Dec 31 12:38

Deputy killed, 6 others shot in suburban Denver; gunman believed dead

Five deputies and two civilians shot as domestic violence call turns into shootout

At least one deputy is dead and four other officers wounded after a domestic disturbance call turned into a shootout early Sunday morning in suburban Denver, the Douglas County Sheriff's Office confirmed. The gunman, who also wounded two civilians, was shot and is believed to be dead.

Dec 31 12:35

U.S. military to accept transgender recruits on Monday: Pentagon

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Transgender people will be allowed for the first time to enlist in the U.S. military starting on Monday as ordered by federal courts, the Pentagon said on Friday, after President Donald Trump’s administration decided not to appeal rulings that blocked his transgender ban.Two federal appeals courts, one in Washington and one in Virginia, last week rejected the administration’s request to put on hold orders by lower court judges requiring the military to begin accepting transgender recruits on Jan. 1.

Dec 31 12:21

Erica Garner, Who Became An Activist After Her Father's Death, Dies

In 2014, Erica Garner led a protest march in New York City after a grand jury decided not to indict a police officer involved in the death of her father, Eric Garner.

Activist Erica Garner has died, after suffering brain damage following a heart attack. She was 27 years old.

Dec 31 11:50

The LAPD has arrested a man in connection with the Kansas swatting death

The Los Angeles Police Department has arrested a 25-year-old man who is suspected of sending a SWAT team to a private residence in Kansas, resulting in the death of a 28-year-old man.

Dec 31 11:20

China Shuts Down Its Legal Ivory Trade


Dec 31 10:57

BOOM! Lindsey Graham Drops HUGE New Hint On Steele Dossier | ‘I’m Very Disturbed By What I’ve Just Learned’

Graham is disturbed. This is serious for Lindsey. He says it's new information he's obtained in the last 48 hours. This is about to break wide open.


Dec 31 10:41

'The fruit of war': Pope orders harrowing image of boy carrying his dead brother following the nuclear bombing of Nagasaki be printed and distributed

Harrowing images show boy carrying his dead brother to a crematorium in 1945
They were both victims of the bombing of Nagasaki at the end of World War II
Pope Francis requested images be distributed and captioned 'the fruit of war'

Dec 31 10:36

The Cabal Initiates The First Event, Let The Games Begin

Obama tries to convince the public not to listen to social media. South Korea captures the Chinese vessel that was smuggling oil to NK. Russia & Turkey sign S400 deal.

Dec 31 10:32


Here's a collection of several raw clips from the Iran protests.


Dec 31 09:59

Iran - Early U.S. Support For Rioters Hints At A Larger Plan

In Iran - Regime Change Agents Hijack Economic Protests we looked at the developing U.S.-Israeli operation to instigate a revolt in Iran. What follows are a few more background points and a view on the developments since. A color revolution or revolt in Iran have only little chances of success. But even as the fail they can be used as pretext for additional sanctions and other anti-Iranian measures. The current incidents are thus only one part of a much larger plan.

Dec 31 09:51

POLICE AUDIO | Here's The Prank 911 SWATTING Call That Got An Innocent Man Killed...

Here's the 911 call that got everything started. What a tragic and bizarre story.


Dec 31 09:46


These are the picks of Carlos Latuff

Dec 31 09:40

Community donates $20,000 to beekeepers after hives destroyed by vandals

Tori and Justin Engelhardt’s worst fears became a reality when they discovered vandals had broken into their bee farm and killed half a million bees.

Dec 31 09:40

The LAPD has arrested a man in connection with the Kansas swatting death

The Los Angeles Police Department has arrested a 25-year-old man who is suspected of sending a SWAT team to a private residence in Kansas, resulting in the death of a 28-year-old man.

Dec 31 09:21

Check Out This Stinking Pile Of Garbage From Bret Stephens: New York Times Column On Trump’s Achievements

Stephens has severe Trump Derangement Syndrome. He LOVES everything Trump has accomplished, but won't give Trump credit because of his personality.


Dec 31 09:13

House Permanent Select Committee Intel Chair Devin Nunes goes after DOJ and FBI for not producing subpoenaed documents or witnesses

House Permanent Select Committee Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes sent a letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Friday in response to The Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation’s “failure to produce” key documents and witnesses that were subpoenaed over four months ago which relate to the Trump/Steele dossier.

