Sep 24 08:48

Trump Says Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron Is A 'Star' And Has Handled The Breonna Taylor Case 'Very Well' When Asked To Comment On Today's Grand Jury Decision

President Donald Trump praised Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron's 'fantastic' handling of the Breonna Taylor case after a grand jury indicted a single officer in connection with her killing.

Sep 24 08:46

Kentucky AG warns that 'mob justice is not justice' after grand jury cleared three cops in the killing of Breonna Taylor - and chokes up while discussing the effect the case has had on him

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron defended a grand jury's decision to clear three officers of charges in Breonna Taylor's killing by saying that 'law is not meant to react to tragedy'.

Sep 24 08:45

Breonna Taylor investigation reveals sequence of events that led to her death: Cops DID knock on the door, her boyfriend shot first and she died in a hail of bullets next to him in the hallway and NOT in bed as repeatedly claimed

A state investigation into the fatal police shooting of Breonna Taylor has laid bare the final moments of her life, revealing the 26-year-old EMT was killed while standing next to her boyfriend after she was shot by cops six times.

Sep 24 08:43

Breonna Taylor's sister writes Instagram post to her sibling saying she is 'so sorry' a grand jury did not indict three officers for her death - as family attorney Benjamin Crump calls for federal murder charge

Breonna Taylor's sister posted a poignant message on her Instagram account on Wednesday just after a grand jury in Louisville declined to bring charges against the police officers charged with her killing.

Sep 24 08:42

Joe Biden appears to side against cops cleared of killing Breonna Taylor - but tells rioters that 'violence is never acceptable'

Joe Biden released a statement questioning whether justice 'could be equally applied in America' after a grand jury declined to indict three officers involved in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor.

Sep 24 08:40

Kentucky AG and rising GOP star Daniel Cameron slams 'celebrities, influencers and activists for 'suggesting they understand the facts of the Breonna Taylor case and telling people how to feel'

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron has called out 'celebrities, influencers and activists' for weighing in on the grand jury findings in the Breonna Taylor case, saying they will 'try to tell us how to feel.'

Sep 24 08:39

'Bulls***': Viola Davis and Kerry Washington lead furious celebrity reaction to Breonna Taylor case as just ONE cop is charged

Celebrities are reacting after news that a Kentucky grand jury will indict only one of the police officers being investigated for their roles in the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor.

Sep 24 08:11

Conservatives Don’t ‘Dominate Facebook,’ Despite The Left’s Insistence They Do

In part of an ongoing campaign to pressure Facebook into censoring content that threatens their control of the flow of information, left-leaning mainstream media outlets have repeatedly sounded the alarm over conservative sites and voices supposedly “dominating” Facebook since the rise of President Donald Trump.

Sep 24 08:10

WALSH: President Trump Banned Critical Race Theory In Federal Government. Now It Needs To Be Banned In Schools.

President Trump in recent weeks has been on a crusade against Critical Race Theory, and for good reason. This is one of the most important things he has done with his presidency. When all is said and done, it may prove to be the most important thing of all. Even if no active steps were taken against it, an enormous service is provided simply by shining a light and showing it for what it really is.

Sep 24 08:09

College students outraged when school refuses to stop pro-Trump, 'Back the Blue' rally — that was taking place off-campus

Students at Mount Holyoke College in South Hadley, Massachusetts, are furious after the school refused to stop an off-campus rally in support of President Donald Trump, police officers, and law enforcement officials.

Sep 24 07:59

Anti-Police Rioters Attack Police Officers Who Were Putting Out Fires In Louisville

Anti-police rioters, identified by journalists as allegedly being Black Lives Matter and Antifa extremists, attacked law enforcement officials in Louisville, Kentucky, on Wednesday night who were putting out fires that the rioters had started.

Sep 24 07:50

Colin Kaepernick says 'the white supremacist institution of policing' must 'be abolished'

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback-turned-activist Colin Kaepernick declared Wednesday that "the white supremacist institution of policing" must "be abolished," after news broke that the three officers involved in the March raid that led to the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor would not be charged in her death.

