontent in the protest style du jour: throwing shoes at her picture.

Feb 18 20:20

Man charged in bizarre kidnapping

A ride turned into a harrowing, three-day ordeal for a 22-year-old Detroit woman who police say was held captive in a Toledo apartment by an acquaintance who handcuffed her, dressed her in a diaper and read Bible passages to her.

Feb 18 10:55

Accused arsonist Brendan Sokaluk claimed insurance

THE man accused of lighting one of the Victorian bushfires that killed 11 people has made an insurance claim for fire damage.

Feb 18 10:41

European Union Says Cannot Support All East European Countries

Bloomberg Feb 17, 2008 Meera Louis and Zoe Schneeweiss

Units of Austrian, Italian, French, Belgian, German and Swedish banks account for 84 percent of western European bank loans in eastern Europe, Moody’s wrote. Central and east European economies are weakening, with the International Monetary Fund already offering about $52 billion in aid to Latvia, Hungary, Serbia and Ukraine. Bailouts may be extended to Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania and Estonia as the global recession derails more banks, according to Capital Economics research.

Feb 18 09:58

Cycling through History Recycling.

Given that circumstances repeat themselves it shouldn’t be hard to see that we are approaching one of those periods of ‘revolution’. In this particular instance; in this particular time there is a particular feature that is present which is going to be active more than at any time in the recorded past. It’s going to be happening everywhere at the same time. Nations and the minds of the population are all directly more aware of each other through the medium of international communications via news media and the internet. The mass media is a lie machine controlled by the interests of the few for the plundering of the many. That’s a given. The internet offers the possibility of a greater impartiality if you know where to look.

Feb 18 05:06

Would a G.M. Bankruptcy Save Taxpayer Money?

The New York Times Business Michael J. de la Merced Feb 16, 2009

It is a stance that Mr. Altman, who is the director of N.Y.U.’s credit and debt markets research program, has publicly espoused for some time. Chief among his concerns now, however, is not only reaching a way to restructure G.M. and Chrysler in the least painful way for the companies, but also to protect the billions of dollars in government money lent to the companies.

The $13.4 billion that G.M. received in December was made in a way that ensures that the government is what is known as a senior secured lender, with assets backing up the loan.

Feb 18 04:12

Dow Plumbs the Depths of Last Fall

The New York Times Feb 17, 2009 Jack Healy - Matthew Saltmarsh - Eric Dash

Worries about the deteriorating financial situation in countries like Romania and Hungary led to a huge sell-off on Tuesday that began overseas and crashed ashore on Wall Street.

The losses on Wall Street were part of a global wave of selling that dragged down stock markets from Tokyo to London and Frankfurt to Brazil, highlighting fears about how banks, automakers — entire countries — will fare in a deepening global downturn.

The broader Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index slid 37.67 points, or 4.6 percent, to 789.17, dropping below what analysts said was an important trading threshold of 800.

Feb 17 23:30

1 Of 2 Thong-Facemask Robbery Suspects Sentenced

One of two Lakewood men who used women's thong underwear to cover their faces while they robbed an Arvada convenience store has been sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Ummm .... yeah.

Feb 17 19:31


Domestic violence is a behavior that knows no boundaries of religion, race, ethnicity, or social status. Domestic violence occurs in every community. The Muslim community is not exempt from this issue. We, the Muslim community, need to take a strong stand against domestic violence. Unfortunately, some of us ignore such problems in our community, wanting to think that it does not occur among Muslims or we downgrade its seriousness.

I call upon my fellow imams and community leaders to never second-guess a woman who comes to us indicating that she feels her life to be in danger. We should provide support and help to protect the victims of domestic violence by providing for them a safe place and inform them of their rights as well as refer them to social service providers in our areas.

Feb 17 19:26

Man finds body next to 405 freeway, reports it to police, arrested for ‘refusing to identify himself’

The body was found by a pedestrian traveling through the area adjacent to the Wilshire exit off the 305 freeway. The good Samaritan who reported finding the body subsequently “was arrested for refusing to identify himself and being on the freeway illegally.”

Well way to go CHP, getting all the cooperative and helpful yet private citizens off the street. Since when do free people have to identify themselves to law enforcement?

Feb 17 18:46

Obama Orders 17,000 More U.S. Troops to Afghanistan

Roger Runningen and Tony Capaccio | | Feb 17, 2009

President Barack Obama signed an order boosting U.S. troop strength in Afghanistan by 17,000 combat and support personnel.

Obama said in a statement that he approved a request for the additional soldiers and Marines made by Defense Secretary Robert Gates and military commanders.

Feb 17 15:28

State's Begin Asserting 10th Amendment Rights

Feb 17 15:22

Sticker Causes Memphis Airport Scare

"We established a perimeter around it and had a fire watch in case there was an explosion," said John Greaud, vice president of airport operations. "We had one of our K9 dogs confirm it was not an explosive."

