Jan 29 12:24

California Governor to Get Further Cancer Treatment

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — California Gov. Jerry Brown will undergo further radiation treatment for prostate cancer first treated in 2012, his office announced Saturday.

Jan 29 10:27

Texas Mosque Destroyed In Blaze, Fire Chief Urges Community ‘Not To Jump To Conclusions’

An investigation is underway after a Texas mosque was devastated by a fire on Saturday. With the cause of the blaze still unknown, authorities in Victoria are appealing to the public to not draw hasty conclusions.

The Islamic Center of Victoria was reported to be on fire at around 2 am and was engulfed in flames when emergency services attended the scene, according to the Victoria Advocate.

Jan 29 09:21

Perhaps President Donald Trump Needs To Chill Out A Bit

We are not dealing with “widgets” here, but with people

These Refugee/Immigration Executive Orders appear to be knee-jerk, fear-based, and xenophobic acts of reflexive anger and emotional “lashing out,” rather than well-thought out policy and heavily researched executive action.

The last few Executive Orders pertaining to Refugees and Immigration appear to not have been very well thought through, and the etiology/genesis of the refugee crisis and immigration issues were either completely ignored, or Trump and his administration don’t understand it very well.

Jan 29 09:20

Clinton Pal Convicted Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Is Accused Of ANOTHER Sex Trafficking Case Involving Girls As Young As 13

Disgraced Wall Street mogul Jeffrey Epstein is being accused by a woman of luring her into his elaborate sex trafficking enterprise under the ruse he would use his wealth and connections to get her into college. She has slapped him a federal lawsuit in US District Court in New York demanding damages for forcing her to perform sex acts on him, according to documents filed Thursday and obtained by Using the alias ‘Jane Doe 43,’ the woman filed a federal lawsuit against Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, Sarah Kellen, Lesley Groff and Natalya Malyshev.

Jan 29 09:17

Drain The Neo-Con/Neo-Liberal Deep State Micro-Swamp

The enormous potential for sabotage, politically motivated investigations/prosecutions/indictments/civil lawsuits, and other types of proverbial “throwing a monkey wrench” into the well-oiled pro-America First machine that President Donald Trump is now trying to feverishly re-construct and re-build is at huge, great risk from potential enemies within.

Now that President Donald Trump is, in a lightening fast, almost blitzkrieg manner, using his first weeks to pass monumentally powerful Executive Orders, in order to demolish and devastate the existing United States Deep State Neo-Conservative/Neo-Liberal Establishment, he must also simultaneously watch his back and be cognizant of the tens of millions of government micro-infiltrators, still taking their marching orders from the proverbial “head of the snake.”

In other words, the devil is in the details...

Jan 29 09:13

Game Over for the Democrats? - Mike Whitney

Why is that? Why hasn’t anyone in the DNC admitted their failure?

How about committing to a vision for change that’s more than a public relations scam aimed at hoodwinking your base?

In 2008, the American people voted overwhelmingly for change. They never got it. Hence, Trump.

Jan 29 09:09

UK’s May puts The Donald on best behavior… but who got the deal?

So how did May pull it off, that is, tame the tycoon?

US President Donald Trump’s hosting of Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May was billed as the “odd-couple” meeting. After their amiable press conference and Trump’s remarkably subdued behavior – for him – the British leader is entitled to feel satisfied.

On her way to Washington DC, she even hinted at bracing for an odd-couple challenge, by telling reporters, “sometimes opposites attract.”

Jan 29 09:06

The Media Is Now The Political Opposition

Maybe Trump will add to his agenda breaking into hundreds of pieces the six mega-media companies that own 90% of the US media.

Bannon is correct that the US media—indeed, the entire Western print and TV media—is nothing but a propaganda machine for the ruling elite. The presstitutes are devoid of integrity, moral conscience, and respect for truth. Read the comments in which morons define freedom of the press as the freedom to lie to the public.

Jan 29 08:24

People Are Pissed That Trump's Mexico Tax Will Raise The Price Of Avocados And Tequila

One of Donald Trump's biggest campaign promises was to build a wall between the United States and Mexico to stop people from immigrating illegally and it looks like he's wasting no time on getting it built.

Jan 29 08:24

Half an onion desperately wants to get more Twitter followers than Donald Trump

Love him or hate him, one thing you can safely say about Donald Trump is that he cares deeply about being popular. He dwells on it. One twitter user has decided to enter a popularity contest with the president by trying to get more followers. Also, that user is a half an onion.

Jan 29 07:31

Police Are Warning People About The New 'Can You Hear Me' Scam

Police are warning people to immediately hang up if you receive a phone call from someone asking “can you hear me.” The “can you hear me” con aims to get victims to say "yes," which is recorded by the fraudster and used to authorize unwanted charges.

Jan 29 07:31

Jeremy Corbyn calls for Donald Trump to be banned from UK visit until Muslim ban is lifted

Donald Trump should be blocked from making his planned state visit to the UK as long as his "Muslim ban" policy remains in place, Jeremy Corbyn has said.
The Labour leader said Theresa May should not be endorsing Mr Trump until it was clear his Government was "actually going to protect fundamental rights and freedoms and laws".

Jan 29 06:33

Guess What Group Plans to “Massively” Resist Voter Fraud Investigation (Video)

How many times have you been talking to someone, and you know they’re lying, they know they’re lying, and they know that you know they’re lying, but yet they keep lying anyway? What the heck is going on with Democrats these days? It’s been years since they’ve had any sense, but at least they’ve always known how maneuver politically.

