Feb 15 17:46

Something Amazing Was Discovered Hiding Inside Marijuana

Recently, two new exciting molecules have been discovered in a marijuana plant. They are variations on the familiar CBD and THC molecules; they have been named cannabidiphorol (CBDP) and ?9-tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THCP). THCP appears to be thirty times more effective than THC at stimulating the brain’s type one cannabinoid receptor, CB1. This receptor is responsible for producing the euphoria, or the high, associated with marijuana. This means that THCP is thirty times more potent than THC. Therefore, although the level of THCP in the marijuana is quite low, its ability to stimulate CB1 receptors and produce euphoria is quite powerful.

Feb 15 17:45

Former Clinton Advisor Warns Mike Bloomberg: “Before You Put Hillary on Your Ticket, Better Hire a Taster”

Former Clinton advisor Dick Morris fired a warning shot to Mike Bloomberg following Matt Drudge’s claim that Bloomberg was considering Hillary Clinton as a running mate.

Feb 15 17:44

Democrat Privilege: Biden Defends Obama’s Caged Border Children over Trump’s Caged Border Children (VIDEO)

Joe Biden went on with Univision’s Jorge Ramos this week in an attempt to garner support from the Hispanic community.
During their conversation Ramos brought up the cage kids at the US border during the Obama years.

Feb 15 17:42

“Lacked Candor (Lied) on Four Separate Occasions” – President Trump Responds to Deep State Verdict on Crooked Andrew McCabe

The Department of Justice on Friday announced it has dropped its criminal investigation of Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

Feb 15 17:42

This Didn’t Age Well… Michael Avenatti Spouts Off at Donald Trump Jr.

Creepy Porn Lawyer Michael Avenatti was convicted by a jury in U.S. District Court in Manhattan in the Nike extortion trial.

Feb 15 17:37

If AG Bill Barr Cares So Deeply About The Rule Of Law He Must Petition Court For A New Trial For Roger Stone

As reported by Gregg Re at Fox News earlier this week, there is substantial new evidence that the far left anti-Trump foreperson of the jury that convicted Roger Stone has a “history of Democratic activism and a string of anti-Trump, left-wing social media posts.”

Feb 15 17:36

HUGE! Author Lee Smith: “We Knew The Clinton Campaign Was Giving Information To FBI – It Now Appears FBI Was Giving Information To Clinton Campaign As Well” (VIDEO)

On Friday the FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was exonerated after admitting to leaking classified information to the press and lying about it under oath several times.

Feb 15 12:40

Coronavirus Epidemic Underestimated?

Feb 15 12:01

Zero-emission champion Tesla allowed to keep building Europe’s 1st Gigafactory by... sweeping out woods near Berlin

While Elon Musk advances his sustainability agenda, his ‘environmentally-friendly’ venture Tesla wages – and wins – a legal battle with locals who oppose leveling a pine forest to erect the company’s giant factory.

Defying protests among locals and an appeal by environmentalist groups, a local court gave the green light to Elon Musk’s Gigafactory 4 construction in the middle of a serene forest in the Gruenheide municipality – a place that ironically has the word ‘Green’ in its name if translated from German.

The ruling in favor of Tesla sank a lawsuit by two local environmentalist groups claiming that chopping trees occupying almost 92 hectares (227 acres) would lead to deforestation and an exodus of wildlife. Explaining the verdict, the court said the government’s environment agency didn’t find any reason to stop the factory construction.

Feb 15 11:05

Today another US patrol tried to cross an SAA checkpoint but was stopped & turned around.

US commander tells the Syrian officer "we are here to bring peace just like the Russians" , Syrian officer replied

Feb 15 10:52

Man who robbed bank to get away from wife sentenced to home confinement

A Kansas man who robbed a bank last September and told police that he was hoping to get caught so he would get prison time to escape his wife was sentenced Tuesday to six months .........

