Dec 15 14:09

Oh Lord! Monk-Made Wine Which Makes Millions Directly Linked To Violent Crime

A caffeine-laced tonic wine made by monks in a Devon abbey hit record profits of nearly £9 million last year, all amid direct links to violent crime.

Dec 15 14:03

How does it feel being interfered with, America?

Stuart Littlewood highlights the irony of Americans complaining about alleged Russian meddling in their elections when the US and its UK ally seem to have set themselves regime change as a standard foreign policy goal.

Dec 15 14:01

Israel’s West Bank tourism drive makes Palestinians invisible

Jonathan Cook says Israeli moves to plunder Palestine’s tourism economy is intimately connected to the legalisation of the theft of Palestinian private property and the “creeping annexation” of occupied Palestine.

Dec 15 13:55

Jurors Convict Dylann Roof on All Counts in Church Slayings

Dylann Roof was convicted Thursday in the chilling attack on nine black church members who were shot to death last year during a Bible study, affirming the prosecution's portrayal of a young white man who hoped the slayings would start a race war or bring back segregation.

Instead, the single biggest change to emerge from the June 17, 2015, slayings that shocked the nation was the removal of the Confederate flag from the South Carolina Statehouse, where it had flown for 50 years over the Capitol or on the grounds. Roof appeared with the flag in several photos in a racist manifesto.

In his confession to the FBI, the gunman said he carried out the killings after researching "black on white crime" on the internet. He said he chose a church because that setting posed little danger to him.

Dec 15 13:10


Georgia is calling on Donald Trump to investigate the Department of Homeland Security after the discovery of 9 more attempts by the agency to hack the state’s election system. As the corporate media continues to claim that Russia hacked the U.S. election system to help Donald Trump win the election, despite no proof and several agencies disavowing the claims, the only state reporting any hacking attempts is the state of Georgia. Earlier today they revealed that the Department of Homeland Security has attempted to hack their election system 10 different times since February 2nd of this year.

Dec 15 13:07

5.4 Miles Of Creek Polluted By North Dakota Oil Pipeline Spill

A third of the oil has been cleaned-up a week after a spill the Ash Coulee Creek in North Dakota, up to 5 miles of which were polluted.

“An estimated 4,200 barrels of oil have leaked from the pipeline. Of that amount, 3,100 barrels of oil flowed into Ash Coulee Creek,”said Bill Seuss, a spill investigator with the North Dakota Department of Health.

Dec 15 12:34

The Campaign Hallucinations Are Lifting

About half of the citizens of the United States think they elected a president who will “drain the swamp” in Washington DC and negotiate good trade deals for the public. But the other half believes they are living in 1930s Germany and the next Hitler just came to office. Those are very different movies, yet we all sit in the same theater at the same time. It’s trippy.

Dec 15 12:21

Bombshell: FBI Resume Clinton Foundation Investigation

The FBI have resumed their criminal investigation into the Clinton Foundation, following the election of Donald Trump.

Dec 15 12:18

Elite vs. Trump

snip: If the FBI and CIA don’t hunt down the person who divulged this “secret report,” it was an authorized release. You’re being misled on purpose.

Now, getting back to the story, let’s note that there is zero evidence given. Just “it was a secret report, trust us.” Not one of the “officials” is named.

It should also be noted that Julian Assange has flatly denied that Russia was the source of the leaks. And Assange, unlike 99% of all Washington, has a reputation for truth-telling.

There were earlier reports blaming Russia for the Wikileaks hacks, and they, likewise, provided zero evidence. They say things like “consistent with Russian methods,” implying, it would seem, that Russia has some kind of patent on hacking techniques. They expect us to believe that Putin’s crews run their hacks from Russian companies and Russian IP addresses.

Dec 15 11:50

CDC Wants MMR And MMRV Vaccine Comments By December 19, 2016

Time is running out to submit your comments to the CDC regarding the problematic MMR and MMRV vaccines given to infants and toddlers, which many think have an adverse impact on Autism. I filed a 10-page comment, which is below, on December 14th. Guess how many comments were posted as of…

Dec 15 11:37

Harvard University Professor Claims That 20 Republican ‘Faithless Electors’ Are Considering Voting Against Trump

If what a Harvard University constitutional law professor is claiming is true, the plot to steal the Electoral College vote from Donald Trump is far more serious than most people thought.

Dec 15 11:09

Communications Student Contacts WASHINGTON POST To Ask About Their "Fake News" Story On "Russian Interference In Election".

A communications major has been observing the latest controversy between "real" and "fake" news. She has been studying the stories as of late in the WASHINGTON POST.

Dec 15 10:48

US troops to arrive in Europe in January to reassure allies

The United States is deploying troops to Poland, the Baltic states and Romania next month as part of raising the security of the region, Polish and U.S. defense officials said Wednesday.

Polish Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz made the announcement following talks with the commander of U.S. land troops in Europe, Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, in Zagan, western Poland. An Armored Brigade Combat Team from Fort Carson, Colorado will be deployed there early next month, while another U.S. force, a battalion, will be deployed April 1 to Orzysz, in the northeast.

Macierewicz said he was "very happy that a decision has been taken by the U.S. side for an earlier deployment."

But the U.S. Army told The Associated Press that the deployment was not accelerated and is taking place as had always been scheduled.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If, in fact, this deployment has been accelerated, it is reason to worry; the 1st of January will be upon us in 17 days.

And apparently, it appears that fact-checking is something AP doesn't do anymore, when the facts do not support the US government's narrative, which is clearly the case here.

The US and NATO understand that Russia did NOT annex Crimea in 2014, so they are using this lie as their justification to provoke some kind of war against Russia even before Trump has the opportunity to take the Oath of Office.

This is the American "deep state" at its worst.

Something wicked this way comes, folks.

Dec 15 10:42

Incredible new disinformation claims Putin himself helped Trump win election

The emergence of left wing McCarthyism, with the direct help of rogue intelligence operatives, reached new heights Wednesday with yet another anonymous sourced report claiming even more outlandish disinformation in the ongoing war against Donald Trump becoming president.

Dec 15 10:29

BREAKING: NBC MSM NEWS Is The Source For: Putin Personally Directed Election Hacks! Craig Murray Says He Personally Transferred The Leaks to Julian Assange.

I don’t know what to say at this point. I think we will wake up every day to more MSM propaganda that is meant to keep Donald Trump out of the White House. This is serious, and we need to get to the truth to the best of our ability. The headline coming from NBC NEWS is outrageous, but we must address it.

Dec 15 10:16

Stop the CIA Coup

The CIA is up to its old tricks: overthrowing a democratically elected government. Only this time it’s our government.

But why would the CIA, in particular, have a special aversion to Trump? Marcy Wheeler, whose analytical abilities I respect despite our political disagreements, has this to say:

Dec 15 10:01

Revealed: Who Gave Democratic Emails to Wikileaks

Specifically, in an interview with Scott Horton on Tuesday, Murray said that – because John Podesta’s company is a registered lobbyist for the Saudi Arabian government – the NSA and other intelligence agencies were monitoring their emails as a matter of course.

Murray said that an insider from an American intelligence service (read: NSA) leaked the Podesta emails to Wikileaks. Indeed, the NSA whistleblower handed the emails to Murray in a park in Washington, D.C.

Murray said that Wikileaks head Julian Assange tells him that the leaker of the DNC emails was a DNC insider.

Dec 15 09:40

Ex-British ambassador who is now a WikiLeaks operative claims Russia did NOT provide Clinton emails - they were handed over to him at a D.C. park by an intermediary for 'disgusted' Democratic whistleblowers

Craig Murray, former British ambassador to Uzbekistan and associate of Julian Assange, told the he flew to Washington, D.C. for emails
He claims he had a clandestine hand-off in a wooded area near American University with one of the email sources.

The leakers' motivation was 'disgust at the corruption of the Clinton Foundation and the 'tilting of the primary election playing field against Bernie Sanders'
Murray says: 'The source had legal access to the information. The documents came from inside leaks, not hacks'.

'Regardless of whether the Russians hacked into the DNC, the documents Wikileaks published did not come from that,' Murray insists.

Murray is a controversial figure who was relieved of his post as British ambassador amid allegations of misconduct but is close to Wikileaks.

His account contradicts directly the version of how thousands of Democratic emails were published before the election being advanced by U.S. intelligence.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

At this point, I would tend to believe Murray's account over ANYTHING the CIA had to say.

