Mar 16 10:07

All-Female Court Panel Overturns Rape Conviction Because Woman Is Too Ugly To Be Credible Victim

Three female judges in an appeals court in Italy overturned a 2015 rape conviction in part because the victim in question was deemed too ugly to have been raped. The alleged victim, then 20 years old, was not found to be a credible rape victim because she was too unattractive and “masculine,” according to the three female judges. The Daily Mail reports:

Mar 16 10:02

Student Nurse's Anger After Being Left Note Accusing Her Of 'Taking Our Jobs'

A student nurse was furious after waking up from a nap to find a note accusing her of 'taking our jobs' as well as a warning that ' Brexit means Brexit.'
Charlotte Brien, 21, was having a nap in a 'sleeping pod' in Manchester University's library.

Mar 16 10:01

Bill Maher Ridicules Snowflake MAGA Hat-Wearing Trump Supporters — With Devastating Dossier Joke

Comedian Bill Maher brutally mocked supporters of President Donald Trump who are experiencing public shunning for wearing “Make America Great Again” hats.

Mar 16 09:51


The U.S. has sent nuclear-capable Boeing B-52 Stratofortress bombers to the United Kingdom for strategic missions in Europe.

A "Bomber Task Force" arrived at the Royal Air Force (RAF) Fairford on Thursday from the 2nd Bomb Wing at Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana, U.S. Air Forces Europe-Africa (USAFE) said in a press release.

"The deployment also includes joint and allied training in the U.S. European Command theater to improve bomber interoperability. Training with joint partners, allied nations and other U.S. Air Force units contributes to our ready and postured forces and enables us to build enduring and strategic relationships necessary to confront a broad range of global challenges," the statement read.

According to Gloucestershire Live, two B-52s arrived at RAF Fairford on Thursday with more expected Friday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The big question I would have on this deployment, is why now?!?

Mar 16 09:48


With the world’s largest, most destructive arsenal of nuclear weapons, the United States poses an enormous risk not just to peace, but to the survival of much of the human race. That’s only a problem, of course, if the US starts using that arsenal.

Which is where formal US nuclear doctrine would come in. There have been debates for decades on whether the US should adopt a “no first use” policy, officially ruling out the idea that the US would launch a nuclear attack without first being attacked with a nuclear weapon.

Morally, this ought to be obvious, but every attempt to adopt such a policy has been opposed, with Joint Chiefs commander Gen. Joe Dunford the latest to come out against the idea, saying promising not to nuke other nations in a first strike would “simplify an adversary’s decision-making.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And the problem, of course, is that Dunford was unable to articulate those scenarios, where this should be "OK" for a US President to command to have done.

There has to be a very clear articulation of when the US would be justified in doing so; that did not happen, in General Dunford's statements.

Mar 16 09:44


Pentagon officials announced plans this week to move forward with flight tests of two medium to long range missile types previously banned under the Reagan era Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) which both Washington and Moscow recently declared they have effectively pulled out of. The tests of the long-banned ground-launched cruise missiles would mark an ultimate point of no return for the fast faltering landmark 1987 treaty.

The tests are expected to begin in August, the point at which the US and Russia agree the INF is set to finally terminate, which would be the death knell of the over three decade treaty which successfully kept missile build up out of Europe at the tail end of the Cold War and after.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Color me completely unsurprised by this development.

Mar 16 09:44

Bizarre moment Chelsea Clinton is berated by Muslim NYU students who blame HER for New Zealand mosques attack because she 'incited an Islamophobic mob' against Rep Ilhan Omar

Muslim students have berated Chelsea Clinton at a vigil for the victims of the New Zealand mosques massacre, saying she is to blame for the attack.

Mar 16 09:44

Vanity Fair Puts Beto On The Cover. Donald Trump Jr. Wrecks Them With One Tweet.

After Vanity Fair ran a puff piece on former Congressman Beto O’Rourke in which they posed him on their cover similar to a pose of President Ronald Reagan on a cover from Time magazine from yesteryear, one Twitter user noticed the similarity of poses and pictured the two covers side by side, prompting a hilarious response from Donald Trump Jr.: “Alpha meet Beta.”

Mar 16 09:42


Libya is coming apart again — though of course it was never put back together in the first place after NATO's regime change war to topple Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 in the first place. Since then it's been a jihadist wasteland of three, or at times up to four, competing governments vying for control of land and resources.

And now, as Bloomberg reports this week "Libya’s most powerful warlord has his sights on the capital" of Tripoli and "even his international backers are nervous." Who are Khalifa Haftar's international backers? He was for a couple decades believed to be on the CIA's payroll while living in suburban Virginia outside Washington, D.C. in exile during Gaddafi's rule. He's also financed by the UAE and quickly emerged as a main player collecting the spoils in the aftermath of the US-French-NATO bombing campaign in support of the rebels.

Bloomberg reports the growing alarm of his international backers:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am sorry, but the US/NATO intervention in Libya, which saw Gaddafi assassinated, has brought this situation upon their own heads.

But somehow or another, they are going to need to learn about, and cope with, what this man plans.