Sep 24 07:28

Rioter throws Molotov cocktail at group of Portland police officers, striking one, as mob sets fire to justice center following Breonna Taylor indictment

A Portland, Oregon, rioter reportedly threw a Molotov cocktail at a group of police officers on Wednesday night as law enforcement declared the demonstrations in the area a riot.

Sep 24 07:27

Rioter throws Molotov cocktail at group of Portland police officers, striking one, as mob sets fire to justice center following Breonna Taylor indictment

A Portland, Oregon, rioter reportedly threw a Molotov cocktail at a group of police officers on Wednesday night as law enforcement declared the demonstrations in the area a riot.

Sep 24 07:10


Americans are being warned to "stay home and stay off the roads" tonight after a Grand Jury in Louisville, KY failed to Indict three of four police officers for the death of Breonna Taylor.

Rioters are already smashing stores and businesses in Louisville and law enforcement has Intel claiming rioters all over the USA are being mobilized for destruction tonight.

There is significant money behind these rioters and some of that money has now been traced. In louisville, immediately after the GRand Jury decision was made public, "activists" made a bee-line for a U-Haul rental truck and . . . lo and behold . . . it was full of signs, posters, sticks and more! Here's video:

Sep 24 07:07

San Francisco Residents On Alert As Home Invasions Spike 42%

San Francisco residents are on edge and sounding the alarm amid a spate of brazen break-ins throughout the city, according to KPIX5, which notes that burglaries in the city were up 42% in the first nine months of the year vs. the same period in 2019.

Sep 24 07:02

Four people, including the partner of a man killed during Kenosha protests, sue Facebook for 'allowing right wing militia to recruit for members and plan violence against BLM protesters on the social media site'

Four people, including the partner of one of the victims of the deadly August 25 protest shooting in Kenosha, are suing Facebook for enabling the violence that overtook the Wisconsin city.

Sep 24 07:02

'Defund the police' activist Alyssa Milano says her husband - not her - called cops to their home when they mistook teen shooting squirrels for dangerous gunman and claims she's the 'target of right wing trolls'

Alyssa Milano has hit back at reports that she called the cops Sunday morning when an 'armed gunman' - who turned out to be a teen with an air gun - was on her property.

Sep 24 06:59

Cops arrest four members of a child sex trafficking ring as horrific video emerges of girl being tortured and threatened with a drill in Colombia

Colombian authorities have arrested four members of a sex trafficking ring and rescued four girls rescued four girls who were being held by them.

Sep 24 06:59

Bodycam footage shows a Washington state cop telling partygoers 'the key is out of sight, out of mind' and advising them to move their maskless event indoors to avoid penalties for breaking COVID gathering rules as cases spike in the county

Bodycam footage has shown a Washington state cop telling partygoers 'the key is out of sight, out of mind' and advising them to move their maskless event indoors in order to avoid penalties for breaking COVID-19 gathering rules.

Sep 24 06:58

Iraq Marine Vet Commits Suicide After Indictment for Shooting BLM Thug in Self-defense

The former Marine who shot and killed a Black Lives Matter “protester” in self defense has committed suicide, yet another victim of a new rule in major cities in the grip of BLM terror: A white man cannot defend himself or his property, no matter the circumstance.

Jacob Gardner, a Purple Heart recipient and veteran of the Iraq War, shot himself in Portland on Sunday, five days after a grand jury in Douglas County, Nebraska, indicted him in the death of BLM attacker James Scurlock.

On May 30 during the BLM riot in Omaha, Scurlock and two other thugs attacked Gardner and his father outside the younger Gardner’s bar in Omaha.

The chief prosecutor decided not to charge Gardner, but then surrendered to BLM pressure and petitioned a judge to appoint the special prosecutor who convinced a grand jury to indict the veteran.

Sep 24 06:57

Riot Warning: Cop Charged In Taylor Death, But Unhappy BLMers Chant 'Burn It Down'

One of the officers that were involved in Breonna Taylor’s death was accused by a Kentucky grand jury on Wednesday for shooting into neighboring apartments. Other charges against the other officers were not pressed yet.

The jury announced that dismissed Officer Brett Hankison is facing three counts of wanton endangerment in connection to the police raid of Taylor's home on the night of March 13.