Dec 31 08:32

Donald Trump becomes the first president in 40 years not to visit Canada in his first year

Ronald Reagan made his first presidential trip to Canada four months into his term.
George H.W. Bush visited Canada just three weeks into his term.
For Bill Clinton, it was two-and-a-half months. For George W. Bush, it was three months. And for Barack Obama, it was one month.

Dec 31 08:32

California high school football player can't be forced to stand for national anthem, court rules

An Imperial County high school football player must be allowed to kneel during the singing of the national anthem and can't be ordered by his school to stand for the performances, a federal court has ruled.

Dec 31 08:17

'The marriage was over long before anyone believed': Louise Redknapp 'filed for divorce from Jamie NINE MONTHS ago... just weeks after the end of the Strictly tour'

Louise Redknapp reportedly filed for divorce from husband Jamie in March, despite their decree nisi only being granted on Friday.
Insiders tell The Sun, the 43-year-old songstress filed for divorce from the footballer nine months ago, just weeks after the end of the Strictly Come Dancing Tour. Her part on the show has been widely reported to have contributed to the split.

Dec 31 08:03

Pope circulates Nagasaki image under heading, ‘The fruit of war'

Francis, for this holiday period, asked that a small card be printed and distributed, which on its reverse side carries the inscription, “The fruit of war,” running above the pope’s signature. The front side of the card displays a picture taken by American photographer Joseph Roger O’Donnell, a Marine who worked for four years after the atomic blasts in Hiroshima and Nagasaki documenting their impact. The shot shows a young Japanese boy standing in line at a crematorium with his dead younger brother on his back.

Dec 31 07:55

Police nab 'Nigerian prince.' He's a 67-year-old guy in Slidell. Who knew?

Michael Neu, 67, has been arrested and charged with 269 counts of wire fraud and money laundering following an 18-month-long investigation by the Slidell Police Department's Financial Crimes Division. Police said Thursday (Dec. 28) that Neu, of Slidell, is suspected of being the "middle man'' in hundreds of scams to separate people from their money.

Dec 31 07:54

A 7-Year-Old Boy Died After His Father's Girlfriend Shot Him in the Chest, Police Say

A 7-year-old Texas boy died after his father's girlfriend opened fire as the man drove away with his son and two other children, police said Friday.
Greenville police said Kaden Green died at a hospital after being taken there by a witness following the shooting Thursday afternoon.

Dec 31 06:59

Re-reading the Greats: Jean Paul Sartre, Pepe Escobar, et. al.

For our bi-polar world....

I’ve been reading Pepe Escobar’s articles for over 30 years–since the time I would read re-prints of his “Asia Times” articles in The Japan Times–my daily reading when I lived in Japan. These days, I mostly catch his work at a number of excellent global websites.

Dec 31 06:46

Did the CIA stop a bloodbath in Saint Petersburg? The Saker

I am not holding my breath for the future, but any positive development deserves some recognition, especially in our otherwise very depressing times.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin has thanked his US counterpart Donald Trump for help in preventing a terrorist attack in St. Petersburg. Data provided by the CIA enabled Russian security services to find and detain terrorists

The Russian leader expressed his gratitude in a telephone call, adding that the Russian security services would also always share information with their US colleagues, were they to obtain data on any planned attacks on US soil.

Dec 31 06:33


(*VIDEO at source)
2017 presented the world with a number of crises, among which were the continued wars in the Middle Ease and the spread of terrorism, the humanitarian crises in Africa and Asia, the rising military tensions over North Korea’s missile and nuclear programs, and the militarization of both the South China Sea and eastern Europe. Throughout the past year regional and global powers have repeatedly been on the verge of open military conflict, any of which may yet still lead to large regional wars.

In the Middle East the war on ISIS, the Iran nuclear deal, the crisis in Lebanon, and Israeli-Arab tensions took center stage.