"This Bike is a Pipe Bomb" is the name of a Florida punk band and stickers bearing their name are relatively common on bicycles.

Feb 17 15:21

Oklahoma State sovereignty resolution passes in Senate Judiciary Committee

Following last week's unanimous vote in favor of Rep. Charles Key's HJR 1003, calling for legislative support of the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, it's companion bill in the Senate, SJR 10, was supported Tuesday 6-1 by the bipartisan Senate Judiciary Committee.

Feb 17 14:48

"Worst Is Yet to Come:" Americans' Standard of Living Permanently Changed

Yahoo! Finance Tech Ticker | Posted Feb 17, 2009 |

An Interview with Howard Davidowitz

But "the worst is yet to come," according to Howard Davidowitz, chairman of Davidowitz & Associates, who believes American's standard of living is undergoing a "permanent change" - and not for the better as a result of:

* An $8 trillion negative wealth effect from declining home values.
* A $10 trillion negative wealth effect from weakened capital markets.
* A $14 trillion consumer debt load amid "exploding unemployment", leading to "exploding bankruptcies."

The end of rampant consumerism is ultimately a good thing, he says, but the unraveling of an economy built on debt-fueled spending will be painful for years to come.

Feb 17 14:06

U.S. charges Stanford Financial with "massive" fraud

Anna Driver and Simon Evans | Reuters | Feb 17, 2009

HOUSTON/ST JOHN'S, Antigua (Reuters) – U.S. authorities charged Texas billionaire Allen Stanford and three of his companies with "massive ongoing fraud" on Tuesday as federal agents swooped in on Stanford's U.S. headquarters.

The SEC said it was seeking to freeze the assets of the company and appoint a receiver "to take possession and control of defendants' assets for the protection of defendants' victims."

"Recently, as the market absorbed the news of Bernard Madoff's massive Ponzi scheme, SIB has attempted to calm its own investors by claiming the bank has no "direct or indirect" exposure to Madoff's scheme," the SEC said. "These assurances are false."

Feb 17 13:21

Air Force Begins Voluntary Retired Rated Recall Program

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder just how long it will take for this "voluntary" program to morph into an "involuntary program".

And what's going to happen to those skilled and seasoned people when they say "absolutely not!!" ??

Feb 17 11:09

Holocaust survivor walks free

HE KNOWS better than most the harsh reality of incarceration. In 1945, aged 19, Peter Gabriel Agoston was freed from a Hungarian concentration camp under Hitler's control.

Now, at 81, his mind is failing him. He has been diagnosed with dementia and suffers from high levels of anxiety.

It was for these reasons that Mr Agoston walked free from Sydney District Court last week, even though a judge found that a jury could convict him of attempting to defraud the Australian Tax Office of about $8.8 million.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Talk about the ultimate get out of jail free card!!!!!!!

Feb 17 10:40

SC Exercising It’s Rights?

Lo and behold, it appears that our great general assembly is looking to make sure that our state and its people retain their rights as granted by the US Constitution. That’s right, and SC is one of 20 something states that have introduced some similar legislation stating they are against any movements that affect the peoples and states 9th and 10th amendment rights.

Feb 17 09:52

Anti Defamation League Calls 'Smash-Me Bernie' Figurine Anti-Semitic

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I wonder if Abe invested in the dolls and is using the press release to whip up sales.

Feb 17 09:49

Shoichi Nakagawa to resign as Japanese Finance Minister over 'drunken' performance at G7

Nakagawa, a close ally of Prime Minister Taro Aso, told reporters that he had drunk alcohol the day before the press conference and took medicine on his flight to Rome for a meeting of Group of 7 finance leaders and central bankers on Friday and Saturday. He said the combination may have affected him badly.

Saki and Scotch a bad combination!

Feb 17 09:47

Jewish Power The "0.002 " World Problem

"We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the world - no longer a Government of free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of small groups of dominant men." -- Woodrow Wilson [U.S. President during World War I]

Feb 17 09:25

Father-of-three jailed after confronting drug dealer who sold heroin to his family

When father-of-three Peter Drummond discovered that a drug dealer had sold heroin to a member of his family he decided to take matters into his own hands.

He stormed into pusher John Nellies' home and confronted him - before flushing the dealer's heroin down the toilet.

But yesterday it was Drummond - not Nellies - who found himself in court.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Which shows you how screwed up that society is.

Feb 17 08:11

Roberts Sets Off Debate on Judicial Experience

The New York Times Sidebar | ADAM LIPTAK | Feb 16, 2009

For the first time in its history, every member of the United States Supreme Court is a former federal appeals court judge. Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., in a lively and surprising talk a couple of weeks ago, said that development might be a good thing.

