Dec 13 04:55

The Oldest Unopened Bottle of Wine in The World Dates Back to Between 325 and 359 AD

The wine bottle dates back to between 325 and 359 AD, and was discovered in 1867 during an excavation at a 4th-century tomb of a Roman nobleman in Germany. It is the oldest known wine bottle which remains unopened.

Dec 13 04:52

The Story of the Death Railway

On the morning of December 7, 1941, the Japanese launched their surprise assault on Pearl Harbor. On the same day, they also attacked Dutch and British positions in South East Asia. About 140,000 prisoners were captured including Dutch, British, European, Australian and around 36,000 Americans from the Philippines.

Dec 13 04:41

Routine I-5 traffic stop yields more than 100 pounds of marijuana

Oregon State Police pulled over a swerving 2017 Chevy Impala on Interstate 5 near Cottage Grove and discovered more than 100 pounds of marijuana in the driver’s car, according to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court on Wednesday. The trooper immediately detected the smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle, the document states, and discovered 108 individually sealed one-pound bags of marijuana in bags in the trunk of the car, according to the complaint. In the back seat, a bag was found containing $40,000 in cash, concealed between sheets of lead, a tactic used by drug traffickers to keep X-ray machines from detecting currency, the complaint states.

Dec 12 23:31

The Life and Death of Joseph Meister

Most people don’t recognize the name Joseph Meister, but it is partially thanks to him that we have the rabies vaccination today. As a child, Meister was the first person to be inoculated with the still-experimental rabies vaccine that was under development by Louis Pasteur and Emile Roux. Meister was spared from certain death by the efforts of these French scientists, yet he could not escape – or so he thought – the certain death accompanying the invading Nazi armies. Here is his story.

Dec 12 23:28

Cold Beer and Lots of Free Crab: Friday Night At a Louisiana Roadhouse During The Great Depression

During the Great Depression, the photographic unit of the Farm Security Administration (FSA) commissioned photographers to travel around and record how people lived and worked throughout the country.
In September 1938, while traveling through Louisiana documenting rice farmers, oyster fishermen, and sugar plantations, photographer Russell Lee made a stop at Danos’ Nightclub, a roadhouse off Highway 1 in the small community of Raceland.

Dec 12 21:00

Russian military moved S-300 system near US forces in east Syria – report

BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:50 P.M.) – The Russian military allegedly moved their S-300 air defense system near the front-lines of the U.S. Coalition forces in eastern Syria, Saudi-based Asharq Al-Aswat claimed, citing diplomatic sources.

Dec 12 17:48

Fitton - Judicial Watch -BIG- Judge Sullivan, who is overseeing General Flynn's case, demands to see the infamous FBI 302

and other FBI doc about the ambush Flynn interview set up by Yates, McCabe, and Strzok

Dec 12 16:34

U.S. Attorney for Utah John Huber won’t testify before House panel on Clinton probe

Huber's spokeswoman, Melodie Rydalch, confirmed that Huber wouldn't testify.

Dec 12 16:32


First, what is prejudice? Prejudice is the belief (based upon fact, emotion, or both), that something is true or false, acceptable or unacceptable, right or wrong, etc. All of those things are inculcated in people from birth by their closest associations (Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Aunt, Uncle and empirical evidences etc.) Those things can be altered by “socialization” which is a concept that has been developed by the government education system designed to undo what has been learned from birth by every human being. This of course would explain “Mandatory education laws” which seek more and more to pry the children from the home at earlier and earlier ages and provide reeducation which contradicts the teaching of those who love the children who are forced to go to schools. Right now, the state would like to have your children starting at age 4, and ultimately, the moment they are born.

Dec 12 15:18

Unprecedented New Map Unveils Illegal Mining Destroying Amazon

A first-of-its-kind map has unveiled widespread environmental damage and contamination of the Amazon rainforest caused by the rise illegal mining.

Dec 12 15:09

What the Marc Lamont Hill affair really tells us about Zionist goals

Lawrence Davidson says the US Zionist lobby’s attack on academic Marc Lamont Hill for advocating justice for the Palestinians is part of an ongoing effort to eliminate aspects of international law that proscribe racism and apartheid – defining characteristics of Israel. >>

Dec 12 14:57


On Tuesday evening, a brazen terror attack occurred in the French city of Strasbourg, claiming three lives and injuring a dozen, six of whom are said to be in critical condition. The suspect was known to police as an Islamic extremist and has been identified as 29-year-old Cherif Chekatt.

