Dec 08 09:27

Wayne County Cops Seized Her Car Over $10 Worth of Weed. Now She's Suing.

A Detroit woman is suing Wayne County, Michigan, after police seized her car for possession of $10 worth of marijuana under the state's civil asset forfeiture laws.
Crystal Sisson alleges in a federal civil rights lawsuit filed Wednesday that she was pulled over by Wayne County Sheriff's deputies this July after they surveilled her going into a Detroit medical marijuana dispensary, where she had bought a small amount of marijuana for $10. After discovering the marijuana, which is decriminalized in Detroit, the sheriff's deputies cited her for "illegally occupying a place where controlled substances are sold" and seized her 2015 Kia Soul.

Dec 08 09:27

The US deported a man who said he feared for his life 'on a daily basis' in Honduras and was trying to seek asylum. He was found murdered

A migrant who sought asylum in the United States, but was denied and deported back to Honduras in 2016, soon met the violent death he had feared, according to the Washington Post.
Santos Chirino was reportedly killed in Honduras in April 2017, less than one year after being deported from the United States.

Dec 08 09:18

Air Force lieutenant colonel, 47, is arrested in an undercover sting for 'going to a hotel to meet a 14-year-old girl for sex after they met on a dating app'

An FBI sex sting has netted a lieutenant colonel in the US Air Force, who is now accused of trying to meet a 14-year-old girl at a Georgia hotel after the two talked online.
Air Force Lt. Col. Willie Newson, 47, was arrested on Tuesday at the Radisson at 1775 Parkway Place in Marietta on charges of child exploitation.
According to authorities, the high-ranking serviceman had gone to the hotel seeking to meet up with a teen he met on a dating app.

Dec 08 09:11

He Played Handball For Australia's Men's Team. Now Transgender, He's Dominating Women's Handball.

Standing at six-foot-two and weighing-in at 220 pounds, male-to-female transgender handballer Hannah Mouncey is dominating at the women's Asian Championships in Japan.
Before his transition to female in May 2016, Mousey played for the Australian men's handball team.

Dec 08 09:04

Furious pensioner claims she was 'forced to move on BA flight from London to Boston to make way for a VIP passenger and then spent eight hours next to a URINE-soaked seat'

British Airways are investigating a passenger's complaint she was forced to sit next to a urine-soaked seat for eight hours.
Ann Frett's daughter was allegedly sat in the 'biohazard' seat but moved to the one remaining vacant seat in the aircraft when the disgusting contamination was discovered.
Ann says she had no choice but to remain next to the foetid seat and was forced to cover the lower part of her face with her turtleneck top.

Dec 08 08:22

British beauty queen was forced to marry a Bangladeshi man twice her age when she was just 15, who 'raped her every single day' so she'd get pregnant and he could move to the UK

A British beauty queen has revealed how she was 'raped every single day' after her parents took her to Bangladesh and forced her to marry a man twice her age.
Rubie Marie was just 15 when she married the man, against her will, and he tried to get her pregnant so he could move to the UK.

Dec 07 21:54

The Three Female Med Students Who Destroyed Gender Norms A Century Ago

The three magnificently dressed ladies were students at the Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania, snapped at a Dean’s reception, in 1885.
The three in the photograph — from left to right, Anandibai Joshi, Keiko Okami, and Sabat Islambouli — eventually became among the first licensed female doctors in their respective countries: India, Japan and Syria.

Dec 07 21:52

Mueller to give details on Russia probe with filings on Trump ex-aides

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller will provide new details on Friday on how two of President Donald Trump's closest former aides have helped or hindered his investigation into possible collusion between Russia and Trump's 2016 election campaign.

Dec 07 18:50

Calls For Ethics Investigation Into Ocasio-Cortez After She Threatens Donald Trump Jr.

Ocasio-Cortez Warns Donald Trump Jr. She Could Subpoena Him

Dec 07 15:30

Man Who Drove Into Counterprotesters at White Supremacist Rally Guilty of Murder

White supremacist James Fields has been found guilty of first-degree murder for the August 12, 2017, death of Heather Heyer, along with nine other charges.

