Mar 10 11:27

TRAITORS AT THE GATE: VP Pence Says The CIA Does Not Spy On American Citizens - Judge Napolitano Disagrees - FBI Director Tells Justice Department To Ignore Trump!

I am total shock with what Vice President Pence told Fox News About WIKILEAKS Vault 7 CIA news. But I am in more shock that FBI Director James Comey, the man President Trump kept on as FBI Director, is outright telling the DOJ to ignore President Trump's accusations of being wiretapped. Comey is making a firm point of telling everyone to ignore Trump's wiretapping did not happen. I hate to see two more government entities pop up and cause anymore trouble for President Trump and the American people.

Mar 10 11:08

Walking a tightrope: China manoeuvres between Saudi Arabia and Iran

James Dorsey explains why Saudi King Salman's attempt to lure China into his kingdom's sectarian and geopolitical struggles with Iran is likely to fail, given Iran's strategic, economic and cultural advantages over Saudi Arabia. >>

Mar 10 10:26

Freshman Congressman Who Said Some People "Just Don't Want Health Care And Aren't Going To Take Care Of Themselves" To Hold "Listening Tour" In Kansas This Week

Newly elected Congressman Roger Marshall, representing the 1st district of Kansas, is an OB-GYN who has delieverd 5,000 babies. Marshall made some comments in an interview last week which caught him a lot of flak. He explained his position and announced that he will hold a "Listening Tour" with nine stops in Kansas next week. In an earlier interview Marshall had said "Just like Jesus said, 'The poor will always be with us,' There is a group of people that just don't want health care and aren't going to take care of themselves. Just, like, homeless people. I think just morally, spiritually, socially, just don't want health care. The Medicaid population, which is a free credit card, as a group, do probably the least preventive medicine and taking care of themselves and eating healthy and exercising. And I'm not judging, I'm just saying socially that's where they are.

Mar 10 10:15

Over 1,800 retired football players sue NFL for 'plying them with powerful painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs' which eventually led to long-term organ failure

Retired football stars are suing the National Football League in federal court over claims that the 32 teams and their medical staffs administered powerful prescription drugs each season in a desperate bid to keep them on the field.

Mar 10 10:08

Twitter is now marking entire profiles as 'sensitive'

Twitter is trying to take on its troll problem in 2017, but the campaign is not without problems.

In addition to a range of tools aimed at filtering abusive tweets, the platform is running a test in which entire accounts are being marked as sensitive.

Webmaster's Commentary: seems to be having issues as well. I cannot login today.

Mar 10 10:07

China urges US to stop hacking other countries following #Vault7 release

Beijing has called on the US to stop its hacking practices against China and other countries, following a WikiLeaks release which reportedly exposes the CIA’s extensive hacking capabilities and lists Chinese routers as targets.

Mar 10 10:07

REVEALED: Violent gangs in Chicago's crime-ridden south side are targeting train freight cars filled with guns

Brazen criminals in the crime-ridden south side of Chicago are targeting freight containers to loot for weapons, it has been reported.

The guns are are destined for gun companies and shops — but end up in the hands of gangbangers in one of the city's most dangerous neighborhoods.

Mar 10 10:02

Empty Book “Reasons to Vote For Democrats” #1 Amazon Bestseller

There’s a new best-seller on Amazon called “Reasons to Vote for Democrats: A Comprehensive Guide” that’s being touted as a guaranteed path for the party to become “unstoppable.”

It’s 266 pages of blank paper.

Mar 10 09:28

David Friedman, Staunch Settlement Backer, Approved by Senate Panel as Envoy to Israel

Friedman confirmed by the Foreign Relations Committee on the force of the GOP majority and one Democratic vote. The nomination now awaits the approval of the Senate floor.

The fact that Menendez was the sole Democrat to vote in favor of the nomination, thus providing it with a minimal level of bipartisan cover, didn't come as a surprise. Menendez, like Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD), was one of only four Democrats to vote against the Iran deal in 2015. He comes from New Jersey, a state with a large Jewish population, and has important supporters and donors from the more right-wing and Orthodox segments of the state's Jewish community, which were generally supportive of Friedman's nomination.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Great, just what the US and Middle East need right now; an Ambassador to Israel who is just to the right of Attila the Hun when it comes to Palestinian rights!!

And Washington pathologically cannot "get" why Arab nations do not see the US government as an honest broker for peace!!

Mar 10 09:24

Four high school students are SUSPENDED after staging a 'Build the Wall' protest in support of Trump's immigration policies

The unidentified teenage boys from Grand Rapids Christian High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan were asked to stop their demonstration in favor of President Trump's immigration policies.

On March 3, they held signs that read 'Build the Wall' and 'Trump' in front of a banner that read 'Immigrants are a Blessing Not a Burden'. A teacher stopped them after less than a minute in footage obtained by WZZM.

Mar 10 09:11

FBI Director Comey's Full Speech: "Even Our Communications With Our Spouses & Our Clergy Members Are Not Absolutely Private In America"

FBI director James B. Comey gave a speech on cyber security at Boston College on March 8. Short provocative snippets of his speech are circulating on the internet, particularly a clip where he says that "Even our memories are not absolutely private." But here is his speech in its' entirety. Comey did indeed say some outrageous things, particularly where he said that the conversations with our spouses and even our clergyman are not private and can be compelled by the government to reveal what was said. To his credit, towards the end of his speech, Comey did say that maybe he is wrong, and that he, and the FBI, should be humble.

Mar 10 09:01


Russia's largest bank, Sberbank, has confirmed that it hired the consultancy of Tony Podesta, the elder brother of John Podesta who chaired Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, for lobbying its interests in the United States and proactively seeking the removal of various Obama-era sanctions, the press service of the Russian institution told TASS on Thursday.

"The New York office of Sberbank CIB indeed hired Podesta Group. Engagement of external consultants is part of standard business practices for us," Sberbank said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You have to love the dual smells of irony and hypocrisy in the morning; and the Clinton campaign claimed that Russia had hacked the US elections in favor of Donald Trump!!

Methinks the Clinton camp protested waaaay too much, given this recent turn of events.

Mar 10 08:57


The House of Representatives today voted 371-48, with massive majorities in both parties, in favor of another $578 billion military spending bill to cover the remainder of fiscal year 2017. The bill now moves on to the Senate, where it again is expected to easily pass.

The exact meaning of the figures is a little difficult to understand this time around, because Congress had already passed a military spending bill for fiscal year 2017 back in December, which was $611 billion. That bill was only ever intended to be a fraction of what was to be spent, aiming to give way to a second “emergency” bill before April, which is today’s bill, which would cover the rest of the year. That said, there is a lot of overlap between the two and the overall budget is not just a matter of adding the two together.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A memo to President Trump and Congress: please spend this money more wisely than it has been spent in the past, particularly when it comes to America's weapons makers.

The practice of delivering weapons which are obsolete upon delivery; which do not perform as advertised; or have horrific cost over-runs cannot, and should not be tolerated by the US government or We the People.

Mar 10 08:51


If you want a central banker to choke on his croissant, read him this quote from socio-historian Immanuel Wallerstein: "Countries (have lost the ability) to control what happens to them in the ongoing life of the modern world-system."

Stated another way, Wallerstein is asking: what do central banks no longer control?

Central banks still claim absolute control over their currency, interest rates,what's legal/outlawed in their financial systems, and so on.

