Jul 10 11:20

Meghan goes green! Duchess arrives in Dublin in Givenchy outfit as she and Harry embark on first overseas tour as a married couple after flying by private jet from RAF centenary celebrations

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have arrived in Dublin on their first foreign tour as a married couple as the government looks to use the Royal's 'soft power' to bolster a post-Brexit relationship.

The newly-weds flew in from London by private jet after attending events to mark the centenary of the RAF at Buckingham Palace.

Aides said the couple had been officially approved to charter a plane rather than take a regular scheduled flight. The couple have an entourage of eleven with them including a hairdresser and a personal assistant, which are being paid for privately according to Kensington Palace.

Jul 10 10:46

RIOTS: 3 Places All Hell Has Broken Loose in the Last Few Days

A lot of people like to think that the SHTF is some distant thing that probably won’t ever happen. But, in reality, it happens every single day, someplace in the world. Riots have occurred all over the world recently, stranding travelers, destroying property, and causing serious injuries and death.

Here are 3 different places where all hell has broken loose in just the past few days.

Jul 10 09:57

WHO said what? Sex addiction classified as mental illness

Sex addiction has been recognized as a mental health disorder by the World Health Organization, which explains that the affliction isn’t simply about a person really liking sex.

A person is addicted when they have a "persistent pattern of failure to control intense, repetitive sexual impulses or urges resulting in repetitive sexual behavior," according to WHO.

The agency describes the condition as a “compulsive sexual behavior disorder,” and filed it under impulse control disorders in its latest edition of its Classification of Diseases.

Webmaster addition: I am sure they will have a pill for that soon! They can test it on Bill Clinton!

Jul 10 09:39

Adelaide 'mansplaining' advert draws criticism

A "mansplaining" advertisement in Adelaide has drawn mockery and criticism from social media users.

The poster, spotted next to the crest of the University of Adelaide, shows five silent women listening to a man.

The university said it was not behind the image, which came from a South Australia government agency.

"We recommend you direct your enquiries to Renewal SA (see the bottom right corner of the pic)," the university told the Mamamia website.

"While the angle of the photo suggests this is a University of Adelaide image, the image was not supplied by or approved by the university," it said.

Jul 10 09:35

New terror law risks criminalising curiosity, parliamentary committee warns

Viewing terrorist content online more than three times will become a terrorist offence under the new Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Bill.

This is designed to address a loophole in the law which saw people stream terrorist material on websites such as YouTube without storing it on their own devices.

However the new law could criminalise academics and journalists "as well as those with inquisitive or even foolish minds", a parliamentary committee has warned.

Jul 10 09:20

Sarah Sanders Warns Protesters Confronting Trump Officials: Calm Down

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders has some words of advice for protesters confronting administration officials in public – It’s time to simmer down.

Sanders, who was one of those caught up in the firestorm of leftists unwilling to let Trump aides eat or appear in public without being harassed, believes people on both sides of the aisle need to “calm down.”

“I think it’d be great if we could calm down,” she replied to a TMZ reporter asking her about the recent spate of incidents involving administration officials at restaurants.

“That’s on both sides?” the video tabloid reporter asked.

“Absolutely,” Sanders responded.

Jul 10 09:19

Fox News Host Forced to Cancel Live SCOTUS Broadcast Due to Leftist Protesters

It’s not uncommon to broadcast live from the steps of the Supreme Court during a newsworthy event. Even more so when the President of the United States is announcing his pick for a vacancy on the court that could shape America for decades to come.

Very “volatile” protesters, however, many of whom had no little to no idea who President Trump’s pick of D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Brett Kavanaugh even is, shut down one such broadcast.

Fox News host Shannon Bream had planned on doing a live show from the steps of the Supreme Court but had to pick up shop and head back to the studio when she “felt threatened” by the unruly mob around her.

“Very few times I’ve felt threatened while out in the field,” she wrote shortly before her show was to begin. “The mood here tonight is very volatile.”

Jul 10 09:14

Hammond’s life threatened by U.S. Government, says Bundy: ‘They will put a bullet in my head […] they will kill me without hesitation’

In a exclusive interview conducted by Intellihub’s Shepard Ambellas, Ryan Bundy stated that Dwight Hammond was in fear of his life after being terrorized and threatened by the U.S. Government.