Feb 15 10:40

New Mars Curiosity Rover Pictures

We follow the Curiosity Rover on Mars as it climbs up a Martian mountain named Mount Sharp. We have selected only the clearest footage from Mars to give you a sense of actually being there alongside Curiosity. All the places that NASA has explored have been given nicknames, which you will see in the video. Some of the images have been 'white balanced' by NASA to give geologists a clearer view of the rocks.

A quick summary of the Journey:

Feb 15 10:35

American Citizens Killed and Tortured by Israel?

One of the principal functions of a United States Embassy overseas is to provide citizen services, which includes coming to the assistance of Americans who are treated badly by the local government. It is a responsibility that most embassies take seriously, with the exception of the facility currently located in Jerusalem.

America’s current ambassador, former Trump bankruptcy lawyer David Friedman, has funded Israel’s illegal settlements, which did not in any way complicate his confirmation as nearly everyone in Congress and the White House does not believe that the Palestinians actually are human beings.

What the U.S. Embassy under Friedman will not do is put any real pressure on the Israeli government if its security forces or rampaging settlers kill, beat, maim or torture an American citizen, especially if said citizen happens to be of Palestinian descent.

Feb 15 09:56

Power-Drunk YouTube Censors Floor Speech Of Sen Rand Paul For Naming Alleged 'Whistleblower'

The decision appears to have come just two days after President Trump praised the Big Tech giants as "MAGA."

Feb 15 09:27

Trump admin ordering elite tactical units to enforce immigration law at sanctuary cities, and they're already angry

The Trump administration confirmed a plan to send elite tactical units to enforce immigration law in sanctuary cities and officials in several municipalities are already criticizing the new policy.

Feb 15 09:26

Trans woman reports man to police for his ‘gender critical’ tweets. Judge says too bad — that’s free speech.

A British judge ruled Friday that a man who issued "gender critical" comments on Twitter is protected by free speech.

Feb 15 08:48

Duterte’s gambit: Why Americans should thank the hot-headed leader of the Philippines

Written by
Lyle J. Goldstein

With the world’s focus on the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s easy to see how the recent shocking news from Manila might have been missed. During any normal news cycle, however, the announcement by the government of the Philippines that it had served official notice to Washington that it was terminating the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA), would amount to a geopolitical tsunami. That agreement represents the bedrock of this long-term bilateral alliance, as it provides the legal framework governing all U.S.-Philippines military cooperation. According to one senior U.S. State Department official quoted in a recent New York Times article, that cooperation has “allowed for about 300 joint exercises annually between the American and Philippine militaries,” but those operations are now “at risk.”

Feb 15 08:28

White House Justifies Killing Soleimani for Past Actions, not Imminent Threats

Trump can't get his reasons straight for murdering the General. He can't tell the truth about the casualties. He violated US law and International law by murdering Soleimani after luring him to Baghdad. Trump is nothing but a zionist/neocon minion! Here is the law if anyone cares to read it.

The White House released a memo on Friday to Congress justifying the assassination of top Iranian general Qassem Soleimani. Despite earlier claims from the administration of Soleimani and his Quds Force planning imminent attacks on US personnel in the region, the memo uses past actions as the justification for the killing.

Feb 15 08:27

Left-wing NY Times columnist Paul Krugman declares that 'Bernie Sanders Isn't a Socialist.' And we laughed, and laughed, and laughed.

New York Times op-ed writer Paul Krugman — a lauded economist — has been with greater frequency of late delving into political punditry, albeit with varying degrees of success.

Feb 15 08:26

Katie Couric says she is 'shocked' by Fox News, and watching it makes her 'crazy'

Former "Today" co-host Katie Couric criticized coverage of politics from Fox News, saying it "shocked" her and that watching it made her "crazy."

Feb 15 08:26

Chad Prather delivers brilliant rant explaining the rise and fall of disgraced lawyer Michael Avenatti

Friday, disgraced lawyer Micheal Avenatti was found guilty on the charge of extortion in a case that involved Nike. Chad Prather delivered a brilliant rant about Avenatti's misdeeds and provided biting commentary about the "legacy" Avenatti will leave behind.