Wallerstein is suggesting that era has ended and central banks are losing control of the value of their currency, their role in the global economy and the social discontent that is the ripening harvest of central bank policies that have greatly enriched the rich at the expense of everyone else.

This matters because instability in a nation's currency quickly spreads to the economy and then to society: as a currency depreciates, the value of everyone's money declines, i.e. the purchasing power of their money is diminished.

Mar 10 08:44


This profound split in the Deep State has now broken into open warfare. The first salvo was the absurd propaganda campaign led by Establishment mouthpieces The New York Times and The Washington Post claiming Russian agents had "hacked" the U.S. election to favor Trump.

This fact-free propaganda campaign failed--having no evidence didn't work quite as well as the NYT and Wapo expected-- and so the propaganda machine launched the second salvo, accusing Trump of being a Russian patsy.

The evidence for this claim was equally laughable, and that campaign has only made the Establishment, its propaganda mouthpieces and the neocon Deep State look desperate and foolish on the global and domestic stages.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I was not terribly surprised by Wikileak's Vault 7 dump.

The CIA/US Deep State are not here to protect you and me, the average working stiffs; they are there to protect the monied interests in this country, and "invest" time and energy in that which will bring them the necessary cash for "off the shelf" operations over which Congress has utterly zero oversight.

And if you are wondering about why the US and NATO still in Afghanistan, nearly 16 years on, when the logical course of action would be to withdraw troops as quickly as would be safe, then negotiating with whatever government was left standing in Kabul for the pipeline rights, and the mineral rights, here's a big part of it:

US troops guarding opium poppy fields in Afghanistan.

And as noted at in October of last year:

Afghanistan: 43 percent rise in estimated opium harvest: figures from government and UNODC show 10 percent increase in poppy cultivation and 91 percent decrease in eradication.

Folks, this is no "accident" or "coincidence"; as reported at in 2005:

Narcotics: Second to Oil and the Arms Trade The revenues generated from the CIA sponsored Afghan drug trade are sizeable. The Afghan trade in opiates constitutes a large share of the worldwide annual turnover of narcotics, which was estimated by the United Nations to be of the order of $400-500 billion.

The CIA is not here to protect our freedoms, or liberties, and the much-vaunted "American Way of Life"; it exists to support the Deep State's agenda, most generally tied in with wars, assassinations, and regime change; in fact, those activities are the CIA's "unholy trinity".

They just don't want average Americans to understand that this is precisely what they do; therefore this data dump embarrassed the hell out of them.

It is time for this agency to be completely disbanded, and its employees barred from any lobbying whatsoever for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, that may only happen when pigs fly

Mar 10 08:40

Feminist Icon Caitlin Moran: Girls Shouldn’t Read Any Books By Men

She named J. D. Salinger, William Faulkner, Raymond Chandler, Ernest Hemingway and Philip Roth as male writers particularly worthy of being ignored.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I guess Caitlin thinks girls should not be exposed to such evil male writers as Mark Twain, Shakespeare, Aristotle, Plato, and the guys who whipped up the Bible!

Mar 10 08:37

"Mr. Clapper Doesn't Have The Best Record With Facts" - Chaffetz | Obama Wiretapping Trump Scandal

Mar 10 08:34

It’ll take $4.59 trillion investment in the Infrastructure of the U.S. to bring things up to a B, or adequate grade, by 2025, according to a new report by the American Society of Civil Engineers

ONE OF PRESIDENT Donald Trump’s first promises after getting elected was to spend $1 trillion on infrastructure—bridges, roads, tunnels, pipes, dams. And whether you’ve had to evacuate a town in the shadow of a crumbling dam, buy filters for tainted municipal water, or even just bounced over potholes on a highway, you’ve experienced the problems the president alluded to.

Mar 10 08:34

EPA chief Scott Pruitt says carbon dioxide is not a primary contributor to global warming

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt said Thursday he does not believe carbon dioxide is a primary contributor to global warming.
"I think that measuring with precision human activity on the climate is something very challenging to do and there's tremendous disagreement about the degree of impact, so no, I would not agree that it's a primary contributor to the global warming that we see," he told CNBC's "Squawk Box."

Mar 10 08:33

18 yr old kidnapped, tortured, and gang raped in Denison, TX

Wednesday evening, an 18-year-old white female was kidnapped by three black men in Denison, Texas. A few hours later she was found at a church with numerous knife wounds and no pants.

She had been gang raped in the back of an SUV and slashed with a knife all over her body. All her jewelry was stolen, including her engagement ring. She was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

The attack prompted outrage online, after the victim’s mother described what happened on Facebook. Many people are criticizing the local media for a lack of coverage.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We can't report black on white crime! That would be racist! We're only allowed to report crimes by white people against blacks, illegal immigrants, and refugees, because white people are evil, Evil, EVIL!!!!!" -- ABCNNBBCBSFOX

Mar 10 08:29

Sean Spicer Confirms Trump Is Going To Bring Back Glass-Steagall

Wall Street stocks plunged Thursday after Sean Spicer announced President Trump is “committed to breaking up the banks” as the campaign to drain the swamp and uproot the establishment moves into high gear.

Mar 10 08:11

Trump Invades Syria

Make no mistake: this is big news. And very bad news!

Although the Syrian army, with its ally Russia, has made significant gains against ISIS over the past week or so, the Washington Post is reporting tonight that President Trump has for the first time sent regular US military personnel into that country in combat positions.

This is an unprecedented escalation of US involvement in the Syrian war and it comes without Congressional authorization, without UN authorization, and without the authorization of the government of Syria. In short it is three ways illegal.

Mar 10 08:11


In recent articles, I’ve highlighted items from the latest WikiLeaks data-dump of CIA files. For example:

The CIA’s use of other nations’ hacking tools, in order to give the impression that, when the CIA hacks into secret areas, it looks like other nations did the hacking.

All this is SOP for the CIA and intelligence agencies around the world.

Spies tell lies. A day without lying is a day without joy.

Naïve people are shocked that the CIA could have fabricated the whole “Russia hacked the US election” story. But this is what the CIA does. This is another day at the office.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is why I can never believe anything the US government ever says, again, in my lifetime; I understand that everything that comes out of this government is engineered to support an "agenda", usually one closely tied with either wars, overt and covert, and regime change, to change the leadership of a foreign government to its liking.

As is happening in Yemen today, the US government is totally, morally, and completely comfortable in being a willing participant to war crimes. The following, horrific images, are courtesy of the US government being complicit in the war crimes of Saudi Arabia in Yemen. Schools, hospitals, and open air market places are being shot indiscriminately, and with impunity, by Saudi troops and Yemeni children are getting mortally wounded, and killed from these attacks.

Those "lucky ones" who survive are slowly being starved to death, because the Saudis refuse to allow any food aid to get from the ports to the interior of the country.

images: Yemeni children being wounded and killed by Saudi air strikes

Images: Yemeni children being starved to death by Saudi port blockades

But are you seeing these images on the American presstitute media, controlled by the "Spooks are Us" alphabet soup agencies?!?

Hell, no!

The presstitutes and those agencies don't even want the American people to know this war exists, which is why, as a Christian Witness, I feel compelled to share these images with our readers.

In the most peaceful and logical way possible, I am morally obliged to politely remind President Trump that collective punishment a war crime

Mar 10 08:07

What was Trump's friend Nigel Farage doing visiting Julian Assange at the Ecuadorean embassy just two days after WikiLeaks dump of CIA documents?