Jul 10 08:59

BREAKING! Trump pardons ranchers whose arrests led to armed occupation of wildlife refuge

President Trump on Tuesday pardoned the father and son ranchers from Oregon whose imprisonment for setting fires on federal land sparked a 41-day takeover of a wildlife refuge in the state.

Jul 10 08:24

Trump pardons ranchers in case that inspired 2016 occupation of national wildlife refuge in Oregon

Good One! HUZZAH!

President Donald Trump has pardoned two ranchers whose case sparked the armed occupation of a national wildlife refuge in Oregon.

Dwight and Steven Hammond were convicted in 2012 of intentionally and maliciously setting fires on public lands. The arson crime carried a minimum prison sentence of five years, but a sympathetic federal judge, on his last day before retirement, decided the penalty was too stiff and gave the father and son much lighter prison terms.

Jul 10 08:07

Impossible Burger Fails To Inspire Trust In The GMO Industry

For anyone who wonders why consumers aren’t inspired to trust the GMO industry, consider this bizarre statement from Impossible Foods Chief Communications Officer Rachel Konrad in defense of the Impossible Burger, a veggie burger made more meat-like via genetically engineered yeast.

Jul 10 07:07

Kim Dotcom to President Trump: You won because of Seth Rich and Wikileaks

President Donald J. Trump on Sunday Tweeted about how the Democrats never saw it coming — they never thought the billionaire reality TV star could do it but somehow he managed to prove them all wrong.

They just didn’t get it, but they do now! The president tweeted.

Jul 10 06:03

'My heart is broken': Photographer shares tragic images of her homeless, drug addict son, 20, passed out in the street

A photographer has shared heartbreaking photos of her drug addict son passed out in the street.

Michelle Garcia said that she shared the shocking images of her son Cali Mike Ayub to show his downward spiral into addiction to highlight the catastrophic effects of drugs.

Garcia says that she's agreed to meet her son for a coffee last month but when she arrived at the Fresno coffee shop she found Ayub lying face down on a sidewalk in Fresno, California, wearing a dirty shirt and no shoes.

Jul 10 04:37

ELEVEN Thai cave boys are now rescued: Three children are carried out, leaving just one more and their football coach to be freed from flooded tunnels

Mission to extract the four remaining football players and coach from cave began on Tuesday morning
First three boys 'carried out on stretchers' and into ambulance between 4pm and 5pm (10am - 11am UK time)
Only one child and their 25-year-old coach now remain to be rescued from the flooded cave system
Eight of 12 Wild Boar FC players rescued Sunday and Monday after becoming trapped by monsoon floods
Two of the rescued players, aged 12 to 16, are being treated for pneumonia and others have hypothermia
Doctor says they are unlikely to be well enough to accept FIFA's invitation to watch World Cup Final in Russia
Boys' parents had to wear surgical robes and masks to visit them in hospital in Chiang Rai province last night

Jul 10 00:16

Trump Picks Pro Second Amendment Judge Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court

Trump made the announcement at the White House, where he was joined by Kavanaugh and his family. Judge Kavanaugh's opening statement began with him making the point that “a judge must be independent and must interpret the law, not make the law.” It is a very reassuring statement to hear when gun owners greatest fear is to get another activist judge on the court.

Jul 10 00:08

Smart Technology That Tracks People Through Walls Raises Privacy Concerns

A team of researchers from MIT have developed and tested a technology called RF-Pose, which uses artificial intelligence to track and identify the postures and movements of individuals through solid walls.

Jul 09 17:52

Out of control cop draws his gun on small children: Video

El Paso Police Officer C. Sandoval appears to have no regard for human life after he was captured on video pointing his fully-loaded sidearm at a group of small children who were playing in the area during the arrest of a local juvenile delinquent.

Jul 09 16:47

If You Want Clear GMO Labeling in the US — Now Is The Time to Take Action!

The law requiring the labeling of genetically engineered foods in the U.S. is scheduled to go into effect on July 29th. But the news isn’t as good as it sounds.