Dec 15 09:33


Latune and Kiara are bright and passionate teenagers. Latune is the more artistic of the two — she plans to become a professional fashion designer. Kiara is the more pragmatic one — she’s set on becoming an anesthesiologist. They both have career plans carefully laid out, and are determined to get out of their neighborhoods and go to college.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Counseling, love, and structure are desperately needed by kids like these, if they are ever going to reach their full potential.

Putting kids like this in prison is the polar opposite of what society should be doing here.

Unfortunately, we have a lot of very broken (and many times, single-parent) families which need healing.

Sometimes, being part of a faith community can be helpful.

What I have seen, in looking at my own family, and other successful families, is that the more intergenerational, positive support and contact a child has, all the way through their lives, the more likely they are to succeed in their lives.

When kids don't get this, the more likely it is that, one way or another, they will wind up in trouble, with a rap sheet, and unable to function.

Dec 15 09:18

China Defends Its Right To ‘Ready Slingshot’ In South China Sea

China defended its right on Thursday to put “necessary military installations” on artificial islands in the South China Sea, after a U.S. think-tank said Beijing appeared to have deployed weapons such as anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems.

The Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative (AMTI) at the Center for Strategic and International Studies said its findings, made available first to Reuters on Wednesday, were based on analysis of satellite images of islands in the strategic trade route, where territory is claimed by several countries.

The United States has previously criticized what it called China’s militarization of its maritime outposts, and stressed the need for freedom of navigation by conducting periodic air and naval patrols near them that have angered Beijing.

China’s Defense Ministry said in a statement on its website on Thursday that the construction it had carried out on islands and reefs in the disputed Spratlys chain was “mainly for civilian use.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Annoying China with accusations right now is not going to garner any favors for the US.

Chinese history absolutely legitimizes its claim to this territory.

Hopefully, after Trump is inaugurated, there can be some quiet diplomacy so that tensions will be ratcheted down here.

Dec 15 09:12

Yet Another Trump “Hate Crime” Found to be a Hoax

Hate crimes do occur, but now, those claims will seem a little less valid because a girl in New York City decided to make up a story blaming Trump supporters when she missed her curfew.

Dec 15 09:11


Guy Verhofstadt, the EU Parliament’s chief negotiator, savaged representatives from the European Council and threatened to start up his own talks with the UK if MEPs are not given a leading role in the Brexit process.

His astonishingly blunt ultimatum will alarm European leaders and signals the start of a long and acrimonious war between the Council, which represents the interests of the individual member states, and the Parliament which speaks for the euro elite in Brussels.

Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage said the proposal showed that the EU had become “so unworkable” that Britain should ditch triggering Article 50 and instead just walk away from the troubled bloc.

The row erupted after Mr Verhofstadt accused EU Council chiefs of trying to sideline the EU parliament and hand MEPs only the most minimal role in the Brexit negotiations.

Martin Schulz said MEPs and member states are heading for a period of conflict over Brexit.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like the EU is starting to implode.

Dec 15 09:08


Though construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline has halted for now, the lessons for law enforcement and protesters are still percolating. For the former, they’ll likely find themselves one day studying the event as they prepare for future mass gatherings, maybe in a guide just like the one distributed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to North Dakota law enforcement in September.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looking at some of the weapons approved for crowd control that DHS is permitted to use, toward the end of this article, is very, very scary.

Dec 15 09:00


Mainstream, corporate media and the U.S. political establishment has once again proved the depth of their hypocrisy in thus far unsubstantiated claims Russia directly interfered with the presidential election — because the United States has done so, itself, with multiple countries.

Including Russia.

Twenty years ago, TIME Magazine exclusively reported on the feats of American political consultants who’d managed — much to the joy of the United States government — to ensure Boris Yeltsin won re-election to the Russian presidency.

20 years ago, TIME praised America’s propaganda campaign to elect Yeltsin. Today, they have appeared to change their tone.

Dec 15 08:56


Those who wished to read the full text of the notorious Senate report on documenting the CIA torture of detainees after 9/11 will have to wait for 12 years. The White House ordered it kept under seal after Barack Obama leaves office.
Seven US senators urged the Obama administration to declassify the 6,770-page Senate Select Committee on Intelligence report on the CIA’s detention and interrogation program so the public could have a full account of past torture practices.

White House counsel Neil Eggleston, in responding to the request, said the president had told the National Archives and Records Administration that access to the classified material should be shielded from public access requests for 12 years.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No, Mr. President: this report on CIA torture should be released immediately.

The American people deserve to know what was done, in their names, and with their tax dollars, to torture prisoners of war into confessions. Consider the case of one Benyam Mohammed, as reported in the working papers, 2006, of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Council, and I warn you: the language is very graphic, but I think Americans should definitively know what went on in the torture sessions the US military did directly, or outsourced, as was the case here.

206. At its worst, the torture involved stripping Binyam naked and using a doctor's scalpel to make incisions all over his chest and other parts of his body: "One of them took my penis in his hand and began to make cuts. He did it once and they stood for a minute, watching my reaction. I was in agony, crying, trying desperately to suppress myself, but I was screaming. They must have done this 20 to 30 times, in maybe two hours. There was blood all over. They cut all over my private parts. One of them said it would be better just to cut it off, as I would only breed terrorists."

207. Eventually Binyam began to co-operate in his interrogation sessions in an effort to prevent being tortured: "They said if you say this story as we read it, you will just go to court as a witness and all this torture will stop. I could not take any more... and I eventually repeated what they read out to me. They told me to say I was with bin Laden five or six times. Of course that was false. They continued with two or three interrogations a month. They weren't really interrogations —more like trainings, training me what to say."

The bottom line here is, torture will get the tortured person to say anything their torturers want them to say in order to get the torture to stop; they were getting precisely the false confessions his torturers wanted from this guy, which he gave in order to get the torture to stop.

It does not produce actionable intelligence.

One of the finest interrogators of all times, Germany's Hanns-Joachim Scharff, during World War 11, never used any torture; only kindness, but wound up with great intel from the process. In fact, after the war, because he was so respected by the American military, he was invited to give courses in his methods of interrogation here in the states.

Hanns Scharff

And I will tell you what else happens, when the US government either tortures, or outsources torture.

1. It demonstrates to the world that the United States does not believe in the
rule of law at all, so its treatment of prisoners of war absolutely does not
follow the Geneva Conventions, which provide for the humane treatment of
these prisoners.

2. It gives carte blanche to leadership of other countries to torture American
civilians and military personnel.

3. It demonstrates, both at home and abroad, that US leadership has utterly
no moral compass whatsoever.

Dec 15 08:48


“The View’s,” co-host Joy Behar said that Trump’s criticism of the CIA and their supposed evidence of Russian meddling in the U.S. election is stupid.

Webmaster addition: :)

Dec 15 08:08


Presented below with little comment is an epic rant, culminating in what might have been an actual on-air nervous breakdown, by Keith Olbermann about the "Russian coup" that is currently in process and threatens "the end of the United States as an independent country."

"The nation and all of our freedoms hang by a thread. And the military apparatus of this country is about to be handed over to scum who are beholden to scum, Russian scum. As things are today, January 20th will not be an inauguration but rather the end of the United States as an independent country. It will not be a peaceful change of power. It will be a usurpation. And the usurper has no validity, no credibility and no authority under the constitution. This is a reality that will become the only reality until this country rids itself of Donald John Trump. He is not a President."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have listened to this from beginning to end.

Olbermann is either in severe need of a psychological intervention, or whatever the Democratic Party is paying him, it cannot possibly be enough.

Apparently, for this gentleman, fact checking has gone the way of the whoopie cushion and the dribble glass. As reported at 5 days ago:

CIA agents told the lawmakers it was “quite clear” - although it was not reported exactly what made it "clear" - that electing Trump was Russia’s goal, according to officials who spoke to the Post, citing growing evidence from multiple sources. And yet, key questions remain unanswered, and the CIA’s report fell short of being a formal U.S. assessment produced by all 17 intelligence agencies the newspaper said, for two reasons. As we reported in November "The "Fact" That 17 Intelligence Agencies Confirmed Russia is Behind the Email Hacks Isn’t Actually…A "Fact", and then also because aside from so-called "consensus", there is - once again - no evidence, otherwise the appropriate agencies would have long since released it, and this is nothing more than another propaganda attempt to build tension with Russia. In fact, the WaPo admits as much in the following text, which effectively destroys the article's entire argument : The CIA presentation to senators about Russia’s intentions fell short of a formal U.S. assessment produced by all 17 intelligence agencies. A senior U.S. official said there were minor disagreements among intelligence officials about the agency’s assessment, in part because some questions remain unanswered. For example, intelligence agencies do not have specific intelligence showing officials in the Kremlin “directing” the identified individuals to pass the Democratic emails to WikiLeaks, a second senior U.S. official said. Those actors, according to the official, were “one step” removed from the Russian government, rather than government employees. Moscow has in the past used middlemen to participate in sensitive intelligence operations so it has plausible deniability. * * * “I’ll be the first one to come out and point at Russia if there’s clear evidence, but there is no clear evidence — even now,” said Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and a member of the Trump transition team. “There’s a lot of innuendo, lots of circumstantial evidence, that’s it.”