Immediately after the announcement, people were showing frustration about the grand jury that did not do more.

Sep 24 06:57

Four people, including the partner of a man killed during Kenosha protests, sue Facebook for 'allowing right wing militia to recruit for members and plan violence against BLM protesters on the social media site'

Four people, including the partner of one of the victims of the deadly August 25 protest shooting in Kenosha, are suing Facebook for enabling the violence that overtook the Wisconsin city.

Sep 24 06:56

'Defund the police' activist Alyssa Milano says her husband - not her - called cops to their home when they mistook teen shooting squirrels for dangerous gunman and claims she's the 'target of right wing trolls'

Alyssa Milano has hit back at reports that she called the cops Sunday morning when an 'armed gunman' - who turned out to be a teen with an air gun - was on her property.

Sep 24 06:54

'She's telling us how to run our country,' Trump knocks Ilhan Omar's Somali roots and asks 'How did you do where you came from?'

President Donald Trump again went after Rep. Ilhan Omar at his Tuesday night rally, suggesting that the U.S. isn't her country.

Sep 24 06:54

Kyle Rittenhouse - The Truth in 11 Minutes

Sep 24 06:53

Upstate New York town of Swastika unanimously votes to keep its name after claiming it was founded before the Nazis came to power

The board that runs the small town of Swastika, New York, voted unanimously to keep its controversial name that it says came long before the Nazis used it as their symbol.

Sep 24 06:53

CIA creates its own federal lab

The CIA launched its own federal lab and research and development branch Monday.

CIA Labs makes the agency a possible research partner for the more than 300 other federal labs and academic experts.

The lab will also allow CIA officers to get patents and licenses for any intellectual property they create while working at the agency. The agents would then be able to take a portion of the profits, while the CIA will take the rest of the money, according to the MIT Technology Review. Officers could make 15 percent of the total income with a maximum of $150,000 per year.

The research areas that CIA Labs cover will include artificial intelligence, bioscience, virtual and augmented reality, quantum computing and advanced materials and manufacturing, among others, according to a release.

Sep 24 06:52

Police Officially Defunded: Seattle City Council Overrides Mayor's Veto 7-2

After Mayor Jenny Durkan declared a veto against a bill that would cut down the police funding by around $3 million, his veto was overridden by the Seattle’s City Council 7-2 votes on Tuesday to defund the police.

"We cannot look away from this and we can no longer accept the status quo if we truly believe that Black lives matter," Council President Lorena Gonzalez said.

It was also reported that the new bill would also dismiss as many as 100 officers from different police units and limit staff pay to $150,000.

Sep 24 06:50

Cop Is Killed In Car Crash Just Hours After Finding Out He Would Be Fired For His Role In Custody Death Of Black Man Who Was 'Brutalized' By Officers After High-Speed Chase

A Louisiana state trooper died following a single-vehicle highway crash that happened just hours after he learned he would be fired for his role last year in the in-custody death of a black man.

Sep 24 06:50

Asteroid The Size Of A BUS Will Fly Within Just 13,000 Miles Of The Earth Tomorrow - And Can Be Seen With A 12-Inch Telescope

An asteroid the size of a bus is set to make a close flyby of Earth on September 24.

Dubbed 2020 SW, the object will travel pass some 13,000 miles from Earth, which is closer than moon and weather satellites floating in space.

Sep 24 06:47

CDC head Dr. Robert Redfield blasts 'offensive' attacks by Trump ally who went on 60-day medical leave after saying there was a 'deep state' operating inside the public health agency Centers for Disease Control and Prevention head Dr. Robert Redfield said

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention head Dr. Robert Redfield said at a hearing Wednesday he was 'disappointed' at 'offensive' criticism of his agency over its coronavirus response by an ally of President Donald Trump who went on leave following a Facebook rant about the 'deep state.'

Sep 24 06:46

'Distressed' Dr. Deborah Birx questions how long she can remain on coronavirus taskforce telling friends her role has been diminished and the situation is a nightmare

A 'distressed' Dr. Deborah Birx is questioning how long she can remain on the White House's coronavirus taskforce, according to reporting from CNN.

