Feb 17 08:13

Government agents seized $181,500 in cash at airport and won't give it back.

A Florida trucking company is suing two federal agencies, saying agents seized $181,500 in cash at Tampa International Airport and won't give it back.

Feb 17 08:12

Car full of teenagers drives at, runs over officer who tried to stop them

A police officer suffered serious injuries requiring surgery after a car full of teenagers accelerated and drove directly at authorities in what was an alleged deliberate attempt to hit them.

Feb 17 08:12

NYC man thanks Democrats following 139th arrest — and he has a very good reason: 'You can't stop me!'

When Charles Barry was arrested in Manhattan on Thursday for allegedly stealing cash from people riding the subway, he knew exactly who to thank for his impending quick release from jail.

Feb 17 08:11

Joe Biden Freaks Out Over Bernie Sanders Supporters Threatening Nevada Workers: ‘Find Out Who The Hell They Are!’

Former Vice President Joe Biden is not happy that Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) supporters have been attacking members of one of Nevada’s biggest unions, the Nevada Culinary Union, over that union’s decision to forgo endorsing a Democratic candidate — and Biden wants the Sanders supporters named and shamed.

Feb 17 07:50

Bloomberg Campaign Denies Hillary Clinton Veep Rumors — Sort Of

The Bloomberg for President campaign did not specifically deny a report from Saturday indicating that Bloomberg was considering failed 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, for a running mate if he snags the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.

Feb 17 07:50

Justin Trudeau Faces Backlash After Shaking Hand With Iranians Who Shot Down Plane With Canadians Aboard

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing anger from his own countrymen after he was photographed chatting, shaking hands, and even bowing to Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, after the rogue nation shot down a commercial airplane with 57 Canadians aboard.

Feb 17 07:49

PARODY: Chad Prather looks back to the days when Jussie Smollett was 'innocent'

Chad Prather reflected on a time when Jussie Smollett was "innocent." In this parody video, Prather pressed Smollett on his creative little story and asked if Smollett believed the story he was spewing.

Feb 17 07:49

VIDEO: Trump makes history by taking lap around Daytona 500, delivers iconic command

The 45th president of the United States wowed NASCAR fans on Sunday at the annual Daytona 500 race in Florida. Thousands erupted into a raucous applause and chants of "U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!" as Air Force One circled the Daytona International Speedway just 800 feet off the ground.

Feb 17 07:48

Mueller Team Prosecutor: DOJ Opening New Investigation into Comey, McCabe, Strzok

An investigation into the case of former national security adviser Michael Flynn will actually end up investigating three former FB officials, according to a former top prosecutor with special counsel Robert Mueller’s team.

Feb 17 07:48

'Limousine leftist' reporter attacks anti-socialist Hispanic voters for not backing Bernie Sanders

If one were to compile a list of the groups most despised by left-wing media personalities, at the very top of it are religious conservatives, followed, in a very close second, by conservative minorities.

Feb 17 07:48

NY Times reporter criticizes President Trump for Daytona 500 appearance. It doesn't end well.

A New York Times reporter criticized President Donald Trump for using his presidential limo, known as "The Beast," during his visit to the Daytona International Speedway on Sunday.

Feb 17 07:45

Report: Mark Zuckerberg Requests Government Rules On 'What Discourse Should Be Allowed'

Have you ever heard of this thing called the "First Amendment," Mr Zuckerberg?

Feb 17 07:33

“If You Show Up With Cancer And You’re 95 – We Should Say We Can’t Do Anything” – Bloomberg Explains How Healthcare Will Bankrupt Us Unless We Deny Care To Elderly

A new video posted on Sunday shows former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg explaining how healthcare will “bankrupt us,” unless we deny care to the elderly.

Feb 17 07:32

Famed Atheist Richard Dawkins Bizarrely Defends Eugenics: ‘Works For Cows, Horses, Pigs,’ But ‘Fight It On Moral Grounds’

Of all that can be said about famed atheist Richard Dawkins (author of “The God Delusion”), credit should be given for his philosophical consistency, even if that consistency has led him to some abysmally dark places.

Feb 17 07:32

Retired Journalist Sam Donaldson Ditches Objectivity, Endorses Bloomberg

Retired journalist Sam Donaldson is endorsing the candidacy of Democratic presidential candidate and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Feb 17 07:32

The Trump Effect: Over 6 Million Off Food Stamps Since Inauguration Day

More than 6 million people have dropped off the rolls of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program since President Donald Trump took office, according to new federal data.