If the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee states that there is zero evidence of Russian complicity in this election, I think one can understand that there is no evidence, period, end of discussion.

To put it bluntly, Mr. Olbermann has lost his reality license, as evidenced by this statement, and has simply become a total apparatchik of the Democratic party; he needs to be stripped of his TV "bully pulpit", and immediately, for a complete lack of credibility.

Dec 15 08:05

Lets Give FBI Director Comey A Little Credit - He Refused To Co-Author CIA Speculative Report On Russian Interference Into 2016 Election - Why Not?

I want to first say I think FBI Director Comey deserves some credit for refusing to put the name of the FBI on a CIA speculative report which had no “evidence” to back it up.

Dec 15 08:02

Basket of Deplorables

Dec 15 08:02

Mail carrier saves Christmas, empties burning mail truck full of Amazon packages

A mail truck caught fire while making deliveries in a North Carolina neighborhood Tuesday morning. Residents said the worker who pulled the packages out saved Christmas.

Dec 15 08:02

Off-Duty Cop Had 10 Pints of Beer, Margarita at Bar Before Deadly Wrong-Way Crash, Indictment Alleges

The off-duty Suffolk County cop who drove the wrong way on Sunrise Highway, hitting and killing another driver in a fiery collision earlier this year, had 10 pints of beer and a margarita while hanging with other officers at a bar in the hours prior to the accident, according to a grand jury indictment unsealed Wednesday.

Dec 15 07:59

White House, CIA, NY Times, Washington Post, CBS, etc. ‘fake news’: All ‘report’ unnamed alleged CIA source without evidence that Russia ‘helped’ Trump, but omits expert refutation, omits Stanford, American Statistical Association reports that DNC stole p

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

hat tips: The Anti-New York Times, Washington’s Blog, InvestmentWatchBlog, Fellowship of the Minds, Consortium News, Global Research, Activist Post, InfoWars

“When we now know that all claims for war with Iraq were known lies as they were told (and verbally explained here), and CNN provides similar innuendo for war by an unsourced alleged report with concerns of what might occur in the future allegedly stated by an unnamed US source reporting on an unnamed foreign source, this is propaganda and not news.” ~ My 2010 analysis of “fake news” reporting from CBS, ABC, CNN to lie Americans into illegal war on Iran.

Dec 15 07:49

EXCLUSIVE: Ex-British ambassador who is now a WikiLeaks operative claims Russia did NOT provide Clinton emails - they were handed over to him at a D.C. park by an intermediary for 'disgusted' Democratic whistleblowers

A Wikileaks envoy today claims he personally received Clinton campaign emails in Washington D.C. after they were leaked by 'disgusted' whisteblowers - and not hacked by Russia.

Craig Murray, former British ambassador to Uzbekistan and a close associate of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, told that he flew to Washington, D.C. for a clandestine hand-off with one of the email sources in September.

'Neither of [the leaks] came from the Russians,' said Murray in an interview with on Tuesday. 'The source had legal access to the information. The documents came from inside leaks, not hacks.'

Dec 15 07:48


The U.S. Department of Education has just released it's latest ranking of international education systems (Program for International Student Assessment - "PISA") and performance of U.S. students just continues to deteriorate on both absolute and relative terms.

Perhaps it's time to have a real conversation about the complete failure of "Common Core" and the idiocy of allowing teachers' unions to hold our children hostage while hiding behind ridiculous contracts that grant tenure after 6 months and make it impossible to fire underperformers. Just a thought for the incoming Trump administration.

The Washington Post’s Valerie Strauss summed up the problems nicely:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The dumbing down of America's kids has been deliberate, courtesy of the Federal Government, and a system of alleged standards, under the heading of Common Core, which have failed, utterly.

When kids are not taught to be literate, both numerically and linguistically, they become incapable of critical thinking, which makes all the difference in determining what the quality of their lives will be

Critical thinking will also give them the capability to determine if what the US government is telling them is true or false.

That is not something the US government wants our kids, let alone our adults, to be able to do, because it lies to its people consistently, and it is best that kids understand this when they are very young, so as not to swallow its propaganda, but understand the narrative the government is supporting, and why.

Public schools have become a danger to the intellectual and emotional health of our kids; if you have any way of pulling your child out of public school, and either home school that child, or find a magnet school with a proven track record, please do it now now.

Your child will thank you for it later.

Dec 15 07:40

Shocking News: Obama’s DHS Guilty Of Faking Russian Hacks (Video)

For all the talk and all the uproar coming from the Democrats and the mainstream media about “fake news,” people need to know what the mainstream media is refusing to tell them. As one of the articles below details, and as I’ll explain in the video, multiple sources have already come forward and confirmed that it was NOT the Russians who hacked the DNC’s emails this past summer, but rather it was a source inside the DNC who leaked the information. 

The inside source who leaked the information to Wikileaks is believed to have been Seth Rich, a self-described data analyst for the Democratic National Committee, and someone who would have had access to all the fraud going on inside the DNC at the time, thereby making him a liability. As it turns out, he was just one of SIX former Clinton associates turned adversaries who wound up dead under mysterious circumstances in only a FIVE week span this summer.

Dec 15 07:30


Isn’t it ironic how the mainstream media has the nerve to lecture everyone else about “fake news” when they are the primary source of fake news on a consistent basis stretching back years?

Fake news stories and fake narratives put out by the mainstream media have resulted in deaths, destruction and people’s lives being ruined.

The most harmful fake news is routinely published by the mainstream media.

They are the main progenitors of fake news.

Dec 15 07:27

Veterans Groups Urge Donald Trump to Keep Current VA Secretary

Six groups send a letter seeking a meeting with the president-elect
Several national veterans advocacy organizations are urging Donald Trump to reappoint Veterans Affairs Secretary Bob McDonald, while, separately, the six most prominent groups sent a letter Tuesday seeking a face-to-face meeting with the president-elect to discuss the future of veterans programs.

Dec 15 07:11

Smug Police Sergeant Justifies Murder Of 73-Year-Old Senile Grandpa Before Investigation Has Even Begun! "Our Officers Are Trained To, And Are Allowed To Use DEADLY FORCE."

You've got to see this video. Carruesco's smug, flippant, arrogant, dismissive confident reply is indicative of a severe rot, a moral filth, or psychosis among those in power who seemed to be trained to slaughter the innocent. I can't put into words how vile and disgusting this guy's response is. You can judge for yourself. Here is the video and Carruesco's contact info, and his Facebook page. Bakersfield Police Department
Gary Carruesco, Sergeant
Phone: (661)326-3803

Dec 15 06:47

Huge Voter Fraud Found That Benefited Hillary Clinton

Michigan recount finds voting WAS flawed – but mainly in Clinton-friendly Detroit where one-third of voting machines recorded too many ballots

In Detroit, a Democratic stronghold where Hillary Clinton won 95 per cent of the vote, voting machines in one-third of the election precincts counted more ballots than the number of people recorded as walking in line to cast them.

The Wayne County clerk’s office reported that only 236 of Detroit’s 662 voting precincts had ballot totals and registration records that matched.

Dec 15 06:34

Bay St. Louis officers turned off body cameras at time of alleged choking incident

The Bay St. Louis police officers accused in a police brutality incident in September turned off their body cameras during the time of the alleged assault on a man lying in a hospital bed.
The Sun Herald filed a public records request with the city to obtain the police report and body camera footage from officers John Nelson and Matt Dickens. The footage was recorded in the early morning hours of Sept. 29, when the officers responded to a report of a fight outside a bar in the Depot District.

Dec 15 06:34

Philippines' Duterte admits personally killing suspects

Philippines' President Rodrigo Duterte has admitted he personally killed criminal suspects as mayor of Davao.
It is the first such admission he has made since becoming president in June, but echoes comments he made in 2015.
He ran the southern city for two decades, earning a reputation for cutting crime, and criticism for allegedly supporting death squads.