The Charlottesville trial that began Monday saw the 21-year-old Ohio native attempt to argue that he acted in self-defense when he rammed his car into a throng of counterprotesters at the White nationalist "Unite the Right" rally in the Virginia city in August 2017.

"On August 12, James Alex Fields Jr was here in Charlottesville with anger and images of violence fixed in his mind. The case is about his decision to act on that anger and those images," prosecutor Nina Antony said on Monday.

Dec 07 13:54

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Anyone, who sees a "rapey" man in this clip, isn't watching the whole thing. By the standard being applied to the man, the woman in the parallel scene should be on a sexual predator list. #MeToo

Dec 07 12:14


Dec 07 11:48

FittonJW - SUPER Media Alert: Clinton email scandal heats up! Court orders discovery into "one of the gravest modern offenses to gov't transparency" Judicial Watch,

Judicial Watch, not Congress and not DOJ, doing the heavy lifting. Will discuss next hour on Fox News. 

Dec 07 11:26

'Look at the whole darn song before you make your decision': Gayle King loses it and curses live on air in VERY spirited defense of 'rapey' Christmas song Baby It's Cold Outside as it gets banned from the airwaves

CBS host Gayle King swore live on air while defending the Christmas song 'Baby it's cold outside' which has been pulled by several radio stations.
The classic holiday song is proving too controversial for some broadcasters who have decided not to play it amid concerns its lyrics are predatory towards women.
King, who is a 'This Morning' the co-anchor, expressed her affinity for the duet which was penned in 1944 by Frank Loesser.
She spoke out in the song's defense after a news segment on the CBS show acknowledged that song's meaning has the nation divided.

Dec 07 11:20

Bloodhound supersonic car project axed

A 1,000mph race car project has been axed meaning the supersonic vehicle is on the market for the price of a Ferrari.

The Bloodhound supersonic vehicle - built with a Rolls-Royce Eurofighter jet engine bolted to a rocket - is all but finished.

The Bristol-based team behind it was aiming to beat the existing land speed world record of 763mph (1,228km/h).

Driver Andy Green said the car was now available at a cost of about £250,000.

Dec 07 11:18

US may veto Israeli $500mn deal to resell fighter jets to Croatia, report reveals

The half-billion dollar deal was announced in March after a visit of a high-profile Croatian delegation to Israel. Croatia decided to purchase 12 F-16 C/D Barak fighter jets to replace its ageing fleet of Soviet MiG-21 aircraft, choosing the Israelis over bids submitted by the US, Greece and Sweden.

But now after losing the tender the US intends to torpedo the deal, according to a report, by Israeli journalist Barak Ravid, published in Axios. Three weeks ago the Americans started sending signals that the US will ban the resale of the aircraft, Ravid said citing anonymous Israeli officials.

“The Americans claimed Israel was never supposed to sell the US-made jets to a third party without U.S. approval — especially not in direct competition with the US,” the report said.

Dec 07 11:14

No US military build-up in Cyprus, island’s FM says

Cyprus’ Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides has rejected statements that the US is looking to set up a military base on the east Mediterranean island as a bulwark against expanding Russian influence in the region. Christodoulides said Friday that he called his Russian counterpart to convey Cyprus’ “grave concern” over the remarks from the Russian Foreign Ministry, AP reports. “They don’t correspond with reality,” Christodoulides told Sigma TV station. Cyprus’ government spokesman Prodromos Prodromou said that the matter is considered closed.

Dec 07 10:14

WTH? Karen-Pence + Biden Received Surprise Envelopes At George H.W. Bush's Funeral

related --- video --- Hillary Clinton Receives Surprise Envelope At George H.W. Bush's Funeral

Dec 07 09:57

Families divided: Nearly half of U.S. adults have had a relative in jail or prison

Nearly half (45 percent) of all American adults have an immediate family member who has been incarcerated, according to a new report.

That amounts to roughly 113 million people who have been touched by mass incarceration in the United States, according to the survey of 4,041 Americans.

The research was done by, a non-profit established by American business and tech leaders advocating for criminal justice and immigration reform, in partnership with Cornell University.