Feb 17 07:31

Alabama Dem Responds to Abortion Ban by Introducing Act To Sterilize Men

A Democratic Alabama state legislator believes that it is high time men were banned from reproducing and has proposed a bill to do something about it.

Feb 17 07:31

Inside the ghost city of Varosha: Buildings lie abandoned in streets that used to be Cyprus tourism hotspot beloved by celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton

Spectacular images have emerged of a derelict Cypriot city which used to be a tourist hotspot and saw celebrities Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton and Brigitte Bardot wandering its golden beaches.

Feb 17 07:31

'Are you mad? We PAY to recline': Outraged passengers slam Delta CEO for suggesting travelers ask permission before putting their seats back

Outraged passengers are slamming Delta Airlines' CEO and calling for a boycott after he suggested flyers should ask permission before putting back their seats on planes in response to a viral video showing two passengers fighting over a reclined seat.

Feb 17 07:21

WATCH: Conway Blasts Bloomberg Over ‘Stop And Frisk’; Chris Wallace Quotes Trump Saying It Had ‘Tremendous Impact’

On Sunday, White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway appeared on “Fox News Sunday” with host Chris Wallace.

Feb 17 07:21

Rashida Tlaib Detained After Protest Outside Of Airport Terminal

Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan joined in a protest at a Detroit airport, but her solidarity with the workers ended when they were arrested while she was not.

Feb 17 07:19

Left-Wing Activists Try To Take Away 700 Scholarships from Children

Two Florida Democratic social justice bullies wanted to ruin a scholarship programs for Florida children because some of the schools that get the money are Christian.

Feb 17 07:19

Steelers QB Rudolph Fires Back After Racism Allegations Resurface: '1000% False'

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph is pushing back even harder now against Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garret than when he and Garret tangled in a November NFL game, touching off a massive brawl.

Feb 17 07:19

Lara Trump Tears into 'The View' Over Their 'Glaring' Biden Hypocrisy

On Friday, “Fox & Friends” hosted President Donald Trump 2020 campaign adviser and daughter in-law Lara Trump to discuss “The View” co-hosts’ hypocrisy over Hunter Biden.

Feb 17 07:18

Female Athletes File Federal Lawsuit After Transgenders Repeatedly Shatter HS Sports Records

Three female runners filed a lawsuit in federal court Wednesday to fight a Connecticut policy that allows biological males to participate in girls’ sports.

Feb 17 07:18

Russians posing as Greta Thunberg dupe Sanders in prank call: You're a sleeper KGB agent!

A pair of Russian comedians claim they have successfully pranked Sen. Bernie Sanders into believing he was speaking to climate activist Greta Thunberg and her father in an 11-minute phone call.

Feb 17 07:18

Female athlete forced to compete against biological males finally gets major victory

Mitchell is one of three girls who filed a lawsuit in federal court last week challenging the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference's policy of letting boys compete in girl's sports. She and other top sprinters have consistently lost events to Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood, two biological males who identify as females.

Feb 17 07:03

'Knife Fight' Breaks Out on Crowded NYC Subway, Mere Feet from Baby

A routine subway ride in Brooklyn turned into a duel between a man and woman who waved knives around not far from where a child sat in a stroller.

Feb 17 07:01

Woman in Viral Airplane Seat Reclining Controversy Now Looking To Sue American Airlines: Report

One woman’s video of the airline passenger behind her punching the back of her reclined seat went viral last week.

Feb 17 07:01

Bloomberg Pub. Makes Brutal Dictator Kim Jong Un Out To Be A Victim of Climate Change

There’s really no question those on the left have an ungodly talent for moving the goalposts, and nowhere is that better exemplified than the issue of climate change.

Feb 17 07:00

Former Clinton Adviser Tells Bloomberg 'Hire a Taster' After Hillary VP Report

Speculation that Democratic presidential contender Michael Bloomberg was considering Hillary Clinton as a potential running mate has ignited controversy across the political spectrum.

Feb 17 07:00

There is 'strong evidence of criminal misconduct' by Hunter Biden, says top government watchdog

The impeachment trial of President Donald Trump may be over but federal officials are examining the behavior of former Vice President Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden. At least one major government watchdog believes the younger Biden may find himself in serious trouble.