Jul 09 14:41

EU3 to open trade with Iran independent of US dollar: Russia FM

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says the three major European signatories to a landmark nuclear deal with Iran agreed to establish trade ties with Iran independent of the US dollar.

Since the United States' unilateral move in May to withdraw from the nuclear accord, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), European companies are under mounting pressure from Washington to cut business ties with Tehran.

US President Donald Trump announced on May 8 that Washington was walking away from the nuclear agreement and that he plans to reinstate US nuclear sanctions on Iran and impose "the highest level" of economic bans on the Islamic Republic.

Under the JCPOA, Iran undertook to put limits on its nuclear program in exchange for the removal of nuclear-related sanctions imposed against Tehran.

Lavrov said on Monday that the decision by France, Germany and Britain would mainly concern small and medium-sized companies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yet more brilliant, unintended consequences from the US withdrawl from the P5+1 deal with Iran!!

And if these people are not going to be trading in the US dollar for Iranian oil, what is the US going to do, go to war with Europe AND Russia, AND Iran?!?

Whatever advisors who told President Trump that this was a good idea, obviously did not think this all the way through.

Jul 09 14:33

Students Hate Trump's SCOTUS Pick... Don't Realize He Hasn't Made It Yet

Students in NYC were quick to voice their disapproval with President Trump's Supreme Court nomination... what they didn't realize is that he hadn't actually made the pick yet.

Jul 09 13:16

Kourtney Kardashian fires back at troll who tried to mom-shame her for taking a vacation

The reality star, who is the oldest of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, has been sharing photos of her Italian vacation on social media. While her mother, Kris Jenner, and her three children have popped up in some of the pics, one Instagram commenter couldn’t resist taking a shot at Kardashian, accusing her of neglecting her kids.

Jul 09 13:14

Texas police officer investigated for pointing gun at young children on video

Texas police officer investigated for pointing gun at young children on video originally appeared on

Jul 09 09:59

Planned Parenthood Demands Special ‘Personal Liberty Standard’ for Trump Supreme Court Nominee

The executive vice president of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund said Thursday her organization is calling for a special “personal liberty standard” for President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee to be judged by when he or she comes before the Senate for confirmation.

“Clearly, saying ‘precedent’ alone can no longer be an acceptable answer or standard by which senators can accurately judge,” said Dawn Laguens at a press conference.

Laguens, a lesbian who is raising triplet daughters with her partner, has become the public face of Planned Parenthood since the departure of the organization’s former president Cecile Richards.

Laguens continued:

Jul 09 09:56

"Shelter In Place": All Hell Breaks Loose In Haiti As Violent Mobs Try To Murder Trapped American Tourists

The US embassy in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince warned American tourists to "shelter in place" as violent demonstrations erupted across the island over a fuel price hike.

An estimated 120 Americans are believed to be staying at a Port-au-Prince hotel targeted by protesters, who attempted to bypass security and set the building ablaze. Youth groups and missionaries from an array of U.S churches are also stranded in the Caribbean nation, unable to make it safely to the airport for departure. -Fox News

Jul 09 09:51

Scared Police Officer Points Gun At Children

Jul 09 09:50

America First, Helsinki, And Trump's Existential Threat To The Empire

The major – perhaps only – redeeming virtue of the Donald’s ersatz campaign platform was his clear intent to seek a rapprochement with Russia, revamp America’s commitments to NATO and other cold war relics and to discard "Regime Change" as the core tenant of foreign policy. In essence, "America First" was to become the new route to domestic security and safety.

Those eminently sensible notions struck the Deep State’s raison d’etre to the quick during the campaign; and by hook or crook, the Donald’s rapid fire actions toward these objectives since April have induced a palpable shock in the Imperial City.

Clearly he means to withdraw America’s 29,000 military hostages now stationed in South Korea in return for some sort of peace treaty, economic normalization and denuclearization arrangement with Kim Jong-un.

Jul 09 09:49

Trouble In Paradise

The principles that gave rise to the American character died long ago. Freedom. Liberty. Independence. Limited representative government. Sound money. Private property rights. A humble populace worthy of esteem. Avoidance of foreign entanglements. Rafting down the Mississippi River. Trim waist lines.