Feb 17 07:37

Trendspotting | Bringing Out the Beast

The New York Times Fashion & Style | Ruth La Ferla | Feb 16, 2009

Designers injected an element of savagery into their fall 2009 collections, splicing pelts, faux and real, into even the tamest looks. Models stalked the runways wearing wearing monkey furs, a la Dietrich in "Blonde Venus"; outcroppings of fox, goat, Mongolian lamb, and in one particularly imaginative flight, scratchy yarns plaited to look like dreadlocks. The effect was unruly and downright primitive suggesting something feral lay just beneath the skin. Ruth La Ferla

Feb 16 18:20

New York gets big slice of stimulus, thanks to state's congressional mobsters

NY DAILY NEWS | SENIOR CORRESPONDENT David Saltonstall | February 16th 2009

New York gets big slice of President Obama's stimulus package, thanks to state's congressional bigs

Rarely has a bigger tidal wave of cash come rolling out of Washington than the stimulus bill President Obama is due to sign Tuesday - and rarely has New York been better positioned to ride it.

In a confluence of seniority, hard work and some luck, New York's congressional delegation is now stacked with power players, and it shows in how the massive, $787 billion stimulus package will soon be carved up.

(Go see the picture of YOUR money falling out the sky into the hands of NYC mobsters.)

Feb 16 16:46

Another nosedown, on fire crash witness NTSB refutes

Plane 'just went right down': Witness to deadly Buffalo crash
By Adrian Humphreysand James Cowan, National PostFebruary 13, 2009

"Outside, they saw a low-lying plane heading steeply towards the ground, its wings rolling into an unusual angle.
“I saw the plane a second or two before it hit the ground. You could see it was just starting to catch fire. You could see some flames glowing. Then it just collapsed, just went right down,” said Tomasita, Trujillo’s 12-year-old daughter."
"“The fuselage of the plane lies directly on the footprint of the house. It basically dove right into the top of the house . . . It’s remarkable that it only took one house, as devastating as that was. It could have easily wiped out that entire neighbourhood.”"

Feb 16 14:20

Tony Blair wins million-dollar prize for global leadership

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Lie your people into war, get a prize!

Feb 16 12:57

Al Jazeera's New Canadian Boss

Burman spoke to The Tyee last week while in Vancouver for an appearance celebrating the 10th anniversary of UBC's journalism school. Here is what he had to say...

On what the recent Gaza conflict has done for Al Jazeera:

"It's been phenomenally important. Gaza will probably be for Al Jazeera what the Gulf War was for CNN. People forget, CNN was created in 1980. What did they call it, the Chicken Noodle Network? It was ridiculed really until 1991 when the Gulf War happened. It all of a sudden became an important part of American media culture. Our coverage of Gaza is a reminder to a lot of people that there are a lot of important aspects to a lot of stories, not just the Middle East, that are being denied them."

Feb 16 11:25

Could missing Wal-Mart signs wind up as dirty bomb?

A little over a year ago, a routine audit at Wal-Mart reported a few missing exit signs at the company's stores and warehouses. As the audit continued, more and more signs turned up missing, and a month ago, Wal-Mart revealed that as many as 20% of the 70,000 signs at its 4500 facilities cannot be accounted for, a stunning total of 15,800 signs in all.

This would be of no particular concern -- except that the signs are radioactive. They contain tritium gas, a form of hydrogen which is used for emergency exit signs because of its ability to glow in the dark when the power goes out.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The signs are being stolen (probably by underpaid Wal-Mart employees) because Tritium is valuable and cannot be traced. The same glow-in-the-dark ability used in the exit signs makes it popular for gun sights, and other night-time powerless illumination devices.

The claim that this is all a dirty bomb plot is a bit silly when you realize that the instant tritium is released, it floats upward
(think Hindenburg) away from the ground and away from people. Yes, it will eventually combine with free oxygen to form water, but by that time it will have become so dilute as to be undetectable against background radiation.

Feb 16 10:44

Hugo Chávez for life?

Christian Science Monitor | Feb 17, 2009 | Sara Miller Llana

Caracas, Venezuela - With a clear popular victory Sunday in his bid to end term limits, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez has injected new vigor into his controversial "21st-century socialism" movement and secured his role at a time when the economy is starting to falter.

"He is going to take advantage of this moment, saying the people voted for socialism," says Ricardo Sucre, a political analyst in Caracas. "He is going to say this gives him the authorization to take more power and advance his project."

Feb 15 23:51

Crashed Plane was NOT on Autopilot

NTSB spokesperson denying AP report that plane was on autopilot. 'Incorrect Information' as per CNN's Whitfield.

Feb 15 23:26

French and British nuke subs collide

BRITISH and French nuclear submarines which collided deep under the Atlantic could have sunk or released deadly radioactivity, it emerged last night.

Feb 15 23:05

NTSB lying about #3407 because it was no accident?