Democrats know darn well voter fraud has been rampant over the years (because they’ve made an effort to allow it), the whole country knows it, Democrats know the whole country knows it, and yet they’re still insisting voter fraud is a “myth?” Ok, if voter fraud is a “myth,” then Democrats have nothing to fear from an investigation, and it will be the quickest investigation in history, right? Wrong.

Jan 29 06:31

Investigation Launched into Obama’s DHS Hacking State Election Systems

How many times have Americans heard Donald Trump say that the mainstream media is grossly dishonest? Furthermore, thanks to Wikileaks, how many separate instances did Americans learn about where the mainstream media and the Democrats were colluding throughout the 2016 presidential election? We also learned that two groups have been colluding at the highest levels for many years.

From the moment President Trump was sworn in on January 20th, members of both the Democrat party, and most of the party’s propaganda arm (aka the mainstream media), have been relentless with their attacks on Donald Trump. Neither group seems to grasp the fact that each time they provoke the most powerful man on earth, most of those provocations being baseless or unwarranted in nature, they do so at great risk to themselves.

Jan 29 01:14

Alex Jones Dances With 5 Jews (No, really.)

To celebrate Trump's win, Alex just happened to find five 'dancing Israelis.'

Jan 29 00:31

WTF Did Trump Say To DEVASTATE Melania During The Inauguration Ceremony? TWO Bystanders Look Freaked Out Too

Look at this short clip where newly sworn-in President Trump turns around and says something to her during Reverend Graham's prayer and at first she is smiling and beaming, but after Trump says whatever he said,  immediately her face falls, and extremely sad and crushed,. . VERY weird, odd, and sad stuff. Also be sure to check out the third video below, which doesn't show Melania's face, but shows the faces and reactions of both the young blonde haired lady and the chubby grey haired man who are standing directly between Trump and Melania. Almost spooky.

Jan 28 23:45

Robber Shot By Liquor Store Clerk — What Happens When Law-Abiding Citizens Refuse To Bend The Knee To Criminals

The game wasn’t invented by citizens. It was created by thugs. And day-by-day, people are waking up that if they don’t like the game, they don’t have to play. Clerks, pizza delivery drivers, security guards, and just normal everyday citizens are making the decision to carry a gun.

Jan 28 23:30

Pot-Kettle : Media Call Trump Insecure

Let the media continue to bellyache and point the finger at Trump for being distracted, because with all their sound and fury, they are discrediting and emasculating themselves. Full speed ahead.

Jan 28 23:11

The MSM as Open Enemy

Trump voters in Middle America in 2016 turned off MSNBC and CNN—some even turning off Fox News itself—as most established radio and television news personalities persisted in questioning Trump, if not outright ridiculing his candidacy.

Jan 28 21:57

New Study Reveals Shocking Information About Trump’s Voter Fraud Claims (Video)

As was the case when candidate Trump said things on the campaign trail, now that he is president, often times after Donald Trump makes certain comments he is immediately laughed at by both the Democrats and the mainstream media. Considering how often both groups have underestimated Trump, and how often he’s proven them wrong, one would think they might have learned by now to hold off on the ridicule, at least temporarily.

When Donald Trump said he believes he not only won the electoral vote, but that he also won the popular vote if all the fraud was removed from the final numbers, the far-left went bananas. At least they’re consistent, right? Now President Trump has launched an investigation into the alleged voter fraud, and Democrats and the mainstream media are in full panic mode.

Jan 28 19:28

Teens Arrested In Florida, Accused Of Planning Columbine-Style Massacre

Two middle school students in Central Florida have been arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder after officials at their school learned of their alleged plot to “initiate a mass shooting.”

Two males, ages 13 and 14, were arrested at their homes Thursday and accused of planning a mass shooting for Friday, January 27, at The Villages Charter Middle School in Lady Lake, Florida, according to the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office.

Jan 28 18:19

Military Family Has Quadruplets; Cancer Stricken Wife Fighting to Live

In the challenging times that we currently live in, with so many Americans out of work, and with the country so divided politically, it should not come as any shock that our news cycle is often consumed with negative news.

It isn’t every day that many of us get to hear stories that can truly be inspiring. The following story about what U.S. Army Sgt. Charles Gaytan and his wife, Kayla, have had to endure since they celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary not long ago. The story, and their courage during such difficult circumstances, is truly remarkable. More remarkable, is their attitude.

After being told they might never have children together because of the aggressive chemotherapy Kayla had to endure to battle Hodgkin's Lymphoma, the two found out she was pregnant with quadruplets, and that is just the beginning of this remarkable story.

Jan 28 17:53

American boy, 13, trapped in Israel asks Donald Trump to rescue him

The walls are high, barbed wire surrounds the top. Security is in abundance at the entrance. Cameras are everywhere – inside and outside the institution.

Jericho Dudovich (pictured above with his father), aged 13, has no phone, computer or any contact with the outside world without the permission of management.

His sister, Yamit, is locked up in another facility, medicated over and over again to prevent her from escaping, which she tried to do almost 40 times, nearly drowning on one occasion, in an effort to reach her father...>>

Jan 28 14:00

BREAKING: Hours After Trump Bans Entry to US from Muslim Countries, LOOK What Happens at Airport

President Trump’s executive order closing the nation’s borders to refugees was put into immediate effect on Friday night. Refugees who were airborne on flights on the way to the United States when the order was signed were stopped and detained at airports.

Jan 28 13:08

Smearing the Trumps: Will We Become as Hateful, Insensitive and Boorish as The Opposition?