But here's the thing; what ... if he plans a deal with, for example, Iran, Russia, or China, regarding Libya's oil, and a safe, secure way to get it piped or shipped to friendly countries?!?

And (shudder) not sell Libya's oil for US dollars?!?

What is the West prepared to do then?!?

As Shakespeare once commented, "Aye, there's the rub"!!!

Mar 16 09:34



Joseph Lipsey III, CEO of Chattanooga-based transportation companies Lipsey Logistics and Lipsey Trucking, was arrested on Tuesday in Aspen, CO, for distribution of cocaine to a minor, three counts of serving alcohol to a minor, possession of drug paraphernalia, and providing nicotine to minors. Lipsey’s wife Shira and son, Joseph Lipsey IV, were arrested Monday on similar counts.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am trying to get my head around this kind of behaviour, by adults who should know better; but apparently, do not.

Mar 16 09:32


A registered child sex offender has been reading to children at Houston Public Library as part of its Drag Queen Storytime.

A group called Mass Resistance, which has been trying to put an end to the program, contacted KHOU about the child sex offender.

Mass Resistance claims it had been asking the City of Houston for months to disclose information about the drag queens, and when requests went unanswered, they did their own digging and made the shocking link.

A media spokesperson for the library confirmed one of the program’s drag queens, Tatiana Mala Nina, is Alberto Garza, a 32-year-old child sex offender. In 2008, he was convicted of assaulting an 8-year-old boy.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Mar 16 09:30


The CIA is the main suspect in the military style raid on the North Korean embassy in Madrid. It now launched a somewhat hapless effort to deflect from it. The Spanish report in which Spanish government sources accuse the CIA said:

At least two of the 10 assailants who broke into the embassy and interrogated diplomatic staff have been identified and have connections to the US intelligence agency. The CIA has denied any involvement but government sources say their response was “unconvincing.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

From the US government's Department of "You Can't Make This S*it Up"!!

Mar 16 09:28

“Woke” NYU Students Blame Chelsea Clinton for New Zealand Attack

On Friday night, a vigil was held at the New York University Kimmel Center to honor the victims of the terror attacks in New Zealand. Chelsea Clinton, a New York City resident, attended to pay her respects. That didn’t go over well with some in the NYU community, who are still in a blind rage that Clinton condemned Rep. Ilhan Omar’s anti-semitic remarks.

Mar 16 09:25

An Aerospace Engineer Explains What Likely Happened In The Recent Boeing 737 Crash

Emerging evidence from the recent crash in Ethiopia suggests that malfunctioning automatic control systems overwhelmed the crew and doomed the flight. Based on my analysis, it appears that the Ethiopian Airlines crew followed the standard procedures found in the Boeing 737 pilots operating handbook and flight crew operations manual.

Mar 16 09:24

PICTURED: Mosque Massacre Hero Who Tried To Wrestle Gun From Shooter As He Killed Worshippers Is Confirmed Dead As It Is Revealed His Son Also Died In Monstrous Attack

Naeem Rashid has died after he tried to wrestle the gun from the Christchurch shooter, as it's revealed his son was also a victim of the terror attack.

Mar 16 09:24

The Corned Beef Sandwich In Space That Nearly Got Everyone Killed

50-year-old corned beef sandwich, preserved in resin, sits on a table at the Virgil I. Gus Grissom Memorial Museum in Mitchell, Indiana. The ordinary-looking sandwich is a memento from space

Mar 16 09:21

Major flooding in Midwest, thousands urged to evacuate in the wake of massive late-season storm, U.S.

A major winter storm system that brought blizzard conditions, severe thunderstorms, and heavy rainfall over much of the United States on March 13 and 14, 2019 departed into Canada today. In its wake, major to record river flooding is likely to continue through this weekend and into next week from the Plains to the Upper Midwest and into the lower Mississippi River. Fortunately, no significant storm systems are expected over the next week.

Mar 16 09:21

The Hillsborough Incident: People Being Crushed Against a Fence at Hillsborough Stadium, 1989

The 1989 Hillsborough incident occurred on 15 April 1989 during the FA Cup semi-final match between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest at the Hillsborough Stadium in Sheffield, England. The police opened an exit gate in an effort to relieve congestion outside the stadium before the game. In the chaos that ensued, some victims suffocated, trampled, and crushed against steel fencing. The crush resulted in the deaths of 96 people and injuries to 766 others. The victims were ages 10 to 67 and included 37 teenagers.