Monday, December 22, 2008
How 'Suspicious' Plane Crashes and Assassinations Benefit the Right Wing
Sometime in the early Fifties someone wrote, 'assassination became an instrument of U.S. national policy.' More recently, the 'weapon' of choice is the small aircraft. "
" Ph.D. Professors James Fetzer and Don "Four Arrows" Jacobs present the harrowing truth. The plane was not responsible. The weather didn’t cause it to crash. Nor were the pilots incompetent, as the report of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) would eventually maintain.
--American Assassination

Feb 15 21:52

Complexity Theory and societal/civilizational collapse

The Complexity Theory

By Ray Grigg, Special to Courier-Islander

Complexity Theory argues that societies become progressively more unstable and vulnerable as the network of interconnections within them increases -- not particularly good news for a globalizing system in which increasing complexity is precisely the thrust of economics, finance, manufacturing, technology and almost everything else we do. The sobering implications may explain why many proponents of Complexity Theory preface their comments with an apology. "We don't want to tell you this," goes the essence of their message, "but we think you should know." When the New Scientist published two articles on Complexity Theory (Apr. 5/08), its editor anticipated some reader discomfort. "We are predisposed to pay attention to bad news," noted the editorial. "There is a good reason for this. We need to be warned of difficulty and danger so we can protect ourselves.... [But] if the warning is too scary or distressing, we attack the messenger as a doom monger."

Feb 15 16:14

WRH Member's Chat Page

This is a TEST.

This is ONLY a test!

We have set up our own chat room for WRH members.

The rules are to be polite and respectful of each other.

We are going to let this run for a few days and see how people behave, and if you are nice we will keep this and if it gets out of hand we will block the offending members.

Feb 15 16:04

Pilot error? Plane that crashed near Buffalo was on autopilot in violation of airline policy

Flight 3407 was on autopilot when it went down in icy weather near Buffalo, indicating that the pilot may have violated federal safety recommendations and the airline's own policy, a federal official said Sunday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I was going to rip into this story as highly unlikely for a large number of reasons, but CNN just ran a story quoting the NTSB as saying this story is "incorrect."

So, who is putting out all this junk information in the corporate media, and why?

WRH Chat Page


This is the WRH Member's Chat Page.


YouTube has recently changed their policy of allowing live stream events to be embedded in websites, now limiting it to accounts that are being monetized and linked to AdSense. Since YouTube does not allow to be monetized, the live stream for the show cannot be embedded on this page.

You can watch the live stream at THIS LINK. (link fixed)

Feb 15 12:34

Social collapse best practices

by Dmitry Orlov

You might ask yourself, then, Why on earth did he get invited to speak here tonight? It seems that I am enjoying my moment in the limelight, because I am one of the very few people who several years ago unequivocally predicted the demise of the United States as a global superpower. The idea that the USA will go the way of the USSR seemed preposterous at the time. It doesn't seem so preposterous any more. I take it some of you are still hedging your bets. How is that hedge fund doing, by the way?

Feb 15 12:27

Wanted: 'survival strategies' for dying US newspapers

The fate of US newspapers is in the news as journalists, editors, bloggers, media pundits and concerned citizens debate the future of the troubled industry.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The real question is, after having lied to the American people for so long, what right do they have to survive?!?

Feb 15 10:31

The Howdy Doody President.

I’m sure there are some readers who feel that I accentuate the negative over the positive in my postings here. My answer would be, “Do you want me to lie to you?” I’m not trying to get you to sleep with me. A lot of you can accomplish that without my help. Sometimes I feel like I’m in one of those zombie movies that I don’t watch because I am too busy avoiding the zombies in the street. Some things are very clear to me and they are clear to others as well. This gives me a confirmation about what I am seeing. I cannot understand why so many more people cannot see what is happening. I have to assume that it is because they are seeing what they want to see because reality doesn’t jibe with their plans for the future.

Feb 15 10:30

Okay, so the icing story isn;t holding up. How about turbulance? Would you believe turbulance brought down 3407?

Trouble on the flight began when the plane's flaps went down at 2,300 feet, said Steven Chealander, a member of the National Transportation and Safety Board, at a news conference Saturday. The plane pitched forward and rolled in the air, but did not turn over. The turbulence unfolded so quickly that passengers on board would likely have had little time to realize the aircraft was crashing, he said; pilots didn't have time to send a mayday call.

Although witnesses reported seeing the plane nose-dive, Chealander said that investigators had found the plane's cockpit, tail, engine and wings positioned "as they should be if laying flat, not if it was nose-down."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... except that now there is an eyewitness to the actual crash who saw it go in nose first.

