Dec 27 10:24

Researchers Developing New Single Shot Vaccine, Bill Gates Eyes The Possibilities

For those wary of vaccines to begin with, researchers are developing a new type of injection that is even more concerning than multiple individual shots...

Dec 27 10:22

Omarosa And The Most Overpaid Government Employees In America

At a time when unemployment is low yet wages remain stagnant, people want to know where the best-paying jobs can be found. It’s a tough question, but there’s always one employer with unlimited amounts of money: the U.S. government.

Dec 27 10:22

Russian Submarine Activity Increases Around Atlantic Internet Cables: Report

Russian submarine activity around undersea cables that provide internet and other communications connections to North America and Europe has raised concerns among NATO officials, according to The Washington Post.

Dec 27 10:12

‘Evan’s death was predicted,’ father’s attorney says

A memorial to 3-year-old Evan Brewer sits in front of the house at 2037 S. Vine on Wednesday, where his body was found last week. Fernando Salazar The Wichita Eagle

Months before police found 3-year-old Evan Brewer’s body encased in concrete, a woman told a judge that a man living with the boy said he had nearly beat him to death.

Dec 27 10:11

As dad tried to protect 3-year-old, mom and boyfriend were filming torture

A Wichita police affidavit released Wednesday reveals recorded and timestamped abuse of 3-year-old Evan Brewer on March 12 – almost six months before his body was found wrapped in a Ninja Turtle sheet and encased in concrete. The family now believes the recording occurred about two months before the boy died.

Dec 27 10:10

'Morally Broken' Tax Incentives Mean Homeless Denied Food Left To Waste - Michael Gove Has Said “Much, Much More” Must Be Done To Tackle Food Waste As It Emerged Producers Are “Incentivised” To Send Their Surplus To Green Energy Plants Rather Than To Char

Michael Gove has said “much, much more” must be done to tackle food waste as it emerged producers are “incentivised” to send their surplus to green energy plants rather than to charities that feed the vulnerable.

Dec 27 10:09

Russia Never Stopped Its Cyberattacks On The United States

Every first-year international-relations student learns about the importance of deterrence: It prevented a Soviet invasion of Western Europe during the height of the Cold War. It prevented North Korea from invading South Korea in the same time frame. Today, it keeps Iran from starting a hot war in the Middle East or other nations from initiating cyberattacks against our infrastructure.

Dec 27 10:09

North Korea will not be accepted as a nuclear power by US or Russia, say Rex Tillerson and Sergei Lavrov

The US and Russia have insisted they will not accept North Korea as a "nuclear state", amid a series of missile tests by the East Asian nation and increased rhetoric from both Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump.

Dec 27 10:07

FDA approves Gilead cancer gene therapy; price set at $373,000

(Reuters) - U.S. regulators approved on Wednesday a new therapy for a type of lymphoma, which was developed by Gilead Science Inc’s (GILD.O) Kite Pharma, marking the second approval for this potentially revolutionary approach to fighting cancer.

Dec 27 10:06

Doctors explain the long-term health effects of Flint water crisis

NEW YORK -- The parents of children in Flint, Michigan have good reason to be worried about lead in the city's water supply.

Dec 27 09:52

S.F. Tenant Forced Out by 315 Percent Rent Hike Wins $400,000 Settlement

It was a spark for instant outrage in the midst of a San Francisco rental market gone mad: A woman renting an apartment in Bernal Heights announced on Facebook one weekend in March 2015 that her landlord was increasing her rent from $2,145 to $8,900 a month. And her security deposit was going up, too — from $1,500 to $12,500.

Dec 27 09:46

Trump, Mueller, Bundy Ranch, Las Vegas, and NAFTA. Michael Rivero - December 26, 2017

Dec 27 09:43

California governor pardons immigrants facing deportation

Gov. Jerry Brown on Saturday announced pardons or sentence reductions for some 150 convicted criminals, including two Cambodian refugees facing deportation and a woman who has spent 33 years in prison despite a bungled plea deal that could have freed her decades ago.

Dec 27 09:35

'It must be my race': Democrat congresswoman who 'took a teacher's first class seat on a flight home for Christmas' insists SHE is the victim because the passenger must be RACIST

The congresswoman accused by a United Airlines passenger of bumping her from a first-class seat tweeted Tuesday that she believes the passenger was only upset because she is black.

Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, from Texas, said did nothing wrong when she was bumped to a first class seat on a December 18 flight from Houston to Washington, DC.

She was put in seat 1A, which was originally paid for by a Jean-Marie Simon, a schoolteacher from Washington DC, who has accused the airline of evicting her from the seat so they could give it to a member of congress. Jackson Lee said in a statement Tuesday that she is upset she has to respond to allegations that she demanded special treatment.

Dec 27 09:30

An ATM Gave Him ‘Too Much Money.’ His Reaction Got Him Jailed, Police Say.

A man was withdrawing money from an ATM at a Wells Fargo bank branch in Cocoa, Fla., in late November when the machine started spitting out more cash than he’d withdrawn, police said. But the man’s reaction wasn’t exactly ecstatic, Florida Today reports.

Dec 27 09:30

Police Say Man Has Raped 12 Prostitutes At Gunpoint In 3 Years

Investigators are searching for a man they believe has sexually assaulted at least a dozen female sex workers at gunpoint in the Los Angeles area since 2014, police said Friday.

Dec 27 09:25

12-year-old Colorado girl, troubled by Flint water crisis more than 1,000 miles away, invents lead detector

Outside denver, a talented 12-year-old is getting national attention. It's not for her music, it's for Gitanjali Rao's contribution to science.
"If my mom asked me what do you want for Christmas, I'd be like, lead," Gitanjali said.

Dec 27 09:24

US Has Reached The Last Stage Before Collapse

The problem isn’t Donald Trump – it’s the Donald Trump in all of us...
Perhaps in a democracy the distinctive feature of decadence is not debauchery but terminal self-absorption - the loss of the capacity for collective action, the belief in common purpose, even the acceptance of a common form of reasoning. We listen to necromancers who prophesy great things while they lead us into disaster. We sneer at the idea of a “public” and hold our fellow citizens in contempt. We think anyone who doesn’t pursue self-interest is a fool.

We cannot blame everything on Donald Trump, much though we might want to. In the decadent stage of the Roman Empire, or of Louis XVI’s France, or the dying days of the Habsburg Empire so brilliantly captured in Robert Musil’s The Man Without Qualities, decadence seeped downward from the rulers to the ruled. But in a democracy, the process operates reciprocally. A decadent elite licenses degraded behavior, and a debased public chooses its worst leaders. Then our Nero panders to our worst attributes — and we reward him for doing so.

“Decadence,” in short, describes a cultural, moral, and spiritual disorder — the Donald Trump in us.>>>

Dec 27 09:17

Analysis: U.S. cuts funds for UN after ‘null and void’ vote

‘TAKING NAMES’: U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, above, yesterday hailed the decision to slash the U.N. budget by $285 million days after the U.N. General Assembly voted in favor of a nonbinding resolution declaring President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital ‘null and void.’

Dec 27 09:00

‘Must Be The Season Of The RICH’

Alas, all you suckers out there are , like this writer, a few paychecks away from financial uncertainty. The less than one thousand dollars extra per year that this bill will throw you is nothing compared to the mega millions the super rich and the large corporations will see added to their spreadsheets. Some of you still hold steady to the hogwash that the Trump team and the mainstream whore media are selling: The more the super rich save in taxes the more that will be reinvested in our economy. Remember the two phony Wall Street bailouts, one under stooge # 1 Junior Bush, and the second under stooge # 2 Obama? All it did was allow these predators to give each other bonuses and more stock buybacks.


(*$1,000 ÷ 52 = $24.32 should cover the weekly differential of a higher priced tank of petroleum , after taxes deducted for next year)

Dec 27 08:52

Price of 40-year-old cancer drug hiked 1,400% by new owners

Prices for a cancer drug called lomustine have skyrocketed nearly 1,400 percent since 2013, putting a potentially life-saving treatment out of reach for patients suffering from brain tumors and Hodgkin's lymphoma. Though the 40-year-old medication is no longer protected by patents, no generic version is available.

Dec 27 08:49

Entire Palm Springs City Council Is Now Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and/or Queer (LGBTQ)

NBC News notes that the entire city council of Palm Springs, California, is now lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/or queer (LGBTQ), as of last month’s elections — the first time that has happened anywhere in the United States.