Sep 24 06:45

CDC director says more than 90% of Americans are still susceptible to coronavirus but Dr Fauci predicts 700 million doses of vaccine will be available by spring 2021

The majority of Americans are vulnerable to contracting the novel coronavirus, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said on Wednesday.

Sep 24 06:44

Bodycam video shows Utah cop being dragged by fleeing suspect's car - who then crashes head-on into police cruiser and dies

A Utah police department has released the bodycam video that shows the moment an officer was dragged by a fleeing suspect's car and thrown to the ground before the vehicle crashed into a patrol car and killed the driver following a traffic stop in July.

Sep 24 06:42

Black hotel worker who was held at gunpoint by 'hyperaggressive' Arizona cop during search for white gunman files $2.5 million claim against the city

A black man has filed a $2.5 million claim against the Arizona city of Tempe, saying a 'hyperaggresive' police officer held him at gunpoint while looking for a white suspect at a hotel where he worked.

Sep 24 06:41

Man, 29, who filmed Eric Garner's police chokehold death is arrested again on gun charges in Brooklyn - just four months after being released from prison in previous firearms case

The man who recorded video of Eric Garner's chokehold death during his 2014 arrest in Staten Island has been charged with gun possession, just four months after regaining his freedom.

Sep 24 06:39

Florida Mom Films Disturbing Footage Of Her 10th Grade Daughter Shaking Violently In An Ambulance After A Fellow Student Gave Her THC-Laced Candy At School

A mother in Florida recorded the disturbing moment her teenage daughter began to shake violently and uncontrollably in an ambulance after a fellow teen gave her candy laced with drugs.

Sep 24 06:38

FLOTUS' Biggest Fan! Steve Mnuchin's Wife Louise Linton Gushes About 'Beautiful, Regal, Kind' Melania Trump After Toasting Her At A Cabinet Spouses Lunch - Then Furiously Slams Her Critics On Instagram

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin's wife Louise Linton paid tribute to 'regal' and 'stunning' First Lady Melania Trump on Tuesday after attending a luncheon for cabinet spouses at the White House.

Sep 24 06:38

‘Knock your old-**s boyfriend out!’ BLM protesters take over elderly couple’s table at Florida restaurant (VIDEO)

Angry racial justice activists were filmed threatening an elderly couple as they took over their table at an outdoor restaurant in St. Petersburg, Florida. The incident happened amid the protests over Breonna Taylor charges.

The video circulating on social media shows dozens of protesters carrying “No justice, no peace” signs and chanting “Stand up, fight back!” outside a restaurant. At one point, an activist comes up and sits on an empty seat at a table occupied by an elderly couple.

The woman says “This is my table” while trying to remove the activist from the seat but fails to do so. More activists then approach the table. One of them calls the woman “Karen” threatens to “knock your old-**s boyfriend the f**k out.”

Sep 24 06:36

New York judge orders Eric Trump to comply with subpoena for probe into Trump Organization financials by October despite his lawyer saying he is a 'vital and integral' part of his father's reelection effort

Eric Trump must testify in a New York investigation into the family's businesses before the November presidential election, a judge has ruled.

Sep 24 06:36

'Ruth wanted to be an opera virtuoso, but became a rock star instead': Chief Justice John Roberts gives moving eulogy to RBG as the Clintons pay their respects at her flag-draped casket that will lie in repose for two days at the Supreme Court

The flag-draped casket containing the remains of the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg arrived at the Supreme Court Wednesday morning where she will lie in repose for two days at the place she served for 27 years.

Sep 24 06:33

Trump says he is 'praying' for two Louisville cops shot during clashes between BLM mob and police after Breonna Taylor decision - as a suspect is taken into custody and National Guard enforce curfew

Two Louisville cops have been shot and one suspect is in custody amid violent clashes between police and protesters sparked by a Kentucky grand jury's decision to charge only one officer involved in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor.

Interim Police Chief Robert Schroeder said the shooting took place at Brook Street and Broadway about 8.30pm Wednesday. Both of the officers, who have not identified, were rushed to University of Louisville Hospital. One of the officers is in stable condition, and the other is undergoing surgery, also in a stable condition.