Feb 15 08:28

Inquiry on Graft in Iraq Focuses on U.S. Officers

The New York Times | JAMES GLANZ, C.J. CHIVERS and WILLIAM K. RASHBAUM | February 14, 2009

Federal authorities examining the early, chaotic days of the $125 billion American-led effort to rebuild Iraq have significantly broadened their inquiry to include senior American military officers who oversaw the program, according to interviews with senior government officials and court documents.

“Fifty thousand dollars delivered in pizza boxes to secure contracts,” said the former associate, a consultant in the arms business with whom Mr. Stoffel sometimes worked in the former Eastern bloc. “Of course, it just looked like a pizza delivery.”

Feb 15 07:15

U.S. Military Will Offer Path to Citizenship | Obama the peace maker.

The New York Times | JULIA PRESTON | February 14, 2009

Stretched thin in Afghanistan and Iraq, the American military will begin recruiting skilled immigrants who are living in this country with temporary visas, offering them the chance to become United States citizens in as little as six months.

Recruiters’ work became easier in the last few months as unemployment soared and more Americans sought to join the military. But the Pentagon, facing a new deployment of 30,000 troops to Afghanistan, still has difficulties in attracting doctors, specialized nurses and language experts.

Feb 14 22:56

Crash witness, plane hit nose down

updated 4:17 p.m. EST, Fri February 13, 2009
Witnesses saw and heard plane going down
By Jim Kavanagh

"The plane was nose down -- not as steep as is being reported but steep enough that it didn't look right," said Tony Tatro, who lives next to the crash site in Clarence Center. "The left wing was tilted lower than the right, so it was pitched and it was headed down."
"Had it been on a flatter trajectory it would have impacted more than just the one house," he said. "The two homes on either side ... are relatively close to the home that was hit. Had the plane been any flatter it would have hit either or both of those homes."

Feb 14 22:21

John Harris - 'It's an illusion' talk at the Stoke 'Lawful Rebellion' Conference

Feb 14 21:39

In Plane Crash, Loss of Momentum Still a Mystery

The description indicates that the plane, a Bombardier Dash 8 Q400, suffered an aerodynamic stall, meaning the flow of air over the wings was either disrupted or too slow to sustain flight, but the reason why remains a mystery.

Feb 14 21:39

Anti-Ice Systems Apparently Working Prior to Turboprop Crash

Cockpit instruments apparently indicated that onboard anti-icing systems were operating normally on a Continental Connection turboprop shortly before it stalled and crashed near Buffalo, N.Y. Thursday night from what now appears to be deadly accumulation of ice on some critical flight surfaces, according to federal investigators.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Does anyone see an obvious cover-up in just this one sentence?

Feb 14 21:37

Buffalo plane crash was 'instantaneous,' investigator says

'It was a sudden catastrophic event that took place and then 30 seconds later it impacted,' an NTSB investigator says.

Feb 14 20:36

Fallen Soldiers, Coming Home in Public

The New York Times | KATHARINE Q. SEELYE | Fen 14,2009

Just last week, President Obama was asked at a news conference if he would allow coverage of the flag-draped coffins arriving at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware “so the American people can see the full human cost of war.”

Mr. Obama surprised many when he replied that he was “in the process of reviewing those policies.” But he did not tip his hand. “I don’t want to give you an answer now before I’ve evaluated that review and understand all the implications involved,” he said.

Feb 14 19:47

Plane landed flat, didn't dive into house

The plane that crashed on a house in New York state landed flat on it and was pointed away from the airport where it was supposed to land, an investigator said Saturday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The official story just gets weirder and weirder.

Feb 14 16:55

Flight 3407 Tragedy

Many neighbors said they suspected that something was wrong with Flight 3407 moments before it crashed. Maryjane Filarecki, 78, who has lived in Clarence Center since 1966 and long ago acclimated herself to the noise of planes, knew something was different when this plane, a Bombardier Dash 8 Q400, flew overhead.

“My husband and I looked at each other with the understanding, ‘Oooh, that’s low,’ ” Mrs. Filarecki said in a telephone interview. “And then there was a strange noise and then a boom.”

Feb 14 16:51

Mystery of New York flight that dropped out of sky, killing 49 in Buffalo suburb

Recordings of audio exchanges between the control tower and pilot, released today on the internet, provide no clue about the reason for the crash and appear to indicate a sudden and unexpected plunge to the ground.

In the recorded exchanges, the female pilot can be heard reporting her position normally when requested by the local control tower. However, when at 2,300ft she then suddenly fails to respond any further and the flight disappears from radar screens.

Feb 14 15:24

US Sponsored Rwanda Genocide/African Destabilization

Psychological Operations, Embedded Reporters, and Refugee Hunting
11 April 2008
keith harmon snow

Rwanda's Secret War
US-Backed Destabilization of Central Africa
By Keith Harmon Snow*
December 10, 2004

Feb 14 10:41

Riding to the Killing Floor with Stupid by my Side.