These concepts, in reality, faded away from daily life over the last century like stars in the morning light. Nonetheless, a merry mob reaches for their lost American character as they head to the shore each July 4th to celebrate Independence.

These freedom lovers – descendants of no less a luminary than Davy Crockett, and users of gender neutral bathrooms – eat hot dogs and revel in their ideals of an America that no longer exists. Their zeal is impressive.

Jul 09 09:23

Opening Statements Begin In Monsanto Cancer Trial Today

The battle has begun in one of the most historical David vs Goliath trials.

Jul 09 09:19

And in current affairs: Rogue raccoon blacks out city power grid after shocking misstep

Folks relying on mains-powered alarm clocks had an excellent excuse for turning up late for work on Friday in Seattle – after a raccoon knocked out power to a chunk of the northwest US city.

On Thursday evening, the marauding mammal made its way onto the property of municipal power generating company Seattle City Light and, as raccoons do, started exploring. While investigating the area, the prying procyonidae made a fatal misstep. It tiptoed onto live connectors in a substation, knocked out the power, and now it's very much a crispy critter.

Jul 09 09:13

This floating ‘utopia’ will have its own government and cryptocurrency by 2022 – to beat rising sea levels

THE WORLD'S first floating city will boast its own government and cryptocurrency when it lays roots in the South Pacific in 2022, claim its backers.

Building work on this isolated "utopia" will begin next year following the signing of an agreement with French Polynesia's government in 2017.

Jul 09 08:58

Breaking - Antifa - ICE protesters block streets in downtown Columbus

Report from the scene --

Riot happening in downtown Columbus OH right now.

Antifa and open borders crowd

Jul 09 08:47

Underground Doomsday Bunker Embroiled In Colombian Drug Money Sting

The developer of a high-end underground residential housing project advertised as a "five star playground with DEFCON 1 preparedness" is the subject of a federal criminal complaint after he agreed to launder money for Colombian drug cartels.

John Eckerd - owner and manager of the $330 million Trident Lakes condo project, along with an unnamed co-conspirator accepted money they thought to be the proceeds from the Colombian drug trade - but it was actually undercover FBI agents according to Dallas local station CBS 11.

Jul 09 08:47

PROOF that Democrats are now party of child trafficking and, once again, SLAVERY

It’s come to this in today’s Democratic Party: Supporters who knowingly back the protection of child sex traffickers as long as they are in our country illegally and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency is involved in any way.

Earlier this week in Oakland — where Mayor Libby Schaff tipped off illegal alien criminals earlier this year to an impending raid by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents — ICE and the local police department were executing a raid on suspected child sex traffickers when a crowd of angry white liberals assembled to protest — before they had a single solitary clue what was even going on.

A local news report noted:

Jul 09 08:45

Unhinged Democrat Screams at and Harasses Steve Bannon in Richmond Bookstore – Police Called

Maxine Waters must be so proud!

An unhinged liberal harassed and abused for Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon Saturday at a Richmond bookstore.

The woman started screaming at and harassing Steve Bannon until police were called.

This is today’s Democrat Party.

Jul 09 08:44

Anti-gun violence protesters shut down Chicago highway, governor gets blasted for calling it 'chaos'

The governor of Illinois has been accused of living in a “fantasy land” after he condemned Chicago’s mayor on social media for allowing the rally that saw the city’s interstate shut down by anti-violence protesters.

Thousands of protesters marched down the 2.5 kilometer stretch of Interstate 94, also called the Dan Ryan Expressway, protesting gun violence gripping the city. The Saturday march ran for roughly three hours and under 90 minutes after local police shut off northbound traffic while the governor's office wanted them to block just two lanes.

Jul 09 08:43

The Mass Awakening In The Viral #WalkAway Movement Is Panicking Democrats Who Are Now Screaming 'Russian Bots'

A gay hairdresser from New York created a powerful video explaining why he felt the need to #WalkAway from the Democratic party. Other social media users started using the hashtag #WalkAway, all delivering their testimonies as to when and why they had walked away from the Democratic party that has taken a sharp and sometimes violent turn to the radical left.