Mar 16 09:20

Scott Adams: Vetos, White Nationalists, Bernie’s Head Injury, Beto the Hacker

Do CNN people believe their Charlottesville “fine people” hoax?
Is it a self-inflicted false memory they can’t see?
President Trump vetos congress rejection of National Emergency
Gotcha! question to President Trump about “white supremacists”
Either way he answered, enemy press would claim he’s racist
“Honeymooning alone”, vacationing and traveling alone
Two people who want to do the same thing, same time?
Beto has acknowledged being a hacker, a thief, when he was younger
Does Hollywood support a guy who pirated their work?
His hacker name was “psychedelic” something or other
The tell for people whom have done psychedelic drugs?
They think their barriers are artificial and can be overcome
The world around them is a construct of their own minds
The “Candace Owens Effect”
You’re an observer, a person talking about the news
Suddenly you’re part of the story

Mar 16 09:15

ADL’s Greenblatt says ‘murdering people in a mosque’ has never happened before

Greenblatt failed to remember 1994’s rightwing Zionist attack on the Ibrahimi mosque, at the Cave of the Patriarchs, when Baruch Goldstein, a messianic Jewish settler who had moved to occupied territories from Brooklyn, killed 29 Muslims while they prayed.

Mar 16 09:08

Differences and Similarities: World War I and World War II

What provoked the First World War in history? Was it the same motivating factors that caused the Second World War or was it something totally different?

Mar 16 08:53

WATCH: Jimmy Fallon Totally Trolls Beto O’Rourke’s 2020 Announcement

Failed U.S. Senate candidate and former Congressman Beto O'Rourke (D-TX) announced on Thursday that he will be seeking the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination and it took less than 24 hours for late-night host Jimmy Fallon to publicly ridicule him.

Mar 16 08:53

California Bill Would Mandate That School ID Cards Have Phone Number Of ‘Reproductive Health Hotline’ Printed On One Side

On February 15, California Assemblyman Jesse Gabriel (D) introduced legislationthat would require all schools (grades 7-12, as well as postsecondary) to provide "on either side of the pupil identification cards the telephone number for," among other things, "a sexual or reproductive health hotline.

Mar 16 08:31

Trump supporter drives ‘build the wall’ float past New Zealand mourners at Cleveland City Hall

A vigil organized by Christians, Jews and Muslims at Cleveland City Hall to remember the 49 killed in Christchurch, New Zealand was interrupted Friday by a President Donald Trump supporter driving a “BUILD THE WALL” float.

Mourners looked on in disbelief as the float rolled past the memorial blaring music. The driver, Robert Cortis of Michigan, then made a second pass and played “God Bless America.”

Speakers, including Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, stayed on script and focused on the tragedy instead of the disruption.

Mike Bush, New Zealand’s police commissioner, reported that 41 people were killed at Al Noor Mosque and seven at Linwood Mosque, and that another victim had died at Christchurch Hospital.

A 28-year-old man, who reportedly wrote a manifesto filled with extremist propaganda prior to the shooting, was arrested and charged with murder.

Two others are also in custody.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mar 16 08:30

Would Social Media Have Censored Video of 9/11 or Kennedy Assassination?

According to CNN Business, “Facebook, YouTube and Twitter struggle to deal with New Zealand shooting video.”

“Deal with” is code for “censor on demand by governments and activist organizations who oppose public access to information that hasn’t first been thoroughly vetted for conformity to their preferred narrative.”

Do you really need to see first-person video footage of an attacker murdering 49 worshipers at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand?

Maybe not. Chances are pretty good you didn’t even want to. I suspect that many of us who did (I viewed what appeared to be a partial copy before YouTube deleted it) would rather we could un-see it.

But whether or not we watch it should be up to us, not those governments and activists. Social media companies should enable our choices, not suppress our choices at the censors’ every whim.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The fact that social media is scrubbing all the info about this shooter is another indicator this may have been a staged event to justify New Zealand banning all semi-automatic weapons.

Mar 16 08:15

Picture:The Shitpost Terrorist

Mar 16 08:13

James Gunn Hired Back On To Direct 'Guardians Of The Galaxy 3' Despite Past Pedophile Jokes

It appears that Disney has forgiven director James Gunn for his having previously joked about little boys touching him in his "silly place" and has hired him back to direct the third installment of "Guardians of the Galaxy," reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Mar 16 08:12

Alt-Right Politician That Blamed Muslims For The Christchurch Attack Gets Egged By Teenage Boy While Speaking To Media

Queensland senator Fraser Anning is being investigated by police after being egged while speaking at a political meeting at Moorabbin in Melbourne's south-east.

Mar 16 05:55

The Last Days Of The Civil War In Atlanta (12 Photos)

During the late summer and early fall of 1864, the city of Atlanta became the spot for a major battle of the Civil War a the Union Army pushed south from Tennessee.
The two armies clashed in various small and large battles, ultimately leading to the Fall of Atlanta on September 2, 1864.

Mar 16 05:52

Centuries-Old Dentures Made From Real Human Teeth

Minozzi’s team has been working at the monastery of San Francesco, in Lucca, Italy, a Tuscan city that dates back to the Etruscans. The excavations included the tombs of the Guinigi family, one of the city’s most famous and powerful. The tomb contains the remains about 100 people, buried there over the course of time, so it’s not possible to precisely date the dentures from the context in which they were found.

Mar 16 05:50

Conservators Discovered Negatives From 100 Years Ago Frozen In A Block Of Ice in Antarctica

Conservators of the New Zealand Antartic Heritage Trust was restoring one of the exploration huts in Antarctica when they stumbled upon a box that held a remarkable treasure.