What are the choices for me? (Perhaps for you too.) I (we) could boycott SNL. In my public platform, I could advocate against these tit-for-tat attacks that have become accepted in our profession—gossip, scandal, candid photos, personal politics. These are a major part of journalism; and they attract real talent.

We’ve got find a bigger, nobler response.

Because today so much that I value is threatened. (Not to mention having personally devoted decades of my life and my career defending my Arab and Muslim people and culture, enhancing the dialogue between us and others, joining a rising community of energetic Muslim comics, educators, writers, poets, performers and filmmakers in the uphill struggle.)

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I must withdraw any respect for anyone who characterises President Trump, and his son, in this way; and Katie Rich, the lady who created this tweet, ("Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter"), that goes for you as well.

Trump's "monstrousness" has been created by the same whorespondents and presstitutes who "informed you" that:

1. Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.
2. That Afghanistan had to be invaded, because it would not give up Osama Bin Ladin.
3. That Al Assad gassed his own people just when the UN inspection committee came to Syria.
4. And refuses to show you the horrific images of the results of US-enabled Saudi military assault against the Yemini people.

President Trump does not "...threaten all our values, and our human rights"; in fact, he appears to understand that the original "Contract with America" consists of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

I think that this is what has traumatised so many on the left; this country got rather badly broken, courtesy of the last two administrations, and President Trump is trying, the best he can, to fix it.

The economy is broken, for most working people, due to massive offshoring and outsourcing of jobs; President Trump is trying to fix this, by changing regulations so that it will make sense for companies to manufacture in the US.

Our Veterans Agencies are broken, as are many of our Vets, who desperately need critical care, and right now; President Trump is trying to fix this.

We have an immigration system which is badly broken, and a huge influx of illegal aliens who are an absolute drain on an already broken economy; President Trump is trying to fix this.

President Obama left Trump with broken military misadventures overseas, which has already cost us far too much in blood and money; President Trump is trying to fix this.

So for all of my progressive friends still screaming foul over the last election, and occasionally crying into their play dough; please, give President Trump a chance.

He has barely been in office for one week, but he is working feverishly to fix a lot of the brokenness in which this country finds itself.

I have a feeling that at the end of the day, under the impartial judgement of history, President Trump may well be judged as one of the most centrist Presidents we have ever had.

Jan 28 12:32

Melania Trump wins round in libel suit over blogger's 'escort' claims

First lady Melania Trump prevailed Friday in the first round of a $150 million libel suit she filed against a Maryland blogger over a report he published last summer about claims that Trump worked as a "high-end escort."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Remember what I said the other day about how the Independent Media has to be more professional than the professionals? This is an example of why!

Jan 28 12:26

North Korea restarts nuclear reactor used to fuel weapons program

The controversial reactor at Yongbyon has been at the center of a years-long feud between North Korea and the UN. Past agreements with the North to close the reactor have eventually been violated, leading to sanctions.

Satellite photos suggest North Korea has restarted the nuclear reactor that used to produce plutonium for its nuclear weapons program, according to a Washington-based think-tank.

Initial photos from January 18 showed preparations underway to restart the reactor at Yongbyon, having previously unloaded spent fuel rods for reprocessing to produce additional plutonium for its nuclear weapons stockpile.

"Imagery from January 22 shows a water plume (most probably warm) originating from the cooling water outlet of the reactor, an indication that the reactor is very likely operating," the US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins University's School of Advanced International Studies reported.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF, in fact, this story is true, I do have a suggestion for President Trump; it is high time for threats and posturing against North Korea to stop.

What the US, China, and South Korea need to do, is sit down at the negotiating table with Kim Jung-Un, and create a peace treaty, with trade guarantees, with which to replace the existing Armistice between North and South Korea, in exchange for North Korea's stopping its nuclear weapons development program.

As has been seen with the P5+1 deal with Iran (which is hardly perfect, I will concede), countries can be persuaded to stop their nuclear weapons development programs, if the terms and conditions are favorable.

I would like to also politely remind President Trump that any war against North Korea will most probably mean war with China; and at this time in our country's history, our military doesn't have the weaponry; the troop strength; the money; or the manufacturing to insure a successful outcome to a conventional war with China.

China, and Russia, are spending far less for their weapons than does the US government, but are getting considerably more technological "bang" for their military bucks; unfortunately, however, the way contracts are awarded for US weaponry, these weapons many times are obsolete upon delivery; do not function at all as advertised, and are screamingly over budget.

This is an area of US military spending your administration has to fix, and quickly, sir.

Jan 28 12:12

Yemen: Food crisis could become famine this year, UN warns

The conflict-driven food crisis in Yemen could become a full-blown famine this year, the UN's humanitarian chief has warned.

Two million people need emergency food aid to survive and child malnutrition has risen 63% in a year, Stephen O'Brien told the UN Security Council.

A child under five dies every 10 minutes of preventable causes, he said.
Severe poverty, war damage, and a naval embargo by the Saudi-led coalition have all damaged food security.

About 14 million people are currently food insecure in Yemen, including 2.2m children who are acutely malnourished and nearly 500,000 suffering from severe acute malnutrition.

Mr O'Brien urged the Saudi-led coalition - which is backed by Western countries including the US and UK - to remove its no-fly zone and reopen Sanaa airport.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US government, by enabling Saudi Arabia in this food blockade and war, has become complicit in war crimes. This is what life looks like to far too many Yemeni children:

Do you know what your government is aiding and abetting in Yemen?!? Take a good, hard look, because you need to know!