Feb 15 07:48

US Patrol Turned Back at Syrian Army Checkpoint. US Officer: “We Are Here to Bring Peace Just Like the Russians”

More footage from the February 12 standoff between a US patrol and Syrian villagers and soldiers in the village of Khirbet Amo in northeastern Syria. The standoff eventually resulted in

American reinforcements arriving in 5 additional vehicles,
the Russians arriving on the scene to try to calm things down,
a molotov cocktail being thrown at one of the American vehicles,
the Americans killing one of the villagers,
the Syrians opening rifle fire on armored US vehicles,
F-16s circling overhead, firing flares from a low altitude,
and the Americans in the end nonetheless retreating and going back to base.

The exchange between the US commander and a Syrian officer through an Iraqi translator the Americans have with them:

– “We Are Here to Bring Peace Just Like the Russians”

– “Wherever the US goes it brings death and destruction, you are not welcome here.”

Feb 15 07:47

President Trump to start the engines at Daytona 500 — and Fox News report says he'll take a lap in the presidential limo

President Donald Trump is already set to start the engines at the NASCAR Daytona 500 car race, but according to a Fox News report he's also planning to do a lap around the course in the presidential limousine.

Feb 15 07:47

Is it rude to recline your seat on an airplane? Debate rages as Delta's CEO says it's 'proper' to ask permission first

Last month, a woman flying on an American Airlines flight took video of the man behind her repeatedly hitting the back of her seat as she reclined. After posting the clip to social media on Saturday, it went viral, sparking a debate over who was in the wrong.

Feb 15 07:47

Even Without Green New Deal, Trump's America #1 in Reducing CO2 Emissions for 2019

Stunning climate data released Tuesday indicates that the international emission of environmentally harmful carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere began to plateau last year after two years of substantial increases.

Feb 15 07:41

The Metal Trump Wants More Than Gold

Global dominance at this point in the game means control of the rare earths elements that form the backbone of existing technology and the future of technology, and while everyone is busy playing at war with oil and gas, Beijing is busy sitting on a monopoly of our most precious strategic metals.

There are 16 metals in total that form the world’s strategically critical rare-earth elements--and China controls the supply of every single one because it controls 96% of production.

One of these crucial metals is Cesium.

It’s worth up to twice the price of gold, ounce for ounce, there are only three producing mines in the world, and all of them are controlled by China.

Feb 15 07:37



Karl Marx describes in his communist manifesto, the ten steps necessary to destroy a free enterprise system and replace it with a system of omnipotent government power, so as to effect a communist socialist state. Those ten steps are known as the Ten Planks of The Communist Manifesto… The following brief presents the original ten planks within the Communist Manifesto written by Karl Marx in 1848, along with the American adopted counterpart for each of the planks. From comparison it's clear MOST Americans have by myths, fraud and deception under the color of law by their own politicians in both the Republican and Democratic and parties, been transformed into Communists.

Another thing to remember, Karl Marx in creating the Communist Manifesto designed these planks AS A TEST to determine whether a society has become communist or not. If they are all in effect and in force, then the people ARE practicing communists.

Feb 15 07:34

DOJ says it will not pursue charges against former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. Does this implicate James Comey?

The Department of Justice announced Friday that it would not pursue charges against former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe following a yearslong investigation into whether he lied to the department about having authorization to leak information to the media during an agency investigation in 2016.

Feb 15 07:34

WATCH: Glenn Beck exposes MORE Biden corruption, this time with communist China

By now you've probably heard all about former Vice President Joe Biden's alleged corruption in Ukraine with his son, Hunter, and the Ukrainian energy company, Burisma. But as it turns out, the Biden family's dubious dealings weren't limited to Ukraine, but extended to China as well.