Right now, an estimated 6.5 million Americans have an immediate family member in jail or prison. And U.S. jail and prison populations have swelled to four times what they were in 1980, with about 1.5 million people in state and federal prisons on any given day in America.

Dec 07 09:55

CALEXIT: California, Adios!

It seems that out in California an impressively large number of people are petitioning for a referendum on secession. While I don’t think much of their motive, I say more power to them.

The motivation is, of course, fear by California leftists and foreigners that the 2016 federal election has deprived them of the excessive influence they have exercised over American domestic policies at least since a movie actor was elected President in 1980. The secession move amounts to an adolescent tantrum at not getting their way. This reflects a widespread defect of the Yankee national character---a tendency to reduce public matters to self-centered personal emotions.

Dec 07 09:39

Despite recent reports, sources say WH chief of staff John Kelly has no intention of resigning in the coming days.

White House chief of staff John Kelly has no intention of resigning in the coming days, despite media reports to the contrary, a knowledgeable source tells The Daily Caller.

Dec 07 09:30

EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: Mexico Captures Cartel Boss Behind Border State Violence

Mexican authorities arrested a top cartel operator who is linked to the escalation of violence in this border state. The arrest took place in the southeastern state of Yucatan, not far from numerous popular tourist resort towns.

Known in the criminal underworld as Chelelo, Eleazar Medina Rojas is the target of an intelligence operation led by Nuevo Leon’s State Investigation Agency. Investigators tracked him in relation to the recent escalation of violence in the region.

Nuevo Leon investigators worked with Mexican federal authorities to capture Medina Rojas in the peaceful resort town of Merida, Yucatan.

Dec 07 09:29

When the LEFT has lost it.... Christmas Ideas....

Dec 07 09:28

Illegal immigrants with fake green cards reveal they cleaned Donald Trump's toilet, ironed his white boxers and tried to get make-up off his collar at Bedminster golf club – and even watched him interview cabinet picks

A pair of women who say they got jobs using fake documents that brought work at Donald Trump's Bedminister, New Jersey, golf course have come forward to reveal their labors and blast the president for his 'insults' against immigrants.
Victorina Morales, an illegal Guatemalan immigrant, says in a bombshell interview that she cleaned Trump's toilet and dusted his golf trophies at the Bedminster club frequently visited by the president.
She says she washed and ironed Trump's white boxers, golf shirts, and khakis.
Another worker, legal resident Sandra Diaz from Costa Rica says she got work when she was illegal, using a bogus green card to secure employment.
The two revealed how the Trump family's garments were washed in a separate machine with special detergent - and the president exploded when a make-up stain would not come out of his white golf shirt.

Dec 07 09:22

Trump's AG pick played down both Russia collusion and obstruction.

WOMP WOMP Swamp doesnt like the pick!

Dec 07 08:58

Bolton Was Aware Huawei CFO Was Arrested While Having Dinner With Xi

Bolton said he was "unsure" whether Trump was aware of the arrest.

Dec 07 08:57

Religious group outraged after shopping center bans nativity scene display

The Legion of Mary association — a worldwide Catholic group — posted the rejection letter in a Facebook group set up to raise awareness of the ban. In it, Thistles Shopping Centre claims the proposal was denied for two reasons: one is due to lack of available commercial space for the display, and the other is to remain “religiously neutral.”

Dec 07 08:56

Watch live: Trump speaks at White House Hanukkah reception

President Trump: "Throughout history we have seen that no darkness can overcome the light of the Jewish faith and that no evil can overcome the unbreakable spirit of the Jewish people -- so true." (Video here .)

Dec 07 08:56

Daycare worker arrested after allegedly slamming 16-month-old into mat

Officer Heather Knight, a representative for the Smyrna Police Department, told the Marietta Daily Journal that the 20-year-old allegedly picked up a 16-month-old girl and slammed her face first into a mat because she was refusing to nap. Hamilton is charged with aggravated assault and first-degree cruelty to children, according to her arrest report.