Dec 15 06:06

A British citizen has been tortured by Israel’s secret police

but he's of Lebanese descent so it's OK.

Dec 15 06:04


Back-to-Back Arctic Blasts Sending Midwest, Northeast into a Deep Freeze Through the Weekend

Dec 15 05:31

Bakersfield, Calif. Police Who Shot Senile 73-Year-Old Crucifix-Wielding Grandpa 9 Times Trained By DHS, ADL

26-year-old rookie cop Reagan Sellman, a former Marine, shot and killed a 73-year-old grandpa suffering from dementia Monday morning at 12:30AM. The rookie cop unloaded his gun on Francisco Serna claiming he had a gun, when in reality it was a Catholic crucifix. The police had even been to the house several times before and were familiar with the man. A paranoid neighbor woman, who didn't even know her own neighbor who lived across the street from her, initiated the whole thing when she freaked out and called the cops on Serna, claiming the confused elderly man had a gun and was posing a threat to her. When Francisco came across the street to talk to them, the paranoid woman and her husband ran into their house and police open-fired, murdering him.

Dec 15 01:24

NDAA 2016: “Fake News” Sites Are Subject to Treason Investigations (Video)

Earlier this week, with a lot of pressure from our woefully dishonest and corrupt mainstream media, some terrifying new legislation was passed that should frighten anyone who values free speech. The legislation I am referring to was quietly passed under the 2016 NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), and it authorizes the government to investigate and crackdown on websites named in “Fake News” blacklists for treason, and as you might expect there was no coverage on the passage of the legislation by the mainstream corporate media.

In the video below, I explain how legislation like that passed both Houses of Congress when they are both Houses are controlled by the GOP, and what the newly passed legislation means for the future of free speech. In addition to providing a link to the original announcement for those who never read it, I also explain what Google and Facebook “actually” said when they announced they were cracking down on “Fake News.”

Dec 14 20:03

California professor in hiding after anti-Trump rant

And she has a safe space for her cupcakes to be safe from Big Bad Donald. These people are awakening a Dragon.

Los Angeles (AFP) - A California college professor who told her students that Donald Trump's election was an "act of terrorism" has gone into hiding after her comments prompted a firestorm and death threats.

Olga Perez Stable Cox, who teaches human sexuality at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, fled the state after a video of her rant -- secretly recorded by one of her students -- was posted on Facebook, prompting outrage and threats on her life, the Orange County Register reported on Monday.

Dec 14 19:15

Wikileaks Bombshell: Obama Sent Plane Of FBI Agents To Frame Julian Assange (Video)

When the President of the United States sends a team of FBI agents to another country to frame someone who is not a U.S. citizen, and does so under the guise of trying to help said country better equip themselves to fight off hackers but gets caught, is that news? Thanks to an interview this week published in Katoikos with Ogmundur Jonasson, the interior minister of Iceland when Obama pulled this stunt, now we have even more proof of how morally bankrupt both Obama and the Democrat party truly are.

Why are we just learning about this now? At the time, the mainstream media (otherwise known as the true purveyors of “fake news” in this country), didn’t seem to think that the story was newsworthy. Perhaps you might be wondering what were they did find newsworthy and reported on instead, right?

Dec 14 17:45

Trump to Meet Tech Firms Apple, Facebook and Google

Leaders of the Silicon Valley were the loudest opponents of the incoming leader of the United States and they have a bunch of pressing questions for the President-elect. Donald Trump will meet with leading tech firms including Apple, Facebook, and Google on Wednesday night.

Dec 14 17:01

US Cancels Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia, But There’s A $115 Billion Problem

In a surprise move, the United States has announced that they will halt sales certain munitions sales to Saudi Arabia yesterday, citing growing concerns about “flaws” in Saudi targeting in the Yemen war, which is leading to a huge number of civilian deaths. Officials quoted in Reuters described a “systemic, endemic” problem with Saudi targeting in the war, and decided that they could no longer sell certain “air-dropped” weaponry to the Saudis. The shift is surprising, as US officials have repeatedly claimed support for the Saudi war, but it isn’t necessarily a huge shift.

Dec 14 16:27

So much for unity! EU in disarray as MEPs threaten to start their OWN Brexit talks with UK

Guy Verhofstadt, the EU Parliament’s chief negotiator, savaged representatives from the European Council and threatened to start up his own talks with the UK if MEPs are not given a leading role in the Brexit process. His astonishingly blunt ultimatum will alarm European leaders and signals the start of a long and acrimonious war between the Council, which represents the interests of the individual member states, and the Parliament which speaks for the euro elite in Brussels.

Dec 14 16:10

Georgia Finds 9 More DHS Attempts To Hack State Election System

Georgia is calling on Donald Trump to investigate the Department of Homeland Security after the discovery of 9 more attempts by the agency to hack the state’s election system.

Dec 14 14:51

German Politicians Want Fake News to Be Made a Crime

The presidential election in the United States influence the campaigns in other countries as well.

Dec 14 14:43

Blame It on the Russians! The UK Politician Blames Russia for BREXIT

It’s safe to say that blaming election results that some people find unfavorable on Russia has become fashionable lately.

Dec 14 14:34

Unarmed 73-Year-Old Latino Fatally Shot By US Police

An unarmed 73-year-old Latino suffering from dementia has been fatally shot nine times by police in the US state of California.

According to witnesses, Francisco Serna, who was in the early stages of dementia, was unarmed and standing in a neighbor’s driveway when a police officer in Bakersfield, California, fired several rounds and killed him. He was declared dead at the scene.

Dec 14 14:22

63% of Disqualified Detroit Precincts Had Too Many Hillary Clinton Votes

Fraud Audit Underway: Scanners in 248 of Detroit’s 392 disqualified precincts counted more ballots than the actual number of voters.

Dec 14 14:21

Judge: Hacking Accusations “Border On Irrational” – Stein PA Recount Denied

Pennsylvania denies Jill Stein’s recount on 6 separate grounds including hacking accusations “border on irrational”

Dec 14 14:20

51,384 Fraud Votes Unexplained As Hillary Clinton Loses Wisconsin Recount

Wisconsin Vote Fraud goes unexplained in Day 12 of Wisconsin recount as Trump picks up votes and announced the winner.

Dec 14 12:54

NATO-Russia War Seen As Top "Conflict" Risk For 2017 By CFR

A NATO-Russia confrontation has been deemed a top risk by by the CFR survey, conducted by foreign policy experts. This placed it alongside the risk of a nuclear crisis with North Korea, a highly disruptive cyberattack, and a severe terrorist attack on the US among the events with the highest impact on the US.

The likelihoods for the biggest potential conflicts coming true were split into two groups – those with a moderate likelihood of happening, but causing a high impact; and those with a high likelihood of happening, but causing a moderate impact.

Unlike prior years, in 2017 no scenario was deemed both highly likely and highly impactful to U.S. interests, a change from last year when an intensification of Syria’s civil war was considered the most urgent threat. Respondents still considered a worsening of Syria’s civil war to be highly likely in 2017, but downgraded its impact on U.S. interests from high to moderate.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I certainly wish that the esteemed members of the CFR could prove one incident of alleged "Russian Aggression"; because all I have seen is the polar opposite fact that NATO has been surrounding Russia with weapons and troops, calling for more expanded moves in that direction for next year!

Russia NEVER "annexed Crimea"; in the Spring of 2014, the US government, in collusion with the IMF, NATO, and various Soros organisations, threw the duly elected Yanukovich under the proverbial bus, then anointed Poroshenko as Ukraine's President, in an election even more crooked than a dog's hind leg!!

Victoria Nuland, in a presentation, even bragged about how much the US had spent to destabilize Ukraine, in a presentation:

Victoria Nuland's Admits Washington Has Spent $5 Billion to "Subvert Ukraine"

At that point, Crimean officials understood that there was no honest representation in Kiev, so they first asked their people, in an observed, and honest, referendum as to whether they wanted to stay with Ukraine, or request to join the Russian Federation. The Crimean people voted overwhelmingly to join the Russian Federation. A petition was put forward to the Russian Federation, asking if Crimea could be accepted as a member, and the Russian Federation accepted.

But this act of peaceful self-determination by the Crimeans made the governments of the Ukraine and US so angry, that they accused Russia of having "annexed" Ukraine, so punished them with sanctions, and insisted that the EU follow along.