Mar 16 04:59

Why Trump’s comments about the New Zealand attacks are so disturbing

(*Here's Trump's Presidential Tweet:>>> )
My warmest sympathy and best wishes goes out to the people of New Zealand after the horrible massacre in the Mosques. 49 innocent people have so senselessly died, with so many more seriously injured. The U.S. stands by New Zealand for anything we can do. God bless all!

7:41 AM - Mar 15, 2019

(*So Trump's comments about the New Zealand attacks being so disturbing could just be another "if these Facts as Alleged , are True" , for those who think I'm only picking on iwb )

Mar 16 04:27

Iran's First VP Blames Racist World Leaders for New Zealand Terrorist Attack

Iranian First Vice-President Eshaq Jahangiri underlined that the world leaders who promote hatred against Muslims and adopt racist and double-standard policies should be blamed for the recent terrorist attack in New Zealand, in remarks apparently alluding to US President Donald Trump.


(*and sir , just because this nation may have been inclined to agree with your 'assessment' , after 9/11/2001 , doesn't mean we're going to allow you to victimize our outstanding leaders of today , even if they do happen to be recycled swamp fossils from the 9/11 administration !)

Mar 16 01:52

Then and Now: Paris In The Early 1900s

These beautiful hand-colored lantern photos from the 1900s prove that some parts of Paris haven’t changed all that much.

Mar 16 01:49

The 1939 Pontiac Plexiglass Ghost Car

Unveiled at the General Motors Highways and Horizons pavilion at the 1939-40 World’s Fair in New York, the Pontiac ‘Ghost Car’ was buit on the chassis of a 1939 Pontiac Deluxe Six. In collaboration with Rohm & Haas, a chemical company that had recently developed Plexiglass, the concept for a transparent car was conceived and it was the first one ever built in America.

Mar 16 01:45

Charming Camping Trip of Young Victorian Professionals Over 100 Years Ago

More than 100 years ago, a group of young friends went on a camping trip and captured some pretty great memories, and time has stood still for these smiley Victorians in black & white.

Mar 16 00:37

The World's First Computer With Data Storage

Technology has made major advancements since the mid 1900’s. Many consider the 1970’s to be the first time in history a computer was created and made available for purchase. This is the first time personal computers were available to the general public, but it’s definitely not the first time a computer was built and created in order to serve the general public.

Mar 16 00:34

Men’s Fashion Ads From the 1970s Will Make You Cringe

These men's clothing ads from the 1970s feature 'Underwear that's funtawear' and 'For whom the bells tolls' fashion styles. What a groovy decade in fashion! It must have been quite the scene back then judging by these flamboyant mavericks.

Mar 16 00:31

“The Exorcism of Emily Rose” Was Based On This Girl’s Unfortunate Story

Anneliese Michel was just a teenager when she started to hear the voices. After a few years and more than 60 exorcisms later, she would be dead, though not from demons as what everybody presumed.

Mar 15 22:23

Homeless Uproot Brick, Dig Tunnels under I-5 Overpass

Giant chunks of uprooted brick and channels of dug-out dirt sit under the state's busiest roadway.

Thousands of cars drive over the I-5 Pacific Avenue overpass daily. Many might not realize people are living underneath.

Mar 15 20:56

Christchurch mosque shootings: New Zealand to ban semi-automatic weapons

The crowd in attendance at a vigil at Auckland's Aotea Square cheered loudly when Attorney-General David Parker said the Government would ban semi-automatic rifles.

He warned of a global rise of extremism.

"There is a dimming of enlightenment in many parts of the world," he said.

"How can it be right for this atrocity to be filmed by the murderer using a go-pro and live-streamed across the world by social media companies?

"How can that be right? Who should be held accountable for that?"

**I was waiting for this to happen. The guy was using an automatic as well, which is illegal. To get a licence, one must go on a course, your partner is asked if they are ok with it & then you are then interviewed by a police officer or by a trained authourised person & vetted at your place even showing where the gun will be stored before you even buy the gun. The left gun grabbers. I have a .22 semi for pest control on our acreage. I would have to look at hiding it now.**

Mar 15 19:16

The Strange and Tragic Love Life of Georgia O’Keeffe

Painter Georgia O’Keeffe has been called the ‘Mother of American Modernism’, and certainly, her paintings are recognized worldwide. Her body of work spans much more than the detailed flowers and desert scenes of the American southwest that she has become known for. In her 98 years on earth, she was a prolific artist and a superstar in the art community. In her personal life, however, O’Keeffe’s artistic passion often overshadowed her relationships and she preferred to hide in the solitude of her paints.

Mar 15 19:12

Before Photoshop: 20 Creepy Headless Portraits From the Victorian Era

A number of Victorian photographers combined images from more than one negative to create illusions or novelty portraits. "Headless Photographs" featured men and women with "their heads floating in the air or in their laps".