Feb 17 06:46

A Nigerian Man Is Actually Behind That Pro-Pete Buttigieg Twitter Account

The man who runs the @easychinedu account — widely accused of being a sockpuppet for a Mayor Pete Buttigieg staffer — told BuzzFeed News that he is a genuine supporter and has nothing to do with the South Bend mayor’s campaign.

Feb 17 06:46

Police Allegedly Held A Black College Student At Gunpoint And Threatened To Kill Him. Now He's Suing.

A black college student has filed a lawsuit after Illinois police officers who mistook him for a suspect held him at gunpoint and allegedly threatened to "blow [his] head off."

Feb 17 06:46

Bloomberg Camp Rocked as Complaint Lists Mike's Shockingly Racist and Sexist Remarks

The mainstream media and Democrats have complained about President Donald Trump and Russia attempting to rig an election, but the truth is it is they who want to fix the 2020 election.

Feb 17 06:45

Kudlow: Trump Releasing 2nd Round Tax Cuts Right Before Election

Whoever the Democrats nominate for president is going to have a tough time defeating President Donald Trump and his strong economy.

Feb 17 06:45

Peter Ferrara: Congress Shouldn’t Obstruct the Trump 5G Plan

Will Congress get in the way of the Trump administration’s quest to keep America safe by ensuring China doesn’t become the world’s gatekeeper of 5G?

Feb 17 06:45

CA School Board Votes To Remove Former President's Name, Replace It with Michelle Obama

A Northern California school board voted Wednesday to rename an elementary school after former first lady Michelle Obama.

Feb 17 06:44

Pete Buttigieg slams Rush Limbaugh for being 'lectured on family values' over gay marriage

Democratic presidential contender Pete Buttigieg fired back at Rush Limbaugh on Sunday in response to comments the conservative radio host made about the possibility of a gay president.

Feb 17 06:44

WATCH: ABC reporter stomps Dem presidential candidate Tom Steyer on Trump's strong economic record

For someone who has spent $200 million running for president, Tom Steyer can't seem to catch a break.

Feb 17 06:41


After emerging as the Democratic frontrunner in wake of Iowa and New Hampshire primaries, Bernie Sanders heads to Nevada leading in polls but facing new opposition: the Israel lobby and its vast cash reserves.
Despite being pipped at the post in Iowa by Pete Buttigieg (with the help of a malfunctioning voting app, his supporters claim), Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders came out victorious in last week’s New Hampshire primary. With the Nevada primary just a week away, a Morning Consult poll published this week put the progressive senator ten points ahead of Joe Biden, the former vice president and until now, the supposed frontrunner for the 2020 nomination.

While the news has energized Sanders’ supporters, it’s also motivated mainstream Democrats and establishment talking heads, who’ve taken to slamming Sanders as a “communist,” and a “left-wing version of Trump.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This was a perfectly predictable ploy on the part of Tel Aviv, particularly with Bloomberg and Hillary jumping into the race, as the US Democratic Party's "Gruesome Twosome"; these candidates are believed by Tel Aviv to be far more bullish on Israeli hegemony in the Middle East than anyone else the Democratic Party can produce, even if such a presidency must necessarily result in a US return to the draft, and more endless wars of aggression against Iran; Lebanon; Syria; and ultimately, Russia.

Remember; it will never be Bloomberg's or Clinton's kids or grandkids who will be drafted, killed, or maimed for life, to support US financial global hegemony, or Israel's self-proclaimed hegemony over the entire Middle East.

Feb 17 06:30


The Daytona 500 was postponed due to weather. The 'Great American Race' will run Monday at 4 p.m. ET on FOX.

Feb 17 06:16


The Saudi News Agency quoted the Arab Coalition spokesperson Turki Al-Malki as saying on Saturday that one of their Tornado fighter jets was shot down over northern Yemen on Friday night.

“At 23:45 P.M. on Friday, February 14, 2020, a Tornado fighter plane of the Royal Saudi Air Force crashed while on a mission of close air support to units of the National Army,” Malki said.

Houthi forces announced on Friday evening that their air defense troops shot down the fighter jet over the Al-Jawf Governorate after it carried out airstrikes on several sites in northern Yemen.