Then there are things like this. Parents don’t want their kids to see water pipes in a shop window but they have no concern at all about liquor advertisements or the presence of liquor in the shops and on shelves in their homes. More people die from alcohol abuse in one year than die from drugs in a century but… when you’re stupid, this kind of thing slips right under the Radio Shack radar that they use for awareness. Tens of thousands of people are killed on the highway every year from drunken drivers and you are as hard pressed to find an example of a marijuana highway slaughter as you are to find an actual child suicide bomber but they’re sure they are out there. Stupid doesn’t need evidence. All stupid needs is to be told it is so.

Feb 14 10:22

Suspect charged over deadly Australian bushfire

"The accused is in a fragile mental state," his lawyer said. "He should be seen to by a doctor."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is something about this man's identity that they dare not let out and it has nothing to do with his personal safety.

Have you ever heard of another case where an arsonist was arrested and the authorities protected his identity?

Feb 14 10:18

Plane Plunges Into Home in New York, Killing 50

Witnesses heard the twin turboprop aircraft sputtering before it went down ...

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Another reason to doubt the "ICE, ICE, ICE, REALLY IT WAS ICE" we are getting from ABCNNBBCBS.

Feb 14 10:10

Ron Paul asks, "What if the American people learned the truth?"

Feb 14 10:07

ZODIAC de-icing systems

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This is just one of the de-icing systems built into the DASH-8 aircraft.

Feb 13 22:25

Democrats muscle huge stimulus through Congress


Democrats muscled a huge, $787 billion stimulus bill through Congress late Friday night

Feb 13 21:06

Speeding, Parking Tickets on Rise as Government Revenue Source

Faced with rising deficits and dwindling revenues, many states and local municipalities are turning to increased traffic and parking fines to fill their coffers.

Feb 13 16:48

Last moments of Flight 3407

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Read the transcript of the final communications from flight 3407.

No mention of ice being a problem for aircraft. There is a brief incidental mention that there is an area of icing, nut it is clear that nobody sees this as a problem.

No mention of any problems at all.

3407 is there one moment, then gone the next.

Now, look at this line from the transcript.

17:40 - delta 1998: uh negative, delta 1998, we're just in the bottoms and nothing on the TKs

Listening to the tape, it sounds like what the pilot of 1998 said was "... nothing on the TCAS."

TCAS (pronounced T-cass) stands for Traffic Collision Avoidance System, which sends out a lower power non-directional radar pulse and listens for any aircraft transponders in the vicinity. in order to warn pilots of close approaching aircraft. So, what the pilot of Delta 1998 is saying is that at the time ATC asked him to look for a Dash-8 at 2300, 3407's radar transponders had quit working.

One final note. If the Air Traffic Controller is telling the pilot of Delta 1998 to look at 2300 feet altitude for the Dash 8, then that means the last altitude reading returned to the ATC was 2300 feet. Air Traffic radar never received a return showing a loss of altitude, which strongly suggests that the aircraft's entire electrical system quit working while the plane was still half a mile in the air.

Feb 13 14:01

Remembering Beverly Eckert: 9/11 Widow and American Patriot

It is with great sadness that I report the following news to our readers: we just learned that Beverly Eckert, widow of the late Sean Rooney (who died in the WTC on 9/11) was one of the victims in the Continental Airlines commuter plane crash in Buffalo. Flight 3407 mysteriously fell out of the sky at around 10:20 p.m. last night and crashed into a private home, killing all 47 persons on board and one person on the ground.

Feb 13 12:36

Buffalo plane Crash: A convenient Crash?

Beverley Eckert who waived her compensation right to persue a Government investigation over the death of her Husband Sean Rooney into the 911 attacks is dead, she died in the Buffalo Plane crash.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The corporate media is already claiming that ice brought down this airplane, but the aircraft had de-icing systems, and no other aircraft in the area was reporting icing problems at the time.

Feb 13 12:15

100 Items to Disappear First

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101 tar

102 feathers

Feb 13 11:52

It's Friday the 13th. And that's only the frigga'n beginning

As if the year weren't already off to a painful enough start — with the economy in ruins, post-partisan politics in a postpartum depression, and pitchers and catchers set to report for their first human growth hormone shots of the season — 2009 is shaping up as the unluckiest year in more than a decade. Following February's freaky Friday the 13th comes another one in March. And then again in November!

The last time there were three Friday the 13ths in one year was 1998, and the triple witching won't occur again until 2015. By which time your 401(k) may actually be back where it was in the Carter administration.

Feb 13 11:10

Space crash called "catastrophic," lots of debris

The crash of two satellites has generated an estimated tens of thousands of pieces of space junk that could circle Earth and threaten other satellites for the next 10,000 years, space experts said Friday.

One called the collision "a catastrophic event" that he hoped would force the new U.S. administration to address the issue of debris in space.