The basic theme in these testimonials is that these former liberal Democrats had become disillusioned with the party, while encouraging others to simply #WalkAway as well.

Jul 09 08:19

All Laws Must Comply With the Constitution or They Are Void

“A law repugnant to the Constitution is void. An act of Congress repugnant to the Constitution cannot become a law. The Constitution supersedes all other laws and the individual’s rights shall be liberally enforced in favor of him, the clearly intended and expressly designated beneficiary.” –Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. 137 (1803)

“An unconstitutional law is void and is as no law. An offense created by it is not crime. A conviction under it is not merely erroneous but isillegal and void and cannot be used as a legal cause of imprisonment.” – Ex parte Siebold, 100 U.S. 371 (1879)

“An unconstitutional act is not law. It confers no rights; it imposes no duties; affords no protection; it creates no office. It is, in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed.” – Norton v. Shelby County, 118 U.S. 425 (1886)

Jul 09 07:57

TOUGH TIMES: Watch Bill & Hillary Tough It Out on a Commercial Flight; Snobs Give Cold Shoulder to Black Kid (Video)

Life can be tough when you lose your private jet because your ‘charity’ is low on funds.

Bill and Hillary Clinton were spotted on a commercial flight.

Yes, it’s true.

Per the video, the couple go out of their way to ignore the common people inching their way back to coach, including an African-American boy.

Look at how uncomfortable the Clinton’s are.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Where is their secret service detail?

Jul 09 07:51

LIVE COVERAGE : Boris Johnson resigns as foreign secretary following David Davis departure

Brexit thrown into disarray as Boris Johnson resigns as foreign minister

Jul 09 07:37

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Video To Trump On Coal Is Actually Worth A Watch

I don't like Schwarzenegger; he was a terrible anti-gun socialist governor, and he's constantly blathering about "climate change" hysteria. None of his political videos I've seen in the past have been any good, but this new video where he addresses President Trump about coal and energy sources is actually very well done. He makes some valid points about the free market, and is very funny. Worth a watch.

Jul 09 07:35


Jul 09 07:30

500,000 opioid deaths expected next decade

“Once you’re into heroin, it’s almost like a relationship with a person you love. And letting go of that – the thought of never seeing someone I love again – I couldn’t imagine giving it up forever.” – A homeless user in San Francisco (Time Special Report: “The Opioid Diaries”)

Attempting to make sense of the worst crises and catastrophes to plague mankind, analysts often describe how “a perfect storm” of events and conditions have worked together to bring about some great evil.

Jul 09 07:27

Based on the characteristics of the face, the controversial AI 'detects political beliefs, sexuality and IQ' can be used by CCTV cameras to find dangerous people before they commit crimes

Facial recognition AI could help police to spot 'potentially dangerous' criminals before they've even broken the law, according to one expert.

Dr Michal Kosinski - who last year invented a controversial AI he claimed could detect your sexuality - said such face-reading technology may one day help CCTV cameras monitor public spaces for people predisposed to violent behaviour.

While the concept raises privacy issues, it has the potential to save lives, the Stanford University academic claims.

Dr Kosinski is currently working on computer programmes that detect everything from your political beliefs to your IQ by looking at a single photograph.

Speaking to the Guardian, he said the technology would work by picking up the changes to facial features caused by different testosterone levels.

'We know that testosterone levels are linked to the propensity to commit crime, and they're also linked with facial features - and this is just one link.

Jul 09 07:23

Rap Sheet: ***254*** Acts of Media-Approved Violence and Harassment Against Trump Supporters

It is open season on Trump supporters, and the media is only fomenting, encouraging, excusing, and hoping for more… The media are now openly calling Trump supporters “Nazis” and are blaming Trump for a mass murder he had nothing to do with. This, of course, is a form of harassment because it incites and justifies mob violence.

Here is the list, so far, and remember that if any one of these things happened to a Democrat, the media would use the story to blot out the sun for weeks. Remember how crazy the media went over a nobody rodeo clown who wore an Obama mask, a GOP staffer who criticized Obama’s daughters? And yet, hundreds of Trump supporters are harassed and brutalized and the media only dutifully report them, if at all. That is because the media are desperate to normalize and justify violence and harassment against Trump and his supporters.