In President Trump's initial days and weeks in office, We the People need to have a peaceful, but loud and logical, conversation about why we are supporting Saudi Arabia in this "scorched earth" attack against the Yemeni people, even to the point of starving their children to death.

At the end of the day, the only real solution here is political, and not military, and that is what the US government should be working toward.

Jan 28 11:58

Haley: US ‘Taking Names’ at UN, Will ‘Show Our Strength’

Incoming US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley issued a statement today warning of repercussions for countries that “don’t have America’s back” at the international body, insisting the new administration marks a “change in the way we do business.”

Haley warned America would now be “taking names,” and that they intend to “show our strength” at the UN and make sure that America’s allies are all supported, and also support America on issues. Haley made the comments ahead of presenting her credentials to the Secretary General of the UN

Trump and Haley had both loudly criticized the UN for a Security Council vote that condemned Israel’s expansion of settlements in the occupied territories. This vote had also led to calls among Republican senators to demand the US defund the UN unless they reverse the vote.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No, Ambassador-Elect Haley; the US government 'shows its strength' when it proves it is on the right side of history, by engaging the other nations in the world with honest, moral, and hard-won negotiations toward achieving the US government's geopolitical agendas.

And when you get more time to study the matter, you will see that Israel's settlement expansion in the occupied territories has been created to prevent the establishment of a contiguous Palestinian state; that did not happen by accident, but by deliberate design on the part of the Israeli government.

If Israel embraces the "one state solution" rather than two, which it appears to be doing, with brisk annexations and serial genocide against the Palestinians, it is all down to demographics.

Unless the government of Israel decides on a massive, open program of annihilation against the Palestinians, (and they are currently killing and jailing as many as they think they can dare get away with), the issue of Palestine, Palestinian rights, and a Palestinian homeland will not go away.

Jan 28 11:38

Trump Signs Order for ‘Great Rebuilding’ of US Military

During his first post-inauguration visit to the Pentagon, President Trump today signed an executive order for what he described as the start of a “great rebuilding of the Armed Forces,” seeking to increase the size of the US military, which already spends roughly as much as the eight next largest militaries in the world.

Trump promised the plan would include new warplanes, new ships, new resources, and in increase in the number of special forces. The order calls for the Pentagon and Office of Management and Budget to work jointly on increasing military spending in the next fiscal year, and in ways that will give the Pentagon chief more flexibility on spending.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The question I want to ask is, for a country which is at least 20 trillion dollars in debt (that we know of), where is the money for this revamp coming from, please?!?

Jan 28 11:26

Trump weighing Callista Gingrich for Vatican ambassador

The Trump administration is considering Callista Gingrich, wife of Newt Gingrich, to be the US ambassador to The Vatican, according to a report Thursday.

She is among the top candidates for the coveted position, The New York Times reported.

Newt Gingrich had also been considered for the post despite his twin divorces and three marriages, but took himself out of the running.

Callista Gingrich, who calls herself a devout Catholic, told the Christian Broadcasting Network in a 2011 interview that she has “always been a very spiritual person.”

Her husband converted to Catholicism in 2009, The Hill reported.

The couple have been longtime friends of President Trump, and are members at his Virginia golf resort.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

OK, here is Callista Gingrich's bio from the IMBD data base:

Callista Gingrich's bio.

And I can see in it that she has done voiceovers for documentaries that she and Newt have produced; she played French horn,supports music and the arts; and has been on the Agricultural Committee; but where, please, are her international credentials as a diplomat?!?!?

They are absolutely no where to be seen, because they don't exist.

So Mr. President, I know this couple are very close to you and Melania; but please don't go here, when it comes to an appointment like this, because it is looking purely as a political payback for their help in your Presidential campaign.

Jan 28 11:23

Donald Trump Won The Presidency On The Advocacy Of "Peace Through Strength", And He Is Walking His Talk, But The Out Of Touch Democrats Don't Get It.

Republicans watched as President Obama invoked war after war, but we did not really try to divide the Country over his wars. We complained about his policies, but we were respectful in doing so.

Jan 28 11:18

Holohoax Survivors Living In POVERTY! SOMETHING Must Be DONE!

This is just not fair! Something must really be done about this injustice. Maybe we can invite them all here, grant them dual-citizenship, and set them up with some of the trillions that we are forced by gunpoint to give to Izzy every year? Start a petition NOW!!
It's the least us goy can do for the horrors we all committed against the six trillion.

Jan 28 11:00


Back in 2014 Mark Zuckerberg paid $100 million to purchase 700 acres of beachfront property on the North Shore of Kauai. The estate includes 1,000's of feet of pristine shoreline providing the perfect "safe space" for the 30-year-old Silicon Valley Billionaire and his family.

Unfortunately, there was just one little problem with the purchase...technically the sellers didn't own the title to all of that land due to the so-called Kuleana Act, a Hawaiian law established in 1850 that for the first time gave natives the right to own the land that they lived on.

So now, according to the Honolulu Star Advertiser, the Facebook billionaire sued a few hundred Hawaiians who still have legal-ownership claims to parts of his vacation estate through their ancestors. Per Yahoo Finance:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Zuckerberg has demonstrated, clearly, that he is as tone-deaf to Indigenous Hawaiian rights as he is to information which does not support his and the Democrats' agenda.

Jan 28 10:37


The central authorities in Europe just launched their most important offensive to date in their multiyear War on Cash. The new move comes directly from the European Union’s executive branch, the European Commission, which just announced its intention to “explore the relevance of potential upper limits to cash payments,” with a view to implementing cross-regional measures in 2018.