By the end of the year, the self-proclaimed caliphate of ISIS had fully collapsed in both Syria and Iraq. Thanks to the efforts of the alliance between Syria, Iran, Russia, and Hezbollah, along with the Iraqi forces and the US-led coalition,>>>

(*for our purposes , some granules of BEX! may need to be picked out of this piece)

Dec 31 05:36

‘Nigerian prince’ finally arrested: 67yo American behind 100s of scam emails

The mastermind who claimed to be Nigerian royalty in order to conduct a well-known ‘phishing’ email scam has been arrested in Louisiana.

Michael Neu, 67, was arrested this week following an 18-month investigation by Slidell Police Department's Financial Crimes Division. He has been charged with 269 counts of wire fraud and money laundering and is believed to have set up hundreds of scam email accounts costing unassuming citizens thousands of dollars.

The scam emails involve a well-known trope that is almost as old as the internet: A person claiming to be a Nigerian prince, or their representative, emails you requesting personal financial information in order to expedite the transfer of a massive inheritance of which you were hitherto unaware.


Dec 30 21:53

Not a bad end to the year! Lucky Lotto winner scoops the biggest jackpot of 2017 with prize of £24.5million

Lucky ticket holder claimed the £24,501,283 scoop on Saturday
The winner has yet to go public but has won the biggest lottery sum for 2017
The money will be paid out at a ticket validation appointment, when banks open
Do you know who scooped the prize? Contact

Dec 30 20:18

Jordan’s King Arrests Brothers and Cousin in Suspected Saudi-led Coup

King Abdullah spared no time in arresting both his brothers and cousin; Prince Faisal bin Hussein, Prince Ali bin Hussein and Prince Talal bin Muhammad after Jordanian intelligence services alerted the King that there was communication between the brothers and cousin and Saudi and Emirati leaders; Mohammad bin Salman and Mohammed bin Zayed.

Dec 30 14:38

Top Ten Raging Feminist Fails

Year End Review

Unlike other leftist groups, feminists hit us at our most vulnerable spots: our wives, our husbands, our children, our bedrooms and our houses of worship.

They get personal.

Not only do they seek to brainwash our daughters into becoming promiscuous she-wolves who spend their weekends waving "My P–ssy, My Choice" signs at an Amber Rose "SlutWalk," they also conspire to mutate every man into a sniveling pajama boy and transform our view of children as blessings from on high into commodities for self-fulfillment.

With the election of President Trump, 2017 offered plenty, some might even say far-too-many, raging feminist moments for us to laugh (or fulminate) at as we head into the New Year.

Here are the Top 10 Raging Feminist Fails Of 2017:

10.) Feminist Group Elects Trans Man As Leader

Dec 30 11:47

Attorney who sued DNC for fraud admits Seth Rich and Shawn Lucas were both witnesses in his case

Attorney Jared Beck recently took to Twitter where he explained on the record that Seth Rich and Shawn Lucas were witnesses in his year-long class-action legal battle with the Democratic National Committee over the organization’s mishandling of the 2016 Primary before both Rich and Lucas mysteriously turned up dead.

Dec 30 11:42

Australian air force put on alert after Russian long-range bombers headed south

Two Russian Tupolev Tu-95 strategic bombers conducted joint exercises off Indonesia in a rare foray into the Pacific region.

An Australian air force base was put on alert while Russian strategic bombers conducted exercises in neutral waters off Indonesia, a move experts said showed Moscow was looking to extend its influence in the Pacific.

Dec 30 11:31

The secret codes doctors use to INSULT their patients right in front of them - and why the lingo harms your health care

Doctors revealed some of the acronyms and made-up medical terminology medical professionals use to describe patients to one another
The phrases range from darkly funny, to rude, to downright racist
Doctors involved in discrimination research say that these are an institutionalized part of doctors poor opinion of patients
Research has shown that discrimination in health care leads to worse outcomes for patients

Dec 30 11:25

LA man arrested over 'swatting' incident that led to police killing Kansas man

A 25-year-old man has been arrested over an alleged prank call that led to police killing a man in Kansas on Thursday, Los Angeles police said.
Tyler Barriss from South Los Angeles was arrested Friday, according to ABC station KABCin Los Angeles.