Russian Mission Control chief Vladimir Solovyov said Tuesday's smashup of a derelict Russian military satellite and a working U.S. Iridium commercial satellite occurred in the busiest part of near-Earth space — some 500 miles (800 kilometers) above Earth.

Feb 13 10:51

British group heads to Guantanamo to free resident

A British court met Wednesday to reconsider a case regarding a British resident being held in Guantanamo — a lawsuit that stands to embarrass the American and British governments over torture allegations.

Feb 13 09:11

Suspect charged over deadly Australian fire

Police said the man was charged with one count of arson causing death and lighting a wildfire near the town of Churchill, one of hundreds that raged through southeastern Victoria state last weekend. He also was charged with possessing child pornography.

The suspect's identity was being kept secret for his own safety, Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Dannye Moloney told a news conference. He was brought from Morwell, near the fire zone, to the state capital of Melbourne, Moloney said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I do not buy that the suspect's identity is being kept secret for his own protection. He's already in jail and even if he wasn't, he just needs to be at an undisclosed location.

My guess is that this suspect's identity is "inconsistent" with Rupert Murdoch's claims of an Islamic terror network behind the fires.

Feb 13 09:01

DASH-8 aircraft have de-icing systems

The engines drive six-bladed reversible-pitch composite propellers, type R408, supplied by Dowty. The propeller blades are fitted with an electrical de-icing system.


The wings, tail plane and fin leading edges are fitted with de-icing systems.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Already ABCNNBBCBS are putting out the story that flight 3407 crashed because of ice buildup on the wings leading to a stall on approach. But the aircraft had de-icing systems, electric heaters in the propeller blades and engine heat is ducted to the wings and control surfaces.

This rush to sell ice as the cause is troublesome.

Feb 13 07:34

Cloud of debris girdling the Earth could threaten Hubble telescope

High over Siberia – but not too high to be seen with the naked eye – two satellites have crashed into each other, creating debris clouds that could take decades to fall out of orbit and will pose an increased risk of more space accidents as they do.

The collision took place on Tuesday night 485 miles above the Russian Arctic. A defunct Russian military satellite falling out of orbit defied odds of “millions or maybe billions to one” to hit a civilian American satellite travelling at more than 17,000mph.

Scientists said that at least 600 new pieces of space debris are now orbiting the Earth in two expanding clouds that could eventually ring the planet.

Feb 13 06:49

I.R.S. Study Tries to Assess if Hospitals Earn Non-Profit Tax Breaks

The New York Times | Stephanie Strom | Thu- Feb 12, 2009

Over the last several years, members of Congress have raised concerns over whether nonprofit hospitals provide enough free care and other community benefits to justify their tax exemptions.

The average compensation paid to the top executives of the hospitals responding to the I.R.S. survey was $490,000. But among a subset of 20 hospitals reporting higher levels of compensation for their top leaders, the average was $1.4 million.

Ms. Lerner said that the I.R.S. had identified at least one hospital among those 20 that it believed had paid its leader excessively.

Feb 12 16:02


Feb 12 13:54

Top 100 Most Dangerous Cities in the U.S.

Feb 12 12:45

Ex-presidents of Latin America urge legal marijuana

Former presidents of Mexico, Colombia and Brazil called Wednesday for the decriminalization of marijuana for personal use and a change in tactics on the war on drugs, a Spanish news agency said.

Feb 12 10:45

Meet the XPAK. Locates Bombs & Terrorists That Build Them

XPAK is the brainchild of RedXDefense and is based on new silicon polymer technology developed by the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) known as a “nanowire.” The nanowire, which is 2,000 times thinner than a human hair, normally flouresces when exposed to ultraviolet light. Many types of explosives are immediately detectable by the XPAK in only trace amounts. With this technology the anti-IED effort is being extended directly into the terrorists bomb making lairs and the terrorists who handle the explosives. We will find the IED before it can be built.

Feb 12 07:15

Übermensch, Daniel Kingery for President!


The link is to a site put up by Daniel Kingery, Presidential candidate. Everyone should carefully watch Daniel Kingery's video on his site. If we are going to become a nation that is whole again, Daniel Kingery likely has the best answer.

Like a lot of Americans since the election of Barack Obama, I too have been thinking about running for President.

I know a lot of you are probably wondering what gave me this idea, or what makes me think I could be a decent President.

And some of you, who might jump to conclusions, probably even think you know what makes me think I could be a decent President.

Feb 12 06:06

28% difference in crude oil price between Brent Crude and West Texas Crude Oil???

The link is to the BBC financial markets page.

Brent Crude Oil Future $/barrel 45.78
W. Texas Intermediate Crude Oil Future $/barrel 35.59

That is a 28% difference! That says manipulation in a very big way.

This is a stunning development that can indicate only one thing.

The Obama Administration has picked up where the Bush Administration left off manipulating financial markets.