Maximum limits on cash transactions already exist in most European countries, and the general trend is downward. Last year, Spain joined France in placing a €1,000 maximum on cash payments. Greece went one better, dropping its cap for cash transactions from €1,500 to €500. In simple terms, any legal purchase of a good or service over €500 will need to be done with plastic or mobile money.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would like to hope that should the US government attempt to do this in some way, that the reaction would be as (peacefully) fierce against it.

Jan 28 10:02

U..S. Secretary Of Defense Mattis Confers With Israeli Defense Minister, 'To Underscore His Unwavering Commitment To Israel's Security'

Mattis spoke by phone with Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman to underscore his unwavering commitment to Israel's security, Davis said. The secretary called his Israeli counterpart during his first week, the captain said, to emphasize his intent to advance the U.S.-Israeli defense relationship and to protect Israel's qualitative military edge.

Jan 28 09:46

Oscar nominee 'can't attend after Trump bans nationals from Muslim countries'

An Iranian film director nominated for an Oscar may be unable to attend the prestigious event after Donald Trump banned nationals from 7 Muslim countries from entering the US.

Jan 28 09:45

FBI Forced Twitter To Share User Data Without Legal Warrant, Company Reveals As Gag Orders Lifted

We are all aware that our online lives, including our accounts on social networks, aren't always private and safe. But other than the threat of hackers, the government may also be spying on us using our online accounts, as exemplified by Twitter.

Jan 28 09:12

Closed Delaware River crossing latest woe for region with hundreds of problem bridges

The Delaware River Bridge was not one inspectors thought they had to worry about.

The steel-truss bridge was in fact undergoing a $61 million upgrade. Evaluated in 2014 on its three key components -- deck, substructure, and superstructure -- the 60-year-old bridge got passing marks in all three.

Yet last week a worker on a painting crew happened to spot, by chance, something so alarming, authorities rushed to close the bridge to the 42,000 cars that cross it each day: a beam beneath the bridge’s deck split in two.

Jan 28 09:07

‘Can You Hear Me?’ Scam Has Police Warning Would-Be Victims to Hang Up Immediately

"Can you hear me?" It is a simple question, but police say answering it could make you the victim of a scam.

Police in Virginia are now warning about the scam, which has also been recently reported in Florida, and, in 2016, in Pennsylvania.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Both Claire and I received these calls here in Hawaii. Spread this story around on social media; this needs to go viral!

Jan 28 08:16

Free soda: France bans unlimited sugary drink refills

Restaurants and other spaces catering to the public in France have been banned from offering unlimited sugary drinks in an effort to reduce obesity.

Jan 28 08:16

Texas police drop resisting-arrest charges against mother after video leaks

Texas police on Thursday dropped resisting arrest and other charges leveled against a mother and two daughters, ages 19 and 15, the same day leaked bodycam footage of the incident surfaced. The video shows a Fort Worth police officer manhandling the children, questioning the mother's parenting skills, and not taking any action against a man the mother accused of assaulting her seven-year-old son.

Jan 28 07:50

Pope Francis: You can’t defend Christianity by being ‘against refugees and other religions’

The Pope told pilgrims that the sin Jesus condemns most is hypocrisy

Meeting a pilgrimage of Catholics and Lutherans from Germany, Pope Francis said he does not like “the contradiction of those who want to defend Christianity in the West, and, on the other hand, are against refugees and other religions.”

Jan 28 07:50

New data shows 85% of humans live under a corrupt government

"Corruption" is defined by Transparency International (TI) as "the abuse of entrusted power for private gain." Each year since 1995, TI has published a Corruption Perceptions Index that scores the world's nations out of 100 for their public sector honesty and the just-released 2016 report paints the same bleak picture we've been seeing now for two decades ... except it's getting worse.

Jan 28 03:41

Obama Issued A Massive Ammunition Ban Just One Day Before He Left Office

Reversing this asinine ammunition ban is a good start.

Jan 28 03:38

The top 10 fake news stories of the last two years that were relentlessly pushed by the “fakestream media”

All the major propaganda networks of the “Demoncrats” decided to run the same regurgitated script that originated at the WashPo rag, saying all independent and alternative news was “fake news” and that this fake news somehow cost them the election, put lives at risk, and changed the course of history. That’s the whole lie in a nutshell: the fake news calling the real news fake news, and it all backfired.

Jan 28 03:28

President Trump Publishes His Take On The Second Amendment — Calls It America’s First Freedom

Overall, I have to say that President Trump appears to have good intentions for the preservation of the Second Amendment. It appears that he is trying to wiggle a lot of the political nuance out of the state level decision-making.

Jan 28 02:34

BUST: Trump will take the fall for the economic collapse

Real prosperity in the U.S. will only occur once the Fed collapses under its own ridiculous weight without public scrutiny– or once it is dismantled by public scrutiny birthed from the passage of the aforementioned legislation.

Jan 28 02:29

Chuck Todd admits MSM played defense for Clinton

We know that the establishment media did everything in its power to help Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election. But it isn’t often that an MSM insider admits the media’s eagerness to work as the propaganda arm of the leftist establishment.

Jan 27 23:10

Why President Trump Did Not Mention Jewish People at Holocaust Tribute (Video)

If we learned anything form the 2016 presidential election, it should have been that not only is the mainstream media not to be trusted, but with an increasing frequency, the mainstream media will outright lie if they believe the lie they are telling will advance their own interests or agenda.