Feb 15 07:34

Coronavirus Cripples Communist China, But US Lab Needed Only 3 Hours To Find Vaccine: Report

A team of San Diego laboratory scientists has reportedly created a vaccine for the coronavirus, or COVID-19, and in potentially record-breaking time.

Feb 15 07:33

Protesters Confront Joe Biden with 'Drop Out, Joe!' Chants, Perform Eulogy for His Campaign

Once considered the front-runner for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, former Vice President Joe Biden was met with chants of “Drop out, Joe!” and encountered a mock funeral for his campaign Thursday in New York.

Feb 15 07:33

Mitch McConnell Lays Out Post-Impeachment Plans: Get More Trump Judges on the Bench

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell promised now that the impeachment trial is over, the Senate will be moving forward to approve more of President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees.

Feb 15 07:33

Video Shows College Football Player Lift Up and Body-Slam Police Officer

An Ohio police officer was slammed to the pavement by a college football player after police responded to a call, according to video footage of the incident.

Feb 15 07:32

Store Cashier Offers Free Food to Customers in Need If They Can Solve Simple Math Problems

A convenience store in New York City has gained national attention for offering free items to customers who can flex their mathematical muscles.

Feb 15 07:32

Video: DNC chair on Bernie Sanders' socialism: There's no 'ideological divide' in our party

After spending years arguing that accusations of socialism against Democrats were merely Republican smears, it seems like the Democratic Party may be preparing to fully embrace the label as Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is emerging as the front-runner to win the 2020 presidential nomination.

Feb 15 07:32

The Army rejects President Trump's nudging and won't investigate Lt. Col. Vindman over impeachment testimony

Despite President Trump's nudging, the Army will not investigate Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman regarding his testimony to impeachment investigators, a top leader in the service said Friday.

Feb 15 07:30

Attorney General William Barr’s Personal Ties to Jeffrey Epstein

There is concern over William Barr’s involvement in Epstein’s case, not only for the way he handled Robert Mueller’s testimony over the Russian probe, but because of his personal ties with Epstein himself.
Barr Worked at the Law Firm which Represented Epstein in 2008

Feb 15 07:26

As Black Violence Rises in Philadelphia, New Black Female Police Commissioner First Act Allows for More Stylish Finger Nails... An Act to Defeat White Supremacy Within Police Force

Homicides are up 26 percent in 2020 Philadelphia.

But this is of little concern to the new black female police commissioner of Philadelphia.

As the grotesquely corpulent black singer would sing, ” do my hair toss / Check my nails / Baby how you feelin’? / Feeling good as hell”… [New Philly Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw is already making changes — starting with her fingernails, Philadelphia Inquirer, February 1, 2020]:

Feb 15 07:19

Pink Floyd Rocker Calls President Trump ‘Mass Murderer’

Roger Waters, the bassist of the band Pink Floyd — which was good, like, 25 years ago — ripped President Donald Trump as a “tyrant and mass murderer” and said his supporters have turned the America into a “fool’s hell.”

Feb 15 07:19

Corrupt Media Hid This ‘Til Now: Joe Biden Told Group of Black Mayors Last Year that Black “Parents Can’t Read or Write Themselves”

Joe Biden shocked a group of black mayors last year when he told them black parents “can’t read or write themselves.”

Feb 15 07:19

Things Go Bad for Home Invader When Dad Catches Him in Daughter's Room

Less than two months into the new year and we may just have a prime candidate for the all-but-official American “Father of the Year” award.

Feb 15 07:19

Marissa Martinez: Warren’s Campaign Silenced Minority Female Staffers. Why Are We Shocked?

In Nevada more than half a dozen female minority staffers have departed Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign. Talk about bad timing: There are only 15 days left until Nevada’s caucus.

Feb 15 07:18

Rep. Pressley Claims Legal System Is Biased Against Women, but They're Only 7% of Prison Population

Rep. Ayanna Pressley was supposed to be the rational member of “the squad,” if just by default.