NATO, Ukraine, and the US government continue to lie about something which Russia never did, and THAT is their basis for characterizing Russia's behaviour as "aggressive".

In fact, this headline should more clearly read "NATO WANTS WAR WITH RUSSIA"; with all the verbal belligerence on the part of NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, against Russia recently, particularly concerning its involvement with getting rid of Jihadists, that headline would be more real.


NATO to increase its combat readiness amid Russian activity - Stoltenberg

What is needed here is a pullback from the rhetoric, and the introduction of some common-sense, intelligent negotiations here between Russia, NATO, AND THE US Government.

War does not have to be inevitable here.

Russia is not the enemy here, despite NATO's best efforts to paint it as such.

Dec 14 12:54

Why liberals can’t handle the truth about Russia hacking the election

Donald J. Trump won the U.S. election by a landslide but butthurt, sore liberal losers are not having any of it.

Instead, as we’ve seen, they’ve turned to malevolent tactics in an effort to express their disapproval of the democratically elected billionaire real estate tycoon.

First they tried rioting and that didn’t work. Then they tried sending death threats to electoral college members and that failed. The ‘fake news’ narrative also failed. Jill Stein’s recount was an epic fail, but not after she had carted away $6.3 million dollars from the gullible voters she scammed as part of her election recount campaign

Dec 14 12:53

Low flying military aircraft circle Manhattan, “No this is not normal”

A low flying military plane and possibly several Black Hawk helicopters were seen circling Manhattan Tuesday afternoon, causing confusion and worry as spectators snapped photos and asked why the plane was so flying low throughout the city.

Acccording to Business Insider, a spokesman for the FAA said in a statement that the C-130 was “conducting authorized flights over New York City in coordination with FAA air traffic control.”

Dec 14 12:52

Michael Moore: Trump ‘is gonna get us killed’

Trumpet-blowing liberal Michael Moore is at it again. The “Fahrenheit 9/11” director and political pundit has been making a number of uncanny predictions about the President-elect as of late. This time, Mr. Moore held nothing back Wednesday in a Facebook post warning: “Donald Trump is gonna get us killed.”

Mr Trump confirmed reports he has been skipping daily intelligence briefings, telling Fox News he is “smart” and doesn’t need to hear “the same thing over and over each day for eight years”. Instead, Mr. Trump said he is receiving intelligence “when I need it”. That, is what lead Mr. Moore to deliver his blistering attack on the President-elect.

> > >

Dec 14 12:47

RT Calls Out Corporate Media Fake News from Aleppo Syria, Syrian Journalist Jamilla Assi "Western Media Is Waging War On The People Of Syria."

Thousands celebrated being liberated from terrorists in Syria as corporate media runs fake news about war crimes against civilians.

Dec 14 12:38

792,000 Illegal Aliens Issued Driver's Licenses In California Since Program Launch

I have been reporting on the DMV stats periodically since California's AB60 was passed. The law allows those who aren't citizens or permanent residents to get a driver license if they provide proof of residence, pass a written-knowledge exam and a behind-the-wheel driving test. The DMV has stopped publishing the numbers on their website as they had promised, but I contacted them and they politely sent me all the latest stats. (Since the law was enacted, 168,000 AB60 applicants failed to get their license, so can we presume that they aren't driving around?)

Dec 14 12:09

This Island Holds the Secret to Rex Tillerson and Vladimir Putin's Relationship

It’s where their bromance blossomed.

If Vladimir Putin has a man crush on anyone in business, it’s probably Rex Tillerson, the ExxonMobil chief executive Rex Tillerson Trump just nominated to head the State Department.

As to the reason why, all you need to do is look at Sakhalin, a windswept, earthquake-prone island off Russia’s Pacific coast where temperatures can fluctuate 130 degrees throughout the year. It’s this forbidding territory that Exxon XOM -1.53% , under Tillerson, has turned into one of Russia’s most lucrative oil provinces, affording Russia a crucial entry into the fast-growing oil markets of Asia, generating nearly $5 billion in tax dollars and other revenue for the government to date, and generally being, by Moscow’s lights, a good corporate citizen.

Dec 14 12:07

There's A Psy-Op, All Right; But It Isn't "The Russians"

Enough with “the Russians” already. This “Russian Disinformation” and “Russian Hacking” stuff is getting more ridiculous by the day.

This is a war on the Trump presidency. It’s an attempted coup.

Maybe it’s even another effort to outright steal the presidency from Trump. Maybe there’s someone with a lot of money to throw into this “OMG THE RUSSIANS” rhetoric who really hates Russia and who really wanted Hillary Clinton to be the President. Maybe his name rhymes with “Doros.” I don’t know this for sure, but it’s at least a more likely story than “The Russians” hacking our election and deliberately spreading propaganda.

And it’s working. Ten of the Electoral College delegates have asked to be briefed on the Russian “interference” before they cast their votes on the 19th.

But that isn’t all. This is a two-for-one deal.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is more at stake here than the elections. Without the power of the White House behind her, Hillary is looking at multiple lawsuits, courtesy of her arrogance and corruption, which may well lead to jail time.

The Benghazi lawsuit, filed by survivors of those who were slaughtered there, is just the beginning.

The Saudi government paid 20% of her campaign costs, which amounted to a cool $240 million dollars, but - as the saying goes - they bet on the wrong horse. The influence they THOUGHT they would get from a Clinton White House ... will never happen.

The Clinton Foundation is toast, due to all the revelations about it being simply a slush fund and influence-peddling, pay-to-play operation. They will never get their money back. So what now?!?

Will Saudi Arabia file yet another lawsuit, or be called for testimony to the US Senate as to what that money was really supposed to buy?!?

And will there be more lawsuits from Judicial Watch, stemming from her corruption as Secretary of State?!?

The mounting possibilities of lawsuits yet to be filed against her, any one of which could see her in the slammer, are deliciously diverse, unless Obama gives her a blanket pardon, which will make both of them look cheesy and sleazy.

Dec 14 11:15

The True Story Of The Secret Christmas Miracle!

The next morning, real magic had happened!

The town of Loudon awoke to a genuine, sure fire, bona fide, honest to goodness, totally without explanation, Christmas miracle!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Merry Christmas!!!

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WRH Exclusive
Dec 14 11:07

A practical gift to enjoy and cheer you up

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Dec 14 10:44

Embarking on rare visit to Muslim countries, Netanyahu vaunts Israel’s popularity

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took off Tuesday morning for Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, pointing to his trip to the two Muslim countries as an indication that rather than being politically isolated, Israel is courted by countries around the world.

During his two-day visit, aimed at fostering security, economic, and diplomatic ties, Netanyahu will become the first sitting Israeli prime minister to visit the region in almost 25 years of diplomatic relations between Jerusalem and the former Soviet republics of Central Asia. Visits by Israeli leaders to non-Arab Muslim-majority countries are rare.

Speaking to reporters at the airport, the prime minister said the trip was a further indication of Israeli success in developing relationships with Muslim counties.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"...courted country.", my ASTROLABE: Netanyahu is in these two countries on a weapons-selling junket. As reported by the Jerusalem Post yesterday:

Iranian adversary reveals it bought $5 billion of weapons from Israel

What is that old line from the Middle East, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend"; that is what is going on here.

The Israelis manufacture superlative weapons; Azerbaijan's government wants more of them.

It is just that simple.

Dec 14 10:43

Putin didn't win this election for Trump. Hillary Clinton did

The US political and media establishment is in a state of mounting frenzy over alleged Russian interference in the presidential election in favor of Donald Trump. The source of what has been called a “swell” of “circumstantial evidence” is the CIA, an agency which has been known to interfere with an election or two itself, and isn’t really a paragon of honesty.

And what exactly are the claims made by these Putin-did-it stories? That were it not for Russian chicanery, Hillary Clinton would have won the popular vote by five million and not almost three million? That displaced machinists on the banks of Lake Erie were so incensed by the Podesta emails that they voted for Trump instead of Clinton? That Putin was pulling FBI director James Comey’s strings in his investigation of the Clinton emails? That those scheming Russians were clever enough to hack into voting machines but not clever enough to cover their tracks?

Dec 14 10:23

Martin Armstrong Slams CIA "False Flag" To Cover Its Own Hack For Obama

Obama’s parting shot across the bow is his order of a full review into hacking aimed at influencing US elections going back to 2008.