Dec 30 11:23

PICTURED: How Florida man 'rigged a door to electrocute his pregnant wife then changed his Facebook status to "widowed" before he carried out his failed plot'

Michael Scott Wilson, 32, is charged with attempted aggravated battery on a pregnant woman and grand theft of a firearm
He allegedly rigged the front door of his estranged pregnant wife's home so that she would be electrocuted
Wilson apparently put electrical devices to the top door lock and lower door handle so it would electrocute whoever tried to unlock it
The woman's father called deputies after Wilson made suspicious statements about keeping children away from the door
Wilson had changed his Facebook relationship status to 'widowed'

Dec 30 11:14

Tom Fitton Reacts To Huma’s Classified Emails

“Hillary and Huma left classified info on the internet equivalent of a public park bench.”


Dec 30 11:11

Mother: Alabama police beat black 17-year-old son

TROY, Ala. (AP) — Parents of an Alabama teenager said Friday that their handcuffed son was severely beaten during a run-in with police and they want answers from authorities about what happened.

Dec 30 11:11

NFL Fines Player $6,000 For Wearing Santa Christmas Cleats — But Kneeling For Anthem Still OK

Here's a photo of the Christmas cleats and a copy of the 'fine letter' from the NFL.


Dec 30 11:10

Donald Trump says US could use 'little bit of that good old global warming'

President Donald Trump has been a skeptic of climate change for years -- even making it a tenet of his 2016 presidential campaign -- and he took to Twitter to poke fun at the science on Thursday night by saying global warming may not be such a bad thing.
Trump tweeted Thursday night the country could use warmer weather in the wake of historic cold across the eastern half of the U.S.Twitter Ads info and privacy

Dec 30 11:08

Southern Poverty Law Center Designates #Christmas As A Sign Of Far-Right Extremism On Its “Hate Tracker”

The hard-left Southern Poverty Law Center is at it again, this time going as far as to designate anyone that used the hashtag #Christmas over the holidays as a possible right-wing extremist.

Dec 30 11:01

18 states will raise their minimum wage on January 1 — here’s what to expect

While the White House and members of the GOP package the sweeping tax code overhaul as a win for the average American, low-wage workers may be hit the hardest.

Dec 30 10:47

Free prescription drugs for young Ontarians begins Jan. 1

Program announced in last provincial budget will cover more than 4,400 medications

Dec 30 10:39

Mother sues school district over voicemail mocking special needs daughter

“She can walk!”
Those are some of the insults that were allegedly left in a voicemail on Beth Suhon's phone. The voices on the other end allegedly are her daughter’s former Claysville Elementary School teachers..

Dec 30 10:25

BUSTED VIDEO | Joy Villa Caught Slapping A Stranger’s Ass

How's this for Karma? A video just surfaced of Joy Villa slapping a stranger right on the ass, and he wasn't happy about it. And ABC News asked her about the hypocrisy during her GMA appearance yesterday.


Dec 30 10:18

PHOTO | Mike Pence’s Christmas Neighbors In Colorado Hang ‘Make America Gay Again’ Banner On Shared Mailbox…

Here's the photo sweeping liberal Twitter. Snowflakes are so emotional.


Dec 30 10:05

'I like pretending that I'm pregnant': Overweight people reveal the surprising reasons they WON'T be embarking on a New Year diet in frank confessions.

People from all over the world revealed why they don't want to lose weight
Shared their stories on the anonymous sharing app Whisper
Described themselves as overweight - and explained why they won't change

Dec 30 09:22

BOOM! 5 Classified Emails Found On Anthony Weiner’s Laptop

Full details...


Dec 30 09:14

Royal Australian Navy seizes illegal drugs worth more than $400 million in Middle East

An Australian warship operating in the Middle East has seized drugs believed to be worth more than $400 million after intercepting and boarding three ships in the Arabian sea.
During three days of operations after Christmas, crew members of HMAS Warramunga seized 69 kilograms of heroin and eight tonnes of hashish.

Dec 30 09:08

Iranian protests: World is watching response, US warns

The US says "the world is watching" how Iranian authorities respond to anti-government protests that have broken out in several cities.
Thousands of people have joined the protests, with scores arrested.
A White House statement said Iranians were fed up with "the regime's corruption and its squandering of the nation's wealth to fund terrorism".
Meanwhile, authorities urged supporters to turn out for nationwide demonstrations on Saturday.

