Sep 15 10:03

Former police chief in Florida pleads guilty to framing men in racially tinged cases

Five years ago, Biscayne Park Police Chief Raimundo Atesiano bragged to the town’s leaders about his department’s exceptional 100 percent clearance rate on burglaries in the tree-lined suburb north of Miami.

On Friday, however, Atesiano admitted his own criminal behavior was behind the boast to the village commission: He acknowledged at his plea hearing in Miami federal court that he directed three of his police officers to pin a series of unsolved home and vehicle break-ins on three innocent men to perfect the force’s property crimes record.

Atesiano, 52, pleaded guilty to a conspiracy charge of depriving the three suspects of their civil rights because he and the officers framed them. Although race was not a factor in the federal case against the former police chief, the three wrongly arrested men are black.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is absolutely disgusting behaviour, but the most horrific thing about it, was that it was possible these police officers might have gotten away with it.

And Attorney General Sessions, where are you when such ignominious, nasty trampling on individuals' rights occurs, like the frames these cops tried to pin on 3 innocent men?!?

You, sir, are absolutely no where to be seen, that is precisely where you are in this case.

Sep 15 09:54

Troopers: Missing 10-year-old Alaska girl found dead

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — A 10-year-old girl has been found dead Friday, authorities said, more than a week after she was reported missing in a remote Inupiat Eskimo town on Alaska's northwestern coast.

Sep 15 09:53

At least 5 dead, including mom and infant, as Florence pounds Carolina coast

Hurricane Florence pummeled North Carolina, making landfall Friday morning with stormsurges and wind gusts before contributing to at least five deaths.

Sep 15 09:52

Hurricane Florence pummels Carolinas without respite

Millions of people in the path of Florence are hunkering down Friday as the monster storm pummels North and South Carolina, bringing catastrophic inundations and forceful, destructive winds. Here are snapshots of people struggling to cope with the slow-grinding storm.

Sep 15 07:38

Texas school district accused of gender bias after male student was disciplined for wearing makeup

The Alvin Independent School District in Pearland, Texas, is considering a change to a dress code policy that states males cannot wear makeup, according to published reports.
Why is this happening?
It’s happening because a student at Shadow Creek High School was recently given an ultimatum to either remove his makeup or receive an in-school suspension. The student received the suspension after he refused to remove his makeup.

Sep 15 07:38

College offers safe space for whites to help understand minority interactions. Here comes backlash.

A group at the University of Maryland at College Park recently announced the formation of a new peer support group to tackle diversity issues within the university — except it’s got people all riled up because it’s called “White Awake” and geared toward white students.
What are the details?
On Friday, the college announced the group with intentions to cultivate a “safe space” for white students to discuss “interactions with racial and ethnic minorities.”
A description for the group reads, “This group offers a safe space for White students to explore their experiences, questions, reactions, and feelings. Members will support and share feedback with each other as they learn more about themselves and how they can fit into a diverse world.”

Sep 15 07:04

Ice cream at university isn’t inclusive enough. So students are rallying to change that.

Ice cream at the University of Wisconsin-Madison isn’t just ice cream: It’s a point of contention for many students because it’s apparently not inclusive enough.
What are the details?
Members of the student council at the Madison, Wisconsin, university are requesting that the college change ingredients in the school’s official ice cream. One ingredient, in particular, in the dessert violates some students’ religious dietary restrictions.
They’ve even gone so far to draft legislation, which they titled, “Ice Cream for All,” to make the ice cream more inclusive. At the time of this writing, the legislation has eight sponsors, including the chair, vice chair, and secretary of the Associated Students of Madison Student Council.

Sep 15 07:03

High school simulates shooter drill — complete with guns shooting blanks. Parents are not happy.

A Pennsylvania high school school held an active shooter drill on Thursday to expose the students to the sound of gunfire, according to a report by KDKA-TV.
What are the details?
Bethel Park High School in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, conducted the drill along with the cooperation and help of school police and other trained law enforcement officials.
The drill took place during an extended third-period class, and simulated an active shooter situation — complete with the firing of blanks to simulate real gunshots.