“The air defenses shot down the coalition war plane with an advanced surface-to-air missile supported by modern technology. The sky of Yemen is not for a walk and the enemy must count a thousand time for that,” the Ansarallah-affiliated Yemeni Army (Houthi) spokesperson, Brigadier General Yahya Sare’a, said on Friday evening.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The question I would have to ask is, are these SAMS being produced domestically in Yemen by the rebels, and if not, who is selling them to the rebels?!?

And apparently, neither the US, nor Saudi governments have a clue, because if they did, these deliveries would have already been stopped, one way or another.

Feb 17 06:16

Mike Bloomberg: I Will Charge Americans With 'Domestic Terrorism' For 'Hate Crimes' If Elected

Billionaire presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg said he will charge Americans with "domestic terrorism" for "hate crimes" if elected and bashed "nativists" in America before affirming his commitment to Israel remaining a "Jewish state" in a recent interview with the Jewish Telegraph Agency.

Feb 17 06:09


If spreading radioactive waste on American roads was no big deal, environmentalists and scientists probably wouldn’t be freaking out; and, of course, people and animals wouldn’t be getting sick and dying. So how did this practice become legal and even celebrated by elected officials?

According to a recent article published in Rolling Stone magazine:

There is no one federal agency that specifically regulates the radioactivity brought to the surface by oil-and-gas development,” an EPA representative says. In fact, thanks to a single exemption the industry received from the EPA in 1980, the streams of waste generated at oil-and-gas wells — all of which could be radioactive and hazardous to humans — are not required to be handled as hazardous waste.”


Webmaster's Commentary: 

That this practice is still allowed by the EPA, is nothing short of pathologically insane, on its part; and where the hell was the outrage at this practice in 1980, when it originally got signed off on?!?

Feb 17 06:04


Jeffrey Epstein crony Ghislaine Maxwell is so impossible to find that a Manhattan judge has taken the rare step of allowing her to be served with a new lawsuit — by email, according to a federal court filing Friday.

Lawyers for Epstein sex-assault-accuser Annie Farmer had griped to federal Judge Debra Freeman that they’ve been trying to find the disgraced British socialite to serve her with the complaint, filed in November, but that she’s done such a good job of hiding that they haven’t been able to get to her, court documents show.

“Plaintiff has attempted to locate and personally serve Maxwell to no avail. Her counsel has conducted extensive public records searches and located various addresses for Maxwell,” Farmer’s lawyers wrote in a Jan. 27 motion imploring Freeman to allow them to serve Maxwell using “alternate” means.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Good on the part of Judge Freeman for trying.

But somewhere, in her heart of hearts, she has to know that Maxwell will be "neutralized", most probably by the same very powerful individuals who may be appearing to protect her now, so that she will have no clue, when someone someone silently glides through her door, and slips some kind of odorless, tasteless substance in her morning coffee, which will kill her immediately, and leave no forensic trace for a tox lab to discover; that is the way these people do business.

Feb 17 05:56


The decision appears to have come just two days after President Trump praised the Big Tech giants as "MAGA."

A chilling and disturbing day in America when giant web companies such as @YouTube decide to censor speech. Protected speech, such as that of a senator on the Sen floor, can be blocked from getting to the people. This is dangerous & politically biased.

— Senator Rand Paul (@RandPaul) February 13, 2020

Nowhere in my speech did I accuse anyone of being a whistleblower, nor do I know the whistleblower’s identity. YouTube has taken it upon itself to decide what questions can even be asked in the public debate, including on the Senate floor. This is wrong!

— Senator Rand Paul (@RandPaul) February 15, 2020

From The Hill:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

At the moment, You-Tube needs to be "deplatfomed" by its users, with other platforms being "migrated to", so the concept of expression still exists, but without the censorship, which the leadership of YouTube believes it has its Divine Right (or Government-approved) ability to censure speech.

Congrats, YouTube, for having become the 4th tentacle of this government; you have now become the US Government arm of surveillance and censure, great job, you!!

Feb 17 05:27


Teamed up with Hillary Clinton, a war in the Middle East and an authoritarian police state at home will be on track.

I figured as much. The moment Mike Bloomberg announced his intention to spend part of his billions—like Trump before him—to gain the presidency, I thought: this is the perfect opening for Hillary Clinton.

Clinton will be Bloomberg’s running mate, according to Drudge, citing sources within team Bloomberg.