Nigel Farage visited the Ecuadorian embassy today, sparking rumours of a meeting with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

The friend of Donald Trump, and formerly the leader of pro-Brexit party Ukip, was seen leaving the building in Knightsbridge, west London, where Assange has been holed up for the last five years.

He refused to say whether he had met Assange, who has hosted a number of famous and controversial figures during his time inside the embassy.

Mar 10 08:03

US Rejects Talks over North Korea, Declaring “All Options on Table”… Including War against the DPRK?

Amid sharply rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula, the Trump administration has flatly rejected a Chinese proposal for negotiations with North Korea despite warnings from the Chinese foreign minister, Wang Yi, that Washington and Pyongyang were on a collision course. A confrontation looms as huge South Korean-US military exercises are underway, involving over 300,000 troops backed by an US aircraft carrier strike group, stealth fighters and strategic bombers.

China is clearly alarmed at the prospect of war on its doorstep. Speaking in uncharacteristically blunt terms in Beijing yesterday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi warned:

“The two sides are like accelerating trains coming toward each other with neither side willing to give way,” he said. “The question is: Are the two sides really ready for a head-on collision? Our priority now is to flash the red light and apply the brakes on both trains.”

Mar 10 07:57


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi appeared on CNN's "State of the Union" stringing words together in a vain attempt to blame "the press” as “accomplices in the undermining of our election".

Mar 10 07:57

Elon Musk: I can fix South Australia power network in 100 days or it's free

Elon Musk, the billionaire founder of electric car giant Tesla, has thrown down a challenge to the South Australian and federal governments, saying he can solve the state’s energy woes within 100 days – or he’ll deliver the 100MW battery storage system for free.

Mar 10 07:57

Man wrongly convicted gets $175,000 for 13 years in prison

It took two decades for Thomas Webb III to get Oklahoma authorities to pay for the nightmarish years he spent in prison for a rape he didn't commit.
The state finally agreed this week to write him a check for $175,000, according to his lawyers.

Mar 10 07:55

Illegal Obama Wiretaps Of Trump Are Real

Mar 10 07:54

Mexican town pays tribute to firework blast victims with pyrotechnic display

A few days before Christmas, something caused a firework to go off at the San Pablito pyrotechnics market on the northern outskirts of Mexico City. Within seconds, the blast had unleashed a powerful chain-reaction which tore through the market in a cascade of explosions and sent a towering plume of smoke over the town of Tultepec.

By the time the smoke had cleared, dozens had been killed, scores more were injured, and the market was reduced to a scorched ruin.

Two and a half months later, Tultepec is again echoing with explosions, but this time for the country’s National Pyrotechnics Fair, which culminates this weekend in a display of “musical pyrotechnics” and mass release of sky lanterns.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Kind of like greeting the survivors of the Titanic by hosing them down, isn't it?

Mar 10 07:48


Bill Gross' letter discussing the credit deluge hitting the US came out at a convenient time: just as the Federal Reserve released its latest Flow of Funds report, which while most track to show the change in average household net worth - which is almost entirely a function of the stock market - we find it far more valuable for its nuanced information on the breakdown of US debt. And while it showed that in the fourth quarter, the net worth of US residents, mostly the wealthy ones as the bulk of financial assets is held by a small fraction of the total population, rose by $2 trillion to $92 trillion mostly as a result of a $1.5 increase in financial assets....

... we were more interest in the aggregate picture.

It wasn't pretty.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is truly scary; it is not a question of IF the US economy collapses; it is only a question of when.

Mar 10 07:45


In the early 20th century, there was growing discontent among the general public, who had finally become tired of being treated like second class citizens. The people began to hold strikes, boycotts and take any action they could to weaken the establishment, in hopes to bring about a more humane society and working environment. This was bad news for those in control because they need the cooperation of the average person to build their empires and fill the ranks in their armies.

The government and corporations needed a more respectable image, and that need gave rise to the public relations movement. There were many minds that made this movement possible, but the field itself is most typically associated with a man named Edward Bernays. Bernays is known as the father of public relations not because he was the first or only person to study propaganda, but rather because he was the first person to explain its practical use in a published work.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is why the (alleged) "educational standards" in Common Core do not teach critical thinking; they want people to stay as far away from facts as humanly possible, in order to create the hive mind, in which one does not think, but follows its leadership lavishly, no matter how completely wrong that leadership may be in their perceptions and actions.

Mar 10 07:28

Welcome to Totalitarian America President Trump!

President Trump joins the very crowded list of opponents of the American State which includes the Tea Party, tax resistors, non-interventionists, immigration opponents, traditional family advocates, and a host of others who have been spied upon, persecuted and badgered by federal “intelligence” authorities. While Congress conducted some feeble hearings and investigations of the shenanigans of the US spy agencies during the interminable Obummer Administration, no real action or reform was taken to reign in the eavesdropping and spying by the national security state on American citizens.

Mar 10 06:57

Passenger causes plane to divert after he's charged $12 for a blanket

Who hasn't complained about airline fees? Well, there's apparently a limit to the degree a customer can gripe -- especially if it happens in midair.
In this case, it seems a chilly cabin -- and a dispute over cold, hard cash -- sparked a heated exchange Wednesday between a passenger and an employee of Hawaiian Airlines.

Mar 10 06:56

America's infrastructure still rates no better than D+, engineering experts say

America is literally falling apart. The most authoritative report of the country’s infrastructure gave the country’s crumbling roads, bridges, dams, schools and other essential underpinnings an overall D+ grade on Thursday. Not a single element of America’s framework received an A grade.

Mar 10 05:22

The Conflict within the Deep State Just Broke into Open Warfare

The battle raging in the Deep State isn't just a bureaucratic battle--it's a war for the soul, identity and direction of the nation.

Mar 10 04:54

Police Helicopter Catches Boy Flashing Laser Pointer, Overlay Pinpoints Culprit's Home Address

Eye-opening video from the Fresno County Sheriff's Office shows how police helicopters are equipped with data overlay technology which reveals everyone's home addresses, which they use to pinpoint precisely who is shining a laser pointer at them.

Mar 10 04:07

America in Turmoil: From Deep State Insurgency to Deep State Spying – WikiLeaks’ Vault 7

Even those not following the latest evidence of the tyrannical noose tightening around our necks, know something has gone terribly wrong in America. Through NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden’s revelations four years ago, we learned that US citizens, as well as foreign countries, are the most spied upon in human history. But this week’s latest massive WikiLeaks’ release, aka Vault 7, amounts to almost 9,000 pages of CIA documents collected from 2013 through 2016 that disclose highly classified hacking secrets. With this largest dump of confidential CIA files ever published, the world is beginning to realize just how far gone our privacy rights are, becoming virtually nonexistent under traitor Obama’s second term in office.

Mar 09 18:18

Lydia Ko: I would play golf with Donald Trump

New Zealand's leading golfer Lydia Ko says she would accept an invitation to play golf with United States President Donald Trump, if he offered.

The women's world number one admitted a lack of knowledge about politics, saying she wouldn't hesitate to tee it up alongside the controversial President.

"I don't know much about politics, so I don't really have a huge say on it," Ko told "It'd be an honor, I guess, to play with the president."

"I haven't had that call yet so I wouldn't know exactly."