Dec 12 14:19

OAN speaks to Alex Jones on Google CEO hearing

One America News

Dec 12 13:12

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) will not join her freshmen colleagues on an AIPAC-affiliated trip to Israel later this year.

unnamed source

- is this an intimidation attempt to get her on the J train?

Dec 12 13:01

One America News Host Jack Posobiec - US Attorney John Huber’s testimony tomorrow has been cancelled - DOJ

Bush Sr National day of Mourning canceled THE LAST PLANNED MEETING.


The formal title for the hearing was “Oversight of Nonprofit Organizations: A Case Study on the Clinton Foundation.”

Utah's U.S. Attorney John Huber is helping investigate FBI/DOJ


Don't worry the dems will have him back next year to get to the bottom of the non- HRC investigation.

Dec 12 12:25

US Attorney John Huber’s testimony tomorrow has been cancelled - DOJ [Con-job Confirmed!]

Bush Sr National day of Mourning canceled THE LAST PLANNED MEETING.


The formal title for the hearing was “Oversight of Nonprofit Organizations: A Case Study on the Clinton Foundation.”

Utah's U.S. Attorney John Huber is helping investigate FBI/DOJ


Don't worry the dems will have him back next year to get to the bottom of the non- HRC investigation.

I am unable to confirm.

Dec 12 12:23

Trump reveals he would consider intervening in the case of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou and setting her FREE as part of a broader trade deal to ease rising tensions with China amid national security concerns

President Donald Trump has said he would consider intervening in the case of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou if it would benefit international relations and help the US secure a trade deal with China.

Wanzhou was granted a bail of C$10million (US$7.4million) by a Canadian judge on Tuesday evening. She was arrested in Vancouver earlier this month and has been awaiting a hearing on extradition to the US.

After the news of the 46-year-old's release broke, the president indicated that the move - which is expected to placate angry Chinese officials - could be part of a broader trade deal with China.

When asked if he would intervene with the Justice Department in her case, Trump told Reuters: 'Whatever’s good for this country, I would do.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, the arrest of Meng was plain old fashioned kidnapping for ransom!

Dec 12 12:17

The U.S. is Worried About China Spying via Huawei Because it Did the Same in the Past

When Lotus Notes sought to sell its products abroad, the National Security Agency leaned on it to use a weaker version of cryptography in its product, according to Stephen Levy’s book Crypto. After years of discussions, the NSA allowed Lotus Notes to ship its product for export using 32-bit encryption, compared with a 64-bit version in the domestic version. At the time, cracking 64-bit encryption through brute force (computers cycling through ever possible key combination) was seen as just about impossible.

But 32-bit encryption was far more vulnerable, especially against the NSA’s supercomputers which, even then, could easily crack such codes within days, according to Levy’s book. The 32-bit version was so weak that even well-resourced thieves could break the encryption within 60 days using personal computers—a timeframe that everyone knew would get shorter as computing power became cheaper, faster, and more widely available.

Dec 12 11:24

Christine Blasey Ford presents award to Nassar accuser former gynmast Rachael Denhollander.

I wish I had a subscription to SI just so I could cancel it.

Dec 12 11:20

Youtube caves and Gavin gets his channel back.

The Gavin McInnes S H O W 406

Dec 12 10:48

California woman’s cat found waiting at wildfire-ravaged property: ‘You made it!’

Courtney Werblow was in tears when she returned to the Paradise, Calif. property where her parent’s home once stood. But it wasn’t the ravaged property that had her crying. Rather, it was the sight of her beloved cat, Timber.

“Come on Timber! Come on baby girl! Hi baby girl, come on!” Werblow can be heard saying in a now-viral video as she shakes a bowl of food for the hesitant feline.

Dec 12 10:38

How did French and German security services overlook Strasbourg 'radical Islamist' with a string of convictions and bungle raid on his home where he stored guns and grenades?