Sep 15 05:56

Google engineers and scientists flee the company as evil takes over

Google has become so unethical that even some of its own employees want nothing to do with it anymore. In the latest example of the company driving away valued workers, senior research scientist Jack Poulson has quit his job in protest of the company’s plans to launch a censored version of the Google search engine in China.

Sep 15 05:21

Florence seen testing North Carolina environmental codes on toxic hog waste

RALEIGH, N.C./NEW YORK (Reuters) - Tropical Storm Florence could taint North Carolina waterways with murky coal ash and toxic hog waste as heavy rains test environmental rules written with milder weather in mind, carrying the risk of contaminating water with bacteria like salmonella, officials said on Friday.
Many of the state's environmental codes were written to withstand a 25- or 100-year storm. But Florence promises heavy rains that some regions might not see in a thousand years, straining systems meant to keep state residents safe.

Sep 15 05:11

Natural gas explosions: Boston-area gas pipes among oldest and leakiest in US

The Merrimack Valley, the area north of Boston that was shaken by dozens of natural gas explosions Thursday, is served by some of the nation's oldest and most leak-prone pipes.

In its most recent filing with federal pipeline safety regulators, Columbia Gas reported 471 miles of cast-iron and wrought-iron gas distribution lines – the kind of old gas pipe that the government and safety experts have been pushing utilities to replace for more than a decade.

Fire investigators and state emergency management officials said Thursday night that the devastating chain of fires might have been caused by over-pressurization in the gas lines>>>

Sep 15 04:56

Natural Gas Explosions: Boston-Area Gas Pipes Among Oldest And Leakiest In US

(*Clearly Demonstrating The Region's Sacrifice For The Sake Of A Better Overall Lifestyle In Israel )

Sep 15 03:35

Florence's 'violent grind' leaves at least four dead in Carolinas

WILMINGTON, N.C. (Reuters) - Florence crashed into the Carolina coast on Friday, felling trees, dumping nearly three feet of rain on some spots and leading to the death of four people before it was downgraded to a tropical storm still capable of wreaking havoc.
The storm's first casualties included a mother and her baby, who died when a tree fell on their brick house in Wilmington, North Carolina. The child's father was injured and taken to a hospital.

Sep 15 03:33

Over 895,000 without power as Florence batters Carolinas

(Reuters) - U.S. power companies said over 895,000 homes and businesses located mostly in North Carolina and South Carolina were without power on Friday after Florence hit the Southeast coast.
Florence crashed into the Carolina coast on Friday, felling trees, dumping nearly three feet (0.91 m) of rain on some spots and leading to the deaths of at least four people before it was downgraded to a tropical storm still capable of wreaking havoc.

Sep 14 23:38

Hoaxes Run Amok On Social Media As Hurricane Florence Moves Inland

Hurricane Florence has begun her slow, water-logged move inland. As communities in her path face an onslaught of rain and rising floodwaters, they’re also contending with a distinctly different problem: disinformation and outright hoaxes, often spread via social media.
Numerous hoaxes, shark and race-based ones in particular, seem to be repeated with every hurricane.

Sep 14 22:11

Hundreds rescued from flooding in historic NC city

NEW BERN, N.C. (AP) — An ominous tweet appeared on a historic North Carolina community's Twitter feed about 2 a.m. Friday.

Sep 14 22:10

Bin Laden raid commander resigns from Pentagon board after criticizing Trump

Retired Adm. William "Bill" McRaven, who led the mission to kill Osama bin Laden, resigned from his post on the Pentagon's Defense Innovation Board last month, just days after he publicly criticized President Donald Trump, the Pentagon confirmed Thursday.

Sep 14 21:27

Secret Letter Reportedly Contains Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct Against Brett Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh has denied the allegations. The letter, which Sen. Dianne Feinstein had kept from committee members, was referred to the FBI on Thursday.