Mar 15 19:10

The Divine Sarah Bernhardt

The most famous actress of her day, the dramatic Sarah Bernhardt, born in October of 1844, was an expert at creating a media buzz about herself and had a knack for redefining theatrical gender roles. In fact, in 1899, Bernhardt became the first female to tackle the role of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. She was known the world over and toured the globe extensively. Mark Twain once quipped, “There are five kinds of actresses: bad actresses, fair actresses, good actresses, great actresses—and then there is Sarah Bernhardt.” Let’s look at the extraordinary life of the divine Sarah Bernhardt.

Mar 15 16:21

Pompeo Tells Senators They Don't "Truly Care About Yemeni Lives" After Vote

This week the Senate voted to cease and desist US military cooperation with allies Saudi Arabia and UAE in waging the war in Yemen, which according to the United Nations has created one of the worst humanitarian disasters in recent history. The Wednesday vote was was 54 to 46, including seven Republicans voting with the Democrats.

The “war powers” legislation has been widely seen as a direct rebuke of Trump's foreign policy amid broader pushback over his defense of Saudi Arabia in the wake of last year's Jamal Khashoggi killing at the Saudi embassy in Istanbul. The invocation of the War Powers Act of 1973 expressly prohibits US military action not previously approved by Congress.

A House vote is expected soon, which would require President Trump to immediately withdraw American military support from the Saudi-led coalition. Trump said in December he would veto the Senate resolution if it ever reached his desk, which now appears likely.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Secretary Pompeo, I am sorry, but you just jumped the shark, with these accusations against Congress.

IT is the US government who considers every dead infant, child, woman, or medically fragile person "collateral damage here, and there is utterly no way to describe what is happening, as anything less than genocide, coupled with the US/Saudi commission of war crimes.

Secretary, please understand something here; many of my brother and sister Americans understand what is going on , and condemn it, but feel that they have no real voice in this issue.

And that is something, sir, I would suggest that you think about as the 2020 Presidential race comes into.

There is one aspect to President Trump's administration that concerns me greatly, so there is a question I need to ask; why does he seem at his greatest comfort level, when he is around bullies?

His BFFs in the Middle East are the Butcher of Yemen, Prince Bin Salman, and the Butcher of Gaza,and Bibi Netanyahu; and the people with whom he surrounds himself,, are also bullies, sir, and the hard reality is, John Bolton, apparently never saw a potential war you didn't want the US to fight.

Right now, our military is suffering from very short staffing; the weaponry they get from your "good Buds" in the military/industrial complex, is shoddy, sometimes obsolete upon delivery; and the cost over-estimates are wicked.

What's wrong with this picture, Secretary Pompeo?!?

Everything, sir.

Mar 15 14:05

Man Arrested after Saying He Needed to Tour Fort Bragg’s ‘Special Operations Facility’

Instead, he got a bonus tour of a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility.

Mar 15 14:04

Eight Thoughts On the Christchurch Attack

As the world mourns, the act is already being politicized.

Mar 15 14:03

Colonizing the Amazon: Brazil to Open Indigenous Reserves to Mining Without Indigenous Consent

For many years, international and Brazilian mining companies have dreamed of getting access to the mineral wealth lying beneath indigenous lands. And finally, the government of Jair Bolsonaro seems determined to give them that opportunity.

Mar 15 12:52

Johnstone: "BREAKING - Everyone Who Opposes War Is A Russian Anti-Semite"

In order to appease the internet censors, today’s Caitlin Johnstone article has been replaced with a breaking report from the National News Conglomerate. NNC: Obey.

Washington, D.C. (NNC)? - ?Following the publication of the results of a groundbreaking new study this week, experts are now reporting that every single person who questions western military interventionism is both an antisemitic bigot and a Russian national.

Research analyst Les Overton is a senior fellow at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Democracy (ASPCD), a Washington, D.C.-based think tank whose motives we can only assume are perfectly truthful and unbiased. He told NNC that the ASPCD’s research clearly shows that the rate of correlation between an individual opposing western foreign policy, harboring a virulent hatred of Jewish people, and being a citizen of the Russian Federation is “at least a hundred percent, if not more.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One has to wonder; were they "push polling", where if you look at the breadth and depth of a particular zip code to get precisely the answers they want, or are they polling the criminally insane.

I for one, as a Christian Pacifist activist, refuse to be labeled by people who utterly do NOT have any respect for the American people, and are most likely owned by the military/industrial complex

Mar 15 12:45

Detention of one of the attackers on the mosques was filmed

Mar 15 12:40

Timoshenko reveals huge election rigging plot by Poroshenko’s team to EU envoyMore:

KIEV, March 14. /TASS/. Yulia Timoshenko, leader of the Batkivshchyna (Fatherland) party and a Ukrainian presidential contender, informed EU ambassador to Ukraine Hugues Mingarelli about an extensive scheme by incumbent President Pyotr Poroshenko’s team to rig the upcoming presidential vote.

"Today, I met with the head of the EU delegation to Ukraine, Hugues Mingarelli. I informed the ambassador about the way the election campaign is unfolding and, primarily, about the large-scale fraud that incumbent President Pyotr Poroshenko’s team is organizing and carrying out," presidential candidate Timoshenko wrote on her Facebook page. She emphasized that what is happening now with the elections is "incompatible with democracy".