The city, long noted as a retirement and vacation destination, has become a gay haven in recent years. And, as LGBTQ activists have become more involved in politics — and as more politicians have emerged from “the closet” — more have sought and won elected office.

Dec 27 08:44

Report: ‘High-Level’ Amazon and Microsoft Directors Face Charges Following Sex Trafficking Sting

“Among the emails, which were obtained through a public records request to the King County Prosecutor’s Office, were 67 sent from Microsoft employee email accounts, 63 from Amazon accounts and dozens more from companies like Boeing, T-Mobile, Oracle and local Seattle tech firms,” the report claims. “Some of the emails were collected during a 2015 sting operation that targeted sex worker review boards and resulted in the arrest of 18 individuals, including high-level Amazon and Microsoft directors. Two opted for a trial, which is currently set to begin in March.”

The revelation that Amazon and Microsoft directors were implicated in the sting prompted the two companies to release statements condemning sex trafficking.

Dec 27 08:39

Christmas Gifts – Good News from Around the World

The world is full of good news, suitable for Yuletide.

Merry Christmas to you, dear readers! It is a beautiful and serene time of hope, when the darkest time of the year is already behind us. Though the light is still not perceptible, but we know and feel that the change is coming.

The recent vote in the United Nations has been such a glimpse of light, a harbinger of Sun.

Dec 27 08:27

Snow emergency declared in Erie

Erie County government offices, including the Erie County Courthouse, the Erie County Department of Health and the Erie County Public Library, will open at 10 a.m. on Wednesday. Any 24/7 operations of Erie County government, including the Erie County Prison, will operate on regular schedules. The Erie County Public Library at the Millcreek Mall will be closed on Wednesday, as will the Millcreek Mall. The Erie County Public Library’s Bookmobile also will not be operating on Wednesday. All other branches will follow the county’s 10 a.m. opening.

Dec 27 08:19

Price of 40-year-old cancer drug hiked 1,400% by new owners

Prices for a cancer drug called lomustine have skyrocketed nearly 1,400 percent since 2013, putting a potentially life-saving treatment out of reach for patients suffering from brain tumors and Hodgkin's lymphoma. Though the 40-year-old medication is no longer protected by patents, no generic version is available.

Dec 27 08:18

World's Wealthiest Became $1 Trillion Richer in 2017

The richest people on earth became $1 trillion richer in 2017, more than four times last year’s gain, as stock markets shrugged off economic, social and political divisions to reach record highs.

Dec 27 07:45

Utah officer punches through frozen pond, dives in to rescue 8-year-old boy

A sheriff's officer who threw off his gear and dived into a frozen pond to save an 8-year-old Utah boy on Christmas Day refused to be labeled a hero on Tuesday.

Dec 27 07:45

U.S. reconnaissance satellites have spotted Chinese ships selling oil to North Korean vessels on the West Sea around 30 times since October

U.S. reconnaissance satellites have spotted Chinese ships selling oil to North Korean vessels on the West Sea around 30 times since October.

Dec 27 07:24

Scotland is starting a universal basic income experiment in 2018.

People living in the Scottish cities of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fife, and North Ayrshire may soon receive an unconditional monthly sum as part of a series of universal basic income pilots currently being explored with support from the local government.

Dec 27 07:24

California regulators to Nestlé: Halt unauthorized water diversions

California water regulators told Nestlé that the company doesn’t appear to have valid water rights for much of the water it’s been piping out of the San Bernardino National Forest and selling as bottled water.

Dec 27 06:59

Woman Claims ‘Mandatory Flu Shot’ Blinded Her…Left Her With MS

the before and after photos of this formerly healthy 34-year-old woman are stunning.

Dec 27 06:37

Video From The Guy Who Sent Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin A Gift-wrapped Box Of HorseShit

A psychologist who works for Los Angeles county says he's the one who sent a gift-wrapped box of manure to Mnuchin.

Dec 27 06:12


A government source said, “We need to focus on the fact that the illicit trade started after a UN Security Council resolution in September drastically capped North Korea’s imports of refined petroleum products.” Meanwhile, on paper, China’s trade with North has recently collapsed after U.S. President Donald Trump unleashed a barrage of sanctions in September targeting North Korea’s imports of refined petroleum products.

Back in November, the US. Treasury Department sanctioned an additional six North Korean shipping and trading companies and 20 of their ships after the satellite pictures surfaced. In the above picture, the North Korean ship named Ryesonggang 1, was easily identified and connected to the illegal sale of oil from China.