Jul 09 07:21

BBC Helps ‘Black Studies’ Prof Claim the West is ‘Built on Racism’ and Call for Black ‘Revolution’ Unchallenged

BBC Newsnight has given a self-styled ‘black radical’ free rein to insist that the West is “built on racism” and black people should unite to secure reparations and stage a “revolution”.

Kehinde Andrews, who was appointed Britain’s first ever professor of ‘black studies’ at the publicly-funded Birmingham City University, was invited to the publicly-funded broadcaster’s flagship news programme to speak to Emily Maitlis about his new book, Back to Black: Retelling Black Radicalism for the 21st Century.

Jul 09 07:03

Eighth boy is rescued: Two thirds of football team are FREED from Thai cave and flown to hospital - leaving just four children and their coach trapped 800metres underground

Four more boys have been rescued from the cave in the northern Chiang Rai region, Thailand, on Monday
Hazardous rescue operations to save 12 young Thai footballers from a flooded cave began Sunday morning
A parent said they had been told six of the eight remaining boys will be brought out by Monday evening
Rescue mission is expected to be quicker than Sunday's rescue, with the same diving team going in again
Four members of the football team were brought out on Sunday evening and taken to hospital

Jul 09 06:55

Gay men #WALKAWAY from the collapsing Democrat party and its repulsive hatred, intolerance and bigotry

Gay men were once accepted as “liberal” by the Democrats, but they’re now targeted by an increasingly lunatic, deranged Leftist party that openly attacks people for being white or male.

Now, a whole new movement — #WALKAWAY — has gone viral across social media as gay men (and women) denounce the hateful, bigoted tactics of deranged Leftists.

Jul 09 06:05

Brexit ministers Davis, Baker & Braverman quit in blow to Theresa May

Update 3: Here is the full text of Theresa May’s letter in response to David Davis’s resignation as Brexit Secretary (highlights ours):

Dear David

Thank you for your letter explaining your decision to resign as Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union.

Jul 09 05:19

Clintons fly coach on commercial airliner, Bill caught reading fiction ‘rape’ thriller in flight

It appears that the Clintons may have fallen on hard times or at least it appears that way after the not so dynamic duo was spotted flying on a Delta Airlines jet out of Regan National Airport (DCA) on Sunday which has got some speculating that the families finances may have been frozen.

Former disgraced President Bill Clinton was captured on video shaking hands and taking a selfie with a kid at Gate 20 while Hillary stood in the background wearing designer sunglasses and a hideous navy blue muumuu.

Jul 09 02:51

Archaeologists discover 500-year-old Aztec ‘tower of skulls’

Archaeology in Mexico City has a reputation more exciting than most.

For starters, one of its key finds was made not by archaeologists but electricians. Take what happened in 1978. When a basement floor fell in, a group of workers saw a statue that turned out to be the Aztec goddess Coyolxauhqui.

This discovery heralded the reappearance of the ancient pyramid of Templo Mayor, or rather the foundations of it.

Jul 09 00:11

Last night seen UFO in india

last night seen in UFO meerut city india.

Jul 08 20:13

This NYPD Officer Reported Sexual Harassment. Then She Was Forced Into Rehab.

I wanted the world to know what was going on inside the police department.”
Jazmia Inserillo was a rookie New York Police Department officer in her early twenties when a new supervisor took over at her precinct in Queens.

Jul 08 20:12

4 boys safely pulled from Thailand cave as second leg of rescue mission to begin in hours

Confidence soared that all 12 boys and their soccer coach will be successfully rescued from a flooded jungle cave in Thailand by the end of Monday after divers safely emerged from the cavern with four of the boys on Sunday.