Ambassador Mingarelli emphasized that the Ukrainian elections must be "fair, free and conducted in accordance with global democratic standards".

Webmaster's Commentary: 

After engineering "regime change" in Ukraine Obama admits having brokered the deal for "regime change" in Ukraine, one has to wonder; is President Obama experiencing any kind of "regime Change regrets", seeing how unglued this government and leadership has become?!?

Oh, and has President Obama really aware that most of the best posts in Ukraine government and military, are handled by Neo-Nazis?!?

His regime change in Ukraine can now be rightfully described as one of the worst "epic fails" of his tenure as President.

Mar 15 12:15

Alleged New Zealand Mosque Mass Shooter’s Manifesto Praises Donald Trump As ‘Symbol Of Renewed White Identity’

A man who opened fire at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, causing multiple fatalities, also says that prominent Donald Trump supporter Candace Owens inspired him.

A mass shooting at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, on Friday has left an astonishing total of 49 people dead, according to The Associated Press. The shooting was carried out by at least one gunman who posted on online “manifesto” stating white supremacist viewpoints and naming prominent Donald Trump supporter and right-wing American media personality Candace Owens as the person who most inspired him to commit acts of violence.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

One after another people of color have let it be known, in conversations the "drive by media" won't publish, that President Trump is not a racist.

President Trump has got to come out ahead of this thing, swinging, (I used that only as a metaphor; I have physical violence of any kind) because the corpratocrisy is just whetting their lips to see a flurry of more bad optics coming out on the President; this could not have happened at a worse time, with the Korea Summit having blown up in Trump's face; the economy being right about to hit the skids, and the China negotiations in a deadlock.

As a Christian Pacifist activist, I am just as horrified as everyone else at this terrible tragedy in New Zealand. But I have to ask myself;

1. Did this kid act alone on this?!?

2. Was he taking any anti-depressant meds when he did this?

3. Was he "groomed" by any hate group who found him an easy target, for a conversion to these viewpoints, which made the killing of innocent Muslims "the right thing to do"?!?

And to the members, and leadership of these two Muslim mosques, I need to reach out to you and say: I could never have supported President Trump if I had the slightest sense that he was a racist. As someone who strives to be a morally responsible Christian, that would have been impossible.

Prayers for your communities, along with an understanding that as brother and sister humans, we are all on this journey together; so please, let's all of us start acting like it!!!

Mar 15 11:49


In the latest bizarre story to come out of the US "endless war" in Afghanistan, American warplanes obliterated an allied Afghan military post in an act of "self defense" on Wednesday.

The incident took place in the tribal Uruzgan province of south-central Afghanistan and reportedly began when a joint convoy of US troops and Afghan Special Forces came under fire by another unit of Afghan ground troops in what appears a major instance of accidental friendly fire resulting in a devastating two dozen total casualties on the Afghan side.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am having a "Jean Luc Picard "facepalm", at warp speed, upon reading this; why, in the name of heaven, has our military, on both the intelligence and operations levels, devolved to "the gang that can't shoot straight"?!?!

This is absoflippinglutely unbelievable!!

Mar 15 11:46



While most Americans have scarcely noticed their descent into a police state, they are quick to dismiss the idea that such a system could be implemented in the land they still perceive to be free. However, all the moving parts are in place in the United States. They only need to come together to form the Social Credit System here.

And they are coming together.

Social media is one important method of judging “social scores.” This is mainly because of the willful posting of social media users on virtually every aspect of their lives. This data is extremely useful to governments who monitor and store the information acquired freely by users who give away the most personal and intimate details of their lives and do so without charge.


Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is no "accident" that in the US, the very dark media controllers is that ugly triumverate of Google, Facebook, and Twitter, which function, rather well, as the 4th arm of American government; so now we have the Executive Branch; the Judicial Branch; the Congressional Branch, and the Surveillance Branch, as they have evolved to be.

And using personal data without your consent?!? That, my friends, is the tip of the iceberg; or the tip of the Zuckerberg, if you catch my drift.

Mar 15 11:37


A white man in his 20s was taken into custody after killing 49 and wounding dozens more at two Christchurch mosques, reports the BBC. Authorities described him as an "extremist right-wing terrorist"; he live-streamed one of the attacks on the internet.

The attack, which came around the time people were attending the mosques for Friday prayers, was the deadliest in the nation's history.

A gunman live-streamed footage of his rampage to Facebook, filmed with a head-mounted camera. The footage showed him firing indiscriminately at men, women and children from close range inside the Al-Noor mosque.

Police called on the public not to share the "extremely distressing" footage online. Facebook said it had removed the gunman's Facebook and Instagram accounts and was working to remove any copies of the footage.

He's been named by some media as Brent or Brenton Tarrant. A 74-page anti-immigration manifesto posted online and attributed to the killer rants about "white genocide".

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Prayers of comfort and strength for all who were affected by this horrible crime.