The video below breaks down a recent Huffington Post article for how absurdly dishonest the reporter who wrote the piece is. WARNING: By choosing to press play, you’re about to discover that there truly is an alternate fifth dimension, and it’s a place where far-left liberals permanently reside, and/or are trapped.

The dimension is as vast as the space between a liberals ears, and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, between true and false, and it lies between the pit of a sane man’s fear, and the incredibly low summit of a liberal’s knowledge base.

Jan 27 20:16

California's Proposal to Secede From U.S. Submitted to Secretary of State (Video)

In a lot of ways, the minds of liberals are very similar to dangerous neighborhoods; they are NOT the kind of place anyone would want to be stuck wandering around alone. After delivering the proposal for California to secede from the United States to the Secretary of State’s Office Thursday, the Yes California Independence Campaign has been cleared to begin attempting to collect the 600,000 voter signatures they need to place the plan to leave the United States on the ballot.

The following video summarizes the recent developments of the Yes California Independence Campaign, and suggests that the rest of the country not stand in the way of California’s attempt to secede, especially since one in three California residents polled said they support a possible secession from the U.S. because of their opposition to President Trump. At least they have a valid reason right? [eyes rolling]

Jan 27 18:37

2nd Summer Snowfall for New Zealand & Helicopter Downdraft to Dry Soggy Fruit

This is now the second "Rare" summer snowfall in New Zealand. The year has so far been below normal temperatures for several parts of the country, but the last out of season Antarctic low brought a foot of snow in the middle of summer.

Jan 27 15:14

Warren under fire from all directions after a 1.3 Million credit line surfaces

Mysterious $1.3M credit line fits her lack of transparency

Jan 27 15:01

Biologist Proves Measles Isn’t A Virus, Wins Supreme Court Case Against Doctor

In a recent ruling, judges at the German Federal Supreme Court (BGH) confirmed that the measles virus does not exist. Furthermore, there is not a single scientific study in the world which could prove the existence of the virus in any scientific literature. This raises the question of what was actually injected into millions over the past few decades.

So much for scientific consensus.

Jan 27 15:00


Top trump adviser Kellyanne Conway confirmed Monday that she is under Secret Service protection because of suspicious “white substances” being sent to her home.

Jan 27 14:50

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard interviewed after her trip to Syria

It is clear now more than ever: this regime change war does not serve America’s interest.

“Their message to the American people was powerful and consistent: There is no difference between “moderate” rebels and al-Qaeda (al-Nusra) or ISIS?—?they are all the same. This is a war between terrorists under the command of groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda and the Syrian government. They cry out for the U.S. and other countries to stop supporting those who are destroying Syria and her people.”

Jan 27 14:42

Creating Frankenstein: Saudi Arabia’s ultra-conservative footprint in Africa

James Dorsey views Saudi Arabia's role in spurring political violence in sub-Saharan Africa, noting the Saudis spent $100 billion in 50 years on promoting an intolerant, supremacist, anti-pluralistic version of Islam.

Jan 27 13:55

Karl Rove’s Prophecy

If you are a journalist and depend for your income on a mainstream newspaper or are hired by a TV company, you run the risk of losing your job if you do not engage in self-censorship.

In a famous exchange between a high official at the court of George W. Bush and journalist Ron Suskind, the official – later acknowledged to have been Karl Rove – takes the journalist to task for working in “the reality-based community.” He defined that as believing “that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.”

Jan 27 13:51

America Has A Moral Obligation To Help Rebuild The Ravaged Middle East

“Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none” - Thomas Jefferson

It is unfortunately incumbent upon the new administration to also pay the proverbial bill, and to fix and rectify the mistakes of the past.

It would be altogether grossly irresponsible and cruel to now leave the entire world in smoke and shambles, burning embers of once great civilizations that have often existed for thousands of years uninterrupted and unmolested.

Jan 27 13:45

Trump’s First Big Mistake – Justin Raimondo

Syrian “safe zones”: a disaster waiting to happen

This idea is a disaster waiting to happen, and could augur the unraveling of the President’s “America First” foreign policy, which supposedly abjures regime change operations in the Middle East and elsewhere. In 2013 testimony submitted to Congress by then chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey, the reality of what this would have to mean was outlined:

“Thousands of U.S. ground forces would be needed, even if positioned outside Syria, to support those physically defending the zones. A limited no-fly zone coupled with US ground forces would push the costs over one billion dollars per month.”

Jan 27 13:43

Anti-Trump Protest Plan funded by George Soros to Overthrow USA Backfiring – Michael Rivero Interview

Our favorite geopolitical analyst is back as promised to discuss the situation post-Trump inauguration. Mike details some straight shooting predictions on how Trump vs NWO could play out, you won't want to miss some of his statements "when George Soros goes broke", "still prosecute Hillary Clinton" and "likely assassination attempt before his 1st term is up."

Jan 27 13:28


House Speaker Paul Ryan announced Tuesday that he has invited President Donald Trump to address a joint session of Congress at the end of next month.

Jan 27 12:43

HEROIC: Rep Tulsi Gabbard EVISCERATES War Propagandist jake Tapper On CNN: "STOP SUPPORTING THESE TERRORISTS IN SYRIA Who Are Raping, Kidnapping, Torturing, And Killing The Syrian People."