Sep 14 21:26

At least 5 dead, including mom and infant, as Florence pounds Carolina coast

Hurricane Florence pummeled North Carolina, making landfall Friday morning with stormsurges and wind gusts before contributing to at least five deaths.

Sep 14 21:24

The week in Trumpland: Hurricane Donald rages on

A storm is forever raging in the mind of Donald Trump.
The president proved again this week that his own self-absorbed preoccupations and off-the-cuff attacks against his perceived enemies are the greatest threats to his chances of successfully sailing a robust economy into the midterm elections and preventing Democrats from retaking a house of Congress.

Sep 14 18:33

The week in Trumpland: Hurricane Donald rages on

The president proved again this week that his own self-absorbed preoccupations and off-the-cuff attacks against his perceived enemies are the greatest threats to his chances of successfully sailing a robust economy into the midterm elections and preventing Democrats from retaking a house of Congress.

Sep 14 13:50

Retired British scientist who has been critical of the UK government's agenda regarding the Skripal affair, is arrested

Home of British nuclear expert used on Russia Today raided by cops

Sep 14 13:02

A law lesson from Alan Dershowitz

"Alan Dershowitz has challenged Channel 4 TV in Britain and Jeremy Corbyn, casting himself as a defender against anti-Semitism and an advocate for fairness. Dershowitz, who consistently posits himself as a liberal who has discovered that too much tolerance is wrong (for example, The Case For Israel), denounced Corbyn’s displays of tolerance for different viewpoints by attributing to Corbyn the alleged crimes of others. Evidently Dershowitz does not impose these rigours upon himself or his own clients, including Jeffrey Epstein who pled guilty to soliciting a minor for prostitution (and with whom Dershowitz was accused and then exonerated while not denying “statements that the underlying alleged misconduct may have occurred with someone else”).">>

Sep 14 12:38

Massachusetts Gas Explosions Are Not Terrorism

The gas explosions that are devastating parts of Massachusetts are not related to terrorism. Boston25 news producer Matthew Touchette reports that despite the heavy involvement of the FBI and the Massachusetts State Police, there is no evidence suggesting the explosions are terrorism-related. WCVB reports that the FBI will assist Massachusetts’ State Fire Marshal’s Office in the investigation as to what caused the original fire.

Sep 14 12:37

Massachusetts gas explosions: Teenager dead, multiple injured as at least 60 to 100 homes on fire, evacuations ordered

Massachusetts emergency services were responding to a series of "suspected gas explosions" in multiple communities outside of Boston on Thursday evening. Reports state that there have been over 60 explosions in the area which have left the resident unable to "see the sky" because of the billowing smoke from the houses.

Massachusetts State Police (MSP), shortly after the incident, tweeted that their troopers were on the scene at "17 separate addresses for fire, explosion, or investigation" in the towns of Lawrence, Andover, and North Andover, according to reports.

Latest reports state that one teenager has died in the incident and multiple people have been reported injured. The injured were taken to the Lawrence General Hospital; the doctors did not release details severity of the injuries.

Sep 14 12:18

Please Stop Telling Poor People to Leave Their Homes

Now, just like last year, armchair meteorologists are saying that residents who fail to leave areas affected by Hurricane Florence just don’t understand the danger. Frankly, that is an elitist mentality. It’s also not that simple.

Cost is a major factor for many people trying to decide whether to evacuate. Last year, the average price of one night’s stay in a hotel room in the U.S. during September was $128.52, according to Statista. If a family squeezed into a single hotel room for three nights, that would add up to $385.56. Many Americans don’t even have $500 in savings, making an unplanned hotel stay a significant financial burden. Add the cost of food and gas, and a family of four could quickly blow through whatever savings they had. Even if they resorted to a high-interest payday loan to cover evacuation expenses, leaving the area might get them fired.