Jul 08 20:10

Four of the Thai soccer team boys are OUT of the cave - but the other eight and their coach will remain underground until tomorrow

Four members of the soccer team trapped inside a flooded Thai cave now brought out and taken to hospital
Remaining eight boys and coach must wait until tomorrow to be saved, Thai Public Broadcast Service said
The hazardous rescue operation to save 12 young Thai footballers from a flooded cave began this morning
Eighteen divers have been sent in to complete the mission as officials said Sunday was 'D-Day' for the rescue
The young footballers and their coach have been trapped in flooded caves in northern Thailand for 16 days
As soon as the boys exit the cave they will be airlifted by helicopter or driven by ambulance to a local hospital

Jul 08 18:44

"Shelter In Place": All Hell Breaks Loose In Haiti As Violent Mobs Try To Murder Trapped American Tourists

The US embassy in the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince warned American tourists to "shelter in place" as violent demonstrations erupted across the island over a fuel price hike.

Jul 08 13:27

Stumble is still

I'm am going to keep stumbling as well as doing this thing. It takes about 5 times as long to post a story on Mix. Up to about 100 followers there. Been slow the last week due to the 4th and health matters. Here are the 2 websites. Over 80,000 posts with many thousands of yours from Wrh and all the posters there.
Here are the sites. would be interested in any traffic numbers back to Mix as well as stumbleupon.

Jul 08 13:18

Trump wants to talk to Putin alone ... which should terrify everyone

I'm shakin all over! Not!

Donald Trump has demanded that his upcoming summit with Russian leader Vladimir Putin start with a one-on-one meeting. Just Trump, Putin, and presumably at least one translator. Why Trump has demanded this alone time with the “just fine” Putin, is not at all clear. But the possibility that Trump will give away a vital US interest during this meeting is real.

Jul 08 10:31

Four of the Thai soccer team boys are OUT of the cave - but the other eight and their coach will remain underground until tomorrow

Four members of the soccer team trapped inside a flooded Thai cave now brought out and taken to hospital
Remaining eight boys and coach must wait until tomorrow to be saved, Thai Public Broadcast Service said
The hazardous rescue operation to save 12 young Thai footballers from a flooded cave began this morning
Eighteen divers have been sent in to complete the mission as officials said Sunday was 'D-Day' for the rescue
The young footballers and their coach have been trapped in flooded caves in northern Thailand for 16 days
As soon as the boys exit the cave they will be airlifted by helicopter or driven by ambulance to a local hospital

Jul 08 09:45


Thousands of Central American refugees and migrants have been coming to the Mexico-U.S. border for almost 40 years – and in spring of 2018, the Trump administration enacted a “zero-tolerance” policy that led to the arrest of any and all refugees and migrants attempting to cross the border into the United States. The most controversial aspect of the policy's enforcement was the forced separation of parents from their children. While much of the conversation has focused on Central Americans escaping violence, there hasn't been much on why there's so much violence in the region to begin with. The story? Almost 200 years of U.S. intervention.

Jul 08 09:43

Pride Of Lions Eats Group Of Poachers Alive In South African Game Reserve

Staff at the South African reserve found the bloodied head and limbs of poachers who broke in to hunt rhinos.

Over the last few years, the Sibuya Game Reserve in South Africa has faced several intrusion by poachers attracted to the reserve’s vast diversity of animals.

Jul 08 08:48

BEX ALERT - Fossil fuels contribute to ‘petro-masculinity’

Professor Cara Daggett, who teaches classes on politics and global security at Virginia Tech, is warning that fossil fuels are contributing to a warped sense of “masculine identity” and “authoritarianism” among men.

Writing in response to the 2016 election, Daggett coins the term “petro-masculinity” to describe what she sees as a convergence of “climate change, a threatened fossil fuel system, and an increasingly fragile Western hypermasculinity.”

Jul 08 08:47

Man punched, dragged 30 feet by car for having Trump flag in his yard (violence against Trump supporters escalates)

A Florida man said he was punched in the face and dragged 30 feet with his arm trapped in a car by a man who was angry over the fact he had a Trump flag in his front yard.

(Article by Paul Joseph Watson republished from

The incident occurred in Boynton Beach on July 4th as Jeff Good watched a fireworks display from his driveway at around 9:30pm.

An older man with gray hair and his female companion drove up and began yelling about President Trump and demanding Good remove the Trump flag from his yard.

When Good refused, the man allegedly punched him in the face. Good tried to punch back, but the man immediately drove off with Good’s arm still trapped in the car.