According to Chosun Media, "the department noted that the two ships appeared to be illegally trading in oil from ship to ship to bypass sanctions."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This puts China on the horns of a dilemma, as she really, really cannot interdict all transactions, unless she puts herself on a blockade on North Korea, which is what the US government sees as something they want to see happen.

Dec 27 05:51


Joe Biden bluntly demanded that former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich resign back in 2014, the former US vice president revealed. He also confirmed the US was deeply involved in Kiev’s affairs during that year’s crisis.

From the very beginning of the Ukrainian crisis, the US sought to direct Yanukovich in his handling of the riots on Maidan Square that eventually led to a coup in Ukraine, Biden says in his new book titled “Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship And Purpose,” which was published in November, but has now been brought into the media spotlight in connection with the US’s role in the crisis. Biden reveals that he repeatedly called the then-Ukrainian president, telling him what he should or should not do.

Dec 27 05:48


The eastern Mediterranean is expected to witness the first conflict of 2018, as developments at the end of 2017 are signaling worsening relationships between Turkey and the Greek Cypriot-Greece-Israel-Egypt bloc. Territorial disputes over natural gas and newly discovered hydrocarbon reserves in the eastern Mediterranean basin are the reason.

Up until a few years ago, the hope was that these hydrocarbon reserves would offer a real opportunity for a peaceful settlement of the Cyprus conflict. But these optimistic hopes vanished with both Turks and Greek Cypriots unilaterally speeding up exploration and drilling operations.

In 2004, the European Union had declared the Greek Cypriots the sole entity representing the island of Cyprus and accepted it as an EU member. Feeling that its hand has been strengthened following the EU decision, the Greek Cypriots claimed the right of natural resources exploration in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) around Cyprus.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

any massive conflicts over oil in the region will cause oil prices to soar.

Dec 27 05:23

Thank You Mr. President You Made Our Day

(*Wow! What a great , cordial show of gratitude for The American President ! )

Dec 27 02:49

A Journey Through a Land of Extreme Poverty: Welcome to America

(*I appologize for this one .
Mike I understand if this one doesn't get promoted to the main page . The literary equivelent to a football player taking a knee . Off limits , taboo is off limits taboo .
Again; I totally apologize for this grotesque submission and it's unfair allocations .)

Dec 27 01:53

French magazine causes uproar after putting Israel next to N. Korea as ‘not a real country’

The magazine, which is aimed at children aged from five to eight, includes trivia card games. On one of the cards, Israel is put on a par with North Korea, both of which are apparently not “real countries.”

"197: We call these 197 countries states, like France, Germany or Algeria. There are others, too, but not all the world’s countries agree that all of them are real countries (for example the State of Israel or North Korea),” reads the card, which has sparked a fierce backlash.

“Shocked by this lie taught to children. Such rhetoric can only encourage anti-Zionism, inseparable from anti-Semitism,” Aliza Bin Noun, the ambassador of Israel to France, said on Twitter, while tagging French President Emmanuel

Francis Kalifat, the president of CRIF (the Federation of Jewish Communities and Organizations of France) condemned the cards, calling them a “factual lie and a flagrant one at that.”

Following the backlash, the magazine was removed from kiosk sales in France and Belgium.


Dec 27 01:37

TRUMP TO BE HONORED (*In The Occupied State Of Palestine )


Israeli Transport Minister Yisrael Katz: "The Western Wall is the holiest place for the Jewish people, and I have decided to name the train station that leads to it after US President Donald Trump, following his brave and historic decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel."

Dec 27 01:21

US Ambassador Friedman Tells State Dept. to Stop Using Word 'Occupation'

The State Department reportedly refused the request.>>>

(*Because; An Occupation By Any Other Name Is Still An Occupation !)