'I am very concerned for the safety of our officers,' he told a press conference just after 10pm. 'Obviously we've had two officers shot tonight. That is very serious and a dangerous condition. I think the safety of our officers and the community we serve are of utmost importance.'

Sep 24 06:32

“I think this Scam that the Democrats are Pulling – This Scam Will be Before the United States Supreme Court” — BRAVO! President Trump Says His Nominee Is Needed on Supreme Court

On Saturday President Trump gave the citizens of the United States an indication on how he plans to stop the Democrats from stealing the 2020 election.

Sep 24 06:31

'It's very important to have a 9th judge': Trump says Supreme Court needs RBG replacement NOW because it may have to decide the presidential election and 'having a 4-4 situation is not a good situation'

President Donald Trump said Wednesday the Supreme Court needs its full complement of nine justices because they may have to decide the winner of the 2020 presidential election.

Sep 24 06:31

Hunter Biden received $3.5 million wire transfer in 2014 from billionaire widow of Moscow mayor who was ousted over corruption allegations, GOP report says

Hunter Biden had a 'financial relationship' with the widow of a Moscow mayor who was ousted over corruption allegations, according to a report from Republican senators.

Sep 24 06:28

'We're going to have to see what happens': Donald Trump REFUSES to commit to a peaceful transfer of power as he continues his attacks on mail-in ballot fraud

President Donald Trump was asked Wednesday if he would commit to a peaceful transfer of power after the November election – and declined to do so.

'Well, we’ll have to see what happens,' said Trump, when pressed on the matter at the White House.

Sep 24 06:28

Tesla drivers get back into their cars after being locked out for more than an hour and massive network outage that hit Elon Musk's firm is resolved - amid fears it was caused by a HACK

Tesla drivers locked out of their cars after a complete network outage hit its internal service and customer mobile app were able to get back in after about an hour.

Sep 24 06:26

Minneapolis' Guilty Whites Think BLM Lawn Signs Will Save Them When the Mob Comes

It’s a strange time to be staying in Downtown Minneapolis.

This apartment block on 5th and 7th is all but empty. There are long corridors of fresh paint and new-smelling carpets and a reception area with fancy furniture and free coffee all set to welcome people, except the people never came.

If I lacked purpose, I could go for days without seeing a soul, and even chance meetings near elevators or stairwells make people scurry away like frightened rats.

No one comes here anymore.

As I walked back from NoGo Minneapolis yesterday, a man rose from his little group of thieves to follow me as I passed, putting a scarf across his face as he approached to take whatever I had. He was different from other men in other cities who have done the same, and knew in a heartbeat my reactions mattered in this moment, if I was to walk away unharmed. This man had nothing to lose.

Sep 24 06:26

VIDEO Captures Louisville BLM Cop Shooter — He Was Using Protesters as Human Shields! — PHOTOS and VIDEO

Earlier tonight a Black Lives Matter protester attempted to assissinate Louisville Police Officers.
Two police officers were injured.

The suspect was arrested.
And now there are video and photos of the shooter.

Sep 24 06:26

HUGE! New Data Shows States with Unemployment Over 10% Are ALL RUN BY DEMOCRATS Except One

New data shows Democrat governors are killing the economies in their states and blaming coronavirus!

Sep 24 06:25

VIDEO: Senator Rand Paul Confronts Dr. Fauci on His Lockdowns and Praise of New York with the Highest Death Rates in the World

Senator Rand Paul, who is also a doctor, confronted Dr. Fauci today in a Senate hearing and asked if he now has any regrets for his insane directives during the China coronavirus pandemic.

Sep 24 06:25

NOT Making Headlines: Virginia Couple Arrested with Guns, Shovels, a Pitchfork and Ammo in Toledo Before Trump’s Rally on Monday

God protect our President.

A Virginia Beach couple was arrested before President Trump’s rally on Monday in Toledo, Ohio.

Sep 24 06:25

Leftists Vandalize Minnesota Trump Supporter’s Garage Then Torch His Vehicles and Camper

A Trump supporter woke up on Wednesday after the sound of an explosion to see his garage and vehicles on fire.