Trump has played rounds of golf with several leading golf stars, who have come under criticism for doing so. Tiger Woods, Ernie Els and Rory McIlroy all recently hit the links with Trump, with McIlroy being forced to defend his decision after a backlash.

Mar 09 17:56


Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on Monday said that Trump “owes it to the America people” to explain what he was talking about. He wants Trump to explain himself. Why does Trump need to explain anything to songbird McCain?

Mar 09 16:02

Stephen Hawking: ‘We Need a World Government or Technology Will Destroy Us’

Physicist Stephen Hawking, who some have suggested is a conspiracy in and of himself, is now claiming we need "some form of world government" to protect us from the escalation of technology and artificial intelligence.

Mar 09 16:01

Has He Lost It? Bill Clinton: “We have to find a way to bring simple, personal decency and trust back to our politics”

Apparently former president Bill Clinton has completely lost his mind and has no idea who or where he is.

In his first public speaking engagement since his wife lost the election, Clinton found it within himself while delivering the keynote at an event hosted by the Brookings Institution to say, “We have to find a way to bring simple, personal decency and trust back to our politics.”

(read more)

Mar 09 15:46

Nigel Farage met with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy in London

What Farage and Assange discussed during the meeting remains a mystery.

Mar 09 15:22

Ron Paul PISSED About Trump's New TSA Groping

Ron Paul hopes that maybe the people will finally rise up and resist these rules, restore our liberties and our dignity.

Mar 09 14:40

Nigel Farage met with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy in London

What Farage and Assange discussed during the meeting remains a mystery.

Mar 09 14:24

Zionists snuff out free speech at UK universities

Stuart Littlewood paints an alarming picture of the extent to which Zionist groups and Israel lobbyists have succeeded in stifling freedom of speech at British universities so that Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians are never discussed. >>

Mar 09 13:45


TIMCAST WE HAVE LEFT SWEDEN! I have to say that I am actually happy to have left.

Mar 09 13:34

Scott Adams: How to Convince Skeptics That Climate Change Is a Problem

I don’t know much about science, and even less about climate science. So as a practical matter, I like to side with the majority of scientists until they change their collective minds. They might be wrong, but their guess is probably better than mine.

That said, it is mind-boggling to me that the scientific community can’t make a case for climate science that sounds convincing, even to some of the people on their side, such as me. In other words, I think scientists are right (because I play the odds), but I am puzzled by why they can’t put together a convincing argument, whereas the skeptics can, and easily do. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

Mar 09 12:58

WIKILEAKS/JULIAN ASSANGE March 9, 2017 Press Conference.

WikiLeaks Julian Assange just finished with a press conference, and here is the video. I will also list some comments from Assange that I noticed. It was an excellent event and, of course, a historical one.

Mar 09 12:30

Digital Carjackers Show Off New Attacks

Mar 09 12:20

FBI Investigating Wikileaks’ Vault 7 Disclosures On CIA Hacking

The US has opened a federal criminal investigation into Wikileaks’ publication of what it claims is the largest ever batch of confidential documents on the CIA, revealing the agency’s hacking abilities. The FBI and the CIA are coordinating their reviews.

Mar 09 12:16

The film's global earnings are expected to peak at around $320 million globally, having earned a mere $34.8 million in North America.

On Wednesday the CIA was pushed to admit that it had become aware of an attack on its systems last year - but said it didn't know the exact nature of the breach.

That admission only caused more concern at the House Intelligence Committee, a spokesperson for which told The New York Post: 'If it's true that the CIA knew about it since the end of last year... we should have been informed.'

And on Thursday WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange asked why the CIA hadn't owned up and worked with tech companies to make their products secure from the loose hacking tools.

Mar 09 12:05

17 Examples of CIA Criminality — MSM no longer interested in fuming about spies and hacking.

Even with our pragmatic worldview, the western media consistently performs well below our already extremely low expectations. It’s now been roughly 24 hours since Wikileaks released more than 8,000 documents detailing the CIA’s “global covert hacking program”. And the leaks (known as “Vault 7?) haven’t even finished yet. As the Independent notes, “when taken together, Vault 7 will make up the biggest intelligence publication in history.”

Mar 09 11:56

President Trump to speak at rally next week in Nashville

expected to speak at 6:30 p.m.

Mar 09 11:54

Report: Democratic Groups Paid Ransom Demanded by Russian Hackers

to Keep Protester Funding Secret

Mar 09 11:53

Piled Higher and Deeper (Neocon lies)

“Liberal interventionist”; a label right out of The Department of Redundancy Department.

Mar 09 11:38

Leaks Are Good for Liberty

What we need is leaks from every federal bureaucracy. We need greater exposure of these invisible people. We need them to live in fear of exposure. The trouble is, nobody is interested in what the federal government's bureaucracy does on a day-to-day basis. That is a great benefit to the bureaucrats.

Mar 09 11:34

Congress Created the Spying Monster

Those of us who believe that the Constitution means what it says have been arguing since the late 1970s that congressional efforts to strengthen national security by weakening personal liberty are unconstitutional, un-American and ineffective. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which Congress passed in the aftermath of President Richard Nixon’s use of the CIA and the FBI to spy on his political opponents, has unleashed demons that now seem beyond the government’s control and are more pervasive than anything Nixon could have dreamed of.

Mar 09 11:19

Unease over shelter guest

A woman using the services of a local women's shelter says she was kicked out of the crisis centre after voicing her concerns about rooming with a transgender woman.

The woman, who asked to remain anonymous, has been staying at Kelowna's Alexandra Gardener Women & Children Safe Centre, a women-only emergency shelter, for five days. After her first roommate was moved for using drugs in the room, a transgender woman was moved in.

She says she has nothing against transgender people, but, being that she's a recent victim of violence from a man, she's uncomfortable sharing a room with someone who has male features.

“I told them immediately that I needed to find a different roommate or move me and they chose not to do that,” she said. “Instead, they chose to kick me out today, because I've made an issue about it.”

She says she was given a 24-hour ban from the shelter for discussing the issue with others in the home.

Mar 09 11:11

Palestinian Women – One for All, All for One

“Palestinian women have always stood side by side with their fathers, brothers, husbands, comrades to resist the Zionist occupation, to fight for freedom and legitimate rights. They are the first to go to the streets to protest the brutality of the Israeli military occupation, the first to organize sit-ins and marches demanding the release of their children, brothers and fathers from Israeli prisons. They are the protectors, the supporters, but most of all they are the comrades in the fight for a free Palestine.” Reham Al Helsi.

Mar 09 10:41


Billionaire George Soros gave $246 million to groups behind Wednesday's "Day Without a Woman" protest, according to a report by a conservative think tank.

Mar 09 10:04


President Donald Trump is sick and tired of all the media’s LIES about how perfect President Obama was. Today, he decided to set the record straight once-and-for-all by revealing a FACT that the Democrats HATE!

Mar 09 10:00

Go Ahead, Amazon, Make My Day

After years of pressure, Israel has finally succeeded in coercing the world’s largest booksellers into submission. The flickering candles of honest history are now being snuffed out.

Amazon-published books that dispute what George Orwell described as ‘the prevailing orthodoxy’, are today being thrown on to bonfires lit by the holohoax hucksters.