Sep 14 12:02

CNN: Pentagon questions presence of Russian warships off Syrian coast

(*Allow me to give CNN the Short Answer: Trump said 'Assad is going to try again with the gas attack' , and Putin responded; 'you better hope he doesn't !')

Sep 14 11:58

NYPD officers charged in illicit gambling, prostitution operation

Seven active-duty New York Police Department officers are set to be arraigned Thursday on charges connected to their alleged roles in a prostitution and gambling ring.
What are the details?
The NYPD’s Internal Affairs Bureau was tipped off about the alleged operation by another cop and began investigating it in April 2015. All told, three sergeants, two detectives, two officers, and 40 civilians were charged Wednesday in connection with the illicit scheme.
NYPD Commissioner James P. O’Neill issued a statement following the arrests.
“Today, those who swore an oath and then betrayed it have felt the consequences of that infidelity,” he said. “The people of the Department are rightly held to the highest standard, and should they fail to meet it, the penalty will be swift and severe.”

Sep 14 11:56

Store clerk collapses after confronting teens. Do they call 911? Nah. But they do steal from store.

After a convenience store clerk confronted two teenage boys and then collapsed due to a medical emergency Saturday, the teens not only didn’t call 911 — but surveillance video also showed one kid apparently taking money from the stricken clerk’s hand before the pair stole from the cash register, KCPQ-TV reported.
Now the clerk — who has a stay-at-home wife and three children — is on life support, KOMO-TV said. And the culprits? Police said they’ve been identified but are still on the loose.

Sep 14 11:09

Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother AXED after 18 years: Channel 5 confirms FINAL series ahead of civilian show's live launch

Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother have been axed after 18 years on British television, Channel 5 confirmed in a statement on Friday.
The broadcaster made the announcement via its Twitter page, just hours ahead of the live launch of the last-ever civilian series.

Sep 14 11:08

'One day we will be reunited': Mother's tribute to her four children killed in a petrol bomb as she is forced to miss their funeral due to horrific burns while firefighters who tried to save them form a poignant guard of honour


Sep 14 11:07

Boy, 11, is left with horrific G-force injuries suffered by ASTRONAUNTS after 'bullies' recreated 'Roundabout of Death' YouTube playground stunt

A schoolboy was left with horrific injuries after 'bullies' forced him to recreate a YouTube stunt known as the 'Roundabout of Death'.

Sep 14 10:29

What about your workers? Amazon’s Bezos gets grief for $2bn fund to help homeless & children

Many on Twitter, however, did not hurry to heap praise on Bezos’ new endeavor, pointing out Amazon’s practices of underpaying its workers and forcing employees to work in stuffy warehouses without air conditioning.

Sep 14 10:12

Dallas police accused of smearing man killed by cop in his own apartment

An attorney for the family of a man shot dead by a police officer in the man's own apartment said a police affidavit shows investigators immediately sought evidence to discredit the victim. "They immediately began looking to smear him," said Lee Merritt, who represents the family of Botham Jean, who was shot dead in his own Dallas apartment Sept. 6.

Sep 14 10:11

Donald Trump Wouldn't Want To Know What Jimmy Carter Would Do With His Policies

Former President Jimmy Carter clearly has no love or respect for the policies
Former President Jimmy Carter clearly has no love or respect for the policies of President Donald Trump’s administration.

Sep 14 10:02

24 arrested in East Valley child sex crimes operation

Over a recent six-day period, undercover detectives placed ads on websites commonly used by suspects looking to perform illegal sex acts, particularly with children.

Mesa police say all 24 suspects solicited or made deals for various sex acts with the undercover detectives before they were arrested.

Suspects in this case range from the age of 21 to 80 years old.

"Crimes involving children are of the highest priority and I appreciate our partnership with all the agencies involved in the successful removal of these dangerous child predators from our community," said Mesa Police Chief Ramon Batista.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am appalled by sex crimes against children, but frankly this feels like entrapment to me.