In this amazing exchange on CNN, disgusting war propagandist Jake Tapper asks Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard why she met President Bashar al-Assad in Syria. What follows is an extremely impressive and powerfully skillful response from Gabbard. She is very composed and competent. She eviscerates Tapper's propaganda immediately, turning him into a stuttering, stammering dunce. Gabbard recounts, "Looking into their eyes and hearing first-hand from a girl who is now 19, but who when she was 14 years old, these "rebels" that people say we should continue supporting, they came and kidnapped her. they raped her, multiple times. they killed her father in cold blood right in front of her and her little brother. All she is asking for literally is for the United States to stop supporting these so called rebel groups. STOP SUPPORTING THESE TERRORISTS, SO that the Syrian people can begin to try to get back to some semblance of normalcy in their lives."

Jan 27 12:27

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Grilled On His Shell Companies, Tax Loopholes & His Predatory Lending Practices

In the following two videos, Trump's Teasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is asked about his shell companies in foreign countries, the tax loopholes he took advantage off and his predatory lending practices which harmed many American people. In the first video, Mnuchin insists "I can assure you I paid all my taxes as was required," to which the senator replies "I am very troubled about this question about how you are going to un-rig the system if you have a record of taking care of tax shelters." In the second video, the senator tells Mnuchin "I am sure you have heard allegations that you profited from 'predatory lending' during the housing crisis."

Jan 27 12:12

Dow Jones Rise Will Lead To Economic Doomsday - The Bubble's About To Burst! (Rob Kirby)

Josh Sigurdson talks to Rob Kirby of Kirby Analytics about the recent historic Dow Jones Industrial rise to 20,000, up 1000 since Donald Trump's election win.
While people celebrate this uptick, something far more terrifying is happening in the shadows.

Jan 27 10:01

San Diego, Calif. Water Authority Declares 'Drought Is Over' In SD County

The San Diego County Water Authority confirmed Thursday that drought conditions no longer exist within the county. NBC 7's Steven Luke has more on what that means going forward. "It's hard to take, right? I mean we've been used to drought conditions for so long," the anchor woefully says. LOL. It almost sounds as if the guy is disappointed. Weird.

Jan 27 09:27

Japan has been Buried in Snow, complete shut down over 9 ft in some areas

Japan blanketed by sea effect snow so intense that it is creating wind vorticies off the islands in the East China Sea. Tottori Prefecture received a full years worth of snow in one day. Highways cut, millions of people stranded, power outages and in Hokkaido ski resorts closed due to too much snow.

Jan 27 09:06

Obama draws neck-and-neck with Reagan in poll of greatest modern president

Two years ago, Barack Obama was a damaged-goods, lame-duck president who had just endured his second consecutive midterm drubbing — thanks in large part to Republican efforts to tie Democrats to him and his eponymous health-care law.

Webmaster addition: The same polling organization predicted Hillary would win in a landslide.

Jan 27 09:06

Ireland votes to be world's first country to fully divest from fossil fuels

In a historic move, Ireland may become the world’s first country to fully divest from all fossil fuels, according to’s Fossil Free Europe. The country’s parliament just passed “first-of-its-kind fossil fuel divestment legislation” with a majority vote.

Jan 27 08:56

Homeless man lands job after receiving donated new suit for interview

Every day, people just want to get to work on time. The traffic. The noise. The rush.
Brian Smith would've given anything to have been part of it.
"In the blink of an eye, life can really take a turn on you quickly," said Smith.

Jan 27 08:43

Newt Gingrich Calls For MADONNA Arrest – I Would Be Arrested If It Were Me – Madonna Practiced Jewish Witchcraft Against TRUMP While Reading The Quran.

Madonna revealed that she practiced Jewish witchcraft on Election night to Make Trump lose. She had her Muslim “agent” read the QURAN while she focused on President Trump’s image on the TV.

Jan 27 08:34

Women's March Speaker Kidnapped, Raped & Tortured Man to Death

When the speakers at the Women's March in Washington DC last week said they were "nasty women," they weren't kidding.

Jan 27 08:28


Newly elected Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez’s announcement last Friday that her department would not be cooperating with federal immigration authorities has inspired a brutal chastening by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

Jan 27 08:27

Kushner's (AKA Trump) Syrian Safe Zone A Spit At Russia and Assad - Morris

Published on Jan 26, 2017

Any US sponsored safe zones will be recruiting places for mercenaries to destabilise the Middle East and increase the sectarianism.

Jan 27 08:15

‘America hates California’: Bid to make Golden State separate nation jumps first hurdle

A proposal for California to break away from the United States has been submitted to the Secretary of State's Office in the state capital. If it qualifies, it could trigger a vote on whether the most populous US state should become a separate nation.

Jan 27 08:03

Trump may PARDON sailor jailed in 'very unfair' case for photographing nuclear sub's classified areas – after his leniency plea cited Hillary Clinton's non-prosecution

A former sailor sentenced to one year in jail for mishandling classified information is pleading to President Donald Trump to pardon him for his crime – and Trump is listening.

Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity asked the president about 'the power of the pardon,' and mentioned the case of Kristian Saucier of Arlington, Vermont. Saucier was jailed in August for taking six photos of classified areas inside a nuclear attack submarine.

'Would that be something early on, you would consider?' Hannity asked.

'I'm actually looking at it right now,' Trump replied. 'I think it's very unfair in light of what's happened with other people.'

Jan 27 07:56

Wall Street big’s wife leaps to death at Upper East Side high-rise

Bissoondath said this was the third person to jump from the building in recent years.

Jan 27 07:55

President Trump's First Full Interview In The White House 1/25/17 (38 minutes)

PDT: "I said it, and I said it strongly. What's going on with voter fraud is horrible. If you look at the dead people who are registered to vote who vote, all the people who are registered in two states, have people who are rgeistered who are dead, who are illegals, who are registered in two states..."
ABC: "You're now President of the United States!"
PDT: "Of course, and I want the voting process to be legitimate!"