Mar 09 09:49

16 Year Congressman: CIA Leak Shows We’re “Sliding Down the Slippery Slope Toward Totalitarianism, Where Private Lives Do Not Exist”

That the CIA has reached into the lives of all Americans through its wholesale gathering of the nation’s “haystack” of information has already been reported.

It is bad enough that the government spies on its own people. It is equally bad that the CIA, through its incompetence, has opened the cyberdoor to anyone with the technological skills and connections to spy on anyone else.

The constant erosion of privacy at the hands of the government and corporations has annihilated the concept of a “right to privacy,” which is embedded in the rationale of the First, Third, Fourth, Ninth and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

It is becoming increasingly clear that we are sliding down the slippery slope toward totalitarianism, where private lives do not exist.

We have entered a condition of constitutional crisis that requires a full-throated response from the American people.

Mar 09 09:48

Obama "Furious" With Trump Over Wiretapping Allegations

In a report demonstrating the collapse in diplomatic relations between the current and previous president, the WSJ wrote overnight that rapport between Barack Obama and Donald Trump has "unraveled" with Trump "convinced that Mr. Obama is undermining his nascent administration" while Obama is "furious" over Trump tweets accusing him of illegal wiretapping. The WSJ notes that after shaking hands on Jan. 20, the day of Trump's inauguration, the two presidents haven’t spoken since, "although Trump tried to call Obama to thank him for the traditional letter that one president leaves for his successor in the Oval Office."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"How dare you! How dare you dare! How DARE you dare to dare ... to dare?!?" -- Obombya

Mar 09 09:46

Lewandowski: If Obama Bugged Sessions, Trump It's 'Very Disturbing'

"They did spend time listening to conversations between then-Senator Jeff Sessions and the ambassador to Russia while he was in his U.S. Senate office," Lewandowski told Pirro.

"If that were to take place, which supposedly did take place, what other conversations did they listen in on from the American public?"

"They were monitoring [whom] a United States Senator was having a private conversation with, is what I understand, and if that is the case it is very concerning," Lewandoski added.

Mar 09 09:45


The latest bombshell out of the new administration in Washington D.C. reveals that former president Barack Obama bugged Trump tower during the election campaign to spy on Donald Trump and his staff.

The action, now confirmed by President Trump who obviously has access to all intelligence briefings, is the latest explosive revelation in a long list of damning findings about Obama, Clinton and the DNC. Among those findings is the shocking revelation that CNN rigged the presidential debates in favor of Clinton by arranging for Hillary Clinton to receive the debate questions in advance.

Mar 09 09:41

The Most Shocking Revelation From The CIA-Spying Scandal (so far)

Yesterday Wikileaks released 8,761 CIA documents detailing the agency’s hacking of smart phones, routers, computers, and even televisions.

These files reveal that the CIA can and has hacked devices that were supposedly secure– iPhones, iPads, and Android devices.

The documents further reveal that the CIA is deliberately infecting personal computers with spyware, including Windows, Mac OS/X, Solaris, Linux, and other operating systems.

They’re also hacking WiFi routers to deploy software that monitors Internet activity, and have even figured out how to bypass anti-virus software so that their spyware cannot be detected.

They’ve also managed to make the rest of the world believe that Russian hackers, not the CIA, are behind all this malware and spyware.

It’s like a restatement of that old Mission: Impossible line– “Should any of your IM force be caught or killed… we’ll blame Russia.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In the good old days, webcams came with built-in privacy shields, power and WiFi switches were mechanical devices that actually shut things off, you could take the batteries out of your cell phones and tablets, etc.

Interesting how that all went away!

Mar 09 09:10


President Trump has been under attack by the liberal media for nearly every word that comes out of his mouth. Meanwhile, Trump supporters are being violently assaulted all over the country. Even this past weekend, elderly Trump supporters were beaten bloody simply because they showed pride in their president.

Mar 09 09:06

Officials knew of CIA’s security breach in 2016, which led to “Vault 7” leaks

Intelligence officials told Reuters on Wednesday that they were aware as early as 2016 that the CIA had a security breach that led to the watchdog group WikiLeaks exposing the agency’s surveillance tools.

Mar 09 09:05

All the fake news that’s fit to print

Journalism purports to report the first draft of history. In practice the press and media coverage is systemically bereft of relevant facts and completely void of objectivity. The currency of the realm is trust for all journalists. Their collective credibility is bankrupt for a very simple reason; their newscasts are based upon lies, newspeak and intentional deception.

Mar 09 08:58

The Government is still the enemy of freedom

“Rights aren’t rights if someone can take them away. They’re privileges. That’s all we’ve ever had in this country, is a bill of temporary privileges. And if you read the news even badly, you know that every year the list gets shorter and shorter. Sooner or later, the people in this country are gonna realize the government … doesn’t care about you, or your children, or your rights, or your welfare or your safety… It’s interested in its own power. That’s the only thing. Keeping it and expanding it wherever possible.”— George Carlin

Mar 09 08:52

"The American Public Should Be Deeply Troubled" - CIA Issues Statement On Wikileaks Hack

On Wednesday afternoon, one day after the release of over 8,000 pages of documents revealing the extensive hacking infrastructure established by the CIA to allow it to penetrate the privacy of virtually any US citizen, the CIA's Dean Boyd, Director at the office of public affairs, issued a statement in response to what Wikileaks has dubbed the biggest publication of confidential CIA material in history. In short, while the CIA does not deny that the documents are authentic, it defends itself by saying that its "mission is to aggressively collect foreign intelligence overseas to protect America from terrorists, hostile nation states and other adversaries. It is CIA's job to be innovative, cutting-edge, and the first line of defense in protecting this country from enemies abroad. America deserves nothing less."

Mar 09 08:49

The President Who Created the CIA Came to Regret It … Said the CIA Was a “Government All Its Own” Which Was Destroying Democracy … “Something the Founding Fathers Didn’t Have In Mind”

President Truman created the CIA.

He explained that it was solely an attempt to consolidate intelligence from many different intelligence agencies (page 285):

I needed … the President needed at that time a central organization that would bring all the various intelligence reports we were getting in those days, and there must have been a dozen of them, maybe more, bring them all into one organization so that the President would get one report on what was going on in various parts of the world. Now that made sense, and that’s why I went ahead and set up what they called the Central Intelligence Agency.

But in the 1970s, he told his biographer, Merle Miller (page 285):

I think [creation of the CIA] was a mistake. And if I’d know what was going to happen, I never would have done it.

Mar 09 08:40

"Women birth half the population and we are half the population!" - Nelini Stamp from the Working Families Party

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And, ummmmmm, where do you think the other half come from? Storks? The Cabbage Patch? Cloning?

Mar 09 08:38

A Cry from California — ‘God help us all!’

Is it any wonder that people in California are a bit confused?

Mar 09 08:36

Iceland becomes the first country in the world to make employers prove they offer equal pay

Iceland will be the first country in the world to make employers prove they offer equal pay regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexuality or nationality, the Nordic nation's government said Wednesday — International Women's Day.

Mar 09 08:36

Black Americans more often wrongfully convicted: study

African Americans are far more likely to be wrongfully convicted of crimes such as murder, sexual assault and illegal drug activity than white people, a review of nearly 2,000 exonerations in the United States over almost three decades found.