Sep 24 06:24

Pregnant wife dives into ocean and saves husband from a nine-foot bull shark after it 'latches onto his shoulder' while snorkeling in the Florida Keys

A man was rescued by his pregnant wife after a 'nine-foot bull shark' latched onto his shoulder during a snorkeling trip in the Florida Keys.

Sep 24 06:24

White House officials falsely claimed John Bolton's book contained classified information in order to keep it from being published, the aide involved in the process charges

White House officials were accused on Wednesday of improperly trying to block former national security adviser John Bolton from releasing his best-selling memoir by falsely claiming it contained classified information.

Sep 24 06:23

Democrats go full-on Antichrist as they attack potential Justice for her religion [Video]

This has been said countless times, and it still is amazing that any Christian – any at all – would even give the time of day to voting for a Democrat. Now, given, many Democrats are themselves Christian believers. While this takes a bit of mental sophistry to justify, these Democrats have at least been able up till now to defend their stance, saying that their Party has many anti-Christians in it, but that is not to say that the Party itself is aligned against Christ and his teachings (that is what Christianity really is, isn’t it?)

But now, maybe thankfully, those days of equivocation are over.

Sep 24 06:22

Calls to boycott 'woke' Costco after it pulls popular Palmetto Cheese from 120 stores because dairy company founder slammed BLM as 'a terror organization'

Furious shoppers have threatened to boycott Costco over its 'woke' decision to remove popular Palmetto Cheese from 120 of its stores after the founder of the dairy company slammed Black Lives Matter as a 'terror organization.'

Sep 24 06:22

Revealed: How Seattle's new $150K-a-year 'street czar' was a Vegas pimp who recruited girls as young as 16 for wealthy clients, got one pregnant and wore $90k Rolex, alligator shoes and Versace suits

Seattle's new $150,000-a-year 'street czar' once worked as a Las Vegas pimp who recruited girls as young as 16 for wealthy clients and got one pregnant, while enjoying a lavish lifestyle wearing alligator-skin shoes, custom-made Versace suits and a $90,000 Rolex.

Sep 24 06:17

Psychiatrist Testifies That Julian Assange Is "Preparing To Kill Himself In Prison"

A disturbing testimony from a psychiatrist outlines that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is in such a bad state in prison that he should be considered at ‘high risk’ of suicide.

Sep 24 06:17

What's With The Rich-Kid Revolutionaries?

By now, readers are no doubt familiar with the sight of angry mobs smashing windows, looting stores, and harassing pedestrians and street diners around the country, supposedly in the name of advocating for the rights of black Americans. Around the country, these mobs are diverse and have diverse motives, ranging from simply wanting to loot and get free stuff to being driven by deeply held ideological beliefs. However, one can’t help but notice that in many places a significant number of those causing disturbances are not the subjects of the state oppression in question, but are often white and sometimes even affluent, and as a result are almost completely isolated from the consequences of their destructive sprees.

Sep 24 06:16

THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING: Kentucky AG Says Police Did Knock and Identify Themselves Before Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend Started Firing at Them

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron has announced that there will be no charges filed against two of the Louisville police officers involved in the shooting of Breonna Taylor, while the third is being charged with “wanton endangerment.”

Sep 24 06:16

An Open Letter To Stressed-Out Preppers Who Are Tired Of This Apocalypse

2020 has certainly been quite a year so far, and a defining one for the preparedness movement. No longer are our stockpiles of rice, beans, and hand sanitizer objects that make us strange. Our stashes of TP would make us the envy of the neighborhood if, of course, anybody knew we had it.

So many of the things and beliefs that made us figures of mockery in the past are now proving their value. We’re learning, with a mixture of relief and perhaps dismay, that we weren’t so crazy after all.

Sep 24 06:16

Psychiatrist: Julian Assange Is ‘Preparing To Kill Himself In Prison’

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is hearing voices in his head saying “we’re coming to get you” and he is preparing to kill himself in prison, a psychiatrist told his extradition hearing.

Sep 24 06:15

OUTRAGEOUS! Ohio State University President Sends Ignorant Text Message to Students Following Breonna Taylor Decision — And a Crazy-Ass Video!