Sources close to Bloomberg campaign tell DRUDGE REPORT that candidate is considering Hillary Clinton as running mate, after their polling found the Bloomberg-Clinton combination would be formidable force… MORE

DRUDGE has learned that Bloomberg himself would go as far as to change his official residence from New York to homes he owns in Colorado or Florida, since the electoral college makes it hard for a POTUS and VPOTUS from the same state… Developing...

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oh, just great for the Democratic party; a documented serial misogynist, with visions of imperial grandeur, coupled with a VP candidate with more baggage than has Kim Kardashian on a photo shoot; what could possibly go wrong for what is left of the American Republic, should they be nominated, and steal/win the 2020 election?!?

EVERYTHING, FOLKS; everything.

As much as President Trump has been a profound disappointment on so many levels, the possibility of him being replaced by this geopolitical "Gruesome Twosome", absolutely sends shivers down my spine.

And this is not about Mike and me; this is about grand-nieces and grand nephews, who will suffer the consequences of such a regime, big-time, from a mandated return to "Common Core", the "used, and infected-tissue gold standard" of the Democratic educational "vision" for destroying literacy, numeracy, and the ability to do critical thinking in this country; to mandatory vaccinations, no matter what; and to a return to the draft, to fight the inevitable endless wars these people, and their minions will be conjuring to insure US hegemony, and a forced-march return to the petro-dollar.

Please remember; those Americans who will be maimed for life, and killed, as a consequence of these unending wars, will simply be characterised as "collateral damage" by these megalomaniacs, who hold it as an article of faith, that wealth... is the only thing which makes people significant.

Feb 17 05:09


Barely over a government-rocking reshuffle, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office has moved onto a fresh scandal, hiring an adviser who advocates eugenics, mandatory contraception, and giving children mind-altering drugs.
Andrew Sabisky was one of the hires made by 10 Downing Street after Johnson’s chief adviser Dominic Cummings made a high-profile call to stock the office with “misfits and weirdos”.

The revelations began when the Times uncovered an interview Sabisky gave to Schools Weekly, in which he spoke in favor of giving children a dose of the cognitive-enhancement drug modafinil.Even the controversial Cummings might have got more than he bargained for, as it has emerged that 27-year-old Sabisky once called for a “universal contraception” program to stop the creation of a “permanent underclass,” and also said that the benefits of brain-boosting drugs were “probably worth a dead kid”.

Wrexham Labour Party

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I don't know about you, but I sure as hell would not like to be a part of this "brave new world" this guy would like to see created.

And would that "one dead kid" from exposure to "brain-boosting drugs",ever be his own?!?

Folks, I seriously doubt that this would ever happen.

Feb 17 04:50

Australian MP to visit Julian Assange in prison

If supporters of Julian Assange were looking for parliamentarian support to free him, they probably did not envision that it would take an MP from Australia to be one to visit the Wikileaks co-founder and lobby for his release.

But as it so happens that is precisely the case and Andrew Wilkie, an MP from Australia, is making a more than 10,000 mile trip this weekend to Belmarsh maximum security prison in South East London, to be the first parliamentarian to visit Julian Assange since he was detained last April.

Feb 17 04:45

Op-Ed: John Adams would have defended the detainees at Guantanamo Bay

“So you … defend terrorists?”

This is a question that my fellow military commissions defense attorneys and I are often asked. When friends and family members wonder about the work I do representing a detainee held at Guantanamo Bay, I usually offer something quippy about defending “constitutional values” or “the rule of law,” and quickly move on.

After all, talking about our clients, who have been tortured and imprisoned for years, isn’t standard fare for casual family gatherings, nor is advocating for a nuanced view of their legal predicaments.

Feb 17 04:37

WATCH: Former ICE Head Praises Trump’s Proposal To Send Border Patrol Agents To Sanctuary Cities

On Saturday, former Acting Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Tom Homan appeared on “Fox & Friends: Weekend” with host Griff Jenkins.

Feb 17 04:37

WATCH: Granddaughter Of Immigrant Allegedly Killed By An Illegal Alien Gives Powerful Speech With Trump

The granddaughter of a 92-year-old woman who was allegedly murdered in New York City by an illegal alien gave a powerful speech with President Donald Trump on Friday about how the Democrat-controlled city shielded the illegal alien with its sanctuary policies.

Feb 17 04:32

14-Year-Old Arrested And Charged In Tessa Majors Murder Investigation

At around 7 p.m. on December 11, 2019, Barnard College student Tessa Majors, 18, was walking through Morningside Park in Manhattan when she was accosted and then repeatedly stabbed.