Mar 09 08:06

WikiLeaks claims CIA hackers enter Europe undetected with ‘black’ passports and use Frankfurt consulate as covert base

The anti-secrecy organisation led by Julian Assange claimed the hackers are given State Department cover while they’re involved in operations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa

Mar 09 07:57

Los Angeles set to tax itself to raise billions for homelessness relief

Homelessness advocates in America’s second largest city were savoring a seeming double victory after Los Angeles voters appeared to choose to tax themselves to raise more than $3.5bn for homeless services over the next decade, and comprehensively knocked down a second measure that would have slammed the brakes on many housing developments.

Mar 09 07:57

Reno man gets 39 life sentences on 39 charges of child sexual abuse

A 45-year-old Reno man was sentenced to 39 life sentences after being found guilty of 39 counts of child sexual abuse, according to prosecutors.
In one of the largest child sexual abuse trials ever tried in Washoe County, Valentin Corrales was found guilty of 39 counts of lewdness with a minor under the age of 14, sexual assault of a child, and sexual assault in December 2016.

Mar 09 07:48

Major Pedophile Bust in Slovenia

17 people throughout Slovenia had their homes searched on Tuesday due to being suspects in the national-level criminal investigation related to the abuse of underage children. The investigation began in 2015.

During the raids that began at approx. 6 am, local time, the Slovene Police seized about 1000 computers, smartphones, hard drives, and USB flash drives. No-one has been detained so far and no victims that would be under direct physical threat, were discovered.

Mar 09 07:46

The CIA’s BIGGEST secrets could soon be revealed

Tuesday’s shocking release of CIA documents revealing the agencies global covert hacking operations was actually less than 1% of the total documents Wikileaks plans to release, the whistleblowing agency revealed Wednesday

Mar 09 07:44

Stephen Hawking calls for world government to save us from technology

World-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has warned that technology needs to be controlled to prevent it from destroying the human race and that a world government may be needed to do so

Mar 09 07:38

Apple Tells Users To “Update iPhone’s Immediately” Following Wikileaks Dump

Apple is urging users to update their iPhone devices immediately following the WikiLeaks revelation that the CIA are able to listen in on private conversations.

Like that is actually going to change anything...

Mar 09 07:35

Deep State unleashes propaganda campaign on Late Show

Former C.I.A. Director Michael Hayden joined Stephen Colbert on the Late Show Tuesday night to discuss spying and downplay the government’s role publically.

Mar 09 07:31

Trump set up? The CIA’s UMBRAGE group can stage RUSSIAN hacking

Among the startling revelations coming out through the Wikileaks “Vault 7” release is the shocking fact that the CIA has the ability to “misdirect attribution” of a hack, effectively making it look as if a country such as Russian was the culprit when in reality it was forces within the Central Intelligence Agency itself.

Mar 09 07:17

FBI Director James Comey says 'absolute privacy' does not exist in the US

FBI Director James Comey has warned citizens that "absolute privacy" does not exist in the US and he argued in favour of weakening encryption technology to allow the FBI to access devices and assist them in their investigations.

Mar 09 07:17

Canadian woman braves storm on horseback to deliver coffee, meal to stranded trucker during blizzard

A Winnipeg truck driver is thanking a woman who jumped on her horse and brought him coffee and a hot meal while he was stranded on highway 10 south of Brandon.
An image of a stranded trucker captured by Manitoba 511 highway cameras prompted Eileen Eagle Bears, 18, to spring into action.

Mar 09 07:02

Washington Post's Response to Vault 7 Leak? The Russians Are Behind It!

After WikiLeaks shocked the world with their “Vault 7” disclosures about CIA tactics and methods, the Washington Post’s only response was to blame Russia and attempt to smear and discredit the country.

Webmaster's Commentary: 










EEEEEEEEEEVIL!!!!" -- Washington Compost

Mar 09 06:46

Wiretapping at Trump Tower: ‘A scandal bigger than Watergate’ – Roger Stone

“I think it’s important to note that the intelligence services here have yet to produce any evidence or proof whatsoever of Russian meddling in the American election. What we have are “allegations;” what we have are “projections” and “assessments.” Let me review for you the assessments of the Central Intelligence Agency. They said there was no torture in American prisons during the Iraq War. That was a lie. They denied that there were renditions by foreign nationals by the US government during the Iraq War. That was a lie. They claimed that the attack on our mission in Benghazi was caused by a video that was shown one time in Turkey. That was a lie.

Mar 09 06:38


Mar 09 06:01

There Are 5,000 Janitors in the U.S. with PhDs

Over 317,000 waiters and waitresses have college degrees (over 8,000 of them have doctoral or professional degrees), along with over 80,000 bartenders, and over 18,000 parking lot attendants. All told, some 17,000,000 Americans with college degrees are doing jobs that the BLS says require less than the skill levels associated with a bachelor’s degree.

Mar 09 03:37


A woman ordered a pineapple pizza, but she didn't get the dish she'd paid for. Why? Because the takeaway chef apparently couldn't bring themselves to make it. They are, evidently, firmly against the Hawaiian classic.

RACISTS!!!!!! :)

Mar 08 22:27

Secret Service investigating threats made against President Trump and V.P. Pence on Twitter

Someone that goes by the name “John Silva” is being investigated by the Secret Service after posting threats to the President of the United States on Twitter.

Mar 08 22:23

2014 meeting notes suggest C.I.A. wants control of your vehicle

Leaked C.I.A. meeting notes suggest that the agency’s Embedded Development Branch was trying to acquire the capability to control vehicles remotely by accessing and altering their firmware as early as 2014.

Mar 08 21:39

CIA suspects contractors are behind Wikileaks revelations of phone and TV hacking secrets - and admits everything published is genuine

U.S. intelligence and law enforcement officials said on Wednesday that they have been aware since the end of last year of a security breach at the CIA that led to anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks publishing agency documents on its hacking tools.

The officials, who asked not to be identified, told Reuters that they believed that the documents published by WikiLeaks on Tuesday were authentic.

Investigators were focusing on CIA contractors as the likely source of passing materials to WikiLeaks, the officials said.

Mar 08 21:35

Billionaire George Soros gives $246million to 100 groups behind the 'Day Without a Woman' protest

Billionaire businessman George Soros has reportedly given $246million to multiple groups behind the Day Without a Woman protest.

Conservative think tank Media Research Center says the liberal hedge-investor gave funding to 100 out of the 544 partners supporting the women's cause between 2010 and 2014.

Contributions were given to organizations such as Planned Parenthood, Human Rights Watch, the Center for American Progress, with the top recipient being the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) who received $37.3million.

Mar 08 20:38

Amazon Bans "Holocaust Denial" Books

Michael Hoffman of writes in his latest newsletter: "We have just learned that Amazon, the huge, Seattle-based online book distributor has removed from sale books by Dr. Arthur R. Butz, Carlo Mattogno and other eminent dissident scholars who have dared to ask scientific and technical questions about the alleged operation of homicidal gas chambers in Auschwitz. These heretics have trespassed on the sacred liturgy of Holocaustianity and their books must be forbidden to preserve the holiness of World War II dogma..."

Mar 08 18:07

Phase IV Of The Deep State's Plan Is Now Being Executed

Trump unveiled his new health care law, doesn’t look good. Wikileaks releases Vault 7 and shows the CIA has developed cyber attack systems that mimic other countries.