In this case, the Obama Administration is intentionally defrauding the American people in order to eliminate any possible perception that just the news of the 2 trillion dollar stimulus will be inflationary.

Feb 12 05:34

Millions 'opt for DIY dentistry'

BBC News | Thu- Feb 12, 2009

Millions of people in England have resorted to DIY dentistry, a survey by consumer magazine Which? suggests.

The poll, of 2,631 adults, found 8% had tried to fix their own dental problems - and a similar number knew somebody who had tried.

Of those who admitted trying the DIY approach, one in four had tried to pull out a tooth using pliers.

Feb 11 22:17

Ship of Fools

The world has never seen such total mindlessness. Napoleon’s and Hitler’s march into Russia were rational acts compared to the mindless idiocy of the United States government.

Feb 11 21:32

(Video)Helen Thomas: Obama evasive in press conference on some foreign policy issues

You know, like which country in the Middle East actually has nukes today?

Feb 11 19:46

Quinn Has Her Own Income Tax Plan (The desperate insanity grows fierce)

The New York Times | David W. Chen | Wed- Feb 11, 2009

City Council Speaker Christine C. Quinn plans on Thursday to propose that Albany raise the income tax on people making over $300,000 a year as a way to generate $1 billion. And if that happens, she wants $72 million of the new revenues to pay for her proposal to eliminate personal income taxes for low-income families in New York City who owe no state or federal income taxes.

The proposals are wholly dependent, of course, on what Albany does. But they also suggest that there could be tough negotiations with Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg over how to plug a $4 billion budget deficit.

Feb 11 16:14

Green ideas must take blame for deaths

Gentle complained of obstruction from green local government authorities of any type of fire mitigation strategies. He told of green interference at Kinglake - at the epicentre of Saturday's disaster, where at least 147 people died - during a smaller fire there in 2007.

"The contractors were out working on the fire lines. They put in containment lines and cleared off some of the fire trails. Two weeks later that fire broke out, but unfortunately those trails had been blocked up again [by greens] to turn it back to its natural state

Feb 11 15:22

The fox was guarding the peanuthouse

The salmonella outbreak, tied to contaminated peanut products from a Georgia processing plant owned by Peanut Corporation of America, has produced one delicious irony. In 2005, the Bush administration appointed the owner and president of the company, a man from Lynchburg, Virginia named Stewart Parnell, to serve on the Peanut Standards Board.

Feb 11 14:04

Homeowner invites homeless man living under porch to move in

Jim Stewart moved the homeless man, Kenny Woods, from under his porch to inside the home. Woods and his dog, "17," are now security guards for Stewart's property. It's an arrangement Stewart says keeps Woods out of the rain and keeps his second home safe.

Feb 11 10:50

Al-Qaida Commander Threatens India in Video Message

A senior al-Qaida leader has appeared in a video message warning India that it could face additional terror attacks similar to last November's siege on Mumbai.

Western news organizations - BBC, Reuters - that have seen the video said al-Qaida in Afghanistan commander Mustafa Abu al-Yazid said that the mujahedin (Islamic holy warriors) will not allow India to attack neighboring Pakistan.

"Al Qaeda", the only terrorist outfit to issue threats from the spirit world.

Feb 11 08:20

Bailout Plan: $2.5 Trillion and a Strong U.S. Hand

Ed Andrews-Steve Labaton The New York Times Tue-Feb 10, 2009

WASHINGTON — The White House plan to rescue the nation’s financial system, announced on Tuesday by Timothy F. Geithner, the Treasury secretary, is far bigger than anyone predicted and envisions a far greater government role in markets and banks than at any time since the 1930s.

Administration officials committed to flood the financial system with as much as $2.5 trillion — $350 billion of that coming from the bailout fund and the rest from private investors and the Federal Reserve, making use of its ability to print money.

Feb 11 07:29

Video - War on Drugs and the Prison Industrial Complex

This 1999 documentary from Dutch TV explains how the "War on Drugs" has led to a loss of civil liberties while at the same time it has become a cash generator for police departments (through asset seizure) and a source of prisoners needed by the growing, privatized "Prison Industrial Complex". However, it has not had much of an effect at all as far as its supposed purpose of eliminating or, at least significantly reducing, the illegal drug trade.

The documentary is in English although there are a few introductory comments in Dutch. (1hr 32min)

Feb 11 07:23

Maine Senators Break With Republican Party on Stimulus

Carl Hulse The New York Times Tue- Feb 10, 2009

On one of the biggest bills ever to confront lawmakers, the two senators, surviving members of the vanishing breed of New England Republicans, are wielding outsize power. Along with Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, the third Republican who broke from the pack and provided a crucial vote for initial passage on Tuesday, the two Mainers find themselves holding virtual veto control over the legislation as it enters crucial negotiations between the House and Senate.