Dec 30 09:05

An Illinois community raised $500 online in 8 hours to buy a homeless veteran a train ticket to New York, where he can stay with a friend

A group of Troy residents were able to raise more than $500 to get a homeless veteran off the streets and on a bus to New York — all within eight hours through a Facebook post.

Dec 30 09:02

Disney World swaps ‘Do Not Disturb’ signs for ‘Room Occupied’ signs

Jacquee Wahler, a spokeswoman for Walt Disney World, declined to comment Thursday on whether the Oct. 1 Las Vegas shooting at a venue owned by MGM Resorts International prompted the change for its policy but confirmed that the company made the decision for a variety of factors, including safety, security and the guest experience.

Dec 30 08:52

China says "this is not how a U.S. president should behave" after Trump tweet

China has rejected President Donald Trump's accusations that it was illegally supplying oil to North Korea, criticizing Friday the Republican leader's evidence, and his demeanor.

Dec 30 08:51

Extreme Cold/Entering into the Mini Ice Age.

Arctic Vortex Shift/Are You Prepared? Will your Flight be in Winter?

Dec 30 08:45

Classified Huma Abedin emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop discussing Hamas, Israel and Palestinian authority

This afternoon, the State Department has just released the infamous batch of work-related emails from the account of top Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin that were discovered by the FBI on a laptop belonging to Abedin’s estranged husband, and convicted pedophile, Anthony Weiner near the end of the 2016 presidential campaign.

Dec 30 08:34

NASA helps American Girl to create aspiring astronaut doll

NASA said it is collaborating with American Girl, a doll and book company, to inspire children to dream big and reach for the stars.

The focus of the collaboration is the "Girl of the Year" doll for 2018, an 11-year-old aspiring astronaut named Luciana who wants to be the first person to put boots on Mars, the US space agency said on Thursday.

Dec 30 08:32

Police release ‘swatting’ call, video of man shot to death

Wichita police say a man who was fatally shot by an officer Thursday evening was unarmed but had put his hands by his waistband multiple times during commands to raise them.
On Friday afternoon, Deputy Police Chief Troy Livingston went through a timeline of events and released audio of the 911 call and what dispatchers relayed to officers.
The shooting happened at 1033 W. McCormick.

Dec 30 08:30

Utah teacher fired after showing students classical paintings which contained nudity

A Utah art teacher was fired amid complaints that images of classical paintings containing nudity were passed out in a classroom and seen by sixth-graders, a newspaper reported.
Mateo Rueda said he wasn't aware that a set of educational postcards from the elementary school library contained a few works depicting nudity when he handed them out during a lesson, the Herald Journal newspaper said Thursday.

Dec 30 08:09

Arizona lawmaker wants to tighten leash on 'fake' service dogs

Saying owners are abusing the law, a state senator wants to make it illegal to misrepresent a dog as a “service animal” in order to bring it into places where pets are not allowed.

Dec 30 08:00

Online Crimes Like Sextortion, Swatting and Doxxing Could Soon Be Outlawed Federally

Online behavior that is considered harassing, including sextortion, doxing and swatting, would be outlawed under a new bill announced Tuesday afternoon by three U.S. Representatives. The bill would also focus local and federal law enforcement on the new crimes, assigning more FBI agents to deal with these acts and mandate that the U.S. attorney in each federal district designate a prosecutor responsible for investigating and prosecuting cybercrimes.

Dec 30 07:46

Kansas Man Killed In ‘SWATting’ Attack; Attacker was same individual who called in fake net-neutrality bomb

A 28-year-old Kansas man was shot and killed by police officers on the evening of Dec. 28 after someone fraudulently reported a hostage situation ongoing at his home. The false report was the latest in a dangerous hoax known as “swatting,” wherein the perpetrator falsely reports a dangerous situation at an address with the goal of prompting authorities to respond to that address with deadly force.

Dec 30 07:45

China, the world's largest importer and end user of elephant tusks, has banned the sale of ivory with the law taking effect on Sunday. The ivory trade is responsible for the deaths of nearly 30,000 elephants every year in Africa.

China, the world's largest importer and end user of elephant tusks, has banned the sale of ivory with the law taking effect on Sunday. The ivory trade is responsible for the deaths of nearly 30,000 elephants every year in Africa.