Dec 26 14:23

'I'm a prisoner of these babies!' Cristiano Ronaldo laughs off claims he should be in jail over tax fraud allegations by posting a picture with his three youngest children

Ronaldo took to Instagram to respond to a tax boss who said he should be in jail
The 32-year-old could face prosecution for more than £13m of tax fraud
The Real Madrid star insists that he has done nothing wrong

Dec 26 14:21

Meet the robo-DJ: Czech club unveils giant robotic arm that can choose songs, scratch records, and even dance

Prague's Karlovy Lazne Music Club has employed a specially adaptive robot to DJ
The DJ robot is shaped like a giant arm capped with a pincer, to grab discs
It shares deck duties at the club with its human programmer in an hourly rotation

Dec 26 14:03

'Animal lover', 26, who was pictured cuddling kitten before battering it to death in ‘horrific’ animal cruelty case is jailed for five months

Aaron Barker, 26, inflicted devastating injuries on kittens Panther and Baby as they desperately tried to escape last January
The mental health care worker was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to the pets after a two-day trial at Nottingham Crown Court
Barker, from Basford in Nottingham, previously killed two hamsters and a cat called Milo, according to the

Dec 26 13:54

£4.5bn Boxing Day sales bonanza as 23m Britons head bargain hunting and desperate stores slash prices by up to 90%

Almost half of the UK adult population are expected to hit the high street today for Boxing Day sale shopping
Tourists are believed to be among the biggest spenders, with some visitors from China splashing out £1,000
Yesterday bargain hunters spent £895million online with £105million spent in garages & convenience stores

Dec 26 13:25

Firing the Pre-Pubertal Arquebus: A Sociological Treatise

Today we will ponder America, a country, even a civilization, that existed long ago where the United States is today, but bore little resemblance to it. It will be like studying cave drawings, or Sargon of Akkad. Pay attention. The is original source material of historical importance.

I was there, in America: Athens, Alabama, at age twelve.

Dec 26 13:06

Record number of National Lottery players become millionaires in 2017 with 358 ticket holders sharing £796million fortune

A grand total of 782 people won £50,000 or more in lottery draws this year
Year's biggest winner was anonymous EuroMillions player who banked £87M
Another lucky player could win a £23.5M prize in Wednesday's Lotto draw

Dec 26 12:49

Pro-Trump Group Will Troll ‘Morning Joe’ For An Entire Week With This New Pro-Trump Ad...

Well played. Morning Mika won't be happy.


Dec 26 12:40

Political Immorality and Personal Immorality

Many Americans have been shocked by recent revelations of the extent of sexual harassment in Congress. However, no one should be too surprised that those who spend their lives defending and expanding the welfare-warfare state engage in immoral personal conduct. It is only natural that an immoral system, like the welfare-warfare state, tends to attract individuals likely to practice personal immorality.

The welfare-warfare state is built on a foundation of taxation and fiat currency controlled by a secretive central bank. While some type of taxation may be necessary to fund the few legitimate functions of government, taking people’s money to fund a redistributive welfare state at home and a global empire abroad is nothing more than theft. The Federal Reserve’s erosion of purchasing power is also a form of theft.

Dec 26 11:22

Family of British tourist jailed for THREE YEARS in hellish Egyptian prison fear she won't survive and say she's ALREADY been beaten in her cell after 'accidentally' pleading guilty to smuggling drugs

Laura Plummer, 33, has been sentenced to three years in jail and a £4,205 fine
Yesterday she 'accidentally confessed' to the crime, her legal team has claimed
Her distraught mother said she feels 'sick' and is 'so frightened' for her daughter
The case revolves around 290 Tramadol tablets she took to Egypt for her lover

Dec 26 11:09

Mom Gives Birth At A Florida Highway Rest Stop And Leaves Her Baby Behind

A mother gave birth to her baby boy at a Florida highway rest stop over the weekend and left him in a bathroom stall, according to reports.

Dec 26 11:09

Heroic Dog Cries All Night After Owner Fatally Shot In California

Authorities are trying to find out if an unhappy customer shot and killed an auto mechanic after a heated argument, according to CBS San Francisco.
Earlier this month, Jimmy Martinez credited his dog, Chata, for saving his life.