Cherif Chekatt, who shouted 'Allahu Akbar' - meaning 'God is Great' in Arabic - as he opened fire on the crowds, is known to be part of Islamist networks in Strasbourg and has a lengthy criminal record which includes 27 convictions as well as lengthy prison sentences in Germany, France and Switzerland.

The French secret service had been warned that he had become radicalised in prison, and placed him on a designated 'threat to the state' watchlist in 2015 - but this had not been communicated to German authorities who jailed him for burglary in 2016.

Yesterday morning, police searched his flat in connection with a different crime, and found an arsenal of weapons including a grenade, but Chekatt was not at home at the time of the raid, and would later go on to kill and maim more than a dozen people.

Dec 12 10:05

ah, ok... Now they’re blaming animals bites on...climate change

Only a matter of time before CNN puts the Onion out of business.

Dec 12 09:59

'Give us $50,000 each to go home': Caravan migrants march to the US consulate in Tijuana, Mexico, demanding US government let them in or pay them off

Two groups of migrants from Central America marched to the American consulate in Tijuana, Mexico, yesterday, with a list of demands to the Trump administration.

Dec 12 09:38

WATCH: Monopoly Man Trolls Congressional Google Hearing

A protester dressed as Rich Uncle Pennybags (‘Monopoly Man’) has returned to Congress to once again troll at a hearing over Google’s ability to “wield monopoly power over every person who uses the internet.”

Dec 12 09:37

Republicans Didn't Defund Planned Parenthood And Never Will. Here's Why.

On Monday, Justice Kavanaugh joined with Roberts and the (other) liberals on the bench to protect Planned Parenthood funding. Over the objections of Thomas, Alito, and Gorsuch, it was decided that the Supreme Court would not hear a case on whether states can defund the baby-killing conglomerate. Two lower court opinions, which require states to continue funding the abortion business, were left in place.

Dec 12 09:29

Total Setup? FBI Told Michael Flynn To Ditch Lawyer During Interview With Strzok

Andrew McCabe Urged Michael Flynn To Meet With FBI Agents Without Lawyers, One of the agents reported that Gen. Flynn was 'unguarded' during the interview and 'clearly saw the FBI agents as allies'

Dec 12 09:24

The Movement to Suppress and Impoverish Critics of Israel is Racist

Marc Lamont Hill, Tim Anderson, Steven Salaita, Rabab Abdulhadi, Hatem Bazian, Ahlam Muhtasib, Norman Finkelstein and other academics have all been targets of the movement to silence their criticisms of Israel and their defense of Palestinians. This includes threats and legal actions to try to deny them employment, in violation of their free speech rights, one of the most hallowed and ancient principles of academia. Salaita and Finkelstein were, in fact, denied employment, to the great detriment of their entire career. Hill and Anderson are currently defending themselves from this threat.

Dec 12 09:24

Trump, Pelosi, Schumer and the Border Wall

I’m not really a fan of politicians, I think they’re pretty much all criminals, especially the ones in the US. But from time to time the public does get the opportunity to see some entertaining episodes when they argue or fight each other.....

Dec 12 09:22

Washington Is Changing the World Order Against Its Own Interests

The hubris and arrogance of Washington have been at work since the Clinton regime to destroy the power and relevance of the United States.

This website has an international audience. The most asked question from this audience is the world order. There is a realization that Washington’s control might weaken, a development people abroad see as hopeful. They ask me for verification of their hope.

Here is my answer:

The world order has already changed. China has a larger and more powerful industrial and manufacturing based economy than the US, and China’s potential domestic consumer market is four times larger than that of the US. As economies are consumer based, China’s potential is an economy four times larger than that of the US.

Dec 12 09:11


Iran has been under severe US-imposed economic sanctions for 40 years. The US has been threatening Iran with war and “all options are on the table” for decades. The US has also instigated instability inside Iran and supported external attacks by terrorist groups such as Mujahideen-e-Khalq, or MEK. [*]

The US project to destroy Iran’s economy has had a devastating impact. The husky Secretary of Defense Mike Pompeo said that it is up to Iranian’s leadership “if they want their people to eat”.[*] Because of the US, Iran lacks sufficient funds that it would like to invest in human resources and social programs. Iran’s constitution guarantees healthcare and free education for all, as well as protections of civil rights. As reflected in the drafting of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic, the vision of the economic order was:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Just because something would be the most ham-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid thing for the US government to do, is, unfortunately, zero guarantee that they won't do it.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is advocating for a full-on US military attack against Iran, of course, only to be purchased by American blood and American money.