But again, I want to ask, and I hope that the New Zealand PD takes a good, hard look at this; was the shooter on any kind of SSRI medication at the time these atrocities happened?!?

And just in case anyone has a question about this, the only "power" I advocate, is "peaceful, logical people-power", where people collaborate to get things better for this entire world:-)

Artists understand this; and we sure as heck wish that the rest of the world understood it also.

This has also triggered a childhood memory. When I was in a public elementary school in Burbank, there were tests and quizzes which I took, which asked for a designation of race; my response was always "human".

And I think that is a good thing for all of us to hang on to right now; because, at the end of the day, we are all brothers and sisters, walking this road we call life, together.

Mar 15 11:33

Report: Armed Man Chased Off New Zealand Mosque Attackers

The NZ Herald reports that an armed man fired in self-defense against the New Zealand terrorist who had targeted a pair of mosques, killing dozens of worshippers.

The man’s shots sent the gunman fleeing from the scene of the second mosque in the Linwood area of Christchurch.

The story indicates that the ‘good guy with a gun’ was “a well known Muslim local.” He reportedly “returned fire with a rifle or shotgun” after hearing “multiple gunshots” go off.

According to the Herald, he “chased the shooters and fired two shots at them as they sped off,” later telling police officers that he had fired his own weapon at the attackers in “self-defense.”

Mar 15 11:27

Cancellation Chaos: $600 Billion In Boeing 737 Max Orders At Risk

New evidence shows that the Boeing Co. 737 MAX which crashed in Ethiopia on Sunday may have experienced similar technical difficulties as the 737 MAX that crashed off Indonesia last year. The Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) cited similarities with in-flight data of both planes when it spoke to global regulators about grounding the jet. With the company facing a pr disaster and loss of confidence with global airline carriers, there could be more than $600 billion in orders at risk of cancellation, reported Bloomberg.

VietJet Aviation JSC doubled its 737 MAX order last month to $25 billion, now the Vietnamese low-cost airliner is having second thoughts. Kenya Airways Plc is reviewing its contracts to purchase billions of dollars of the MAX and could even switch to Airbus SE's rival A320. Russia’s Utair Aviation PJSC is expected to take delivery of 30 MAXs but wants to seek guarantees the planes are not defective.

Mar 15 11:19


On March 14, 2019 the Connecticut Supreme Court sided with anti-gun interests by giving the green-light for a lawsuit against companies that manufactured and sold the semi-automatic rifle that Adam Lanza used to kill 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The Sandy Hook victims’ relatives originally sued the gun manufacturer Remington in 2014 for facilitating this shooting.

This recent ruling allows this lawsuit to potentially go to trial, which could legally compel gun companies to turn over internal communications and other sensitive information to anti-gun government agencies.

The court agreed with the lower court judge’s decision to throw out claims that directly challenged the federal law, The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, protecting gun companies from federal litigation. However, the court did allow the case to move forward based on a state law regarding unfair trade practices.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A question which remains unanswered is, was Adam Lanza on prescription drugs at the time of the shooting?!?

There is one story which might make sense here, and that is the following:

Neighbor says Lanza was on meds, links between SSRIs and violence

The article goes on to state:

"As the world continues to search for answers to the senseless violence and police say they are leaving no stone unturned, reports surface on the links between certain psychiatric medications and homicidal violence."

"The Washington Post has reported that a neighbor of Adam Lanza, the suspected shooter in the Sandy Hook Elementary School killings, said that Lanza was on some form of medication. Police have issued search warrants to determine if Lanza was being treated with any drugs prescribed for mental illness.

Police have said that so far a search of the Lanza home has turned up no such medications. The shootings take place as warnings grow louder within the medical profession of dangerous and possibly violent side effects of a class of psychiatric drugs known as SSRIs, "selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors." One study from the Institute for Safe Medication Practices has identified 31 drugs that are disproportionately linked with violent behavior."

Of course, this article is not sourced, in terms of which neighbor suggested that this might be the case; but the pharmaceutical industry will never cop to their products creating harm, and I notice, in this article, that there is no mention of a possibility that Lanza might have been on, or was just coming off, prescription medications right before the incident happened. At the time of the autopsy (and we do not know how long after Lanza killed himself), no drugs were found in Lanza's system.

Mar 15 11:17

Political Humor : The Right

Mar 15 10:34

Lori Loughlin's daughters Olivia and Isabella both QUIT USC in the wake of the college bribery scandal because they are 'terrified of bullies' - but in doing so avoid the ignominy of being expelled

Lori Loughlin has been dropped from Netflix's Fuller House after she was charged in this week's massive college bribery scandal.

Loughlin, who has played Aunt Becky on the original Full House as well as Netflix's revival, will not return for the show's fifth season.

A production source told TMZ that Loughlin was a guest star during the previous four seasons and 'there are currently no plans for her to return to the fifth season'.

The news come hours after it was revealed the Hallmark Channel was cutting ties with Loughlin, who allegedly paid $500,000 to get her daughters into USC.