Feb 17 04:32

Employee Allegedly Told Bloomberg She Was Pregnant. She Claims Bloomberg Told Her: ‘Kill It!’

As Democrat presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg continues to ascend in the polls, more and more questions are beginning to surface about his treatment of women in the workplace.

Feb 17 04:29

WATCH: Ramos Grills Biden For Lying About His Record, Biden Snaps

Left-wing journalist Jorge Ramos repeatedly fact-checked Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden during an interview on Friday after Biden repeatedly lied about his record as vice president in the Obama administration.

Feb 17 04:29

Man Who Lied To Feds About Ties To White Supremacist Group Sentenced To 6 Months In Prison

A New Jersey man who lied while seeking a federal security clearance was sentenced last week to six months in prison and an additional two years of probation.

Feb 17 04:26

WATCH: Protesters Destroy College Republicans’ Info Table, Reportedly Spit On U.S. Flag

In another incident in a string of attacks, protesters at the University of California at Santa Cruz bashed a College Republicans information table, with one reportedly spitting on a U.S. flag.

Feb 17 04:26

San Francisco Mayor Just Admitted To Having Relationship, Accepting Money From City Worker Under FBI Investigation For Public Corruption

The good news for San Franciscans is that their mayor, London Breed, has been transparent. The bad news is that she had a 20-year friendship that included some romance with a former city worker who is being investigated by the FBI for public corruption.

Feb 17 04:19

Government Officials Seize Veteran’s Guns In Mistaken Identification In Red Flag Law Execution

Since the crazed Constitutional rights prohibitionists can’t get the federal government to pass any of their absurd gun control laws, they have turned to a state-by-state effort to methodically do away with the 2nd Amendment.

Feb 17 04:18

Andrew Weissmann: AG Barr Is Starting New Investigation Into Fired FBI Officials Jim Comey, Andrew McCabe And Peter Strzok

Little crooked man Andrew Weissmann told Chuck Todd today the new investigation initiated this week by Attorney General Bill Barr involving US Attorney in St. Louis Jeff Jensen is a ruse to investigate Jim Comey, Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok.

Feb 16 19:40

WTH Is This? Mini-Mike Bloomberg Plays Mary Poppins In Inner Circle Show In 2006 (VIDEO)

Mayor Bloomberg plays Mary Poppins in an Inner Circle Show in 2006.

Feb 16 19:39

More Than 1,100 Ex-DOJ Officials Demand Barr Resign, Call For Current DOJ Officials To Rise Up, Report Abuses, Withdraw From Cases That Involve ‘Misconduct’

The Deep State-Democrat-media complex has been attacking AG Bill Barr since he smacked down Mueller’s prosecutors for abusing Roger Stone by recommending a 7 to 9 year prison sentence for process crimes.

Feb 16 18:05

“He Certainly Is Someone John Durham Would Want to Talk to” – Trey Gowdy Argues Andrew McCabe Is NOT Out of the Woods Yet (VIDEO)

Former Representative and US Prosecutor Trey Gowdy joined Maria Bartiromo this morning on Sunday Morning Futures.

Feb 16 18:05

Mitt Romney Beams with Pride as German Audience Cheers Him as “Probably the Most Courageous Lawmaker” in the United States

Mitt Romney is THE ONLY Republican in the US House or US Senate to vote to impeach President Trump based on his deep-seated hatred and jealousy of the US President.

Feb 16 18:05

EXCLUSIVE: Where Did Obama Leftovers in the Deep State DOJ Gang Escape To on Wednesday, May 24, 2017?

One week after the corrupt Mueller investigation was put in place, the Deep State leadership in the DOJ mysteriously disappeared for more than half a week. Where did these crooks go, who was there, and what were they doing?

Feb 16 18:02

Joe Biden Claims That His Adulterous and Corrupt Son Who Had His First Arrest at 18 is a ‘Brilliant’ and ‘Honorable Guy’

Former Vice President Joe Biden defended his corrupt and adulterous son during an interview with NBC on Sunday.

Feb 16 18:02

Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures: John Durham is Looking at Papadopoulos Exculpatory Evidence That Was Not Given to FISA Court (VIDEO)

Former Representative and US Prosecutor Trey Gowdy joined Maria Bartiromo this morning on Sunday Morning Futures.