Should Iran get attacked, I would rather count on Russia's Putin, to bring his military into the fray on Iran's side; and we have seen, with what Russian troops did in Syria, the capabilities of both Russia's military and its weaponry.

It is disconcerting to me in the extreme, that President Trump's BFFs in the Middle East, are Saudi Arabia's King Mohammed bin Salman, the Butcher of Yemen, and Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu, the Butcher of Gaza.

I therefore strongly caution the President about thinking that an invasion of Iran would "be a cakewalk", where our soldiers would be embraced as liberators; because at this moment in its history, the US military doesn't have the troop strength; the money; the weaponry; or the manufacturing, to insure a positive outcome from a war with Russia.

And if none of his "advisors" have told him this, it is high time that he knew.

You are welcome, Mr. President.

Dec 12 09:09

Drone footage shows woman surrounded by orca whales while swimming

Orcas playing with swimmer at Hahei Beach, New Zealand (Original)

Dec 12 09:06

Breaking: Temple will not punish Marc Lamont Hill, issues condemnation

Following a Board of Trustees meeting this afternoon, Temple University President Richard Englert released a statement on behalf of the board, announcing that professor Marc Lamont Hill will not be punished or investigated for his Nov. 28 speech during an event organized with the United Nations. In that speech, Hill called for “a free Palestine from the river to the sea.” Englert, in delivering the statement, affirmed that Hill “spoke as a private citizen and his right to do so is protected by the constitution.”

The announcement finds Temple returning to its initial statement, which recognized that Hill’s speech was protected by the First Amendment.

Dec 12 09:01

Meet the 'Women Against Feminism'

a Video

Young women around the world have been posting selfies in protest against feminist ideas. The movement started on Tumblr,

Dec 12 08:57

Restaurant will no longer offer 'crack fries' because 'drug addiction is not funny'

A Michigan restaurant chain will change the name of its specialty French fries — which are called "Crack Fries" — because "drug addiction is not funny."

Dec 12 08:57

Christian blogger goes viral for all the wrong reasons after shaming working moms on Facebook

Many believe that as long as there is love and support in a household, there’s no wrong way to raise a child, whether you are a stay-at-home mother or a working mom. That sentiment, however, isn’t shared by a conservative Christian blogger, the Transformed Wife, who went viral after sharing a post on Facebook shaming working mothers.

Dec 12 08:52

Interesting body language analysis of the Trump-Pelosi meeting yesterday.

Confirms Democrats can't negotiate(Or never had any intentions of negotiating yesterday) (

Dec 12 08:44


The rapidly exploding U.S. national debt is about to cross another critical threshold. According to the U.S. Treasury, the debt of the federal government is currently sitting at $21,854,296,172,540.94, and at our current pace we will likely hit the $22 trillion mark next month.

This is a horrifying national crisis, and yet nothing is being done about it. When Barack Obama entered the White House in January 2008, the U.S. was $10.6 trillion in debt, and so that means that we have added 11.2 trillion dollars of new debt to that total in less than 11 years. Needless to say, it doesn’t take a math genius to figure out that we have been adding an average of more than a trillion dollars a year to the national debt for more than a decade. But instead of getting our insatiable appetite for debt under control, Congress is actually accelerating our spending. At this point, there is no possible scenario in which this story ends well.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It does look, from a financial perspective, that the excrement is very close to exploding through the ventilation shafts, and at that point, we have to see what the US government is prepared to do.

Possibly confiscate every dollar in savings the American people might have been able to salt away over the years, in savings or IRAs?!?

Were I a betting woman, I would not bet against such an action happening, in case of an extreme Federal financial emergency.