Feb 15 07:18

The Man Who Built ACLU Into National Power Says ACLU Now ‘Intellectually Dishonest’

In an interview with Spiked, the man who was the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union from 1978 to 2001 and turned the organization into a national power slammed the organization for abandoning its core principles of defending free speech, asserting that the organization is “intellectually dishonest.”

Feb 15 06:49

BREAKING: Roger Stone’s Attorneys File Sealed Motion For New Trial

This comes after news broke this week that several jurors in his DC trial were committed leftists. And wicked Judge Amy Berman Jackson has a long biased and corrupt record on the bench.

Feb 15 06:49

Hypocrisy: Dems Cry About Trump Weighing in on Stone, But Obama Did Same Thing for Clinton

While many Democratic leaders decried President Donald Trump making his feelings known about the Roger Stone case, there was no such uproar when former President Barack Obama weighed in on the Justice Department’s investigation into Hillary Clinton.

Feb 15 06:48

Millionaire Warren Brags About Taking Half of Broke Student's Money

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren appeared on MSNBC after her fourth-place primary finish Tuesday in the New Hampshire primary and bragged about taking money from a broke student.

Feb 15 06:48

Democrats Want An Amendment To Protect Women From Persecution. The Problem Is That Women Aren’t Being Persecuted.

Democrats, who remain dedicated to the notion that women are oppressed in our country despite an utter lack of evidence to support the claim, are now attempting to revive the defunct Equal Rights Amendment. The harmless sounding Amendment states: “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.”

Feb 15 06:47

Pot-Smoking Parents Name Children After Marijuana Plants. Internet Applauds It.

Twitter is going wild for one pot-smoking couple who named their daughters after two marijuana plants – SaTiva and Indica.

Feb 15 06:30

5 Hilarious Cartoons Show The Exact Status Of Bernie Sanders 2020 Campaign

It sure looks like Bernie Sanders is the Democratic Party’s new 2020 frontrunner which has party leaders in a panic.

Feb 15 06:30

WARNING: Coronavirus Pandemic Could Lead To A Massive Global Medicine Shortage

China not only poses an imminent national security threat to the United States militarily and economically, but America relies on the coronavirus plagued communist regime to manufacture nearly all pharmaceutical drugs and medicines, warns award-winning author Rosemary Gibson.

Feb 15 06:30

Thousands of Aborted Babies Were Laid To Rest After Being Found in Abortionist's House of Horrors

Five months after 2,411 aborted babies were found in the home of a former abortionist after his death, they were finally buried on Wednesday.

Feb 15 06:30

KHAN: The Addiction Epidemic Cripples The Working Poor

Recent protests in Los Angeles over attempts to end homeless encampments in public areas signal just how deranged many progressives have become over the pressing issue of addiction and homelessness in California and elsewhere. As the Los Angeles Times reported:

Feb 15 06:29

BREAKING: Elite Border Patrol Tactical Agents Deploying To Sanctuary Cities In Crackdown

The Trump administration is reportedly sending elite federal tactical units from the southern border to sanctuary cities across the United States in an effort to boost Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) ability to enforce federal immigration laws.

Feb 15 06:29

Ashley Judd Reacts To ‘Misogynistic Savages’ Mocking Her Puffy Face In Warren Campaign Ad, Says Her Botox Is Medical

On Tuesday, actress and feminist activist Ashley Judd made an appearance in a campaign ad for Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren.

Feb 15 06:29

New Details Emerge In Ilhan Omar’s Marriage Scandal

New details involving far-left Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) marital scandal emerged on Friday after a British publication reported that Omar is paying her ex-husband to stay quiet about her alleged affair.

Feb 15 06:29

HGTV’s ‘House Hunters’ Features First Throuple Family

History was made on HGTV this week when the show “House Hunters” featured its first-ever throuple in search of a home to settle down. This particular throuple consisted of a man and two women.