Instead of targeting the CIA or the NSA, WikiLeaks went after an organization Democrats actually care about - the Democratic National Committee - and exposed its internal corruption. If Obama could, he would declare Wikileaks a Terrorist Organization and anyone who published its stuff should be thrown in prison.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What Obama has accomplished, with his directive to cause the CIA to make this fully unsubstantiated claim on Friday, is to make the political intrigues in this country look like those of a banana republic to the rest of the world, and completely delegitimize the American election process.

Smoothe move there, Mr. President!!

Dec 14 10:17

Autistic Boy From Britain Jailed Over Trying To Kill Trump At Las Vegas Casino

An autistic boy from Britain has been given a 12-month jail term over an attempt to assassinate GOP nominee Donald Trump in one of his rallies at a Las Vegas casino in June in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election.

The 20-year-old Briton, identified as Michael Steven Sandford, tried to grab a police officer’s gun before he was stopped as the future president was addressing his fans.

Dec 14 10:10

Scottish Amazon Workers Sleeping in Tents, Facing 'Intolerable' Work Conditions

The company annually hires tens of thousands of temporary workers to run its fulfillment centers around the world during the busy winter holiday season.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hey, not to worry; this is precisely the kind of life Jeff Bezos envisions for ALL the world's poor, particularly if they have the misfortune of working for his company!

And this will not be the first time Bezos' vision of "social responsibility" has been scrutinized:

Jeff Bezos defends Amazon working conditions from attack

Dec 14 09:45

WIKILEAKS BOMBSHELL: Assange ally says Clinton election hack was 'inside job' NOT Russia

Former British ambassador Craig Murray said he has met the person who handed over the e-mails and they WERE from the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

The e-mails were released by Mr Assange's site and caused damage to Hillary Clinton's reputation with a number of shock revelations among tens of thousands of e-mails.

Speaking to The Guardian, Mr Murray said: “I know who leaked them.

“I’ve met the person who leaked them, and they are certainly not Russian and it’s an insider. It’s a leak, not a hack; the two are different things.

“As Julian Assange has made crystal clear, the leaks did not come from the Russians. As I have explained countless times, they are not hacks, they are insider leaks – there is a major difference between the two."

Dec 14 09:40

U.S. Continues Support For Saudi Arabia In Yemen While Halting Some Arms Sales

The United States has decided to limit military support to Saudi Arabia’s campaign in Yemen because of concerns over widespread civilian casualties and will halt a planned arms sale to the kingdom, U.S. officials told Reuters.

The United States will also revamp future training of the kingdom’s air force to focus on improving Saudi targeting practices, a persistent source of concern for Washington.

The decision reflects deep frustration within President Barack Obama’s government over Saudi Arabia’s practices in Yemen’s 20-month-old war, which has killed more than 10,000 people and sparked humanitarian crises, including chronic food shortages, in the poorest country in the Middle East.

It could also further strain ties between Washington and Riyadh in the remaining days of Obama’s administration and put the question of Saudi-U.S. relations squarely before the incoming administration of President-elect Donald Trump, who takes office on Jan. 20.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A memo to President Obama; Mr. President, in enabling the Saudi Government to buy their bombs from companies like General Dynamics, you, sir, have allowed this country's government to become complicit in Saudi war crimes in their "scorched earth" campaign in Yemen.

There is no polite way around this sir, and somewhere, in your heart of hearts, you know that this is true.

If gun manufacturers are to blame for gun crime, then the United States is responsible for the war crimes being committed in Yemen.

Saudis strike schools, hospitals, and open air market places with utter impunity; their actions in Yemen border on genocide.

(Warning: very graphic images follow)

dead and wounded Yemeni children, as a result of Saudi air strikes

Oh, and the blockade of Yemen's ports has meant that no food supplies can be delivered, which translates to children who are starving to death, slowly and painfully.

Images of Yemeni children, dying from starvation because of the Saudi blockade of Yemen's ports

When you kill or starve children to death, you take away the potential for a country's future, and it appears, even though you are a father yourself, that you are perfectly comfortable with this slaughter of Yemeni children.

That you use the starving children in Syria as "justification" to prolong that atrocity, is the rankest of hypocrisy.

But then, such an attitude, which dismisses these children as "merely collateral damage",is completely consistent with a sociopathic personality.

This military enabling of Saudi Arabia against the Houthis, rather than developing a strategy of engaging elements of both the Al Hadi government and the Houthi rebels in negotiations to end the bloodshed here, will go down as one of the worst, epic fails of your administrations, worse even than your attempt to keep the fighting in Syria going so you could "dump" your inability to regime-change Damascus on Trump.

History, sir, will not judge you kindly; and I can guarantee that it will judge you on the content of your character, and how that has been made evident by your failure to stop the wars you promised to stop; a further involvement in more wars; the embracing of the horribly immoral act of extrajudicial assassination; and your success at creating more wealth for the one percent, while leaving an economy in which 94 million American workers are not participating in the labor force.

As you strut around the country, and the world, on your "victory lap" before leaving office; please remember that the above is your "true legacy", both to Americans, and to the world.

Dec 14 09:36

Someone Has Officially Called The CIA's Bluff Over Russia

“Believing something the CIA says is like trusting a meth addict with your car, and trusting the CIA when they’re working with the Washington Post is like trusting a meth addict with your car and leaving your kid in the back seat with the house keys and money for Taco Bell.”

Dec 14 09:30

NSA, FBI and ODNI Find No Link To Trump Russian Hacking Story.

NSA, FBI and ODNI deny Russian hacking story. It's fake news from WaPo.

Dec 14 09:11

Uber Employees Use Customer Logs to Track Individuals without Consent

While Uber is one of the cheapest and most convenient ways to hail a cab, it’s not the safest place if you’d like to preserve your privacy.

Dec 14 09:08


Donald Trump could have the election legally stolen from him on either December 19th when the Electoral College casts their votes or on January 6th when a joint session of Congress gathers to count those votes. As The Economic Collapse blog's Michael Snyder notes, the establishment is in full-blown panic mode at this point, and they seem to have settled on "Russian interference in the election" as the angle that they will use to unleash this 'soft coup' as today, the Hill reports more Democratic electors are joining the call for an intelligence briefing before they cast their votes for president on Monday.

Twenty-nine electors now are pressuring Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to disclose more information about the CIA’s conclusion that Russian interference helped sway the election in President-elect Donald Trump’s favor.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This reeks of the rotting essence which rests at the heart of the Clinton Cartel "ethos"; if they cannot get something honestly, they will move heaven and earth to steal it from its rightful owner, including the Presidency.

Should Clinton manage to flip the 38 electors necessary to claw the Presidency back from Trump, this action may well trigger a real civil war in this country; and then, it will be a question of whose side the US military will take in such a conflict.

Will they take the side of We the People; or the side of an oozingly illegitimate, Soros-installed, drug money-corrupted New World Order warmonger?!?

Dec 14 09:04

After 89-year-old is evicted, neighbor buys back home, gives her the keys

When a Florida woman was evicted from the house she had lived in for decades, neighbors rallied to help, including one who gave her the ultimate gift: she bought back the house.
Angie Tyma moved back into her longtime home in Hudson, Florida, last Tuesday, which happened to be her 89th birthday, after three weeks of staying at a Days Inn hotel. She told TODAY that losing the house was a scary time, but she was glad to be home.

Dec 14 09:04

Firefighter Eating At Restaurant Notices Carbon Monoxide Symptoms, Saves 32 People

Lonnie Wimmer, a Lewisville firefighter, was celebrating a friend's 30th birthday at River Ridge Taphouse on Saturday night when he noticed several people who appeared to be suffering the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Dec 14 08:59

Anti-Trump Coup Attempt Underway?

The key point about the electors demanding a Russia security investigation snip: Only one was from a state Trump carried (Texas), all others from Hillary-won states - including 17 from California, six from New York and five from Massachusetts - meaning they’ll vote for her on Monday no matter whether DNI complies with their request or not, regardless of what information Clapper may or may not have.

Dec 14 08:58


As President Barack Obama’s administration comes closer to an end, the number of civilians killed by United States drone strikes in Pakistan, Somalia, and Yemen is at least 500, according to data compiled by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism.
Nearly all of the drone strikes were a part of the Obama administration’s institutionalization of a targeted assassination policy, where alleged terrorism suspects or individuals with ties to terrorism organizations were placed on kill lists for execution without charge or trial.