Protests and riots immediately erupted after Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced Wednesday that there will be no charges filed against two of the Louisville police officers involved in the shooting of Breonna Taylor, while the third is being charged with “wanton endangerment.”

Sep 24 06:15

Collapse Is A Process, Not An Event

Look, I’m a systems guy. I think in systems terms. You should as well.


Because we’re entering a period of time when the major systems that have supported humanity are going to fail.

Or, put more accurately: they are already failing.

As just one example, our monetary system delivers outsized gains to the already stupendously-wealthy while piling up massive debts on the backs of we citizens, both born and yet-to-be-born. The US Federal Reserve is the unelected and unaccountable body that is most responsible for have made America’s billionaires nearly $1 trillion ‘richer’ since the pandemic hit.

These next three Fed-related data points are, in a word, obscene.

Sep 24 06:15

BREAKING: US Mail Found in Ditch in Rural Wisconsin — Included Absentee Ballots

Two trays of US mail were discovered in a ditch near Greenville, a rural area north of Appleton, Wisconsin.

Sep 24 06:14

1 Officer Charged With Wanton Endangerment, 2 Others Not Indicted in Breonna Taylor Case

One of the three officers involved in the March 13 shooting death of 26-year-old Breonna Taylor in Louisville, Ky., has been indicted on felony charges in connection to Taylor’s death.

Sep 24 06:14

The Fourth Turning: "Dark Years Are Here"

In an ephemeral world, few things survive. I am not talking about species or human beings whose existence on earth is also transitory. Instead I am referring to social and financial systems which are now coming to an end.

Sep 24 06:07

Trump to Rep. Ilhan Omar: How’s Your Country Doing? Omar to Trump: This Is My Country, Ho! (OK, I Added the Ho)

Trump knows that he’s down in the polls, so that means tickling the taint of his base, which always involves dimming the lights a bit and putting on some soft mood music and playing the musical stylings from his racist dog whistle.

Sep 24 06:04

The Guardian Is Silent About the US Using the Paper To Jail Assange

Julian Assange is not on trial simply for his liberty and his life. He is fighting for the right of every journalist to do hard-hitting investigative journalism without fear of arrest and extradition to the United States. Assange faces 175 years in a US super-max prison on the basis of claims by Donald Trump’s administration that his exposure of US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan amounts to “espionage”.

Sep 24 06:02

André Vltchek – Remembered

Turkish police said André’s death was “suspicious”. His body was immediately brought to a hospital for forensic analysis.

Sep 24 06:02

Why Are Amnesty International Monitors Not Able to Observe the Assange Hearing?

Earlier this month, the street outside the Old Bailey criminal court in London, where Julian Assange’s extradition hearing has been taking place, was transformed into a carnival.

Inside the Old Bailey, the courtroom has turned into a circus. There have been multiple technical difficulties, a COVID-19 scare which temporarily halted proceedings and numerous procedural irregularities including the decision by the presiding judge to withdraw permission for Amnesty International’s fair trial observer to have access to the courtroom.

If the outside was a carnival, the inside of the court soon became a circus. -Stefan Simanowitz, Amnesty International

Arriving at the court each morning was an assault to the senses with the noise of samba bands, sound systems and chanting crowds and the sight of banners, balloons and billboards at every turn.

Sep 24 05:45

Tucker: Black Lives Matter is now a political party

Sep 24 05:45

BLM, Antifa and the Communist Strategy to Destroy the United States

The unprecedented violence perpetrated by Antifa and Black Lives Matter embodies two of the Left's biggest tactics in its quest to fundamentally transform the United States.

One is to force a race war by radicalizing African-Americans to a violent degree. The other involves making mayhem more intimidating by spreading police and firefighters as thinly as possible, thereby limiting their ability to respond quickly.

Manning Johnson, an African-American, spoke about the first tactic from personal experience. Describing himself as a "dedicated 'comrade' " and a "professional revolutionist," Johnson belonged to the Communist Party USA for 10 years. He served as a union organizer, director of agitation propaganda, and a member of the party's national committee. Johnson even ran as the party's candidate for a Congressional seat in New York.

Sep 24 05:39

What happened Jerry Nadler??

Sep 24 05:39

Dr Rand Paul tells the truth