Sep 14 09:42

Catastrophe Bondholders Panic As Insurers' Models Failed To Predict Hurricane Florence

Though it's still more than 500 mile out from the US coastline, Hurricane Florence is already pummeling the financial models that insurance companies - not to mention the investors who help capitalize insurers - use to price risk. Because of this, institutional and retail holders of so-called "catastrophe bonds" could brook huge losses that could deter them from buying these types of bonds in the future - which could deprive insurers of a crucial source of funding.

The bonds, which gained popularity in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew, allow insurers and reinsurers to transfer risk to a pool of investors. Basically, investors receive a premium if insurers go a set amount of time without paying out a major claim. But if a natural disaster strikes, bondholders will lose some or all of their principle.

Sep 14 09:41

Saudi Women In Riyadh Repeatedly Drop Baby To Get Better Punches Into Mass Burqa Catfight


Sep 14 09:40

Donald Trump Wouldn't Want To Know What Jimmy Carter Would Do With His Policies

Former President Jimmy Carter clearly has no love or respect for the policies of President Donald Trump’s administration.

Sep 14 09:40

Video shows Weinstein meeting with rape accuser

) A woman who accused Harvey Weinstein of rape has released a video

Sep 14 09:40

Couple who lost a home to Hurricane Sandy now grappling with Myrtle Beach evacuation: 'I want to sit down and sob'

The impending fury of Hurricane Florence has prompted evacuation orders for more than a million people along the Carolina coast, but one couple who made a last-minute decision to flee has an unenviable history with hurricanes.

Sep 14 09:38

Trump ex-campaign head Manafort to cooperate in Russia probe

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. President Donald Trump's former campaign chairman Paul Manafort will cooperate with Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe of Russian election meddling as part of a plea deal, prosecutors told a federal court in Washington on Friday.

Sep 14 09:38

The march of Chinese colonialism in Africa continues, finding yet another target: Zambia

China Is Secretly Taking Over Zambia

Sep 14 09:30

Hungary Attacked by the EU and 1 Evil Woman

Hungary Attacked by the EU and 1 Evil Woman

Judith and the EU take aim and Hungary and Viktor Orban with article 7 sanctions.

Sep 14 09:29

Article 13: What Happened? first-hand account.

Article 13: What Happened?

European Parliament

Sep 14 09:09

Hurricane Florence: Flood Danger to Brunswick Nuclear Plant on North Carolina Cape Fear River

The two reactor Brunswick nuclear plant on the Cape Fear River in North Carolina may be critically threatened by flooding from hurricane Florence. The nuclear plant has a sea wall designed to withstand 22 feet of flooding according to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

The National Weather Service in Wilmington NC reported on Thursday that the Cape Fear River is expected to crest at up to 22 feet on Tuesday Sept. 17 swollen by hurricane Florence storm surge and downpours.

The seawall was constructed following the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan after a tsunami overtopped the sea wall and damaged plant electric power and controls leading to catastrophic meltdowns and release of radiation.

Sep 14 09:06

Top dog! Family pet is elected mayor of Californian town – and has been given his own personalised pickup truck

A golden retriever has become a town's newly elected mayor.

Maximus Mighty Dog Mueller II, but more commonly known as Mayor Max, is the new top dog in the picturesque mountainside town of Idyllwild,California.

His duties include cruising around in a personalised pickup truck, making public appearances, ribbon cuttings and performing commands for treats.

Sep 14 07:36

Teacher arrested after shooting teen he accused of stealing his bicycle, police say. It gets worse.

A longtime Miami teacher shot a 16-year-old boy in the chest Wednesday, accusing the teen of stealing his bicycle and telling detectives he was standing his ground, officials told WTVJ-TV.
Frantz Noel, 47 — who teaches language at Van E. Blanton Elementary School— came home for lunch and heard a noise in the backyard of a property next door, authorities told WTVJ.
Noel checked things out and saw a pair of 16-year-old boys, after which an altercation ensued and Noel shot one of the teens, police told the station.