Dec 26 10:43

'You are going straight to hell you screwed-up altar boy': Rosie O'Donnell unleashes bizarre attack on Paul Ryan in Christmas Day Twitter tirade after site administrators deleted her vulgar messages to a conservative columnist

Rosie O'Donnell responded to a video House Speaker Paul Ryan posted on Saturday to celebrate Christmas, telling him to 'go straight to hell'
'paul ryan - don't talk about Jesus after what u just did to our nation - u will go straight to hell u screwed up fake altar boy #JUDASmuch,' she said, Monday
Ryan posted a video of himself giving a speech in Washington DC in hopes of showing his pride in the holiday
'At the end of each year, no matter how short—or long—it may feel, there is always Christmas,' he said on Saturday
Last week, Rosie O'Donnell had tried to bribe Republican Senators Jeff Flake and Susan Collins for $2million so that they would vote against the tax reform bill
Late Sunday night, Conservative media personality Ben Shapiro shared Twitter removed tweets from the actrss, telling him to 'Suck my d**k Ben'

Dec 26 10:33

Florida plane crash kills 5, including family members, in Christmas Eve 'tragedy'

The victims of the Florida plane crash included Victoria Shannon Worthington, 26, and her husband, Peter Worthington Jr., 27.

Five people were killed, including family members, on Sunday morning after a small plane crashed after taking off from a Central Florida airport in heavy fog, officials said.

Dec 26 10:21


Palestinian cartoonist, Mohammad Saba’aneh, created these cartoons this morning with a message of Merry Christmas and “Here now it is so sad, no one celebrate”.

Dec 26 10:16

Pennsylvania family ordered to take down offensive Jesus Christmas display

A Pennsylvania family was ordered by their homeowner’s association to take down their Jesus Christmas display after one of the neighbors reported it as offensive.

Mark and Lynn Wivell of Adams County, a Gettysburg subdivision, said they put up their Jesus display last Saturday, FOX43 reported.

“As part of our Christmas decoration, we would display the name Jesus to point out to everyone that we in this family believe that the reason for the season is to celebrate the birth of Jesus,” said Mark Wivell told FOX43.

But the homeowner’s association wasn’t having it. On Sunday, the association told the family to take down the sign after a neighbor complained it was offensive. The homeowner’s association also claimed the display was a sign, not a decoration – which is a violation of the rules, USA Today reported.

Dec 26 10:13

Judge Rules U.S. Must Allow ACLU Access To American Held In Iraq

Good news, the government can’t deny legal counsel to an American citizen who’s being imprisoned indefinitely on no charges.

Dec 26 10:11

Cops say this 3-on-1 teen brawl against Muslim girl was not racially motivated bullying

A 14-year-old Muslim teen is recovering after receiving a savage beating at the hands of her peers. Video of the encounter is going viral.

Dec 26 10:10

Teacher claims United gave away her first-class seat to a congresswoman

Traveling during the holidays can be a worrying experience, with delays, mishaps, and extra layers of security to get through. But one woman is sharing a particularly bad experience: She says a member of Congress got her kicked out of her seat in first class.

Dec 26 10:10

Trump Wants to Stop Certain Immigrants From Working — But Will That Really Save American Jobs?

In an effort to continue paving the way for President Trump‘s “Buy American, Hire American” executive order, the Trump administration is proposing to end work authorization for people with H-4 dependent visas. This means that the spouses of highly-skilled legal immigrants would be unable to legally work in the country. Between this new proposal and the goals surrounding the RAISE (Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment) act, the overarching question is: Does reducing immigration actually save American jobs?

Dec 26 10:05

War on Christmas: Dem Leaders Ignore Holiday: “It’s Literally Everything They Hate”

Numerous Democrats and leftists have been ignoring Christmas Day on social media while Republican leaders honor the holiday.

Leftist leaders like Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Elizabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Rep. Maxine Waters, and even Hillary Clinton haven’t acknowledged Christmas Day on Twitter – unlike many other Republican leaders – as of this writing.

Dec 26 10:01

Congressman DeSantis Is Still Angry, Threatens FBI With Subpoenas And Contempt Charges…

The allegations pile up against Mueller's witch hunters.


Dec 26 09:54

Gift-wrapped horse manure prompts bomb scare at US treasury secretary's LA home

Fears of a bomb outside Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin's Los Angeles home turned out to be a waste -- literally.
A box of gift-wrapped horse manure was to blame for a bomb scare in a driveway near Mnuchin's Bel Air, California, home Saturday evening, according to Los Angeles ABC station KABC

Dec 26 09:38

10 promises Trump kept in 2017

Donald Trump in 2017 moved from being a chaos candidate to a chaos president. He shoots for the moon (literally), routinely says things that aren’t true, and often makes pledges that generate enormous attention but very little follow-through. Many of his signature policy efforts have been tied up in or blocked by the courts, his campaign is under investigation by the FBI, and his approval rating is at historic lows for a first-year president.