Dec 07 08:55

Today's Testimony of Military Rifle Toting Antifa Enforcer Dwayne Dixon Should Gravely Damage Charlottesville Prosecution

A key defense witness testified today, the last day of arguments in the trial of James Fields, who is accused of first degree murder for ramming his car into a crowd of protestors at the August 12, 2018 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA.

The defense called Dwayne Dixon, an “anti-racist activist,” to testify about his actions that day, and about a Facebook post, in which Dixon claimed that he had used an AR-15 rifle “to chase off James fields from our block… before he attacked the marchers.”

Dixon is a key piece of the defense’s case. They must argue that Fields had no other route out of Charlottesville than to go through the Antifa mob that was moving toward him, and that Dixon was instrumental in preventing him from his only other course of action.

Dec 07 08:54

British student, 18, reveals she's selling her virginity online because she wants to raise £1.5M for a better future - after being raised by a single mother who taught her 'self-respect'

A British teenager who is auctioning her virginity online to the highest bidder has revealed she made the decision because she wants to build a better future after her mother taught her self respect.
The 18-year-old from London, who goes by the name of Jade, told Femail that she has big ambitions for her future and wants to pay off debts for her mother who brought her up alone.

Dec 07 08:54

The dark side of a Disney fairy tale: Undercover investigation reveals how Chinese staff work illegally long hours to make £35 Little Mermaid doll - and are paid 1p each for every toy

In a toy factory in Heyuan, southeastern China's Guangdong province, hundreds of workers bury their heads in mountains of Disney's Little Mermaid figurines.
However, as these workers try to keep up with the Christmas demand, they are found to be working in miserable conditions - excessive and illegal overtime, no holiday or sick pay, and for pay rates as low as 85p an hour, an undercover investigation has revealed.

Dec 07 08:53

video --- George H. W. Bush, The Legacy of a Globalist - Adam Green

The mainstream media has been doing nothing but praising George H.W. Bush's internationalism

Dec 07 08:53

video --- I Oppose Ben Cardin and the Anti Israel Boycott Bill

Unconstitutional attempt to slip it into a spending bill:

Dec 07 08:52

video --- Jordan Peterson - what to do when you are cognitively dissonant

When you encounter cognitive dissonance in your life there are several ways to mitigate it.

Dec 07 08:51

video --- Jerome Corsi Betrays the 9/11 Truth Movement

During an appearance on Hannity, former Infowars DC bureau chief Jerome Corsi denied being affiliated

Dec 07 08:51

Washing clothes in the shower, hostels full of drug addicts, blighted by debt: Sad lives of London's poorest children are revealed in poignant series of bedroom photos (7 Pics)

These poignant images of children's bedrooms in London lay bare the living conditions of the capital's poorest youngsters.
They are part of a new photographic exhibition, Bedrooms of London, at the Foundling Museum in Brunswick Square.
The display captures the shocking reality of home life for 700,000 children living below the poverty line.
The photographs - captured by Katie Wilson and supported by The Childhood Trust - are accompanied by touching tales of how families cope with such conditions.
One picture shows a baby's cot crammed into a tiny bedsit, next to a kitchenette and a cramped sofa bed.
Another shows bags of clothes and belongings piled up in a heap in the corner of the room with curtains hanging by a thread.

Dec 07 08:44

Revealed: Hundreds of Britain's new-build homes by developers like Taylor Wimpey are at risk of CRUMBLING due to sub-standard concrete - with firms a 'refusing to fix them unless owners sign gagging orders'(10 Pics)

Hundreds of new-build homes are in danger of crumbling after they were built with sub-standard concrete, a damning investigation has found.
Weak mortar that does not meet the recommended industry standards has been used on at least 13 estates in the UK, leaving the homes at risk of disintegrating.
The shocking revelation comes amid a housing crisis in the UK, with developers accused of cutting corners to finish homes in a bid to meet government targets.
National House Building Council (NHBC) guidelines state that mortar in most areas of the UK should be of at least one part cement to 5.5 parts sand.
But tests carried out on one of the homes affected showed the amount of sand present in the mortar was nearly three times higher than recommended.
It is thought the issue could affect thousands of other properties across the country, but developers are forcing desperate homeowners to first sign gagging orders before claiming compensation to save their crumbling homes.