Mar 08 16:46


B U T - read on:
Actually, one of the biggest things that does drop when cannabis is made legal is Americans’ dependence on pharmaceutical painkillers.
Not only have opioid overdose deaths dropped a full fourth in states with legal marijuana, but the Guardian reports,
Medicare saved roughly $165m in 2013, according to the study, which estimated that expenditures for Medicare Part D, the portion of the government-funded health insurance program that subsidizes prescription drug costs, would drop by $470m annually if medical marijuana were legalized nationally.
Hm. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that this would be why Big Pharma has turned into one of the biggest anti-legalization lobbies, spending some $19 million against legal marijuana in 2015 alone.

Mar 08 16:35


The Gateway Pundit reported that AG Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton on the tarmac at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. The second FISA request was submitted in October of 2016. This was just before the election. Hillary Clinton out the following tweet: “computer scientists have uncovered a covert server linking the Trump organization to a Russian-based server.”

Mar 08 16:35

Maine State Prison Under Fire For Forcing Female Visitors To Remove Bras

The Maine State Prison’s screening practices are being reexamined after several women claimed that facility guards demanded they remove their bras for setting off a metal detector. That practice is not approved by the state’s Department of Corrections.

Mar 08 15:39


President Trump has resigned the travel ban. This is travel ban version 2. He did it with almost no fanfare today. He also revoked the previous version at the same time. This new order takes effect on March 16. Like the first version, it won’t effect green holders.

Mar 08 15:24

Donald Trump Needs To Pull A “Ronald Reagan” And Start Firing All Disloyalists

Donald Trump needs to follow in the footsteps of his mentor Ronald Reagan and start "pruning the tree" of disloyalists within his government who are actively obstructing, sabotaging and interfering with his Agenda for America.

Things are getting progressively worse for the Donald Trump Administration as it seems that the Obama/Bush/Clinton/Bush Sr holdovers of the past 28 years are literally, and in almost coordinated unison, acting to team up and gang-stalk Donald Trump and his administration, cabinet appointees, and other Trump loyalists using the Mainstream Media to carry their water.

Mar 08 14:58

Mysterious Statue Of Liberty Blackout Occurs Hours Before Day Without A Woman Protests

Without warning, lights at the Statue of Liberty went dark the evening before nationwide Day Without A Woman marches are scheduled. But rumors that the outage was in solidarity with protesters dwindled when the lights came back on less than an hour later.

Mar 08 14:43


Most people didn’t catch what Jeff Sessions said today. Hours after President Trump signed a new executive order banning refugees from 6 nations.

Mar 08 14:42

FBI Chief: There is no ‘absolute privacy’ in America

On the heels of shocking revelations about the extent of government’s power to spy on Americans via the internet of things, FBI Director James Comey reminded an audience that there’s “no such thing as absolute privacy in America.”

Mar 08 14:39

Yes, The Statue of Liberty Went Dark but No, It Wasn’t Because of Soros’ Women’s March… or Was It?

I mean, if the man could shell out $246 mil for a women’s march, how can you be sure Soros doesn’t have anyone in his back pocket over there at Ellis Island who can flip a few switches?

Mar 08 14:28

Wikileaks: CIA Explored Car Hacking To Carry Out “Undetectable Assassinations”

Newly released documents by Wikileaks reveal that the Central Intelligence Agency explored hacking the control systems of modern vehicles, potentially to carry out “undetectable assassinations”.

Thanks to a new whistleblower who some are dubbing Snowden 2.0, the whistleblower outfit has leaked 8,761 files “from an isolated, high-security network situated inside the CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence in Langley, Virginia.”

Mar 08 14:25

The Absurdity of ‘A Day Without A Woman’

Liberal lunatics displayed their vast ignorance and stupidity today by participating in a ‘movement’ called ‘A Day Without A Woman.’ This farce is currently taking place as you read this article; women are skipping work and refusing to spend money as a means of expressing their role in America. The rallies are occurring across America and unsurprisingly, the participants are Democrat women. Conservative women of America actually have careers to build and cannot “skip work” and behave as petulant children.

Mar 08 13:55

Sean Spicer Lectures Fake News Media on Fake Russia Story -- Media Erupts

White House Spokesman Sean Spicer lectured the mainstream liberal media reporters inside the White House Press Room on the Fake News Russia story. The media then starts screaming!

Mar 08 12:55

There IS A REAL RUSSIAN SCANDAL, And President Trump Is Calling For An Investigation!

I have been searching through WIKILEAKS for information on the Clinton’s dealings with Russia; not only the Clintons, but, also Lobbyist Tony Podesta. It turns out there is a huge scandal with Russia…it is just not the one that has been publicized about President Trump. President Trump was wiretapped, but nothing was found. He shared no illegal communications with Russia.

Mar 08 12:54

The New Media World Order

In only a few months, the content of the Western national and international medias has undergone profound change. We are witnessing the birth of an Entente about which we know almost nothing – neither the real initiators nor the real objectives – but whose direct anti-democratic consequences can be noticed immediately.

Mar 08 10:41

Shameless Coalition Propaganda and the War on Yemen

The Wall Street Journal gives the UAE’s ambassador a platform to recite the Saudi-led coalition’s propaganda:

Checking Iranian aggression will not be easy, but the stability of the region depends upon it. Holding the country to its commitments would be an important first step. Rebuilding America’s ties to its traditional partners in the region would be another. So too would be directly confronting Iranian interference in places like Yemen.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The nearly two-year Saudi War against Yemen happened because the Houthi rebels overthrew the "anointed", western-centric President, Monsour Al Hadi.

And BTW, pop quiz; when Al-Hadi was "elected" as President, how many other names were on the Yemeni ballot?!?


Yemen election: one person; one vote; one candidate

The Saudi government and military have opted for a "scorched earth" policy in their fight against the Houthi rebels, which means infrastructure has been destroyed; schools, hospitals, water treatment plants, and open air market places have all been bombed by the Saudis. Children are being maimed and killed by these airstrikes; additionally, Yemeni children are starving to death, because the Saudi military has blocked all the Yemeni ports, to insure that food cannot get in.

The US government is selling the Saudi military the bombs with which to commit this genocide against the Yemeni people, and providing "bombing targeting".

I would like to politely remind President Trump, as a Christian witness, and Christian Pacifist Activist, that collective punishment, as is being visited upon the the Yemeni people, courtesy of the Saudi Military, is a war crime, and US governmental assistance in this matter makes the US government complicit in war crimes.

And Mr. President, the following graphic and horrific images are the results of these Saudi war crimes, and US government's aiding and abetting them:

Images: wounded and killed Yemeni children, resulting from Saudi air strikes

Images: starving Yemeni children, due to Saudi Yemen port blockade

Yes, Mr. President, these images are terrible; but THIS is what Saudi Arabia is doing to the children of Yemen every day. You're a dad, and a grandfather, so I implore you to understand that slaughtering the children of a taking away that country's future.

Mar 08 10:21

Trump’s Pentagon Moves Into Syria’s ManbijUS Troops Deploy With Kurdish Forces to Prevent Turkish Invasion

Turkey’s capture of the ISIS city of al-Bab last week set in motion a race for the city of Manbij, which Kurdish forces captured from ISIS last year, and which Turkish officials had long insisted would be their next target after al-Bab.

Several nations have interests in not seeing Turkey attack the Kurds, but on Monday, US troops were the first to the scene, with a deployment inside the city of Manbij, where they will embed with Kurdish forces as a “sign of deterrence.”