Dec 12 08:34

This is By Far the Best Immigration Poster of ALL TIME

Here’s the best immigration poster we’ve ever seen and in fact one we can ALL get behind:

Dec 12 08:34

Cartoon Brutally Mocks Democrat’s Global Warming Claims

The cartoon below, by the brilliant political cartoonist A.F. Branco, brutally mocks Democrats claims about so called “global warming:”

Dec 12 08:31

The Myriad Year Clock - A Complicated Timepiece Made in Japan

About a decade after the first Western mechanical clock was invented, Japanese inventor Hisashige Tanaka invented a sophisticated time coordination device called The Myriad Year Clock, also known as the Ten Thousand Year Self-Ringing Bell. This time piece of the later Edo period belongs to the category of Japanese clocks called Wadokei.

Dec 12 08:29

The Largest Bioterror Attack in U.S. History Began at a Salsa Bar

One fateful day in September, 1984, a woman stood in front of the Taco Time salsa bar in The Dalles, Oregon, holding a small plastic bag filled with a brownish slurry. Quickly and furtively, she poured the liquid into the salsa bucket and squirted a bit into the salad dressing. The largest bioterrorist attack in American history had begun.

Dec 12 08:27

Train Travel in the 1800s

The Pullman Palace Car Company, founded by George Pullman, manufactured railroad cars in the mid-to-late 19th century through the early decades of the 20th century, during the boom of railroads in the United States. Its workers initially lived in a planned worker community (or “company town”) named Pullman.

Dec 12 07:54

Mother says she was turned away at 'Donuts With Dad' school event for not being a 'male figure'

Mothers of elementary school students in Ocala, Fla., were sent away in tears from a recent school event after they were told they could not attend.
Hammett L. Bowen Jr. Elementary School hosted a “Donuts With Dad” event on Friday in an effort to show appreciation for the male figures in the students’ life.

Dec 12 07:53

A High Schooler Drew A "Super Smash Bros." Logo On A Whiteboard. Then Authorities Investigated It.

Rumors swirled about a potential school shooting at East Clinton High School in Sabina, Ohio, after a student drew a logo of a video game on a whiteboard, which his classmates misinterpreted as a threat, according to a report from the Clinton County Sheriff's Office obtained by BuzzFeed News.

Dec 12 04:55

China Stopped Buying U.S. Oil.

China Stopped Buying U.S. Oil. Should We Shut Off Saudi Spigot?

China hasn’t bought a drop of U.S. oil for the last three months, just two months after a record-setting $1 billion in shipments. It’s part of China’s response to U.S. tariffs in the trade war being choreographed by President Xi Jinping and President Trump


Dec 12 04:44

Goodyear permanently ceases Venezuela operations

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co (GT.O) is halting operations in Venezuela because of dire economic conditions and U.S. sanctions, the company said on Monday, part of an exodus of foreign corporations from the country.

“Goodyear-Venezuela has made the difficult decision to stop producing tires,” the firm said in a statement. “Our goal had been to maintain its operations, but economic conditions and U.S. sanctions have made this impossible.”


Dec 12 04:36

Remember Your Favorite Toys From the 1950s?

Here, we put together a list of our 10 favorite toys from the 1950s.Take a look at them below, and let us know what you’re favorite toy was as a kid!
No internet, no iPhones and no tabs back then. We play with these toys and let our imagination go wild. Enjoy your trip down memory lane...

Dec 12 04:32

Everyday Life of People from Around the World Over 100 Years Ago (28 Photos)

These amazing real photo postcards provide us a peek of how the world was like 100 years ago.

Dec 12 04:30

Navajo Code Talkers Ensured a WWII Victory

The element of surprise is mo more important than it is during wartime. Keeping information secret from the enemy could mean the difference between life and death, victory and defeat. During the first part of World War II, the Allies troops were struggling with the security of their communications. The Japanese were quickly able to break the U.S.’s code and decipher their messages.

Dec 12 04:26

GOP Purse Strings Held by Saudi Lobbyist

Last month, Republican members of the House blocked a vote on legislation introduced by Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) to end the U.S. role in supporting the Saudi-led war in Yemen. In doing so, House Republicans protected Saudi Arabia from suffering the consequences of growing public concern about the seemingly unconditional U.S. support for Saudi actions. Chief among those actions are the war in Yemen that threatens half the population with famine and the murder and the botched coverup of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi.

The House GOP’s decision to go to the mat for the House of Saud might be partially explained by the fact that a longtime lobbyist for Saudi Arabia sits in a position to control a significant portion of the party’s campaign-related spending