Feb 16 17:59

Andrew Weissmann: AG Barr Is Starting New Investigation into Fired FBI Officials Jim Comey, Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok

Little crooked man Andrew Weissmann told Chuck Todd today the new investigation initiated this week by Attorney General Bill Barr involving US Attorney in St. Louis Jeff Jensen is a ruse to investigate Jim Comey, Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok.

Feb 16 17:59

WOW! CNN Panel Blames Donald Trump for CNN’s Avenatti Worship (VIDEO)

The far left Trump-hating media channel relentlessly promoted the corrupt lawyer of porn start Stormy Daniels 121 times in 2019. MSNBC was a close second giving the corrupt lawyer 108 times in 2019.

Feb 16 17:57

Government Officials Seize Veteran’s Guns in Mistaken Identification In Red Flag Law Execution

Since the crazed Constitutional rights prohibitionists can’t get the federal government to pass any of their absurd gun control laws, they have turned to a state-by-state effort to methodically do away with the 2nd Amendment.

Feb 16 17:57

Daughter of Former Diplomat and First US Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte Charged With Murder

The daughter of John Negroponte, a former US diplomat who held multiple high level positions in the George W. Bush administration, has been charged with first degree murder in Maryland.

Feb 16 17:54

PRESIDENT TRUMP Pulls Onto Track – Takes A Lap In “The Beast” At Daytona 500 Racetrack (VIDEO)

The White House announced on Friday that President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump will attend the Daytona 500 this weekend, at the Daytona International Speedway.

Feb 16 17:53

Coronavirus “Did Not Start At The Wuhan Animal Market” – China’s Only Level 4 Super Lab “Is Only A Few Miles Away” – Sen. Tom Cotton Drops A BOMB On Sunday Morning Futures (VIDEO)

Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton was on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo. Senator Cotton claimed the coronavirus in Wuhan did not start at the food market as was initially reported.

Feb 16 12:28

Coronavirus saves lives of lobsters: Fishermen consider returning live lobsters to the ocean since demand from China has collapsed

Since it’s currently the world’s largest importer of lobster, China in many ways pulls the levers of the crustacean’s supply. And because there’s very little demand for lobster in China right now, seeing as how large swaths of the country are now living under medical martial law, lobster companies elsewhere are actually considering tossing them back into the ocean since there’s not enough people to buy them these days.

Feb 16 12:16

Did coronavirus originate in Chinese government laboratory? Scientists believe killer disease may have begun in research facility 300 yards from Wuhan wet fish market

A new bombshell paper from the Beijing-sponsored South China University of Technology says that the Wuhan Center for Disease Control (WHCDC) could have spawned the contagion in Hubei province.

'The possible origins of 2019-nCoV coronavirus,' penned by scholars Botao Xiao and Lei Xiao claims the WHCDC kept disease-ridden animals in laboratories, including 605 bats.

It also mentions that bats - which are linked to coronavirus - once attacked a researcher and 'blood of bat was on his skin.'

The report says: 'Genome sequences from patients were 96% or 89% identical to the Bat CoV ZC45 coronavirus originally found in Rhinolophus affinis (intermediate horseshoe bat).'

Feb 16 12:07

9/11 - THE FOOTAGE THEY DIDN'T LET YOU SEE TWICE (9/11 2001 Documentary)

Show this short mini-documentary to anyone who has not seen at least 5 9/11 documentaries.

The events of 9/11, 2001. Rare Video footage that was not repeated on the news, or used by CNN ever wondered why?

Feb 16 11:43

Israeli forces shot Jerusalem boy in the eye

Israeli occupation forces have shot Palestinian boy in his eye in the neighbourhood of Al Issawiyeh in the occupied Palestinian city of Jerusalem.

Feb 16 11:40

Gen. Soleimani assassinated to sabotage Iran's talks with Saudis, UAE following Israeli briefing: NYT

Washington ordered the assassination of top Iranian General Qassem Soleimani to sabotage de-escalation talks between Iran, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates following a report by Israel's Mossad spy agency, according to the New York Times.

The paper reported on Thursday that General Soleimani had been arranging talks in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates in order to de-escalate tensions with Tehran.

The Times wrote that the talks happened after Saudi Arabia and the UAE, which are central to the Trump administration's so-called regional alliance seeking to pressure Iran, began to question the efficiency of Washington's anti-Iran campaign.