By the end of Monday, Syrian and Russian troops were also in the vicinity, with the Kurds having brokered a deal to give Syrian forces all the villages ringing Manbij, which would mean Turkey can’t advance with attacking Syrian government villages. Russia sent some forces into the area too to back Syria’s new claims.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Turkey's territorial claims against certain areas of Syria are very troubling.

Mar 08 10:14


Attribution of cyber-intrusions and attacks is nearly impossible. A well executed attack can not be traced back to its culprit. If there are some trails that seem attributable one should be very cautions following them. They are likely faked.

Hundreds if not thousands of reports show that this lesson has not been learned. Any attack is attributed to one of a handful of declared "enemies" without any evidence that would prove their actual involvement.


In June 2016 we warned The Next "Russian Government Cyber Attack" May Be A Gulf of Tonkin Fake:

All one might see in a [cyber-]breach, if anything, is some pattern of action that may seem typical for one adversary. But anyone else can imitate such a pattern as soon as it is known. That is why there is NEVER a clear attribution in such cases.
Anyone claiming otherwise is lying or has no idea what s/he is speaking of.
There is now public proof that this lecture in basic IT forensic is correct.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Bottom line; this is another "We have met the enemy, and us!" moments!!

Mar 08 10:14

Ernst Zundel Documentary 'Off Your Knees, Germany!'

This is an outstanding and very powerful documentary about the life of Ernst Zundel during the years 1983-2003 and what became known as "the great holocaust trial" in Canada. "It's just ludicrous to consider that these facilities could have been used for gas chambers," said gas-chamber expert Fred Leuchter in an exclusive interview during the film. This film is an hour and a half in length and well worth it.

Mar 08 10:06


In the following instances, officials in the government which carried out the attack (or seriously proposed an attack) admit to it, either orally, in writing, or through photographs or videos:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am very concerned about a false flag in and around North Korea/South Korea/Japan/Hawaii, to make it look as though Kim Jung-Un had deliberately attacked a US base in Japan or South Korea or Hawaii as an excuse to attack North Korea directly.

You've got a 320,000 member contingent of Korean and American military deployed for two months' worth of exercises, including a destroyer, fighter jets, and a contingent of support vessels in this exercise.

Two months is a long time for such exercises, and the longer they last, the greater the probability that something could be conjured by the US military to make it look as though North Korea made American military assets their targets.

And right on cue, we have the following headline this morning from

North Korea Could Soon Launch Attack on Hawaii,

followed by the following headline on

Japanese lawmakers argue for first strike against North Korea

And then, from the folks who seem to be the adults in the geopolitical playpen, again on

China urges US and N. Korea to avert 'head-on collision'

the article then goes on to say:

" China warned Wednesday that North Korea and the United States were like two trains racing towards a "head-on collision," calling on both sides to apply the brakes and avert a security crisis.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi's warning came after a cascade of events that has sent regional tensions soaring, including provocative North Korean missile tests and annual US-South Korean wargames that infuriate Pyongyang.

Beijing itself is particularly concerned over an American missile-defence system being rolled out in South Korea as a shield against the North Korean threat, but which Wang said also "undermines China's strategic security."

He called on North Korea to suspend its nuclear and missile activities in exchange for the US and South Korea halting the military exercises."

China's Foreign Minister Yi is making a lot of horse-sense here, but his proposal needs to go further.

What needs to happen is for a 4-Way Peace Conference to happen, involving China, the US government, and North and South Korea. What the objective of such a peace conference should be is the replacement of the armistice, which is simply a cessation of fighting between North and South Korea, and replacing it with a true peace treaty between both countries, with guarantees of trade, for which North Korea will entirely end its nuclear weapons program.

Of course, that...would be logical.

And most unfortunately, the US Deep State sees a war against North Korea as a back door to a war against China.

However, I would strongly caution the US Deep State with the following caveat; at this moment in time, the US military does not have the weaponry; the troop strength; the money; or the manufacturing (most of which has been shipped overseas) to insure a positive outcome to a conventional war against China.

This is the God's truth; and those in power who do not understand this are setting this country up for a potential massive military misadventure that We the People absolutely do not need,particularly after the total fluster-clucks which were - and are - the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mar 08 09:50

Obamagate Wiretaps May Have Started When Bill Clinton Secretly Met With Loretta Lynch

What we know: The first FISA request came right after former Attorney General Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton on the airport tarmac in Phoenix Arizona on June of 2016.

The first FISA request was denied.

A week later FBI Director James Comey exonerated Hillary Clinton from further investigation saying…

“Our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.”

We also know (via various news reports) that a second FISA request was submitted in October of 2016 just before the US elections.

On October 31st, then Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton sent out a tweet saying that ‘computer scientists have uncovered a covert server linking the Trump organization to a Russian-based server’.

Was Hillary Clinton tipped off to the wiretapping right before to the November 8th election?

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Mar 08 09:47

Trump Has Enough Political Capital to Destroy Big Brother

We are going to see just how anti-establishment, anti-big brother President Trump really is. Trump, now a victim of what looks to be a FBI wire-tap requested by the Obama administration. This request was made on the basis of false Russian hacking allegations during the 2016 election cycle. As a result of this botched frame-up by Obama lackeys Trump holds some serious political dynamite in his hands. This dynamite can be used to absolutely destroy the Clinton/Obama political machine and also the Bush constructed DHS security state. The temptation of power will be the determining factor as to what President Trump does. Will he like Obama succumb to the power of unfettered access to all of your political enemies communications, or will he do the right thing and dismantle the security state under the greater cause of upholding the 4th Amendment of the Constitution?

Mar 08 09:47

White student at University of Michigan pleads guilty to making up hate crime attack she blamed on Trump.

Female Muslim student at same school who made up similar hate crime attack is not charged.

Mar 08 09:44

Germany's chief prosecutor to examine wikileaks documents.

Did CIA use US consulate in Frankfurt as hacking base

Mar 08 09:41


As the European Union continues to threaten member states with fines for "falling short" of fulfilling their duties to help international refugees (see "EU Threatens Member States With Fines Over Failure To Accept Refugees"), the daily reminders of why a wave of nationalism is sweeping over Europe in defiance of Merkel's open border policies continue to mount.

The latest example comes from Hallsberg, Sweden where police were called in to stop a brawl at the Alléskolan school that erupted between some 30 people and ultimately resulted in 11 migrants being arrested as they hurled stones at police. Per RT:

A total of 30 people took part in the brawl, which occurred on Monday, Sveriges Radio reported, citing police. They were all wearing hoods and threw stones at the officers, who were called to the scene of the Alléskolan school after reports of a disturbance.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Police Spokesperson Dangardt, this was NOT "...a riot-like situation,”, THIS WAS A FULL ON RIOT!!

Mar 08 09:38


The fake news blitz by a Deep State, flailing about trying to retain their power and wealth, has reached frantic proportions. The left wingers, egged on by Obama and funded by Soros, hold increasingly inane protests with themes like: wear a vagina hat to support feminazis; hug an illegal immigrant; everyone I hate is a Nazi; and women take another day off and no one notices. The traitorous neo-con warmongers like McCain, Graham, and Kristol see their enormously profitable never ending global conflict agenda at risk. The military industrial complex needs enemies. The left wingers and neo-cons have joined forces to utilize the fake Russian election intervention propaganda in a last ditch desperate attempt to derail the Trump presidency before it starts.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Welcome to our world, Jim Quinn!!