Feb 15 06:28

Army Won’t Investigate Alexander Vindman After Trump Suggests They Should

Former National Security Council staffer Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman will not be investigated for violating military principles over his testimony against President Donald Trump, the Army announced Friday.

Feb 15 06:19

Delta Airlines CEO Says Passengers Should Get Permission To Recline Seats

Have airline companies become so fattened within their ivory tower of monopoly rule that CEOs can no longer grasp the meaning of customer service? The latest reaction from Delta’s top brass Ed Bastian regarding the viral story about a rude American Eagle passenger slugging the reclined seat in front of him indicates that may be so.

Feb 15 06:18

Shocker: Far-Left New York Mayor Bill De Blasio Endorses Socialist Bernie Sanders

The far-left, borderline socialist Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, has endorsed the openly socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for the 2020 Democratic Party presidential nomination.

Feb 15 06:18

Biologically Male Runner Invited to Compete as Female in US Olympic Trials

Biological male trans athlete Megan Youngren was invited to compete in the US Olympic trials this year.
Youngren will make history as the first openly trans athlete to compete with female athletes in a US Olympic trial.

Feb 15 06:18

Lindsey Graham Asks Barr to Make Witnesses Available For Probe Into ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ – Comey, McCabe, Yates, Rosenstein to be Called In

Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham on Friday sent a letter to Attorney General Bill Barr formally asking him to make witnesses available for the committee’s probe into ‘Crossfire Hurricane.’

Feb 15 06:17

FANTASTIC! President Trump Will Be Daytona 500 Grand Marshal – And Will Reportedly Take A Lap At Daytona 500 Speedway In The “Beast” Presidential Limo

The White House announced this week that President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump will attend the Daytona 500 this weekend at the Daytona International Speedway.

Feb 15 06:17

Sean Hannity: “Sources Are Telling Me… Those That Did Premeditated FISA Fraud… THEY’RE ABOUT TO SEE THEIR WORLD’S ROCKED” (VIDEO)

The deep state DOJ exonerated Andrew McCabe today after the former FBI Deputy Director admitted to lying under oath and leaking classified documents to the Wall Street Journal in order to damage President Trump.

Feb 15 06:17

Attorney Michael Avenatti Found Guilty Of Trying To Extort Nike

A federal court in New York convicted celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti on Friday on three counts of trying to extort $25 million from Nike.

Feb 15 06:16

McConnell Readies Senate For Two Major Pro-Life Bills

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is readying the Senate to vote on two powerful pro-life bills: South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham’s Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy unless it resulted from rape, incest, or the mother’s life were endangered, and Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse’s Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which “in the case of an abortion or attempted abortion that results in a child born alive,” would ensure that a health care provider present must act to preserve the life of the child.

Feb 15 06:08

Corrupt US Attorney Jessie Liu Resigns From Trump Administration Following Nomination Withdrawal

The former US Attorney who oversaw the Roger Stone and Mike Flynn persecution prosecutions resigned this week after Trump withdrew her nomination for a job at the Treasury Department.

Feb 15 06:07

VIOLENT LEFTIST Who Was Caught on Tape Destroying and Spitting on UCSC GOP Display Booth Is Identified as Queer Activist

A queer activist was caught on video destroying a Republican display booth, ripping signs, spitting on the US flag and assaulting members of the College Republican club who were working the booth on the UCSC campus.

Feb 15 06:07

WAR ON THE RIGHT: How Conservatives are Being Attacked and Sent to Prison in Europe by Unholy Alliance between Antifa and the Deep State

As Roger Stone is threatened with up to 9 years in prison on trumped-up procedural charges, conservative figures around the world are coming under fire from an unholy alliance of Deep State, Soros NGOs and violent left-wing Antifa, with the full complicity of the Media. Amen for the 2nd Amendment.