The Obama administration put out a report [PDF] on December 5 summarizing the “legal and policy frameworks” it relied upon in pursuing war. The second half of the report particularly focused on “targeting efforts” or targeted assassinations, which “comply with all applicable international obligations, domestic laws, and policies.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Extrajudicial assassinations are among the worst examples of Obama's "rule by terror" in the Middle East.

The people in the Middle East do not hate us "because of our freedoms"; they hate us because the US military has killed, and mailed, their families and their friends, and there is utterly no legal recourse they have to hand to stop this madness.

I have often thought that these extrajudicial assassinations were a ploy the US government uses to perpetuate jihad in the countries where this practice is carried out; now, I am reasonably certain I am correct on this.

War makes incredible profits for the banks, and for the military industrial complex, and the captains of both industries have one bond in common; before taking the jobs they now have, they have collectively had their consciences surgically removed.

Dec 14 08:50


Censorship is not helpful to democracy--rather, it is the death of democracy.

The mainstream media is awash with hyper-active headlines about "fake news." How can we make sense of this sudden obsession?

Perhaps we can start by separating "news" from "analysis" from "commentary." "News" is "he said this, she did that, this happened." Analysis tries to make sense of trends that are apparent in the news longer-term--for example, why did Trump win? Is the economy actually healthy or not? "Commentary" is opinion that establishes a point of view and defends it while attacking other POVs.

All three of these news flows are constantly being spun /manipulated to support specific agendas and narratives. Now we are being told some of these news flows are false/ misleading and their intent is to disrupt democracy.

Dec 14 08:47

German minister sparks outrage after REFUSING to wear hijab during Saudi Arabia visit

GERMANY’S defence minister has sparked fury in Saudi Arabia after she willingly refused to wear a hijab during an official visit to the Kingdom.

According to an Iranian newspaper, Von der Leyen said: “No woman in my delegation will be required to wear the abaya, as the right to choose one’s attire is a right shared by men and women equally.”

Shortly after her meeting with the Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman al Saud, Saudis took to twitter to express their disdain for her actions.

Der Leyen wore a dark blue suit while donning the traditional ghutrah head covering.

Michael Ohnmacht, a German Embassy official, quickly tried to change the focus on the debate.

He said: “The talks between Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed and the German minister focused on ways and means to beef up Saudi German cooperation in different areas, including high-level exchanges, personally education and training, defence, mutual visits and security affairs."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The above is diplo-speak for the reality that Von der Leyen was most likely in Saudi Arabia to push weapons sales, now that Obama has denied the sales of some weapons to Saudi Arabia because of the war crimes they are committing with them in Yemen, and the reality that the Saudis funded approximately 20% of Clinton's campaign through the Foundation, and were expecting some quid pro quo, if she got elected.

Nature abhors a vacuum; that may well account for the timing of this visit.

Profits uber alles, right?!?

And please remember; back in March of this year, Germany sold choppers to Saudi Arabia.

Germany Approves Sale of Military Helicopters to Saudi Arabia.

Dec 14 08:40

Federal judge asks to see FBI search warrants used to access Hillary Clinton emails on Anthony Weiner's laptop and hints that he may unseal documents

A federal judge has directed the US government to show him any search warrant application used to gain access to a new batch of Hillary Clinton's emails just before the election.

Judge P. Kevin Castel on Tuesday asked a government lawyer to turn over any pertinent documents by late Thursday in case he decides any portion of the materials must be made public.

He also recommended the government advise what redactions are necessary should he rule that portions of documents must be disclosed publicly.

Dec 14 08:20


Country music star Garth Brooks is reportedly in talks to perform at President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration on Jan. 20,

Dec 14 07:58

For 4 Cousins, Love Survives the Holocaust After All

Fania Blakay and her brother Gennadi Band thought their Polish family perished in the Holocaust. So did Henia Moskowitz and Rywka Patchnik.
Turns out all four Polish cousins were wrong — and they held a joyous reunion to prove it, JTA reported.
Note: Ok for sure we now have less than six million!

Dec 14 07:53

NEWS TROUBLES: CNN Discrimination Lawsuit Revived by Appeals Court, WASH POST produces infomercial for Obama

California Appeals Court Revives Discrimination Lawsuit Against CNN

Stanley Wilson, a fired Emmy Award-winning producer, convinces two out of three justices that his former employer's conduct did not arise from protected activity.

Dec 14 07:34

Evansville, Ind., cops caught beating a handcuffed man, then lying about it. They won’t face charges.

On Oct. 29, Evansville, Ind., police officers Nick Henderson, Mark DeCamps and Marcus Craig confronted 36-year-old Mark Healy while investigating a garage burglary. According to the officers, Healy resisted when they confronted him, and a physical altercation ensued. During that altercation, Healy broke free and began to run away. When again confronted, he stabbed one of the officers with a syringe filled with liquid methamphetamine. The officers then physically restrained Healy and arrested him.

Dec 14 07:34

Harvard professor says GOP electors are close to blocking Trump win

Harvard University law professor Larry Lessig said Tuesday that 20 Republican Electoral College voters are considering flipping to vote against Donald Trump, more than half the number of anti-Trump votes needed to stall the president-elect from being sworn into office.

Dec 14 07:24

Dramatic Drone Footage Shows East Aleppo Devastation As Air Strikes, Shelling Return

Drone footage has revealed extreme devastation in eastern Aleppo, once Syria's largest city and thriving economic center with its renowned ancient sites, with crumbling homes and deserted streets replacing a once-lively area of the city.

Dec 14 07:18


Dec 14 07:07

5 Factors that Transform Civil Unrest Into a Full-Blown Revolution

Revolutions usually are not an instantaneous occurrence, but rather have a slow buildup toward their culmination or climax. When a population suffers for a long period of time without any hope of change in a democratic fashion and their basic needs as individuals and families are not being met, many times matters are taken into their own hands. This is not necessarily a “right” or a “wrong” issue: it just is. Revolution is endemic, so to speak, of the human race.

Dec 14 06:41

Paul Craig Roberts: The Conspiracy to Shut Down Truth, Donald Trump, and The American People

There is circumstantial evidence that the Washington Post, the New York Times, and the rest of the presstitute media are part of a conspiracy with the oligarchs, the military/security complex, the Hillary Democrats, and neoconized Republicans to shut down the dissident Internet alternative media and to deny Donald Trump the presidency.

Dec 14 06:23


Thirty additional members of the Electoral College signed their names to a letter Tuesday demanding an intelligence briefing prior to casting their votes for president Dec. 19.

Dec 14 06:07

House Passes Bill To "Microchip Citizens With 'Mental Disabilities'" - Who's Next?

This bill passed, clinging to the broadest base of “good intentions” that it could muster, i.e. caring for those with disabilities and decline with age.

But in reality, it is a nose under the tent for a system that needs the ability to microchip dissenters, and to force cooperation on the part of the general population. In effect, everyone is now under their thumb with this, because anyone could doesn’t go along with the mass conditioning will be labeled ‘mentally –––’ and branded with a track-and-control chip. Game over.

NOTE: Assume the 'Globalist Agenda' is now in full throttle mode and barring some kind of miracle will not stop until it is achieved or destroyed. Alternatives are quickly disappearing.

Dec 14 03:29

Amazon Worker Attempts Suicide after Reading Email Note

While millions of people use the convenience of Amazon to order different types of merchandise, the online shopping powerhouse is well-known for mistreatment of its workers.

Dec 13 18:13

Federal judge asks to see FBI search warrants used to access Hillary Clinton emails on Anthony Weiner's laptop and hints that he may unseal documents

A federal judge has directed the US government to show him any search warrant application used to gain access to a new batch of Hillary Clinton's emails just before the election.

Judge P. Kevin Castel on Tuesday asked a government lawyer to turn over any pertinent documents by late Thursday in case he decides any portion of the materials must be made public.

He also recommended the government advise what redactions are necessary should he rule that portions of documents must be disclosed publicly.

Dec 13 17:45

Three Intruders Kick Down The Wrong Door, Two Now In Hospital — Indianapolis PD Reminds Crooks The Price Of Folly

When a homeowner heard a knock at the door, he knew he wasn’t expecting company so he didn’t answer it. That was the invitation three crooks needed to kick down his front door. What they didn’t expect, though, was a man who refused to be a victim.

Dec 13 17:40

Purveyors of fake news warn of dangers of fake news

It’s not “good reporting” that has The Washington Post leading the pack in the establishment’s crusade against “fake news.” Nor is it a coincidence.