Jan 27 07:46

Liberal media continues to push idea of using 25th Amendment to REMOVE Trump from office

Despite the fact that Donald Trump is now the sitting president, hard left efforts to stop him have continued, including even more calls by the propagandist media to use an obscure amendment in the Constitution to remove him from office.

Jan 27 07:38

Mikhail Gorbachev: 'It All Looks As If the World Is Preparing for War'

The world today is overwhelmed with problems. Policymakers seem to be confused and at a loss.
But no problem is more urgent today than the militarization of politics and the new arms race. Stopping and reversing this ruinous race must be our top priority.

Jan 27 05:47


The Border Patrol Chief is leaving the agency after Trump announced that he is going to build a massive wall. He is also going to hire 5,000 more Border Patrol agents, according to AP.

Jan 26 21:54

Shia LaBeouf is a Complete Idiot

Jan 26 20:39

Everything ‘Conservatives’ value were once ‘Liberal/Progressive’ ideas: 3 synergistic partnerships for near-immediate peace, prosperity, unity in diversity

*hyperlinks/video live at source*

conservative: 1. disposed to preserve existing conditions, institutions, etc.

progressive: 1. advocating improvement or reform.

synergy: 1. the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual contributions.

Conservatives and Progressives only and always co-exist, need each other to persist, and can greatly benefit to optimize their inherent partnership rather than criticize a connected part of themselves.

Progressives experiment, with most failing at least in part. Successful experiments that are broadly adapted into policy become “conserved.” Therefore, conservatives protect progress, and progressives create conservative values.

3 synergistic partnerships to unite Conservatives and Progressives: peace, prosperity, unity in diversity

1. Peace

Truly progress on a global scale, and conserved in all successful communities, peace is worth all our attention.

Jan 26 19:46

An Open Letter to President Trump’s Administration (Please Share)…

In this open letter to President Donald Trump, a concerned citizen group begs the president for his assistance in dealing with a Draconian law that has permitted a local law firm to seize a family’s checking account leaving them with no way to buy food for their children, and no way for a wife who is sick with Lupus to buy medicine, or see a doctor…

As you listen to the video, or read the letter, I ask that if you are an attorney, or if you work for a bank or collection agency, that you not read or listen to the letter as someone in your field. Put aside the your knowledge of banking laws, or your knowledge of the powers vested in the President of the United States under Article II of the Constitution, and hear this group's message for what it is… a plea for help…

Jan 26 16:24

President Trump Finally Gets Rid Of Hillary Clinton's "FIXER" Patrick Kennedy. Remember the "QUID PRO QUO" FBI Bribe?

The mainstream media’s fake news operation is predictably spinning this as resignations by officials who couldn’t stand the idea of working under Trump. Except that Patrick Kennedy had been begging to keep his job.

Jan 26 16:21


President Donald Trump has brought his golden touch to the White House in a way that could make Hillary Clinton wince. Even before Trump conducted his first business in the Oval Office last Friday, workers had taken down the red drapes put up as a backdrop by President Barack Obama.

Jan 26 16:17

Charges Dropped After Video Shows Cop Using Excessive Force In Fort Worth Arrest

Video footage of a racially-charged arrest in Texas shows the police officer used excessive force and indicates he falsified details of the incident in his official statement. In response to the leak, the charges against Jacqueline Craig were dropped.

Jan 26 15:59

Rand Paul To Trump: No, Torture Doesn't Work

Senator Rand Paul Discusses President Trump's Torture Talks: It's 'Against the Law and I Hope It Will Remain Against the Law.' Also, a look at some of Trump's statements on torture from the 2016 campaign.

Jan 26 15:49

Are The Elite Trying To Push Trump Into A Heated Showdown With China?

Trump upholds the 2nd Amendment. The corporate media lied, Obama's approval rating was worse than Nixon's.

Jan 26 15:45

Dog Trainer Repeatedly Shocks Himself With Electric Collar In Push For Ban

A dog trainer has filmed himself being repeatedly shocked with an electric collar in a bid to get the “cruel and dangerous” devices banned from the UK.

David Pitbladdo, from Perthshire in Scotland, who has trained dogs for more than 20 years, fixed a collar to his neck and zapped himself multiple times live on Facebook.

Jan 26 15:42

Duterte Accuses Catholic Church of Being Full of Sh*t

Rodrigo Duterte, Philippines president, is continuing with anti-Catholic Church rhetoric.

Jan 26 15:33

CDC Knowingly LIED About Mercury In Vaccines: Proof Has Surfaced

Finally it’s coming to light and the fact is being told: Vaccines given to infants contained inordinate amounts of ethylmercury in the form of Thimerosal; the CDC knew about it and conspired to keep the devastating reality of mercury damage from healthcare consumers and public health agencies. A true crime…

Jan 26 15:22

"One Nation Under God." President Trump Chooses Sonny Perdue for Secretary Of Agriculture - As Governor Of Georgia, He Once Prayed For Rain - Some Mocked Him.

I have to say it does my heart good to see a government official turn to God, praying for rain in a drought situation. Governor Sonny Perdue held a prayer service for rain on the steps of the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta, Georgia on November 13, 2007.

Jan 26 15:05

Trump aide Bannon: ‘The media here is the opposition party’

, tells media to 'keep its mouth shut'

Jan 26 14:41

IG Investigating Obama Admin Cyber Attacks On Georgia Election System

Illegal Obama Election Hacks?