Feb 15 06:06

WTH?… US Attorney Jessie Liu Recommended Criminal Charges Against McCabe in September – Liu Resigns and DOJ Drops Charges Against McCabe

Then-US Attorney Jessie Liu in September formally recommended pursuing criminal charges against former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.
The charges against McCabe were related to his false statements to feds in the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton.

Feb 15 06:06

It Wasn’t Iowa’s Fault! DNC “Intimately Involved” in Hillary-Linked Junk Caucus App

Their new app crapped out in its first big test — The first partial results were not disclosed until 4 PM Tuesday afternoon – nearly 24 hours after the caucuses ended.
The final results took nearly a week and are still being challenged.

Feb 15 06:05

EXCLUSIVE: Judge Refuses Attorney Request for Evidentiary Hearing on FBI Seth Rich Document Search – But Provides No Reason Why – Judicial Watch Now Requesting Documents

But Provides No Reason Why – Judicial Watch Now Requesting Documents
After getting caught lying to the Courts and claiming there were no documents related to Seth Rich, emails between FBI Deep State lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were uncovered with the title “Seth Rich” by Judicial Watch in a different matter.

Feb 15 06:04

Alec Baldwin Rants At Trump: U.S. Government Like ‘The Malignant Dictatorships We’ve Hated’

On Wednesday, apparently triggered by the Department of Justice requesting that the prospective sentence against President Trump’s former associate Roger Stone be reduced, actor Alec Baldwin, who has a vitriolic hatred for the president, launched a Twitter rant in which he compared Trump to Hitler, slammed GOP senators for their “sniveling fealty and lack of courage,” and theorized that the economy was heading downward and thus would stimulate “fascistic thinking.”

Feb 15 06:04

WATCH: Charles Barkley On Kobe: ‘You Have To Tell The Picture In Totality’

In the wake of controversy over whether the sexual assault allegations against NBA legend Kobe Bryant should be mentioned after he was tragically killed along with his daughter and seven other passengers in a helicopter crash on January 24, Hall of Famer Charles Barkley told NBC’s Today, “ … he had a flaw that we all know about … You have to tell the picture in totality.”

Feb 15 04:40

One Year Ago Today AG Barr Sworn In – One Year Later Corrupt Mueller Gang Coup Is Over But Deep State DOJ and FBI Still In Place

President Trump fired incompetent and potential traitor AG Jeff Sessions the day after the 2018 election. Sessions had recused himself from doing his duties as soon as he was swore in as AG in 2017 and never told the President his intentions.

Feb 15 04:40

Trump Supporter Cleaning San Francisco Silences Liberal Critics With A Simple Question (VIDEO)

Scott Presler is a Trump supporter who has led volunteer clean-up efforts in multiple American cities.

Feb 15 04:24

BREAKING: AG Barr Installs Outside Prosecutor to Review Abusive Case Against General Flynn

US Attorney General Bill Barr has assigned an outside prosecutor to review the abusive case against General Mike Flynn.
Barr also assigned a handful of prosecutors to review other cases in the US Attorney’s office in DC.

Feb 15 04:24

Andrew McCabe Admitted to Lying to FBI Officials About Leaking Classified Info the Wall Street Journal — Today the DOJ Dropped All Charges Against Him

The Department of Justice dropped all charges against former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe on Friday.
Andrew McCabe lied to federal investigators — and admitted it.
He gets to walk free.

Feb 15 04:22

VIOLENT LEFTIST Who Was Caught on Tape Destroying and Spitting on UCSC GOP Display Booth Is Identified as Queer Activist

A queer activist was caught on video destroying a Republican display booth, ripping signs, spitting on the US flag and assaulting members of the College Republican club who were working the booth on the UCSC campus.

Feb 15 04:21

Corrupt US Attorney Jessie Liu Resigns From Trump Administration Following Nomination Withdrawal

The former US Attorney who oversaw the Roger Stone and Mike Flynn persecution prosecutions resigned this week after Trump withdrew her nomination for a job at the Treasury Department.