Dec 07 08:39

Restaurant faces backlash for threatening to fire employee who wants to attend friend's funeral

A restaurant in New Jersey is in hot water after threatening to fire an employee who wanted to attend a friend’s funeral.
The unnamed female college student from the College of New Jersey (TCNJ) and hostess at Café Seventy-Two texted her boss, identified only as Katie, to check if there was another host who could take one of her shifts. As seen in screenshots of the exchange, Katie immediately replied, “Are you serious? No,” before the employee took an opportunity to explain the reason she had asked.

Dec 07 08:38

Trans woman shuts down narrow vision of Victoria's Secret 'fantasy' with epic video

How’s this for fantasy, Victoria’s Secret?
In a rebuke to the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, trans YouTube star Nikita Dragun posted a video on Twitter of herself modeling celestial wings, barely-there lingerie, and a whole lot of swagger to show that trans women can be sexy.

Dec 07 08:36

Judge allegedly tells stay-at-home mom who asked to be excused from jury duty: 'I don't care about your children'

Christa Pehl Evans, whose children are all under the age of 7, holds a PhD from Princeton, but admits that “being a mother is the hardest job I’ve ever done.” On Nov. 20, she reported for jury duty and raised her hand in court to be excused from serving, as she needed to take care of her children; Pehl Evans breastfeeds her youngest and homeschools her two other children. That is when Judge James Petrucelli allegedly insulted the mother for her choice to remain at home and appeared to be, according to Pehl Evans, anti-woman and anti-mother.

Dec 07 08:29

From clean cut kid to the world's most modified youth: How 'Modboy' transformed his body with tattoos, piercings and multiple surgeries - and he started when he was just ELEVEN years old

A man claiming to hold the record for the most body modifications has revealed new images showing how he transformed himself from a clean cut kid into 'Modboy'.
Ethan Bramble, 22, has had his eyeballs tattooed, his nostrils punched, his bellybutton removed, his tongue split, his labret (the area under the bottom lip) cut and each of his ears snipped so that half is missing.
The New South Wales Central Coast local first dabbled with body modification at the age of 11, when he stretched his ears and developed a fascination for tattoos.

Dec 07 08:02

High school teacher faces jail after classmate films her forcibly cutting a student's hair in class while bizarrely belting out The Star Spangled Banner(4 Pics)

A high school teacher has been arrested after forcibly cutting a student's hair in class while belting out The Star Spangled Banner.
Videos posted on social media showed Margaret Gieszinger cutting off chunks of a student's hair at University Preparatory High School in Visalia, California.

Dec 07 08:02

'Racist Park' and 'F**k Vegetables': Beijing set to remove signs with awkward English translations in public places ahead of 2022 Winter Olympics(15 Pics)

Authorities in Beijing are now ramping up efforts to remove public signs with poorly translated English ahead of the 2022 Winter Olympics, state media said.
The city-wide correction campaign has been targeting mind-boggling public notices that are marred with spelling and grammatical errors, as well as offensive language, including 'F**k Vegetables' instead of 'Dried Vegetables' on a sign in a supermarket aisle and 'Exit for Racist Park' instead of 'Ethnic Minorities Park' on a highway.

Dec 07 07:37

Evil pedophile, 67, who was ALREADY on the sex offenders' register 'started abusing a five-year-old girl as soon as he was released from prison in 2011 - and has now made her pregnant at 12'

A convicted paedophile has been caught sexually abusing another girl after he made her pregnant aged just 12 - police have revealed.
Frank Ortega Robledo, a registered sex offender in the state of Texas, allegedly abused his second victim since the age of five and was only caught when she was forced to go into hospital following a pregnancy.
Robledo was arrested on Saturday by officers from the Bexar County Sheriff's Office after a police affidavit alleged he had been abusing the girl since 2011.

Dec 07 07:08

The “yellow vest” rebellion continues in France, 89,000 security personnel deployed

The three-week-long tax rebellion continues in France as “yellow vest” protesters continue to ravage the city of Paris until the government meets their demands lower taxes.