Dec 26 09:21

Terminally ill veteran gets "last wish" to see "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," with help from his local community.

A terminally ill man had an out-of-this-world wish — and his local community came through to grant it.
Ron Villemaire, a 69-year-old hard-core "Star Wars" fan, got to see “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” with the help of local New Hampshire fire departments whose medics transported him to the theater.

Dec 26 09:21

Best friends for 60 years find out they are biological brothers

An Oahu family got a life-changing surprise just in time for the holidays.
A man searching for his father ended up finding out that his best friend since grade school was actually his brother.
The men are 15 months apart in age and have known each other for decades.
They tell KHON2 they learned they were related through a family history and DNA website.
Alan Robinson and Walter Macfarlane have been the best of friends for 60 years.

Dec 26 09:14

Enraged naked postal worker goes on killing spree, police say

Police said DeShaune Stewart, 24, of Columbus, was charged with killing his supervisor at a post office in Dublin, Ohio, and then killing the Dublin postmaster outside the Columbus apartment complex where she lived.

Relatives and friends of two Ohio postal workers slain by an enraged, naked coworker were at a loss to explain the violence that occurred Saturday morning.

Dec 26 08:52

Police Say Man Has Raped 12 Prostitutes At Gunpoint In 3 Years

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Investigators are searching for a man they believe has sexually assaulted at least a dozen female sex workers at gunpoint in the Los Angeles area since 2014, police said Friday.

Dec 26 08:16

Arkansas man tells girl he raped from ages 4 to 12 to ‘get over it,’ police say

An Arkansas man admitted over Facebook to raping a girl for nearly a decade, and he told her to “get over it,” according to authorities.

Dec 26 08:16

Suspected murderer who evaded capture for 12 years by pretending to be mute loses voice from underuse

A Chinese murder suspect has been apprehended after evading police for 12 years partly by pretending to be mute - leading to the genuine loss of his ability to speak .
The man, identified by his surname Zeng, has been charged with murdering his wife's uncle, identified as Mr Chai,in 2005, after a dispute over a 500 yuan (£57) rent payment.

Dec 26 08:05

Weapons of Mass Distraction: Disney's Potential 21st Century Fox Merger Continues Troubling Trend of Media Consolidation

In the US, only a handful of media companies control what children and adults watch and read. Now that number could get even smaller. The proposed $52.4 billion merger of Disney and 21st Century Fox would combine the first and third largest film companies in the world, creating a media monopoly that could be as powerful as a state actor on the world stage.

Dec 26 07:46

New UN Sanctions Against N. Korea to Impact Civilians, Not Govt

The latest round of UN sanctions against North Korea, imposed last week, see a substantial limitation on processed oil products, like diesel fuel, and a 24 month order for all North Koreans working overseas to return to the country.

The sanctions were unanimous among the UN Security Council, including rare support from China and Russia. North Korea was harshly critical all the same, terming it an “act of war.”

Still, experts say the new sanctions, like so many UN sanctions, are going to do a lot more harm to the average civilian in the destitute country than they will the government itself. The limitations on fuel, for instance, mean what fuel they can import will be given to priority consumers like the military, while more civilian uses will be termed “non-essential.”

This has been a long-standing problem with international sanctions worldwide.small>>>>

Dec 26 07:37

Princess cheeky! Playful Meghan pokes out her TONGUE in front of adoring crowds as she and pregnant Kate stroll side-by-side while the Royals attend church on Christmas Day

Meghan Markle has become the first fiancée to join the Royal Family at Sandringham for Christmas
She walked side-by-side with future sister-in-law Kate and performed a curtsy for The Queen
Meghan stepped out in eye-catching brown beret and wrapped up warm against chilly winter temperatures
The Queen arrived at the service later by car wearing an eye-popping orange jacket with a matching floral hat

Dec 26 07:37

The Never-Ending Crisis of Zionism

Jewish separation from Palestinians is a delusion. It is like whites separating from blacks in the U.S. Israel is 20 percent non-Jewish; and it rules territories containing 5 million Palestinians; and though the world has resolved to “extricate” the Jews from the Arabs for 70 years now, the communities are intertwined more than ever, as Israeli Jews flood the West Bank and build more and more Jewish-only colonies.

These Jewish colonies and their military escort have inflicted endless trauma on the subject population.>>>