Mar 15 10:34

FLASHBACK - ‘Gender-Equal Snow Ploughing’ Plunges Stockholm into Chaos

Previously, fresh snowfalls were cleared first from main roads and by areas like construction sites before being removed from pavements and cycle lanes. As men are more likely to drive and women more likely to travel on foot, more women slipped on the ice which led to complaints that the system was sexist.

Vice-mayor of Stockholm, the Green Party’s Daniel Helldén, admitted that “equality snow removal” had failed the city, and apologised to residents who had injured themselves as a result.

When the Red-Green coalition, comprising politicians from the Social Democratic Party, Green Party, Left Party, and Feminist Initiative, were elected to City Hall in 2014 the introduction of a “feminist” snow clearance was high on the agenda.

Mar 15 10:18

US Agents Offer Cash to Engineer to Wreck Tehran Power Grid

The US spying services have sought to sabotage and take down the power grid of the Iranian capital through an Iranian-American engineer, a journalist disclosed on Thursday, adding that the anti-Tehran plot is now being operational in Venezuela.

Middle East commentator and analyst Sharmine Narwani, a former senior associate at Oxford University, sent letters to news outlets revealing that an Iranian-American engineer was offered money by US officials to conduct a sabotage mission targeting the power grid of Tehran.


Mar 15 10:17


The Trump administration is doubling down on backing the White Helmets, the self-proclaimed civil defense group with often controversial activity in militant-held areas of Syria, pledging a $5 million donation at a conference.
The contribution was announced by ambassador James Jeffrey, US special envoy to the anti-Islamic State (IS, formerly known as ISIS) coalition, at the third Conference on Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region, held in Brussels.

The $5 million will fund both the “vital, life-saving operations” by the White Helmets and the work of the International, Impartial and Independent Mechanism (IIIM), a UN body created in late 2016 to investigate – but not prosecute – alleged atrocities in Syria after 2011.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Forgive me, but has President Trump just completely lost his mind, or was he just "not privy" to this decision?!? The world knows that this is a terror organisation, funded and supplied by the US and UK. The evidence here, is clear, incontrovertible, and compelling.

Syrian government lambasts evacuation of White Helmets as 'criminal'

Are the White Helmets terrorists?

White Helmets are Terrorist Auxiliaries

Further extensive of direct collusion between the White Helmets, and Islamic Terrorist Groups

Are White Helmets Terroists?

videos: the White Helmets are terrorists

James Jeffrey and Robert Paladino, do you seriously believe that thinking Americans can neither read, or reason?!? Gentlemen, what the hell is going on here?!?

I am utterly disgusted with both of you, aS this is a continuation of the narrative which has broken down a zillion times, in evaluating the actions of this group.

There is a very solid reason why President Trump has not pulled completely out of Syria, as he told the American people he would; and I do not know under what guise, or cover, he is working, and why they are still there, but they are.

So one has to wonder; are us troops going to be the "sacrificial lambs" for a phoney "false flag" (possibly executed by the White Helmets) which to blame on Hezbollah, or Iran, as the "excuse/justification" for going into Syria, and potentially, Iran, with a full force militarily decap strike?!?

Mar 15 10:08

Changing The Face Of Cannabis Ownership: A 6-Point Plan For Black Equity In The Industry

Oakland, Calif., native Tucky Blunt was arrested 15 years ago for an $80 marijuana sale that ended up changing the trajectory of his life. He was slapped with 10-year felony probation, legally giving law enforcement officials the agency to search him at any time. Years later, the 39-year-old turned lemons into lemonade and is now capitalizing off of the same product that led to his arrest—by opening his own marijuana dispensary dubbed Blunts and Moore.

Mar 15 10:08

Activist Students Demand Sarah Lawrence College Punish A Conservative Professor For Expressing His Views

A group of activist students at Sarah Lawrence College calling themselves the Diaspora Coalition have released a long list of demands after occupying the campus's main administrative building for 24 hours.

Mar 15 09:57

The Trans-scam discussed by paediatrician

An excellent example of the extent to which the modern West has succumbed to Soviet style thought. Reality is made illegal where it conflicts with Neo-Marxist ideology such as biological reality of sexual dimorphism.

Mar 15 09:53


The Eastern District of New York empaneled a Grand Jury into the dirty data dealings of Facebook.

Federal investigators are probing Facebook's data-sharing deals with other companies. A New York grand jury is reported to have subpoenaed “at least two” smartphone makers.

“Both companies had (...) broad access to the personal information of hundreds of millions of its users.”

Oh boy.

It's already been reported that there are ongoing federal investigations, incl. by the Dept of Justice. As we’ve said, we're cooperating w/ investigators and take those probes seriously. We've provided public testimony, answered questions, and pledged that we'll continue to do so

— Facebook Newsroom (@fbnewsroom) March 14, 2019

From Michael LaForgia, Matthew Rosenberg and Gabriel J.X. Dance at the New York Times:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hey, Zuck; how does "unprincipled sharing of personal data" feel to you, right about now?!?

I would imagine,perhaps, not so good.