Dec 13 17:18

The hidden costs of our bloated tax code

President-elect Donald Trump could save U.S. taxpayers and business billions of dollars in hidden compliance costs by simplifying the nation’s bloated and incomprehensible tax code.

Dec 13 17:13

What is the real purpose behind the ‘fake news’ attack?

Instead of admitting wrongdoing after this embarrassment, the MSM has decided to double down and escalate the accusation that the alternative media is “fake news.” Meaning, the MSM wants people to believe that we are liars and amateurs, that they are the “professionals,” and that the public should ignore everything the alternative media has to say from now on. I have to point out, though, that the narrative of mainstream news versus “fake news” seems a little thin to me. Meaning, I believe there is more going on here than the MSM simply trying to save itself.

Dec 13 17:04

Assad Retakes Aleppo: The Military Operation Is Over, Says Russian Envoy

The Syrian war is on the verge of the biggest shift in the balance of power since 2011, with the Assad regime - with support from Russian forces - having retaken Aleppo. And, as Russia's UN envoy Vitaly Churkin notes, an arrangement has been reached for militants to leave the besieged areas of eastern Aleppo “within hours”, confirming earlier media reports that Assad is about to have full reign of the hotly contested city - a symbolic center of the anti-Assad insurgency.

Dec 13 16:48

US Police Kill 73-Year-Old Unarmed Latino Suffering From Dementia

Police in the US state of California have killed a 73-year-old man of Latino descent, who was unarmed and suffered from dementia.

Francisco Serna was standing in his neighbor’s driveway in Bakersfield on Monday, when he was shot dead by an officer who was responding to a call about an armed man in the area.

Dec 13 16:45

Web Bots Predict Massive Financial Shock In Early 2017: ‘Confusion, Bond Market Degradation, Crumbling Of Everything’ - Mac Slavo

Clif High of HalfPastHuman, however, has taken a different course. Since the mid-1990’s High’s algorithms have been scouring the internet. With the advent of social networks and tens of thousands of citizen-driven blogs, that data has gotten ever more accurate. So accurate in fact, that on October 27 High’s automated “Web Bots” predicted that not only would Trump win by a landslide, but that Hillary Clinton would be “missing” following the election, a prediction that was so accurate it blew away just about every professional analysis firm in the world.

Now the Web Bots are predicting another paradigm-shifting event. According to Clif High, it appears that a massive financial shock is brewing for early 2017:

We’re facing the following situation…

The confusion, the degradation of the bond market, the crumbling of everything else…

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As we have counseled so many times on this blog, please don't panic: plan.

Do not have any more money in your bank account than you need to pay your bills.

Reduce your credit card balances to near zero; buy minor items on them, so the cards do not get pulled for non-use.

Buy some silver, and/or gold, if possible. Find a place where you can store it inconspicuously, so it will can not found by looters.

Find neighbours you feel comfortable with, and see what services you can barter with them, if things get really bad. Should this happen, it will be a time when members of small communities really need to support each other.

Make sure you have long-term storable food; potable water; a way to cook things if electricity goes out; extra medications for yourself, your family, and pets.

Make sure, if you are separated from your family, that you have a plan for getting back together. If you have kids in school, make sure you know what the school's policy is if you feel you need to take them home early, in case of an emergency.

Plan an escape route, identify where you need to go, and know precisely what you will take in your bugout kit.

Make sure you have communications devices with you (two way radios, and lots of batteries are a good idea if phones stop functioning) take a look at the product ratings, and see which one looks like the best; also, make sure you have equipment for self-protection ahead of any emergency situation.

Dec 13 15:31

Wonder Woman No Longer UN Ambassador Because She's White and Attractive!

Superheroes used to stand for equality, justice, and hope. That’s why it comes as no wonder all those movies are extremely popular today. People want to believe that good will always beat evil, sometimes you just need a happy ending.

Dec 13 14:31

UK Prime Minister Theresa May renews vow of servility to Israel

Two weeks to the day after the deputy leader of Britain’s Labour Party, Tom Watson, assured Zionist lobbyists of his complete and unconditional subservience to Israel, his prime minister, Theresa May, has gone even further.

Addressing more than 800 guests of the Zionist lobby group, Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI), she delivered what the Israeli news website Ynet described as “a staunchly pro-Israel speech… during which she declared her government’s unwavering support for Israel” and “proclaimed her unequivocal opposition to boycotts” of the apartheid state... >>

Dec 13 14:19

Monitoring The Miners: Rio Tinto, Drones And Surveillance

In of itself, technological development is benign. But behind every use is a human agent, and behind that agent is a motive, an inspiration, an agenda. Monitoring one’s employees has become the great mainstay of what companies claim is a productive exercise. The watched employee will have incentives to behave, to prosper, and to fulfil the ethos of the company.

Dec 13 13:44

Egyptian Professor: Europe Owes Its Science, Moral Values & Hygiene to Muslims

According to "Egyptian researcher" Ragheb El-Sergany, Europeans were a bunch of filthy, amoral savages before Muslims came and handed them civilization.

Dec 13 11:49

Germany-Bound Flight Diverted To New York, Evacuated Over Bomb Threat

A Germany-bound flight from the US state of Texas has been evacuated after being diverted to New York over a bomb threat that was phoned in, officials say.

Originally bound for Frankfurt, the Lufthansa Airbus 380 double-deck passenger jet made an emergency landing at JFK Airport in New York on Monday night, after the airliner’s corporate offices received the phone call and informed the pilot of a possible threat, according to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

Dec 13 10:20


Progressives who worship at the altar of environmentalism are growing increasingly worried that President-elect Donald Trump, a known climate change skeptic, may undo much of the work they have done over the past eight years to advance their green agenda at the expense of the American economy.

Dec 13 10:11

A Massacre In The Rear View Mirror: El Mozote At 35

In three days, from December 11-13, 1981, U.S.-trained troops in Central America’s smallest, most densely populated republic, El Salvador, rounded up and killed over a thousand unarmed civilians in the hamlet of El Mozote, in Morazán province, near the Honduran border. This massacre, I believe, still has the dubious distinction of being the largest mass killing of civilians by state forces in the Western Hemisphere in the 20th century.

Dec 13 10:02

White House, Clinton Tied To PR Firm Behind Electoral College Push Photo of Peter Hasson

The public relations firm working behind the scenes with the faithless electors is rife with ties to prominent Democrats like President Obama and twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Megaphone Strategies, whose stated mission is to “use PR as a tool to diversify progressive movements,” typically works with progressive causes like Black Lives Matter. The firm is representing the handful of “faithless electors” trying to keep President-elect Donald Trump from winning the Electoral College vote.

Dec 13 09:30

John Podesta calls for CIA “disinfo” briefing for all Electoral College voters

In yet another direct attack in the ongoing war against Donald Trump’s impending presidency, Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta has backed “efforts” by some Electoral College voters to be briefed by the CIA before they cast their vote for president.

Dec 13 08:54

Snouts in the Trough, Hooves in the Till

when double-dipping cops and public servants steal from their own

Dec 13 08:54

MSM is Trying To Delegitimize Trump Presidency, Not His Fault Clinton Had Server. Last week they blamed fake news, the week before they it was the FBI, and this week is Russia. Next week will be Popular Vote.

Hugh Hewitt and Joan Walsh faced off on how Russian hacking may have affected the U.S. presidential election and Democrats are using it to "delegitimize" President-elect Trump. Hewitt accused Walsh of being in the "election-denier" camp.

Dec 13 08:48

Antonio Guterres Sworn In As Ninth UN Chief

Former Portuguese prime minister Antonio Guterres has been sworn in as the United Nations’ ninth secretary general.

Guterres, the former UN refugee chief, was sworn in on Monday in New York in front of Peter Thomson, the president of the UN General Assembly, and will replace outgoing Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon on January 1, 2017.

Dec 13 08:44

“Fake News!” Donald Trump Just Exposed CNN in a Massive Scandal (Video)

I'm sure we can all count on the Fake News Police being all over this one, right? Do we finally have grounds to remove CNN from the public airwaves? How about a compromise? They can stay on the air if they promise to never utter "Fake News" again!

The "Fake News!" chants are getting as bad as the "Bush lied, kids died," chants were back in the day… Does the hypocrisy EVER end????

Dec 13 08:38

Donald Trump wipes $3.5bn off Lockheed Martin market value with single tweet

US President-elect Donald Trump has sent another stock reeling into the red.
Barely a week after taking shots at Boeing, Donald Trump took aim at Lockheed Martin's F-35 fighter jet programme, saying the cost was "out of control".