Feb 15 04:17

REPORT: John Durham Continues to Focus on John Brennan’s Role in the Genesis of the Notorious Russia-Collusion Hoax

In October news broke that Attorney General Bill Barr and US Prosecutor John Durham were expanding their investigation on the origin of the Russia-collusion hoax.

Feb 15 04:17

Socialist Sanders, Hater Of The 1 Percent, Sure Loves Flying First Class (And On Private Jets)

Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Democratic socialist who owns three houses, loves his private airplanes. And he may hate the 1 percent, but he loves flying first class, too.

Feb 15 04:01

“It Is An Absolute Disgrace – That They Put My Family Through This Experience For Two Years!” – Andrew McCabe LASHES OUT At DOJ Following Exoneration (Video)

The Department of Justice on Friday announced it has dropped its criminal investigation of Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

Feb 15 03:59

US Army Refuses To Investigate Treasonous Bastard Alexander Vindman Despite President’s Request — Will Move Him To Full-Time Position At Military College

Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy said on Friday there will be no investigation of treasonous bastard Alexander Vindman despite President Trump’s announcement that the Pentagon will look into the actions of the former NSC officer.

Feb 14 17:55

Border Patrol To Deploy Elite Tactical Agents To Sanctuary Cities As “Part Of Supercharged Arrest Operation”

The US Border Patrol will be deploying elite tactical agents to sanctuary cities as a “part of a supercharged arrest operation.”

Feb 14 17:55

“Drop Out, Joe!” Joe Biden Heckled Walking Out Of Wall Street Fundraiser (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Thursday was heckled by far-left protesters as he walked out of a Wall Street fundraiser in New York City.

Feb 14 17:55

BREAKING: DOJ Will Not Charge Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe — Attorneys Say ‘Case is Closed’

The Department of Justice on Friday announced it has dropped its criminal investigation of Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

Feb 14 17:54

“It Is an Absolute Disgrace – That They Put My Family Through This Experience for Two Years!” – Andrew McCabe LASHES OUT at DOJ Following Exoneration (Video)

The Department of Justice on Friday announced it has dropped its criminal investigation of Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

Feb 14 17:53

WHOA! Ilhan Omar’s First and Third Husband Walked in On Her with Her Newest Lover!

According to reports Ilhan Omar’s first and third husband Ahmed Hirsi walked in on her and her latest lover Tim Mynett while the two were lounging around in their pajamas.

Feb 14 17:52

DEEP STATE FLIPS BIRD TO AMERICA! Lisa Page Toasts Andrew McCabe After Exoneration!

The Department of Justice on Friday announced it dropped its criminal investigation of Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.
Andrew McCabe leaked, then lied to federal investigators — and admitted it.
He gets to walk free.

Feb 14 17:51

Dems Looking to Steal Wisconsin Supreme Court Seat Next Week in Non-Partisan Primary

Next Tuesday is critical primary election for a State Supreme Court Justice in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Democrats’ are hoping to attempt at a silent coup of the state courts.

Feb 14 17:50

WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: Get Ready for Democrat Presidential Nominee Bernie Sanders

Pick your poison. It just can’t get any worse for Democrats. They are in a UFC chokehold. They are politically dead in any direction they move.

Feb 14 17:44

Alabama Democrat Proposes Bill To Force Men To Get Vasectomies At Age 50

A Democratic lawmaker in Alabama has proposed a law that would require all men to have vasectomies within one month of their 50th birthdays — or after the birth of their third child, “whichever comes first.”

Feb 14 17:44

Corrupt Stone Judge Amy Berman Jackson Wanted To Jail Conservative Journalist For Exposing Juror Bias

Several months ago, during the early days of Roger Stone’s trial, the prosecution and defense teams were busy fighting over what jurors would end up making the final cut for the official jury pool and alternates. Obama appointed Judge Amy Berman Jackson, who has ruled against every conservative figure or cause that has ever come before her court, would routinely ignore the concerns of Stone’s defense team about juror bias.